Robby Hamblet is the founder and CEO of Teal Communications, which gives you the freedom to choose the network you want within one eSIM platform you control. In this episode Robby discusses how other eSIM platforms have fallen short despite being around for decades and the ways Teal’s solution fills the gaps. He highlights the increasing importance of solving roaming and data legislation complexities as the world gets bigger and smaller at the same time, and reflects on the security challenges within IoT. He enlightens Sudhir about innovative new devices like ground roving drones and laser shooting Zambonis. He grew up tinkering with cellphones and had a Blackberry until 2021, so you know he knows his stuff.

  • 2:00 – How Robby got into mobility and the telco industry
  • 5:30 – Overview of TEAL’s platform and what makes it unique 
  • 11:41 – Innovative customer use case examples
  • 14:00 – What motivated Robby to create TEAL
  • 16:32 – Important skills when you’re in leadership 
  • 18:10 – Challenges of IoT security

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