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About the Android Dessert Bites column

Android Dessert Bites is a weekly column written by reputed Android journalist Mishaal Rahman. Mishaal has years of experience covering the Android OS and is frequently breaking the news on new platform features. If you’re an app developer, system engineer, or power user looking to stay informed about what’s new in Android, then follow so you won’t miss an edition of Android Dessert Bites.

About the author

Mishaal is the Senior Technical Editor at Esper and a cohost of Android Bytes. While Editor in Chief at XDA-Developers, Mishaal was at the forefront of Android tech journalism, breaking story after story on new OS features and platform changes.
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Edition #TitleTopic(s)Publish date
43Android’s share menu could finally be more consistent in Android 14Android 14, Android Sharesheet, share menu, intent resolver, Project Mainline01/04/2023
42Google’s Health Connect app might come preinstalled in Android 14Android 14, Health Connect, Project Mainline12/16/2022
41The hidden features revealed by Android 13 QPR1’s source codeAndroid 13, Android 13 QPR1, Android TV, Android Automotive12/09/2022
40How to find out what’s actually new in Google Play System UpdatesGoogle Play System Updates, Project Mainline12/02/2022
39Here’s how Android’s new Photo Picker can support apps that haven’t been updatedPhoto Picker, Project Mainline11/11/2022
38Android 13’s audio output switcher will soon show cast devicesAndroid 13, Google Cast SDK, Google Play Services10/14/2022
37Exploring the Android 13 APIs powering the Pixel 7’s featuresAndroid 13, Pixel 7, Pixel Tablet10/07/2022
36Android 14 is coming: Here’s what we know so farAndroid 1409/30/2022
35Android 13’s virtual A/B mandate could bring Seamless Updates to more devicesA/B OTA, Seamless Updates, Virtual A/B09/21/2022
34How Project Mainline is solving Android’s fragmentation problemProject Mainline, APEX, Google Play System Update09/02/2022
3360 new features in Android 13 you should know aboutAndroid 13, Android Upgrade Party08/17/2022
32How Google is backporting Android 13’s Photo PickerPhoto Picker, Android 13, Project Mainline, Google Play Services08/10/2022
31Why many Android equalizer apps don’t work with all media playersAudioFX, AudioEffect, Audio HAL, AudioTrack, MediaPlayer07/20/2022
30How SDR dimming will help Android blend an SDR UI with HDR videoSDR, HDR, displays07/08/2022
29How to downgrade an app using Android’s hidden rollback featureApp rollback, ADB07/01/2022
28Android 13 makes file managers less useful by fixing a loopholeAndroid 13, Scoped Storage, Storage Access Framework06/24/2022
27Native exFAT support finally comes to a Pixel phone with Android 13Android 13, exFAT, Linux, vold06/17/2022
26Android finally supports a basic networking feature: mDNS .local resolutionmDNS, Project Mainline, Network Service Discover (NSD)06/10/2022
25Android 13 launch devices will use Huawei’s EROFS for fast, efficient storage useAndroid 13, EROFS, Linux 05/20/2022
24The ingenious product that brings eSIM to any Android phoneeSIM, UICC, APDU, OMAPI, TelephonyManager, LPAd05/06/2022
23How Android 13 could make back navigation more seamlessAndroid 13, gesture navigation 04/29/2022
22How Linux’s new page reclaim policy will improve Android 13’s memory managementAndroid 13, Linux, MGLRU, memory management, virtual memory, pages04/22/2022
21Android 13 adds basic support for the next-gen WiFi 7 standardAndroid 13, Linux, WiFi 704/15/2022
20Android 13 may make linking your phone to your PC (slightly) less painfulAndroid 13, roles, Companion Device Profiles, Companion Device Manager04/08/2022
19Google’s patented solution to an eSIM limitation is coming to Android 13Android 13, eSIM, MEP04/01/2022
18How Google is quietly building Android 13 for smart displaysAndroid 13, tablets, smart displays03/25/2022
17Android 13 finally makes it possible to control smart home devices without unlocking your phoneAndroid 13, Quick Access Device Controls03/18/2022
16Exploring the archived APKs powering Android’s new app archiving featureApp archiving, archived APK, Android App Bundle03/11/2022
15Google may actually be serious about tablets this timeAndroid 12L, Android 13, tablets03/04/2022
14Why you can’t update Android’s GPU drivers like on your PCGPU drivers, BSP, Project Treble, Skyline02/25/2022
13How to boot Linux in a VM on the Pixel 6Android 13, Linux, Pixel 6, Virtualization, pKVM02/18/2022
12The Android sensor hub powering Google’s car crash detectionSensors, sensor hub, Context Hub Runtime Environment (CHRE), nanoapp02/04/2022
11Google’s latest attempt at fixing Android updates is a double-edged swordGoogle Requirements Freeze (GRF), Project Treble, Board Support Package (BSP)01/28/2022
10Android is ready for mobile driver’s licenses, so what’s the holdup?Mobile driver’s license (mDL), IdentityCredential, ISO 18013-501/21/2022
9What’s old is new againAndroid 13, Linux01/14/2022
8The Android Security Patch ConundrumAndroid Security Bulletin (ASB), Security Patch Level (SPL), Pixel 601/07/2022
722 ways you can make your Android device more productive and secureProductivity, security12/31/2021
6Fun with GSIs: A retrospective on Project Treble’s impact on custom ROMsProject Treble, Generic System Image (GSI), Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)12/24/2021
5How Google will use virtualization in Android 13Android 13, Virtualization, pKVM, crosvm, microdroid, CompOS, isolated compilation12/17/2021
4The biggest week for Android 12 since Android 12Android 12L, Android 12 QPR112/10/2021
3The long road to 64-bit only Android64-bit, 32-bit12/02/2021
2Take control of your Android phone (or TV) with these tipsAndroid 12, Android TV11/26/2021
1Random musings on a trio of bugs and regressions in Android 12Android 1211/19/2021