Android is at the forefront of IoT innovation across industries. But, we haven’t come close to realizing Android’s potential to create healthier communities and a more equitable world. 

Clinical-grade telehealth devices for patients with chronic conditions are powered by Android. Our partners at iTeach Schools are committed to providing access to education for 5,000 underprivileged students in Pune, India via Android devices. And, innovators are using Android to fight mass incarceration in a broken criminal justice system. 

Simply put, we need everyone’s help solving the world’s most challenging problems. Individuals with privileges must remove barriers for others. That’s why Esper has committed to helping Android innovators change the world. 

I’m thrilled to announce Esper’s Android DevOps tools are free for startups and small businesses. 

Esper’s Free Pricing for Startups & Innovators

Esper now has a free pricing tier for fleets of 100 devices or fewer for innovators, startups, and small businesses. Everyone is invited to use Esper’s cloud platform free-of-cost to provision and manage fleets of 100 or fewer Android devices. Sign up and get started

My team’s short-term goal is to see 1 million Android devices onboarded to Esper. More importantly, we hope this free pricing can create a healthier ecosystem of Android IoT innovation for the benefit of global communities. 

Esper’s Commitment to Socially-Responsible Android IoT Innovation

Everyone has the right to lead a healthy, productive life. Every person worldwide deserves access to education, healthcare, career, and equitable systems. Esper was founded, in part, because my co-founder Yadhu Gopalan and I believe Android can create a brighter future for everyone.

Social responsibility, diversity, and innovation are values woven into our cultural fabric at Esper. These beliefs influence every decision we make, from hiring to forming new partnerships.

My desire to build a socially-responsible business was also the driving force behind Esper’s free pricing tier. This is our commitment to remove barriers for entrepreneurs and aspiring founders, to create a more diverse ecosystem of Android innovation. 

Esper’s Android DevOps tools provide the infrastructure to bind devices to the cloud. Our platform and open APIs can help today’s brightest minds develop, test, and launch disruptive new products. By offering free development and operations tools for Android IoT, Esper’s hope is to help other startups focus their attention and resources on launching Android products that change the world.


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