Esper has been updated to DevRel 23.

  • Time Zone Search – Introducing a search capability with suggestions to easily find and set the time zone. For example, typing ‘Pacific’ will bring up all time zones that include ‘Pacific’. We recently introduced the feature to set timezone for devices during provisioning or after deployment, and received feedback it can be difficult to find the right time zone. With this release, we have solved the issue.
  • Filters for List View – In a recent release we introduced a new viewing mode where you can easily see a list of your provisioned devices that includes device information columns (such as online/offline status, serial number, group name, Android versions and tags). This feature enables dashboard users to be able to see the above mentioned information of any device by searching for the device name without having to click and enter into the Device details page. 

    We have further improved this feature by adding the capability to filter the list of devices via any of the following parameters:

    1. Group Name – filter by any one group
    2. Policy Name – filter by any one applied to the device after provisioning
    3. GMS/Non GMS – filter by GMS and Non-GMS
    4. Active/Inactive – filter by Active or Inactive device
    5. Security Status – filter by High Risk, Low Risk, Medium Risk and No Risk (or Secure) devices.

In the filters, a search capability has been provided to select filter values.
Currently, you can only filter by one value of each of the above mentioned options. For example, you can choose Group A, Policy B and Active which will give you a filtered list of devices in Group A which are active and have policy B applied on them.

  • Durations for the Device Screen Timeout – For both provisioning and under Device settings we have now made the available screen timeout durations similar to the settings available in stock Android devices. For use cases such as  Kiosks and Digital Dignage where devices screens are always active, we have continued to include an option of ‘Never’ to prevent the device screen from timing out. 

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