This week’s episode of Android Bytes actually follows up on something our co-host Mishaal has been looking at for a while: a removable eSIM that lets Android phones without the technology built-in to access eSIM providers. We chat with Christos Omiridis of Telco Village who was part of the team that created

  • 02:09 – What is a SIM? What is an eSIM? Why does it exist?
  • 09:15 – Why bring eSIM to a device that doesn’t natively support it?
  • 15:50 – How does a removable eSIM interface with Android?
  • 27:55 – What’s the extensibility of modularizing eSIM from other FOSS devs and wireless carriers?

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Android Bytes (powered by Esper) is the podcast that dives deep into the engineering and business decisions behind the world’s most popular OS. 

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