We’re excited to announce our partnership with Boundary Devices LLC to offer a connected smart platform for Boundary Device’s offerings of Android edge devices. 

As the leading designer and manufacturer of single-board computers and modules for the general embedded Internet of Things (IoT) market, Boundary Devices provides solutions for clients seeking intelligent platforms to run their dedicated devices. Partnering with Esper, the leading platform for Android DevOps, Boundary now offers turnkey solutions for customers operating on their i.MX Nitrogen devices.

Customized configuration, seamless deployment, and intelligent device management

Boundary Devices was looking for a partner that could provide customers with turnkey device management solutions — meeting requirements for single-application use, easy rollouts, and real-time status updates. This is where Esper comes in. 

Esper and Boundary form a natural partnership because of our shared passion for delivering a seamless user experience for customers who are looking to customize. Businesses working on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) all come with unique visions for their devices. And both Esper and Boundary Devices support AOSP with fully downloadable software versions and open source code for custom configuration.

Boundary Devices offers their customers the advantage of custom Android OS configurations, making the partnership a great fit because Esper integrates directly onto the OS. For Boundary’s Enterprise customers, the ability to seamlessly enroll with Esper is critical, because it eliminates the need for third-party staging — or even field IT support.

The perfect pairing for kiosk and digital signage customers built on AOSP

Today, digital signage is most efficient and cost-effective when it runs on Android. Given the application support, developer resources, and familiarity for consumers and the developer community — Android is an easy choice. Also, compared to other operating systems, Android makes the most sense for digital signage. With displays constantly running, Android requires less power for high-resolution signage and translates to significant savings. 

The same is true of kiosks. In the last year and a half, many industries became more reliant on kiosks for mission-critical tasks, providing a seamless customer experience and facilitating a safe environment for customers. With Android providing the largest application ecosystem, businesses reliant on kiosks can benefit from using an existing app rather than building one from scratch.

Esper supports businesses using digital signage and kiosks through end-to-end device management and continuous development. Customers whose core products live on these devices are assured the app is always running and available — giving businesses advance notice about any possible issues before their end users.

Boundary Devices complements Esper’s platform by offering the same developer-centered design in their products and flexibility in app development for digital signage and kiosk use cases.

Boundary Devices provides:

  • Products for highly visible outdoor signs, a network of indoor displays, or signage used in transportation systems.
  • High-performance processing and graphics capabilities.
  • Industrial tempering and conformal coating for all-weather protection
  • Off-the-shelf and custom smart boards with elegant GUIs, high-end CPUs, and GPUs, and network connectivity for Kiosks, POS, and entry access devices.

The advantages of Boundary Devices for Android

Beyond a flexible operating system, Boundary Devices offers customers powerful products. A few of the reasons we know businesses looking for reliable and flexible devices will love Boundary include:

  • Excellent documentation and support.
  • Well-arranged and documented source code.
  • Easy-to-work-with stack.
  • Well-built for a variety of use cases with rugged capabilities.

With Boundary, customers can experience the power and flexibility before committing their entire fleet, making them an ideal partner.

Looking for a kiosk or digital signage solution? Contact Esper today.