Customer obsession is at the heart of everything we do at Esper. That is why it is such an honor to be recognized by one of the software world’s most influential and respected sources of trusted advice, G2. Esper was ranked #13 out of 50 in the Best IT Management Products 2022 category, an achievement that was only possible because of our customers — customers who understand what makes Esper so different.

Like G2, Esper knows direct relationships with human beings are foundational to success, because it is humans who rely on software every day to unlock innovation and build amazing products. Without that human connection — a direct feedback loop between users and product — Esper would not be on this list. Our customers teach us every single day, providing crucial education and inspiration for everyone on the Esper team. This award is as much shared with them as it is with Esper.

But now is not the time to rest on our laurels. At Esper, we see recognition as a powerful feedback signal, and one that demands action. To do more, to do better, and to keep pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with our unique DevOps for devices platform. As the top ranked product in the fleet and device management space featured as part of this G2 list, we also feel an immense validation: That Esper stands alone, not as a category leader, but as an industry disruptor. That disruptive force is exactly what our valued partners at Insight, Madrona, and others see in Esper, and we thank them deeply for their support and vision.

Esper’s journey is only beginning, and 2022 will be a year of major announcements for our platform. Announcements we are confident will delight our customers, enable powerful DevOps solutions for devices, and prepare businesses for a future of seamless integration of hardware and software. Digital transformation is happening before our very eyes, and it is a moment Esper is uniquely positioned to seize with a growing list of customers, technology partners, and the immensely talented Esper team. We hope it’s a journey you’ll join us on.