Esper Release Notes – DevRel 20

Esper has been updated to DevRel20.

  • Dock & Empty Settings App Password – A hidden dock on the device consisting of menu items such as the Esper Settings app can be accessed by tapping 3 times on top right corner or by clicking the power button 3 times. This is meant for developer and field tech access to Settings on Kiosk devices. Accessing the Settings app is password protected. The dock menu consists of multi-app mode – kiosk mode switch, Esper Settings app and Power button.
    – The Esper Settings app offers a customized Settings menu that limits the device user to only a subset of available Android Settings. It consists of toggle buttons for Wi-fi, Torch (Flashlight), Auto-rotation and Esper Branding as well as Factory Reset and an About section with Device ID details. 
    – The text box for this feature in Compliance policy (which is part of creating a Provisioning template) accepts the common password for Dock and the Esper Settings App. 
    – It is now acceptable to not have any password for these features for the ease of device users in certain use cases. Esper, however, recommends that passwords are setup for stronger security.
  • View Start and End time of Scheduled App Install – Users can now set and view the Start as well as the End date and time for the Scheduled App Installation for Groups.
  • Install and Uninstall Apps in Launcherless mode – Users are now able to install and uninstall apps even when using Esper Agent in a launcherless mode where it acts similar to any other app on the Android device while still running the device management functionalities in the background.
  • Notch based Displays – Esper Agent is now compatible with devices (such as Nokia and Vivo) with the trendy notch based display screens. We have adjusted the notch into our device agent for a flawless experience for the user.
  • Paginated Geofence View – View all applied geofences on your devices with ease on Esper Dashboard.
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