If we had to pick an unofficial theme for DevRel 34, it would definitely be about improved support. This sprint includes several new features designed for unique customer use cases, including support for apps with multiple launcher icons and a custom volume bar for kiosk-mode. The new feedback widget is a focal point of DevRel 34, which provides a convenient way for customers to share platform feedback. 

The Esper engineering team added a Local App Installation Policy to Control App Push via adb in this recent sprint, as well as new auto-grant remote viewer permission capabilities. Here’s an overview of what’s new in DevRel 34. 

  • New Feedback Widget
  • Local App Installation Policy to Control App Push via adb
  • Auto-Grant Remote Viewer Permissions
  • Customer Release: Allow Support for Apps with Multiple Launcher Icons
  • Customer Release: Hide Settings Icon on Volume Bar in Kiosk Mode

Feedback Widget

The new Feedback Widget at the bottom right corner of the Console allows users to share detailed feedback and report issues without leaving the screen. This feedback comes directly to Esper’s engineering team, who then adds it to our feature and issue tracking system.  

Capabilities supported:

  1. Take a screenshot of a specific screen area that indicates the issue.
  2. Put pointers on screenshots for indication.
  3. Add comments to each screenshot.
  4. Classify submitted feedback as a bug, improvement or task. 
  5. Add detailed comments to the feedback.  

Drawing Tools:

  • Box tool & Pin comment – Highlight a specific area of the page and comment on that area. The comment can be removed and simply left with the box outline.
  • Blackout – Blackout any sensitive information on the screen.
  • Pen – Draw anything you like! Circle and Point works great with a touch screen and pen.
  • Line – Underline, strikethrough, draw a straight line.
  • Line with arrow – Point to something.
  • Pin comment – Drop a pin and comment.

All drawing tools have color options. Simply hover the color dot and select another color. To use the tools, click on your tool of choice and click and drag on the page in the desired location. 

Once you’ve finished marking and commenting on the screen, click the green tick to save the screenshot. 

To send your feedback, complete the form, select a feedback category and click send.

Local App Installation Policy to Control App Push via adb

We have a Compliance Policy configuration to allow/disallow the usage of apps that are installed locally (for example via a web browser on the device) called Local app install

Now the same policy can be used to let the Esper admin control whether an app installed via adb is allowed to be used on the device. If this new configuration is set to “off”, an app installed via adb will not be allowed to run on the device, preventing side-loading via adb.

Auto-Grant Remote Viewer Permissions

Whenever a Remote viewer session was initiated by an Esper cloud admin user, a permission prompt would appear on the device screen to inform end-users of the remote session.

In some cases even if Don’t show again was selected, the prompt would still come up in subsequent Remote viewer sessions. 

Now, this permission prompt is eliminated with new features to auto-grant Remote viewer capabilities to Esper admin. This new capability applies to all Android 9.0 and above devices. For Android devices with version 8.1, the device maker needs to sign off on our supervisor plugin for auto-grant capabilities. We are happy to approach them on your behalf, let us know.

Customer Release: Allow Support for Apps with Multiple Launcher Icons

Esper now supports a customer’s Android app that has multiple icons on the device home screen. Please contact us if you are interested in using this new customer release capability.

Customer Release: Hide Settings Icon on Volume Bar in Kiosk Mode for Lenovo M10 TB-X605F

A customer needed the settings icon removed from the volume bar on the Lenovo M10 TB-X605F when in Kiosk mode to prevent users from accessing the hidden Settings app. This capability is available to other Esper customers using the TB-X605F, please reach out to us if this is needed for your fleet.

That’s it for DevRel 34. Our early May release, DevRel 35, is nearly here and it’s going to bring new, positive changes in your device management and reporting capabilities. The unofficial focus of DevRel 35 is visibility. 

We’re listening and we encourage you to share your thoughts on this latest sprint. Please share your suggestions, questions, and comments with andi@esper.io.