DevRel 36 is devoted mostly to giving you more information about the devices you manage and improving the User Experience for the Console. Among other things, we’ve enhanced the reports, made buttons more visible, added shadows, improved alignment, pagination and added sticky titles. 

A quick look:

  • Python SDK API for Managed Configurations
  • Enhanced Reports
  • Manage Device Tags via API / SDK / CLI
  • The Overview Button Is Alive Again
  • Enhanced Button Visibility
  • Sticky Titles
  • No “Pages” Navigation When You Don’t Need It

Python SDK API for Managed Configurations

We’ve added a new API to our Python SDK that will enable you to utilize Android’s Managed Configurations capability for your apps. The new API lets you push key-value pairs to each Esper-managed device that can be read by your app that uses Managed Configurations. Managed Configurations allows IT admins to remotely specify settings for their apps. It’s currently supported on devices running Android 5 and newer. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about this new capability.

Enhanced Reports

We’ve enhanced our reports. Now you’ll see the brand and model name of each of the devices in the report. Just to make it easier for you to remember which device is which.

This same upgrade carries through to downloaded reports as well. Each now includes the brand and model name of each of the devices.

The Report will also list the endpoint name where the report was downloaded from. 

Manage Device Tags via API / SDK / CLI

Now you can manage the device tags through our application programming interface (API), our software development kit (SDK), or our command-line interface (CLI). Read our Esper SDK for Python documentation or pore over our Python SDK GitHub.

The Overview Button Is Alive Again

We brought the overview button back to life for navigation on the device. For devices in multi-app mode—running Android 9 or newer—you can once again use the Overview button to switch between apps.

Enhanced Button Visibility

We’ve enhanced the visibility of the button that lets you collapse the navigation sidebar on the Console. Now it has a drop-shadow, making it much easier to see and use.

Why You Can’t Edit a Compliance Policy

When a Compliance Policy has already been applied to devices, it can’t be edited. That’s why it’s edit icon (the pencil) is grayed out on the menu. But if you didn’t already know that, a grayed-out icon that can’t be clicked can be frustrating.

Now if you try clicking the grayed-out icon, a popup box will explain why you can’t edit that particular compliance policy.

Sticky Titles

The Activity Feed title now sticks as you navigate through the list of activity feed events over multiple pages.

No Pages Navigation When You Don’t Need It

At the bottom of the Provisioning Templates screen, we’ve always included pages navigation to make it easier for you to find your way through all the templates you’ve created. Now, if you don’t have more than one page of templates, the pages navigation goes away.

That’s what’s new. There are even more features and changes coming with DevRel 37, scheduled for the last day of May.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of this latest sprint. Please send your suggestions, questions, and comments to or click on the Feedback button.

More in two weeks!