This release is focused on internal changes in the Esper system that improve performance, increase stability, and add infrastructure capabilities. DevRel 38 also improves the usability of the Console and includes many minor bug fixes. 

A quick look:

  • Device SDK APIs to get the serial number and IMEI number(s)
  • JSON Settings – Automatically turn Bluetooth ON after a set period of time if turned OFF 
  • Telemetry graph timeline increased to 7 days
  • Remote reboot of Android 4.4 to Android 6.0 devices 
  • Improvements in Devices -> List View
  • Customer Release – Group command queue duration change to 7 days

Device SDK APIs to Get the Serial and IMEI Number(s)

We have added two APIs to our Device SDK enabling your application running on an Esper managed device to fetch the device’s serial and/or IMEI number(s). Starting with Android 10, Google changed fetching a device’s serial number and IMEI number(s) to privileged operations. We are providing the APIs to help our customers continue to use these identifiers as part of their solution.

JSON Settings – Automatically Turn Bluetooth ON After a Set Period of Time if Turned OFF

You can now have Esper automatically turn Bluetooth on after a set period of time if it was turned off by either the device user or via the Esper Console. This is useful if your solution requires Bluetooth and you wish to prevent it from being inadvertently turned off. This configuration is available via the JSON settings in a Provisioning Template.

This configuration is available via the JSON settings in a Provisioning Template. Here’s a sample JSON file:

"command_type": "DEVICE",
"command_args": {
"custom_settings_config": {
"dpcParams": [
"key": "bluetoothAutoEnableTimeOut",
"value": "5000"
"devices": [
"device_type": "all"

Please contact Esper if you’d like to set this up as a configuration for during or after the provisioning of your devices.

Telemetry Graph Timeline Increased Up to 7 days

We have increased the time period (X-axis) of the telemetry device graphs from the prior 2 days to up to 7 days to give you more data to work with when using telemetry to solve issues.

Remote Reboot of Android 4.4 to 6.0 Devices

Esper now supports remote reboot for Android devices running Android 4.4 to Android 6.0 (platform signature is required from device manufacturer). For Android 7.0 and above, remote reboot is already supported. 

Improvements in Devices -> List View

We have improved the Device -> List View experience. Esper now saves the state of the Devices -> List View during a user session including the column configuration, column filters, column sorting, and pagination. 

Additionally, we have separated out the Device Name and the alias into two separate columns for a clearer view (Device Name and Alias Name). 

Customer Release – Group Command Queue Duration Change to 7 days 

Based on a customer request, we have increased the queuing duration of Group commands sent to offline devices to 7 days instead of 24 hours on their endpoint. Please let us know if you’d like to have the change applied to your endpoint.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • We fixed a few bugs found in our template features such as WiFi Settings, Android Settings app, and Preview page so you can provision your devices more conveniently. 
  • The Esper Device Provisioner is a great tool for provisioning any and all Android devices on Esper platform. We did some tinkering to fix a loading issue which was seen by a few of our customers.
  • EMM enrollment was not working for several of our new trial account users and we fixed it. Hopefully, we won’t be seeing this issue anytime soon!
  • We have refactored our device agent to reuse the TLS connection in API calls which was the cause of a hidden rogue bug causing high data usage during the handshake. 

That’s what’s new. There are even more features and changes coming with DevRel 39.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of this latest sprint. Please send your suggestions, questions, and comments to or click on the Feedback button.