DevRel 43 is about a significant revamp to improve the design and usability of the Esper Provisioning Template. Other improvements include new support for Broadcast Intent, Wi-Fi signal strength graphs, and more.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in DevRel 43:

  • Provisioning Template Revamp
  • Broadcast Intent Support
  • Customer Release: Network Fallback Options to Regain Connectivity

1] Provisioning Template Revamp

Customers should expect to see some new design changes in Provisioning Templates, especially in the Apps section. Major changes are as below:

  • Esper Cloud and Google Play Store can be added from one place.
  • All apps can now be viewed from one place. .
  • Users can enable faster provisioning by choosing to install a given app during provisioning or afterwards.  
  • Users can pin an app on boot for Kiosk Mode
  • Users can select apps to be launched each time the device boots.

2] Broadcast Intent Support

Esper users can now send broadcast intent to individual devices in order to modify various settings in our background Service app using custom JSON:
-Turning screen on/off depending on charging status
-Launching apps, configuring timers, etc.

If you want help with this feature, please contact

3] Network Fallback Options to Regain Connectivity when Internet is Not Available

When the Internet is not available, users can now remotely choose which action to execute to get back network connection on the device. As per the custom configured Esper agent command on the device, based on choice, Network Fallback Option will be executed.

Available choices are:

1 – Execute only Airplane mode Enable and Disable

2 – Execute only Device reboot

3 – Execute both Airplane Mode on and off and Device reboot one after the other.

If you want this feature enabled on your fleet, please contact

Bug Fixes and Improvements: 

  • Custom device alias  names are now included when you click on the number of alerts in the “Total Alerts” column.
  • When navigating views in the Console, users can move back to the original page selection instead of starting all over from default view. For Devices and Apps, users will now be able to retain the original selection once they choose to come back from details to list view.
  • Alerts are now working in non-GMS devices as well.

And, that’s it for DevRel 43. Stay tuned for another round of improvements in DevRel 44, scheduled for early September 2020.