The Esper DevRel 44 release introduces many new features such as Nested Groups, Pipelines, a Learning Center to explore how to get started with Esper, and many more changes and improvements.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in DevRel 44:

  • Nested Groups for Devices
  • Pipelines revamped v2.0
  • Learning Center v1.0
  • Ability to delete devices from the dashboard
  • Configurable Pro-Mode and User-Mode in the Esper Settings App

1. Nested Groups for Devices

Introducing nested groups (hierarchical grouping of devices) and ability to provision devices in specific sub-group selections. By consolidating the Devices & Groups experience, any action taken on a Group will also be executed on its sub-group.

Key Points: 

  • There will be a default parent group called “All Devices”. Your existing groups will be under “All Devices” now.
  • Up to five levels of Group hierarchy allowed (excluding “All Devices” group).
  • No restrictions on the number of groups that can be created at any level, or associated with a specific group.
  • Ability to move groups or devices from one group to another.

For more information, take our new Nested Groups Tour from the Learning Centre.

If you need help with this feature, please contact

2. Android 11 Support

Esper now officially supports Android 11 device management on our platform. Android 11 is the latest release in the Android series, and Esper is proud to deploy and manage it! 

3. Pipelines Revamped v2.0

This new feature will enable controlled installation of apps to a fleet of devices. A new pipeline (base) will be created with three stages. You will need to link targets – Devices/Groups to each stage before creating a new job. A job will indicate the operation (App Install by default in this case) and corresponding application/version. Start a new Run to initiate execution of a pipeline. A Run can be started, paused, resumed or terminated. Any pipeline can have multiple jobs created and only active run at a time.

For more information, take our Pipelines Tour from the Learning Centre. 

4. Learning Centre v1.0

The Learning Centre is embedded in the Esper Console with the aim of making the onboarding process faster and easier for a new user. This includes links to Esper’s documentation, tutorial videos, and more. There is also a Product Tour available, where users can explore Esper, and learn more about its features. “What’s New” content is also a part of the Learning Centre now apart from an FAQ section with common questions and solutions. 

5. Ability to delete devices from dashboard

The Wipe Command has been renamed to “Remove/Factory Reset,” providing additional capability. Users will have an option to ‘Remove Devices’ from the Esper Dashboard. This is applicable to one or more devices or groups. There is an option to select, ‘Factory Reset Devices’ (Note that by default this option will be selected). For online devices, factory reset will be force-enabled always.

6. Pro-Mode and User-Mode: Now Configurable in the Esper Settings App

We have enhanced the user experience of the Esper Settings App and introduced a Professional (Pro) Mode in addition to the User Mode for admins. By introducing User Mode and Pro Mode, we provide our customers with a greater amount of flexibility to define device access to the end user while at the same time protecting the features that must be available only for administrators, such as recovery, debugging. The Esper Settings App will be completely configurable for both modes. Upon customer request, we can add or remove features from the Esper Settings App for both user and pro mode. Currently, User modes can be configured using DpcParams. In order to configure Pro Mode, please contact:

Configured User Mode With few settings

Configured Pro Mode With all Settings available

If you need help with this feature, please contact

7. Enable or disable mobile data through SDK

Now mobile data can be enabled or disabled via supervisor plugin via device-sdk. Note: This cannot be done through the Dashboard/Esper console. 

Bugs and Improvements

  • In Compliance Policy, Windowed Installation of System updates can now be done at any time. 
  • In both Provisioning Templates and Compliance Policy, the default for Android Settings app is now updated to the ‘Systems Settings’ app. 
  • We can now upload larger APK’s up to 2GB.
  • The Device Settings API to change settings such as brightness, ADB timeout available from the SDK. 
  • There was an issue with device mode (Kiosk/Multi-App mode) in Esper console being out of sync with device state that’s fixed now.

And, that’s it for DevRel 44. Stay tuned for another round of improvements in DevRel 45, scheduled for early October 2020. 

Please start a conversation to share your thoughts on how we can make your Esper customer experience better in DevRel 45 and other upcoming releases. You can reach out to the Esper team with feedback at: