Esper customers have more control over device settings and appearance with the DevRel 46 release. Now, you can change provisioned Android device wallpaper and further configure which device settings you expose to end users.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in DevRel 46:

  • Added ability to change provisioned device wallpaper
  • Device IMEIs now included in reports
  • Added 3 new configurations for custom device settings

1] Change Provisioned Android Device Wallpaper 

Users are now able to change the home screen wallpaper on a single provisioned device or device group.This functionality also extends to lock screen wallpaper.

Screenshot of the Branding Section of Esper's Provisioning Template

Also, the ability to set lock screen wallpaper for a device or group is now part of the Esper Android provisioning template.  

Screenshot of new wallpaper capability in Esper's provisioning template

Learn how to lock Android devices to kiosk mode with Esper’s provisioning templates

2] Android Device IMEIs Added to Reports

Previously, Esper’s reporting options only included device serial numbers. Now, IMEIs have been added to reports as another means to identify and track devices.

Screenshot of device group report via Esper with device name, serial number, IMEI, and more.

And, you can read about our last round of Android reporting improvements in the DevRel 36 release notes. 

3] New Setting Configurations

Finally, we’ve added some new configuration capabilities to the custom Esper settings app. Now, admins can choose to let end users access the following device settings:

  • Screen brightness
  • Rotation 
  • Screen timeout

Admins can choose to provide end-user access to one or more of these settings from the provisioning template. But, keep in mind that keyboard and accessibility settings are only available on devices running Android 8 or below. 

Screenshot of custom Android settings app via Esper.

Here’s a full list of Esper features available for each version of the Android OS

And, that’s it for DevRel 46. We’ll be delivering another round of new features and Esper product improvements in DevRel 47, which is scheduled for the first week of November 2020. 

Also, please share your honest thoughts on how we can improve Esper in DevRel 47, 48, and beyond.