DevRel 54 includes improvements to our software and updates to the Device Provisioner Tool, Event Feed, Display Settings for the device, and Esper Agent. We have stabilized the Remote Viewer and added new EAP methods for the Wi-Fi Access Point. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

  • Added more fields to the event feed
  • Esper Agent restricts usage of Google Play on a managed device 
  • Added more screen orientation options for the device setting
  • Improved the Device Provisioner Tool
  • Stabilized Remote Viewer
  • Re-implemented Wi-Fi access point logic

Added More Fields to the Event Feed

The event feed is tweaked to display more information about the commands. The following is a list of additional details shown:

SET_APP_STATE –> App Name & App state



ADD_WIFI_AP  –> Wi-Fi SSID  & Security Type


SET_ROTATION_STATE –> Rotation state

Esper Agent Restricts Usage of Google Play on Managed Devices

Esper Agent restricts usage of unapproved Google Play applications on the managed device even with personal account login, addressing the need to limit allowed accounts on Google Play. With this feature, we will automatically uninstall any application which is not Whitelisted. Here, Whitelisted means the application is present either on the Esper Cloud or on the Managed Google Play approved applications. This feature is disabled by default. Please contact Esper support if you want to enable this feature across your device fleet.

Added More Screen Orientation Options for a Device Setting

Initially, the screen orientation setting for the device had Portrait and Landscape options. Now, two new options – Inverted Landscape and Inverted Portrait – have been added. You can access the screen orientation settings by navigating to the Device & Groups > Settings > Display > Screen Orientation.

Improved Device Provisioner Tool

Earlier, the user would get an error message for unsuccessful login attempts. We have now implemented a timer on the Device Provisioner Tool’s login page. The timer will help the user keep track of the time before he/she can retry login. When the user enters an incorrect username/password more than five times, an error message will be displayed along with the timer. This timer will show the time before the user can try to log in again.

Stabilized Remote Viewer

We added a UX nugget in the Remote Control page asking the users to bring the device out of the idle state before starting the Remote Control connection. Remote Viewer now also supports Google Chrome version 89 and above.

Re-implemented Wi-Fi Access Point Logic

When a user is adding a new Wi-Fi access point and chooses EAP as the Wi-Fi security type (Devices & Groups > Choose a device > Settings > Wi-Fi > Add a Wi-Fi access point), there are various EAP methods to choose from.  Previously, all the fields for different methods were mandatory. Now, depending on the EAP method you select, some fields like identity and anonymous identity are optional. We have added three new EAP methods, namely – SIM, AKA, and AKA_PRIME.

Please contact Esper support if you have any questions.

And, that’s it for DevRel 54. Esper’s team is working to deliver another batch of features and improvements in DevRel 55. Our next release is focused on more improvements and bug fixes. It is scheduled for the second week of May 2021.

Please reach out to share your thoughts on how Esper can improve your customer experience in future releases.