DevRel 72 is here, and we’re improving the reporting performance of the Esper Console, enhancing Wi-Fi SSID detection, and giving you more control over device lock screens in your fleet. Here’s what’s new.

Generate reports in the background

Generating reports can be a time-consuming process, and previously required you to keep a page open until the report was generated. So, we’ve made reports generation a background job. Now, when you click ‘Generate Report’ on the Console, you can leave the page and just navigate back when you want. We also cache these reports once they’re generated, so they’re accessible for future reference.

Use regular expressions for Wi-Fi SSID detection

You can now enroll in a range of possible Wi-Fi access points based on a rule determined by a regular expression (regex). Once the regex is added, your devices will connect to the strongest network matching the rule. If there is more than one network matching the regex, we connect to the strongest one.

Note: If the device is already connected to Wi-Fi, we won’t initiate a connection to a matching regex network. Please contact the Esper team to learn more about the specific behavior of this feature.

Clear secure device lock screens using compliance policy

Clearing a secure lock screen set on a device using compliance policy previously required entering the PIN, pattern, or password to complete the process. This requirement has been removed.

This potentially resolves issues with a user setting a password on a device after provisioning, or with updates to your compliance policy that add or remove a secure lock screen on a device. Now, if your compliance policy sets the lock screen to ‘NONE’, any existing passwords, patterns, or PINs will simply be cleared from the device without user confirmation.

This feature works on devices running platforms based on Android 8 and above.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve added an option to control application installations from the Esper Console based on whether a device is using cellular or Wi-Fi for data connectivity. This is a premium feature, so please reach out to the Esper team to learn more. 
  • The custom column selection for Devices and Groups on the Console will persist even after a page refresh.
  • Usernames are now case-sensitive. Under the User Management section of the Console,  the username will be displayed with casing as entered. 
  • We’ve improved the reliability of the WIPE command. (Note: The WIPE command previously completed in a 24 hour window, but we’ve now extended that to 24 to 36 hours.)

And that’s it for DevRel 72. Esper’s team is working to deliver another batch of exciting features and improvements in DevRel 73, which is currently scheduled for early December 2021. And please: reach out to share your thoughts on how Esper can improve your experience as a customer in future releases. We’d love to hear from you.