Ray Riley is the Co-CEO of Progress Retail, a retail operations and learning platform focused on the development of front-line retail teams of the future. A life long retailer, Ray describes the revolution reshaping brick and mortar stores into customer education centers. He discuss how talent drains, outdated tools, and undocumented legacy knowledge have created the need for innovative yet practical applications of technology in stores. He explains how tools, such as Progress Retail, can help turn brick-and-mortar environments into deeper customer engagement channels and drive innovation in an industry not traditionally known for it. Listen in to reminisce about floppy disks and hear proof that quitting college isn’t always a bad idea.

  • 1:05– The main problems Progress Retail solves for retailers
  • 3:55– How the landscape for brick-and-mortar retailers is changing 
  • 8:50- Role technology and devices currently play in the retail industry
  • 11:30– How Progress Retail is helping to solve the technology gap in retail
  • 20:07– How technology will evolve for the in-store retail environment

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