Tom Falzani is the co-founder & CPO at Lula Convenience, a software company that enables delivery from convenience stores. He joins the show to share how Lula helps modernize the in-store experience to help convenience stores compete in the digital, post-pandemic era. He talks about his experience working in convenience stores from a young age and the complexity of managing them successfully. He shares how he and his co-founder brought Lula to life and discusses the importance of connecting technology with consumer behavior that already exists. 

  • 1:20 – Tom’s journey to Lula
  • 6:00 – How and why Lula was created
  • 8:40 – Technology and hardware Lula provides to convenience stores
  • 10:55 – How Lula uses Esper to provision devices quickly
  • 15:50 – What’s on the horizon for Lula
  • 21:00 – Prioritizing customer feedback in product development
  • 24:15 – How to get started with Lula

There’s A Device For That is hosted by Sudhir Reddy, SVP of Engineering at Esper.

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