The Esper platform has been updated to DevRel19.

New Features

  • Google Account Permission – This feature gives users an option to restrict the number of Google accounts that can be added on the device and be used with Google apps such as Gmail, Google Play Store, Youtube etc. By default, the addition of any number of accounts is allowed, however, if the admin applies a Compliance policy by checking the box shown below, the number of allowed accounts will be restricted to the admin entered value. For example, if the admin has set it to 2, after adding two accounts on the device, further addition (or deletion) of accounts will not be possible unless a different Compliance policy is reapplied.
    Note: If user has not checked this box in the applied policy, it is recommended that they disable Google Play Store to prevent installation of unapproved apps.
restrict google account permissions on esper
  • Local App Install – This feature allows installation of apps from unknown sources on the device. To enable this on the device, the user needs to follow these instructions. Settings->Apps and notifications-> Special app permissions ->Install Unknown Apps and choose the route they wish to install the apps from. For example, if device user chooses Chrome, they will be able to download and install apps from the Chrome browser on the device. If turned Off, the device user will not be allowed to install apps from any unknown sources.
install local app esper
  • Geofencing – Now users can access Geofence feature in dark mode and enjoy improved UI with duplicate check, fixed search and more.
esper geofence feature
  • Telemetry – Device metrics now increased to 15 metrics that can be accessed via Device graphs:
  1. Battery Current
  2. Wifi Signal Strength
  3. Available Internal Storage
  4. Wifi Link Speed
  5. Data Usage (Download and Upload)
  6. Battery Capacity Total
  7. OS Occupied Storage
  8. Battery Current Average
  9. Battery Capacity Count
  10. Available RAM
  11. Battery Level
  12. Battery Voltage
  13. Wifi Frequency
  14. Battery Temperature
esper update - device metrics
  • Esper Settings – Customers can choose to opt for Esper settings app via template or policy to be used on their device. We have added new features in this app including:
  • A robust means for users to be able to factory reset their device irrespective of the policy. This is made secure via the Esper settings app password protection.
  • We have added information regarding provisioning endpoint in the about section for the user to be able to view the endpoint name the device is registered in, in case they have access to multiple endpoints.
  • There is an option to switch the kiosk app from this menu. User can choose any installed app on device to act as the kiosk app.
  • User can turn off the Esper logo in case they wish to use their own logo as a reseller of Esper platform.
esper settings app
  • To make these policy toggle buttons more user friendly, we have removed the word ‘Block’ from Application uninstall, USB tethering and File transfer.
  • Hover bubble texts have been updated for Local App install, Google Account Permission, Application uninstall policy features.
  • Added 7 tap on Esper logo on provision screen to show reset button if this action needs to be performed during the provisioning process.
  • New Telemetry System – Graphs API and Alerts API v2 now available.
  • New Secrets API: Feature to store and retrieve secret credentials. 
  • Updated Device-List API: Search/Filter by serial number.
  • Updated Geofence API – Added model field to Geofence API.

Login to your Esper Platform to try these new features. For any questions or feedback, email us at