The Android ecosystem offers fantastic hardware for purpose-built software. But with so many options, making the right hardware choices can be tough. Many specialized use cases need the hardware capabilities and design matched to the specific software. Across the plethora of potential designs (kiosk, display, POS, handheld, delivery, healthcare, ruggedized), finding and sourcing the right hardware to use is challenging. 

There are many factors like performance, robust firmware, supported peripherals, apps in the ROM image, form-factor, durability, price point, and more to consider. We often encounter unique and innovative hardware solutions that have been developed to fill specific requirements. However in most cases OEMs, device makers, and peripheral suppliers can readily deliver what’s needed.

At Esper we are more than just your standard management platform. Beyond specializing in Android dedicated device fleets, we are also device geeks who help build innovative device ecosystems with device makers across Android, Windows CE, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile / Phone, and Amazon Fire. 

How it started

In the process of helping our customers we’ve often collaborated with them on device strategy, analysis, and final design decisions. Additionally, since we have our own AOSP version of Android just for purpose-built devices, we get deep into the firmware and hardware design. Through that journey we’ve built a competency in evaluating many different types of Android devices. Yet, Esper is hardware agnostic – we look for the best device to match customer needs regardless of device maker.

We are bringing that experience to companies building device fleets, to help them make the right device design decision by partnering with a select set of leading device makers. These devices span the varied use cases commonly seen in purpose-built device fleets (as well as price points), and are offered through our Esper Validated Android Devices.

Furthermore customers need the firmware, device, and tailored app load to work seamlessly. For this, we offer Esper Enhanced Hardware that run Esper Foundation for Android. With Esper Enhanced Hardware, new features and capabilities are unlocked on the devices and comes with the right approach to security and in-ROM apps needed by Esper’s customers.

Esper Foundation for Android Devices

Designed for Android dedicated fleet use, Esper Foundation for Android provides a customized Android OS for a variety of devices matched to different use cases and needs. We help you create an engaging and productive software experience that is enabled with zero-touch provisioning that are ready-to-go in secure mode and enabled with remote debugging, remote view and remote control. Esper tailors your OS build to your specific needs, including in-ROM apps and unique peripheral support, along with a specific emulator for Android Studio to activate your internal and external enterprise app developers.

Esper takes the wait out of Android OS updates and patches. Depending on your needs we can guarantee updates and patches will be available for your devices running Esper Foundation for Android, and in 30 days or less after they roll out from Google. And you get to control the timing of roll-out for any updates, giving you the ability to do test lab deployments to make sure nothing breaks. If anything does, we are here to help as we understand how purpose-built device fleets need to work. We will support our software well beyond the typical Android consumer device support lifecycle.

From a DevOps perspective you pipeline your rollout, scheduled by groups to match your business needs – no more updates popping up for your employees or customers during key business hours.

We also understand that great innovation can come from unusual places, and that developers like to have fun with the latest technology! That’s why we offer a set of experimentation and maker boards running Esper Foundation for Android – easy to buy, easy to try, easy to innovate.

There are times when hardware completely drives the software. We’ve seen that with several recent engagements helping customers bring device families running legacy Windows (primarily on x86 but also on ARM) to Android using Esper Foundation for Android. Extending existing hardware investments is certainly an acceptable business-driven use case!

Esper Validated Devices

Your device choice for purpose-built software makes a huge impact on your solution. Inadequate hardware can restrict the functionality and performance of your system, resulting in a subpar experience for customers and employees. Yet there are benefits to taking an off-the-shelf device and applying it for purpose-built fleet use. Combined with a rich and fast growing Android ecosystem for purpose-built devices, many options are available encompassing a lot of specialized use cases.

Through our work with customers in partnership with OEMs and device makers, we’ve helped get new solutions to scale across a variety of use cases. Our experiences span applying low-cost, consumer grade tablets for fleet use to creating a specialized kiosk using cost-effective hardware building blocks and expert system integration. All this led us to establishing Esper Validated Devices.

Esper Validated Devices are Esper verified as a great match for the Esper Platform and are robust for specific use cases and matching the tuned business needs of enterprise device fleets. We have access to a wide variety of hardware to suit your specific needs. Furthermore we are experienced in seeking out devices that match your use case – we know Android devices at every level and have seen many deployments. We can help you secure advantageous pricing for enterprise fleets, and important turn-key services such as wireless data and provisioning. If you don’t see what you need, we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right stock Android device.

Find Out More

Check out our hardware page, browse the devices. If you want to give Esper Foundation for Android going on a maker board, email

We love new use cases for Esper, and figuring out the right hardware with the customer. If you are in that situation, just email us

Time to get back to work in the most interesting sector of tech purpose-built Android fleets, where software and hardware are one for the benefit of employee and customer!