android-12.0.0_r3 to android-12.0.0_r8 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/build

5d16918dce : Version bump to SP1A.210812.016.A1 [core/]
c3fa5c5a55 : Version bump to SP1A.211105.002 [core/]
65c38e6610 : Update Security String to 2021-11-05

+- Project: device/google/barbet

4e5016c : Update Barbet SVN to 12

+- Project: device/google/coral

40a80396 : Update Coral SVN to 48

+- Project: device/google/redbull

fbd8725 : Update Redbull SVN to 37

+- Project: device/google/sunfish

b20dd56f : Update Sunfish SVN to 33

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

39627225836a : [DO NOT MERGE] Make sure WiFi and Cell tiles are not created in Provider Model
5aaf7d855901 : FooterView color logic cleanup
cb890336d6a8 : Fix Security issue for Html.fromHtml without escape
20552b60ee15 : TIF: fix issue of using caller-aware methods after clearCallingIdentity()
63777c0ca8e1 : Revoke internal permissions upon owner change.
57f6ccc10b0a : Prevent apps from spamming addAccountExplicitly. See comment here for the discussion on solution
afa5f3c37aea : Bluetooth: Fix formatting in getAlias()
9a4e52fa5661 : Use ArrayMap instead of SparseArray to manage the ProviderKey
d4fcdd283984 : Fix IME flickering when swiping out to home
58334b0b04e7 : Notification playback: pause on release
ec361daff705 : Improve InsetsPolicy#adjustVisibilityForIme when switching apps

+- Project: platform/hardware/nxp/nfc

95e1dd9 : OOBW in phNxpNciHal_process_ext_rsp

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

80dd1abac : Add permission to start NFC activity to ensure it is from NFC stack

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher3

0d53b02d23 : Fixing ModelPreload cancelling existing load
0ab476cb92 : Only call setCurrentPage in applyLoadPlan if mCurrentPage is outdated

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ManagedProvisioning

28eb3e44 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Protect Context#startService from BackgroundServiceStartNotAllowedException

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

4d67f4c847 : Hide Camera background running time in the battery usage screen

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/MediaProvider

f67688aff : transcoding: Empty the list and move to server side list.

+- Project: platform/system/incremental_delivery

2463a5d : Fix for loading progress for mapped files.

+- Project: platform/system/nfc

5dc0d849 : Tag-mismatch in rw_t4t_data_cback