android-12.1.0_r1 to android-13.0.0_r1 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

c618f7c01e : Cherrypick Reland^2 "Don't install instrumentation stubs for single thread deopts"
756e506bb7 : Update boot image and system server profiles [M10C10P80S0]
b88f3dbe28 : Add ART run-test `art-run-test-048-reflect-v8` to CTS.
0d306c40f9 : Add support for CTS to ART run-tests running with TradeFed.
b84c590e02 : Bump version codes in tm-dev to match tm-mainline-prod
e96d1e9bd5 : Fix branch destination in nterp_instance_of_slow_path.
28258f4828 : Build API stubs instead of implementation jars for i18n and Conscrypt deps.
62347b8bef : Stop disting veridex for sdk
e496816c88 : Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P80S0]
1eeb37a6a1 : Regenerate ART test files (2022-05-22).
08ec90a659 : Update boot image and system server profiles [M15C15P85S0]
0acf79c6ac : Don't disable JIT GC when instrumentation is enabled
dff7de431e : Check all art-related system properties.
5120b5f637 : Make the phenotype flag live across system restarts in the test.
930070ed1c : Disable shared method memory optimization.
29db4d3861 : Bump Mainline Module Version Codes in tm-dev to 330090000
8b11184271 : Revert "Remove workaround for null klass during marking phase"
dd6f7c6962 : Avoid PushLocalFrame(0) CHECK failure
45d0881f74 : Re-compile on userfaultfd phenotype flag change.
36c0cb0ed5 : Add support for max-target-s
c961939b7c : LSE fix removing observable stores in try catch
42f1af8672 : LSE fix removing observable stores with throwing instuctions
7f587e5360 : Fix `CanUseKnownBootImageVarHandle()`, part 2.
acbb380694 : Fix `CanUseKnownBootImageVarHandle()`.
96403b16e3 : hiddenapi: Fail if encoding S+ flags on R/Q libraries
0ca39d1e34 : Clear shared method bit when doing boot image profiling.
4064ea75b0 : Update return value after method exit hook callback
b33ae53da5 : Check external dex file checksum in `OatFile::Setup`.
9d31daa0b3 : Avoid VarHandle checks for boot image field VarHandles.
5e50df5209 : Use "main" branch of LUCI's CIPD package
10137abcd0 : Move descriptor hashing to `mirror::Class`.
86f1b3f30f : Shard slow TestNg tests for art buildbot
b6e0e02a85 : Do not require mutator lock for some `ArtField` fields.
a23cf27371 : Add comments about class/intern table search order.
1ae8925233 : Enable python3 on some LUCI builds.
6f052db1c3 : Fix the line info storage for obfuscated methods
7f85b3cd70 : Bump apex version to 33xxxxxx in tm-dev.
cdac020aa2 : Fix ProguardMap line mapping
2eebc53fe6 : Enable upstream OpenJDK core-ojtests in
9de71a4e46 : Move scripts into own files.
495311c865 : Modernize libartbase/ usage of <type_traits>...
998c265539 : Move fail to find a class at compile time to VLOG for AoT
0eca098c26 : Enable LoopOptimization for graphs with try catch blocks
d77cf74d29 : x86/x86-64: Fix BoundsCheck slow path clobbering EDX/RDX.
d0600629cf : Change class set search order in `ClassTable`.
ebf0dac3fa : Dump backtrace on `DeleteLocalRef` failures (to debug mmap failures).
7a04783947 : dex2oat: Faster class pruning.
53258d07c1 : Fix dex file lookup in DumpInfo when dex file locations have full paths.
81db82ce99 : Search intern tables in reverse order.
66b43b977b : Work around the build error on odsign_e2e_tests_defaults.
6332a75b72 : Revert "Enable upstream OpenJDK core-ojtests in"
9e3c37173d : Revert^2 "Add support for try catches in LSE"
9bf964465a : Enable upstream OpenJDK core-ojtests in
e953942ad6 : Revert^2 "Pass `ArenaAllocator` to JNI compiler."
0da1a77317 : Split odsign_e2e_tests into two modules.
116a26ad60 : Migrate Buffer peek*Array methods to art/
8082cf9946 : Add a check that we do not set intrinsic type `kNone`.
0a110f3853 : Add libjdwp as a dependency for build-art-host
2913ddad8b : Revert "Add support for try catches in LSE"
fb95eedb3c : Force inlining in `CodeInfo` constructors.
aa5a644f17 : Revert "Pass `ArenaAllocator` to JNI compiler."
8bb486a78e : Add CFI-checking script and fix found CFI issues.
608a9158b0 : Fix interface method linking for an edge case.
62b12658b7 : Add support for try catches in LSE
cef72a67be : Revert^2 "DCE SimplifyAlwaysThrowing optimizations"
8e92a617ff : Inliner will return true when identifying a method as always throws
601f4e9955 : Pass `ArenaAllocator` to JNI compiler.
3b661321f6 : Convert generate_operator_out to python 3
f4bd5debf7 : Touch up changes related to cross-dex compiling
6a1d9b9106 : Revert "Enable core-ojtests in"
cdc3ab06f5 : Force inlining in `InternTable`.
c707277ca7 : Enable core-ojtests in
9393041799 : Pass --bitness to device APEX tests only.
27c1a0eca3 : Query Soong for all build vars.
b567880e8c : Implement JVM_GetNanoTimeAdjustment
62df93ba56 : Add core-ojtests target to host build and to vogar classpath
099b75bdcf : Use `HashMap<>` for code info deduplication.
714328e2d2 : ART: Minor cleanup in cmdline/.
47eea60033 : Do not repeatedly search frozen strong intern tables.
365c0205aa : String hashing cleanup in `InternTable`.
f67e8c35ee : Preallocate `CodeInfoTableDeduper::dedupe_set_`.
65258db896 : Faster class descriptor hashing.
4ebfcac9d1 : Track finalizable objects in loops
f0295201c2 : Non-module targets in art.
026a662dd6 : Revert "DCE SimplifyAlwaysThrowing optimizations"
298112a02c : DCE SimplifyAlwaysThrowing optimizations
11bdac03c5 : Add OWNERS for odsign_e2e_tests.
fd4f565818 : Remove checkOutputValidity test case
e815aecfd8 : Set access flags only once in `ClassLinker::LoadMethod()`.
4583bedf15 : Set reboot timeout for OdrefreshHostTest.
cae2a5bdda : Update and move 680-sink-regression into 639-checker-code-sinking
8f146f9785 : Tweak linux_glibc properties for musl builds in art
838f6c4137 : Fix use-after-scope in dex2oat cmdline parsing
26e70d8600 : Allow code to sink right before the TryBoundary
7188478756 : Remove dependency on libbacktrace.
f0676b4048 : Move output validity check from test util to a test case
8b5ae0823b : Remove hard-coded list of boot image array classes.
e7e026bc67 : In GetDexoptNeeded, check whether the oat file was compiled without image.
8d100bab7f : Fix last value generation in loop optimization.
d5d11d9dae : Allow one method to override multiple superclass methods.
6ea32a5b1d : Remove dependency on libbacktrace.
396bab83f9 : Remove obsolete code related to quickening.
02af736606 : Fix a couple of places to check for instrumented entry points
1dd1f479a0 : Clean up 162-method-resolution and add a test.
2bd92d3f67 : Abort the compilation if we fail to read preloaded-classes files.
fc1ba6d9bf : Do not generate an app image without a boot image.
630cb4e882 : Fix expected system links when there are extended public libraries on the device.
9292b88f07 : Add buildfailures.json
a7e4781308 : Archive CompOS VM logs in odsign_e2e_test
52221e69d0 : Update CTS expectation after updating D8 to 3.3.20-dev
3fbd8a7d06 : Check for any forced deopts before restoring instrumentation stack
2f6af923eb : Allow to sink code within its try block
ebeb86320e : Update art tests to asm 9.2
98ff3fb4dd : Reland "Only do dexlayout when generating comptact dex."
4e6f5d6520 : Skip a check when instrumenting the stack for runtime methods
db7c76b5be : Reland "Only do dexlayout when generating comptact dex."
9e701b1918 : Allow to sink code to catch blocks
cff8f56381 : Update expectation after StringBuilder.append MoveResult change
b8ff44c973 : Revert "Only do dexlayout when generating comptact dex."
de4d195dc0 : Clean up InductionVarAnalysis.
a0512eb211 : Fix bogus instructions in START_EXECUTING_INSTRUCTIONS.
3ab2474fa0 : Use correct min/max load factor in intern/class table.
14d3c2c0a0 : Only do dexlayout when generating comptact dex.
4c1e0ca056 : Add a preloaded-classes-fds argument to dex2oat.
54ac49af72 : Add missing android.system package to art-bootclasspath-fragment
4a5b43f740 : Avoid UB in CodeItemDebugInfoAccessor::Init
dbf55436b9 : Revert "Workaround 32-bit dex2oat/oatdumpd crashes by enabling compiler analysis"
f9ae8e35fe : Implement shared counters for boot image / zygote methods.
3dd6219114 : Add --preloaded-classes flag to dex2oat.
ce30f68183 : Mark known failure for varhandle concurrency test
e0e4a79b4e : Increase the timeout to finish odrefresh in the VM
86225a8227 : Make odsign_e2e_tests in CTS agnostic to ART implementation.
6408e9703d : Remove workaround for null klass during marking phase
d4152ec7d7 : Remove dependencies on stubs from build-art-target-golem.
1790532dcd : Fix linker error in JitCompilerInterface.
6d9966788c : Use userfaultfd syscall and related ioctls
e4ccbb5d01 : Revert^2 "Faster deduplication of `CodeInfo` tables."
e25f13a3ba : Fix 697-string-buffer-append under no-image.
c0f9039e21 : Fix 925-threadgroups when running on T.
8c7f649fff : Revert "Faster deduplication of `CodeInfo` tables."
d0f099efa6 : Reland "Eagerly lookup native symbols in zygote."
ea4e39bc25 : Remove implementation details from ART hidden api flags
2931057f5a : Use real functions in ParsedOptions test.
7107a3e74e : Remove early stop log for VarHandle concurrency test
18049481c6 : Add test for checking VarHandle CAS concurrency guarantees
93317bd72a : Only kill logd on fugu.
fa9c809a0b : Faster deduplication of `CodeInfo` tables.
05f1a5b94d : Faster `ClassLinker::LoadMethod()`.
fae89197a8 : Rename method: Drop the "device", it's cleaner
d86dd8b032 : Loosen class status check after resolving.
8671f589c9 : Add a separate path for MethodHandle invokeExact from transforms
ca85046844 : Loosen class status check after resolving.
2c4b444bdb : odrefresh: Disable partial compilation on devices without security fix
69a87e3073 : Revert^4 "Add bss support for inlining BCP DexFiles for single image"
cf414b24f4 : Add some methods to UnstartedRuntime.
961dbc4a17 : Optimizing: Do not resolve field type for `get` opcodes.
4478abee74 : Revert "Eagerly loopkup native symbols in zygote."
908aaa9e97 : Add test for tampering with the signature
38fd254e85 : odrefresh: Disable partial compilation on devices without security fix
103e56a3d0 : Fix pattern replacement for float constant.
0bd1bb317c : Using common apex_defaults for module.
6ec990559f : Eagerly loopkup native symbols in zygote.
1f5b158f5c : Fix explicit checks for /dev/kvm
1849c3a875 : Revert^3 "Add bss support for inlining BCP DexFiles for single image"
39f6d00b73 : odrefresh: Stop refreshing artifacts on new Android versions.
964f5c8b27 : Add VarHandle benchmarks in the form of a test.
b740438513 : Revert^2 "Add bss support for inlining BCP DexFiles for single image"
76aa34bc79 : Use ART_MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE instead soong config variable
b2c68b3623 : Mount /dev/pts inside the chroot.
88967d1125 : Add another test that fails with no-image & optimizing.
9e05e14ff4 : Add simlified test cases to run-test 835-b216762268.
35cdc9aed8 : Use an actual JNINativeInterface structure for gJniSleepForeverStub.
d5ebfb752a : Remove art_apex and art_apex_test module type.
362f356519 : Remove exclusion of tests.
d589897886 : Add 445-checker-licm to known failures of no-image & optimizing.
50c47f9022 : Remove reflection from run-test 825-unbalanced-lock.
5afd2c52d7 : Remove `libnativeloader_test` from `libnativeloader/TEST_MAPPING`.
67b2d301d4 : Cache `DexCache` and class in `InitImageMethodVisitor`.
0af91e0d5e : arm: Fix VarHandle.compareAndSet() with read barriers.
5cf7a877db : Change types of JniEntryPoints members to void*.
19a49a932c : arm: Don't use the GOT to access art::Runtime::instance_.
34aa0da00b : Add `art_libnativebridge_cts_tests` to ART's `TEST_MAPPING` and ART MTS.
65a41b893b : Update ahat version number to 1.7.2
f2ff1f1353 : Add `libnativeloader_test` to ART's `TEST_MAPPING` and ART MTS.
4dfc057ca2 : Don't run method entry callbacks for runtime methods
024f69ddd2 : Add ART's Bug Component ID to `OWNERS` file.
a126a71233 : Don't dirty access flags due to hidden api logging.
482cbdd8ab : Remove frame_id from InstrumentationStackFrame
1e107008d3 : Move the creation of JitZygoteDoneCompilingTask out of any loop.
1af40b022a : Some checker tests are expected to fail without a boot image.
48eb839e66 : Initialize intrinsics in dex2oat.
7d2cfeb841 : Make the notification of JIT zygote completion its own task.
3c83d0d75b : dexdump: clean-up output
aa8e6cf4ab : Regenerate ART test files (2022-02-24).
261fcf422f : dexdump: escape inlined string values in output
6cdabe1f2e : Update runtime/ implications to use (D)CHECK_IMPLIES
872ec72de4 : Update compiler/ implications to use (D)CHECK_IMPLIES
0805e9083a : Add (D)CHECK_IMPLIES to ART logging
713a041090 : Use larger timeouts in odsign_e2e_tests.
4625f2510b : Avoid Modified-UTF8 processing for ASCII strings.
eaeaa4f368 : Disable test on RI.
c858e5645e : Remove obsolete code on lazy dequickening.
e94a929c8e : Revert "Make VariableHandleScope consistent between 32 & 64 bit"
1be1c07f54 : Avoid string copy in ClassLoaderContext::EncodeClassPath().
b875631986 : Handle shift by 32 explicitly.
36de6a2995 : odsign_e2e_test: re-install APEX on device
e5add3a0fb : Fix BootImageLoader to use provided FDs when available
a0a5f0030b : Add timed out test files to tidy_timeout_srcs
19df0e9ee6 : Add -n dexdump flag to disable printing debug information.
7453a71e93 : Only print debug info within the instruction range of a method.
be2b109a55 : Refactor Thread::SweepInterpreterCaches
4779b9c0c2 : Disable 817-hiddenapi with redefine-stress.
c8f8f4f71b : Fix IsProxyInit check.
0992436853 : Move GetWeakRefAccessEnabled check from nterp into the cache.
17958de62d : Move InterpreterCache::{Get,Set} to inl.h file
7134a71675 : Add fast path to GetWeakRefAccessEnabled
0441d203ff : Share `IfTable`s and their method arrays when possible.
45c6d8b52c : Fix the scripts for libjdwp tests and libcore tests to find the image.
76c01df08c : Fix the run-test script to correctly guess target arch name.
14e8d64298 : Update null pointer exception message to print out the method
5171813632 : Reuse superclass `IfTable` with non-marker interfaces.
3eb334d941 : Workaround 32-bit dex2oat/oatdumpd crashes by enabling compiler analysis
5fd0a872ef : Double debug monitor pool size again
d77cc47576 : Avoid unnecessary copying while iterating the class table
a9e285a3c7 : Cache `IsImageClass()` result in `InitImageMethodVisitor`.
b6a2907d5f : Create a new test template for slow run tests.
0bdef31294 : Revert^2 "Remove the primary boot image from the ART APEX."
5f958f61f4 : Avoid unnecessary read barriers in `ImageWriter`.
ac87515169 : Don't overly limit recursive inlining for monomorphic cases
61c0d22e27 : Move the primary boot image in chroot environment.
7913cf37c0 : Fix jvmti bug when redefining a boot classpath class.
7ffce8f3a2 : Fix Dex2oatCtsTest.
7f3aed1246 : Disable 2238-checker-polymorphic-recursive-inlining for JVM
20ba31c6e8 : Explicitly add ART boot images to build-art-target-golem.
78f3d282c9 : Update the run-test script to use the boot image generated on device.
e36fa15144 : Reenable test 727-checker-unresolved-class.
6c273080ad : Always enable checkjni in debug builds.
dd0a65de71 : Allow more cross-referencing between run-test sources.
7116f80c7c : Remove `ArtField::GetOffsetDCheck()`.
2464218f9f : Fix logic around SDK visibility of interface methods.
239c94183a : Rewrite run-test scripts for `src-dex2oat-unresolved`.
b414a4cc18 : Intrinsify System.ArrayCopy for Primitive data types
4f5b7cb3df : Limit recursive polymorphic inlining to prevent code bloat
2c3b085a3d : Use the right alignof when mapping an uncompressed dex file.
6ac1b05488 : nterp: Cleanup, compile-time convenience checks
1281b1cce0 : Add CFI_RESTORE_STATE_AND_DEF_CFA macro on arm
c435166827 : Initialize image roots before GC in ImageWriter.
f9625ecb09 : Remove `ArtField::GetAccessFlagsDCheck()`.
ac9d28b90b : Revert "Remove the primary boot image from the ART APEX."
1ca480ce7b : Disable test for jit-on-first-use.
097f9f81b8 : odsign_e2e_tests: Use the current ART module.
927a996d99 : x86/x86_64: Add rep_movs instructions
3bd4858222 : Remove the primary boot image from the ART APEX.
4ef67d45b6 : Set types of quick entry points to void*.
22b5fe0623 : Remove PACKED attribute from QuickEntryPoints.
7570bea23a : Avoid Use-After-Free risk when dump backtrace for long contending lock.
aff7a6ecc3 : Add a regression test for b/216762268.
1370185177 : Enforce "disallow read barrier" checks for GC roots.
709a9080a7 : Add tests to denial bad compos-pending artifacts
102cfd342c : Enable "disallow read barriers" checks in debug mode.
e86632457a : Simplify GetNterpMethodHeader().
d539f8674a : Revert^4 "Generate a primary boot image for testing."
11226b171f : Quadruple monitor table size in debug build
a5795548eb : nterp: Move FETCH_FROM_THREAD_CACHE macro to python
290beb8b24 : nterp: Tweak the add_helper python method.
b3b180215c : [luci] Update active lucicfg experiments.
996fa745c3 : Add libnativeloader test to CTS for API coverage.
584b197bbd : Simplify some functions in OatMethod.
d9c6df9cd6 : Add libnativebridge test to CTS for API coverage.
69559a53a9 : Add test to check against sharpening optimization
ae7335e700 : Rename the test in
dbba2f0d63 : Add tracepoint for OutOfMemoryError
41bf173ac6 : Move verifyCompilationLogGenerated to OnDeviceSigningHostTest
b8915a563e : Add test to check ctime of CompOS output after reboot
7987126742 : Document a better module build command.
8046b62506 : Fall back to compiling the primary boot image on device.
468de596d0 : Remove bad read barrier from boot image relocation.
c9607e3ceb : Revert^3 "Generate a primary boot image for testing."
be9e23a619 : Use art::CommonRuntimeTest to set up a test with a runtime.
ad67bbb666 : Simplify class redefinition.
5791123eee : Revert^2 "Generate a primary boot image for testing."
015665f26e : Revert^2 "Fix the check on apex-versions for boot images."
57a45bee5d : Revert^4 "Store and check apex-versions in boot ..."
24bdf64696 : Add JSR166 delay factor for gcstress tests
d6a73343f7 : Enable verifyCompilationLogGenerated for CompOS test
b05b349eba : Also create VerifierDeps for boot image compilation.
79bdf6084b : Improve instruction set variants' logging
ae148feea5 : Extract atomic pair code from DexCache
2d652dd178 : Remove unused function JNIMacroAssembler::Call(FrameOffset, Offset).
a81c03b1f2 : Fix race condition
b34c34814d : Fix braino in InvokeFromTransform
6a8aeec39e : Disable
1a78690b36 : Simplify return in __memcmp16
14ce608e1b : Use uname -m to get the device ISA.
531366e4d5 : Enable CompOsSigningHostTest on user build
eabe7f8278 : Enable more tests in CompOsSigningHostTest
3b76ab4608 : Add known instruction set variants to logging strings
92138f0dae : Add regression test for bug 215510819.
2c3e466755 : Update test flakes list
7dc1463b99 : Revert^2 "Add config for testing compiling and launching an app"
ce73d81d9b : Revert "Don't use sigsegv handler for jvmti."
933367326d : Fix DCHECK related to frame pop events.
2362c5afc4 : MethodHandle dead and duplicated code clean-up
c6270dff54 : Remove unused EmulatedStackFrame.callsiteType field
5a133d0fe7 : Adjust names of some flaky tests excluded from the ART MTS definition.
30bc7778e5 : Remove race on cached thread-name deletion
0f71b19149 : Do not reuse superclass IfTable with non-marker interfaces...
c226211ebc : Fix CHA: Treat default conflict method like abstract.
b4df138d00 : Fix broken test
a8ee39d086 : Don't use sigsegv handler for jvmti.
818e87261b : Only return the vdex file as an optimization file when we don't use the oat file.
c0673f0c20 : Using ASM 7 for ART tests
ab474880a4 : Cleanup Instrumentation::IsActive
cc6026830c : Disable 181-default-methods for no-image.
52eb99f5b3 : Oat bump after revert aosp/1967639
16eb100679 : Revert "Revert^2 "Store and check apex-versions in boot images.""
57b3b54b02 : Revert "Fix the check on apex-versions for boot images."
55e509feef : Extract the modules bootclasspath handling.
19366b831e : Rewrite interface method linking.
9485968ccd : Mark more flaky tests for MTS.
239c449f10 : Revert "Add bss support for inlining BCP DexFiles for single image"
8ee882bf02 : Fix -Wbitwise-instead-of-logical by splitting bitwise expression
525c2b522c : Add tests for default method linking, fix bugs.
bdf7dc06b5 : Introduce FindSuperMethodToCall to find the target of a super call.
b81df962c0 : Update license definitions under art/
e208b04cc2 : Revert "Generate a primary boot image for testing."
6740fccc2d : Don't do force-compile in CompOS mode
6454968f07 : Generate a primary boot image for testing.
723b4be86b : Remove JniInvocation test while investigating LUCI failures.
8bc45ab2cc : Fix the check on apex-versions for boot images.
5cfb7bbe0c : Do not create useless copied methods for interfaces.
fd0aec46a7 : Move non-public default method warning.
bd75c5bd0d : Type lookup table dump: add a new line after each entry.
d4aba91b68 : Increase coverage of libartpalette-system native API.
7ed61a111d : Variable name cleanup in quick_dexcache_entrypoints
3fa3635dbf : Add CompOS to odsign_e2e_tests
34aa3ae9c8 : Create a standalone libdexfile external test in CTS for module API coverage.
2d62882195 : Add bss support for inlining BCP DexFiles for single image
b484f0fa93 : Modify --compilation-os-mode to not omit APEX timestamps.
4841fd23f1 : Move test state to TestInformation#properties.
11b78a8ec6 : Revert^2 "Store and check apex-versions in boot images."
ec696e5d98 : Clean up debug checks in intrinsic code.
9c69afddaf : MethodHandles: Fix invalid DCHECKS
1b3ec0fb74 : Revert^2 "Reduce pauses for weak reference access"
1a82a4bfa6 : Clean up `ClassLinker::FindDefaultMethodImplementation()`.
07cbc5ba4f : Revert "Reduce pauses for weak reference access"
0ab5b6d2af : Reduce pauses for weak reference access
ef879d4988 : Fix JIT Zygote in-memory compilation for primary boot image.
ed3e3ad898 : Move failing tests to target/host failing category.
541ca32782 : Use implicit suspend check in JIT.
c4be0fcab2 : Remove wildcard from ART tests' OWNERS file.
ed0dcade7b : Fail dex2oat when generating app image without boot image.
c29cd1fb55 : Remove wildcard from ART tests' OWNERS file.
e1f9638b49 : On partial fragment deopts, update return PC only when necessary
4b34d5c3c6 : Intrisify IsInfinite() (float/double) function for x86_64
d027617400 : Add more members to ART's OWNERS file.
b42cd1d92c : Don't disable nterp even if non-standard exits might be requested
c8a694ddbc : Reland "Use InitializeMethodsCode when we need to reinitialize a method entrypoint."
bed84ef16b : Avoid read barrier in `ArtMethod::IsOverridableByDefaultMethod()`.
35782d4ceb : Emit dex_pc as line number when debug info is unavailable for ANR traces
9e143273fa : ARM64: Disable implicit suspend checks, again.
19ec1ff37f : 910-methods: don't print modifiers by default
d0c969f2e4 : Set the trigger to be kApexVersionMismatch when no prior cache-info.
5bd22087fa : Revert "Store and check apex-versions in boot images."
4e0447f7d5 : Remove instructions to update AOSP ART prebuilts.
3cf5f2ca38 : Fix ahat parsing to allow leading whitespaces for comments
7ddae99a48 : Clean up `AssignVTableIndexes()`.
fd12435700 : Reduce an error log to a warning.
7b79814e74 : Revert odrefresh split
d20fa39489 : Remove --max-{execution, child-process}-seconds
2de577d521 : Store and check apex-versions in boot images.
20299e6002 : Add RegisterNativeAllocation reporting to the Java Heap Profiler.
78f62d84f2 : Rewrite interface table setup.
fcda00206d : Remove `RootTargetPreparer` from odsign_e2e_tests.
4af4fd74b6 : Revert^2 "Add odsign_e2e_tests to CTS."
ebdaa2b53a : Use MADV_DONTNEED for alternate signal stack.
a32934500e : Make it easier to change the location of the primary boot image.
ab21f6979a : Bump oat version to delete bogus artifacts.
a553f0f67c : Add another test to the list of known failures for gcstress/debug.
8f3beae019 : Cleanup method inspection callbacks from jvmti
414f299df5 : Point to the relevant ticket to explain some host exports better.
b08e11586f : MethodHandles: change asType() / invoke() implementation
3a7d0d8da7 : Update nterp to advance PC early on branches
a3759ca5d8 : arm: Implement Unsafe.compareAndSetObject intrinsic.
70102e618a : arm64: Implement Unsafe.compareAndSetObject intrinsic.
653cf4144e : Check oat files of boot images.
27d4f33f6b : Remove unused interpreter_handler_table_
ee7bd3293c : Revert "Expand sharpening's ComputeLoadClassKind to cover cross-dex cases"
b0ad5e28cf : Check oat files of boot images.
3d2f148fe0 : Revert "Add thread-shared interpreter cache"
fa40e6e318 : Add thread-shared interpreter cache
c5f41cd1a3 : Allow some clang-tidy warnings
37af46385e : x86: Implement Unsafe.compareAndSetObject intrinsic.
bb2643f6ed : x86_64: Implement Unsafe.compareAndSetObject intrinsic.
afbb15209f : Revert "Add odsign_e2e_tests to CTS."
cd27817d25 : Fix --input-vdex in the presence of a compact dex file.
b0f63c93e4 : Revert "Use InitializeMethodsCode when we need to reinitialize a method entrypoint."
3ba3a77e49 : Update for MapInfo objects in frame data.
fcd4839635 : Remove a check in `MadviseAwayAlternateSignalStack()`.
5e2ec32802 : Remove deprecated ToMakePath calls
82e525a4f5 : Use InitializeMethodsCode when we need to reinitialize a method entrypoint.
748cfeff43 : Remove a check in `MadviseAwayAlternateSignalStack()`.
71987f90de : Fix ReadMagicAndReset.
6c98dcb747 : Fix deoptimization check in method exit hook
8cce54f714 : Remove useless check in stack walker.
32b8c8f33a : Expand sharpening's ComputeLoadClassKind to cover cross-dex cases
8515f7fcf0 : Cleanup work for @NeverCompile in art
e45883e86d : ARM64: Enable implicit suspend checks and madvise()...
84caad6a6a : Reland "Remove old unquickening of vdex logic."
7ef64b191b : Fix perfetto debug library.
c7ea9b14b9 : Update dexpreopt_test to verify boot images.
884e22ffe0 : Compile the entire bootclasspath on device.
2041fda84c : Fix thread pool check.
56c573867f : odrefresh: Avoid uninitialized usage
46d3016302 : odrefresh: Avoid uninitialized usage
205d2807e3 : Add odsign_e2e_tests to CTS.
d0d1085460 : Remove pvm_exec call from odrefresh
270a6fcd8b : Update JIT Zygote to compile methods in ART module jars.
890beb0e25 : Ignore checksum mismatch when dex2oat takes multiple profiles.
ebbbfcebff : Revert^2 "Remove redundant odrefresh test template"
d98612e11c : Fail if given an unrecognised option.
6f572b7adb : Fix out of range in art compiler.
14d071c03b : Revert "Remove redundant odrefresh test template"
45a04657ad : Re-enable Libcore tests that started to fail after the ICU 70 update.
5573756bb7 : Set @NeverCompile methods as not compilable
34dcce581e : Add a Compilation OS mode to odrefresh.
6fd856d0b2 : Remove redundant odrefresh test template
bc1efd4c86 : Exclude flaky tests from the ART MTS definition.
22df3e0b86 : Remove operator<< from HGraph.
7156ea283a : Explicitly indicate whether the code item is obtained from the compact dex file in SetCodeItem()
295becbfa7 : Dump the type lookup table in oatdump.
e33be3de92 : Correctly handle intrinsics when not precompiling the boot image.
163ebe2d35 : Add `HashSet<>::{Put,PutWithHash}()`.
a39356abb0 : odrefresh: add flag of system server compiler filter
08b2752eab : Test that cache-info.xml omits irrelevant APEXes
cc809a55aa : Do not continue loading a vdex if we don't have enough reserved space.
0d0e09d6f9 : Do not continue loading a vdex if we don't have enough reserved space.
fcdc7cf0a9 : Remove odrefresh host flags.
8670e04a23 : Rewrite virtual method linking.
a2e3936e53 : Ignore changes to irrelevant APEXes
0628e78453 : Fix ReadMagicAndReset.
dcf9570d75 : Revert "Remove old unquickening of vdex logic."
8884d3dd47 : Normalize XML comment syntax in ART test configuration files.
a44b853b5c : Add `Sdk31ModuleController` support to remaining ART tests.
96f0b032f6 : Remove some unnecessary code from ClassLinker.
ba8600819d : Cleanup enabling / disabling deoptimization support
537f477453 : Remove old unquickening of vdex logic.
b91402fdcd : Templatize `ClassLinker::LinkMethodsHelper`.
9f057d6ef8 : Add HashSet<> ctor with initial buffer...
1bad13fe74 : Move from sampling PGO to AFDO pipeline
69eb2c62cc : Add `Sdk31ModuleController` support to more ART gtests run as root.
146767f28e : Add a new Lock 'env_hooks_lock_' to avoid race conditions
851b96239f : ARM64: Disable implicit suspend checks.
5da022287c : Install instrumentation stubs for supporting single thread deopts
e7815b8c65 : Add a dex2oat flag to optimize apps for JIT Zygote environment.
04be5f633c : Add a runtime flag to use JIT Zygote image.
d294d9d603 : Cleanup code that assumes the primary boot image not having profiles.
00712a92f9 : Mark dex2oat_wrapper as executable.
834295c98b : Check oat files of boot images.
8f114dc431 : dex2oat: handle the case when a dm file and a vdex file are passed.
167ffa1515 : Inline caches: be more robust in the presence of framework change.
854af03cd5 : Reland "More entrypoint handling cleanup."
8cedd8b458 : Revert "More entrypoint handling cleanup."
e2a5422ffd : dex2oat: handle the case when a dm file and a vdex file are passed.
fb8cdb5b34 : Update JIT Zygote to support compiling the entire bootclasspath.
b093fb7105 : Inline caches: be more robust in the presence of framework change.
7eeb412f40 : Address review comments on method resolution.
0833483584 : Add a test and consistency checks in method / field resolution.
5d0afa1843 : Rewrite static/instance field search by index.
ba1b94e8eb : Clean up Class::GetDirectInterface().
c8d57bec62 : Faster Class::FindField().
f6e919d884 : Use the right class loader for ResolvedMethodAccessTest.
ebe1485e3a : Expand error message in ResolvedMethodAccessTest
67e48ecc20 : More entrypoint handling cleanup.
08e9f5f41c : odrefresh should exit non-zero for invalid argument
e19b2848ce : Disable check exposing an existing issue.
7957592439 : Ensure the ART binary is present on PATH.
63463175aa : Add util scripts to download profiles for given apps.
5dd008227f : ARM: Fix CASObject intrinsic slow path.
8409281470 : dex2oat: handle the case when a dm file and a vdex file are passed.
c56152c920 : Revert the changes to ART_HOST_DEX_DEPENDENCIES.
1001c80a8e : Update dexpreopt_test to also check standalone system server jars.
8a868f71a7 : ARM: Fix CASObject intrinsic slow path.
81bb3bdd37 : ART: fix varhandle bounds check for split bytebuffer
e572d61398 : Add more expected test failures due to ICU 70 upgrade
6c61af8440 : Get rid of dependencies on /system/bin ART binary compat symlinks.
0430502e2b : Cleanup unexpected files even if compilation is not required.
b978419f44 : Use the correct jars to host gtests.
b9d045cb0b : Remove
1f8d261396 : Fix --dalvik-cache
0f9258a936 : When retrying a failed alloc use the new size if class was redefined
ca212cd82e : Add JNI monitoring to `artQuickGenericJniTrampoline()`.
c25a9f9c2a : Reland "Simplify and document entrypoint toggling in instrumentation."
e74e0ce0b5 : JNI: Inline fast-path for `JniMethodEnd()`.
b087bb226d : Abort redefinition if we failed to acquire class object
c2b3116e81 : Inline some type checks of instanceof and checkcast in nterp.
e91532e406 : Reland "Remove Instrumentation::can_use_instrumentation_trampolines_."
5f683cc681 : Cleanup code and comments about /data/dalvik-cache.
2ab607adeb : JNI/x86: Fix art_jni_unlock_object_no_inline.
9c0f7640aa : Rewrite thread root flip synchronization.
b6c0d1a7f0 : More failures after ICU update.
c71fe16474 : Support running clinit in instrumentation trampolines.
3062075164 : Revert "Add config for testing compiling and launching an app"
c1bad0bf50 : Temporarily ignore `CharacterTest#test_getType_I` test failures.
2b3cea9626 : Revert "Remove Instrumentation::can_use_instrumentation_trampolines_."
4ac8cfe0f0 : Remove Instrumentation::can_use_instrumentation_trampolines_.
1d7ad9066d : JNI: Fix transition to suspended to be "release".
8e75e68d0b : Add config for testing compiling and launching an app
2cdb3679b3 : JNI: Fix failure to unlock for pending exception.
6f5f64217b : Move `art_standalone_dexpreopt_tests` to the top-level TEST_MAPPING.
bc57db8499 : Fix ProfileCompilationInfo to handle extra descriptors correctly.
19f9568b0e : Update dex2oat to accept multiple profiles.
677d9eff19 : Revert "Simplify and document entrypoint toggling in instrumentation."
a2470456d1 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Long (parseUnsignedLong() CharSequence)
6e793399a8 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Long (toUnsignedString0() helper)
efdf79e9c7 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Long (toString(long) and helpers)
bac121a1fe : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Integer (parseUnsignedInt())
d5487687d3 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Integer (parseInt() CharSequence)
ef2efe87c2 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Integer (toString(int) and helpers)
2935146dc4 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.Integer (formatUnsignedInt())
082c976b03 : Create a test ART apex that forces execution of JIT zygote.
3349a0e0cf : Prune the list of known failing ART run-tests in `regen-test-files`.
4c73b932bb : Exclude run-tests with a custom `run` script from automated executions.
ce2a3445a4 : JNI: Inline fast-path for `JniMethodStart()`.
76ec6f6562 : Simplify and document entrypoint toggling in instrumentation.
35013bade8 : Remove the presubmit progressive roll-out logic in `regen-test-files`.
3322cc5ff9 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.getAnd* for arrays and byte array views.
3a50f34c84 : Add tests for `art_jni_{lock,unlock}_object`.
8d011c7e70 : Restrict addressOf() API to non-movable primitive arrays
7039c11b22 : ARM64: Implicit suspend checks using LDR.
2a0ad75716 : Don't call MethodExitEvent if we require a deopt in MethodExitHook
9c970b906a : Mark HMethodEntry/ExitHook as CanThrow
fa123f81f6 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-11-26 (a)).
96919a3995 : Re-enable TradeFed ART run-test `096-array-copy-concurrent-gc`.
fb007611ca : Respect ART_APEX_DATA for default artifact dir
80f93a8013 : Make the baseline threshold based on -Xjitthreshold.
884731c88e : Allow runtime updates to type/string .bss sections across DexFiles
2ad8b26d08 : Suppress vdex madvise calls for metadata access
4b762130d8 : Create a test ART apex that forces execution of JIT zygote.
f37205412a : Read stdout from llvm-symbolizer during native stack dump.
5053521598 : Increase test runner thread count for target.
69e093b730 : Increase LUCI build timeout to avoid fugu INFRA_FAILURE
2990b88aa1 : Remove unintended soft failure downgrade.
b155987779 : Unlock suspend count lock before dumping threads
d56e844f57 : MethodHandles: fix missing check in VarHandle invoker
afd764cb08 : Reorder functions in source file (no functional changes).
c533e53803 : Fix acquiring the wrong DexFile in artCriticalNativeFrameSize
05ed65a384 : Add std::noboolalpha to InlineInfo dumps
254a858ef4 : Make suspend check test specific flags.
8a608fab3f : Handle baseline/optimized compilation kind in the runtime.
c813dd2858 : Additional MethodHandle.asType() tests
7f143282a8 : VarHandles: add an array store exception check
8b910bce95 : 712-varhandle-invocations: add some exception helper methods
9e598907f2 : Simplify hotness count in baseline compiled code.
ac4e4a231f : Dump the graph before/after every pass
4c7ffab617 : Refresh existing artifacts in the compilation phase.
5f7788917e : Fix longstanding deopt issue not using the right deopt type.
eb65b41fff : Fix OdRefreshTest.CompileSetsCompilerFilter.
f76aae14df : JNI: Add "no inline" entrypoints for lock/unlock.
8439e45477 : Clean up JNI entrypoint assembly.
f3416395d2 : Fix 957-methodhandle-transforms test
c58c064735 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-11-23 (b)).
5a8cdedfbe : Exclude some run-tests with `src-art` sources from automated executions.
4176f10cb7 : Add build support in Soong for run-tests with sources in `src-art`.
58b3f966b8 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-11-23 (a)).
1c46624606 : Exclude some run-tests exercising VarHandles from automated executions.
c7078109c1 : Add build support in Soong for some run-tests exercising VarHandles.
ddf4fd3c37 : Always access Thread state and flags as 32-bit location.
c3e004d1c8 : Revert "Turn off cross-dex inlining while we take a look at 207329152"
3b1b216094 : Revert^2 "MethodHandle composability fix"
58f916cd6c : Replace the nterp threshold with the warmup threshold.
24d589eae7 : Add `art_standalone_libartpalette_tests` to CTS.
39608e17a9 : Aesthetic changes in `test/Android.bp`.
e387802d5c : Fix some missing defaults.
6ed5c4f648 : Revert "MethodHandle composability fix"
f6bb80661e : Turn off cross-dex inlining while we take a look at 207329152
e086816d23 : Revert "JNI: Rewrite locking for synchronized methods."
06ed744ba5 : x86_64: Add UD2 instruction and test.
4d52715136 : Revert^2 "JNI: Rewrite locking for synchronized methods."
68b18d28e3 : MethodHandle composability fix
02e0eb7eef : Revert "JNI: Rewrite locking for synchronized methods."
bd2394b704 : x86_64: Factor out common part of VarHandle.getAnd{Set,Add,Bitwise*}.
e361b4ea85 : Disable use of boot image profile files.
aa850ccc85 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-11-19).
8e32399d7a : Add test checking that broken ART APEX updates are properly rolled back.
0a74d278eb : Add a "broken test ART APEX" Soong module.
4b8ea5dc73 : Pass OatDexFile by reference in FindDexCache
c17656bcf4 : JNI: Rewrite locking for synchronized methods.
53296a7ed4 : Disable 667-jit-jni-stub on redefine-stress
aa9d91ea54 : Disables 667-jit-jni on jit-on-first-use configuration
afb5b82e17 : Make odrefresh respect ANDROID_ROOT on file open
27a740c9da : odrefresh: Add --staging-dir
bd9e323b24 : Disable JIT GC when JitAtFirstUse is enabled
9b7ddf6f48 : Compile standalone system server jars.
191278bfe8 : Temporarily disable `art_standalone_odrefresh_tests` in Mainline tests.
982b1af572 : Actually compute `mainline-presubmit` stats in `regen-test-files`.
559210680e : clang-format: Allow short functions on a single line.
494df0d46a : Improve logging for GetResolvedMethod's failing to get an inlined_method
3644cb4a4c : odrefresh: support --zygote-arch in target variant
519ff8beed : Revert "Support calling entry / exit hooks from JIT code for non-debuggable"
3cb3670d16 : Run LSE with LoadStoreAnalysisType::kBasic analysis.
23cf32f278 : JNI: Faster mutator locking during transition.
bd95682d8a : Support calling entry / exit hooks from JIT code for non-debuggable
83c38e2801 : Support compiling partial system server jars.
432d6eba39 : Fix odrefresh partial compilation.
5a65d03beb : Fix the logic for skipping compilation based on backoff.
2498d855f8 : Run LSE with LoadStoreAnalysisType::kBasic analysis.
a3fdf25f7d : Don't do a recursive call when there are CHA guards.
90fe2d0add : Fix timeouts.
b35f2a2d43 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.compareAnd* for arrays and byte array views.
f5ceaacef6 : Removed comment talking about a removed parameter
409d1db74a : Add more checks in FaultHandler.
44a1dc73ad : Clean up VarHandles.set*() for arrays and byte array views.
c14f47dcc7 : JNI: Improve argument passing for normal native.
483c41a99b : ART: Use core image to speed up some gtests.
9575c124c3 : Revert^2 "Cleanup the code to determine instrumentation level"
fa73acca98 : Disaggregate kNotInlined MethodCompilationStats
3fa6e46c0f : Add Math.fma (double & float versions) intrinsics for arm64
a1d4c56b0d : Revert^6 "Use from repohooks"
219f81f524 : Fix potential lint errors
cb8f8c1287 : Revert "Cleanup the code to determine instrumentation level"
afae11fc14 : Refactor code using the marking register in nterp.
bc89367352 : Minor refactoring of `ClassLinker::LinkMethods()`.
6545ee3128 : Support Math.fma Intrinsic for x86 and x86_64
a0232ad060 : Add .bss support for inlining across dexfiles within Oat
6806d3c9e4 : Document --simpleperf option to run-test.
a110ae1ad5 : colorize messages.
5298bcd206 : buildbot-*.sh scripts: clean up colorful messages.
cbf71ec69f : add a note that linkerconfig error is not fatal.
9597748fe0 : buildbot-*.sh scripts: move common helpers to a separate script.
21ef5a8070 : Cleanup the code to determine instrumentation level
824f429d83 : Add API coverage for dalvik.system.VMDebug
7eba377df1 : Enable libdexfile_external_headers on mac.
45504dd31d : Switch from S to 31 for min_sdk_version.
b304c400f0 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.String (chars() and codePoints() methods)
d3cc4fc379 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.String (lines() method)
50df1e2503 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.String (isBlank() method)
d3aaf94693 : JNI: Move args in registers for @FastNative.
61673dc4bd : Reland "Change hotness counting."
f726d20976 : Consolidate min_sdk_version settings.
66982ad9ae : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.String (strip* methods)
970ba21923 : Inline across dex files for compiler options' non-BCP methods
e10abe7d84 : Inherit art_defaults in cc_library_headers as well.
02e3be0f15 : Make art_test_common_defaults inherit art_defaults.
9dca919ad2 : Make art_debug_defaults inherit art_defaults.
b747b7aa66 : Move the bionic_libc_platform_headers dependency to where it is used.
dc7f139c99 : Refactor libart_runtime_headers_ndk to a header lib also used by libart itself.
31f9e7d3ae : Remove libart_runtime_headers_ndk from libctstiagent.
e078f43cd0 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.String (checkBounds() helpers)
5097f83c47 : Revert^2 "Add support for calling entry / exit hooks directly from JIT code""
d1e6bea2c5 : Build `odrefresh` ART gtests for both 32- and 64-bit architectures.
05949c6d2a : artd and its dependencies don't exist on host.
1aa30e5ec2 : Handle TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX and PRODUCT_COMPRESSED_APEX being "" when false.
cc76459f5d : Modified revert of "Add couple DexCache read-barriers."
01f0b8417d : ART: CleanSpec workaround for broken dependencies.
ad33392536 : JNI: Rewrite read barrier slow path.
39c36b28c7 : OpenJDK 11: Merging in java.lang.String (checkIndex() helper)
7f7f6442cc : Allow running art run-tests with simpleperf.
cdf6c49112 : Revert^2 "OpenJDK 11: Add String.repeat()"
e37bacc799 : Tidy up Unsafe.copyMemory test
d3f8758e8a : Treat PhantomReferences like normal object
dd576456b6 : Dump NativeAllocationRegistry size
f0d8b448ca : Revert^2 "Update run-test script to pass --Xjitthreshold:0 for jvmti tests"
619121a153 : Remove the code for verifying artifacts.
18fba4cee0 : Remove unused code related to method entry / exit events
6947faada7 : Making CompletableFutureTest as known failure on gcstress debug
968c813361 : Avoid redundant strlen for shorty names
91c795f68e : Adding Unsafe.copyMemory for arrays
aa4024c243 : Removing copy with primitive arrays in Unsafe
b6bb603e9f : Fix linting issues in Unsafe native
10a312cc1c : Regenerate ART test files (2021-10-30).
ceeba2c709 : Include some Checker tests in automated executions.
ae0810bb0f : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.set{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for byte array views.
46a8910372 : Revert^2 "JNI: Remove `JniMethodFast{Start,End}()`."
fa66389fbe : Inline ResolveMethod and ResolveField in nterp
53fa3e3e0e : Add `Sdk31ModuleController` support to more ART gtests run as root.
ee6c1b17ca : Update entrypoint_utils check method -> other_method
295ed5ae30 : Update bug no. associated with TODOs for failing standalone ART gtests.
72be14ed06 : Revert "Add support for calling entry / exit hooks directly from JIT code"
667584d959 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-10-29).
227b613248 : Exclude `art-run-test-832-cha-recursive` from automated executions.
26db016b94 : Revert "Update run-test script to pass --Xjitthreshold:0 for jvmti tests"
0b7fd87370 : Refactor JavaHprofDataSource::Trace() callback lambda
fc76d9e197 : Fix build with global ThinLTO
e43aa3f55f : Revert^2 "Inline across dex files for bootclaspath's methods"
808d8cc811 : Assign lower level to Small IRT table lock
d1729267e6 : arm: Fix VarHandle.compareAndSet/long intrinsic...
2d4feeb679 : Add support for calling entry / exit hooks directly from JIT code
60abdd9c89 : Display the timeout value of `dex2oat`'s watchdog in milliseconds.
6f6929aab4 : Fix the documentation of `dex2oat`'s option `--watchdog-timeout`.
1a0453876f : Allow PROT_EXEC on the zygote mappings when falling back to ashmem
0a42f1e85d : Use --skip-config --soong-only instead of --skip-make
8cb989f101 : Revert "Inline across dex files for bootclaspath's methods"
3693b2ae3b : Revert^2 "x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for byte array views."
5b9086818b : Fix the empty profile slow down the dex2oat
7cd509c6d0 : Include BuildId in native stack dump.
4ed28fbf69 : Extend test 712-varhandle-invocations to check negative array indices.
6620caa89a : Revert "x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for byte array views."
298f1b7f1b : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for byte array views.
5514c8ec93 : Add dexpreopt_test.
e7e123a581 : Fix checker tests after inlining change.
b592aeebb3 : Move Soong module `art-run-test-checker` from `mts` to `mts-art`.
6ef707212d : Move Soong module `art-run-test-checker` from `mts` to `mts-art`.
4dcac3629e : Initially allocate smaller local IRT
48fb9f43a8 : Revert "OpenJDK 11: Add String.repeat()"
58ebded181 : Fix test 581-rtp
ce131feb7c : Revert "Change hotness counting."
9c924e89e5 : Add support to place shared libraries after the dex path
d690f8ae8f : Inline across dex files for bootclaspath's methods
e91a954ee3 : Revert^2 "ART: Redundant AND operation removal optimization"
fd846c5c2e : Remove all support for Brooks read barrier.
0a746a7a7e : Extend --installclean to delete out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES.
394a082fc9 : Change `BitTableBase<>::num_rows_` to `uint32_t`.
0bc369b6a7 : Update run-test script to pass --Xjitthreshold:0 for jvmti tests
0506864521 : Revert "ART: Redundant AND operation removal optimization"
884c147e93 : Put conscrypt and core-icu4j back into the build targets again.
3ff922309a : Revert "Revert^4 "Use from repohooks""
c498a1de3d : ART: Redundant AND operation removal optimization
0a12631fd5 : Revert^4 "Use from repohooks"
970183997b : Convert default-build script to python
322954fe09 : Allow visibility on libdexfile for all libdexfile_support users.
c86869ab89 : Change hotness counting.
9c54f4369e : Allow PROT_EXEC on the zygote mappings when falling back to ashmem
d1da3ae0aa : OpenJDK 11: Add String.repeat()
91a16c9d16 : Remove artApex parameter from ApexBundleFactory
8c63ce27d4 : Allow PROT_EXEC on the zygote mappings when falling back to ashmem
327cfcf2df : Use the .dm file at runtime for verification.
685d0ef479 : Temporarily disable 304-method-tracing
2ca0900e98 : Revert "JNI: Remove `JniMethodFast{Start,End}()`."
44101a3880 : More gcstress / debug timeout expectations.
64d6e187f1 : JNI: Remove `JniMethodFast{Start,End}()`.
0385d89b75 : Ignore PC/SP contents in SEGV_MTEAERR faults.
b37da9d4ff : Add timeout flags to the cmdline usage
c8c2bb6784 : JNI compiler: Rewrite exception polling.
bf19869f9a : Tolerate not having access or failing to read apex-info-list.xml.
954b995c8c : odrefresh: Don't pass JARs in APEX as FD to dex2oat
4d4f3be595 : Expose dmtracedump and dexdump to the sdk-repo builds
884fe766bf : Set timeout by command line flag
d4d21bf191 : Allow odrefresh to write elsewhere than dalvik-cache
740e1f972a : arm, arm64: Unpoison byte array view class reference before comparison.
41e56c2282 : Disable the new run test modules when not building ART from sources.
ebf496f245 : Deprecate --updatable-bcp-packages-fd and --updatable-bcp-packages-file
0d0d91a2ac : Remove unneeded checks.
fcef77b426 : Add debug printing for MTE signal codes.
251dc7d5c3 : Do not run background verification on unknown class loaders.
099acf8eee : Temporarily disable 727-checker-unresolved-class.
0651ccc57b : Ignore PC/SP contents in SEGV_MTEAERR faults.
c29b49ee7d : Do not run background verification on unknown class loaders.
ae96c828a4 : Fix `--secondary-class-loader-context` for run-tests.
8ed59b840f : Remove the core-icu4j implementation library from run tests compilation.
af9aa668c6 : Add option to skip building the run tests in
4eb4f23df4 : Fix script when passing expectation files.
7873913daa : Change test to use a public API method to avoid an implementation dependency on core-icu4j.
3384ccc55c : Update chroot instructions regarding linkerconfig error
d816eab053 : Fix calculation of bytes allocated since last gc
aaa220e7cb : Don't store dex2oat-cmdline in oat of BCP ext
8d12ed67ba : Revert "Implement another OdrDexopt to use new CompOS API"
381e66a768 : Implement another OdrDexopt to use new CompOS API
dc744e552a : Revert "Disable kEnableOnDemandDexDequicken."
79b74d715a : Do not release the driver_ if we are dumping stats
1558048c31 : Add stats for last step inlining of invokes
5cbb0a9658 : Revert^2 "x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for arrays."
a8d998fa44 : fix the redundant dependencies validation in fast verify
bc6944b88b : Remove useless test.
9104d67093 : Revert^2 "Add a test for new sun.misc.Cleaner timeout"
85d7e930df : Remove stale order-only dependency from build-art-*-tests targets.
633ac3cb89 : Adding Class.getDeclaredFields to unstarted runtime
eb270e4cf8 : Revert "x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for arrays."
3b87d854d1 : Use java_genrule for art run test data
a3fe0452f6 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get{,Acquire,Opaque,Volatile} for arrays.
492649b718 : Clean up #includes in `hidden_api.h`.
2fc400421d : Use cid=0 to mean not specified
d95a1f2ecf : Inline IRT frame push/pop into JNI stubs.
507a729e51 : Increase max execution time for a VM
4a4696ad2a : Fixing Unsafe.getObjectAcquire code generation
b0cc5923bf : With mainline, classes in the boot classpath that hard fail can happen.
73c4f79b14 : Reland^2: Create an abstraction for dexopt tasks
507cf90521 : Adding get/put and compare-and-set methods to Unsafe
a32d2d8b5a : Disable kEnableOnDemandDexDequicken.
4d29efcc54 : Remove unused fields in Thread.
f9e82e5cae : Loosen class status check after resolving.
33df0e3e47 : Revert^4 "Lazily allocate DexCache arrays."
c99811a1b3 : Fix missing suspend check in nterp for goto32 +0
ce8198e1e8 : Pass which profile the method expects.
4af07cd8ef : DexCache: Remove pre-resolved string dead code.
271d57234e : Run-test build: Split the main method into two.
2a4542d375 : libprofile: Clear method bitmap padding bits.
8c3ef13374 : Add ComposHostTestCases to art's mainline-presubmit
ceb51c9208 : Add ComposHostTestCases to art's presubmit
6fbcc29159 : Change ClassLinker::dex_caches_ from list to unordered_map.
0069ad7ddb : OpenJDK 11: Adding Unsafe new intrinsics for AtomicIntegerFieldUpdater
520c9b7649 : verifier: Clean up `RegisterLine::SetRegisterType*()`.
f9795d1ebd : Remove mterp_current_ibase.
7cf6c58ed9 : Move run-test compilation to soong.
d4e07aac5b : Do not resolve name strings in `ArtMethod::GetDeclaredMethodInternal()`.
4b0c9b91de : Remove the notion of soft failure within the verifier.
dae0c24dc2 : Revert "Exclude `` ..."
545b0f09f6 : Disable test on gcstress and debug.
55dace0763 : Revert "Change order of creation of JIT mappings."
f2a3d1c026 : zeroing BitMemoryRegion buffer.
c27fb3db6b : zeroing BitMemoryRegion buffer.
4aaf6958e9 : Revert "Create an abstraction for dexopt tasks"
139a5b991f : Revert "Remove lazy dequickening."
28b18b128a : Add "art-systemserverclasspath-fragment" to ART SDK.
6221e67f13 : Create an abstraction for dexopt tasks
52f7f63d8d : Use more specific arch candidates per bitness
cb04d16a83 : Add API coverage for dalvik.system.VMDebug
437144bd7b : Remove lazy dequickening.
8473a5bf11 : Revert "Revert^2 "Lazily allocate DexCache arrays.""
3dcd844ccc : optimization of gc load, reduce gc in some scenarios
145fce1b7b : Change order of creation of JIT mappings.
4b1609f857 : Hard fail on type assignment check.
a95a6ea27e : Remove unused module ahat-docs
8f6b99fba2 : Revert "ART: Removes SuspendCheck for plain loops with a low trip count."
a182c93022 : odrefresh: explicitly initialize to use system logger
1512e52a29 : Update the reason why we need conscrypt and core-icu4j.
7541fda785 : Revert "Add a test for new sun.misc.Cleaner timeout"
2007f8591c : Add a test for new sun.misc.Cleaner timeout
45cece5e1b : Adding get long regression test for jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe
cbdaa2c760 : Add more members to ART's OWNERS file.
f3c5bbb742 : An invalid wide pair will remain invalid at runtime.
e153a62e8e : Revert^2 "Lazily allocate DexCache arrays."
282795ca98 : Don't do a recursive call when there are CHA guards.
03ce70a18e : Better handling of unresolved fields in VerifyISFieldAccess.
2a973fcbea : Adjust expectations for libcore+gcstress+debug+host.
762ee92400 : Improve the logging of BCP checksum mismatch.
617c6abeff : Loosen the SDK requirement of a test case in OdRefreshTest.
9c00c65380 : Disable test 830 on redefine-stress.
aa08e52597 : Revert "Do not build libraries that depend on deapexer rules."
afe94ef380 : Include ramdisk image variant of jni_headers in sdk
8dc5cf6a61 : Include recovery image variant of jni_headers in sdk
f8dea01f38 : Simplify IRTEntry
724b518fb7 : Always check for an exception after a class lookup.
e8445e579a : Always check for an exception after a class lookup.
d750630937 : Revert "Create an abstraction for dexopt tasks"
c887816493 : Create an abstraction for dexopt tasks
2f01e8ed55 : Copying sun.misc.Unsafe to jdk.internal.misc
33a312992c : Revert "Move dex register check upwards in the Inliner stack"
9cc65df014 : Drop unused arguments for MethodEntered function
08a37a09da : Include native bridge variant of jni_headers in sdk
57c6a72e00 : Fix unused-command-line-argument warning
59064ebccc : Split odsign_e2e_tests.
dc26639f11 : Revert "Revert^2 "Use from repohooks""
7ea9270c2d : Enforcing min_sdk_version on art-run-test* and art_standalone*_tests
c178495c22 : Revert^2 "Use from repohooks"
ea55f3de90 : Change only_use_system_oat_files_ logic.
782d58685f : Add kryo785 as known variant.
52818b0769 : Speed up odsign_e2e_tests.
af5fc456b0 : Revert "Use from repohooks"
7cbd0e8b3f : Remove libartbase from static_libs of odrefresh tests.
b1d9035872 : Fix lint error in odrefresh_test.
8f0887be86 : Update logic to add debug modules to art-runtime.
7a7a1e2c82 : Move dex register check upwards in the Inliner stack
ad58e1cec0 : Remove the use of --updatable-bcp-packages-fd from odrefresh.
d726cb1f9c : Fix missing suspend check in nterp for goto32 +0
145f969546 : Use from repohooks
e684fc5975 : Add kryo785 as known variant.
4e6cc7384f : Support using boot image on system when compiling system server.
075567130f : Update odrefresh to check APEX system server artifacts on system.
7fa7086641 : Update ART runtime to recognize artifacts on /system for APEX.
e3e01845d2 : Update folder name in art/build's README
9f98fc3190 : Add couple DexCache read-barriers.
ad0daef0da : An incompatible field type assignment is always an error.
39e2979b92 : ARM64: FP16 min and max intrinsic for ARMv8
816b0da3ef : ART: Enables Debugging with LLDB for dex2oat.
2658a0775f : OpenJDK 11: update test expectations for 913-heaps
236f7bf205 : OpenJDK 11: replace Thread#init() with constructors
073885cca8 : Fix art compiling against musl
96d8f4f3cf : Fix two incorrect test conditions in `libartbase/base/`.
3027c60ed7 : Do not build libraries that depend on deapexer rules.
88b5c1d8b9 : Refactor register allocator's ProcessInstruction
cf6a926f40 : Revert "Restore partial LSE."
f513a7650e : Handle .capex files in the chroot setup.
f740be5efc : Handle the case the enclosing class is missing.
7a3ccd0082 : Disable host build of odrefresh
c2aa7a31fb : Restore partial LSE.
8214de1bb6 : Do not mark large objects for evacuation
53395f0b68 : No longer mention APEX flattening in chroot-based testing docs.
172633da90 : Remove instructions about running post-submit tests with Atest.
8c3b33fe98 : Skip version 199.
8be663808b : Update 939-hello-transformation-bcp test
ab91eefc87 : Address review comments on method resolution.
8246b0cbfd : Update .oat version after disabling partial LSE.
e8a822d220 : Remove entry SuspendCheck for methods which only call on the slow path
76a943abed : Update .oat version after disabling partial LSE.
6e458174b3 : [art] Add GetPreOomeGcCount API
3de02fb67d : ART: Removes SuspendCheck for plain loops with a low trip count.
a38b7355a6 : Temporarily disable partial LSE.
18074d2b59 : Temporarily disable partial LSE.
92e5d840ce : Remove workarounds for fixed bug 18051191
248d5c41b7 : Add an obsolete stub check in ArtMethod::GetOatQuickMethodHeader.
8dea9c4f64 : Update code to fix two unused variable warnings.
c07f48875c : Add a test and consistency checks in method / field resolution.
7fae86c62a : Make sure only comments are stripped
1c494e36f2 : Use the right class loader for ResolvedMethodAccessTest.
58a79873e9 : Better isolate standalone ART gtests on device.
9a10f5b5b4 : Adding known failure due to missing format 038 support in slicer
a35586522f : vdex: add checks in the event of file corruption.
a74a707149 : vdex: add checks in the event of file corruption.
3002941dd9 : Revert "vdex: add checks in the event of file corruption."
0de8c022aa : Explicitly note ignored return result
fde4c27311 : Adapt ART tests for the new llvm-objdump output format
75e50892c0 : Fix -Wframe-larger-than warnings in ART tests
2999759192 : Suppress three counts of compiler warnings for frame size limit exceeded
24455cdcd9 : vdex: add checks in the event of file corruption.
1126d74e2a : Expand error message in ResolvedMethodAccessTest
d6576ef342 : Mention Checker tests in `test/`.
01545e8f6e : Reboot device before running eng-prod gtests
19444a693a : It's a hard failure if return types cannot match.
18c72c6f62 : Change soft failure into more precise missing method.
b05bf89967 : OpenJDK 11: Move math classes from sun.misc.* to jdk.internal.math
d8c0ac264f : Better isolate standalone ART gtests on device.
ebefce33ba : Make it a hard failure if we could not find a catch clause.
adc11b1350 : Turn unconditional soft failure into a hard failure.
8756585230 : verifier: the throw bytecode must have a throwable class as input.
1728bb7791 : Turn soft failure into hard failure.
3a8dfcf791 : Catch clauses should only have throwable types.
e172a80e18 : Revert "Cleanup return type checks with arrays."
59193a6871 : Cleanup return type checks with arrays.
f6fe36332a : Relax failure on return type for unresolved types.
0700b69cb0 : SVE: Extract Intermediate Address for SVE Vector Memory Operations
6194403a98 : Exclude `` from ART MTS.
380f967dc7 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-09-02).
ecbdc07474 : ARM64: intrinsic for ARMv8
3676b36e83 : Clean up compile time null checks for VarHandle intrinsics.
315cf0c115 : Allow visibility on libdexfile for all libdexfile_support users (reland).
305679269e : Revert "Allow visibility on libdexfile for all libdexfile_suppor..."
4ae09d4527 : Fix unused collector_type_ variable
17af7a80b8 : Stop using `group_static_libs` property
3c137bfbdd : Allow visibility on libdexfile for all libdexfile_support users.
0f803ce086 : sync strings with hiddenapi_flags.h
611d71c671 : Fix a few non-inclusive terms
007bde5571 : sigchain: print ucontext in fatal error log
98f01d1dea : Revert^2 "Compile time null checks for VarHandle intrinsics."
1c7eeae264 : Partial LSE: handle all kinds of infinite loops.
96dadefd24 : Partial LSE: handle all kinds of infinite loops.
12dd6fc8d1 : Reland "Trigger fewer GCs during startup""
d44add98a6 : odrefresh: Allow extra 30s for subprocesses in VM
059210dd63 : Make smali compilations deterministic
977054f462 : Add a lock contention palette hook.
95bb995004 : Remove unused MadviseState hints
0857789b5b : Fix
1162037357 : Improve suspension timeout diagnostic and fix race
aefbed79a1 : Do not acquire runtime_shutdown_lock_ in Abort()
e806799b94 : Fix missing MsToNs in profile saver.
f68f9182ac : Document restriction on checkpoint code
da90ab4ebb : Revert "Trigger fewer GCs during startup"
f1865b3e0c : odrefresh: minor diagnostic improvements
4fba66c842 : Inline caches: be more robust in the presence of framework change.
16f1ef2d09 : Replace weak-ref access disable checkpoint with STW pause
4bd6795677 : More run-test build determinism tweaks (part 2)
3a014e3110 : ART: Change error-reporting of run-test-jar
3b0914011b : Remove art_chroot build target.
7d992f714a : Trigger fewer GCs during startup
9d642a84fb : dex2oat: Avoid an open from /proc/self/fd
2bac049599 : dex2oat: Avoid an open from /proc/self/fd
eba362de5e : [luci][realms] use LUCI realms on all ART builds.
2a7b69d099 : [luci][realms] use LUCI realms on 20% of builds.
3326fcea1e : Fix
ccbcfb17c9 : Revert^2 "Add unit tests for odrefresh - step 2"
a7e7426a89 : Give extra time for odrefresh subprocess in VM
9bbecd08cc : Suppress OptionalOfRedundantMethod error
f912a1fcb7 : Renamed test/580-fp16 to test/580-checker-fp16
e261356db9 : Add a lock contention palette hook.
b89649bd95 : Revert "Add unit tests for odrefresh - step 2"
3bb6e4c2e0 : dex2oat: Avoid an open from /proc/self/fd
b81cc515d9 : dex2oat: Avoid an open from /proc/self/fd
054c800827 : More run-test build determinism tweaks
b91dad2b98 : Add unit tests for odrefresh - step 2
3bc03531d1 : Fix missing MsToNs in profile saver.
1e6be71390 : Disable errorprone builds for art runtests
0529cfa3ef : Add GC deadlock discussion
555eefef9a : Replace weak-ref access disable checkpoint with STW pause
59033773f2 : [luci][realms] configure LUCI realms.
da106a9998 : Fix odsign_e2e_tests to accurately get file modified time in ms.
32f8b06742 : Remove direct uses of C++ compiler from run-test build
496e837a3a : sigchain: print ucontext in fatal error log
8d3d64f57d : Make run-test build scripts more deterministic
a0e10b1691 : Have counter pre-initialized in ParallelGC test
bbd13da29e : Read public.libraries-<company>.txt from product/etc/
a21b58476a : Define product public libraries
fb3ad7201b : Revert "Make ClassLinker::DumpForSigQuit exclude gc"
e84ad2c045 : Fix OnDeviceSigningHostTest to correctly get mapped artifacts.
3ba3edfee2 : Add unit tests for odrefresh - step 1
70aa29e2d9 : Do not acquire runtime_shutdown_lock_ in Abort()
7de49d88a1 : Update on-device AOT compilation to cover all cases.
668daf892a : Revert^2 "Adjust test for compiler update."
5503a8aef8 : odrefresh: Respect "dalvik.vm.systemservercompilerfilter".
b09a983e8d : odrefresh: Defaults to using "speed" for compiling system_server.
855cc35a22 : Revert "Adjust test for compiler update."
1f0a1547d3 : Adjust test for compiler update.
f955425d11 : Revert "Handle suspend requests in getReferent()"
0c3cc63507 : Handle suspend requests in getReferent()
825e82972f : Make ClassLinker::DumpForSigQuit exclude gc
2d2a27fe91 : Revert "Don't block while runnable in getReferent()"
1d9d3587da : Don't block while runnable in getReferent()
0e8585342b : ART Apex: prefer "first" to "prefer32" multilib option for tools
18bea3d905 : Document standalone ART gtests on device in `test/`.
58bfbad8fd : Relax 053-wait-some sucess criteria
cbd809bc76 : Correct enum comparison to reenable -Wenum-compare
de54ddda0d : Add support for gtest options to `tools/`.
7d398b070d : Add OkHttp tests to the generated ART MTS definition.
dc00c3aef3 : Retry more carefully
ce9b902a16 : Reland: Support pass BCP art/vdex/oat files by FD
a8f858e4ed : Verify that artifacts can still be loaded after a reboot.
4aebd580c9 : Add some null checks in case of OOME.
d7a4da1f35 : Revert "Support pass BCP art/vdex/oat files by FD"
2cb2527d41 : verifier: Remove support for precise constants and RegisterTrackingMode.
f7e4c3d58d : Set MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE to disable module prebuilts when building linux_bionic targets.
310b4e2659 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.getAndBitwise{And,Or,Xor} for fields.
a0dd228837 : odsign_e2e_tests: do not assume time monotonicity across reboots
017aae4268 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.getAndAdd for fields.
b1adfc2a05 : Support pass BCP art/vdex/oat files by FD
71f763399e : Use config.BuildOS instead of android.BuildOs
c9acd23043 : Delete almost correct CHECK
09bfdf1700 : Rewrite UTF-8 encoding.
1b621225a8 : ART: Implements a test option of forced generation of .cfg
fc42ce1a2b : Fix `GetDataTypeFromShorty()` for inlined VarHandle intrinsics.
a6f8a6a7a1 : Initialize intrinsics for UnstartedRuntimeTest.
244f22bf57 : x86_64: Add LockXadd* helper function and tests for it.
4a889b7f1e : Revert "Compile time null checks for VarHandle intrinsics."
5d446a3719 : x86_64: Add XADD instruction and tests for it.
b3a7a6a72d : Compile time null checks for VarHandle intrinsics.
c4597765f2 : Unhide VarHandle methods
e501434b98 : dt_fd_forward: fix uses of uninit values
81c76d8dac : Add BouncyCastle tests to the generated ART MTS definition.
edc005e396 : Rewrite JNI NewStringUTF().
91d3649659 : Fix trailing surrogate validation.
4b0ceb655f : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.getAndSet for fields.
8f21748bf1 : Mark move constructors/assignements as `noexcept`.
ce5c830aed : Update source ART APEX version number from 1 to 319999900.
cd43700e88 : Use .debug_frame version 4
1e271ce1d4 : Revert "libelffile: move to DWARF3 when writing .debug_frame."
2269f7eef5 : Revert "Fix style issue reported by cpplint."
b572832561 : Deprecate support of extracting BCP from boot image
66934efcab : Clean up ClassLinker::VerifyClass.
cf74ae7eae : Small cleanups after latest verifier change.
dcb148a48a : odsign_e2e_tests: Drop Java 11-ism
d61b021fff : Trigger on-device AOT compilation for system_server on mainline update.
9e050ab1a0 : Remove the need of VerifiedMethod in the compiler.
4f990714b1 : Modernize typedefs with `using`.
7744b69abf : Remove dual verification in RedefineClasses.
eacf044aae : Add service-art to sdk
cd8286f6e6 : x86_64: Implement missing variants of XCHG. Add tests for them.
0910d891d7 : Remove libc_headers from cc_object
47349d2d27 : Adding unstarted JNI implementation needed by VarHandle
85430bb410 : Fix libcore_gcstress_failures.txt syntax
e4f983c808 : Remove mterp.
5f2f289b64 : Fallback to version code in case lastUpdateMillis field is not populated
a5c529fd86 : x86_64: Allow test to skip register pairs. Fix XCHG and enable tests.
b50ceebb81 : x86: Add missing variants for XCHG and tests for this instruction.
38837d44f4 : Remove libraries containing conscrypt and i18n stubs from sdk
dc8fa4d6fc : ART: Fix to use scan art/ directory
1b9d442dc9 : Revert "Do not create 4-byte sequences in `ConvertUtf16ToModifiedUtf8()`"
52eebc756c : Add a aggregation count section to profile.
e0a4f373dc : Do not create 4-byte sequences in `ConvertUtf16ToModifiedUtf8()`
d920b7b01f : Disable the artd process
20b3c57170 : odrefresh: add test for samegrade ART APEX install
2ec38232c6 : Clean up verifier interface.
81909865f1 : Add odrefresh_headers to sdk
1c61f7eaa8 : Improve abort message in `SwapSpace::NewFileChunk()`.
ef10f42bf2 : Use lastUpdateMillis of an apex for ART versioning.
a4d27de254 : Provide additional target variant of okhttp-norepackage prebuilt
8782f17c8a : Add standalone ART gtests to the generated ART MTS definition.
6a2e689329 : Add support for standalone ART gtests to MTS.
592bceac0c : Add JNI globals tracing
79f874d287 : odrefresh: add support for lastUpdateMillis as part of version check
4f623272bd : Fix another style issue reported by cpplint.
1de4428db8 : Add standalone ART gtests to `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
515b0cf805 : Add more Libcore tests to the generated ART MTS definition.
3362cf159a : Tighten ART's OWNERS file.
e431d134fb : Add a "vdex" reason for compilation reason.
b6e679292e : Move Transaction logs to arena allocator.
7209da0a46 : Support field VarHandle objects in boot image.
6f244fa165 : Fix style issue reported by cpplint.
6cd7ab38ec : Only set nterp entrypoint after a class is verified.
b17c908047 : Set compilation reason in vdex-only OatFile.
8fddc7519d : Handle potential OOME after ResolveNameString.
85d6bf94dc : Test for static field VarHandle and class unloading.
24c080f628 : Remove locking from `Transaction`.
4dc6589f39 : Don't wrap VerifyError into NoClassDefFoundError.
e0386f10d4 : Add standalone ART gtests to `TEST_MAPPING` group `presubmit`.
dd411969bb : VarHandle: add StaticFieldVarHandle class
f040914a12 : Uncouple ART gtests from the ART APEX.
b4bd92f27f : Faster hashing in `ClassLinker::LinkVirtualMethods()`.
53a6334ac7 : Improve comments in ReadBarrierOption.
2c9667363b : Don't delete everything in apexdata/
ea936c0270 : dex2oat: Faster retrieval of profile data.
8d5d585545 : Disable run-test `art-run-test-2040-huge-native-alloc`.
c94ab92f6e : Add `liblog` as a dependency of `dex2oat` Soong modules.
bf097b7f63 : ART clean up metrics reporter
a9967a2ece : Replace ART's core-platform-api stub with module-lib stubs
cd133d8587 : Verifier cleanups.
971068dcaf : runtime: add -Xdeny-art-apex-data-files
3d12876bd9 : Add special control flags for system server reporting
1792c6ff1c : Add -XX:ForceJavaZygoteForkLoop flag
4f388e3f26 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.compareAnd{Set,Exchange} for fields.
a934b1166e : Export the system modules for module APIs stub
bbdb1ed109 : Cache boot classpath checksums at runtime init.
9b996ce378 : Replace JIT total time histogram with total time counter
c2753e6bee : Fix compiler filter / reason reporting and add the ISA to the metrics
546243375d : libelffile: move to DWARF3 when writing .debug_frame.
7ffab81064 : Adjust data dir set up in `CommonArtTestImpl::SetUpAndroidRootEnvVars`.
a4d28dd666 : Avoid marking proxy class as erroneous twice.
44dc8a300a : verifier: do not infer an instruction will throw.
c9df5ce4cc : Revert "Adjust paths in"
f8b5288ab5 : Remove experimental flag in verifier.
d7b416118a : Add more weak reference information to traces
f368641c5b : [metrics] Add total-gc-time and adjust other metrics
45848daf54 : Revert cdex version back to 001.
e9a4a60130 : Transaction support for MethodType in dex cache.
9b4e556fbd : x86: Add tests for CMPXCHG (without LOCK prefix).
3044d7ab7b : x86_64: Add tests for CMPXCHG (without LOCK prefix).
9060ebe88e : Don't let the oat file close BCP FD passed from outside
5b8eb16cb6 : x86_64: Add byte and word sized CMPXCHG variants and tests for them.
55ffe7fa9e : Rename some ART gtest related Soong modules.
8bf1da992a : Do not create APEX stubs for libdexfiled.
789eb40f86 : Remove reference to gdbserver
2d97dc11b7 : Initialize fragment_ and verbose_ fields in
4abe8f7029 : Allow hiddenapi list to be more lax when run on a fragment
70e126af8a : Clean up search for field by name and type strings.
8048e2e34e : testRemoveWithDelayedResultAndTimeout also flakes on target.
9e95eacdfb : Revert "odrefresh: temporarily disable system_server artifact test"
082659bcbf : Switch to an assembler macro for CFI_RESTORE_STATE_AND_DEF_CFA.
1776947f89 : Binary search for method by name string and signature.
e020b7f4af : Faster BCP checksum verification.
5fef55677e : Clean up ART APEX manifests.
30bb6af110 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.set{Opaque,Release,Volatile} for fields.
f5958f8881 : Add x86 implementation for nterp.
1282f3805b : Add sampling support in the metrics reporter
7f0473851d : [metrics] Add GC-work throughput metrics
6c30777a27 : odrefresh: temporarily disable system_server artifact test
df0db3b608 : Allow creating MethodType inside a transaction.
a508249643 : dex2oat: Avoid unnecessary field/method resolution.
ec11cf1e4a : Add period reporting to the metrics infra
9b8d819823 : Add tests for the artd Binder interface.
49d142c029 : Add the ArtD binder interface
6a4b2990c4 : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.set() for static and instance fields.
d9696b79c8 : ART: Fix for no-opt debug (-O0) builds
59edf4b8f0 : dex2oat: don't prune dex if passed as FD
156a861837 : odrefresh: don't stage profile if not exists
ac97f3e110 : Allow libunwindstack to use libdexfile.
180e1e7053 : Fix link apex for jni libs
1ff9056b87 : Move metric reporting config to flags
c893d1597b : Only enable isolated compilation if requested
5da0507fd2 : Support inlining methods that may have soft verifier failures.
4ef36490af : Fix missing nterp initializing when loading a class.
602da4f604 : Further improve 2040-huge-native-alloc reliability
2af026df0b : Complete support for Compressed APEXes in ART APEX test scripts.
028cc7e1e8 : Disable compact dex code item deduping.
1737409108 : Be more prescise in the profile analysis
71b2cb5409 : odrefresh: fix instruction set selection.
885929fda9 : odrefresh: Fix mis-placed delimiter when joining FDs
869746ef31 : runtime: fix potential NULL dereferences
f5690ca224 : Reject a vdex file if its dex contents are out of date.
b3a4e01448 : odrefresh: Support option to run dex2oat in PVM
0be3da60fa : odrefresh: pass BCP JARs as FDs to dex2oat
f667c33fc8 : Avoid opening BCP jars if the corresponding FDs exist
319333f6ea : odrefresh: temporarily disable test
ecaf7d1657 : Fix double close in dex2oat when BCP is passed as FDs
7f21ebe84b : Fix instructions for running target ART gtests in `chroot` with Atest.
0886d4e7e0 : Revert "Enable strict gcstress unwind checks."
4026117163 : Rewrite static/instance field search by index.
af5d304844 : x86_64: add a helper function that displaces an address by a given amount.
4ab592315e : Add --dirty-image-objects-fd and --updatable-bcp-packages-fd
b10668cb6a : Clean up Class::GetDirectInterface().
893e2edbd5 : x86: fix helper function that displaces address by a given amount.
33ed33bcc8 : x86_64: add intrinsic for Long.divideUnsigned
a09d8b7d4c : Add runtime option -Xbootclasspathfds: for pre-opened fds
e300c4e4ea : Faster Class::FindField().
f761f58879 : Revert^2 "odrefresh: compilation backoff"
890f2eb950 : Rename gitiles triggers to make new luci-config version.
19d1feb0fe : Avoid internal APEX stubs in libnative{bridge,loader} and clean up exported symbols.
094b1cfc9f : odrefresh: enable loading of system_server image files
4f6bb446f8 : Remove palette hooks.
beb9f20125 : Consider the size of the reference profile when assessing IsFirstSave
f31b75b2b8 : Remove old configuration files.
e82d69a7b4 : Fix small bug where the mainline module list couldn't be overridden.
d0020ba414 : Make 2040-huge-native-alloc more robust
4573be38b0 : Faster Class::FindClassMethod().
b89e731029 : Adjust call to
977abde30f : Move code around in x86 assembly files.
9ed2427971 : Add simple lucicfg configuration for art.
b390ba9fad : Fix flags_tests for older platforms
f75b8e9947 : Revert^3 "Reduce libcore parallelism for host"
04c9f3a978 : x86: Don't use the GOT to access art::Runtime::instance_.
1e7faf7065 : Use tinyxml2-based generated Apex Info List sources
530552ac73 : Fix DumpUnattachedThreads logic for CTS.
bbc4dc3f98 : Remove libjdwp as an explicit target.
f2f924222a : Revert "Reduce libcore parallelism for host"
579bfc8b7f : Update libcore expectations for gcstress+debug+host
5b3c1ec1fc : Disable 2040-huge-native-alloc for interpreter
14a5151ea4 : Fix flags_test flakiness
691c3c56c5 : Revert "Add a README to ART with debugging information"
03e214f958 : Disable 2040-huge-native-alloc on gcstress & asan & debuggable
5b83a1b2c4 : Make strings in ART profiles prefixed by length.
09eacd9a5d : Setup ART experiments infra
341be9e71c : Revert "Do not sleep while waiting for GC"
6031ec1e5d : Re-land "Add 2040-huge-native-alloc test"
c8451cb430 : Factor out arch-independent ScaleFactor definition.
322eced250 : x86: Deduplicate load from memory for non-reference types.
6034c0755a : Fold the C API tests into the regular libnative{bridge,loader} tests.
d90291b46b : Fix bitrot in the libnativebridge tests.
5c824937bb : Reduce Partial LSE memory usage.
95313c5d14 : Delete spurious gc_type assignment
6b60a36ad1 : [metrics] Rename datum IDs
8ef8ad5ab4 : Adjust paths in
9991a3195a : Update libcore expectations for gcstress+debug+host
5ffa3553ea : Set dist_group: "android" for art java_sdk_libraries
9159d6ec28 : Update libcore expectations for gcstress+debug+host
2835c29a33 : Pass classpath loader FDs to dex2oat
9faf7c77ac : Fix separator check in command line parsing
a6b3b297bd : Add flag for clamping hidden api list
9c7b1e7073 : profman: Record all dex files in boot image profile.
161911c9ac : x86_64: Deduplicate load from memory for non-reference types.
2ee69693be : x86_64: Implement VarHandle.get() for static and instance fields.
dd446b17be : Collect array classes in profiles.
20e77ff500 : Ensure that ConcurrentGC always increments GC num
3674bc74be : [metrics] Rename datum IDs
1d326f94a3 : Avoid race on Thread::tlsPtr_::top_handle_scope.
654f01cd50 : Fix lock visiting for synchronized native methods.
028c7efaf7 : Use verify when speed-profile gets an empty profile
e8efdaa09b : Revert "Remove stack protector from some interpreter functions"
ae553e0e1b : Revert "odrefresh: compilation backoff"
bdf1737bd1 : Introduce `art::FastExit` to replace all uses of `quick_exit` in ART.
f2d1a510bf : Include sdk versioning proto in art apex
34b00fbeb8 : Remove libdexfile_support shared library.
6859ffca5f : odrefresh: compilation backoff
d196f661fa : Rename setters to conform Android API guidelines
46bf0f2c44 : Add a README to ART with debugging information
abe7c69edb : Remove stack protector from some interpreter functions
571a6bea24 : Don't extract APEXes directly.
3c9d9c97ef : Make it possible to pass specific APEXes to test on the command line.
9d27fbc8ce : Improve suspension timeout diagnostic and fix race
e3124d26d7 : Add liblog to art_gtest_defaults
3156695aa5 : Enable ProfileSaver to have a different delay for the first ever save
61ffd049d8 : Make the runtime option -Ximage a ParseStringList
5ca3da7238 : Add liblog to art_gtest_defaults
6d8d68efbe : Support modularization in "hiddenapi list" tool
fcc922a540 : art: unbreak dalvikvm builds on host
d42902692d : dex2oat: Abort app compilation without boot image.
8f8935ce29 : Add `CtsLibcoreJsr166TestCases` to the generated ART MTS definition.
c13227cd5b : gcstress: can timeout
a40f5cd17a : Add systemserverclasspath_fragment.
a9f80fcd2e : odrefresh: pass profile file as fd to dex2oat
3d05e61a42 : Put 100% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
642c8f6e69 : Fix scheduler's `FieldAccessHeapLocation()`.
a393988fe6 : Made libartservice use framework-system-server-module-defaults
f3e67db05f : Reduce excessive gcstress mode logging.
ca15b8d4b0 : Add --build-only and --skip-build options.
2ce26fd4a0 : Increase gcstress timeout on host as well.
3ddf4d4916 : Update registerAppInfo signatures to accomodate more data.
06fb7fa55c : Fix ReplacementOrValue() for Partial LSE.
dc65a4505a : Do not double check trace config targetting.
7cdd7d9a1b : dexdump is provided in the Windows SDK.
56f2444d2e : Regenerate ART test files (2021-05-19).
26e9e75dc4 : Improve OOME log message informing OOME before heap full
1dc77abf87 : Disable most ART source modules when ART prebuilts are enabled.
496b9b43c9 : Ignore empty stub dex jars
c07e873ddb : Use odex_location instead of oat_file->GetLocation.
826e6667c4 : Add --dex-fd to dex2oat
b3bc892bfa : Refactor to consolidate oat writer setup
2f1ad346ad : Parse --cpu-set as ParseIntList
07ff2833c7 : Compile and with 2MB section alignment.
ca7de40e2d : OAT files outside the ART APEX are no longer loaded from the ART namespace.
c3632b1aab : Avoid timeout with >= 1 billion nsecs
7414ec29f1 : [metrics] Add prebuilt and cmdline compilation reason
0d290721a8 : Dump java backtrace when contending lock too long time.
c63d967226 : Rewrite profile file format.
0bf5b6729b : Fix golem breakage.
e73032929a : Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P89S0PP]
648fefa36c : odrefresh: Avoid a couple string copies
55ca8ab521 : odrefresh: Add support for uploading stats
3d877f0826 : odrefresh: add metrics support
dda82d2ed4 : odrefresh: move file-system utilities into odr_fs_utils.{h,cc}
7c7cae75a8 : Fix dm-test invocation
c802c37132 : dex2oat_vdex_test: add missing dependency on core boot image.
f1c982ecda : Update Art Service to be a LocalManager
c5c6f0dae5 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
37eea8c707 : Revert "Remove obsolete TestApiEnforcementPolicy."
216e3ac21b : Initial commit of the test code for ART Service
2c5cb269e6 : Initial layout of ART Service files
7b149d585b : ART/Perfetto Java Heap Profiler
e41a6d531c : Add ForkJoinPool* threads to 911 Ignored regex
1940748542 : art: extend the supported cpu_variant list for arm64
ee86d95431 : Limit test 1941 to 100000 iterations

+- Project: platform/bionic

bbe7c690f : Merge "Fix missing null-terminator to exec call." am: 7587e20eaf
22dfc589e : seccomp: allow stat() for ubsan.
436980d31 : allowlist new Linux close_range() system call, use it in posix_spawn()
06b249fc7 : posix_spawn - implement support for POSIX_SPAWN_CLOEXEC_DEFAULT
917f16185 : Set VIDEO_MAX_FRAME value back to 64.
e6997d52d : [GWP-ASan] Provide runtime configuration through an env var + sysprop.
ab36432f7 : Add debuggerd_test to hwasan-presubmit.
4817ca64b : Skip setjmp.bug_152210274 on HWASan.
750dcd326 : Use SKIP_WITH_HWASAN macro from libbase.
cb6f86a27 : Add bionic tests that pass to hwasan-presubmit.
dca7229b0 : Skip verify_leak_allocation_limit under HWASan.
bbf9cd86c : In android_set_abort_message, check for nullptr.
c70311c29 : [GWP-ASan] Fix bugs in realloc().
4ece2d618 : Polish the syscall docs a bit more.
0aa87b82e : Skip mallinfo / malloc_info tests on HWASan.
307254c61 : Make libasync_safe available in
06335c4ec : Remove dimitry and hhb from OWNERS.
24f276211 : Skip other_malloc_functions on HWASan.
2bac1f81c : Deprecate "/apex/<name>/ld.config.txt
a96306c60 : Improve the documentation about adding trivial syscall wrappers.
bb1cc5a82 : Fix unistd.exec_argv0_null for new kernels.
6e8f3a76e : Extempt calculate_gnu_hash_neon from hwasan.
1063039d1 : C11 removed gets().
2d8d2a006 : Disable strict abigail checking pending asm fix.
8ea6af53e : Always process TLS relocs using general code path
40d9622c1 : Add GWP-ASan CTS to bionic TEST_MAPPING
08b968b28 : Avoid usage of LONG_BIT in signal headers.
1ed553465 : Update to v5.17 kernel headers.
7aa3abc78 : Add DF_1_ORIGIN to SUPPORTED_DT_FLAGS_1.
f9b131396 : Suppress -Wformat warning
ed6d9720d : Revert "[automerged blank] Disable pointer authentication in app..."
af2f109a9 : Revert "Disable pointer authentication in app processes."
9705aac89 : Fix mte tests to allow auto-upgrade.
730917723 : Revert "Disable pointer authentication in app processes."
da446cc5c : Tweak linux_glibc properties for musl builds in bionic
459eecb28 : Update for LocalUnwinder object removal.
8cbba80e6 : Add documentation about Android 12 bug.
d9b8d13a3 : Remove dead subdirs directive.
335e27b74 : Use single module for libclang_rt.builtins-exported
a765f193e : Use single module for libclang_rt.builtins-exported
ad33d02fa : Add bionic NOTICE file to musl sysroot
07cdd57d5 : Remove clang version check around diagnose_as_builtin
fef519b63 : Disable LTO for libBionicStandardTests
82c90724e : Explain why we test ifunc variables.
9be242789 : Cast ifunc resolver's return type
75c36fe0c : Add %m and %#x support for async_safe logging
02335c773 : T is API level 33, not 32.
62d49fd8e : posix_spawn: always clear O_CLOEXEC for dup'ed fds.
82e24a579 : CFI uses SIGTRAP on arm/arm64.
4411b940b : Silence the CFI death tests.
d4aa14d9d : profiling: override dumpability while opening /proc/self/mem,maps
9425b1697 : [MTE] Relax ELF note.
aeef9f04d : Avoid duplicate genrule locations
93400371f : [NFCI] Change Android's NT_TYPE to NT_ANDROID_TYPE.
dde3176a7 : [MTE] add sysprop to set mte state globally
08cf94985 : Change default block size alignment to be 4 for memory saving on 32-bit arch
a48237bcd : Disable fortify tests for musl
9d4a56e49 : Export kernel uapi, execinfo and b64 headers to musl sysroot
9da85fa4a : Export bionic's resolv base64 functions to musl
2a9843fe6 : Export bionic's execinfo functions to musl
db71defb6 : Annotate fortify functions with diagnose_as_builtin
fdced95e4 : Enable mallinfo tests for musl
d49ad1e39 : Fix possible nullptr dereference.
daa6b82ed : Fix bionic benchmarks and header tests for musl
fbee3177a : Keep allocation of `tail_` outside of LinkedList
6c1c3422a : Fix HWASan crashes in heapprofd initialization.
44dd9facb : Silence -Wnon-power-of-two-alignment for a test
f5f04b19f : Fix recursive deadlock inside bionic_systrace
b81b50bf2 : Disable pointer authentication in app processes.
e20a1d906 : Move linker from sampling PGO to AFDO pipeline
e37ca5315 : Fix MemtagNoteTest and make it runnable on non-MTE devices.
bf52e8859 : Disable pointer authentication in app processes.
57f17dea2 : Update the status for S and T.
1ff7be071 : Don't use LLVM when readelf(1) will do.
99ef447d0 : libm: sync with upstream.
db358e6ae : Don't use llvm-defaults to build some tests.
a479261fe : Update to v5.16 kernel headers.
e4106253e : Fix copy pasta in guard macro for weak symbols.
952da9267 : Remove availability definitions for mbs APIs.
31fbc1469 : sched.h: add doc comments.
ad1658ecf : c32rtomb/mbrtoc32: remove dead code.
724efbb57 : Mark variables as unused.
8248e62fa : Add mallinfo2 call.
38be11e88 : Add some documentation about EINTR.
32a72522e : Clarify that fdsan wasn't "enforcing" in its first release.
e4d5efe23 : strftime: format small positive integers ourselves.
a13d0660f : Use -fno-builtin for libc and libm.
c5b81844b : Fix a race condition in the bionic pthread tests.
5afe3f8a6 : Allow bpf() syscall
5514287dc : [versioner] Use
d473a7069 : Update OWNERS
5b57d9cd8 : Remove boilerplate.
9d66092bf : mbrtoc16: explain the line that has no test coverage.
f0d7a34e2 : Regression test for scudo crash in resizeTaggedChunk.
2c96639eb : Optimize the mbs fast path slightly.
09bf432be : New multi-byte character benchmarks.
30cd30f64 : Remove outdated ld.bfd usage.
57474c89f : Fix incorrect API level for wcstombs and mbstowcs.
3d8156d3e : uchar.h tests: small improvements.
70aa88c66 : Remove references to nonplat sepolicy
b6b7e2ee2 : Add the missing '--' to shell invocations.
9e33b76c6 : Re-enable LTO for linker
2abfa9e4f : Update to v5.15 kernel headers.
7edd008d6 : Reland: "Make native bridge libc uninstallable"
d3f05492d : Update for libunwindstack shared_ptr MapInfos.
035702e36 : Revert "Make native bridge libc uninstallable"
48efa5b8c : Make native bridge libc uninstallable
7a2386bf8 : Don't open /dev/null until we need to.
b952a77e7 : Workaround Clang cannot build ifunc with LTO
11526e2fc : Add execinfo functionality.
837b683b4 : Update bionic coverage docs.
cf59e19e2 : Add preadv2/pwritev2 wrappers.
0d7d7ac01 : Remove libc++demangle from static libs.
9935aa7a2 : Add/allow clang-14 warnings.
04233539b : Update for libunwindstack shared_ptr MapInfos.
b6d3c7824 : malloc_heapprofd: Avoid a spurious error log
4ef83d691 : Revert "strerror: incl enum name"
c3060de20 : strerror: incl enum name
419554e99 : Move ExecTestHelper to using a regex.
ebe5e5f7d : Remove bazel_module stanzas from bionic/linker
0cc60afa3 : Add more tests to TEST_MAPPING
badcb38d3 : Convert bionic dlext test zips to Android.bp
377193745 : Treat static binaries "the same" for the profiling signals.
2aa3f7cb2 : bionic: fix broken end atrace events
1d7077a1c : Add CtsBionicTestCases to hwasan-postsubmit.
4edbcee2c : Random HWASan cleanups.
b3cac0fab : Update allocator alignment tests.
8f9713e23 : Fix broken return code of M_INITIALIZE_GWP_ASAN.
c7fe26aa8 : Use the BSD license for our bogus fts.h.
048f24ed2 : Export fts as a static library for use with musl
e791552fb : Add API level define for T.
69bcb8be2 : Compile fts.c in libc_openbsd_ndk
de1cf8579 : Use lp64 rather than explicitly saying "arm64,x86_64".
3a39c0bc4 : Update to v5.14 kernel headers.
1583cd286 : Reland "Use the dynamic table instead of __rela?_iplt_* to find the linker's IRELATIVE relocs." with a fix.
e5570c5df : Revert "Use the dynamic table instead of __rela?_iplt_* to find the linker's IRELATIVE relocs."
0c3bb2cf8 : [libm] Set pragma FENV_EACCESS for x86_64, i386
65bdf655c : Use the dynamic table instead of __rela?_iplt_* to find the linker's IRELATIVE relocs.
2411a5e78 : Export memalign to linker
4c5595c96 : Replace local MUSL define with global ANDROID_HOST_MUSL
14d150761 : Fix some clang-format issues
35d469ba4 : Fix bionic-unit-tests-glibc for 32-bit musl
7da20341e : Build bionic unit tests for musl
e07b33d3a : Only run the exec once if test passes.
3a0ced853 : Reland "Fix GWP hooks not being restored, leading to crashes."
4408b8abb : Enable posix strerror_r test in glibc
695af0da3 : POSIX strerror_r returns an error number, not -1
e9898f393 : Move the Rust system property bindings into librustutils.
b4ab4f6d4 : Revert "Fix GWP hooks not being restored, leading to crashes."
d9d9ee846 : Allow retry of test if log missing.
9db8f2bc8 : Fix GWP hooks not being restored, leading to crashes.
5d50dbb5f : Export kernel headers for musl
4990c2dcb : Read the log while test runs instead of after.
5c49616f7 : Fix NOTICE file.
02f813703 : Rename cc_object default_shared_libs to system_shared_libs
4aebf5525 : Improve the Rust property bindings.
e1f1e7931 : Migrate keystore2's Rust system library bindings to bionic.
8f14b6503 : Revert "Adding system property tracing"
13a960f0e : Revert "bionic_systrace: moving global static variables"
a6035ecd4 : Avoid undefined compiler behavior
5358cc40a : Avoid undefined compiler behavior
61a5a8380 : Revert "Adding system property tracing"
3ec21f527 : Revert "bionic_systrace: moving global static variables"
33d73379a : Fix race when frees after main thread finishes.
d27506716 : Define sockaddr_storage in bionic
b5bfe0bd5 : Move system_shared_libs into target.bionic clause
53df1f377 : Make MTE tests pass with all values of MEMTAG_OPTIONS.
ab1b143ef : Remove obsolete visibility entries from libc_headers
48bf46b96 : Allow the kernel to upgrade ASYNC mode processes to SYNC mode.
fcc3b4f45 : Update to v5.13 kernel headers.
68ec53e14 : Support replacing nested kernel structs
79dbdc3c2 : Document more clearly that we don't plan on using faccessat2(2).
a9d0c104a : Stop documenting native_heapdump_viewer.
d8d561c98 : Add definition of M_MEMTAG_TUNING.
10d926867 : Add default_shared_libs to crt objects
40c8a8b1b : Extend <sys/sysinfo.h> tests slightly.
c849ef106 : Improve the <sys/select.h> docs.
8f537e876 : Explicitly set generate_hashtree: false
331b3887f : Remove host_bionic_inject
a0a591a71 : Don't use prefix_symbols for host bionic linker wrapper
26d83ba7a : Disable return PAC in __pthread_start.
7c0ce86a0 : Skip the malloc_slack test on native bridge.
504d0488a : Mark abort(3) as `nomerge`.
546723b2b : Use instead of ro.debuggable
85c7838bd : Fix dangling pointer in heapprofd API.
a2b7c3fbe : Remove sort_bss_symbols_by_size .
ef76860f2 : Turns out we don't need to say calll any more.
660ba39b5 : Move android_reset_stack_guard to LIBC_S
5a7f3ef9a : Enable RTM_GETLINK restrictions on all apps

+- Project: platform/bootable/libbootloader

8b41758 : remove needless use of libbpf_android library
adb2c3e : Add const to addBootConfigParameters
2d452bb : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bootable/libbootloader

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

fe7c99d9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
284ba5bc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
a4761b1f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
cdadcf65 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
1a2cf2b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
28cd871f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e7e05a5b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
d115a2b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
6de9a05f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
bec20def : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
3d0d9c35 : Log a copy of recovery log to kernel logs
0f3b76b7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e03e3e13 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
f1ac9933 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
4a90a958 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
74358b5a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
d21e516d : Enable ProjectID by default.
fde69fbd : Remove support for converting from FDE to FBE
483f32fc : Move comment to license_note
a0732906 : Fix non-ab fuse ota fail bug
117f263a : Disable flaky recovery test
af6d780e : Add timed out test files to tidy_timeout_srcs
a4208b5f : Perform data wipe in recovery if ota package has powerwash set
469fc991 : Enable different interface for fastboot for cf
0b6adb58 : Fix typo in static_assert message.
90b94b72 : minui: add hall sensor event
f4dfa1ad : minui: Add support for multiple connectors
e93c95aa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
6b7c582d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
5ffad4b0 : Fix wrong key indexes in package verification logs.
068329e9 : Move package verifier from libinstall to libotautil
ff48d3de : Add missing header include to libedify
cf3234a0 : [MTE] Add interface to communicate MTE status to bootloader.
67a8fd21 : GetBatteryInfo() also reads AIDL health HAL.
51433b94 : minui: Add support for ARGB (LSB alpha)
88cf0744 : Add erofs tools in recovery mode
fa951653 : Use metadata_key_dir instead of metadata_encryption
80a1d8e3 : Avoid to format raw disk if metadata encryption is enabled
e6054f41 : Suppression of socket connect from minadbd (CL 2/2)
f0a760b3 : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
a5c071f9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
41db8264 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
87980990 : Start servicemanager on init in recovery mode.
cb22b134 : Mount binderfs and add /dev/binder in recovery.
0fa17076 : on boot class_start hal
56c354fa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e8bf0ef2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
a762e14f : recovery_utils: remove FDE support
868aa50c : libminui for vendor
6a6a4126 : Add fsck.f2fs to recovery mode
c88a1efc : Update caremap to by py3 compatible
95b85a4d : Fix the fuse error that cannot handle the OTA package larger than 4 GiB
ce87c786 : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
2623f687 : Remove enh from OWNERS.
f393cef8 : Warn on `repo upload` if you're not uploading to AOSP master.
23080333 : Update OWNERS file
6f7362ab : Add support to use preferred graphics backend
fd2233c2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
7e5b4bd6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
c4b74bb5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
25471d13 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
99d53f88 : Remove magic code to flash the screen
a09867ff : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e98dac63 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
86dc4ea6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
5d4bfa31 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
5d4dea16 : Use recovery variant for librecovery_ui_ext
1aea219f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
b4b619ce : Add caremap proto target for release tools
6402ec57 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
33c62fc4 : Check SPL downgrade before install OTA in recovery
90f783f3 : use create_dumb.size as size of buffer
8ecb9f70 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
425d7114 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
dc65e02d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e6f015a2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
21bb208b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
d8798ba2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
a81e023e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE

+- Project: platform/build/bazel

65239c8 : Create a shared jq script to help find modules with test_suites property and the property contains the input argument.
3dc924b : Subsume prebuilt_etc through prebuilt_file usage
8350eeb : Abstract prebuilt_etc into prebuilt_file
c59332e : Add rbc dashboard script
1523ff3 : Support build number stamping.
5563202 : enable JNI dependency for android_app example
956c9b8 : export Java variables to Bazel
9236473 : Tweak linux_glibc properties for musl builds in build/bazel
9e72568 : Running diffs in CI
be1d2eb : Register python toolchain to Bazel workspace
141a4ab : Enable artifact path requirements in comparison builds
40c5dc7 : Support arch/cpu variant in mixed build
5b0d4b5 : Use merge_zip prebuilts and remove it from make_injection.
7e6d14b : Use aapt2 prebuilt and remove it from make_injection.
4605698 : Support tailoring clang --target flag based on min sdk version.
6d5cef9 : Use prebuilts for soong_zip and zip2zip instead of building them in make_injection.
618ca3c : Build debugfs from source.
d7fd4af : Build resize2fs and mkefs with Bazel.
6e75c78 : Rollback for aosp/2028308
7cdf38e : Build e2fsdroid with Bazel and use in the APEX toolchain.
4674e93 : Clean incremental bp2build with bazel clean instead of rm -rf out
ed19174 : Add `rm -rf out` temporarily to fix incremental build.
84deb62 : Note jq installation
3ab8d3b : Script to compute a csv of module type dependencies and attributes.
a438517 : Build avbtool with Bazel.
8ab9799 : Add new apex_aab rule to build multi-arch mainline modules with Bazel.
410fd24 : pass certificates to android_app as debug_signing_keys
f899d7b : Fix mixed_droid to use correct metrics flag
05d2fda : Add --mk_metrics to mixed_* CI scripts
a0b54dd : Support arch/cpu variants/features in Bazel.
749d3d8 : Add a .jq query to obtain the transitive closure of a whole module type.
2ef3664 : Add a detailed description to replace_is_board_platform commits
26d9876 : add jq query for modules with specific property
890c782 : json-module-graph: fullTransitiveDepsProperites
2ebf64a : Dist mainline modules with copy_to_dist_dir in
57e49ce : support java_proto_library variations in Starlark
04d1fa6 : Fix cc proto rules for canonical_path_from_root
36ea2ff : Fix typo in cc_binary docstring
29334fc : Update json module graph README
d499974 : The jq scripts to find:
7461e3e : Improve readability / signal-to-noise ratio for CI logs.
510dfc2 : Create subdir for cc rules
269e007 : Support bssl hash injection for libcrypto.
a0d2576 : Allowlist //bionic/benchmarks/spawn/ in host tests
10d9e19 : Add linux_x86_64 ci build coverage for Bazel
9265b7a : add target_compatible_with to cc_proto_library rule
6de4ba5 : gitignore __pycache__
d827151 : Update bp2build-progress with new APEXes.
175d017 : Add apex compression in Bazel apex rule.
89da999 : Diff symbol tables and headers for .o files
4c516ed : Delete unused code for Bazel as Ninja executor.
875e808 : product variables are consumed via soong injection
c16bf48 : Support filtering stub libraries from the APEX based on dependency transitiveness.
c0ef472 : Integrate stub library targets into the top level shared library proxy target.
6a4908d : Fix Bazel APEX wrapper to resolve symlinks of any number of levels.
8ed7621 : Avoid flattening depsets in apex_cc_aspect.
71a81b3 : Support multilib in apex.
59be21b : Roll-forward fix for bazel_apexer_wrapper_test.
d403a40 : Temporarily bypass a diff test in bazel_apexer_wrapper_test.
0a831a6 : Implement a (partial) cc_stub_library rule for cc_library.stubs in Android.bp file.
e4e62ce : Simple unit tests for difftool
1e55d1a : Package transitive deps in apex.
161b170 : rich command line info for clang compiles
d0b969c : add :android_target as a parent for all platforms
65df793 : Correct bugs in full cc proto implementation.
36843a6 : Improve difftool usability
c9476dc : Add json query to get set properties for a module
bba6a56 : Test board configuration by default with
8e36e57 : Alphabetize bp2build-progress report.
59ecd7d : Bazel changers to support enabled property for cc
d90b211 : Add additional dirs to bp2build ci coverage
c8aa45f : Add dist to m bp2build invocation to ci
157d962 : Don't run `m nothing` for bp2build.
b62bfee : Dist the bp2build directory before running builds/tests so that it's available always.
fe16f4e : Add apex_diff_test for
81bd27c : Support different compile flags for external
099092f : Add the function of signing apex file with signapk tool.
e3c1300 : Support multiple modules in bp2build-progress
1f141e7 : Add ability for make_injection to invalidate itself when Android.bp files change.
73ef57e : Add type of unconverteds to bp2build-progress
5e8c248 : Handle filegroups differently in bp2build-progress
ba15750 : bp2build-progress: collect type for blueprint mods
5a4e2d9 : Handle export_absolute_includes.
02409c7 : Add initial support for use_version_lib.
d3f43b7 : The scripts to fix product config makefiles and the driver to run them.
160d45f : Add support for cc_binary deps in apex.binaries.
16884c0 : Bazel changes to support split of full_cc_library
b93094a : Ensure py_library targets propagate their directories as imports.
296a481 : Implement cc lite/full proto in starlark.
cceef0d : Expand list of targets to build in bp2build to cover newly added android_app targets.
5bac983 : Ensure bp2build ci has verbose bp2build
e5c4695 : Support binaries in APEX bazel build
db38ec5 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/bazel
81dd964 : Dist bp2build generated workspace.
3c4c3ea : Propagate c_std attribute to toolchain features
515546f : Add a stub adbd cc_binary into build/bazel/examples.
6e02aac : Delete
29ee7cd : Accept
5cc8a2e : Add support to generate constraint settings/values for Soong config variables.
f78614c : RBC regression test script providing failure details.
61c0927 : Combine the inputprepare and calling apexer logic into a python script
e846cd9 : Initial check-in for difftool
f93835c : Make stripped cc binaries executable
d0a156d : Add to the bp2build progress report step.
0235a0c : Support host platform builds in cc rules
981c156 : Add flag --use_queryview to bp2build-progress docs
81608a1 : Set --experimental_platform_in_output_dir.
0778c50 : Allow running from anywhere
7b24640 : Add adbd report/graph to CI
1567848 : Revert "Add platform needed by python_binary_host."
171ba83 : Add platform needed by python_binary_host.
8b52075 : Handle sub-command errors more gracefully.
0390a53 : Add copyright header to bzl files.
9292e52 : Run buildifier on bzl rules
e4a8e55 : Faster `find` for bazel-out in mixed_*
f92fc63 : Allow to test only the board config
d54042e : Add darwin_arm64 platform
9ac611c : Initial support for cc_binary.
6922565 : Advertise providers for cc_library_static
29cb480 : Add TOP to make_injection.
1bc46c9 : Remove version_script param for cc libraries
3333c7e : Handle missing dep for stl
36adacf : Run pyformat on
ffecb5e : Add ability to use queryview for bp2build-progress
0158935 : Add info about module dir to
d7445f3 : Add flag for running rbc board configuration as well
1a42b09 : Expand bazel ci testing.
242b3b4 : Revert "Set --experimental_platform_in_output_dir."
8f7654d : Fix --experimental_platform_in_output_dir to be a build flag, not common.
f4a226f : Set --experimental_platform_in_output_dir.
98f8a58 : Convert cpp_std to use toolchain features.
f621666 : Add CI script for verifying RBC product configuration works
fd600d4 : Updates corresponding to toolchain changes.
3b3e56b : Set the default --platforms value to //build/bazel/platforms:android_target.
e7cd549 : Handle frozen objs in add_lists_defaulting_to_none
bc9dd28 : Thread link_crt to the cc_toolchain feature for cc_library's shared variant and cc_library_shared.
91f3cbc : Minor nit fix to aosp/1839393
d4b9e25 : Add bp2build conversion for {,Rt}PrebuildLibrary
e7a537d : Change filegroup null .s to .S
8517440 : Macro/platform changes to support libcrypto
beaf5ff : Buildifier cc_object and cc_library_shared.
f35b094 : Externalize implementation soong/bazel glossary
7dc8b3f : Create a stub remote_coverage_tools WORKSPACE to workaround downloading remote_coverage_tools on CI.
15a202d : Add to mixed_libc presubmits.
7296883 : Temporarily disable test targets that depend on remote_coverage_tools.
5c4a7f8 : Support stl property in cc macros
e4c3c4d : Revert "Add `rm -rf out` temporarily to fix incremental roboleaf CI"
8d1bb17 : Add `rm -rf out` temporarily to fix incremental roboleaf CI
66c0316 : Bazel: differentiate between exported/not deps
ec87b38 : Overhaul deps handling in cc macros
a231362 : Add the WallpaperPicker app to Bazel CI.
240243e : Refactor make_injection to not use globs in exports_files.
e4374cd : Add system_shared_deps to shared lib dynamic deps
ab7a440 : Print reverse deps in bp2build progress report.
347b4fe : bp2build-progress: automatically generate list of converted modules.
87a17a0 : Expose TocFile via CcTocInfo
d0fbbb0 : Remove `Linkstatic` field for static cases
32c7633 : cc_library_{static,headers}.bzl formatting
bcdcf2d : Create bp2build converter for cc_shared_library
5834672 : Dedupe static objects in combine rule
e036ce1 : Add bp2build-progress report and graph generator.
6311dff : Add QuickSearchBox app building to CI.
27487fe : Add params for non-exported includes
bf648dd : Add support for exporting -I and -isystem
2ce5fcf : Remove unnecessary apex_key macro.
44c2ed4 : Call bp2build with "m bp2build"...
da04c0e : Add libsimpleperf to mixed_libc
8d7eb4d : Build //development/sdk/... on bp2build CI
e2e0e7b : Add Music App to bp2build CI.
9d3fe1c : Add a java binary, a java library, and an android app target building to bp2build ci. (Second attempt at
779bb94 : Move dist rule to bazel_common_rules.
961174c : Allow running only queryview before invoking bazel
a29f286 : Fix to use checked-in bazel binary
9099824 : Add platform_tests to mixed_droid.
a5fd035 : Add initial support for native_shared_libs to the Bazel APEX rule.
b0ef8ae : Adapt tests/bionic/BUILD use constants.* for clang version
39a5498 : Make make_injection print stdout during repo rule execution.
8c11c81 : Make apex.file_contexts mandatory.
32596dd : Revert "Add a java binary, a java library, and an android app ta..."
db6d6cc : Tag android app's cc deps as manual.
f4a0f8d : Add apex_diff_test to compare APEX contents.
3f7cbf6 : Remove forked version of Skylib.
db7db4b : Apply an apex_transition on apex.prebuilts, binaries and native_shared_libs.
b3c0cb5 : Delete --//build/bazel/rules:enable_apex.
e2eec9d : Toolchainify APEX host tools.
eda68ac : Add a java binary, a java library, and an android app target building to bp2build ci.
1d87e99 : Add a make_injection repository rule.
08ff762 : Handle system_dynamic_deps in cc_library macros.
2425135 : Add script to run Bazel APEX tests (builds) locally.
178a26e : Fix Bazel APEX build error when there is no Android manifest.
86499f4 : Update Android app building with Bazel to use d8.
8eeb3a0 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/bazel
b85e585 : Remove obsolete flag experimental_enable_aggregating_middleman from common.bazelrc.
7b24ecd : Add support for apex prebuilts attribute.
3be5499 : Refactor apex.bzl into discrete steps.
143d1f1 : Add initial prebuilt_etc rule/macro.
c779174 : Add initial android_app_certificate rule/macro.
f17ca9d : Add support for APEX prebuilts attribute.
bd36d6c : Bazel apex rule prototype.
bb02dde : Add initial apex_key macro/rule.
ca41c1d : Add some more attributes to the APEX macro/rule.
7501998 : Add minimal APEX rule implementation.
efbd2db : Remove fuchsia from bazel
91cfe1c : Make //build/bazel/platforms/os:bionic work
b889179 : Add configuration setting for all bionic oses
ae212e7 : Add bazel-skylib selects support
ad03a9c : Create a minimal apex in the Bazel apex examples.
5828e0b : Rules changes to support libm mixed builds
45eb532 : Add basic dist rule implementation.
1a57976 : Bash exit status for failures should be positive, not negative.
8f81a56 : Add a stub rule for building APEX bundles (second try).
7420d27 : Revert "Add a stub rule for building APEX bundles."
361fb1e : Add a stub rule for building APEX bundles.
5815cfa : Direct Bazel builds from m.
d07605f : Generate toc file in full_cc_library.
bfdbc33 : Simplify static/shared attributes using a dictionary.
d59aef5 : Produce two version of prebuilt cc libraries
2bf5eb2 : Fix bugs and add libc to verify_bionic_outputs
0694fdd : bp2build: add stripped library support.
f8f3ba8 : Add help and a command for module type statistics.
63d2495 : Make it possible to list modules of a given type.
b95ef26 : Handle use_libcrt in bazel
d803dae : Fix standalone Bazel builds.
149e68d : Add support for dynamic_deps in cc_library_static.
04af7c4 : Set whole_archive_deps to the right attributes.
ddc2a8c : Claim linkinput ownership in full_cc_library
4b2ae48 : cc_shared_library: fix aspect traversal over new attrs.
6f5cdb2 : bp2build: introduce filegroup macro for cc_library support.
6eecdfc : Add os:darwin to platforms.
a9abb66 : Restrict Bazel PATH envvar to mimic Soong.
2c88e1b : Support whole_static_libs from bazel static libs
1b89fb5 : Rename macro for *_prebuilt_library_static types.
153b616 : Build in mixed builds presubmits.
6e93334 : Add Bazel macro for llvm_prebuilt_library_static converter.
f244ce3 : Use string subst for product vars in cc libraries
cebcbe2 : Rollforward "Split libraries by language..."
e797104 : Revert "Split libraries by language in cc_library_static am: a3d..."
3d78dbc : Revert "Split libraries by language in cc_library_static"
a3da7f2 : Split libraries by language in cc_library_static
3c4cb98 : Correct typo in product variable.
e2a8e69 : Handle implementation_deps in cc bzl files
514cda1 : Add rtti to library features based on rtti bool
feb1c44 : Set the default --platforms value to android_arm.
cc05040 : Point to $OUT_DIR.
4c9bf6f : bazelrc: implementation deps flag is a build command
39a8be8 : Integrate product config variables into Bazel.
dfa069e : Add --experimental_cc_implementation_deps to rc
2657330 : Build "everything" under //external/... for bp2build CI

+- Project: platform/build/bazel_common_rules

ac8c522 : dist: allow dist_dir to be specified in BUILD files
60f0b8f : dist: revise how default args works.
7593717 : dist: Also support declared directories.
2f1e776 : Allow docs_server to show tables.
65c2e9e : copy_to_dist_dir: support default arguments to script.
ea0fb21 : Use None as default arguments.
3b65aae : docs: TOC shows text not anchor link
8e4cc7b : docs: Use major version only for showdown
7817ff5 : docs: Use positional argument for resources
d985bcc : Add rules for generating docs.
b2f7e72 : dist: Support archives attribute.
11afd6c : Add dist as a bzl_library.
c6bc5b4 : apply Google Python style
566275b : copy_to_dist: add support for --prefix
31d9a6e : copy_to_dist: Add support for --flat
0425d6e : copy_to_dist: fix multi-target support
441eb9e : Move dist rule to bazel_common_rules.
00653ec : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

83a5a30 : Remove the concept of "early mutator".
8097d1a : Change jsonVariationMap to array of struct
18ebb23 : Add event handling to blueprint for metrics
518966d : force LoadHookContext to specify module type
eb27645 : Fix duplicate typo
5860cae : bpmodify: remove-property
451dd63 : bpmodify: -add-literal to add a value to the list
0cb1064 : Add newlines around list of structs
2df87f3 : Add a limit to blueprint filesystem accesses
6e7e6a9 : Close file after reading
8b162be : Rename saneSplit --> quickSplit
1b438d6 : gitignore intelliJ files
a78b020 : Support writing inputs/outputs of actions of modules into a file from the moduleInfo.actionDefs.
42cb28f : Add support for maps in blueprint files.
53bc344 : Blueprint to support multiline (Go style raw) strings
62823dc : use iota for "enum"
ee7a5d7 : Typos and missing parameter names use in doc comment
5319d07 : Add proptools helper functions.
20f19a5 : Add JSON data related struct and function into context.
1e01a4e : Reset contexts before calling LoadHook
a67610a : Allow soong_ui to set env vars for soong_build .
3dab514 : Allow specifying the pool for soong_build calls.
635fc35 : Set GODEBUG=asyncpreemptoff=1 for soong_build.
a08e722 : Apply toNinjaName for variant names
6dd6868 : Support go1.18, drop support for <go1.8
8e7786a : Forward descriptions to primary build invocations.
5ff5fe3 : Minor refactoring to remove a couple of warnings
97eda89 : Add NinjaAndshellEscapeListIncludingSpaces
3a988df : Add ShellEscapeListIncludingSpaces
6fbc68d : Move bpglob to outside of the Ninja action graph.
f12f1d7 : Remove the -v argument from bpglob.
d14f342 : Change bpdoc to separate entries with the same type
37d151f : Move bpglob out of ToolDir
0e306e7 : Handle dangling symlinks when following symlinks
1109cd9 : bpdocs for struct types created using reflection
af564e4 : Document that `blueprint:"mutated"` properties are skipped.
76f9b09 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/blueprint
d9d298c : Remove UseValidationsForGoTests.
5d5ed5f : Remove PrimaryBuilderExtraFlags and cull Args.
70d6564 : Prefix file names with ctx.SrcDir() in docgen.
a9768e1 : Pass StopBefore as an argument to RunBlueprint.
f99e89c : Remove ConfigRemoveAbandonedFilesUnder.
83f9118 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/blueprint
9b435b8 : Make cmdline args consistent with what they do.
eef5685 : Rename Blueprints to Android.bp .
d782b50 : Remove the bootstrap.Config class.
ceb3c43 : Simplify bootstrapping:
ce41c16 : Remove some unnecessary arguments from Blueprint.
0459f6b : Remove Depfiles from bootstrap.Args .
5c4abb1 : Rename BuildDir and NinjaBuildDir.
81c5b59 : Rename BuildDir and NinjaBuildDir.
843db40 : Rename BuildDir and NinjaBuildDir.
51b6259 : Do not separate .primary and .bootstrap dirs.
5f0a740 : Do not reference Ninja variables in Makefiles.
008b6ea : Do not do glob-related things in RunBlueprint().
6e4ee8d : Use pretty print for json module graph
6ec924c : Remove Srcdir() from BootstrapConfig.
980c1f0 : Remove global variables in command.go .
016a7dd : Delete support for standalone Blueprint.
64ee426 : Remove the ability to emit Blueprint docs.
0eb24a7 : Explain why is a non-default output.
d3a0637 : Separate the concept of subninjas and glob files.
8979d4c : Expose write function to android/soong.
030150d : Add function to retrieve module by name.
1c3530a : Support AppendMatchingProperties on an embedded anonymous struct
1602226 : Module/providers can now emit extra JSON data.
3a49591 : Delete creation of empty glob file
c1ccfee : Add support for maps as properties
7a2a352 : Add a test for AddNinjaFileDeps
0f0e304 : Add `blueprint_go_packages` phony to build all go packages
53bf14c : Add OtherModuleFarDependencyVariantExists.
13b5bef : Fix AddNinjaFileDeps in a LoadHook
ce447fc : Support go 1.16 in gotestmain

+- Project: platform/build

2879d3117d : Version bump to TP1A.220624.014 [core/]
ea74f3753f : Version bump to TP1A.220624.013 [core/]
d08025e143 : Version bump to TP1A.220624.012 [core/]
9d9caf2ee9 : Version bump to TP1A.220624.011 [core/]
c494d0291a : Version bump to TP1A.220624.010 [core/]
193d68bbc3 : Version bump to TP1A.220624.009 [core/]
a8de116ced : Version bump to TP1A.220624.008 [core/]
af0a439b77 : Version bump to TP1A.220624.007 [core/]
9b2f585765 : Version bump to TP1A.220624.006 [core/]
28ab2d31e7 : Version bump to TP1A.220624.005 [core/]
3aaf633e7e : Version bump to TP1A.220624.004 [core/]
fbd160844d : Version bump to TP1A.220624.003 [core/]
dc356dddec : Version bump to TP1A.220624.002 [core/]
dccd189954 : Do not override setting of SOONG_CONFIG_<m>_module_source_build
9c2f61119c : Change Bluetooth apex mountpoint
52fd4edb47 : Update Security String to 2022-08-01
bfd1aa30f5 : Use the btservices apex for bluetooth stack
39675fb7f3 : Version bump to TP1A.220617.003 [core/]
ee6b08e1a2 : Version bump to TP1A.220617.002 [core/]
2489eee173 : Update Security String to 2022-08-01
9f2be867c4 : Update Security String to 2022-08-05
ad0ef270db : Don't exclude docs build from using prebuilts
7960535739 : Revert "Create lists of projects to share per dist target"
29d723fb4a : Revert "Record license text for every dist target."
84f46a95de : Version bump to TP1A.220613.002 [core/]
70a11a34c0 : Add bluetooth and uwb to the optional modules list
9a5e3d53a8 : Add wifi_module/source_build Soong config variable
cf1595d3e9 : Version bump to TP1A.220610.002 [core/]
6a661f011d : Record license text for every dist target.
570381b746 : Create lists of projects to share per dist target
ccf947490c : Improve flags for compliance tools.
fae08baef5 : Version bump to TP1A.220609.002 [core/]
b5353a160b : Fix license package name and provide license text.
ec5522e776 : Version bump to TP1A.220603.002 [core/]
43d6894ab0 : Version bump to TP1A.220602.002 [core/]
cc924e50f1 : Version bump to TP1A.220601.002 [core/]
f372ce1415 : Disable prebuilts when building with clang coverage
ca7160e531 : Version bump to TP1A.220527.002 [core/]
28f089d9b0 : Slim down the sdk product
09fc47b6ce : Remove unused dependencies from sdk goals
a0ab45384d : Remove notice file for sdk system image
bcece8e777 : Version bump to TP1A.220525.002 [core/]
183b53f429 : Version bump to TP1A.220524.002 [core/]
42d97799f3 : Remove IntentResolver from build
c7b5e2c0ce : Retry: Enable mainline prebuilts on tm-dev branch.
8248deb030 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Update Build ID for APK-in-APEX fix for July
dddc036bd1 : Revert "Enable mainline prebuilts on tm-dev branch."
de9f0b12f1 : Enable mainline prebuilts on tm-dev branch.
e710be2d83 : Version bump to TP1A.220519.003 [core/]
ec7b36fabd : Version bump to TP1A.220519.002 [core/]
38ef68931a : Version bump to TP1A.220518.002 [core/]
50370ff77e : Version bump to TP1A.220517.002 [core/]
596724b8ce : Version bump to TP1A.220516.002 [core/]
bd3ea9e7f2 : Version bump to TP1A.220513.002 [core/]
72178e60bf : Version bump to TP1A.220512.004 [core/]
1596620c59 : Update Security String to 2022-07-01
e359b90082 : Update Security String to 2022-07-05
661ff4fbd2 : Version bump to TP1A.220512.003 [core/]
85998a4a61 : Delete from base_system
8f559e099d : Use non-next NetworkStack
7a00c23e63 : Version bump to TP1A.220512.002 [core/]
acc662e7cb : Version bump to TP1A.220511.002 [core/]
e74f0728ba : Version bump to TP1A.220510.002 [core/]
25d69c8bf5 : Temporary hack for making T->S downgrade work
d047f6968a : Update VNDK core to link to BT Audio HAL V2 library
f4406ca129 : Merge identical key/val pairs in dynamic partition info
0348587a14 : Version bump to TP1A.220506.002 [core/]
f1687f9848 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE platform/build/make - Tiramisu is now REL
788648f63f : Add PLATFORM_VERSION_LAST_STABLE to soong config
a84dc6cb63 : platform/build/make - T is now 33 #2
0b2eb8f45e : Updated vndk list
3c5551d7e2 : Version bump to TP1A.220426.002 [core/]
88c08b1a12 : Version bump to TP1A.220425.002 [core/]
42d6b602e6 : Version bump to TP1A.220422.002 [core/]
f432892e68 : Version bump to TP1A.220421.002 [core/]
540a3f8ec1 : Declare license metadata for copied files.
03230250a3 : vendor_kernel_boot: Update releasetools for vendor_kernel_boot
97064c53ff : Add boot AVB key setting to GSI
3549659a1c : Start script to finalize branch release.
426c7441b0 : Correct abspath implementation
40adb17a1c : Rebuild and copy recovery and boot img when using vendor_otatools
d370a3f7bd : Sort inherited products correctly
85722b807a : Put javac, d8 and r8 rules into RBE ninja pool, take two
5880e85a0f : rust: Add proc_macro NOTICE files
5b9ae52537 : Version bump to TP1A.220415.003 [core/]
a24c755f66 : Do not compress zip file for unit tests.
0488f3da5b : Implement abspath
b667103464 : Version bump to TP1A.220415.002 [core/]
59e4951021 : Revert "Create lists of projects to share per dist target"
701f161eb6 : Allow init_rc files to be installed in ramdisk
5acd436645 : Non-module targets.
8f5c96e17d : Version bump to TP1A.220414.003 [core/]
ae590a3b02 : Remove sepolicy module from system image.
bbe4842e31 : Filter out TV GSI build targets
5bb6e227eb : Version bump to TP1A.220414.002 [core/]
0d76292be2 : Version bump to TP1A.220413.003 [core/]
81f1e92ed8 : Remove usages of long-form variables
e050e8fec0 : Implement enforce_product_packages_exist
ec8316de2e : Optionally dump RBC variables at the end of
1fd4bda634 : Create lists of projects to share per dist target
213095a919 : Rename listshare and checkshare.
61e1dd0da5 : Revert "Merge "Adding flags and logic to sign updateable SEPolicy in APEX" am: 77c1dfa6d9 am: 5a0d81a0be am: 54e08307dc"
b0202fb4ec : Version bump to TP1A.220413.002 [core/]
b03c16badc : Non-module targets.
96afaa2001 : Version bump to TP1A.220412.002 [core/]
69e6d82106 : Revert "Merge "Adding sepolicy sign params to sign_target_files_apks." am: fb042449e0 am: bd8c313275 am: a2db49becd"
dadf7ca475 : Package vts kernel tests in
1c08360ca8 : Evaluate intermediate products properly
5d46c6133b : Allow setting PRODUCT_ENFORCE_ARTIFACT_PATH_REQUIREMENTS to false
97191b2095 : platform/build/make - T is now 33
0c33170c9c : Version bump to TP1A.220411.003 [core/]
5e9086d9e1 : DO NOT MERGE: Change the build ID to M_2022_05.
9d67a905b7 : revert addition of --skip-soong-test flag
98febe223d : Version bump to TP1A.220411.002 [core/]
824608c33d : Implement multitree lunch
e9d876c103 : Version bump to TP1A.220408.002 [core/]
24575c46e3 : Put javac, d8 and r8 rules into RBE ninja pool
d94a8982fd : Add flag to globally override updateable apexes' min_sdk_version
6259a09b7a : Remove unused combine-notice-files macro.
3a0f0c157e : Non-module targets.
c21dc3c8c1 : Make file list by partitions for all lunch targets
971ef8ecd6 : Fix "posix_spawn: Argument list too long" issue
0c791bedb4 : Support building EROFS for GSI targets
b42ddf95d1 : Add flag to globally override updateable apexes' min_sdk_version
ff8d7d7825 : Update Security String to 2022-06-01
ee052ac0e5 : Update Security String to 2022-06-05
ac7febc9c7 : Revert "Revert "Produce mappings of hashes to elf symbols and r8 dictionaries""
2e8bb7989e : Add artifact path requirement support to Starlark
0472730380 : Support `m product-graph` in Starlark product config
2491ad52c1 : Add mksort implementation
59ecb9e016 : Revert "Produce mappings of hashes to elf symbols and r8 dictionaries"
6bb8a1ad22 : Add comment for previous CL
b6fe473734 : change logtags dependency to provide java sources
89a4702555 : prevent unintended m bp2build "" when running b
3570b3ed86 : Produce mappings of hashes to elf symbols and r8 dictionaries
32e413a294 : Fix single value variable inheritance order
56d7c008bc : Revert "Fix inheritance order"
e421668192 : Update to support python3
061d7e6f2b : Support more dependencies for license metadata.
bbc27ea077 : Make dir work on multiple paths
9dcfea86b4 : Version bump to TP1A.220401.003 [core/]
e45ff68740 : Add additional license dependencies for VTS
ef15c8e52a : Version bump to TP1A.220401.002 [core/]
670c587c09 : Fix inheritance order
91a6a8f154 : Version bump to TP1A.220331.002 [core/]
74a4de735b : Make changes to support test_suites for test lib
a8ac282038 : Reset permissions after unzipping jars
7d31be765b : Update VNDK libraries list after the API freeze for TM
a2411e4b68 : Copy com_google_android_bluetooth_services certs for sepolicy
62878a2cef : Remove regex functionality from rbcrun
47dcbeaefb : Build modules from source for module products.
b0f436386f : Support per-partition settings for os_version AVB props
5f0ce9a427 : Version bump to TP1A.220330.003 [core/]
71b315fb2f : Version bump to TP1A.220330.002 [core/]
0a746001b8 : Exclude deprecated variables from dump-variables-rbc
b7e93acc1b : Version bump to TP1A.220329.002 [core/]
11f44e2802 : Always turn on TARGET_BUILD_USE_PREBUILT_SDKS for unbundled build.
ef43149136 : add flag to skip soong tests for b command
b235b690a0 : Remove ALL_GENERATED_SOURCES
db13a58184 : Add implementation of dir function
21bd25c44d : Version bump to TP1A.220328.002 [core/]
41e93ea093 : Add fake_packages to the list of exceptions to INSTALLED_FILES_OUTSIDE_PACKAGES
c13709be92 : Version bump to TP1A.220325.002 [core/]
08e78b9fa4 : Update paths to mk2rbc/rbcrun
8a7277df41 : Remove snapuserd from vendor ramdisk
023d0a6875 : Version bump to TP1A.220324.002 [core/]
31fce2f404 : Fix single value inheritance
c778e4cba4 : Support OUT_DIR for license graph.
8250d2cd9e : Revert "Rename init_boot properties to ro.init_boot.*"
42f00c7b61 : Test suite notices using dependencies.
6a17459edc : Version bump to TP1A.220323.003 [core/]
e416419c0a : Add fsck.erofs to INTERNAL_OTATOOLS_MODULES
975ddf653b : Version bump to TP1A.220323.002 [core/]
d94bb431aa : Add DeviceProduct product varible to Soong
dd5ba7adff : Rebuild and copy recovery patch files when using vendor_otatools
79a76ec581 : Depend on PRODUCT_COPY_FILES that are not in images
a1de5df4bd : Remove ALL_GENERATED_SOURCES
246a5c069a : Rebuild and copy recovery patch files when using vendor_otatools
5be591a6f6 : Removing audio defaults from platform
e4fff4957d : Version bump to TP1A.220322.002 [core/]
7eb29abbde : Version bump to TP1A.220321.002 [core/]
e6d4fb5ae6 : Adding sepolicy sign params to sign_target_files_apks.
b0eac167d9 : Remove the oudated kernel from `INTERNAL_EMULATOR_PACKAGE_FILES`
7358398647 : Fix typo -- no _gz on notice file name.
f252972462 : Add COVERAGE_ZIP to system notice deps.
13f2821712 : Add /system/etc/preloaded-classes in the list of files with fsv_meta.
1d7c7f674e : Roll-forward the VNDK snapshot list of GSI to 32
dbb8d7a3d4 : Apps-only notice file
dbf8a9a050 : Set Soong Config Vars for messaging conversion
d0a9ac08b9 : Re-land "Enable CFI for Bluetooth in new home"
880e4432b9 : Copy vendor & odm .map files when using vendor_otatools
02f023ca04 : Version bump to TP1A.220317.002 [core/]
9351a0be47 : Revert "Remove sepolicy module from system image."
278cdbc75e : Roll-forward the VNDK snapshot list of GSI to 32
2b0dd3bcbd : Revert "Enable CFI for Bluetooth in new home"
c6f0d967cb : Track licenses of dexpreopted bootjars
e271d92159 : Version bump to TP1A.220316.004 [core/]
6c7cce123c : Enable CFI for Bluetooth in new home
f57333f7fc : Make build support vendor_kernel_boot image
029dffaf72 : Cherry pick sdk_sandbox dev keys.
da1e41d1f3 : Expand KNOWN_CODENAMES to cover all entries in Build.VERSION_CODES.
70c07dda93 : Notice files and non-module targets.
ebdefc0c76 : Notice files and non-module targets.
8fe2a621ee : Version bump to TP1A.220316.003 [core/]
df85aac0ad : Version bump to TP1A.220316.002 [core/]
cb1e69c3bf : Remove ethernet-service jar dependency.
f7ad1445d7 : Version bump to TP1A.220315.002 [core/]
d4a054fb40 : Use Make path for system_linker_config
7ee2eaaf79 : Use single module for clang runtime libraries
83eb9f7fb1 : Add ota_extractor to
c4e2754380 : Update extract items call in merge_dexopt.
4a829c5407 : Remove sepolicy module from system image.
3621c8ced8 : Remove ethernet-service jar dependency.
411fac84d6 : Rename init_boot properties to ro.init_boot.*
4e3d6334da : Package llvm-cov in (take 2)
ccf5111f4a : Revert "Package llvm-cov in"
825ae00092 : Update Security String to 2022-05-05
8f3602319f : Update Security String to 2022-05-01
5c55d72c6b : Remove iorapd from base product packages
ecdfb79033 : Split VABC into two .mk files
341915b0f5 : Bump the base sdk extension version in TM
e484239060 : Bump SDK Extension version to 2
f5dfe3ff7b : Bump SDK Extension version to 2
662a2c610a : Clear OS version and patch level fields for GKI boot images
725aab2c83 : Make inherit-product loop over all files passed to it
5f47677f00 : Infer merge configs if not provided.
2465fc8594 : Split the huge merge_target_files script into multiple files.
8f15becda4 : Remove SOONG_CONFIG_art_module_source_build fallback
e9bdbc59f1 : More non-module targets.
dfbfcbfca5 : Convert extension version assignment to be simple
44b364ed7f : Version bump to TP1A.220310.002 [core/]
6d91a8fd28 : Clean up the special cases where we wouldn't be able to use the prebuilt ART module.
2f66fd1bcc : Sundry non-module targets
0f90389993 : Version bump to TP1A.220309.004 [core/]
e30ed7c8da : Add snapuserd/e2fsprogs/f2fs-tools to init_boot partition
70d07602cb : Version bump to TP1A.220309.003 [core/]
289f6e10be : Handle symlink license metadata.
9b255832cd : Fix Markdown formatting.
341fe02903 : validate_target_files: support gki_arm64
bd4f7c7ce7 : Package llvm-cov in
6fab37e78b : Version bump to TP1A.220309.002 [core/]
2b0b9ca1b7 : Moves merge scripts into a new merge folder.
318a464a71 : Fix small typo in ota script options
d6487fb386 : Version bump to TP1A.220308.002 [core/]
799a18c82e : Fix META/care_map.pb generation.
c7c8697a62 : Simplify codes when _LoadOemDicts
e8e5f96581 : DO NOT MERGE: Set display version for T
b87b773042 : Add an option to use Starlark-based configuration by default.
d40c94633b : Clean up product definitions reading.
c6de8d531c : Remove duplicate slashes from find_and_copy results
fd8c869065 : Build modules from source by default.
f54665f42a : Add build flags for legacy EROFS support.
0a04ec1f3b : Accept CLANG_COVERAGE_CONTINUOUS_MODE build variable
84b3a28603 : Add an option to set VABC compression algo
94ad5bb5ef : build_image: Remove
1b7f408996 : Version bump to TP1A.220304.004 [core/]
63cde0fd92 : Allow vendor_otatools arg to be file or folder
c87c9c66e3 : Version bump to TP1A.220304.003 [core/]
5e64b7c3a3 : Version bump to TP1A.220304.002 [core/]
e6d0369d01 : Move comment to license_note
c44f964a5a : Allow missing key for misc_info lookups.
1eac5d0b21 : Version bump to TP1A.220303.003 [core/]
77570059cd : Phony target to report all library names.
d3b6ec274f : Remove Auxiliary from build/target branch.
28b9144321 : Version bump to TP1A.220303.002 [core/]
fc7459ce32 : Version bump to TP1A.220302.002 [core/]
c3b0cc5fde : Pixel Common: system_dlkm: avb hashtree footer
0d67930905 : Replace supplementalprocess with sdksandbox
d51048acdd : Revert "[cc_fuzz] Revert 'disable LTO' patches."
e174c323e1 : Add SPL downgrade option help text
5177fcb28d : Fix releasetools OWNERS for merge.
83f6ef5379 : Rename framework-connectivity-tiramisu to framework-connectivity-t
0374741b7b : Clean up merge_target_files
e205ba3d82 : Version bump to SP2A.220405.004 [core/]
e23ae981cc : Remove product debug files
4cf1e03c1c : Add to OWNERS for merge tooling.
13bbb49c87 : Use single module for clang runtime libraries
4bd37daaec : (1/3) Remove SupplementalApi from BCP.
b8442f02e8 : Add Starlark implementation of add-product-dex-preopt-module-config
6c171a69b2 : Enable Async merge during OTA
18e6cbf289 : Fix is-board-vendor-qcom: do not return a string consisting of whitespace.
be2d7d0ce1 : Ignore cleanup errors.
464378fce2 : Version bump to TP1A.220225.003 [core/]
fbbfbc4723 : Add ART_MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE to control the equivalent soong config variable
45714a047e : Update owner
301ff70e7e : Version bump to TP1A.220225.002 [core/]
e0eb7e8e38 : Remove ostensibly unused host tools notice.
b2219c7052 : Add supported variants to module-info
9ba0734d4c : Make product config handles into structs
8229cef4a3 : Version bump to TP1A.220224.003 [core/]
113da5984a : Remove iorapd from base product packages
a2ae94e689 : (5/6) AdServices setup.
24da1a43bb : releasetools: Update T GKI certification scheme
2f7a108bf2 : Update T GKI certification scheme
2023a530f0 : Version bump to TP1A.220224.002 [core/]
08cae808f4 : Rename supplementalprocess->sdksandbox jars
a77e15a3a3 : Rename SupplementalProcess to SdkSandbox
bbc930b008 : Replace pvmfw embedded public key
3327b9fc79 : Add an ndk product and device
760de672c7 : Fix ota_from_target_files error in non-AB VF
be5c887ced : Enabling Apex in BT
6af6d631c7 : Version bump to TP1A.220223.002 [core/]
d985a75f17 : Version bump to SP2A.220405.003 [core/]
8c7f820512 : Adding BOOT_OS_VERSION for the AVB prop in a boot.img
b4ce54f0ae : Add AdServices module to
3dfbfee02e : Rename framework-connectivity-tiramisu to framework-connectivity-t
0e3b095886 : Change how we set ro.product.first_api_level.
46930d7a85 : Adding flags and logic to sign updateable SEPolicy in APEX
1cd12d795f : Version bump to TP1A.220218.002 [core/]
a6c5912e4d : Fix ota_from_target_files error in non-AB VF
e1c656c0bd : Version bump to SP2A.220405.002 [core/]
24bbb12766 : DO NOT MERGE Designate tm-dev* branches as TM.
b6075c581b : ota_utils: Don't fail if metadata proto doesn't exist
1c48b59aa1 : Revise partition size for system_other.img
07c71ac1b9 : Remove catch + sys.exit idiom
730200ec86 : Make it possible to avoid specifying boot partition sizes.
a84d13bc6e : Remove unnecessary AddCareMapForAbOta() in merge_target_files.
e292f5f105 : Run pyformat on
42ab828754 : Emit warning when build.prop import can't be resolved
900999973e : Sort AB_OTA_PARTITIONS
fd9a21b9bd : Pass the base sdk extension version to soong
e6b498bf2d : Add data_bins to data_dependencies in module-info
b1ebaebd94 : Update to llvm-ar's new argument format
f1e7fb3af7 : Revert "Enable io_uring feature for virtual A/B OTA"
61fa6af5fd : Version bump to TP1A.220216.002 [core/]
293112d59a : Fix warning when running fsverity tools
69c29e1bc3 : Reland "Add a core configuration that disables the zygote."
5e7c564eb6 : Version bump to TP1A.220215.002 [core/]
096de422f6 : Update Security String to 2022-04-05
2b182331a6 : Version bump to TP1A.220214.002 [core/]
12a4295450 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.013 [core/]
5f40e6e46d : Add ondevicepersonalization in build branch.
cc665e54e3 : Add sepolicy prebuilt API dirs to soong config
21118bba67 : Improve error message for GetMinSdkVersion
8cbb845e37 : Add macros for declaring copied file licenses.
5e559715a7 : Version bump to TP1A.220211.003 [core/]
b5195ff5fe : Get build.prop for init_boot.img from the ramdisk props
a0d8ea0999 : Version bump to TP1A.220211.002 [core/]
2d94586cff : Introduce sysprop.
a262e1c7ea : [2/2] Add SupplementalApi to BCP.
42027dc117 : Version bump to TP1A.220210.002 [core/]
0015b6953a : add dmesgd to base system
fa5026c4d8 : Export runtime dependencies in module-info
10adf32047 : Add missing LOCAL_ROTATION_MIN_SDK_VERSION
41a3269dd6 : Update Security String to 2022-04-05
70876143b5 : Fix signing failure when no entry to convert to store
e9b38c175a : Greater-than zero is more idiomatic.
fa91e98985 : Add an misc_info.txt entry to customize VABC compression
5028abccb5 : Support multiple library names per target.
e3fd488fbd : Version bump to TP1A.220209.003 [core/]
166d819fe4 : Support relative key path in VerifiedBootVersion2VerityImageBuilder
756b56125a : Fix python3 errors: "TypeError: write() argument must be str, not bytes"
404012020f : Update text in lunch menu for clarity
6266f2844d : Version bump to TP1A.220209.002 [core/]
7ecb0ec9f8 : system_dlkm: add to the non AB ota
960c7a4db7 : Version bump to TP1A.220208.003 [core/]
f72860ce18 : Enable io_uring feature for virtual A/B OTA
2912b901ff : [cc_fuzz] Revert 'disable LTO' patches.
4135c3bd58 : Version bump to TP1A.220208.002 [core/]
2ea0660bc7 : Version bump to TP1A.220207.004 [core/]
846f285d55 : Update APK parser to be compatible with new signer output
9d021e996b : Fix small misuse of pass
1bcdd24ad9 : Pass --makefile_list to rbc board configuration
df60c0bb14 : Update default system Proguard config rules
5ff4380b5d : Add a keys argument to tapas
a07f6801bb : Version bump to TP1A.220207.003 [core/]
db4e956dc1 : Fix typos in telephony_vendor product makefile
fe3d2e672a : Revert "Add a core configuration that disables the zygote."
39259ec1a4 : A custom APEX signing tool with --signing_args
4d237f2f99 : Version bump to TP1A.220207.002 [core/]
d6b0a87ed7 : Add GLOBAL_CLANG_EXTERNAL_CFLAGS_NO_OVERRIDE to third-party code
49dd4f75ff : Add support for a product name as well as title.
1dff6a108e : Version bump to TP1A.220204.003 [core/]
548625f8b1 : Version bump to TP1A.220204.002 [core/]
3d22bd726e : Version bump to TP1A.220203.004 [core/]
0d388948d5 : Version bump to TP1A.220203.003 [core/]
2d5d7a53d1 : Version bump to TP1A.220203.002 [core/]
682e1bae57 : Regularize command-line flags.
f87922450e : license metadata xml notice files
834f5d458f : Store EROFS images uncompressed
4f8f972a5b : Add zhangkelvin@ as owner for release tools scripts
c0f85017c9 : Version bump to TP1A.220202.003 [core/]
a2e5fd115f : Version bump to TP1A.220202.002 [core/]
608bdff0a7 : Add support for gzipping html output.
4bbb8dd86d : Move pvmfw.img to PREBUILT_IMAGES temporarily
46f200a083 : Version bump to TP1A.220201.002 [core/]
275b1272d6 : Version bump to TP1A.220131.003 [core/]
c817845ea5 : license metadata reverse trace
91af68b1e1 : Fix copy+paste error.
bb45f8c74d : Track dependencies when reading notice files
fbba710c4f : Version bump to TP1A.220131.002 [core/]
13a4137929 : core & tools: system_dlkm: add dynamic partition
8eac089eef : Update Security String to 2022-04-01
dd3598da56 : Output inherit trace as Make comments.
e4fee8d7ac : Version bump to TP1A.220128.004 [core/]
e90cc6f27b : Version bump to TP1A.220128.003 [core/]
7f49a67d0d : Add a keys argument to tapas
a60add20d0 : Version bump to TP1A.220128.002 [core/]
c19c517894 : Add a core configuration that disables the zygote.
d0f05c9eda : Move compliance commands into subdirectories
38a6193180 : Give compliance a pkgPath
2c51bd1d49 : Move policy subdirectory into package directory
179ec3e55e : Fix errors caught by go vet in compliance package
35f79c37aa : Run gofmt on compliance
658172d982 : Add a version code and version name to fsverity manifest APK
b837b7170b : Skip generating care_map for non-AB updates
f175801f62 : Fix bug where VABC xor is used on unsupported builds
2546febca7 : license metadata bill of materials list
49a416a68a : Version bump to TP1A.220127.002 [core/]
00c8a38714 : license metadata shipped libraries list
6b7769358f : Revert "Turn off adb on user builds."
6ea1457c9b : license metadata html notice files
e6fdd1403b : license metadata text notice files
10105b8157 : Fix RBC incremental builds
7377c6fd6b : Version bump to TP1A.220126.002 [core/]
bd0c8c1673 : Set JDK 11 for robolectric test configuration
e20042c5f8 : Revert^2 "Add framework-auxiliary to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS"
cc1f5e43aa : Revert "Update minimum supported targetSdk to 28."
27c5377bab : Version bump to TP1A.220125.002 [core/]
0ae8ff8077 : Revert "Add framework-auxiliary to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS"
d2c7c08e7c : Fix licenses and license texts.
bdef28f2ee : releasetools: system_dlkm: add image to dist zip
034e777339 : core/Makefile: system_dlkm: Copy image for dist
30cd8fd01e : Version bump to TP1A.220124.002 [core/]
7918526355 : Update minimum supported targetSdk to 28.
57e8549480 : Move nearby apex to tethering
107c452265 : core/Makefile: system_dlkm: Fix non avb dep typo
cce4c7d3a9 : Add framework-auxiliary to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS
96dfc7cde3 : Version bump to TP1A.220121.003 [core/]
1065523a5e : Add support to build system_dlkm.img
4bd749bf38 : Generalize @Keep annotation Proguard rules
13f6bb4879 : Fix phony target warning for LOCAL_ROTATION_MIN_SDK_VERSION.
eec848fd6a : Remove GKI from gsi_$arch
5ac60161fc : Version bump to TP1A.220121.002 [core/]
02f0df83fc : Lower severity of 3 tidy warnings
d70bd88c36 : Version bump to TP1A.220120.003 [core/]
b42c464cf6 : Remove the duplicate RBE_CXX_COMPARE config.
35b69f698d : Fix initbootimage .PHONY target
5baca438e6 : Add nfc HAL ndk to gsi
ece94e6807 : Version bump to TP1A.220120.002 [core/]
670db6f513 : Version bump to TP1A.220119.003 [core/]
85db3089d5 : Version bump to TP1A.220119.002 [core/]
4ff406c4a1 : Revert "Set an empty persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib.2 to simplify debug apex testing."
74be28c733 : Add framework-connectivity-tiramisu to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS
6ee2f51885 : Version bump to TP1A.220118.002 [core/]
e6b8497408 : Revert "Set a BIONIC_COVERAGE .mk variable"
22006fb420 : Add services-supplementalprocess to system server classpath
6fe2fc031f : Add erofs compressor type param
554c8bee14 : Fix formatting error
d67c8e4569 : Add android.hardware.usb-V1 to vndk
2a31f3df87 : Migrate to python3.
fb413fb586 : Version bump to TP1A.220114.003 [core/]
50930076a2 : Set an empty persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib.2 to simplify debug apex testing.
aa5fc6ecbd : Remove clatd
36054e2daf : releasetools: Android T GKI certification scheme
b27b0470df : Revert "Add GnssVisibilityControl AIDL to VNDK"
2972f7b34a : Version bump to TP1A.220114.002 [core/]
30786b428f : Version bump to TP1A.220113.003 [core/]
67553739e3 : Fix check_tf failure when duplicate package names are present
cced136e8c : Add PHONY target to make haiku-java target
616e295786 : Add IAllocator stable-aidl to VNDK
c7226590e6 : Dump soong config variables in dump-variables-rbc
05525826b3 : Version bump to TP1A.220113.002 [core/]
f2728d615e : Add option to enable lz4diff
3f7acd943c : Add to
00bf3d9b29 : Regression testcase for shipped vs nonshipped.
99dba55b4b : Fix typo in doc: code segment for container dot
103eb0f9bc : Performance and scale.
5446a6f8e1 : Use struct{}
67d8ae390a : Fold annotations.
fdc2cd300e : Remove win_sdk
f282f5521d : Add boot*.img to default dist target if PRODUCT_EXPORT_BOOT_IMAGE_TO_DIST
44fb3619d1 : Android T GKI certification scheme
221628f342 : Updates OWNERS file
63a281cc29 : Do not append .meta_lic to meta_lic
6877e81467 : Embed host in target_files
891d7f1499 : Version bump to TP1A.220110.002 [core/]
efbb6ffa00 : Add min_sdk_version to BuildManifest.apk
fe91d896ee : Make mandatory
2e272df576 : Make mandatory
33f973fd2a : Fix init_boot partition AVB signing
389f21950c : Update security string to 2022-03-01
8193900f87 : Change ifneq(,$(A) $(B)) to ifneq(,$(strip $(A) $(B)))
58472e8609 : Add an option to specify the path to aapt2.
410bb389d8 : Add option to enable zucchini
98ef7bb157 : Fix GetCareMap for small images
fb3ef8a59f : Generate .fsv_meta for more files
be1029af71 : Add missing dependencies of fs-verity manifest APK
dd70d1cb7c : Version bump to TP1A.220107.002 [core/]
934aaaffa6 : Add sepolicy compat versions to soong config
6ed651473f : Add camera aidl interfaces
3d5ae80f50 : Write signature size even when it's empty
135c1f144f : Move fsverity metadata generation to Makefile
7a9fee0a20 : Version bump to TP1A.220106.002 [core/]
9b2584170e : Unconditionally copy the system build.prop into target_files archive
68684bea79 : Move manifest generation logic into
88fc2bdd19 : Avoid packing ramdisk into GKI boot-*.img
6abae30df6 : Add
408c7e40a5 : Add and
b225d8c499 : Verbose warning message for PRODUCT_INSTALL_DEBUG_POLICY_TO_SYSTEM_EXT
d4691ecfb6 : Show directories and files with most warnings.
beb0b6927c : Add PRODUCT_EXTRA_OTA_KEYS to add extra ota keys in
cd6de3d8bb : Remove GKI_SIGNING args from recovery & debug boot image build rules
724565d885 : Export test data dependencies in module-info
98bbb48dfd : Add to vndk
cda41f0709 : Add prebuilt init_boot.img to PREBUILT_IMAGES/
8d4b72405e : Fix the signing error on no-system-image targets
e691aef7b1 : Calls check-and-set-avb-args() when the system.img exists
4f62aa0899 : Fix images-for-partitions() for 'init_boot'
c230b0b0c9 : Fix build error on empty root folder
547ca205ae : Convert to python 3
06cc018629 : --sign_tool is an optional flag applicable to virtApex.
b30a23cca2 : Re-landing "removing"
15b89d8fcd : Don't require current.txt order.
446ed63a66 : Version bump to TP1A.211223.002 [core/]
9c261d0b07 : Add Soong variable for optimizing SystemUI Java
49377db572 : Update comments for Makefile variables about APEX jars.
0ab9187f01 : Revert "Removing"
5d2cf578d6 : Removing
eae45315cd : Write files in a temporary directory
1637c37d21 : Fix make conditional
0d0ca5d6a0 : Fix some python2/3 migration issues
e7b222aa9e : Update comment up to date
bfe25fe702 : Add sepolicy prebuilt dirs and variables to config
afdd7c74bc : Update releasetools for new init_boot.img
380d9e445c : Build a new init_boot.img that contains the boot ramdisk
b27bb3b16d : Add the remaining entries to PRODUCT_APEX_STANDALONE_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS
f9ce357613 : Add symlink for system_dlkm modules
aae373f984 : Version bump to TP1A.211220.003 [core/]
d8f5cca134 : Update Security String to 2022-02-05
7c2973a0da : Version bump to TP1A.211220.002 [core/]
52b2c3458f : Update Security String to 2022-02-05
49bd333d40 : Version bump to SQ1A.220205.002 [core/]
d9675cc22d : Merge "Update vndk list with dice hal libraries." am: 06c7e31f01 am: 608be6d592
ddb0c8afb9 : Version bump to TP1A.211216.002 [core/]
4361c2b659 : (1/4) Empty APIs for SupplementalApi module.
f06a350b1c : Version bump to TP1A.211215.002 [core/]
75d42d7fac : Add framework-connectivity-tiramisu to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS
067492988a : fsverity_metadata: Support PEM key
2d03493341 : Add fsverity_metadata_generator helper binary
d8c520303c : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2022-02-05
627b72a105 : Add framework-connectivity-tiramisu to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS
6dd962fdda : Preserve all COMPATIBILITY_SUITES values in module-info
4db91af70c : Create $(findstring) starlark implementation
6082d0aeb5 : Add --avb_recovery_* options to replace recovery avb key
b1b4e1e38b : Set a BIONIC_COVERAGE .mk variable
71d9919322 : Revert^2 "Reuse license metadata files from Soong"
81b167693f : Revert "Reuse license metadata files from Soong"
f0335310f7 : Update vndk list with dice hal libraries.
51c455bdb2 : Refactor sepolicy version related codes
3203cba181 : Export words function
c8c516a89b : Strip ODM_MANIFEST_SKUS
8c34de79b2 : Version bump to TP1A.211209.002 [core/]
8d96c7303c : Bump GSI PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to 31
fdff6b1e9c : Allow multiple patterns in rblf_wildcard
b285515ca1 : license metadata remove path on top-down walk
8820840d57 : Add basic Darwin+Arm64 support as HOST_CROSS
d0f600a074 : Add BoardPlatVendorPolicy to soong config
392a0db18d : Roll-forward the VNDK snapshot list of GSI
0a9a11da06 : Add Wifi supplicant AIDL interface support.
3a820dd5a0 : license metadata performance
bfdd246130 : Enable userspace snapshots for OTA
ed499b61a4 : Version bump to TP1A.211207.003 [core/]
8bfa7cd0ea : Add GnssVisibilityControl AIDL to VNDK
6e9913648d : Version bump to TP1A.211207.002 [core/]
afaeb6ae5f : compliance package documentation
6dd0035e04 : compliance package: listshare and checkshare
1ded0a1b18 : compliance package: dumpresolutions
fa739da020 : compliance package for license metadata: dumpgraph
05bc7a1d9d : Update Security String to 2022-01-05
9ee7d03e1c : compliance package policy and resolves
a99ac620dd : compliance package structures for license metadata
4f8dd6fe45 : Reuse license metadata files from Soong
52a0c97e5a : Revert "Revert "Move meta_lic files into per-module intermediates directories""
99f5c768c7 : Add erofs tools in target
5de955389f : Version bump to TP1A.211203.002 [core/]
f1f49bb910 : Pass input variables to product config
e41ad14f58 : Revert "Move meta_lic files into per-module intermediates directories"
2819a5beed : Add Soong variable for optimizing system Java
19c09265c1 : Version bump to TP1A.211202.002 [core/]
49f052d155 : [cc/sanitize] Re-enable new pass manager for fuzzer targets
2cd7bb5126 : Update current.txt for DRM AIDL changes
9e5ff9876d : Version bump to SQ1A.220105.002 [core/]
44858d35ce : Move meta_lic files into per-module intermediates directories
37d4929586 : Explicitly set EROFS compression parameter
3be5b72ad6 : Correctly copy the board configuration input variables
2f76f90616 : Revert "Temporarily remove the care_map in the ota package"
009d6f8c73 : build_image: Query the actual image size after invoking the final mkfs.
29bb6132c8 : Strip more board config variables
143af9284f : Remove duplicate includes of BUILD_NOTICE_FILE
c06f0627c3 : Embed zucchini version info in target_files
52e5d9c776 : Define $(PRODUCT_OUT) before running the board config
44ffb21e53 : Add a variable to specify standalone system server jars.
000ad3cf5a : Update Security String to 2022-01-05
3fed5bbbab : Remove `gdbserver` from `PRODUCT_PACKAGES_DEBUG` in ``.
cf713d429b : Use Android fonts as they are for layoutlib native
a6568e00e2 : Remove 26.0 and 27.0 compat support
c9ec59c72a : Sort PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS automatically.
1917e4e047 : Use dex2oat64 on 64-bit-only builds
344c0bf0cd : Add dumpstate device AIDL HAL packages to target/product/gsi/current.txt
e04aaf2f4c : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2022-01-05
b044c90302 : Created supplemental_process certificate and private key
00496c1683 : Sort PRODUCT_APEX_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS automatically.
6a012266a1 : Ensure there are no empty paths in ANDROID_BUILD_PATHS and PATH.
5588a88969 : Change type of TARGET_BUILD_APPS from bool to list
be6d5f13b2 : Exclude predefined variables from board config
c549841617 : SignApk - change signature of readPassword to use char[] instead
65672df61f : SignApk - use existing password mechanism when using keystore
4bb6145e88 : Version bump to TP1A.211123.002 [core/]
f0d7d8ff73 : Return product config variables from board_configuration
36af601dd4 : Version bump to TP1A.211122.002 [core/]
4fc3aa0bc3 : Fix signapk not found error when running ota_from_target_files locally
91964c82e3 : Configure boot image profiles for platform and unbundled ART module builds (reland).
05a3f808eb : Version bump to TP1A.211119.002 [core/]
da166c5ad4 : Make SOONG_HOST_OUT an alias for HOST_OUT
7dc8f486c2 : Update conversion results file only when it changed.
8ad45ec83a : Version bump to TP1A.211118.002 [core/]
c20dd972a9 : Runtime reporting of the conversion errors.
91fc734100 : Runtime support for dist-for-goals.
f42c7d6be1 : Extract primary APK from apk sets in Soong
5ebaf6ecfb : Version bump to TP1A.211117.002 [core/]
0cc94d3275 : Add notdir implementation
8dc106e599 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.010 [core/]
39d7b2bb93 : Add
2ac33aa153 : Revert "Revert "Add framework-supplementalprocess to PRODUCT_APE..."
7a70db721b : Always default to 1.9 for host java modules in files
314b562dc0 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.009 [core/]
2f4692bf31 : Don't assume _soong_config_namespaces_key is present
362f55af96 : Always default to 1.9 for host java modules in files
42f68fbf39 : Revert back to 12 instead of 12L
1fa82bee12 : Revert "Add framework-supplementalprocess to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS"
a7e1611118 : Revert "Configure boot image profiles for platform and unbundled ART module"
c1d4512e02 : Add missing apksigner dependency
276b8c0230 : Add recovery service_contexts.
ae48bc0499 : Add servicemanager.recovery to
9920f10d00 : Version bump to TP1A.211112.002 [core/]
d96be59972 : Merge soong_{cc,rust}
83bfe5a0ed : check_target_vintf: Properly glob Vintf file list
f9c32620f4 : Version bump to TP1A.211111.002 [core/]
1bcaafcbdd : Add unbundled IntentResolver to base_system.
65a7e5e2bd : S V2 is now REL
1f925ed13e : Configure boot image profiles for platform and unbundled ART module builds.
d5a573352a : S V2 is now REL
f69346e0a8 : Add fsverity digest manifest
b73f8dcc05 : Revert "Add fsverity test key"
9cda397948 : Implement fsverity metadata generator
5c6410edee : Record ALL_DEPS by default.
b049191e78 : Fix python3 incompatiable code
f830b74636 : Temporarily remove the care_map in the ota package
70a886c7ce : Add soong_config_get
e81ec6960a : Fix BOARD_SYSTEMSDK_VERSIONS checks
1d0fd2cb91 : Add oatdump and dexdump to
4b588cf75a : Skip signing key check in some cases
5856cfbf82 : Temporarily remove the care_map in the ota package
689c3fb5d7 : Fix product single value variables failed issue
47cfffea79 : Move java install rules into Soong
a69b809425 : Don't create compatibility suite copy rules for installed path
a603a503be : Version bump to TP1A.211108.002 [core/]
cf5c18aa8e : Clean SOONG_HOST_OUT for moving rust and sh_binary modules
d954ea888a : Add missing dependency from module name to symlinks
c76931fe8b : Use python 3 for release tools
c2becd087a : Disallow setting LOCAL_MODULE_STEM for android packages
6b6df5cf69 : Remove fira_android uwb package from VNDK
652a11deb6 : Version bump to TP1A.211105.002 [core/]
32ce1a4113 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.008 [core/]
30ae089556 : Do not disable prebuilts for sdk builds
38e7587660 : Add framework-supplementalprocess to PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS
b820bcd829 : Prepare release tools for python 3
985fa48a98 : Make starlark board configuration work with sdk_phone_x86_64
2639048c21 : Fix a failure in signing test
9b6d4ec01b : Add a compressor types option
1ee26cae73 : Convert .meta_lic files to textproto
879cfa867d : Add macros for non-module license metadata and deps
1e84e94b45 : Version bump to TP1A.211102.003 [core/]
365249c0d5 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.007 [core/]
591e6a8f3f : S V2 is now 32
12117c5e6c : Version bump to TP1A.211102.002 [core/]
b186183ae2 : vintf recovery install parity w/ init_rc
dc24dde206 : Version bump to TP1A.211101.003 [core/]
bca6483b07 : Move tools compiled by Soong to HOST_OUT_EXECUTABLES
ea842fa272 : Version bump to TP1A.211101.002 [core/]
5f5e2362fa : Add share_libs and system_share_libs to module-info
bd9b9b0226 : Remove unnecessary RBE sourcing in
23ee375a4a : Support generating install rules in Soong
6c7714e79b : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.006 [core/]
b6931f2f5b : Add a build-time check for dexpreopting system server jars.
440467376e : Use findstring to check MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE
53a14bc621 : Add
a95ab436f6 : Add ability to set --rotation-min-sdk-version for signapk.
8caba5e14e : Support custom APEX signing tool
0f5a41da56 : sign_apex --sign_tool
c4b7b34b4b : fix releasetools_test
aa6cbad094 : Version bump to TP1A.211027.002 [core/]
68d2f8ce91 : Don't package mdnsd for the host.
81641afae4 : Allow data wipe for full OTAs
42bb7e851e : Add sensors AIDL HAL VNDK interfaces
8e7cdf65d1 : SignApk - support loading private keys from pkcs#11 keystore
d919ea43b0 : Version bump to TP1A.211026.003 [core/]
7693ec7e03 : Deprecate system server jars defined in
01b140d7f1 : Add health to VNDK list
3e152e8219 : Version bump to TP1A.211026.002 [core/]
240ebf5427 : Version bump to TP1A.211025.004 [core/]
a64c7ef9a7 : Version bump to TP1A.211025.003 [core/]
3e1923867a : Support -s in installmod command
3370ad5b70 : Add board_platform_in/board_platform_is runtime functions.
dc154164db : Better Soong namespace support in the RBC runtime.
da2f56ebe4 : Provide abspath for backward compatibility.
ac34aa3245 : Version bump to TP1A.211025.002 [core/]
1800037026 : Version bump to TP1A.211022.002 [core/]
b464ce6bb8 : Version bump to TP1A.211021.002 [core/]
2107a731b4 : Rename cmd/main.go to cmd/canoninja.go
644d60c175 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.005 [core/]
53d8aa9e90 : Version bump to SP1A.211105.004 [core/]
e963c86be5 : Version bump to TP1A.211020.002 [core/]
26c705f764 : A tool to facilitate large ninja files comparison.
ffb366ee99 : Revert "Renames boot-debug-*.img in GSI targets"
349dc07933 : Shrink Mac builds
53c98f7f6d : Remove sdk-linux-x86.atree as well
cda6aa38b8 : Add to
c0fde810ba : Provide is-vendor-board-qcom macro.
c5d5bb424f : Better Soong config namespace support makefile macros.
2c4ba909db : Version bump to TP1A.211015.003 [core/]
dfc8069c18 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.004 [core/]
39b81cdc7a : Remove old build-tools/platform-tools SDK implementation
92f08702dd : Stop building boot-(debug|with-debug-ramdisk)-*.img for GSI/GKI
10255c8946 : Add fsverity test key
56296f5660 : Version bump to TP1A.211015.002 [core/]
30d6e67ed5 : Version bump to TP1A.211014.002 [core/]
98dc00d7dd : Revert "Set VNDK version to current for module builds"
2a781692ae : sign_target_files_apks: adding --allow_gsi_debug_sepolicy
c3dd531992 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.003 [core/]
0b9a4be973 : gsi: Add android uwb commands package
e95122ea14 : Fix formatting of rbcrun errors
af485891dc : Version bump to TP1A.211013.002 [core/]
64b351b882 : Add pcluster and deduplication support for erofs images.
d29e5371e1 : Add blocklist support for EROFS.
a598487d35 : Version bump to SQ1A.211205.002 [core/]
83ac8b7481 : Revert "Set VNDK version to current for module builds"
271dab6ceb : Clean up code duplication in
0551d14073 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update SPL to 2021-12-05
28b5a7c806 : Revert "Clean up code duplication in"
7fb46e75b2 : Update SPL to 2021-12-05
fd54f03d1b : Use the Soong output as the checkbuild target
5f4aa6c057 : Re-enable disable_sparse properties.
aac502fa31 : Clean up code duplication in
f36e01de61 : Add new clang-tidy and clang warning patterns
00addb0d28 : Add f2fs.fsck to vendor_ramdisk.
d8248af3c8 : Add pvmfw.img to IMAGES for BUILT_TARGET_FILES_PKG
2c473e9067 : Version bump to TP1A.211006.002 [core/]
9942f4e51e : Cleanup dependencies of debug boot images
a62cc8a864 : Revert "Stop building boot-debug-*.img for GKI"
bf27e97d42 : Version bump to TP1A.211004.002 [core/]
fd4802435c : Allow compatibility suite also build a test list
3bda0d6992 : Add generic board-agnostic pre-built pvmfw.img
fa8193c0e9 : Add framework for building the pvmfw.img partition
88648d33c9 : Stop assuming that pvmfw.img can only be pre-built
e5e7a2d531 : Add RBC board configuration
6ee7791149 : Version bump to SQ1A.211001.002 [core/]
42904d1346 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE: Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default (reland 2). am: f68bd2db71"
ef55f6f736 : Version bump to TP1A.211001.003 [core/]
e4c1af5cf9 : Version bump to TP1A.211001.002 [core/]
fe6ef7c08a : BOARD_SYSTEMSDK_VERSIONS should depend on BOARD_*_API_LEVEL if it exists
6c51a43bcc : Dedup build rules of ramdisk-(debug|test-harness).img
870ea163c2 : Build vendor_ramdisk[-debug].img if building vendor_boot.img
f52a20dfc3 : Revert "Port sdk_slim_x86_64 from rvc-emu-dev."
838dcece45 : Remove removed selinux prebuilts from $PATH
ddec79ce54 : Remove unused variable SKIP_BOOT_JARS_CHECK.
f1679a0c1d : Stop building boot-debug-*.img for GKI
4d7c613c58 : Refactor build logic of boot-debug & vendor_boot-debug
95339b0d91 : Make GSI target to export bootimage to DIST
de8cb75662 : Version bump to TP1A.210929.002 [core/]
c9b330cacc : Update base sdk extension version to 1
e96edc34ce : Fix parsing issues in
ee8cd58a85 : Show mk2rbc warnings when they occur
0663ae4f58 : Fix build break for vendor freeze
aba5c9eacd : Fix aosp_x86_64-user build failure
f7523888d8 : Remove dalvik.vm.dex2oat-updatable-bcp-packages-file.
f4017412e2 : Support per-testcase directories in all test suites
382824ecef : Version bump to SQ1A.210924.002 [core/]
3dc68f1750 : Return find_and_copy result in sorted order.
e8652d4cd1 : Separate output from diagnostics in Starlark product configuration.
d40d176dba : create a makefile that holds non AB device setting
82fa604b79 : Add
3bb6c9448b : Add new clang and clang-tidy warning patterns
a2a5db4466 : Renames boot-debug-*.img in GSI targets
44f762a766 : Move copy rule for system server jars from dexpreopt_gen to makefiles.
3628138f4c : Add IRadio modules to VNDK
659e044b98 : Version bump to SP1A.211105.003 [core/]
40a821f600 : Allow changing the EROFS compressor.
5a3729b2ba : Remove MAINDEXCLASSES
707e6f5ac8 : Refactor generate-image-prop-dictionary.
6ec40ea3c8 : Version bump to TP1A.210922.002 [core/]
519c2211d5 : Add IRadio modules to VNDK
97278c1828 : Revert "update build rules to use /data/local/tests/unrestricted"
b32e1479ef : Make native.bridge property overridable
b74088f8b0 : rust: Add EXTRA_CONFIGS to rust test template
1c6dad568d : [IRadioConfig] Adding to VNDK
e0707317d9 : [IRadioConfig] Adding to VNDK
330c04d05f : [IRadioConfig] Adding to VNDK
3a1764f8be : Add is-board-platform2/is-board-platform-in-list2
c3fa5c5a55 : Version bump to SP1A.211105.002 [core/]
e7cb2e6c8a : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2021-11-05
4cd8622686 : Version bump to TP1A.210917.002 [core/]
b2220c2990 : Make global config depend on version defaults.
0e4eba1544 : Remove module_name_to_label short circuit from m.
b44ef6b832 : Version bump to TP1A.210916.002 [core/]
616e7fd9b6 : Stop disting monolithic SDK for Mac SDK builds
2bf33c458f : move cts-test-coverage
26b9e3ba31 : Add
cda1f3768f : Move the stable code from to
78554ea568 : Build vendor images first when rebuilding with vendor_otatools.
0f4f449343 : Revert^2 "Add the cts-platform-version check"
712cf0a586 : Revert "Add the cts-platform-version check"
d416dae347 : Add more sepolicy variables to soong_config
2b2b87fe80 : Ensure RBE_CXX_POOL and RBE_JAVA_POOL variables work as expected
65c38e6610 : Update Security String to 2021-11-05
948f7fa552 : Update Security String to 2021-11-05
df73d1b473 : Zipalign: Avoid unnecessary padding
e086f7222e : Revert "Rebuild vendor images in sign_target_files_apks with vendor otatools."
a736c45a95 : update build rules to use /data/local/tests/unrestricted
1d7923e7d8 : Move the stable code from to
89c09d9ab9 : Add the cts-platform-version check
cb6ea4a2a7 : Clean up gki-5.4 related rules in GSI
1011d45f5b : Zipalign: Remove unused variables
9a9da6024c : Move the stable code from to
6a54633796 : Make the script python3.
1335903d4e : Move the stable code from to
be609fb144 : Add fake host snapshot support
bbdd255ad7 : Create Bazel BUILD targets and Bazel rule for logtag file conversion.
6552727e03 : Avoid too much reserved_size for erofs image
8b50dea627 : Fix arguments passed to llvm-readobj
41d81b4d23 : Version bump to SQ1A.210910.002 [core/]
58c4535b7e : Re-call BUILD_NOTICE_FILE for modules that add deps
e7ab38d964 : Add option to override minor version
a1094e9f0c : Rebuild vendor images in sign_target_files_apks with vendor otatools.
4bb4d1fb91 : Skip building boot-(test-harness|debug).img if not needed
0cc2245fda : Version bump to TP1A.210909.002 [core/]
ffa1d57819 : Avoid repeated building of erofs image
c68e0808ae : Add Radio AIDL to VNDK
2bbe1fe2d4 : Add
59f77a7249 : Add Radio AIDL to VNDK
043f3a1897 : Remove soong_docs from droidcore.
994e4a54f4 : Disable the delete_all_keys feature for GSI
0447622dc3 : Move the stable code from to
9c2fea67e9 : Add the cts-platform-version check
3fef660fae : Replace GENERATE_BAZEL_FILES=1 with "m bp2build".
607138be38 : Allow overriding SOONG_CONFIG_art_module_source_build to false.
77e3146600 : Handle warning lines from RBE
e2ee9bc7fa : Allow overriding SOONG_CONFIG_art_module_source_build to false.
37f0cebe6d : Add Radio AIDL to VNDK
0be212e3ca : Version bump to SP1A.210812.016 [core/]
2e5ff38e62 : Version bump to TP1A.210901.002 [core/]
9e95a02a87 : Don't sparse right-sized ext4 and erofs images.
1250bcab0a : Allow user to manually override enable_vabc_xor
414ca429cf : Check for vintf compatiblity early in generation process
9b8082c2d4 : Add new make variables for extension SDK version
bd16ada6a5 : Add new make variables for extension SDK version
56b1cc0f7f : Add the cts-platform-version check
17063cfcb0 : Fix generate-userimage-prop-dictionary getting called unnecessarily.
2df8730d95 : Add new make variables for extension SDK version
2ea7e6ecad : Add new make variables for extension SDK version
e619b6d3ed : Version bump to SP1A.210812.015 [core/]
9187ecf7bd : Version bump to SP1A.210812.014 [core/]
2297d9a395 : Fix: print namespace variable names, too.
f00e35ecae : If filter/filter_out pattern is a list, remove empty elements from it.
3ec61b4730 : Add missing custom kernel module targets
3aa50b02bc : Revert "Update Security String to 2021-10-06"
757dc6997a : Update Security String to 2021-10-06
178de6308c : Propagate USE_HOST_MUSL to Soong
1d75e88a96 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.011 [core/]
d189ab71f3 : Add product-copy-files-by-pattern
5d9a35d9dd : Version bump to SP1A.210812.010 [core/]
09af254c8f : Add a prompt to try out RBE for local builds
8c54396580 : Strip recovery kernel modules by default
e4d924a377 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.009 [core/]
f442ccc133 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.008 [core/]
4a94bb884a : Fix add_soong_config_namespace/add_soong_config_var macros
b673bbfbb2 : Add zucchini to
30191d9e87 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.007 [core/]
6797bfaac1 : Fix copy_files implementation
6b795dc6a5 : Add find_files builtin, use it to fix find_and_copy implementation
81699d0670 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.006 [core/]
d2cb51b978 : core/ this would become AOSP master so use AOSP.MASTER
ed1f09cf4a : Support product-copy-files-by-pattern macro
e7a10a29da : Update Security String to 2021-10-05
c2ae0e5bbb : API coverage Copy generated API list during building cc_library to cc_apis/
33fc244de5 : Roll-forward the VNDK snapshot list of GSI
eeed54febf : Version bump to SP1A.210812.004 [core/]
412a0da66f : Most of the TARGET_COPY_OUT_xxx variables are not constant
8d0fb2d4f5 : Add Wifi HostApd AIDL interface support.
22aa944637 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.003 [core/]
ad427381b9 : Respect VABC Xor prop in ota_from_target_files
46800cac23 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.002 [core/]
ef24da16ec : Version bump to TP1A.210812.002 [core/]
4ae4381fcc : Add uwb apex/jars to top level makefiles
3c569799ca : Fix rblf_file_exists, it should return true for a directory, too.
8c14a5e254 : Rename UpdatableSystemServerJars to ApexSystemServerJars.
522c8b10bf : Rename UpdatableBootJars to ApexBootJars.
88920a431f : Add uwb HAL ndk to gsi
ec618233f3 : Version bump to SQ1A.210806.004 [core/]
67a38dad72 : Version bump to SQ1A.210806.003 [core/]
e1af00ba56 : Detect bad zip files.
1024d6a17f : Fix kernel module build of custom image
142beae6eb : Version bump to SQ1A.210806.002 [core/]
bcda23488c : Add a build prop for go/vabc-xor
7cab7503e2 : Make apex util detect if hashtree is present
4a0b3682ec : Version bump to TP1A.210806.002 [core/]
289fb6cad0 : Remove MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE=true for coverage builds
ff3051aeb2 : Remove
2ed505c254 : Move core-icu4j to PRODUCT_UPDATABLE_BOOT_JARS.
8c63356702 : Always build modules in GSI from source
3ca7ebb490 : Version bump to SP1A.210805.002 [core/]
a4140d22df : releasetools: better logs.
596874af42 : Soong namespaces should be initialized
8d97bf5327 : Integrate Starlark-based configuration runner
ca3dc5678f : Update codename for sc-v2-dev to Sv2
1210b6efa8 : Drop pinner.pin_camera=false from the default prop.
cc2f12f133 : Rename T to Tiramisu
8b49c341f4 : Version bump to TP1A.210803.002 [core/]
87c4655f07 : Fix typo.
99dffee4c6 : Don't use prebuilt modules for sanitizer builds.
945184174c : Don't use mainline prebuilts for coverage builds.
b09a36c8eb : Fix typo for ODM prop files
f36ea80ea3 : Move init.vndk-*.rc to system_ext/etc/gsi
87f60017b9 : Adding vendor_boot-test-harness.img
fb3490f992 : Version bump to SP1A.210729.003 [core/]
a93e3d9985 : Implement copy_files function
8cb3aab588 : Version bump to SP1A.210729.002 [core/]
c106138baf : Implement add_soong_namespace and add_soong_config_var_value functions
0e4a5ad24b : Trim spaces in the rule actions
31b6b9442a : Add copy-files macro
4a3d2a0541 : Version bump to TP1A.210729.002 [core/]
25ab998d82 : Fix a bug in computing streaming property of payload.bin
ed0817932b : Rename UpdatableSystemServerJars to ApexSystemServerJars.
6db8228316 : Add extra owners for file `core/tasks/`.
4d9d0aa86c : Work around `art-host-tests` build issues when using ART prebuilts.
a19fb315e0 : Skip vbmeta_system if it doesn't exist
829778c435 : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
443105f6d1 : Rename T to Tiramisu
47d36a96ad : Fix build
d502a48dc4 : Reland: * libraries are added to the VNDK set.
ee3ddc7159 : Fix build
fa50d58e0a : Reland: * libraries are added to the VNDK set.
980089dab4 : Fix build
40fe95d1c1 : vndk-list: Add
a45d0c890e : Rename T to Tiramisu
9def752d4a : Version bump to SP1A.210723.002 [core/]
9c8f6eb7e1 : Support for dexopt postprocessing in merge_target_files.
f9be5eeb44 : cleanup: remove unnecessary steps in apex_utils
81a23fed56 : Sets BOOT_SECURITY_PATCH for the generic boot.img
35ec7561d0 : Amend owner files for releasetool scripts
ebe0e06055 : Reland: * libraries are added to the VNDK set.
8bc189e39f : Rename UpdatableBootJars to ApexBootJars.
ebe9afeb4a : signapk: --align-file-size flag
43014449a5 : vndk-list: Add
0ddf03e244 : Rename T to Tiramisu
12b809af0c : Remove Fuchsia support from Make
a48fd8a874 : Version bump to SP1A.210720.002 [core/]
f6fe9850af : Version bump to SP1A.210719.002 [core/]
f32f65c5a4 : Only build OTA package for non-A/B with recovery
8c1e526fdd : Reland "Build OTA when boot image exists even without kernel or recovery fstab"
bf77787cc9 : Revert "Build OTA when boot image exists even without kernel or recovery fstab"
0ee4b09e20 : Revert "* libraries are added to the VNDK set."
b72009a8e9 : zipalign: use getopt
09e9471eac : Move core-icu4j to PRODUCT_UPDATABLE_BOOT_JARS.
559c53dc1c : * libraries are added to the VNDK set.
e2f6abb61b : Version bump to SP1A.210715.002 [core/]
ff2e24d6f9 : Build OTA when boot image exists even without kernel or recovery fstab
b1627779fb : Also extract kernel configs from boot image.
b2de2d6f0c : Fix typo in MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE variable.
c8dbfb795f : Port sdk_slim_x86_64 from rvc-emu-dev.
c3bf3d00a3 : Write the vbmeta digest to the output zipfile also
3a52c4f4fd : Build the ART module from source if other Mainline modules are.
721533e0d6 : Add the ability to source RBE related scripts from
b26bf58e12 : dexpreopt.config should be created even though unbundled image is built
7472a1e6f9 : Including debug ramdisk files in
678f26c1e7 : Revert "Add the ability to source RBE related scripts from"
3b25eb1c98 : Add mkpatsubst
84d18e2cf3 : Version bump to TP1A.210713.002 [core/]
b349e4e04a : Remove pre-aidegen IDE support logic
9d3356b306 : fs_config reads headers from snapshots, if available
876eca1e5d : Version bump to TP1A.210712.002 [core/]
9afdb1c92a : Add mksubst
9aa9e47b8c : Add the ability to source RBE related scripts from
1ea46a571b : Version bump to SP1A.210712.002 [core/]
f66caeec58 : Add an option for VABC xor
c982ce9c84 : Version bump to SP1A.210709.002 [core/]
75b8f0a469 : Add special cases for builds that cannot switch to ART prebuilts.
a877393386 : Force building ART from source for AOSP products.
be4ebca4ba : Add mkstrip
fd4dd7078f : Version bump to TP1A.210709.002 [core/]
dd400c3af1 : Fix bitrot: RSTest_CompatLib[19] tests stopped building
743513c830 : Document how APEXes are identified in the boot jar variables.
fd224efb7f : Imply ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES for Mac builds
c03f6619f9 : Version bump to TP1A.210708.002 [core/]
ac054bc16d : Version bump to SP1A.210708.002 [core/]
0e4403e846 : Adjust some behaviors for --rebuild-sepolicy
cc2961f54a : Break dependency from droid_targets to blueprint_tools
6cb3b0cd7f : Version bump to SP1A.210702.002 [core/]
571e182e9c : Regenerate odm or vendor using combined sepolicy if --rebuild-sepolicy.
88cf4d5d58 : Version bump to TP1A.210701.002 [core/]
2a31d835b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210701.002 [core/]
3c77151b46 : Adding adb_debug.prop into
81696e7974 : Update Security String to 2021-09-05
e121706785 : Version bump to TP1A.210630.003 [core/]
13264c4256 : Version bump to SP1A.210630.003 [core/]
ef6418d785 : Version bump to TP1A.210630.002 [core/]
b3dc1854e4 : Version bump to SP1A.210630.002 [core/]
8843b561ae : Version bump to TP1A.210629.002 [core/]
e147d481fe : Removing AFTL integration from release tools.
0351d9da61 : Include kernel-*-allsyms into boot-*-allsyms.img
2fa4dd2b99 : Version bump to TP1A.210628.002 [core/]
28f96414fd : Do not complain about unexpected lsdump files when building with prebuilt APEXes.
308b21f3f6 : Version bump to SP1A.210628.002 [core/]
d04a6c0110 : Remove a trailing \
3dc47280e2 : Support block_list and readonly for f2fs
6a9d9cbb1b : Version bump to SP1A.210624.002 [core/]
b948d59876 : Remove GKI APEX from build.
f753bc5890 : Add MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE env variable.
242c436242 : Emit DexPreoptImageLocationsOnDevice as well
cc424a1df3 : Version bump to TP1A.210623.002 [core/]
f03c455e15 : Revert^2 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
93fa60bcba : Add nearby framework jar to art and system config.
71681cd8e0 : Version bump to TP1A.210622.002 [core/]
b09c61b85b : Version bump to SP1A.210622.002 [core/]
6a8084f7c4 : Version bump to TP1A.210621.002 [core/]
c3c04f44da : Quote the package name -- may contain special chars
d2e445148a : Master is T
bfa114d05b : Direct Bazel builds from m.
7ef04b2f41 : Version bump to RQ3A.210805.001.A1 [core/]
0feb4ddfaa : Version bump to TP1A.210618.002 [core/]
5fe993f0cf : Revert "Throw an error if androidboot.hardware is used for bootconfig"
996046d7f3 : Version bump to SP1A.210618.002 [core/]
346c00a70e : Version bump to TP1A.210617.002 [core/]
47066addcf : Update OWNERS for signapk.
b3ca1a632f : Remove --compatible-output=no as it is now default
915a2e77c5 : Update owners for dex_preopt and verify_uses_libraries
59a9b55fa3 : Version bump to SP1A.210617.002 [core/]
d07e1c0077 : Fix typo in droidcore-unbundled.
4a3069b161 : Fix typo in droidcore-unbundled.
01b2d0cda9 : Master is T
ff763abaa9 : Version bump to TP1A.210616.003 [core/]
00fe79ca8a : Version bump to SP1A.210616.003 [core/]
16da01fe20 : Introduce droidcore-unbundled target
b8e274097d : Add BUILD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT to soong config
adcdb2fbda : Directly create ramdisk dirs in ramdisk image rule
1d4081b2a5 : Add BOARD_BUILD_SYSTEM_ROOT_IMAGE to config vars
69f9ed14a9 : Show bazel help for `b` called without args.
e9f600b87c : Version bump to SP1A.210616.002 [core/]
0a30cc41bc : Introduce droidcore-unbundled target
5b94f1a3b5 : Update Security String to 2021-08-05
3b85b84cfa : Version bump to SP1A.210615.002 [core/]
7c39acc3c3 : Master is T
9674c0e75b : Master is T
5e9ba92e05 : Master is T
2a2a97afba : Disable build-time debugfs restrictions on GSI builds
32fa7ee8c3 : Add help message for likely typo to lunch
10eac08fe1 : Add to disable VABC OTA
4d48d50036 : Handles capex in signing script
d868c12467 : Add apex info to the streaming property file
56aa27bf12 : Add one more Java warning pattern
b2d86af939 : Add libbinder_rpc_unstable to system image
17d569940f : Improve bazel() warning in
55af5065dc : Add vendor-bootconfig.img to target-files-package
fb3b0030fb : Version bump to SP1A.210609.002 [core/]
2a70ea0dce : Remove redundant dependency to API_FINGERPRINT
1f50a36c62 : Missing required packages for f2fs when building ota package
e40e2bf8db : Add one Asm warning pattern
f5c836a6a4 : Version bump to TP1A.210608.002 [core/]
a5fca03e0a : Amend the apex info for ota package
18569fe043 : Version bump to TP1A.210607.002 [core/]
1e8ba2c27c : Version bump to SP1A.210607.002 [core/]
5399932640 : Version bump to TP1A.210604.002 [core/]
e23b840f56 : Version bump to SP1A.210604.002 [core/]
766eea72ef : Handle caremap for partial OTAs
ddf9092b29 : Add servicedispatcher to PRODUCT_PACKAGES_DEBUG.
5bb19fb8a3 : Version bump to TP1A.210603.002 [core/]
4c8a9ad156 : Version bump to SP1A.210603.003 [core/]
11ef5e4f1b : Version bump to SP1A.210603.002 [core/]
9346c4e2ad : android-info.txt: do not output 'board=' if no board_name
5d9ee04f56 : Add new Asm/C++/Java/Make warning patterns
5efc593f08 : Version bump to SP1A.210602.003 [core/]
cd87435876 : Version bump to SP1A.210602.002 [core/]
85319d1713 : Version bump to TP1A.210601.002 [core/]
b7292aa3b7 : Version bump to SP1A.210601.002 [core/]
f93c13d51b : RRO shouldn't depend on frameworks or system(_ext) app when TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED
65b9345128 : Version bump to SP1A.210527.004 [core/]
ca1f9b37bf : Version bump to TP1A.210527.002 [core/]
45efdc4e0e : Support all active codenames for BOARD_SYSTEMSDK_VERSIONS
b776a6e4be : Version bump to SP1A.210527.003 [core/]
32a085c041 : add LOCAL_DISABLE_TEST_CONFIG logic
24900b96f7 : Version bump to SP1A.210527.002 [core/]
f7353997c9 : Version bump to SP1A.210526.002 [core/]
c3b841a422 : Enable a prop to determine the new figerprint is enabled
4093d60f35 : Validate AVB props in vbmeta image
421990d4a4 : Move logic to disable flattening in unbundled app mode from Soong to make.
1369654d8d : Enable f2fs compression for other partitions
46e0ea2ce1 : Enable --readonly for system compression
b71a875bba : [memtag] Disable memtag for AndroidMk host modules.
4bc60b09c3 : Version bump to TP1A.210521.002 [core/]
feb8d97850 : Version bump to SP1A.210521.002 [core/]
f791bfa15c : Revert "Add new llndk library,"
cf9ead8972 : Support AVB signing for BOARD_PREBUILT_BOOTIMAGE
55fed192f8 : Version bump to TP1A.210520.002 [core/]
7db20bc3da : Version bump to SP1A.210520.002 [core/]
5e0455ff76 : Update Security String to 2021-07-05
bea8a9ac9f : Version bump to SP1A.210519.002 [core/]
d5e6a7c620 : Disable <uses-library> checks for more tests (to fix MTS builds).
ccb4cdc7f6 : Add pm.dexopt.cmdline mapping in product config
d728ee1a06 : Introduce `b` into
5c87bc7d7e : Version bump to SP1A.210518.002 [core/]
e6d2d6c3dd : Remove building the ANGLE APK from AOSP
2b85e3ace5 : Revert "Revert "Re-land "Enable apex compression on all devices with updatable apex""
b212b0a92a : Add GKI to generic x86_64 board
5241b2d1d4 : Version bump to SP1A.210517.002 [core/]
a74ea7e569 : Move GKI common settings to
16a5cac394 : check_target_files_signatures actually needs aapt2, not aapt.
a3a74b69ac : Expose ota_metadata_proto for consumption
640544bd96 : BOARD_PREBUILT_BOOTIMAGE: removes the restriction of non system-as-root
294ec7d9e5 : Check super size for factory OTA at build time
0cb602b4be : Version bump to SP1A.210513.004 [core/]
7a95db61db : Version bump to SP1A.210513.003 [core/]
1e663a85a1 : Version bump to SP1A.210513.002 [core/]
0c650895bc : Add dalvik.vm.dexopt.thermal-cutoff system property
4a0be1d8fa : Version bump to TP1A.210513.002 [core/]
3e48c5b408 : Version bump to TP1A.210512.003 [core/]
67c5418719 : Version bump to TP1A.210512.002 [core/]
fdcb16fa5e : Version bump to SP1A.210512.002 [core/]
41dacd1870 : Add a warning to lunch command for metrics collection
ef66770749 : Version bump to TP1A.210511.002 [core/]
2e1f5271c5 : When checking if mke2fs is used, compare using basename
5f402c6084 : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.005 [core/]
945f7a0f06 : Version bump to SP1A.210506.004 [core/]
e8bb6bea1f : Version bump to TP1A.210506.003 [core/]
151ddc3b21 : Version bump to SP1A.210506.003 [core/]
bbe110e7ed : Version bump to TP1A.210506.002 [core/]
a1be760b1b : Version bump to SP1A.210506.002 [core/]
fd4909eb83 : Version bump to TP1A.210505.004 [core/]
b8bff4fe05 : Version bump to SP1A.210505.003 [core/]
2e90bfa839 : Version bump to TP1A.210505.003 [core/]
110f227d23 : Version bump to SP1A.210505.002 [core/]
8a9f6e07f8 : Version bump to TP1A.210505.002 [core/]
ea52988d19 : Version bump to TP1A.210504.002 [core/]
521f99e2b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210504.002 [core/]
150d2e2859 : Version bump to TP1A.210503.002 [core/]
d59153c2f1 : Version bump to SP1A.210503.002 [core/]
8d8bdd9526 : Version bump to SP1A.210430.002 [core/]
47cf90c726 : Version bump to TP1A.210429.003 [core/]
e211f2ead6 : Version bump to SP1A.210429.005 [core/]
ab7bcba14b : Version bump to SP1A.210429.004 [core/]
80df2197da : Version bump to SP1A.210429.003 [core/]
c7b9df98c7 : Version bump to TP1A.210429.002 [core/]
a84694abfc : Version bump to SP1A.210429.002 [core/]
19dc7ee033 : Version bump to TP1A.210428.002 [core/]
3bf9cda87a : Version bump to SP1A.210428.002 [core/]
8b05b103e9 : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.004 [core/]
fcf35b1cfd : Version bump to TP1A.210426.002 [core/]
e9f0aacad9 : Version bump to SP1A.210426.002 [core/]
95efab1e46 : Version bump to TP1A.210422.002 [core/]
67c3f38d3d : Version bump to SP1A.210422.002 [core/]
46430dc196 : Version bump to SP1A.210421.002 [core/]
50c2d344d1 : Version bump to TP1A.210420.002 [core/]
605d363214 : Version bump to SP1A.210420.002 [core/]
a1cad6ebed : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.003 [core/]
078f6612e8 : Version bump to TP1A.210419.002 [core/]
6fbdfd2782 : Version bump to SP1A.210419.002 [core/]
21fbe01312 : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.002 [core/]
60ab01e19d : Version bump to SP1A.210416.003 [core/]
c0fc2da3d1 : Version bump to TP1A.210416.002 [core/]
77bcff4344 : Version bump to SP1A.210416.002 [core/]
2f1e35e0bb : Version bump to TP1A.210415.003 [core/]
081eb50f52 : Version bump to SP1A.210415.003 [core/]
dfe50c239a : Version bump to SP1A.210415.002 [core/]
3d3d053202 : Version bump to TP1A.210415.002 [core/]
f4bca0c7ba : Version bump to TP1A.210414.002 [core/]
172bb63f81 : Version bump to SP1A.210414.002 [core/]
e62ef8b54b : Update Security String to 2021-06-05
ef8db99ebd : Version bump to TP1A.210412.002 [core/]
1b234b3ac1 : Version bump to SP1A.210412.002 [core/]
123c069f49 : Version bump to TP1A.210409.003 [core/]
4db5ca1f5d : Version bump to SP1A.210409.003 [core/]
0e45998679 : Version bump to TP1A.210409.002 [core/]
82c8cabbe9 : Version bump to SP1A.210409.002 [core/]
c30f56814f : Version bump to SP1A.210408.004 [core/]
80fd7a92c8 : Version bump to TP1A.210408.003 [core/]
6751b8b3cf : Version bump to SP1A.210408.003 [core/]
64ba5fe572 : Version bump to TP1A.210408.002 [core/]
ab72ae3095 : Version bump to SP1A.210408.002 [core/]
943a00a04a : Version bump to TP1A.210407.003 [core/]
fca51480dd : Version bump to SP1A.210407.003 [core/]
c57770d8cf : Version bump to TP1A.210407.002 [core/]
aba676e052 : Version bump to SP1A.210407.002 [core/]
38654774a7 : Version bump to TP1A.210406.002 [core/]
f6b14c296b : Version bump to SP1A.210406.003 [core/]
e96fc76662 : Version bump to SP1A.210406.002 [core/]
8b5c64621a : Version bump to TP1A.210405.002 [core/]
0141d7fd8a : Version bump to SP1A.210405.002 [core/]
18a1e9c464 : Version bump to SP1A.210401.003 [core/]
cab97c89c9 : Version bump to TP1A.210401.002 [core/]
2114d512fc : Version bump to SP1A.210401.002 [core/]
faa44bd1cd : Version bump to SP1A.210331.003 [core/]
86b538ac18 : Version bump to SP1A.210331.002 [core/]
3451c1498f : Version bump to SP1A.210330.003 [core/]
1af3df261b : Add soundtrigger AIDL HAL VNDK interfaces
881c3144b7 : Add new soundtrigger/audio VNDK interfaces
745790ba36 : Version bump to SP1A.210330.002 [core/]
f520b888d9 : Version bump to TP1A.210330.002 [core/]
9c25c29131 : Version bump to TP1A.210325.002 [core/]
06c5cc1faf : Version bump to SP1A.210325.002 [core/]
bbb4ff49ef : Version bump to TP1A.210324.003 [core/]
0237d0190e : Version bump to SP1A.210324.004 [core/]
3935057a50 : Version bump to SP1A.210324.003 [core/]
c708f705ae : Version bump to SP1A.210324.002 [core/]
40d62dd3c8 : Version bump to TP1A.210324.002 [core/]
3b61f5e56f : Version bump to TP1A.210322.004 [core/]
23499e203c : Version bump to SP1A.210322.003 [core/]
74bb0aa0b8 : Version bump to TP1A.210322.003 [core/]
3b62746fcb : Version bump to SP1A.210322.002 [core/]
751b78c760 : Version bump to TP1A.210322.002 [core/]
f4b888b496 : Add the service-art JAR to the System Server classpath.
22ebe483e7 : Version bump to SP1A.210319.002 [core/]
ed9ed558ca : Version bump to TP1A.210318.003 [core/]
0b904829c9 : Version bump to SP1A.210318.003 [core/]
8dd4908d62 : Version bump to TP1A.210317.002 [core/]
36d59b45f4 : Version bump to SP1A.210317.002 [core/]
8b5a355eac : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
921646a8ff : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
328eca9f76 : Version bump to TP1A.210316.002 [core/]
e7c67b7da5 : Version bump to SP1A.210316.002 [core/]
1db2bdb2d1 : Version bump to TP1A.210315.002 [core/]
692e4d8769 : Version bump to SP1A.210315.003 [core/]
ef451e8102 : Version bump to SP1A.210315.002 [core/]
a371a5a519 : Version bump to TP1A.210309.002 [core/]
71dd75bd62 : Version bump to RQ3A.210310.001 [core/]
4fb27f07eb : Version bump to SP1A.210309.002 [core/]
96ff5b9e04 : Version bump to SP1A.210308.002 [core/]
50e3dfcea7 : Version bump to SP1A.210301.002 [core/]
b66820310d : Version bump to TP1A.210226.002 [core/]
439c35bc90 : Version bump to SP1A.210226.002 [core/]
7660797722 : Version bump to SP1A.210224.003 [core/]
2d02678da4 : Version bump to TP1A.210224.002 [core/]
789ff35f0c : Version bump to SP1A.210224.002 [core/]
b19716d1b7 : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
3a2ed66f0b : Version bump to SP1A.210223.003 [core/]
7b85fb23ae : Version bump to TP1A.210223.002 [core/]
7756af8413 : Version bump to SP1A.210223.002 [core/]
20ac25130e : Version bump to TP1A.210219.003 [core/]
9dfca53077 : Version bump to SP1A.210219.003 [core/]
1b2afa3674 : Version bump to TP1A.210219.002 [core/]
dbb2ae2d90 : Version bump to SP1A.210219.002 [core/]
5647552616 : Version bump to TP1A.210218.002 [core/]
b5a3b6167f : Version bump to SP1A.210218.002 [core/]
11d01b49b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210216.003 [core/]
bdac9c1489 : Version bump to SP1A.210216.002 [core/]
4ad89f51fe : Version bump to TP1A.210212.002 [core/]
7d8229a12b : Version bump to SP1A.210212.002 [core/]
a7bd5812bc : Version bump to SP1A.210211.002 [core/]
efce530e68 : Version bump to TP1A.210208.002 [core/]
d30f4441a9 : Version bump to SP1A.210208.002 [core/]
bd2b92dafd : Version bump to TP1A.210205.002 [core/]
ce42553835 : Version bump to SP1A.210205.003 [core/]
e3a04b9fd1 : Version bump to SP1A.210205.002 [core/]
b5594e6040 : Version bump to TP1A.210204.002 [core/]
3527d15b94 : Version bump to SP1A.210204.002 [core/]
3885fe56c4 : Version bump to TP1A.210203.002 [core/]
d91ce79dd4 : Version bump to SP1A.210203.002 [core/]
1a69106aac : Version bump to SP1A.210202.003 [core/]
de7bccd004 : Version bump to TP1A.210202.003 [core/]
eca4890c5a : Version bump to TP1A.210202.002 [core/]
9d1f5c8c2e : Version bump to SP1A.210202.002 [core/]
bedf883815 : Version bump to SP1A.210201.002 [core/]
8cd54b4898 : Version bump to SP1A.210129.003 [core/]
bc016b474f : Version bump to TP1A.210129.002 [core/]
a54ba5127e : Version bump to SP1A.210129.002 [core/]
927a8e7435 : Version bump to RQ3A.210129.002 [core/]
5332eb8f3b : Version bump to SP1A.210128.002 [core/]
e42bbc85ab : Version bump to SP1A.210125.003 [core/]
7eb578c6e7 : Version bump to SP1A.210125.002 [core/]
da4887cfa5 : Version bump to SP1A.210122.003 [core/]
964b7ef8dd : Version bump to SP1A.210122.002 [core/]
affa5b0348 : Version bump to SP1A.210121.002 [core/]
95514f20b0 : Version bump to SP1A.210120.003 [core/]
f0c3a3bd9c : Version bump to SP1A.210120.002 [core/]
3ace59cb91 : Version bump to SP1A.210119.002 [core/]
e39307810e : Add "service-media-s" into PRODUCT_UPDATABLE_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS
021e6b1004 : Version bump to SP1A.210117.004 [core/]
77af13b956 : Version bump to SP1A.210117.003 [core/]
4198466882 : Version bump to SP1A.210115.003 [core/]
80c83b3b7c : Version bump to SP1A.210115.002 [core/]
f2cad789ca : Version bump to SP1A.210113.003 [core/]
c0f6908ad6 : Version bump to SP1A.210113.002 [core/]
5ddbc173d6 : Version bump to SP1A.210112.002 [core/]
790926fe61 : Version bump to SP1A.210111.002 [core/]
33807b886a : Version bump to SP1A.210108.003 [core/]
60cdd2e9e9 : Version bump to SP1A.210108.002 [core/]
d0d12fbd03 : Version bump to SP1A.210107.002 [core/]
c6285250e5 : Version bump to SP1A.210106.002 [core/]
e5da4aa531 : Version bump to RQ3A.210106.001 [core/]
4eff0210eb : Version bump to SP1A.201229.003 [core/]
806002a2f3 : Version bump to SP1A.201229.002 [core/]
94ea1f1c01 : Version bump to SP1A.201228.002 [core/]
366b7d1626 : Version bump to SP1A.201224.002 [core/]
52c564c2c0 : Version bump to SP1A.201221.002 [core/]
f9a4f9b174 : Version bump to SP1A.201218.002 [core/]
18df4cc1d3 : Version bump to SP1A.201217.002 [core/]
d50be39a1b : Version bump to SP1A.201216.004 [core/]
a369a7d0ad : Version bump to SP1A.201216.003 [core/]
532d2d82c5 : Revert "Add stable aidl memtrack hal to vndk list"
db2982eaab : Version bump to SP1A.201214.003 [core/]
11c8151e60 : Version bump to SP1A.201214.002 [core/]
f947b85090 : Version bump to SP1A.201209.002 [core/]
6f5ec49c87 : Version bump to SP1A.201208.002 [core/]
06b3e84891 : Version bump to SP1A.201204.002 [core/]
636da472a5 : Version bump to SP1A.201130.002 [core/]
7a089a93ce : Version bump to SP1A.201120.002 [core/]
c6f9bb1289 : Version bump to SP1A.201118.002 [core/]
944d232279 : Version bump to SP1A.201117.002 [core/]
e41773cfd5 : Version bump to SP1A.201112.003 [core/]
464012df7c : Version bump to SP1A.201112.002 [core/]
915601fcc3 : Version bump to SP1A.201111.002 [core/]
720b383ded : Version bump to SP1A.201110.002 [core/]
e37c4626cf : Version bump to SP1A.201109.002 [core/]
37e13f4697 : Version bump to SP1A.201105.002 [core/]
854ccc05e5 : Version bump to SP1A.201104.002 [core/]
89bba4b503 : Version bump to SP1A.201103.002 [core/]
e8cbadab84 : Version bump to SP1A.201030.002 [core/]
35c4aed6ae : Version bump to SP1A.201029.002 [core/]
8334dff322 : Version bump to SP1A.201023.002 [core/]
6bde1cfcdf : Version bump to SP1A.201022.002 [core/]
eb31875b9a : Version bump to SP1A.201021.002 [core/]
56dd8372db : Version bump to SP1A.201020.003 [core/]
f908824c21 : Version bump to SP1A.201020.002 [core/]
27c59f9d32 : Version bump to SP1A.201019.002 [core/]
e8011a4f45 : Version bump to SP1A.201016.002 [core/]
ae5a93184e : Version bump to SP1A.201012.002 [core/]
5a9b5b12dc : Version bump to SP1A.201009.002 [core/]
aa0f7c10c6 : Version bump to SP1A.201008.002 [core/]
b98d591fea : Version bump to SP1A.201007.002 [core/]
307240dfee : Version bump to SP1A.201005.003 [core/]
ff6fa5ec12 : Version bump to SP1A.201005.002 [core/]
c4c7c31b3b : Version bump to SP1A.200930.002 [core/]
b014114ace : Version bump to SP1A.200928.002 [core/]
85fa34982f : Version bump to SP1A.200922.002 [core/]
938073ed6c : Version bump to SP1A.200921.002 [core/]
cc4139cf9c : Version bump to SP1A.200917.004 [core/]
0f625078e1 : Version bump to SP1A.200917.003 [core/]
ddb76bc70b : Version bump to SP1A.200917.002 [core/]
fcb94679bd : Version bump to SP1A.200916.002 [core/]
ff72798b26 : Version bump to SP1A.200915.002 [core/]
c55fb75e47 : Version bump to SP1A.200914.002 [core/]
f12b9bed9b : Version bump to SP1A.200903.002 [core/]
cdf23d2bca : Version bump to SP1A.200902.002 [core/]
15910c3241 : Version bump to SP1A.200828.002 [core/]
ec8e3864e8 : Version bump to SP1A.200826.002 [core/]
d9cef5da7b : Version bump to SP1A.200820.002 [core/]
8c7a0ef351 : Version bump to SP1A.200819.002 [core/]
438db819e6 : Version bump to SP1A.200818.002 [core/]
70b04b4a9b : Version bump to SP1A.200817.002 [core/]
b6d3f9b14b : Version bump to SP1A.200811.002 [core/]
90a05f7e0e : Version bump to SP1A.200807.003 [core/]
1e25114fc6 : Version bump to SP1A.200807.002 [core/]
8210b91cf6 : Version bump to SP1A.200804.002 [core/]
2d0b052a65 : Version bump to SP1A.200728.002 [core/]
4de1bf806c : Version bump to SP1A.200629.002 [core/]
23bff63a0b : Version bump to SP1A.200608.003 [core/]
2382a3e4b1 : Version bump to SP1A.200608.002 [core/]
59d6fa2f74 : Version bump to SP1A.200603.002 [core/]
2c381c6bba : Version bump to SP1A.200601.002 [core/]
1eae8824ec : Version bump to SP1A.200429.002 [core/]
a523e41688 : Version bump to SP1A.200423.002 [core/]
2b6710f05c : Revert "Master is now S"
eeda728024 : Version bump to SP1A.200420.003 [core/]
fdc5ca424e : Version bump to SP1A.200420.002 [core/]
1982ca83c5 : Version bump to SP1A.200415.002 [core/]

+- Project: platform/build/pesto

7fc3494 : Update README with additional instructions
f535899 : Minor bugfixes to address changes by ATest team
096df7d : Enables two additonal test targets in Bazel env

+- Project: platform/build/soong

3d6cfd14d : Move embedded notice file path above aapt rule generation
de3a77070 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix ioutil import in sc-dev branch
4a31fb100 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix ioutil import in sc-dev branch
8132fbf8c : Hard-code apex_available handling for the btservices apex
489912283 : Translate SDK codenames to SDK versions for finalized releases
2f504db70 : Move env var config loading to be within the config package.
f7574b548 : Add google_prod_creds to the list of auth mechanisms
00327e6df : Allowlist stubby to be run within the path imposer
ef073be17 : Add additional directories from which env config can be loaded
1aa50564c : Treat <x> and <x>_compressed prebuilt APEXes as being equivalent
3d16d5ddf : Fix strip_prefix flags to strip install paths.
84efaf45b : Allow empty zip file in extra files in install command.
e8febee28 : Fix Neural Networks API notice.
b706b4efe : add multilib data_device_bins properties
8e8ef9fe6 : Revert "Disable BTI for now."
c54158d3c : Remove -sha256 flag when calling bssl_inject_hash.
e89f3e22e : java_sdk_library_import: Delegate OutputFiles to impl library if needed
a70425fb2 : Revert "Append APEX version instead of build ID for APK-in-APEX ..."
dbd8eb11f : Remove unused uses_sdks property for apexes
850019844 : Add android.hardware.gnss-V2-ndk to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
4f992b663 : Add diff_flags as a header_abi_checker property
5088544dd : Fix prebuilts of overridden apps
91250b1ae : Enforce updatable=true on apps of updatable apexes
456a77e9a : Update sdk_version check for jni_libs of updatable apps
ee3290d33 : Background distGzipFile to speed up CI builds
3cdd35199 : Revert "Hacky workaround for half-finalized builds."
1611334fa : build/soong - support the REL platform version in classpath
9f2bcac70 : Add support to max-target-s to generate_hiddenapi_lists
dddb402c0 : Add missing dependency on compose plugin in kapt rules
3953153c9 : Prevent non-app/non-test modules from statically including jacocoagent
b3089e8a2 : Update clang version to clang-r450784d
c7c474615 : Add buildinfo_prop module
2a42e5545 : Disable newapi check in defaults
a3264efb4 : Enforce newapi check only if min_sdk_version < compile_sdk_version
a80cc174a : hiddenapi: Prevent libraries for Q/R from include S+ flags.
3cf140fe9 : java_sdk_library_import: Delegate OutputFiles to impl library if needed
a083ec4ac : Allow framework-media to build the framework-media.impl
92e3e4fbf : Set the dist dir for musl targets of build_version_test
db7e0ceb2 : Update to clang-r450784d
3b1dcf4f4 : Append APEX version instead of build ID for APK-in-APEX paths.
fa652e32a : Bump minimum minSdkVersion to 19.
bff2e88a8 : DoNotConvert tzdata nor tz_version
fe1185102 : Recursively list Android image contents.
7cf80a65a : Put provenance_metadata.textproto in dist directory.
ee1c1998d : Updates test_config_fixer to also work for SuiteApkInstaller
445a789d3 : Remove duplicate optional libs
cc4a259da : Add provenance_metadata as dependency of droidcore so the provenance metadata will be built by default.
f71006a96 : Disable ABI dumping for hwasan builds.
604086f98 : Abort on abitidy errors.
d5fc469dd : If invoked 'go list' command fails, show its stderr.
54abd2e12 : Fix tests for cc_prebuilt_library bp2build
8ce1efc5a : Suffix the build ID to the dirname of APK-in-APEX files.
02730b93b : Only install to $OUT/apex for installable apexes
d91939ee8 : Update doc for Platform_apis field in DeviceProperties
6580d84f5 : Disable RBE for header-abi-dumper
f628202aa : Export Java library dependency information
6adf2585a : Expose Clang wrapper's dump usage stats option
a79c946fb : Support use_version_lib in cc_binary.
ee02aed75 : Copy prebuilt objects to the intermediates directory
6840b8959 : Update to clang-r450784c
58ea45175 : bp2build support for cc_prebuilt_library
a9c8f7db2 : Update doc for DeviceProperties's Sdk_version field
cc51843e5 : add unit test for bp2build allowlist
24c560381 : refactor bp2build module allowlists into struct
4697725e8 : Install .rc files for ramdisk variants
4ae8d4ac4 : Fix documentation for android_app_import
6c41b8a72 : Add handle to enforce_product_packages_exist
470fd6d94 : Export listshare and checkshare to Soong and Make
50493f079 : Hacky workaround for half-finalized builds.
ce0781f8f : Document AARImportProperties fields
fa8e9cc3a : sbox: fix typo when comparing files
338df5362 : symbols_map: allow unexpected EOF in ELF files
f1868af5d : rust: Don't append '.vendor' to vendor modules.
bd88c882f : Remove implementation details from stub flags in sdk snapshot
2d407633a : rust: Allow rustlibs to fallback to rlibs.
6114bd54e : platform/build/soong - Tiramisu is now 33
32a9d746f : Remove former roboleaf team members, add new
6d14ed157 : rust: set ANDROID_RUST_VERSION based on prebuilts
d4a0063d3 : Remove apex10000_private variants
62243a369 : Add metrics to expconfigfetcher call
412436f7f : Don't panic if no certificates found
abc0dab47 : Move proguard test files to java package
40216ae88 : moved comment to describe Afdo bool
eefabcf32 : Flag to globally override apexes' min_sdk_version
24da73c03 : convert logtags in java srcs
932c01cf9 : export Java variables to Bazel
0c12b78ae : Use named options for verify_overlaps
181b56cf4 : Cleanup verify_overlaps*.py
3aa9dacdd : Revert^3 "Prevent unspecified values in soong_config_string_variable"
f06326648 : Move variable assignment handling to generation context
618eee39b : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/soong
9d0f2c1c4 : Copy the out/soong/build_number.txt file into sdk snapshots
88b94eac7 : Move PGO profiles to its own subdir
88a40df94 : Add android.hardware.dumpstate-V1-ndk to vndkMustUseVendorVariantList
5892457a6 : Surface Java APIs Used By APK-only Modules.
62e051120 : Allow include $(sort $(wildcard */ and variants
d5aa07929 : Clean up allowlist contents.
55ccba2f6 : Flag to globally override apexes' min_sdk_version
25c1c005c : Enable deprecated-enum-enum-conversion warning
7f88956c1 : refactor Bazel variable export
51509a156 : Copy the out/soong/build_number.txt file into sdk snapshots
a23d99402 : Revert "Use kapt stubs for kotlin header jar for javac"
128b608f3 : Enable enum-enum-conversion warning
b8e80350d : rewrite android_app to android_test in mk2bp
6285c65e3 : symbols_map: don't error on bad elf files
95b95cb64 : Convert $(sort) to Starlark
340ee8e69 : Export provenance metadata for prebuilt APKs and APEXes.
6879cc098 : Denylist modules that depend on a rust binary
bd8645779 : Revert^2 "Prevent unspecified values in soong_config_string_variable""
8c8012698 : Surface Java APIs Used By APK-only Modules.
4e309eebe : Enable enum-float-conversion warning
51bbac213 : Remove apex framework jars from hard-coded list
3c306f3d1 : Don't allow using framework and SDK at the same time.
2c8888ede : Keep dependency files out of the apk file.
40cade4b5 : sbox: report the script path instead of the full command line
c6ef48537 : Use kapt stubs for kotlin header jar for javac
b5db40159 : Enable turbine for api generating annotation processors when using kotlin
220a9a124 : Enable kotlin's jvm-abi-gen plugin to generate header jars
e52c2ac7f : Enable restat for sbox rules
36f55aabc : Add a symbols_map tool for extracting identifiers from elf and r8 files
f389cb4e3 : Add support for test_suites to cc_test_library
f14e254a2 : Change permitted_packages check to be per-jar rather than per-apex
e1b183693 : Revert "Relax apex package restriction for T+ jars"
b99d480e1 : analyze_bcpf: Explain why a package is split/single
ea836c2ba : analyze_bcpf: Indent multi-line text to improve formatting
3f0358bfd : Update to clang-r450784b
0e2b25684 : Correct type of dir function
de6a087d2 : Revert "Revert "Build notice files from license metadata.""
7c57af39e : Rename InvalidNullabilityOverride suppression
77807b3c2 : Revert "Build notice files from license metadata."
dbbb8374a : signature_trie: Avoid unnecessary wrapping and unwrapping of values
2a5c090c3 : Fix breakage: bad path join using '/' literal
489831660 : convert java_import jars with arch variants
f035d405d : Support converting simple $(eval) expressions
43c2dcaef : Build notice files from license metadata.
3eee5c4d1 : Add libtrusty-rs to Rust allow list
11cca671a : Suffix the build ID to the dirname of APK-in-APEX files.
d3fae5f2e : Remove android.safetycenter from framework-permission bcp permitted_packges
440ff9672 : Change permitted_packages check to be per-jar rather than per-apex
ddf8c1bed : Revert "Relax apex package restriction for T+ jars"
58614c041 : support errorprone javacflags
df95b3448 : Enable int-in-bool-context warning
77267c7d9 : add plugins to javaLibraryAttributes
5f83b491b : convert java_import_host with bp2build; enable jetifier
a9b047a9d : enable conversion of all java_import modules
c01614360 : emulate java_library static_deps with Bazel exports
dd97fd252 : analyze_bcpf: Compute hidden_api package properties
26f19919e : analyze_bcpf: Add --fix option
838febf35 : Allow Rust for tombstoned client.
4dcf65951 : Add script to help manage bootclasspath_fragments
e91ea2a94 : Remove linux_glibc musl hack
5b588dda7 : Tweak linux_glibc properties for musl builds in build/soong
d9932ad05 : Always build mk2rbc/rbcrun
ed12a04a3 : Enable sanitizers for musl
441898c28 : Switch to libunwind to remove dependency on libgcc for musl
9e5cc8a67 : Add pre-built attribute to host module definition for fake snapshot.
0fbbc2b0d : android_system_image only packages "system" items
1df464a90 : Revert "Add a tool to list contents of .img file"
a88342829 : Move GatherPackagingSpecs out of CopyDepsToZip
99c5fe6a3 : Keep 'partition' in PackagingSpec
898e076d6 : Add values to json module graph
715b08fd8 : Add metrics collection to soong_build
f61766e98 : Use turbine instead of kapt for kotlin annotation processors
411647e8f : Don't use ziptime or --temp_dir for turbine
872d579a2 : rust: rust_proc_macro host snapshot support.
75ce5d332 : Update to clang-r450784
2cf278e75 : Do not propagate strict_updatability linting to conscrypt and framework-media java_sdk_libraries
b3a3a2893 : Add a tool to list contents of .img file
90727f457 : Allow appending artifact in dist with product name
38944c70c : Revert "Prevent unspecified values in soong_config_string_variable"
597605603 : [HWASan] Enable zero-initialization.
ea9db58de : Add the handle to artifact path requirement functions
22e6a6f69 : Collect deps from r8
73dca5c90 : Revert "225341614: Enforce ExtraText in platform builds"
c78604e6a : Use prebuilt_file for prebuilt_{etc,usr_share}
b81f77ed2 : Abstract prebuilt_etc into prebuilt_file
0940b8993 : Handle arch/cpu variants in mixed builds
4c471458e : 225341614: Enforce ExtraText in platform builds
cc2c1efc9 : Dedupe libraries in both static and whole static
f5adedce0 : Replace $(call my-dir) with a string literal
c2d504873 : Prevent kotlinc from reading /tmp/build.txt
9bb9bfb34 : Don't pass static libs to r8
846beb7f5 : Make bootclasspath_fragment hidden API package checks exhaustive
a1d8fa996 : Do not dump metrics if reproxy was never started
93d192cc6 : Add google_prod_creds to the list of auth mechanisms
fc603167f : Support tailoring clang --target flag based on min sdk version.
e309a91ca : Parse variable references with #s
542905a28 : Prevent unspecified values in soong_config_string_variable
85d831a28 : add module type allowlist to bp2build
f2504b64e : Allowlist //external/e2fsprogs/...
53c29e246 : Build e2fsdroid with Bazel.
1024f1d72 : Cleanup signature_patterns*.py
421a192d0 : Convert values to strings when assigning to a string variable
e7fe0962f : Export the license metadata files for dexpreopted bootjars to Make
488ecd299 : Remove ethernet-service jar dependency.
8a195897d : Don't export Soong path as a Make variable
f92c9f280 : Add type hints to mk2rbc
92532e72a : Allow traversal over the trie structure
ea93542e9 : Switch signature_to_elements to use tuple
19255f1d9 : Make signature_to_elements stricter and more consistent
b9a46fb62 : Pass --preloaded-classes to boot image compilation.
855222e38 : Remove ethernet-service jar dependency.
14f91b26b : Add new team member to OWNERS
ca2ed385a : Adds min_sdk_version to device_kernel_headers headers lib.
934577342 : Add ignored hidden_api.split_packages/package_prefixes properties
e2a37988f : Simplify and correct variable assignments
286bf26c2 : add type to modules created by LoadHookContext
28e41289f : Suppress ChangedDefault (in another location)
1f8a6b2f2 : Extract Node superclass of Leaf and InteriorNode
b5cd52205 : Extract from
ee68c43d4 : Check ABI regardless of arch variants
fac98b5c8 : [rust] Add path for coverage tests to allowed list
7e2092a27 : Support BUILD_HOST_static=1 for musl and linux_bionic builds
4111c52fa : Support building python pars against static or shared musl libc
816e080c4 : Call rblf.setDefault() when appending to a variable without +=
675f0b41b : Disable ChangedDefault
398a32d9b : Allowlist //external/auto/android-annotation-stubs for bp2build.
d9ccb6a2c : Skip install rules for apexes with installable: false
a98d36de6 : Add host_linux target properties
4c4c1be91 : Use single module for clang runtime libraries
2d295a2de : Add musl_x86 and glibc_x86 style properties to bazel configurations
c1a56bcbe : Add InstallInRoot property to snapshot binary json file.
61741e20a : Fix for duplicate modules across vendor and ramdisk snapshots.
3c4fc9959 : Support variables with dashes in their names
d3a1cfa6d : add all existing bp2build tests to CI
7a62909f3 : remove unconverted strip_import_prefix property
e91d0303f : bp2build supports arch variant srcs for java_library
881d72022 : bp2build java_libraries depend on Android SDK
797e4be22 : Add stdlibs property for Rust build rules.
90ba586f8 : Add RBE environment variables config example and documentation.
7edadabd6 : Build avbtool with Bazel.
b37ae58a3 : Memory mapped coverage (take 2)
59c1e6ac0 : Support experimental building with OpenJDK 17
049af1111 : Disable BannedThrow check
ea465fbd3 : List bootclasspath_fragments in module-info.json
53f68ae3b : Report mkfile metrics with --mk-metrics
9eb43e26c : Allowlist stubby to be run within the path imposer
22d87c16b : Add markdown docs for dexpreopt.
ecdb9f701 : Add support for privileged apps to androidmk
33cd10d74 : Add JSON module graph to dist
94d26c2bc : prevent module being enabled if in existing BUILD file
93f8d3987 : Fix include paths that match one file being included unconditionally
902fd17a9 : ensure out/bazel_metrics exists before writing to cquery-buildroot_bazel_profile.gz
5ddec4328 : Update `RustDefaultVersion` to 1.59.0
5e48389e0 : Clear apex.go entries for bluetooth libs
be90172f0 : Support overriding APEX java contents
171410478 : Keep Bazel build file in build/bazel/vendor/google and prebuilts/bundletool.
5007c4a06 : Revert "[cc_fuzz] Revert 'disable LTO' patches."
b67aa082a : Fix issue with referencing the loop variable in a foreach
878a7f163 : Disallow libc_musl_sysroot_libc++_headers
3d9a7d8c6 : Export binaries for shippedlibs and bom.
8bf6cad17 : Increase errorprone heap size
fc0df95df : Use single module for clang runtime libraries
a060466be : Inline board configuration call into printvars call
e8303bd0a : Export variant/features via soong_injection
b7f3366cb : Improve clarity of arch decoding.
1cc088523 : Convert add-product-dex-preopt-module-config to Starlark
d70dff7c9 : Install required deps for flattened APEX.
36fd4eb08 : Fix adding /DISCARD/ to linker script
fa1831c20 : add a module-level allowlist to bp2build
34d5c3352 : apex: track transitive dependencies of rust jni lib
a6d3667b6 : apex supports ".apex" tag
4d945ee71 : Fix snapshot symlinks
de8417c70 : Add AIDL enforce_permissions attribute
d9c23abec : Do not propagate strict updatability linting to libcore/
619be4626 : Restrict genrules to disallow directories as input
a982582cf : Update Rust OWNERS
f80a59fac : [rust] Update clang version used to build bindgen
bebf52600 : Clarify genrule error message
b850f84cb : Generate soong.variables for ndk build
5bdf2d589 : Mark implementation variant of prebuilts with stubs as not installable
1add0bc5e : Remove mention of BOARD_CONFIG_VENDOR_PATH
ff5f3b9dc : Revert "Disable a few metalava checks that platform fails after improvements."
3ae4cca6e : sh_test: Support per-testcase directories
3a3f169b5 : Add support for sdk extensions in prebuilt_apis
3ec36ad48 : Add source extension information for java_*/android_* modules in module-graph.json.
0b52d83b6 : typos fixed
9dfb139b6 : convert android_app certificate property, bp2build
3c0779a6b : Sort the list of hidden warnings
377318b33 : Refactor prebuilt_apis.go
dd5655b3a : Export sanitizer paths to Make
9eb853bcf : Add SortedStringValues and SortedUniqueStringValues
9db8a0c5b : Add tidy_timeout_srcs property
0b981f54e : Reland^2 "Enable hwasan use after scope detection."
7f3605fee : Enable cc_binary in mixed build.
a2ce78f80 : Make "overrides" attribute of Android_app overridable
97d0bae75 : Add base sdk extension version to the config
2c8075cd6 : Add an __ANDROID_RAMDISK__ preprocessor define.
22bafec04 : Propagate data_bins from Soong to Make
57da82697 : Do not add non-existing -Bprebuilts/gcc/.../bin
4d9b1f1d8 : Discard PT_INTERP in embedded linker linker script
d7f55164a : Revert^2 "Remove the primary boot image from the ART APEX."
eb2a3fd36 : Add error_prone_checkerframework_dataflow_nullaway. to bp2build denylist.
8439a141a : Compare tidy_disabled_srcs list by string values
2b3ed6403 : Fix rust snapshot to capture static libs correctly
2c2afe26e : Fix typos in arch_list and do variant validation
c768102bc : convert java proto libraries with bp2build
8a4804f53 : Reland "Switch to clang-r445002"
09cb5dbe2 : Disable new ApiLint check temporarily
7756c8f20 : Correct bp2build canonical_from_root logic
124967f59 : Show failing products in multiproduct_kati
1a0afcc05 : Add sepolicy prebuilt API dirs to soong config
fb14676ed : Revert "Remove the primary boot image from the ART APEX."
4ef5459f7 : Don't reduce inline limit for afdo enabled projects
c74f63eef : Split the clangTidyRE rule
6745a8ef1 : Add --sysroot /dev/null to musl compiles
a2bcf2c4b : Fix transitive whole_static_libs on prebuilt static libraries
4101c71e6 : Support multiple library names per target.
b638c6262 : Pass shared library updatability attributes as strings
9b4eab604 : Use Tiramisu instead of T in supported_build_releases
de1e30080 : Clean auto-allowed modules for media mainline
1ebef5b78 : Move functionality to test install rules into testing.go.
f610a74f4 : Add error message for unsupported x86 arch variant
06c80eb85 : Add builtins and minimal runtime as dependencies instead of flags
72ee67659 : Fix musl clang triple
1aa45b083 : Add musl_<arch> and glibc_<arch> properties
9b698b68c : Add libc_musl as a dependency of RuleBuilderCommand.BuiltTool
7a57bb106 : Only output annotations properties in snapshots for T+
56f266d22 : Allow pruning of unsupported fields in structs in maps
2f94ca547 : Refactor build_release and test code
24c545e31 : Support generating sdk snapshot for specific build release
3ea920528 : Support pruning properties by build release
49171a4a7 : Support handling build releases in sdk snapshot
3e7d3ca12 : Insert imageVariantSpecificInfo between arch and link info
c56625530 : Move setting of link type properties to linkPropertyInfo
8c46bf96f : Update cqueries for bazel rules dir rename
7deabfacd : Manifest Fixer Params code refactor
e7babdbfe : Use Tiramisu instead of T in supported_build_releases
83b2b326b : Revert "Switch to clang-r445002"
71198ac51 : Turn on Unique Internal Names for AFDO
6db86e5f0 : Propagate runtime_libs from Soong to Make
8fae31138 : Update rustfmt.toml to 2021 edition
08c911f4e : Create allowlist to skip strict updatability lint check
9932f7515 : Allow filter calls with a list as a pattern
4ae119c14 : In Soong, set max files soft limit to hard limit
a76f874d5 : Geneate AndroidManifest file if the apex_test module does not have one.
941f0ab80 : Keep build/bazel/ci/dist/BUILD for bp2build.
d13fcd822 : Add sample config file
606c5e9e9 : bpf: support installing to vendor
72beb3460 : Add package for printing starlark formatted data
f4e72cf64 : Update warning message
667732512 : Propagate strict_updatability_linting to transitive deps of updatable apexes
17854f579 : Export LintDepSetsIntf from java package
7fbac74dc : [cc_fuzz] Revert 'disable LTO' patches.
c0bd27b3b : Add cert_validator to allowed rust paths
f6b4cd4bc : Omit musl related cc_genrules from bp2build.
234b01de9 : Use -fno-sanitize-link-runtime for bionic sanitizers
9bcce2ef3 : Disable tidy default DeprecatedOrUnsafeBufferHandling check
9f047d9f1 : add support for java stream protos in protoDeps
75be7b94d : Support bssl hash injection for libcrypto.
7dbdfac3c : Link to documentation about variables in include statements
9b6111aae : Remove --root, require the cwd to be the root
8d47c4808 : Use soong's finder to find included makefiles in mk2rbc
5d240fb8a : Clean auto-allowed modules for media mainline
a754178d4 : Add logging of file resource limits in Soong
7fe240003 : Close more files.
dcd0f3ee8 : Disable BTI for now.
0fe123dcd : Close opened paths
065305760 : Add support for excluding libraries from class loader contexts
0ea799820 : Update error messages for failed globs.
63d59eb77 : Use only single dash for tidy flags
f0afc9539 : system_dlkm: Add in list of partitions to clean
4c7069f11 : enable auto_service_plugin bazel build
f38a8379f : Escape cc ldflags in bp2build conversion
607688295 : Export htmlnotice, xmlnotice, and textnotice.
a66590a98 : Remove unnecessary --warn-shared-textrel flags.
a20b7a72a : Disable targets broken on host due to missing deps
9df9dd4d1 : Disable gnu-designator warnings.
91f9203af : VNDK libs use "unique" APEX variants
c5a967630 : use_vndk_as_stable APEX shouldn't include VNDK lib
d950ab8bb : Switch to clang-r445002
75539d62a : add target_compatible_with stanza for host targets
35ca77edb : Allowlist additional blockers
827ba622e : Show all descriptions when failing to find one.
dd569aea0 : Return starlarkNodes from the functions that parse them
c75994d62 : Disable BTI for now.
7940c6a5b : Remove RBC hints from generated starlark
1a0fa3834 : Disable a few metalava checks that platform fails after improvements.
e8acade17 : Use common java library attributes for android_app bp2build converter.
c06ea03c9 : convert java_plugin with bp2build
fde9fb5c9 : convert java static dependencies
930dcf533 : Support 64-bit arm_on_x86_64
75d65f360 : Add testOnly attribute to AndroidManifest file of apex_test
069aba64f : Allow variable-prefixed include statements in mk2rbc
0800ef700 : Fix host snapshot dependency cycle
680478266 : Add LOCAL_GENERATED_SOURCES to androidmk
a54016c3b : Only output annotations properties in snapshots for T+
545c59273 : Refactor build_release and test code
106a3a4be : Allow pruning of unsupported fields in structs in maps
84bd5bf85 : Support fetching config files from experiments fetcher binary
428a36670 : Basic bp2build converter for java_import.
e6b43abd6 : redundant statement
c725f47f5 : cosmetic: 1)typos 2)parameters named for clarity
845cb29c2 : Fix the names of the dynamically inherited modules.
aa1cab0a6 : Generate sdk_repo notice files from license metadata
ce56425a6 : Annotate more java dependencies for licensing
aff21fbf3 : Track transitive packaged license deps of containers
45923719b : Make the Apache 2.0 text available to packages.
71514c07d : Remove variableDefinedExpr
0849c14ae : Limit JIT tier for javac
e607988f0 : Adding metalava team to OWNERS to be able to disable metalava checks that will break platform build.
e6e90db00 : Allow installing boot images outside of APEX for prebuilt.
67007248a : Add new file name to output inputs/outputs of actions of modules into a new file when `m json-module-graph` is executed.
87847baf4 : Remove the primary boot image from the ART APEX.
2573965c5 : Add option to generate BTF debug info for bpf programs
22c27e845 : Add document
0d7d3e164 : [cc] Add per-file OWNERS for cc/coverage.go
f776c8c47 : [cc/coverage] Override/disable -Wframe-larger-than
2b376bca0 : Create subdir for cc rules.
2b34678ce : [docs] Add README for native code coverage
fd337b396 : Revert "Reland "Enable hwasan use after scope detection.""
3ff037e3d : Move env var config loading to be within the config package.
668da2309 : [rust/coverage] Remove obsolete WAR to pass -z,start-stop-gc
b3342ce58 : build device binary for java_test_host
5c32bbf91 : product variables are consumed via soong injection
561c7765d : Add special case for test-only module in configuredJars method
d5954a2a9 : Add tests for afdo.go
5fc137b63 : [cc/tidy] Disable cert-err33-c
82cf9a7d4 : Remove res and assets in androidmk if default
2f9070822 : Allow UWB to use Rust in reference HAL
f034cb4d7 : Add bp2build support for property "compressible" of apex module.
ed0dd76ea : [NFCI] Change llvm-ar '-format' to be '--format'.
470f76f58 : Sampling PGO deprecation
e5b0a0a4a : Linkerconfig with namespace contribution
88e632e26 : Allow static binaries to enable AFDO
d9100a56e : Add new property "exclude_kotlinc_generated_files" for excluding files generated by kotlinc from the output files of Java related modules.
018cbebd7 : Support genrules as CrtBegin and CrtEnd in rust
fe605e14e : Support multiple crtbegin and crtend dependencies
e32f09312 : Support building rust modules against musl libc
5514698bc : Reverse order of tag and android module checks
907f0f50c : OWNERS: native toolchain team owns afdo.go
18ecf6109 : Revert^2: "Setting Java 11 as the default version"
a07099d85 : Make 'Compressible' an overridable property
1a716de57 : Update `RustDefaultVersion` to 1.58.1
cd1b80f06 : bp2build converts java_genrule and java_genrule_host
492bd91a5 : Add bp2build metrics per module type
9d92964dd : Ignore some properties for T and above.
46c6e5941 : AFDO for Rust
bf1b63f90 : Don't install static snapshot to device
341f73550 : Export stub library compiler flags to soong_injection.
0edaddf2c : Reland "Enable hwasan use after scope detection."
8afd175e4 : Reland "Make DWARF v5 the default debug information format."
240660d54 : Add RBE_num_local_reruns and RBE_num_remote_reruns environment variables to enable reruns in RBE.
c3b97c356 : libclang_rt_prebuilt_library_shared mixed builds
8d3e0bb25 : Revert "Setting Java 11 as the default version"
9a76f62f9 : Remove header from Android-Apache-2.0 license text.
355851b52 : Revert "Revert "Add static_libs support to android_app bp2build converter.""
d967aee96 : Improve apex build check explanation
6320efb56 : [NETD-BPF#34] Add a tag for bpf to specify the install folder
fad7f9d8b : [NETD-BPF#34] Add a tag for bpf to specify the install folder
aa966c563 : Revert memory mapped coverage
4ae55d17f : Support multilib in apex.
3d11a5698 : Allow tools/vendor to build rust
171c2103b : Setting Java 11 as the default version
0ee88a6b6 : Implement stubs.symbol_file and stubs.versions for cc_library_shared bp2build.
6feae38aa : list all valid flags (commands) to soong_ui upon unknown command
6b1ffa423 : name parameters for clarity
ab1f1ac6e : rust: Fix exported MinSdkVersion
6033198fb : Add missing team members to OWNERS
a91ba2546 : rust: Fix exported MinSdkVersion
718eb27f5 : Delete toolchain_library
ca9703c66 : rust: Fix exported MinSdkVersion
7b7dca431 : Add additional directories from which env config can be loaded
d05d5f591 : Recommend soong_config_set instead of add_soong_config_var_value
57c23fa81 : Update RustDefaultVersion to 1.58.0
07e106ffa : Change format string %s -> %#v
b33e0b8b5 : Revert "Add static_libs support to android_app bp2build converter."
6decef916 : Allow installing boot images outside of APEX.
35faaef43 : Pass along local resource fraction to reproxy
7540a78a3 : Generate tidy-* rules unless tidy is disabled
dbd814d44 : Fix genrule tool dependencies when a prebuilt tool is preferred.
92cd54b29 : Correct the comments on property exclude_kotlinc_generated_file, which defaults to false actually.
e6840726b : [coverage] Override -Wframe-larger-than
e380310a9 : Add java_fuzz_packaging
0e33c9d77 : Support `enabled` flag in product variable config
a5c5b9c84 : Support installable property
1e73c6573 : Add new property "exclude_files_in_output" for excluding files from the output files of Java related modules.
3d3b35c94 : Revert "Revert "bp2build: convert host & prebuilt header libraries""
9525e7100 : Add SetProperties to json-module-graph
53a70a487 : Prevent using android_app_import in instrumentation_for property
105deedfc : Revert "bp2build: convert host & prebuilt header libraries"
3964ce02f : Revert "Add new property "exclude_files_in_output" for excluding files from the output files of Java related modules."
01d80d8b4 : Make android_app.stem overridable
29e2f6d2c : Use 'stem' to override APK name
6bc132aff : Check missing uncoditionally loaded missing modules at runtime
21f7ae082 : Add new property "exclude_files_in_output" for excluding files from the output files of Java related modules.
fe310a930 : Update droidstubs to support putting action inputs/outputs into the module-graph.json.
fc7df6124 : Add mapping id to source file information for R8 full-mode builds.
851a3271c : Use Module.GetProperties() instead of ModuleBase.generalProperties
b2e0b6012 : Consolidate conversions of is-board-platform(2)
6c934f634 : Make include_top comments only apply to the next statement
b1103e257 : Convert math functions
de722acd9 : Add static_libs support to android_app bp2build converter.
843f66461 : Add sepolicy compat versions to soong config
f5ed300df : Fix format
4e27229b6 : Convert javacflags -> javacopts for java_binary_host
bfa6a2376 : Remove self from OWNERS
e9ecddc97 : Add support for a prebuilt_root_host type.
daa09efb5 : Start unblocking deps
196d3e6b6 : Rename updatable-library to apex-library
393ebfc85 : ramdisk_module and dtb_prebuild properties are optional
aa1d0cf77 : Add java_fuzz module to build java fuzzers
5140a042e : Update clang version to clang-r437112b
034964942 : Remove global bpf include path system/bpf/progs/include
a923442da : Add prebuilt_etc_host to bp2build conversion.
136442737 : Only disable async preemption in debug mode.
5ad155783 : Extract assets from AAR imports and their dependencies.
9ebf6e44d : Refactor knownFunctions
dca021996 : Remove customizableProperties from `android.ModuleBase`
9f68d2115 : Correct typo in prebuilt_etc property name.
2fad341be : Allow not buffering the output of soong_build .
b90099d84 : Merge changes from topic "canned_fs_config" am: ae9cf26353 am: 33fd601118 am: a214351987 am: 7cc9a75156
5d8246e2c : Merge "Improve handling of errors from zipinfo" am: b02043b84d am: 4b3afb7798 am: 0bbc2d0229 am: ce2624cf88 am: d0cfac1546
b6be48d6c : rust: Support protobuf wrappers well known types
a9078747b : Revert^3 "Add seapp_contexts to allowlist of makefile goal"
66e8f7257 : Switch to clang-r437112b
2b8f5f588 : Remove mention of libhidlbase_pgo
96ad98b40 : [NETD-BPF#21] Move a few headers to frameworks/libs/net
78df0f1a4 : Remove global bpf include path system/bpf/progs/include
fd26444ab : [NETD-BPF#21] Move a few headers to frameworks/libs/net
0484c2378 : Fix "unknown binary op: string + list" errors
d8a72d7dc : bp2build: convert host & prebuilt header libraries
5430953c8 : bp2build: Remove duplicate system shared libs
fad1a9882 : Java used-by API list generation
5b8e7bcaf : Improve error message for missing path + local dir
0493165fd : Rename updatable-library to apex-library
2599d1d12 : Added src and exclude_src to debuggable builds
4f4153607 : Revert "Disable ubsan diagnostics under HWASan."
7321b0985 : Improve error message when a required makefile can't be found
f7ed5343d : Prevent duplicate entries in ctx.include_tops
58852a05f : Handle the 'enabled' property in bp2build
48c6ead90 : sh_binary: Use pointers for optional attributes
d1ed1de63 : Java used-by API list generation
a3d7915c9 : Add comments and clarify errors in neverallow
cac7f690e : bp2build remove "-std" from cflags
d806dd4f1 : Update dexpreopt_check to check all system server jars.
eb8efc902 : Introduce afdo
9347ae3ba : Adding option to include sources only for Java 11 builds
28bc9a8a7 : Dexpreopt standalone system server jars from prebuilts.
389a64732 : Dexpreopt standalone system server jars.
bdda91039 : rust: Disable dylib vendor modules
9460b46ea : Fix typo in bp2build denylist.
fc43868a5 : Remove starlarkExpr.Eval()
5c31358f8 : Remove some unblocked items from the denylist
9dc6577d5 : Add -std user flags to cc test to ensure order
45513fe80 : Support LOCAL_CHECK_ELF_FILES in androidmk tool
0f46e7ca8 : Add sepolicy prebuilt directories to soong_config
c68db4b30 : Remove InstallBypassMake and ToMakePath
b0d32ab96 : Handle foreach expressions in mk2rbc
886774204 : Don't run SoongBuildInvocation for bp2build + dist
83bda94c1 : Remove OWNERS for deleted
416201d08 : Make all defaults modules bazelable
aabfb5dc4 : bp2build: Expand check if filegroup contains proto
b5b478d73 : Add external/libpng
035fba700 : Remove unused
1651267c9 : Renamed bluetooth apex name to
e24303f71 : Add noOverrideExternalGlobalCflags support to Soong
9feb029fe : Turn on -Wstring-concatenation
8f92005ac : Remove unused functions
d109bd996 : Allowlist directory for
bafb6d661 : Add the initial implementation of bp2build converter for java_library, java_library_host, java_binary_host and cc_library_host_shared so signapk tool can be built with Bazel.
038e852ce : Add canned_fs_config to apex module type
1b0893eeb : Build canned_fs_config using RuleBuilder
bc82ba55c : Java used-by API list generation
1de1d4ee0 : Add missing test files to build/soong
bdc922f3f : bp2build: do not convert prebuilt cc binaries
0291abca6 : Remove the compat symlinks to ART binaries.
bbabe6f3e : Ensure reported unconverted deps are unique
be46fccc4 : Use one mutator for all bp2build conversion.
7d3c9e0b5 : Test that `DisableGenerateProfile` takes effects for APEXes.
0e9418ced : Allow generic $(findstring) calls
71d697c5c : Enable memory-mapped coverage instrumentation
eabf0f36f : cosmetic changes
c1738b449 : rust: Migrate default edition to 2021
947fdbfde : Log bp2build_metrics .pb
1263d9bdb : Handle includes for generated headers
484aa2587 : Add initial support for use_version_lib.
8c6937c6b : NDK API coverage
827aead34 : Suppress all progress messages from Ninja if ANDROID_QUIET_BUILD is set.
4acaea9cb : Revert^2 "Build license metadata files in Soong"
65cb314c9 : Revert^2 "Add dependency license annotations"
b3264f209 : Revert "Build license metadata files in Soong"
abe2a4b7b : Revert "Add dependency license annotations"
e3803630c : rust: Register rustdoc with checkbuild
65a981569 : Java used-by API list generation
ed3df4436 : Provide some guidance for the confusing "does not provide a dex boot jar" message.
efb49afc8 : Relax apex package restriction for T+ jars
bc62193c7 : Replace Rust global arg with more legible alternative
c8cb0c3eb : Set targetSdkVersion to 10000 iff a module is targeting an unreleased sdk
812683ec2 : Allow java_sdk_library in an APEX to have higher min_sdk_version.
cb0977f67 : Add ModuleWithMinSdkVersionCheck type.
fba70bc07 : Test SdkSpecForm.
e9b63a8ae : Introduce max_sdk_version device property.
531330e5a : Perform CheckMinSdkVersion for java_sdk_library.
477a7baa7 : Add MinSdkVersion(ctx) method to ModuleWithMinSdkVersionCheck interface.
747d1066b : Propagate min and max sdk versions to classpaths.proto configs.
3f6bbd9d5 : Use textproto format for classpaths.proto generation.
1fdd6ca88 : Relax apex package restriction for T+ jars
730e3f613 : Set prebuiltCommon.installedFile for apex_set modules
c36c96267 : Handle substitution references in mk2rbc
d39651548 : Remove test_min_api_level property
c53c37fad : Don't panic when DevicePrimaryArchType is called in a host only build
b674b4365 : Add dependency license annotations
3dd2ff28e : Build license metadata files in Soong
1c35f243c : Escape Host*Variable contents
fe201fe15 : The type assertion of DefaultableModule as Module is redundant Test: m nothing Bug: n/a
e3d50bfba : Support macOS 12 SDK
4eadba743 : Support if expressions in mk2rbc
91b81f0b5 : Print number of converted modules
141788094 : Add BoardPlatVendorPolicy to soong config
758968a70 : Allow java_sdk_library in an APEX to have higher min_sdk_version.
8f088b09d : Perform CheckMinSdkVersion for java_sdk_library.
ad99149a6 : Add MinSdkVersion(ctx) method to ModuleWithMinSdkVersionCheck interface.
29e35e115 : Stop installing a profile into an APEX if profiles are disabled.
b07c901e0 : bp2build: Fix apex.binaries to be a LabelListAttribute.
2965f4575 : Java APIs used by Mainline modules.
566eb80d3 : Support rust_toolchain_library for rust-project
4745007bb : Add Darwin x86_64+arm64 universal binary support
131a5a13f : Revert "Set targetsdkversion to future level if TARGET_BUILD_APPS is not empty"
43c44b00d : Do not allow duplicate deapexer dependencies.
253fd0609 : Update clang version to clang-r437112
95b278757 : Add test for performance testing
80783774b : Add (obj|tidy)-*_os, and (obj|tidy)-*_subset targets
21be0e26b : Add tests for converting license in androidmk
8ef3e6fd0 : Adding experimental option to target Java 11
eb2d6d1ff : Propagate headers from bazel to mixed builds
f5c98a2fe : rust: Fix Host multilib prop for rust_test modules.
1282c4248 : Initial bp2build converter for android_app.
580b93c3e : Add `vendor_available: true` to libbuildverison
196b926ac : Move "-fdebug-info-for-profiling" flag to device binaries only
eec0d8137 : Fix filter-out being negated in rbc product configuration
d9781fd67 : Allow users to enable local incremental Rust builds
77acf2e5c : bp2build: split full_cc_library into shared/static
203e6f411 : Add "-Z debug-info-for-profiling" flag for AutoFDO
78fd87f25 : Add descriptions to soong_build actions.
b3fd41146 : Add ModuleWithMinSdkVersionCheck type.
5ded619f3 : addSamplingProfileGatherFlags is no longer needed
f402058d2 : Add future_updatable to the apex module
f6ca1b961 : object files depend only on NDK headers
49b1eb6b0 : Add ART boot image profile to the ART APEX.
284b7f32c : Update `RustDefaultVersion` to 1.57.0
89e2188d4 : Allowlist //build/soong/cc/{ndkstubgen,symbolfile}.
864028a71 : Support passing input variables to the product configuration
b30245587 : Support filename and sub_dir attributes in sh_binary
6910911c6 : Forbid updatable: true on vendor APEXes.
355a587e3 : Removal of unused methods AppendProperties and PrependProperties from topDownMutatorContext
e33e25b4a : Set targetsdkversion to future level if TARGET_BUILD_APPS is not empty
12615dbbc : bp2build: support full/lite protos in cc libs
1aefc9d2d : Support a quieter bp2build
d51cb5c13 : Fix prebuilt header files to produce proper AndroidMk entries.
744839289 : [cc/sanitize] Re-enable new pass manager for fuzzer targets
655bf0764 : Add android.hardware.drm-V1-ndk/_platform
38310bb4a : Only get dexpreopt config for device modules
48dae67a7 : Use textproto format for classpaths.proto generation.
cca4ab762 : Propagate min and max sdk versions to classpaths.proto configs.
0a420e771 : Introduce max_sdk_version device property.
0ee2f913e : Test SdkSpecForm.
fa3431cf3 : Ignore errors when running df in build_test.bash
611e14004 : Reduce code duplication for testing the two header modules.
46fb7aba4 : Support empty strings in bp2build
77d0035a0 : Revert "Enable hwasan use after scope detection."
5b7215364 : No NDK libraries in clang-tidy pathDeps
c903f00e3 : Remove python 2 support from manifest_utils
9edc375a0 : Add support for Rust JNI Libraries
a8077126e : Support response file inputs in build_license_metadata
cee9e19a5 : Add entries for STANDALONE_SYSTEMSERVER_JARS to systemserverclasspath.pb
d480859ce : Move libprotobuf-cpp-full and libprotobuf-cpp-lite to mixed builds denylist.
79bd2b776 : bp2build implementation for c_std
8a4981617 : Unravel much of the bp2build denylist.
c0244da20 : Adding configuration support for Java 11
80c04891d : Add Sh_binaries property
0e714da0f : rust: Ensure unwind tables are generated
e65c3aee0 : Fix prebuilt selection logic for cc_prebuilt_library_headers.
a4676f5de : Add jdk.internal.ref to package_allowed_list.txt (OpenJDK 11)
ba6682fab : Fix attribute names in generated permissions.xml
c36214243 : Perform validation of shared library attributes
9956e5e28 : Add support for new permissions library tag attributes
0a9d09f8f : Add //build/bazel/examples/soong_config_variables/... to bp2build allowlist.
4ad40d99b : Add a mutex for soong config var map writes.
701ca2545 : Change type of Unbundled_build_apps from bool to []string
fbfd40073 : Rename to
ae44fd803 : Don't pass ":=" in variable name to AndroidMkEntries.SetString.
ef3676c94 : Minor refactoring of Append/PrependProperties() methods Test: `m nothing` and compare ninja file Bug: n/a
0174ae3ae : Account for "validations:"
d43d4a4cd : Temporarily disable //system/apex from bp2build due to flaky failures.
01812020c : Add support for writing all Soong config variables into @soong_injection.
58ff6801f : Fix bp2build select generation for inter-attribute soong config variable usage.
228ef1e37 : Allowlist //system/apex.
84817de03 : Add support for merging defaults soong_config_module_types into bp2build select statements.
d5e7af900 : Switch default for InstallBypassMake to true
4a8f41081 : Set min_sdk_version (system/core)
9876c5eaa : Remove libsync from apex_available allowlist
3c1868bbc : Print product vars in board config launcher
3691097ba : NDK API coverage
9fdd87d7e : Do not pass --compiler-filter=speed-profile with --profile-file.
1381dceeb : Update rust prebuilt version to 1.56.1p1
ff2804e19 : Silence unpack-prebuilt-apex
4f71e12cc : Set min_sdk_version (packages/modules/adb)
3d56ed560 : Prepend header jar for sharded javac compilation
6340ea50d : Move apex module installation into Soong
555c52491 : Revert "Move apex module installation into Soong"
82b6e8483 : A script to update the file contents with the command output.
feb0756d4 : Revert^2 "Add seapp_contexts to allowlist of makefile goal"
246e3eed6 : Move apex module installation into Soong
f1f44d3d2 : Simplify equality expressions when comparing to "true"
d679785d0 : Convert dist-for-goals.
422b61435 : Generate runtime conversion diagnostics
e87a81673 : Revert "Add seapp_contexts to allowlist of makefile goal"
50ed1f9cc : Install android_app_set modules in Soong
ffbcd1d8a : Extract primary apk from apk set zip
933e7014d : Revert "Revert "Switch to clang-r437112""
753dd3212 : Enable hwasan use after scope detection.
6cfb37af5 : Revert "Revert "Adds multi_install_skip_symbol_files field (defa..."
bcd567ea1 : Make CompOS library optional in PRODUCT_APEX_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS
1973f4d2c : Revert "Switch to clang-r437112"
c31929962 : Quote aquery commands.
2c4a96375 : Make 'Compressible' an overridable property
455ba83a9 : Fix the output handling of Bazel aquery for py_binary targets so soong's python_binary_host modules can be converted to py_binary and built with Bazel dependent targets in mixed build.
142cc2e36 : Add bp2build_metrics
214cdaf1d : Handle license conversions in androidmk
e4f0b0a09 : Revert "Include compos-module-sdk in the SDK build."
0d5889461 : Switch to clang-r437112
45e0e5b01 : rust: Add rust_toolchain_library module.
065fbeb14 : Revert "Adds multi_install_skip_symbol_files field (default fals..."
60999344a : Update platform_apis error message
25825ca08 : Refactor ProductConfigProperties to use a struct key instead of an string key with hardcoded patterns.
df6099d68 : Fix CC-BY-ND licenses
4e5f07d27 : rust: Add data_libs and data_bins to rust_test
c2ca1ee83 : rust: Add Recovery Snapshot Soong tests for rust.
f83202143 : Allow generic if statements
78cfdaa59 : Refactor bp2build tests
6c5b8f4e0 : rust: Skip global 'fuzzer' sanitizer static bins
f3e8fc3f0 : rust: Only apply hwasan flags once to fuzz targets
0234737f3 : Java APIs used by Mainline modules.
e19437e8f : Adds multi_install_skip_symbol_files field (default false) to apex.
73f210458 : Allow open-dice to build tests for generatied open-dice rust bindings.
ccba23db4 : Revert "Move apex module installation into Soong"
d06cc748c : Use new
45bce85fc : Mark vndkLibrariesTxt modules as device modules
fba2aa255 : rust: Support new rust_stdlib_prebuilt_host type
e3d156a62 : Move apex module installation into Soong
0a5da7025 : sbox: run commands using script for large commands
b5399c84f : Add .PHONY for dist-for-goals targets
7d934b9c4 : Display diagnostic message for each conversion error.
44d4a518e : Honor PreventInstall for APKs and dexpreopt files
393002a91 : Remove modules from denylist after host C++ support
347e5e430 : Document possible values of sdk_version
fa9bfcd0d : Honor PreventInstall for APKs and dexpreopt files
591a1fe15 : Make handleSimpleStatement also handle if statements
3108ce17b : Add dependency from hostdex installed module to Make intermediates
494eef3dc : Support host platform cc builds
c41dd72d3 : Convert soong scripts to python 3
ea3bc3a95 : Flag 'override' directives.
a9029d1f7 : Add hardware/interfaces/security to rust allow list.
e950cdad6 : rust: Add missing variation -D flags to bindgen.
2ac9c48ee : Allow libbuildversion to build with Bazel, but skip its 'tests' subdir for now.
5a67da789 : Make bgplob an exception to dangling rule check.
be3c7eacf : Revert "Add scripts to generate java APIs used by Mainline modules."
8d10fc39a : rust: Refactor stripped output file path
64002afc5 : Fix InstallBypassMake symlink dependencies
94bf51893 : Add symlinks to Soong-installed sh_binary
6ac9576ee : Add tests for ctx.InstallFile
7b6a55f5a : Fix OutDir vs SoongOutDir in tests
85b7eb90d : Fix go vet error
d64211364 : Add missing os.MkdirAll to WriteFileToOutputDir
836e38732 : Use pathtools.WriteFileIfChanged in translateAndroidMk
79e332c02 : Add android.safetycenter to permission module permitted_packges
d7d99be22 : Support for rust recovery snapshot.
ba6d4ac22 : Fix test to use --experimental_platform_in_output_dir.
17cecd7b1 : Enable mk2rbc warnings/errors by default
c00184e2d : Translate soong_config_get calls to rbc
7e07e2072 : Move sh_binary module installation into Soong
7743557a2 : Move rust module installation into Soong
a47f28d28 : bp2build: add support for soong_config_module_type.
5dd07e514 : update allowlist to new path for bluetooth
ce0594819 : update allowlist to new path for bluetooth
35434ed55 : Allow non-constant from/to arguments in subst and patsubst
c92380f00 : Add scripts to generate java APIs used by Mainline modules.
07f70c0e9 : Pass --min_sdk_version to aidl compiler
c4fa93e76 : Handle ifdef for local variables.
c899d7808 : Revert "Temporarily add method to get java binary tool"
24cc4be60 : Move java module installation into Soong
1d0eb7a9d : Fix ctx.InstallFile calls for java modules
ae5330a2d : Make HostJavaToolPath use pathForInstall
6a4d3ba13 : Fix location of host tools
fb41d4636 : Make PrebuiltStubsSources support srcjar properly
4f1f118a8 : Fix: negate the condition for is-vendor-board-qcom
a92d10bdf : Add seapp_contexts to allowlist of makefile goal
c44ba2a6f : Dump deps for native and java to json files.
943ac416d : Collect generated rbc files under one folder
6ed7cb493 : Generate board-specific launchers in mk2rbc
10bcb4c90 : Add rbc product config checks to
3e3eda6eb : Temporarily add method to get java binary tool
acfcc1f68 : Move cc module installation into Soong
04bd17ecb : Fix paths rbc-run uses to access the rbc tools.
c773778bf : Make bazel action symlinks absolute paths
62cd0388e : rust: Support MTE memtag_heap sanitizer
df8aa1fbc : Reformat SDK Library docs
286abc6f1 : Pass HWASan workarounds cflags to linker as well
9985d9a3a : Bump the bootstrap epoch number.
90b4334a6 : Remove the out/soong/.bootstrap directory.
7b0781d14 : rust: Emit toc files for cdylibs
e5ad90c37 : Dedup logic for selecting system modules
10fb76f46 : Rename core-current-stubs-system-modules to be more consistent
5482d6a99 : rust: Support global sanitizers
86758ac94 : Make PrebuiltStubsSources support srcjar properly
8eab869bf : Add ability to set --rotation-min-sdk-version for signapk via Android.bp files.
ffc4cc41a : Revert "Fix python_binary_host module in mixed build."
c989eaf4c : Keep the following targets disabled in mixed build since there are errors in mixed_droid CI after go/oag/1861755 is submitted.
9af49a49f : Fix //conditions:default excludes computation for LabelListAttribute.
60c22ec7e : Update the Rust prebuilt version number to 1.56.1
b84b8c9c9 : Update bp2build denylist cause
664a4fd0a : Fix python_binary_host module in mixed build.
9191df23d : Move bpglob out of ToolDir
7075ed03d : S V2 is now 32
55bc820d6 : bp2build: split Bazel conversion context into smaller ones, and change TopDownMutatorContext signatures to use Bazel conversion context.
80b6b64db : Add an error check in `bazelPackage` for malformed labels.
34c7832aa : Convert .meta_lic files to textproto
1332eda6e : Drop support for pre-macOS 11 SDKs
8528f4ec5 : Add Darwin+Arm64 toolchain support
21fa0a584 : rust: Add common interface for binaries
fdadcd793 : rust: Support whole static libraries with any name
004547fac : Use module-lib system modules when building from prebuilts
b077bcc6b : Create prebuilt system modules for all API scopes
1cad3a53d : Make prebuilt_api test environment realistic
6d448b7a0 : Add test for prebuilt_apis creation of system modules
b4c19f8a3 : Make manifest_check errors colorful.
8d22c2ed1 : Remove duplicate optional_uses_libs block
ca4ab1a7a : Adding jdk.internal in the allowed package list
bce9f08d0 : Dist API specific core-for-system-modules
a3d135b1a : Add -{checkbuild,tidy} targets only for modules in mm
6301c3cff : Export Soong install rules to Make
f1f763a98 : Rename amod variable in AndroidMkEntries.fillInEntries to base
34d60c928 : Use --skip-config --soong-only instead of --skip-make
790ef35d1 : Make HostToolPath, HostJNIToolPath and sboxPathForToolRel use pathForInstall
a44551fec : Add PathForGoBinary
b1692a346 : Remove PathForOutput from InstallPathToOnDevicePath
1bc9412fb : Make installable arch-variant and static vs shared variant for cc modules
bde653e5f : Fix attribute names in generated permissions.xml
545104bea : Revert "Make installable arch-variant for cc modules"
04e459d9f : Revert "Do not build tests with ThinLTO"
e9758b041 : Use toModule for all "standard" API surfaces
132c3e61c : Run TestClasspath test cases with Always_use_prebuilt_sdks=true/false
0b3b36a40 : Refactor TestClasspath to simplify follow up change
12e311d95 : Add tests for prebuilts of all API surfaces
0a0a2fbea : Add a build-time check for dexpreopting system server jars.
65f298ca6 : Remove MainNinjaFile()
83fdc9410 : Add support for java streaming proto
1e7cfdea4 : Make installable arch-variant for cc modules
b4638c1ac : Make a pass over our codebase cleaning up non-precise / non-inclusive language.
7fa0696eb : cc_prebuilt_library_shared converted via bp2build
80751747e : Respect `required` property of apex modules
cacc4f358 : Respect `required` property of apex modules
7b385c567 : Add exemption for test_framework-apexd and test_service-apexd jars
d64ab233e : Make car apex's library optional in PRODUCT_APEX_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS
f3d022226 : Add path of uwb NativeManager to rust allowlist.
3a9b8e894 : Convert is-board-platform2/is-board-platform-in-list2/is-vendor-board-qcom macros.
2afb9d772 : Fix how the rule is displayed in the error message.
6d852dd16 : Implement include path annotation.
65b547edc : Better Soong config namespace support.
6941b9dbc : Add sensors AIDL interface
e6583482a : bp2build: Handle export_generated_header property
09c11adf5 : apex.custom_sign_tool property
dc24d2609 : remove support for *.mc files
16bc50a12 : remove support for *.rc files
34d60d667 : Remove vestigial GetPrebuiltCcStaticLibraryFiles
eb0454b2a : Generate actions when building the module graph.
9804da054 : Dedup use of "prebuilt_"
932920f40 : Add health to vndk vendor variant list
f77913f0d : [rust] Switch LTO flavor to "thin"
f355d3c5a : Add android.hardware.wifi.supplicant-V1-ndk to VNDK list.
3bb934f0a : Do not add .tidy files as RBE link inputs
d163d4d7f : Add the device config GenerateAidlNdkPlatformBackend
85d729731 : Do not build tests with ThinLTO
984272b16 : Sort codenames in version_defaults.rbc
d99315520 : Allow writing Rust fuzzers for third-party crates.
eb8051d80 : Remove artApex parameter from ApexBundleFactory
7368d86a2 : Rewrite macOS SDK selection
9a6eabf95 : Save all the detected native shared library backing by mainline modules.
787fb3618 : Add OS to configuration key in mixed builds
0dbe615ff : Allow for the installation of binaries in xbin
2b8004b1e : bp2build: Add support for cc_binary.
ae3994ed4 : bp2build include generated hdrs in all src splits
3b1f83d07 : Add x86_host vars to config.bzl
5979996e6 : Allow skipping library in PRODUCT_APEX_BOOT_JARS
6e3ba9ac3 : Make car apex's library optional in PRODUCT_APEX_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS
def7b5d19 : Reduce modules exposed to Make in Mac builds
93fa5ef99 : Reduce commands per shard for java protos
5cb7366c5 : Up per-product memory usage to 30 GB
bdce0dfbd : Add tests for defaults used in conditions_default
df27b7a1e : Denylist genrules that create the same file in the same package.
47e1a7585 : Fix mac/allowmissingdeps builds
0e146ddb5 : update allowlist to new path for bluetooth
b07ae342e : Switch to the new build-tools/platform-tools implementation
5b817e642 : Include compos-module-sdk in the SDK build.
3adf3c52e : Add support to java_sdk_library
39b0bf032 : rust: Package shared libraries with fuzzer zips
d80b3c821 : Use hardlinks for Bazel's symlink actions
3afac0b36 : Flag an error on empty rust module srcs
8ea56f9da : Add Global ThinLTO option (2nd try)
b7b0ae12b : Switch to clang-r433403b (13.0.3)
91f1b4222 : Remove `use_apex_name_macro`
dc6525e55 : Make all the PrebuiltEtc modules defaultable.
2fc348986 : Add missing directories to bp2build.
93295f27e : Ignore obsolete lines when converting makefiles
34581212a : Support 64-bit arm_on_x86_64
3c5083c05 : Revert "Fix test to use --experimental_platform_in_output_dir."
fdd72e635 : bp2build: Add special arch-variant targets.
d2871189b : Update version_script to be handled as linkopt
9699c52ca : Update debugging instructions.
9fe141021 : Add android_sdk_repo_host to build platform-tools&build-tools
62e75f507 : Re-enable unused-command-line-argument warning
c6ef451e0 : Fix test to use --experimental_platform_in_output_dir.
778582f41 : Added src and exclude_src to debuggable builds
9bad9d645 : Do not sort after subtraction.
65d971832 : Add the device config GenerateAidlNdkPlatformBackend
470b7e22a : Add more tests for dexpreopting.
6e13b4062 : Change the approach to decide whether to upload metrics.
222bdcff5 : bp2build: Improve handling of generated_sources
37c3dd327 : Rename desc to description in PerfInfo
5b11ab1a6 : Convert cpp_std to be an attribute instead of a copt.
2579631bd : Stop prebuilt_apex/apex_set exporting invalid jars to Make
22450f25d : Extract the logic of setting Uncompress_dex to a common place.
99c3ed94b : Allow defaults in java_genrule modules
3e4a48850 : Support for OMAPI Vendor stable interface
f2dffd9c0 : Update reference to merged services txt
7cd41e5a0 : Improve error message for dupe srcs in genrule
97b853149 : Add bp2build support for cpp_std.
0eae52e0d : bp2build; Update handling of linker flags
6ada589f6 : Add support for nocrt by translating it to link_crt in bp2build.
8f2227429 : Stop relying on target.kind in mixed builds.
77a80fa39 : Defer dexpreopt failure with missing implementation jar
c19d5cdcf : Restrict mixed build cquery to deps of depth 2.
31b48a72d : Add support for USES_LIBRARIES to androidmk
af96f99d8 : Include proc macro crates in rust-project.json
811a1ae27 : [get_clang_version] Make the version regex permissive
5f463be4a : Fix wildcard ('%') handling in the filter pattern.
ebf79bfb4 : Remove mk2rbc's support for using a product name
cc203505b : Add module-lib to droidstubs' supported sdk types
1e18e98b1 : Allow implementation details to be excluded from signature patterns file
191be3a18 : Retry: Separate hidden API flags needed in sdk snapshots for S and T
d446d282e : Always perform permitted package check when building a library
0fa984e5d : Fix script for package check to work on macOS
d1e366a07 : Installation routine for rust is similar to that of cc
e737a9912 : Store build targets in the soong metrics.
057828d34 : Make rbc-run accept a makefile instead of a product
07ea503ab : Make mk2rbc accept either a makefile or product
dff00ea50 : Handle arch-variant in prebuilt_etc
b97a817fd : Remove more out-of-date items from denylist
03c64c87a : Fix script for package check to work on macOS
e5b2b49a7 : Update variable name in error messages.
447f6c99c : Bp2Build common properties auto-handling
f9e584dd2 : Perform validation of shared library attributes
3866b89d1 : Make RuleBuilder fail fast when passed a nil Path
0b58fdb05 : Remove unnecessary additionalCheckedModules field
39abf8f38 : Retry: Support generating sdk snapshot for specific build release
203ec0139 : Revert "Support generating sdk snapshot for specific build release"
8194d61ae : Revert "Separate hidden API flags needed in sdk snapshots for S and T"
c39f63358 : Remove out-of-date items from bp2build denylist
19d399d4c : Have python_*{,_host} handle arch-variants
2dde0cb3d : bp2build: Handle target.linux
ba68c9363 : Separate hidden API flags needed in sdk snapshots for S and T
ef2df587b : Support generating sdk snapshot for specific build release
0c3acbfd7 : Support pruning properties by build release
1812294f3 : Support handling build releases in sdk snapshot
d7d5b72e4 : Correct path for removing old bazel artifacts
08a18bf74 : Always perform permitted package check when building a library
b1f405e66 : Temporarily disable libbase
ceaa5328f : Export SOONG_CC_API_XML to Make outside androidmk
a37e19518 : Support building libcrypto via mixed builds
08572c6d4 : Add unit tests for cpp/assembly flags.
5b24f721f : Preopt APEX system server jars for java_import.
fbe51fe0e : Remove unused variable SKIP_BOOT_JARS_CHECK.
a8d8660ab : Generate prebuilt_systemserverclasspath_fragment.
ea18033f3 : Add a new SDK member type java_systemserver_libs.
774dd305f : Add exported_systemserverclasspath_fragments to prebuilt_apex rule.
c9864278d : Add prebuilt_systemserverclasspath_fragment rule.
2811e0786 : rust modules respects the installable property
2cec05d37 : Revert "Export SOONG_CC_API_XML to Make outside androidmk"
0f3b7d2fc : Add deps of protos to bp2build.
55682fea4 : Sort bp2build directory allowlist.
ebb32c486 : Export SOONG_CC_API_XML to Make outside androidmk
b59f6e239 : bp2build //system/core/libasyncio:libasyncio
8385250f4 : bp2build //external/lz4/lib:liblz4.
17ff2838f : Call InstallFile even when !installable
c8caa06a3 : Add data_bins property
cfb0f5e10 : Support per-testcase directories in all test suites
f3bfd02aa : Add environment variables to cc_genrule commands
868c5e3ab : Emit unconditional module load only when inherit/include is on the top level.
87f33ea80 : OpenJDK 11: Adding jdk.internal.reflect to allowed package list
12a0a310a : Add ramdisk image sdk trait to cc_library_headers
dea6617bc : Add two new variables to Malloc_not_svelte.
a967f253e : Add stl property support for bp2build
8304a1330 : Add phony name for robolectric tests
6369622f8 : Add recovery image sdk trait to cc_library_headers
b42fa67a4 : Insert imageVariantSpecificInfo between arch and link info
b1f0f2aa8 : Extract handling of image variations from target loop
46eb0fd50 : Remove updatable-bcp-packages.txt.
57e2e7a78 : Refactor code for partitions c srcs
e37a4de77 : For mixed build bazel actions, remove old outputs
7a210ac23 : bp2build: Add support for export_.*headers props
85a8afa9e : Added src and exclude_src to debuggable builds
1826621bd : Disable mixed builds for non-device OS
ce7bbdc38 : Pass "--extern proc_macro" to rust_proc_macros.
67eada34d : rust: Refactor cfg and feature flag calculation
4482560cc : Consolidate the code to resolve a deapexer module dependency.
8be1e6db1 : Propagate the dex jar path as an OptionalPath which is either valid or invalid with a message.
fd0c03c31 : Annotate FIXME for b/200678898
9eae3cb80 : cquery: obtain objects from custom provider
655ee02d2 : Fix path to layoutlib project
581f2e5f7 : Detect duplicates in sdkRegistry
30c830b82 : Removes usages of SdkMemberTrait/TypeRegistry outside android/sdk.go
93b750e2a : Add support for native bridge trait
fefdb0bf0 : Allow sdk snapshot code to identify native bridge variants
f04033be8 : Dedup SdkMemberType/TraitRegistry
d19f89451 : Add support to sdk/module_exports to specify required traits
bcd399479 : Add bp2build converter for cc_genrule.
0322af503 : Add IRadio modules to VNDK
69e65b3fc : Changes tree built Robolectric name
66213a64b : Disable protobuf deterministic randomness in soong_build
b669398c4 : remove redundant 'deps' section from template with 'exports' section.
a2c081413 : Exclude WallpaperPicker app and pom2bp-generated BUILD files from bp2build.
c964841e2 : Changes tree built Robolectric name
d78eb76f6 : Add support to java_sdk_library
1bb6d6a2c : Adding jdk.internal.misc in the allowed packages
84fdadfe8 : Add IRadio modules to VNDK
5c97bc698 : Revert "update build rules to use /data/local/tests/unrestricted"
89cb22416 : Add a flag-protected (-pom2build) feature for pom2bp to produce Bazel BUILD files.
3c0fe0edc : Add environment variable to force keeping ANSI codes
72a28a6a1 : Disable table mode in smart status if window size is not available
ba2226164 : rust: Add require_root and vendor install base
29e95d94b : Move copy rule for system server jars from dexpreopt_gen to makefiles.
8e6b37119 : Add java_binary_host support for Windows
af68148d1 : [IRadioConfig] Add to VNDK variant list
769a51cc6 : Add tidy_disabled_srcs property.
319c77390 : [IRadioConfig] Add to VNDK variant list
48e0e3391 : [IRadioConfig] Add to VNDK variant list
531d8fdc2 : Remove workaround for modules with missing BCP fragments, as they are present now.
953b35623 : bp2build: reference static variants directly
3d5cd4d10 : Fix statusfile used in dexpreopt
59c0eaedc : Remove arch-variant from some python properties
a1ff7c692 : Enable compose kotlinc plugin when depending on the compose runtime
a4aaa47a0 : Show less ambiguous paths in the error when it fails to match the given output file.
c32dd1c0a : Make it possible to pass an error message with an invalid optional path.
2fee27f3c : Replace OptionalPath.valid flag by checking the path itself.
310bc8f5f : bp2build: Refactor metrics collection to use exported functions.
afb84bd78 : Fix bp2build-progress generating an empty converted_modules list, and duplicate module names.
14cdd7115 : Add a function to match modules through a variation map.
2f08bc1a5 : Increase timeouts in Test_runWithTimeout
5145e9d91 : Add NFC to the Rust allowlist
f8ea3729c : Add back the api_srcs argument
b727c1e0b : Add back the api_srcs argument
6117450ea : bp2build: add converted modules to codegen metrics, and remove the compat layer.
16d90a895 : Remove __bp2build__ prefix trimming.
5ea963e60 : Add support for d8 --main-dex-rules
62585e843 : Expose TocFile via CcInfo
4fbc62196 : Clean up StarlarkFunctionBody for getCcInfoType
bc4e734e5 : Incorporate cc_library_shared into mixed builds
ac5097fcf : Create bp2build converter for cc_shared_library
a5474e36c : Remove `Linkstatic` field for static cases
25322e4d9 : Prevent systemserverclasspath_fragment from depending on prebuilts
1ea7c9fa5 : Add test to TestJavaStableSdkVersion for legacy core platform
9428970da : Improve the documentation in the android/sdk.go file
05732954c : Remove unnecessary archTypeSpecificInfo.optimizableProperties()
f68f85a3c : Move setting of link type properties to linkPropertyInfo
519c5c82e : Revert^2 "Preopt APEX system server jars."
8e09f2627 : Use ccCmd to generate clang-tidy dependent file
b1e61cb8b : Remove fallback code path for missing BCP fragments that is no longer necessary.
b8082295b : Share cFlags, tidyFlags, etc. in a module
96f183276 : Rename nativeLibInfoProperties.archType to archSubDir
92346c483 : Revert "Preopt APEX system server jars."
02669e8a3 : Preopt system server jars with updatable bootclasspath.
ca9bc98e0 : Preopt APEX system server jars.
204356f3b : Preopt APEX system server jars from prebuilts.
a10ef270e : Add more sepolicy variables to soong_config
64cb7c964 : Fix panic when a module has an invalid output path
521e951ad : Fix `m product-graph`
37997c404 : Add system/sepolicy/apex to bp2build allowlist
1fca301bd : Add {.aar} support for android_library
6eff32320 : Expand handling of unconverted deps in bp2build
32a033934 : Bp2build: handle embedded structs as blueprint
83150667a : update build rules to use /data/local/tests/unrestricted
e3d1ae48e : Avoid direct access to Native_bridge_supported property
f7b3d0d31 : Rename SdkMemberTypeDependencyTag to SdkMemberDependencyTag
826863c8e : Add support for new permissions library tag attributes
25a69de8d : Improve the error when srcs field has the wrong type.
8e5feaa1d : Make the script python3.
925aa09ea : Add module based host-tools snapshot
bcbfc5f53 : Patch "Add support for --optional-uses-libs to pom2bp" to match master
d23f0d07e : Update the Rust prebuilt version number to 1.55.0
d7d07ad0b : Share version settings with product config makefile.
35687bc77 : Split local/absolute include into attributes
a1ebc2d07 : Remove unused-but-set-{variable,parameter} from ClangUnknownCflags
eabda9708 : Add Property.Type to bpdocs template
ef99688cf : Update clang version used for bindgen to r433403
4b721450c : Don't use bugprone-easily-swappable-parameters for global tidy builds either
05d0d24fd : Add TOP to run_cuj so it runs from the correct dir
1799f9d7b : [rust/coverage] Pass -z,nostart-stop-gc to the linker
748c8c7e0 : Make rust builds hermetic
8337ea4e7 : Cleanup bp2build tests to reduce repetition
e82732916 : Switch to clang r433403
95dfbce28 : Pass TIDY_TIMEOUT to clang-tidy
98e0d88aa : Avoid duplicate module names in the error from ModuleForTests.
5fad501ae : bp2build: Split export_{includes,system_includes}
65ee90a36 : Change default to require licenses property.
6b76c15b9 : Pass --write-reference-baseline to lint
d6d469949 : Changes tree built Robolectric name
c5fa30616 : Move genrule tests to genrule_conversion_test.go.
1e347860d : bp2build: allowlist //external/libcap/...
5146ac02a : bp2build: don't generate filegroups (or error) if it contains a file with the same name.
cbfbd6482 : Read LLVM version from $LLVM_PREBUILTS_VERSION if set.
2b9ad1c48 : Add Radio AIDL to VNDK variant list
9e09bba23 : Exclude directories with manual BUILD files from bp2build.
b03e96874 : Add Radio AIDL to VNDK variant list
7c02e26cb : Relax restriction on suffix of apex_set filename to include .capex
e1df43faf : Implement cleanups requested in aosp/1818245:
89fcdcb78 : Refactor the creation of soong_build calls.
c6012f36e : Invoke soong_docs from the bootstrap Ninja file.
f88074258 : Apply pylint to scripts/manifest_check*.py
0f922ea33 : Convert LOCAL_PRODUCT_SERVICES_MODULE to product_specific
d0f82fee4 : Add tidy-soong, tidy-dir-path, module-tidy targets
f92c7154c : Use tidyExternalVendor for external/googletest
04a5dabf9 : Add config/tidy.go to per-file owners.
7cbf7738f : Cleanup unused code for bp2build conversion.
ffc9e8d81 : Pass StopBefore as an argument to RunBlueprint.
7edd91c0f : Make incremental queryview builds work.
15c138771 : Add jdk.internal.math to package_allowed_list.txt (OpenJDK 11)
3a82169a5 : Invoke queryview from the bootstrap Ninja file.
a1b9372ef : Make running soong_build in alternate modes nicer.
2c0af22ea : Apply pylint to
bae8421fe : Fix typo in exempt from licenses property list.
c10d5da3d : Add Radio AIDL to VNDK variant list
c2346f1c2 : ndk_library: separate abidw and abitidy into separate rules
70f1745f3 : Look for the files in the vendor/ hierarchy, too
468e11fbb : Additional heuristics: variables with names ending with _LIST are lists
5a3ce13c6 : Allows prebuilts in override_apex.
d6cee7e37 : Make OutDir() and SoongOutDir() be consistent.
294e774e2 : bp2build: allowlist more packages.
b838b0a14 : Do not modules in files called "Blueprints".
ea1a31c07 : Remove the bootstrap.Config class.
50ef6e204 : Add android.hardware.wifi.hostapd-V1-ndk_platform to VNDK list.
0061c0d1d : Fix DONT_UNCOMPRESS_PRIV_APPS_DEXS for `android_app_import`.
55f72d706 : Add tests for uncompressed dex for `android_app_import`.
a806e4176 : Remove bootstrap_go_binary .
8151d23f8 : Add support for --optional-uses-libs to pom2bp
24658d07f : Add support for --optional-uses-libs to pom2bp
559132fb9 : Apply pylint to scripts/hiddenapi/verify_overlaps*
bf5bdb2f3 : Write + logs to the correct place.
b021bf8c5 : Add support for extension version in variables
4e7e20279 : Separate sdk member type functionality into its own file
62782de15 : Make sdk member type related types and vars type specific
296701e35 : Refactor SdkMemberType.AddDependencies()
6254db8b4 : Add support for extension version in variables
f4afb53d4 : Revert "bp2build allowlist //external/libcxx/..."
1fdd6fafd : Revert "bp2build: build //system/core/libprocessgroup:libprocess..."
a73a503d9 : Revert "bp2build: allowlist //external/brotli/... and build libb..."
60da00eb8 : bp2build: allowlist //external/brotli/... and build libbrotli.
60eaabbe7 : bp2build: build //system/core/libprocessgroup:libprocessgroup_headers
d2fec261f : bp2build allowlist //external/libcxx/...
b078ade28 : Remove some unused args from Blueprint.
a26246db7 : bp2build allowlist //development/sdk/...
16e77a9b3 : cmdline property in bootimg can be customized for debuggable builds
5569d6eb4 : Deprecate `group_static_libs` property
062e934a9 : No clang-analyzer-* checks by default for generated files
e57ecb3eb : Remove extra checkbuild argument from ninja tools command lines
fde8e6d38 : RBE should not copy source file back to local
582fc2d1d : [cc] Switch to -fsanitize-ignorelist
756ec8d8f : include vendor linked-libraries in fuzz target bundles
36dc7c60b : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/soong
cce6d652c : Make this script use python3.
41fd5e402 : Set --noautodetect_server_javabase in mixed build bazel.
6bec7b104 : Add support for extension version in variables
35c86c07e : Add support for extension version in variables
5cc9c9d8e : Exempt build/bazel/examples/java BUILD files from bp2build overwriting.
560cb6685 : python_{binary,library}{,_host} handle lib property
92cd63996 : Add new team members to OWNERS
e571dc3bd : Print the JSON module graph correctly.
9f6c24a88 : Rename BuildDir and NinjaBuildDir.
7c803b874 : Make bpfs properties overridable
10ea4bf9d : Skip dexbootjar check using AllowMissingDependencies flag
2c2219b60 : Apply pylint to remaining scripts in hiddenapi
c2c31b13d : Apply pylint to scripts/hiddenapi/generate_hiddenapi_lists*
80f0eb1e0 : rust: Add UWB to allowlist
1d4bfd8ca : Apply pylint to
3aa9544ec : Add exclude_runtime_libs to more targets.
dc212c0b2 : Add python_library_host -> py_library bp2build support
c9601434d : Rename BuildDir and NinjaBuildDir.
ec555f1a9 : Apply pylint to scripts/construct_context*.py
0fc781c7c : Add python_library -> py_library bp2build support
826ac4d35 : Remove unused key field from SdkMemberTypesRegistry
5df7bd33f : crt objects for APEX and vendor variants have correct target API levels
7549d460f : crt modules produces cc rules for testing
4c4f80326 : Also generate api lists based on symbol files for cc_library rule during build time.
18fd09998 : Suggest using add_soong_config_ macros instead of direct variable assignments
f26b466ca : Fix crtend for musl static binaries
a793db33a : Support static_executable: true for musl builds
450744e71 : Use SystemSharedLibs as StaticLibs for static executables
5e49b82e5 : Keep existing BUILD files for bazel_common_rules
f5a3eacc0 : Add License decl to testing.go
0da7ce6f3 : Document testing & build_conversion purposes
ce0a07e24 : Rename runPythonTestCase
8631cc732 : Update HostAndDevice* documentation
a7614dd62 : Add system/logging/liblog.
1c92aeff4 : Share runBp2BuildTestCase & runPythonTestCase
fbaf725ed : Rename BuildDir and NinjaBuildDir.
d75507fff : Fix inverted error message
ca68c4962 : rust: doc: Zip up docs when done
9f59e8db2 : rust: Hook up InstallIn functions + Product
0b1c70efb : Don't add `uses_libs`/`optional_uses_libs` to the manifest_fixer.
7c02c0883 : Use new pass manager for HWASan builds.
3f5659f26 : Revert "Revert "Apply pylint to cc/symbolfile""
1a86bd2dc : Use for soong_docs null build test.
ea28f4cae : Revert "Apply pylint to cc/symbolfile"
c74ea4b77 : Support musl builds in Make
16c2b8c3d : Apply pylint to build/soong/bloaty
30eefd8b8 : Apply pylint to build/soong/cc/ndk_api_coverage_parser
e4432874a : Propagate <uses-library> dependencies from `java_library` to apps.
809d2ed54 : Do globbing-related paperwork explicitly.
0445308bc : Support product-copy-files-by-pattern macro
c6868383f : Support Rust in Ramdisk
a61e31f66 : Support Rust in native-bridge
52af5b052 : Support Rust in Product
460ee9429 : Support Rust in Recovery
74ec1686a : Collect info on non-cc sources in a cc module.
2ada09a54 : Don't create a new module for bp2build conversion.
135bf5528 : Handle arch-specific/not properties the same.
42c7f0d17 : Propagate <uses-library> dependencies from `android_library` to apps.
7e7b028b8 : Set ANDROID_HOST_MUSL for musl builds
02183cfc5 : Most of the TARGET_COPY_OUT_xxx variables are not constant
73de70264 : Apply pylint to cc/symbolfile
f7e36d80f : Remove Srcdir() from BootstrapConfig.
f9008075d : Define command line args in soong_build .
9d7cf6a33 : Move bpglob to .bootstrap from .minibootstrap.
d34eb0c4a : Make sure that classpath fragment contents appear in make vars.
56ebaf35b : Separate the files of bp2build and soong_build.
0e17c1a57 : Remove fallback workaround for APEX variants which is now unnecessary.
a38e518eb : Expose Soong's default clang versions to Bazel
e4db0036d : rust: Allow modules to use only generated sources
8711c5cf8 : rust: Link libunwind into Rust static executables.
fc0f6e34c : Fix the way manifest fixer detects optional <uses-library> entries.
e9b3738ba : Revert "Exempt prebuilts/jdk and build/bazel/examples/java BUILD..."
32b77cf8a : Add some initial benchmarking for bp2build.
a05a255ea : Add infrastructure to support PythonBinary
f1b0ac8d3 : Exempt subfolders of packages/apps/Music from bp2build BUILD file overriding.
a9a1fc074 : rust: Add support to emit certain Cargo env vars.
53dfa408b : Generate when running bp2build.
755ceb01e : Ensure directories in the Soong output dir have appropriate permissions, so that 'm clean' works.
c0a671fc8 : Moving common fuzzing code to fuzz package
402e9b08e : Add Platform_sdk_version_or_codename variable
0d99045b6 : Lift BazelHandler interface into android/
280bae6d2 : Filter blocked entries from modular flag files
f656b8434 : Cut the multiproduct_kati -> soong-ui-build dep.
2c40569db : Do not create a build.Config in multiproduct_kati.
916322541 : Allow //external/bazel-skylib to use existing BUILD files
8355c1524 : Collect lint reports from apps in apexes
1424ea499 : Update clang version used for bindgen
e4d639055 : Add libselinux to the Rust allowlist so we can run its test.
90c4b14a3 : Removed commented out code
2c7883941 : Support rtti in bp2build
10bf3b8c0 : Revert^2 "Switch to clang r428724 13.0.1."
cef87b62e : Make multiproduct_kati call soong_ui.bash .
fcea20c4e : Rename UpdatableSystemServerJars to ApexSystemServerJars.
abcd59731 : Fix tests to use correct fixtures for configuring (Apex)BootJars.
6ffdff853 : Remove member signature and inner classes from signature-patterns.csv
7a552ba9f : Rename UpdatableBootJars to ApexBootJars.
64e8e775a : Add uwb HAL to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
353405d9f : Clean up generated rust-project.json files
4224c6216 : Improve handling of errors from zipinfo
c11f6679d : Use trie to store monolithic hidden API flags
51f8c3926 : bp2build: handle system_shared_libs
786c1d41e : Revert "Switch to clang r428724 13.0.1."
748652e35 : Exempt prebuilts/jdk and build/bazel/examples/java BUILD files from bp2build overwriting
e87329c4c : Switch to clang r428724 13.0.1.
8d007e991 : Export signature patterns to sdk snapshot
67b9d61ac : Separate creation of signature patterns from overlap checking
a79a52c7c : Reland: Pass jars with resources to R8
bb1a17aec : Revert "Make DWARF v5 the default debug information format."
a832a04db : Revert "Time out and dump stacks from R8 processes after 30 minutes"
11ec0a8f8 : Add more debugging to run_with_timeout
238ca381c : [scripts] Print full clang prebuilt dir from
8137c6a2b : Update a comment about PRODUCT_UPDATABLE_BOOT_JARS.
1d73c7316 : Revert "Pass jars with resources to R8"
53a7607f7 : Extract a subset of the monolithic flags for comparison
7be96337f : Clarify symbols used in
428c65156 : Add tests for verify_overlaps script
1d0f023ab : Append platform classpath proto configs with missing apex jars.
ffe797109 : Add classpath fragment property to skip proto generation.
64646ee5d : Rename ClasspathFragmentToConfiguredJarList methods to configuredJars.
d23d2f1e8 : Reland: Add more target-specific properties
05ca7c876 : Pass jars with resources to R8
da7f362a3 : Update documentation for VisitDirectDeps
aa3c35582 : eng builds: dexpreopt: stop explicitly removing minidebuginfo
9c9935446 : Allow PRODUCT_CFI_INCLUDE_PATHS to work with blueprints also
b13e8ac6c : [rust] [coverage] Don't pass -C link-dead-code
90be8c558 : Improve dynamic inherit paths handling
3deb968ae : Translate copy-files, add_soong_config_namespace and add_soong_config_var_value macros
768a01160 : Update error message for new policy.
d12979d09 : static rust binaries are also prohibited in APEXes
192600a7d : Revert "Revert "Prohibit static executable in APEX""
2125aab50 : Revert "Prohibit static executable in APEX"
16e0773e7 : Translate more Make builtin functions
6609ba766 : Allow dynamically calculated inherit-product path
90a8b3abd : Remove libjemalloc5 from default musl libraries
82ad8ccca : Support exporting device arch toolchain info
b2703adce : Conditionally apply rustdoc flags to third party crates
067b88976 : Correct isThirdParty check
8c98c25f0 : Add prebuilts/r8 to the bp2build BUILD file overwriting exception list.
aa7c98000 : rust: Disable dead stripping for fuzzers.
13cac63cc : Add EROFS support for APEX build system
3880279a0 : Add an option to gather CPU profile.
0554d760f : Allow $(filter ...) with arbitrary args if its result is compared to the empty string
3ac8f638d : Update the Rust prebuilt version number to 1.54.0
56cc658b9 : remove target from every intermediate depFile
84be2fc38 : Add librustutils to the Rust allowlist and remove libc.
27b957243 : Rewrite snapshot dependencies for vndk-ext
93e95992a : Update documentation for genrule and sdk_library
54d2e21fa : go.mod: Add indirect exclusions/redirections from golang-protobuf upgrade
3dc4326ce : Bump minimum MacOS version to 10.13
9953a1999 : Added a flag to the rustdoc invocation
739d01e5e : Add tzdata packages to bp2build allowlist.
492b17d53 : Rename UpdatableSystemServerJars to ApexSystemServerJars.
378fc1b41 : Add initial bp2build convert for prebuilt_etc modules.
5c4881c8e : Add initial bp2build support for converting android_app_certificate modules.
9447e1ee1 : Add support for prebuilts attribute to the bp2build APEX converter.
5c1804831 : Add symbols for start and end of embedded linker
eb8c85abf : Add initial bp2build converter support for apex_key modules.
f2c9f8bc1 : Fix null pointer exception on error
45a9e3196 : rust: Prevent manually defined lib link flags.
7ae80a704 : Build mk2rbc and rbcrun during bootstrap
dca00cb76 : rust: Add vendor/ to allowed list.
3a8130c79 : Prohibit static executable in APEX
8707cd74b : TransitivePackagingSpecs should follow "installable" deps
6e4950a06 : Add some more properties to the bp2build APEX converter (second try)
c07a16ca1 : Add more *-ndk libraries to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
6ede93608 : Add more *-ndk libraries to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
035847815 : Revert "Add some more properties to the bp2build APEX converter."
dff3901c8 : Update the Rust prebuilt version number
ab9a31c9b : Create new module type 'snapshot_etc'
51c409130 : Load RBE related env vars from config files
c0c6609ef : Set mixed builds use product-config based target
b2ac859a6 : Options processing: remove redundant check
94b41c76d : Emit mkpatsubst call for $(patsubst ...)
f3e072a87 : Do not flag as error 'define' directives for the known macros
9d011abcd : Emit mksubst call for $(subst ...)
69bf4c0d6 : Add some more properties to the bp2build APEX converter.
b643c7a08 : bp2build BUILD files for build/bazel/examples/apex.
44a13ac40 : * libraries are added to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
b7e666f58 : Fix build
a592b6f8e : Reland: Add more target-specific properties
b015aecbf : Disable lint checks which do not apply in the platform
c7e044f53 : cc/cc.go: Support per-image-variation "required"
4fcfb53f7 : android/androidmk.go: Calls *RequiredModuleNames() to get required modules
db4604c2a : Add android.system.suspend-V1-ndk to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
528d67e52 : Reland "Split the x86 host toolchain into glibc and musl variants"
5d6904e1c : Revert "Split the x86 host toolchain into glibc and musl variants"
32b0b9f9e : Update VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
4591b6496 : Upgrade to golang protobuf api v2
74be76449 : Add a phony target for all Rust targets
a66c0b590 : Skip unnecessary repeititon in validation
594223896 : Add dynamic_list property
4fb4ef224 : Split the x86 host toolchain into glibc and musl variants
f8e53703f : Fix build on older Macs with universal binary Clang
5b48d9a01 : * libraries are added to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
9259a7ee6 : Reland: Add more target-specific properties
4e87990cf : Reland "Add TestArchProperties"
239de0ac2 : Revert "Add TestArchProperties"
f49841797 : Update the Rust prebuilt version number
5a34ffb35 : Remove bp2build deps mutator
6b8f4253e : Remove default_shared_libs
a2268635f : rust: Add support for bootstrap linker.
d604b210c : Rename UpdatableBootJars to ApexBootJars.
ada357aeb : Update VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
cb0ac95bd : Remove Fuchsia support from Soong
b58719c15 : * libraries are added to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
0ba9cd4cc : Add libc to Rust allowlist.
bb1448140 : Reland: Add more target-specific properties
561923e10 : Add deps for system_shared_libs for all axes
34c32fabe : Add TestArchProperties
201796748 : Changes tree built Robolectric name
6e9bc01b9 : Remove unnecessary dedup logic
ed12c132c : Remove unnecessary handling of nil paths in HiddenAPIOutput
d6a072b39 : Remove fallback to classes jars from bootclasspath_fragment
8b2221906 : AOSP Music to bazel: path added to bazel.go
0c66bc615 : Replace android.BuildOs with Config.BuildOS
54e4197da : Require prebuilt_bootclasspath_fragment to provide hidden API files
40a3f6543 : Improve hidden API checking in TestBootDexJarsFromSourcesAndPrebuilts
2cde5f438 : Add target for generate_hiddenapi_lists_test
1b513458b : trim namespace part of the module, if needed.
ae11c233b : Update prebuilt_etc available for snapshot
01a16e827 : Handle target.bionic in bp2build.
57291b7a7 : Revert "Add more target-specific properties"
79781a94f : Specify working directory and OUT_DIR to ABI tools
48f3778cb : Separate snapshot definition
41ad881e1 : Refactoring fuzz packaging code
5c2114591 : Revert "Export implementation class jars for java_boot_libs"
3bc8e218f : Avoid permitted_packages related build failures in unbundled builds
78645fbba : Remove `OptionalImplicitSdkLibrary()` function (it's not used anymore).
da286f461 : Make bootclasspath_fragments always perform hidden API processing
840efb666 : Don't attempt to add stub libraries to class loader context.
43284a03c : Add more target-specific properties
f59a8e117 : Fix apex bp2build.
6dcca41d7 : Soong OWNERS: add more folks and categorize by timezones.
3ee74c825 : rust: Remove libtest from stdlibs list
0fc1e134b : Add test to reproduce bug in error message.
e14f80b2d : Fix handling of "prebuilt_" prefix in classLoaderContextForUsesLibDeps.
2444671b4 : Refactor function to reduce nestedness level. No functional changes.
630b11e9d : Build updatable-bcp-packages.txt from prebuilts in sdk snapshot
869de147a : Propagate permitted packages to sdk snapshot
f208a5766 : Update a comment about PRODUCT_UPDATABLE_BOOT_JARS.
ba9ea32f7 : Update comment text of SrcIsModuleWithTag()
69c1aa94a : Drop "prebuilt_" prefix when adding libraries to class loader context.
497a09310 : Drop `strings.HasPrefix` when guarding `strings.TrimPrefix`.
9cc59c1cb : Remove clang indirection, affects command line ordering
0523ba267 : Rename ninja variables with Clang in the name
c8bed31f5 : Remove more clang indirection without affecting command lines
33bac24bb : Remove clang indirection without affecting
4b073cd08 : dexpreopt.config should be created even though unbundled image is built
40131a3f9 : Support fully qualified names in `android:"path"` properties
fb9a7f99b : Support generating sdk snapshots that can be selected by Soong config vars
ca9cb2e5b : Include bazel-status of build in metrics
0c52c7ba6 : Choose prebuilt or source via an Soong config variable
b051c4ede : Product config makefiles to Starlark converter
72bf8e131 : Apply system_shared_libs to all variants
1cd80d9b8 : Use note in linker.s to place linker
69fa9f9e5 : Seperate asflags and cflags
b1b4d856e : Add ClassLoaderContextMap.Dump()
d5fe8782e : SdkLibraryImport's DexJarInstallPath uses installPath from source module
64e61e1a6 : go2bp: Add -limit and -skip-tests to more easily limit imported modules
d9e05750b : Export paths for the snapshot modules
cc8287c49 : convert flag options and values in the same line
fbf51b67c : Add bpfix to remove sanitize.scudo
e6ba0723b : Use bazel syntax for fully qualified name in path property
407501b82 : Stop PathForModuleSrc from validating the paths unnecessarily
ec0bd8cd9 : Add test to show broken behavior of fully qualified name in path property
985d56c2b : file reader
472afabf9 : Config variables reader
1471eb2a8 : Soong variables reader
bb360c32b : Move modules containing ART, conscrypt and i18n from libcore
5d00f50f7 : apex: pass --align-file-size to signapk
d5cf92e29 : Support customizing behavior around sourceOrOutputDependencyTag
4fbfb59d3 : Extract preparer for namespace
1d51ea951 : Document how APEXes are identified in the boot jar variables.
8f884a0a6 : modify cc_binary type to cc_test for test modules
75db93184 : Iterate over sanitizers
7b920b405 : Update memtag code behavior to match comment.
d56ddb548 : Reorganize memtag tests for clarity.
75b9b40a5 : Add comments to sanitizer properties.
0dbfc565f : [rust] Add android_dylib cfg flag
885a7dea6 : Share EffectiveLicenseFiles for snapshot modules
187d5445e : Remove IsDependencyRoot from interface
b2fc4700d : Delete local boolPtr function
7e9ddbe8c : Revert "Flag to control if generated SDK prebuilts are preferred."
a56be7d78 : Generate boot images for host from prebuilts
8fc51a8eb : Switch boot image generation to use GetGlobalSoongConfig(ctx)
ffb643fc1 : make system server modules use filtered lint database
ec14a4ded : cc/cc.go: Harden GetSnapshot() against nil pointer panic
36d8e4e20 : cc/cc.go: Add Device() method to LinkableInterface
a9d76dd42 : Add partial bp2build support for APEX targets (second try).
56afb27fb : Generate boot zip file from prebuilt_bootclasspath_fragment
5e0358636 : Include static lib information for the snapshot modules
7ce730b90 : Revert "Add partial bp2build support for APEX targets."
22b606b5f : Add partial bp2build support for APEX targets.
3f0290ef7 : Support using java_sdk_library components in stub_libs
9d773841c : Added quotes to protect wildcard
46ab291f6 : Ignore license and similar dependencies of prebuilt_apex/apex_set
56c93e899 : Use both module name and stem name to filter updatable boot jars
783195cc5 : Use system stubs for framework-doc-system-stubs.
87112d6ac : Consistent soong namescape example
b54f5aa35 : "module_current" and "system_server_current" should contain ART's @SystemApi(MODULE_LIBRARIES)
b0ef30ab4 : Filter srcjars out of srcFiles
a36c2b830 : Downgrade new errors from lint 7.1.0-dev to warnings
d0b99cea0 : Flag to control if generated SDK prebuilts are preferred.
17fc5a03d : Remove kati marker in soong-only build
ef083c955 : Defer error reporting of missing prebuilt dex jar files
0ed579efd : Reland "Consistently prepend arch-specific headers"
0506361a6 : Add errorHints to stdout when read-only file system errors are detected
cacb972dc : Revert "Consistently prepend arch-specific headers"
08327ac7f : Add test for empty stub generation.
8f323ae36 : Add libs to debuggable
06f1399d5 : [WIP] Switch sh_test_host to unit_tests=true by default
f05ca9c0e : Tag android_app_import's apk as `android:"path"`
8c7e3ed78 : genrule supports OutputFileProducer
3b606c821 : Delete unused functions
03a94c48d : rust: Add missing Rust allow path modules.
280a31aac : Calculate widest stub dex jars per module
d2b1e0ca9 : Add test to show issues with widest stub dex jars
156b5d3b6 : Allow hiddenapi list to ignore missing classes/members
9fc208ee5 : Add sdk_library_test.go to Android.bp file
7cabd42a8 : Export NewPrebuiltObject
137d7dafd : Support shared_libs, static_libs and default_shared_libs in cc_object
2558ce389 : [scripts] Add script to print clang prebuilts version
bb8d84f01 : Move notememtag tests to sanitize_test.go
bfffae7be : Fix inconsistencies in the apex names used for the apex variations.
5cca7c44e : Support hidden API processing for modules that use platform APIs
2e8809715 : Verify the modular stub flags are subsets of the monolithic stub flags
4539a37a6 : Make ruleToGenerateHiddenAPIStubFlagsFile build rule
18233a2b4 : Use trimmed lint database for mainline modules
d18d8cab7 : Dump extra JSON data for C++ modules and ApexInfo.
f1b75a237 : convert BUILD_CTS_SUPPORT_PACKAGE in mk files
b51db2ed8 : Add ModuleLibHiddenAPIScope for hidden API processing
48b674151 : Add test for modular hiddenapi list rule
31fad800a : Add HiddenAPIScope to replace use of SdkKind
69d6413dd : Make prebuilt properties customizable
ea8f80858 : Ensure consistent APEX variation for java_sdk_library and java_sdk_library_import
1bc8412d3 : Add platform_apis property to APEX module type
105dc321c : Rust module in APEX uses stub libraries across APEX boundaries
dd9725c17 : Fix SOONG_DUMP_JSON_MODULE_GRAPH on a fresh checkout.
3e54508a3 : Switch to clang-r416183b1
9477c26f6 : Add platform_apis property to APEX module type
7d55b6178 : Rust module in APEX uses stub libraries across APEX boundaries
b97b1579d : Remove duplicate component from sdk snapshot
b15a56486 : Disable ubsan diagnostics under HWASan.
fb63625a7 : Add platform_apis property to APEX module type
7d6e79bc6 : VNDK APEX: skips VNDK-Ext
3b5f88e09 : Rust module in APEX uses stub libraries across APEX boundaries
51227d875 : Output bootclasspath_fragment's fragments property to sdk snapshot
e3165c8de : Expose imageLocationsOnDevice as well as imageLocationsOnHost
71b33cca9 : Add commonSdkLibraryAndImportModule interface
4c4da0688 : fix: comparison between min_sdk_version
9ecb42dd3 : Add default_shared_libs property
d1a281306 : Move default crt objects into Toolchain
c85446836 : Add DefaultSharedLibraries to Toolchain
e3fee34a3 : Create toolchainBionic for the various bionic-based toolchains to inherit from
b30905019 : Append platform classpath proto configs with missing apex jars.
a08e4dcfe : Refactor the printing of an sdk snapshot's Android.bp contents
3302871b7 : Add test for sdk that contains overlapping members
9ffbecc2c : Disable boot jars package check if no boot jars have been configured
86fe8f851 : Remove unused apiModuleName
e95a15e7c : Fix bootDexJarByModule with UNSAFE_DISABLE_HIDDENAPI_FLAGS
c63677b3c : Direct Bazel builds from m.
d061d40eb : Fix monolithic hidden API processing with prebuilts
51d7da2c4 : Make CheckHiddenAPIRuleInputs more reusable
89f570ac4 : Use classpath elements in platform_bootclasspath
55ff4a557 : Reland aosp/1535007:
2b1536e4d : Allow disabling errorprone even when RUN_ERROR_PRONE is true
30e444be6 : Add --skip-config flag to soong_ui.bash
8195cdf8e : [cc/pgo] Mark pgo.sampling property as an arch-variant
9a7158bbd : Allowlist external/libtextclassifier for sdk_variant_only.
e245b61aa : Add ClasspathElement support
155c17779 : Extract createEntriesForApexFile
5219c0e4b : Fix ndk and aml arch order
9da1f8138 : Add ramdisk_available to sysprop_library
800d11400 : Add install_in_root to cc_binary
5466a3699 : Export boot image files from prebuilt_apex/apex_set
ce918b027 : Copy boot dex jars from prebuilt art-bootclasspath-fragment if preferred
85fa344d0 : Copy implementation and header jars to make when possible
7f8721618 : Exclude jacocoagent from boot jars package check
6a540c4e4 : Update dex_preopt related OWNERS
b4bbf2ca1 : Simplify deapexer support
fef5500a7 : Remove javalib special case in createDeapexerModuleIfNeeded
b98371cc1 : Add classpath fragment property to skip proto generation.
c8ead41ba : Move boot jars package check into platform_bootclasspath
58e7586b3 : Cleanup bootclasspathFragmentInitContentsFromImage
e521881bd : Combine hidden API encoding with flag generation
2063a0d7b : Make the IsSdkVariant field and method the same.
442b1a407 : Use IsEnvTrue for USE_BAZEL_ANALYSIS check.
dc7a51e60 : Remove jungjw from OWNERS.
e6f19467c : Revert "Switch to clang-r416183d"
a35f8db12 : Make apex variants of prebuilt apex exported modules available in make
6717d88f4 : Create APEX variant for prebuilt_apex/apex_set
e261ae64e : Set default value of generate_hashtree property to true
a9c811047 : Dedup apex/Prebuilt and apex/ApexSet
142ed27e3 : Rename ClasspathFragmentToConfiguredJarList methods to configuredJars.
b176d29bd : Dedup apex/Prebuilt and apex/ApexSet
c4dc9b4f0 : bp2build: group shared/static attrs into a struct.
702963e74 : Make SharedLibraryInfo comment clearer.
4922703e8 : Don't enforce ordering for ABI validation.
250c5217a : Mark more fields in BaseLinkerProperties as arch variant
8f99ae6bc : Bootstrap empty glob file
2f5c340b4 : Update some comments about the image mutator.
94a0bba5a : Support cc_library_shared for mixed builds
e945a4d21 : Consistently prepend arch-specific headers
c113e3cbe : Use LateStaticLibs for ndk_libandroid_support
fe9acfecb : Move LateStaticLibs after SharedLibs in the dependency include order
ae62818dd : Test include directory ordering
b0c1f0c45 : AIDEGen: Collect dependencies info from APEX module.
a3be792b1 : Wrapper script to use Starlark-based configuration
75fffb14b : Add a build flag to always enable errorprone per-target
6fe860b47 : Clean up statsd-module-sdk-for-art.
09661c5a9 : Switch to clang-r416183d
dd5993f6d : Avoid passing around []hiddenAPIModule
4dbf6cfba : Improve error reporting when a rule cannot be found
9cfe6119f : Use a linker script for host bionic embedded linker sections
cef792e46 : Support genrules as CrtBegin and CrtEnd
c465efd5d : Support multiple CrtBegin and CrtEnd files
009f3df38 : Give extracted linker sections pretty names
f04eb99ac : Stop injecting symbols into host bionic binaries
2d7bbe388 : Append _alwayslink to prebuilt whole static deps
56f52de8b : Add systemapi as an APEX synonym for stub maps.
ead21552e : Refactor tag handling code in stub generator.
9d9960f24 : Rename test_only_no_hashtree to generate_hashtree
5f148ca7c : Make copyBootJarsToPredefinedLocations simpler and less fragile
bff50e2b8 : Ensure primary boot image files are created before they are used
7c47515c7 : Make bootclasspath_fragment_sdk_test.go tests more realistic
dc3f9566a : Make TestPlatformBootclasspath_Fragments more realistic
ffa8375f0 : Move TestPlatformBootclasspath_Fragments to apex package
524c82c01 : Export hidden api related types and fields
3d383bbeb : bp2build: support strip properties.
95fad7a56 : Always propagate some environment variables to RBE
c49e682f3 : Handle simple symlinks in mixed builds
84c1cdf31 : Maintain header order in merge_csv
e8489563f : bp2build: build
8d87cb0be : Support LOCAL_CERTIFICATE_LINEAGE for androidmk
d366c909c : Handle no_libcrt in bp2build.
ef6dfea67 : Only store what's used in SharedLibraryInfo
5d1b929f2 : Port module_partition logic for RRO from Make to Soong
040e0443c : Remove use of fake soong.variables.
94a76ee86 : Interpret CRT object's min_sdk_version with ApiLevel
ad6659308 : Disable ABI dumps on Darwin.
556e8149c : Remove sourcepath argument from metalava invocations
edd61643b : Stop filtering html files from droidstubs input
01b64bb21 : Disable from mixed builds broken targets.
5a7861a27 : Various cleanup in soong_ui to aid new feature
0b55bdb7a : Add a soong-only mode to soong-ui
70336cd2f : Make soong create sourcepath dirs
21d1c6d63 : cc/sabi.go: Propagate ShouldCreateSourceAbiDump to reuseObjTag deps
1af9316e0 : Remove sort_bss_symbols_by_size.
1b75a3ce6 : Add exemption for framework-sdkextensions-classpaths boot jar.
bd20ccb83 : [cc] Cleanup unused function
47535c51f : Handle excludes_{shared,static}_libs
74deed445 : Extract function to handle configurable excludes
9abd62d13 : Use maps in bazel *attribute types
f1d14c7e6 : Use libabigail to track NDK ABIs.
bcc9b88d4 : Support mixedbuilds for static variant cc_library
3149e6ed1 : Rust rlib vendor snapshot support.
d1dec5498 : Export cc functions for snapshotting Rust rlibs.
1921e8003 : Rust cdylib/statliclib support for vendor snapshot.
d67a6b0a8 : Export cc vendor functions for usage by rust.
14a8bda31 : bp2build: split as, c, and cpp srcs for cc_library
fa5b4e909 : Use broader permissions when archiving files.
67c17aede : Don't use unsafe_ignore_missing_latest_api in TestJavaSdkLibraryDist
f0eace9ee : Remove core_lib property from java_sdk_library
59b92bfdb : Ignore owner property when computing java_sdk_library dist subdirectory
3dd662509 : Make the default java_sdk_library dist_group "unknown"
d365449fa : Do not build compressed APEX
a3639e62c : Create Make flags to set source tree as ReadOnly in soong builds
45cffa447 : Clear mixed build denylist.
986b69aa5 : Support dist_group property instead of owner for setting sdk dist subdirectory
30c491b88 : Add test for java_sdk_library dist properties
1d2b6b3b2 : Move java_sdk_library tests to sdk_library_test.go
f3bdbcbea : Fix propagating EMPTY_NINJA_FILE from multiproduct_kati to minibp
8c52358ad : Fix OUT_DIR lookup in mixed builds.
7a3185522 : add the LOCAL_DISABLE_TEST_CONFIG variable
2affc3bf5 : Remove elements from denylist that are obsolete
66534a014 : Switch python_test_host default to unit_test:true
4854a7d2c : Use fingerprint when min_sdk is current or none
ba7a9c5e4 : Handle product vars *flags props in cc* modules
7fdc336b9 : Fix duplicate variations when using the VSDK.
ffd4582b8 : Add cc_prebuilt_library helpers for use by the llvm_prebuilt_library_static converter.
9e13187f6 : Fix ExcludeFromVendorSnapshot check
5ab4286e8 : Remove support for removed_dex_api_filename
9d63de8c6 : Remove unused Common field.
22cd2eb3d : Add e.g. Target: { Android_arm: { ...} } support to LabelAttribute.
2b07ec7b3 : Support empty srcs for configurable attrs
e03bb6107 : Use Finder for getPathsToIgnoredBuildFiles() to try and speed up builds with slow hard drives.
f30031661 : Add sdkextensions tests to soong TEST_MAPPING
c33e5216f : Treat java libraries in classpath fragments as directly in apex
1c564cc9c : Use stem when filtering boot jars.
be10503d3 : Drop "prebuilt_" prefixes from names registered in ApexInfo.InApexXxx.
bcf5304ea : bp2build: support arch/target static/shared props.
737d0a1f8 : Fix change in logic introduced in
4d4f7d611 : Make CopyDirectlyInAnyApex match the documentation
243f3c250 : Remove unused cc.copyDirectlyInAnyApexDependencyTag
c194ffbcf : Make GetTargetProperties() aware of more complex targets, like 'android_arm', instead of just 'android'.
26caa1b2d : Mixed build denylist rollback
d82bdae7b : Revert "Merge "Split asm and c flags and srcs in bp2build output..."
990c4f4fc : Rollforward "Split asm and c flags and srcs in..."
52aa4e1fd : Revert "Split asm and c flags and srcs in bp2build output"
e4982e882 : Mark test helpers as helpers.
2222c6bb4 : Combine bp2build handling of static/shared props
491097631 : Make BUILD file merging slightly smarter.
4fabaf52b : bp2build/b: exit early in GENERATE_BAZEL_FILES=1.
af24cdd99 : Split asm and c flags and srcs in bp2build output
cb3ff1e41 : Move logic to disable flattening in unbundled app mode from Soong to make.
beb51ac64 : Add go2bp tool
b40deac01 : Add unit_test test option in sh_test_host
e3e4a5f2d : Handle arch/os-specific product variables
6fd7b3fee : Handle product config vars in bp2build.
b23b745e1 : Clarify how metalava @SuppressLint works
8018e50dd : Tighten bootclasspath_fragment property validation
58e0e769c : Only export boot image files to APEX if they are actually created
32cf58a8f : Support removed API members in modular hidden API processing
f1b358cb5 : Support hidden API processing for fragments with dependencies
703c67a0a : Populate individual systemserverclasspath_fragments' proto configs.
18cf19745 : Remove bootclasspathApiInfo
623709239 : Fix hidden API flags in
af99afa91 : Rename hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo to HiddenAPIInfo
1352f7c47 : Separate input to flag generation from hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo
1e6f5c4e6 : Separate output of flag generation from hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo
438eb57a2 : Separate monolithic hidden API processing from hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo
227e745e5 : Rename generate proto config file to match classpath type.
611e886ca : Do not filter LLNDK lib from llndk.libraries.txt
c1cc3b967 : Split each test case to a different test function.
54c98f5b4 : Perform hidden API encoding in bootclasspath_fragment
0916595b1 : Refactor hiddenAPIEncodeDex for use by bootclasspath_fragment
df298b3be : Fix indexing bug when config.Arches() returns an empty array.
78257e5b6 : Add a comment to absolutePath on why it's not exported.
18f840c45 : Allow missing java_sdk_library files in AllowMissingDependencies builds
2aded7dd5 : Fix unbound variable in kzip script
d1fac6480 : Adding relative_install_path field to android_app_import
51a1e1cf5 : bp2build: generate arm toolchain flags into @soong_injection.
4aa056eb9 : Update kzip script to support superproject revision environment variable
8fab6f86a : Populate individual classpath_fragments' classpaths.proto configs.
4016d7b53 : Check for product variant in addition to core variant.
408ffd8cc : Plumb through OtherModuleFarDependencyVariantExists from blueprint.
d6358775c : Propagate unexported deps via implementation_deps
1b784a7ca : Skip TestDex2oatToolDeps on Darwin.
dee806fd0 : VNDK snapshot may provide LLNDK stub libraries
17e18c752 : Add libc_nomalloc to mixed builds denylist.
6333b0e46 : Set the default --platforms value to android_arm.
0cc7196bc : bp2build: remove libc_nomalloc from denylist.
09f947d67 : Dump bazel product config in Soong
1a8010a24 : Store dex jar paths in bootclasspath_fragment's apex content info
06559d07c : Move some implicitly shared testing code for bp2build into testing.go.
4de945043 : Move hidden API encoding after resource merging
f2fa0b5e8 : Test dex jar paths provided to apex by bootclasspath_fragment
7487a7abb : Workaround to make AlwaysUsePrebuiltSdks() work with platform_bootclasspath
45dec1072 : bp2build: avoid adding deps on system_shared_libs temporarily.
088b53577 : Fix the apex compatible issue on the platform Q
219999512 : bp2build: export CommonGlobalIncludes to @soong_injection.
0e4ccebb1 : Don't fail if the target module is disabled in dex2oat tool dependencies.
0780372ae : Use oatdump rather than oatdumpd for boot jar boot.*.oatdump.txt files.
5f314b161 : Rename gccCmd mingwCmd now that's all it's used for.
7d22657c4 : Use absolute paths in classpaths.proto.
c4fb13338 : Support middleman actions in mixed builds
413a7a97f : Have bp2build generate BUILD.bazel instead of generating BUILD.
c29cace41 : In the finder, keep track of BUILD files instead of only BUILD.bazel files.
535429299 : Remove libjemalloc5 and libc_jemalloc_wrapper from denylist.
78349b56a : Record the actual APEXes that a module is part of.
ab50b0795 : Rename InApexes -> InApexVariants
333a1732b : Add systemserverclasspath_fragments property to apex.
9366a053d : Add "contents" property to systemserverclasspath_fragment.
14e49130b : Move classpaths.proto related info into a separate provider.
aa86bac2b : Add no-op systemserverclasspath_fragment module.
484e50aa7 : bp2build: support generated sources and hdrs
24a987fef : Update flags passed to kotlinc
1bbd0626f : Make uncompressDex available for use through hiddenAPIModule
45897dd66 : Remove hiddenAPI.primary field
74d18d1d6 : Merge initHiddenAPI and hiddenAPIUpdatePaths
66cdbf07e : Remove configurationName from java library and hidden API
0d586581d : Add a test for hidden API encoding of java_sdk_library
4070bcdcd : Print free disk space when starting build_test.
5f51839d0 : Refactor GetTargetProperties().
0096079bb : Make bazel build //external/... work by only allowing "approved" existing BUILD files in the Bazel workspace.
70cfdff3d : Add temporary restriction on hidden API processing
bf8147ab6 : Don't install rust modules that are never installable
560602900 : Order apex files by destination path not source path
852edc147 : cc/linker.go: check min_sdk_version.
4d247476a : Add script for building and archiving rustdocs.
4dda75e73 : Add usesTargetFiles option in dexpreopt_gen
a364cfb69 : Define vsr_min_shipping_api_level to cc_test
af98f5824 : Don't propagate ASAN through shared library dependencies
43f7bf0ef : Add SOONG_SDK_SNAPSHOT_VERSION support
cd9ff091d : Use "${config.ClangBin}/llvm-" for TOOLS_PREFIX.
c1b3644e9 : Remove versioned LLNDK stubs
4102666b9 : Remove registerOverrideMutator
551b06d9e : [cc/coverage] Define a macro during coverage builds
5e13f86fc : Make DWARF v5 the default debug information format.
10d7e3695 : Add soundtrigger HAL to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
52411447a : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
732d62642 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
993a1398e : Add test suite to legacy core platform allowlist.
e05d4cca6 : Allow WorkManager, android_downloader_lib and common concurrency libs.
231533006 : Add statslog_media dependency to media module.
e69333350 : Add NNAPI AIDL interface to allowed deps

+- Project: platform/cts

cecc8244979 : Remove test from CTS
817954ab0d4 : DO NOT MERGE: skip
f1e7a6321a7 : Size restrict right icon size in notification
a33b3b56924 : Fix testStartActivityFromAnotherProcessInNewTask_ThrowException
48b8cb7e6e6 : Verify nonEmbeddedAble Activity started on Task instead
0d2fafcb000 : DO NOT MERGE: skip
eaebc447d21 : Mark AlmostFullTest as a known failure also for [instant] mode.
bf3ae767527 : Assume navigation gesture mode in non-static context
7077bad8723 : BT CtsVerifier: Temporaily disable failing Secure tests
0f969adb1c0 : Add exemption for camera in S for Pixel4a
ee5d4a65740 : Add Pixel 4a specific oversights in S
903bf52b825 : StagefrightTest: call codec.stop() before codec.release()
5c955b35748 : Fix the cts tests
9ff517f4980 : DO NOT MERGE: Flaky test: CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases android.mediapc.cts.MultiDecoderPerfTest
efc6bff0fdb : [DO NOT MERGE] Adding missing dependency for cts modules tm-dev
da329296b1c : Check FEATURE_ACTIVITIES_ON_SECONDARY_DISPLAYS in virtual input/audio tests
9c4b8bb953b : ITS scene4 preview stabilization: Update MAX_DIMENSION_SIZE to match updated mandatory streams.
9d9f6e5e641 : Cherry-pick changes to select module accurately
f3b7c447479 : Use CTS/MTS mode to decide if we test vendorParameters
eebd22cfc67 : Enforce that all types in /sys/fs/bpf have the bpffs_type attribute.
6ebe7c03e82 : [Media TTT] Ignore CTS tests in Android T since the feature isn't launching with T.
d98f7867b06 : Add assumption that initial displaySize has changed
0f2258ed841 : Change Bluetooth apex mountpoint
3d10c3cec73 : ITS: Handle Chart.locate() with no optimization values.
03e4f90c583 : Add test to verify the fix for `getDexoptNeeded`.
ea5a5dde8a0 : Fix DirectAudioProfilesForAttributesTest for non direct profiles
c66315a9da9 : Make testLauncherCallbackPackageRemovedMainUser less flaky
67de148a479 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Skip time checks for key attestation
0f05f74c781 : Add TV specific instructions for "Remove device owner" related tests
1dba8f71e44 : Fix intent action to open Bluetooth settings on TV devices
f2c2225f49d : Skip Lock Screen and MTP/PTP related tests on TV devices
e7a64f274a6 : Add more restriction for 10-bit HEIF test
239901b1c64 : Ignore flaky biometrics tests
fb9987a42a9 : DecodeGlAccuracyTest: Use separate clips for full range test cases
c3e2d637b2a : mediav2 CTS: Update mediav2 resource directory from 2.3 to 2.4
077327767f9 : Make sure some instrumentation used by java_test_host aren't generated as modules
709a530acd8 : Explicitly revoke the permission before verification.
f6edfd00ddf : Fix sinlgeDevice timeout flaky test.
20877bf7ecb : CameraITS:Adjust the threshold levels.
1cf9d491c3c : identity: Skip multi-document test if API doesn't have feature version 202201.
1bbb8107fff : Adjust KeyAttestation test for RKP
b4572b47400 : Remove tests for unused APIs.
0d6331851b2 : Change package name of BT stack
0d9b5528ff3 : Adjust testKillswitchMechanismFieldsThroughJni time out
ac37d270332 : Fix AccessibilityWindowReportingTest#showNotTouchableWindow_activityWindowIsNotVisible
7af48d3232d : Fix IME test to be compatible with WindowOnBackInvokedDispatcher
20924054ecc : Restore disabled tests.
c52d5add4d8 : StagefrightTest: stop running codec after timeout
16b89d2b58b : StagefrightTest: stop running codec after timeout
1306339e924 : DO NOT MERGE Deleting the PermissionAllServices GTS tests since the GTS requirement [GMS-8.36.001] is only STRONGLY RECOMMENDED and not required. Will add it in the vendor/xts code for U when it will be required.
c5b0d9dd661 : Allow second slot to be without sim
eda4cb6bca4 : [cts] fix NPE in InstallSessionCleanupTest
3269fda1cdc : Suppress AppSearch MTS tests on S and below.
eef41924c08 : Make CTS-V Presence Tests instructions clearer
313564c1335 : ITS: fix < bug and add logging.
35f75a622f0 : CTS test for Android Security b/228315522
ec9ffe6df8b : Fix AppConfigurationTests#testSameConfigurationFullSplitFullRelaunch
8f05ee4467f : EncoderColorAspectsTest: Limit surface mode tests to T launching devices
eadeb888e61 : Remove cts-foldable test plan
af5eb53efd1 : Increase ITS max preview stabilization tested size from 1080p to s1440p (1920x1440p)
2733f15e1e0 : Ensure not in demo mode when setting global settings.
c93cd56817e : mediapc: add precondition for secure decode tests
d7767978fdb : ITS: add additional delay in for Arduino
0349e37bc96 : video: relax fps tolerance for encoder perf test
6d2125ffd0f : Add uwb to component list
a0f7fbcc20d : Flaky test: CtsDisplayTestCases android.display.cts.DisplayTest#testActivityContextGetMetrics
5d44ea6a4d1 : [cts] skip multi-user tests if not supported
d84d23a4e06 : Ignore flaky test
72d9f4fabe2 : CodecDecoderSurfaceTest: Don't test P010 when vendor version is under T
e781a1435f3 : VolumeShaperTest: Avoid media-time volume shaper on offload path
764e6963380 : Wrap LocationDisabledAppOpsTest in eventually loop
1431f5a81d3 : Turn off the display while running dexopt test
693c8376375 : Fix seeking to beginning for accurate video flush test
be8c7a8223f : Also allowlist duplicates for InProcessTethering apk
41d6430d4ad : Require no DPC when using choosePrivateKeyAlias
5e36ff646dc : Disable navigation bar related tests on tablet devices
399349af5d3 : Consider multi TDAs in testAppLaunchCount
1174771e9ef : Skip Bubble Notification Tests in CtsVerifier for bubble disabled devices
e7125ff9fc7 : Update RSSI Threshold for BLE test according to updated requirements.
e8cb070c3b5 : [CTS Verifier] Ble Advertising Set Test
9f700ba4a20 : Skip "All services" test for TV
1d53065f6d5 : Remove accidental debugging line from domain tests
fd82d7251e2 : Temporarily disable config related tests for taskbar devices
bc1b8e24e48 : Update signed-CtsOmapiTestCases.apk
dc9ff5a3e7b : CTS test for Android Security b/228450811
fc9f830a01b : CtsBluetoothTestCases: Opt out of foldable configuration runs
5fe12e9e17b : Fix for Bluetooth OPP tests using dynamic bt package name
65e9f05a4a9 : Adding a NoOp GTS test so that CtsPermission3Test has at least one passing test case for all platforms.
06464c49e8e : Wifi: Modified WFD connection latency check
279ff2193eb : DO NOT MERGE: Skip CtsMonkeyTestCases
987204e7340 : Skip NintendoSwitchProTest
68ec9ec98b0 : Update CTS-V tests for UWB and BLE based on updated requirements
d9d6a7f3799 : CTS test for Android Security b/231156126
9f727405cce : Fixes for CtsCurrentApiSignatureTestCases with DynamicConfig
a01c248179e : Update flush test to flush audio too and wait for pause
a0c47d0497f : Wait for device to appear before dumping
875a35e2d57 : ITS: check when all ch exceed thresh
030a94d7e97 : ITS: use boolean instead of string as parameter
18a8793645a : ITS: Improve error msg if wrong firmware
722d8fb21df : Add car functionality for STS test for CVE-2021-0921
b512f06bbdf : wait for all output done before check color-range
28fc730b757 : DecodeGlAccuracyTest: Skip 709/full range tests on upgrading devices
ff0ea53ffb5 : Update the prebuilts for the released platform SDK
bc05a61ea6b : Wait after pressing home
78c434d6928 : Update CtsVerifier DISALLOW_CONFIG_LOCATION test instructions.
48cb5ba1d08 : Fix issue where users wouldn't be correctly re-created after destroying.
4765d0fe0e3 : Use gesture nav to test legacy back
91dc61d79ed : Fix GestureNavRule not working and related test
f28ef499cb2 : Revent mandatory ID attestation test
8d37d4c26c1 : Correct pass criteria for AudioInjection test cases
42efd3c4853 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Skip RecognitionServiceMicIndicatorTest#testTrustedRecognitionServiceCanBlameCallingApp
20507567b1f : Use windowMetrics to determine window bounds.
37ce4cf005f : Updating simSlotMapping testcase
2e3822100b4 : AAC decoding test: fail instead of NPE on output format
10a426c7933 : Use bp files to create key rotation test APKs
a92d436e637 : CodecInfoTest: Limit COLOR_FormatSurface tests to VNDK T and above
7fcccb0ca32 : By-pass 10-bit HEIF decoding test if no codec supports 10-bit HEVC decoding
8c4b1c5536f : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Skip ECDSASignatureTest#testNONEwithECDSATruncatesInputToFieldSize
2a881ab4803 : BluetoothDevice#getUuids() returns null again when no Uuids
aef3226f628 : Skip new RS tests under instant mode.
0bba2739e4e : [WIP] Test unflattening
028e12e904b : Skip test as the APIs have been publicly deprecated for multiple releases
e2f3d208cab : Account for color blending at the edge
c02945829e5 : Skip cipher output checks on pre-T StrongBox
a5bda52b662 : Camera: Skip transient AF states during #testAFMetering
490f19cf2eb : Fix TextViewTest#testTextView failed in CtsAssistTestCases
18278b03577 : ITS: add legend to plots
9b2f7a45788 : Update testTelephonyApisAreAccessible to be more robust for multi-SIMs devices
b5b641dac03 : ITS: reduce test_video/ run time
5d5db41fe0c : Exclude DreamServiceTest#testDreamInSeparateProcess on Auto.
7e22d9cbbaa : Remove unused dependency in cts tests.
d757d0e76e7 : Temporarily disabled testCreateAndManageUser_newUserDisclaimer.
4ce297fccb8 : CTS test for Android Security b/123700107
1ce2d491cc7 : Add @RequireFeature(FEATURE_DEVICE_ADMIN) to test failing on tv.
ef22c6e20b3 : Revert "To read the Group UUID, the Caller must also have the US..."
3b973273bbf : DO NOT MERGE. Skip testCameraOrientationAlignedWithDevice on GSI
971c6c13156 : Retain user Context as local val for the test duration
bb8524da8fb : Do not require device id attestation on goldfish
fe4217b822b : Changes test behavior to not have to support blank property names
d24022fd804 : Exclude Presence test from old TV devices
0a1ba09f375 : Fixes CtsVerifier crash caused by hidden API access.
a498085854b : Adding dependencies containing binary files
25e472e906c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Revert "CTS: Add regression test for getInputMethodWindowVisibleHeight"
dd9d339d2b1 : CodecEncoderValidationTest: Check high bit depth profile support
9ca18689fe3 : EncoderColorAspectsTest: Extend to test in surface mode
b9772d1473b : CTS test for Android Security b/120503926
0956dd5bd52 : Skip minor-fault userfaultfd test on 32-bit kernel archs
db6ca09fb59 : Skip testCreateTaskFragment if multi-window mode is not supported.
c0812f8f51d : Adding missing dependencies CtsPermissionTestCases
26c13cf52ad : mediav2: use buffer's format to avoid race
98fb504a741 : Add test for preserving app links selection on re-verify
2648058f132 : Use default sub instead of dafault data sub in CarrierApiTest
7b963b26eea : Disable MediaStoreUiTest for automotive
7dbdf374e4e : CameraITS: Force stop the app before loading scene.
24e110d0adc : DO NOT MERGE Add check for running PermissionAttributionTest on T+.
e4b6a1e69bd : Allow package compilation failure in bgdexopt
b415cdfd838 : DO NOT MERGE - Fix stop/record after test pass in Routing Notification Tests. Erroneously stoping play/record on first routing notification (test pass).
8f7cf77c665 : Check CLOSED device state in CtsStatsdAtomHostTestCases
263c4c15fd6 : BlurTests: use screenshot of activity bounds
865c9ed37ad : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/36104177
1d19426d415 : Disable testSetSoTimeout_readTimeout before T.
0414107fecc : ITS: improve error msg if wrong controller
4fcec169ccb : ITS: make TOL=0.7
1911d82d28c : Update Vibrant Neutral palette from 8 chroma to 10
e6f82afe54e : ITS: tm-dev gpylint cleanups
e9a0ce5e93e : Use only the audio timestamp frame position to detect underrun
503ecbcfc4e : Fix math for color change border position
3b2d465d2eb : Fix avsync calculations in audio underrun test
fc7e65e4cc2 : Add velocitytracker_strategy to InputDeviceInfo
bcee39af4f6 : mediapc: update secure decoder support tests
a568d234c8f : Wait for services to unbind in CDM test setup
d195e6ba32d : CodecInfoTest: Re-enable HDRDisplayCapabilities test
4233100d7ad : Support secondary user for PackageManagerShellCommandMultiUserTest#testPackageFullyRemovedBroadcastAfterUninstall
f2aa7c91138 : Fix STS test for CVE-2021-0954
8498f3e0999 : Update ActivityTransitionTests for shell transit
0d2e9dda57e : Unset platform_apis when sdk_version is set
8b5666eb7de : CtsVerifier: Fix stretching of FOV test camera preview on foldables
f7b9d149912 : CtsVerifier: Fix camera FOV activity in portrait mode.
d36956f4eba : CtsVerifier: Create a portrait mode layout for the camera video test.
fbc56f760f4 : Check before running the test.
eac8eff9da1 : mediapc: getRequiredMinConcurrentInstances cleanup
929549ac366 : mediapc: Combine concurrent tests that had mutually exclusive params
02d1a82dd9c : mediapc: evaluator changes for multi codec tests
826060c61e7 : mediapc: use SystemClock in latency test
8ab5188b1c0 : mediapc: Add CDD section numbers for new requirements
5c8bd2ad2b0 : media: test CamcorderProfile.getAll returning null
4654636e4fc : DecodeGlAccuracyTest: Add support for YUV sampling
554178d15c2 : DecodeGlAccuracyTest: Rename few constants
00c6ef344e8 : ITS: improve video stabilization logging for debug
558d350eb13 : Add wait to UndefinedGroupPermissionTest
3c17d05a9a9 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS Fix duplicate permission installation failure
e3618725cc0 : Consolidate some conflicting Bluetooth CTS tests that emerged after migrating all Bluetooth GTS tests to CTS
386d488cd8d : TV: Change keycode in unhandled event test
bc8edd90fa0 : Test for: ContentProvider#openPipeHelper
d0166d8fca2 : Add neverForLocation
926a781ce79 : Adding missing dependencies batch 10
2b5c05e0d48 : Update CTS test for BluetoothLeAudioContentMetadata that ensures that the language string is stripped properly when generating the raw metadata
6a123c4ac42 : Add CTS test coverage for AdvertiseSettings.Builder#setOwnAddressType
792a460351e : ITS: widen stripped area around color boundaries
a33467aa2f3 : DecoderHDRInfoTest: Set profile when container doesn't contain HDR info
bd0e92060f2 : [CTS Verifier] Changes for BleAdvertisingSetTest
95a74eedc27 : Cts case: testIsVendor should be ignored if no package exists in /vendor and /system/vendor
d8a93d7df84 : Ensure edge extended activity draws behind display cutouts
fb4ddbb332f : Add test for legacy app storage request with RWR
e4b45ac1d5b : Fix SystemFeaturesTest#testSensorFeatures failure
4c17ee445d1 : Fix testMultiSelect_previewVideoMuteButtonOnSwipe on low end TV devices.
7fc6260a95d : Allow more leniency in the detection of the PTS gap
05583b16a85 : Standardize startup wait for tunnel mode CTS tests
24a0acd52b0 : Ensure that adopted permissions are cleared when setup fails.
5ab87cd533b : Workaround issue in testApkInApex_nonClasspathClasses.
6417b03a756 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix tests as Trusted Hotword requirement is removed
9224571f5fd : Migrate SystemBluetoothTest from GTS to CTS
65bdd66009e : ITS: gate by available modes.
0d3c09250b9 : Add tests for CDM dumpsys
d444ec37664 : Remove redundant cleanup code.
2c0443ab0fd : Allow exemption of roles/permissions from broadcast response events.
ad139bbacd1 : Add tests for media permission with targetSdk=T
2a2a0c1dc8f : Update NAN CTS-V tests based on new requirements.
f3b2f615a3f : Handle Exception outside of the executor lambda
5435a74b248 : Merge multi-devices into main plan, enable wifi aware
42da5109bd6 : Filter out interfering wifi scans in testWifiScanLogsScanAtoms
69aebd57212 : Migrate BluetoothPan GTS tests to CTS
224fd8fc611 : Test race for MT call answered + terminated
13583e44108 : Fix a constant value in BroadcastResponseStatsTest.
23203a7c4ce : Self-disable WifiAware if it isn't supported
a37795f2823 : Merge multi-devices into main plan
8c8a4329c20 : Deflake FrameMetricsListenerTest
8ba90c23457 : Test for: always restart apps for full installs.
d65d024a0f1 : Remove ActionBar from ActivityRecordInputSinkTestsActivity.
77913162610 : Search for sharesheet UI elements within sharesheet only
78addd58c8d : STS add test to Dynamic
fddd0ea4ead : update the resource label for notification click
fbe5a27bb1e : Update DataProfileTest for null ApnSetting
d2be9efcd4b : Remove IRadio 1.6+ check for getSystemSelectionChannels
f6ed4636bb1 : Move Bluetooth CTS tests to group presubmit-large as they take longer than 15m to run.
3dea7c912d9 : Migrate BluetoothVolumeControl GTS tests to CTS
28017f9f9eb : Allow the default mode for video peek to be undefined
1863d58c820 : Fix BluetoothA2dpTest#test_getCodecStatus.
8f22306ea4f : Fix head tracker feature and sensor type pairing
5f92fb618b1 : Don't manage keyguard on instant app tests.
f1c3d424aa9 : Reup the required confidence for AudioLoopbackLatency test.
2b256dab028 : Modify tests for SaveUi and FillDialogUi changed
05adbe12cc1 : Add more volume state checking in AdoptableHostTest
2c01a0056a8 : Revert "Add test for legacy app storage request with RWR"
c30282485e1 : Remove sleep call workaround for thread deadlock
ab272a9bbcc : Annotate WiFi CTS as independent of foldable state - i.e. opt-out
6814531ae12 : Migrate BluetoothPbapClient GTS tests to CTS
60e2e23faec : Migrate BluetoothPbap GTS tests to CTS
0f9b46a5084 : Migrate BluetoothMapClient GTS tests to CTS
91eb06a1413 : Migrate BluetoothMap GTS tests to CTS
37750818ead : Migrate BluetoothLeAudio GTS tests to CTS
77527fafb3c : Do not use 10 sec timeout for LATCH_WAIT
9b41765b2b8 : Use CarrierPrivilegesCallback to track carrier privileges changes.
691b292e8db : Migrate BluetoothHidHost GTS tests to CTS
2acb5f26d04 : ITS: close figures after they are saved
fce70d086f4 : Migrate BluetoothHeadset GTS tests to CTS
3725a7edb97 : Migrate BluetoothHidDevice GTS tests to CTS
5a5ea35c683 : Update error messages in ApkPackageNameCheck
fd8b26d7bcc : EncoderColorAspectsTest: Change to sync mode
08a3d8f3845 : Update Bluetooth package name
825ea72db09 : ITS: handle scaling of SUPER_TELE testing with large chart distance
2e8ab0976f0 : CameraITS:Improve test logging.
8a1f05325b7 : Declare CddTest for SecurityModeFeatureVerifierActivity
4a0bdd53d7c : ITS: centralize extract_all_frames_from_video()
818ed47d8cf : Fix flaky test caused by Uninstall activity
868760397cd : Revise CTS Verifier message
36eae6f8699 : Wait for native window to be ready in VkTest
45fea9e0ee3 : mediapc: video codec req, make measurement expicit
3908c5f9bda : mediapc: add concurrent secure decoder tests
9182b296fa2 : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix flaky test
e818a922d8b : Migrate BluetoothHeadsetClient GTS tests to CTS
7b564069369 : Migrate BluetoothA2dpSink GTS tests to CTS
5501eb381c4 : Add cleanup to the @After method in StatusBarManagerTest
a268b303090 : Migrate BluetoothA2dp GTS tests to CTS
18b13f3f21e : Implement new "Noise Pulse" loopback latency analyzer from OboeTester.
141bd59e63a : mediav2 CTS: Add Encoder HDR Dynamic Test
dafc5bb3f78 : Make MockIme apk debuggable.
05167b7f609 : CameraITS: Hide the ffmpeg output from terminal.
50a64c8dbab : filesystem: Use Utils from MediaPerformanceClassCommon
16ef0987fa6 : Revert "Temporarily exclude android.intent.action.EXPERIMENTAL_IS_ALIAS"
6c4bf59a841 : Verify selectable TextViews can be translated.
952fdb3b0f3 : [CTS-Verifier] Adding correction to make sure we don't timeout.
878363ffc3c : Add test to verify disabling animator pausing
5f6756d5063 : Test for animator leak fix in platform
312d64e3b66 : CameraITS: Add a check for empty key frames list.
4c7b3998d88 : Audio: fix for test cases of DirectAudioProfilesForAttributesTest [1/1]
848697e66ac : Merge changes from topic "05202022_corosenberger" am: d85ab5cf52 am: 88378597b4 am: 2e6e5b6090 am: 432c98865c am: 94e996e84f
22463874b9c : Merge "mediapc: update performance requirements for T" am: 738be9dd2d am: b35597d98a am: 6ee9115d16 am: 346ff0a8ba am: f756189098
591298b2f8b : Merge "mediapc: evaluator changes for perf class test" am: ce867f461e am: deed035080 am: 7e42c79fe5 am: 03c3bbe53f am: b2b66ded82
b2aeb0d92d0 : Merge "Changing RequiredMeasurement to require that measuredValue to be set (including explicitly set to null)" am: 1cf857192d am: 6cbbcd1c5c am: 3b8fd67177 am: 64a897381a am: f30c29bcef
2fbebb51bfa : Merge "Changing PerformanceClassEvaluator to not upload requirements without a specified requirement id" am: 6ffebe468c am: d2b82946bf am: dffeb3d8f9 am: 7b3987ba8b am: 44a3b35a49
fc73d360db2 : Merge "mediapc: evaluator changes for video req tests" am: f79faf1c0b am: 92892d963d am: f37b95da9c am: 2cb3099457 am: 5756228e2d
04c1bc7e047 : Merge "Add support to override Build.VERSION.MEDIA_PERFORMANCE_CLASS" am: 434a6a79c4 am: d5cd517582 am: 2afa8dbd97 am: ceba1a0c8d am: ac140c5d88
b2aba58d337 : Merge "mediapc: evaluator changes for frame drop tests" am: 5ace1fedc5 am: b8870ad2ba am: 0aa4c98dad am: efb20268aa am: b946f7b506
60c3993e8cd : Merge "mediapc: evaluator changes for init latency tests" am: f80d068c2d am: c9c0eed2b8 am: ea901cf966 am: 89a5a5b7eb am: 6f144dad22
35e8324d7b3 : Merge changes I17c7888b,I67a28c64 am: 36e7ff02fa am: caff0abba2 am: a063dad4b4 am: ed1bb9e64f am: 7e84f2ac31
6080c16197b : Update theming CTS
cb739f046bd : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Add a manually generated notice file.
7dcbac8962c : CTS: Add regression test for getInputMethodWindowVisibleHeight
ce1e96e97fd : Correct invalid annotation format
c9400a41997 : Revert "Add CTS for not revoking permissions that have changed r..."
80dae7be5ee : Revert "Add CTS test for permission event cleanup job"
aa636026c0b : CodecInfoTest: Add tests for HdrEditing requirements
b996e049dd2 : Camera: Update maximum MPC level in ITS
df9b6bdbf80 : ITS: add quality to plot names
2fb20e8ff2e : Fixing CTS tests of Smartspace Service. Since the verifier was being reset after a new session was created, we were not counting the correct number of interactions with the mock. Now, the verifier is only being reset once which means we get to count the correct number of interactions with it.
893e18b29cc : Bypass vibratorDoesNotTrigger test is device doesn't have vibrator
e8e3ab53e59 : Adding annotations for foldables to MIDI test modules
6e363f45826 : Point out that only one API need pass in tap-to-tone CTSV test
9804a8e48ae : ImageDecoderTest: add software allocator for 10-bit heif tests
69dc52cdf35 : Ensure screen is on for permission tests.
4cfd6416787 : Increased time waiting for new user permissions.
41095a79333 : CTS: Add regression test for getInputMethodWindowVisibleHeight
99ef5f4acbe : Fix ConfigurationScreenLayoutTest with WindowMetrics
16662a84d9f : Fix Mean Absolute Deviation calculation.
5a0243916f7 : Fix LogicalAddress issue in HdmiCecTvPowerToggleTest
2628b8b38da : CTS test case failure on user binary.
22e157bf4b3 : Annotate CredentialManagementAppActivity CTS-V test requirements
e95f760da3b : MultiDisplaySystemDecorationTests: check secondary home config
ed2820594b4 : Handle null in UiDumpUtils.fromLast().
8c7be2a07c4 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add API level check for GTS on 12L only
ea80eb0bbe1 : CTS allow ISE for getSystemSelectionChannels
4dcb147f240 : ITS: change config.yml default to most common value
c457fee69a2 : ITS: loosen offset rel_tol for low offset values
f6bcdbf6580 : Reduce threshold for anti-aliased pixels
2d54fd3320b : DO NOT MERGE - Update Audio Routing Notifications test to new CTS-V standards
14ccf166bdc : updating CallLogTest to be allow fileNotFound exceptions
84740cf1f20 : AAC decoder: test output channel mask
5e8b943e6fd : Add appops testcase for location disabled
95ad308c00a : Update min sdk to 29
9cac6c4548b : Merge "Add more volume state checking in AdoptableHostTest" am: 71b840aed0 am: c33067bdec
be6138cdde7 : Reduce flakiness.
f6ad3cb68ca : Add the ART run-test test runner as an official CTS test runner.
f715910cef9 : Generify WindowInsetsAnimationSynchronicityTests
c100839ee40 : Get the insets from a view
e008c80976f : Update exact alarm reason code in atom tests
2cbab5b4aaf : Relax callback order verification when finishing embedded containers
e966fa19143 : Require FEATURE_TELECOM for a call log test
4b9cc4b282b : Add coverage for long, boolean and int extra types
eddfdf00d77 : updating CallLogTest to be allow fileNotFound exceptions
5e6c8fb923e : ITS: standardize test_video_stabilization plot names
3dcfb820ea8 : ITS: clear sensor queue at doStartSensorEvents.
56465e80b7c : Update AudioLoopbackLatency test to better reflect CDD Handle complex test success calculation
04c0207b0cf : Stabilize ActivityTransitionTests
84e37211136 : Stablize ActivityTransitionTests by considering all insets
0e4c191a275 : FSVerity tests for Checksums API.
a37eacba97f : Fix MediaCodecResourceTest flakiness
52748d32351 : Fix ConfigurationScreenLayoutTest
b5a6d56c46e : Use different content provider URI for embedding tests
384c9acb88c : DO NOT MERGE. Updates used permissions for fine location CTS.
85116c92802 : DO NOT MERGE. Updates used permissions for fine location CTS.
3d9725d8507 : Add test for legacy app storage request with RWR
0fb6ab7d8cb : testCamera2AccessCallbackInSplitMode: Remove unnecessary assert.
4a9671eeb84 : Add test for setting null buffer in a transaction
569d3e795ce : [DO NOT MERGE] Fixed test failures caused by unexpected dialog
22df702324e : Skip known keystore CTS failures on vendor code before T
2c49c457bd1 : ITS: Check if there are any extracted frames.
3d2320ba7a5 : Remove delay in testFocusedViewDeclaredAsKeepClearArea
1970b1deb8d : Improve testPutLargeDocumentBatch test quality.
2483b5096a7 : DO NOT MERGE. Updates used permissions for fine location CTS.
8a5d286c696 : Check multi user support before cases which need a second user.
65ee4781098 : Skip CheckoutActivityTest#autofillToggleValueWithTrue in T
997116b8882 : Update ThemeHostTest script and Material screenshots
f285d339f73 : Verify the case of removing notification-seen signal impact.
23902b4d84a : [Telephony] Add the Ignore to solve this CTS test.
8515bfa1a7a : Add the @Ignore annotation to the testRcsPublishWithDisableCompactCommand case.
8077173ae18 : Mark alarm test helper app as debuggable
98e2f3bae51 : atest configuration fix
db214e8f781 : Add CTS test for permission event cleanup job
6dd0757d129 : Add CTS for not revoking permissions that have changed recently
316d268f76f : Camera: Split average latency extension report
7d8d30819e8 : update to handle ACTION_RCS_SINGLE_REGISTRATION_CAPABILITY_UPDATE intent on multi SIM environment
e418d564b8f : Add a flag to limit notif-seen signal changes to T targeting apps.
e4ac55613db : Eliminate user double-taps in TapToTone test.
4a401a0148d : [DO NOT MERGE] raise the target sdk to a proper level
a528a1293bf : Disable tests that can't run on watch
8c995b90131 : CTS test for Android Security b/221859869
9d3f43c9b5e : Fix potential null string comparison.
f39f446d541 : CTS failure on cuttlefish handling.
9883d4c6166 : ITS: define plots uniquely
c42c879c660 : DO NOT MERGE. Updates used permissions for fine location CTS.
6878f37940a : Add Ed25519 to the list of expected providers
a536eeb4e18 : Fix testRejectThenErrorFromForegroundActivity fail
3557828b2be : Correct the random select bounds to ensure the proper position
57fbc9a2269 : CTS test for Android Security b/220735360
fa858cae376 : Add additional precondition to run a CTS tc
36b4390cf1c : [DO NOT MERGE] Downstream dependency test apps
023b2fd7401 : Disable testImeAutofillDefaultSupportedLocalesIsEmpty_changeDisabled
217e5c7a738 : Ensure setSystemSelectionChannels doesn't change state
01e370a2e66 : Prevent NPE from TelephonyManager#getServiceState
cba79481263 : Disable CarDock related CTS verifier tests.
b6aca29181f : Restrict some RenderScript CTS tests to only exercise on T+ vendor build.
1f2f5f991d8 : Make IME CTS apk debuggable to allow @TestApi access.
73cb10c986e : Remove assumption that PIP restores to fullscreen in CTS
834f78ec07b : Fix ShortcutManagerMultiuserTest#testManagedUser
801d20f1412 : Solve the problem of the ITS test item test_3a_consistency
c39801b8fda : CTS test spoofed packageName can not bypass BG-FGS restrictions.
96079603865 : Fix Vulkan Variant bug caused by null Vulkan version
9e847f5e389 : Fix SelfManagedConnectionTest failures.
3d07ecb44a4 : Request legacy back dispatch in ListPopupWindowTest.
ef985775bac : Revert "Run hostsidetests as root"
e969612fa7c : Skip the assertion of testTimingsTraceLog in the user build.
c8d871ff233 : SpatializerTest: device head tracker check when no HT supported
03fbcf457ba : Incorporate 2 minutes waiting between per-use prompt testing
2f5b4015742 : @Ignore CompanionDeviceManagerTest.testRequestNotifications
a9d1c89c758 : Update OWNERS of WifiStatsTests.
1f97aced675 : Re-enable tests temporarily disabled for Automotive.
8d67283d095 : Update TEST_MAPPING to include broadcast response related tests.
2e9191dcb33 : CTS test for Android Security b/223578534
70a3e5bb4d7 : CTS test for Android Security b/223578534
7209bf704ba : Update a test to AppEnumerationTests
bfe98dad5a7 : Fix CTS fail about SaveUi animation
823c5ab0aa3 : getCodecStatus doesn't throw SecurityException anymore
ce0e21498c7 : Improve CamcorderProfileTest handling back camera
8868a0bf9ca : CameraEvictionTest: Add detailed descriptions to all assertions.
4903fc79705 : Fix CtsAppWidgetTestCases
81bfb2f595f : Bluetooth Test Server/Client Test
d97d08ee27b : Skip testAutoPipOnLaunchingActivityWithNoUserAction in freeform
abc9ea5a069 : Disable CtsShortcutHostTestCases in cts-on-gsi
e0bea46977e : Grant posting permission to CTS bubble tests
e6f515189b0 : Merge "Fix PermissionController dialog search keywords" am: fc78f4b915
9b017ef18f5 : Disable BackInvokedOnWidgetsTest#popupWindowDismissedOnBackGesture.
7a95f487a31 : [cts] fix testGetNamesForUids_valid
dc084f09312 : Fix flaky tests.
38565d6b7f2 : Add tests for ActivityRecordInputSink
e91aa441a1b : Ignore failing test
b2d0bd15217 : Revert "Update WindowUntrustedTouchTest"
d8277f9f441 : Fix test failure
18d96fec749 : [DO NOT MERGE] Convert testSetOnSeekBarChangeListener to GTS
65bada8d093 : Fix duplicate permission privilege escalation
96e390c7865 : Fix duplicate permission privilege escalation
3e4d28c3b15 : Disabled audio focus test not applicable to automotive.
fbb3ac134e2 : Disabled some CTS test for automotive.
eca7a865b24 : Fix potential flake in CTS test.
9faa232c53d : Test DPO protection vs task manager stop
bf6c0992412 : cts tests for CallLogProvider#queryInternal
8ae831bebba : Revert "Revert "Revert "Add cts test to verify 2 AssetFileDescri..."
37540292a63 : CameraITS: Fix auto flash test
48846215108 : Fix flake in UndefinedGroupPermissionTest
48354b19fda : Fix duplicate permission privilege escalation
b50eafee4b9 : ITS: add gyro check to
863bd7dbe5e : cts tests for CallLogProvider#queryInternal
327bcfbfb50 : Require FEATURE_ACTIVITIES_ON_SECONDARY_DISPLAYS to run tests with VirtualDisplay
47d1b06b41d : fix mediav2 codecdecodersurfacetests for Q
c2247ddd1ae : Managed profile tests for override APNs
511015cb2ca : Temporarily disable testStopAllTasksForUser test case
fe6b265f86d : Add temporary fix for package verification related tests for secondary user
e018c534b77 : Update OWNERS for broadcast response related classes.
276fac44cf9 : Fixes BackgroundActivityLaunchTest for headless system user mode
e4592ebd480 : ImageDecoderTest: Add 10-bit HEF decoding test
568c48e9f42 : ITS: remove QCIF from
0d62137a9a8 : Stabilise flaky test by waiting for binder calls to be complete
7db5bf77ef4 : Fix failing bluetooth test (missing permission)
b6ef4e7df30 : Move slow set/unset PO and DO tests out of CTS and into Nene Tests.
7d94d1abe61 : [MEP] Enable switchToSubscription disable related test cases
9d416fa1b98 : Adapt CTS to a change in the SAD feature
01d4f049a5c : Verify autofill no save ui reason if no dataset
e7fc25a3913 : Implement test for BLE CDD requirement
783674a2d4d : Add test to check if config match supported profiles
04d274ae423 : Verify drop input mode for embedded animated activity
0ee6d68b8c8 : Rename generalized lifecycle test classes
c3bffd0bf12 : fix test failing to enable bluetooth
055a30c13d1 : CTS test spoofed packageName can not bypass BG-FGS restrictions.
cf278e06ddd : Group broadcasts occurred within a certain duration into sessions.
4e54901575b : CTS test spoofed packageName can not bypass BG-FGS restrictions.
c8e5c2300f7 : cts tests for CallLogProvider#queryInternal
685abc717f8 : Temporarily disable tests failing on Automotive.
f9d3678df00 : Ensure device unlocked for screenshot tests.
3984ed818a7 : Pin target_sdk_version to 33
f379d6b7b6d : Fixes testUserCreatedOnStartUpForHeadlessSystemUser.
6a952e6acf0 : Merge "mediapc: add secure decode req support test" am: c8f6e9f856 am: 93e4f5ffad
74981254f86 : CTS test update for color scheme changes
fbb69112ad8 : Cleaning up app security OWNERS file
fc5077434ab : DO NOT MERGE cts tests for CallLogProvider#queryInternal
426c01e4a31 : Remove REVIEW_REQUIRED notification permission tests
df3adb94e3f : Remove CDD & API annotations from the services.
8dc47833516 : Camera ITS Service: Fix incorrect preview stabilization condition
1614e9edf89 : Ask MediaProvider if FUSE passthrough is enabled
2d55d2fb17e : Merge "mediapc: add video codec requirements tests" am: 9e0ebec89f am: a3c94695eb
afaee1a51f5 : BitmapFactoryTest: Add 10-bit HEF decoding test
920852c3c01 : Bump T version to final version code and add U.
20c85538fc5 : Ensure reparent activity TaskFragment is always within the same Task
e338b0bfaed : Allowing testCrossUserMediaAccess and testRemoveClonedProfileMediaProviderCleanup to run only on Android T+
ecba7ea7f64 : Remove Cronet cts tests
0738bb67997 : Test X25519 key exchange
3b9be57e873 : Document ApiTest for ModeSwitchingTestActivity and HotplugTestActivity
4f01f6e76fb : Fix NPE if activity embedding not supported
0df5e50fc4c : Fix more flaky telephony CTS tests on CF
3efaca526b2 : CTS test spoofed packageName can not bypass BG-FGS restrictions.
a12c9d7d091 : Drop prebuilt files to android source tree.
2c8997c0df5 : CtsVerifier: fixes new wifi tests for headless system user mode.
837403204f4 : Cleanup NNAPI host-side CTS test
c5da5f1acf1 : cts tests for CallLogProvider#queryInternal
00b1779cd35 : Add CddTest and ApiTest annotations to Telecom CTS Verifier tests.
b6c9bc504ad : Use R_E_S before T
a9d8686b169 : Merge "mediapc: add decoder initialization latency tests" am: eb410f3740 am: aad7a5c489
b5069117fd2 : Update API doc for accidentally exposed NETWORK_TYPE_BITMASK_LTE_CA
78c6e2aee72 : Merge "mediapc: update multi-codec Perf tests for T" am: ec289b6be2 am: 73b924eaa5
571c26bf2de : Move logcat call to ExecutorService
5287439d6e1 : Exclude dream overlay tests from Android Auto.
24966d8fdcc : [LocationAccessCheckTest] target sdk check for job event type
c5c74382772 : Merge "Rename EncoderInitializationLatencyTest" am: 97dd873064 am: 001f61bfe8
6e29cfff29a : Ignore InsetsAnimationSynchronicityTests for now
80cf002ef26 : Added skip virtual device audio tests for automotive
c5a961ea142 : Test signing using Ed25519 key
b7d59b189b8 : Add coverage for SensorPrivacyChangedParams.getToggleType API
433386f710e : Expect storage warning dialog on TV
8e84fb85e6f : Stop other clients requesting location during test.
acb36f7a515 : Ignore WebView autofill test when killable IME
22ac4fb985b : Skip CheckoutActivityTest#autofillOneListValueToSpinner in T
caf34d8c9f3 : CTS test for Android Security b/221216105
eed8adcce74 : Fix CtsDynamicMimeHostTestCases:RebootTestCases
6fda5eff517 : [CTS] Wait for reboot instead of proceeding after a timeout
80fd11fa5cc : CTS test for Android Security b/221852424
45c9b072374 : CTS test for Android Security b/210469972
703ad8dae6a : Fix duplicate permission privilege escalation
ea3b5ec319a : CTS test for Android Security b/221856662
2725e1b8bb6 : Add RECEIVE_AMBIENT_TRIGGER_AUDIO to atom tests
9976d771db4 : [CTS] Disable then enable Wifi to trigger disconnect
e58fd4dfe45 : Test that alarmClock alarms allows FGS starts
141eeecb421 : Ble Advertising Set Test Fix
72331793cdb : Add RSSI range requirement to BLE Rx/Tx Calibration Test instructions
9018a41d69e : Add more tests for observing device presence
137660f2e4a : Fix SurfaceControlTest cts which uses BT2020 dataspace.
3f662431272 : [cts] ignore flaky loading progress test
30e0aea1e41 : Ensure that device has boot completed for BackgroundDexOpt test
abbf8c03750 : Reland: Change input injection security model
c913a6cd454 : DecoderTest: split testDecodeWithEOSOnLastBuffer
d4ad24c2841 : Add test coverage for bundle extras
4cb018859a2 : Wait for keep clear rect changes to propagate to WindowManager
02c633dd422 : Add query all packages to test app
68e276019e6 : Keeping exact alarm tests current
e5097f8226e : Show helper message when launching the test item
943f112f1ec : Skips testTtffWithNetwork for automotive
3bda8bb47a8 : Make SEND_SAFETY_CENTER_UPDATE internal|privileged
4867319c68a : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/200164168
8798ca47dec : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/153995334
c5872d14461 : Fix CtsVerifier failing to Set Org.
51d9c60e1bb : Fix failure on automotive devices.
22dc6f8f077 : Fix Telephony CTS tests on CF
b1f13b287ff : Increase the wait time for looking up notifications in bubble tests
09b6a149b6f : [CTS] Add location mode check
11d4cb73d1f : Add CtsVerifier test for managed user notice
f28330de946 : Add testStopAllTasksForUser for ActivityManagerHelper
21279a621b5 : Request split permissions only on Android T+
d297365dd2f : Test setUserContolDisabledPackages callable by PO.
e0265ca1764 : Add API annotation to SetNewPasswordComplexityTest
13fd9de356b : Add explicit check for invalid encodings in getDirectProfilesForAttributes
a34821a9e1b : Skip testLaunchAppWithIconOptions on TV
f2d8b6b0bf8 : Create clone profile user for the StartActivityAsUserTests
a691a23f6b7 : Camera: Remove bokeh/night extension requirement from MPC13
287c4e9e74c : Fall back to a minimum gesture margin for flinging.
1c558b41c72 : Add ObservingDevicePresenceTest
dac7408185b : Skip test when app standby is disabled.
29c9ee40b92 : Renable InstalledIncremenalPackageStatsTests
1d86ecc9654 : Merge "CtsMediaV2: release codec in @After block" am: a6a469a2b8
59ede734c7b : CTS test for Android Security b/229611554
9eb9f529987 : CTS test for Android Security b/229611554
33b27055a5d : Move BroadcastResponseStats related tests to separate class.
8c31bc50595 : Expand testMaxNumberOfFrontends
e0e77cfc11e : Merge "Changing Requirement#checkPerformanceClass to ignore if given devicePerfClass is not handled by a required meausrement" am: c8048b1933 am: 0a79c3ec4f
01028a9e202 : Skip testAppWidgetConfigNoBalBypass test on TV
2452d5c8bfe : Run QuickAccessWalletClientTest in full app mode.
f2dbf06bef5 : Bypass TelephonyFeatureFlagsTest for legacy vendor image
c44fff52e46 : Fix bug in testGetStorageVolumesIncludingSharedProfiles
6f20f1c80a6 : Implement setBroadcastConfig and add interface for in MockModem
707bf957229 : SpatializerTest: fix head tracking tests
c9f95d39751 : Remove wallpaper dimming CTS tests as they are going to be GTS tests.
03755475353 : Parameterize the SignatureMultiLibsTest tests
ec5962694e3 : Add ResourceStore to cache extracted zip files
9a525e2569d : Add some missing current API files for shared libraries
e2f80f17f84 : Separate SignatureTest and SignatureMultiLibsTest
dfa6f474f63 : Stop using shell to retrieve list of shared libraries
166ea5d1c9e : signature tests: Split SignatureTest.testSignature
7604252629a : signature tests: Memoize access to info derived from instrumentation args
4fd6c664fed : To read the Group UUID, the Caller must also have the USE_ICC_AUTH_WITH_DEVICE_IDENTIFIER permission.
ea9dc6c3203 : CTS test for Android Security b/211481342
f4a5f4ea9f4 : Fix NPE when multi-window not supported
4e92ba55dfe : [DO NOT MERGE]Fixed test failures caused by unexpected dialog
b1a6e53da61 : BT: Adpot BLUETOOTH_PRIVILEGED permission in CTS test
581cc7f0e5c : Check if Incremental is present before running tests.
6c4dbb631da : Add test to ensure fill dialog only shown once
0e4dafca15d : Make Widget Framework Test less confusing
09e6e869eef : [DO NOT MERGE] Disable very strict test
801cf4c660b : Change permission to execute car shell command
49ca88aafd0 : Update include path to match master
80dec775d72 : DO NOT MERGE: Test testRequestFlush_Gnss only on launched-in-S+ devices
d09e7585d05 : Make EmptyActivity transparent so SimpleActivity can be translated.
0b435a9981e : [CTS Verifier] Fix the Permissions Popup Message
8c93ee09e25 : Set the flags needed to automatically run in multi-devices mode like Atest
8646c94feea : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 9
03896ee21a3 : Include missing dependencies for CtsShortcutHostTestCases
667cf5792e1 : Include test jars from subdirectories for cts
4d5f462ed99 : Add target SDK to enable instlalation on older platforms
3b5f633899c : Update virtual device tests after synchronizing pointer API
2d057e3879c : IME OnBackInvokedCallback migration CTS tests
16f9d2e2c62 : Fix VirtualKeyboardTest failed
76f5931923f : Changing target_sdk_version to 33 in AppCloningTestAPK
6ce711d7eb7 : Add test for cancel fill dialog
17194650143 : Increase temp service durations for CtsTranslationTestCases.
b75e0bb0820 : Update CTS-V Tap-to-Tone test for new CDD requirements.
1c9dac4b9f5 : Fix CtsLocationGnssTestCases for automotive by revoking location permissions.
53901c8916a : Fix virtual input tests in secondary user mode
b7b274b49fd : Remove unused test api
79444c01647 : Revert "Add CTS tests to enforce PUSH_BLANK_BUFFERS_ON_STOP"
861aa4eee64 : Explicitly grant permission to test
7e878881f45 : Reduce confidence requirement for Speaker/Mic path to .2
6bd633a1ad1 : Fix CTS tests to work on devices without telephony
eddb89b0cd0 : [cts/libs/install] use PackageInfoFlags only on T+
7acb5d91d73 : Re-enable the removed-from-presubmit hotword tests
8e665c9bfac : Attempt to fix AssistantStackTests presubmit flakiness
931e122ef51 : Fixed failing tests in PixelCopyTests
697ba82a659 : Uninstall companion3 package after PkgInstallSigVerify tests
c91a6de40f4 : [cts] fix feature checking for incremental metrics tests
111708d3559 : Add ActivityEmbedding lifecycle tests
24c985858a2 : Don't assume the PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission grant state.
1a255d2f633 : Adding fix for BluetoothSapTest
008c40db7d6 : Privileged EDI is not considering all privileged apps using isPrivilegedApp method bug: 230795642
3b7217ea636 : Check MeasurementCorrections capability
65a2eaee2ab : Verify text translation works after starting Activity in same task
70dc9848009 : Promote most WM Jetpack CTS to presubmit
16bdd8b5e29 : Fix Negative button not found issue for CTS test
3b4a429489b : Allow autorevoke app to use QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission
ef33d3b795a : Extract lifecycle test infrastructure
6cd1cb078bd : Slot count can be smaller than SIM count when multiple enabled profiles are present.
8a4397cf6a1 : [cts] fix flakiness
bdcba5c597b : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE platform/cts - Tiramisu to 33
9929de39b04 : Wifi: Set WPA3_SAE security type for 6GHz SoftAp tests
5da788182d5 : Add activity extension transition CTS tests
9ac6e7796e8 : Update Contacts Indexer CTS test to create 1 additional user only
2ac391784d5 : Add CTS test for game session recreated via Recents UI
9d5651157a8 : Improvement of ReadLogsTestActivity
134ca428048 : CTS test for Android Security b/129287265
8ebf1f9a027 : Additional tests now assertTestFileExists()
c4ceb464aa2 : Test GL YUV to RGB sampling of 601 and 709 colorspaces
beacb10ae8e : Select only the CTS-Verifier MIDI Loopback virtual device for tests
f98a6c5e7a5 : Return from clickNotification method if device isn't T
73f871f7f58 : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 8
a35d2e4600e : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 7
2b0f2511c50 : CameraITS: cleanup preview stabilization tests
49a2ed8abd4 : Check whether multi-user is supported before running AppCloningHostTest
3d59ffaa6a2 : Add test for ignore STORAGE perm requests on T+
be0cf952a82 : Add test for media permission on app upgrade
962c4e21302 : Isolate non-recoverable car host test cases
7624881a5c3 : Add exact alarm permission to ServiceKillTest
3f3dfaa70cf : Privileged EDI is not considering all privileged apps
9444f839dd9 : Test for Fixing auto grant for split permissions
4c42179c904 : platform/cts - Moving the CTS Assets for Tiramisu to 33
24f7d06f9c9 : [DO NOT MERGE] Move API version check to @Before method
ae667e6e03e : Extend the time of clearing chip from 5 seconds to 10 seconds
4a2a1784184 : Fix fail to remove VisibilitySettings when remove a schema.
152f7f4f476 : Skip SplitActivityLifecycleTest if multi-window not supported
2d073a5b8ba : Verify INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL perm for cross-user calls.
1cd9fa0e941 : Fix the flaky ActivityManagerHelperTest.
483ff4a4c61 : EncodeDecodeAccuracyTest: Test RGBA1010102 encode
d81e1b1cb0a : Add test coverage to SyncFence#await(Duration)
65c7003108d : Fix Shortcut Reset Rate-Limiting test failure
6c04b70d79f : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 6
22de64d23f8 : Added testReleaseBufferCallback_Slow
a2ca533164b : Increase CTS for GameService API
31a14a79920 : Add wallpaper support check
f17c8b51f38 : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 5
d542b041f1b : mediav2 CTS: Add Decoder HDR Static Test
c5f8ee67bf9 : mediav2 CTS: Update mediav2 resource directory from 2.2 to 2.3
2118d1597b6 : mediav2 CTS: Add Encoder HDR Static Test
f75d17bbc98 : mediav2 CTS: Update EncoderProfileLevelTest for hdr profiles
a415325f9eb : mediav2 CTS: Update EncoderColorAspectsTest for 10-bit input clips
445af3c0176 : Apply parameterized annotations first.
8d40e42a0b4 : ITS: clean up gpylint errors in utils files
7db839ff6f9 : Clean up HardwareBufferTest#testInvalidUsage
96324250e0d : Revert "Disable highly flakey test blocking 2206 runs every week."
b0f8bb605e1 : Fix TestApi access issue and skip MixedDeviceOwnerTest#testPackageInstallUserRestrictions.
252ca5f278a : Fixed ViewClippingTests#testAntiAliasedOutlineClip
fb2fd1b3b52 : Keystore CTS: allow for rounding in creation time
1d8b53d24c4 : Cleaning up test to use TestDevice APIs
7b5bcdfdf91 : Fix testShowInputMethodPicker failure
0a9379130d5 : [CTS] Resume global auto join after test
fb5c35274b2 : Fixing tests with missing exact alarm permission
98077f97497 : BT: Use non-null channels in BluetoothLeBroadcastSubgroupTest
cebb926f3b1 : BT: Add at least one channel in BluetoothLeBroadcastMetadataTest
62e68576374 : BT: getCodecMetadata() returns NonNull object in BluetoothLeBroadcastChannelTest
eb3220b60b2 : BT: Fix BluetoothLeBroadcastAssistantTest
34503934bca : BT: Use non-null codec metadata during test
04dafe70ed8 : Revert "CTS test to verify background RFCOMM listeners."
f82d5266f28 : Add ITS Test to test Preview Stabilization
88389f0fac8 : Add CTS Verifier for new AE Wifi features
f349e5c0872 : Update CTS test for latest theme variant spec
e2862825042 : Add CTS test for dream dismissing itself when activity is started.
3cf633881b8 : Wait for the Wifi network restore done.
e416607d384 : Remove testBitmapConfigFromA8
ba6c86439d4 : Add DHCP to the list of allowed open ports for Tethering
3c6f5d550ab : Added tests to ensure the system server is able to handle and filter out invalid services.
82e1b8cf450 : Make the authentication requirement configurable for toggles
1f291597c3b : Revert "Revert "[DO NOT MERGE] Add CtsVerifier tests for hardware privacy switches""
134aac82484 : Add missing permissions to SJP test app
3183354eb7f : Mark CtsDreamOverlayTestApp as debuggable.
1749f0cda5b : ITS: correct first_api_level for Android T
5e96c3eb1bc : Enable the test for always having vitural display unlocked now that allow_always_unlocked_virtual_displays is removed.
f38e135e777 : Revert "[DO NOT MERGE] Add CtsVerifier tests for hardware privacy switches"
c11e0e3a79b : CtsVerifier: Add CDD annotations for Identity Credential tests.
a461925a3b2 : Fix cts failure with testTextView_clickTwiceWithShowFillDialog_showIme
5505e9095df : Add CDD annotations for some security tests
624d1d041a2 : platform/cts - Tiramisu is now 33
c7659fbd89e : Test for Fixing auto grant for split permissions
93d2fdfe8e7 : Make sure broadcast received before leaving the method.
3fce19a713f : Don't crash the whole suite because of a single test failure.
148765b209a : Retrying inserting image for clone profile in owner's MediaProvider till successfully insertd.
e43ab0f9ed1 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/205836329
b5a9bfc1d5e : Temporarily add additional failure message to identify source of display
811152064ec : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Run select autofill CTS tests in full app mode
2afaa3b3cb8 : Verify translation APIs works after starting Activity in same task
06c0a132c3b : Add a test for removing several VirtualDisplays
a1037478c92 : Revert "Upgrading the targeted_sdk_version for cts app."
7288f9cd59f : Fix high flaky WhitelistTest#testWhitelisted_byService_alreadyRunning
c2cff2a885c : Fix flaky TextViewTest#testTextView
5bc17c7b106 : ITS: refactor
6bb1946d51e : [Output Switcher] Skip test for automotive
112540e8392 : Double the ENABLE_TIMEOUT_MS value for DeviceOwnerTest#testBluetoothRestriction test.
f2f435d8e41 : Fix testReservedVirtualUid for secondary users
f5aa696334a : [CTS] change the target SDK to T
5febae3024d : Resource hardening test fix.
f032aefa92f : Camera: Enable 10-bit basic video recording testing
726b44e7c0c : CtsVerifier: Enable 10-bit HLG video recording in ItsService
b8423f9fbe5 : Fixes testUserCreatedOnStartUpForHeadlessSystemUser
4c4fbfffc35 : NotificationTemplateTest: check for Bitmap equivalence
7b52c7284d4 : When unsupported, only finish presence test after initialization is done
bf7f8878baf : Fix Permission for testGetAllCellInfo
afa14cefda0 : Correct CVE bug
2dd65d0f11a : Rename test to correct CVE.
b8746bbfcd0 : Add a test for restricting Androidx in Platform
dbd6fc411c1 : Camera: Fix race condition in CameraGLTest
aeb446b8363 : Revert "Add test coverage for Photo Picker launched via GET_CONTENT"
6e2fb23e5f7 : Don't run testResizeWithoutCrossingSizeBucket if split screen not
5dd1cc1f201 : Fix testFrontendStatusReadiness failure on legacy HAL after updating API
e29a6b047bb : Make hidden APIs test timeout longer
99ea815ab60 : Created seperate lib for VehiclePropertyVerifier
0c26cdf84b3 : Remove BT2020 and BT709 from TextureViewTests
a118e4d5d7d : Bump CTS and CTS Verifier to 13_R1
c51c6f7aef6 : DO NOT MERGE Add check that prevents file operations outside of Call Composer Dir
2957d06acec : DO NOT MERGE Add check that prevents file operations outside of Call Composer Dir
5438b1370ab : CameraITS: Handle ROTATION_0 value for landscape.
821882e669d : Add CTS test to ensure INVALID was not implemented.
2502d10dd0b : Increase Test Timeout Time
e21b3d4e6e8 : Fix scopedstorage CTS to pass MTS
2604445d6f5 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add CtsVerifier tests for hardware privacy switches
a8c82168c1d : Disable animation for HotwordDetectionServiceBasicTest
941364e2184 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/209611539
8fc6d7e0e5a : Add test for fill dialog
26884f2d333 : Fix failing DPM API tests
bfea9d4820d : Create managed profile user for the test
bf8a784131d : Fix BiometricSimpleTests#testPackageManagerAndDumpsysMatch failure
ff3de2679bc : Request timeout should be extended to 120 from 60
09ee83e1f3e : Annotate test module CtsIncidentHostTestCases test module for foldable device testing
8e60c03458a : Fix tests for allow/deny warnings for media perms
a9751d3b963 : Directly send broadcast before running AutoRevokeTest
1180fb6b54d : Ignore failing placeholder test
493dadeb483 : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 4
a165c064400 : Add the assisitant availability test assumption
a201702b4fd : Add Api test annotation to CameraFlashlightActivity
4d59f06ad60 : [cts] NPE check for runPackageVerifierTest
ab6064fe0ac : Fix parcelwrite order for cts test
e51d3f12c20 : Added CTS test for EV_REGENERATIVE_BRAKING_STATE
58ccb3a5f16 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to cts
f129bc165ed : Update DeviceStateManagerTests to reflect the changes made in requestState
c3f1124f4e7 : Fix the RuntimeException failure
3a129a5f59e : Fix sdr cts case by increasing blue channel in the test color.
fa23857effc : Support the GATT profile by default
7476b5df365 : Enable CompanionDeviceManagerTest on auto.
9b4f6f4e32d : Temporarily exclude android.intent.action.EXPERIMENTAL_IS_ALIAS
5b41d0c5e36 : Fix order for raw_byte endianess
c5586cde3a7 : Ignore gmscore apk from shared libraries
782ae2365ac : Better failure output from WebViewSyncLoader.
53a0f595c78 : Add setIsOrganizationOwner and isOrganizationOwner Nene APIs.
1fda0eb5573 : Skip Mock Modem CTS test case on DSDS device
eb261a5551e : (ImsCallingTest CTS flakiness) Wait till ImsService unBind after testOutGoingCallForExecutor.
61b060a3479 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add API level check in @BeforeClass
b3661dd9e3e : Refactored CompanionDeviceServiceTestActivity.
8d4147eb2a7 : CTS wait for RADIO_POWER_OFF to process
2d3980fbe26 : Annotate test module CtsStatsdAtomHostTestCases test module for foldable device testing
73649245ac7 : Upgrading the targeted_sdk_version for cts app.
dc04d597b05 : Restrict AllServices test to T+ devices.
bb2b6b9bb48 : Run hostsidetests as root
6457c527b2f : Skip NotificationPermissionTest After method on ATV
91ba6e25f79 : Add Api test annotations for Camera Bokeh.
0961766a2ed : Use updated mic privacy chip id in RecognitionServiceMicIndicatorTest
aae3517c707 : Added CTS test for EV_CHARGE_TIME_REMAINING
fab637154d7 : STS test for Android Security BUG 183411210
8f41f7fb965 : Add Presence NAN CTS-V tests.
0ebda2fe99a : STS add tests in S+ to Dynamic
70d357b8ccf : STS add tests in S+ to Dynamic
e5b74319ae7 : Adding missing dependencies of CTS modules batch 3
b5a84e0ea46 : DO NOT MERGE: Add patch note to domain verification update tests
4d7b0f7d962 : Add a regression test for b/221483132.
f3f9fe104c9 : Skip using ExifInterface for gif files
37530f0d4dc : Verify any composing text is finished when A11yIME commits text
95cf6e4c864 : Update CTS tests for acceleration being disabled for pointer capture
1a94b2e1ba8 : Add test for Block subdirs of Android and normalize path for SAF
5a07f516c93 : Allow CtsVerifier to still use exact alarms in T
fe3f71f76cf : CTS test for Android Security b/209607104
1a285c32d1c : signature tests: Allow parsing of API resources statically
090ee7d4bde : Make autofill CTS tests use sticky broadcasts
e9a86d23420 : Only run CtsVirtualDevicesTestCases on SDK 33 or above
e261a36c97c : Parameterize Vibrator CTS test.
563c2b183e0 : Test preferential network service on work profile
a061046704f : Don't verify insets for floating windowing mode
d5063c62cb5 : Fix flakiness in ActivityTransitionTests
5cda419ef08 : p2p: check feature support before running setVendorElements case
a8e22a4e6d3 : Add test case for auto append password hint
5648c7aa3c5 : CTSVerifier: Add API annotation for formats
308e371bc95 : propagate failures from callback to main thread
40f1980e8fb : CtsVerifier: Add API Test annotations for Camera Intents
4e2c6666416 : Add check that prevents file operations outside of Call Composer Dir
fdc1f0aa11f : Added CTS test for EV_CHARGE_SWITCH
9ed1b488fa7 : Adding missing dependencies of some CTS modules
5c70836f1ca : Fix determining test package UID on multi-user devices
a6336a792ae : Readability fixes for testNetworkTypeMatchesCellIdentity
82d168f436e : Add test cases for hints config
4b1768f71b1 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix a CTS-V crash issue that happens when running CameraITS test
e896cafbf55 : Skip testAppWidgetConfigNoBalBypass test on auto builds
c7ee223e8cf : Add cts to ensure restricted settings op cannot be read by normal apps
03fa14e458a : Add CTS tests to enforce PUSH_BLANK_BUFFERS_ON_STOP
666c8a2799f : Make 2021 CTS SIM required for T.
d447d73fec2 : Add an APDU script to remove CSIM before CtsCarrierApiTestCases
16a9099da50 : uwb(multi-device-cts): Add a simple test to verify infra
f5d5bcaabf3 : Annotate MediaTranscoding tests with foldable device testing
a888d1ad038 : Fix failing CtsDevicePolicyTestCases tests.
f1f81112c4b : CTS for trampoline block on default browser
dd472fc6970 : CTS test for Android Security b/221862119
dddf2b89289 : CTS tests for change notifications during schema migration.
8ca9e88e046 : CTS test for Android Security b/216631962
21bf885b11a : Fix the flaky TaskInfoHelperTest.
61f5d68a42a : [cts] delete unfinished sessions when installer is uninstalled
495ac0f55cb : Also use MockA11yIme in InputConnectionEndToEndTest
6a182419705 : Change ITS test picture write directory from "/mnt/sdcard/Download/" to "/sdcard/Download/"
db6e0a066ff : CTS: Fix Instant version of getInputMethodWindowVisibleHeight_returnsZeroIfNotFocused
28b9caf676c : Fixing alarm stats tests
d2090127961 : Update tag on the CtsBionicTestCases and dependent libraries to use mts-mainline-infra tag.
0bbcdc02120 : Reduce flakyness of CtsAppOpTestCases
f76e26357c8 : Correct Typo on Provision Refactor per API review
48340cd2d98 : Add Api test annotations for Camera Orientation.
0851b51dc2c : identity: add CryptoObject.getPresentationSession() API coverage.
ae0db6d3702 : Add CTS test for handwriting initiation in customized editor
5c0d95e5953 : Pass valid uid
69e26558a2d : Do not launch 2 instances at the same time
2f1c70753d5 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/190286685
da55d1573cd : Fix profile support check
6c8bb5ad3ae : Update min sdk to 29
b67456050cb : Wait for the correct callbacks in ToolbarActionBarTest
b2d2774d039 : Add the check to skip the test in case of soundbar and panel TVs
bd36d7c0cb6 : Enhance the time gap for disk partitions
829f7bc4064 : Use inOrder for verifying multiple calls to same callback.
9e8df2451b2 : Add ReconcileSdkDataArgs to burndown list
bbe0a7e55a8 : Fix testOppDisabledWhenRestrictionSet
9fcd1f16665 : Revert "Ensure the DUT is bondable during test"
771a33db089 : CTS test for Android Security b/210118427
4ce5e81f25d : Update the OWNERS file of appenumeration tests
ff58a515338 : Verify non-embeddable activity start cross-UID
b180f7e0b4b : Verify reduced UiTranslationStateCallback calls.
c2a0ad63bd0 : CTS test for Android Security b/169763814
88d401ee6b6 : Correct the CTS logic for the broadcast config and supported API
7dd22c114df : Marking the Testcase failure ignored to unblock testing. Will be keep working to figure out the root caue and eventually will fix and remove ignore tag.
cdb8052add9 : MediaV2: Update checkFormatSupport to skip the test correctly
986132dcf41 : [CTSVerifier] Adding Screenshot Metadata
414e9aed60e : Presence BLE Calibration CTS-V tests
44a9ff1bc86 : Fix SDR cts case due to different colormode on different device
71f8b25b426 : Add isEmpty check when testing with VD
583b743ea8a : Only testCloneProfile properties on devices that support them
2d031f4ced2 : CTS - use 90 seconds for PNO scan wait time
db3951ac3c7 : resolve merge conflicts of 01d30534ffe347c5069fc36096b257e800fb8d0b to android12L-tests-dev
188062e1b8a : CrossCheck CellInfo and NetworkType
19190cb2cd9 : DO NOT MERGE Move tests permission3 GMS test cases to GTS rather than CTS
888552da253 : Reset parcel position before using constructor
c92ccb26baf : Change test attributes of telephony5 to match telephony3
fd4a45c1a07 : Test basic network request capabilities.
6403e9659cb : Fix CTS MagnifierTest for Wear devices
84f4cadf2c1 : Adding missing dependencies of some CTS modules
f68dadc66b1 : ITS: gpylint cleanups and AssertionError() fix.
3fad7ef82d3 : Fix CTS testRadioPowerToggle fail
d62953c91e7 : [DO NOT MERGE]Add min_sdk_version to test apps in CtsSystemUiTestCases
831f555de5e : Fix DisplayTest on large screen device
12933d0a746 : Bypass testCurrentNetworkTimeClock in instant app mode
ea52afc30a2 : Fix MultiWindowTests test failed
b41d24d908c : Add setSimInfo/getSimInfo methods support
d2ccd45eb02 : Only move Task to PiP if there is only one non-finishing activity
4f597765e97 : Deleted clang property in Android.bp files
6b978134d28 : Need to specify target_sdk_version
72eca81b961 : Title: Fix CTS fail
d847e1c7ad9 : Set the launch root task before relaunch the split-primary
2d8811b8861 : Create the profile user with correct user type
9d6dd45999c : CtsCameraTestCases: Fix failure in testCamera2AccessCallbackInSplitMode.
a0c52f70f89 : Add tests to verify revoked capabilities can be restored
56edbd14bfb : [Autofill Crash]: CTS tests for fixing NPE in AutofillManager.
af8b5602e97 : Add WM Jetpack test dependency to VTS
dcf128a30e3 : Sleep 12 seconds to let potential BAL grace period expire.
12711ff21b4 : Use A2DP constant when checking for support for BluetoothA2dpTest
4a3e40646fc : [Scribe] CTS test initiate Handwriting multiple times
f853c15d313 : Implement getInterfaceHash/Version
5e3e5345f0f : Added CTS test for EV_CHARGE_STATE
6ef4d57bb50 : Merge "Set input source for generic motion event" am: ba38c33b26
9a3b756c309 : Revert "Ensure the DUT is bondable during test"
785aea5bec3 : MediaCodecTest: testVendorParameters to use input surface for video encoders
a77b72625bb : Sleep 12 seconds to let potential BAL grace period expire.
e123f9abe83 : p2p: move assertion to the test body
4aae35b0197 : [CTS] Use UiAutomation to get the permission
60c3c630387 : Change ITS test picture write directory from "/mnt/sdcard/Download/" to "/sdcard/Download/"
6a3da5c99e4 : Cross check network type against CellIdentity type
6fafd8ddffd : MediaUtils: Update onFrankenDevice() to return true for Cuttlefish
c0fd384e738 : Change ITS test picture write directory from "/mnt/sdcard/Download/" to "/sdcard/Download/"
b3d92e33570 : ITS: print() lighting control commands in MANUAL testing
5af99c10cb3 : Verify A11y IMEs do not receive fallback InputConnection
cc0b08b4619 : Skip StylusHandwritingTest cases on TV
de08a2aaa03 : Revert "Revert "[API Coverage] BluetoothLeAdvertiser""
1ded3f64716 : Marks testSecurityLoggingWithSingleUser as flaky.
de7b5dbcd93 : Enable Device Gone button after 2 mins
6efc4748edb : Skip "All services" test for Auto
12b6ce86d91 : Verify media notifs are considered in broadcast response stats.
d1a025120d0 : Added CTS test for EV_CHARGE_PERCENT_LIMIT
50875c3f857 : Check that packageName is not null in A11yTextTraversalTest
1a0ffb195c0 : Delete PermissionTestLatest#testTApiVersionCodeIsNotSet
a2a5c5adf5d : BluetoothCsipSetCoordinator: Fix testLockUnlockGroup
a1ef15809b5 : Revert "Mark DreamServiceTest as flaky."
4228581fce8 : Keystore CTS: better error message
2f74628877a : Update AudioLoopbackLatency test to current (12) CDD.
8b33b4d203e : Fix CTS MagnifierTest for Wear devices
d46b2bcf800 : Adapt uiautomator for low resolution 720*1280
3732b0cfd59 : Delivery the result of the PIDF information on a per-request basis
a80d42a99fe : DO NOT MERGE: Fix BluetoothAdpterTest#test_getMaxConnectedAudioDevices
6ea54746c10 : Fix for Automotive devices supporting only "landscape" screen orientation
981a84a72d7 : Updating tests for exact alarms
8d549c6ce12 : [CTSVerifier] Adding Screenshot Metadata
13bd329ebad : Fix BluetoothAdpterTest#test_getMaxConnectedAudioDevices
66bcceb90eb : Adding wescande to some OWNERS files
bab3467737d : Improves logging on BluetoothRestrictionTest
0ed31266094 : Unset Dream overlay component in CTS test.
d71ab37cfbf : ITS: reduce minimum pixel size to 0.5um
75b49ea28c5 : Added BluetoothDevice missing coverage
974c304bcd8 : Fix BluetoothDeviceTest
55f3545e5ff : Updated PermissionCarEnergyTest with new props
45c57bdb2ab : Implement getInterfaceHash/Version
9bb4d7677cf : Remove CtsDreamsTestCases from instant app testing.
157319084e8 : ITS: reduce minimum pixel size to 0.5um
4aa1b99b9e8 : ITS: reduce minimum pixel size to 0.5um
2277f9bcf62 : Fix bluetooth apk signing name for cts test
0bc76d4101c : Skip `UsbDebuggingTest#testUsbDebugging` on builds other than `user`
a65b23fbfd9 : Enable animations during BitmapTests
a5b21a08521 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS and CTS Verifier version to 12.1_r3
5afd8d5bfda : CTS - use 90 seconds for PNO scan wait time
fcefc193cda : Add script to test system app and shared UID behaviors
50a7ade711f : Added CTS test for EV_CHARGE_CURRENT_DRAW_LIMIT
4b652e6a2df : Ignore LTRIGGER/RTRIGGER/GAS/BRAKE axes for Input test cases
a01220ddf0b : External storage CTS tests for apps with PROPERTY_NO_APP_DATA_STORAGE
a5181e97db1 : Migrate Bluetooth CTS tests to new sysprop APIs
c209fc3d708 : ITS: gpylint cleanups
e1381d3235b : CallAudioInterceptionTest: Fix permissions issue
0bbbadd6265 : fix SelfManagedConnectionTest failures
32ec2112adb : Fix various issues with USBPeripheralAttributes Test
b99a9018bc5 : Test A11yIme for InputMethodManager#invalidateInput()
d99fb5fd95e : Add PolicyDoesNotApplyTest to nearby streaming policy test
40f1b5778c7 : Add tests for style and source combinations
c4f034b3ca1 : [AW] Add a test to verify handling of a null ServiceWorkerClient.
d8c6e9914b3 : Fix DreamOverlayTest.
209337593ef : Add new test for writing to an AHB from a compute shader
ea2e8224e9d : Added missing intent filter for DpmWrapper.
99edfdb1373 : MTS Setup for Bluetooth
d90894ed2bf : Implement getInterfaceHash/Version
217dfb3cd61 : Test A11yIme for InputMethodManager#restartInput()
272d78b84f7 : Ensure we don't accidentally select camera app in UI tests
a80fa2d6e9b : Add CVE_2021_0341 to dynamic
4bb709f129e : Fix test to handle body sensors split for Auto
ea4605dbf2e : Update tests for PCC
2f5a5735f0f : Camera: Add back-to-back CaptureRequest read-write
c79a4796004 : Added code coverage for SubscriptionManager.from()
37f12558a08 : platform/cts - Tiramisu is now 33 #2
c2fc3ca921a : Only launch test activity once in WindowUntrustedTouchTest
19408b27543 : Fix DeviceConfigApiTests#testDeleteProperty_withNonExistingProperty. Deleting a missing property is a no-op from the ContentObserver's perspective and won't fire an onChange to listeners. Fixing test to reflect that.
2a3a89fe518 : [CTS] Add DPM role holder to test allow list
8ad7213d8af : Verify that AlphaFilterCanvas does not crash with WebView
435285443ae : ImageReaderDecoderTest: Fix swirl validation for 10-bit cases
9372008a566 : SurfaceControlViewHostTests: Deflake touchable region test
6b8d0c9636a : Delete commented test
217f68886e3 : Add base activities for Presence CTS-V Tests
c11dec2f999 : Stabilize GameServiceTest
8c754a9da93 : CTS test for Android Security b/151456667
ac316a81ac9 : CTS test for Android Security b/151456667
b0954906ed2 : Fix test for creation date/time in attestation.
95a569bae40 : Revert "Temporarily remove TimeZoneDetectorStatsTest"
5ba4016c8ef : signature tests: Fix interface method checks
dbfd40ee807 : signature tests: Improve error handling in tests
3e9dc60214a : Make ActivityTransitionTests independent of default animation.
4da997f295e : transcoding: Add tests for VideoFormatResolver
e761c9afd46 : CTS test for Android Security b/110899492
2529d3c9f80 : DO NOT MERGE: Sync BtHapClientTest code with android internal branch
cd0d53c3317 : [Output Switcher] Add check when setup in MediaOutputDialogTest
c3aa998c6bc : Cts test fix for CZ premium SMS codes.
68a1edce481 : Cts test fix for CZ premium SMS codes.
d448f8cb0c7 : Cts test fix for CZ premium SMS codes.
34bdcbe4293 : Fix for testUserCreatedOnStartUpForHeadlessSystemUser
ee00fc6db91 : Fix potential failed CTS test case
a9861e1b277 : Improved CarServiceHelperService CTS test
e9faaf60944 : Disable highly flakey test blocking 2206 runs every week.
745c157bf2e : Update the CTS virtualdevice bug component from "Android > Pixel > Exo > Android" to "Android > Better Together > Features > App Streaming > Android Framework"
c43c76da093 : platform/cts - Tiramisu is now 33
52d295b30af : Cts test fix for CZ premium SMS codes.
b8d3413934e : Revert "Enabled CarServiceHelperServiceUpdatable test"
c0ddfbf7b12 : ITS: test_video_aspect_ratio_and_crop refactor duplicate code
7f70346900d : Camera: Verify extension support for specific camera controls
2f0782808df : CTS test for Android Security CVE-2020-27059.
f0bed21b895 : CtsMedia: Add and use shouldSkipCodec() and shouldSkipMediaType()
234029c5175 : Revert "[CTSVerifier] Adding Screenshot Metadata"
e1e71165a74 : media: testVendorParameters to consider bitrate mode
1831d5007ed : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS Verifier version to 9.0_r21
9c37dc24e5e : [conflict] Merge "Fix autofillservice CTS failure on small display" into android11-tests-dev am: 763aef16b4
bcb21123cfa : Cts test fix for CZ premium SMS codes.
2fb703a6771 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS and CTS Verifier version to 12_r5
92e66e07df3 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS Verifier version to 10_r13
bcb2810e3b8 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS and CTS Verifier version to 11_R9
a2be72ce780 : Add min_sdk for SJP helper app
ee2fd11c518 : Implement getInterfaceHash/Version
1979a92c921 : Fix cts test PermissionReviewTest
0ad3a775c15 : Add MockA11yIme w/ AccessibilityInputMethodTest
ce310faf77e : Set input source for generic motion event
964862a9464 : Remove test for CONFIG_HARDEN_BRANCH_PREDICTOR
0270c0ef010 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/190286685
46f07229baa : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/190286685
08656c961c5 : broadcaster: Fix tests and add the missing ones
ce2e59a3bce : Manual Merge "hap: Add missing tests"
6374c27aabc : Fix PopupMenuTest#testHoverSelectsMenuItem failure
ca67e52df55 : Starts and finishes an activity before launching service intent
ef65d3f977c : [CTSVerifier] Adding Screenshot Metadata
60091743b34 : Support iccIoForApp for reading EF_ICCID
0c0deb69a04 : Build MockModemService as an Android library
ad320fab014 : MockModem: Support network status update
fa1143d75a3 : Supress MediaCodecResourceTest on devices before T
87e368fda78 : Adding API coverage for the remaining functions in CredentialDataRequest.Builder
5d371b0d6c2 : BT: Rename test and add builder test for BluetoothLeBroadcastChannel
6de3c1cfdb6 : Remove NotificationListenerCheckTest CTS test
60e19f7bcd3 : Temporarily ignore failing DPM tests
8f2b1ff4121 : Fix flaky ItemsProviderTest
7e3a54a2d7d : Fix cts test PermissionReviewTest
6d45f96bb80 : Fix cts test PermissionReviewTest
8877647dcb3 : Skip test if PSDS server is not configured
57f8adceddd : Exclude testSuspendPackage
c1fd86d2a39 : Annotate audio CTS-V tests w/CDD/Api tags
7286b5e22b4 : Self-grant permission to post notification from work profile
2e763a69f91 : Temporarily remove TimeZoneDetectorStatsTest
065fc21c378 : Add test coverage for Photo Picker launched via GET_CONTENT
0d9ba5eb8c0 : Move LocaleManagerTests to presubmit suite.
401c886f42b : More CDM test cases
135511cde47 : Fix KeyboardVisibilityControlTest flakiness on TV
8677273196e : Fix AccessibilityMagnificationTest
af62b6c69c9 : ImsServiceTest Failure on cuttlefish
9d4ace5126e : Remove netpermission from cts and move to module
379b363fb74 : Camera: Add MPC 13 test
6729b0394c7 : Remove test cases depends on TIS implementation
49832006835 : Do not delete the DB if the received document is malformed/corrupt
6e402c48710 : CtsMedia TestUtils: Handle cases where mainline module isn't installed
4a12c704052 : Set invocation context to avoid NPE in countTestCases
2e0e80cd334 : Build with upstream lld: Fix incorrect static dependencies
44c6952454e : Build with upstream lld: Fix incorrect static dependencies
2fcb611d89e : Position SAW overlay using container view X and Y
0401f23dc1b : ITS: add
53c0a58cb98 : Update LE Audio profile names to match spec and implementation
6152a8cf2ae : Add testAutoPipOnLaunchingActivityWithNoUserAction
0a7cc2ad0f9 : Remove the annotation for cdm service
6c98da2fe02 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to cts
609bc27624d : ITS: Allow enabling video stabilization mode.
078ab22c0a6 : Enabled CarServiceHelperServiceUpdatable test
718a7b2472c : CodecEncoderSurfaceTest: Set decoder color format to Fexible888 or P010
802199d1a9c : [Media TTT] Ignore the sender API tests since they're flaky.
7fc10285342 : Update BluetoothLeAudioTest CTS test to use API isLeAudioSupported()
b6332c439c5 : Update BluetoothLeAudioTest CTS test to use API isLeAudioSupported()
1c92b3efb79 : Position SAW overlay using container view X and Y
92dbcd21fe7 : Make test timeout dynamic so it matches the infrastructure.
e0b31321837 : broadcaster: Fix tests and add the missing ones
4c70a1aeaa7 : Skip notification permission tests for TVs
a1304814715 : Use INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS permission for getKeyboardLayoutDescriptorsForInputDevice call.
307fdce94f5 : Make Queryable use parcels
de3996049f3 : Add CrossTaskNavigation cts tests
7134a950e78 : Add CDD & API annotations.
1e2afc2d0fb : Enforce Mock Modem running with developer setting
459b3930441 : testSetMeteredDataDisabledPackages exception for wear
eaba7a5032d : Fix fill dialog CTS failures in TV
647754fe719 : Update PNO scan timeout to 90 seconds
29329496f35 : Use longer connection wait time for PNO scan
9505e9bbc8c : Use longer connection wait time for PNO scan
b25b0e310b8 : codec: pull MediaCodecResourceTest from presubmit
16e10b778bc : Refactor and extend cts.tagging tests.
d7d1dccb99e : Fix scudo detection in cts tagging test.
f31682b1e4d : Add GnssPsdsDownloadStatsTest
0ac63b03df3 : Update owner
fab06b5658e : Tests for SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM denied by default
b3fdcaa872a : CtsVideoTestCases: Filter codecs based on name and/or mediaType prefix
d52830192d7 : DecodeEditEncodeTest: Specify color aspects to encoder
dc7217da4a8 : Disable widget related tests in CtsVerifier
e28529399c1 : Revert "Make test timeout dynamic so it matches the infrastructure."
69953912ae1 : VideoEncoderTest: Parameterize by dimensions
cf44a2fde43 : Change VideoDecoderPerfTest semantics for mainline
7a722263825 : ITS: clean up pylint errors in tools/
e0ec659e520 : Use isProfileEnabled instead of getProfileConfigValueOrDie
9cd732077f7 : ITS: add timeout to keyboard input to eliminate stalling.
6abeae47a78 : CodecInfoTest: Limit COLOR_FormatSurface test to T and above
045e3204f3b : Fix device select test if run right after wakeup
ee4f172ae77 : Make test timeout dynamic so it matches the infrastructure.
adf1cabbb66 : Remove netpermission from cts and move to module
fd2d13ea2e9 : Adding CTS testcases for BluetoothVolumeControl
82ff652bf70 : cts: Add BluetoothCsipSetCoordinator tests
d701e94678a : Relax WindowUntrustedTouchTest on released CTS
c3cc0a7838f : Add CTS tests for checking exceptions.
cd7cb818ddf : Remove @Postsubmit for Nearby streaming policy test.
c3d1d1fede6 : Split SensorTest testSensorOperations by sensor type.
dd2404747e6 : CtsMedia: Filter codecs based on name and/or mediaType prefix
001723f0a54 : update permission flags in CTS test
b582c5d6df5 : CompatChangeGatingTestCase: fix package query
a5531a78985 : CodecInfoTest: Ignore testHDRDisplayCapabilities
606ebea17b5 : Migrate Bluetooth CTS tests to new sysprop APIs
9ad900387bb : Disable widget related tests in CtsVerifier
e8661c568d4 : Update KeyguardInputTests to verify another key event.
1f21d5df504 : Add new privileged permission for unique id attestation
cd73107b3c0 : Add a CTS test for UNIQUE_ID_ATTESTATION
0b641ebf793 : BluetoothLeAudioTest: Add missing test
f9c8968d8cd : Skip TetherProvisioningCarrierDialogActivityTest on device w/o telephony
861faa08119 : Revert "Update WindowInputTests after changing injection permiss..."
d959873b377 : Re-enable disabled car mode test app after a test to tear down it properly.
33ff890f77b : Update Bluetooth apk name to include BluetoothGoogle
932bded54dd : ITS: Check the video profile file format.
80e0f739ec1 : Use Lifecycle Callbacks Instead of SplitInfo...
664c30dbf91 : Removed direct call to BluetoothAdapter disable API
03878e84bfe : hap: Add missing tests
0c49b6f36af : BluetoothLeAudioTest: Add missing test
7c06019626c : Add polling for whether role holder is installed on managed user/profile
9a7c42ee440 : Add owner to locale manager cts.
43512fb7bff : Make SystemClockSntpTest cleanup better
edc546e2d36 : Fix failing test
11763b70fc8 : CtsViewTestCases: Added FrameLayout for watches
032491c6876 : Set some storage tests to not use instant app.
d5576317d5a : SurfacePackageFlickerTest: Fix an unlikely possible source of flakyness
e480c3b320b : testSetMeteredDataDisabledPackages exception for wear
8d41fdfa76a : Bluetooth: getProfileName should return new profiles after S
e0aee623b7a : CTS test for Android Security b/179699767
2ed07500883 : Only testManagedProfile properties on devices that support them
4bf668898c6 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix for cts test to expect null instead of exception
f279c5e828a : Add threshold tolerance for NinePatchTest
334fd129de8 : Move testWriteToParcelWithoutSomeOptionalFields to CTS
9e230a2ac1e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Replace NUM_APP_OPS with the constant for Android 12.
b23cd4699f0 : Update angle/OWNERS
b086d0ce101 : Complete testDefaultUserInitialization CTS
4cdba952eb0 : Increase timeout and enable debug logs
486f4c9ad8c : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS and CTS Verifier version to 12.1_R2
711dc972809 : UserManagerTest: isSystemUser only for T+
c12e19816e3 : Check for null before closing mOrientationSession
2bb4b1f04ed : Add timeout to wait for location off warning dialog
7e9d1a6e7cf : Increase maximum time allowed for screenshot to be taken in test
37c870de3c3 : Add threshold tolerance for NinePatchTest
f193d078b92 : Remove slash from set-test-mode cmd (for renounce)
72a850bf569 : Add cross-package tests for GlobalSearchSession#getSchema.
ebe9a3f7750 : Add threshold tolerance for NinePatchTest
c3c10828f52 : Fix cts test PermissionReviewTest
9b4a7ec06af : Changing Requirement#checkPerformanceClass to log failing RequiredMeasurements as warning and non-failing as info
5c1235c8098 : CameraPolicyTest: assume we have a camera
df84e2c6727 : Implement getInterfaceHash/Version
3b9ca0de773 : Remove test for automotive feature
b2be9050800 : Test for widget handling of back gesture
7f5cbd6a99b : Remove unneeded test
66b1f71b6d9 : Remove use of deprecated D8 API
1cd2e25113e : Add tests to enforce profile changes broadcast are sent to DMRH
b06a09f6bec : Test AppWIdgetHost#startAppWidgetConfigureActivityForResult cannot bypass BAL
2eb06a98403 : [DO NOT MERGE] WindowInsetsBehaviorTests downstreaming
35408d7678c : Annotate CTS Verifier test CDD requirements
d5ad8c4e023 : Add AccessibilityInputConnectionTest
5085b15661b : DO NOT MERGE Update CtsViewTestCases with owners/default buganizer components for graphics tests.
8bb9d508aee : Keep scrolling if visible view height too small
7d93562c428 : uwb(cts): Add tests for verifying fragmentation
c6189d972b8 : uwb(cts): Add tests for vendor uci commands
36f0a835b58 : Wait for alert dialog
af11911979d : Use foreground service instead of low priority activity for MediaCodecResourceTest
49d866d574f : CtsMediaAudioTestCases: remove duplicate permission
171adc69b05 : DO NOT MERGE Update CtsViewTestCases with owners/default buganizer components for graphics tests.
0c6a5d0cb47 : Adding test for Requirement
88804bc192d : Change OnBackInvokedCallback creation to lambda
0dc28f8903f : CtsMedia TestUtils: Handle cases where mainline module isn't installed
c55a0517131 : CtsMedia TestUtils: Handle cases where mainline module isn't installed
50031ec09a7 : Also test InputMethod#getCurrentInputStarted()
1e7ba96f2ab : Update AppOpsTest to test based on TelecomService
cef8599e9e9 : Remove debuggable checking in CTS for a user build
39726a4fcb3 : Add TODO to StrictJavaPackagesTest burndown list
597269ba354 : Change VideoDecoderPerfTest semantics for mainline
08519e9fe3c : ITS: improve logging in
165f1b2a302 : Update tests to account for different pixel snapping behaviors.
202af6b7243 : Add CTS tests for MediaCodec resource management
750ad34f5a2 : Add tests to ensure manage space pending intent cannot bypass BAL restrictions
a302255f9eb : bluetooth: Allow to add multiple permissions.
2bcb5952a56 : Fix ENCODING_KSC5601 testing in SmsMessageTest
c29b88a877f : Update OWNERS for display in CtsVerifier
a95716de8a2 : Test for View.findOnBackInvokedDispatcher
9c6c53879e6 : Update min sdk to 29
c1a1de8e7f7 : Modified the resetUsbPort CTS Test to Asynchronous
52735c71aa2 : CTS test for Android Security b/153995334
4d26f9ec3eb : Adds one more role to the protectionlevel and adjust the tests
6198e4a5455 : Reduce runtime for LocaleManager cts
c0b3878e0d7 : Updated the owners
882e2225b00 : [DO NOT MERGE] Recreate swapchain for VK_TEST_SUCCESS_SUBOPTIMAL with pretransform
47ad156b0d5 : [DO NOT MERGE] Skip the tests for devices with taskbar
3263c5066a3 : Explicitly test AccessibilityService#onCreateInputMethod()
1aa069d26da : Add test for OnTouchModeChangeListener
7e67a960766 : Update owners for graphics tests.
488ad93bc5b : Change VideoDecoderPerfTest semantics for mainline
056cb0750b9 : CellIdentity check network type only if registered
62261dba5bf : CodecEncoderValidationTest: Parameterize tests based on params
d0d60c3350c : Change lower band from bottom freq of 5Hz to 30Hz (AudioFrequencyUnprocessedActivity)
9e1d03480f2 : Add tests for list packages shell command with default to all users.
3db090fe340 : ITS: clean up error msg in
0877f5f7b0a : Fix the print of the apk missing
575d09f82be : Atest configuration fix.
a5a810c068f : Add test for PackageManagerShellCommand:runCreateUser
0af076006ad : rename renounce fine location data
de0a97c36be : Add NLS Check test for Safety Center disabled
ece445ada75 : Remove slash from set-test-mode cmd
a3253869902 : Change VideoDecoderPerfTest semantics for mainline
31eaf3918e2 : Fix APK-in-APEX tests by stripping away the variable @BUILD_ID in the directory names.
2bbb49e4ee9 : Add test method for apk-in-apex
951728b1126 : ITS: Append center to circle to crop chk img.
8db594b1e5b : Add tests confirming EJs stop when quota is finished.
9563edfeb05 : Pin target_sdk_version to 10000 (futureApiLevel)
a042ca179f5 : Add SurfaceView and TextureView SDR cts test
5c536d7f5ff : Reorganize exoplayer target names
3e218097497 : Use @BeforeClassWithInfo for SJP test
27fd477869d : Changing resolution/density fields in RequirementConstants to include units
8af0e004673 : Remove privapp permissions burndown list
14048162838 : Extend the waiting time to 2s
7e139b227db : Not do transcode if hw avc encoder not support
f599847ebc3 : Add CTS test for backgroundColor animation attribute
d84f23b96e0 : CTS test to verify role holder is installed on other users in same profile group
ee5e9e48ed5 : Add CTS tests for PersistentDataBlockManager#getPersistentDataPackageName()
e388004eb82 : KeyStoreException: Test handling of RKP failures
8b89c59326d : Extend the waiting time to 2s
c7586b757be : Fix tests to verify CloudMediaProvider query cursors
7f458b7a603 : Disable NNAccuracyTest for emulator
5ebe876c894 : Flaky test fix.
4dff07c52f6 : Notification Privacy should require lock screen feature
97687209b12 : Implement getInterfaceHash/Version
5aa548217aa : [DO NOT MERGE] cts: exclude #testImeWindowCanSwitchToDifferentDisplays
e25dd1761d8 : [DO NOT MERGE] cts: exclude #testImeWindowCanSwitchToDifferentDisplays
4be8a31634f : Assert that CellIdentity and NetworkType are consistent
081d50bb1e9 : CTS: Skip screenOff tests on operator tier devices
58a37034894 : Improve test robustness with timing changes
112b6febc9c : cts: Test ForegroundService restrictions
32464e893c8 : Change cts-developer to only include cts-common, using cts will take in its exclusions as well.
6a3cc43b8c9 : Change how ImageReaderDecoderTest callback handle exceptions
b03fced578b : [CTS] reduce the flaky rate of the RTT test
7b5d3525f8f : Delete test for getUseTargetActivityForQuickAccess
71bd35b771d : ImageReaderDecoderTest: fix yuv dump file name
089e6094d50 : ITS: Add aspect ratio and crop checks for Video.
183a265f411 : Move assumption and assertion out of static context
efeaff0ed26 : Revise case testSecondStartForeground after fix timing issue on second startForeground().
a74d9a6ed52 : Splitting Resolution/Denisty and Memory into two tests
5ac0d9c03e7 : Setting up hardware tests to use PerformanceClassEvaluator
8ba9da3e0ab : Setting up PerformanceClassReportLog
1a7bc0d3102 : Add ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES permission
678518595c4 : STS revert Media tests
e9779329a78 : Only reset dim amount when permission was granted
9449a2b9199 : Change VideoDecoderPerfTest semantics for mainline
08ef6989eff : Cross-Check Usage Setting Against Feature Flags
a1465c21534 : Don't verify decoder output timestamps for interlaced encodings.
b3dcbf4d50c : Revert "[API Coverage] BluetoothLeAdvertiser"
a62d7d1be94 : [DO NOT MERGE] Parameterize compat tests, so tests consistently pass on sc-v2
e241a2dfe32 : CodecInfoTest: Filter codecs based on codec-prefix
09e78b682d1 : [DO NOT MERGE] Parameterize compat tests, so tests consistently pass on sc-v2
eeb8f565541 : Use UIAutomator to assert overlay is present
6dcdd27d914 : ITS: Fix the quality names in ItsService.
63653ba3809 : Camera: Fix a bad assumption on keySet ordering in BokehActivity
c3790fdf223 : Camera: Fix a bad assumption on keySet ordering in BokehActivity
88ab06cfdbf : Revert "Temporarily skip platformPermissionPolicyIsUnaltered"
571f30f2c0a : CTS tests for DPM#getPolicyManagedProfiles
3991ada4fc9 : Remove flaky test until migration.
fa0f9c4c6f4 : Reorganize exoplayer target names
ae639681a50 : Relax assertion on RSS memory as it can be swapped out
5768afc76c9 : Add CTS test for getCursorPosition
a4a7fee64da : Add more CTS tests for VirtualAudioDevice APIs
4a6af1cab19 : Do not skip ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES permission
d07c9ace8b7 : More cts tests for AmbientContext.
2e702c262bc : Query nnapi_native telemetry_enable via device_config before test
7e0dc12f0ac : Camera: Fix a bad assumption on keySet ordering in BokehActivity
08c6ee1b55e : TIAF CTS: add coverage for TvInteractiveAppView#getOnUnhandledInputEventListener()
635b2a39217 : Update test to have correct CVE Bug
a6766190dfe : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Skip ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES in PermissionPolicyTest
69fd454d480 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Skip ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES in PermissionPolicyTest
316a41c456a : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Skip ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES in PermissionPolicyTest
4f942f6a5e4 : Limit decoder availabity test to video and audio codecs
2cbd84dafa3 : Add the processing code that the device received the 504 response to the PUBLISH request
1ad78499493 : ITS: centralize def check_fov()
e52d5aae930 : Make sure getPackagesForUid returns exact match
ad42a203ac0 : Test that all TOP EJs start immediately.
135dde16687 : Fix Bluetooth cts test exception
926ccbe2ba2 : Add CTS for TaskFpsCallback.
97726844b57 : Update WindowInputTests after changing injection permission model
93921f547f0 : Add test to verify result from Build#getSerial matches CDD regex
431f4322294 : Add test for "All Services" option.
e09750ae40b : Make testUpdateMccMncConfiguration more stable.
811dbce35e6 : Require FEATURE_MANAGED_USERS.
0da464a4636 : Modified codec tests to reflect new permission changes
9c6fbc8b6ed : Exclude CtsDevicePolicyTestCases from cts-on-gsi
e65248958b7 : Add a function to wait for the setting of preferred payment
8a944aaf1f0 : Update SplitPermissionTest for W_E_S to A_M_L
7b79208c340 : Verify triggering of newly-registered callbacks with events from currently active translations.
015e21ef60d : Allow parameterized annotations to shadow another.
a2ca8a92ed1 : Fix Bug in testSplitWithPrimaryActivity
63b92f453b0 : CTS tests for safe Intent APIs
a573c352edc : AttachedSurfaceControlTest: Fix two issues on large-screen devices
a7b2258cc8e : CTS remove unused lost mode permission
101d9f34661 : Relax assertion on RSS memory as it can be swapped out
ae7459cd6e2 : cts: Add missing BluetoothLeAudioCodecConfig test
3f0cc7b8c98 : Move ActivityEmbeddingTestBase out of Utils
36096d76387 : Disable tests
b716020f049 : Update CTS lost mode location tests
04e0c21758d : Improve the performance of App Cloning CTS tests
f845684ffd9 : Request POST_NOTIFICATIONS before posting notifications in CTSVerifier.
39b23c14224 : Create TestRule to enable Gesture Navigation
d7ef0b75683 : KeyStoreException: Test handling of RKP failures
b3f0388947f : cts test to enforce getLastLocation respecting adas toggle.
72328e740a6 : Adjust a test constant
5defa464cf1 : Fix CTS test: return value of PiP actions
a195f59bd53 : Update DisableScreenDozeRule to use new doze API
3786f9b5126 : cts: exclude KeyboardVisibilityControlTest#testRestoreImeVisibility
93ec441891d : cts: exclude KeyboardVisibilityControlTest#testRestoreImeVisibility
4f141aca3c6 : Add launch complete status to launchPendingIntent
78ffd12c0a5 : TIAF CTS: add coverage for TvInteractiveAppServiceInfo#getSupportedTypes()
3699fc61148 : Disable these four test cases of HotwordDetectionServiceBasicTest
f97b6aba67a : Fix CTS failure for ConfigurationScreenLayout Test: atest ConfigurationScreenLayoutTest passes locally Bug: 204718236
1bdbd281c4c : (Ims Call Verification via CTS) Disconnect only Carrier ImsService after every test.
535f73230b7 : (Ims Call Verification via CTS) Disconnect only Carrier ImsService after every test.
5b943ebfd90 : Test USE_EXACT_ALARM change disabled on older apps
b6847dbaae9 : ITS: Video processing implementation.
a8d63bbacca : [CTS] Change publish/subscribe name to avoid failure
81f2ccf5f08 : Update PNO scan timeout to 90 seconds
cfe8d2487c4 : Skip CtsSimRestrictedApisTestCases on the devices without telephony
3ec755bd464 : Retry WaitFindObject calls on StaleObjectException
87a1023bce3 : Improve performance of NotificationPermissionTest
fbc449cf675 : Update tests to account for different pixel snapping behaviors.
c26ee87bfaa : Specify build dependency
f4540973546 : Updating the permissions at the end of operations
f05fac802e4 : Update SplitPermissionTest for W_E_S split update
4d4d23f69be : CodecEncoderValidationTest: Make all tests optional
3c90c68eb8d : ITS: have x, y, z gyro data on same scale
41133f92eda : ITS: doBasicRecording command impl.
e41308552c9 : Apply Nearby policy only to DPC's owner.
314cf4d4129 : Added test case for autofill dialog integration with TextView
af2c51c1fc5 : Add CTS for SystemClock#currentNetworkTimeClock
416794b7d4d : USB: Set foldable annotation for CtsUsbManagerTestCases
6a6e7cc668a : Revert "Fix flaky AccessibilityMagnificationTest"
2e4183a9db4 : TIAF API review: add onError
60f4597aed3 : CTS test for Android Security b/212610736
ca5acfb7595 : mediav2 CTS: Extend CodecEncoderSurfaceTest for 10-bit clips
366b81e431f : Fix AppConfigurationTests failures
646ccca42b3 : CtsMediaV2: add media-type-prefix to filter codecs by mediaType
62990d89f45 : Compare IME configuration bounds with IME FEATURE
cec5adff379 : Rename test to correct CVE.
486f5d6d62d : Rename test to correct CVE.
3831ea13f03 : AttachedSurfaceControlTest: Fix two issues on large-screen devices
0a86db5e3f7 : Change android.permission.MANAGE_WALLPAPER_EFFECTS_GENERATION to signature| privileged Test: presubmit
b3f3d4d045e : DO NOT MERGE Add new privileged permission for unique id attestation
bab4cbaa36c : Add libtest_invalid-local-tls for CtsBionicTestCases
b708f1f6ab6 : Added RequirementConstants moved Utils
c2aea4c1c0c : ECDSA duplicate nonce test
1c434126510 : Fix top and bottom edge extension tests
a07f35e76ae : speech: Fix bad mic indicator interaction in test
cb33631e58d : Check raw coordinates in SurfaceControlViewHostTests
65c187cbca1 : Added BluetoothDevice missing coverage
a074f7d4336 : Run device-locked attestation tests on TEE too.
66c391dde8f : Added error method to interface Bluetooth stats
9665a1e5359 : Check for light sensor and if config is null before running the test
beaf3e5dd71 : Add DevciceState to Cross Profile tests
ecdd54ccaa6 : Modify WindowUntrustedTouchTest for opacity cap
087e8e19f0d : Increase QuiescentBoot test reboot time.
2623e06045f : Add test case for Autofill dialog
075ceb5eab4 : Reduce the flaky of Wifi RTT test in open air
50670bfbc18 : Add Cts test to cover getPackageName API in VoiceInteractor
1983079b871 : Use longer connection wait time for PNO scan
85096a436cb : Add test for new mic/cam indicators
1a7a62458a6 : Add API coverage for hibernation stat disk bytes
cbfee41f246 : Adding CTS test for DATA_ROAMING readability maxTargetSDK limit upto Android S. Test: atest SettingsTest Bug: 172467621
675da56f6ff : Explicitly write out super.returnCinematicEffectResponse in cts test, hope the coverage can be counted
222c5314b21 : ITS: Initial video ITS test change.
c5eca6d8dbb : Clean up test clean up.
b6370b68876 : Camera: Fix typo in CddTest annotation
8afd4d96877 : Camera: Fix typo in CddTest annotation
3726db68833 : Camera: Fix typo in CddTest annotation
2db0db1e518 : Camera: Fix typo in CddTest annotation
b74d74cb55c : Camera: Update the 10-bit CDD device test
491cb86f1cf : Add test for displayPadding restrictions in WallpaperManager
6ef46040ed4 : Update cts test since some enum values are removed. Test: cts Bug: 218570612
dd3b3000d55 : Restore test state after process death
9b3b06b3db8 : Add more PreferentialNetworkService tests
5f944c1d2e5 : CtsViewTestCases: Added FrameLayout for watches
a3900b476db : Added missing intent filter for DpmWrapper.
2a77187bba8 : [API Coverage] BluetoothLeScanner
e7e010f5577 : Add API coverage for GnssSingleSatCorrection
68f394c1f6a : Skip virtual devices cases on devices w/o companion device setup feature
0bb1650f3fb : Update CTS for switchToSub to use PendingIntent
0f9fd819374 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix SDK versions for CtsDomainVerificationDeviceStandaloneTestCases
669a9b67ba7 : Merge "Update conditions for updates without user action for Android T" into tm-dev
147e7279727 : Add voiceinteraction to hwasan-postsubmit
ec05fd8c6f4 : Include XDH in the list of expected algorithms
f2c57f544dc : [API Coverage] BluetoothLeAdvertiser
4cc69a8cc14 : Add uirendering to hwasan-postsubmit
f02cf478112 : Changing apk name in the manifest and the corresponding packages.
03e7e849496 : Enable singleDevice cts test for Watch and null
2ac7acb351a : data saver test exception for wear
9457d0eb83d : Account for NavigationBar in getActivityFullyVisibleRegion
09675ebe8b2 : Fix autofillservice CTS failure on small display
fa7950fed8e : Add TV follower CTS tests for Absolute Volume Control
85f5c9daae5 : Include CTS test in comply with api changes
8e09e0e1dfd : [API Coverage] BluetoothHidDeviceAppQosSettings
baaf3f7c38d : Mark InputMethodServiceTest#testHandlesConfigChanges flaky
a5a729b63cf : Don't verify display size for foldables temporarily
db3bd51dc9e : USB: Annotate CTS Verifier test CDD requirements
62ee0955258 : Add tests for set-bypassing-role-qualification command
4d3b44596c6 : Modify WindowUntrustedTouchTest for opacity cap
86785e0d4ae : Use TRIGGER_LOST_MODE permission for lost mode CTS tests
ee760e2a0f0 : Add test to verify the translation works without animation.
1d90d4c3577 : Add test to verify the translation works without animation.
b655a486e66 : Clean up EthernetManagerPermissionTest
0726b5e0039 : Adapt AccessibilityGestureDispatchTest#testClickWhenMagnified_matchesActualTouch CTS test for foldable devices.
b0d213dbf9e : p2p: add cts verifier CDD/API annotation
a1e1f84a740 : Rename test to correct CVE.
30d7ae43696 : Limit CodecUnitTest to Android R and above & mark NonMediaMainlineTest
2d8faccd48f : Dont test MediaFormat.KEY_MAX_OUTPUT_CHANNEL_COUNT before Android T
524bf0c056c : Adds test for SettingsHelper.
4c9f9c11378 : Adjust display cutout tests with a letterbox option.
bb291aa621d : CtsMedia: Relocate composition_layout.xml and test_runner_activity.xml
da9fd45aa59 : Solve the problem of the test item test_multi_camera_aligment
c2e63d57425 : Solve the problem of the test item test_multi_camera_aligment
affbffcbc3d : Add test to verify row id reset after DB corruption
f4902b1f59b : Limit CodecUnitTest to Android R and above & mark NonMediaMainlineTest
72ae56fe3b5 : Put lockscreen policy tests behind feature check
6d6ec7a457a : Add large document batch test in platform.
2ccc1f8d24f : Remove AdServices permissions from platform and introduce only in tm-mainline-prod.
171da6a304c : [API Coverage] BluetoothServerSocket
f0af68e4fb8 : cts: Test ForegroundService restrictions
0486c708c21 : Add test cases for TelephonyManager#getUiccCardsInfo
e144de79e25 : Add CTS tests for switchToSubscription with portIndex and callback
9f9bd4a2820 : Verify app moves to a lower bucket after promoted duration.
7304f442f94 : API annotation for CDM CTS verifier
95d2f502e83 : Reimplement handling of "stop" button.
a2875060e8e : ITS: add summation method to
5502e465ca0 : Improve test coverage
6b8f4ee4bfa : CtsMediaV2: Check CODENAME while initializing IS_AT_LEAST_T
3601cf2a4e1 : Camera: ITS: Add support for ITS in Windows env
9242573010b : Add test for DisplayHashParams
b9b7861e575 : Remove Sidecar and Extension tests from presubmit
bec1ea4c82a : Add background color activity transition CTS tests
5b0d7bf5f07 : Refactor DefaultDisplayModeTest
581d8775ee8 : Test that Low Power Standby blocks network while active
cee92ff9d5d : Annotate CTS for foldable device testing.
b99e0ea9573 : Filter out inactive APEXes
6c7d1832c91 : Ignore video preview control visibility tests
97dd1b59e8b : [API Review] Replace ResultReceiver by Executor
d54a5664808 : (Ims Call Verification via CTS) ImsCalling CTS test for Conference.
7aa3f670e87 : (Ims Call Verification via CTS) Multicall CTS test cases for calling.
e41b7df7540 : Add a test for setSystemBarsAppearance
06c50d3b8f5 : CTS test for MediaController OnBackInvokedDispatcher migration.
06e1ebb299e : CTS test for TextView OnBackInvokedCallback migration.
a97934e3b9b : Enlarge the waitTimeMs for low end soc
5336f74a012 : Refactor DPM tests to use beadstead policy
92ea5c9361c : Update CTS test case for TM#checkCarrierPrivilegesForPackageAnyPhone
05d7381f3bb : [Output Switcher] Add test cases for MediaOutputDialog under cts
3a879a2ae2b : Update CTS cases to fit the new CarrierPrivilegesCallback interface
ae48993cfc2 : [MEP]CTS testcases for sim access APIs with portid
e4865ae3747 : Fix testTtffWithNetwork timeout issue
b8ab1843eb1 : Add carrier privileges cases in CarrierServiceTest
a0c27499e68 : Collect which all apps have roles defined
7729afb4d68 : Increase default timeout.
cedd8f5523a : Don't run test on batteryless devices.
d6b27d826de : Fixed SurfaceControl Tests
4abae420a00 : Fix STS Window Manager test module
4ab7babea87 : Add uirendering27 to hwasan-postsubmit
8488b1b837a : Add jni to hwasan-postsubmit
54bf3deedd9 : mediav2 CTS: Added clips for 10-bit testing in media decoder tests
ade7c4a694e : Updating CTS for iccCloseLogicalChannel API
d922195ac56 : mediav2 CTS: Added clips for 10-bit testing in media encoder tests
428fd9f7d69 : Skip testChainUsageWithOtherUsage for car
4bc14cf2922 : speech: Add online langauges to RecognitionSupport
ae72210f284 : Exercise BundleSession.reportBundleMetrics()
6365c124538 : Add CTS tests for Absolute Volume Control
af0e944d700 : Add test to ensure focus moves for read-only text selection
49258fb1631 : Increase QuiescentBoot test reboot time.
5f80796c14d : Make telephony actions unconditionally protected
fd492231361 : Ensure handwriting session can only be started from inside app bounds
4ab2a83659f : Tests notifying magnification changed when magnification resets or transitions
263838595b9 : Skip CTS testRestoreImeVisibility when the IME is organized.
9c65f265dda : Update KeepClearRectsTests expected coordinates
2f7a43bbb28 : Fix StorageManagerTest
fb9833821c1 : Ensure assertions run only on exit transitions
9f7425be8b6 : Fix API in EthernetManagerPermissionTest
7f0b639ea88 : Create secondary user once for all StartActivityAsUserTests
0600de10936 : Add CTS for blocking an activity from launching
c751eb94b44 : Fix TelephonyManager data enabled settings tests
815dbd8e2ef : Add RestrictionsManager broadcasts to test
28f4cb3894b : Revert^2 "Verify hierarchy change for cross-UID ActivityEmbedding"
ae402b09d37 : Fix multi netowrk concurrency CTS
9c01314aec2 : fix incorrect setting about async mode
3864449bfde : Add CTS for useFallbackLineSpacing set/get
0e88a65f616 : Add bluetooth to hwasan-postsubmit
30a95594d9a : Add gwp-asan to hwasan-postsubmit
47a3429e2cb : Add libcorelegacy22 to hwasan-postsubmit
caac7112d90 : Add musicrecognition to hwasan-postsubmit
ac009ab452a : mediav2 CTS: Update mediav2 resource directory from 2.1 to 2.2
b61c10fe47b : ITS: refactor for test_video_stability
3ce624adef3 : Add libnativehelper to hwasan-postsubmit
6bcf368b020 : media: workaround: delay encoder creation in EncoderTest
4d43a5eb2e6 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE AudioFocusTest: Use sine1khzs40dblong.mp3 from res
a513986fb37 : [DO NOT MERGE] Remove Client Suggestions tests
1970c41619a : EncoderTest: Update timeout used in testEncoderWithFormatsParallel
99fd750f9b1 : EncoderTest: Skip encoders that do not support some configurations
7335559cb40 : media: CodecPerformanceTest: increase tolerance based on VNDK not first API
784ed1fc653 : video: check performance only for the preferred ABI
afa4f21bc85 : CtsVideo: Skip operating tests when performance point is not advertised
05d4343963e : DecoderColorAspectsTest: Skip test for HDR clips if display doesn't support HDR
4e6b3d607b5 : [API Coverage] BluetoothGattServerCallback
36936c918fb : Fix for failing CtsBiometricsTestCases for older devices. This is to add assumeTrue() followed by b/204347712 in testSimpleBiometricAuth_convenience()
3450c80c16a : mediav2 CTS: Add unit tests for mediacodec components
09aff3b2f2a : Add test for PersistableBundle type config values in getConfigByComponentForSubId
ed08066d552 : Ensure modules that uses Python have tracking bug to import sources
c0a6748a2c6 : Clean up test keys in KeyAgreementTest
dc9d7cffbbc : Correct KeyAgreementTest assumption about ECDH security level
3c7725daafa : Adding CTS test case to validate getUiccSlotsInfo should throw security exception if caller does not have READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE.
bba21c262eb : Add API coverage for GnssExcessPathInfo
4ba32f25825 : Add webkit to hwasan-postsubmit
33f0213234f : Skip ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES in PermissionPolicyTest
55806abf2c3 : ITS: clean up logging for sensor_fusion runs.
3149fe5bb47 : fix enc stat CTS to call MediaCodec callback functions
3b7648270b7 : Annotate DeskClock CTS-V test requirements
886a789af1c : Use new cdm failure code and reason for CTS tests
e8f4c2fbc12 : Add CTS test coverage for SmartspaceTarget #setTemplateData and #getTemplateData.
0bafb415578 : ApiLevelUtil: Added functions for firstApiLevel
9b40d98727a : Increase wait when checking notification bubble
9dbd46c260b : Camera: Relax multi-camera FOV requirement to [50, 95]
19141a67a27 : Camera: Relax multi-camera FOV requirement to [50, 95]
b00355835aa : Camera: Relax multi-camera FOV requirement to [50, 95]
4372d740ab3 : Supported URLLC, EMBB, and CBS slicing
c452366a1f2 : [API Coverage] Coverage for BluetoothGattService
301b18b8d06 : Text fix.
4b25678b118 : Supported traffic descriptor based network capability
48374320a52 : ITS: change python3 --> python in tools/
fcf1e39b00e : Add a regression test for Bug 225028378
8f29f198bdf : Reset OTP flag before granting permission in self-revoke CTS test
8c53021d7bc : DO NOT MERGE: Update R CTS to allow extension version 2
44c52afff59 : Check for multiuser device before creating user
3f460137b9b : Refactoring CTS tests: Modify wait logic for gaining window focus
2f1e6dba5fd : Add new test for CursorException constructor coverage
055577e03ee : Added missing test for ServiceNotFoundException
5be772c1c56 : Adding API annotation to AudioCapabilitiesTest
ad841bb4d90 : Try to fix IME multi-display tests flaky
05caa14e3df : Fix testTtffWithNetwork timeout issue
5afc9194e4f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
a2b0f2f4469 : Fix testTtffWithNetwork timeout issue
21e163bf019 : Fix AssistantContentViewTest#testAssistantContentViewDimens fail
6377c21af7c : CTS test for Android Security b/194695497
3f1e7b9cac6 : DO NOT MERGE: reduce pixel pitch lower bound in test_metadata to 0.6um
39898407e36 : [SC][RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]Remove car telemetry permission from CTS test
73e4ad9434a : EncoderProfileLevelTest: Enable hevc level 1 test
3d075b93f45 : Add CTS test for Virtual Device Task Navigation
b35afeefa6f : EncoderProfileLevelTest: Enable hevc level 1 test
230b9e11449 : Correct typo in comment and inclusive language
08fd7f1639e : Camera: Relax multi-camera FOV requirement to [50, 95]
c7844406f2b : Disabled speaker phone intent test for automotive
a08406f8ef5 : CTS test for Android Security b/212286849
f711220ae00 : Add ACCESS_BROADCAST_RESPONSE_STATS permission.
ed08695df22 : Verify package name is passed to UiTranslationStateCallback methods.
aea2eea2986 : Disabled speaker phone intent test for automotive
8af1bba7175 : CtsMediaEncoderTestCases: Add video encoder capabilities tests
5e3217a2a2d : Verify the FillEventHistory about which dataset was shown
9e37b297bd0 : DO NOT MERGE: DomainVerificationIntentStandaloneTests CTS downstreaming
2c9436d8918 : Wait for the correct job stop event in LocationAccessCheckTest
10acfbcbf9a : MediaUtils: Catch NullPointerException in supports()
544e59c5c17 : Add PerformanceClassReportLog to structure MPC logging
836a47d2fa0 : Add tests for SubscriptionPlan expiration
b96587ff20a : Revert "Add PerformanceClassReportLog to structure MPC logging"
339cf7a8ced : Create a CTS test for IpcDataCache API
3fc56be3286 : [cts] fix device presubmit test
3683374dab0 : Include CTS test for debounced launcher callback
1dbadc6f27a : Add API coverage for DataServiceCallback
4bfb7f613f6 : Update PhysicalChannelConfig tests
f48ec15c581 : Change word Dummy to Placeholder in CTS verifier UI
145f167c87c : Fix for: test per-uid timeouts.
abc4b163fd9 : [API Coverage] BluetoothGattCharacteristic test
1e59fea51bb : [API Coverage] cts tests for BluetoothGattServer
8ff21a79465 : Add PerformanceClassReportLog to structure MPC logging
ad615cc93b7 : Add CTS tests for release buffer callback
dbe780d80a4 : Wifi: Test WifiManager.testIsEasyConnectDppAkmSupported API
380166093d5 : TIAF API review: remove prepare()
29efc120ec3 : TIAF API review: rename onCreateBiInteractiveApp
ad8ccdfda0b : Fix misformatted language tags in LocaleManagerTests
36da0d067be : Check for multiuser device before creating user
c9e8594ea7c : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Refactor device policy resource APIs to a separate class
3102e2c356f : Exempt androidx.annotation.Keep
63c4911e244 : Hide new route discovery preferences in T
3907a2e40a1 : Revert "Verify hierarchy change for cross-UID ActivityEmbedding"
d9f3007bfea : Bump framework apis.
9fcaeceecec : Move LocaleManagerTests to postsubmit suite.
3177b0df313 : Exclude testSuspendPackage
776912d190e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
5a84e546bac : HAP: Adjust CTS tests after API feedback
f37dfadba41 : CTS test for Android Security b/205595291
e546c1f665c : TIAF API review: multiple components
7462978feab : Adjust display cutout tests with a letterbox option.
21c3595381b : TIAF CTS: test signing
b07cbf913a5 : Exclude all large and flaky tests from presubmit.
707b9ebb234 : Deflaky AppSearchPackageTest#testPackageRemove test
779cb3c8d7b : Avoid leaking fences returned by AHardwareBuffer_unlock()
cfae32b7a92 : AdaptivePlaybackTest: reset csd buffer position to zero
8cdb57087cc : Add test for AHardwareBuffer_lockPlanes() with P010
5012ccb59a5 : Test multichannel AAC downmix using non-AAC specific key
5a62d264bee : CTS test for Android Security b/160692457
411974115b4 : Skip testCameraOrientationAlignedWithDevice for instant apps
3242f549782 : TIAF CTS: Change on API Review: DTV to VOD 2
e7841025e8d : Address API council feedback on Observer API.
cad91272066 : Stop AppSearch CTS tests from using its hidden APIs.
8067d3b57fc : Wait for insets update before taking screenshot
26aeccfd312 : Fix the package name
e0b13262231 : Improve stability of GameService CTS tests
ab981d25a97 : Fix API in EthernetManagerPermissionTest
a6a6b4bd9f0 : return matching DSP phrase ID
1fac72253f2 : Mark PackageManagerShellCommandMultiUserTest @AppModeFull
f3c3ecf3409 : CTS coverage for WifiManager.InterfaceCreationImpact
c0b90b04567 : StylusHandwritingTest: Account for batched MotionEvents
cae2f1bf56d : Annotate test module CtsUtilTestCases test module for foldable device testing
c9cf0d26edf : Changes TimingsTraceLog to use verbose level
7eb140862e9 : Add ACCESS_BROADCAST_RESPONSE_STATS permission.
4e2f2873740 : Restore signature|privileged for car permissions
733b7d209df : Test finalizeWorkProfileProvisioning.
40d693a2c84 : Rename Surface Controller events to states
57e25a85836 : CameraBokeh:Use correct camera id for test
680b05b92af : CTS for the READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND permission
349cbe29cf2 : Test speed-profile with the cloud profile for apks loaded by other apps.
3032ce1dea4 : Keymaster1.x have AES CBC/ECB/GCM Failure
43171b122b9 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to cts
7cf48991625 : Fix Key Management tests when delegating.
8cda9d83415 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Change resetStrings/Drawables to accept a Set
5bb6abe6ca8 : Adjust display cutout tests with a letterbox option.
a544ab0f683 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add test for hide embedded TaskFragment between adjacent TFs
c64bb9117c2 : Adjust display cutout tests with a letterbox option.
8640ae58bf5 : Coverage for BluetoothSap.close()
2ef49af1475 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/205150380
e962567a767 : Add CTS test for TaskDescription builder
8f3cc8ef963 : BluetoothLeAudioCodecStatus: Adjust tests to new API
17631e71b11 : HDMICEC: Instrumentation to register listeners
edd949e2fcb : Check the build type and property before running the mockmoedm test case
a1e8c4fb92d : Fix/suppress warnings
051ca344b76 : [Settings CTS] The internet panel doesn't exist in the Settings package. Remove it from Settings CTS
ff96594ffbe : [Settings CTS] The internet panel doesn't exist in the Settings package. Remove it from Settings CTS
45619dd1e1a : [Settings CTS] The internet panel doesn't exist in the Settings package. Remove it from Settings CTS
ecb536c1f8d : [Settings CTS] The internet panel doesn't exist in the Settings package. Remove it from Settings CTS
52cd7ef0542 : mediapc: Use codecs that support 1280x720 and above
e7e446da665 : Don't assert session is committed successfully
48f5054e93b : [API Coverage]: Adding CTS tests for some BluetoothHidDevice methods
49489183239 : Add CTS for legacy font existence
dcabf554582 : Add basic CTS Audio Tests
a2eeb41ab5c : Update CameraMicIndicatorsPermissionTest for automative
e12141907c8 : Rename revokeOwnPermissionsOnKill to revokeSelfPermissionsOnKill
4ffd18c8d4a : Update CTS test for background-only self revocation
756bd584712 : Remove MANAGE_WIFI_AUTO_JOIN
00edc23f0b4 : VideoDecoderPerf: Reduce max time when not testing on real devices
c2d3ebcab50 : Keymaster1.x have AES CBC/ECB/GCM Failure
1dc42cd40cc : Add CTS requirement annotation to CarLauncher CTS Verifier
9aec990b2a8 : Set CtsActivityRecognitionTestCases test module to be run in instant mode
606b32791f1 : Set CtsActivityRecognitionTestCases test module to be run in instant mode
e214524986c : Set CtsActivityRecognitionTestCases test module to be run in instant mode
480b6db7e89 : Revert "Ignore failing BackNavigationTests"
bfd23eefe64 : [API Coverage]:API Coverage for BluetoothHidDevice.AppQosSettings methods
8cf19f70811 : Unhide API isPersistent and getProfileId
83996185d17 : BluetoothLeAudioCodecStatus: Adjust tests to new API
205ef983aa5 : For a convenience strength sensor,the getButtonLabel method return null as convenience status is BIOMETRIC_INSUFFICIENT_STRENGTH.
e824c3fac5a : For a convenience strength sensor,the getButtonLabel method return null as convenience status is BIOMETRIC_INSUFFICIENT_STRENGTH.
af431fe70b6 : DisplayRefreshRateTest: vote for peak refresh rate
f4b9b7c3dd0 : Fix/suppress warnings
6b3733c6792 : CTS tests add role to MODIFY_QUIET_MODE
8c3e6b8d29b : Have repeatCallers tests use fully specified numbers
b11bb8226ac : API Review: factoryReset->clearBluetooth
46b09e4a98e : Spatializer: add tests for head tracker availability
5dc11aeae34 : Add ReconcileSdkDataArgs to burndown list
37d73fc7413 : DO NOT MERGE fix CTS ShowWhenLocked dialog on Wear
c9bb71321cf : Test all entries in Build.VERSION_CODES are in KNOWN_CODENAMES.
1255471170d : Verify hierarchy change for cross-UID ActivityEmbedding
d3decc0365d : Replace renamed API setAdvertisingDataTypeWithData
4f1fb1a13ed : Remove automotive feature tests for enable/disable Network
33f27c078fe : Add some calls on BluetoothSocket
d3ffaa04fbe : Renames CloudMediaProviderContract's args to reduce redundancy
3c8757cae1c : Cleanup AdbRootDependentCompilationTest.
7750a14a5b1 : Add ActivityOption to remove insecure keyguard when activity is launched.
a662c6d3c59 : Update Framework from Jetpack.
7a17cf171ae : Ensure MediaProvider Fuse is ready after Vold reset
11df38778db : Check for multiuser device before creating user
8b34a1f5e38 : Setting servo speed once instead of multiple times
aeab12736b1 : Add test to verify APK signing history returned in rotated order
d40d2150be6 : Update documentation comment to match the definition in core/res/AndroidManifest.xml.
8c71f31c7f7 : Add PinnedStackTests#testAutoPipOnLaunchingTranslucentActivity
9ada8b25f8b : Update interface impact API: replace List with Set
20be2177117 : ActivityManagerProcessStateTest: Remove wait on spurious proc state changes, as they are no longer being triggered.
ff2391477ef : Camera: Verify access priority callbacks in split mode
c884ef73e51 : CtsMedia: Update
5489664c5a5 : DisplayRefreshRateTest: vote for peak refresh rate
20befccc3f4 : Revert "Require FrameRateFlexibilityToken while testing refresh rate"
eb2fe47a8be : TIAF CTS: Change on API Review: First round API council questions
a99fc8fdfee : Revert "Update CTS for the READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND permission"
4101f2fd5ac : Complete testCarServiceExistence
a05cc6ec106 : Add/update tests for copying ALPHA_8 to HARDWARE
c534af20f7c : Add testCreateActivityOptions CTS
3a891e9a455 : Unhide API isPersistent and getProfileId
c9823f9ae99 : Remove BYOD Provisioning tests > Custom provisioning image
9d9540702fe : Fix NLS tests for no notification
2bdfe49b645 : Collect input info in EDI
e021f8843d4 : Move test to STS test directory
4adbe6c4ad7 : Move test to STS test directory
f08cc892c4a : Revert "MediaMuxerTest: Ignore testDolbyVisionVideoOnlyP8"
b274f43b2f1 : CTS coverage for package name in AmbientContextDetectionServiceStatus.Builder
e64dad00c58 : Update CTS tests in comply with shortcut api changes
224e9d1240e : rename car builtin minor version
044936c6415 : Update valid themes data to match changes to styles specs
f8ab3d14948 : CtsMedia: Update OWNERS
de4744275a3 : Keystore: Json based test added in keystore-wycheproof CTS
0107fd5b7a3 : add tests for shouldAllowBypassingDevicePolicyManagementRoleQualification
17c5a8ca18e : Wifi: Add CTS test for WifiConfiguration RepeaterEnabled
e1e57730214 : Update Cross Profile Intent Filter CtsVerifier Test
efeddb879d7 : Add CTS tests for PictureInPictureParams getters
610f2c92e01 : Ensure MediaProvider Fuse is ready after Vold reset
10fd722d250 : [API Review] Replaced GetUuids with new SystemApi method
0261cb486c1 : Add a function to wait for the setting of preferred payment
dab19051420 : Add a function to wait for the setting of preferred payment
29a84cf43e5 : Enhance logging
ca771e0ca5c : Create CTS test for Contacts Indexer maintenance jobs
5370836b79f : Rename Android package names used for AppSearch CTS tests
ca312e3f2d9 : Annotate AlarmManager cts with foldables tag
f658e606c0e : Add GnssExcessPathInfoTest and GnssSingleSatCorrectionTest
1e1bb18bb5a : Increase stability of NullBindingTest.
b21f993a18a : Update CTS for the READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND permission
5d665218c45 : Limit DRC tests to default aac decoder and the ones that support xHE-AAC
c5cf605ccde : CodecDecoderValidationTest: Few AAC profiles are mandatory for only default decoder
986123e4188 : mediav2 CTS: Refactor EncoderProfileLevel Test
e175191d593 : mediav2 CTS: Update tests to validate 10-bit support in media encoders
43f56a86c9b : Test getLatestVsyncEventData for late frame.
8ad4563a821 : Update CTS test case for TM#checkCarrierPrivilegesForPackageAnyPhone
b2f4e6a3cfe : Refrain from persisting shortcuts into AppSearch in low end device
6d0b6a17f2a : fix that EncodingStatistics pass when avgBlockQp = 0
08f35da7542 : uwb(cts): Remove stack redundancies
a4951ee62bf : Rename API: DisconnectReasonToString
943f97b48c4 : Migrate multi user PM shell tests to Bedstead
7586794d309 : Change parameter order to make it SAM compatible
355c9fd33a6 : Address MediaProvider burndown list for SJP
98cb1b761e9 : Add coverage for bluetooth API
75738826418 : Fix ErrorProne Warnings.
6091816d2a3 : [Re-land] Remove configs relevant to iorap
62051dfbed1 : Add location permission grant/check actions to the CDM test app
19c1d498493 : Consolidate input OWNERS files
f0d9e2c8c86 : Sync input test OWNERS file with internal master
889c4821e4c : Change muteButton tests to use content description
077307cf615 : Modify WindowUntrustedTouchTest for opacity cap
a06e0c12199 : Add CTS test for Videos and Favorites Album
851c12dc04e : Add CDD & API annotations.
0866559d5a6 : mediav2 CTS: encoder validation tests
2429645f9b9 : Fix failing Bluetooth Tests.
bf3d7b26001 : Migrate Network Logging Delegate Test.
98695cb8832 : Migrate Enable System App Delegate Test.
3bea4bfc427 : Migrate Package Access Delegate Test.
c74278489ff : Migrate PermissionGrantDelegateTest.
deaebcace87 : Migrate BlockUninstall Delegate Tests.
b4a7899d5f5 : Fix CompatChangeTests on PC CF
4efebb0b6ed : Add test method for apk-in-apex
f49492fa1e6 : Ensure MediaProvider Fuse is ready after Vold reset
a14873ca4bf : Use shell stdin to install packages pre-S instead of writing files.
ae2ab580067 : Fix Flaky test in AccessibilityMagnificationTest
31ff472e37d : Loose branding image showing condition.
6b11a30926a : Re-enable tests
5f3444467a6 : ExtractDecodeEditEncodeTest: Fix sampling rate check
c3759a5dd3c : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/204077881
f8b1b5607b0 : Better Diagnostics in android.mediav2.cts.ExtractorTest
020a4def115 : Add (basic) testing of WifiManager#InterfaceCreationImpact
ed013d4ce44 : Update OWNERS file to use ldaps for reviewers instead of a group
71d9d17bf09 : BluetoothLeAudio: Fix cts test cases after Callback change
29ae44878fa : CTS test for Android Security b/160265164
41bfec94938 : Fix encodingStatisticsLevel is not initialized
0134a9220a9 : Add new tests for makeUidVisible API
b99314889c4 : ITS: move plot_gyro_events() to
fe113e16caf : CtsNdkBinderTestCases: clarify C++ iface null read
33b247ad1c0 : TIAF CTS: rename TvInteractiveAppInfo
c0857e2d08d : switch persist.debug to persist.wm.debug
6509a7cb7f3 : Add Verbose logging library to DeviceState, Accessibility, Bluetooth.
c2b6ad1a55e : Verify if reported AudioDescriptor is valid and necessary.
964b7e6ffa2 : Complete PackageManagerHelper CTS test cases
92a9c82459e : Fix flaky ToastTest
71bde19b88d : Ensure that pushed file are declared as dependencies
8596051c1f5 : When there is a convenience strength sensor, BiometricPrompt.BIOMETRIC_ERROR_HW_NOT_PRESENT(12) error should be returned for testWhenCredentialNotEnrolled.because convenience authenticator status is BIOMETRIC_INSUFFICIENT_STRENGTH
46bc074a1a0 : API Review] Removed unnecessary SystemApi annotations
9138f92d812 : [API Review] Replace ResultReceiver by Executor
b044220517b : Fix expanded pip CTS test
edf418a4b71 : When there is a convenience strength sensor, BiometricPrompt.BIOMETRIC_ERROR_HW_NOT_PRESENT(12) error should be returned for testWhenCredentialNotEnrolled.because convenience authenticator status is BIOMETRIC_INSUFFICIENT_STRENGTH
645ceafb8c0 : Uninstall TestApp DISAVOWAL_APP_PKG
0d86b36d3ae : Fix broken cts test SonyDualshock3UsbTest
80af9fbf145 : Poll for posted notifications in LegacyNotificationManagerTest
96c4298263a : Revert^2 "Fix bluetooth and aac dependency"
b484f93225f : Add cts test for callback function
5815c6614c7 : Added CTS for LocaleManager#getSystemLocale.
00b935145af : EncodeVirtualDisplayTest: avoid dangling reference to virtual display
2602f202a28 : Revert "Fix bluetooth and aac dependency"
6943f3424a7 : Bluetooth: More CTS tests for LE Broadcast
703115234e6 : mediav2 CTS: Update tests to validate 10-bit support in media decoders
816696497d7 : EncodeVirtualDisplayTest: avoid dangling reference to virtual display
236ddb95248 : Update the test cases text wrapping.
5d4a29c47b2 : CloudSearch API CTS: changes two key names and adds two keys for app pkg name and install count in ExtraInfo
61e4b2ee8d7 : mediapc: Update resource directory from 1.1 to 1.2
e86d310074d : Fixes SlogfTest#testIsLoggableFalse
618aefa5bd1 : Refactored LogcatHelper and tests that uses it.
1cc06276d6d : Update cts validation tests to handle non-flat hierarchy
9b626ee6f80 : DO NOT MERGE: cts: Re-launch the desired activity after screen-on on TVs.
5bfa5a1c279 : DO NOT MERGE: cts: Re-launch the desired activity after screen-on on TVs.
d6c5b1f0379 : DO NOT MERGE: cts: Re-launch the desired activity after screen-on on TVs.
882dd354ba2 : Remove unnecessary tests of activity embedding in separate task
bea778b223a : CtsMediaMiscTestCases: Remove unused files from res/raw
a96cb6f65c0 : Rename getMaxNumScanSsids to getMaxSsidsPerScan in WifiNl80211ManagerTest.
87963bd9590 : Update CTS cases to fit the new CarrierPrivilegesCallback interface
5e1f587912f : CloudSearch API CTS: adds two keys for app intents in ExtraInfo
6a5299b5133 : Add a hidden API to query appstandby constants.
74e4040b1a5 : Add CTS tests for PictureInPictureParams.Builder class
02134b3a119 : Ensure we check passwords after enforcing REQUIRES annotations.
924b40006f3 : Test for: always restart apps if base.apk gets updated.
386e2fb623c : Remove fdeng@ from EngProd approvers and add specific approvers for the cts-known-failures.xml
e6650a74d33 : Fix TelephonyManager data enabled settings tests
f53d93a09cf : Remove testLimitedAxesImuConfiguration in SensorTest.
ec1f01c8150 : Fail CTS if a heading sensor is implemented on a non-automotive device.
5a408a8b37b : Delete SipManagerTest.
f81f8080de8 : DO NOT MERGE Disable testSetCameraDisabled
68c05e5fb38 : Skip test on devices w/o GPS feature.
66c862df34a : Camera: Update stream use case to be 64 bit
8bff0850742 : Update testGetMaxNumScanSsids CTS test to only run on versions T and higher.
f7b8514a319 : Annotate ID attestation test
fbec050d1ca : DO NOT MERGE: fingerprint: Fix BuildFingerprint
674d81deffb : Ignore two flaky tests in PermissionHistoryTest
2ad6ba1662b : Add CTS test for shouldDockBigOverlays API
766a74f1047 : Fix AccessibilityServiceInfoTest failure
cf1a4700833 : Revert "Disable tests on Android R to enable Picker APIs"
aaaa011ee57 : Cts tests for new @ChangeId in TileService
57bbc78d580 : Add test for PowerManager#setLowPowerStandbyActiveDuringMaintenance
e114243e199 : Remove the test that required privileged permission
9845fb9e255 : Enable CloudPhotoPickerTest for R
7cfdd0d7426 : Curve25519: Test use via provider (part 1)
bac1a2d473a : Fix CompatChangeTests on PC CF
5835a394489 : Uninstall TestApp DISAVOWAL_APP_PKG
100c0af2a25 : Uninstall TestApp DISAVOWAL_APP_PKG
40e8747688c : CTS test for Android Security b/200164168
b5ac9ec9d0f : TIAF API review: Setup Interactive App session
7eaa6883687 : Change the test step of the testPublicImsReg case.
924bb9858df : Don't verify decoder output timestamps for interlaced encodings.
58f24881d98 : Test for: always restart apps if base.apk gets updated.
086cc0e1ae8 : Add CTS tests for argument checks in SC
d6ed20639ae : Tests for DurationScaleListener and getDurationScale
1b08758bbf4 : CloudSearch API CTS: change the method from getSource to getCallerPackageName
967c05b7a0b : Add CDD annotations to the instant app CTS tests.
9de7443d98f : Verify picker URI grants can be persisted
a331b4799bb : media CTS: Parameterize DecodeAccuracyTest on codecs
43b764bb587 : Check that ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES has "role" protection level
e2dd72ddd6d : Solve the problem of the test item test_multi_camera_aligment
6b35e06e72d : [MEP] Update isSimPortAvailable cts test case
18dba49a13f : Add API coverage for DataServiceCallback
ee0c392f1ff : Collect all the permissions defined by apps
ae43672302a : Revert "Revert "Update test to check PackageInfo""
e3fb7183313 : codec: fix VideoCodecTest crashes
95a96eb058a : Disable tests on Android R to enable Picker APIs
c727b187818 : Add Bundle CTS tests
3e9a315263e : Annotate test module CtsDreamsTestCases test module for foldable device testing
05389110ca4 : CTS for verifying stylus events API method
179b5c046f2 : Rename sdkSandboxToAppUid to getAppUidForSdkSandboxUid
060e9418b97 : Added Bluetooth codec tests
f1cb63e83f2 : Added test for BluetoothServiceManager
a8ba0474df9 : Remove confusing setUserProvisioningState test
904bcf810df : Use PhotoPicker APIs
b319526d1cd : CTS Make screen capture per-device DO and COPE
afe753b36f2 : CTS test for Android Security b/205836329
dce79a6cd69 : Fix AccessibilityGestureDetectorTest
648d820065b : Fix failing ManagedProfileTest
d26b8cdd4c4 : CameraBokeh:Use correct camera id for test
a982cff40f4 : Remove Picker db=false paths in CtsPhotoPickerTest
abebc318c8b : Skip updated APEXs.
784bb39cfa4 : Add CTS tests for media permissions split
dd36787b3c7 : Skip updated APEXs.
3dcce3c22d9 : Fix appsecurity CTS tests.
a5c68d2a7c0 : Verify exception for picker URI queries with invalid projection
fd017e84e67 : Add coverage for ScanSettings
8f8ec851bc3 : Fix Volume Keys to TV test
241e7bc1ebb : Add missing TC cts tests for API coverage
e1e42dec8eb : Add ReconcileSdkDataArgs to burndown list
8f7397e354e : Fix crash on devices w/o telephony feature
d1ce11dd50b : Update signed CtsOmapiTestCases apk
6680a91a3a3 : Update signed CtsOmapiTestCases apk
5af4ffb8ec6 : CTS test for Android Security b/215002587
36bfb59be51 : Test for: always restart apps if base.apk gets updated.
9023317f436 : Enable warning banner tests
83abb18badb : Revert "Update test to check PackageInfo"
e4f56b060c6 : Solve the problem of the test item test_multi_camera_aligment
10be41b0f48 : Complete removeTask and setFocusedRootTask tests
2d77070f2b0 : CtsMedia: Remove redundant pm revoke
5e3fc310dde : Introduce multiple devices button for CTS test
c415858845f : Remove subscriptionsChange_notifiesObserver SimPhonebook test
ce370b0a4b1 : Fix AccessibilityGestureDetectorTest
0f2eae2c9e1 : Add Image SyncFence setter test coverage
86cf8f3c2af : Add a test that scales a surface to 0
958a6062ba7 : Set fixed date during test setup for CTS host-side test
2531fc36148 : Update CTS on usage of MetricsReportCallback
61d17f459ef : Validates lens pose characteristics of automotive cameras
4eb97bb8f2e : Ensure that Process.SDK_SANDBOX_VIRTUAL_UID is reserved by system
93f75fd0850 : Use PhotoPicker APIs
e56ef16b45b : Complete the testProcessObserverCallback test case
9194868e677 : Add a test to userfaultfd CTS confirming selinux enforced
c2c8dd6020d : Validate FBE settings for adoptable storage
41805e3ea97 : Adjust explanation for policy version check
f3cc936c188 : Use C++ system property getter
57552e4527a : Use API level constants from Bionic
1d6e92d9a91 : update media CTS Test owners
19280cc401f : Rename getAutojoinGlobal to queryAutojoinGlobal
0ca79a474c9 : Detect multiple duplicated packages.
0093d42af92 : DisplayRefreshRateTest: vote for peak refresh rate
6f7f8627793 : Add CTS test to verify auto unbind of null-binding CS.
dab1f91aaa2 : Test secondary activity launches for Notification Permission
49e80578946 : Set appropriate gesture margin for scrolling the suggestion view.
8c85f48c3c1 : Remove Picker db=false paths in CtsPhotoPickerTest
a31ea1b1c92 : Add NotificationListenerCheckTest CTS test
278a4ebcb2e : Ignore warning banner tests for now
174857cc879 : ITS: log YUV and JPEG size in
abd50439a46 : Check for light sensor before running tests
569b699a08f : Add ART module team as OWNERS of CTS compilation tests.
ff2f108af4f : Speed up BackgroundDexOptimizationTest.
9c90b426450 : CTS test for Android Security b/171980069
5d77a223de1 : CTS: Skip screenOff tests on operator tier devices
4db8882936b : Add metadata to CtsVerifier tests
83f41a22fc6 : BluetoothAdapter.getUuids non longer return null
309ab69e5f6 : CTS for renaming isCredentialSharedWithParent to isCredentialSharableWithParent
c8e1e8df3de : Fix bluetooth and aac dependency
86d42570984 : Add coverage for ScanResult
a5260ef07f5 : Skip updated APEXs.
2644a30467a : Add DISCONNECT_AND_FINISH as explicit action
e6cd33ef761 : CameraBokeh:Use correct camera id for test
de13962b6a4 : Verify visibility for activities in untrusted embedding mode
8d3800e6081 : Verify startActivityAsUser with ActivityOptions
188625f6dc4 : Don't verify decoder output timestamps for interlaced encodings.
f871f9759bf : Fix AccessibilityGestureDetectorTest
ea396918a4d : media CTS: Parameterize DecoderConformanceTest
03d40f095fb : Set appropriate gesture margin for scrolling the suggestion view.
20178fa7963 : cts: exclude PinnedStackTests#testEnterPipWithMinimalSize
b7897839f12 : Skip ResetPasswordWithTokenTest on device w/o SECURE_LOCK_SCREEN feature
d9d0877694c : Ignore location test for now
f506f72ccb5 : Update GameServiceTest to verify screenshot saved
8a714988fa8 : Fix test failures.
247f24ab277 : Add edi entry for file compression check
5c251a374db : Replace a way to get storage raw_partition edi
e77c1ace30d : Make sure device is unlocked when launching BubbleActivity
8464f26b22c : Change testClearKeyGetKeyRequest jni to check aidl version property
85f3cdc30f8 : Update window-extensions test to be more accurate.
e4d72dbf3a2 : Remove test from STS Business Logic for conflicts
64b391eab7e : Update testLteVopsSupportInfo to avoid using hide constructor
2bfdce06c72 : Fix bug report user consent dialog on top of settings screen
af531c9b1e9 : Add test coverages for the inner-nested classes for UI templates APIs.
0695d2c6cd3 : Adjust CTS for latest androidx.test prebuilt.
04877217a73 : Fix imports after telemetry proto move
f93c922370a : Test for: always restart apps if base.apk gets updated.
b4dac8f30a7 : Add check for idPackage to AutofillCtsTestHelper.
10c2e2b882b : Match DPM api to CM api
945c4bcc4b8 : Fix parameter order of Lnb.addCallback()
cdffaa6338a : cts: exclude PinnedStackTests#testEnterPipWithMinimalSize
31c59a1f634 : Remove broadcast tests for UID migration
2caf8c26769 : Remove AndroidKeystore key migration tests
8752d6d8201 : Update test to check PackageInfo
7b3501a0a10 : Update SharedUserMigrationTests with best-effort strategy support
a5817392f7b : Add CTS tests for the BluetoothHeadset class
79f7a3b1858 : Recompute window manager state until window frames are valid
dc19e4de6b7 : Remove the test ActivityManagerHelperTest#testGetInstance().
d61c8a9064a : Disable second test creating a new user.
85af2e4c285 : Add test for focused Views reporting keep clear areas
03eb6fe4c82 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix AttributionSource security test.
5e1623a844c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix AttributionSource security test.
b7a23e32239 : Check isActivityEmbedded when verifying a split
636231af7ec : [Nearby Devices] Add test case for NearbyDeviceTest
ea4ecb4249f : Create a CTS test for os/IpcDataCache
d7f60139e9a : Fixes some MixedDeviceOwnerTest tests for headless system user mode.
0fac54afecf : Mediarouter: clean up callbacks
72acd358b68 : Add cts tests to cover provisioning demo devices
0e309f43f0a : Fix unexpected IME visible by editor be refocused during the test
a42f3a21b39 : hap: Adjust test to match the hidden preset info builder
f95e351ca98 : Migrate Safety Center CTS tests inside Permission module
ef193822167 : Adjust the height and width views in CTS MagnifierTest
d2b5cc37e62 : Adjust the height and width views in CTS MagnifierTest
5244a9fbc05 : Do not set test home activity for splash screen tests.
a192330f238 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
f3c3401c1a3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
c15e6ae4749 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
a9b014e2c8d : Add a function to wait for the setting of preferred payment
3aba31e7577 : CTS: Add regression test for getInputMethodWindowVisibleHeight
09683f7e76c : IME CTS: Factor out utils
899d244d8e5 : Fix AccessibilityGestureDetectorTest
4e5ee36f300 : Hide the taskbar when SimpleActivity is launched
1f91b069fe0 : Fix race condition in BleClientTestBaseActivity
e71d3693a12 : Tests no SESSION_COMMIT broadcast is received
1bb3b14e3d4 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
df73c24eda5 : Revert "Adding tests for multiple provider support in AbstractMa..."
5d3d1b3c7a8 : Verify carrier privileges for getNetworkSlicingConfiguration
18e1aa5f900 : Skip some tests in SplashscreenTests in Auto.
986f3f2ee72 : Add CTS test for android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper#onDowngrade
a9bec44599a : TIAF CTS: Change on API Review: DTV to VOD
8d3d45444dc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
2ff4386298e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
0701fa102a3 : DisplayRefreshRateTest: vote for peak refresh rate
2430a45aa78 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix AttributionSource security test.
0432197b5d8 : Increase poll timeout to the maximum of 30secs.
db2f870ecb1 : Update SingleSensorTests automotive cases to be 100Hz to match CDD requirements.
062e00bc01d : Add a mean verification car default case for accelerometer uncalibrated.
8e6b61d7e89 : Camera: Futher increase performance measure timeout to 40s
cd8a948e198 : CameraITS: Increase socket timeout for MPC test
e3e6bb3bf39 : DO NOT MERGE Disable ensurePhoneCallOpsRestricted for non-telecom devices
0f2e5a4aaea : CTS UserManager: isProfile, isUserOfType, system
f091ff4af3d : Add more test coverage.
8b5cc1e63ac : Add CTS game mode frame rate override tests
69f675d2d70 : Camera: Futher increase performance measure timeout to 40s
ee8e7cfe5f1 : Fix crash on devices w/o telephony feature
e1db1b3c9af : Add graphics owners for ImageReader and ImageWriter tests
03ac99743a6 : Navigate directly to permission page
27f482a50d4 : Add API Test coverage for ImageWriter.Builder
52b77ae1661 : [SafetyCenter] Use restructured SafetyCenterManager APIs and refactored test API to override SafetyCenterConfig in CTS tests
f65e8652e94 : Camera: Ensure HLG10&STANDARD profiles don't have extra latency
f8aa242e2d4 : Revert "Revert "Adding tests for multiple provider support in Ab..."
cfb3c831848 : Fix Filter::read() value check.
dd3d2464d6a : Add test case for legacy font
fe4b5f3e2be : Add new permission PROVISION_DEMO_DEVICE
d194e09b282 : (2/2) Add AdServices related permissions to manifest.
a9b79d2f2e5 : Add tests for media permission warnings
f13394c6d49 : Camera: Futher increase performance measure timeout to 40s
11869ac8eb4 : Update CTS to have a more reasonable request completion time of 60 s for data throttling
8377dcd15f2 : Verify playback after player ready in RemotePreviewTest
a49de030139 : Unignore cloud event notification test
850233ce931 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
6be576e1a35 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
a6df4ea0b6f : Fix AccessibilityGestureDetectorTest
ad8c4edeec7 : Fix AssistantContentViewTest#testAssistantContentViewDimens fail
b4003488db3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix unintended change in KeyAttestationTest
28bfde626a6 : Update framework from jetpack.
147337e1772 : Add CTS tests for Remove Result error code
f99b526655e : BT: Add CTS tests for LE audio related classes
058a5d826bd : Fix crash when the device doesn't support telephony feature
d0a1b0a41f1 : Test that pre-T app cannot request POST_NOTIFICATIONS
b63d3ad2a2c : Revert "Adding tests for multiple provider support in AbstractMa..."
fd429ce9a5a : Add getter for allowAutojoinGlobal
0e02966acd6 : [DO NOT MERGE] Temporarily exclude KeyManagementTest on work profile and secondary user.
63c1d4233ec : [DO NOT MERGE]Add testNoRemotelyAccessibleListeningUdpPorts to known-failures
708b70983fa : [DO NOT MERGE] Add KeyManagementTests to known failures until mainline can be updated.
c61beb6d8e5 : Use shell stdin to install packages pre-S instead of writing files.
e9ef1570adf : Allow bypassing fixed check for system components and platform-signed persistent privileged apps.
8f24a6e8f7a : Fix testWifiConfigLockdown on certain devices
bc0705a376c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Reduce flakiness of IME multi-display tests
8fd6f960123 : Complete coverage of BluetoothLeBroadcastAssistant
da4176e2ea5 : Make PowerManagerHelper have all static methods
d9620aa1d4d : Revert "Adding tests for multiple provider support in AbstractMa..."
129cb7e2b50 : CTS Verifier test for car launcher displaying car-service-disabled apps
a78ebdcf158 : Fix screen brightness
c4e5c893071 : Revert "Adding tests for multiple provider support in AbstractMa..."
e719e598731 : Test AudioManager.getHalVersion.
c809a86e0ac : Fix STKFrameworkTest setup method
13c3eaa728c : Fix tests with nonpublic setup methods
4f5e3617fa3 : Fix STKFrameworkTest setup method
97fbbdbf9ca : Telemetry host side test on saving data across reboot
a47a21b7409 : DO NOT MERGE - Update AudioDeviceNotifications CTS-V Tests
d63f228310d : Correct the PropertyInvalidatedCache module definition (CTS)
66bb005cc92 : ITS: move RAW/JPEG decision logic into find_fov_reference method.
aec2293da16 : Add an OWNERS file to ensure manifest changes in CTS-Verifier are reviewed by
e59b8a63699 : cts-tradefed: Update include and exclude filters for cts media tests
efe01a094ce : Fixes how DpmWrapper checks for isHeadlessSystemUserMode().
a6ad0683239 : CtsMedia: Rename CtsMediaDrmTestCases as CtsMediaDrmFrameworkTestCases
f5b19c8b856 : CTS for IC#requestCursorUpdates()
839ea25c9e5 : CtsMedia: Rename CtsMediaDrmTestCases as CtsMediaDrmFrameworkTestCases
f8b7ea6da80 : ITS: Adding args to arduino_rotate_servo()
d874ae2565b : cts: Add default animation for UiAutomation test
4f502fcb661 : Bump the sleep time up to 700ms as per OEM request
061da560002 : Update assertion in testQuerySdkSandboxPackageName test
5ecc2351824 : Update cross profile photo picker tests based on default allowlisting
c3bd9f10024 : Add CTS tests for new Process APIs
0b7a7a108c8 : Disable PackageManagerShellCommandTest#testGetFirstInstallTime
6605026b81f : Remove input AIDL classes from system_server classpath
9064933ea7f : binder: add test for isHandlingTransaction
125bbaf05c1 : Add ToastTest to disallow bg toasts w/o notif perm
3b38c868ea7 : CTS update: Move OnBackInvokedCallback to window package.
d64306c45ec : Ignore failing BackNavigationTests
6bd4c853c1e : Add NoCompanionServicesTestCases CMD test module/package
8628a6f45e8 : Test incorrectly defined Compa