android-12.1.0_r16 to android-12.1.0_r17 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/build

7913733d21 : Version bump to SD2A.220601.002 [core/]
5d3aa38bbd : Update Security String to 2022-06-01
c73917185d : Version bump to SD2A.220123.051.A3 [core/]
50557a250e : Version bump to SD2A.220123.051.A2 [core/]
3621d7723f : Version bump to SD2A.220123.051.A1 [core/]

+- Project: device/google/bluejay

62a316b : [DO NOT MERGE] Jump SVN to 5
7bb8eae : [DO NOT MERGE] Jump SVN to 4
3d83041 : Jump SVN to 3 for VZW FRC4
a82a055 : Jump SVN to 2 for VZW FRC3
1d7d58d : Jump SVN to 2 for VZW FRC3

+- Project: device/google/gs101

2c08585 : [DO NOT MERGE][B3][FRC] gps: update gps driver

+- Project: platform/external/aac

04bb5a8 : Reject invalid out of band config in transportDec_OutOfBandConfig() and skip re-allocation.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

01c718a42fe1 : [Ongoing Call] Don't call #getIntent to avoid a security vulnerability.
fe205882e5ab : limit TelecomManager#registerPhoneAccount to 10; api doc update
09d5eb29c9eb : [scv2] RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Add finalizeWorkProfileProvisioning.
a62b0e343a7e : Disallow too large display padding for wallpaper
15558b03f5ec : Fix NPE
f918c3e51c6b : Prevent exfiltration of system files via user image settings.
b1646337a748 : Prevent non-admin users from deleting system apps.
d15f00a09260 : Fix security hole in GateKeeperResponse
26c1e6434359 : Update GeofenceHardwareRequestParcelable to match parcel/unparcel format.
6f7fb3bc318e : Add an OEM configurable limit for zen rules
5aa3aa0b8182 : Keyguard - Treat messsages to lock with priority
cdd072e03ad7 : Always restart apps if base.apk gets updated.
ede6398a26f8 : Verify caller before auto granting slice permission
d1b9a4efade6 : Replace BitmapRegionDecoder with ImageDecoder
88e0bd640587 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Do not resume activity if behind a translucent task
7daaa15d4ded : Update permissions for ServiceState broadcast
e8b88942a262 : Filter notification APIs by user

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

0e35045d1 : No longer export CallSubjectDialog

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Dialer

aafc6aabc : No longer export CallSubjectDialog

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/EmergencyInfo

21c4941b : Prevent exfiltration of system files via user image settings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ManagedProvisioning

8f13f0b9 : [scv2] RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Use finalizeWorkProfileProvisioning.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

1d9f4ed8 : OOB read in phNciNfc_RecvMfResp()

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

5531415884 : Hide non-system overlay window on ActivityPicker
793da92072 : Restrict secondary users to share Wi-Fi network
562a4a05c3 : Change default USB configuration to a RestrictedPreference
03874ba711 : Hide private DNS settings UI in Guest mode

+- Project: platform/packages/modules/adb

6e8945a5 : Backport of Win-specific suppression of potentially rogue construct that can engage in directory traversal on the host.

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telecomm

54a1cff41 : limit TelecomManager#registerPhoneAccount to 10
964f87efb : Handle null bindings returned from ConnectionService.

+- Project: platform/system/nfc

b1a9ecff : OOBR in nfc_ncif_proc_ee_discover_req()
2a0067cb : Double Free in ce_t4t_data_cback
7b0513ef : Out of Bounds Read in nfa_dm_check_set_config