android-11.0.0_r1 to android-12.0.0_r1 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

1aad2846e1 : Revert "Make ClassLinker::DumpForSigQuit exclude gc"
7b4fead5e9 : odrefresh: Respect "dalvik.vm.systemservercompilerfilter".
a2f7d4d842 : odrefresh: Defaults to using "speed" for compiling system_server.
6dcde8681c : Make ClassLinker::DumpForSigQuit exclude gc
55a2349d7b : ART Apex: prefer "first" to "prefer32" multilib option for tools
521f288f9a : Add OkHttp tests to the generated ART MTS definition.
030b95fd68 : odsign_e2e_tests: do not assume time monotonicity across reboots
a37aba0c37 : Add BouncyCastle tests to the generated ART MTS definition.
d619216187 : Delete almost correct CHECK
5a0954e92e : Set MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE to disable module prebuilts when building linux_bionic targets.
eb145ef9f7 : Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P90S0PP]
919539bccf : odrefresh: add test for samegrade ART APEX install
506b64c3b0 : Add standalone ART gtests to `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
66372d2c44 : Add standalone ART gtests to `TEST_MAPPING` group `presubmit`.
435eac20bb : Add standalone ART gtests to the generated ART MTS definition.
302ef33c94 : Add support for standalone ART gtests to MTS.
45f7d9e465 : Add more Libcore tests to the generated ART MTS definition.
8ef9529cb9 : Tighten ART's OWNERS file.
646b2de920 : Update source ART APEX version number from 1 to 319999900.
ce958e9c2c : Fallback to version code in case lastUpdateMillis field is not populated
1bf761c69b : odrefresh: bug fix for first compilation log entry
7b1547d9d7 : Uncouple ART gtests from the ART APEX.
1bcb95247b : Adjust data dir set up in `CommonArtTestImpl::SetUpAndroidRootEnvVars`.
c28ac98c2f : Rename some ART gtest related Soong modules.
59072d1432 : Use lastUpdateMillis of an apex for ART versioning.
a15703fd81 : odrefresh: add support for lastUpdateMillis as part of version check
f5f12babd0 : Set compilation reason in vdex-only OatFile.
17ee07127d : Add -XX:ForceJavaZygoteForkLoop flag
565e8ecd30 : Replace ART's core-platform-api stub with module-lib stubs
50f3251a16 : runtime: add -Xdeny-art-apex-data-files
22f8d34e99 : Cache boot classpath checksums at runtime init.
64c37b0fbd : Add special control flags for system server reporting
db5ff5db7c : Replace JIT total time histogram with total time counter
3ff809ea15 : Export the system modules for module APIs stub
dba72d888f : Fix compiler filter / reason reporting and add the ISA to the metrics
c5288040c3 : [metrics] Add total-gc-time and adjust other metrics
fca3150cdb : Avoid marking proxy class as erroneous twice.
5fb6f63b08 : Revert cdex version back to 001.
2d334a2919 : Revert "odrefresh: temporarily disable system_server artifact test"
b1ed853755 : Do not create APEX stubs for libdexfiled.
0b110a5ffb : Initialize fragment_ and verbose_ fields in
dd5511496a : Complete support for Compressed APEXes in ART APEX test scripts.
4ec769ae77 : Allow hiddenapi list to be more lax when run on a fragment
c9067b42d7 : Add flag for clamping hidden api list
885c8945cc : [metrics] Add GC-work throughput metrics
cceaf01f19 : Faster BCP checksum verification.
306a39ffe4 : Clean up ART APEX manifests.
e7e4a967a8 : odrefresh: temporarily disable system_server artifact test
029a811dcb : Add sampling support in the metrics reporter
306191eaf9 : Add period reporting to the metrics infra
8e4a3bc0cd : Fix link apex for jni libs
a58b38211b : Move metric reporting config to flags
54348dc85a : Only enable isolated compilation if requested
5463685f4d : Be more prescise in the profile analysis
1bb712a69d : Disable compact dex code item deduping.
47ac05f54d : Reject a vdex file if its dex contents are out of date.
0532a9928d : odrefresh: fix instruction set selection.
7db2260076 : odrefresh: temporarily disable test
11dc832cf8 : Consider the size of the reference profile when assessing IsFirstSave
45a29d906f : Enable ProfileSaver to have a different delay for the first ever save
102408aead : Revert^2 "odrefresh: compilation backoff"
a244642beb : odrefresh: enable loading of system_server image files
8d81795749 : Avoid internal APEX stubs in libnative{bridge,loader} and clean up exported symbols.
5602ad7fc2 : Fold the C API tests into the regular libnative{bridge,loader} tests.
07f5e96d63 : Fix bitrot in the libnativebridge tests.
55309dbfe9 : Remove palette hooks.
c6b7866cd2 : Adjust call to
f279e114f7 : Fix flags_tests for older platforms
ac27ee6e72 : Fix flags_test flakiness
0c6e3399a5 : Setup ART experiments infra
a6a58fd3e4 : Fix DumpUnattachedThreads logic for CTS.
c678534d0c : Make strings in ART profiles prefixed by length.
b22fdeb3b8 : Ensure that ConcurrentGC always increments GC num
74d0aed217 : Don't extract APEXes directly.
95c9e35d0d : Make it possible to pass specific APEXes to test on the command line.
c11aa0209b : profman: Record all dex files in boot image profile.
8350b7caf4 : Reduce Partial LSE memory usage.
6143748348 : Collect array classes in profiles.
32de2a5a4e : Use verify when speed-profile gets an empty profile
35367a5895 : [metrics] Rename datum IDs
45e59fd131 : Rewrite profile file format.
d61d531511 : Remove libdexfile_support shared library.
ce822b690c : Avoid race on Thread::tlsPtr_::top_handle_scope.
c3854243a9 : Introduce `art::FastExit` to replace all uses of `quick_exit` in ART.
81764e5790 : Fix lock visiting for synchronized native methods.
9b2616bef4 : Include sdk versioning proto in art apex
26870c8ed6 : Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P89S0PP]
7075ab1a62 : Add `CtsLibcoreJsr166TestCases` to the generated ART MTS definition.
32388f454e : dex2oat: Abort app compilation without boot image.
42da7e6ea4 : Compile and with 2MB section alignment.
f8f2cabab7 : Rename setters to conform Android API guidelines
f83f04b01c : Put 100% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
4b668ddbb4 : Support modularization in "hiddenapi list" tool
ba7bf6f0e9 : Ignore empty stub dex jars
2be13d3c67 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Initial layout of ART Service files"
e07755b056 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Initial commit of the test code for ART Service"
81d064ba65 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Add the artd binary to the ART APEX"
172d17cc4b : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Revert change to target name"
eb16842455 : Fix scheduler's `FieldAccessHeapLocation()`.
34ac64795a : Fix ReplacementOrValue() for Partial LSE.
e36df262b2 : Update registerAppInfo signatures to accomodate more data.
69b2826427 : art: unbreak dalvikvm builds on host
6f16ddf1a4 : Add systemserverclasspath_fragment.
b772ec833a : [metrics] Add prebuilt and cmdline compilation reason
ca49061505 : Improve OOME log message informing OOME before heap full
983878ef44 : Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P89S0PP]
6675a5c352 : dexdump is provided in the Windows SDK.
6eb1783098 : Disable most ART source modules when ART prebuilts are enabled.
916f304d87 : Regenerate ART test files (2021-05-19).
fd3b860dae : OAT files outside the ART APEX are no longer loaded from the ART namespace.
65aebce70a : Do not double check trace config targetting.
a1d7f725f4 : Use odex_location instead of oat_file->GetLocation.
7169ee6b0f : Avoid timeout with >= 1 billion nsecs
e1484e97b7 : Dump java backtrace when contending lock too long time.
a6cb451f4a : Add Java Heap Profiler sampling to large space allocations.
93c28ed5e8 : Use the system namespace to get the right permitted paths for loading OAT files.
2ef367acf3 : Ensure verifier deps in the vdex file are 4-byte aligned.
833d76f4bd : Re-enable TestExportDex on target.
8ffaef9fbd : Remove BUILDING_LIBART macro.
022f9e555b : Enable strict gcstress unwind checks.
ec06809b9f : Reland "Devirtualize to HInvokeStaticOrDirect."
1651c6050d : Add 2001-virtual-structural-multithread to list of failures.
b2e091b391 : Move CollectorsTest#counting_largeStream to expected failures.
8e270af0b0 : Stricter gcstress unwind checks.
2b527c4f86 : Export dexdump, oatdump, and veridex as prebuilt host tools.
7e363b8a07 : Drop ro.debuggable restriction for NATIVELOADER_DEFAULT_NAMESPACE_LIBS.
3606cc69f5 : Do not try to do OSR in transactional interpreter.
0da7dfc715 : Make some libdexfile tests inherit art_test_defaults.
dac8239378 : Fix array location aliasing checks in LSE.
b1db5a110d : [art] Add GetObjectsAllocated and TotalTimeWaitingForGc APIs
f7f97d2c3e : Avoid invalidating kInstrumented via suspension
81a6bd5a05 : Fix unwinding for art_quick_generic_jni_trampoline
36138acc67 : Make various native modules depend on art_defaults.
7439cffaa0 : Make dalvikvm inherit art_defaults.
41299bf5c8 : odsign_e2e_tests: Add required artifacts to test.
95f4c66f72 : Style cleanup in profile tests.
3c51f78e0f : Move libctstiagent to test exports since it's for testing only.
c21970dada : Revert "Add tests to expected failures."
a985080de3 : Handle run-away instruction in oatdump.
120e4062a6 : Do not try to connect to heapprofd.
8ba64c2143 : odrefresh: Avoid string copy
0108f0d5c1 : Use only one core on fugu by default.
9a5a2b817c : Fix debug symbol for art_quick_throw_null_pointer_exception_from_signal
9d00bf1e0a : Reduce libcore parallelism for host
266594305a : Avoid loading external libraries from ARTs internal linker namespace (reland).
816cab342a : odrefresh: log an error if updatable_bcp_packages file is missing
263c39eaef : odrefresh: add compilation space checks
053e1383c7 : Link libvixl statically.
bcec38f7b7 : Do not sleep while waiting for GC
c256028e1f : Revert "Add 2040-huge-native-alloc test"
91d2c5c1d1 : Revert "Avoid loading external libraries from ARTs internal linker namespace."
6958df93f8 : Use cached memory for gcstress unwinds.
be0d891ac8 : Add 2040-huge-native-alloc test
ab0b19fb9f : Add empty boot image profile and preload classes for ART
8aca1a30a8 : Increase JDWP test timeout.
582448f29f : Avoid loading external libraries from ARTs internal linker namespace.
39d4df62d4 : Revert "Devirtualize to HInvokeStaticOrDirect."
a28c827fdb : Use `quick_exit` instead of `_exit` (except for error handling).
7eedd447cb : Fix some tests to work in prebuilt ART module mode.
6e1b7d85d9 : Add heterogenous lookup to Thread::custom_tls_
0877daf3a4 : Avoid the warning does not include an initialization function. Since is not an ART plugin change the code to remove that and cleanup.
7a147a05dc : Also add magic "sorted" symbol to create_minidebuginfo
2d3354ac96 : Fix .debug_frame_hdr generation.
af30bf7fb4 : Invert installclean flag
5024ddfd12 : Devirtualize to HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
5859b689d4 : Clean up `ResetOffset()` calls in profile tests.
68dc4a524c : Adjust code in compiledWithOptimizing
06884debcd : Disable live-lock kill daemon for tests.
3cafbac6f2 : Handle missing dist directory when --skip-apex is used.
8e5966dec0 : Make libjdwp an exported library in the ART APEX.
0d0f8df507 : In run tests, do not rely on loading native libs in the ART namespace with an allow_all_shared_libs fallback to system.
2207b7e7db : Extend Link() to allow linking to the default namespace.
107d22b9c7 : Handle potential race in oat file loading.
17c5018895 : Revert "odrefresh: re-enable OdrFsUtilsTest.GetUsedSpace"
06b173cd2e : Add tests to expected failures.
8078996ff9 : Handle a potential race when verifying dex files in the background.
e059ef1ca7 : Extend error regex
2d682691b2 : Mark art apex as compressible
59d29bfeda : odrefresh: re-enable OdrFsUtilsTest.GetUsedSpace
680d768b1a : Fix run-libcore-tests exclusions for fugu.
39198c0833 : Generalize Main.compiledWithOptimizing.
d808f69a57 : string_view: handle with care.
807de1ed23 : Fix partial LSE using removed load as Phi input.
6de68dd322 : Convenience tweaks for local use.
5c4d0df0ee : Revert^2 "Solidify GC triggering and reporting"
9cacdce5a0 : Enable mini-debug-info by default.
0849c1ca7b : Tweak output formatting.
889da94a59 : Fix gtests with mini-debug-info enabled by default.
d78f319c52 : Put 75% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
d3c45c298b : Add apex versions in oat file headers.
ba32016597 : Improve simplifier slightly
7a76e23440 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
f847f9da32 : Use in art-bootclasspath-fragment stub_libs
a5d3741fce : Revert change to target name
0bc9beff1d : Allow apps to be profileable by trusted system services.
891ec2cb03 : Regenerate ART test files.
88e08c0568 : Create magic symbol to mark .symtab as sorted.
e1e0e0f187 : Reland "Refactor code in inliner."
98e9a1236f : Update provideLibs from system/etc/linker.config.pb.
aea51b5d36 : Support non-flattened APEXes in the sync script.
afff758504 : Revert "Solidify GC triggering and reporting"
c86345c61f : odrefresh: temporarily disable OdrFsUtilsTest.GetUsedSpace
2397edd0d3 : Add stub_libs properties to art-bootclasspath-fragment
aa1b711a40 : Revert "Refactor code in inliner."
fd7044dd3a : Make it easier to interrupt with Ctrl-C.
c3a152e7b9 : odr_fs_utils_test: drop bogus assertion
e0d677dfda : Add the artd binary to the ART APEX
a0ef40d593 : Run libcore tests in parallel
9215250303 : Refactor code in inliner.
d4edf4fc8a : odrefresh: Avoid a couple string copies
61c624239c : Remove RETURN_VOID_NO_BARRIER byte-code.
1dab575cd6 : Remove some dead code around ClassTable.
854725b100 : Fix hash-bang to work on LUCI bots.
baf563dc6f : odrefresh: Add support for uploading stats
957fb15e70 : odrefresh: add metrics support
f96c9163a7 : odrefresh: move file-system utilities into odr_fs_utils.{h,cc}
c182a17abb : Create persistent named cache directory in LUCI.
cb3f8e3785 : art: retire libartpalette method PaletteGetVersion
10132a0062 : Rewrite in python
c3db254375 : Revert^2 "Add hooks in palette for reporting JNI invocations."
0349b152f2 : Dedup art-bootclasspath-fragment contents from sdk
8a70dd85c6 : Add contents property to art-bootclasspath-fragment
bb550e415d : Fix issue with Partial LSE and casts/instanceof
adfa1ad73a : profman: Clean up output profile type options.
a220980389 : dex2oat: Expect boot image profiles for boot image.
a618592108 : Fix profile magic detection.
fe1c7b4a5b : Enable build of both host and target.
19cdd0479c : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
8f187c3326 : Add static asserts we have a full list of mirror classes
e0f5839ae6 : Remove unused art-boot-image
6d5a49c9b0 : Solidify GC triggering and reporting
0cdbf97c3d : Add installclean step to
c716cb8167 : Update to use python3.
ffafe8babb : Clean up Handle<> comparison with null.
f2e1bc757e : Ensure consistent build configuration
1219683743 : Remove dependencies on art-notices jar
a78a63b8ba : Static libunwindstack has a static dependency on libasync_safe.
3adb7defb9 : Update build docs with new setup command "banchan".
4db2af7739 : Update for python3, fix --gtest.
30d4d2f8db : Rewrite libdexfile C API to follow NDK guidelines better.
18584d13da : libnativebridge: fix a potential null deref
13ab541da6 : Static libunwindstack has a static dependency on libasync_safe.
52f1f57df7 : Drop libdexfile from host prebuilts.
2cca1e029c : Add number of methods to OatClass.
79578115a2 : Use core-icu4j-for-host instead of core-icu4j
b283f37652 : Use conscrypt-for-host instead of conscrypt
4b3f4d33fb : Limit odrefresh progress percent to 90.
e1d170683b : Revert^2 "Use only half of the cores in testrunner by default on target."
ab474e3eeb : Revert "Use only half of the cores in testrunner by default on target."
f663b341e1 : Put 50% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
1c7d0ce3c6 : Extra OatDexFile checks when defining classes.
4501517c28 : Revert "Add hooks in palette for reporting JNI invocations."
a9fed15c69 : Add installclean step to buildbots
e0bbed9177 : Update run-test 701 for python3.
b895802868 : Move intrinsic recognition logic in inliner.
8d32baf3b0 : Move art related hidden API flag file contents from frameworks/base
68c07589eb : Clean up defining classes in ClassLinker.
fac1a9a6f9 : Remove deprecated boot_images property from ART apex
3d76ebebfb : Change OatClassType to enum class.
6e741a743c : Add core-libart-for-host and okhttp-for-host to sdk
ea1a849fda : Use only half of the cores in testrunner by default on target.
ba0ef1a3e7 : Add `CtsLibcoreOjTestCases` to the generated ART MTS definition.
d64dc6d097 : Fix typos in comments in ART test configurations.
511392f151 : Add hooks in palette for reporting JNI invocations.
ae3aa6ca3e : Improve logging when we fail to load the native bridge implementation.
108d4d6df2 : Use runtime_libs for the dlopen dependency on libartpalette-system.
525fa42b13 : Revert "Revert "Integrate ClassLoaderContext check in OatFileAssistant::GetBestOatFile.""
0744d72e30 : Fix race in GetPrimaryOatFile.
0b943287e7 : Reland "Move the type lookup table to vdex."
5db2fd0e53 : odrefresh: update progress bar when compiling.
40e53f8c4c : Regenerate ART test files.
c9b9d6c099 : Add test that CFLH making classes larger works
5e1ffcdc4d : Make zipapex test support multiple-execution
656fdcd7f2 : Revert "Integrate ClassLoaderContext check in OatFileAssistant::GetBestOatFile."
efbc659ba4 : Update run-test to python3.
640c448bad : Revert "Move the type lookup table to vdex."
f4d05ff134 : Clean up profile tests.
c005ada78d : Move the type lookup table to vdex.
c8fe6517fa : Integrate ClassLoaderContext check in OatFileAssistant::GetBestOatFile.
0c39de679b : Fix the ART APEX flavor auto-detection logic in ``.
6c9431c02e : Fix dm-test invocation
4fa4eb0a3c : Extend gcstress timeouts
d909a1912c : Make bisect_profile more resiliant to user input
e6a0a20693 : Fix pylibdexfile
0122e754e9 : tools: refine inclusion of debug failures to avoid fugu
c046db79d0 : Update ART generator tools to use python3.
674e8be2e2 : Fix inliner instruction/register limits
3302290510 : Switch mterp to python3.
738060c9c5 : Avoid internal APEX stubs for libsigchain and clean up exported symbols.
d3e9ff326a : Merge libdexfile_external into libdexfile (reland 2).
4531afd0d8 : Add a --force-allow-oj-inlines dex2oat flag
d187d879b0 : Remove option CreateTypeLookupTable.
a57e103e99 : tools: ignore BigIntegerTest failures for debug device tests
56f4c8143d : Handle hiddenapi lists which are yet unknown.
8731e70a0f : Add a test and CHECKs around the combination of CHA and default methods.
a2f48a424c : Fix apex_available lists to avoid APEX stubs between internal libs.
e38d788712 : Add a --test-exec flag to
0983f59d73 : Inline CodeInfo::DecodeCodeSize
76f7a91f12 : Disable 1004-checker-volatile-ref-load in TEST_MAPPING
669756df2f : Revert "Merge libdexfile_external into libdexfile (reland)."
14d9155cc5 : Merge libdexfile_external into libdexfile (reland).
c60638a44e : dex2oat_vdex_test: add missing dependency on core boot image.
a191bbfd53 : Remove ArtGtestsTarget from TEST_MAPPING
7e64c9503c : Fix ProfileCompilationInfo::UpdateProfileKeys().
de7c9e13a4 : Fix issue with propagating partial values
92a7857854 : Validate vdex checksums during dex2oat compilation
722992f7b6 : Revert^2 "[metrics] Report CompilationReason and CompilerFilter"
000508177b : Support stateful hash and predicate in HashSet<>.
3e54dfa45d : Remove platform from apex_available for dexdump.
6f7e98ec2c : Add a __x86.get_pc_thunk.bx helper function
cda3d47149 : Update Art Service to be a LocalManager
bdd9d71101 : Add logs for bad .dm input in dex2oat
c76fbf024f : Fix script when using --verify-soft-fail and --jit.
97af733e27 : Revert "Enable strict unwind check in gcstress."
9879c34a48 : Disable test 692-vdex-secondary-loader on CMS.
b46231eb40 : Update Art Service to be a LocalManager
8b07c653a7 : Revert "[metrics] Report CompilationReason and CompilerFilter"
2c4ee9b7ff : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
50419f2d4c : Fix crash with secondary dex files on low RAM devices.
f9bf4efcab : [metrics] Report CompilationReason and CompilerFilter
f442a84ca0 : Revert "Merge libdexfile_external into libdexfile."
5557553ae9 : Revert "Avoid internal APEX stubs for libsigchain and clean up e..."
30ba3a02a5 : Protect the construction of the verification thread pool.
fae2be2c98 : Enable strict unwind check in gcstress.
a3e1240dea : Add option to do strict unwind checks in gcstress
b1720e1901 : Add requireNativeLibs to test ART apex.
af61f50d54 : Reland "Change JNI behavior related to hiddenapi."
efe9a3d20b : Allow /data odex files to be already loaded when creating app zygotes.
73d4e1174b : Avoid internal APEX stubs for libsigchain and clean up exported symbols.
848fc80db9 : Merge libdexfile_external into libdexfile.
faf5aa5271 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
e28d339a00 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
8e0f6aaef6 : Disable test that depends on ART sources when prebuilts are used.
cff30a0bfa : Better support ICs on virtual calls
34aebb676c : Improve
e4f7fef5b3 : Handle predicated-gets with default values
b2a1416f6d : [metrics] Add JitMethodCompileCount
30126397f7 : Increase the timeout value of Libcore tests for gcstress non-debug configs.
ac57691c29 : dex2oat: Do not crash on InitializeClass() exceptions.
9d393d52fe : Restore code inadvertently removed.
9bc364bdda : Support background verification of secondary dex files.
dbcf4a2a59 : Revert "Change JNI behavior related to hiddenapi."
26095cda19 : Small cleanup in ProfileCompilationInfo.
66ab9d6fb2 : Workaround for b/145491866
a148d613ed : Enable the static profman libs for darwin, since the binary is.
7432805b24 : Fix simplifier issue with predicated ifield get
1a660c0bd5 : Reduce 129-ThreadGetId iteration count
0685b98104 : Abort transaction when Class.forName() fails.
579db19af4 : Change JNI behavior related to hiddenapi.
26a759688b : Add on-device signing end-to-end test.
ab8bba9245 : Add argument to skip building APEXes.
39419da246 : Bundle profman in the host module exports.
2946b1b2cd : Add two more fields in ART metrics (apk type and isa).
4128e5fb18 : Add art-bootclasspath-fragment
eea5c5de8e : [metrics] Add additional statsd datum mappings
982ecedecd : Remove '&' class loader context.
09108b274c : Also look for boot classpath files in DexFile_getDexFileOutputPaths.
4b086933fa : Add two more fields in ART metrics (apk type and isa).
c5cd589143 : Remove QUICK bytecodes.
b3f5c50087 : Improve the CFI test to catch missing frames.
753f47a759 : Add PrettyMethod overload with result string.
a129d8aef0 : Revamp vdex format for better extensibility.
ec7b19485b : Fix UnstartedRunime leaking local reference.
25e60fc34a : Properly fix sigchain EnsureFrontOfChain test.
43c9cd7938 : Improve nterp -> compiled code transitions.
443fc8962d : Delta encode object id.
9441f9224a : Put 25% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
8129ba3c95 : Add a test for wrong constructor resolution.
779761281e : Update test 162-method-resolution to pass on RI.
22a6162374 : Inherit art_defaults in some recently added native libraries.
8706b9c9bf : Support unrecognized methods in profman
2769f01450 : Fix IC resolution DCHECK
f4c06b522e : Remove method cache from libdexfile_external.
40cd07c3e6 : Add a fast path for nterp entrypoint to avoid fetching the shorty.
4924ea9ad9 : Remove Vdex::GetQuickenedInfoOf and all its users.
4312f74ccf : Export libdexfile and dependencies for host.
84ebf3ca3a : odrefresh: ensure dalvik-cache exists for cache-info.xml file
fcbbdd4f36 : odrefresh: make --compile single pass
3b2629b901 : Add libcore-platform-compat-config to art apex and sdk
5f340ff790 : JNI: Use callee-save register for IRT cookie.
4dcd238be0 : Cleanups and fixes for
fcd3d85551 : Move libsigchain into whole_static_libs for dalvikvm on host.
1043aa2489 : [metrics] Add MetricsAccumulator
3965fe825f : Mark the ART module as updatable.
c436659257 : Disable tests failing on Cuttlefish x86 and regenerate ART test files.
cb332bcb9a : Add dex lookup overloads which take C++ lambda callback.
2ddb98b27a : Simplify libdexfile external api.
efc03b831c : Fix reported dex file size to libunwindstack.
5b0b2e1b5d : Explictly pass VerifierDeps when asking for class verification.
f0407cf396 : Document Atest support for wildcards in ART run-tests invocations.
d031899392 : Relax load address check in create_minidebuginfo
3907ce0f4f : Change the value of kAccPreCompiled.
dfe55446a5 : Remove quickened bytecode support from interpreters.
98aa748731 : Increase 053-wait delay tolerance
f3d10346ef : Timeout waiting for child.
0ea1dac7c1 : Revert^2 "[metrics] Turn on statsd reporting at app startup completion"
d91328fe62 : [metrics] Reset metrics at zygote fork
71a6e8984e : Fix DCHECK() in ElfBuilder.
e7ff7ef6e5 : [metrics] Add ClassVerificationCount
a4c87959cc : [metrics] Improve metrics definition API
1b57d266da : Mark the ART module as updatable.
3407fb2590 : odrefresh: failure handling improvements
c4b9ae96c2 : Regenerate ART test files.
ad72901ccd : Do not crash on out-of-date oat files.
de0d0de0f4 : Remove kAccMiranda and kAccDefaultConflicting.
ec388c026a : Add min_sdk_version for ART module.
046caacae5 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
e017bb072a : Drop whole_static_libs for libasync_safe and clean up static linking of libsigchain.
d3d1a1a116 : Remove DexToDexCompiler
9cf17115d9 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
ef8c3376a8 : Do not crash on out-of-date oat files.
35363cf978 : odrefresh: clean error message if env var missing
c9f4a3762b : Allocate LSEVisitor on the arena stack.
e3ca16f035 : Do not use absolute addresses in image test oat files.
375257870b : Clean up OatHeader::GetStoreValueKey*().
d1c8aaedf0 : perfetto_hprof: Unsuspend parent process before waitpid.
98fa40a492 : nterp/arm64: Clean up branch PC calculation.
a2e2eb187e : odrefresh: update flags to dex2oat
7c5e5c61e7 : Fix DexToDexCompiler setup condition.
0e9d9fce59 : Add command line tool for creating mini-debug-info for native code.
553a4b6865 : Rename enum in ArtDexMetadataType with appropriate prefix.
0461e3314f : Fix target_pos capping logic
9773328205 : Adds a .clang-format file to ART
27dc87782f : Revert^2 "[metrics] Always enable background thread"
41b1892c04 : Add support for sharding the ART MTS definition to `regen-test-files`.
14a814bd94 : Enclose nterp helper code in symbol.
aded139c23 : Make libsigchain a stub library.
e9fb3dce29 : Store inline caches in StackHandleScope<> in HInliner.
a64c1ad1ad : Rewrite hot method info retrieval.
f84ec8662b : Avoid CHA trying to inline the default conflict method
b7bc2e4032 : Support verbose logging in script `regen-test-files`.
0654153bc5 : Add madvising of .odex, .vdex and .art files
947a8504f0 : odrefresh: check artifacts using cache and filesystem metadata
3f64940d7c : Revert "[metrics] Always enable background thread"
f622d89e27 : Adjust to libunwindstack JIT api.
e4d13549b6 : Simplify Golem target platform dependencies.
7bda303d89 : Add libprocinfo to Golem target builds, needed by heapprofd_client_api.
a1507a495e : Disable ART run-test `053-wait-some` on gcstress configurations.
ad6c22fa4c : Revert "[metrics] Turn on statsd reporting at app startup completion"
b6c0e7302c : Remove some methods from DdmVmInternal.
5591b714e8 : Add art-boot-image to art-module-sdk
7a0d219c58 : [metrics] Turn on statsd reporting at app startup completion
6660e3bd46 : [metrics] Always enable background thread
34ce1b8a86 : Clean up transitions in JniMethodEnd.
a718d6450f : Preallocate a HashMap buffer in LSE.
5e435b2c20 : [metrics] Add RequestMetricsReport
45a9fc9b68 : Add API to ART/Perfetto Java Heap Profiler (reland)
f2893adb27 : Install the prebuilt heapprofd_client_api library in the ART chroot.
634b04aa8b : Refactor stack map printing in oatdump.
5c7cddf609 : Fast path for some calls in nterp.
4dd1bf43e0 : Require ART_USE_FUTEXES in
113d6ea4c5 : Move code size from OatQuickMethodHeader to CodeInfo.
bc1748f825 : Refactor statistics printing in oatdump.
157fc96906 : Move 100% of ART run-tests to test group `presubmit` in `TEST_MAPPING`.
2291439187 : Revert "Add API to ART/Perfetto Java Heap Profiler"
08e44f1a62 : Add API to ART/Perfetto Java Heap Profiler
4e01411757 : Add extraction of necessary libs from the statsd APEX in Golem builds.
5950cf89ce : [metrics] Do not write to statsd when not supported
b0298f508e : make the art thread pool use the exact stack_size
7a5a7c3add : arm/arm64: Add comment to JNI assemblers' TestGcMarking.
987a8eaa3b : Create directory before running tests.
81b1d78b34 : Slightly refactor stack map stats printing.
765a167cb1 : Faster DexFileVerifier::CheckInterClassDefItem().
68e8a7c0a9 : Clean up JniMethodStart().
c2f46939d8 : Reduce string allocations in ProfileCompilationInfo.
62b7558702 : [metrics] Enable periodic reporting for system server
7fc6aacab1 : Add GC-related metrics to the telemetry infrastructure
65a9fb4a6f : [metrics] Change -Xwrite-metrics-to-statsd to take explicit argument
8059bdb5ab : odrefresh: temporarily disable check
eb7882bd91 : Do not produce an entry for a Test Mapping test group if it is empty.
87531a628e : Aesthetic changes in generated ART run-test Blueprint files.
e8657bfb99 : Adjust `regen-test-files` to match current ART run-test Blueprint files.
59c21036b2 : Support /system/system_ext/framework jars with hiddenapi.
6a5a5b6864 : arm/arm64: Use marking register in JNI stubs.
c714f40cae : Fix crash on error paths from GenericJNI trampoline.
17b4d2b14f : Add code size to CodeInfo.
39d529f45b : Revert^2 "[metrics] Add StatsdBackend"
4e7b3c7885 : Make some hash/equals operators inline.
49e80cce9d : Workaround for ubsan_minimal dependency in the prebuilt libdexfile_external_static.a.
90b26617d4 : Generalize the defaults module for module source builds.
93fc098b11 : Mark jclass in JNI stubs in a slow path.
0b58ec56d3 : Change from using '[' to ']' for inline-cache delimiter
0613605645 : Replace histogram in CumulativeLogger with average
11943fce96 : Move dex file registration in ti_redefine.
ee1c9613d9 : Pass duped FDs to the vdex_for_odex_ OatFileInfo.
8f19867228 : odrefresh: fixes for launching from init
e5276da1c7 : runtime: log message for failing to stat odrefresh files
4f3959bd5c : Avoid duplicate hash calculation in ImageWriter.
21dafaf33e : Skip make targets that have missing dependencies when using ART prebuilts.
eb73b51e43 : Restore commented assignment.
9150de6901 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
04c4612375 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
d7257ba38d : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to art
8da26145fb : Fix LOCAL_PATH in tests.
ab2fde3266 : Don't abort if the oat file doesn't have dex2oat command line key.
c6c6a1511d : Adjust test runner for vdex.
41af856c12 : Add `CtsLibcoreTestCases` to the generated ART MTS definition.
1dc3656262 : Move 75% of ART run-tests to test group `presubmit` in `TEST_MAPPING`.
12060303e3 : Put 10% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
bcd4bc9053 : Add and as owners of ART tests.
55a45f3edf : Fix indentation in Field.get()
de1449e2ed : Add `MainlineTestModuleController` support for AOSP to ART tests.
e4b7d43491 : Do not add quotes around flags argument
0eebdcc511 : Fix jclass read barrier in GenericJNI.
0a73762a45 : dexoptanalyzer: fix --validate_bcp
1ece299441 : dex2oat: Move where we report end of compilation.
16f60dc094 : Support loading vdex files without odex.
9a1a5a9ae8 : Regenerate ART test files to reinclude ART Checker tests.
001bb57849 : Change dirty-image-objects file format.
a82fb5713e : Remove AOSP builder configurations
baca071a59 : Add to the golem libraries
b9b7d91f5c : Revert "Lazily allocate DexCache arrays."
4c3ade67c4 : odrefresh: regenerate artifacts after ART APEX update
3a8d7c2de4 : Return null for PhantomReference.referent in Field_get()
ae7c8da2dc : Add nativeZygoteJitEnabled
e99a858404 : [metrics] Add GC related counters/histograms
135e948025 : Partially generate the ART MTS definition in script `regen-test-files`.
df69bd7575 : Remove Flags
4db6d2d908 : Revert "Remove obsolete TestApiEnforcementPolicy."
aa704f17d0 : Clean up cc_test/art_cc_test TEST_MAPPING after default update
5e060ee6b9 : Fix implicit null checks for InvokeVirtual.
0d768f126f : Put 5% of ART run-tests in `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`.
1214319d27 : Lazily allocate DexCache arrays.
b7cb691fb8 : Do not read persist.device_config properties in flags
cedec9db0a : Do not create HandleScope for JNI transitions.
0ccc970b3c : Write interned field last.
2cefb3be73 : x86: Fix CriticalNative argument spilling in JNI stubs.
09efc16049 : Revert "Remove obsolete TestApiEnforcementPolicy."
d83edf3d15 : Correctly match dex-file names in profman
74584e6b65 : [metrics] Add ClassLoadingTotalTime counter
27b8cb7bb6 : dexoptanalyzer: fix a potential use of nullptr
fedff519e0 : Change runtime behavior related to hiddenapi.
4851642523 : Document the right product to use for Google internal APEXes.
eb21b02108 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
a2f1319a89 : Add text-profile support for multiple ICs
642c0f0e79 : Collect boot-profile inline-caches
9ca1e10359 : dexoptanalyzer: Initialize only_validate_bcp_ field
564bb90359 : Do not enable host APEX explicitly for linux_bionic.
1da7726977 : dexoptanalyzer: Add --validate-bcp option
b6f885722a : runtime: update oat_file_assistant for on device signing
0a6e9e56f7 : [metrics] Move existing command line arguments to flags
8dcdd4735b : Handle Reference-type object in Field_get()
5de5efef38 : Remove pointer-size arguments from DexCache.
18af6447e5 : Move 50% of ART run-tests to test group `presubmit` in `TEST_MAPPING`.
9f9c0072e2 : Use Python's `json` to generate `TEST_MAPPING` in `regen-test-files`.
eb348cdca6 : Revamp script `test/utils/regen-test-files`.
f92065dee0 : Clean up unnecessary Perfetto dependencies.
88566950be : Use the checksum in the dex header for anynomous vdex files.
dbad1ef673 : Revert "[metrics] Add StatsdBackend"
3dba023d4f : Add a server-configurable flags API
381d35c1b0 : ARM: Adjust timeout for ARM FVP runs.
f5f7e12172 : Remove
d6e00a754b : libartbase: add utilities for on-device signing files
3d2b93e6ac : [metrics] Add StatsdBackend
d2efecc12c : Set updatable=false explicitly.
c194efe4a0 : Don't require the ART APEX explicitly.
a746c63b5e : Remove unsed artLookupResolvedMethod.
6df4511a2c : Use vdex assignability types at runtime.
354fbd7e8d : Disable ART run-test `053-wait-some` with debug-gc and interp-ac.
243895cffb : Make the build docs briefly cover the Google signed APEX as well.
cdbc5a93ab : Add README file with basic instructions for building the art module.
f94fb41f29 : Arm FVP README: Adjust info on FVP build.
284e8b053d : Enable art MTS tests to generate android-mts-art as well as be included in android-mts.
2558abeb7a : ARM64: Adjust SIMD checker tests for SVE.
60e2974562 : dexoptanalyzer: add header library for dexoptanalyzer headers
5b59953f35 : art: add odrefresh output path to linker.config.json
2b945726a5 : runtime: add image to gLogVerbosity template
662cee96ac : libnativebridge: mount /system/etc/cpuinfo.<isa>.txt as /proc/cpuinfo
d4ff5bb50e : Remove dalvik-pruning APIs
271662c2de : [metrics] Avoid string copy
f6eb16b1bc : Mark cc_test as not gtest since they are not gtest
18ab13b5c0 : Mark cc_test as not gtest since they are not gtest
61c48728da : Re-enable ART run-test `053-wait-some` in `` invocations.
2807839d99 : Add logcat message when @TestApi access is denied
745da80dbf : Add Math.multiplyHigh intrinsic
16f7f8e384 : Run libcore.highmemorytest under non-gcstress / non-debug environment
91cc0d3a44 : art-module-sdk: add libnativhelper_lazy
c4986f54da : libartpalette: add PaletteCreateOdrefreshStagingDirectory
01cc9101b6 : Quiet unneeded warning about jdwp
60117aeeff : Improve string splitting
c7ac91b21d : [metrics] Report some ART metadata
5c48df9895 : [verifier]: flag instruction that will throw at runtime
9ebc0660f4 : libartpalette: add #apex to methods
4d53d3eb4b : Move prebuilt update script to a location not in the sources.
1b3fb625b6 : Do not dump details of OOME for thread peer.
5bcecf0a13 : Convert `test/utils/regen-test-files` from Bash to Python.
6dc86d1412 : Put method pointer arrays together in images.
eae6a71219 : Avoid an unnecessary ComputeModifiedUtf8Hash().
1ee1267537 : Rewrite pointer array relocation in ImageWriter.
7302a74df6 : Re-init Locks and MemMap for each gtest
c5323fe55f : libartpalette: Use fixed width typedef rather than enum for status
b6dda5a1fa : [metrics] Report metrics at app startup completion
a0a20cdaba : Fix Reference.refersTo() intrinsic for heap poisoning.
433547446f : Cache hashes of virtual methods in j.l.Object.
f80445b3d2 : Sort tests in `test/utils/regen-test-files` in a deterministic order.
a554752707 : Regenerate ART test files.
55ab7e84c4 : ARM64: Support SVE VL other than 128-bit.
ac27ac0149 : Implement Reference.refersTo() intrinsic.
26bf47a600 : Use memfd_create_compat() in gtests.
b5a10be615 : ART/Perfetto Java Heap Profiler
bfd622abc2 : Initial commit of the test code for ART Service
befdad488b : Initial layout of ART Service files
43e27b1013 : Revert "Add test to expected failures."
8ba4de1a56 : ART: Implement predicated SIMD vectorization.
32bf6d39bc : Ignore corrupt vdex files from .dm
649beaaead : Fix ThreadStress check script to filter stderr.
f51d182c3d : Fix DDMS-JDWP race
3098e36d29 : Limit hidden api logcat logging.
37fd800e91 : Use mmap for compiled code for gtest.
9807115966 : Improve trace logging when loading odex files
d8b153b7c2 : Remove obsolete TestApiEnforcementPolicy.
b1cf83748c : Fix image bug around clinit and nterp.
0f0caf869a : Add test to expected failures.
32a630e1ae : ARM64: Add a README on how to run tests via FVP.
9ce38b510e : Experiment with ART Mainline Module Testing in Test Mapping.
de275aaeb7 : Revert "[metrics] Add histogram statistics for reporting"
480d98182e : [metrics] Move core metrics code to libartbase
10592e30a9 : Default jdwpOptions to suspend=n,server=y
d1728bfca6 : Add a kTypeChecksFailure.
36e4d1d398 : Remove HWASan tag from method entrypoint in tests.
daf1133c3d : Switch module building script to use TARGET_BUILD_APPS.
21ed6bc965 : Add art-boot-image to the ART apexes
35a37200c6 : Reland "Remove obsolete code in the verifier."
3a1ca40075 : [metrics] Add histogram statistics for reporting
e77141a9f2 : Add debug output for bug 177816575.
0fba186013 : Add ERROR log with JVMTI version explanation
60e0081a6b : Regenerate ART test files.
e22c7a8170 : Revert "Replace use of build-aml-prebuilts"
7572e76a36 : Revert "Remove obsolete code in the verifier."
42bee50518 : Clean up ClassLinker::LinkFields().
2b84cf8a1d : Don't use whole_static_libs in libnativeloader.
7d1a7f1c5b : Replace use of build-aml-prebuilts
f3f1c8b41e : Add comment to art_jni_trampoline.
a7c66e7e58 : Avoid potential null dereference
af2aabc47d : Add ART boot image
c7993d55b2 : Rewrite ClassLinker::LinkFields().
22538e4672 : Remove obsolete code in the verifier.
7203b2052c : Do not fill ImageWriter::oat_index_map_ for single image.
151e23a09c : Rewrite intern table construction in ImageWriter.
f6510e4c9d : Fix CardTable::Scan for short regions.
bd728b0743 : Add a ScopedTrace when updating code_item and entrypoint in image.
04ea42c39b : Add a new kind of verifier error with unresolved type checks.
ee7bfb2a29 : Don't stage removals in git when --skip-cls is used.
853367b85d : arm: Fix and improve JNI frame entry/exit.
c39af9409e : Add a nterp trampoline in the oat file, replaced at runtime.
3a73ffb701 : Revert^4 "Partial Load Store Elimination"
e585964df4 : When entering nterp, take a fast path for instance calls with 1 argument.
1bcd7cd823 : Revert "Add one OsTest to the expectes failures."
791df7a161 : Revert "Revert^2 "Partial Load Store Elimination""
805769bb38 : Remove unused flag is_zygote flag from ImageSpace.
47d89dde45 : Add one OsTest to the expectes failures.
fc1ce4e8be : Revert^2 "Partial Load Store Elimination"
c6da1be580 : Enable LSE of shadow$_monitor_ field
b171bc4b11 : Change offsets in LSE_test to be outside of Object
ef01e763eb : Guard clock_gettime
7968cae11a : arm: Implement VarHandle intrinsics for byte array views.
47ac531003 : Revert "Partial Load Store Elimination"
cc1401284b : Enable art MTS tests to generate android-mts-art as well as be included in android-mts.
51d771db35 : Update test expectations for new core-oj API
35786c435a : Fix moving GC bugs introduced in latest nterp change.
0b986f73e0 : Revert^4 "[metrics] Add background reporting thread"
b8686ce4c9 : Partial Load Store Elimination
6250480495 : Extend to be able to control products and modules.
d5a8695394 : Reland "Improve invokeinterface for nterp."
2fb37411e4 : Fix moving GC bugs introduced in latest nterp change.
2c2724cb36 : Disable the public SDK Checker during exception throwing
350c2ff41f : Add java_boot_libs to art.module.sdk
6d951ca478 : Use correct modifiers on LDR instructions.
e3c1ede680 : Allow reserved_ memmap to be invalid for heap test
c6e4578e54 : Fix 053-wait-some time bounds
04c73cc180 : Regenerate ART test files.
a0729bae01 : Remove special casing of tzdata files for target golem builds.
808c556b1f : Reland "Refactor code in mterp and nterp to handle all cases of missing class.""
caac87ab74 : Use the prebuilts tzdata apex when building ART.
4c796aad94 : Rewrite class table construction in ImageWriter.
dd732cc38f : Add an overload of ExecAndReturnCode taking a timeout
c762c01eba : Added extra safety in veridex
da2b15e0d0 : Revert "Refactor code in mterp and nterp to handle all cases of missing class."
748e9564c5 : Revert "Refactor code in mterp and nterp to handle all cases of missing class."
09e2337f8a : Avoid passing around LSE Phase
f5a84cb8a9 : Rename Value::Unknown to Value::PureUnknown
1e414eb83c : Make MaterializeLoopPhis more explicit
deef200ec3 : Fix minor formatting issue
fa81f71b27 : Remove the ability to load the boot image from dalvik cache
7eb5a95d96 : Added extra safety in veridex
1060838894 : Revert "Revert^2 "[metrics] Add background reporting thread""
fa3923d432 : Revert "Improve invokeinterface for nterp."
f1d06474ba : Revert "Improve invokeinterface for nterp."
4c176b9de6 : Revert^2 "[metrics] Add background reporting thread"
5bb354fa44 : Revert^4 "[metrics] Add file output support"
ec389671c6 : Implement Reference.refersTo() in UnstartedRuntime.
365f94f828 : Minor updates to fd_file.h
923141b0fa : Add dex2oat validity check for output file open
3f2980f1b0 : Refactor code in mterp and nterp to handle all cases of missing class.
c26c640db1 : Minor formatting fixes in handle_scope-inl.h
1a0e292b9b : Revert^2 "Add disable/get/set_hidden_api_enforcement_policy extensions"
f8567b535d : Revert "Revert^2 "[metrics] Add file output support""
0ddba9a423 : Support null-filled HandleScopes without mutator_lock_
b52515830d : lld is the only choice, and has been for a while.
8ef84f233a : Revert^2 "[metrics] Add file output support"
46d6fc0e16 : Revert "Add disable/get/set_hidden_api_enforcement_policy extensions"
a3a828d637 : Fix to not copy pseudo-random module variants to
c0d392be91 : Improve invokeinterface for nterp.
c38d94449a : Add disable/get/set_hidden_api_enforcement_policy extensions
8388148351 : Rewrite method matching in UnstartedRuntime.
7d4a71ee0e : Don't wrap exception when transaction is aborted
72d3195772 : Fix error message logging in `art::gc::space::ImageSpace::LoadBootImage`.
dc281e776c : Add operator<< for HGraph and HInstructions.
da946fc92b : Add `MainlineTestModuleController` support to ART run-tests and gtests.
47213e4e37 : Small cleanups in artInvokeInterfaceTrampoline
98873affc2 : arm64: Implement VarHandle intrinsics for byte array views.
771708f3f0 : Avoid growing boot class path for --single-image compiled images
c3c4417c53 : Refactor code around the verifier.
4ebb99c2ec : Fully honor the "WithChecks" in the alloc entrypoints.
755b533082 : Add newStringFromUtf8Bytes native implementation.
aa027b80a4 : Fix Entry in CheckVTableHasNoDuplicates().
54ed0150a4 : Handle VERIFY_ERROR_INSTANTIATION in compiler and nterp.
a714dd3f13 : Fix expected results for clang-r407598 update.
bd570591ea : Handle missing methods in compiler and nterp.
bde70600e1 : Added a profile bisection tool
4fa48357a1 : Misc tools improvements
c9fcfd02a6 : Optimizing: Add debugging output for HInstruction.
782fb71612 : Use HashMap<> and HashSet<> in ClassLinker.
5bcdd17a43 : Remove unused VERIFY_ERROR_NO_FIELD.
cb5f97df7f : Use ResolveFieldJLS in compiler.
f6b9e40be3 : Add constexpr annotations to LSEVisitor member functions.
6e6f1b2ffb : Do not open dex files in CLC if we only need to get dexopt status
8de1fc3a75 : Switch to sigset64_t.
b677affde6 : Support VERIFY_ERROR_CLASS_CHANGE in nterp and compiler.
ef28d24d76 : Avoid PhiPlaceholder pointers
1332a5702e : Add a workaround for null klass during marking phase
eeaf8bd989 : Fix java heap exhaustion in 159-app-image-fields test
26de89604f : Use HashMap<> and HashSet<> in dex2oat.
cea158fa67 : Fix logging image spaces.
b663915746 : Add more logging to region-space for OOME
ce2e0957f0 : Revert "[metrics] Add file output support"
fff1d8f9f3 : Fix incorrect image pointer size for unstarted runtime
51a9283984 : [metrics] Add file output support
20cadbf2a2 : Change default to build with ART Module prebuilts rather than sources.
50bbbf1ae5 : arm/nterp: Refactor {i,s}{get,put} operations.
4bf753dc70 : Add two flags to customize JIT zygote.
232efef0c8 : Make Class.getPackageName public.
5ff2393e1f : Remove stripped-apk related logic from CLC
99459f3bdd : Drop APEXes directly in the root of the ArtPrebuilt git project.
6d32723f7f : arm: Implement VarHandle intrinsics for arrays.
479cbad17b : arm64: Implement VarHandle intrinsics for arrays.
1480f09037 : Move NotifyStartDex2oatCompilation earlier.
5e82b184ef : Make it a verification error to misuse FastNative and CriticalNative.
73366109ee : Revert "[metrics] Add background reporting thread"
cf097a7dba : Move art/tools/libjavac to tools/platform-compat
80f8973cb1 : Make it a verification error to misuse FastNative and CriticalNative.
77f7eb9d05 : [metrics] Add background reporting thread
3ac2f5a25e : Make RTP::Visit robust against input order
0b8b5a731f : Move art/tools/class2nonsdklist to tools/platform-compat
0615dd9138 : arm: Better document memory barriers for Unsafe/VarHandle.
d259ffb453 : Disable VMRuntime_preloadDexCaches
955f40f336 : arm64/nterp: Refactor {i,s}{get,put} operations.
10bb9c5cff : Use a Soong config variable to toggle between ART Module source and prebuilts.
a84cd9e0ed : Fix small bug in
046cecfed5 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
4462b11094 : Add logging if klass pointer found to be null.
2610dfeeaf : Enable LSE of shadow-klass field
e9fb153818 : Guard profile_cache_ with profile lock
21f9a37d36 : Make CompatFramework::ReportChange thread safe
ce36b5f924 : Keep a copy of the zip archive to report to Palette.
1f947b4dd1 : Exclude zygote methods from FreeAllMethodHeaders DCHECK
17491ac89f : JNI: Faster jobject decoding by avoiding checks.
45aa2affa5 : Make active_concurrent_copying_collector_ atomic
33787687f5 : SDK-stub controlled dex2oat verification
858cfd81c4 : Move dex2oat invocation to common header
4b56bb8ce2 : Add SafetyNet logging to JNI::NewStringUTF.
8c66531772 : Validate input of JNI::NewStringUTF().
6444277041 : Add SafetyNet logging to JNI::NewStringUTF.
1358c9faa9 : Validate input of JNI::NewStringUTF().
69fc841b84 : Add SafetyNet logging to JNI::NewStringUTF.
ed4b3e0958 : Add SafetyNet logging to JNI::NewStringUTF.
d0b9403492 : Validate input of JNI::NewStringUTF().
10c45e2977 : Add SafetyNet logging to JNI::NewStringUTF.
3a284f8a75 : Do not strip art libraries on host (as before)
a1cc540761 : Revert^2 "Add MessageQueue for cross-thread communication"
15489fb20f : Update 2232-write-metrics-to-log entry in knownfailures.json
df38537c2f : Add dex_instruction_list.h to libart_mterp.armng genrule tools
c7edde06dc : Revert "Add MessageQueue for cross-thread communication"
a3148d24c2 : Migrate comment to new proto_logging directory
e4f2215df6 : [metrics] Move metrics code to runtime
86d6cd5338 : Remove DexCache arrays from image.
af17e5f333 : [jitzygote] Handle native methods when remapping boot image.
ecd94cf3df : run-test-jar: replace tempfile with mktemp
d1e80d2e8d : Append system providing libraries from buildbot_build
08e8c6f4b1 : Silence tempfile warning in run-test-etc.
8331963d62 : Remove duplicated test in LSA tests
c8178f5eb0 : arm64: Clean up VarHandle intrinsics implementation.
e8cdb0bb53 : [arm nterp] Fix stack offset when calling range String.<init>.
73556f3fcb : Regenerate ART test Blueprint files.
720d71f080 : Disable 2232-write-metrics-to-log on target
9d6864f589 : Add early documentation for ART Testing support in Atest and TradeFed.
526569ac1e : arm: Implement VarHandle GetAndUpdate intrinsics.
402361beea : Minor fixes to the update script.
210a78d9ec : Ensure ClearLoopInformation doesn't require particular ordering
59d4b53e70 : [metrics] Add -Xwrite-metrics-to-log option
de60ef3f91 : Add MessageQueue for cross-thread communication
df105da771 : Add script to do a drop of the ART module prebuilts.
3d350a8ab8 : arm: Implement VarHandle CAS intrinsics.
2ecdbc4553 : Don't run 175-alloc-big-bignums for prebuild config
01ee0f9e9b : nterp: only do string.<init> check on invokedirect.
74f1b07cb4 : Use tracing session ID received via signal.
dd406c3da6 : Add an arm32 port of nterp.
7dd48b90bd : Validate input of JNI::NewStringUTF().
d6bd107ed8 : Fix invokeinterface sharpened with kRuntimeCall.
f6332e8b09 : Drop host bionic from prebuilts.
31d21c71b9 : Unregister profiling signal handler in children.
3eb493f810 : Do a null check on the OatQuickMethodHeader.
29ce843961 : Use ANDROID_HOST_OUT in script.
d6363c113c : Update to generate system's linker.config.pb
fbdda07e7b : Remove TODOs that won't be addressed.
f7fcb98ab4 : Check if app has ALLOW_TEST_API_ACCESS change id
23c926d12f : Do not create symbols for [DEDUPED] methods.
6af553d1f4 : Fix another typo in nterp.
9705c5dc5a : Add another invoke-range test for String.<init>.
2324775a45 : Fix "VNDK version 28 not found" error when TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED isn't set.
538c7ded62 : Use the non-debug apex for userdebug builds
037d282cd1 : Add compat framework logging to ART
6e71c66b35 : Use the non-debug apex for userdebug builds
067a39be64 : Use the non-debug apex for userdebug builds
21000ae6fe : Add "lo-prio" tag.
ac3fcff3ad : arm: Implement VarHandle.get/set intrinsics.
b1cbfc7419 : Add script to build the ART Module prebuilts.
7430d79487 : Validate input of JNI::NewStringUTF().
a4731bd727 : Dexoptanalyzer: expose return codes
86fe9b85c5 : Revert^4 "Partial LSE analysis & store removal"
cc9df4fa1e : Extend ART sdk with prebuilts needed to build the platform
a5c1a82dc0 : Implement Reference.refersTo()
dc75b3f0d2 : Fix braino when adjusting alignment.
7b55065f9f : Add dex_instruction_list.h to mterp genrule tools
c2d5c707a2 : arm64: Implement VarHandle GetAndBitwiseOp intrinsics.
cfc6e9d552 : Switch to the new kernel API for obtaining fault address tag bits.
07b62e3d08 : Change vdex format to easily access verification data per class.
a07de551da : Revert^2 "ART: Fix breaking changes from recent VIXL update."
4483d2a4ed : Fix typo in nterp.
52e1b92ca3 : Move timezone-host to the i18n-module.
e1510d4b8a : arm64: Implement VarHandle GetAndAdd intrinsics.
436977d92a : arm64: VarHandle intrinsics improvements.
cc5629c148 : Clarify allocation entry point semantics
2316b3a077 : Revert^3 "Partial LSE analysis & store removal"
aeb7f9f8fe : Few cleanups in nterp.
b6837f0350 : Revert^2 "Partial LSE analysis & store removal"
32c2eb8132 : arm64: Implement VarHandle GetAndSet intrinsics.
b209a043a0 : profman: Change the default new min methods/classes percent change for compilation to 20%.
7c61880303 : profman: Move min new classes and methods limit to argument.
7c51d9d1b0 : Hide Value class constructor
689f7684cb : Hide Value class constructor
1ca19bca50 : Build Checker as python binary for Tradefed test suites
fe270426c8 : Revert "Partial LSE analysis & store removal"
e17530a19a : arm64: Fix VarHandle intrinsics for non-Baker read barrier.
bb6cda60e4 : Partial LSE analysis & store removal
02f1b03d3c : profman: Change the default new min methods/classes percent change for compilation to 20%.
670ff8854c : JIT: Only toggle write permissions in single view.
e0e1f56d5a : Disable test 160 for (jvmti|redefine)-stress.
eff9b011dd : Move VarHandle fences to unreachable intrinsics.
37f4945a45 : add --gcstress command line flag
3822f5bc32 : add timeout for host + debug + gcstress
4a2fc8a2ef : add timeout for heap poisoning + debug + device
dada83e04c : add --timeout command-line option
5464fc680a : Document the new behavior of ART run-tests' check step.
fc4f698dca : Print CC collector object addresses on failing assertion
1bff99f706 : arm64: Implement VarHandle CAS intrinsics.
b15e8797d2 : Verify ART run-tests' standard output and standard error separately.
79bf0b8e9c : Fix CTS failure on 988 due to hiddenapi
2b8d3c8060 : Avoid using hidden-api when running in CTS
8f2eb25ca4 : Remove NeedsDexCache logic from the compiler.
8411c5ddb8 : Record all type assignability checks in the verifier.
e7f659f029 : Remove old cruft on ART build rules and platform_tests.
6760f0d7c3 : profman: Move min new classes and methods limit to argument.
a07492010b : Add a rule to generate public API stubs in dex format.
6751e0f8c8 : Re-enable disabled gtests on eng-prod.
a073f46104 : Rename ART run-tests `expected.txt` files as `expected-stdout.txt`.
5a19854c68 : Move 25% of ART run-tests to test group `presubmit` in `TEST_MAPPING`.
94d2c81caa : Fix DCHECK()s in read barrier slow paths.
1960c42c5d : Change vdex format to store per-class assignable types.
85b125f4ac : Trace integer value for profilebootclasspath
01b65526c1 : Implement Reference.getReferent() intrinsic.
908759b00b : Nicer error formatting for invalid Checker regular expressions
694f0129e6 : Move hardcoded Soong apex_available lines for ART modules into ART blueprints.
b5ed330e83 : Fix missing //apex_available:platform on some libs.
39aa4be302 : Retain comments from linker.config.txt.
869808108a : reduce explicit GC chatter further
4b64f6c8c5 : dexdump: fix xml output for jars containing multiple .dex files
021cf233a4 : dexdump: remove non-API elements from xml output
16e7e57366 : Remove temporary filtering of ICU output on host
4f99524cff : Add unresolved types in verifier deps.
de91ca9038 : Refactor Integer.valueOf() intrinsic implementation.
9ca92fb464 : run-test: add --external-log-tags options
dd2e5eb113 : Add a rule to generate public API stubs in dex format.
eeaf47f7c9 : Revert "ART: Fix breaking changes from recent VIXL update."
1f3612f937 : Extend temporary filtering pattern for ICU issue
4955036617 : ART: Fix breaking changes from recent VIXL update.
036b0708c1 : Rename String.concat() implementation function.
8b2f7e6709 : Add description of building test dependencies to
943f68244a : Move 10% of ART run-tests to test group `presubmit` in `TEST_MAPPING`.
8aef685736 : Temporary host filtering of ICU initialization output
762954836e : Revert^2 "Improve mirror::String implementation."
f579b063b8 : Unified sampling PGO for art
61c71ef48e : [metrics] Dump ArtMetrics on SIGQUIT
1485d4affe : Override maxTargetSdk for @UnsupportedAppUsage
645083c294 : Revert^2 "Improve libcore_util_CharsetUtils performance."
3137681854 : Add support for new "removed" API flag.
6a5fdbd2a7 : Revert "Improve mirror::String implementation."
f25ba86da8 : Revert "Improve libcore_util_CharsetUtils performance."
15efe16175 : Revert "Improve mirror::String implementation."
31f5dd4088 : Revert "Improve libcore_util_CharsetUtils performance."
e3a6485fb0 : Disable $OUT/symbols/apex/ symlink
3e9abfc977 : Rename ART release APEX to
35b132e337 : Add trace to SampleClassesAndExecutedMethods
096bef8285 : [metrics] Refactor reporting
66474c2878 : Move tests using art_gtest_defaults to art-host-tests suite
4a128a1d33 : Reformat Checker according to recent Google styleguide
463d03e930 : Prevent art_cts_jvmti_test_library from depending on framework-res
0fa25e425f : Disable $OUT/symbols/apex/ symlink
d3e1e4bf28 : Add two more tests to expected gcstress/debug/host failures.
938a0670d5 : Remove the checkcast quickening optimization.
5b041c05d6 : Remove unassignable_types from vdex.
8bea400eec : Store classloader information in heap dumps.
e3920c6f67 : symlink_outputs: Add .KATI_SYMLINK_OUTPUTS for art_apex_symlink_timestamp
67c2c43896 : Rename ART release APEX to
8562f37f7b : Remove art_common from general-tests suite
9fde2db3d4 : Update host tests to point to a dedicated boot image directory.
f50975ab49 : Reland "Make 'quicken' an alias to 'verify'."
bd11057e44 : Update linkerconfig configuration format
eb9eb00868 : Faster @CriticalNative for boot image.
b3dfff75d9 : Improve libcore_util_CharsetUtils performance.
0bba8aa289 : Improve mirror::String implementation.
8f1bded1e5 : Move 5% of ART run-tests to the `presubmit` test group in `TEST_MAPPING`.
b3ab635ecf : Revert "Disable x86 FromCpuFeatures test"
6ebe40fce5 : Remove field/method/class resolution metadata in vdex.
c7db2350c1 : Remove -testdex variants of bootclasspath jars.
801f6a7b00 : Rename module.
d4220f1736 : Revert^2 "Port Checker to python 3"
4258f9e2f1 : Only tag supported ART run-tests as part of `art-target-run-test`.
4b9f86bd04 : Cyclic-includes should be avoided
3086417662 : Fix incorrect escape in Checker assertion in test 660-checker-simd-sad.
1a8d83b69d : Check existing_it in UpdateClass
5c5ed3025f : Move a few ART run-tests to the `presubmit` test group in `TEST_MAPPING`.
11e6fead40 : Introduce a ensureJitBaselineCompiled for tests.
6667eef330 : Add test-suite-tag for run-tests.
4bb0900168 : [metrics] Implement JitMethodCompileTime histogram
ae7168e19f : Remove unused image space order argument
5e8e5161e5 : Fix path for app image in script.
bd489c8778 : Use implementation from prebuilts/ for chroot testing.
6732b80570 : Remove the ability to generate an image in
bfe8fc8076 : Restore cfg file printing in Checker as an option
7e9fc9d6d1 : Revert "Make 'quicken' an alias to 'verify'."
384dae4c7e : Support access checks in mterp.
4d23e51e67 : Disable some libcore ssl tests until pre-builts updated.
f86e144a92 : Remove base pointer from object references.
eeff8fc458 : Support access checks in nterp.
fd06107070 : Remove unused code from dalvik.system.VMDebug.
2e299f4d0e : Handle nterp when precompiling with JIT zygote.
4f0e8daf7e : Make 'quicken' an alias to 'verify'.
a79872b016 : [metrics] Add metrics to Runtime, implement ClassVerificationTotalTime
1cd030f76e : [metrics] Add timer conveniences
c4adf54117 : [metrics] Make metrics atomic
d02435d009 : [metrics] Define Histogram
2734999f93 : Fallback to using ANDROID_HOST_OUT env-var in gtests
5409408a41 : Revert "Port Checker to python 3"
961f2954c1 : Port Checker to python 3
8d34a182fe : Change interface conflict stub to take the interface method.
8ecbc4e844 : Fix compiler crash in BCE.
cbbc8df226 : Drop the cc_defaults module for libdexfile_external_static users.
f1a2c0e93f : [metrics] Define Counter and related data structures
0713ca0525 : Disable x86 FromCpuFeatures test
9c1c042dd6 : Fix missing in
71f7affff6 : Use prebuilt_visibility property on sdk/module_exports
4904d5d65d : Optimize JNI:GetStringRegion() for compressed strings.
463255b4f1 : Temporarily exclude Checker tests from ART test mapping.
8d9c6048ca : Add test for thread-attach naming behavior
8b247625f5 : Use the new provided in the NDK
e177bf1d28 : Move String::GetUtfLength() to string-inl.h.
5cdd368de2 : Revert "Add getNativeTid function"
2d98dc23d6 : arm64: VarHandle.{get,set}{Opaque,Acquire,Volatile}.
cd8ffcbca3 : Update ahat version number to 1.7.1
9e85eeb6f8 : Link all internal libraries statically into oatdump(d) on host.
01aaf0f0fd : Fix fake output from C header test to pass Tradefed scrutiny.
7f8a7f29f0 : Remove unused CorePlatformAPI methods.
cb4fab133d : Use NotifyDatasourceStopped for perfetto_hprof.
baade40270 : arm: Fix LoadClass/BssEntry{Public,Package}
8f63f1084b : Faster access to unresolved classes from compiled code.
7aa2bfc095 : Make the fakebins executable to please new symlink target check.
1e20e51b94 : Build system support for Checker tests in Tradefed
407468761d : Link libart-disassembler statically into static libart-compiler.
9636062c4d : Integrate cpu_features external library
e2a9bb7175 : Augment search path for tradefed host gtests.
e0f09bb2e2 : Reland "JNI: Do not inhibit GC in GetStringCritical for compressed string."
d0d73c69bf : Switch-interpreter: Add trivial helpers.
d5e776c070 : Add liblz4 and liblzma to the list of needed libs for gtests.
1de6f018f6 : Another fix for the resolution trampoline and invokesuper.
199f2ecd9e : Add missing art_(debug_)defaults to dex2oat host static libs.
1d34c08cf0 : Update for libunwindstack changes.
891cb88976 : Add mutator collector coordination documentation
270e10a812 : Improve codegen for referrer's class...
1938b35c92 : Link all internal libraries statically into hiddenapi(d).
35f765b9c6 : Link all internal libraries statically into dex2oat(d) on host.
a28438ab47 : Disable the -d vs non-d libartbase dlopen check when it's static.
2f47a3110a : Integer.divideUnsigned() intrinsic on ARM.
e470ff7e4e : Add art_common to art-host-tests suite
0d20878372 : Add liblz4 to the list of needed libs for gtests.
68e5db56da : Convert libdexfile_support_static to *_static_defaults modules.
b2568693d7 : JNI: Do not inhibit GC in GetStringCritical for compressed string.
423aefc4be : Add ART gtests to the Mainline Test Suite (MTS).
4075edd5ac : Allow to exclude objects from heap graph.
a3bd4ec050 : Introduce Long.divideUnsigned() intrinsic on ARM64.
b0f405e148 : Move the resolved_method_reference to HInvoke.
5ba6699828 : Refactor Escape-analysis to use visitors
6076b6959a : Add ability to override gtest LOG_TAGS
a48f6f1d64 : Replace inlined string allocations to loop in 096-array-copy-concurrent
d9a7d0abcb : Revert "Move ART run-tests to the `presubmit` test group in `TEST_MAPPING`."
ea41159dbd : Add ART gtests to the Mainline Test Suite (MTS).
370948e9b9 : X86: Implement VarHandle.compareAndExchange
c616530e72 : Add missing for Golem builds.
8942b3a769 : Integer.divideUnsigned() intrinsic on ARM64.
0571d479f5 : LSE: Better elimination of array stores.
5437e6fa3c : Add tests for accessing referrer's class.
59a122afb0 : Rename some classes in test 727.
25b9c7da44 : Don't store copied methods in BSS.
6d69b52f33 : Move MethodLoadKind out of HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
e407d97b0f : Reattach some comments to what they apply to.
e1d2dce0cd : Add support for compact dex files in nterp.
9dfb1a9d64 : X86: Implement VarHandle.getAndSet, getAndSetAcquire, getAndSetRelease
c372314fe4 : Fix missing on device.
331c8e371f : Fix expected results for clang-r399163 update.
49cde24014 : X86: Add VarHandle.getAndAddAcquire and getAndAddRelease
d0f71f26f0 : X86: Add the other get VarHandles (getVolatile, getAcquire, getOpaque)
fdb81da692 : Dedupe some code in
bffd32f40c : Dedupe some code in
6edcc087ac : X86: Implement VarHandle.getAndBitwise<Operation> intrinsics
71b26b2b5d : X86: Ensure atomicity for VarHandle.setRelease and setOpaque
2eb1f8337b : Link liblz4 and liblzma dynamically again.
3c7bd3c783 : Fix issue where moving BitVector could cause free(nullptr)
46c2a23dbb : Don't assume allocators clear memory
b76cb89736 : Fix incorrect inheritance declaration in IndexIterator
d6ea38b1c5 : Fix a clang-tidy warning in VisitVarHandleGetAndAdd()
c679fe3915 : ARM: Optimize div/rem when dividend is compared with a non-negative
952c0904d4 : Don't print the whole input file in case of Checker failure
74850a81e7 : Remove redundant from manifest.json
8b8d93d16c : Use kTieredHotnessMask in arm32 and x86 baseline backends.
eb2c9dd526 : X86: Implement VarHandle.getAndAdd intrinsic
f61e0617b8 : Add test module for running gtests in chroot.
1d4f009209 : Call dex2oat and runtime hooks when creating / loading oat/dex files.
fb9b09d50c : Downgrade "multiple public alternatives" to a warning.
455e5c2eef : Move ART run-tests to the `presubmit` test group in `TEST_MAPPING`.
cde9819347 : X86: Add the other set VarHandles (setVolatile, setRelease, setOpaque)
9dec90a069 : Fix LSE-array overlap issue
77cba3cc75 : Add andw for memory to x86 assembler.
52d2c0c3af : X86: Add the other variants of VarHandle.compareAndSet
afad9f95c5 : X86: Optimize GenCAS
07927bf613 : Remove dangling symlinks to clang-format config.
c992e42601 : X86: Clarify HandleFieldSet constant volatile Float64 case
ff6d5fa6ad : X86: Fix GenCAS DCHECK(kUseBakerReadBarrier) misplacement
2fe9dbdc9b : Move ART gtests to the `presubmit` test group in `TEST_MAPPING`.
f1308e4097 : Drop from the files checked for host apex
5565029105 : Improve logging for missed fields
e82dee02b2 : Adjust `regen-test-files` to match the current `TEST_MAPPING` output.
6a99ae6cce : Switch-interpreter: Inline several trivial methods.
00381bf2b8 : Add ART run-tests to the Mainline Test Suite (MTS).
8d8380a2fa : X86: Refactor UnsafeCAS and VarHandle.compareAndSet intrinsics.
871ef0d9d6 : Fix clang-tidy error.
3d9c0d9d8b : Prevent IndirectReferenceTable from being outside of kPageAlignment
a7248f1032 : Remove root target preparer from ART run-tests configuration template.
009568fc43 : X86: Add tests for cmpxchgw and cmpxchgb
19a73a2222 : Fix clang-tidy error.
ea2dfb903f : Refresh test data with `method_idx` additional data.
e00e7d230a : arm64: Fix VarHandle intrinsics for heap poisoning.
1fef877c66 : Handle more cases of super calls in the compiler.
a41ea2708d : arm64: VarHandle.get/set intrinsic for fields.
1e2d5679e5 : Add a new public library
56e92ec589 : Mark ART linker config as not installable
630e447bc8 : Add a tool for transforming method names to descriptors
812746293e : X86: Add test for movw
b0bf9e2199 : Fix test to search for a populated StackMap.
5e13d453ac : X86: Implement VarHandle.compareAndSet() for fields.
8376a6543b : Add one test for VarHandle.compareAndSet().
1f5a6d8ad0 : Flip builders to use builder_group property instead of mastername.
306188923b : Avoid potential null dereference
12891f9756 : Switch-interpreter: Small refactoring.
6b0b2e711f : Rename the expected-output text file in built TradeFed ART run-tests.
6f0c8b976a : Switch-interpreter: Rename fields to match ART conventions.
1263402b99 : clean up statsd public libraries
cd616d0fa2 : libnativeloader: clean-up hard-coded public libs
d78be00e7b : Add a test-art-host-gtest-dependencies target
e6c0f2a75b : Pass a full MethodReference of the invoke in HInvoke nodes.
63c0c2d9da : X86: Fix bug in GenerateVarHandleAccessModeCheck
5c2914dd61 : Add extra linker configuration in APEX module
7914e8946f : Create apex/apex-info-list.xml for linkerconfig to read.
b839c49e52 : Use the resolved method of an invoke super when updating BSS.
43d57558ba : Do not build intrinsic graph for signature polymorphic methods.
b309240781 : Fix libnativeloader unit tests being skipped.
fa37ba22d1 : Fix problem with unexpanded glob when apex/ is missing.
fbc9a51d6b : Clean up symbol symlinks for
73c3180e63 : X86: Implement VarHandle.set() for fields.
f96ef4d425 : Make a sh_binary
bc64474d7b : Disable test also failing on poison builds.
b3732f82f9 : Add a test to 536-checker-needs-access-check.
4717175e40 : Move code item to the data pointer and remove code_item_offset.
1faacf59b9 : Support running art gtests out-of-tree
93deebfd2a : Add a simple profiling agent.
267832d6bb : Experimental script for compiling after a module update
81daf3dd28 : Rename ArtMethod::IsPolymorphicSignature
8feddbc07b : Improve disasembly of BL to thread entrypoint trampoline.
d111cd2279 : Expose VarHandle::AccessModeTemplate and helpers for compiler
b78bfeea45 : Ensure GetStringUTFRegion is null-terminated
0d47a82b11 : Use help-text generator for dex2oat
6624d58c11 : Fix bug in StackVisitor::GetVReg.
f9dbb97a16 : Adjust JIT thread priority post-fork.
0875b0ad98 : X86: Extend VarHandle.get() to work with instance fields.
799ac1ac7c : Add ziptool to zipapex for zip file validation from cloud server.
dd3b57fc49 : Remove dead code
f1e1dd135c : Enable -Wconversion for
ca8343842f : Avoid NanoSleep overflow
49a19f38c3 : X86: Replace VarHandle.get() return type check with CheckCast node
0280e5d21e : Optimizing: Improve generated code for HLoadClass...
4100e5e2eb : Optimizing: Improve generated code for field access...
4313ccb65b : Introduce a kTieredHotnessMask.
2ff0cb1d29 : Refine VarHandle::GetMethodTypeMatchForAccessMode()
b9845a5ba7 : Use explicit secondary class loader context in test 727.
0c9a217ba6 : Always create IMT conflict tables when generating an image.
2ea4cc76a1 : 712-varhandle-invocation bogons
c3617cda17 : VarHandle tests for interfaces
3d52363c57 : Change detection of counter overflow in nterp x64.
9e5ad47aea : Add andw to x64 assembler.
a78906e9d7 : Introduce compilation / loading hooks to the PaletteHooks interface.
aa3588350b : Revert^2 "X86: VarHandle.get() for reference type static fields."
9e3fe99cba : LSE: Index load substitutes by load ids.
cbeedc8a02 : LSE: Fix tracking stores for merged default values.
2cee2131f1 : Remove dex2oat_headers library.
f50ee05c4b : replace "whitelist" with "sdk" in
6a6cca588d : Revert "X86: VarHandle.get() for reference type static fields."
a18ed1bcdb : X86: VarHandle.get() for reference type static fields.
77773ac28e : Disable test that got slower after ICU code changed location.
c76f55398b : Remove another duplicate check in `build/apex/`.
2877e1b8f6 : Remove libartimagevalues.
0e4d58d426 : Remove duplicate check in `build/apex/`.
cfd65805a5 : Optimizing: Fix weak method access check.
095dc4611b : Move the profiling info out of ArtMethod.
ed29dcee8b : ARM64: Fix LSE SIMD test.
0a706b9f88 : Remove expected failures along with the code removed
3934fe85db : Consider `libdt_fd_forward` as an ART internal library in ``.
3224f38567 : Improved LSE: Replacing loads with Phis.
3e8caebc5f : profman: inclusive language updates
33701432b2 : Avoid tv_sec overflows in Park()
a553226c2f : Suppress test 1931 flakes caused by spurious wakeups
7aee63e49d : Suppress test 1932 flakes caused by spurious wakeups
b51e36c925 : Re-enable
7a4e9bc7fb : Revert "Add gcstress tests failing on host since ICU refactoring"
9a2ba0e2ac : Clear DexCache MethodTypes and CallSites in ImageWriter.
7f91ae239e : Revert "Disable test 727 on target."
34807565e6 : Disable test 727 on target.
0f3d7acf40 : ART: Add HasNonNegativeInputAt and HasNonNegativeOrMinIntInputAt
50fe6dc170 : Optimizing: Fix weak field access check.
2ea5d0408f : Avoid non-debug BigInteger test failures
03a83cb071 : Move to do/while loop to ensure optimized compilation.
4a525a0302 : Do not repeat field names in all instances.
316f129a0d : Remove workaround for arm subdirectories.
a982cd60d0 : Fix transaction_test after libcore changes.
676a163f19 : Disable slow BigInteger gcstress tests
d3457da427 : Rename class2greylist
402c7ddd61 : Fix golem runs.
2b2a7505df : Make heap exhaustion robust in app-image-methods test
87d6987b89 : Disable 175-alloc-big-bignums for debuggable
3a97d308da : Rename classes in art hiddenapi tests
02db072528 : Rename api lists
b53d3b6aa4 : Disable 175-alloc-big-bignums in more configs
1ca6f32dd2 : Revert^2 "Revert^2 "X86: VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for static primitive fields.""
02fd071c03 : Restrict 175-alloc-big-bignums to compiled builds
0e5e1772fb : Revert "Revert^2 "X86: VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for static primitive fields.""
c3c7dff878 : Depend on the linkerconfig binary in
ed0acfdaff : Revert^2 "X86: VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for static primitive fields."
04bc725e1e : Reset LOCAL_PATH so that `mma` can work properly
169dfb4743 : Revert^2 "art: Remove dependencies on platform unavailable modules"
e492f7ed14 : Revert^2 "art: Disable host module on darwin"
e74df4c3f2 : Revert "X86: VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for static primitive fields."
fc12a6cb41 : Rename ApiList::Value enums
0f5784886f : Disable test on 'trace' as needing JIT.
d3e9c62976 : ARM: Allow FP args in core regs for @CriticalNative.
60ef3997cb : Reland "Cleanups around the creation of ProfilingInfo."
d9af38a3b7 : X86: VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for static primitive fields.
bf78fb558f : ARM64: Fix VarHandle.Get() intrinsic static field check.
2c71e26d4f : Make 566-polymorphic-inlining more robust.
a996425197 : Revert "Cleanups around the creation of ProfilingInfo."
193b696b1c : Fix ahat tests
c631a24787 : Update to support prebuilts libartpalette-system.
20cdf4f8c2 : Revert "art: Disable host module on darwin"
c4cd59b1f1 : Revert "art: Remove dependencies on platform unavailable modules"
0fa304ee0f : Cleanups around the creation of ProfilingInfo.
84eb3c927c : art: Remove dependencies on platform unavailable modules
47f9c9fdd0 : art: Disable host module on darwin
2a530564d3 : Check void pointer instead of uint8_t
b96d6f3846 : Remove tiered jit option.
3d22dbb670 : Create an empty hooks data structure in palette.
9c7b4f1f50 : Remove obsolete saved_entry_point field in ProfilingInfo.
55cc5868ec : ARM64: Fix VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for heap poisoning.
8a8e1c5b4c : Increase region space statistics about allocSize of Heap
39e99da15c : Fix 566-polymorphic-inlining to support tiered JIT.
232db5e6df : Rename linker greylist to exempt-list
85438f2ddf : Remove `create_stubs: false` from droiddoc
7c9201aca9 : Log super class in HeapGraphType.
79db646837 : ARM64: VarHandle.Get() intrinsic for static primitive fields.
ebb726d186 : Temporarily disable test that needs to be rewritten for tiered JIT.
7992467de2 : Rename meta-reflection changeid
e3e187f29f : Check if VarHandle access mode is supported.
1a277a6e5d : Move mterp and switch interpreter to tiered JIT.
89992b8bbd : Report object size of classes.
faf5f3fed7 : Fix stack unwinding for nterp on arm64.
60d4abc813 : Reland^2 "Cover more cases in nterp."
ab7eccef71 : Disable support for proxy method in nterp.
1525960736 : Upper-case the i18n host data path for consistency.
f81d06cd74 : Fix missing return in non-void TransformArrayRef::end
b2f2a49fca : Update OWNERS files
e52be923e5 : Add missing stable core platform targets to ART sdk
5ece8ff11f : Add i18n as dependency of host run tests.
5439f051a9 : Revert^3 "VIXL simulator for ART (Stage1)"
483bf78ae6 : [cr-buildbucket.cfg] Remove defunct luci_migrator_host entry.
26ab270882 : A few more inclusive language updates based on newer wordlist
5880c77e91 : Inclusive language updates to
d5bcc7288a : More inclusive language updates
43d7c65d8f : Match debuggerd timestamps in SIGQUIT dumps.
2d45520351 : A few more inclusive language updates
4db5ea400d : Inclusive language fixes in DexFuzz.
330d7ae3c8 : Inclusive language fixes in ART's heap dump (`hprof`) feature.
6aaa49dd4a : Inclusive language fixes
72e27b0b29 : Remove deprecated debug_suspend_count TLS value
a462fa67f8 : Replace debug_suspend_count with user_code_suspend_count in log
b9e3480227 : Use uniform spelling for "placeholder" in AHAT.
c260ba896d : Remove unused class member `art::OatFileAssistant::flock_`.
d73869aaa7 : Switch to metalava for ahat docs
cbd3799f1e : Inclusive language fixes in AHAT.
587a7b21fc : Narrow for libart*
2446feb609 : Dump ISA into .cfg
2091019e6c : Update invoke-type in HInvokePolymorphic
098faa8291 : Update ResolveMethod argument for invoke-polymorphic
3c359ee6c4 : ARM64: Enable SDOT/UDOT instructions emission.
346fd964a8 : More inclusive language in the runtime
d3ee902ed0 : More inclusive language in the build system.
3c98d6989b : Inclusive language fixes in ART's garbage collector.
6395908ae4 : Inclusive language fixes in ART run-tests.
433e49fb16 : Make symlink creation in `tools/` more robust.
4ee567fb51 : Inclusive language fixes in `` script.
b931b8c25c : Add clarification for HInvokePolymorphic constructor parameter
853fc2ea8c : runtime/jit: inclusive language fixes
b8552725fd : runtime/interpreter: inclusive language fixes
050d17faca : Update language to comply with Android’s inclusive language guidance
b5a0e91e38 : Suppress explicit gc logging in libcore tests
0740eeb24d : runtime/jni: inclusive language fixes
d1ccdfaa91 : libnativebridge: updates for Android's inclusive language guidance
d1fab543ea : A couple of updates for Android's inclusive language guidance
8ebd86ea2e : Replace "dummy" in libartbase/, libdexfile/, compiler/.
07f7890621 : Replace "dummy" with "placeholder" for MemMaps.
c92e7032d2 : ART: Add ART_TEST_DONT_REBOOT_DEVICE flag.
556ace1620 : Reduce 'The ClassLoaderContext is a special shared library.' spam
2731eb474f : More inclusive language fixes
14464670d7 : Update language to comply with Android’s inclusive language guidance
65d6a5b186 : Remove obsolete "doThrow" pattern from some tests.
3af147c27a : Add CleanSpec for libart*
14626a7c40 : libnativeloader understands uses-native-library tag
a0130e8d28 : Prepare compiler for adding VarHandle support.
75c8b63517 : Take into account custom OUT_DIR in gtests
2d53643ca0 : Update language to comply with Android’s inclusive language guidance
cefebc86af : Print unicode data using java-encoding with -l xml
c2208272f2 : Replace "dummy" with "fake" in some tests.
50a454b234 : Link statically with libart(d)-simulator-container.
aacf977a3b : Reword some comments to be more inclusive
4ef451aecd : Rename kDummy32BitOffset to kPlaceholder32BitOffset.
e741dfd18d : libnativeloader understands uses-native-library tag
659e8d6f76 : Sampling PGO for libart
b50f04dff0 : Fix incorrect dex-cache clearing with structural redefinition
bf6498e3d9 : Fix incorrect dex-cache clearing with structural redefinition
530f09a027 : Remove gendered typo in comment for #inclusivefixit
52d5354a39 : Dump instruction set features in .cfg
40b0614be3 : Checker: Add function isaHasFeature
52fe49e879 : dex2oat: remove unnecessary lock to reference profile
26d88f8735 : Add gcstress tests failing on host since ICU refactoring
c42dfac797 : Move common property to "defaults" module.
c06e07f96e : Correctly use handles for JVMTI heap iteration.
9735ccc81e : Retry path removal and log errors in case of failure
4307cd7731 : LSE: Fix tracking heap values for small types.
76228ffa13 : Ninja doesn't like dependencies on directories.
e886d68b9c : Revert^2 "VIXL simulator for ART (Stage1)"
f12dd5861e : Move ART run-tests to the `postsubmit` test group in `TEST_MAPPING`.
eb9da9eb23 : Add support for generating --help messages from cmdline definition
c607092fda : Fix golem build
3060bb919c : Revert "VIXL simulator for ART (Stage1)"
48ca6a681e : VIXL simulator for ART (Stage1)
cfea667ed9 : Bionic libc_headers shouldn't be used in non-Bionic host builds.
32846611b2 : Fix ddm.publish_chunk extension to prevent deadlock
7400a5466a : Fixes for gtests in eng-prod
675c414581 : Recover from bad merge conflict for GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}
733c214a5c : Revert "Additional checks for GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}"
b461b53c92 : Revert^2 "Switch to LLVM prebuilt tools for ART gtests"
fab6f1c479 : Fix incorrect LSE across throwing ArraySet.
00b7f98c13 : Additional checks for GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}
d2c30c33ed : Add `TEST_MAPPING` entries for supported target ART run-tests.
116b5c7550 : Additional checks for GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}
d4e6a992ad : Invoke futex wait with correct value
ea54b823a3 : Revert "Switch to LLVM prebuilt tools for ART gtests"
7285a4bc73 : Fix GetDirectBufferCapacity for zero length direct buffer
8070443ce4 : Switch to LLVM prebuilt tools for ART gtests
60690e495c : ART: Improve two SIMD tests.
2642cd4bb5 : Make Integer.divideUnsigned intrinsic for x86_64.
194f555db7 : Refactor arm assembly tests.
d6e14e0b6a : Rewrite assembler_test_base.h
be7fe3b546 : Add some x86/x86-64 assembler tests.
dc787f488c : Make Integer.divideUnsigned intrinsic for x86.
9a09e7cf11 : Enable host gtests in eng-prod
edda3caf7c : Use different extension for smali test files.
dd5db45883 : Revert "Reland "Cover more cases in nterp.""
28d0a1dd26 : Workaround for b/160292234.
bbdc301928 : Remove old code that isn't relevant anymore.
5472d6f75d : Add liblog to libnative(bridge|loader)_lazy.
33247ee958 : Add default EmptyFn for HashMap<>.
c473dc7ae8 : Create individual counters and timers for compilation kinds.
01e5698d54 : Add Soong module definitions for ART run-tests with default build rules.
eaf3a92081 : Add some logging for diagnosing a crash.
58592c0e4d : Remove timezone tests from ART script.
f375e929ad : Reland "Cover more cases in nterp."
671d34d917 : Add ICU file for ART host gtests
f9388416a3 : ARM: Optimize Div/Rem by positive const for non-negative dividends
af92a0f06f : ARM: Optimize Div/Rem by 2^n for non-negative dividends
8d799686ff : Remove unused / unimplemented CorePlatformAPI methods.
90a18cf5b7 : Rewrite OatFileManager::OpenDexFilesFromOat.
c4b50b3bb8 : Improve library search paths for host gtests.
beed922d8e : Add more libraries needed for host gtests.
b0713ca410 : Add binary prebuilt tools needed for host gtests
58fb5e88e3 : Fix X86Assembler::repe_cmpsb
0a17b6a0e7 : Revert "Support running of host gtests in eng-prod"
b7f4d0f15f : [nterp] Export PC before overwiting it in op_aput_object.
65e2140ea2 : Remove option `--build-target` from `test/testrunner/`.
3caa05d71d : Reduce the hotness on lookups.
fa88d5228d : Add an execution time log for VerifyClass
93e4df7eac : Add option `--dist` to `test/testrunner/`.
8c7e219c4b : Add shebang to the art script.
22831a3e95 : Print the build command in `test/testrunner/` (if any).
53b17f9440 : Fix brainos in UpdateHotness.
c69b3f8462 : Reland "Adjust build and test scripts for handling ICU prebuilts."
9a0f9bae8f : Build ART run-tests using the same settings as Libcore tests.
79d9092bf5 : Introduce a Soong `java_defaults` module for ART run-tests.
a8049c6b4b : Introduce a test configuration template for ART run-tests.
c40b151f77 : Use `constexpr` for more constants in `libdexfile/dex/dex_file.h`.
22872da653 : Support running of host gtests in eng-prod
11303f2983 : Move more shared libraries for golem builds.
f394400974 : Revert "Only enable nterp on x64."
0315efa800 : Increment hotness in nterp when doing lookups.
fda2a4d1cc : Make ART run-test 001-HelloWorld buildable and runnable with Atest.
2d10117d81 : ARM32: Combine LSR into ADD for Div by 2^n
a63a2e9710 : Search only the current class loader when checking for duplicates
b50d453318 : Do not use ART_IMT_SIZE for IMT size configuration.
357af0ca2c : TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED no longer disables flattening.
1cf46a3342 : Copy tools needed by host gtests to testcases directory.
842e9c8c0a : Avoid eating SEGVs when performing on-demand dequicken
4bb9f677ee : Use prebuilt Runtime (Bionic) APEX and SDK (reland 2).
69069108ff : Enable TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED in master-art (reland).
ac048ae9ca : Avoid stderr warnings from Bionic in the run tests (reland).
a5ed9a16c0 : Mark deduplicated symbols more obviously.
86fafac1fb : Revert "Avoid stderr warnings from Bionic in the run tests."
27817cd167 : Revert "Enable TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED in master-art."
00cd103881 : Revert "Use prebuilt Runtime (Bionic) APEX and SDK (reland)."
b33a6f351f : Fix typo in the boot generation script
bb829d2de5 : Remove obsolete `build` file from 530-checker-lse.
9e0117d811 : Use prebuilt Runtime (Bionic) APEX and SDK (reland).
2fac697b4c : Enable TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED in master-art.
34763c3417 : Avoid stderr warnings from Bionic in the run tests.
b2d4a7edb5 : Revert "Adjust build and test scripts for handling ICU prebuilts."
dec7817522 : Optimizing: Introduce {Increase,Decrease}Frame().
ea4d7d2d52 : Adjust build and test scripts for handling ICU prebuilts.
034ac51fed : Make the ART thread pool implementation use default-sized stacks on Bionic
c7bcda802c : Update boot image profile generation scripts
0e02d6161f : Support multiple boot image profile aggregations in profman
48030c48c4 : Add support for preloaded classes blacklist in profman
187a2014bd : Improve DWARF test logging.
3d190c0f01 : ART: Transform Sub+Sub into Sub+Add to merge Shl
86c8752f64 : Direct calls to @CriticalNative methods.
f97a859e85 : buildbot: Avoid warnings from linkerconfig
d4e6992351 : Add more flexibility to the boot image profiles creation
0f7f4fcf7f : Generate boot image profile from profman
0fee1fbaf2 : Enable annotation parsing in profman
c03de41404 : Add logic to flatten profile info
396198b6bd : Handle unresolved field type in compiler.
0d60a2b1ea : Introduce an enum for the compilation kind.
289bd1cccd : Make GVN handle HDeoptimize better
2b74f60158 : ART: Add recognition of optimized HRems in BCE
c19822c603 : Update
6587d9110b : ART: Simplify HRem to reuse existing HDiv
1912a5c7b9 : Revert "Use TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED in ART test builds."
f8cc26e53f : Fix a braino when marking a method as being compiled.
ce0d0079e8 : separate madvise calling from critical section
fb2967e927 : Revert TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED for buildbot builds.
72cf0a827a : Revert "Move ART gtests to general-tests."
efc8004ea3 : Revert "ART-tests: Remove DX dependency from 450-checker-types."
b122cd67c5 : Revert "ART-tests: Remove DX-dependency from 530-checker-lse"
9974e3cdc1 : Clean up generated operator<<(os, enum).
2d19902c3d : Use TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED in ART test builds.
f68ce9060c : Make test 656-checker-simd-opt pass on RI.
3255f5034f : Fix visibility rules now that Make supports visibility checks
0e6d73a65e : Move ART gtests to general-tests.
faada5ed09 : Revert "Move a 530-checker-lse test from java to smali"
638c28f22c : Revert "Port two methods in checker-dead-blocks to Smali"
6fb8e57610 : Revert "Smailify a test in checker-lse-ctor-fences"
1faa17f693 : Revert "Move InlineWithControlFlow to Smali based."
344e24ec28 : Make test 455-checker-gvn pass on RI.
f0ccfa9d91 : Split the core/platform API into stable and legacy versions.
077188411c : ART: Introduce predicated vector instructions.
1715efa0b4 : Add a new class status for verified with access checks.
9922f00cf6 : arm/arm64: Clean up intrinsic slow paths.
16527e892b : Preserve JNI bindings across structural redefinition
a8106bc4d8 : HWASan fixes for ART tests (part 2)
6bc480b56e : Fix dlsym lookup trampoline for @CriticalNative.
66704db596 : x86/x86-64: Clean up intrinsic codegen for SSE4.1.
ef898425c9 : Run LSA as a part of the LSE pass.
f7290cac4a : Cleanup obsolete art apex checks
c560e1bd74 : Remove unused bits for object ids.
614bffcb31 : Intern class IDs. This way they compress better.
06d98541e5 : Checker: Support IF, ELIF, ELSE, FI
a21054bf14 : Remove stale dependency on dx.
65c0768f30 : Only enable nterp on x64.
128f14b830 : Prevent DCHECK failure for failure_reason_ being non empty
6355d6932a : Remove image
fa915c920f : Only put resolved classes inside the dex cache.
6df189d5a7 : Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH generation in dex2oat_wrapper
1c993cd041 : Revert^2 "Throw ClassFormatError for unsupported default methods."
4a88a5af74 : Finish move of jar compilation rules from makefile to soong.
ffffa9c4e1 : ART: Add classes having intrinsics to boot image
62d33f7890 : Revert "Cover more cases in nterp."
eb1fece2e4 : Cover more cases in nterp.
211f9d3258 : Fix deadlock from dl_iterate_phdr() callback.
09261a8c5c : Revert "Throw ClassFormatError for unsupported default methods."
03a322dcc1 : Fix boot class path for golem
a4868fd84f : Revert "Use prebuilt Runtime (Bionic) APEX and SDK."
262925e028 : Add test-suite-tag for ART gtests.
08110ef5de : Improve error message in RunRootClinits
bce6877bca : Really fix indentation.
62bcf3df89 : Blacklist tests timing out on gcstress.
2280b534e2 : Move gtest tool dependencies from makefile to soong
fc136524f5 : Revert "Don't abort for min/max/abs intrinsics, baseline use them."
5158d4a204 : Remove hiddenapi warning on non-android builds.
5521c640fc : Use prebuilt Runtime (Bionic) APEX and SDK.
0caa3fd3a6 : Fix indentation.
adf0f2e55c : Throw ClassFormatError for unsupported default methods.
50df0c4c89 : Adjust code lookup logic in artQuickResolutionTrampoline.
4c0451428c : libartpalette: Fix non-existent required dependency
0278b4bfb6 : Preload perfetto_hprof library in Zygote.
e3ad70f1ce : Disable ART APEX for PDK builds
eed0217062 : Drop toolbox from ART builds.
e2f9711bfc : Create the linker configs on host.
8b934b1fe6 : Checker: Refactor line-matching algorithm
b283594a64 : Revert "Put dex2oat32 and dex2oat64 in the ART apex."
b3146d0877 : Make heap exhaustion more robust in art-tests
a2efd2aba9 : Add regression test for b/36989421
ad3bbcd19d : Revert^2 "Use CPP defines for default x86 and x86_64 ISA features"
6217fc20d3 : Fix calling instance methods of erroneous classes.
b708fc1f10 : Add support for greylist-max-r signatures.
6c71dca9ec : Hardcode more array types in the profile for the ART boot image.
c4b83106cc : Do not update method's entrypoint in resolution trampoline.
4fc75697d8 : [nterp] Add arm64 implementation.
d1a421ff5c : Re-enable asan tests which we disabled due to huge stack frames.
2acd1ec12a : HWASan fixes for ART tests
4d55215d8b : Handle symlinks consistently in extract-from-apex.
695348f4b0 : Add compiler type to CompilerOptions.
1f5300a211 : Fix heap exhaustion logic
8284e9a695 : Add extra failed inlining reasons
ad71c90893 : Clean up standalone-apex-files build rule.
16f395b8d2 : Revert^2 "libz is a stub"
f65cbb562a : Fix braino in dex2oat_wrapper.
b1c8e161a1 : Dynamically link to libz
daee51f893 : Revert "Move ArtGtestsTarget to general-tests."
fa082fb9f6 : perfetto_hprof: do not wait for listener
0972d08757 : perfetto_hprof: add flag to enable.
3d189432e6 : Revert^4 "Handle OOM situation in java-heap more aggressively"
52173968b8 : Make heap exhaustion more robust in art-tests
0ddb338f08 : ARM64: Combine LSR+ADD into ADD_shift for Int32 HDiv/HRem
8bcba2264f : ART: Fix infinite recursion in testrunner parse_test_name
e84f53e694 : Add a new dex2oat_wrapper script for golem.
c6849c6805 : Move ArtGtestsTarget to general-tests.
cb782e84d2 : Revert "libz is a stub"
88c139b92f : Disable hwasan for BitMemoryRegion::LoadBits
1439e57351 : ART: Optimize ADD/SUB+ADD_shift into ADDS/SUBS+CINC for HDiv/HRem
4be256069c : libz is a stub
c50055e89f : Use "debug" for image location
883c1346b8 : Revert^2 "Remove test_per_src from ART tests."
6128097404 : Set 067-preemptive-unpark success flag sooner
0a6063a07e : Clean up Field::CreateFromArtField().
ecb984ddbd : Optimizing: Run additional tests on target.
f91fc1220f : Optimizing: Run gtests without creating the Runtime.
33c091eaaa : Code sinking can move around LoadString that can throw.
5d2311a349 : Optimizing: Refactor ImprovedOptimizingUnitTest.
58520dfba3 : Revert "Use MADV_FREE to reclaim pages of freed regions"
bc89ed42d6 : Do not execute OAT files that require app images that cannot be loaded
12cde746b8 : Revert "Use CPP defines for default x86 and x86_64 ISA features"
02ca05a5a6 : Move HandleCache to HGraph.
5868adaefe : Move implementations from class_root.h to -inl.h .
5a62af5dc9 : Optimizing: Create fewer handles in inliner.
aba509f162 : Add a --csv-results flag to testrunner
e050f588c0 : Fix ArtGtestsTarget
928d28e1fb : Use boot image for all tests instead of
85af16e673 : Fix two bugs around aput-object.
5b0bbf3318 : Use CPP defines for default x86 and x86_64 ISA features
968db3c09e : ARM64: Combine LSR+ASR into ASR for Int32 HDiv/HRem
2750a9884d : Report time spent doing madvise in GC performance dump
62dd4e83ba : Continue try allocating until we've reached max capacity.
12b7ea1bdc : Handle the case a boot classpath class fails to verify.
75b961a4cd : Add visibilities for prebuilts.
3a079094a2 : Don't run pre-verification if the thread cannot load classes.
d4c45e6184 : Retry: Update art sdk/module_exports to support conscrypt
a977689a7a : Remove extra logging added to debug
94a810be73 : Small cleanups
fc5e2ef08c : Revert "Remove test_per_src from ART tests."
685c84775f : Revert "Revert^2 "Handle OOM situation in java-heap more aggressively""
8103e479d8 : Remove test_per_src from ART tests.
6a8f8c52da : Set build dependecy on hostdex explicity from ahat hprof dump
d20e51dcd0 : "Move ICU from ART APEX to i18n APEX" Attempt 2
a6653d304f : ART: Refactor InstructionCodeGeneratorARM64::GenerateDivRemWithAnyConstant
4d0f795aaa : Fix unintended sign-extension.
04a46f9ea4 : Revert^2 "Handle OOM situation in java-heap more aggressively"
e6afa957bc : Bionic and kernel system include paths are no longer implicit.
6621013ee4 : Allow unresolved exception classes in boot image.
9e4b42ad32 : Refactor vdex file writing.
5477b8e55f : Allow bootjars in system_ext.
ed28956782 : Revert "Update art sdk/module_exports to support conscrypt"
d34b73b4ac : Clean up internal stack trace construction.
4a48775376 : Revert "Move ICU from ART APEX to i18n APEX"
b5146a3b70 : Revert "Calling @IntraCoreApi from core-icu4j should not cause "..."
50f89ba323 : Calling @IntraCoreApi from core-icu4j should not cause "Core platform API violation"
8419b82fa8 : Move ICU from ART APEX to i18n APEX
b6f4c79b06 : Clean up Constructor/Method/Field construction.
3971661c74 : Relax 2033-shutdown-mechanics result comparison
71f661c294 : Set apex_available property
0c66e678a0 : Update art sdk/module_exports to support conscrypt
fb41d421d3 : Use two-column format for ART_APEX_JARS components.
1a719e4de8 : RFC: ARM64: Split arm64 codegen into scalar and vector (SVE and NEON).
e33dca6d44 : Add to public libraries
315f1b21a5 : Use MADV_FREE to reclaim pages of freed regions
0f5b2bf1ae : ART: Introduce Loop Versioning in SuberblockCloner.
3bae047186 : Couple of runtime fixes for nterp.
256c0f6819 : art script: generate app image for profile filters
7e678d3c0f : Assert allocator-type is known on OOME
bb3560d585 : dex2oat: Fix vdex file invalidation.
3e076810ba : Use -f instead of -e.
d5c1d8a72b : Fix art script and golem builds with conscrypt.
2a84650a73 : Make tests robust against GCs failing early
b6ea8bbab6 : Revert "Disable ART run-test 2231-oat-require-app-image on the RI."
40082b6382 : Revert "Reject OAT file in speed-profile if app image is rejected"
3f04ae5552 : Split nterp frame alignment.
196eabfaa3 : Rework 2034-spaces-in-SimpleName to run on RI.
dac9c97ef8 : Rename test to avoid number clash with another test.
b3bfa18ff9 : Fix braino in creating the link.
8552cb9830 : Add METADATA to art: contains GPL is RESTRICTED
076141924d : Handle the situation we could not load the class.
95545423bf : Revert "Handle OOM situation in java-heap more aggressively"
9bbed3c7d8 : Checker: Rename assertions to statements
ec64f202c6 : Cleanup build rules for faster golem builds.
9c674ca2a4 : Explicitly flush stdout in 2033-shutdown-mechanics
d898624e53 : Disable ART run-test 2231-oat-require-app-image on the RI.
c2a769d482 : Refactor builder intrinsic tests.
bf10f659d0 : Move skips for --jvm 2009, 2011, and 2012 to appropriate block
06c0d175ef : Fix tests 1953, 1954, 1955 and, 1956 on --jvm
7c25b09f62 : Reject OAT file in speed-profile if app image is rejected
a698102d62 : Handle OOM situation in java-heap more aggressively
0240d2ba62 : Move the logging line interleave lock from libbase to ART
aafe432776 : Move some checker tests from smali to Java.
7ca8b67c21 : Use ART_TARGET_ANDROID instead of __ANDROID__
5c25e537f5 : Add an agent to enable VLOG options
4a1e4dd1a7 : Add exemption list for hiddenapi warnings.
b69312dbce : nterp: Address old x86-64 comments.
afa69cd798 : Add another DCHECK that an exception isn't pending.
9b78924a29 : Fix execution with RI in ART `` script.
cc82f79174 : Disable ART run-tests newly failing on the RI.
30ac39834f : Improve printing for heap verification failures
6127ace461 : Increase shutdown time constants
2816cfcf77 : Remove unnecessary droiddoc args
347323ce0e : Explicitly pass debugfs to deapexer.
aa636cbb25 : Add more logging to the script to debug buildbot issues.
5055e66c9a : Fix bootclasspath setup for target in tools/art script.
81673f0ec4 : Add a sanity check on the conscrypt contents.
80892049df : Use runtime_libs for the libdexfile_external dependency from libdexfile_support.
5eee73ba27 : Use double quotes instead of single.
b7724c4a8b : Fix execution with RI in ART `run-test-jar` script.
e67fd203b3 : Use ANDROID_HOST_OUT/bin/deapexer instead of just deapexer.
75c3ff3786 : Better instrument 067-preemptive-unpark
745e45d444 : By default, don't use a bitness suffix for ART.
f48a705f25 : Minor error reporting clean up in DexFileVerifier.
63ba6477e7 : Faster dex file verification.
050e215377 : Fix typo in name of ART run-test `941-recurive-obsolete-jit`.
b0c6cb59ed : Fix logic to find dex2oat.
2842ac1860 : Move version scripts to app_process, where they are used.
28aaf24b59 : Call SetRuntimeDeleted() unconditionally
d68580ee65 : Put dex2oat32 and dex2oat64 in the ART apex.
672295a9e3 : Add test for JNI env modifications on shutdown
5f84607854 : Optimizing: Construct intrinsic HIR in builder.
c8150b5def : ART: Refactor SIMD slots and regs size processing.
b2028739a2 : Run Java verification of mainline modules at boot time.
07c3da75fa : Reland "Remove platform availability from internal libs that make up libdexfile_support_static."
76bc8333d6 : Bundle jni_headers with libopenjdkjvmti_headers
02e6a6ffa2 : Revert "Remove platform availability from internal libs that make up"
030f548d00 : Remove platform availability from internal libs that make up libdexfile_support_static.
72d7e965f8 : Replaced dangerous uses of sizeof()
9a625b5353 : Fix mmap leakage for ASAN build
f823f0eeec : Fix deadlock bug in test 2005
b04b30c90d : Only allow extra_guardrails for domains that can connect to heapprofd.
1e560ac433 : libnativeloader: Remove hard-coded cronet
c390879443 : Do not crash for broken stored VerifierDeps.
2368e8bada : Loading JNI libraries in an APEX
b47b978486 : ART: Fix vectorizer HalvingAdd idiom.
e778fa6ead : Reduce cache memory use of libdexfile.
27d2bfc603 : Remove dependency on protobuf.
36896be381 : Don't call exit() while threads may be running
69847caf00 : Remove 726 test
2f40d24aea : Small cleanup in InstructionBuilder.
605c5914b9 : Add more DCHECKs to investigate build bot failure.
32b24fdc34 : Reduce kNotifyNativeInterval on host
b495e7ffac : Log an error when an app loads duplicate dex files
82cc2a247d : Remove FileDescriptor ownerId field from Core Platform API bypass
3949e5ed86 : Fix dex2oat failure when --zip-fd actually points to raw dexfile.
42df1c7db9 : Compile boot image on host.
a801213f90 : Update art/911-get-stack-trace expectations
2506eff52e : Replace art_cts_jvmti_test_library filegroup with java_library
00cb81d29a : Add explicit dependencies on jni_headers
4b79ef49dc : Read /proc/self/smaps in perfetto_hprof.
216a6455c4 : Remove libicuuc/libicui18n usage from art_gtest_defaults
b72a0941f6 : Remove ART dependency on libicuuc
0ae3173a94 : Add luni-crypto-tests to art module test exports
f4ba904ec0 : Fix string deduplication for multi-image extensions.
cb62cd8665 : ART support for running tests without conscrypt sources.
9c06d449e5 : Avoid creating preresolved strings array for dex files that have no strings
d1f7351570 : dex2oat: add --updatable-bcp-packages-file argument.
bda163d9c8 : Additional checks in GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}
963c27f603 : Change default heap-target-utilization to 0.75
fbf53b5e38 : DCHECK to ensure processing instruction doesn't leave an exception.
4fa07a5727 : Add explicit compiler option to enable test-specific features.
d31def587a : Adjust embedded dex locations in host boot image.
f6c3784f9f : Move the conscrypt hostdex build rule to ART.
ca1c39addf : Fix race condition in GetPreResolvedStrings
1abd3ec2c3 : Symbolize script: make dash-compatible and pull vdex file for oatdump.
fdd4684836 : Deduplicate interned image strings.
4ac8d96c33 : Add method_idx output to dexdump and dexlayout
d31cff10f6 : Remove conscrypt as a build time dependency of ART.
75d2189983 : Fix thread shutdown race in adbconnection
bdf146cece : dex2oat: Fix repeatedly preparing dex files for oat file
bc11509d4c : Address late comments on go/aog/1269207
403384e369 : Fix host gtests for HOST_PREFER_32_BIT
fe57c2b63d : Revert^4 "Add "linkage" test options""
a467a6e81f : Fix incorrect interface-override linking
e5621f552a : Wrap expected_cts_outputs in a java_library
e4abf13cf6 : ART: Update list of reserved boot class path packages.
16c08ca974 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Add "linkage" test options"""
133987d8e3 : Revert^2 "Don't include static or private methods with proxy construction."
e2cc08b179 : Fix a typo in dexanalyze usage info
80c0c50de0 : Revert "Revert "Add "linkage" test options""
379503d0a1 : Revert "Don't include static or private methods with proxy construction."
0c0f3026ba : Host gtests: Use the apex boot image instead of
f368882656 : Add more debugging info around ResolveField.
aacb4b8407 : Fix logical error in a gtest that caused intermittent failures.
584e599660 : Don't include static or private methods with proxy construction.
c1ad13a45c : Add Handle::GetFromGdb function
55d6f19764 : Remove duplicate entry in expectations.
41617b18f1 : Add more logging and sanity checks for JIT mini-debug-info.
842555d72e : Add test mapping to run some libdexfile tests at presubmit.
e78ff3d25b : Create the /system/framework directory when running under chroot.
d8cdd4e094 : Get rid of obsolete Make variable TARGET_CORE_JARS.
31e0dc244d : Remove -testdex variants of bootclasspath jars.
696882f272 : Skip reading VNDK libs for product if not available
2d18719c47 : Remove access to internal dex libs for
29e62c32ba : Get jar / apk / dexfile location for classes.
27374d986b : Add new dex file support constructor.
521644beb8 : Call JitCodeCache::FreeAllMethodHeaders under JIT lock.
7bbbe25f37 : Suppress ThreadLocal hash override warning.
91a8e6f60c : Revert "Add "linkage" test options"
873bb64b88 : Add "linkage" test options
6e44830b65 : Remove unnecessary vendor/recovery available from dexfile
c76232ef40 : Fix relation between debuggable / JIT zygote.
80495fdb62 : Re-enable 137-cfi test.
439528400e : Consider thumb bit when repacking and compressing JIT mini-debug-info.
be50bc3e7e : Revert "Expect vdex files in a target-independent directory in t..."
198955af0d : Expect vdex files in a target-independent directory in the ART apex.
b68bb7a02e : Fix compiling boot image extension with assume-verified.
dc9d6a0740 : Add more logging to Thread::SetState
4b90b86153 : Do not preload dex caches for assume-verified.
bf7705509e : Don't run structural dex file verification in ClassLoaderContext.
03008223bc : Move @CriticalNative arguments in registers.
e8ed866d39 : Add MOVE_EXCEPTION to compat throw
edccd3cc6d : Retire VMRuntime.doNotInitializeInAot()
444dc1c770 : Fix 1001-app-image-regions
d8fd599744 : Reland^2 "Add consistency CHECKs around ArtMethod fields."
e1ee6f97e3 : Set the identity hash code seed before creating Runtime.
2e17cf4854 : Revert "ART: Conditionally remove loaded-oat-count check"
eb070f085d : Reland "art: Add FileDescriptor fields to native Core Platform API"
539d1d4227 : Blacklist test 596/597 for no-prebuild
fcc51211e6 : Enable ART's target gtests in postsubmit.
038a1987c9 : "Revert^6 "[art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default i..."
ee2571618e : Revert^2 "Support ART's target gtests in atest."
30fd851572 : Refactor RemoveNativeDebugInfoForJit.
80dc7dc208 : Truncate run-test output less
c1ff0ff1e3 : Revert^5 "[art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default i..."
fc47d6bf37 : Adjust JitCodeCache::TransitionToDebuggable.
e5c48f7547 : Revert "ART: Forbid the zygote to load code outside of system"
085f3805cd : Revert^4 "[art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default i..."
1926f2e0fb : don't include liblog to APEXes
7d5173404c : Make signal_dumper a dynamic library
280e6c3234 : Jit-zygote compiled code isn't debuggable
b28e3042b1 : Clear PreCompiled when we transition to debuggable after zygote fork
b1fe5e1831 : HStringBuilderAppend cannot be null.
69828ac1c6 : Print oat file location for invalid class status
e66eeb6194 : Blacklist test 137-cfi on target & jit
2db169ce8b : Revert "art: Add FileDescriptor fields to native Core Platform API"
1dc987a3eb : Add libnativehelper_header_only to art-module-sdk
2c2248cf13 : Reland^3 "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location."
ba2add1acc : Fix issue where linux_bionic cannot find build number
670ea84ebd : ART supports sendng profileable info to adbd
0c9260401b : Revert "Temporarily comment out art-module-host-exports"
76e52e887a : Add more information in the trace when JIT compiling.
47d0c475a1 : art: Add FileDescriptor fields to native Core Platform API
37d6d77297 : Allow ThreadLocal object allocation during AOT.
f5d83b3a55 : Revert "Revert^2 "[art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default i...""
9a01d30bd7 : Revert^2 "[art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default i..."
310432e7c8 : Fix bugprone-macro-parentheses warnings
7f43595d58 : Fix/suppress bugprone-use-after-move warnings
d6b07c5308 : ART: Enable testing on non-UTF-8 platform
23369542f1 : Avoid NanoTime in InitializeClass unless stats are enabled
9bdba6e5e2 : Revert "Reland^2 "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location.""
e42876fa55 : Minor improvements in JNI assemblers.
e521eb0418 : ART: Fix a compiler crash for VectorizeDef() idioms.
8a1a0f719e : ART: Ensure dex caches keep classloader live
2145a8acdf : Add the File[] class to the primary boot image.
ed1f531085 : Reland^2 "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location."
ab4d2222a2 : Fix boot image size check.
735ab4ef26 : libnativeloader: Remove hard-coded cronet
538f99ab28 : Loading JNI libraries in an APEX
6fc471e510 : Check vreg count on debuggable
9f92d9b512 : Temporarily comment out art-module-host-exports
814b928654 : Manually add private fields to the Core Platform API
9f8ead24a1 : Remove support code for native Core Platform API checks
662f12ee2f : Move entry spills determination to JNI compiler.
eedca4a5f7 : Add more tests, spin before inflating monitors
acb5c2dfab : Revert "Revert "Revert "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location."""
b871d3eba8 : Add comments about possible lock contention
53f9e653eb : Revert^2 "art: Extend sun.misc.Unsafe presence in the Core Platform API"
ec769b883c : Revert "Revert "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location.""
6cf7a9b0ec : Revert "Revert "If generating an image, run initialization and other optimizations.""
e248b02311 : Add dependencies on binaries that the art script uses.
2dea07964e : Gate access to targetsdk-max-p,q on compat framework
6152123990 : Revert "Support ART's target gtests in atest."
69efda0772 : chroot-test: Clean up linkerconfig's dependencies
6f5e72942c : Only start timer in IncrementDisableThreadFlip when waiting
03e871678d : Remove MIPS support from libelffile.
bbec8a6fc7 : Revert "If generating an image, run initialization and other optimizations."
6972b9631c : Speed up test
c42db83667 : Make dex2oat(d) and hiddenapi 64-bit only on host.
1c85efd33b : Fix mac build by disabling art-module-host-exports
276ed2824d : Revert "art: Extend sun.misc.Unsafe presence in the Core Platfor..."
8f95183e07 : Add new set_verbose_flag_ext JVMTI Extension
eac404b341 : Support ART's target gtests in atest.
109039edbd : Remove legacy ART APEX linker configuration file.
84b1d55395 : art: Extend sun.misc.Unsafe presence in the Core Platform API
b2ffe4b759 : ART: Add workaround of 4.14 kernel bug to 137-cfi
7744056d0e : Extend manifest to switch to autogenerated linker config.
2246a4ebf1 : perfetto_hprof: be smarter about splitting packets
ada8536c19 : If generating an image, run initialization and other optimizations.
b96479447d : Add more sdk/module_exports needed by conscrypt
de7f878d64 : Fix minor code-style error
ffd067c6e2 : Make the Host ART APEX have similar requirements w.r.t. dex2oat and dex2oatd.
09c23c60ae : Update ART chroot-based testing instructions w.r.t. JDWP tests.
15c622d385 : Revert "Use 32 or 64 bit dex2oat explicitly depending on HOST_PREFER_32_BIT."
b59f5fba91 : Revert "Only append suffixes to dex2oat(d) on host."
f639bf4c6b : Avoid dex2dex initialization if not compiling.
26f7d10239 : Use {llndk,vndksp}.libraries.txt from VNDK APEX
6a8e66c753 : Remove JIT native debug info on failed commits.
725da8fb96 : Fix race between dex-file registration and class-loader deletion
0599cffb60 : Do not hold lock when making class visibly initialized.
909436eefd : Use static linking for dexdump on host builds

+- Project: platform/bionic

c75fbc7b8 : Revert "Adding system property tracing"
2ebdb6162 : Revert "bionic_systrace: moving global static variables"
e9b672b3e : Fix race when frees after main thread finishes.
72a91823c : Make MTE tests pass with all values of MEMTAG_OPTIONS.
f4f9259a1 : Allow the kernel to upgrade ASYNC mode processes to SYNC mode.
a44aa2e13 : Add definition of M_MEMTAG_TUNING.
29045b3d7 : Explicitly set generate_hashtree: false
9a1b7d124 : Disable return PAC in __pthread_start.
686a21937 : Use instead of ro.debuggable
b887dc0b5 : Fix dangling pointer in heapprofd API.
92b8d64f4 : Update API of MapInfo from libunwindstack
559f27828 : Clear the stack frame pointer in _start and __bionic_clone
47d27aa79 : Bionic: Mark PMD aligned text segments huge page eligible
a9750eda0 : Update to v5.12 kernel headers.
c9521e08c : Add cc_defaults for hugepage alignment of shared libraries
a0a4a6c29 : Replace llndk_library with llndk clause in cc_library
dcbacd676 : Avoid prctl(PR_PAC_RESET_KEYS) on devices without PAC support.
ed80dcd77 : Add missing liblog_headers dependency to libc_defaults.
96be37118 : Reorder libc.llndk headers to match libc_headers_arch
a2142d283 : Fix last python3 issues.
8607c084c : Fix overly-zealous strip.
ac7ec1147 : Update for python3.
77d976cd6 : Ignore backup files left by emacs.
977867173 : Say which API level fdsan/fdtrack appeared at.
6b586e770 : Force everything to use python3 for consistency.
e99df59d1 : Make compatible with Python 3.
ec580d3d0 : Make the tests that call readelf(1) less sensitive to whitespace.
141b91701 : Switch to libbase SilentDeathTest.
c30a1c08e : Add tests for inet_nsap_addr()/inet_nsap_ntoa().
7bdca8d16 : Fix the adb command to push the memory trace files.
fe50a0cbe : Add tests for the untested <wchar.h> functions.
14ab353e1 : Use GTEST_SKIP() rather than GTEST_LOG_() when skipping.
8843066f2 : Improve tgamma(3) coverage.
d0bbfa832 : Make res_init() work again.
096f5954e : Deflake time.clock_gettime test
bca8a4474 : Revert "Reland: Soft-enable MAC address restrictions with allowlist."
dcc97c088 : Disable fdtrack post-fork.
ebc88d26a : Use mean CPU time in an attempt to reduce test flakiness
39899f592 : Fix return type of process_madvise().
75830fb83 : Initialize _nres only once
c0d41db92 : setjmp/longjmp: avoid invalid values in the stack pointer.
8f11c5f78 : Match 'Access denied finding property' log severity to SELinux
a1112fd88 : fortify: mark all always_inline functions with no_stack_protector
811d180e8 : Reset PAC keys on thread creation instead of on zygote fork.
c57947860 : bp2build: remove some bp2build_available props, use package_allowlist instead.
7e2f6ffea : Update kernel update documentation.
5501003be : Remove __stack_chk_fail_local() completely.
92da28625 : Clean up __stack_chk_fail_local slightly.
13a761032 : scandir: remove dead code.
78f48a511 : Depend on libasync_safe module instead of breaking package boundary.
1cb368133 : fdtrack: emit the most common stack in the abort message.
aab2ad700 : Add missing includes for crtend modules
7839c173f : Add userfaultfd syscall in SECCOMP allowlist
a78ace95f : Add debuggerd_test to bionic test mapping.
e718dd720 : Merge crt cc_objects
db6223f46 : Improve fchmod() coverage.
b82f5cfeb : Improve <sys/xattr.h> coverage.
bbbe27ff6 : Improve system() coverage.
4647d4839 : Add min_sdk_version for ART module.
2659d7b6c : Add some slack at the end of large allocations when target SDK level < S.
22c90755e : Mark MTE elf notes as sdk_version to allow SDK linkage.
f443817ab : Remove unused (and empty) file.
8d7082ebd : Remove bazel_module.label from bionic genrules
557308c73 : Ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH when determining file type in ldd.
82c3d8975 : Add additional app to netlink appcompat allowlist.
3de19151e : Add wrappers for pidfd_{open,getfd,send_signal}.
98b92e00c : Make libc genrules and its tool dep bp2build_available
7e13cf216 : bp2build: convert more cc_objects
bf917866f : Make __libc_init_scudo() weak for native bridge.
19787b941 : bp2build: mark filegroups as bp2build_available.
f5a97dc1e : Update to propagate license information.
d76dd14ea : Fix fdsan death tests.
aa7d835fd : Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bionic
0b1611e63 : bp2build: convert more cc_objects.
f6613b492 : Revert "[LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bionic"
ba3187f10 : Don't dump backtraces while running fdtrack tests.
6249f9b44 : Don't involve debuggerd in a SIGFPE test.
e657eb4f8 : Fix some bionic death tests.
61d070650 : Use death tests correctly.
15122842a : Use BionicDeathTest for an assert(3) test.
d63ea5627 : Switch BionicDeathTest to `#pragma once`.
5daf8f9c3 : bp2build: mark crt_beginso1 as bp2build_available.
a7e29a882 : Rename ldd input file to to make Bazel conversion easier.
3abde068b : Inline the raise(SIGABRT) for x86-64 too.
527b78d19 : Increase leniancy in an inherently flaky test.
20c023fdb : iconv(3): ignore src_bytes_left if src_bytes is null.
7b89be78f : Move __libc_int0x80 to an assembly file
05667cd66 : Update to v5.11 kernel headers.
aa8db1b9d : Fix/update notices.
5e44c22eb : Revert "[LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bionic"
a4583b7af : Mark ldd as executable for Bazel builds to work.
f11ce9a17 : Set updatable=false explicitly.
fd64868a9 : Mark cc_library_headers targets as being bp2build_available.
48d43034d : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bionic
2753fc8ee : Teach debuggerd to pass the secondary ring buffer to __scudo_get_error_info().
cdace2f22 : Revert "Disable signal frame unwinding tests on arm64"
d3915c7b5 : Make fd overflow an abort.
344b8da46 : Mark sh_binary target as being bp2build_available.
a988ed65e : Remove obsolete `cpp_std: "experimental"`.
d6a3b780d : Mark //bionic filegroups/genrules as bp2build_available.
f9cfecf3d : Fix freopen() where the path is null.
11874f8f9 : Mark bionic-stress-test as not unit tests as it run forever
444e2f69e : Add -Wno-ignored-pragmas.
5cb4d9cef : Fix "deprecated instruction in IT block" warning
ffa5cbeb8 : Convert to Python 3, fix name.
1dffb8620 : Convert genfunctosyscallnrs to Python 3.
bc6999f1c : Convert to Python 3.
ca36633eb : Move gensseccomp and genfunctosyscallnrs next to their sources.
eae41f8ee : Fix __VERSIONER_NO_GUARD cases for availability.
c22562ce6 : Use exported variants of arm32/x86 builtins
ef1478765 : Fix -Wl,--exclude-libs typo: x86->i686
247892e0d : Do not run clang-tidy with fortify tests.
bac0ebbf9 : Sync libm with upstream FreeBSD.
82c3c11c1 : Increase leniancy in an inherently flaky test.
9cad8424f : [MemInit] Remove old API, introduce new MemInit API.
3e1d5563b : PAC/BTI: no need to keep using `hint`.
ebfba5f8c : [libc] Change literal value in macro
058eb8fa4 : Ensure same order of global group members in all NS's
370e963de : Remove a tautological #if guard.
347b01b58 : [MTE] Change scudo init order to get correct PROT_MTE pages.
d9a9622c3 : Don't set native_bridge_supported: true for ndk libraries
01be44d2f : Inline call_array for clearer stack traces.
73366636e : Remove the now-unnecessary android_mallopt() options.
128ef8e98 : Add bionic headers for process_madvise
d02148c31 : Add a flag to distinguish shared VMAs
bb19208d6 : Guard __libc_current_sigrtmin/max with __builtin_available
268a60019 : crtbegin_static is built with min_sdk_version: "current"
23bfed2a1 : __INTRODUCED_IN macros add the availability attribute
cdf7175fa : Switch and linker to prebuilt LLVM libunwind
315969a67 : Disable signal frame unwinding tests on arm64
446b4dde7 : Make "disable memory mitigations" and "set heap tagging level" more available.
4cded9729 : [MTE] Add MEMTAG_OPTIONS and arm64.memtag.process.* sysprop parsing.
bb1e37358 : Delay setting linker soname until post-reloc and post-ctor
df6b16eca : (NFC) Sort the list of test dependencies alphabetically.
51741fb38 : Tests for memory tagging ELF notes.
eb7602255 : removing ro.kernel.ebpf.supported property
e1dc4f62e : Fewer copies of ALIGN()/ALIGNBYTES.
f9dd1a760 : Store soname as a std::string.
03ac158ca : Sync upstream fts.c.
fb1391598 : Add MTE note files to the SDK.
5e466b63a : Suppress SetHeapTaggingLevel warning under hwasan.
43978a0a3 : Fix things so that <features.h> can be used from assembler again.
651f1fa50 : Make the atomic load explicit
1169bf9cf : Fix versioner for clang update.
e9efd05fe : Fix -Wnewline-eof
8564b8d9e : Use ELF notes to set the desired memory tagging level.
dec48bdd9 : (NFC) Symbolic names for Android ELF note types.
8540c54b4 : [Tagged Pointers] Point to SAC documentation in abort message.
8b768d3f1 : Changes to bionic/libc to demonstrate mixed builds.
95ca52a7d : Reland: Soft-enable MAC address restrictions with allowlist.
32ff3f831 : Update to v5.10 kernel headers.
ddff5095d : Revert "Soft-enable MAC address restrictions with allowlist."
9e9728041 : Revert "Soft-enable MAC address restrictions with allowlist."
5c8d48ae7 : Remove unused 'err' assignment
aa4fd1891 : Add tests for FNM_LEADING_DIR
0ba499896 : Soft-enable MAC address restrictions with allowlist.
6f6daaae9 : linker: Enable PGO
439ebbd34 : Simplify and improve tempnam() and tmpnam().
2cefcb1b9 : Add a bionic-benchmarks-static target.
9397bdd13 : Make our definition of std::nothrow weak.
ccf17f0ec : Clean up header files from kernel directory.
6675ad322 : Add trivial tests for fnmatch(3).
d994cd734 : Revert^3 "Soft-enables new MAC address restrictions."
d1d534464 : Move linkerconfig to Runtime APEX
2210b8d54 : [Tagged Pointers] Allow probing the current TP level w/ locking.
742a003db : [GWP-ASan] Remove include.
9eb85bf70 : Change the android_mallopt(M_SET_HEAP_TAGGING_LEVEL) API.
53211a98d : Revert^2 "Soft-enables new MAC address restrictions."
259776d8f : Revert "Soft-enables new MAC address restrictions."
869a0faf2 : Add "product_available" to product available modules
8589e0909 : Disable failing test __cxa_demangle#cxa_demangle_fuzz_167977068.
658b93870 : linker: add ld.config.txt parse time to systrace.
f266f26cb : Improve __cxa_demangle#cxa_demangle_fuzz_167977068 diagnostics.
6aaff2a54 : Fix __cxa_atexit run-time regression with many registrations
de30635eb : Put __*_ARRAY__ symbols before prioritized init/fini funcs
413817f69 : Add a couple of demangler tests.
0427760a5 : Docs: link to the unwinder docs.
a5c4b17e1 : Clear PAC bits in android_unsafe_frame_pointer_chase().
bf383283d : getgrnam, getgrgid, getpwnam, getpwuid for host
b04490d7e : Make vendor_ramdisk_available.
8dd649dea : system(3) uses /bin/sh when built for host
e8693e787 : Make more use of benchmark::DoNotOptimize in benchmarks.
7cda75f1d : Add DoNotOptimize and use it in tests.
81c260d34 : Rename ART release APEX to
5b161372e : Rename ART release APEX to
c0d50d4a3 : Replace libandroidicu usage in bionic with the new available in NDK
de523c02b : Fix __cxa_atexit run-time regression with many registrations
25c18d45c : Update to v5.9 kernel headers.
8393a8bc8 : Make the connection between implementation and llndk_library explicit
a3d41ee17 : Add __cxa_atexit benchmark
db0c6deed : Fix visibility rules.
9c08f4fec : pthread_cond: only call futex_wake when there are waiters
19f84868f : Fix bug in finding another thread's TCB.
814f38fc2 : Make more functions weak for native bridge
b5f8e0349 : Update module name referenced in
0cdf132f8 : Expose per-process memory init.
5d3aa86cd : Add an API for per-process disabling memory initialization.
18286ed46 : Soft-enables new MAC address restrictions.
2d4bbf241 : Update linkerconfig configuration format
4edf74ab1 : Add an internal struct layout test.
b752dd53f : Mark __progname as weak for native_bridge
a7e363f87 : No global ThinLTO for linker
15a05a77b : No global ThinLTO for bionic
6427f39ba : Make __clone_for_fork pure native bridge mode abstraction
b967e793a : Stop marking symbols weak in native bionic build
8d01fac30 : alloc_debug: get load_bias error
fd8d68705 : x86/x86_64: cleanup signal trampolines
bcef897b6 : Enable arm64 .eh_frame terminator, align it to 4
1c33c4a26 : Work around issues with `aligned_alloc()` and -O2.
978eb16cd : Copy the M_THREAD_DISABLE_MEM_INIT constant value into malloc.h.
8d55d1872 : Enable BTI in bionic linker
760647791 : Adapt for update to clang-r399163.
3b47d603f : Add arm64 source to linker_wrapper
379ed1ef6 : Explicitly add the include path for android_filesystem_config.h
37c5ed3e5 : Simplify native bridge skip check
fee514e71 : Make it clearer that math.h isn't fdlibm.
98d79de51 : Dump the per-thread TAGGED_ADDR_CTRL value if available.
a1e3f2c50 : Expose a function to reset the stack protector for the zygote.
38d290a11 : Implement a new mechanism to let Scudo access the TLS slot
5a8189f14 : Mark bionic APEX as visible
8e5fc5b03 : NGREG != ELF_NGREG.
f5bdee7fd : libc: Add Armv8.3-A PAuth and Armv8.5-A BTI compatibility to *.S
18621fb30 : Update crtbegin.c and crt*.S to support Armv8.5-A BTI
42b6530b1 : libm: Add Armv8.3-A PAuth and Armv8.5-A BTI support to assembly files
19d66e6f2 : libc: Prepare support for Armv8.3-A PAuth and Armv8.5-A BTI in *.S
a5744e213 : Add benchmark for property mapping
d065c0489 : Incorporate upstream's strptime %Z/%z support.
12a0eb6c6 : Add fdtrack docs.
97ba12b97 : Updated __libc_get_static_tls_bounds test to be more meaningful
1e1c7845a : bionic_systrace: moving global static variables
8860af56c : async_safe: don't call libc's socket.
d37113311 : async_safe: don't call libc's socket.
c68ec152d : Fix issues with .note.GNU-stack section directives.
f2b4a9732 : Revert^2 "Adding system property tracing"
3d3bf59a6 : Revert "Adding system property tracing"
16d5161a4 : Adding system property tracing
d0ecf0b30 : Adding system property tracing
62165a180 : Cast from const void * -> const char * when using memchr().
26970c349 : Adding system property tracing
48943b20c : Avoid explicit use of "10000" in build files.
03d89a706 : Disable HWASAN on ifunc resolvers.
7cebf835f : Various coverage improvements.
f762275e6 : Show coverage for libm too.
dc503f65e : Create per-API versions of the CRT objects.
d8f46916b : Add api-level.h to dac, improve docs.
7f354436f : Improve the coverage script.
d50075144 : Add a thread-properties API (Based on proposal at
cc3c685b5 : Remove stack address check in cfi_basic test.
9a1d3976f : Reimplement our no-op utmp.h functions more simply.
2dbea434d : Make swab(3) inline prior to API 28.
43264bc36 : Fix OOB read in DNS resolver
5633caa28 : Switch to musl memmem (via OpenBSD).
2e71c1777 : Trivial strxfrm coverage improvement.
d6e35f1cc : Add linkerconfig to the host exports.
abf40321a : Add a script to generate coverage.
8035caa31 : Enable coverage for libc.
8177cdf17 : Update to v5.8 kernel headers.
a9208f3ac : Moving bionic_systrace.cpp out of libc_bionic_ndk
aff9a34bd : Rename linker greylist to exempt-list
44f0faa24 : Add support for new scudo mallopt options.
61be80182 : Fix __clone_for_fork attributes
f69030095 : Allow native_bridge to intercept __get_thread()->stack_top
26b06073f : Sync with upstream OpenBSD.
79c91ae43 : Sync with upstream NetBSD.
fb65ee4c4 : SCUDO fill options only when USE_SCUDO
cf346532f : More cleanup for #inclusivefixit.
30f2f053f : linker: Cleanup for Android's inclusive language guidance
238609328 : Remove debug.ld.greylist_disabled property
c2c9b420b : Cleanup for #inclusivefixit.
cab794c22 : Move prebuilt library dependencies of bionic-unit-tests to Blueprint
884487921 : Add support for new scudo mallopt options.
fce318708 : Cleanup for #inclusivefixit.
15786e407 : Cleanup for #inclusivefixit.
9dd11412a : Remove pylintrc.
15027e048 : Specify sections to merge in more precisely
3f3161093 : Cleanup for #inclusivefixit.
cfd8f581f : Cleanup for #inclusivefixit.
3a5a22d60 : Resolve interface flags using SIOCGIFFLAGS ioctl
68ae6ad12 : Changes for #inclusivefixit.
8e20ac441 : Resolve interface flags using SIOCGIFFLAGS ioctl
0f6b504e0 : Remove stack address check in cfi_basic test.
e0848bbf8 : Pagetable-friendly shared library address randomization.
b9fa04d80 : Don't test pw_shell for old vendor images
474f2f5c8 : Revert "Add randomized padding around shared library mappings."
46e731caf : Disable warning message for missing linker config in some cases
c61896028 : Improve diagram in malloc_heapprofd.
c9889fdf1 : strings.h: undef ffs/ffsl/ffsll.
b477ac74e : Revert "Disallow vmsplice(2) for all zygote-spawned processes."
ef707f905 : Remove references to libc_scudo.
528e29d91 : Simplify tzdata fallback logic.
ed51fb9a0 : Skip MTE tests with native_bridge
3d1bd8efb : Disallow vmsplice(2) for all zygote-spawned processes.
a8cf3fef2 : Add randomized padding around shared library mappings.
c5db38a4b : Don't look for licenses in .md files and pylintrc files.
8c936b4e6 : Use more inclusive language.
5e93ee2b0 : Update libc/NOTICE.
dbb8670df : Use more inclusive language for seccomp filter
071416b70 : Use PROT_NONE on the unused parts of CFI shadow.
cdb4a26d2 : Update upstream OpenBSD gdtoa.
2361d4ef8 : Adopt remaining MTE string routines.
3205cddff : linker: CHECK() or async_safe_fatal() rather than abort().
8e0707d82 : Move exit.c from stdlib to bionic subdirectory.
e0a14d4c8 : fortify: remove `static`
941ad5629 : Remove references to libc_scudo.
45b36c292 : Skip pthread_leak* tests with native_bridge
b4f7aaac5 : Skip pthread.pthread_create__mmap_failures with native_bridge
b56d1182d : Add util to skip tests with native_bridge
1e381a242 : Factor out error reporting in WriteProtected.
9253757ff : Remove dead code.
208fdd196 : Trivial test for difftime(3).
430527b4c : Update the generate script.
a1b1bfd1d : Use a template for the exec family.
3a4c2ffff : Move set_cached_pid() to __clone_for_fork()
520398ffe : Remove WEAK_FOR_NATIVE_BRIDGE for fork
41127dca3 : Narrow native bridge to clone_for_fork
55b91af82 : fdtrack: increase backtrace depth.
b87882d6a : Need prebuilt linker executable for host Bionic.
af09c709d : Update to v5.7 kernel headers.
61a9a4016 : Make .whitelisted property "append"-able
cb4a7c81e : Add newline at end of error message
09e394f92 : clock: buff our coverage numbers slightly.
ad3be7e64 : Ignore SCUDO_OPTIONS across a security boundary.
2b76a94c6 : Track name changes in the tzdata format
9bf7817dd : Fix deadlock/timeout in thread unwinding.
11623dd60 : sigaction: don't call interposable symbol.
1cd4d4227 : Expand a little on the time_t situation.
9b3e026c8 : Refactor translateSystemPathToApexPath
54e502e66 : Revert "Temporarily disable FdsanTest.vfork."
1a393b683 : Revert "[GWP-ASan] Don't intercept calloc."
acadd09c6 : Speed up seccomp with priority list.
b8cd7e7f5 : Revert "Disable dlfcn#dlopen_system_libicuuc_ tests due to test failures on cuttlefish"
01790fdc6 : Allow native_bridge linker to use different APEX from native one
11f92fe9b : Remove reference to deprecated option.
d15229df7 : Copy translateSystemPathToApexPath to linker_translate_path.cpp
1beacd440 : libc_scudo: Set min_sdk_version to apex_inherit
1541800aa : Define mte_supported() on non-aarch64.
b4cbff351 : Temporarily disable FdsanTest.vfork.
01fb8d712 : Disable dlfcn#dlopen_system_libicuuc_ tests due to test failures on cuttlefish
215e1da3f : Add Bionic module SDK.
4ede160cb : Set apex_available property
947125edf : Fix typo in if statement.
412911312 : fdtrack: don't do anything while vforked.
65fb2a7f0 : fdsan: don't do anything when vforked.
230328374 : Track whether a thread is currently vforked.
f248d2de8 : Move into module.
067f51824 : Add goldfish-opengl to use bionic_libc_platform_headers
3ddcc1e98 : Export libc_headers from libdl_static for libraries that wrap it without bringing in libc.
d3060019d : Introduce a new heap tagging level, M_HEAP_TAGGING_LEVEL_SYNC.
82d84bcd7 : Make Bionic and kernel system includes explicit in the blueprints.
15c32a8e1 : Set min_sdk_version for mainline dependencies
bed98c0de : Fix argument order in api level test
5a73e0330 : [libc] Zero and pattern initialization of heap memory.
25b8af496 : Adapt to clang-r383902
9413ae736 : fdtrack: fix accept test, add test for accept4.
b107eab5e : fdtrack: add wrapper for socketpair.
7de412443 : fdtrack: add wrapper for eventfd.
a38331d83 : fdtrack: add wrappers for epoll_create, epoll_create1.
1fad5283a : fdtrack: add wrappers for pipe, pipe2.
9d512402d : fdtrack: add tests for individual wrappers.
38d00b80a : fdtrack: don't destroy traces.
76474c95b : Add METADATA to bionic: BSD+Apache2+MIT+ISC=NOTICE
a276343e1 : Reland "Make bionic_platform_headers available only for Bionic targets".
ed95d0134 : Revert "Make bionic_platform_headers available only for Bionic t..."
ba1e92129 : [NFC] Align pointer to type.
249f72658 : Make bionic_platform_headers available only for Bionic targets.
6cdeed312 : malloc_hooks fix example compilation failures
a41c3256d : Switch to new kernel ptrace interface for reading tags.
3093e7181 : Block all signals in ScopedSignalBlocker.
ed2889fc4 : Add AOSP preupload hook.
ad9e99dad : Include log/log_read.h for reading logs
4ef3781c0 : Revert "[GWP-ASan] Don't intercept calloc."
76ce32657 : [GWP-ASan] Don't intercept calloc.
172611f5c : __loader_cfi_fail: acquire g_dl_mutex
c2a93792f : android_get_exported_namespace: acquire g_dl_mutex
a992a0670 : x86: Switch get_pc_thunk to comdat
b125ca48d : Set the top bit for tagged pointers.
ae1745d37 : Fix foritfy test for clang update.
bb575d93c : arc4random.h: remove some cruft.
a4c2f33fc : tmpfile(3): use O_TMPFILE where available.
19b2ce8f3 : Fix ifunc_test for hwasan builds.
0816c9050 : Tighten pwd/grp iteration tests.
6f2e81019 : Cleanup some trivial TODOs.
bb9fcb463 : Update to v5.6 kernel headers.
4eb02e2cc : Reenable signal-frame-unwind test on x86
3a5ddd72c : libfdtrack: When dump fdsan fd owner, happen NE
14dcbf89c : Add API constant for S.
dbfa074a7 : libc: Add stubs.versions=R
2aa19dcb5 : Set apex_available property
6e316e611 : Add PTRACE_PEEKTAG to mte_kernel.h.
e7042a740 : Remove unnecessary jni.h
f322483b3 : Fix possible issue with cfi_basic test.
379e05fd5 : Stop exporting unwinder from arm32 libc.a
666b12e25 : icmp6.h - add captive portal and pref64 nd opts
3c5dff4b1 : Explain why unit tests need bootstrap bionic
02f9f4cfb : Add documentation to <dirent.h>.
ad9946c09 : libc_header is available to any apex but only visible to certain places
40494406b : Fix bootstrap linker library searching
4fa6d9978 : Remove dangling soinfo* from elf_readers_map_
146620b64 : Fix DL_WARN_documented_change URL
323d7dfe9 : remove search_linked_namespaces param
aa2db969d : Refactor linker lookup code a bit
ca885cf24 : Remove bionic-unit-tests-scudo.
96272df35 : dynamic libc: ignore ART profiling signal by default.
cbf016504 : [GWP-ASan] Add gwp_asan_unittest to bionic presubmit.
4a6899ce0 : Add ffsl(3), ffsll(3).
3309b3dbb : [GWP-ASan] Allow libc header access from GWP-ASan.
376106436 : Increase iteration count for ordering test
922a5c7d7 : Set apex_available property
1995d74ba : Remove ANDROID_LOG_RDONLY
50fca4d2b : Rewrite sigwait tests in the style of the sigwaitinfo tests.
2528dab74 : Clean up untag_address.
f598a0dd3 : Move crash_dump into the runtime APEX.
32f955053 : Move crash_dump into the runtime APEX.
ea06b0dec : Move crash_dump into the runtime APEX.
274e21fdb : Revert "Statically link libdl.a to linker"
873e7c219 : Move crash_dump into the runtime APEX.
de9c34601 : Switch to debugger_process_info in bionic.
8bc0353db : Update linkerconfig missing message to warning
32abb0b81 : [GWP-ASan] Intercept calloc() again.
140220bd2 : Disable branch protection for arm64.
fdd5eb197 : Add explicit state for heapprofd hooking.
8dba7fefb : Statically link libdl.a to linker
afa983c8d : Rewrite __cxa_atexit / __cxa_finalize
fa658eb09 : Fix bugprone-macro-parentheses warnings
edaf03ea1 : Remove `return` after `GTEST_SKIP`.
2c447b058 : Update the scudo wrapper for bionic changes.
5c65e8757 : [GWP-ASan] Don't intercept calloc.
449c26a47 : [GWP-ASan] [heapprofd] Fix infinite recursion between malloc-racing threads.
80af1b0a2 : Update bionic to the v2 MTE patch set.
b8d134878 : Handle the alternate signal stack correctly in android_unsafe_frame_pointer_chase.
918bd7222 : Cleans up logging and comments in ifaddrs.
d901ec696 : [unit tests] Add '-mbranch-protection=standard' flag to arm64
26ddc4dcc : Add 29 to stubs.versions of libc/libdl/libm
5f91bf42e : [GWP-ASan] [heapprofd] Nullptr deref in dispatch.
337a5b3f9 : Switch to the arm-optimized-routines string routines on aarch64 where possible.
1dc4122a1 : Override SIGSYS during profiling signal handler
c5d9036f8 : Make the HWCAP/HWCAP2 constants available from <sys/auxv.h>.
14e5c3c3b : Try to resolve interface names before removing nameless interfaces.
733cedd1c : Add a libc wrapper for statx(2).
d613f89bf : Add a std::map, std::unordered_map benchmark.
5403bd647 : Fix wrong link in getauxval(3) doc comment.
27c1e2203 : Delete definitions of __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0.

+- Project: platform/bootable/libbootloader

db746bf : Add libxbc for bootloader bootconfig support
de60e84 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bootable/libbootloader
4c09e05 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bootable/libbootloader
6882cab : Add vts test for androidboot in /proc/cmdline
975d85e : Create OWNERS file
f8d38e3 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

e597faf1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
3c18472c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
29ec9925 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
42c11d9b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
6e679e57 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
64898ea3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e6312252 : Check SPL downgrade before install OTA in recovery
48a7e7dd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
25491dc3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
a0dc1315 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
ad054ca1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
a85d7a09 : Use gtest_prod_headers.
00874ceb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
488f7664 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
b0c2d264 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
0c955dd4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
5e7bba76 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
2ec0b3b4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
8e045405 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e1057512 : Revert "Update ImageGenerator to match the latest font names."
44acb4b9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
8929f899 : Revert "Update ImageGenerator to match the latest font names."
ec65618d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
c882b4b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
c5a1b2af : Merge "Fix flaky tests by require root for minadbd_tests" am: f820e62701 am: d66516ea7c
fb76d982 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
47ceeb01 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
7f9d1171 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
32b4e72a : Bring up the erase animation early for data wipe
e2493a88 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
9c857f8f : Switch to Python 3.
a506100e : Update ImageGenerator to match the latest font names.
1dfb086c : updater: Do not null terminate mount_flags_list array
29be3f6e : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to bootable/recovery
65851cad : recovery: don't mount acct
1cbb3eb8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
96b3c7d6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
7a07b817 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
2f1a1baf : Clean up TEST_MAPPING after default update
0a4e8283 : Update ImageGenerator to match the latest font names.
ebce8e63 : Fix SnapshotManager instantiation.
a74bba9e : Fix license_type. Contains OFL
74291762 : minui: remove libadf since it is no longer supported
3ee2cf84 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
b810334a : Don't build host binary for applypatch
2f2749f2 : Switch imgdiff to use libz_stable
07ba4483 : Re-enable failed imgpatch tests
d77e7ea1 : Disable failed imgpatch tests
6246c376 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
eb46e67d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
28d73e04 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
8421cc3a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
d797be33 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
7d306fbf : minui: fix mem leakage issue
6450acf0 : Add doc for image_generator
e32c9f72 : Do not call exit() immediately after serving sideload
b84e81b2 : Update Indic scripts
b1b27d11 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
fcf4b6bc : Add support for controlling recovery brightness at exynos-compatible sysfs path
de455707 : Add a fuzzer for OTA package verification
a501d0b3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f7b54717 : Expose EthernetDevice to custom UIs
1503248b : Migrate system/core/adb to packages/modules/adb
0e313c1c : Migrate system/core/adb to packages/modules/adb
4f22d869 : Migrate system/core/adb to packages/modules/adb
5528e50e : Migrate system/core/adb to packages/modules/adb
3f325800 : Migrate system/core/adb to packages/modules/adb
581a8244 : Add test config for recovery_host_test
00e91ff8 : Revert "Link to libsnapshot_cow everywhere libsnapshot is linked."
29f1fba1 : Update Ethiopic fonts to a variable format
6943dfe9 : Link to libsnapshot_cow everywhere libsnapshot is linked.
d1ba38f7 : Check for overflow before allocating memory fore decompression.
4f811300 : Switch to zip64 in recovery
c6820e1c : Update Armenian fonts to a variable format
065d5a77 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
9fa4720b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
de521d2b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
d7ae5a02 : Fix flaky tests by require root for minadbd_tests
9ebf0653 : Return the correct action for PromptAndWait
f81364cd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
22dc3387 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
fe58fdea : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
78d15141 : Update language to comply with Android’s inclusive language guidance
1bc976a7 : Fix some wording to comply with respectful-code
345b9ccd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e1ae78cd : Add recovery support of dynamic fingerprints
d4a964f1 : Track rename of adbd_system_binaries.
bfd6764b : Use instead of ro.bootimage.*
35d5e9f4 : Add slot suffix to DAP ops
f2af5629 : Detect non-A/B vs. A/B packages correctly.
0c328d02 : Add add_slot_suffix function.
04267272 : Add EthernetDevice to manage ethernet connection.
30017e78 : recovery: fastbootd: retry opening graphics
0e18779d : Allos IsUsbConnected() to be overridden
5fce3a1c : Fix clang-analyzer-core.uninitialized.Branch warnings
acf7d1b1 : Add missing dep.
5a4a7fff : Rename external storage properties.
500ed46d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
32106007 : Support F2FS compression
5ee3eba3 : minadbd: statically link libadbd.
586565fd : Add more mounting options to updater mount function.
00c4aba9 : Consolidate the wait in recovery's reboot
fb08b015 : Address the warnings in recovery code
37304af7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
025ce540 : minui: remove libadf since it is no longer supported
2bb374a8 : Add libavb as a dependency
8845e4d7 : Revert^2 "New priority scripts + critical updates to fonts."
d7e09204 : Revert "New priority scripts + critical updates to fonts."
f165b9c8 : New priority scripts + critical updates to fonts.
0d81b894 : Recovery UI meet issue if image size is too large
fa77ee84 : Generate recovery.img for unittest during build time
dc4d2a70 : Move libboot_control to boot_control 1.1
e632d032 : recovery: Remove HOST_OS guard for f2fs tools

+- Project: platform/build/bazel

24038ab : Add //external/scudo/... to bp2build ci.
350c3ae : Re-implement version_script in cc_library_shared.
fcb0c32 : Enforce no_copts_tokenization for C++ builds.
a7af994 : Make @soong_injection usable in standalone builds.
e886afb : Fix shared library variants for full_cc_library
4b84cb8 : Add support for shared_libs / dynamic_deps in bp2build cc_library rule.
2b322a3 : Rename the main_target attribute to deps.
0ab566c : Give cc_library a version_script attribute.
386d871 : Remove bp2build-sync.
0f0074f : bp2build: forward shared.whole_static_libs to the cc_shared_library target.
5bdb4ee : Add //external/arm-optimized-routines to bp2build-incremental.
e3b8118 : Add a script to run presubmits locally.
ec487e1 : Don't claim the "_static" and "_shared" suffixes when generating new cc libraries.
adff6c4 : Add //system/... to bp2build ci
2f79eac : Add building libbacktrace to mixed_libc CI
b12e433 : Remove the hacky include dirs compatibility hack.
8a2ffb9 : Add comment about the :empty filegroup.
17faa09 : Forward includes= .
ec59ff3 : Create an empty archive for cc_library_headers
200cd8f : Disable compile sandboxing, add global incl const
3c6d6d0 : bp2build: remove unused starlark code.
f2646f5 : Fix JSON module graph documentation.
360632d : Fix --config=bp2build to ref workspace. Update ci
4442aeb : Update ci scripts to avoid bp2build sync
c064ea1 : Allow running mixed builds in the symlink forest.
8a438f0 : Add ci scripts for roboleaf CI
edb7db0 : Add bazelrc config for results backend.
1a08526 : Revert "Fix bp2build-incremental on CI by disabling unit test."
55238da : Fix bp2build-incremental on CI by disabling unit test.
59fbac2 : bp2build: check in cc_library rules and unit test.
9135d6b : Workaround to fix toolchain resolution for local_jdk.
880e6ec : Improvements to JSON queries:
115b754 : Add .jq files for querying the JSON module graph.
5c1ca22 : Handle no-srcs no-deps for cc_library_static.bzl
5765e4c : Add operating system platform definitions for Android.
8cffda2 : Handle asflags with var expansion in cc_object
e472849 : Add cc_library_static macro to help with bp2build conversion.
af52eed : Revert "Add cc_library_static macro to help with bp2build conver..."
dcff855 : Add cc_library_static macro to help with bp2build conversion.
4beecee : read from bp2build MANIFEST file.
6b407cd : Make cc_object.bzl partially link.
d55cad8 : Add other architectures to
e58e740 : Handle include_build_dir in cc_object.bzl
39029c1 : Add an example Android app for building with Bazel.
a8d3f7c : Add flags to common.bazelrc and register toolchains in bazel.WORKSPACE to integrate the Bazel Android rules.
ea96a06 : Rewrite in python.
408d72d : Revert "cc_object: create a rule that actually returns objects"
059f14a : cc_object: create a rule that actually returns objects
8597d30 : bp2build: ensure that the script uses the checked-in binary.
7edfc50 : Add stubs for rules_cc defs.
6c70b3c : Fork rules_cc starlark rules (and deps)
52421f6 : Move toolchain def to WORKSPACE
034524c : nazel/mixed builds: add libc to ninja_build's output_groups.
be8b9fa : bp2build: uniquify generated header deps in cc_object macro.
83d29ca : Add cleanup to full for milestone2 script
49b28d2 : bp2build: build //bionic/... in the demo script instead of //bionic/libc/...
358c971 : bp2build: add a demo script
737be89 : bp2build: upload cc_object macro.
6d4180c : Read bazelrc location from environment.
ef5bd0e : bp2build/queryview: add a script to compute module types in a bottom up manner.
e992576 : Add cc_library_headers macro to support cc_library_headers bp2build conversion.
ad72d3c : sync files named BUILD, not BUILD.bazel
0b36a7c : Bazel cc_toolchain prototype: build/bazel
68248ec : Fix typo in exports_files.
05ce74a : Use location of to locate TOP.
ab97602 : Add output_root_input_dirs to main BUILD file
ade9b7a : Check-in initial rsyncing script for bp2build.
600f42f : Add .minibootstrap/bpglob to output_root_inputs
55c2687 : Set flag to disable middleman actions
e43ad63 : Add a bp2build configuration to the common bazelrc.
f350010 : Expand build system concepts document.
a3bde95 : Add comment for the purpose of output_root_inputs.
419cf2e : Add Android.bp and to the build system concepts documentation.
0c68f76 : Read paths to Ninja files from soong_ui
289ca85 : Use lunch repo rule to find ninja filenames.
c0269b2 : Add example query files and README for queryview.
5671a1e : Add --config=queryview.
730a4b6 : Move hardcoded bazel flags from soong_ui to common.bazelrc.
fe21110 : Echo warnings/errors to stderr in tools/bazel
ddf12c4 : Add Kati suffix bug number to TODO
5a3495f : Add a repo rule for lunch variables like TARGET_PRODUCT and TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT.
fdffb3b : Add with a basic table mapping concepts between build systems.
00d545a : Set --output_user_root for to avoid polluting ~/.cache/bazel.
2e2a9e3 : Move Bazel launcher logic out of and into
2c11916 : Add --experimental_ninja_actions to common bazelrc
14e8903 : Check in initial set of Bazel config files: host-specific bazelrc, BUILD, WORKSPACE.
03ff050 : Add OWNERS for platform/build/bazel
e4e9564 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

8266ace : Fix AddNinjaFileDeps in a LoadHook
778471d : Add OtherModuleFarDependencyVariantExists.
b1abbad : Add support for setting string property in bpmodify
5ef7b66 : Improve bpmodify_test.go
2f7d3dd : Make AddVariationDependencies return list of nil for non-parallel mutators
e5ff770 : Add variant to dependency cycle errors
9793b0a : Speed up finding dependency cycles
2523698 : Speed up globs with sharding
f646afb : Use the correct build dir.
f4d43ac : Remove the extraNinjaFileDeps arg of RunBlueprint.
7e6f6b7 : Version bpglob command line arguments
98e0efb : Make Blueprint better callable from Go:
78df853 : Make it possible to call the primary builder more than once.
77ef79b : Move primary builder command line computation.
67c9925 : Make Glob return a GlobResult
850d388 : Remove unused GlobPatternList function
6f68282 : Add dumping the module graph in JSON format.
f1aff1f : Replace with an archival announcement.
2aa510c : Always shard structs if they would exceed maxNameSize even if unfiltered
a9ec694 : Add an accessor function for the output Ninja file.
a4c074b : Add comment about what -N -l does.
07a91f0 : Add a flag to compile Go code for debugging.
b3b9cb6 : Remove the GeneratingPrimaryBuilder() method.
7ea1c16 : Make it possible to call Blueprint from Go.
5353744 : Remove global variables from Blueprint.
ddb5ed7 : Add ShellEscapeIncludingSpaces(string)
0bd3de3 : Fix quoting issues when generating .
eb15c12 : Fix numericStringLess and add tests
7d2e60e : Use stageDir() to determine the install directory.
122b3ee : Make debugging easier:
f802ffc : cd / before generating .
747b952 : Add preupload hooks to build/blueprint
b48d4ae : propertyIndexesWithTag can handle slice of struct
9033c95 : Make bpfmt use exit codes even when reading from stdin.
8ec6907 : Fix ReplaceExtension
7d4958d : Fix detecting cycles in parallelVisit
1ac43bd : Optimize HasTag function
7ff2e8d : Optimize updateDependencies
8a40148 : Write build definitions directly to output writer
92054a4 : Memoize full names of variables, pools and rules
00890dd : Optimize arg parsing in buildDef.WriteTo
c8b9e55 : Increase ninja file writer buffer
0335e09 : Use io.StringWriter in ninjaWriter
a64ca94 : Return a copy of glob lists
4604a81 : Use info.IsDir() instead of info.Mode()&os.ModeDir != 0
e535c97 : Remove redundant stat/lstat calls from glob
3adb240 : Fix silently ignoring values assigned to map properties
f6ef155 : Use UnpackError for incorrect property type errors
461d950 : Improve unpack testing
53e92a0 : bpmodify: support numerical sort (#332)
cfa2e91 : Actually pause mutators when adding dependencies (#335)
9ae14f1 : Invalidate module group cache if deps are modified (#334)
16754d1 : Fix github builds for deprecated set-env and add-path commands (#333)
0f1637b : Improve formatting of some error messages. (#327)
7ceeeaf : Remove unnecessary depFile parameter from GlobFile
5e83426 : Create early-exit hook StopBeforeWriteNinja
764a771 : Identify the type of the list for bpdocs (#326)
7ae25b0 : Refactor OWNERS in platform/build/blueprint
fd8af0b : Add support for symlink_outputs to Blueprint
8a43c1b : Add CODEOWNERS: @google/blueprint
18f6430 : Add blueprint owners: joeo, eakammer, patricearruda
2068e08 : Correct bug in generating anonymous nested props
5c9fe38 : Add docs for nested and embedded structs
2da8492 : Add Providers to Blueprint
9577bbc : Return dependency modules from dependency-adding methods.
c4773d9 : Support pausing parallelVisit
edbdb8c : Relax check in moduleMatchingVariant
5dc6759 : Fix AddFarVariationDependencies subset checks
5df74a8 : Maintain ordering between variants and aliases
39644c0 : Add tests for findVariant
d2458a2 : Enable variants of bootstrap modules
1892652 : Make VisitAllModuleVariants, PrimaryModule and FinalModule available to mutators
279489c : Add CreateAliasVariation
edc4176 : Combine variant fields into variant struct
5de3dc0 : Android inclusive language fixit. Make comment more succinct, clear and remove use of term "sanity".
9810dcd : Update bpdocs to filter nested properties by tags (#312)
0cdec99 : Add flag to use validations for tests
9ece72b : Add Validations support to Blueprint
8e454c5 : Remove unused Context.ModulePath
8969cb6 : Add ReplaceDependeciesIf to allow for conditional replacement
5525265 : Stop writing depfiles from Glob singleton
bb7ecb7 : Use github actions instead of travis
fe2fa04 : Export ModuleListFile in bootstrap (with fix) (#304)
bae4de9 : Revert "Merge pull request #301 from c-parsons/modulelistfile"
f897514 : Revert "Always emit rules for tests and add phony to run them"
01e094f : Revert changes to singleton_ctx.go
8690f8f : Change bootstrap.moduleListFile to be exported
2f21247 : Add ctx.OtherModule(Reverse)DependencyVariantExists.
56a06b3 : Add a getter for ModuleListFile to SingletonContext
b138d49 : bpmodify: handle nested properties

+- Project: platform/build

e619b6d3ed : Version bump to SP1A.210812.015 [core/]
9187ecf7bd : Version bump to SP1A.210812.014 [core/]
3aa50b02bc : Revert "Update Security String to 2021-10-06"
757dc6997a : Update Security String to 2021-10-06
1d75e88a96 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.011 [core/]
5d9a35d9dd : Version bump to SP1A.210812.010 [core/]
e4d924a377 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.009 [core/]
f442ccc133 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.008 [core/]
30191d9e87 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.007 [core/]
81699d0670 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.006 [core/]
e7a10a29da : Update Security String to 2021-10-05
eeed54febf : Version bump to SP1A.210812.004 [core/]
22aa944637 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.003 [core/]
46800cac23 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.002 [core/]
170898b9e0 : Remove MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE=true for coverage builds
45b44d96e6 : Make apex util detect if hashtree is present
bff4b52ce1 : Always build modules in GSI from source
3ca7ebb490 : Version bump to SP1A.210805.002 [core/]
9e571609f7 : Fix typo for ODM prop files
3e35c26bf2 : Adding vendor_boot-test-harness.img
fb3490f992 : Version bump to SP1A.210729.003 [core/]
ea331d6bcc : Drop pinner.pin_camera=false from the default prop.
8cb3aab588 : Version bump to SP1A.210729.002 [core/]
e24af74376 : Add libincident.
523de300dd : Force MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE if modules aren't installed.
49ec17eac8 : Work around `art-host-tests` build issues when using ART prebuilts.
9def752d4a : Version bump to SP1A.210723.002 [core/]
008599f7e9 : Sets BOOT_SECURITY_PATCH for the generic boot.img
31167aeaf4 : Don't use mainline prebuilts for coverage builds.
2c2e1b5a1e : Don't use prebuilt modules for sanitizer builds.
a48fd8a874 : Version bump to SP1A.210720.002 [core/]
f6fe9850af : Version bump to SP1A.210719.002 [core/]
ec91a39248 : Only build OTA package for non-A/B with recovery
cb21f9edc8 : Also extract kernel configs from boot image.
73f01711f2 : Build OTA when boot image exists even without kernel or recovery fstab
e2f6abb61b : Version bump to SP1A.210715.002 [core/]
2d6bfdb30c : Fix typo in MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE variable.
e7d0377f4a : Write the vbmeta digest to the output zipfile also
06a7034659 : Build the ART module from source if other Mainline modules are.
1ea46a571b : Version bump to SP1A.210712.002 [core/]
c982ce9c84 : Version bump to SP1A.210709.002 [core/]
ac054bc16d : Version bump to SP1A.210708.002 [core/]
f68bd2db71 : DO NOT MERGE: Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default (reland 2).
fa089f76e6 : Add special cases for builds that cannot switch to ART prebuilts.
5031d7f844 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE: Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default (reland)."
6a3fd20b35 : DO NOT MERGE: Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default (reland).
6cb3b0cd7f : Version bump to SP1A.210702.002 [core/]
2a31d835b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210701.002 [core/]
751f1ddbef : Revert "Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default."
efab03ff61 : Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default.
69389a1c3a : Revert "Add BOARD_BUILD_SYSTEM_ROOT_IMAGE to config vars"
ef49dc6daa : Revert "Directly create ramdisk dirs in ramdisk image rule"
e683a5fcea : Revert "Add BUILD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT to soong config"
13264c4256 : Version bump to SP1A.210630.003 [core/]
b3dc1854e4 : Version bump to SP1A.210630.002 [core/]
639164b255 : Update Security String to 2021-09-01
cfd4896dc2 : Update Security String to 2021-09-05
43747aafb1 : Force building ART from source for AOSP products.
e0e5b6a93f : Include kernel-*-allsyms into boot-*-allsyms.img
308b21f3f6 : Version bump to SP1A.210628.002 [core/]
525823ab95 : Do not complain about unexpected lsdump files when building with prebuilt APEXes.
5ee2173c05 : Remove jar from system server
6a9d9cbb1b : Version bump to SP1A.210624.002 [core/]
84d3bf7a2f : Add MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE env variable.
5612cff4b4 : Emit DexPreoptImageLocationsOnDevice as well
bdb359aef5 : Delete from base_system
94b0556c4e : Add BUILD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT to soong config
f3897b668d : Directly create ramdisk dirs in ramdisk image rule
a9af042d58 : Add BOARD_BUILD_SYSTEM_ROOT_IMAGE to config vars
b09c61b85b : Version bump to SP1A.210622.002 [core/]
36b659550e : Revert "Throw an error if androidboot.hardware is used for bootconfig"
dbc00eb135 : Disable build-time debugfs restrictions on GSI builds
996046d7f3 : Version bump to SP1A.210618.002 [core/]
59a9b55fa3 : Version bump to SP1A.210617.002 [core/]
184524a915 : Fix typo in droidcore-unbundled.
315b98a73a : Introduce droidcore-unbundled target
00fe79ca8a : Version bump to SP1A.210616.003 [core/]
e9f600b87c : Version bump to SP1A.210616.002 [core/]
3b85b84cfa : Version bump to SP1A.210615.002 [core/]
870752dfd2 : Remove mainline boot.img from GSI targets
9b55885314 : Add to disable VABC OTA
719f8e6ff2 : Update Security String to 2021-08-01
f5139e3087 : Update Security String to 2021-08-05
45e403bd2e : Use NetworkStack instead of NetworkStackNext
579c347923 : Handles capex in signing script
25d421446d : [DO NOT MERGE] platform/build/make - S is now REL
fb3b0030fb : Version bump to SP1A.210609.002 [core/]
01da65f93a : Missing required packages for f2fs when building ota package
9a6e4270bc : [CP] Remove unit tests jar from suites
1e8ba2c27c : Version bump to SP1A.210607.002 [core/]
e23b840f56 : Version bump to SP1A.210604.002 [core/]
5b1d149586 : RRO shouldn't depend on frameworks or system(_ext) app when TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED
4c8a9ad156 : Version bump to SP1A.210603.003 [core/]
11ef5e4f1b : Version bump to SP1A.210603.002 [core/]
ee58bb67a5 : add LOCAL_DISABLE_TEST_CONFIG logic
5efc593f08 : Version bump to SP1A.210602.003 [core/]
fcc2b97e54 : platform/build/make - S is now 31
cd87435876 : Version bump to SP1A.210602.002 [core/]
b7292aa3b7 : Version bump to SP1A.210601.002 [core/]
65b9345128 : Version bump to SP1A.210527.004 [core/]
b776a6e4be : Version bump to SP1A.210527.003 [core/]
24900b96f7 : Version bump to SP1A.210527.002 [core/]
f7353997c9 : Version bump to SP1A.210526.002 [core/]
5edc0cec47 : Update Security String to 2021-07-01
16bcac122f : Check super size for factory OTA at build time
91869cafe6 : Enable f2fs compression for other partitions
028f6719f3 : Enable --readonly for system compression
4a1240de8a : Revert "Revert "Re-land "Enable apex compression on all devices with updatable apex""
fe35441af5 : [memtag] Disable memtag for AndroidMk host modules.
b23656df31 : Support AVB signing for BOARD_PREBUILT_BOOTIMAGE
58a82ce77f : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Add the service-art JAR to the System Server classpath."
2a3110cd73 : Add pm.dexopt.cmdline mapping in product config
da5c795604 : Disable <uses-library> checks for more tests (to fix MTS builds).
c6fcc77237 : Updated vndk library list after aidl-freeze-api
feb8d97850 : Version bump to SP1A.210521.002 [core/]
7db20bc3da : Version bump to SP1A.210520.002 [core/]
6968d4dc9c : Add GKI to generic x86_64 board
2067dff87c : Merge "Expose ota_metadata_proto for consumption" am: 51c8f9f34c am: 9dbff33bd9 am: 580a36f814 am: ee491d95eb
bea8a9ac9f : Version bump to SP1A.210519.002 [core/]
a1c3d7aa35 : Add dalvik.vm.dexopt.thermal-cutoff system property
dea57a49e2 : Move GKI common settings to
4f436d3760 : Revert "Add new llndk library,"
5c87bc7d7e : Version bump to SP1A.210518.002 [core/]
64b00db8f4 : Update Security String to 2021-07-05
5241b2d1d4 : Version bump to SP1A.210517.002 [core/]
d1d8c7133c : Revert^6 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
b9af035ee7 : BOARD_PREBUILT_BOOTIMAGE: removes the restriction of non system-as-root
80e99d8851 : Revert^5 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
4de9bb23f2 : Reland: Enable verity computation on VABC devices
d6057adc0b : Revert^4 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
ad645285a6 : Revert "Revert^2 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules.""
329d896e52 : Do not enforce debugfs restrictions on GSI builds
b34f64fc7a : Do not alter presigned prebuilt apks for SDK > 29.
0cb602b4be : Version bump to SP1A.210513.004 [core/]
7a95db61db : Version bump to SP1A.210513.003 [core/]
1e663a85a1 : Version bump to SP1A.210513.002 [core/]
b6d1b48f9f : Revert^2 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
7ceafdaf34 : Revert^2 "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
62519def7b : Don't make when dex2oat isn't avilable
fdcb16fa5e : Version bump to SP1A.210512.002 [core/]
a700ad4651 : Revert "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
4caef2b8c8 : Revert "Enforce <uses-library> check for modules."
29c1639715 : Rectify KMI version.
2522c36b4c : Target for tools to dexpreopt
0b154519b0 : Enforce <uses-library> check for modules.
feeb6bcd1e : Enforce <uses-library> check for modules.
7bcb55b414 : Fix GKI 2.0 signing in the release process
ba4d55b905 : Remove ro.gfx.angle.supported from
fdda51d2ae : Calculate the runtime in ota scripts
bcae74def7 : sign_target_files_apks: replacing GKI signing args completely
f17cca4813 : Rename DexPreoptImageLocations to DexPreoptImageLocationsOnHost
945f7a0f06 : Version bump to SP1A.210506.004 [core/]
a6bfa06b6c : Fix the KMI version mismatch
151ddc3b21 : Version bump to SP1A.210506.003 [core/]
c58ff2cde9 : Add BOARD_USES_ODMIMAGE to soong config
a1be760b1b : Version bump to SP1A.210506.002 [core/]
9797623c2a : Don't set the build id if we need to append the digest
7b70d98d1f : Fix reference to uncleared variable in
b8bff4fe05 : Version bump to SP1A.210505.003 [core/]
110f227d23 : Version bump to SP1A.210505.002 [core/]
bbde59f9eb : Calculate the vbmeta digest when building images
35a7a43b56 : Add 'platform:' prefix to unqualified system server jars.
2b6a9c3133 : Add ota_metadata_proto_java
2a3e5b1cf5 : Disable downgrade VABC OTAs
60074168da : Usee sha256 to build the hashtree in GSI image
521f99e2b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210504.002 [core/]
d59153c2f1 : Version bump to SP1A.210503.002 [core/]
a606822f35 : Fix more pylint warnings.
bf086ed1a6 : Propagate CREATE_MINIDEBUGINFO to
8d8bdd9526 : Version bump to SP1A.210430.002 [core/]
44d4e6446a : Use order-only dependencies for symbols files
563750f483 : Disable VABC if either source/target doesn't support it
e211f2ead6 : Version bump to SP1A.210429.005 [core/]
0bac4fe09d : Make verifymodinfo in quiet on errors during tab completion
4acbe3b416 : Use python3 specifically for
ab7bcba14b : Version bump to SP1A.210429.004 [core/]
5dfe7a214b : Add new target for building rust fuzzers for haiku
80df2197da : Version bump to SP1A.210429.003 [core/]
50b9eb21a0 : Revert "Make module_* inherit aosp_*"
f63abb1cae : Avoid to print undefined image_size and partition_size
904e1735c8 : Include android-gts/lib folder in
a84694abfc : Version bump to SP1A.210429.002 [core/]
3bf9cda87a : Version bump to SP1A.210428.002 [core/]
98b285dafb : Fix/suppress most pylint and gpylint warnings
188082ae34 : Move core-icu4j.jar down in PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS.
db98001be1 : Use order-only dependencies for symbols files
b695e761f1 : Revert "Re-land "Enable apex compression on all devices with updatable apex"
b566a9e2e4 : Enforce debugfs restrictions on GSI builds too.
7cc0e15e4a : Use python3
e9f0aacad9 : Version bump to SP1A.210426.002 [core/]
610286a88f : Moving debug ramdisk resources under / of the ramdisk
c777570825 : Revert "Enable support for verity writes for VABC targets"
9693d8bd60 : Set PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL in module_*
22fb13e8d4 : Enable CFI for media module paths in module_*
af35677f03 : Set VNDK version to current for module builds
92b6078314 : Simplify codes for BuildSuperImage func
35bf6b0219 : Copy dexpreopt.config only if it exists
a8056d6cb9 : Store dexpreopt.config files to
095bc7d668 : Update init.rc prebuilt handling
fa50d406bb : Clear TARGET_PRODUCT and TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT when getting lunch menu
67c3f38d3d : Version bump to SP1A.210422.002 [core/]
6bb647fb85 : Enable support for verity writes for VABC targets
7cd828d214 : Update Security String to 2021-06-01
46430dc196 : Version bump to SP1A.210421.002 [core/]
d0871073ab : Set PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL in module_*
f7ac2d31d4 : Enable CFI for media module paths in module_*
d7995cc8e7 : Set VNDK version to current for module builds
92be6ee9d7 : More accurate error if input_file is not exists
605d363214 : Version bump to SP1A.210420.002 [core/]
e85c66ccea : Remove module-lib and system-server from TARGET_AVAILABLE_SDK_VERSIONS
68984aa93a : Test changes for build support for test jni_libs
e9af70ad68 : Performs basic APEX validation in the merged target files package.
6fbdfd2782 : Version bump to SP1A.210419.002 [core/]
31b2e3e388 : Rename ro.product.enforce_debugfs_restrictions
2b8d923a09 : Allow selecting a different product in banchan.
0469c3f91c : envsetup: fix indent
877586c8c8 : Only allow LOCAL_IS_UNIT_TEST set to ALL_MODULES if defined.
66ed06fb29 : Re-raise exceptions instead of sys.exit
5b6f5a7bcc : Add LOCAL_FULL_VINTF_FRAGMENTS to handle full path
60ab01e19d : Version bump to SP1A.210416.003 [core/]
106e11cfe7 : Fix soong_config handling of CompressedApex
064d91c49b : Allow PRODUCT_CFI_INCLUDE_PATHS to work with 32-bit builds
77bcff4344 : Version bump to SP1A.210416.002 [core/]
1f69c4404a : Fix bug: repeated restricted effective conditions.
081eb50f52 : Version bump to SP1A.210415.003 [core/]
dfe50c239a : Version bump to SP1A.210415.002 [core/]
3df934b8a8 : Re-land "Enable apex compression on all devices with updatable apex
708b854c4a : Make module_* inherit aosp_*
e118347e56 : Merge the module_* files into their corresponding product mk files.
0a2ef54d3b : Switch emulator targets to use BOARD_BOOT_HEADER_VERSION=4
06353ef218 : Create a new certificate for 2021 CTS UICCs.
172bb63f81 : Version bump to SP1A.210414.002 [core/]
d418e961c8 : Make sure that BootJars is super set of ArtApexJars
6c17ed3185 : Re-raise exceptions instead of sys.exit
647bfb356a : Fix bug: include all dirs not just the last one.
2e046e6c61 : Avoid adding jacocoagent to bootclasspath twice
c1bb0247fb : Enable GKI 2.0 signing
e1e871db1a : Do not run "mkdir ./" in codebase root directly
d3561eaef0 : Add a missing dependency to the prebuilt app rule.
5371607b50 : Fix bug: include all dirs not just the last one.
db8cacc976 : Generate care_map.pb when merging target files packages.
2732413fa2 : Moves care map generation logic to, so it can be reused.
13bc227ef0 : Fix evaluation order of (Cfi|Memtag) exclude paths.
affbaed3be : Regroup conditions related to LOCAL_ENFORCE_USES_LIBRARIES.
6ef5779c98 : Don't expect all Java modules to have a manifest.
48aa78ed3c : Remove grf_required_api_level
f692c756f7 : Add new user setup command banchan for module building.
408d898a43 : Enforce debugfs restrictions for S launching devices and newer
77e037c887 : [MTE] [CFI] Fix CFI -> diag promotion with memtag_heap.
1b234b3ac1 : Version bump to SP1A.210412.002 [core/]
deaeaecae3 : Update Security String to 2021-06-05
8b80f3e4d5 : Only link the MTE notes against executables.
4260fc1575 : sign_target_files_apks: Relax requirements
f8283a8bf6 : Revert "Enable apex compression on all devices with updatable apex"
eaa853ad3c : Enable apex compression on all devices with updatable apex
4db5ca1f5d : Version bump to SP1A.210409.003 [core/]
378b77929f : Strip whitespace from INTERNAL_VENDOR_RAMDISK_FRAGMENTS
12f92447a5 : Support building recovery as standalone ramdisk in vendor_boot v4
82c8cabbe9 : Version bump to SP1A.210409.002 [core/]
c30f56814f : Version bump to SP1A.210408.004 [core/]
6751b8b3cf : Version bump to SP1A.210408.003 [core/]
382be36c43 : Add LOCAL_FULL_INIT_RC to handle init_rc full path
836f76bc3a : Unify the style of _MakeRamdisk for ramdisk format
ab72ae3095 : Version bump to SP1A.210408.002 [core/]
330b1fef31 : Package jacoco and proguard files out of a PACKAGING directory
fca51480dd : Version bump to SP1A.210407.003 [core/]
b39ec7084a : Add a build flag to turn on debugfs restrictions
ae2274b5a2 : Add Rust vendor image support to Make.
aba676e052 : Version bump to SP1A.210407.002 [core/]
3993af706c : Mark prop file as writable before writing to it.
f6b14c296b : Version bump to SP1A.210406.003 [core/]
24f62069d0 : Remove use of REMOVE_ATB_FROM_BCP
f8735bc4f3 : Add test configuration for rust benchmarks.
1ed0fd54dc : Builds boot-test-harness.img, if INSTALLED_BOOTIMAGE_TARGET.
07ceaa71c1 : Use BOARD_API_LEVEL to define ro.board.api_level
e96fc76662 : Version bump to SP1A.210406.002 [core/]
d49aa55cf1 : Remove all unused, legacy FDO build rules
0141d7fd8a : Version bump to SP1A.210405.002 [core/]
39e9090e7e : Remove legacy host shared library linking with gcov
f4800de454 : zipalign: clarify the help for -p slightly.
203057cb9b : Relax inode usage estimate.
2d7989a635 : Revert "Generate care map after merging target_files"
9c461365de : Fix Makefile formatting
6c7e02e74e : Support installing modules.options file
1519d4351e : Refactor vendor_boot v4 build logic and add more checks
d8db785ed0 : Revert^2 "Set PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL in""
663b98bbab : Stop linking against libatomic
3e061bd1c8 : Fix builds with enforce_vintf_kernel + !kernel
638a6cef89 : Version bump to RQ2A.210505.003 [core/]
a445ef6cde : Remove honggfuzz support.
357e37c4d4 : Address reviewer comments from the previous commits
57bb5081d7 : Always use /bin/sh to run the command.
18a1e9c464 : Version bump to SP1A.210401.003 [core/]
c184fa1887 : Generate care map after merging target_files
50dc1b88b7 : Don't disable verity if VABC is disabled
bfa8d0cacc : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/make
f3f842b676 : Fix error if ramdisk is minigzip compression
2114d512fc : Version bump to SP1A.210401.002 [core/]
faa44bd1cd : Version bump to SP1A.210331.003 [core/]
6d74870a67 : Revert^2 "Switch platform-NDK unwinder to LLVM libunwind.a prebuilt"
efe5ca180c : Add the service-art JAR to the System Server classpath.
df13f6f6c8 : gsi_skip_mount.cfg skips system sub-mountpoints
4b4fd16c11 : Add documentation for <uses-library> checks.
86b538ac18 : Version bump to SP1A.210331.002 [core/]
f35afe97b1 : Mark PRODUCT_CHECK_ELF_FILES as obsolete
9cd4aff304 : Revert "Switch platform-NDK unwinder to LLVM libunwind.a prebuilt"
42131496c8 : Adding bootimage_test_harness artifact to droidcore
3451c1498f : Version bump to SP1A.210330.003 [core/]
19dfbfac57 : Version bump to RQ2A.210505.002 [core/]
ea8111cff4 : Add the service-art JAR to the System Server classpath.
745790ba36 : Version bump to SP1A.210330.002 [core/]
03befa00fe : Don't enforce <uses-library> checks if dexpreopt for apps is disabled.
5bfe9267f8 : Preopt apps with updatable boot classpath too.
875442fde4 : Remove obsolete var PRODUCT_CHECK_ELF_FILES
f9a2e4d41f : Fix the help script.
06c5cc1faf : Version bump to SP1A.210325.002 [core/]
075a6d3327 : Revert^2 "Nextgen release: Don't build super_empty.img"
e86bab474b : Revert^2 "Add option to allow product makefiles to skip building s..."
6ef237b9d0 : Export prebuilt-info.txt of perbuilts kernel to dist
099a7c40a7 : GKI: put debugging resources under fisrt_stage_ramdisk subdir.
63c65c776d : Revert "Nextgen release: Don't build super_empty.img"
ccfea17fb7 : Revert "Add option to allow product makefiles to skip building s..."
19275640fb : Mark the unit tests module itself as its component
0237d0190e : Version bump to SP1A.210324.004 [core/]
918f71acf7 : Disable <uses-library> checks for SDK products.
c40a51ddf6 : Add framework-connectivity to bootclasspath
b9f4306adf : Add config that controls if updatable BCP is included in dexpreopt.
3935057a50 : Version bump to SP1A.210324.003 [core/]
16973880c6 : Nextgen release: Don't build super_empty.img
ba959a5ff1 : Add option to allow product makefiles to skip building super_empty.img
3dfb8b8d7a : Add filter to some boolean variables
c708f705ae : Version bump to SP1A.210324.002 [core/]
84a8be3c52 : Add WithDexpreopt soong variable
35f63019c9 : Fix SepolicySplit soong variable
23499e203c : Version bump to SP1A.210322.003 [core/]
85a1213232 : Switch platform-NDK unwinder to LLVM libunwind.a prebuilt
3b62746fcb : Version bump to SP1A.210322.002 [core/]
232f6ac676 : Add PlatformSepolicyVersion to soong_config
330af541eb : Build module-info.json in dist
a88d2da587 : Nextgen release: Don't build images that GSI don't need
76d96ae6b6 : Update OWNERS for GSI files
c0f904e069 : Extracting kernel should not depend on system/vendor build.
22ebe483e7 : Version bump to SP1A.210319.002 [core/]
cf8a05bbfa : Keystore 2.0: Remove keystore and keystore2.enable property.
8685248a99 : Add new llndk library,
413be716ab : Reorder compatibility libraries used in class loader context.
928fc2c1ef : translate library names using dexpreopt configs.
2bf587713b : Consolidate manifest_check for different module types.
27c39b0af2 : Support GKI boot.img v4 signing
aa90271881 : Update Security String to 2021-05-05
0b904829c9 : Version bump to SP1A.210318.003 [core/]
3a10cc5c11 : Update size limit for madvising odex, vdex files
5c8b09b2ef : Product configuration in Starlark support files.
24159db21e : Roboleaf product configuration runner
6f23fe1713 : Update Security String to 2021-05-01
74eedd9d30 : Keystore 2.0: Enable keystore2 by default
78d96e8742 : Add missing dependency on aapt.
c9227c8b63 : Revert^2 "Reimplement in"
db9f6e13c8 : Fix build break for Android.bp dex_import
012bc120af : Revert "Reimplement in"
321db2f846 : DO NOT MERGE Update Security String to 2021-05-05
36d59b45f4 : Version bump to SP1A.210317.002 [core/]
398b995d74 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
88a0602582 : Keystore 2.0: Enable keystore2 by default
1cd28cdd03 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
a2a5671ca5 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
a3ae471485 : Add sepolicy related variables
b92b8f48fc : is a standalone binary
f39f080c80 : Define ro.board.first_api_level property
8ba4270e24 : Check that sum of DAP groups is smaller than super
3de8fdaece : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.006 [core/]
bee0f15faa : Keystore 2.0: Enable keystore2 by default
046e713abd : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
ea0cecd9e4 : Add "ktgrep" for Kotlin
e7c67b7da5 : Version bump to SP1A.210316.002 [core/]
692e4d8769 : Version bump to SP1A.210315.003 [core/]
ef451e8102 : Version bump to SP1A.210315.002 [core/]
1a8405f827 : Add MTE ELF note to makefile-generated native tests.
a2404510af : Reimplement in
69f7191d5d : Define __ANDROID_VENDOR__ and __ANDROID_PRODUCT__
50acc66276 : Do not pack symbolic link instead copying
bee9f1d3f7 : Enable madvising of odex, vdex and art files
f15053ee39 : Allow extending of the list of directories to be scanned for VSDK
d11953c3b7 : check_all_partition_sizes_log -> .log
45b4230726 : Add --disable_vabc to ota_from_target_files help text.
a8cf0e040e : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/make
09865a4911 : Add vendor_dlkm, odm, odm_dlkm to dynamic partition filter
689e11a7ce : Fix typo: DLKIMMAGE
80ab21490b : Add PRODUCT_OTA_ENFORCE_VINTF_KERNEL_REQUIREMENTS to check_vintf_compatible_log
5d793fb740 : Enable cfi for 32bit arch
d6eab6f827 : Add bootconfig to kernel cmdline when BOARD_BOOTCONFIG not empty
1426cab468 : Copy vendor_ramdisk[-debug].img to out/dist
d7946d13f0 : Add support for building vendor_ramdisk-debug.img
06400177a3 : Trigger data wipe on spl-downgrade as well
2e43e34d53 : Throw an error if androidboot.hardware is used for bootconfig
4fb27f07eb : Version bump to SP1A.210309.002 [core/]
fd150d3dcc : VINTF logs ends in .log suffix.
e564ec3502 : Workaround for existing packages check failure when the `generic` product is used with ART prebuilts.
6e64c14ce9 : Fix kati regen due to build_number.txt
728e0bd468 : Cleanup: fileslist target commands
96ff5b9e04 : Version bump to SP1A.210308.002 [core/]
4c063e33c8 : Cleanup: ram disk -> ramdisk
6a6d6217d7 : Cleanup: internal vendor ramdisk targets
828828ba07 : Add support for building vendor_ramdisk.img
399fc37446 : Always use ART sources for Fuchsia.
6f06f9ea7a : Disable verify_uses_libraries check if dexpreopt is globally disabled.
f85e68f554 : Fix `m bootimage_test_harness` failure
bf0b8a8610 : Add a check for missing entries in AVB_FOOTER_ARGS_BY_PARTITION
697c6eecf6 : Add missing R partitions in AVB_FOOTER_ARGS
dc24d88aa9 : Rename vendor-ramdisk to vendor_ramdisk
f1ea820b87 : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.005 [core/]
21bf64a70a : Remove deprecated RcsService/PresencePolling apps
efe6a4d748 : Add a product variable to override APEX modules in boot jar lists.
b84e1deb5e : update vndk list
8c65ef6574 : Fix typo in and
786bbea407 : Include in the make (kati) step.
3fb7ddf3bc : Update m help text with guidance on parallelism
50e3dfcea7 : Version bump to SP1A.210301.002 [core/]
439c35bc90 : Version bump to SP1A.210226.002 [core/]
2c1aa47057 : Add dirmods command to
05ff7055b6 : Add spl-downgrade field to ota metadata
6e7693f159 : Allow BOARD_VNDK_VERSION to be changed
71af07abe8 : releasetools: Fix an issue in common.GetSparseImage
7660797722 : Version bump to SP1A.210224.003 [core/]
e643120c75 : Add dependency from to rsync'd recovery ramdisk files
789ff35f0c : Version bump to SP1A.210224.002 [core/]
6952cb3583 : Revert "Set BUILD_BROKEN_VENDOR_PROPERTY_NAMESPACE for goldfish"
3a2ed66f0b : Version bump to SP1A.210223.003 [core/]
48603ff158 : Creates a combined split-sepolicy file in
7756af8413 : Version bump to SP1A.210223.002 [core/]
50509015bf : Support vendor bootconfig creation
62328d8519 : Disallow use of error-prone merge-strategies
38a57bf1df : Generate FlatConfig objects from GenericConfig objects.
176e534edb : Rename rgrep to rsgrep
5a09c2084d : Add non-fatal mode for verify_uses_libraries check.
40c399732c : Allow missing classes in R8 mk builds
5b4d603783 : Avoid duplicate installed notice file rules.
2590206000 : Move VarType out of its respective outer classes.
3412a07822 : Avoid duplicate installed notice file rules.
baada2ad67 : Remove extra dot from depreceation, obsoletion warnings
95c9616b4b : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.004 [core/]
d0a24aa504 : Revert^2 "Rough-in license metadata support to make."
44dcaac28b : Revert^2 "Add variables for notice deps, license kinds etc."
9dfca53077 : Version bump to SP1A.210219.003 [core/]
e077cf764f : Add pvmfw partition to target files
1ed889befc : support pre-defined timestamp and uuid when bulid EROFS images
5bd0395570 : Sign APEXes on all partitions
dbb2ae2d90 : Version bump to SP1A.210219.002 [core/]
9cc1af64e7 : update vndk list
0061204726 : Remove module dependency on license metadata.
c18ebafcb9 : Remove unwanted JNI libs outside inflating action.
b5a3b6167f : Version bump to SP1A.210218.002 [core/]
b4b07aba7d : Returns empty apex_infos if the apex target dir does not exist.
64f3db2ec1 : Keep the first and last snapshot of variables.
8523601ce9 : Generate GenericConfig objects from MakeConfig objects.
f20c93afa3 : Emit and parse the product config variables from kati/make
9de9652582 : Add class to fork and exec kati, based on the commandline option given.
7c01d47c9a : Add a CSV parser to parse the output from kati.
248ee9f249 : update vndk list
fa83228660 : Move the logic to add jacocoagent in instrumentation builds to make.
c481de01b7 : Move ART APEX selection logic to core make.
9513ad5599 : update vndk list
11d01b49b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210216.003 [core/]
b5e2aa9fe1 : Revert "update vndk list"
bdac9c1489 : Version bump to SP1A.210216.002 [core/]
17831e3da3 : Remove LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS from core makefiles.
46cdb2f9fc : update vndk list
0390580262 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/make
1178673d5e : Revert "Set PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL in"
f4bf5d5e62 : Build the ART modules from source if they are listed in TARGET_BUILD_APPS.
2e4fdbdda1 : Do not append empty DEFAULT_TIDY_HEADER_DIRS
7d8229a12b : Version bump to SP1A.210212.002 [core/]
9f781ff907 : Fix error where otacerts in VENDOR_BOOT isn't replaced
119f279455 : Fix signing errors where some partitions aren't properly signed
eb586efe6f : Check for existence of private key before generating OTA
80ff466780 : Prevent SPL downgrade OTAs from generating
9255f59f9b : Fix pm.dexopt.first-boot for eng builds
8edad8f7a3 : Preserve <uses-library> order in dexpreopt.config files.
9c8cafe38f : Add build task for cts_root.
dc5ee8ff02 : Add tool to find problems with build repeatability.
52d0490d9b : Ensure ART module prebuilts aren't used in sanitizer builds.
94da140c70 : Mark PRODUCT_SUPPORTS_xxx variables as single item instead of list
a7bd5812bc : Version bump to SP1A.210211.002 [core/]
434a3b77cf : Add build task for cts_root.
c97637636e : Add framework-scheduling to UPDATABLE_BOOT_JARS
a270b161b4 : Add to system partition
b8eecc6015 : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.003 [core/]
645dcb8264 : Make python3 compatible
5feee0e957 : Fix license_type. Contains GPL
4a5bbd7a7a : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.002 [core/]
eaf5c1dca2 : Updates merge_target_files soong_zip to use -r instead of -l.
7185c6c500 : Implement directed recovery snapshot.
48c9d69a0f : Update Security String to 2021-04-05
b7e744cd82 : Update the default compiler filter used at boot time
d30f4441a9 : Version bump to SP1A.210208.002 [core/]
a1271eb343 : Turn missing jarjar output files into errors
8e568c52ab : Remove Use_lmkd_stats_log from build
bbfa182995 : Add flag to manually disable vabc
791378cda1 : extract_kernel: make it py2/py3 compatible
ce42553835 : Version bump to SP1A.210205.003 [core/]
a3c5395672 : Keystore 2.0: Disable keystore 2 by default (for now)
cc1fee3594 : Add IKE to bcp and remove it from system server classpath
de2d7b11e6 : update vndk list
4ae09765b7 : GSI: enable dynamic partitions
6c37c172c6 : Adding repack_bootimg into
c12dd84d01 : Kernel modules: add modules.blocklist build support
e3a04b9fd1 : Version bump to SP1A.210205.002 [core/]
ab282be1c7 : Add IKE to bcp and remove it from system server classpath
3527d15b94 : Version bump to SP1A.210204.002 [core/]
2430e7e3a3 : powerstats: PowerStats HAL has been renamed
0cca4d0211 : Create Power Stats AIDL interface
b5290f8271 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.007 [core/]
0c09471cc3 : Clean TEST_MAPPING config based on go/a-unit-tests
38cd0624f3 : Don't patch build path to DEX jar in
17e98b7ca2 : Use RSP file for soong_zip in
7704497315 : Add logic to ensure the ART APEXes are built from source in coverage builds.
1f4aeb1430 : Update Security String to 2021-04-05
d91ce79dd4 : Version bump to SP1A.210203.002 [core/]
156c719179 : Quick and dirty filtering of present LOCAL_OPTIONAL_USES_LIBRARIES.
a0884b90ae : Add PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to productVariables
83d1c2ed4b : Install init_rc for recovery modules correctly.
9e2d21f913 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.006 [core/]
1a69106aac : Version bump to SP1A.210202.003 [core/]
e94e9b4bb7 : Remove deprecated RcsService/PresencePolling apps
05a3f680f7 : Fix test failures due to binaries not found in PATH
553efcaae2 : Add releasetools_test to TEST_MAPPING
1431ab8cf9 : envsetup: add rgrep for local Rust files
c77a379241 : Fix typo in variable name.
02aea13272 : Add top level product definitions for module_* devices.
4ca749cb11 : Merge the module_* files into their corresponding product mk files.
9d1f5c8c2e : Version bump to SP1A.210202.002 [core/]
bedf883815 : Version bump to SP1A.210201.002 [core/]
f4909b4d71 : Add deapexer to releasetools_common
8cd54b4898 : Version bump to SP1A.210129.003 [core/]
f38e5869be : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.005 [core/]
0ef588d656 : Added CATBox Changes
a54ba5127e : Version bump to SP1A.210129.002 [core/]
5332eb8f3b : Version bump to SP1A.210128.002 [core/]
1c879b8822 : Add armv8-a-branchprot arch variant
558cb6c5ac : Merge <uses-library> dependency configs into dexpreopt.config files.
91196b0d73 : Add "service-media-s" into PRODUCT_UPDATABLE_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS
29c5d1a4f1 : Add top level product definitions for module_* devices.
c72718c7c5 : Only add apex_info for compressed apexes
3608148612 : Add support for signing a compressed apex
f1d225ccf9 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.004 [core/]
7bd09911a2 : Add apex_info.pb to generated OTA
22c687c5c3 : Fix pylint warnings on
24c36dbeec : Add outmod and installmod commands
3000bb809e : update vndk list
e42bbc85ab : Version bump to SP1A.210125.003 [core/]
5f0fcee4dd : Emit apex_info to target_files META/apex_info.pb
7eb578c6e7 : Version bump to SP1A.210125.002 [core/]
9fd5886e23 : Create a function that can generate ApexInfo using target-files
af2e80471b : Revert "Do not set ro.iorapd.enable=true"
bd325f4148 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.003 [core/]
00c7fcc766 : current.txt: remove libadf since it is no longer supported
0c7e0c0e3c : Rearrange the methods on ErrorReporter to be more convenient.
6edf0ec2ed : Add glue to run product-config-test as a standalone commandline executable.
a5dbb0a8f6 : CommandException to cleanly exit product-config on error.
c8381ba16b : Add soong config var for library linking strategy
da4887cfa5 : Version bump to SP1A.210122.003 [core/]
514d809b20 : Add LOCAL_PROVIDES_USES_LIBRARY and use it in module dexpreopt config.
1047a0a4be : Add subcontexts field to JSON class loader context representation.
a8bb211c4c : update vndk list
604fc5f8fa : Add weaver HAL to VNDK-core list
964b7ef8dd : Version bump to SP1A.210122.002 [core/]
841c3e3ea6 : Add skeleton for product-config tool.
298f938fb8 : Include framework-permission-s in bootclasspath.
affa5b0348 : Version bump to SP1A.210121.002 [core/]
3c87560119 : Add a missing guard around JACOCO_REPORT_CLASSES_ALL
3330b2fe0b : Support memtag_heap sanitizer type in make.
95514f20b0 : Version bump to SP1A.210120.003 [core/]
7ac96037c3 : Moving $OUT/vendor-ramdisk-debug.cpio.lz4 to intermediate dir
ed9395a929 : Remove unused variables.
7f8b7a1123 : Do not suppress compilation of boot images because of TARGET_BUILD_APPS.
f0c3a3bd9c : Version bump to SP1A.210120.002 [core/]
239a79ae19 : Emit virtual_ab_compression prop to dynamic_parttiion_info.txt
caf47e29d1 : Revert "[DO NOT MERGE] iorap: Turn off iorap for R before resolving the regression. am: b73d551613"
3ace59cb91 : Version bump to SP1A.210119.002 [core/]
897fe0e8df : Split out minimal ART dexpreopt config and use it in mainline builds.
68ab626aac : Specify --ramdisk_name for vendor ramdisks for vendor_boot v4
ceaa411fcb : Includes recovery resources into vendor_boot-debug.img
021e6b1004 : Version bump to SP1A.210117.004 [core/]
77af13b956 : Version bump to SP1A.210117.003 [core/]
e3cf60911a : Enable prebuilt hiddenapi CSV files.
b1cfb67a1d : Add health storage V1 to VNDK list
4198466882 : Version bump to SP1A.210115.003 [core/]
789641c28c : Move gsi_arm64 makefile to device/generic/common
80c83b3b7c : Version bump to SP1A.210115.002 [core/]
2ca855c5f5 : Update Security String to 2021-03-05
e4ee55a60e : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.001 [core/]
462c12dfae : Disable unsigned-shift-base by default.
2a85407c26 : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.005 [core/]
c3d7fff348 : Stops including extra VNDK apexes if the VNDK current apex is on vendor.
73e7049dea : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.004 [core/]
6f19c3e06f : Switch platform EH unwinder to prebuilt LLVM libunwind
f2cad789ca : Version bump to SP1A.210113.003 [core/]
025fb73656 : Add ImsServiceEntitlement app
c0f6908ad6 : Version bump to SP1A.210113.002 [core/]
4a693b28e6 : jacoco-report-classes-all.jar doesn't depend on fake modules
0bafe32068 : Use 64 bit binder in module builds
c0423c8dae : Use 64 bit binder in module builds
d703d4e453 : DO NOT MERGE Update OWNERS for SPL changes to
bc0038f4c2 : DO NOT MERGE Update OWNERS for SPL changes to
9644ec811f : Add dependencies on java resources when packaging APK without classes
6068e8dd52 : Refactor apex signing logic in preparation for compressed apexes
2e0b835d28 : Fix errors from validate_target_files
14a8712c4d : Add missing dependencies to releasetools_common and binary defaults.
7dc5117ffd : GetBootImageBuildProp returns None if file does not exist
5ddbc173d6 : Version bump to SP1A.210112.002 [core/]
c8e4513fb0 : Initialize DEX_PREOPT_DEFAULT based on global dexpreopt settings.
c2adfd8efe : Add AuthSecret HAL to VNDK-core list
10b4d0ad5d : Include/exclude paths for memtag sanitizer.
63bdab48cc : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.003 [core/]
c3fdfed11b : Fix test_sign_apex
0e3ba7d2f7 : Update Security String to 2021-03-01
790926fe61 : Version bump to SP1A.210111.002 [core/]
e245e00d7b : Initialize DEX_PREOPT_DEFAULT based on global dexpreopt settings.
2ef12cb1c2 : Add OemLock HAL to VNDK-core list
63f78c1414 : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.002 [core/]
9c4665257c : Update Security String to 2021-03-05
33807b886a : Version bump to SP1A.210108.003 [core/]
383e482c22 : zipalign: log more I/O errors
732b858481 : Add unit_test option to module-info.json
60cdd2e9e9 : Version bump to SP1A.210108.002 [core/]
85ac5012aa : Add GetBootImageBuildProp.
c65a0545dd : Move GetBootImageTimestamp to common.
10482a2a56 : Load boot build props to info_dict properly.
d0d12fbd03 : Version bump to SP1A.210107.002 [core/]
08764606de : Move keymint to security.
d432027f81 : Update gsi/current.txt with secure clock and shared secret services.
c497641e6f : Implement fake vendor snapshot
7a95820907 : Revert^2 "Rough-in license metadata support to make."
21bd34fe09 : Revert^2 "Add variables for notice deps, license kinds etc."
54066744f0 : Revert "Rough-in license metadata support to make."
dcfb9c5ef5 : Revert "Add variables for notice deps, license kinds etc."
c6285250e5 : Version bump to SP1A.210106.002 [core/]
524428a647 : Switch default execution strategy to racing for developer builds
a92f3e0804 : Use unified cas uploads / downloads
ba9a28bee2 : Source from any location inside of a repo directory.
d8cc1352b5 : Implement directed vendor snapshot
fb7c801b67 : Support building mixed versions of sepolicy
f57771a299 : Add 5.10-android12-0 KMI for generic_arm64
20fc1b3719 : Rough-in license metadata support to make.
6421674a39 : Add variables for notice deps, license kinds etc.
54146eeed8 : Update VNDK list for product modules
baf5c8114b : Make ro.product.cpu.abilist.* to be fetched dynamically
4eff0210eb : Version bump to SP1A.201229.003 [core/]
806002a2f3 : Version bump to SP1A.201229.002 [core/]
94ea1f1c01 : Version bump to SP1A.201228.002 [core/]
c311ff6b68 : Update GF board variable for dynamic partition
366b7d1626 : Version bump to SP1A.201224.002 [core/]
0386daa353 : Reply: Add stable aidl memtrack hal to vndk list
91a641324c : Increase the size of super.img for Goldfish
da770507ab : Include snapuserd in recovery for VABC builds.
6d9e78fd5d : Swich TEST_MAPPING config to unit_tests:true
2bbc159e97 : Remove the zipalign_test mapping file
5cd2547df9 : Support for recovery snapshot.
52c564c2c0 : Version bump to SP1A.201221.002 [core/]
f9a4f9b174 : Version bump to SP1A.201218.002 [core/]
3839f03b7d : Add check that a module doesn't try to override itself.
d3d0f7d62e : Skip generate-common-build-props for older devices without /product
d6e9ea97a6 : Temporarily set default to keep building with ART sources.
75c7f9d4ba : Version bump to RQ2A.201217.002 [core/]
18df4cc1d3 : Version bump to SP1A.201217.002 [core/]
d21e7dc833 : Add support for packing multiple vendor ramdisks in vendor_boot
d50be39a1b : Version bump to SP1A.201216.004 [core/]
a369a7d0ad : Version bump to SP1A.201216.003 [core/]
d347de1f67 : Version bump to RQ1A.210205.004 [core/]
00993370b8 : Version bump to RQ1A.210205.003 [core/]
532d2d82c5 : Revert "Add stable aidl memtrack hal to vndk list"
42cae00cb0 : Move jacocoagent installation to base_system
044ef90bf9 : Remove libwebrtc_audio_processing
02157285ca : Version bump to RQ1A.210205.002 [core/]
009936a198 : Revert "Add stable aidl memtrack hal to vndk list"
e3a09008fb : add missing slash.
15a1226d7d : Update Security String to 2021-02-05
82996e4bbc : Add devices suitable for single-arch module builds
f68f92d3d5 : Add mainline_sdk device and product
41f9cc2c6b : Make TARGET_ARCH optional in BoardConfig
5e05b8ef31 : Add make support for Aml_abis and Ndk_abis options
b7b3d8ead6 : Reformat _board_strip_readonly_list assigment
bbd95df172 : Add devices suitable for single-arch module builds
c8b5e196ce : Pipe bazel() note text to stderr.
f03fa0c5f2 : Revert "Make ab_ota_partitions read only"
6af48c8312 : Allows GSI AVB keys on vendor boot even when not building vendor boot.
ad7b650e2d : Update Security String to 2021-02-01
db2982eaab : Version bump to SP1A.201214.003 [core/]
11c8151e60 : Version bump to SP1A.201214.002 [core/]
929f1ad1d6 : Make ab_ota_partitions read only
9cf722cf2c : Move goldfish RRO to vendor partition
27de935d83 : Update OWNERS.
49e1a2bb72 : Revert^2 "Move keymint to"
74b8e09094 : mark zipalign_test as unit tests
ea21979e96 : Revert "Move keymint to"
055128bf10 : Use sha256 to build the hashtree in avb image
e086ae045e : require-artifacts-in-path does not require PRODUCT_NAME/BRAND.
b73d551613 : [DO NOT MERGE] iorap: Turn off iorap for R before resolving the regression.
55cd0ee523 : Update aosp_arm64 kernel 4.19 prebuilt name
86f6344fbb : Update aosp_arm64 kernel 4.19 prebuilt name
d4d46ab023 : Update Security String to 2021-02-05
85573ddd41 : Move keymint to
f947b85090 : Version bump to SP1A.201209.002 [core/]
1a9d81a06b : Add bootclasspath config to its own makefile
e51c7e8aef : Set allow list for generic ramdisk
d1258eb2f8 : Add a "relaxed" mode for require-artifacts-in-path
9faf469d27 : Move ro.zygote to vendor
33d9aad0ba : Add java_sdk_library enforcement flags to
aa7b03b970 : Add java_sdk_library enforcement flag verification
3b37bc8986 : Add missing buildinfo dependencies.
2d1e583d80 : Version bump to RQ2A.201209.002 [core/]
6f5ec49c87 : Version bump to SP1A.201208.002 [core/]
3e51f4234c : Enable system partition compression
fae0f97114 : Move artifact path requirement logic to a separate file
cd8fa36cbb : Move rule for certificate_violation_modules.txt
729427460b : Ensure file permissions are writable before attempting to sign.
fda2a4a7a0 : Version bump to RQ2A.201208.002 [core/]
9b6de576dc : emulator_arm64: Don't support AArch32
edbbf82586 : Added new compiler filter properties for dexopt.
ce74a50746 : Version bump to RQ2A.201207.002 [core/]
343a6e9cf5 : Add stable aidl memtrack hal to vndk list
9b103e49e9 : Add option include a pvmfw partition
1b0f9bff9c : Move ro.zygote to vendor
35f015ea5e : calculation partition size use compressed image size
7eb5ddcb24 : Cherrypicked from
f09bc4bc3b : Move mediatranscoding from system to apex
1482fba34f : Remove e2fsck from generic ramdisk.
8f52a568f0 : Enable debug ramdisk for vendor_boot with recovery
62d926e2fe : add erofs to non partition spanning fs
06b3e84891 : Version bump to SP1A.201204.002 [core/]
6cac3c2d0c : Added new compiler filter properties for dexopt.
c87781a020 : Add a product flag that will enable compressed APEX on device
4bf0af4199 : Revert "Cherrypicked from"
914ef21c28 : Add linker to VAB with vendor_ramdisk
ee33b4ea51 : Adds host_init_verifier to
359f421d3b : Make installed-files-recovery.txt depend on rsync timestamp
7cd04064d2 : Merge "Update mts task to make mts-${MODULE} test suites" am: 961ef44f0b
bbc94b0d83 : Use jni_libs instead of required for signapk conscrypt JNI
40c9513f7f : Follow argument changes to RuleBuilder
e9f73e3bd0 : Version bump to RQ1A.210105.003 [core/]
36481e0b34 : Generate system stub library list at build time
636da472a5 : Version bump to SP1A.201130.002 [core/]
54e92c980d : Cherrypicked from
05d7fefb7d : Add on-device signing binary to base.
5add55ede1 : Add bootclasspath config to its own makefile
8c73673e73 : Add bootclasspath config to its own makefile
f16d798822 : Switch default execution strategy to racing for developer builds
67e5ec6202 : Remove unit tests jar from suites
21c34f78e8 : Runs host_init_verifier on merged target files packages.
aa79007e04 : Use unified cas uploads / downloads
75dc8d2dab : Dump a new CSV with warning messages
6b7cc73ec5 : Add Virtual A/B with vendor ramdisk product.
942987d116 : Add symlinks to legacy Virtual A/B makefiles.
018c698280 : Move virtual_ab makefiles to its own dir.
caf7bbc39e : Add --disable_verity_computation option to ota script
6ff5201ce9 : Add installed-files-vendor-ramdisk.txt
6009a0a38f : Add the geotz jar to the system server
8e316b5c4e : Version bump to RQ2A.201120.002 [core/]
7a089a93ce : Version bump to SP1A.201120.002 [core/]
c8c94ac38e : Try to find host tools in the same directory as the caller
7c553a1c74 : Version bump to RQ1A.210105.002 [core/]
780b804233 : Add CameraExtensionsProxy to handheld_system
38888d390f : Turns on building vbmeta.img when merging if avb_enable=true.
79106cd3ab : emulator: enable cfi for emulator's wifi driver
0bb3fffd1a : Add a template for java host unit tests
2e88158571 : Revert^2 "Always turn on compatible property"
8820eaa5e5 : Move snapuserd into the vendor ramdisk.
15d3f8f697 : Clear LOCAL_IS_UNIT_TEST
34d6aff04e : Update Security String to 2021-01-05
c5604a02f7 : Adds a new build task to run host_init_verifier on partition dirs.
c6f9bb1289 : Version bump to SP1A.201118.002 [core/]
facfb54ee4 : Revert "Always turn on compatible property"
154ff7ebc8 : Copy generated $(PRODUCT_OUT)/module-info.json file to dist when SOONG_COLLECT_JAVA_DEPS flag is set.
6441bc7ca3 : Update Security String to 2021-01-01
643b264940 : Update Security String to 2021-01-05
fa07bff60e : DO NOT MERGE Fix the order of loading OEM properties
944d232279 : Version bump to SP1A.201117.002 [core/]
9994e96c7d : Always turn on compatible property
8878beb615 : Skip the platform availability check for unbundled builds.
41f6291a9f : Add unit tests to host-unit-tests suite
d5d15c8673 : Rust: Collect gnco files with CLANG_COVERAGE too.
d440184471 : aosp_arm64: clarify GKI in readme.
f5dd057095 : OWNERS: include core sepolicy OWNERS
cc6c202caa : Recovery resource must be install to either boot or vendor_boot
72e78f21b2 : Pass kernel version file to check_vintf.
b95d02eac9 : Pass kernel release file to check_vintf.
836b600594 : Support for recovery snapshot.
8218225794 : Support PRODUCT_BUILD_VBMETA_IMAGE for target files
bc685f920c : Revert "Mount generic ramdisk as readwrite."
0301d64545 : Mark PRODUCT_xxx variables as single item instead of list
e41773cfd5 : Version bump to SP1A.201112.003 [core/]
5a6bc22b52 : Fix the order of loading OEM properties
464012df7c : Version bump to SP1A.201112.002 [core/]
a720635be2 : Fix zipalign alignment error
4b4b495d88 : Improve Zipalign test
915601fcc3 : Version bump to SP1A.201111.002 [core/]
cfd80b3a6e : Add libdmabufheap to VNDK SP list
02b6cdf5e3 : Update mts task to make mts-${MODULE} test suites
642ed5e4ff : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.011 [core/]
5a65f69ae6 : Dump BOARD_PARTIAL_OTA_UPDATE_PARTITIONS_LIST into misc_info.txt
6cdf39168f : Allow downgradeable secondary payload
83ea783146 : Filter out ab_partitions in source_info as well
65029a2801 : Include complete boot image on builds containing gki apex
2d691edf69 : Add dmuserd to PRODUCT_PACKAGES_DEBUG
49968aa137 : aosp_arm64 Copy boot image from $OUT to target files
720b383ded : Version bump to SP1A.201110.002 [core/]
66589d1328 : Use 'inherit-product/inherit-product-if-exists to include config files
80195724e7 : Allow downgradable partial OTA
0674a6e04d : Extract boot image from prebuilt apex
3d8fb39b0e : Add the janitors and someone from Studio.
e37c4626cf : Version bump to SP1A.201109.002 [core/]
2ce1fd907b : Make dump-many-vars work for large variables
6dfc6fb4c4 : Fix zipalign tests with GetExecutableDirectory
705d652767 : Create a new test zip for hostside unittest
447f859deb : Custom binary XML wire protocol tools.
84ae75cd3c : Install e2fsck_ramdisk to GKI ramdisk.
afdd39fd10 : Add java sdk library enforcement flag
c2039151ba : Run zipalign tests in presubmit.
d33515623a : Checks for APK sharedUserIds that cross partition group boundaries.
49803e35b9 : Switch ramdisk.img to the LZ4 format
37e13f4697 : Version bump to SP1A.201105.002 [core/]
a95305b81f : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.010 [core/]
854ccc05e5 : Version bump to SP1A.201104.002 [core/]
3175c17130 : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.009 [core/]
25328f5cb9 : Add profcollect to PLATFORM_PACKAGES_DEBUG
31233e5922 : Disable FEC computation for VABC
89bba4b503 : Version bump to SP1A.201103.002 [core/]
0f29f54695 : Refactor zipalign to allow unit tests
a97b43e4bd : Revert^2 "Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore."
1bca532106 : Rework class loader context implementation.
d418471390 : Phase out Legacy GSI
c10e367912 : Enable BOARD_USES_GKI on aosp_arm64
336883a64f : Add phony target to check all PCF ELF prebuilts
3f95724bcb : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.008 [core/]
e8dfa89269 : Version bump to RQ2A.201030.002 [core/]
a59bb27754 : Fix partition timestamps for secondary payload
e8cbadab84 : Version bump to SP1A.201030.002 [core/]
22c21c1d7d : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.007 [core/]
522710f378 : Add a rule to get numbers greater or equal to a minimum number.
35c4aed6ae : Version bump to SP1A.201029.002 [core/]
b8d52a2fdc : Finds APK shared UID violations when merging target files.
bbd4fae4d7 : Move boot jars package check to Soong
e73c5a074d : Fix missing required dependency caused by circular dependency
95799b056e : Add keystore2 to PLATFORM_PACKAGES
78b55b2244 : Mount generic ramdisk as readwrite.
78860164d0 : Do not put GENERIC_KERNEL_CMDLINE in recovery image.
c56931c173 : Move common code out of the conditional.
3941a876de : Remove device-specific bits if recovery_as_boot
46aff099d2 : Do not assume GKI just with vendor_boot.
f8b158b312 : build: make python2 explicitly
b235859ac0 : Add a rule to get numbers greater or equal to a minimum number.
77c15cb2d4 : Changes Robolectric test suite tag to its own value to enable filtering these in ATP.
5388389553 : Cleanup references to system/core/liblog -> system/logging/liblog
4dc00c60da : Move {libbacktrace,libunwindstack} from system/core -> system/unwinding/
961041ac80 : Allow flashing erofs system imgs
b511e7f33a : Let genrule have the entrance depend on signapk
c8771bef56 : build: allow refreshmod with external out directory
2736c6f046 : Revert "Refactor zipalign to allow unit tests"
d4f71a97bd : Refactor zipalign to allow unit tests
43fa81981b : Version bump to RQ2A.201026.002 [core/]
84280dfa4c : Cleanup references to system/core/liblog -> system/logging/liblog
5d60d02454 : Rename abazel() to bazel(), give a warning if clobbering an existing Bazel, and have it call tools/bazel (aka build/bazel/ to start Bazel.
8334dff322 : Version bump to SP1A.201023.002 [core/]
7b634d345d : Remove duplicate quotation marks in apkcerts list.
71fab5c75a : Cleanup references to system/core/base -> system/libbase
413a53066b : Make *TS to include NOTICE file by default
dbbf5a3912 : Formatting and general cleanup of merge_target_files.
26eaef4b89 : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.006 [core/]
6bde1cfcdf : Version bump to SP1A.201022.002 [core/]
cb8655c3b9 : Package host shared lib for art-host-tests
49ab1b90df : OTA: Support A/B devices custom images update.
5d94291a87 : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.005 [core/]
eb31875b9a : Version bump to SP1A.201021.002 [core/]
c21bd0a42c : Rename ART release APEX to
7d7f94547a : symlink_outputs: Add .KATI_SYMLINK_OUTPUTS to build/make/core
75f7cf9a2d : Add fs_config_(dirs|files) for product and system_ext
ebe65f8c0a : Build boot image if BOARD_KERNEL*_BOOTIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE
ec0a7c89ff : Rename ART release APEX to
6bd3b1a7f1 : Generate partial ota update package if the board defines it
8d5158fdf0 : Remove the hosttestlib.jar as it shouldn't be needed
ef7a971ded : Do not build recovery-resource.dat if move_recovery_res_to_vendor_boot
56dd8372db : Version bump to SP1A.201020.003 [core/]
e555ab1848 : sign_target_files_apks: Fix password encrypted keys handle
78c70d6abc : Package files in jacoco-report-classes-all.jar
7a157b0319 : Reland "Check system manifest against frozen data."
92f32615ed : Revert "Remove env-var-allowlist"
f908824c21 : Version bump to SP1A.201020.002 [core/]
8197702d73 : Revert "Check system manifest against frozen data."
be4cdda31b : Update VNDK version for common graphics HALs.
55ddfd84d3 : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.004 [core/]
40a9f49ced : Update VNDK version for common graphics HALs.
27c59f9d32 : Version bump to SP1A.201019.002 [core/]
4b7153b373 : Fix validate_target_files for target files modified by
d32800f049 : Update VNDK version for common graphics HALs.
ad6293c098 : Removes usage of TARGET_NO_VENDOR_BOOT.
607800d615 : Add snapuserd to VABC product and
e8011a4f45 : Version bump to SP1A.201016.002 [core/]
b37c5be8cc : Update ota script to match init's logic
1605938e8c : Enable uploading ramdisk to target
e88ac677c5 : Make the consistent between device build prop & partition build prop
ed754fb339 : Add build property to enable fscompression
38ab4d81ed : Add ota script support to generate partial updates
aad34e5b7e : Exclude board cmdline/dtb/pagesize/base in generic boot image
d381f7336a : Add GKI global variable.
79af9880ec : Update location of some files while moving them
90ac5ae188 : Remove unneed jar files from the system partition
405847ac19 : Remove env-var-allowlist
125d0b63b9 : Add function to extract timestamp from boot image
bc588bf8ef : Remove unneed jar files from the system partition
b582e0f420 : Enable uploading ramdisk to target
b0c75911b8 : Make merge_target_files more lenient, needed for cross-release merging.
843240c81a : Check system manifest against frozen data.
6deca99cc5 : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.003 [core/]
841994abeb : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.002 [core/]
aa4b824d25 : Source scripts anywhere within the repo.
bfe242def7 : Update Security String to 2020-12-01
1cced44791 : Rename module.
131fa7d866 : Add abazel() function to envsetup.
55c16dd11e : Add build property to enable fscompression
827ac3ed02 : Update Security String to 2020-12-05
ae5a93184e : Version bump to SP1A.201012.002 [core/]
29d48ffac5 : Update Security String to 2020-12-05
af67081218 : Builds boot-debug.img if INSTALLED_BOOTIMAGE_TARGET.
38c8824187 : Reflect MALLOC_ZERO_CONTENTS default true.
e8ac9951d8 : Package files in jacoco-report-classes-all.jar
aa40fe7b42 : Version bump to RQ1A.201004.005 [core/]
68a3cef45e : Update vndk list for android.hardware.common.fmq
0f0fa1a07d : Revert^2 "use new GKI kernel location"
4c9c891fc4 : Add clean step to remove Soong's host copies of
a0281768fe : Revert "use new GKI kernel location"
5a9b5b12dc : Version bump to SP1A.201009.002 [core/]
33fd5d4277 : Add <ramdisk>/system/etc/ramdisk/build.prop.
ba048cb758 : Refactor OWNERS files in platform/build/make.
cfb0d67fc4 : Version bump to RQ1A.201004.004 [core/]
42879ff536 : Various fixes to PRODUCT_BUILD_<IMAGE> variables.
0bbbc93c31 : Revert "Add timestamp to ramdisk."
4f10706721 : use new GKI kernel location
351a317cd5 : Remove apidiff task and droiddoc jdiff support
ab42cd0eb9 : Add missing target-native-copy-pairs util
5c1b199b87 : Build otatools files before building OTA packages.
aa0f7c10c6 : Version bump to SP1A.201008.002 [core/]
a16690c38c : Skip unneeded notice files for DATA modules.
b98d591fea : Version bump to SP1A.201007.002 [core/]
bf4e8f4708 : Make the build fail when the executable prebuilt target check fails.
599330f865 : Include selinux_policy_* for product and system_ext.
d7df770c4a : soong_config: Support SYSTEM_EXT* sepolicy vars
501ca68fd5 : soong_config: Plat->SystemExt*SepolicyDirs
64482e35b4 : Version bump to RQ1A.201004.003 [core/]
7a532ab1e9 : Add timestamp to ramdisk.
edb1ad44a8 : Version bump to RQ2A.201006.001 [core/]
6d6590b55f : Version bump to RQ1A.201004.002 [core/]
75a532279d : powerstats: PowerStats HAL has been renamed
307240dfee : Version bump to SP1A.201005.003 [core/]
ff6fa5ec12 : Version bump to SP1A.201005.002 [core/]
82c4cb74c6 : Remove build tasks for vts10
c4c7c31b3b : Version bump to SP1A.200930.002 [core/]
3e0b5d0355 : Fix boot-* to kernel-* dependency
19b7441973 : Remove the TimeZoneUpdater from all builds
e3b44f551c : Filter out host paths on platform-availability-check errors
8c2c9cfa9d : Fix conflict with common zsh alias
3cc7647af1 : Add to gsi/current.txt
d17bffd01f : Copy generated $(SOONG_OUT_DIR)/module_bp_java_deps.json file to dist when SOONG_COLLECT_JAVA_DEPS flag is set.
96a3f9df33 : Source from any location inside of a repo directory.
ea883a88bf : Version bump to RP1A.201105.002 [core/]
b014114ace : Version bump to SP1A.200928.002 [core/]
4a4a4df0af : Do not set ro.iorapd.enable=true
aceafb8de2 : Version bump to RQ1A.200925.002 [core/]
2cfce9380e : Do not chmod the symlink target when a prebuilt binary is symlinked.
f740f616bd : Create a new package for hostside art tests
eb013b236e : Manually install hwasan runtime on SANITIZE_TARGET=hwaddress builds
ea7db8120e : Remove implicit include path for jni.h
bdd9ec461e : Pass the value of system_shared_libs from Android.bp to
b27c2e8af9 : Use file_contexts for flattened apexes
7f5d326ce2 : Fix ordering of checks based on llvm-readobj output.
928c2341a6 : Allow zip64 support when opening zip files
63e1c37e6f : resolve merge conflicts of 22ccf36b1ba7cd51e5b76a25f9b028944c1a7703 to rvc-dev
85fa34982f : Version bump to SP1A.200922.002 [core/]
751a987bcc : Exclude system shared libs from fix suggestion
e109340cfa : Remove SafetyRegulatoryInfo from generic system
b251795103 : Cleanup legacy project code
d78384a42d : remove unusued and build target
435b8fe7ba : Misc fixes to release tools.
7c9f562d00 : Add an aosp target that supports 64-bit app only
938073ed6c : Version bump to SP1A.200921.002 [core/]
6c03196e11 : Update Security String to 2020-11-05
e8f4a716ad : Add new Java/C++/Yacc warning patterns
54752bf0ae : Use libcutils_headers for android_filesystem_config.h
f8ff981917 : Deduplicate my_compat_dist entries globally.
00d4c092a5 : Update Security String to 2020-11-05
3e3d0913a5 : rust: Don't install static libraries.
fad0ce8296 : Add ANGLE.apk to the base system
88156d11d9 : Remove SafetyRegulatoryInfo from generic system
e5c8867691 : Add virtual A/B compression product.
cc4139cf9c : Version bump to SP1A.200917.004 [core/]
ba30eb1040 : Remove SafetyRegulatoryInfo from generic system
0f625078e1 : Version bump to SP1A.200917.003 [core/]
ddb76bc70b : Version bump to SP1A.200917.002 [core/]
74114f1e69 : add 'syswrite' function
0e74a36c55 : Version bump to RQ1A.200917.002 [core/]
d001fb334d : Add an aosp target that supports 64-bit app only
8c704a59cf : Update Security String to 2020-11-01
329545d912 : fs_config: Update docs
bab814f330 : Add a showcommands function to envsetup.
fcb94679bd : Version bump to SP1A.200916.002 [core/]
22bc099c02 : Force extra config file to be .config
efacba8eef : Update Security String to 2020-11-01
727715f100 : Update Security String to 2020-11-01
73bcc38ac8 : Rename wlist to allowlist
b817bb161d : Add new armv8-2a-dotprod arch variant support.
b97882336e : Add GNSS AIDL interfaces (build/make)
c08cbf0f4a : Revert "Add modules partition."
f037e1a969 : Remove double quotes in file
0118dd2f83 : Add RBE_CXX_COMPARE variable to locally disable compare mode for C++
83c95dea63 : [DO NOT MERGE] Set RBE_DIR default value to point to prebuilts in tree.
ff72798b26 : Version bump to SP1A.200915.002 [core/]
c55fb75e47 : Version bump to SP1A.200914.002 [core/]
edb723a3f8 : Rename wlist to allowlist
45abdb21af : [DO NOT MERGE] Add script to Q branch
e0fc4caea9 : Sync modules required by releasetools
f3a4604ae7 : Version bump to RP1A.201005.006 [core/]
ec1fa31820 : Version bump to RQ1A.200911.002 [core/]
3198607cfd : Add CSV output of remaining makefiles for bp converstion
8ade9b2e00 : Refactor the mongo main() into a class in
934bd8dcfc : Add per-partition summaries and "easy" transitions to mk2bp_catalog
c0f187f5f9 : Add modules partition.
e80c45f6ac : HOST_CROSS_OS/ARCH can be configured to linux_bionic/arm64
aae69c4597 : Remove libsurfaceflinger product package
fbb45227c0 : llkd: moved from optional to required component
90339f9563 : Disable sparse image for GSI products
6e44e3d1e4 : fix a typo for single PRODUCT_PRODUCT_VNDK_VERSION
39aea44a96 : Generate partition timestamps in ota_from_target_files
0ba6ec6f49 : Add test_mainline_modules option support in mk
f12b9bed9b : Version bump to SP1A.200903.002 [core/]
e0dbbd4e9e : Remove target-files-package from PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS
cda30c73c9 : Make dist zip files depend on files instead of images
43f2eb286a : Make dependencies of conditional
8d900929c7 : Remove INSTALLED_VBMETAIMAGE_TARGET dependency from
cdf23d2bca : Version bump to SP1A.200902.002 [core/]
208bbdd21b : Cherry-pick spirit of 23abbfeb4b12d9e58882ae0ff71ffef6f88b4e1b (Revert "Add libdepthphoto to mainline_system")
4d50ea4dd7 : Add ota_metadata_pb2 to
d38244210f : Indicate ANGLE is present on devices
85146e5e82 : AutoGen: Support NativeTest with vendor namespace.
6af7cbe855 : Fix BOARD_PREBUILT_(VENDOR|ODM)_DLKMIMAGE support in
a6de2ada15 : Fix incorrect conditional comment in rule
49a4e9b52e : Preserve symlinks in the Soong prebuilt install steps for host binaries and shared libs.
2bb14864e0 : Add per-partition build info into ota metadata
d5563371d4 : Add more enums to the ota type
9fe40ca37b : Add bootloader to droidcore if built
136274bfaa : [DO NOT MERGE] Update configuration for RemoteExecution actions
0ba998c376 : [DO NOT MERGE] Modify D8 template to not have inputs under the output directory.
8b3850d8e5 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add exec_strategy as CLI flags to all rewrapper commands
c9a030aa4d : [DO NOT MERGE] Add RBE support for Javac, R8, and D8 if respective env vars are set.
77a4879e8c : [DO NOT MERGE] Add PWD to environment variable whitelist for RBE builds.
f965526697 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add labels to rewrapper cc compile action. Prevent ccwrapper from being used in links.
7298be1b47 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add RBE mk file to support bootstrapping RBE and setting relevant environment variables.
d935b454f2 : Update Security String to 2020-10-01
f5f3eaf01c : Switch to aapt2
b0f3a4d04c : Delay platform availability error for ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true
15910c3241 : Version bump to SP1A.200828.002 [core/]
bd3821451a : Use rules to create partition compatibility symlinks
0c4a352409 : Revert "Revert "Add prebuilt bootloader var and add bootloader t..."
046702a6ef : Deduplicate my_compat_dist entries globally.
a2076137a1 : Define the protobuf for OTA metadata
ec8e3864e8 : Version bump to SP1A.200826.002 [core/]
fe66d3992b : Unset USE_GOMA when using RBE.
6805873751 : Revert "Add prebuilt bootloader var and add bootloader to img zip"
770234520d : build_image relies on mkuserimg_mke2fs.
41a03d3aee : Add prebuilt bootloader var and add bootloader to img zip
2e41738566 : Fix lint errors on
4d158b5f32 : Add function to export default values for RBE related variables
8f8d1126aa : Set RBE_DIR default value to point to prebuilts in tree.
eccc461d00 : Fix HOST_CROSS_OUT
41baedd211 : Version bump to RP1A.201005.005 [core/]
e5ab7a241b : Set BOARD_KERNEL_MODULE_INTERFACE_VERSIONS for aosp_arm64
cb49d9986b : Remove name appendix of .TEST_CONFIG
aa462ee010 : Version bump to RP1A.201005.004 [core/]
9a6afb121f : Version bump to RP1A.201005.003 [core/]
dd833dcfb2 : Searches for debugfs_static in search path
8cf668990c : Merged and dist lists of unused methods from R8
d9cef5da7b : Version bump to SP1A.200820.002 [core/]
2f17246fe7 : enable LZ4 ramdisks for aosp_arm64
0c9a525b98 : Add extra_test_configs option support in mk
8c7a0ef351 : Version bump to SP1A.200819.002 [core/]
d6b799a627 : Searches for debugfs_static in search path
83ee8771d8 : Create Power Stats AIDL interface
8b316d4870 : Version bump to RP1A.201005.002 [core/]
438db819e6 : Version bump to SP1A.200818.002 [core/]
6e93f484ac : Make ab_ota_partitions read only
e3c31eac61 : Fix the syntax in
70b04b4a9b : Version bump to SP1A.200817.002 [core/]
152a619d34 : vndservice removed if w/o vndservicemanager
2ad32ef3af : add kernels with untrimmed symbols to aosp_arm64
a9b9e6e5ff : Merged and dist lists of unused methods from R8
370a65b4c3 : Enable configurable audio policy on generic_system
04714da51c : Include vendor overrides in system prop if not split
07aa87afd8 : Enable configurable audio policy on generic_system
e42523e9f3 : Update Security String to 2020-10-05
3491bbdbf8 : Add function to export default values for RBE related variables
ba6d777f25 : Set RBE_DIR default value to point to prebuilts in tree.
33157a2da8 : Disable BLE_VND_INCLUDED in GSI
20cdc90938 : Rename mainline_system(.*).mk to generic_system(.*).mk
0116b6cb0e : Rename mainline_system(.*).mk to generic_system(.*).mk
828d46fbbe : Bypass missing required module check on ASAN SANITIZE_TARGET build
1e463f60b8 : Update Security String to 2020-10-01
5eec497aa4 : Update Security String to 2020-10-05
151dd8fadb : Remove double quotes in file
6f16b5764b : Rename mainline_system(.*).mk to generic_system(.*).mk
fa4f72000b : Package the JDK into test suite zips
26f2850caf : Indicate ANGLE is not enabled by default
b6d3f9b14b : Version bump to SP1A.200811.002 [core/]
da6e4c1964 : Update Security String to 2020-10-01
73fb337300 : Version bump to RP1A.200720.012 [core/]
4d0f396177 : Add uinput command binary to system image.
1ac5384aaf : [config_sanitizers] Fail if LOCAL_SANITIZE_BLACKLIST is used.
9ce76bb1c4 : Disable required modules check on darwin
2af4c9b26f : Revert "Revert "Disable required modules check on darwin""
e01766433a : Revert "Error if $(LOCAL_PATH) is empty"
096c515976 : Revert^2 "releasetools: Disable host module on darwin"
60052f3a9f : Error if $(LOCAL_PATH) is empty
150a1ca0c2 : Don't call $(my_path_comp) if $(dir $(LOCAL_PATH)) is TOP
a3f6632de9 : Remove obsolete PDK build functionality
110a51cbde : Remove obsolete PDK build functionality
3769a205b6 : tasks: find-sharedui-violation: Partition location
cff4d7606d : Move non-AB OTA generation code to a separate file
ce83956fa9 : Fix broken my_image_variant
04b6f05f31 : add support to non-A/B for multiple kernels, boot images
a49b0c8613 : add BOARD_GKI_NONAB_COMPAT for non-A/B compatability with GKI
a21b44a736 : fix recoveryimage-nodeps
2c8b8eca5e : add support to output compiler information
fd72f7f3ac : Reland "Move some prebuilt build tool configs to Soong"
90a05f7e0e : Version bump to SP1A.200807.003 [core/]
1849ad5c5f : Version bump to RP1A.200720.011 [core/]
1e25114fc6 : Version bump to SP1A.200807.002 [core/]
830eddbe27 : Define ro.sanitize.<name> properties in SANITIZE_TARGET builds.
23acb0b896 : Combine HOST/TARGET in Test Suite NOTICE.
e7f1725938 : Build NOTICE txt file into TestSuite zip package.
ceba3cb656 : Don't use the remote pool when using clang-tidy
9d27901e4a : Add more details to divergent vndk lib error.
0ac3666667 : Revert "releasetools: Disable host module on darwin"
1caa24f82a : Document unbundle build behavior
64faf88940 : Require required modules to exist
a42efe57a3 : Deprecate VNDK-lite support from Legacy GSI
66d6a26803 : Revert "Disable required modules check on darwin"
0aecdac89e : Don't use the remote pool when using clang-tidy
6040cad5c1 : Add BOARD_KERNEL_BINARIES to
1d015a5d35 : Make related stuff for Keymint V1.
8b0ccdafbb : Separate lists of soong sanitize modules
d65e8127f1 : releasetools: Disable host module on darwin
8210b91cf6 : Version bump to SP1A.200804.002 [core/]
f26015449f : Unset ENABLE_PREOPT when DISABLE_PREOPT is set
48825727f6 : Revert "Revert "product: Remove wifi-service off SystemServerCla..."
1321bfe370 : Make the property ro.setupwizard.mode overridable.
9f581237e3 : Add ro.product.ab_ota_partitions as a build prop
81f3929867 : Remove vbmeta_system from GSI targets
8f9d08a185 : Add LOCAL_APKCERTS_FILE support.
a6bcbd8a4a : Mark android_app_set modules PRESIGNED.
351b6b811d : Let extract_kernel return full kernel release.
565583382d : [config_sanitizers] Support LOCAL_SANITIZE_BLOCKLIST
de67359782 : Change use of sanity-check to "test". Makes comment line more clear what the code does.
154ac1d870 : Update language to meet Android's inclusive language guidance
8f5fa67881 : Version bump to RP1A.200720.010 [core/]
8e332ff3a7 : Add SetHostToolLocation.
c45b82c23b : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
a85bdf0bf0 : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
4202696f12 : Update ART people in OWNERS
9dd20038b2 : Update language to comply with inclusive guidance
b021b2aeb3 : Update language to comply with Android’s inclusive language guidance
3ac341d9c8 : Version bump to RQ1A.200728.002 [core/]
2d0b052a65 : Version bump to SP1A.200728.002 [core/]
1237c1f577 : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
ba35404e2d : Fixes a few things with the robolectric autoconfig
4d2ea47f06 : Disable required modules check on darwin
57600a4735 : Delete unused subdirectory.
5cbd88ab6c : add android-mainline kernels to aosp_arm64 build
3aeee6daea : add android-mainline kernels to aosp_arm64 build
51c49e590d : Revert "Move some prebuilt build tool configs to Soong"
48ae71a6f0 : Export TARGET_ENABLE_MEDIADRM_64 to Soong.
c42d9bfc27 : Revert "Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore."
c693d95f86 : Fix some wording to comply with respectful-code
12e2d0f7a2 : Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore.
5547d84ef9 : Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore.
e73186d2ac : Combine HOST/TARGET in Test Suite NOTICE.
74a6a0a32a : Add support for combining the notices from 2 roots.
8ba4bab89f : support make_f2fs with casefolding
93d2fbbcad : Build NOTICE txt file into TestSuite zip package.
cc5d2cca25 : Remove LMK properties from GSI image
5f97d6d24f : Remove a couple of LMK properties from GSI image
5e9e1fbe83 : Add support for combining the notices from 2 roots.
7ae3ce79aa : Deprecate VNDK-Lite
3e1c9115d1 : Move some prebuilt build tool configs to Soong
f9f035de19 : Use the soong-built NDK CRT objects.
1abe7ef455 : Add optional relative path to LOCAL_TEST_DATA processing
9b56140cb1 : Adding vbmeta_system.img and vbmeta_vendor.img to droidcore
8157070b37 : LOCAL_JNI_SHARED_LIBRARIES is no longer bad, so remove from my_soong_problems
02fb89a4d7 : Add that outputs more data about makefiles to be converted to soong.
81a092ff88 : Add odm_dlkm/etc/build.prop
3d5e2c210a : Install ODM dlkm to appropriate place and symlink
c83f9e922b : Add notice files for odm_dlkm
1e6d21787a : Create $OUT/{vendor,odm}/lib before symlink modules
f496f1b94f : Add odm_dlkm partition.
a5cf894978 : Deprecate VNDK-Lite
e46fd2d83d : Add android.hardware.common and
065676fbfb : Remove reference to empty variable
c6159372b7 : Require required modules to exist
a9a50cf6e3 : Use apksigner in check_target_files_signatures
c60c514e1a : Rebuild buildinfo.prop after installclean
1785816ca1 : Enable vbmeta_system for GSI targets
561efbc1fb : Refine dump-files
3ca4980d36 : Auto-generate dexpreopt boot image module
e51dff25ec : Install dlkm to appropriate place and symlink
3d3f030c27 : Add notice files for vendor_dlkm
cfb917a1c7 : Add vendor_dlkm partition.
51a971b1d5 : Add vendor_dlkm/etc/build.prop
e78b9cdfc2 : Remove ro.statsd.enable property
c27d795b63 : Use unzip -DD
b842952421 : Dist lint reports for apps
d990f70fa2 : Set ANDROID_ENABLE_METRICS_UPLOAD to the metrics_uploader path to upload metrics.
e926cab372 : Install symbols for JNI libraries
be3c3719d4 : Revert^2 "Turn uses of `COVERAGE_PATHS` and `COVERAGE_EXCLUDE_PATHS` into errors."
d8442b4c88 : Let genrule have the entrance depend on signapk
b8f37694a3 : Add new jar that will replace tradefed.jar
7f4724b712 : Revert "Temporary changed how ro.sf.lcd_density is set so it can build on phone_car."
3595562cf0 : Temporary changed how ro.sf.lcd_density is set so it can build on phone_car.
62d9912677 : Revert "Turn uses of `COVERAGE_PATHS` and `COVERAGE_EXCLUDE_PATHS` into errors."
cd80a6afea : Turn `COVERAGE_PATHS` and `COVERAGE_EXCLUDE_PATHS` into obsolete variables.
ace5860719 : Turn uses of `COVERAGE_PATHS` and `COVERAGE_EXCLUDE_PATHS` into errors.
861f077f09 : Remove hidl VNDK libs
f2e846fb91 : Check for duplicate entries in build.prop in validation script
d23ac0e477 : target-host-required: Be permissive when ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCY is set
0ee7115b2d : add build.prop for other partitions to the dist out
0efeca6a25 : Revert^2 "Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore."
37aeef03d4 : Remove hidl VNDK libs
2c7c8bb657 : target-host-required: Be permissive when ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCY is set
9438fb2c15 : Remove hidl VNDK libs
704b454ca1 : Add LOCAL_APKCERTS_FILE support.
08b5aa0311 : Version bump to RQ1A.200701.001 [core/]
3829475b74 : Rename the Default* constants in java/config.
c0bd8c7611 : Move build.prop to ./etc subdir for some partitions
1ed2d66259 : Fix up _CheckSecondTokenNotSlotSuffixed function.
016da58c3c : Dedup lists of NDK libraries from Soong.
24d9cad563 : Handle the case when non-optional props have the same value
0b4fccb66d : BUILD_BROKEN_DUP_SYSPROP as escape hatch for the new sysprop restriction
85471ed82e : pm.dexopt.* props in becomes optional
19746f4686 : Some properties are set as optional
8d521ec2c8 : ro.zygote in is optional
8b266f16a9 : Don't inherit tablet-dalvik-heap for GSI and emulator
d721e870bc : Support optional prop assignments
5df5873d26 : Handle the case when non-optional props have the same value
58cf0e095c : BUILD_BROKEN_DUP_SYSPROP as escape hatch for the new sysprop restriction
8af29d4ec0 : pm.dexopt.* props in becomes optional
7b933fb576 : Some properties are set as optional
b00931e7eb : ro.zygote in is optional
6ce12029b0 : Don't inherit tablet-dalvik-heap for GSI and emulator
598ea49881 : Support optional prop assignments
9a32636759 : Handle the case when non-optional props have the same value
5d2b56b129 : Fix validate_target_files for target files modified by
4de1bf806c : Version bump to SP1A.200629.002 [core/]
bbdfbdad50 : use first kernel when generating kernel configs file
ddae589b95 : Mark android_app_set modules PRESIGNED.
c158e421ec : Remove empty new-space in dynamic_partition_list and super_$(group)_partition_list
b302cdf6a4 : BUILD_BROKEN_DUP_SYSPROP as escape hatch for the new sysprop restriction
69d0080510 : Remove mentions of deleted script in comments.
5ec1a7a66a : Rename the boot image for avb validation
62117c857d : build.prop for ODM partition is under ./etc subdir
46a9c028b8 : depmod: pair in a modules.load.charger on BOARD_VENDOR_CHARGER_KERNEL_MODULES_LOAD
5a7defdab1 : Move from Make to Soong.
bca4ea477a : pm.dexopt.* props in becomes optional
dfb3937ce4 : Some properties are set as optional
b1261aac33 : ro.zygote in is optional
9f2f6dd9c9 : Don't inherit tablet-dalvik-heap for GSI and emulator
7aeb8de74e : Support optional prop assignments
d1cbfeaa3a : Use inclusive language in build/make part 2
3031c29905 : Add lz4 to otatools
0876c410ad : Fix lint errors in ota_from_target_files script
67e8be4b9c : Revert "Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore."
fbd4fd04c6 : Add biometrics.fingerprint@2.3 to VNDK-core
697674fa56 : Resolve module bitness for target-host required modules
7146b7cd46 : Unlist libunwind as a critical component
f7586025a2 : Switch to using llvm-strip for modules
414dbe15ab : adjust vendor ramdisk file extension based on compression
70dd47f0df : Fail check-boot-jars if boot jar contains 0 .class files
cb00590712 : NDK api code coverage
e6bbb8a311 : Add a check for apex/allowed_deps.txt to droidcore.
74920e6e43 : Propagate TARGET_BUILD_APPS to Soong.
74f121d18f : Rename Native_coverage to GcovCoverage in Soong
343caec30c : Refactor how MODULES-IN-* is defined
bececf9e92 : Warn about the use of `COVERAGE_PATHS` and `COVERAGE_EXCLUDE_PATHS`.
c5fa7396ba : Mark jni libs as REQUIRED by their app
970d5925bd : Revert "Revert "Copy generated xml file for NDK api coverage to dist when CLANG_COVERAGE flag set.""
17541b9512 : Introduce product variables to select Java code coverage paths in Make.
bad8b386e6 : Rename native code coverage paths product variables in Make.
cf82af25f6 : rbe: Remove stray /
f8475cc49f : Skip mount /oem on GSI
eb06afb602 : Fix the read on a closed zipfile
d120ac68fa : Fix dependencies on INSTALLED_RECOVERYIMAGE_TARGET
599f02bdbe : Add GNSS HAL v3.0 (make/build)
dd9467aa23 : Revert "Copy generated xml file for NDK api coverage to dist when CLANG_COVERAGE flag set."
c3ad80467e : Use inclusive language in build/make
2311f61b12 : Fix on-device paths to used libraries in dexpreopt.
eb49b34b1e : Organize product vars for adding properties
1ea01c5b24 : Organize product vars for adding properties
f712ba95dc : Disable dexpreopting when TARGET_BUILD_APPS is used.
7a430fd4c8 : Introduce TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED.
89ee431429 : Update Security String to 2020-08-05
98cd4cc7a3 : Add LZ4 support to the release tools
3e15f6edb1 : Include image descriptor of only the first boot image in vbmeta
9355aeba79 : Unlist libunwind as a critical component
e620a0b2d7 : Update Security String to 2020-08-01
8447b8116a : optimizations
ad810b6dae : Organize product vars for adding properties
1e55e74acc : Cleanup unused get-32-bit-modules
fd1e67b8ce : More performance improvements
9b824d5ceb : Remove TARGET_PREFER_32_BIT.
581be147c7 : Use APK CtsShim prebuilts for flattened apex.
23bff63a0b : Version bump to SP1A.200608.003 [core/]
c5ec8e95bc : Rewrite test data logic to make it faster
2382a3e4b1 : Version bump to SP1A.200608.002 [core/]
e23fd86f1b : Use APK CtsShim prebuilts for flattened apex.
dcfa601374 : Remove default GSI libnfc-nci.conf
9422612935 : Provide a robolectric isolated test template
8ca4092ab4 : Add out/soong/late-${TARGET_PRODUCT}.mk
cc49c6b8cd : Leave a comment when removing a prop
bb26c6f2bf : Rule for system/build.prop is also from macro
d0bead63e6 : Remove use of metalava compatible output
950d723b9d : fix spurious / on toplevel kernel module installations
35a83d1a5a : remove
9ebefc640d : Partial cherry-pick of ag/10260813
e28fa80e12 : <partition>/build.prop rules are defined using macro
203191b5be : Use BUILD_*_IMAGE flags in add_img_to_target_files.
90d07bc72d : Do not print environment variables if ANDROID_QUIET_BUILD is set.
7e32b34ed3 : Add test config template for sh_test.
77a78fca4e : Refactor library path representation in dexpreopt.
d99da8fa17 : Strip debug symbols from modules (fixup)
59d6fa2f74 : Version bump to SP1A.200603.002 [core/]
be15ded040 : Re-enable link type checking
60da88da55 : Make required modules support :32 and :64 suffix
1b8283358e : Refactor *-select-bitness-of-required-modules
82e4bc5d0c : Revert^2 "Retire"
8046cb0a2c : Attach apk_name as a suffix for the temporary files
2335d76ada : refactor kernel module build, add version support
c88a8c88e4 : move BOARD_RECOVERY_KERNEL_MODULES_LOAD default
1013d789de : move module list creation outside conditionals
f291097221 : fix reference to BOARD_ODM_MODULES_LOAD
9c5b07966e : Remove unused check-api rule
836cbf2943 : remove clatd.conf which is no longer required by clat daemon
67e0295833 : Rename adbd_system_binaries to adbd_system_api.
2c381c6bba : Version bump to SP1A.200601.002 [core/]
a81ee59b74 : Copy generated xml file for NDK api coverage to dist when CLANG_COVERAGE flag set.
57edf72794 : Add haptic-generating effect.
0b0cf4c411 : Provide library path to android.test.base for dexpreopt.
06b48162f4 : remove spurious comma from module-load-list-copy-paths call
ab25b2dcfa : Add apksigner to
8177ae20f3 : Strip debug symbols from modules
2dcf402edc : Add RBE_CXX_COMPARE variable to locally disable compare mode for C++
9767223dc5 : Fix up recovery_text_res
3f6560e626 : Add build support for LZ4 ramdisks
71caa217f5 : support data migration by default
4003bd9def : Revert "Retire"
68945a07a7 : Add extra VNDK v30 to GSI
c73db784b9 : Create emulator_* devices for emulators
a9c3220368 : Drop the dependency from vendor/build.prop to system/build.prop
0f3ad31a81 : Remove ro.bootimage.* sysprops
3a2e95a63e :* sysprops are created in a separate rule
ca9b02c1ce : Make use of ADDITIONAL_ODM_PROPERTIES
ae55638f75 : Refactor
58dd353a07 : remove code for default.prop
f2b944ccea : Make more use of ADDITIONAL_VENDOR_PROPERTIES
57f51f1693 : ADDITIONAL_*_PROPERTIES are props determined by the build system
60c0064902 : Retire
a2ceec665d : Strip debug symbols from modules
b0f055db13 : Add RBE_CXX_COMPARE variable to locally disable compare mode for C++
cb559ac3d8 : Remove
2f6bb93178 : Add tinyhostless to
a0359ca828 : releasetools: Fix non-existent required dependency
883eecbc4b : Allow more than one '=' in avb_extra_custom_image_extra_args.
68bee4b679 : Remove
2441181bdf : Delete deps-license target.
1e6b3e78df : Generate product build props always
d9c56568de : Revert "Minor cleanup for script consistency and adherence to Google shell style guide."
d6867167d1 : Add an option to input the boot variables for OTA package generation
4e20965769 : depmod: pair in a modules.load.recovery on BOARD_VENDOR_RAMDISK_RECOVERY_KERNEL_MODULES_LOAD
d92718356d : Minor cleanup for script consistency and adherence to Google shell style guide.
1db657a1ed : Check module existence with ALL_MODULES subvars
262491b0a8 : Do not fail if unzip found no files to extract
f23364d280 : Add options to sign the prebuilt custom images.
233336e8a8 : Revert "Delete deps-license target."
eac6ed644c : Remove vts10 dependencies
65afc07f9d : Support forcefully generating non-AB packages.
bdb3201353 : Use add_slot_suffix function in edify script
a1887f326c : respects hash algorithm
a553cc828e : Delete deps-license target.
fae54cbd8a : Add tradefed-test-framework to the suites exported jar
5eab60ce55 : Version bump to QQ3A.200705.002 [core/]
6e0c857fe2 : Import the d/g/goldfish soong namespace for libwifi-hal-emu
02aaded0fa : Migrate to platform/system/libziparchive
e134686bca : Move most of the sysprop generation rules to
6b26f52cf7 : Move BOARD_EXT4_SHARE_DUP_BLOCKS to
fd026aa120 : Update Security String to 2020-07-05
e9c6d7d330 : Update Security String to 2020-07-01
d59b6c4eaa : Remove new styles from AOSP
903a1ca7e1 : support different boot partition sizes in aosp_arm64
ab2a1584a0 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE: Delete from base_system. am: 8640960329"
9425870f73 : Update auto-gen test config template with PARAMETERIZED_STRINGS placeholder
b30ff0a65b : Implement android_app_set module.
d322d8d817 : package llvm-profdata in mainline_module_x86_coverage build target.
1c8d81e5d9 : Don't check link type of Soong app JNI libraries
b4702b7006 : Fix _ImportParser() error if property is imported from oem partition.
b5a334d0b3 : Revert "support different boot partition sizes in aosp_arm64"
c47b4ee74b : Remove /default.prop
09153e244e : Remove /system/etc/prop.default
b894d4bb68 : Remove /vendor/default.prop
5814247ed2 : Access ALL_MODULES subvars with my_register_name
5e85bfe3a3 : Resolve module bitness for PRODUCT_PACKAGES
c385064d94 : Exclude vendor_boot in secondary payload
b85a140c3c : Refactor bitness resolving logic of product-installed-files
11c4bcf406 : support different boot partition sizes in aosp_arm64
125efba2bf : vendor_boot: remove INTERNAL_MKBOOTIMG_VERSION_ARGS from mkbootimg args
9afb221c9e : Reland "Calculate the runtime fingerprint prefixes from build prop"
0fde41e711 : Reland "Add a wrapper class PartitionBuildProp""
6022545272 : Revert "Add a wrapper class PartitionBuildProp"
b21e48b499 : Revert "Calculate the runtime fingerprint prefixes from build prop"
c4fa187094 : Revert "Add vts related artifacts to vts-core package"
d5505f2c74 : Update Keymaster AIDL to V2 in VNDK list
ddb0f0ab3b : Build for Go variant
0f95ac7e8c : Enables signing for generic boot images
0d2fcd50d7 : Calculate the runtime fingerprint prefixes from build prop
c8faeb574c : Install .idsig files to test suite dirs.
f5a05c4a4b : Add boringssl_self_test to base PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
fd3883f159 : Add a wrapper class PartitionBuildProp
f15ff83b07 : Editorial: fix indentation
157ac24d6b : rename libvixl to
ce051d16a4 : "Move core-icu4j into i18n APEX" Attempt 2
b72f1e1a8a : Revert "Move core-icu4j into i18n APEX"
d7c160ffbf : Skip _oem_props if oem_dicts is None.
7f093f7083 : Allow bootjars in system_ext.
d8e24eee70 : releasetools: Fallback to "mkbootimg_args" if "recovery_mkbootimg_args" not found.
16a44215e5 : Merge "Revert "mark platform un-availability"" am: af4c62f78a
a27b703c49 : Move core-icu4j into i18n APEX
403c255b6f : Reland "mark platform un-availability""
6e1fa4452b : Revert "mark platform un-availability"
17ed83155e : Mark rvc-dev-plus-aosp as S
9314d8c77c : Incorrect file names in apkcerts.txt for Make modules
1014053582 : Updating platform SDK version for R
d7ea3056a2 : Updating platform SDK version for R
7b96c59751 : Stem names are used in apkcerts.txt
975e2bef86 : Fix check target files vintf test.
d9fcafd612 : Allow passing in codename_to_api_level_map to sign_apex.
4c69c2ff72 : Use two-column format for PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS components.
a566f5e4bf : Fix type error
41a6e3b02f : Revert "remove from"
701cbae7e5 : [make] Zero and pattern initialization of heap memory.
8e2086e6e3 : releasetools: correct allowed property sources for incremental OTAs
a780171da6 : remove from
1eae8824ec : Version bump to SP1A.200429.002 [core/]
57ad4b2541 : remove goldfish vendor from aosp_arm64
236601f86d : Update Identity Credential to V2 in VNDK list
9a3cad95a9 : Adjust partition size checks for recovery resources
f4cbafa724 : Use .KATI_IMPLICIT_OUTPUTS in build/make/core/Makefile
e1cbfc717b : java_source_list_file is only created when full_classses_jar is set
17315c2eda : Remove empty rules for check_elf_files.timestamp
ded2ae16a5 : Add elsk to the owner of scripts
db3e391e20 : Adding style packages/fonts adding the pixel 2020 styles and fonts Bug: 145530620 Bug: 145529629 Test: test the styles app
a2c63454a6 : Allow recording ALL_DEPS by setting RECORD_ALL_DEPS
07a44f48dc : Exempt RRO from the restriction on API level
82fead38a4 : Restore $(SOONG_OUT_DIR)/ndk/% in static_whitelist_patterns
f9e67a8980 : mark platform un-availability
e0a08fde91 : enable BOARD_EXT4_SHARE_DUP_BLOCKS for generic_arm64
7d1f8cec25 : [VTS] copy ltp and kselftest to testcase folder
fcd8fcefa8 : Add support for Rust coverage files from Soong.
ab50b8fa85 : Extend static_whitelist_patterns
4472819166 : Clean up static_whitelist_patterns
a523e41688 : Version bump to SP1A.200423.002 [core/]
2a703ce2f6 : Add PRODUCT_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS_EXTRA interface
2b6710f05c : Revert "Master is now S"
dbe3f33f7a : Revert "Master is now S"
6c86a509d1 : Version bump to QQ3A.200605.002 [core/]
20dd8f20b1 : Update the argument when signing aftl
eeda728024 : Version bump to SP1A.200420.003 [core/]
fdc5ca424e : Version bump to SP1A.200420.002 [core/]
0959fbfd2e : generate multiple boot.img files in aosp_arm64
1e1514a5ef : create emulator_arm64 device for sdk_phone_arm64 to use
58634e1482 : Remove AUX support
efee0692d4 : Obsolete unused module types
e8befad090 : Use prebuilt dir variable for BISON_PKGDATADIR, instead of an absolute path.
ac1887227d : Remove _API_FILE variables
d24991a26e : Add fsverity release cert
5572ec9003 : Revert "Revert "product: Remove wifi-service off SystemServerCla..."
7d61116cc1 : Use soong_zip instead of jar to generate .jar files in javac actions
06f90abf71 : MediaTranscoding: Re-enable MediaTranscoding service in master.
9793cf6c8a : support multiple boot.img files in release tools
c581e59998 : Remove phony target vts-core
4cdfacae10 : remove dependency on ip6tables
10346271fd : multi boot.img support cleanups
1982ca83c5 : Version bump to SP1A.200415.002 [core/]
c5ce32b19a : Rename ro.emulated_storage properties.
178040341b : Move ro.emulated_storage properties to PRODUCT_PROPERTY_OVERRIDES.
f84668e1da : Enable non-v3 recovery image with v3 boot image
609eb2ae7b : Update Security String to 2020-06-05 Bug: 153882927
ae9b194cee : Update Security String to 2020-06-01 Bug: 153882927
fca369e4e3 : Don't install test suite files from uninstallable modules
6a619b8d85 : Include shared host liraries in test suite zip
4fb98e9d58 : Master is now S
7d3524fbbb : Version bump to QQ3A.200410.002 [core/]
ab25c7a30f : Update refreshmod docs.
de005e83f7 : Master is now S
e9e7247749 : Add phony module for droidstubs even if srcjar is not created
23c46cf424 : Print a user-friendly message when `lunch` cannot use the default product.
73d3148c5f : Ban ELF prebuilts in PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
0b49c03727 : Check ELF prebuilts in PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
e0c5e44360 : Revert "Revert "Use sdk variant of Soong modules when LOCAL_SDK_..."
79e5a55122 : Revert "Use sdk variant of Soong modules when LOCAL_SDK_VERSION ..."
95445e6913 : Add signing certificate lineage file support.
0f9c766320 : emulator: fix full-eng build on aosp
8fd437c80a : emulator: enable vendor boot image
09e885dc6d : Pass /system/etc/updatable-bcp-packages.txt to dex2oat.
cb84817fdf : Ensure that prints INFO level logs.
5c7b034a5c : Make the `partition=` tag optional.
4fd493dae1 : Cleanup VTS-Core and VTS10 related artifacts
c5e98d405f : Cleanup VTS-Core and VTS10 related artifacts
4866bd6bff : fix boot-test-harness.img build
3fd528e215 : Update configuration for RemoteExecution actions
e44376716c : Update configuration for RemoteExecution actions
2751d2b8f3 : Change the parameter type of offset in read
155ffd4179 : Rename vts-core to vts
0f3074566c : Add aftltool is a signing parameter
f6652f4f18 : Allow empty RHS values for inputs of collapse-pairs
0a8d26210e : Build required modules from default
033c7eb82f : Reland: Remove empty newline in build.prop
c9aad37982 : Version bump to QQ2A.200501.001.B2 [core/]
1d18d5366e : Adds the module from package-modules to ALL_MODULES.
a2bb5e2ed5 : Revert "Revert "Add biometrics.face@1.1 to gsi""
76a005da8d : Revert "Remove empty newline in build.prop"
0b7b97bfc3 : libselinux is LLNDK, not VNDK-core
bb9699c2e1 : Make init.userspace_reboot.is_supported a rw property
19c3feb2d3 : Build merged apexkeys.txt/apkcerts.txt by partition.
70fcf897c5 : Update dex2oat filter
639b3b7a65 : Continue to pass in --signing_helper for avbtool.
296bf0e8ba : Update Security String to 2020-05-05
dec1d6e084 : Rename VTS to VTS10
88e1a14523 : releasetools: Add missing log format specifier
3e4b44868b : releasetools: Add signapk as required modules
96a79c6f65 : Remove empty newline in build.prop
01e5ec2a21 : Copy shared libraries used by tests in
e66eaf3602 : Install JNI coverage outputs from Soong-built apps
96a913e7f4 : releasetools: Use du -b
012118da8f : Add PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS_EXTRA interface
b3dda77f2a : support multiple kernels, boot.img output
b934116994 : Use sdk variant of Soong modules when LOCAL_SDK_VERSION is set
bcbcd65a99 : Add platform-wide sampling PGO option
c180a5d222 : Build the payload image only during apk-in-apex signing
44f811dd9c : Initial boilerplate for building the uirendering jar
c46e0673d0 : Get rid of obsolete Make variable TARGET_CORE_JARS.
d2744bca56 : Put before services on the system server classpath.
382bbdf2cc : Add system_ext_manifest.xml
afa2dec6d3 : Move telephony framework sources as part of non-update framework.
40d6508b5c : Remove crash_dump from PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
a7e895e5fa : Remove crash_dump from PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
c450827545 : Remove crash_dump from PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
b5aa16d44f : Fix test suite data files issue.
2ec1e19d9a : Update Security String to 2020-05-01
ccf6b9f6b9 : Version bump to QQ3A.200319.002 [core/]
3d3ed1c172 : Remove crash_dump from PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
eaed60c1a1 : Add aftl inclusion proof
69430e65fe : Also check empty SKU if SKUS are not defined
d99e77d6d6 : Make RRO packages for system_ext
610cbc900e : Vendor SKU manifests: define env variables properly
6ee4bed4ad : Add ANGLE.apk to the base system.
acc36ed348 : Version bump to QQ3A.200316.002 [core/]
07ea2c0360 : Rename DEVICE_MANIFEST_<sku>_FILE to FILES
28ffd73591 : Proper checks for vendor and ODM SKUs
2a7aaa69ae : ota_tool: fix incremental ota error
cd80e3b9eb : Remove unnecessary dependency.
b02f7dbaa4 : Export llvm-profdata for Clang coverage builds.
11e776fc32 : Build DEVICE manifests and fragments for each SKU
97ec812708 : Mark the current BUILD_* warnings as errors by default
e5c06de272 : Mark the current BUILD_* warnings as errors by default
f71c05a8e5 : Remove unused mips workarounds.
93cb9b5b31 : Remove vnd*.libraries.txt from /system/etc
4faa2a5352 : Add an RBE setup script that developers can source to run RBE builds
28ff3e3f94 : Disable goma for javac actions in Make
e2fe95903b : Include .proto in sgrep()
7cff1fa1fc : Include private/fs_config.h directly when needed
395358edae : Trim down dont_bother_goals
7c3aa02ca3 : Don't touch .installable_files for non-FULL_BUILD
3363a0b8d6 : initial GKI boot.img support
1256ca9eba : Fix signing on some GSI targets
49ceb3a8a7 : Version bump to QQ2A.200405.005 [core/]
d5fe862628 : Uses a per-partition fingerprint for building images and avb_salt.
e39209ff15 : Version bump to QQ2A.200405.004 [core/]
4438f11025 : current.txt: remove libadf since it is no longer supported
3cce2bcc60 : Separate html/csv output functions into
6dd11eccc5 : Install image for host as well (used by ART tests).
9da828c1b4 : Include LICENSE files, when available, in notices.
f02ececc7f : Preserve the monotonic property when subtracting 0 block
4b25c90e52 : Partition the targets for notice files.
445ad810c8 : Recognize more warning patterns.
5ae5519661 : Use same and for Android and Chrome
92793dc56c : lunch: error on >1 arg (before ignored)
ce7c9a70bd : Revert "Create telephony apex."
10f8d1a54f : Version bump to QQ3A.200225.002 [core/]
bd1fd8eb32 : Revert "Set up IRadioConfig 1.3"
d68a88402f : Move build number file to out/soong
4a4c834b09 : Skip VNDK variant check on coverage builds.
65c9699b70 : remove NativeAdbDataLoader from system image
2fe786a528 : Support removing AVB public keys
c989ff3d75 : Touch same_vndk_variant.timestamp
cdfa6634ad : Version bump to QQ2A.200405.003 [core/]
7edfb7f659 : Package vts-tradefed.jar in general-tests
c3eeaae1d9 : Version bump to QQ3A.200213.002 [core/]
63321ec326 : Version bump to QQ3A.200212.002 [core/]
7ea314069b : Version bump to QQ2A.200405.002 [core/]
b5b9163ea9 : Update Security String to 2020-04-05 Bug:149240442 (cherry picked from commit d451ad7167dc8dc9f44b35a8dd1f9d3faafa345e)
ea529bd138 : Update Security String to 2020-04-01 Bug:149240442 (cherry picked from commit f9edfe37149cef8ffe6b8c027f6ab563fdcbbaa6)
98ae50932e : Version bump to QQ3A.200205.002 [core/]
6f46bdfe93 : Version bump to QQ2A.200305.004 [core/]
ad00196e16 : Version bump to QQ2A.200305.003 [core/]
c3a9cb18ab : Version bump to QQ2A.200305.002 [core/]
62e01138c0 : Update Security String to 2020-03-05 Bug:147450082 (cherry picked from commit 20c6e7dbe1b2c96154613aebce7080ffe2f05d07)
eddbc5f01f : Version bump to QQ2A.200301.001 [core/]
0fee05cd2c : Version bump to QQ2A.200110.003 [core/]
95bdc96175 : Remove a redundant setting
1151aaf827 : Version bump to QQ3A.200108.001 [core/]
2242695dc6 : Version bump to QQ2A.191219.002 [core/]
be71df1cb3 : Version bump to QQ2A.191211.002 [core/]
016262f486 : Version bump to QQ2A.191127.002 [core/]
44bb8ac9d9 : Version bump to QQ2A.191125.002 [core/]
d980bd995a : Version bump to QQ2A.191114.002 [core/]
e6fcdb7c9d : Bump SPL to 2019-12-05
5940781fbd : Version bump to QQ2A.191024.002 [core/]
db98d130d5 : Version bump to QQ2A.191022.002 [core/]
a3f7786c03 : Version bump to QQ2A.191004.001 [core/]
39ef563294 : Move definition of dist-for-goals before call.

+- Project: platform/build/pesto

2d913d2 : Enables --host flag for Local TF runs
2178bb2 : Implement the prepare_bazel_test_env script
08adae0 : Add the script data files
52534a2 : Add a script to prepare a Bazel environment
af46714 : Add an OWNERS file
2f57f75 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/build/soong

192221b55 : Collect lint reports from apps in apexes
ce1dcf6a9 : Use prebuild modules even when coverage is enabled.
9f6fa868c : Merge "Load RBE related env vars from config files" am: b3a5d18470
dbcc29647 : Build updatable-bcp-packages.txt from prebuilts in sdk snapshot
66d3cb727 : Allowlist external/libtextclassifier for sdk_variant_only.
7b3e10a1c : Propagate permitted packages to sdk snapshot
fa20b187d : Drop "prebuilt_" prefix when adding libraries to class loader context.
6e89b5478 : Generate boot images for host from prebuilts
d564c3281 : Switch boot image generation to use GetGlobalSoongConfig(ctx)
bb2e20560 : Generate boot zip file from prebuilt_bootclasspath_fragment
aba527567 : Use both module name and stem name to filter updatable boot jars
7609182dd : make system server modules use filtered lint database
95994067b : Do not allow duplicate deapexer dependencies.
dad888039 : Retry: Make bootclasspath_fragments always perform hidden API processing
886060a68 : Defer error reporting of missing prebuilt dex jar files
71e98fa30 : Revert "Make bootclasspath_fragments always perform hidden API processing"
584238783 : Support using java_sdk_library components in stub_libs
ba96f7c5b : Ensure that systemserverclasspath_fragment does not depend on prebuilts
2b255d7f6 : Make bootclasspath_fragments always perform hidden API processing
2d457e1cc : "module_current" and "system_server_current" should contain ART's @SystemApi(MODULE_LIBRARIES)
c5fe04447 : Revert "Add install_in_root to cc_binary"
2594e41a0 : Revert "Add ramdisk_available to sysprop_library"
f64377ca2 : Revert "Fix ndk and aml arch order"
fee8cf36e : Ignore license and similar dependencies of prebuilt_apex/apex_set
fb8f07bc0 : Calculate widest stub dex jars per module
d05bb8eeb : Add test to show issues with widest stub dex jars
fdb2fb6f1 : Allow hiddenapi list to ignore missing classes/members
b3821fea3 : Support hidden API processing for modules that use platform APIs
af193429d : Verify the modular stub flags are subsets of the monolithic stub flags
31a685682 : Make ruleToGenerateHiddenAPIStubFlagsFile build rule
d8da28ea9 : Fix inconsistencies in the apex names used for the apex variations.
f1be9ba5a : Use trimmed lint database for mainline modules
2cb06b70f : Add ModuleLibHiddenAPIScope for hidden API processing
4faf5c17e : Add test for modular hiddenapi list rule
05bbff90b : Add HiddenAPIScope to replace use of SdkKind
088205a05 : Switch to clang-r416183b1
b12c1404c : Make prebuilt properties customizable
ec9c82da9 : Expose imageLocationsOnDevice as well as imageLocationsOnHost
2f7ccd56a : Ensure consistent APEX variation for java_sdk_library and java_sdk_library_import
24b2b0fd0 : Propagated srcs from cc_defaults to cc_prebuilt_library_shared.
e57ca4ccc : Disable ubsan diagnostics under HWASan.
a1aa7387f : Remove duplicate component from sdk snapshot
3accbb544 : Add commonSdkLibraryAndImportModule interface
8ddb08c8e : Fix ndk and aml arch order
edca3f432 : Add ramdisk_available to sysprop_library
f75c41581 : Add install_in_root to cc_binary
0e7bb0e80 : Add test for sdk that contains overlapping members
0b5a143c3 : Remove unused apiModuleName
2a999332e : Fix monolithic hidden API processing with prebuilts
4c2f78bff : Make CheckHiddenAPIRuleInputs more reusable
3ae9e2cef : Use classpath elements in platform_bootclasspath
c618decda : Fix bootDexJarByModule with UNSAFE_DISABLE_HIDDENAPI_FLAGS
034196d9f : Simplify deapexer support
7db57e0a7 : Remove javalib special case in createDeapexerModuleIfNeeded
f23512fa5 : Add ClasspathElement support
9dc8c54fc : Extract createEntriesForApexFile
cd3654f9f : Set default value of generate_hashtree property to true
b508405e0 : Export boot image files from prebuilt_apex/apex_set
a0089ec78 : Copy boot dex jars from prebuilt art-bootclasspath-fragment if preferred
4fd7dc7de : Exclude jacocoagent from boot jars package check
e11254793 : Move boot jars package check into platform_bootclasspath
360f8359f : Cleanup bootclasspathFragmentInitContentsFromImage
c75bbcecd : Combine hidden API encoding with flag generation
fd53e2109 : Copy implementation and header jars to make when possible
c30aea20a : Make apex variants of prebuilt apex exported modules available in make
5ec165d75 : Create APEX variant for prebuilt_apex/apex_set
19a5aae35 : [cc/pgo] Mark pgo.sampling property as an arch-variant
12066c654 : Disable TestCcLibraryBp2Build in sc-dev
ef6b69558 : Dedup apex/Prebuilt and apex/ApexSet
98ea0d492 : Avoid passing around []hiddenAPIModule
973c90770 : Improve error reporting when a rule cannot be found
3e2db5c10 : Make copyBootJarsToPredefinedLocations simpler and less fragile
8c666a366 : Ensure primary boot image files are created before they are used
bfeb71433 : Make bootclasspath_fragment_sdk_test.go tests more realistic
0c70a7a0b : Make TestPlatformBootclasspath_Fragments more realistic
5991ba511 : Move TestPlatformBootclasspath_Fragments to apex package
c45a86a65 : Export hidden api related types and fields
2aae98f02 : Maintain header order in merge_csv
28bc9698e : Mark more fields in BaseLinkerProperties as arch variant
46d18dbd7 : Revert "Hacky workaround for half-finalized builds."
fb618c387 : Always propagate some environment variables to RBE
da6dc3138 : Rename test_only_no_hashtree to generate_hashtree
363aae434 : Remove sourcepath argument from metalava invocations
701857903 : Stop filtering html files from droidstubs input
37c219a1e : Interpret CRT object's min_sdk_version with ApiLevel
7104aae11 : Don't use unsafe_ignore_missing_latest_api in TestJavaSdkLibraryDist
ea0e69897 : Remove core_lib property from java_sdk_library
1072a7108 : Ignore owner property when computing java_sdk_library dist subdirectory
0f9eeb753 : Make the default java_sdk_library dist_group "unknown"
7e148881d : Remove use of fake soong.variables.
b75cd4ed7 : Add exemption for framework-sdkextensions-classpaths boot jar.
0de94db39 : cc/sabi.go: Propagate ShouldCreateSourceAbiDump to reuseObjTag deps
ab5f042d9 : Disable Rust vendor-specific modules
0f437f21b : Use broader permissions when archiving files.
546de4a1f : Add a soong-only mode to soong-ui
d274ea919 : Various cleanup in soong_ui to aid new feature
7eff3a8fc : Make soong create sourcepath dirs
ad1668fc1 : add the LOCAL_DISABLE_TEST_CONFIG variable
0d3dd0600 : Support dist_group property instead of owner for setting sdk dist subdirectory
3b538082f : Add test for java_sdk_library dist properties
76069a30a : Move java_sdk_library tests to sdk_library_test.go
129afaea7 : Do not build compressed APEX
7dcd16c6e : Fix propagating EMPTY_NINJA_FILE from multiproduct_kati to minibp
05597c0cc : Hacky workaround for half-finalized builds.
7412091dc : platform/build/soong - S is now 31
027bfc68d : Fix ExcludeFromVendorSnapshot check
cbb2b8172 : Treat java libraries in classpath fragments as directly in apex
3225be468 : Make CopyDirectlyInAnyApex match the documentation
58b783b46 : Remove unused cc.copyDirectlyInAnyApexDependencyTag
c4f4cedc4 : Merge "Drop "prebuilt_" prefixes from names registered in ApexInfo.InApexXxx."
a7bb86b48 : Remove support for removed_dex_api_filename
ae5072fac : Add sdkextensions tests to soong TEST_MAPPING
07753d846 : Use stem when filtering boot jars.
5cb569794 : Revert "Partial Revert "Populate individual classpath_fragments'..."
931a4488d : Populate individual systemserverclasspath_fragments' proto configs.
a3fc81777 : Partial Revert "Populate individual classpath_fragments' classpaths.prot..."
588e22a6b : Tighten bootclasspath_fragment property validation
0788cd603 : Only export boot image files to APEX if they are actually created
973bedb98 : Add SOONG_SDK_SNAPSHOT_VERSION support
acd459728 : Do not filter LLNDK lib from llndk.libraries.txt
54c1f08aa : Support removed API members in modular hidden API processing
67c1e5755 : Support hidden API processing for fragments with dependencies
6a58cc94d : Remove bootclasspathApiInfo
71955b4bc : Rename hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo to HiddenAPIInfo
699a00489 : Fix hidden API flags in
5aadef8ab : Separate input to flag generation from hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo
cad63842d : Separate output of flag generation from hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo
9e3b90658 : Separate monolithic hidden API processing from hiddenAPIFlagFileInfo
c110a43b9 : Update VndkMustUseVendorVariantList after aidl-freeze-api
53d0678b5 : Rename generate proto config file to match classpath type.
b40610ad0 : Perform hidden API encoding in bootclasspath_fragment
ed587c367 : Refactor hiddenAPIEncodeDex for use by bootclasspath_fragment
dcabea581 : [cc/coverage] Define a macro during coverage builds
7555fcbab : Store dex jar paths in bootclasspath_fragment's apex content info
0bd5b0620 : Move hidden API encoding after resource merging
8f3784415 : Check for product variant in addition to core variant.
a46656213 : Plumb through OtherModuleFarDependencyVariantExists from blueprint.
a42f005bd : VNDK snapshot may provide LLNDK stub libraries
95bfbb169 : Populate individual classpath_fragments' classpaths.proto configs.
59b9f1417 : Record the actual APEXes that a module is part of.
5053baab5 : Skip TestDex2oatToolDeps on Darwin.
712e8b5b1 : Rename InApexes -> InApexVariants
cae43e1c1 : Don't fail if the target module is disabled in dex2oat tool dependencies.
244aebd4f : Use oatdump rather than oatdumpd for boot jar boot.*.oatdump.txt files.
0573b316d : Fix the apex compatible issue on the platform Q
d90fde375 : Test dex jar paths provided to apex by bootclasspath_fragment
59db6d4c5 : Workaround to make AlwaysUsePrebuiltSdks() work with platform_bootclasspath
6bd823241 : Use absolute paths in classpaths.proto.
3aec9423f : Don't propagate ASAN through shared library dependencies
2f45f4eec : Add systemserverclasspath_fragments property to apex.
7b182e717 : Add "contents" property to systemserverclasspath_fragment.
72ede0fac : Move classpaths.proto related info into a separate provider.
0cf6de5ca : Add no-op systemserverclasspath_fragment module.
6c6dde04b : Make uncompressDex available for use through hiddenAPIModule
c9e52dbc5 : Remove hiddenAPI.primary field
f88ab95d8 : Merge initHiddenAPI and hiddenAPIUpdatePaths
59190602a : Remove configurationName from java library and hidden API
78fc68695 : Add a test for hidden API encoding of java_sdk_library
036f8f5e8 : Add usesTargetFiles option in dexpreopt_gen
460952c7f : Add temporary restriction on hidden API processing
b18537443 : Order apex files by destination path not source path
0e9cdb04d : cc/linker.go: check min_sdk_version.
9876ffa7b : Define vsr_min_shipping_api_level to cc_test
b6dbc87c9 : Define a narrower context for getting arch props
79fd3d728 : Allow shared libraries on bootclasspath
b6f53c064 : Refactor special handling of hidden API encoding for master-art
afaa47c74 : Stop generating unnecessary hidden API rules
537ea3d04 : Generate monolithic hidden API files direct from class jars
850e61f23 : Dedup hidden API rule generation
cc12d9075 : Fix missing headers for vndk snapshotted libc
098c87883 : Make hidden API handle jacoco-stubs consistently
58dd6a92e : Add order-only dependency on shared libraries
34827d4c0 : Use java_sdk_library in bootclasspath_fragment contents as stubs
dfa1083fe : Validate monolithic and modular hidden API flags are consistent
2fef13688 : Generate hidden API flags for a bootclasspath_fragment
001e606e5 : Populate hiddenAPI structure even when not active
f4600f6e6 : Disallow shared libraries in bootclasspath_fragment contents
ec2858799 : Soong: check if lndk is needed for apex build
a10bd3c12 : Add java_sdk_library in bootclasspath_fragment contents to sdk
5b009aedf : syntax check to jacoco filters for any build
ef0818595 : Add support for converting OptionalPath to Paths
475daafb1 : Make hidden API bootclasspath_fragment test more realistic
75be1cae8 : bp2build: build //external/scudo/...
bf61afb7f : bp2build: export some cc toolchain flags into Starlark.
22628d50f : Add support for SOONG_SDK_SNAPSHOT_USE_SRCJAR
2fc82ad04 : Build boot images in bootclasspath_fragment/platform_bootclasspath
47932935e : Separate storing config for MakeVars from building boot image
7ebebfd5f : Move copying of dex files from dexpreopt_bootjars singleton
d7586b652 : Refactor vendor snapshot to use LinkableInterface.
28bf7ee2a : Move markPlatformAvailability mutator before apexMutator
b5769c15a : Allow module types to force creation of a default APEX variant
3950cd6ed : bp2build: remove libc_tzcode from denylist.
56bb08398 : Implement configured version_script.
e070c3a26 : Always call SetMode in soong_zip
c97761e78 : Support LOCAL_ENFORCE_USES_LIBRARIES in androidmk
77f7c4424 : packaging: install/package deps if not marked IsHideFromMake
3069dd9d7 : Make @soong_injection usable in standalone builds.
75bba11bb : Output machine-readable file with all soong keywords.
3db3547d1 : Generate empty classpaths.proto for bootclasspath_fragment.go.
6213170b3 : Add package module to sdk snapshot that contains licenses
b0bb376ef : Add license modules to the sdk
ec0836af3 : Switch Effective_license_text from []string to Paths
df5a90502 : Move license module processing to GenerateAndroidBuildActions
e96108d79 : Add baseline test for license with sdk
df09d173c : Generate linker config with packaged items.
0df49686b : Add support for name-less modules and property comments
130820563 : Allow an sdk member type not to provide a bp property
0d4ed0ac5 : Allow sdk snapshot to contain source module type
83ad956ec : Move setting of prefer to createMemberSnapshot
3b413d35a : Fix typo caused by incorrect git merge.
476b9d6d1 : Strict updatability linting against dependencies.
086483101 : Handle cc_library shared/static only properties
3bae068ee : Generalize deapexer module to export any files
73c7b8547 : Move conv_classpaths.proto to packages/modules/common.
bb0dc13af : Simplify prebuilt_apex/apex_set common properties
57f8359fe : Derive deapexer module properties from transitive dependencies
5dda3e387 : Move creation of deapexer modules to separate mutator
143be9401 : Add temporary workaround for pack_relocations linker flag conversion for bp2build.
c50fa8dd0 : Add support for shared_libs in cc_library targets.
06eea2c9b : Store real number of records in regular end record when possible
8df4b3dc6 : Use SHT_RELR relocations where possible.
013485bd8 : Declare ConfiguredJarList in specific fragment implementations.
64fb526cd : Add SOONG_SDK_SNAPSHOT_PREFER support
a59690934 : Rename fields in dexpreopt config
95e9c5bbf : Split SYSTEMSERVERCLASSPATH entries from platform_bootclasspath.
be007d180 : Install updatable-bcp-packages.txt and boot-image.bprof
b17d04462 : Transitively add APEX variants for contents of prebuilt_apex/apex_set
e7c94a689 : Stop exporting java_sdk_library libs in the snapshot
2d3da31d4 : Make all SdkMemberTypes support transitive member deps
b9e7a3ca7 : Make licenseModule SdkAware
525a59056 : Make sdk tests more realistic
b6b89a407 : Add missing calls to InitSdkAwareModule
b6788c0dc : Remove most of the remaining references to gccCmd.
afcd339d9 : Remove unused parts of the strip implementation.
60770e225 : Ensure is put in the right place.
128ce2ff7 : Rename classpath_fragment.go methods for better readability.
1e27a1454 : Add prebuilt_defaults for prebuilt etc modules
62035b599 : Add baseline test for sdk snapshot env variables
29161df44 : Prepare kzip script to support superproject sha as an environment variable
9a6f87ebd : Make SystemServerJars ConfiguredJarList.
46f66059e : Define test_min_vndk_version for cc_test
526093281 : Move stub providers to droidstubs.go
598dd0023 : Refactor how bp2build gets arch-specific props.
71d6ab682 : Fix concurrency issues in Test_runWithTimeout
4977540bc : Support dex_import on platform_bootclasspath
179856a69 : bp2build: build static version of libstdc++.
0e446159b : Support blueprint_go_binary in PathForModuleSrc
52e667261 : Add fmtlib_ndk back to the deny list because it fails in mixed builds postsubmit.
fb955387d : Update info on some deny-list entries.
2b54eb837 : bp2build: remove manifest file for bp2build-sync.
c651b5295 : Add support for packaging rust fuzzers
69315e4ea : Use create_minidebuginfo tool instead of bash script.
29c294b2c : Time out and dump stacks from R8 processes after 30 minutes
9b6bcc6bf : Add a wrapper command to detect timeouts
c424b76f7 : Support multilib properties in bp2build
54f6a89c2 : Clean symbols directory during installclean
1353e5969 : Handle the version_script property.
d504c3ac8 : Fix build failure when building unbundled apps (second try)
d6894ca4b : Split findAndCopyBootJars into separate find and copy functions
f23bc472b : Move configuration checks from getBootImageJar
790324e69 : bp2build: add bugs and update bp2build denylist.
47aa58420 : Update reasons for modules being on the deny list (and add bug links).
d01da0586 : Group some modules together under a single bug for tracking purposes.
91a46d0ef : Print the output from RBE bootstrap shutdown
0dbd02a3a : Revert "Fix build failure when building unbundled apps"
49b6db40f : Ignore cc.Module.HideFromMake when producing flattened apex entries
76f0ba81d : Ignore cc.Module.HideFromMake when producing flattened apex entries
c027119e7 : Fix build failure when building unbundled apps
4985e518f : Exclude RequiresApi from generated stubs
12d29b778 : Move generation of hidden API make vars to platform_bootclasspath
08758f08e : Add debug ramdisk variant.
e3ecce67c : Make platform_bootclasspath a singleton module
f7a5592d3 : Move dumpOatRules to platform_bootclasspath
4c094428a : Move generateUpdatableBcpPackagesRule to platform_bootclasspath
01b463bc0 : Differentiate between art, non-updatable and updatable modules
9bacf5656 : Extract logic to gather deps added for <apex>:<module> pairs
110b0add9 : Treat "apex" system_ext the same as platform
53681ef59 : bp2build: make libdl build.
982e384a6 : Fix profileCommand to remove the profile first.
f7bcd42a4 : Clean symbols directory during installclean
282881683 : bp2build: convert //external/arm-optimized-routines/...
895c7140a : Add stub_libs properties to bootclasspath_fragment snapshot
1093158fa : Add support for specifying api provided by bootclasspath_fragment
f7c99f598 : Add GetEmbeddedPrebuilt and IsModulePrebuilt
a3b5dcf9f : Update bp2build allow/denylisting for system
667bb2736 : Remove libc_syscalls from the denylist.
44d159408 : Extract generateUpdatableBcpPackagesRule from updatableBcpPackagesRule
2ac45f019 : Remove special handling of frameworks/base/config/boot-profile.txt
ad19d3858 : Move bootFrameworkProfileRule to platform_bootclasspath
497f17d22 : Allowlist libpropertyinfoparser.
6036497a3 : Remove libdl_static from the deny list in light of http://aosp/1688405
b433bf7be : Generate rustdoc index.
0c2e08312 : Extract IsModuleInVersionedSdk
5271fea26 : Remove global state from vendor public libraries
976b0e5bb : Automatically export bootclasspath_fragment stubs from sdk
eee466e43 : Pass module to SdkMemberTypeDependencyTag.SdkMemberType
fc4843364 : Remove libqemu_pipe from minSdkVersionAllowlist
2b50ce669 : Make GetDirectDep implementation match comment
f60ecf081 : Mixed builds: propagate includes from cc_* targets
f36a3ac8b : more no include_dir
5861242a7 : Extract default image specific logic from buildBootImage
57e2e7d19 : Simplify missing deps handling in buildBootImage
81667c8c1 : Remove panics from reportMissingVariationDependency
b5ac5af61 : Reorganize and cull cc_library_static denylist.
e32e9e07d : bp2build: arch-specific exclude_srcs and srcs.
4ecc67d3c : bp2build: fix exclude_srcs in subpackages.
882bcc1c1 : bp2build: remove header globs in generated srcs.
8fc8dbf70 : start eating include_dirs from both ends
2c4000c7a : apex: remove use_vendor
203b42104 : Remove obsolete llndk_library
627280f09 : Remove llndk_headers
1f3f130e2 : Add support for cc_library_headers to replace llndk_headers
be763f7b1 : Skip default dependencies for header libraries
b719c0194 : Fix and test vendor public libraries for product modules
f12db530d : Move TestVendorPublicLibraries into vendor_public_library_test.go
cc86ac88a : Revert "Reorganize and cull cc_library_static denylist."
2dc665bb4 : bootclasspath_fragment: Always output contents property in snapshot
e95b53a55 : Automatically add bootclasspath_fragment contents to sdk
ba6afd0db : Allow contents and image_name to be specified together
2da0424b1 : Extract java SdkMemberType instances as vars
cba7b0c43 : Reorganize and cull cc_library_static denylist.
c7d1644b0 : Add coverage specific properties to bootclasspath_fragment
b19b58a01 : Drop DexPreoptImages field in dexpreopt config
375451edf : Add support for per-target exported includes.
190fdef29 : Delegate retrieval of dex boot jar for apex to the bootclasspath_fragment
cc33ec883 : Extract bootclasspathFragment related code into separate functions
e946b327f : Rename BootImageInfo to BootclasspathFragmentApexContentInfo
f13e07eee : Remove unused setting of BootImageInfo for platform_bootclasspath
cd0646712 : Generate snapshot member list properties from dependencies
a720811c3 : Allow exporting of sdk members to be done per tag
2d1bb89fe : Extract the os specific snapshot module properties handling
fbe470e7d : Dedup snapshot module property set initialization
7b0259ff6 : Make order of properties in snapshot module consistent
cc3132e49 : Clarify behavior around handling of sdk members
218272699 : Rename sdkMemberRef to sdkMemberVariantDep
26197a65d : Extract addSnapshotModule from buildSnapshot
df160eb46 : Remove unused boot_image module type, prebuilt and sdk member type
7771eba88 : Rename BootImageModule to BootclasspathFragmentModule
871e34290 : rust: Pass additional Clang C flags from toolchain
230bd421a : profman: Clean up output profile type options.
b6a55bf06 : Incorporate cc_library_headers into mixed builds
7d1d083ec : Check consistency of the BootJars/UpdatableBootJars config
023dba0a3 : Add exported_bootclasspath_fragments to prebuilt_apex/apex_set
36187b2cf : Export classesJars initialized in hiddenAPIExtractInformation
b67d878b8 : Extract general bootclasspath related code into java/bootclasspath.go
4994d26bf : Generalize the platformBootclasspathDepsMutator
f8645b93b : Update error messages.
aeb6bad07 : Revert^3 "Add debug ramdisk variant"
3c87b1df1 : Fix minor issues in updatability lint CLs.
78c68655e : Write all BUILD files for queryview
5baca302d : Add libc_openbsd to mixed builds deny list.
836a8f3d6 : Revert^2 "Add debug ramdisk variant"
a9dd6faae : Workaround build failure in coverage build
74431d57c : Move monolithic stub flags generation to platform_bootclasspath
3e7fcc3fe : Extract common stub flags code
a34bee0ec : Don't plumb PRODUCT_*_CLASSPATH vars to make.
19ade8904 : Fix toJsonClassLoaderContextRec size bug
dae54cd84 : Add new stub_only_static_libs attr for sdk_library
ed9c17d03 : bp2build: refactor/standardize cc_* bp2build converters
e5c719e12 : Allow more cc_library_static targets to build.
78ea2f5ea : Revert "Add debug ramdisk variant"
48de88383 : Add lint.strict_updatability_linting
11623b605 : Move Java lint tests to lint_test.go
79e6f6bfc : Forbid bypassing updatability lint checks.
7c95555d7 : bootclasspath_fragment: Add hidden API flag files to snapshot
a57835e8e : bootclasspath_fragment: Add contents to snapshot
0b28a8d35 : Replace boot image with bootclasspath fragment in sdk package
d3c1513df : Add tempPathForRestat to improve consistency
4562a3b21 : Add bp2build arch-specific paths mutator
ae89abe38 : Add validations to RuleBuilderCommand
da6401b77 : Fix bug in RuleBuilderCommand.OrderOnlys
6589805e2 : bootclasspath_fragment must only depend on source contents
a960a0d5d : Move some make variables from GNU binutils to LLVM equivalents.
2082e695c : Allow to work with no custom flag files
b7e30760a : Add various test files as testSrcs, so that they run on CI.
7b3dc8a25 : Support paths for vintf_fragments from Soong.
286c9fafa : Fix bazel_handler_test.go
894546d30 : Skip initHiddenAPI check of prebuilt's boot dex jar for APEX modules
2a4fc3ecd : Generate BUILD files for every directory that has an Android.bp file.
b21166e23 : Make symlink_forest.go prefer generated files.
69ed2a2b9 : Reenable test_glob_noop_incremental.
64715ba9a : Add PrepareForDebug_DO_NOT_SUBMIT
cc17bfe7d : Rename propertyAccessor to propertyValueReader
0fb7fcd3a : Support cc_library as LLNDK without llndk_library
f4d9bd2c4 : Don't print RBE stats if ANDROID_QUIET_BUILD is set.
c82e6e2e8 : Dedup include dir paths
fa616137a : android_system_image that generates linker.config.pb
ec1a3dc6f : Subsume INTEGRATED_BP2BUILD into other env modes
4cfdf7de2 : Make apex.key and certificate overridable.
7b93908d2 : Add
eda9398bb : Remove unnecessary `android:"path"` tags in rust
d3dbf07c3 : Mark par_test as not unit tests
d6cd813ab : Call mixed mode Bazel in the symlink forest.
ee9b24e6d : Do not output two trailing newlines in generated bp files.
5a4202575 : Rename to remove dashes.
94f1963b6 : Remove unused boot_images property and rename tag
3f9416ea8 : Rename cryptic symbols in symlink_forest.go .
b6ea6c2d3 : Don't compress apexes when building in unbundled mode
b353cca49 : Create a synthetic Bazel workspace.
38e6264ff : Rename Label.Bp_text to OriginalModuleName.
a110439b3 : Lint baseline file check in lint-project-xml
2e70f7927 : Move builder.go over to llvm-objcopy.
5bde22ff1 : Incorporate filegroups into mixed builds.
f8d9c499d : Reland: Add jni_libs property to java tests
655a7d50f : [rust] Update clang version used for bindgen
25f369fdc : Move cc_object tests to object_test.go
bab4d7e3b : Add a denylist for specifically mixed builds
302c5b8d8 : Extract getBaselineFilepath method.
c6246671e : Expose "full" dexpreopt.config
3aa297570 : Change par file generate rules.
731bb91b8 : Propagate errors from integration tests scripts.
26616d4cf : Revert "Add jni_libs property to java tests"
246164a05 : Add jni_libs property to java tests
63eeda027 : Fix metalava api baseline update command
4258a39bd : sbox: print failing command line before output
06feee935 : Rustdoc support.
1267d875b : java_sdk_library: Make dex stub jars available for hiddenapi
e1381887a : Migrate sdk tests away from checkAndroidBpContents
b72877f74 : Fix test_glob_noop_incremental
cefa3c75b : Denylist two targets that fail for non-x86_64
450ae7231 : Add LLNDK stubs and headers to VNDK snapshot
5b1970e5d : Remove sdk_version: "none" restriction
9706cbc1e : Add filesystem_test.go
fc2d842df : sbox: best-effort copy output files on failure
9b381ef2b : platform_bootclasspath: aggregate hidden API flag files from fragments
8a71786b5 : Switch to clang r416183b 12.0.5.
414719e91 : Clean up package names.
cb33a0099 : Update for sharded globs
620dea672 : Split bazel -path functions and clarify docs
7a5190734 : Colorize the name of the test to be run.
e736e13a8 : Handle boot jars on /system_ext correctly.
6124c9b36 : Do not pass the list of deps to RunBlueprint.
d518e1a40 : Make bp2build be more correct.
e4dd14b25 : bloaty: measure stripped Rust binaries
461697794 : Rename hidden API types ..Augmentation.. to ..FlagFile..
e3dc6608c : Generalize hiddenAPIAugmentationInfo to make it easier to use
c70220430 : ApiLevel of "" and "core_platform" is FutureApiLevel
686965bae : Speed up Soong integration tests.
f8e2428c5 : Allow running bp2build as part of a regular build.
4eab21d5a : ApexInfo doesn't pass MinSdkVersion as string, but as ApiLevel
ee9b11703 : Remove nativeApiLevelFromUserWithDefault
e134d0983 : Add 'merge' command to conv_linker_config
f84e9c05e : Add debug ramdisk variant
33a3a8182 : Made ManifestPath OptionalPath instead of Path
bec4d038b : Fix discordance between marshall/unmarshall for ArchType
c143cc50d : Transform paths to headers in include dirs to take package boundaries into account.
fb545bf2f : Make sure prebuilt modules are exported before attempting to use them
bc03588be : Generate hashtree for compressed apexes
a0436a392 : make linker_config OutputFileProducer
c6a91ec6d : Allow uninstallable linker_config to be packaged
05b999ecb : Don't compress apexes produced by apex_test module
85dee5d8f : Move hidden API metadata file rule to platform_bootclasspath
22c743170 : Move handling of prebuilt hiddenapi-index.csv to hiddenapi singleton
00b2bfdea : Move hidden API index file rule to platform_bootclasspath
4fab05a2a : rust: do not strip static library
a763c6d8c : Add support for lint baseline files
b448c34bf : Make integration tests clean up after themselves.
97259dc62 : Generate classpaths.proto config for *CLASSPATH variables.
d9580b84a : Add path tests for ramdisk
1ba246732 : Ensure boot jar modules have been initialized properly for hidden API
da2d6ee7a : Truncate vbmeta to 64KB
27408bf32 : Add prebuilt_root module
505b0e899 : rust: Switch rust_fuzz to HWASan
d05ba0041 : Remove draft API support.
38e55b924 : Update stub definition docs.
f40afec4e : Add test case for too many splits
8f146b99e : prebuilt_apex created ApexInfo must not include prebuilt_ prefix
fa5e6b50a : Remove special case code for obsolete files
779b64ec5 : Fix evaluation order of (Cfi|Memtag) exclude paths.
c08897c1e : Add more Rust vendor image support.
699e21832 : rust: Use new common image mutator interface.
f4a88b163 : Introduce NewApi lint checks
3a7d000d1 : cc: Create a common image mutator interface
60264a0b9 : Improve realism of boot jar tests
0b659866e : Support UNSAFE_DISABLE_HIDDENAPI_FLAGS in platform_bootclasspath
90b8ad38e : Remove noop code from generateHiddenAPIBuildActions
43b04926b : Add reasons for cc_library_static modules to be on the deny list.
eabf2c175 : Introduce classpath_fragment.go.
53b2f36bd : Delete android/env.go .
104259550 : Add test for globs on noop incremental builds
30a083215 : bootimg.cmdline is arch specific
dd0295d77 : Support reexporting vndk from vendor snapshot
f7aadf70d : Add flag test for cfi snapshot
082afbb65 : Remove unused hiddenapi_flags module type
6a766453f : Export monolithic hidden API files from platform_bootclasspath
9c2108667 : rust_fuzzer: add toolchain libraries if non-empty
fe23bf3eb : Add tests for request_type ParseResult functions.
b71794d8e : Consolidate cc-specific cqueries.
8d62a4f72 : Add tests for bazel_handler
86bcf70b3 : Fix min_sdk_version err msg in apex.
745380ce2 : Remove the dependency on a number of env vars.
702210b80 : Move generation of global hidden API flags to platform_bootclasspath
c6bb7cf8d : Extract ruleToGenerateHiddenApiFlags
0a92ed74a : bp2build/mixed builds denylist note_memtag_heap_async and sync temporarily.
dbd710c42 : SdkSpec is fully using ApiLevel
7f99ec7c1 : Add a test to check the intall partitions
33db5cbf6 : Install device_specific cc_prebuilt to ODM
0a74c3e06 : rust: Add HWASan build support
83ebf23a0 : Add prebuilt_rfsa module type
20fcfdf48 : rust: Remove stack-depth sancov
82ea3fb27 : Follow blueprint change to return GlobResult from Glob
c02504edd : Add test for globs used during bootstrapping
07bc5f9c4 : Add test for building cc_object with Bazel.
a92e844d1 : Make MockBazelContext more specific to cquerys
107c0de80 : bp2build: refactor compiler/linker prop function.
b4628eb03 : bp2build: codegen singleton lists on one line.
6393098ec : bp2build: cc_library converter for //bionic/libdl:libdl_android
6eafc36e6 : Export CC HWASan sanitizer type
62d8c3b11 : Allow platform_bootclasspath to specify contributing fragments
b432df9cd : Add dependencies from platform_bootclasspath to contents
789fe0fde : Revert^2 "[] Move remaining GNU binutils usage to llvm binutils"
8c7a11a8d : Introduce NewApi lint checks
3b730c4bc : Organize Soong's integration tests:
9dcbfa4ae : Update soong for new lint version
d4c9f5546 : Use old unwinder for R cc modules
c58d3d214 : Be more explicit about headers in cc_library_static targets.
94e22fd35 : Shared lib dependencies from rlib are included in APEX
253f521db : Redirect memtag libraries to snapshot
9231537fe : SdkSpec is fully using ApiLevel
0c4f71cd9 : Support paths for init_rc from Soong.
f58fd9aec : Add deapexer support for apex_set
2470467d4 : Separate apex extraction from the ApexSet
dfd3326b6 : Move deapexer related functionality to prebuiltCommon
b81516847 : Support arch variations for export_system_include_dirs in cc_library_headers bp2build converter.
3f9e155f8 : Handle simple prebuilt static libraries from bazel
f29df7cc5 : Move cquery RequestType interface to bazel_handler
08f476bf8 : Fix bug in sdk_library string matching
94c832526 : rust: collect file dependencies for clippy
e54f07e38 : Stripped rust bin/libs are included in APEX
c44e7372e : rust: Add cfgs property
c7e592cde : cpp output of an AIDL file is together with the headers
f9523ed57 : Fix arch in snapshot DepsMutator.
11216db1d : Separate apex selection from apex.Prebuilt
56dc66e2e : Stop deapexer module type from being treated as a prebuilt
c0609c603 : Make prebuilt_apex report an error if no apex file is found
b5933f64e : Remove hidden API special handling of android.test.base
1b6fb8765 : Automatically set Androidmk suffix of snapshot
864116ce3 : Add PrebuiltNameFromSource
e1d383764 : Add IsModulePreferred
ebfbad296 : Revert^2 "Set min_sdk_version for java imports in pom2bp"
f99ba2710 : Revert "Set min_sdk_version for java imports in pom2bp"
70acc3dc0 : Update soong for new lint version
ca6fe3453 : Add a converter for classpaths.proto between proto and json/text formats.
a29903fb2 : Fix syntax error in bazel_handler.go.
ec00900f8 : Allow dependencies from platform variants to APEX modules (reland).
85e8bd61c : Compress the binary_size.pb artifact
aa73ae5b5 : Update build to new location of hiddenapi config files
546ccd561 : Attach rust_benchmark to atest and tradefed.
1d640d052 : Add rust_benchmark module to soong.
97bb9f18e : Add dumping the module graph in JSON format.
ee4a8b707 : Make lint HTML output deterministic
eefc9e6a6 : Fix note_memtag bionic libraries in mixed builds
66ffdb74e : Only include used requests in cquery starlark
fa9b3f30f : Set the usesNonSdk manifest attribute whan targeting module SDKs.
0202caa0f : Remove unused constants for cquery requests
c1c265053 : Add target/os configurable string_list attrs.
2f6a21e95 : Export OsTypeList through a function.
f58c46e36 : Don't use incorrect version names like VER or BOARD even in tests
54105c48f : SdkSpec = Scope + ApiLevel
c2018e2ed : Remove libgcc toolchain libs for Android
5a5c7d58d : Add a variable that indicates build-time debugfs restrictions
f1691d2a2 : Move java.sdkSpec to the android package
e59af4e1c : Use correct includes for mixed build gen headers
bf94d2fdb : Allow Bazel actions to see the SHELL variable.
6f43f5426 : Fix, llvm-nm does not recognise '-f P' option
c044f5bce : rust: Update libfuzzer flags for rust_fuzz
09f9231e9 : Remove unused cquery requests.
3cf521189 : Add bazel_module properties to cc_defaults
91220d733 : Add os/target configurable selects for label list attributes.
56e12dbba : Revert "Revert "Add min_sdk_version to java_import.""
5ab650800 : Revert "Add min_sdk_version to java_import."
ba407c8af : Export header check allows WholeStaticLibs
7f7193a78 : NDK API coverage
27a26526f : NDK API coverage
0f36d16fe : Disable clippy::upper-case-acronyms
6790ebcc5 : Reorganize soong_build/main.go .
6c309cd0a : bp2build: don't generate a WORKSPACE.
5d8652fca : Set min_sdk_version for java imports in pom2bp
d64139f8e : Revert "Allow dependencies from platform variants to APEX modules."
4ad44e713 : Move to use LLVM binutils
79abe57f5 : Remove FixturePreparer.Extend()
4814bb814 : Remove FixtureFactory
284165afb : Remove apexFixtureFactory
760fb185b : Annotate bp2buildModuleDoNotConvertList with reasons for modules being blocked.
a46b51cf2 : Support super image size automatic calculation
d4a3a137e : "current" is implicitly added to stubs.versions
6d15d6355 : Add min_sdk_version to java_import.
4ccd490ae : Revert^2 "Switch platform-NDK unwinder to LLVM libunwind.a prebuilt"
bb7f1ac79 : Add a new platform_bootclasspath module type
8095c2959 : Remove support for unsandboxed metalava
d47f4ac82 : Silence kotlinc JDK9 warnings
607c0b795 : Fix multiple copies of read-only files in sbox
b164b381b : Register bp2build module types even outside generation
535e0a105 : Remove unused java testing methods
556071232 : Convert testDexpreoptWithApexes to use test fixtures
45338f05e : Convert TestApexPermittedPackagesRules to use test fixtures
34a7fff9e : Remove varargs from Fixture(t *testing.T)
55e740e9a : Remove varargs from RunTest(t *testing.T)
bb7513d80 : Emit a better error message in
60b2234c8 : Rust: use 1.51.0 prebuilts
bf1db7b14 : Move to use LLVM binutils
74bdc2881 : Revert "Switch platform-NDK unwinder to LLVM libunwind.a prebuilt"
152a70295 : Add default group support for logical_partition
0d736917e : Fix missing snapshot headers.
8567f226e : Remove ccFixtureFactory
2e6f90e0d : Extract prepareForCcTest
c3e6ce04d : Remove buildDir from cc package
9e0c3f999 : Convert remaining rust tests to use test fixtures
f4b139abc : Add system/core/libstats to the Rust allowed list.
de116856f : Add depfile handling for bazel_handler.
a060c4521 : Handle product_variable asflag for cc_object.
afdd4061e : Rename OptionalPath.RelativeToPath -> RelativeToTop
a71a67a4f : Remove extraneous calls to TestingBuildParams.RelativeToTop()
378bf736e : Enable overflow checks in Rust
e8366da1f : Automatically call TestingBuildParams.RelativeToTop()
4f43fe96b : Store the bp2build module opt-out list as a list instead of a map.
0702791a9 : bp2build: arch-configurable selects for label list attrs.
58a12b8ba : bp2build/queryview: codegen control sequences literally.
e8a8296bc : queryview: fix depfile and incrementality.
4d058c880 : Allow dependencies from platform variants to APEX modules.
fc490bde7 : bp2build code generator: pretty print zero values
d9548315a : Add license for bloaty subdirectory.
3fbf2bea6 : Default metalava sandboxing to true
5f6ffc72f : Add dependencies for Metalava's implicit android.jar references
ad0b5ba42 : Refactor cquery processing to generalize transitions
32f1de332 : Append ".static" to ubsan runtime for static binaries
406765b15 : Do not build stats-log-api-gen-exports in mainline builds
d3e2742ad : NDK API coverage
962783a66 : Add TestingModule.Outputs
0aafcbfd2 : Add StringsRelativeToTop
a5b8135bd : Add OptionalPath.RelativeToTop
29888b1bf : Migrate system_modules_test.go from NormalizePathsForTesting
cf8d7db02 : Stop JavaSdkLibrary_... tests requiring absolute path
37ba344e4 : Remove buildDir from apex package
f53555da2 : Add StringRelativeToTop
4d101b60f : Add the transitive dependencies of boot_image to apex
82886d6cb : Add contents property to boot_image (and prebuilt_boot_image)
c7ef9892d : Add dependencies for art boot_image
c29f07676 : Add pom2bp param for default min_sdk_version
9f12df9ab : Don't fail the build if manifest_check cannot extract targetSdkVersion.
e45541d82 : Allow Rust code in system/logging/rust
39dd0a4b8 : Don't enforce <uses-library> checks if dexpreopt for apps is disabled.
55d6b3edb : bloaty: Append new file extension
4b64ba05b : Add bootclasspath_fragment as an alias for boot_image
837486d30 : Convert java/boot_image_test.go to test fixtures
64be7bb32 : Change type of Image_name from string to *string
9ea71c0f4 : Make apex/boot_image_test.go more realistic
2288f3155 : Remove comment about gitignore for BUILD files.
e5ac250ab : Convert kernel package to use test fixtures
2a2fb66d6 : Convert linkerconfig package to use test fixtures
52bfaa43f : Prune test preparers in apex/boot_image_test.go
396229f7c : Prevent apex from using preferred prebuilt_boot_image
855e90b57 : Make test_for arch variant.
4e6c269de : Don't use APEX stubs between internal libs in the same APEX when building test_for modules.
1461c4dbc : Add FilterListPred.
32312eb75 : Don't panic on "go test" invocations from the command line.
bc1399271 : Support sandboxing droiddoc and droidstubs with args properties
b33f9d87c : Remove lib_dns from bp2build converter denylist (module name typo, should be libc_dns).
ae5da5ba7 : NDK API coverage
a9e182440 : Don't convert libc_dns using the cc_library_static bp2build converter.
6aa5c4039 : Strengthen metalava sandbox support using sbox
cb77f75aa : Move metalava's output files into a subdirectory
0d5324165 : Fix lint warnings in droidstubs.go
2207f8775 : Split droidstubs out of droiddoc.go
d11cf62ec : Use interface for $(location) values in genrules
7ee54ffd7 : Replace ANDROID_SDK_HOME with ANDROID_PREFS_ROOT for metalava
5bedfa2d4 : Simplify lint rules using improved RuleBuilder rsp support
ce3a51dc9 : Support multiple rsp files in RuleBuilder
e55bd423d : Pass rsp files into sbox and rewrapper
045bfd964 : Add test for sbox input sandboxing
a4eafddc4 : Support multiple rsp files in REParams
fd708b565 : Move response file handling to a separate package
bbb0f8fae : Make TestingBuildParams.RelativeToTop() modify (Writable)Path(s)
63bb7680c : rust: Add whole_static_libs, revert static_lib
8206d4ff9 : Don't use custom mixed build logic for cc_object
095081c6d : Add bp2build support for cc_library_static.
4dd6cdb3b : Fix TestDroiddoc's reliance on absolute paths
85d8f0dcd : Add Path.RelativeToTop
bb9ff5108 : Filter duplicate modules in platform_compat_config_singleton
db462dd98 : Disallow non-existent paths in sdk package
dd622951a : Fix AAPT path in dexpreopt.
1822a0a37 : Improve sdk snapshot testing
5d72cba25 : bp2build: add a per-module denylist.
74abc5d4e : Remove config from basePath
d65c58b20 : Add buildDir to WritablePath implementations
580efc871 : Add srcDir to SourcePath
e8b0ee73f : rust: Add features list to rust_project.json
f9410540a : Revert "Add bp2build support for cc_library_static."
3cb2c06b4 : Cleanup some issues left over from previous reviews
76e5c8a37 : Convert test that disallows non existent paths to use fixtures
ac94726ef : Remove testSdkWithJava
9ec86b14e : Convert java_sdk_test.go tests to fixtures
a35178b10 : Fix "filename too long" issue on Luci caused by test name
b506c9dc1 : Cleanup usages of Dex2oatDepTag
d603c7dba : Fix a typo in the definition of `varApexNames` in `java/dexpreopt_bootjars.go`.
21e743df4 : Add bp2build support for cc_library_static.
9023b02c0 : Allow using updatable boot jars in dexpreopt (but don't use them yet).
c99c947c8 : Make null builds always be null builds.
9fc9f5342 : Group all the preparations needed for testing dexpreopt
3c84eaaa9 : Separate methods used for fixture based and legacy tests
f8e3d8341 : Use more inclusive language in dexpreopt/testing.go
12b4c2706 : bp2build: add allowlist for package-level conversions.
5818b9344 : Enable safe ICF for all devices
bedca7447 : [pgo] Do not explicitly link profile runtime
71ae59412 : Remove javaFixtureFactory
d6339af0b : Remove unused test methods and buildDir
0342dc9c3 : Remove uses of buildDir from java/rro_test.go
b148a4931 : Remove uses of buildDir from java/kotlin_test.go
414ea5eb7 : Remove uses of buildDir from java/java_test.go and java/sdk_test.go
fb0fe9f5c : Remove uses of buildDir from java/app_test.go
f71e4ed32 : Remove uses of buildDir from java/app_set_test.go
fb8bc9519 : Remove uses of buildDir from java/app_import_test.go
f04311cbc : Remove uses of buildDir in java/androidmk_test.go
2f9e71e5a : Remove uses of buildDir in java/hiddenapi_singleton_test.go
67d485e9d : Remove uses of buildDir from java/dexpreopt_bootjars_test.go
c029c43c9 : Register java_plugin in PrepareForTestWithJavaBuildComponents
fa65cee27 : Fix genrule depending on disabled module with ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true
6158dfeb9 : Remove obsolete comment on PrebuiltPostDepsMutator
2c4ca8d73 : Support test fixtures in rust package
f0b3b94bb : Make GENERATE_BAZEL_FILES=true correct.
f1ff54a10 : rust: Drop libgcc dependency
7b85eeb41 : Add WithDexpreopt soong variable
04ba70d66 : Register the propagateRROEnforcementMutator
42da69d78 : Add preparer for overlay pre-singleton registration
97d8b40fe : Add TestingModule.VariablesForTestsRelativeToTop
709e0e32c : Add TestingBuildParams.RelativeToTop()
4e6e35c56 : Improve searching for TestingBuildParams using the output file
0eda26b96 : Move helper methods that take testBuildProvider into baseTestingComponent
31a228846 : Extract functionality common to TestingModule/Singleton
29b9de083 : Switch platform-NDK unwinder to LLVM libunwind.a prebuilt
001b2342f : Add platform_compat_config to sdk
04b4a19fe : Add TestBasicSdkWithBootImage
4a1d45140 : Convert boot_image_sdk_test.go to fixtures
4ca6752b2 : Replace FixturePreparer.visit() with list()
cf3ee2f87 : Allow sdk package tests to optimize their test setup
c93c98e31 : Use test fixtures in CheckSnapshot()
70d3bee3e : Remove emptyFixtureFactory from apex and java
89648f98f : Remove usages of FixtureFactory from misc packages
30ac3e7ca : Remove uses of FixtureFactory from android package
ff2aa69a8 : Deprecate FixtureFactory in favor of FixturePreparer
cff464f79 : Remove errorHandler from FixtureFactory
592518290 : Allow access to preparers that produced a TestResult
fdaa5f716 : Versioned CRT objects are built with correct __ANDROID_API__
a008fb08c : Always respect min_sdk_version
0c4eec85f : Fix default value of BoardSepolicyVers
fa2b1cf1d : Split functions for compiling boot jars to allow future code reuse.
bd6b076f8 : Allow modules that don't run verify_uses_libraries to have nonempty CLC.
4c3e8e2d6 : Ensure that DepIsInSameApex is not called for ExcludeFromApexContentsTag
208105259 : Print the output from RBE bootstrap shutdown
d14cbc1e6 : Add prepareForSdkTestWithJava
ce5a4547b : Java build components require android build components
b474fc0ad : Remove .rustc ELF section from mini-debug-info.
33dfba1d9 : Revert "[] Move remaining GNU binutils usage to llvm binutils"
80f4cea1a : Prevent invalid paths being added to mock file system
9f4b3bbb7 : Replace AssertPanic with AssertPanicMessageContains
40b6257dc : Cleanup the now unused testCustomizer
0a49fdca0 : Convert test specific customizers to FixturePreparers
810f33d9e : Convert shared customizer functions to return FixturePreparers
2be9dcd3a : Allow test handlers to be either FixturePreparer or testCustomizer
34d433ad7 : Convert apex/boot_image_test.go to use test fixtures
e05480ac4 : Switch testApex and related methods to use test fixtures
ae542a58a : Allow customization of all fixture state at once
263426431 : Take Module implementations out of java/java.go.
2dc86b295 : Migrate manifest_*_test out of test mapping
a4aa43072 : Handle include_build_directory prop in bp2build
459beab69 : Minimal license feature.
58d85b87b : Minimal license feature.
ad50ce834 : [] Move remaining GNU binutils usage to llvm binutils
c7d23478e : Switch to clang r416183 12.0.4.
1661aff8b : Run lint actions in sbox
ef972743e : Support sbox-in-RBE
77cdcfdea : Move android package on top of remotexec
ab020a733 : Support sandboxing inputs in RuleBuilder
c7846f38f : bp2build: cc_library_headers converter should only include that module type
1afa51592 : Migrate android package to a per test build directory
c3bdd310b : Convert android/packaging_test.go to test fixtures
d9ec7d269 : Convert android/ninja_deps_test.go to test fixtures
d518b7e2f : Convert android/path_properties_test.go to test fixtures
78c36216a : Add NinjaDeps to TestResult
a9237b6ee : Convert android/singleton_module_test.go to test fixtures
3c6a4ea24 : Convert android/neverallow_test.go to test fixtures
d65970072 : Convert android/singleton_module_test.go to test fixtures
4bb2b219d : Convert android/variable_test.go to test fixtures
791302b41 : Convert android/soong_config_modules_test.go to test fixtures
e8a4ac49f : Convert android/mutator_test.go to test fixtures
485079130 : Convert android/deptag_test.go to test fixtures
928c87711 : Revert^2 "Don't depend on nonexistent manifest when manifest_check is disabled."
ec2228261 : Revert^2 "Reimplement in"
b77b0c5e0 : Treat allowed_deps.txt source file as optional.
573989d82 : Prevent ApexInfoMutator from creating unnecessary variants
1efdb3018 : Remove javaMockFS()
3d9f26843 : Fix TestTurbine to work without javaMockFS()
57c4d79c0 : Fix testDexpreoptBoot to work without javaMockFS()
171de3ef7 : Fix TestClasspath to work without javaMockFS()
76101fa5e : Convert TestClasspath to test fixtures
6648045f0 : bp2build: genrule converter only supports "genrule".
abbf63d65 : Migrate sdk package to a per test build directory
ec74f81b4 : Convert xml package to fixtures
94b6960b3 : Add preparers for xml
7af79fb49 : Remove "-C link-dead-code=y" flag
9cbbbb813 : Convert sysprop package to fixtures
6e3ce72b3 : Add preparers for sysprop
220ddd7a6 : Clean up java package use of python build components
803876aaa : Convert python package to fixtures
d0890452e : Add preparers for python
c60dd805a : Fix hole in python testing code that ignored a broken test
9d2c7978f : Revert "Reimplement in"
7c6c1f5c8 : Revert "Don't depend on nonexistent manifest when manifest_check is disabled."
c3a22d8eb : Allowlist RBE_num_retries_if_mismatched variable
1b29e003f : Add prebuilt_platform_compat_config
0b8177873 : Correct typo in the name of compatConfigTag
8c535dad3 : Allow apex dependencies to be restricted to source modules only
29072a9c1 : Separate metadata provider from apex contents provider
64d371896 : Add AssertIntEquals
afeee22c1 : Add emptyFixtureFactory in java package
961543309 : Reorganize the platform_compat_config.go file
7b33d4117 : Update clang used for bindgen to clang-r412851
ccdc0bef3 : Convert android/namespace_test.go to test fixtures
85034e92b : Add FixtureIgnoreErrors
d250ff620 : Convert android/rule_builder_test.go to test fixtures
54054686b : Convert android/paths_test.go to test fixtures
f62dc9b7a : Convert android/module_test.go to test fixtures
7c166b452 : Convert android/defaults_test.go to test fixtures
3d11961d4 : Add AssertSame
140a8e183 : Convert android/csuite_config_test.go to test fixtures
738a6d5bc : Convert android/arch_test.go to test fixtures
50deaae87 : Add OptionalFixturePreparer
d210afa40 : Remove android/apex_test.go use of buildDir
9ca14c198 : Convert android/androidmk_test.go to test fixtures
854d66157 : Migrate bpf package to a per test build directory
720b3964f : Fix writing soong.variables .
f67c06a7f : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
5f6cb1d6d : Compile soong_build for debugging if needed.
2645a2912 : Fix app tests to work without javaMockFS()
cdb88a996 : Convert app tests that depend on javaMockFS() to test fixtures
d234b418a : Convert TestUsesLibraries to test fixtures
fdb61edf4 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
f1f738e65 : Replace source based system server stubs
d7ce8402d : Remove GeneratingPrimaryBuilder().
8f0436697 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
67e5add19 : Add sepolicy related variables
d1e3f1ff0 : Embed minibp into soong_ui.
092ef811a : Fix PackagingBase.CopyDepsToZip
b79c7f110 : Run InitAndroidArchModule last in factory functions.
5a756a63e : Check for frameworks/base/Android.bp instead of frameworks/base
c590ec4bd : Fix sbox in chdir mode
5334edd2f : Check RuleBuilder temporaries for path errors
1c217fdc9 : Fix WriteFileRule escaping
b70a1a900 : Remove unescaped spans support from RuleBuilder
70c474121 : Add explicit rspfile argument to RuleBuilderCommand.FlagWithRspFileInputList
4502978be : Ninja escape RuleBuilder rule params
627263fec : Export a few utility methods
bdc609972 : Support autoconverted modules in mixed builds
dc5be9099 : Minimal license feature.
944e7d01a : Refactor and cleanup of cquery processing
57355683d : Temporarily disable cc_objects in mixed builds
c9d486488 : Add hansson@ to OWNERS in mainline-prod.
3c902e7ac : translate library names using dexpreopt configs.
a76d6606c : Don't depend on nonexistent manifest when manifest_check is disabled.
8dfcbe466 : Move allowed_deps.txt to packages/modules/common.
dc92abb70 : Fix hiddenapi tests to work without javaMockFS()
175947f65 : Convert hiddenapi tests to use test fixtures
163043d61 : Fix TestJavaSdkLibrary... tests to work without javaMockFS()
22b77cd53 : Convert JavaSdkLibrary... tests in java package to test fixtures
55bf387f5 : Don't track modules that are only available to APEXes.
32b06c2ae : Migrate sh package to a per test build directory
5f9f771da : Migrate etc package to a per test build directory
e66946b43 : Migrate genrule package to a per test build directory
dff5ff064 : Use test specific build dir when needed
567465da8 : Add (String)Path(s)RelativeToTop and assert functions
89e9a16eb : Remove global variables from Blueprint.
972e06c41 : Add vbmeta module type
665b6786b : Fix removing partial zip file on error
4defbf4d3 : Switch platform_compat_config to use common arch
1bc21dc7e : Disallow platform_compat_config modules in apex prebuilts property
3abc174cf : Add new compat_configs property to the apex
383bfb392 : Allow extending of the list of directories to be scanned for VSDK
bc15e3a79 : Improve java.go readability.
f666b151e : Remove tradefed static_lib heuristic
a369c7b50 : Convert TestCompatConfig test to use test fixtures
4eb4b41ce : Provide preparer for using platform_compat_config modules
05f72de08 : Convert TestJavaSdkLibraryEnforce to test fixtures
aa6caa7fa : Create sub tests for each test in TestJavaSdkLibraryEnforce
2ff6d1b6d : Provide support for preparing tests with prebuilt_apis
ba3ea16f1 : Use handcrafted build targets in bp2build
ac4076de9 : bootimg signs image using verity_utils
0aba252e1 : Reimplement in
2e4219be7 : Add a way to remove duplicates from Bazel label lists, to e.g. avoid duplicate deps.
13decfb0b : Define __ANDROID_VENDOR__ and __ANDROID_PRODUCT__
ee6a89ba4 : Export OUT_DIR variable to rust-project.json
bf028b533 : Extract PrepareForTestWithJavaSdkLibraryFiles from javaMockFS()
6bac49c56 : Convert testJavaError to test fixtures
0ed42d3c9 : Clean up testApp and testAppConfig
d7aea1dbe : Remove TestHelper
012b6679d : Switch to Assert... functions in dexpreopt_bootjars_test.go
c81854a64 : Stop error handler relying on testing.T being embedded in TestResult
36474d322 : Stop sdk package depending on testing.T being embedded in TestResult
4bf7f0db2 : Add test suite to legacy core platform allowlist.
e84b1338c : Migrate from result methods to function Asserts
a02cae345 : Convert ...InstallHwasan.. tests to use fixtures
3d0ddff8e : Stop android package depending on testing.T being embedded in TestResult
9dcf25319 : Add new function Assert methods
3fdb1bd9a : Remove unused TestResult methods
055005500 : Separate TestHelper from fixtures
c3c69e11b : Revert "Revert "Reinstate the enforcement of stable core platform API usage""
db378c551 : Add secureprocessor to the legacy core platform API list
8c12d89be : Revert "Reinstate the enforcement of stable core platform API usage"
451aeef58 : Convert testDexpreoptBoot to use test fixtures
ebddef39d : Fix build failure in boot_image_sdk_test.go
32cddd0ba : Fix bootimg.cmdline to use ShellEscapeIncludingSpaces
b528ed5fa : Reinstate the enforcement of stable core platform API usage
3f4e7a10a : Remove the robolectric heuristic out of java_test
6e9a4007b : Prevent mock filesystem files being overridden by accident
6fb6cffce : Reinstate the enforcement of stable core platform API usage
533b98cde : Don't track modules that are only available to APEXes.
fe9a9e3f7 : Add missing // to clarify comment
4a2a29ce6 : Support test fixtures in sdk package
db4888966 : Add text fixture preparers for rust package
37aad6050 : Add apexFixtureFactory to apex package
4e99ef761 : Improve name of getModuleHeaderJarsAsNormalizedPaths
6a1160e74 : Convert cc/prebuilt_test.go to use fixtures
6c9da044f : Add preparer for test to use AndroidMk
7d8a8ad0d : Convert cc/cc_test.go tests that use CreateTestContext to fixtures
25259e93e : Add preparer for test to allow missing dependencies
1ef166e41 : Correct error in documentation of AssertDeepEquals
e7a055c6a : Add preparer for test with variables
981b94b46 : Switch CheckSnapshot from a testSdkResult method to a function
8306f2567 : Make testSdkResult compatible with android.TestResult
ff36f17b4 : Introduce derive_classpath service.
2ebaa881d : Implement OutputFiles for python modules.
023707d31 : Support python binaries in sh_test_host
aa3eac2e5 : Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test
4f0a75abd : Ensure java_system_modules_import uses prebuilts
c52bea955 : Improve system modules tests
f23e346f6 : Convert system modules tests to use fixtures
db284be91 : Separate system modules tests into their own file
d6c2a6521 : prebuilt_apis should create a java_system_modules_import
21d5c7aaa : Hard-wire the path to xcrun as /usr/bin/xcrun.
81a6983dc : Fix writedocs.
93706aeef : Add AssertStringListContains to TestHelper
ecdac8a6d : Convert fuchsia tests to use test fixtures
f7f65dafb : Add prebuilt_boot_image and add boot_images to sdk
9c78cb83d : Propagate LANG environment variable to lint in RBE
9b93af488 : Default lint RBE to local exec strategy
e0c14678d : Enable cfi for 32bit arch
75c7cead6 : Delete defaultsFactory in java.go.
fdfe8f74f : Fix getting list of module libraries in builder.go
808d84c45 : mixed builds for cc_static_library without deps
ad22bc299 : Add comment to lintPaths
e9612824e : Avoid calling DepIsInSameApex when excluded from apex contents
b4ced9d88 : Fix the environment of soong_build:
0a19d6389 : Add service-connectivity-pre-jarjar to legacy core platform list
a3cb2b396 : Remove duplicate sdk.TestHelper
043f5e788 : Treat core_platform as stable unless module uses legacy
95bdab400 : Support test fixtures in java package
4fced5582 : Support test fixtures in dexpreopt package
73ab928da : Make $PATH available when building soong_build.
921fac7cf : Convert etc tests to use test fixtures
815835642 : Print a correct error message when a non-hermetic tool is not found.
1a97ee0b2 : Populate baseline_file values.
5225ca943 : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
13b9b42f8 : bp2build: add python_binary_host converter.
1c1b6e6d9 : Lineage properties support module references.
56fb8ee92 : Support test fixtures in sh package
12c7eb8cb : Support test fixtures in bpf package
1172fed8e : Support test fixtures in etc package
02a3d6540 : Support test fixtures in cc package
72018ad13 : Add temporary RunTestWithConfig method to simplify migration
8edc99c80 : Simplify TestSdkInstall
6d9108f04 : Extract sdk registration code into function for reuse
667893c65 : Extract apex registration code into function for reuse
8bd286590 : Convert license tests to use test fixtures
672cb9fbc : Convert genrule tests to use test fixtures
41ad6b632 : Revert "Skip old file cleanup for non-full builds."
4f0f3f01d : Build heapprofd_client_api for use in the ART chroot.
46e37741a : Rename SetErrorHandler to ExtendWithErrorHandler
2e0323dd1 : Allow customization of product variables in a test fixture
bbccfcfb7 : Allow customization of the env configuration in a test fixture
ec3292beb : Distinguish between integration test and other tests
530483c61 : Simplify preparers now that tests use consistent registration order
9418d6747 : Allow ExtServices to use tflite_support
b0eb3192c : bootimg and logical_partition are OutputFileProducer
c5723e3af : Remove the special-casing of /dev from test path normalization.
b14ad7b5d : Run Ninja in a clean environment.
47a9d0cd9 : Really fix queryview.
86feead0d : Run "prebuilt_postdeps" mutator again
25ae8dec9 : Add additional_certificates to android_app_import.
f5de6684f : Store order of the components used by the tests
704926639 : Workaround for b/182183061: generate corpus-specific rule file
ce06cc0c2 : Introduce derive_classpath service.
fa2988538 : Avoid accidentally sharing preparers slice across factories
41d77c76a : Ensure test/runtime order of singletons/pre-singletons is consistent
42d0b9317 : Separate the collation of singletons from registration
d182fb390 : Defer registration of singletons and pre-singletons in TestContext
281deb2c6 : Ensure mutators used in tests are in the same order as at runtime
74030452b : Introduce derive_classpath service.
92f7874e8 : Introduce derive_classpath service.
89071b08c : Fix queryview.
7d613bfe2 : Make it possible to debug soong_ui.
c117f6fc0 : AIDEGen: Add "-fprofile-sample-use" parameter into category.
5e914b286 : sysprop_library correctly supports apex_available and min_sdk_version
81aea9a0f : bootimg supports v4 header
c05b034e9 : Separate the collation of mutators from registration
1d2d42f8e : Add sortableComponent abstraction
cdcd2be1f : Fix build break caused by registering genrules twice
997f27aa0 : Fix nested properties in soong config structs
5a27bdad7 : Remove wired corpus name, use the one from the environment
382ba06c2 : Pass ANDROID_SDK_HOME to metalava so it doesn't write to ~/.android
2cb4b01f1 : Add statslog_media dependency to media module.
eaadd67a9 : Reinstate the enforcement of stable core platform API usage
2669e7edf : Exempt framework-res from UseApiFingerprint
2787e8e65 : Support robolectric prebuilts in android_robolectric_test
31972dc48 : Support remoting lint commands with RBE
6d119b804 : Fix mutator ordering issue in apex tests
942481b3f : Add Errs to TestResult
ea8a38634 : Make error handlers treat any failures as fatal
52323b511 : Avoid SetErrorHandler mutating FixtureFactory
d6ceb8600 : Clean up cc.RegisterRequiredBuildComponentsForTest()
a560d5a91 : Rename FixturePreparers to GroupFixturePreparers
863f3b9fb : Stop using '&' for class loader context.
b216661e8 : Revert "Revert "Attempt to run all java_test_host that look unit..."
5e85c665d : Do not ignore error when writing environment file
9bb022a4a : Allow PermissionController to set min_sdk_version to 30.
62751102a : Clear remains of java.Dependency interface.
480762d78 : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
c38777cb7 : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
555752f09 : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
acace4264 : variable: Add header_libs to product_variables.arc
3c298a372 : Reformat license code to comply with preupload checks
1ab84fa43 : Revert "Attempt to run all java_test_host that look unit tests"
6e55ef157 : Disable verify_uses_libraries check if dexpreopt is globally disabled.
5c113d13e : Remove lint outputs to prevent showing old lint results on error
00d93b143 : Make common dependencies of lint use restat
84f3dc1c9 : Use repackaged lint binary
15b04e2cb : Correct fmt printf error in bazel_handler
aa8eec05c : Add service-connectivity-pre-jarjar to legacy core platform list
6618f0400 : include new settings lib to the apex-dependency allow list
deba72161 : Make tests work again on Darwin.
5a6cfa060 : Add support for using sdk_version: "module_<ver>"
767dbd9d3 : Friendly error message on apex_available and min_sdk_version checks
55418f8c3 : Remove myself from the OWNERS
4d86107c8 : init_rc and vintf_fragments appear in PackagingSpecs()
d152f5b0e : Add libruy_static to allowed_deps
f8dcf5ead : Make apex.updatable default to true.
ac22956dc : Rename vendor-ramdisk to vendor_ramdisk
7690c0995 : cd to / before running soong_build .
8e93aba54 : Fix a typo.
e4b585d73 : Add libruy_static to allowed_deps
6cb1128b5 : Disable TestSendLog on the buildbots
2807f0047 : Remove global state from VNDK apexes
cfd3374da : Add error handling to test fixtures
441635047 : Add modules-annotation-minsdk in allowed_deps
4a13acb07 : Use compiler filter "verify" for dexpreopt w/o class loader context.
3243aa51e : Move environment staleness check to soong_ui.
8d6e433c1 : Support cc_object modules in mixed builds
db5138230 : Recognise the Google-signed ART APEXes as well.
a3014f1c1 : Remove Abseil checks from clang-tidy defaults.
fe927a265 : Do verify_uses_libraries check for APKs after patching library names.
eea486a58 : Respect `provides_uses_lib` for modules added via `[optional_]uses_libs`
c04fb9e6a : Remove deapexer and prebuilt apex select mutators
0d10c3c30 : Verify the prebuilt_apex selects the correct input apex file
f6932afea : Add test to verify the deapexer rule's input apex file
ec0fe1775 : Avoid hiddenapi ignoring prebuilt with missing dex implementation jar
3785673f9 : Allow java_sdk_library_import to contribute to hiddenapi processing
3985351df : Retrieve dex implementation jars from apex for java_sdk_library_import
55549df05 : APEX uses the latest version of the stub
efadd4aea : Add fft2d dependency to unblock ag/13690416.
75ce9eccf : Remove global state from sysprop libraries
b014f0787 : Propagate java resources in apps with no code
358161232 : Add test fixture support
b6bce8711 : Add "ds-car-dev" to legacyCorePlatformApiModules.
861a896c9 : Add `provides_uses_library` example to TestUsesLibrary check.
2eaf5c525 : Stricten TestUsesLibrary check.
5d8644990 : bp2build: add configurable attribute (select) support.
07b9f86f0 : Define getSnapshotNameSuffix()
217e09a78 : Forbit extra quotes in tidy flag lists
3ef77e89f : Make runtime_resource_overlay product specific.
069b75077 : Attempt to run all java_test_host that look unit tests
b6d0d9cec : rust: Disable Byte Grouping Linter
f17a64cd6 : Add allowed dependencies for tethering in mainline-prod.
4813867ec : Remove dependency from vendor_snapshot to each module
5db3d98c3 : Enable bloaty artifact for checkbuild
8431282af : Fix the releax_check flag format verb.
003d808a4 : Remove ModuleBase.prefer32.
c28f5d97a : reverses common and external Clang flags
88ae408a0 : queryview: add "size" to ignored prop.
eafc16bf1 : Allow pre-singleton types to be registered in RegistrationContext
db1202452 : bp2build: add support for cc_object's objs and exclude_srcs properties.
b89e5e71b : Add logical_partition module type
ff0529d20 : Build statsd-module-sdk-for-art
44b85d01c : Update soong copy of java binaries when Make copy is installed
1af9f614e : Add libmath_headers to allowed_deps.txt
66dd5c09e : android:path attribute is respected for fields in a slice of struct
ea6666fba : Move bazel.Properties to a BazelModuleBase
fc46bc1ee : Refactor BazelTargetModule
76b232f2c : Disallow using error-prone merge strategies
d4cbf3403 : Fix infinite recursion when printing unrecognized linktype
7263dc47f : DO NOT MERGE Change WTFPL and BeerWare to notice per recent change.
3b1e6b13e : DO NOT MERGE Allow cross-cutting dependencies like licenses.
3c7f155bf : DO NOT MERGE Add APSL reciprocal licenses.
09ee00f85 : DO NOT MERGE Add license_kinds for CDDL
92965f051 : DO NOT MERGE Add NAC, 0BSD, FSFAP, GFDL, and MS-RL
4a21665a5 : DO NOT MERGE Run bpfmt
bf057e4dd : DO NOT MERGE Add legacy_permissive license kind.
a649f8cd7 : DO NOT MERGE "Define the standard license_kind rules."
987f33caf : DO NOT MERGE "Export soong license data to make."
5553f7fb6 : DO NOT MERGE "Add ability to declare licenses in soong."
7a7d067c7 : Generated headers may not be arch specific
42dd4e6cd : Fix the snapshot handling of generated headers
86b02a796 : Differentiate usages of word "include" in cc_sdk_test.go
a43f927cd : Add sdk test for incorrect handling of generated headers
75b902a96 : Separate versioned/unversioned testing in sdk/cc_sdk_test.go
d075907d2 : Support testing versioned/unversioned sdk Android.bp files separately
37e0de500 : Only export sysprop headers in exported sysprop include directory
33056e8a9 : Export aidl, proto and sysprop generated headers separately
8c35fcf4d : Add non-fatal mode for verify_uses_libraries check.
ba369adff : bp2build: Unexport GenerateBazelTargetsForDir.
e1ed95bcf : Add the new NetworkStack shim libraries to APEX allowed deps.
3cda28424 : Add the new NetworkStack shim libraries to APEX allowed deps.
e850737ee : Allow missing classes in R8 builds
97ca28e99 : Add the new NetworkStack shim libraries to APEX allowed deps.
6536ad7d0 : Remove sdkext apex_available allowlist
9997ea73a : Setup ANDROID_RUST_VERSION env variable
79f4ab21d : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
107a4cb56 : Update test_min_api_level for cc_test
1c460567b : Remove extra return value from testApex
aa2555387 : Add ctx to AndroidMkExtraEntriesFunc
fdc78fd88 : Add ArcSettings and SettingsGoogle to the legacy allowlist
5149805dc : Add modules-utils-build_system to allowed deps
5a8c9531e : __ANDROID_UNGUARDED_AVAILABILITY__ is gone now.
3cb603eb5 : Add tests for exported generated headers
41f8157ba : Disable unnecessary_wraps clippy lint
164e0867f : bp2build: add a simple UI to report migration progress.
771fd524f : Disallow using error-prone merge strategies
35f18a817 : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
4bbd6cfca : bootimg supports building (non-vendor) boot.img
cee5ba973 : Remove EnforceRROExemptedTargets
b0fc37446 : update apex/allowed_deps.txt
277b0e7f4 : Make statsd apex available as a prebuilt
df229cb00 : Enable size measurement for Rust binaries
6d48aad0f : Add bloaty package
0fe6d39e4 : Add MediaProvider dependencies to allowed_deps.txt
29bb2fd7e : Add phony target for depsinfo.
7f87e1ab4 : Further simplify the link type check routine
5d190cc24 : Add support for lint baseline files
713db480c : Add bloaty_merger
fd66847ac : Add MediaProvider dependencies to allowed_deps.txt
8c1b97e01 : bp2build: cc_object converter.
670e0f62a : Linktype check error message becomes more correct
916901e36 : Allow uninstallable prebuilt_etc to be packaged
9448e8fd5 : Add first_perfer32 option to compile_multilib
f79fee864 : Add ctx to AndroidMkExtraEntriesFunc
dc79fe85e : Update Rust toolchain to 1.50.0
77a684e8f : Add stats directory to Rust allowed list.
92dac721f : Revert^3 "Enforce <uses-library> checks for android_app and android_app_import."
1bf6765de : Add license to hiddenapi
c79d412b8 : Use genrule instead of filegroup for api files
a9ba070e3 : Add MediaProvider dependencies to allowed_deps.txt
00c144f93 : Non-installable module should not be installed into a fuzzer .zip package
0a9dae6e9 : Move the logic to add jacocoagent in instrumentation builds to make.
e3c21a6f2 : Add MediaProvider dependencies to allowed_deps.txt
14199b07f : Add dirs and symlinks property to filesystem
2ce1b5dc3 : Add base_dir property to filesystem
1f55dbd0d : boot_image modules inside APEX have correct names
b0addafd9 : Limit the number of the Java source files in a single compilation unit
54e7841b9 : Add cc_library_headers support to bp2build.
ebfcf672e : Omit bazel.LabelList attrs if no path is specified
f4e6287a0 : Pass list of module libraries to
2c36f2408 : Sort hiddenapi monolithic files by signature
06b4c3bef : Add allowed deps for Device Scheduling module
82b3fcf12 : Remove duplicates in monolithic hidden API files
f8f4af8f1 : Remove implicit dependency from <x> -> <x>-hiddenapi
031d8693b : Allow explicitly specified additional annotations for hiddenapi
60c32f010 : Add PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to device config
cc60da80f : clean up hard-coded min_sdk_version (statsd)
0671146fd : filesystems property can be specific to arch
76a42f5c2 : prebuilt_etc is OutputFileProducer
2b0e4908c : Revert "`data` dependency of java_test_host can be arch-specific"
6338deba1 : Switch to clang-r412851 (build 7141649)
9f94c362e : Change default DEFAULT_TIDY_HEADER_DIRS to empty
f76cdf7c2 : rust: Emit android vndk cfg flag.
7529f0670 : Add statsd exports to be consumed by unbundled modules
65556a87d : Preserve <uses-library> order in dexpreopt.config files.
f75e527c2 : Move logic for selecting the primary module into initHiddenAPI()
e7975ff77 : Ensure that <x>-hiddenapi modules are included in hiddenapi-index.csv
7aa52883d : Clarify ExistentPathForSource docs
973d31c75 : Fix api_fingerprint.txt generation
fb97fdee6 : Move sh_binary tests for bp2build into their own file.
1c9b37e76 : Add no_op binary.
88a5af154 : Fix broken build
0703d514e : Remove lingering debug statement from previous submission
dcf71b299 : Convert java.Dependency to JavaInfo provider
c5d34ec10 : rust: Use prebuilts for x86 host target.
cbce0b0db : Add android_test_helper_app properties to java_defaults
4c6895e5a : Implement directed recovery snapshot.
3ddf9a869 : Add NNAPI AIDL interface to allowed deps
a1a56e8f8 : Add sh_binary support to bp2build converter.
fdada6832 : Move hiddenapi tools used by build/soong from frameworks/base
bb483cbcf : bp2build: rename generated files to BUILD
ee423b04b : Set platform and toolchain flags to canonicalized for cquery/aquery
69f0a2476 : Pass list of module libraries to
9d67ca6ab : Allow dex jars from prebuilt_apex to be used by hiddenapi
4fd997bc1 : Refactor the hiddenAPI() method for reusability
4103e92c4 : Extract initHiddenAPI() from hiddenapi()
d97cf63cd : Turn missing jarjar output files into errors
e6d3098c1 : rust: Add rust_ffi_static vendor ramdisk Support
a7139425b : Exclude exported_java_libs dependencies from visibility checks
09ab9b467 : Remove Use_lmkd_stats_log from product variables
fb4692a74 : bp2build: refactor BazelTargetModule naming boilerplate.
96af35bec : queryview: blocklist package module type.
89886cbdb : Ensure subtest failures are reported on subtest
f38931c28 : Integrate hiddenapi processing into boot jars test
219b17727 : Remove duplicate entries from hiddenapi files
01289a240 : Add test for hiddenAPI index file generation
02040de89 : Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to build/soong
07065cd36 : Allow cross-cutting dependencies like licenses.
a036da9b2 : Enable android_app_import to supply framework-res.
0a942a036 : Generate fake versions of modules excluded in directed vendor snapshot.
fb6f36f3e : rust: Only pass "-lstatic" for rlibs.
84c9494a5 : Changing default of rust_test_host to unit_tests:true
1c2317315 : bp2build: make generated BUILD files publicly visible.
77e8b7b6d : bp2build: add bazel_module: { bp2build_available } prop.
1fd14691d : bp2build: Refactor CreateBazelTargetModule API.
22ff0aaf5 : Export implementation class jars for java_boot_libs
dd63d6d7b : Improve module filtering in hiddenapi stubFlagsRule()
7dcc4fcc6 : bp2build: fix BUILD file generation incrementality bug.
59d0931de : Remove libbinder_headers from apex_available allowlist
11b0fbdbf : cc: fix version macro for stubs
6ff77eace : Update VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
71dfb344e : powerstats: PowerStats HAL has been renamed
1057ccb75 : Create Power Stats AIDL interface
3dfa12db6 : rust: Pass cc static libs to rustc.
72e88767d : Disable gnu-folding-constant warning.
356f7d45c : bp2build: convert paths/module refs to Bazel label
8908b37a1 : Switch cc_test host_supported: true to unit tests
837cdb221 : Support uncompressed cpio
cdd9b8392 : `data` dependency of java_test_host can be arch-specific
599992bc3 : Install ko to /lib/modules
940dfd4db : android_filesystem is OutputFileProducer
c0f64799d : Don't write nonexistent DEX file paths to dexpreopt.config files.
a417557f8 : Ensure that stubs.symbol_file has ".map.txt" suffix
9c3ac96f1 : Detect empty apex in ConfiguredJarList
67363e6be : clean up some hard-coded min_sdk_version
cc8e536a1 : Add file_contexts property to filesystem
575b60868 : New header lib added to apex/allowed_deps.txt
caf4d4c27 : soong_zip: don't glob RSP file entries
4e9eef570 : Change IKE min_sdk to 30
412322f2a : Set block-size for XZ mini-debug-info compression.
d00f5ca1d : Do not add '.product' suffix for product_specific module
cbca373ef : Use target dependent module to update the name suffix
3627f8350 : Add no_op binary.
7a1053073 : Change WTFPL and BeerWare to notice per recent change.
bd396b6d8 : Force ART modules to be built from source here, regardless of default.
cfb844021 : Add Wifi module allowed deps
249062a88 : Add Wifi module allowed deps
0d3ff6d91 : Add no_op binary.
612e61006 : Switch hiddenapi to use OutputPath instead of ModuleOutPath
0267d4925 : Make OutputPath implement objPathProvider
4076a75fd : Allow CopyDepsToZip() to work on WritablePath
4d2c0878a : bp2build: rename method for readability.
20fb5d4e2 : Allow common arch for recovery
3b933d316 : Test changing default of cc_test_host
20768b884 : rust: Use v0 mangling format globally
11a65979d : android_filesystem supports compressed cpio format
6446b62e9 : add prebuilt_kernel_modules module
1f7b93e97 : Add bootimg module type
2136d1532 : arch.<arch>.deps now works in android_filesystem
a889080ab : Remove global state on module suffixes from vendor and recovery snapshots
e0edaf9d4 : Remove some global state from vendor and recovery snapshots
041b184c9 : bp2build: flatten *_defaults properties.
5bbfef871 : Fix some minor issues with boot_image
a1d6025a4 : Add boot_images to apex
eb76c4319 : bp2build: fix running from clean checkout.
9da4aa816 : rust: Allow rust_tests to include data files.
b7535a443 : Update allowed_deps minSdkversion for netd_aidl_interface
237de41b3 : Revert "Delete"
34982f109 : Move creation of paths into hiddenAPIGenerateCSV
ff774a04a : Add documentation for the different files created by hiddenapi
1b3e949d1 : go/Android.bp: Clarify sdk_version documentation.
82aab58ae : Turn apex compression from opt-out into opt-in
1dc0d6d7f : Fix boot jar handling when both source and prebuilt APEXes and modules are present.
366afd882 : update apex allowed deps because of aidl module name change
76b0852a4 : Write module dexpreopt.config for Make.
304fe7f19 : Add APSL reciprocal licenses.
5cd73d7e5 : Track changes in system/timezone
2c9b3e0e2 : Add system/extras/simpleperf to Rust allowed paths
40067de67 : bp2build: support Starlark rules and load statements.
a42d6417b : Make bp2buildMutators registration local to TestContext.
f04fe9abc : multiproduct_kati: increase ram per job to 25GB
1e4d5f3e6 : Add FAILED: prefix to RBE Fatal error message
2df817757 : Add Target to cc.SharedLibraryInfo
20ce41d0b : Fix prebuilt_apis creating of "latest" incompatibilities
a830f3abc : Refactor android/paths.go to allow reuse
885ee7ad8 : bp2build: support genrule $(location) and $(locations)
dcc329af9 : Implement String() method for CodegenMode.
bf7a90295 : Rust: abort on panic
40c6ae759 : update apex allowed deps-2
3451e1600 : Add boot_image module type
d376f7925 : Make related tests more realistic
092153de1 : Fix problems with TestPrebuiltExportDexImplementationJars
f34e441a6 : Add license_kinds for CDDL
bca786d74 : [arm64] Build NDK with PAuth and BTI
33832f96e : bp2build: introduce CodegenMode.
3db465ddd : Don't use "echo -e" when creating prop file
c5c4164c4 : Automated NDK API coverage backed by Mainline modules build integration.
ed124c308 : apex: checks min_sdk_version for preview/current
57272380f : Update VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
0056b9997 : update apex allowed deps
604723345 : Make me an OWNER of the licenses/ files.
e9dca0aa0 : Enable clang-analyzer-optin.performance.* checks
6bde0b5f9 : Revert "Revert "Automated NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration.""
635aa0834 : Make dexpreopt tools available for all java tests
6cd99e6ab : Add Rust fuzzing support.
370fd0b05 : Minor cleanup in prebuilt_apis
288e2babd : queryview: prefix internal attribute names.
ebcf0c5e1 : Define odm_available property to install a vendor variant to odm
ab60f1268 : bp2build: comment documentation for BazelTargetModule.
4e4756d72 : bp2build: rename variables for readability.
316e07c59 : bp2build: automatically convert all genrules.
556b2ad77 : Revert "Automated NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration."
7e3dbd9f7 : Add NAC, 0BSD, FSFAP, GFDL, and MS-RL
b545c5f0a : Run bpfmt
32b4ece0c : bp2build: automatically convert all filegroups.
2e577f365 : Add vendor_available coverage to TestVendorSnapshotUse
0fce0bab1 : Move vendor snapshot tests into vendor_snapshot_test.go
e09ac1746 : Check vndk-private with the IsVndkPrivate()
1f2f4eb07 : Revert "Revert "Truncate vendor snapshot header glob list after filtering it""
ec118d073 : Revert "Revert "Speed up vendor snapshot header globs""
ec6e9910e : rust: Depend on CC a shared library's TOC, not .so
5ec688962 : Use tree representation for class loader context in Make.
496baeec0 : Add new dependencies for moving role into module.
6ff02b2d0 : Add framework-permission-s java_sdk_library.
f5c418ced : Update VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
810e9fd3e : update apex allowed deps
4b197e110 : Create Weaver aidl interface
5e3d82ebd : Switch to clang-r407598b (12.0.2).
738506764 : bp2build: framework for generating BazelTargetModules.
5191b0036 : Add Mac 11.1 SDK to the allowlist
c2aff9e9f : Revert "Speed up vendor snapshot header globs"
758140cea : Revert "Truncate vendor snapshot header glob list after filtering it"
432bd598a : Add conditions_default for soong config variables.
87ff51db8 : Automated NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration.
73056ea9f : Add legacy_permissive license kind.
23a991c04 : adds new warnings to Android build (1/2)
1ab6186e9 : Switch dex_bootjars to a singleton module
d813f1247 : Remove GKI artifacts on installclean
9f0452467 : Allow createGlobalSoongConfig() to be used from tests
c059c8c9a : Add java.RegisterRequiredBuildComponentsForTest function
8bee1b00e : Allow service-media-s in apex
3a62a9cc2 : Truncate vendor snapshot header glob list after filtering it
04896cae3 : Support memtag_heap in SANITIZE_TARGET_DIAG, fix cc_test interation.
0cec31266 : Move reflect.ValueOf out of product variable loop
e77fccc95 : Add a better error message for missing api files
0f93e5b9f : Speed up vendor snapshot header globs
08117deab : Fix mismatch between cc and python for windows prefer32
1086e604b : dexpreopt: Use the dirty-image-objects path from frameworks/base.
a4a1c4ee9 : Support building boot images with disabled dexpreopt.
57621b29c : LOCAL_REQUIRED_MODULES from apex has ":32" or ":64" suffix
ae205c3e3 : Moving $OUT/vendor-ramdisk-debug.cpio.lz4 to intermediate dir
04f8d379e : Add clang-analyzer check if selected.
71baa7690 : Sign android_filesystem with avbtool
726783108 : Refactor filesystem.go to make it easy to build prop file
94e347e6a : Don't create SDK variants for native bridge modules
07c1e4aba : avoid error if bazel intermediates dir already exists
943f243bc : Support aquery depsets with depth
03a9c2c44 : Revert "Add ArcSettings and SettingsGoogle to the legacy allowlist"
fb04df4d5 : Supply LOCAL_SOONG_DEX_JAR for java_import with compile_dex.
a41a6963b : Enable an apex to include a java_import.
bae4749de : Enable prebuilt hiddenapi CSV files.
daa54bcbb : Implement code-generation step for bp2build.
9ac0e3297 : Fix capex build rule when building using RBE
09b609d47 : Remove unused parameter to newContext.
ce2b78144 : Revert "Add ArcSettings and SettingsGoogle to the legacy allowlist"
7cf1465d2 : Implement directed vendor snapshot
0641004a3 : Refine sysprop_library header rules
4d31a041c : Do not enable all clang-analyzer-* checks,
34850d350 : add more global default checks
1b4934a21 : WITH_TIDY=1 implies -warnings-as-errors=-*
fa049385b : Migrate Rust to LLVM coverage.
4f069891a : Improve aquery-related validation and error handling
064b70c91 : Export dex implementation jars from prebuilt_apex
db170e4a9 : Add java_boot_libs to sdk
35e3fd066 : Delete
c9770d6a9 : Allow sysprop library API files to be missing
90e75350d : Make TestJavaSdkLibraryEnforce faster
423e37873 : API availability should be checked using __builtin_available
46cad069d : Revert "To use same default for the nightly builds."
18dcd046a : manifest_fixer: Set targetSdkVersion to '16' for libraries
5d5cfc164 : Build against cfi supported coverage lib
797e067b1 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
0474e1f67 : Adjust the double loadable check
b35a85ee8 : Switch platform EH unwinder to prebuilt LLVM libunwind
7821224d8 : Remove global state from VNDK
78d0f4880 : Must use vendor variant for health storage AIDL HAL
caaef4d27 : Must use vendor variant for health storage AIDL HAL
851f3995b : Extract ApexFileProperties from apex PrebuiltProperties
b767f913f : Fix comment.
e261c0107 : Add bpf_syscall_wrappers for tethering apex and update allowed-deps.txt
c1be2f810 : Move temp blocklist APIs to max-sdk-r list.
aa12c9b04 : Add memtag_heap notes to allowed deps.
67b890804 : Add memtag_heap notes to allowed deps.
91c750739 : Add ArcSettings and SettingsGoogle to the legacy allowlist
cfa220559 : The build related changes for Secure Clock and Shared Secret functionalities.
b35a81983 : __ANDROID_API__ tracks min_sdk_version
b063dc422 : To use same default for the nightly builds.
07b96ffc3 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
50ab3ff04 : Create authsecret aidl interface
5cf56302e : Reduce legacy_core_platform_api_usage.go
4beaa0c96 : Include/exclude lists for memtag_heap sanitizer.
193ac2eb9 : Support "memtag_heap" sanitizer.
9e7f45ebf : Expose the SkipInstall flag.
c1b166357 : Add tzdata-module-test-exports to the list of targets.
142b28a09 : Create OemLock aidl interface
7e82baa8f : Build against cfi supported coverage lib
3968d8f67 : Refactor CC to prep for Rust sanitizable modules.
cb738204f : Use 1.49.0 prebuilts
0b1db6d5e : Update comments for (vendor|product)_available
039b0c591 : Update allowed dependencies for AndroidX prebuilt drop
5a7355092 : Add netd-client for tethering apex and update allowed-deps.txt
3d4acddf5 : Revert "Update soong's go.mod to 1.15.6"
b5f6fa678 : Create LLNDK vendor variants when DeviceVndkVersion is not set
9aed5bc71 : Add a new SingletonModule type
c81f59f03 : add options for LibFuzzer, HWASan, and ASan to fuzz_config
affbb60ba : Process v2 bazel analysis protos in aquery responses
b143cd948 : Enable debug info in Rust modules.
2dd9ca422 : Refactor queryview.
2ef108489 : Allowlist sdkextensions proto lib
60cf3e24d : Allowlist sdkextensions proto lib
1827b4663 : Allowlist sdkextensions proto lib
2f6422cb1 : Support python binaries in sh_test_host
c0d8c4922 : Do not read 'vendor_available: false'
12a719c0f : android_filesystem modules can be included in APEX
0c1ca4c3e : Remove redundant snapshot functions
e9aec6aac : Implement fake vendor snapshot
b80dfee90 : Revert^2 "Define the standard license_kind rules."
b499922ac : Revert^2 "Export soong license data to make."
37af04600 : Revert^2 "Add ability to declare licenses in soong."
23f69ae95 : Update soong's go.mod to 1.15.6
e4e44bc61 : Split vndk_libraries_txt into multiple module types
4f4f8ebd3 : Fix llndk_library init
df98d3e4a : Revert "Add ability to declare licenses in soong."
61a55a034 : Revert "Export soong license data to make."
cc4921607 : Revert "Define the standard license_kind rules."
858413006 : Remove patricearruda from OWNERS.
c2b6b65d7 : Revert "Enforce <uses-library> checks for android_app and android_app_import."
db7dda89f : Switch to clang-r407598 (12.0.1).
12177fc96 : Static variant deps are not considered as being in the same APEX
16ebd5a00 : Support building mixed versions of sepolicy
6e49493da : Skip old file cleanup for non-full builds.
13351b2c7 : Define the standard license_kind rules.
74fab3171 : Export soong license data to make.
8a36d9471 : Add ability to declare licenses in soong.
7bc1cf508 : Remove obsolete class loader context API and update unit tests.
22890c466 : Enforce <uses-library> checks for android_app and android_app_import.
8a2600cfc : Create vndkproduct.libraries.txt
e197d8b17 : Add "aidl.flags:" property for cc_/java_ modules
880109bd6 : Allow-list libderive_sdk
ccf013df9 : Allow-list libderive_sdk
6dab96cb5 : Document stubs in cc_library.
e6056153c : Remove Ignore_missing_latest_api
9a868f123 : Allow the clang version used for bindgen to be configured.
c729d352a : Add native modules build utils to allow list
18417cbd7 : Skip apex dep check when sanitizer diag is enabled
e87b03d1b : Set previous_api correctly for java_sdk_library
061586404 : Stop allowing missing last-api files by default
38e1dc917 : Add netd-client for tethering apex and update allowed-deps.txt
31094b10d : Skip product variant for core-variant VNDK
fd9e80447 : Define vndk.private property for VNDK-private libraries
cf02ec874 : Use soong_zip -srcjar for proto and aidl srcjars
ff89ffae0 : Automatically set uncompress_dex for java_import.
6f843bc4b : Support for recovery snapshot.
c9f2b9494 : Fix library order in class loader context to agree with PackageManager.
6977e8a80 : 'vendor_available: *' will not create product variant
7b63b2677 : Reland: Add android.hardware.memtrack-unstable-ndk_platform
18aefc197 : Remove unnecessary snake case variables.
0d39bf14e : Add car packages to the legacy allowlist
a8008f959 : Add property to apex soong modules to forcefully compress an APEX
459feca5c : rust modules in APEX don't get installed to the system partition
127bb8b9f : Don't rewrite LLNDK dependencies with .llndk suffix
adc81a078 : Don't strip stub libraries
88bb6f634 : Unify addition of class loader subcontext from dependencies.
f9b44657c : Break up app.go.
38620edca : getNamespacesToSearchForModule to use blueprint.Namespace
dff2c78a2 : Add attribute to disable last-api compat tracking
2a9013ee1 : Set the Soong config variable to keep building ART from source.
e6a83e65d : Fix NDK build in downstream branches
54f482667 : variable: Update product_variables.arc struct
373147baa : Support writing a ZIP64 file header
04157e186 : Read the proc status file when PID is given for metrics purpose.
785a31ab5 : Skip mainline_sdk by default in build_test.bash
40ddfaae7 : Check whether value_variables are set
f2f3d3154 : Allow multiple --skip-products and --products arguments to multiproduct_kati
fe8853d2e : Add test & documentation for PropertiesToApply
ba9e40370 : Sandbox genrule tools
a9c8c9f14 : Call ctx.InstallFile for uninstallable cc modules
95b07f2b5 : Don't copy uninstallable variants of NDK libraries to sysroot
4b97a5661 : Remove the return value from dexpreopt
0af20effc : Remove sdk_version: "none" restriction
dbf31665a : Move ClassLoaderContexts() method to UsesLibraryDependency interface.
ad429d0cd : SOONG_* variables are emitted only for the BuildOS variants
d43a76749 : apex/allowed_deps: add libnetjniutils
534f15708 : Skip Bazel dist dir migration if not in dist mode or if Bazel dist dir does not exist.
f6bd0a77e : Revert "Add android.hardware.memtrack-unstable-ndk_platform"
13548d7fa : Correct mismatched string format in bazel_handler
9a7b28b7c : Revert "Revert "Update minSdkVersion for libstagefright_bufferqu..."
009604718 : Revert "Sandbox genrule tools"
f2635ec43 : Always track transitive dependencies for host.
47bb81b2d : Add audiopolicy-aidl-unstable-cpp to media Apex
67d69f0d1 : Revert "Add android.hardware.memtrack-unstable-ndk_platform"
589826bc1 : Add and update comments in ui/metrics/metrics.go.
dbcb1ff46 : Use aquery to declare bazel actions in the ninja file.
5c58b6410 : Remove soong_metrics_proto from the import of the protobuf file.
48d55ad2d : Add setup_tools performance metrics to Soong protobuf file.
892a98f0a : versioning macro is exported from prebuilt stubs as well
45bf82e95 : Assert android.ApexModule interface for types having ApexModuleBase
22d64d9d4 : Add quiche and its deps to apex/allowed_deps.txt
ed623eaed : Change default for source_build config variable to true.
8a44a3762 : Add and update comments in ui/metrics/event.go
f7c3bbe43 : Prebuilt stub not available to platform is handled correctly
5542a6dc1 : Revert "Update minSdkVersion for libstagefright_bufferqueue_help..."
3f2fa9b84 : Add libstagefright_mp3dec_headers to allowed apex deps
649d8174b : Require libraries in header_libs to be cc_library_header
05ab2d073 : Enable bazel profiling in soong_build.
0d5c32420 : Add quiche and its deps to apex/allowed_deps.txt
6f8fecd2e : Stopgap fix to avoid aapt2 build errors.
37eb6c944 : Add MissingUsesLibraries to Soong vars for scripts that use --skip-make.
59140307e : arch specific dependencies are supported for apex
d737d3f2a : Refine ABI check and enable ABI check on APEX exported libs
2bbadfaef : Refactor cc/cc.go cc/library.go shouldCreateSourceAbiDump()
8aa4e3f99 : Refactor cc/sabi.go
676c3991c : Automate NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration
6d6b7094e : Remove libstagefright_bufferqueue_help from apex.go
6eff900b6 : Merge rust_protobuf and rust_grpcio module types.
7831d3eb4 : Move keymint to
c20dc8533 : Add dependency to list of asset files
4c13f5872 : Add i18n-module-host-exports to the SDK list.
d23c726b3 : Add RemoveOptionalPrebuiltPrefix() helper function
a7d6a8977 : Delegate work of apexInfoMutator to ApexInfoMutator interface
1ad8e16fb : stub variants also re-exports headers
092e023a5 : Update minSdkVersion for libstagefright_bufferqueue_helper_novndk deps
3c9f5ac78 : Allow Bazel to write to an external DIST_DIR (outside of OUT_DIR).
3a150d695 : Sandbox genrule tools
55e8815fb : Automate NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration
4158950c4 : Add PackageFile and use it for prebuilt build tools
405640203 : Add bazel metrics directory to the list of metrics files to be uploaded.
7d235cc24 : Allow uploading a directory of metrics files.
9464b6cc6 : [coverage] Wrap calls to open
9d74a5270 : Rust: WriteFileRule instead of printf for protos
949abc03e : Rename apexDepsMutator to apexInfoMutator
c3bbb9666 : Extract testDexpreoptWithApexes() for reuse
6a8844308 : Rust: Vendor support for Rust static libraries.
f9e2172ae : Refactor for preliminary Rust vendor image support
de5744a19 : Add some comments for VNDK / vendor snapshots
d49e1829e : Add android.hardware.memtrack-unstable-ndk_platform
1a93af763 : Allow IPsec module to depend on modules-utils-build
6a421b339 : Merge "Add test suite handling to central androidmk code" am: 464e6c71df
3e9f9e47c : Add min_sdk_version to Rust modules.
af1df7008 : Add neuralnetworks_utils_hal_service to apex/allowed_deps.txt
ea08613dd : Move prefer_rlib from binary to base compiler.
46a512f1f : test_for is available for all cc_* module types
729c0bdb5 : Prebuilt is enabled even if the source one is not.
5682393a3 : Allow PermissionController to set min_sdk_version to 30.
8229eeafb : Allow transcoding libs in apex
0bc9a9ad6 : Add dependency checker special case for out/build_date.txt.
f371381ca : Propagate the Soong config variable for enabling ART Module building.
83842d723 : Provide an interface for shared paths between Soong and Soong UI.
c1a84ca5c : Add neuralnetworks_utils_hal_service to apex/allowed_deps.txt
f2cc1b77f : rust ffi libraries can be included in APEX
bf3b6e9b8 : Add LinuxBionic toolchain to Rust
50ad98964 : apex/allowed_deps: add libnetjniutils
3cd005d34 : Enable soong build tool to handle APEX compression
72f72b42c : Print both the implicit and explicit environment variables when running Bazel.
d63f7f084 : Add missing export/unexport directives
ffe6b9d9b : Add TransitivePackagingSpecs
96c44127d : Reimplement DepSet as a wrapper around a generic implementation
859dfd924 : Add executable flag to sbox copy requests
5d5839522 : Export files to install as a depset
02b11a603 : Remove AndroidMkExtraFootersFunc entries param.
fc02166da : Use apex and jar to select boot image dex jar
db77e14d8 : Ensure that only one dex jar is chosen for each boot image library
fa5feae43 : Add dependencies for source-generated crates
1e1e82389 : Add native modules build utils to allow list
561f2f2d9 : Only print the Bazel command line once.
ead7ef6e3 : Use lstat instead of stat to avoid permissions issues when creating symlinks.
947ed9736 : Print the full Bazel command line (including env) for debugging purposes.
13353526b : Cherrypick from:
cbc17ee62 : Fix empty item handling in Split function, rewrite Words function
84f1b8086 : No matching variant android_app_import fix
274597b95 : Put external/libchromeos-rs in the Rust allowlist
411996ca5 : Remove obsolete environment variables from ninja.go allowlist.
a697e6fc9 : Automated NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration.
3a710d6bb : Allow rust code in packages/modules/DnsResolver
2254cffd5 : Allow stripping host modules
7f48eeff5 : Improve error messages for missing dependencies
3e0ee48d1 : Refactor rust to use AndroidMkEntries
176d99de1 : Convert csuite config to use AndroidMkEntries
e2861131e : Add context for invalid extensions for cc compile
ad532f21a : Allow RBE-related environment variables to be visible during Bazel action execution.
e38675489 : target.apex.exclude_[shared|static]_libs to cc_* modules
4133ce691 : Add bp2build mode to soong_build.
2856c66c9 : Don't use module names with "prebuilt_" prefixes in make dependencies.
ba1574899 : Refactor python to use AndroidMkEntries.
b9157b152 : vndk.go: remove keymint
064f6e957 : Includes rust_binary in rust-project.json
65b031910 : Do not propagate <uses-library> deps through static SDK component libs.
ad2bfda28 : Dogfood the new IR Kotlin compiler backend.
4ee686ddc : Add 'append' command for conv_linker_config
c80a2b392 : Automated NDK API coverage used by Mainline modules build integration.
a3f4ee51d : Revert "Cherrypick from:"
f47c90db2 : Reduce default shard size.
919dae1e6 : Do not install init.rc for (vendor_)ramdisk variants.
ef6e0cf5f : Add comments to cc/cc.go
8cb9f3f5e : Add car-ui-lib-overlayable to apex allowed_deps
3c27ca368 : Improve comments in cc/library.go and cc/linkable.go.
d3f2bd79e : WriteFileRule: Chunk long content and merge them to result
78210f6c9 : Make error message more precise.
5e5c48b2b : Add support for skipping just kati
4098c7edd : Add linkerconfig to Runtime APEX
b7d971012 : Minor cleanup of soong.go.
eeb5caac7 : Minor cleanup of build.go.
f1a035e6b : Pass pctx and ctx to NewRuleBuilder
bf4f55f18 : Improve commenting for cc/builer.go, and kill dead code
d737d02f1 : Add comments/refactor for python.go
96d016137 : Fix the instructions for regenerating .txt
57f5b33ad : Add test suite handling to central androidmk code
c471d8e86 : Added dependant libaries to apex for ExtServices
d3fe49289 : Add arch_variant support for diag
65c49f597 : android_filesystem is installable
7ef4a900f : Bolster comments in android/androidmk.go.
d630bdd4d : Remove the arch-based filtering hack in packaging.go
cc1157cd4 : Reformat comments in packaging.go
24dfc1fbb : Generate system stub library list at build time
65b622447 : Clients of PackagingBase can customize dependency tag to use
b19953d04 : Rename __ANDROID_SDK_VERSION__.
60d6d5777 : Improve comments in java/aapt2.go
e004fc4d2 : Cherrypick from:
29e3bbe8b : Update comments in genrule.go.
d8aed4b27 : droidstubs: Remove unnecessary setting of DistFiles
1e5339242 : Document more functions, minor cleanup
99644e92c : rust modules can be included in apex
57f434e85 : rust: Add support for multiple protos per module.
17a8cd963 : Add 'lo-prio' tag to temp blocklist.
3bfabf262 : Documenting java/dexpreopt_bootjars.go
480d174a1 : Documenting dexpreopt/class_loader_context.go.
62269498b : Improve test coverage of dist processing code
040e906fc : java_sdk_library: Copy removed API specification file to dist
281bc00bb : Remove redundant setting of DistFiles by apexBundle
620680516 : Remove redundant setting of DistFiles by java.Library
af970a2e7 : Generalize the handling of dist tags
74f05598e : Differentiate between no dist tag and an empty dist tag
89968e3de : Expand dist property checks to cover dists
d83988dba : Remove duplicate tests from TestGetDistForGoals
8b0349c65 : Separate dist processing from make specific output
c6fe19d63 : Use 1.48.0 prebuilts
7a44479e0 : map list files must have newline characters
103aaae71 : Extract method to process bp file for androidmk_test.go
b73daa588 : Soong: use deterministic temp dir names in sbox
4e5fc3b42 : Allow rust code in device/google/cuttlefish
7e7ef5607 : Soong: remove output file before running signapk
26d195521 : Soong: remove output file before running SoongZip
189317653 : Soong: add missing header-abi-dumper inputs
82fd89b8a : Soong: add -T to nanopb call to suppress timestamp
f58a63d79 : legacy_core_platform_api_usage: Remove FrameworksWifiTests
d03797e48 : Remove hardlink optmization in sbox
0cc047ad5 : Improve TestGetDistForGoals debuggability
3c5905b0c : Ignore variant dependencies in rust-project.json
78a7155c1 : Assume any <uses-library> is shared, add only toplevel ones to manifest.
c4d91bceb : Remove soong.config, FileConfigurableOptions, MegaDevice config.
b81b99032 : Documenting apex/builer.go
3ea4eb8d3 : Use a unique depfile for each gensrcs command
e2a17a5a4 : Convert csuite config to use AndroidMkEntries
d8dceb0f2 : Refactor python to use AndroidMkEntries.
4018a8d4d : Refactor rust to use AndroidMkEntries
1f304e674 : Minor cleanup of cleanbuild.go (and partially build.go).
80115fa6b : Minor cleanup of environment.go.
ff71556a5 : Add java sdk library enforcement flag
07def12d5 : Add comments about sysprop_library
e9fe2949b : Annotate dependency tags for dependencies of installed files
2838c818d : Fail if non-allowlisted host system tool is used.
c711fecfc : Comment android/config.go
c0ec6f99d : Documenting apex/apex.go
c9fe10f5b : Remove restriction on exported plugins that generate APIs
1bc63938f : Add java_data parameter to python modules
e20113d8a : Use local variations for python version splits
74b1e2b88 : Support SourceFileProducer in android.OutputFilesForModule
17d690c8b : Delete check for EXPERIMENTAL_JAVA_LANGUAGE_LEVEL_9.
cda22c9bb : Refactor 'in_make' to mean Kati is not skipped.
30f5aaaa7 : Move bazel_module property to a common file, and add it to filegroup.
9d1cb491c : soong_ui ninja.go: comment and refactor.
e16ce3681 : Reland: Rewrite sbox to use a textproto manifest
f18859626 : Fix gensrcs subdirs
3131025d6 : java_sdk_library: Allow dist artifacts to be named
e0f2ab3f3 : Improve commenting of cc/binary.go.
8ccc8aa7f : Add dependencies needed for .jar in the geotz apex
619b9ab26 : Revert "Rewrite sbox to use a textproto manifest"
e4758ed84 : Documenting android/apex.go
8e6d52f36 : Reorganize apex/apex.go
11c89c0e9 : Add more comments to path_properties.go
748b2d829 : Support extra checks for ErrorProne in a dedicated property
7890211d5 : Fix comments with continuation
3aef8d2c1 : java_sdk_library: Stop disabling copy to dist when sdk_version: none
4f5c1ef22 : java_sdk_library: Allow no_dist to be explicitly set in .bp file
e3ecd6c7a : java_sdk_library: Remove unused SetNoDist method
a68454094 : Add more comments to arch.go
588ed6636 : Add comments to {cc,rust}/strip.go
70898c400 : Use java host unit tests template for unit tests
1a39332cf : Fix prebuilt_stubs_sources to work with no stubs sources
ab5ac8f16 : Revert "Use glob for java_sdk_library_import stub_srcs"
4f4e2bd49 : Revert^2 "Always turn on compatible property"
8638972d3 : Reorganize apex/apex.go
f0e19fec2 : prebuilt_etc: Refactoring
b1d30d63c : soong_ui kati.go: write more comments.
6a9bfa122 : soong_ui path.go: improve comments.
08d6f8fd7 : Revert "Skip creating variants for disabled OSes"
8cd45dea5 : Add CFI support for assembly heavy libraries
fdb9f7f44 : Revert "Adds a workaround to fix version inconsistency"
dda8f69e4 : Introduce PackagingBase
6f0f688c4 : add android_filesystem
dc48afd3c : zipsync handles symlink
dbc3c0ac0 : Add libraries to media apex
6439a8dae : Fix Broken build 6978250 on aosp-master
151b9ff0c : Rewrite sbox to use a textproto manifest
b24e970c7 : Refactor queryview templates into a different file.
7d13e5b96 : Revert "Always turn on compatible property"
9c35d8bfd : Parse else ifxxx statement
073ea55fa : add PackagingSpec
9f98d3f42 : Improve soong_ui main.go comments.
096a3bf08 : soong_ui finder.go: improve comments/documentation.
7c6089ad9 : Integrate environment variables into soong_ui environment.
d976af0cb : Skip creating variants for disabled OSes
34037c66a : Use bitfield for HostOrDeviceSupported
0029898a8 : java link time error improve
8ccdb6358 : Use packagepath and local_repository for mixed builds
3d6805121 : Move genrule on top of RuleBuilder
95f1ca07c : Store ndkKnownLibs in the config
5789858aa : Register the kythe singleton on the Context instead of globally
121292911 : Store ninja file deps from PackageVarContext in the config
06fa588d1 : Store SingletonMakeVarsProviders in the config
9b4438378 : rust: Add header library support to rust_bindgen.
d7ddf051d : rust: Fix incorrect expected gcno file for dylibs
7a5391a97 : soong_ui's bazel.go: document/comment with tiny refactoring.
803c40daa : prebuilt_etc: Improve comments and slight refactoring
b5ae193b8 : Revert "Annotate dependency tags for dependencies of installed files"
f6d606ebe : Always turn on compatible property
8eedba618 : Document usage, perform minor cleanups.
f729458e6 : Support for recovery snapshot.
92dc64f9c : Add and update comments in ui/build/upload.go
f2200adcc : Add and update comments in env and android_env.go
3dfd3ce47 : Fix bug in python module hasExtention.
d79572f73 : Add unit_test test option in test configs
cd4f673ce : Switch boot jars package check to use dexdump xml output
b23d28c6e : Rename fields and methods to reflect class loader context changes.
a8c28e27b : Do not add dependencies of shared SDK libraries to manifest_fixer.
18554243d : Add nested class loader subcontext at the proper hierarchy level.
5e13a7307 : Disallow adding nested conditional class loader context.
3a4b58dc5 : Set PATH and --action_env=PATH for the Bazel build in soong_ui.
74f576de5 : Remove "apex_uses" mutator
cf371cc1f : Replace android.WriteFile rule with android.WriteFileRule
62a0cfd05 : Annotate dependency tags for dependencies of installed files
a615901b5 : Use the the preferred architecture symlink as the tool path if it exists
33e7f6a0c : Remove unnecessary break and default statements in metrics.go file.
b7cf9ba17 : Add tracer to runBazel function.
18cb70d64 : Enable bazel metrics from ninja build.
af880da0c : Define the bazel_metrics directory in $OUT.
24a086b3d : Add bazel profile related functions in paths.go
0c1c45664 : Define UseBazel in Config
c488743e1 : Set up BuildNumberFile in soong.variables.
478d03349 : Add 'pre-production' description to queryview action.
3060ec773 : Stop first pass of mixed bazel builds before writing ninja
ae8600b50 : Pass Config to NewTestContext instead of ctx.Register
a26ac3cae : Export Ninja file paths to lunch repo rule from bazel.go
3df4e6364 : rust_grpcio well known types support, default deps
1776a2ac6 : rust: Fix absolute path OUT_DIR bug
82d502a7b : Make apex modules support tagged dists
1ef4ba906 : Explicitly tag max-target-o APIs as "lo-prio".
e7211dd37 : Add ranking in docs for exclude_srcs to follow srcs
2d8e1a7e5 : Switch boot jars package check to using dex jars
a3cb6cf2e : Remove support for droidstubs in sdk/module_exports
59093e376 : Temporarily move APIs to blocked list.
b304e805d : add -nostdlibinc for arm64_linux_host
2e5bf406f : Perform Bazel cleanup using "--batch --max_idle_secs=1" instead of a trap.
f8ae317d3 : Allow extra startup and build args to be passed to Bazel.
a3faafa37 : Rust bindgen should use r399163b.
ed2d774c4 : DO NOT MERGE: update apex/allowed_deps.txt
7f97957de : Use glob for java_sdk_library_import stub_srcs
aed3c6b7b : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
b05d62f58 : Mark queryview as experimental in the Ninja description.
8024c95ec : Add TODO bug number to stop hardcoding 'droid'
63e9ec70b : Define product_available property
848e00edc : Teach Soong to use a custom Delve binary.
5819e58fd : rust: Fix GRPC generator invocation
50f93d207 : Rename bazel overlay to queryview.
53db97455 : Propagate min_sdk_version to apexer
77e1d4b4e : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
3e0d3f6ef : Use Rust 1.47.0 prebuilts
71512f326 : rust: set STD_ENV_ARCH
ae29cb45f : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
aa3231cd6 : rust_bindgen: respect custom OUT_DIR
6a3d1e983 : Add rust_grpcio module type.
30a4c9d66 : Remove dead code
222ff4d18 : bazel overlay: fix regression to "list of string" bpdocs type.
70b7eeed1 : Move hardcoded bazel flags from soong_ui to common.bazelrc.
c09495bf9 : After bazel execution, symlink results in out/
ca221f3e6 : Collect useful resource information of each executed process in soong_ui.
ed667a834 : Add PHONY for apex-allowed-deps check.
1e04109c6 : Always set apex_available in SDK snapshots.
3b834bf34 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
e21fd34bf : Add car-ui-lib-overlayable to apex allowed_deps
ebb0b574c : Add dependency on dexpreopt.config to soong_build doc generation.
00b172f63 : Add av-types-aidl to media apex
110cd5fe7 : Always generate profiling debug info
af7e51192 : Add new neuralnetworks targets to apex/allowed_deps.txt
9efbd038a : Update VNDK version for common graphics HALs.
f9b945196 : Manually update apex/allowed_deps.txt
b7d0925ef : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
8cbc5d269 : Rework class loader context implementation.
72f1849c7 : Make genrules uninstallable ETC instead of PHONY
989a1de5d : Update allowed_deps.txt by running the script
31c4dfcd9 : Phase out Legcay GSI
6348056fd : Add new properties in linker config format - provideLibs and requireLibs
e52c665d7 : Allow comments from linker.config.json
5136a6e5a : Add ctx.ModuleDir and top level module dirs of input sources to JDK9 --patch-module lookup.
c5563628f : [DO NOT MERGE] Capture the build command that executed the build system.
7e93e5b00 : Consolidate python version properties in mutator
807a8f914 : [DO NOT MERGE] Capture the build command that executed the build system.
fdc6ed449 : Update allowed_deps.txt by running the script
ac896f78d : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
c3fb10be2 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
9cb8d1b37 : java compilation: refactor and extract javac flag computation into a separate function.
377d752a6 : Move hardcoded apex_available's for ART modules into ART blueprints.
00a8a3f74 : Add --skip-soong-tests argument to soong_ui and use it in multiproduct_kati
31076b318 : Move stubs related methods out of LinkableInterface
a717db730 : Don't create stubs variants of static libraries
d271ada0c : Add system/bt to Rust allowed paths.
e92c30dff : Capture the build command that executed the build system.
696126729 : Add unit tests for class loader context.
ccc8c85a7 : Add ModuleInstallPathContextForTesting.
180fecedf : Drop "android.hidl.manager" -> "android.hidl.base" dependency from class loader context.
eb26886c8 : Move class loader context definitions to a separate file.
9a89a2a0e : Move boot jars package check from make
7f1742101 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
59e0c7a98 : Disable sanitizer flags and output files for sanitizer-enabled SDK members.
8d6ba8909 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
b0f8ac4ff : Batch cquery requests for mixed builds
02e7dec68 : Make vendor_ramdisk_available.
6da33c2af : Add target.vendor_ramdisk.
d2057fbb8 : cc/linker.go: fix typo.
769f4a5c0 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
8b77a009e : Change mixed soong/bazel builds to use USE_BAZEL_ANALYSIS
ec62601d2 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
7d584e936 : Retry: Make ConfiguredJarList immutable
8130c482a : Move part of logic from to Soong.
b521811d7 : Add separate dependency tags for compat libs based on SDK version.
46b3d5bd0 : Fix handling of "android.test.mock" in class loader context.
24813e1d8 : Unify handling of compat and normal libs in class loader contexts.
e10dfa4e3 : Cleanup usages of CreateConfiguredJarList
7ccacaedb : Remove unnecessary properties in GlobalJSONConfig
69d1fb1e3 : Switch BootJars/UpdatableBootJars to ConfiguredJarList
0141660c6 : Refactor creation of ConfiguredJarList from list of pairs
81235ffb9 : Set stem and suffix for vndk prebuilt libraries
6284ceb1f : Add smoke test for Bazel.
1f25794e0 : Revert "Make ConfiguredJarList immutable"
cc2ad7f94 : Cleanup references to system/core/base -> system/libbase
39143a941 : Fix path conflict for vendor_ramdisk_available
052f4727f : Make ConfiguredJarList immutable
1e8c6072b : Remove unnecessary ConfiguredJarList.apex(int) method
637df8e20 : Cleanup references to system/core/liblog -> system/logging/liblog
818f52fa1 : Cleanup references to system/core/base -> system/libbase
52ac73d21 : Make highmem classification of metalava optional
680387bf1 : Add code to enable USE_BAZEL=1 m functionality in AOSP.
8fe14e6a4 : Enable sdk and sdk members in os_arch granularity
9a631319a : Export proguard_flags_files from android_librarys
dd8dacc13 : Vendor ramdisk modules install to correct location
60e0cfb5c : Add vendor-ramdisk image to Soong.
957bcd9c3 : InstallPath keeps its partition dir
87076a45b : Add libdmabufheap to the list of allowed dependencies
6e36cd610 : apex dependency error: note 'apex_available'
397315f62 : makefile_goal: not arch specific.
0477b4227 : Add llndk_stubs property
457c5d342 : Rename time to event in Soong metrics system.
fec3bf2e2 : Add resource usage metrics in Soong metrics.proto.
a44e8c515 : Tag removed APIs as such in hiddenapi_flags.csv.
7f51107ee : Rename ART release APEX to
ea2974c8b : Add external/vm_tools/p9 to rust allowed paths
e172eaf67 : Alpha sort rust allowed_list.go
5335bc471 : Propagate min_sdk_version to apexer
a3286dde7 : Update allowed deps for sdkext apex
261e158c0 : Do not install vndk lib
97fd49235 : Propagate min_sdk_version to apexer
09e2aa9e8 : Rename ART release APEX to
dd203b6b3 : Update allowed deps for sdkext apex
95ea917f8 : Remove hosttestlib from suite dependencies
6d0034f49 : Deprecate both USE_GOMA and FORCE_USE_GOMA flags
328e0bf8c : Allow Strip in Debuggable
319e3ae62 : Enable defaults in soong_config_module_type props
d207cbed6 : Revert "Add -fdebug-compilation-dir option"
fe61218f7 : Use sysprop stub regarding to the install location
765669920 : Update VNDK version for common graphics HALs.
9368834f8 : Assume 32-bit ARM has Neon support in Mainline module SDKs.
f9e5c3b79 : Add android app property rename_resources_package
ea581fc95 : Move the intermediate directory for ART boot images.
25281087a : Update VNDK version for common graphics HALs.
311bd3808 : Bazel overlay: write all .bzl files in <bazel_overlay>/build/bazel/overlay_rules directory
7f0c05539 : Add new neuralnetworks targets to apex/allowed_deps.txt
479ca17bb : run vndk-sp closure check before double-loadable
b328f6dc8 : Deprecate both USE_GOMA and FORCE_USE_GOMA flags
ce679d29e : Add symlink_outputs support to Soong.
1e611b858 : Move tradefed_binary.go into subdir
67be732de : Set flag exporter provider for vendor snapshots
543f60bc3 : Do not exclude VNDK modules from SoC/Product-specific modules
0a2a11545 : rust: Add cflag checks against -xc++ and -std.
8fe8f42c0 : Added new target to core_platform list of allowed modules
70cb3b63b : Set flag exporter provider for vndk_prebuilt libs
37de54ea1 : Add the Tradefed binary (suite) rules to soong
873f4b612 : Error if visibility specifies a module
7c3052aaf : Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test
e501bb4d4 : Expand visiblity error
d888b6b4f : Add stats from ninja subprocesses to build.trace.gz
21b51f197 : Make test api extend system in sdk_library.go
578ba0021 : Add -fdebug-compilation-dir option
0e7993e3d : Clarify error for soong_ui failing to parse args
128fe5c1f : Add empty tag support for java_import
c8861c6ac : Remove special-cased stub deps on framework-res
af7b75b8d : Collect the hostname of the machine as a metric.
62abd12ba : Handle new filetype 'linker_config'
6e91aaca0 : Generate module lib API and scope together
10ed76345 : Default to not creating stubs for droiddoc
aa8be0515 : Change bazel_module property to be of struct type instead of string
ce4c7cd55 : Add odm_dlkm and vendor_dlkm to the installclean list
6da9af83e : Add audioflinger-aidl-unstable-cpp to media apex
8fe023c55 : Add a tagged output for app's exportPackage
6874dbe10 : Stop hardcoding sdk/module_exports dynamic prop types for Bazel overlay.
3edfd48ef : Collect total number of CPU cores and available RAM for each build.
a798d9607 : find bazel-related files and add them to bazel.list and ninja deps
bc0fe96be : Support building WITHOUT_CHECK_API=true
5a58bca1f : Update rustfmt preupload example reference
af2015d7d : Allow packages/modules/Virtualization to use rust
4fe970f30 : Make test api extend system in sdk_library.go
f9f680595 : Install prebuilt_etc modules to out/soong
2080bfe79 : Support asan/hwasan versions of prebuilts.
3572cf74f : Move LLNDK and NDK versionSelectorMutator special cases into versionedInterface
bbc941b0d : use version mutator for CRT
5ec407b59 : Use version mutator for NDK
8e21aa54e : Reuse more of apex stubs implementation for llndk stubs
c88c27229 : Use libraryInterface instead of concrete type asserts for stubs
0de8a1e17 : Start using Providers instead of direct module access
1e2cad95c : Add additional documentation in metrics proto script.
4fb8adcc4 : Collect the hostname of the machine as a metric.
d13420153 : Zero C++ heap by default.
f043696fb : Add jetifier support to android_library_import
c779cd403 : Apply PRODUCT_ENFORCE_RRO_TARGETS to dependencies.
642916f20 : Add config.AndroidFirstDeviceTarget.
725e81982 : Generated by scripts/
41b4676f4 : Fix OutputPath.InSameDir example
ff0278b32 : Fix go vet error
3e6f67a68 : Remove out/host/common/obj/PACKAGING during installclean
89226d9ef : Add jni_libs to host java binaries
c179ea681 : Make java_binary common variant a dependency
de78d138a : Replace jniDependencyTag with a value
405af0785 : Revert "Make lots of tests run in parallel"
3d7611ee4 : Update liblog header paths after git project move
dbd4809b0 : Enable defaults in soong_config_module_type props
c49649c05 : Use protobuf-codegen default and add
134161f7e : Global ThinLTO: opt out vndk binaries as a workaround
7f66efa10 : Add a Impl_only_libs prop for sdk_library
13dbaac5b : Make test api extend system in sdk_library.go
f3c96efea : Mixed bazel/soong build prototype for genrule
a80b480ee : Refactor OWNERS files in platform/build/soong.
746be9ca1 : Remove jdiff support from droiddoc
ee0b81a4f : Revert "Implement vts_config module"
c92fa2d70 : Add a Impl_only_libs prop for sdk_library
0a75e5246 : rust: refactor tests setup
a0a44a84b : Add warning about out-directory usage with RBE builds
846200328 : Add service-connectivity to legacy core platform list
b3cbd6184 : Make hiddenapi flag generation use new artifact
e8f655ca4 : Add android.system.keystore2-unstable-ndk_platform to vndk.go
323dc6071 : Make lots of tests run in parallel
56a8321c2 : Remove global state from apex modules
6ddbb00e2 : Reland: "Include system/core/liblog/include instead of using symlinks"
399394b70 : powerstats: PowerStats HAL has been renamed
aa55f7450 : Allow access to the class jar for java_import using {.jar} tag
81febc450 : Avoid panic when a boot jar is provided as a java_import
a54d33be7 : Fail the build if dexpreopt cannot find path to a <uses-library>.
39b437b25 : Add dependency on implementation <uses-library> for modules that depend on component libraries.
ecf543559 : Add outputfiles tags for droidstubs api txts
02460abb3 : Avoid conflicting shared libraries from SDK snapshots.
565cafdcb : Don't create version variations of sdk modules
3146c5cd6 : Create fewer empty version variants
f9096bf63 : Update to r383902b1.
3453948ad : build/soong/scripts/
7ed2e5b15 : Generated by scripts/
271f4acd7 : Revert "Include system/core/liblog/include instead of using symlinks"
1348ce3f1 : Don't make SplitPerApiLevel imply UseSdk
b6135218a : Remove vendor crt special case
9f720ce52 : Fix apex_test.go and add it to Android.bp
bf63d00c5 : rust: Add static binary support
157f40f05 : Add prebuilt_visibility property
d99d99723 : Explicitly specify visibility in sdk/module_exports snapshot
0e0892588 : Add libmediaparser-jni to apex/allowed_deps.txt
5060c9e55 : Update to use clang-r399163b.
1edd039bf : Add allow rust rule for android.system.keystore2 vts tests.
e7257d201 : Add version dependencies to sanitizer runtime dependencies
d48fe734c : Fix prebuilt library stubs
4e1f2bd0d : Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable module.
3b8ca4c31 : Remove stale apex_available dependency.
fb6ae5bc7 : Add support for using sdk_version: "module_<ver>"
4f6c76699 : rust: add darwin as host arch
425a542e2 : rust: document manual configuration for rustfmt
2598c9b35 : add acknowledgements field to fuzz_config
a6351caf1 : rust: Add ref to generated sources (aidl, bindgen)
e2577141b : Do not implicitly turn on lto for static libraries
3805f5cd2 : rust: refactor projectGeneratorSingleton
3fc4c98bd : Collect FORCE_USE_GOMA environment variable as a metric.
dbe59cdd8 : Deprecate USE_GOMA and replace with FORCE_USE_GOMA
4dc2a1aaa : Expose android.filesToInstall
ccb406fc9 : Don't include artifacts for host-cross targets
618b671bf : Retain all stubs versions in the snapshot.
be6ae776e : Support auto-push of data_device_bins to device in test config auto-gen for sh-test
c97d6dcbb : Collect FORCE_USE_GOMA environment variable as a metric.
a2ae7e035 : Allow java_sdk_library to specify doctags_files
dd0554722 : rust: Refactor staticStd to stdLinkage
f43ff059f : lto: Rename Disabled to Never to reduce confusion
11200870b : rust: Add prefer_rlib property for static libstd.
7812fd381 : Fix ChooseSdkVersion after api levels
d3e05caa4 : Don't export flags from SourceProvider variants
e4f6ebaf6 : Simplify missing whole_static_libs checking
0bab8773c : Support arch-specific init_rc property
bc9e42121 : rust: Allow rust_bindgen to use cc_defaults.
6877e6d95 : Output Javadoc comments for public API
e0510d7a6 : rust: Fix module name in bindgen_test
295c72beb : Avoid Rust source provider rule duplication
84d8a7e11 : Update the default platform version to S
b02495779 : Propagate all sanitizer flags in SDK snapshots.
191c25f58 : Handle property structs and BpPropertySets as values to AddProperty.
ad64c3944 : Switch to armv7 for Rust ARM
af7b36dea : Add type information to symbolfile and ndkstubgen.
93718e0d4 : Global ThinLTO mode
3d94752b3 : rust: Add rust_bindgen std version w/ cc defaults.
230090ccc : Remove remaining libnativehelper implicit includes
b30f593da : Make API lint warnings errors for system & testapi
219968c9b : soong: Exclude system shared libs from fix suggestions
221019812 : linux_bionic_arm64 is added when Host_bionic_arm64 is true
1613e5541 : HostCross is an attribute of a Target, not OsType
e284b4849 : Extend target docs to cover (almost) all variants.
7f146c0da : apex: emit file_contexts for flattened apex
0d15a7291 : Allow overrides for RBE_log_dir
4f378d75a : Convert more versions in config to ApiLevel.
0b176c803 : Replace FutureApiLevel with an ApiLevel.
c8060536e : Replace ApiStrToNum uses with ApiLevel.
1150fd7c6 : Propagate PGO instr. flags to dependencies of a static lib
bc220ca80 : Forbid -fwhole_program_vtables
2f5f16d57 : Tweak ThinLTO inling heuristics in absense of PGO profile
24bb2e63a : Add missing characters in documentation of `compile_multilib` property.
14ee83221 : Handle absolute source paths correctly.
319491215 : Add support of test data to python_host_test
ec47864ca : Deprecate USE_GOMA and replace with FORCE_USE_GOMA
4c5efde04 : Suppress reflection warnings when running metalava
2d01fe28d : Introduce LTO property for -fwhole-program-vtables cflag
d1f6d8f80 : Make hiddenapi use prebuilt stubs when it should
8e5685ddc : apex: prebuilt_firmware installs in /etc/firmware
2b0811310 : rust: Add libstd linkage mutator for rlibs.
dbc008f66 : Update finalized codenames map.
1a2462717 : Replace stringly-typed API levels.
a2adc37fc : Make hiddenapi use prebuilt stubs when it should
8cc38b800 : Use Rust 1.46.0 prebuilts
714170576 : Add keymint to vndk.
613712c72 : Add GNSS AIDL interfaces (build/soong)
4dfacf9e2 : Move PrimaryModule, FinalModule, VisitAllModuleVariants to BaseModuleContext
d27e7b8e4 : Add providers support
d1f898e70 : Remove global state from version mutator
17fbc895e : Add -D__ANDROID_NATIVE_BRIDGE__ to native_bridge targets
e00c0e795 : Fix with USE_RBE=true RBE_R8=true
4f1dcb0e4 : Return new dependencies from BottomUpMutatorContext.Add*
9f35c3d6d : Copy documentation from Blueprint interfaces into Soong interfaces
1a31f80b0 : Add -D__ANDROID_NATIVE_BRIDGE__ to native_bridge targets
a646a9de1 : Include system/core/liblog/include instead of using symlinks
5eae8cdca : Start collecting build configuration metrics.
ee50d5b5b : [DO NOT MERGE] Add Goma deprecation PSA to soong.
486337ea5 : Add eakammer and patricearruda to OWNERS
2d4673005 : Make API lint warnings errors for system & testapi
a0e2e2fd5 : Update apex allowed_deps
9710f1bff : Add libtextclassifier_tests path to sdkVersion allowklist.
2210e720c : Switch to clang-r399163.
26195be91 : Add a default value for the RBE_log_dir variable.
cbe9aa2c2 : Do not generate a random socket address for RBE if NOSTART_RBE is set.
ee17f8c02 : Add Goma deprecation PSA to soong.
d2c89f631 : Make the default exec strategy for javac/r8/d8 remote local fallback.
54814ca5e : Add reasonable defaults to RBE configuration parameters.
f8fdec217 : Add hidden_api for java_import
5aa29a7fc : Make robolectric runtimes a host module
320c04179 : [DO NOT MERGE] Make the default exec strategy for javac/r8/d8 remote local fallback.
8229916e1 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add a default value for the RBE_log_dir variable.
00ff4cc1e : [DO NOT MERGE] Do not generate a random socket address for RBE if NOSTART_RBE is set.
19c39230e : [DO NOT MERGE] Add reasonable defaults to RBE configuration parameters.
b258d9367 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add newline to each generated bash script in rbe_test.go.
b7cfc8eab : Generate RBE socket address randomly for each invocation of soong.
11c7e806f : Migrating RBE flags to RBE_ variables.
c32cbcb24 : Revert "Re-land "Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other""
7b70477b5 : Rename module -> module-lib
612f9b8dd : Add imports_compile_dex to prebuilt_apis
fbc4e3f9b : [DO NOT MERGE] Add RBE metrics dump in Soong UI.
498a732ed : [DO NOT MERGE] Generate RBE socket address randomly for each invocation of soong.
fc5a03c85 : [DO NOT MERGE] Refactor RBE support for Javac/R8/D8 to use the remoteexec package.
afa3c5f2e : [DO NOT MERGE] Add support for remotely executing header-abi-dumper actions.
c726ab533 : [DO NOT MERGE] Allow remote execution of link actions.
da4d9d967 : Revert "Re-land "Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other""
f78531bb2 : Don't emit make vars from disabled modules
b5d2dd210 : Don't disable rust modules for linux_bionic
6a9a14663 : Disable the prebuilt host binary test on darwin.
809d51866 : Heed SkipInstall flag when adding install rules for vendor-snapshot.
4f68ee74c : Add compile_dex for java_import
1be8e6c37 : Extract dist properties from commonProperties
e80262a17 : Fix droiddoc disting when WITHOUT_CHECK_API is true.
06c3b4185 : Fix dist(s)-with-tag and add tests to prevent regression.
803474e52 : Support multiple dists per Android.bp module, and dist output selection.
b6241d46a : Notice files for prebuilt_etc are included in APEX
6e8131f64 : Update apex allowed_deps
2c033610e : Make generated library SDK snapshots determinstic
90dab3498 : Use alias for test_per_src apex dependencies
7b9cd3be3 : Add imports_sdk_version to prebuilt_apis
97f83c1d4 : Change sdk_library child visibility semantics
d6abaa71f : Propagate recovery_available property through to sdk snapshot
ee9ad5d52 : Remove framework-modules naming scheme
9ed7915f0 : Updates checkapi filename properties behavior
7727edc16 : Refactor java compileDex
55b5e4258 : Set the OS name in the metrics protobuf file
f53a655b7 : Use the build start time from Soong main UI for metrics build timestamp.
6b9cdfa9b : Use monotonic clock instead of wall time clock for metrics.
c3cec8727 : Run the metrics uploader in the background.
d519a71f9 : Upload build metrics after a build is completed.
b48be3a2c : Add a new protobuf message named Upload to upload build metrics.
75480154e : Re-land "Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other"
e3bb01dfa : Treat "org.apache.http.legacy" as optional <uses-library> by default.
663dc53c9 : Consistently use default install path for compatibility <uses-library>.
07931c73a : apex: pass init_rc/vintf_fragments to make
f2d7b16dd : Add support for building with R8 full mode
6568ae452 : Set sdk_version for prebuilt_api to scope
af68337d3 : Set -fsjlj-exceptions for all 32-bit Windows compiles
6cc2809b5 : Proper API hierarchy between MODULE_LIBS and PRIV_APPS system APIs
e1ab250ec : Revert "Revert "Remove create_stubs and checkapi from droiddoc""
5ca3a6293 : Add hidden_api for java_import
54027b572 : Replace `is_uses_lib` property with `provides_uses_lib`.
80092e30a : Include bpf program in APEXes
f2ede7a13 : Sanitize APEX module name properly.
617b88a28 : Create os and arch variants for bootstrap Go modules
6d45a9863 : rust: Pass lld flags from cc to rust linker args.
4afa2e268 : LinuxBionic supports arm64
d8004efff : Generate .bzl rule definitions for every module type in Soong, and surface module properties as attributes.
0b94aab5e : Add car-ui-lib-overlayable to apex allowed_deps
41f637d65 : Notice files for prebuilt_etc are included in APEX
74b00521f : Add test_mainline_module option.
54a8ee12f : [rust] Fix missing libclang for bindgen on darwin.
87788b524 : Don't assume host arch is always x86
045e11ad0 : Be more strict about unknown install <uses-library> paths.
5f58ff783 : Add vendor snapshot usage test
837ee1a6d : Symlink prebuilt binaries on host.
d1edbd4ee : Propagate vendor_available property through to sdk snapshot
d2c7ddc82 : Iterate <uses-library> in deterministic order in manifest_fixer.
3f98d148d : Remove unnecessary methods/fields of DefaultsModule/Base
ed87513b0 : Extract dist properties from commonProperties
16f23a403 : Check UseRBE is set before replacing any template with the RE version.
d4bdabcfa : Revert "Create os and arch variants for GoBinaryTool modules"
945441c09 : Add exclude_from_vendor_snapshot property, related logic
fe1da7597 : Revert "Revert "[pgo] Return updated Flags after adding flags for PGO/AFDO""
4e7f2607e : Add imports_compile_dex to prebuilt_apis
c60af159e : Pass cpp linking implicit deps to RBE.
c1be5ca62 : Add support for the remote execution of Abi links.
2f59ec98d : Include bpf program in APEXes
e22c2ab14 : java_sdk_library: Add annotations_enabled property
d6c31d274 : Add compile_dex for java_import
3666c7023 : Revert "Remove create_stubs and checkapi from droiddoc"
21a737520 : Allow non-SDK Java libraries to masquerade as <uses-library>.
944e77d21 : Change sdk_library child visibility semantics
5ec4555d2 : AutoGen: Support NativeTest with vendor namespace.
0703fd873 : apex: support prebuilt_firmware for vendor apexes
09a832cb1 : Start collecting build configuration metrics.
0db3d35c5 : Set the OS name in the metrics protobuf file
dd3020f35 : Use the build start time from Soong main UI for metrics build timestamp.
ac91c3f79 : Use monotonic clock instead of wall time clock for metrics.
70ca506da : Add newline to each generated bash script in rbe_test.go.
e7836594e : Add RBE metrics dump in Soong UI.
de44afac9 : Run the metrics uploader in the background.
4f7f60b54 : Upload build metrics after a build is completed.
2ce077605 : Pass the TMPDIR directly to the command when dumping makefile variables.
b2da01d45 : Add a new protobuf message named Upload to upload build metrics.
588aae727 : Add rust_protobuf module.
3a55c91f9 : Remove create_stubs and checkapi from droiddoc
ddd0bdb37 : rust: Fix rust_bindgen implicits
65e10fba5 : [DO NOT MERGE] Do not add ccWrapper to ccNoDeps rule
4807a1b5e : [DO NOT MERGE] Add support for experimentally enabling RBE support on specific rules.
c0d95df5d : [DO NOT MERGE] Run non-RBE supported actions in the local pool when USE_RBE is set.
80059e69c : [DO NOT MERGE] Use localPool consistently for UseGoma() == true
adf591a50 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add USE_RBE support to soong.
682c9d7b2 : Rename ccConfig to cc_config
81b3a8340 : Fallback to /tmp when socket address is longer than max length.
6ade6f7f6 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
d2c81a793 : Remove hack for platform availability of modules with missing apexes
6797edc70 : Pass cpp linking implicit deps to RBE.
836a1985a : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
cb70bdb34 : Add F2FS support for APEX build system
4ba38c1a3 : Add F2FS support for APEX build system
1c751e145 : Add F2FS support for APEX build system
fabaff6bd : rust: strip libraries and binaries
31f1bb80e : rust: add ccToolchain to Module
19e1c6c8e : rust: enable use-android-relr-tags
3600b80e6 : Return all rules when TestingModule.Rule fails
988ff8d14 : Revert "[pgo] Return updated Flags after adding flags for PGO/AFDO"
b9007609f : apex: dedup jni_libs when generating apex_manifest
5010a9738 : [pgo] Return updated Flags after adding flags for PGO/AFDO
fc24ad3d4 : Propagate transitive SDK Java library dependencies to dexpreopt.
d458745f1 : cc: export Stripper struct
e297ce5ff : Add NetworkStack AIDL interfaces to allowed_deps
2093af23c : [rust] Pass cc dependencies as linker flags.
22fd4d1b8 : soong: add support for module specific lexer flags
42507337e : Only request image and version variations for device SDK dependencies
b3ed1aa60 : Repeat metalava errors at the end to make it easy to find them
70b96b0d6 : Introduce new Arm64 arch variant with dot product features
5f0b222aa : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
6945e9b65 : Migrate away from removed option
1ec125547 : Create os and arch variants for GoBinaryTool modules
042504f7d : Link device binaries dynamically by default.
5ab276ad1 : Export error reporting function to allow using it in other packages.
89f7bf163 : bootstrap is added for cc_binary only when the module is in an APEX
ce3d46fe0 : Bazel overlay: rename 'deps' to 'module_deps'.
118686b4e : Remove InputRootAbsolutePath spec to header-abi-dumper
c2a1d70ea : apex: pass "apex name" as literal to apex variants
9e93b1bb1 : Remove TestApexWithJniLibs_Errors
cc83efbb1 : Create image variations for sh_binary
42f135b7b : Update go.mod to go 1.15
fbb486fc7 : Propagate sanitize.never flag in SDK snapshots.
69d4cbeb0 : Surface module properties as Bazel BUILD target attributes in the Bazel overlay
e064cf2a8 : Capture list of unused methods when shrinking in R8
b2fcf0871 : Override EarlyModuleContext.Namespace
9b7ecd76f : Remove duplicated use of UsesLibraryDependency
2d2fd859b : Add imports_sdk_version to prebuilt_apis
c00486230 : Resolve prebuilt module explicitly for dex2oat tool dependencies.
b8063c6a8 : Use common helper functions for getting sorted map keys.
4b6d4c12c : Propagate transitive <uses-library> dependencies through static libraries.
bc98d2ffe : Adds a workaround to fix version inconsistency
95d19422a : Add extra_test_configs option
5ec702491 : Create Power Stats AIDL interface
053fca10c : Support ninja rsp files in soong_zip
cb6143a14 : Capture list of unused methods when shrinking in R8
aede88c1c : Reland: Deduplicate APEX variants that would build identically
31e444e10 : Collect paths to transitive SDK Java library dependencies.
0c0234b98 : Update apex/allowed_deps.txt
f668917c2 : Add Goma deprecation PSA to soong.
d12afec49 : Allow globally disabling some clang-tidy checks.
6e0eee522 : Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test
105699aee : Revert "Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test"
0c7b26e0e : Revert "Deduplicate APEX variants that would build identically"
d6b2525b0 : Deduplicate APEX variants that would build identically
a41a8877c : Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test
8f903f30f : Remove special-cased stub deps on framework-res
092aca410 : Add a tagged output for app's exportPackage
cc1bfd6aa : Revert "Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test"
133ebefb8 : Override EarlyModuleContext.Namespace
8eee3f6b5 : Fix broken darwin build.
181cfdf89 : Fix broken darwin build.
8c56bc272 : Add a default value for the RBE_log_dir variable.
29aa9fde5 : Keep only out file dependency rule in output .d files
3a9d80a60 : Rust: use 1.45.2 prebuilts
a958d3524 : Do not generate a random socket address for RBE if NOSTART_RBE is set.
e07f2316b : Rename ApexName to ApexVariationName
1b9604b46 : Add CreateAliasVariation to BottomUpMutatorContext
91dbd520d : Add data bin and lib properties to sh_test
beae6ecbd : Shorten missing module panic message
23fea04e2 : Rename class2greylist
2889166b6 : Make the default exec strategy for javac/r8/d8 remote local fallback.
9e8451e52 : rust: modify linting properties
0fc67eb5e : Add reasonable defaults to RBE configuration parameters.
9685036e6 : Start collecting build configuration metrics.
81aa8a42a : Don't remove entries for overriddable modules
4a9f512b4 : apex_sets is added to apexkeys.txt
9cd4216c5 : Output apkcerts file for android_app_set.
a756270ec : HostToolPath should return install path
92fe74067 : Stop using prebuilt NDK CRT objects.
5db69cc89 : Only return the source files of a Rust module with a SourceProvider if the internal compiler has been disabled
4b8e64b1c : Update neverallows path for sdkextensions
839fc6659 : Update ApexAvailableBaseline
9f43597ff : Remove obsolete PDK build functionality
ba3876a91 : Remove obsolete PDK build functionality
2829f6c09 : Propagate settings for building in an unbundled tree.
fb67ab515 : Add Rust Binder crate to allowed list
47841973b : Rename hiddenapi csv artifact
91c3e4ec1 : [rust] Add profcollectd to allowed list
834152c03 : Add AIDL compiler to allowed Rust paths
205e91183 : Merge libs/ directory of imported aars into classes.jar
678ae27cf : Remove M4 export to Make
add7ea9cc : Set the OS name in the metrics protobuf file
2bbcacf0c : Don't export link dirs from proc-macros.
4318e1c65 : rust: fully disable all lints when no_lint is set
816a23a50 : Introduce AlwaysUsePrebuiltSdks
81ca6cd40 : Add alias variations to linkageMutator
094faa5b2 : Use local variations for versionsMutator
751ae87ed : Reland "Add prebuilt_build_tool to allow genrules to use prebuilt tools"
6a6478d49 : Reland "Support per-module MakeVars"
c7767922e : Export Rust SourceProvider types and methods
42bef8d0c : Add BoardKernelModuleInterfaceVersions.
9e9bb7f22 : Only output make targets for uninstallable static libs in the APEX unavailable-to-platform case.
45e2f1405 : Fix zip64 reader when file size is < 4GB and 32 bit fields are -1
c42f2f2e9 : Add cfi static libraries to vendor snapshot
2d34ad94f : Refactor vendor snapshot modules
83ee52f4c : rust: validate existence of library source
2f628baea : rust: handle modules with same crate_name
c81051089 : Revert "rust: validate existence of library source"
246e69c58 : Revert "rust: handle modules with same crate_name"
5ba7e479d : Create a AOSP Bazel overlay workspace with Soong
eb912dcce : Improve abidump generating logic for non-REL build
9ba460fd8 : Add property api_levels_jar_filename to droidstubs
9cd45782e : allow empty phony modules
9bdaf74c9 : Rename hiddenapi manual lists
ff3a5b31c : Make source_stem required for Rust SourceProviders
f45e152e1 : [cc/coverage] Pass directory to -fprofile-instr-generate
b0df23f20 : Add platform-mainline-test-exports in list of modules to build.
c564d2d5a : Add support for custom bindgen binaries.
ad8ac5358 : rust: handle modules with same crate_name
891cd578c : rust: validate existence of library source
249386ad6 : Add structured representation for colon-separated jar lists.
74d255698 : Separate lists of soong sanitize modules
e498dd9ac : Move image mutator things to image.go
32267c88c : [rust] Disable clippy for rust_bindgen modules.
da931d4ab : [rust] Disable lints for generated bindings
12e2cb71c : [rust] Escape flags for bindgen
02a623d8d : Make Rust test harness optional for test binaries
713387dc7 : Adds 'kernel/' to vendor proprietary dirs.
a7a64f3c5 : Refactor java compileDex
3d894b728 : Add property api_levels_jar_filename to droidstubs
dde4f22b1 : Add PHONY for apex-allowed-deps check.
ca79081bd : Rename hiddenapi manual lists
26ecd6c59 : [rust] Add SourceProviders as crates support.
9b7b8f169 : Fix dependency merging for rust-project.json
8b7eb8d86 : Rust: allow system/security
caa47d7ee : Disable all host OS variants except those explicitly included.
01aa11e83 : Add PHONY for apex-allowed-deps check.
e81c924f0 : Move getEdition to a baseCompiler method
79dcf732c : Add newline to each generated bash script in rbe_test.go.
fcb53d9d2 : Disable additional RBE metrics upload test errors for now.
a8d04fd8a : Disable RBE metrics upload test errors for now.
89435d1a5 : [rust] Clean up unused link variations.
1e2ee12ff : Default to not creating stubs for droiddoc
09ef4dc2f : Update language to comply with inclusive guidance
021f4e525 : Fix prebuilt mutator ordering in tests
f23054f66 : Fix the lib directory being used for fetching libraries.
32f053b97 : Disable() must not be enabled unexpectedly
c02c98b8f : [cc/sanitize] Deprecate blacklist sub-property of sanitize
591e59e51 : Handle universal APK case in extract_apks
d22a84a88 : Support* in apex_available.
5c5058ffa : Remove platform host-exports.
f2664c6b4 : Skip llndk_library and llndk_headers for vendor snapshot
97365ee42 : Introduce BOARD_KERNEL_BINARIES to soong
93a90db51 : Prevent GKI APEXes to write to $OUT/apex.
f0913fb0a : Follow all shared library dependencies when collecting JNI libraries
aac3222cd : Fix DepsInSameApex for some dependencies of static libraries
4fbb5e023 : Handle static unwinder in ltoDepsMutator
370173e0a : Expose all shared and header libraries to Make
6e511a9a9 : Add libraryDependencyTag to track dependencies on static and shared libraries
bb4511df9 : Added write only sanitizer for ASAN and HWASAN
f0f5cdc1c : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
6c4cc9ce2 : apex: set ":vndk" as required for vendor apexes
cada807a9 : Update language to comply with inclusive guidance
8da724a64 : Update language to comply with inclusive guidance
7941b30c6 : Update language to comply with inclusive guidance
f445ba178 : Inclusive fix: renaming dumb terminal to simple terminal.
45901edb9 : Ensure hermetic device rust_bindgen.
20ebfb46f : Update language to comply with inclusive guidance
807cfd2a9 : Inclusive fix: Replace sanity with validation in cc.go.
b481b8710 : Inclusive fix: Replace sanity to validation in java/sdk.go
358d8fd56 : Inclusive fix: change the word dummy to fake in zip_test.go
90109177f : Inclusive fix: removed the word Sane in Soong build UI config
8da5d0f94 : Remove config.CommonNativehelperInclude
08fac0c25 : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
696ed4d54 : Add makefile_goal.
7b27ca7da : Fix droiddoc disting when WITHOUT_CHECK_API is true.
6c4ccca7b : [cc/sanitize] Add Blocklist property
f740ed01f : Update language to comply with Android's inclusive language guidance
eb8d40327 : Rename CFI blocklist files.
dd849a81f : Add `data_native_bins` property to java_test_host
df78e216a : Add apex.use_vndk_as_stable property
bec7f53e4 : Revert "Add prebuilt_build_tool to allow genrules to use prebuil..."
dd18efd95 : Revert "Switch cc's use of bison and flex to prebuilt_build_tool"
fae4d517f : Revert "Fix builds with absolute OUT_DIR"
e1e844b83 : Generate deps file for rust_bindgen modules.
5bc1744e8 : Build transitive lint reports for apex modules
e812805e7 : Use BaseModuleName() + SubName as apexFile.moduleName
a37eca27c : Avoid creating APEX variant for sdk member
b1d1e0e6b : Fix builds with absolute OUT_DIR
5cf197804 : Update allowed deps for CRT objects.
613564eed : Revert "Support per-module MakeVars"
d5c16eb73 : Add SettingsRoboTests to the allow-list for legacy core/platform API.
53bbc085e : Revert "Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable module."
5ccd90bdb : Fix apex-allowed-deps on multiple targets.
9f4893d86 : Add SettingsRoboTests to the allow-list for legacy core/platform API.
84c3807b9 : Enforce the legacy core/platform API restriction.
de34d2375 : Fix __ANDROID_SDK_VERSION__=0
698dd9f00 : apexDepsMutator uses WalkDeps
08dca38eb : Build transitive lint reports for apex modules
50f0da420 : Improve IDE navigation to SdkBase methods
ec54eec57 : Call rustfmt on rust_bindgen bindings.
f6fe9956b : Add a rust_bindgen_host module type.
07cbaf4d8 : Enforce correct variant usage for rust_bindgen.
e64cf6e0f : Placeholder for enforcement of the legacy core/platform API restriction.
1f6d90f4c : Create 'cc_prebuilt_test_library_shared' module type
10735d90d : Add source collision test, rust_bindgen doc.
1e01ad955 : Add SettingsRoboTests to legacy coreplatform list
0a51aa2c9 : Use RelativeInstallPath for DataPaths in apex
bae62bee7 : Provide generated sources to clippy.
a575ff38a : [pgo] Allow profile gather and use flags to coexist for sampling PGO
84803c50a : [pgo] Sampling PGO does not require benchmark property
8481186d5 : Fix dist(s)-with-tag and add tests to prevent regression.
cf0e4220e : Add dist target for
15f34ef81 : Generate module lib API and scope together
5e218dbc1 : Add environment variables to control lint checks
216e10a0f : Install data_libs using relative_install_path property
43845688b : Allow rust module dependency on SourceProviders.
4fef93c53 : Add SourceProviders and a rust_bindgen module type
e5207cd9a : Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable module.
c0f437310 : Enforce the legacy core/platform API restriction.
453555083 : Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable module.
b0aa8515b : Deprecate VNDK-Lite
8eebb135b : Package robolectric tests for tradefed
f220db80b : apex_set is force disabled when necessary
2019658b8 : Support per-module MakeVars
d2e291ae5 : Switch cc's use of bison and flex to prebuilt_build_tool
13af8140b : Add prebuilt_build_tool to allow genrules to use prebuilt tools
0df103ae7 : Repeat metalava errors at the end to make it easy to find them
4cfa2c692 : Set compile_multilib for SDK snapshots for device.
89238f470 : Add compile_multilib properties to all native prebuilts (reland).
10e926bc8 : apex_set is force disabled when necessary
988dfcc06 : Add environment variables to control lint checks
7feceb235 : Add support for SDK tests with LinuxBionic OS type.
38a224dc7 : Fix non-determinism in tests.
06f58afd8 : Get NDK python script tests running.
802cc82af : Fix pylint issues in gen_stub_libs.
824f11614 : Add Validations to android.BuildParams
6e17ad593 : Use validations for blueprint tests
c0efd1db1 : Build a zip of transitive lint reports for apps
9e44e21e9 : Add DepSets
ca1e44cb4 : Generate RBE socket address randomly for each invocation of soong.
a73f4ae43 : Deprecate VNDK-Lite
6e97a7b4a : rust: Use host linker when building for Mac host.
3ff2e661b : Disable all SDK snapshot generation tests on mac.
33c05281a : Fix incorrect Rust dylib extension on darwin.
ad2ce794d : Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable modules.
f46773244 : Do not consider disabled prebuilt variants.
6ffbe5727 : Revert "Do not consider disabled prebuilt variants."
29936ae5a : Revert "Add compile_multilib properties to all native prebuilts."
d92d51504 : Proper API hierarchy between MODULE_LIBS and PRIV_APPS system APIs
695dc69ac : Add support for macOS 11 SDK
e22217956 : Increase heap size for lint tool
9f9fd0236 : Add android app property rename_resources_package
8243dbfee : Proper API hierarchy between MODULE_LIBS and PRIV_APPS system APIs
73c790f59 : Use the build start time from Soong main UI for metrics build timestamp.
f971af799 : Set sdk_version for prebuilt_api to scope
958b89c0b : Use monotonic clock instead of wall time clock for metrics.
585cac22d : Add array type property flags, equivalent to args
d783bbbac : Use unzip -DD
4fb652d68 : Set LOCAL_APKCERTS_FILE for apk_set modules in apexes
8a6ed3750 : Support lint on unbundled builds
1e9c2677f : Add compile_multilib properties to all native prebuilts.
afa6a77c6 : Fix string concatenation error
403cc15f1 : Pass unstripped JNI libraries to Make
235e2fdbd : Do not consider disabled prebuilt variants.
ed62b9cc2 : Differentiate sdk snapshot include dir by os type
62f1bf237 : Add RBE metrics dump in Soong UI.
cee7e66b0 : Ensure that sdk/module_exports depends on source members
f6cc26173 : Handle empty / undefined slice-type product variables uniformly.
bf667e96d : Add missing deps from git_master/cf_x86_phone-userdebug_coverage.
bbd25aeb4 : Specify module dependency in the srcs list
d417bf474 : Document critical path in
80342d72d : Restrict replacements of source dependencies with prebuilts
44f1d8404 : Stop java_sdk_library_import from depending on source modules
c7c6910f6 : Nullify stl and sanitize of llndk_headers
a93fbacdb : Correct typo of defaults for docs property sorting
79d66a5db : Add `data_libs` property to cc_test rules
26ab8e80e : Prepend default to allow overriding in the bp file.
cc77601d1 : Do not follow SDK member dependencies for APEX payloads.
58c33f073 : Do not follow prebuiltDependencyTags in APEX payload walks.
a4c8cc647 : Support kotlin multiplatform sources
96e5e41b8 : Dist module_paths/files.db
5e07d0ccb : Add soong cc and java deps to general-tests dist
7607dd356 : Apply "excludes" for OutputFileProducer
ac07f880d : cc: add exclude_generated_sources property
8f9782f51 : remove unused GeneratedHeaders variable
019560ff0 : Revert^2 Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable modules.
7d3f096cf : Include shared lib in vendor snapshot if isVndkExt
1a8c8565b : Fix out/soong/Android-<>.mk reproducibility
c761eeca4 : rust: Mutate prebuilt modules dylib/rlib
0f003b185 : rust: Add rustlibs auto dependency selection
2ae0513a8 : rust: Change default variants
128f53b3b : rust: Fix Properties inheritance for prebuilts
bb3add110 : rust: Suppress default sysroot unconditionally
11c1e0f94 : Output apkcerts file for android_app_set.
8e46efac7 : Explicitly define Rust default lints
880f964f1 : Tidy up the definition of sdkCore.
7b0bdce69 : Remove frameworkResModule from sdkCorePlatform.
0638dfcf9 : Rename the Default* constants in java/config.
e3d44b245 : Remove the concept of useDefaultLibs from Soong.
40a064238 : Prepare Soong for switch to stable core/platform API.
5f364b63b : Rewrite in Python.
f164a9464 : Dedup NDK library lists in make.
de5aade0e : Generate the known NDK libraries list.
f2b480e6c : Remove stale doc comment
5c4e48956 : Enable genrule modules for Rust host binaries
432876577 : Add BenchmarkProperties to cc_defaults
ba7887fd5 : Add host exports for platform libraries used by ART host testing.
c4dac2659 : Refactor class loader context generation.
25fd77310 : Fix finder on symlinks pointing to directories
7cdad45cf : Add Stat to finder/fs
7f8aa39ab : Move finder_test filesystem helper functions to fs/test.go
a2058f8b7 : Apply hiddenapi encoding to java_sdk_library .impl
0449a6337 : Add relative_install_path property to prebuilt_etc
9d544a83b : [cc/pgo] Fix incorrect project name
ca8d9a501 : Track the current java_sdk_library(_import) deps
5e291c238 : Fix bpfmt issues and add bpfmt to preupload checks
2dfd54d07 : apex: add / in file_contexts as system_file
aca944916 : Add "art/test" to the list of Core Library projects.
9b1aa0cb8 : Move to python
fb81db2f4 : soong: globally enable -Wunreachable-code-loop-increment
8f232a270 : Add missing soong_docs inputs
792ea7359 : Add platform libraries required for ART chroot testing.
530dccb8c : Update rustc to 1.44.0
b5b0ff355 : Add `` to `java_defaults` module type.
92f703b08 : Add clippy-driver build rule
03186ed24 : Add Matt to OWNERS for Rust
8ba7d47bb : Dist and Android.bp.list
5f2de778f : Remove duplicate Helper call
2f748692d : Use a default exclude filter for JaCoCo in Soong.
5cb30c582 : Move from Make to Soong. Update OWNERS list.
40fd90ae5 : Support multiple dists per Android.bp module, and dist output selection.
efb184e49 : apex: use SubName for requiredDeps
85d61767b : apex: support "vendor: true"
2ed99d00b : apex: AndroidMk writes common properties
5c17ac003 : Check `base` property before using it
78d51b00d : Only look for profiles when we have a profile dir
56507b4e0 : Disable flattening only for unbundled apps.
f51b7af2a : Enable check for "try to expose APIs from hidden class"
dbc0adad5 : Enable check for "try to expose APIs from hidden class"
5e4070cb6 : Add androidmk error for multiple assignments
8970b45c8 : Minor tweaks to usage message.
580eb4fe3 : apex: add apex_manifest.pb in file_contexts
ab5467dbd : Avoid race condition over ExportedSystemIncludeDirs
4e77284ab : Include resources in sdk snapshot of java library impl
9af168d4c : Revert "Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable module."
1f7f70fe3 : Remove moduleContextImpl struct
1e362dade : Change how override_modules work with prebuilts.
a4405fa3d : Track allowed transitive deps in any updatable module.
22882497b : Enable check for "try to expose APIs from hidden class"
c31efeb25 : Set root dir in lint project.xml
977b6a822 : Set ANDROID_SDK_HOME when running lint
749dc69af : apex/apk: enforce min_sdk_version of all deps
e88b43688 : Stem name should be fixed the same was as masterFile
e0070ee31 : Implement OutputFiles for python modules.
f70926eef : Remove libc_scudo references.
1a6acd4f3 : Make native_coverage clause work with ClangCoverage
938b59388 : apex: make allowed_files prop overridable
10269f1da : Fix build breakages when WITHOUT_CHECK_API=true
b6db6de84 : Add standard rustfmt.toml
7e741cca3 : [Rust] cdylibs can now link against dylibs.
03a7f3efe : Don't remove entries for overriddable modules
4aedc86c6 : Add module name to sh_test install path.
92e4b46af : Support adding extra lint checks
0b67a8bd0 : Allow kotlin modules to skip packaging the kotlin stdlib
9ca38d22a : Fix annotation processors in kotlin modules that generate resources
cd767eefe : Revert "Add Android.bp.list and soong.variables to inputs for soong_docs action"
1d5b71327 : Disable "show member in hidden parent" metalava error
296cf3317 : Instrument the java_sdk_library implementation library
519db27d9 : Add test-suite-tag to test_options
4e30bbaca : Add remote execution support for clang-tidy actions
67eee7cae : Add Android.bp.list and soong.variables to inputs for soong_docs action
7505c50e4 : Add ICU SDK and module_exports to the list.
2f99eec45 : Add sandbox property to the javadoc rule.
9946f0308 : Rename variables with "-" in androidmk
bdbbfd53e : Switch to toybox patch(1).
47ed35222 : Propagate unique_host_soname to cc_library prebuilts.
e728a8980 : Generate multilib for rust_test
44b481b81 : Fix check-boot-jars when a boot jar is provided by prebuilt
796fc4c8b : [Rust] Correct the gcov path prefix.
0f688004b : Add a new module named prebuilt_dsp.
49062c89f : Rename module -> module-lib
2286afd0e : Don't create version variants for SDK variants
fd9eb4b8a : Build against SDKs for native libs only for unbundled apps.
cbd62d07d : Use inclusive language in Android.bp files
014489c1e : Add support for running Android lint on java and android modules.
57f0ee1fa : Installed APKs should not have `prebuilt_` prefix
8a23fa481 : [Rust] Remove unused variables and deduplicate.
07d75070a : java_sdk_library: Require xml permission file only if it is generated
502f901e1 : Prefer armv8.2-a to armv8.2a for GNU as compatibility
12d9f7a10 : Don't emit superfluous LOCAL_OVERRIDES_MODULES
2070e32eb : Do not override "-g:source,lines" for host java binaries when PRODUCT_MINIMIZE_JAVA_DEBUG_INFO is set.
ce6734e66 : Consolidate adding common java properties
018f083b7 : Remove inadvertently commited java/lint_defaults.txt
eedc5d55c : Let APEX build against preferred java_sdk_library_import
0c5bae5e8 : java_sdk_library: Add system-server scope
01615f36f : Remove libnativehelper modules from whitelist
494c63b20 : Remove libnativehelper modules from whitelist
ada1270ef : Introduce product variables to select Java code coverage paths in Soong.
45a96778c : VNDK APEX should not provide native libs
7cc207488 : Run the metrics uploader in the background.
148b317ab : Fix build breakage b/158783867
8d6c51ebc : apex_sets is added to apexkeys.txt
6e82748bd : Rename dexpreopt.config field to bring it in sync with Make.
ab67d8f9b : Remove libnativehelper modules from whitelist
b7fd37cb0 : Fix module name when autogenerating test config
190fdc0b1 : Use EMMA_INSTRUMENT_FRAMEWORK for apex framework libs.
fb25a64fd : Make override modules compatible with prebuilts.
440e0d054 : Use inclusive language in build/soong
0c55445b7 : Revert "Add module name to sh_test install path."
fc80fe7f2 : Make rust_test file output more similar to cc_test.
58cabb7af : NDK Api Coverage
f3717eec6 : Match Rust gcda output to cc via -Z profile-emit.
68b0c7a6e : Include runtime-module-host-exports in the SDK build.
e4d12a046 : Add rust-project.json generator
65ca36a72 : Exclude kernel_headers from vendor snapshot
f3044b64d : Always create both variants for kernel headers
a6384821f : Fix using generated test configs for sh_test, python_test and rust_test modules
2d4f1a2f7 : Add module name to sh_test install path.
062103115 : Add exclude_shared_libs, expand exclude_static_libs to cover static_libs
b31d77e57 : Update LLVM toolchain to r383902b.
9e83f0b53 : Fix type assertion error regarding dex_import
9ab4933a1 : Remove host boot image from
9f3052cd7 : Fix on-device paths to used libraries in dexpreopt.
4f5297b43 : Rename native code coverage paths product variables in Soong.
3cda0d8df : Add DistForGoal to MakeVarsContext
c3d87d311 : Define Soong phony rules in Make
2fce23ae6 : Remove paths from cc.TestConfig
238c1f390 : Remove most paths from java.TestConfig
b858c6d49 : Add ndk api parser for ndk api coverage.
5e6a79798 : Allow tests to bypass PathForSource existence checks
26cdf135f : When bpfix fails in androidmk, output the tree anyway
1f16b2751 : Remove libc_scudo references.
bba545e03 : VNDK listing contains device modules only
96f17f0ee : Choose SAbi files with module's vndk version
bec05ea26 : Specify SONAME when building Rust shared libs.
c26fcf494 : Make it possible to specify separate rules for native_bridge case
5cffce120 : Revert^2: "Remove implict jni.h include path"
79ae341d4 : Remove TARGET_PREFER_32_BIT support.
30d1f9eb3 : Revert "Use aapt2 flag --rename-resources-package in soong"
01bca755a : dex_import that isn't available for platform isn't installed
92febdc85 : Remove implict jni.h include path
1f41dbff6 : Split the core/platform API into stable and legacy versions.
652d5b31e : Use sdkSpec to compare sdk_versions of APK/JNI
b83929c94 : Add eakammer and patricearruda to OWNERS
ae2694b30 : Pass the TMPDIR directly to the command when dumping makefile variables.
613cbb173 : Fix android_app_set documentation
465c775ab : Revert "Remove implict jni.h include path"
2d0c1946f : Correct link type for module stubs
cc51a6886 : Improve the structure of the link check method
83509b549 : Build java_sdk_library stubs with language level 8
9d7c3fb4d : Don't require merge_annotations_dir for annotations_enabled
3f07ab2d6 : Create a framework.aidl for non-updatable platform
206665cc9 : Do not disable llndk libraries
85708802d : Create only one vendor variant depending on path
1042d2970 : Implement cc_object vendor snapshot
7f283f4bd : Refine logic choosing vendor snapshot modules
18d98bc3e : Allow apex module to have android_app_set as its constituent.
95d6ea378 : Don't disable dexpreopting implicitly in unbundled builds.
08802338f : Add TARGET_BUILD_UNBUNDLED as a variable to control builds.
c5b874985 : Implement test config auto-gen for sh_test.
d4bcea4e2 : Refactor library path representation in dexpreopt.
5539e7b56 : Revert^2 "Rename DexJar interface method to DexJarBuildPath."
02229a2c6 : Fix duplicate install targets from sdk variants in --skip-make mode.
e68926d4d : Remove implict jni.h include path
b0dc851ff : Revert "Rename DexJar interface method to DexJarBuildPath."
c8d60bc7c : Turn on metalava sandbox warning in all droiddoc metalava invocations.
07656410d : Add SrcPath to InstallHookContext
760c33579 : Use aapt2 flag --rename-resources-package in soong
b549b7712 : Revert "Always run package check"
cd3203fd5 : Error on suboptimal system server classpath order, unless explicitly allowed.
fb863c87c : Error on suboptimal system server classpath order, unless explicitly allowed.
562c24018 : Rename DexJar interface method to DexJarBuildPath.
3dbf9fd89 : Copy removed.txt file to the snapshot correctly
91206d9ed : Always run package check
77acec63f : dex_import can be added to apex
4b79e98a6 : Soong package structure refactoring
219eef387 : Upload build metrics after a build is completed.
696c59dbf : Clean up class loader context generation.
c9af538c9 : Add android.test.base to class loader context for API version < 30.
04f2d6a67 : Capture libeigen's header correctly
f1493cc0f : Use Stem where output file name is expected in APEX
0fcdd53e1 : Revert "Fix missing headers of vendor snapshot"
df00ddecb : Don't use obsolete "org.apache.http.legacy.impl" in class loader context.
c0ccb6b44 : Fix darwin shared library and proc macro suffixes.
33c773693 : Notice file embededd in APEX is deterministic
e739f1ed9 : Collect permitted packages from java_sdk_library instances
555760552 : Add some app modules to the allowed whitelist.
69304cf65 : Fix prebuilt test on mac
7130fabd2 : Propagate flags necessary for a prebuilt of the Bionic linker.
366afc501 : Add support for remote-execution / caching of jar/zip actions
d7eb1c2a7 : java_sdk_library: Propagate shared_library to snapshot
a62aa2399 : apex respects stem of java_library modules
63d8febd3 : Ensure package check is run for java_library in APEX
309b1c0da : Add support for remote-execution / caching of signapk actions
009a9dc4a : Fall back to the source module for variants that the corresponding prebuilt doesn't define.
65d88e50e : Update neverallows path for sdkextensions
932cdfeb0 : Add default_to_stubs option to java_sdk_library
cbd35ff54 : Add some app modules to the allowed whitelist.
b51e7ea3b : Remove apex_available whitelist for the ART APEX
b6a586241 : Fix missing headers of vendor snapshot
5bd365f1e : Only include test data in flattened apex 1 time
321bbe92b : Explain checkLinker errors a bit more.
966b2f02f : Add signing lineage for runtime_resource_overlay
e3ce0ba78 : Revert^2 "Remove implict jni.h include path""
e2054a9f9 : Add some app modules to the allowed whitelist.
5df793011 : java_sdk_library: Create separate impl library
c7965cda0 : Add support for Metalava implicit dependencies for remote execution.
3d64d494d : Add symlinks support for prebuilt_etc modules
570a292ba : Better handling of low memory situations
6abfbf7f9 : Make android_app_import multi targets arch module.
649dadfb8 : Switch droiddoc to use SdkHeaderJars()
9b879594e : java_sdk_library: Expose implementation within APEX
daaa33282 : java_sdk_library: Only expose impl jars when they are built
668b8a21c : Remove conditional running of checklast during checkapi
6e85e4c2b : Support preprocessed prebuilt tests in androidmk
43d3025cd : pom2bp: add apex_available/min_sdk_version
c91f5d0cc : java_sdk_library: Simplify SdkLibrary.sdkJars
3b70b3fea : Add preprocessed property for android_test_import
e033cbae4 : Allow the user to explicitly set the java Uncompress_dex property.
2a1d42e45 : Revert "Remove implict jni.h include path"
acc7bbebe : apex: Make android_library support APEX variants
dfa131e67 : java_sdk_library: Control shared library use
859fe961b : Improve tracking of exported sdk libraries
5006d8d4f : Fix TestDexpreoptBootZip on non-Linux hosts.
040ff3d5c : apex: Make android_library support APEX variants
1fbf44089 : AIDEGen: Add path attribute to okhttp module.
bd133b1bd : apex: Make android_library support APEX variants
827c55f50 : Handle universal APK case in extract_apks
23970f428 : java_sdk_library: Do not expose stubs implementation jar
46dc45aba : java_sdk_library: Access outputs using tags
0f8faffdc : java_sdk_library: Improve consistency with ..._import
803a9565c : java_sdk_library: Add redirection to module-lib stubs
b05d4295d : java_sdk_library: Extract common stubs redirect code
81faaaf65 : Add test to ensure test data written for flat apex
1372c1b43 : Add support for remote-execution / caching of turbine actions
644009a22 : Always set targetSdkLevel to DefaultAppTargetSdk
c495d2bfe : Add --no-force-assign-all for java_sdk_library
1d5983b0f : Revert "Use aapt2 flag --rename-resources-package in soong"
2497899bb : Add signing linage support for android_app_import
345e25783 : Correct apex data in androidmk for flattened apex
7caef2055 : Refactor test to use Go subtests idiom.
86d9e3a7b : Add a test for (zip archive with boot image files).
2478e4e98 : Revert "Revert "Allow libz to have stub even though it's not an ..."
082182275 : Update ninja proto, always enable `ninja -d stats`
1674f9b4e : Use aapt2 flag --rename-resources-package in soong
f133c18a0 : Revert "Allow libz to have stub even though it's not an LLNDK li..."
90e9505f5 : Remove implict jni.h include path
6b6d387a7 : Add some app modules to the allowed whitelist.
a5e0f710c : Call Delve using exec() instead of "dlv attach".
a20a875fa : android/: Rename Plat->SystemExt*SepolicyDirs
0d3c2e136 : Extract common behavior between Module and Import
7d95a510c : Reland "Prevent statically linking to a lib providing stable C APIs"
a18abc2a6 : java_sdk_library: Remove unnecessary qualification of fields
1dbe3ca25 : Remove unnecessary copying of common properties
af7ed39b0 : Reland "Prevent statically linking to a lib providing stable C APIs"
17dec171b : Use system modules for prebuilt SDKs >=30
849f84425 : Generate combined deps-info for all updatable modules.
fa00c0618 : Add apex_set module.
8ce8db9ed : apex: install hwasan lib if depended on libc
844c3a031 : Allow libz to have stub even though it's not an LLNDK library
5bcff5d1f : Add test_mainline_modules to the auto-gen test config(AndroidJUnitTest only).
a7856c007 : Implement android_app_set module
7a894a664 : Implement extract_apks
46f6dd78f : Ignore pass-failed warnings on coverage builds.
a7126555c : Add lineage file to deps for signapk.
581bbbe8c : Replace javaLibrary with java.Dependency,android.Module
391d94c28 : Append whole_static_libs deps from .a files instead of the list of objects.
6ee5f754f : Include runtime-module-sdk in the SDK build.
64aeaadde : Fix special case when appending a visibility rule to //visibility:private.
0641d189d : Add explicit visibility on the self package in EffectiveVisibilityRules.
01407c525 : Don't print :__pkg__ for package rules, since that's the default.
a8c03921f : Remove apex_available whitelist for the extservices APEX
5c873acdb : Restore "Default to zero-initialization instead of pattern."
6b836ba56 : Correct module_lib scope name
98d63e1cc : Remove ApexBundleDepsInfo.MinSdkVersion()
e2b27f473 : Add signing certificate lineage support to soong
9912ee2f0 : Remove reference to libz_current.
39fa1882a : Revert "Default to zero-initialization instead of pattern."
38b5785e3 : java_sdk_library_import: Propagate prefer to child modules
f7a6433ba : java_sdk_library: Propagate naming_scheme to snapshot
c2d24050c : Don't use SDK variant for vendor JNI libraries
1c14a2199 : Add test data dependencies to APEX.
bbc3fb780 : Reland "enforce sdk_version for JNI libs for updatable APKs"
87a05a389 : java_sdk_library: Add sdk_version for API scopes
6c9c5fc4b : java_sdk_library: Add framework-modules naming scheme
dd9d0740f : java_sdk_library: Remove some almost single use constants
1b1e8069e : java_sdk_library: Delegate component module to naming scheme
c3091c8c1 : java_sdk_library: Extract child module naming to common struct
0ff08bdb0 : java_sdk_library: Allow separate api/stubs source modules
4c0212453 : Improved formatting of a module list in a panic message.
cc928d905 : Revert "enforce sdk_version for JNI libs for updatable APKs"
8aa401023 : Use StopServicesSetup to stop/start framework.
36c5b8d0b : Remove unused Module.visibility() method
51084ff6c : Add //visibility:override to allow control over inheritance
780c5f471 : java_sdk_library: Preserve sdk_version: "none" in snapshot
e5c3b85ee : Allow sdk_version: "none" to be used in prebuilts/
8640ab9c2 : Raise an error instead of panic in SplitApexJarPairs.
f88d8e032 : Syntax check generated Android.bp snapshot
7871416ee : Default to zero-initialization instead of pattern.
1110827b3 : Defer \n quoting generatedContents until creating the ninja rule
0a5c8dea0 : Add sourcepath to inputs of remoteable metalava action.
160fe41c3 : Enable api_lint in java_sdk_library
1111b8482 : Introduce app -deps-info.
3361a294c : Fix API lint copy command
c878250d3 : java_sdk_library: Path extraction from deps depend on tag
6e7ecbf97 : Switch java_sdk_library_import to use SetDefaultableHook()
3c007704c : Add error checking and tests for jni_uses_sdk_apis and jni_uses_platform_apis
7a1f7f32a : Retry: Fix snapshot of a host/device cc_library with stubs
c459f89fb : Retry: Adds support for 'ignored-on-host'
864e1b45d : Retry: Detect invalid arch specific properties in snapshot
e509447c9 : Revert "Detect invalid arch specific properties in snapshot"
e08e03fa9 : Revert "Adds support for 'ignored-on-host'"
ad913d56a : Revert "Fix snapshot of a host/device cc_library with stubs"
4911a8918 : java_sdk_library: Specify visibility of stubs modules
0d543640d : Expand SystemApi annotation for generating system api
ef2d48904 : Register ALL_MODULES subvars with my_register_name
5b7577400 : Revert "Prevent statically linking to a lib providing stable C APIs"
8f265b9ab : java_sdk_library: Add support for module_lib API surface
3375e35d9 : java_sdk_library: Control API surfaces generated
808594c66 : Add support for the remote execution of Abi links.
b8e7f81af : Removes $(PRODUCT_OUT)/misc_info.txt on installclean.
74151f2c8 : Add androidmk support for runtime_resource_overlay
c80828d56 : Skip dexpreopting android_test_import modules
7204cf0e6 : Add jni_uses_sdk_apis
2af52380b : Fix snapshot of a host/device cc_library with stubs
12f67bcf4 : Adds support for 'ignored-on-host'
ee2096237 : Detect invalid arch specific properties in snapshot
f022920bd : Switch java_sdk_library to use SetDefaultableHook()
45b90e79c : Prevent statically linking to a lib providing stable C APIs
1c7e96295 : Add GetPathString
1e3fdcd18 : Add test_mainline_modules to the auto-gen test config(GTest only).
691503ea0 : Reduce the number of Soong invocations, and various other minor script fixes.
41ab2519b : Remove implicit Bionic and kernel system includes.
4b8b79394 : Allow extractCommonProperties to return an error
425b0eaca : Remove reference to obsolete BuildSnapshot()
b28369a98 : Encapsulate getter into an extractorProperty structure
f34f6d853 : Encapsulate properties to be optimized in a container
1d6c0df59 : Correct order of parameters to AssertDeepEquals
97b53b83e : java_sdk_library: Define relationship between api scopes
88b9905d7 : Merge the "big 3" metalava invocations into one
194c43f5a : Merge the "big 3" metalava invocations into one
29555d5f3 : APEX should require base module of stub libraries
afa9fa104 : Add hook to be called after defaults have been applied
c988c8e20 : Move prebuilts mutators after defaults have been applied
98c4750f3 : enforce sdk_version for JNI libs for updatable APKs
e051d0d32 : add researcher_submitted field to cc_fuzz
cdfcec98b : Simplify package by using LoadHook instead of mutators
a0cd8f9ac : Add gcov coverage support to Rust modules.
6478ac17f : Disable "check last" for test api
712993cf0 : Improve error messages when output file is invalid
aa4162e71 : Document preArch mutators
480e25b74 : Introduce min_sdk_version to deps info.
a8bd113a6 : Introduce flat deps info list.
872a144dc : Export depsInfo into android package.
8d23969bb : Make prebuilt_sdk support module-lib and system-server
817133ee2 : Add forgotten apex prefix to Jacoco boot image module.
69cf09e1f : Fix build error of sysprop_library in namespace
5bc011b47 : Remove networkstack-aidl-interfaces-unstable-java from the whitelist
b5b2aba43 : Don't tell make about modules in other namespaces
af9539fd1 : Dependencies of tests are also included in APEX
a4ef83b25 : Canonicalize saved paths, Kythe cannot handle symlinks
06c8036ac : Allow bootjars in system_ext.
3b0b84b8a : Updating platform SDK version for R
af2958d0e : Updating platform SDK version for R
75ac71eea : Fix soong crashing when there's no baseline file
1612e2641 : nsjail: Always remount /tmp before src/out/dist
243688ea1 : Make android_app_import multi targets arch module.
4b25e319e : Revert "[soong] new field in Android.bp to request APK signing V4"
0c83aba28 : Report visibility errors in both check and gather phases
5ec73ecc0 : Reduce duplication in visibility property management
d2a61c875 : Fix dex2oat symlink now that we generate dex2oat32/dex2oat64.
6dfe30a5e : Disallow OUT_DIR on the command line
50c4a4b19 : Use two-column format for PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS components.
427683cad : Add support for the remote execution of metalava actions.
19ff3c9bb : [soong] Zero and pattern initialization of heap memory.
f5be9a6ad : Switch rustc to 1.43.0
f900f4b84 : Test for rust install path regressions.
9d1df10e2 : Provide 32-bit and 64-bit Rust libs by default.
7b78b4d40 : java_sdk_library: Correct stubs source generation classpath
260bd316b : Fix definition of android_stubs_current in sdk tests
4df2bc76d : soong: Add support for override_runtime_resource_overlay
6b0c55263 : Document Instrumentation_for android app tests.
bf13546f5 : Add defaults support to runtime_resource_overlay.
6affb1f4f : Remove obsolete var apiFileMakeVariableSuffix
1dcc27e47 : Refactor RBE support for Javac/R8/D8 to use the remoteexec package.
69aeba998 : runtime_resource_overlay can be included in APEXes
3fb612630 : Add implicit outputs to link actions
c0b442f8a : [cc_fuzz] Collect shared deps by name, not by module.
ad0177b1f : Add overrides to runtime_resource_overlay
ca9133907 : Allow building unsigned APEXs payload for testing.
0540ae78b : Removing filter to allow widevine fuzzers addition
cc330d665 : Do not propagate dynamic dependencies for stub libs.
a46de7077 : Propagate Soong header_libs to module-info.json
8cf899afc : Ensure APEX's Java deps use stable SDKs.
f40fc858a : Do not allow updatable apps without min_sdk_version.
31ec942ff : Add support for remotely executing header-abi-dumper actions.
6cf2c0c19 : Fix host path for dexpreopted system server modules defined in Make.
8ec05ff5f : Switch to clang-r383902 (11.0.1).
548640b55 : enforce updatable apexes to set min_sdk_version
71233e473 : Add linux_bionic cross compilation for mainline SDKs.
62304bbee : Add test_for property
89e850ab8 : mark platform un-availability
2f15bae33 : Clean up rust tests.
7c140d828 : Add "updatable" property to ApexModule interface.
592a6a41d : android_app_import is now ApexModule
0a2e29720 : Add conscrypt-module-host-exports to the list.
47db5adb0 : Remove libopus from apex_available whitelist
624d35cb4 : Skip version mutator for host/ramdisk/recovery
5a11686e6 : Repeat kapt processor argument for multiple processors
0452678a4 : Only package gcno files for gcov coverage builds.
e972e8822 : Update Android's rustc version 1.40.0->1.42.0
0f15a9f86 : Remove unused arguments in droiddoc
71f42846a : Set apex_available property
a573f1906 : Make sure car-lib system APIs are not changing unintentionally
14b65d19a : Disable ARM32 libgcc
379660c9c : cc: add min_sdk_version prop
762d9f38a : Remove Android compat annotations on jarjar transform.
acafc6739 : Add logging for stats on finished commands
601d31c23 : Set apex_available property
c615e29b3 : Stop dumping obsolete variables
6587beddf : Turn on ninja phony outputs
27d9ec186 : Remove _API_FILE variables
5405a737c : Don't use metalava for "check-current"
946fb6727 : Report reverse dependencies for dangling rules.
49f6701e9 : apex: Don't run apex mutators if disabled
9a90fe5e2 : Allow remote execution of link actions.
adfc1120b : Add a new protobuf message named Upload to upload build metrics.
055418a56 : apex: remove compat symlinks to vndk apex
10e564a98 : Dereference paths to be mounted into soong sandbox
c5570ac9b : Allow defining neverallow in packages other than android.
2db1c3f1c : Check updatable APKs compile against managed SDKs.
a3ad9b204 : cc_prebuilt_library respect module name and stem
fe3c7f626 : Add libs properties to runtime_resource_overlay.
d4c0356da : Create prebuilt api modules in load hook not mutator
f81bb657d : Do not check ABI for coverage variants
70ba0e23a : Disable cert-dcl51-cpp and -cert-dcl37-c.
73d20d086 : Build VNDK APEX for VNDK-Lite
46984eeb5 : Collect JNI coverage data only for first target.
453764070 : Expand neverallow for sdk_version: none
78e5ee0b8 : Remove rust execute-only memory linker flag.
a3c22e7ee : Pass -Brepro ldflag to Windows builds
aed150d6e : Apex: support codenames for min_sdk_version
1fd005d5b : Export API files as part of the java_sdk_library
3d1248ceb : Export stub sources as part of the java_sdk_library
bbb546b2d : Extract createJavaImportForStubs()
46a26a887 : Generate struct with field for each api scope
dd46f7149 : Support java_sdk_library as member of sdk
2347bd076 : Document the file format used by
e2cfe9ce9 : Remove conscrypt.module.intra.core.api.stubs from apex white list
3ae295129 : Allow droidstubs to not generate any stubs
3d3df826c : Disable bugprone-reserved-identifier
e0ce4ba49 : Relax boot image check to allow platform Jacoco variant in a coverage build.
883a0fdfd : Switch to clang-r377782d (10.0.6).
dddd5469a : Ignore PrebuiltDepTag when processing APEX contents
653477079 : Stop requiring apex_available on java_library members of sdks
c519244cd : Add dependency tags to apex available errors
1fb487df1 : Parameterize scopes with additional droidstubs args
6d0886e27 : Replace references to droiddoc with droidstubs
12ee9cac9 : Add crtbegin_so/crtend_so to Bionic Rust libraries.
c511bc50d : Revert^2 "Add sdk mutator for native modules"
d6fdca891 : Fix incorrect Rust installation paths.
b28cc3758 : Forbid generating boot image files for jars in updatable modules.
923e8a5e9 : Extract DepIsInSameApex and RequiredSdks interfaces
f8e80229f : Revert "Add sdk mutator for native modules"
a5d9653cc : Only mount dist dir to soong sandbox if it exists
bdd0dffc1 : Do not propagate the stub symbol file to prebuilts.
0f6fdf554 : Fix dex-location for host.
a86983dc7 : Use 0777 instead of FileInfo() for dirs.
564230899 : Clean APEX whitelist
39ee119de : apex: respect filename property for apk-in-apex
e3842c49e : Clean APEX whitelist
17d69e348 : [soong] new field in Android.bp to request APK signing V4
c1de1977a : Clean up unused flags for LLD.
ea97f51a2 : Don't allow a lib having stubs to become a member of VNDK
adeb088c8 : Minor refactoring to put mock filesystem init closer to tests.
c5dd4f7c1 : Propagate stubs to the SDK for libraries that have them.
116ec92e0 : Make the names of 'soong_config_module_type_import' modules unique.
a22240bf2 : Mount soong sandbox chroot as read-only
205e6c2a1 : Add file with updatable BCP packages to /system/etc/
755683977 : Enforce apex.min_sdk_version for bundled builds
82e192c3a : Add sdk mutator for native modules
6ba5367a7 : Fix long mac test times; only initialize host settings once
f13642ef2 : Add product_variables.eng.optimize.enabled
ab99498ea : Adjust embedded dex locations in host boot image.
bf37d165f : Fix missing NOTICE targets for static libs that aren't available to platform.
be5a5be54 : Allow walkPayloadDeps visitor to control walk flow
944839a88 : Fix RuleBuilder remoteable actions running in the local pool.
5fd5d24a9 : Convert sdk_library to use androidmk Dist
78156ef5d : Add a Tag field to dist to dist a tagged output
fff3f8a3f : Include partition tag in apexkeys.txt.
7b3de8f85 : Add apex_available to sysprop_library
df915ff3d : Improve missing apex_available message
e52e66fba : Split TestApexAvailable into separate tests
c7fb5c996 : Use modular removed-dex.txt files for greylisting.
90934f717 : Update owners of
984c129c8 : Rename VTS to VTS10
58d109003 : Don't run apex_available check for coverage builds
96fa3dd0a : Revert "Reenable the new pass manager in hwasan builds."
abdc8c550 : Support secondary arch for host module exports.
87a33e72b : Add code coverage support to android_app JNI libs.
66a06945a : Don't run new test on Darwin that lacks snapshot support.
1aacc6c3d : Fix dump-oat-boot build target.
27d235f91 : Fix the logic for selecting ABI dump paths
fb0e251f3 : Add no-canonical-prefixes to make sure paths in .d file are relative paths
10566a035 : Propagate empty vs unspecified system_shared_libs correctly.
f32613967 : Add a major incremental build scenario to cuj metrics.
ba6ab2e79 : Make system_server stubs consistent with other stubs
628d7ef0c : Implement sysprop type checker