android-11.0.0_r37 to android-11.0.0_r38 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

7c7cae75a8 : Fix dm-test invocation
c802c37132 : dex2oat_vdex_test: add missing dependency on core boot image.
c60638a44e : dex2oat_vdex_test: add missing dependency on core boot image.
2c4ee9b7ff : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
faf5aa5271 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
e28d339a00 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
ad72901ccd : Do not crash on out-of-date oat files.
eb21b02108 : Do not accept vdex with dex sections from .dm files
c762c01eba : Added extra safety in veridex

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

ec65618d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
c882b4b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
c5a1b2af : Merge "Fix flaky tests by require root for minadbd_tests" am: f820e62701 am: d66516ea7c
47ceeb01 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
e2493a88 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
96b3c7d6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE

+- Project: platform/build

5f402c6084 : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.005 [core/]
8b05b103e9 : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.004 [core/]
a1cad6ebed : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.003 [core/]
21fbe01312 : Version bump to RQ3A.210605.002 [core/]
e62ef8b54b : Update Security String to 2021-06-05
638a6cef89 : Version bump to RQ2A.210505.003 [core/]
19dfbfac57 : Version bump to RQ2A.210505.002 [core/]
aa90271881 : Update Security String to 2021-05-05
6f23fe1713 : Update Security String to 2021-05-01
321db2f846 : DO NOT MERGE Update Security String to 2021-05-05
3de8fdaece : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.006 [core/]
71dd75bd62 : Version bump to RQ3A.210310.001 [core/]
f1ea820b87 : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.005 [core/]
95c9616b4b : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.004 [core/]
b8eecc6015 : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.003 [core/]
4a5bbd7a7a : Version bump to RQ2A.210405.002 [core/]
48c9d69a0f : Update Security String to 2021-04-05
b5290f8271 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.007 [core/]
1f4aeb1430 : Update Security String to 2021-04-05
9e2d21f913 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.006 [core/]
f38e5869be : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.005 [core/]
927a8e7435 : Version bump to RQ3A.210129.002 [core/]
f1d225ccf9 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.004 [core/]
bd325f4148 : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.003 [core/]
2ca855c5f5 : Update Security String to 2021-03-05
e4ee55a60e : Version bump to RQ2A.210305.001 [core/]
2a85407c26 : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.005 [core/]
73e7049dea : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.004 [core/]
d703d4e453 : DO NOT MERGE Update OWNERS for SPL changes to
bc0038f4c2 : DO NOT MERGE Update OWNERS for SPL changes to
63bdab48cc : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.003 [core/]
0e3ba7d2f7 : Update Security String to 2021-03-01
63f78c1414 : Version bump to RQ2A.210105.002 [core/]
9c4665257c : Update Security String to 2021-03-05
524428a647 : Switch default execution strategy to racing for developer builds
a92f3e0804 : Use unified cas uploads / downloads
ba9a28bee2 : Source from any location inside of a repo directory.
e5da4aa531 : Version bump to RQ3A.210106.001 [core/]
75c7f9d4ba : Version bump to RQ2A.201217.002 [core/]
2d1e583d80 : Version bump to RQ2A.201209.002 [core/]
fda2a4a7a0 : Version bump to RQ2A.201208.002 [core/]
ce74a50746 : Version bump to RQ2A.201207.002 [core/]
8e316b5c4e : Version bump to RQ2A.201120.002 [core/]
e8dfa89269 : Version bump to RQ2A.201030.002 [core/]
43fa81981b : Version bump to RQ2A.201026.002 [core/]
edb1ad44a8 : Version bump to RQ2A.201006.001 [core/]

+- Project: platform/build/soong

459beab69 : Minimal license feature.
58d85b87b : Minimal license feature.
dc5be9099 : Minimal license feature.

+- Project: platform/cts

cb1e54151a5 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS test fix for CVE-2020-0224
c286daa4c20 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS test fix for CVE-2018-11261
16e19d9da75 : Sleep 12 seconds to let potential BAL grace period expire.
ab6d0393b03 : Reverting CVE-2017-0630
5a2fbe8705f : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/72323107"
5fa0de1a71d : CTS test for Android Security b/130024844
7b12d460d6e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/130024844
354867cdfeb : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/130024844
35e290e47d3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/130024844
db021bd61b9 : Add some sleep time to allow grace period to expire.
9a0b1cc296c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Update import statement in
98febc2e7a8 : @Option to set kptr_restrict in STS
9462b851696 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
48051dc3052 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
9b0d5a87e24 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
857055bd5ab : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0485
0c96bb90054 : WebView: avoid public URL for CTS tests
c9ab850bc33 : Revert "Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: CTS test for Android Security b/33139050""
8c09d525989 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security CVE-2017-0589
7ef02bb5b55 : Fix STS test for CVE-2021-0399
f2467b48d69 : Fix STS test for CVE-2021-0399
e7eccad282b : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0486
36725c781d3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150706594
b3d87593c79 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150706594
2c806114383 : DO NOT MERGE - Validate notification-channel deletion semantics
4c2cd988258 : Add more logging and locking to StagefrightTest
2244f6517b1 : CTS test for Android Security b/37761553
cb0353ec2b6 : Add test case that loading font files in another package
436c5de96e8 : DO NOT MERGE - Validate notification-channel deletion semantics
5f9b54d06c4 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Crash Parser ignore CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE
a2415f8bdb9 : pass an empty file_contexts file to secilc
ec13b69d327 : Remove `@SecurityTest` from CertificateTest.
80ae4455a94 : STS add check exclude for CVE-2018-9537
04854095b19 : STS add NFC skips for devices without NFC
a7d841de883 : STS add NFC skips for devices without NFC
5fae97cce85 : STS add NFC skips for devices without NFC
ef81e53dd6b : STS add NFC skips for devices without NFC
cc4e6e294ab : Remove Oom Catcher
9b612bb6c9b : Remove Oom Catcher
0d8c7a5efd8 : Remove Oom Catcher
8815be26cdf : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0428 [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]
9616dd35c58 : CTS test for Android Security b/114237888
b1dab76ca32 : CTS test for Android Security b/111660010
e98d585f565 : Don't configure sensor with period higher than max delay
8b26dd68dc5 : STS remove test for CVE-2017-13279
a879dd563b4 : STS remove test for CVE-2017-13279
2fa4be61e66 : CTS: restriction on overridden min size for PiP
76d0c64a156 : CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
b8f3b4fb5af : CTS test for Android Security b/151644303
3f12af1fd5c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
254dd8404fe : CTS test for Android Security b/122320256
e9e25de6b96 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/151644303
81819af32c3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
6174a575642 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/122320256
6b1b2d359d6 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/151644303
741e23f9902 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
71a13d36ce3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/122320256
e26caec110a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/151644303
6e570a3435a : CTS test for Android Security CVE-2018-13895
b6a269a3c5f : CTS test for Android Security CVE-2017-18275
0d91b3a0f2b : CTS test for Android Security CVE-2019-2245
00003ac3488 : CTS test for Android Security CVE-2018-13925
753a5ec863f : CTS test for Android Security b/139188579
d11edaff361 : CTS test for Android Security b/122316913
9ffd0beec04 : CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
8517f2c4422 : CTS test for Android Security b/178725766
71ecbb23472 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139188579
27113f90c2f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/122316913
f86e51cef6d : CTS test for Android Security b/147664838
74618aa5b46 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
87d0cdf7a72 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139188579
283b26b3333 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/122316913
0ecaab891f3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/147664838
7baa07c27f1 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/130821293
56e1f8d89bc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
d585d75432a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139188579
5b44f928cef : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/147664838
92446834180 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/130821293
4687dd928ca : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112161557
f75e71ed431 : Updated CTS test for b/120426980
1485768750d : CTS test for Android Security b/174243830
1508853a4f1 : CTS test for Android Security b/120789744
a17b5986519 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120789744
6c8973dac8a : CTS test for Android Security b/114237888
799ba13a5f2 : CTS test for Android Security b/111660010
1f431d5b442 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114237888
13560985c5c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/111660010
e15f9b59379 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114237888
5c078496f31 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/111660010
4c92a325a19 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS test fix for CVE-2021-0327
e36799842a8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS test fix for CVE-2021-0327
ad4ebe4a401 : STS test fix for CVE-2021-0305
763ff922c92 : Make two broadcasts protected
74b7f4cfa3a : Fix STS test for CVE-2021-0399
314693f14ed : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0305
269d9825799 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Exclude @SecurityTest tests from CTS. These are tested in STS.
5968ac65087 : Remove upper bound check of getTotal* APIs in TrafficStatsTest
321e20468a1 : Resolve CtsSecurityTest issues introduced with CtsDeviceInfo
6c1586cebac : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0305
d5888fc5f41 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/137284057"
baf326f057c : STS run pocs with environment variables
676d4029ad8 : PocPusher print log when host file not found
3762cf91847 : STS Support shell expansion in containsdriver()
e8246058f82 : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix tests in TrafficStatsTest that are affected by adb over network
4173fd60985 : Fixed SecurityException due to Fine Location permission denied.
6330289d8ea : Add StorageEscalation tests
c60b68c4b5e : Fix testAppLinks_verificationStatus
d91d88c2137 : CTS test for Android Security b/124524315
7732ce49624 : CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
2c23a5f21d6 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/124524315
17e10de0138 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/122035770
3e999b3ba91 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120664978
d2180345c28 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
fb21f18f0fc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/124524315
36627c53b84 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/122035770
64f31268540 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120664978
6cd34c431fb : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
7b20dd5c13e : Fix tests that manually override the sts suffix
572c5a00844 : Add a consistent suffix to all sts poc binaries
85bda36f952 : Disable broken test
fab5d65b61a : Flush telephony metrics after CTS SubscriptionManagerTest
faeb79b1637 : Defined max timeout for SyncManager CTS tests.
2f3f16bc93a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Update test certficate for KeyChain storage CtsVerifier test
3fcf67396d3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/168041375
7f65bafebe0 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/160610106
2d424ea6527 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/168041375
3cf1f8de00c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/168041375
6406b5a7b14 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/168041375
3b286a1c24d : CTS test for Android Security b/115635871
5677a42aae5 : CTS test for Android Security b/32096880
8a4cec69a44 : CTS test for Android Security b/64710201
31fdbe4bfb3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/160610106
9ea20ba9518 : [sts] add @SecurityTest for testing invalid font size scales
3a153aec60b : [sts] add @SecurityTest for testing invalid font size scales
b2c232422d2 : [sts] add @SecurityTest for testing invalid font size scales
9da47f5574f : [sts] add @SecurityTest for testing invalid font size scales
b366d2a2d6e : CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
1800442ed01 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/115635871
592ee7524d7 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/32096880
d1a2f9e1864 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/64710201
51476157cea : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/115635871
5606dcc5f8c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/32096880
902034d552b : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/64710201
32e19b51b08 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
4ab9598bc32 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
e6f9fab83ff : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/123701862
ab379186868 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139738828
0844e77ce77 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/117556220
a4707844ea6 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Update pacRunner utility to run proxy-resolution in loop
559569ce2a3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
072dc56b427 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
e888e965e4d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/123701862
22fcc4fa18c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139738828
1dd10d91d18 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/117556220
2ebe2a9671a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Update pacRunner utility to run proxy-resolution in loop
70ac7e5faff : CTS test for Android Security b/147309942
ee758442ee9 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
4748e67821d : CTS test for Android Security b/123701862
7f3450b4502 : CTS test for Android Security b/139738828
8bfdb9245e1 : webview: deflake testRequestImageRef.
b0a0dda1fc7 : Revert "STS test for Android Security CVE-2020-0146"
445294cc28d : Revert "STS test update for CVE-2020-0461"
bc3fc896fc8 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0327
195e7d20abe : CTS test for Android Security b/114047681
24a7e0516dc : CTS test for Android Security b/117554809
4fc740a843e : CTS test for Android Security b/139186193
0361c2cdf02 : CTS test for Android Security b/120497583
d503f812734 : CTS test for Android Security b/123583388
48126754beb : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114047681
603c404f812 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/117554809
5a55db20a70 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139186193
239ab4a8caf : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120497583
9ebfa1220e4 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/123583388
17e1afb01fe : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114047681
9fdf9717822 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/117554809
a42fdea394a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/139186193
e3aef5aaf5d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120497583
6cc6ae6f41b : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/123583388
6079f7f33d6 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0327
a01da0e8e21 : CTS test for Android Security b/170662121
4000b197d0e : CTS test for Android Security b/153910727
a68482ca659 : CTS test for Android Security b/158575956
fda97f55e1d : CTS test for Android Security b/156280110
766589fc938 : CTS test for Android Security b/168718429
e086d00b260 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix expired test certificate
3f9d2d08778 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix leaf certificate for download manager test
527c6254545 : DO NOT MERGE Add listening port exceptions
da6901f12c5 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
f7c436a04d2 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
2e4d984133a : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
c66d139b539 : Revert "CTS test for Android Security b/159145361" part 2
3fb1f936f8b : Revert "CTS test for Android Security b/159145361"
6290dd6943f : Add mainline module test skipping to CVE-2020-0385
09ad5f368e4 : Add mainline module test skipping to CVE-2020-0384
67171cf87fc : Add mainline module test skipping to CVE-2020-0381
d59488375e5 : CTS test for Android Security b/129768470
f1cda3d6235 : Increase max_wait_time_ms for low_end device
a32845d7221 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix time limit for testWifiScanTimestamp.
f816c349c04 : CTS test for Android Security b/35421151
1b0b6fc4034 : CTS test for Android Security b/125900276
3fb0a571380 : CTS test for Android Security b/143155861
0e7e50e2ec5 : CTS test for Android Security b/143109193
a29fe86b923 : CTS test for Android Security b/143106535
344b7dce04e : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS and CTS Verifier version to 8.1_r23
dfcfce31393 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS Verifier version to 9.0_r16
a9f87116844 : Revert "CTS test for Android security b/169161709"
3bd79ce46f5 : Backfill CTS security test owners for oc-mr1 ~ qt
8d4668a2998 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/120426980
5966b02988f : CTS test for Android Security b/117556220
ccf7b7029bd : Update pacRunner utility to run proxy-resolution in loop
9bf395b0b8f : CTS test for Android Security b/170732441
fceaf086c55 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/129768470
38b99d0a618 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/34749571
73b23626152 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/30033990
fc056742b89 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/170732441
df39a0584a2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/129768470
7a0689b7c95 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/34749571
d1dda780c14 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/129768470
9eccbb4abfa : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
c790f077025 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
97a65f9d97a : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
0df5683fb97 : CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
9b7251ed8b6 : Update device identifier tests to support getIccId
7aca361e973 : Turn screen on when testing with MediaRouter2TestActivity
6a3b526fc91 : Turn screen on when testing with MediaRouter2TestActivity
115c471c3bd : Fix failing MediaRouter2(ProviderService)Test
16c444b83be : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
900b80e7261 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
15f332f50a2 : Update SubscriptionManager subscription override tests
2aee0ff200d : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
1744b72eba9 : Fix failing MediaRouter2(ProviderService)Test
cd9d5c764fe : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/36389123
bf8e92265a2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/37239013
953ee95d7a8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/36576151
3835339d87f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/24441553
8656ce5dbd4 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/17769851
fae9e7a88f5 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for b/23247055
e71aeda3797 : STS Add extra logging to getDeviceUptime()
711a56fe2ac : CTS test for Android Security b/36389123
fe7798228e6 : CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
ea5ed7dd788 : CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
dda7e89265d : CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
15ee3445782 : CTS test for Android Security b/35421151
629580c522e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/36389123
0239cff683e : CTS test for Android Security b/125900276
6b78f1409bc : CTS test for Android Security b/143155861
ffc5b9297a6 : CTS test for Android Security b/143109193
36d008aa3db : CTS test for Android Security b/143106535
94e19c4b8d6 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
3f676f90178 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
7cfd399f926 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
fe1326ecfff : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/35421151
63a8f69eda4 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/125900276
68f905ad03c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/143155861
f281b6c7593 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/143109193
6e3ac1555ce : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/143106535
7c98197940b : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/137284057
f2269d9cb60 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
cbfc0b6e88d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
ea1dbbb9108 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
755afd3c9ca : CTS test for Android Security b/158480899
e34c2e7534a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/125900276
1e2b4976fd2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/143155861
558350d115b : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/143109193
0179d5e0ba2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/143106535
db9ecc22b74 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
c4130fe38ac : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
4a69982c1c6 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
e39da10b897 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/158480899
86b475758f0 : CTS test for Android Security b/153912750
04edaa2023f : CTS test for Android Security b/151668119
52de74e6b09 : CTS test for Android Security b/153910465
b18863756ab : CTS test for Android Security b/153911778
d6b91761f3a : CTS test for Android Security b/144322192
c6d130407b1 : CTS test for Android Security b/153912023
438dde62b5f : [RESTRICT_AUTOMERGE]: Update Crash Parser with abort messages
13f10400cc8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Fix Crash Parser appending signals/patterns
ae718024959 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS bp to mk for CVE-2021-0318
803b6784b08 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS bp to mk for CVE-2021-0318
1e6f978d030 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0340
a24ee6b856a : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Add test case testFgsLocationStartFromBGWithBind
f611f053c10 : [cts] fix another font size scale test
79793979cf8 : [cts] fix another font size scale test
a92cec518b8 : [cts] fix another font size scale test
dc0c727545e : [cts] fix another font size scale test
96447f0c97b : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0314
b3485e98ea5 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0314
166cdf4ec24 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0314
a4cb1283a91 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix CTS test for Android Security b/72510314
d6e7601cff8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
66a880d953d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
d47143cfe4c : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0314
fed0d0f488d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/117556220
3168a4840ff : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/117556220
ce65d38bb1d : Add StorageEscalation tests

+- Project: platform/dalvik

da7b74d9c : Update bat files to not use find_java.bat

+- Project: device/generic/car

3c78a69 : Disable adoptable_storage for car emulator

+- Project: device/google/atv

5e4b4c2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE

+- Project: device/google/bramble

27f0241 : audio: update speaker firmware and tuning.
74b4ee6 : Temporarily disable ANT_INFO
4a2dc08 : Move config_biometric_sensors to device/google

+- Project: device/google/coral

24728b78 : Update Coral SVN to 38
fb97569c : Update Coral SVN to 37
d911b534 : Update Coral SVN to 37
499ee183 : fsync after block device writes
08502217 : fsync after block device writes
300ff44c : Update Coral SVN to 36
369dbe67 : Update Coral SVN to 36
0eefe0eb : Update Coral SVN to 35
e972bea8 : Move config_biometric_sensors to device/google
56686f36 : Update Coral SVN to 35
a58f1a43 : Configure Pixel 4XL to show battery-unknown notif

+- Project: device/google/cuttlefish

77dd584ff : Supporting override of BT HAL in cf downstream devices
9bdff8539 : Allow userdata image size to be overridden

+- Project: device/google/redbull

e31e185 : Update Redbull SVN to 27
8eedcc3 : Update Sunfish SVN to 26
4592414 : Update Redbull SVN to 25
899335e : Update Redbull SVN to 25
626479c : config: Override channel utilization estimation
b831d07 : Wifi: Enable BTM offload feature
932bf6b : fsync after block device writes
fd0c59f : fsync after block device writes
3b1f43a : Update Redbull SVN to 24
e5be87b : Update Redbull SVN to 24
29230f3 : wifi - Move hostapd_cli to userdebug ROM only
160a96f : Update Redbull SVN to 23
6e015b3 : Update Redbull SVN to 23

+- Project: device/google/redbull-sepolicy

00d2e42 : camera: correct rls sepolicy
3074803 : Add permissions to set recovery properties and disable nfc
432c71b : Revert "Add policy for Bluetooth uart debug"
b3d8cf5 : [IMS-VT] Dump rtp crash information
5d44624 : Suppress the denials related to persist.vendor.service.bdroid.bdaddr
42a8188 : Add policy for Bluetooth uart debug
5bd17ea : Allow to set thermal property

+- Project: device/google/redfin

cf2ac10 : audio: update speaker firmware and tuning.
b31cd78 : Temporarily disable ANT_INFO
15c519b : DO NOT MERGE "Set brightness threshold for high brightness"
2623109 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Set brightness threshold for high brightness"
c7c602d : Move config_biometric_sensors to device/google
2216aba : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Set brightness threshold for high brightness"
2c6c597 : audio: update mixer paths table
79b1790 : Move config_biometric_sensors to device/google

+- Project: device/google/sunfish

f64a619b : Update Sunfish SVN to 23
e63d4c97 : Update Sunfish SVN to 22
8fa166c5 : Update Sunfish SVN to 22
71ad3e94 : fsync after block device writes
1ec68a98 : fsync after block device writes
5ff66fa9 : Update Sunfish SVN to 21
f03d3bad : Update Sunfish SVN to 21
7b1cfb39 : Update Sunfish SVN to 20
afd131c6 : Move config_biometric_sensors to device/google
058e4dc7 : Update Sunfish SVN to 20

+- Project: device/google/trout

ec46f03 : Add system properties to configure audio HAL
798bbb9 : Cleanup build warnings for Audio HAL
a5d8240 : Add unit tests for GRPC vehicle HAL
97cb3d6 : Adding support for trout derived devices to override the ueventd file
0304621 : DO NOT MERGE Install Trout-specific fstab.
3309e4b : DO NOT MERGE product_files: Adjust 'userdata' and 'misc' partition.
59bb6c1 : DO NOT MERGE product_files: Rename fstab.f2fs to fstab.trout.
1c98fd3 : DO NOT MERGE product_files: Add fstab.f2fs from CF.
ce37f32 : Update the build script
0e1aa20 : Include string.h as strerror depends on it
e5656ed : Gracefully shutdown worker threads when destructing GRPC VHAL
47d96b8 : Factor the client/server Library Out
1da488c : Modifying the sensor HAL to support upstream patches
4f346bc : Add a test for iio_utils
c8cbe26 : Refactor iio_utils to aid testing
f777177 : Add EVS configurations for Trout
9faa825 : Build EVS components for Trout
8c091fa : Create a helper object to wrap polling on multiple file descriptors
0383e5f : Move the threading logic for Sensor HAL into a separate class

+- Project: platform/external/boringssl

ac675a6d : Fix EDIPartyName parsing and GENERAL_NAME_cmp.

+- Project: platform/external/cldr

3538c628 : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick CLDR-14434: Update Android CLDR tzdata from 2020f to 2021a. [R]
911f1b2e : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick CLDR-14373: Update Android CLDR tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [R]
cc32624b : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick CLDR-14373: Update Android CLDR..."
3279a8f3 : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick CLDR-14373: Update Android CLDR tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [R]
e2455ae9 : DO NOT MERGE Add new Windows time zone for Yukon Standard time. [R]

+- Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

10ba39d : dnsmasq: fix heap overflow
303ca27 : backport: dnsmasq: fix heap overflow
2c415e5 : dnsmasq: fix heap overflow

+- Project: platform/external/flac

368eb3f5 : libFlac: Exit at EOS in verify mode

+- Project: platform/external/icu

27f55e823 : DO NOT MERGE Update Android ICU tzdata from 2020f to 2021a. [R]
0f148759d : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick ICU-21448: Update Android ICU tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [R]
13bf9894a : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick ICU-21448: Update Android ICU t..."
7b5c5b1cd : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick ICU-21448: Update Android ICU tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [R]
f98e0cd3d : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick ICU-21448: Update Android ICU tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [P CTS]
6ed6f556b : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick ICU-21448: Update Android ICU tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [O-MR1 CTS]
5f4df3264 : DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick ICU-21448: Update Android ICU tzdata from 2020d to 2020f. [O CTS]
71fbab898 : DO NOT MERGE Add new Windows time zone for Yukon Standard time. [R]

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

a073696 : Validate input dimensions in process()
10910bf : avcenc: Add bitstream overflow check during emulation prevention

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

45fb34a : encoder: Update chroma modules to avoid reading an extra byte

+- Project: platform/external/mesa3d

4ffb28d41c1 : Revert property "default_applicable_licenses"
8971ef9244d : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/mesa3d
5c0bad32bae : UPSTREAM: egl: android: use num_planes param in createImageFromDmaBufs()
1a8a0f034d9 : android: softpipe: Set nir headers include path
fd5db892a5a : nvc0: Fix implicit conversion build -Werror on AOSP
1bf5d0a6f8b : mesa: i830: Fix -Wxor-used-as-pow build -Werror on AOSP
bbedfb41834 : nir: Fix implicit conversion build -Werror on AOSP
e699a9e2194 : ANDROID: Generate prebuilt-intermediate source files for mesa-20.3.4
08b1ac1c5af : ANDROID: prebuild: panfrost/ Use precompiled intermediate sources
b5e75a569b5 : ANDROID: prebuild: compiler/ Use precompiled intermediate sources
da3fb8c4f82 : ANDROID: aosp-gen-prebuilt: Remove obsolete prebuilt targets
56030461bbb : ANDROID: freedreno/ Fixup usage of lex/yacc
fdeee97d553 : ANDROID: Update Android.gen.bp to mesa-20.3.4
1e6cea7dc56 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/mesa3d
517b0b214e2 : DO NOT MERGE egl: Enable eglGetPlatformDisplay on Android Platform
6d8c68603f9 : VERSION: bump version to 20.3.4
d6562bda3f0 : docs: add release notes for 20.3.4
62dc4fedeb2 : compiler: Use util/bitset.h for system_values_read
74b1a83cab0 : nir: Add a data pointer to the callback in nir_remove_dead_variables
c8245aebb5b : radv: fix divide by zero with no tesselation params
918c550950d : spirv: Don't remove variables used by resource indexing intrinsics
daa0d8668b6 : anv: Skip CCS ambiguate which preceed fast-clears
c2a6bbc712b : intel/gen12: Fix memory corruption issues in fused Gen12 parts.
e8b4805248c : panfrost: Use normal malloc/free instead of ralloc for surfaces
79eb7c245d1 : anv: Invalidate the correct AUX-TT entry
a8031d0f783 : anv: fix invalid programming of BLEND_STATE
b6310c5225e : etnaviv: handle NULL views in set_sampler_views
753f5bba85f : gallium: Fix leak of shader images on context destruction.
70e586cd0e4 : panfrost: Stub out set_shader_images().
f7918844eea : swr: Don't report support for shader images.
6e1c91eb68e : aco/optimizer: don't copy-prop logical phis
4257b873670 : aco/optimizer: don't propagate subdword temps of different size
773a46157ed : .pick_status.json: Update to f01ea0aef8a50d2732eb0c64153903e52ed2a757
431541e7913 : mesa/main: remove leftover bumpmap code
b28e674f3f3 : glx: Provide glvnd wrapper for glXSwapIntervalEXT
f155875446f : intel/fs: QUAD_SWIZZLE requires packed data
92f23b657cd : intel/compiler: Return 1 for immediates in regs_read
5fc1fe85482 : .pick_status.json: Update to 9052819ebbff07d82c3eb9adf414144df4868644
c5577bed0e8 : frontends/va/context: don't set max_references with num_render_targets
06fadeeda7b : zink: make all xfb caps depend on extension
199fb00815f : zink: respect feature-cap for sample-shading
3efcf3b34f7 : zink: respect feature-cap for independent blending
613251e8519 : aco: don't consider a phi trivial if same's register doesn't match the def
127e9ef4563 : iris: Consider resolves after changing a resource's aux state
c2932690c63 : radv: fix a sync issue with geometry shader primitives query on GFX10+
d038bd7b3ed : pan/decode: Free mapped memory objects on BO unreference
5fc12bcbc00 : anv: Fix stencil layout in render passes
7d168e8f24f : .pick_status.json: Update to 3ef89b245e3e1ac4e67fea9c1b13ebeda75769d0
a098a704a41 : st/mesa: fix pbo upload/download for arrays of textures with only 1 layer
2ed63e74616 : ci: exclude one CTS test that timeout most of the time for RADV CI
44d9a7f6fba : .pick_status.json: Update to af9977a3d5f3378c297965e21389e36491f47e1b
b944f5a65c2 : Fix license_type. Contains AMD and GPL
4fab4ed028d : swr: fix crashes caused by incorrectly reporting SSBO support
79b792e4618 : aco: fix convert_to_SDWA() check in add_subdword_definition()
0d1920b6c57 : mesa: fix alpha channel of ETC2_SRGB8 decompression for !bgra
381a5de3eaa : zink: handle NULL views in zink_set_sampler_views
6e2e95a318d : glsl: only expose int64 atomics when extension is enabled
0aa060c5b41 : lavapipe: fix missing piece of VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
8eb3a0b6cb7 : Fall back on clock_gettime when timespec_get() is unavailable
affb8eebe40 : device-select-layer: update for vulkan 1.2
e8755481ce1 : util: Fix pointer to integer conversion error when using libunwind
a6e9b3644aa : util/format: Fix pack/unpack of A1R5G5B5_UINT.
4fb89e0f381 : .pick_status.json: Update to 3e13c1f8dfef4a4c0fd5e79bbc364f9e5f998856
1d0a7bb5203 : intel/mi_builder: fix self modifying batches
d4a0136e268 : v3d: fix dest offset in TFU setup
d5ee8416e27 : iris: only set point sprite overrides if actually using points
851d753c1b6 : .pick_status.json: Update to c27347b2e1883a30e023347a36bdcf86cdec4a7c
205e8cd0935 : radeonsi: invalidate compute sgprs in si_rebind_buffer
bfb6f66934f : anv: add transfer usage for color/depth/stencil attachments
cb24282b01f : lavapipe: Defer lavapipe warning to CreateDevice
3398f1c862a : frontends/va: Return an error if non-interlaced buffer is not supported
8d20fc6a855 : .pick_status.json: Update to 184bbef33d1fff3520958c130f2b8e4fce17379c
326d21431c4 : docs: Add sha256sum for 20.3.3
7e4d536e630 : VERSION: bump to 20.3.3
884c86d74e0 : docs: add release notes for 20.3.3
24c7a4df3a8 : vulkan/overlay: fix vkGetInstanceProcAddr self-resolving
b439d0e679c : radv: Add Android module info to linker script.
3261d99b9c0 : mesa/st: Free the NIR builtins TGSI tokens after passing to the driver.
ed87818eddb : gallium/ntt: Fix leak of the per-instr liveness information.
adf09c9bf0e : radv: set invariantgeom for Shadow of the Tomb Raider
f8033bdc6d6 : radv: add RADV_DEBUG=invariantgeom
97365ce754e : vulkan/overay: fix violation of VUID-VkDeviceCreateInfo-pNext-00373
945bffe0087 : vulkan/device-select: fix vkGetInstanceProcAddr self-resolving
c5f73e66ed6 : radv/winsys: Fix offset in range merging.
107e4eea53e : radv/winsys: Fix inequality for sparse buffer remapping.
bf4e0a4b3e1 : .pick_status.json: Mark 52b6adfbfb51a3b1a54964cbcb2adb0299d1252b as backported
bbb85a7be00 : util: Avoid pthread_setaffinity_np on NetBSD
76ecdf2c322 : aco: fix unreachable() for uniform 8/16-bit nir_op_mov from VGPR
6a006c35675 : util: Disable memstream for Apple builds
e6aa51a84d5 : radv/llvm,aco: always split typed vertex buffer loads on GFX6 and GFX10+
a29f08b1e20 : aco: fix creating the dest vector when 16-bit vertex fetches are splitted
eec614e0f31 : nir/load_store_vectorize: don't ignore subgroup memory barriers
2c5b5920ca6 : .pick_status.json: Update to d9c8422c4168c7433f68b97065283ebf26631d56
aef8fc860c2 : drirc: radeonsi workaround for CS:GO
ae1c5dc6b68 : radv: disable TC-compat HTILE in GENERAL for Detroit: Become Human
9000c044fbd : zink: dot leak dummy_buffer
39c386c0fdc : nir/algebraic: Fix broken NaN and -0.0 behavior
72233905e36 : Revert "nir: Replace an odd comparison involving fmin of -b2f"
588cf800be8 : gallium/util: do not perform n^2 stencil blits
cf5fe357d6b : gallium/ntt: Fix emitting UBO declarations.
071a87ac7f9 : ac/nir: use llvm.readcyclecounter for LLVM9+
e9146fe6fb4 : util: add AMD CPU family enums and enable L3 cache pinning on Zen3
20a067a837a : spir-v: Mark floating point comparisons exact
f121623020b : st/mesa: don't affect original st_CompressedTexSubImage parameters
773d683a898 : .pick_status.json: Update to 96ceca33c1dd69a1feed13b0e19bfc38e6f7d979
da6fb037775 : aco: fix incorrect address calculation for load_barycentric_at_sample
2f9e5cae2bc : nir: fix missing nir_lower_pntc_ytransform.c in the makefile
9e1e67b35b8 : nir: account for point-coord origin when lowering it
d7c09d09aa0 : etnaviv: Fix rework ZSA into a derived state
b83d96666dd : .pick_status.json: Update to b2d000513e4a9b06d3b073913741dae47a00526e
99ff47e8538 : st/mesa: don't do glCopyPixels via blit if depth bounds test is enabled
636a917ca4c : pan/mdg: Fix promoted uniform moves with 64-bit types
c7430bbc3eb : nir: fix determining if an addition might overflow for phi sources
2b66910037b : gallium/draw: Fix intermittent failure to bind new geometry shaders.
2f6f5b3ba24 : .pick_status.json: Update to 9ef2c44ce682b7981bd7a68c65f338f1e33bb001
6d2e76d2425 : docs: Add sha256 sum for 20.3.2
b3877e880ba : Bump version for 20.3.2 release
d9d99af1560 : docs: add release notes for 20.3.2
7ca951d11ad : glsl: default to compat shaders in compat profile
e8a6bf6e103 : st/pbo: fix pbo uploads without PIPE_CAP_TGSI_VS_LAYER_VIEWPORT and skip gs
f892a46cc54 : virgl: fix BGRA emulation artifacts during window resize
b62bd28ec86 : .pick_status.json: Update to 6c8cc9be12dc5d6c0d2386d6addb69d8f2fb5399
b21d6928056 : .pick_status.json: Mark 967ae12931e0dc12855de903851222b2f0607878 as denominated
009e2aa5460 : zink: handle null ubos
b0e8fb53ba9 : ci/deqp: Fix inverted meaning of DEQP_NO_SAVE_RESULTS.
373b6eba5f2 : mesa/st: Update FP state when textures change with an ATI_fs bound.
7c74888039a : radeon/vcn: fix hevc 10bit profile error
2fd551d4f3c : softpipe: count CS invocations for pipeline stats queries.
cc7a1ab3456 : .pick_status.json: Update to 9ef23e428bd18c412499471b4e3550a489b72c3f
b41a3c8a1d4 : turnip: use ir3_compiler_destroy instead of ralloc_free
b4cbf3776a7 : panfrost: Fix panfrost_small_padded_vertex_count for 17 vertices
6e75f406f80 : .pick_status.json: Update to a22b85ce5e825275533ca1be9fbd47667e991356
fb689963da6 : radv: Don't skip layout transitions that only differ in render loop.
e2789cd78eb : ir3: Allow tesselation to use all 32 varying slots
633f60ee573 : freedreno/a6xx: Fix assert which checks the count of shader outputs
eec213d2adc : mesa: fix layered framebuffer attachment target check
27e6dfb06a1 : .pick_status.json: Update to 8db0775f4520e08b3c539f9bd2d1f567639c088c
5e632582d01 : Fix build issue when USE_3DNOW_ASM is not defined
50b977737e6 : freedreno/a6xx: Flush depth at the end of bypass rendering, too.
d54de72aa0e : spirv: Remove more dead variables
a46b833725f : nir: Consider pointer initializers in nir_remove_dead_variables
d5a9377096a : .pick_status.json: Mark f65750d2215242b17309b5aa8845b717bb913e77 as backported
d9063a077ff : .pick_status.json: Update to b9fccafed616aa2906dad3c77dca0c67af5017b8
a5f47bc43d6 : spirv: Implement OpArrayLength for OpenGL
f99fc9e73e3 : zink: fix format-mapping
c00c8d8c91d : mesa/st: Finalize the texture before BlitFramebuffer from it.
8232610da2d : nir/opt_if: split ALU from Phi more aggressively
79c2aeabebf : .pick_status.json: Update to f65750d2215242b17309b5aa8845b717bb913e77
4ba1dba7acb : aco: add block to worklist in mark_block_wqm()
19b92b771a9 : tu: pCounterBuffers can be NULL in vkCmd*TransformFeedbackEXT()
81421b7dd4e : tu: Ignore pTessellationState if there is no tesselation shaders
abfbaa8476f : radv: add missing DB flush after depth/stencil resolve operations
8217078f007 : aco/ra: fix phi operand renaming
59a94717ff0 : egl: fix EGL_EXT_protected_content/surface mixup
cf1af4a6631 : .pick_status.json: Update to 661922f6ac9576fc2077c5d50b53ef7edf9e8a18
840a9a6c67b : radeonsi: fix small primitive culling with MSAA force-disabled and smoothing
4a87e444134 : aco/spill: only prevent rematerializable vars from being DCE'd if they haven't been renamed
c9497e286d3 : aco: fix DCE of rematerializable phi operands
5636ec0acec : st/mesa: set drawpixels swizzle before creating sampler view
cf0f7d243e0 : zink: fix 8 bit index handling code
e53124546b2 : .pick_status.json: Update to 2d78e28ba702d366becabb8e241b861e6711c76e
3ae62ab7720 : docs: Add sha256 sums for 20.3.1
d90622910ba : VERSION: bump for 20.3.1
d4f4d29a6cf : docs: add release notes for 20.3.1
adb6c1cc0ab : gallium/dri2: Don't forget protected content flag
6c2b0d7a810 : anv: Add DRM_RDWR flag in anv_gem_handle_to_fd
7c0e171c970 : .pick_status.json: Update to ada9be1ec9e14fc045086411fbf2d3cb0efbbe2f
7d5c0483867 : radv: fix access to uninitialized radeon_bo_metadata
c04030308db : st/pbo: fix pbo uploads without PIPE_CAP_TGSI_VS_LAYER_VIEWPORT
62eea2b34ca : zink: really fix direct image mapping offset (I mean it this time)
f9bc767bdc5 : nir: Redefine start/end_ip of blocks to fix NIR-to-TGSI liveness bugs.
f5246efd8df : zink: fix direct image mapping offset
07d6fa2aba9 : .pick_status.json: Update to a7fb3954a1318a6b27e1405a9e799dd8f06eaa34
200a2f24551 : aco/ra: use get_reg_specified() for p_extract_vector
5e65a36a7f8 : aco: Use program->num_waves as maximum in scheduler.
ac1145f704a : android: fix build failure with libbacktrace
18d5fe46e53 : .pick_status.json: Update to 84c8a35aa2ca4d4de66192933735094ed07b4aaa
4631f3848c3 : radv: do VGT_FLUSH when switching NGG -> legacy on Sienna Cichlid
7bf1fbea733 : radv: fix applying the NGG minimum vertex count requirement
317526ec2f4 : radv: don't count unusable vertices to the NGG LDS size
7b1ee981570 : radv: disable SQTT support for unsupported GPUs
2ae373152ae : radv: ignore other blend targets if dual-source blending is enabled
67a3b8ec236 : aco: fix combining max(-min(a, b), c) if a or b uses the neg modifier
bd7ccbf214d : zink: fail if set failed to create
bd01bc1f681 : radeonsi: fix si_get_draw_start_count count value
4691bc5d201 : ci: .lava-test:amd64 template needs arm_build
c763926c763 : anv: fix calculation of buffer size in case dynamic size is used
e0d212c856d : .pick_status.json: Update to cf3fc79cd0ab55776bbbabe76237c272ab07133e
18fd2554021 : turnip: no linear_to_srgb for alpha channel for gmem clear value packing
5d24ae64c9f : iris: Fix resource ptr in resolve_sampler_views
7f485f1e8f8 : softpipe: Fix swizzled texture gather of int textures.
4e05bd1d134 : panfrost: Fix fencing
93ac6a935fe : panfrost: Make sure we always add a reader -> write dependency when needed
c8655229124 : iris: update depth value for stages after fast clear depth
c20c50e6efc : android: spirv: fix '::' typo in gen rules
b9dbeb597f3 : turnip: always set LRZ registers to zero for 3d clear/blit
e9407a0a4f8 : turnip: move up LRZ invalidate in CmdClearAttachments
4c32042db77 : turnip: always emit LRZ draw state in DIRTY_DRAW_STATE path
51e8c7ec9a2 : .pick_status.json: Update to 3f0da800eb4b8184c24707c52d5a519abe948898
a8d5e57590b : iris: fix memleak for query_buffer_uploader
1c83ec979f5 : aco: use UINT64_C on 64 bit constant arguments
0c2b29e3ac3 : radv: disable alphaToOne feature
ee83c989f6b : zink: Cap PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONST_BUFFERS to 32
c5ffe9e0f2a : zink: fix channel ordering in format-mapping
17ef9b55d09 : gallium: do not reset buffers for unsupported stages
d77d3caeca6 : .pick_status.json: Update to f93b7d14d66d8ba70d44772d1a1b6696310b7d17
0cde14200a4 : ci: Drop x86_build_old image
b3bfb017189 : radv: fix exporting multiviews with NGG
33c288361c2 : radv: mark GFX10.3 as a non-conformant Vulkan implementation
44bed805065 : radeonsi: fix regression on gpus using the radeon winsys.
dfadf838aef : meson: Fix Clang microsoft-enum-value detection.
03e8cc7ca9b : .pick_status.json: Update to ec3828add38a83b8c09fd5896265abc9d766162e
13e7057e790 : aco: don't assume src=lower when splitting self-intersecting copies
bd95f95dc56 : iris: store copy of the border color in the border color hash table
03802858b47 : .pick_status.json: Update to 72b68bd2a62d193e26bd6b31123182d7dbae3098
ec22eb7efbc : .pick_status.json: Mark a5e0a2e101bcda0132185a82c3e8c9b4c90ce94c as denominated
9465b0eb8ca : .pick_status.json: Update to 872c4bcd27db7b7ca26abe9fc090ae26d502156f
a8650e97230 : docs: Add sha256 sums for 20.3.0
08169ff176b : bump version for 20.3.0 final
b9d2f63f2f8 : docs: add release notes for 20.3.0
404c4400156 : freedreno: Break out of "should we free the entry" loop once we've freed.
01f9a5e8227 : gallium: Fix leak of currently bound UBOs at CSO context destruction.
faeaa8171e3 : gallivm: Fix max const buffer count.
8258c5867af : gallium: Fix leak of bound SSBOs at CSO context destruction.
d0d3a589a18 : freedreno: Fix leak of u_transfer_helper.
0ee24d08fa2 : gallium: Fix leak of the merged driconf options.
531b15c22ad : zink: do not require VK_KHR_external_memory
cddf1bf5f9b : freedreno: Add missing dependency to build
12c40b04770 : radv: Fix leak in radv_amdgpu_winsys_destroy()
1578dde278d : radeonsi: disable WGP mode on gfx10.3 to prevent hangs
2b9da404c1a : radeonsi: fix a nasty bug in si_pm4.c
b7659c5ed76 : radeonsi: fix a memory leak in si_create_dcc_retile_cs
4e39cdaa508 : .pick_status.json: Update to d3c67d7e7ec6b9cf10fbea0d08e92751b7b0fbae
bcbc20bf6ec : nir/algebraic: Avoid creating new fp64 ops when using softfp64
7a4f33b1f5b : aco: Fix NGG GS assert failure from the WG scan.
f4a059eb988 : etnaviv/drm: fix evil-twin etna_drm_table_lock
b52bb0dc5c0 : st/mesa: fix uninitialized/random clip plane state vars in lower_ucp
770f46c7811 : mesa: call FLUSH_VERTICES before changing sampler uniforms
ded8b21e2a4 : radv: Deal with unused attachments in mip flush
db68b97f255 : r600/sfn: fix component loading from fixed buffer ID
5355ff37441 : radv: Fix a hang on CB change by adding flushes.
25f01a7d4b7 : docs: document new zink-flag
3e2a3b402bb : nir: fix sampler_lod_parameters_pan indices
1891d300310 : freedreno/a6xx: Fix typo in height alignment calculation in a6xx layout
bf76f2b21c1 : anv: fix descriptor pool leak in VMA object
099804865ad : aco/optimizer: Only set scc_needed when it is actually needed.
6e72700f842 : glsl: avoid an out-of-bound access while setting up a location for variable
0eabed30a43 : radeonsi/gfx10: flush gfx cs on ngg -> legacy transition
bfb711b2099 : nir/unsigned_upper_bound: fix buffer overflow in search_phi_bcsel
9c6e0fb4761 : aco: fix v_mul_hi_u32_u24 format
7770f9a27df : .pick_status.json: Update to 89f6b72f19dbc503386643c6283047bdb1013bef
39bfa34231d : bump VERSION for 20.3-rc3
45f5e8d4559 : appveyor: disable for now
e1e31f6126c : radv: Fix RB+ blending for VK_FORMAT_E5B9G9R9_UFLOAT_PACK32.
b2c70c3b116 : spirv: Call repair SSA for OpTerminateInvocation
deccfbc0d77 : zink: fall back to util_blitter for scaled resolves
0464d64d6ce : gallium: fix missing bit field in p_state.h
e9cdf398fa2 : lavapipe: enable pipeline stats queries
10a9d8a10f4 : lavapipe: fixup mipmap precsion bits
092a65b0d13 : llvmpipe: fix multisample lines.
7e90c4d148e : llvmpipe: fix multisample point rendering.
ad4d87a5373 : llvmpipe/setup: move point stats collection earlier.
904811faacc : lavapipe: fix wsi acquire fences
6e3894d52d1 : lavapipe: fixup device allocate + enable private data
c7fdc10cbad : zink: fix layered resolves
0a393505726 : meson: Don't add extra values to shader-cache
f998d5bddbd : .pick_status.json: Update to 9fa1cdfe7ffd9e7ebd83055e2008f3e4b8ada549
162a0678ac3 : aco: fix combining add/sub to b2i if a new dest needs to be allocated
8464a6e3d7b : v3dv/cmd_buffer: missing (uint8_t *) casting when calling memcmp
60bf76735c8 : ac/nir: fix a typo in ac_are_tessfactors_def_in_all_invocs
6adf918d341 : r600/sfn: lower bool to int32 only after common optimizations
29f1078c18c : nir: fix gathering patch IO usage with lowered IO
33d70876820 : nir: fix gathering TCS cross invocation access with lowered IO
48bcf3bcc39 : meson: drop deprecated EGL platform build options
921bd0eabed : gitlab-ci: drop deprecated platforms that snuck in when nobody was watching
f56cbdf9951 : .pick_status.json: Update to a92f597b98bb032b904c7c8a8c3a9fe798b51915
43697f6c5fc : intel/compiler: Rotate instructions ROR and ROL cannot have source modifiers
2d1e15236b0 : .pick_status.json: Update to a59b1b18a95af1f8edb0093baf508e974e3251a2
d8e73329ded : ac: Don't negate strstr return values in ac_query_gpu_info
84e77da244e : intel/fs: Fix sampler message headers on Gen11+ when using scratch
e1697827104 : freedreno: Fix warning about uninit size for the size==0 special case.
650e2a15ad3 : radeonsi: fix scan_instruction for bindless inc_wrap/dec_wrap atomics
2ce2c22d1ad : radeonsi: fix NGG streamout regression
5bf5eb452f5 : ac: fix min/max_good_num_cu_per_sa on gfx10.3 with disabled SEs
32b5779ade5 : ac: fix detection of Pro graphics
f396e154f1d : radeonsi: add options.inline_uniforms to the shader cache key
d247a0720af : radeonsi: determine correctly if switching from normal launch to fast launch
cd3cd167838 : radeonsi: only do VGT_FLUSH for fast launch if previous draw was normal launch
fe27a78d315 : radeonsi: do VGT_FLUSH when switching NGG -> legacy on Sienna Cichlid
825a8846cc4 : radeonsi: fix min_direct_count value
40e3de32e13 : bump VERSION for 20.3.0-rc2 release
0201fc95e7f : glcpp: Handle bison-3.6 error message changes
827c0cc14f7 : .pick_status.json: Update to bac6cc586fe4c1b24351e0574d3a961eb631f6ae
654376faad6 : anv/image: Fix isl_surf_usage_flags for stencil images
c9d10b391c1 : anv/image: Check DISJOINT in vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties2 (v2)
1534e28669d : zink: more accurately track supported blits
f076b4d3ab9 : turnip: Close sync_fd only if it is a valid file descriptor.
f6a73228a47 : clover/spirv: Add missing break for SpvOpExecutionMode case.
5953d04aec1 : frontends/va: Fix *num_entrypoints check.
94f202c6bc5 : freedreno: Fix leak of shader binary on disk cache hits.
d7366262d2b : etnaviv: fix disabling of INT filter for real
ce29a107f43 : mesa/main: add missing include in glformats.h
9d399939e08 : aco: fix fp16 *0.5 omod
dc0580d3441 : aco: disable omod if the sign of zeros should be preserved
ded5cd528a9 : iris: initialize shared screen->vtbl only once
15367d29693 : egl/dri2: fix race between image create and egl_image_target_texture
ee3ed20f3d8 : draw: fix tess eval pipeline statistics.
e5327be5acb : etnaviv: nir: do not run opt loop after nir_lower_bool_xxx(..)
b8ddfc0bb78 : vdpau: Add missing printf format specifier.
159ded94814 : freedreno/ir3: Fix crash in shader compile fail path
4de41dea583 : panfrost: Fix stack shift calculation
b37d613da5b : mesa: Clamp some depth values in glClearBufferfi
d47cb4124ac : mesa: Clamp some depth values in glClearBufferfv
5b83eb0b098 : mesa: Add and use _mesa_has_depth_float_channel
14167715ccc : .pick_status.json: Update to 87dc3106b077199b829a082e32ec33d0c6d400ab
004b8b105ff : aco: disallow various v_add_u32 opts if modifiers are used
46ab4f91710 : aco: fix combine_constant_comparison_ordering() NaN check with 16/64-bit
afe279ad861 : aco: don't combine precise max(min()) to med3
cdb5bcc0598 : turnip: Fix file descriptor return.
0724abde7a3 : gallium/draw: Fix rasterizer_discard for wide points/lines.
0e3bb4aa913 : mesa: Fix vertex_format_to_pipe_format index.
7762b3cda4c : nir: handle float atomics in copy propagation pass
fe8c524c826 : intel/fs: Fix use of undefined value in fixup_nomask_control_flow
51d4d91f7d2 : ci: Only install kernel modules for LAVA devices.
a442fc2955e : llvmpipe: just use draw_regions in draw/line setup.
bc3e92a1df1 : lavapipe: disable SNORM blending for now
0e4e0a0d09a : lavapipe: enable alpha to one.
3ee324d4ec1 : u_blitter: port radv 3D blit coords logic.
4de4f552289 : gallium: handle empty cbuf slots in framebuffer samples helper
f4d976d5917 : util/set: Fix the _mesa_set_clear function to not leave tombstones.
966b55c6dae : freedreno: Protect gmem_cache ralloc allocations
60ffcfe6a98 : st/mesa: fix use-after-free when updating shader info in st_link_nir
46c08b73dea : softpipe: correct signature of get_compiler_options
23f4120491d : panfrost: Fix ->reads_frag_coord assignment
f3ff1265ba7 : panfrost: Fix Bifrost blend descriptor emission
5c167e8d923 : pan/bi: Model writemasks correctly
2940fb13eba : panfrost: Fix AFBC blits of resources with faked RGTC
5634699a2c0 : .pick_status.json: Update to bf5cea7232f9ee2934c212211ebefb6fe766526d
f44896c12ac : bump version for 20.3-rc1
3c4e43e72be : intel: Pointer to SCISSOR_RECT array should be 64B aligned
a1a365e8188 : broadcom/compiler: Allow spills of temporaries from TMU reads
1c5271346af : nir/algebraic: optimize bitfield_select(a, b, 0) to iand(a, b)
d47969eb5ed : pan/bi: Add support for load_instance_id
5cd1d8c1ed9 : pan/bi: Add support for load_vertex_id
255f7842c7c : panfrost: Allow linear ZS resources on Bifrost
4995a4c03aa : pan/bi: Add support for ushr
af70987b363 : pan/bi: Add support for ishr
3257ad21f34 : pan/bi: Fix ARSHIFT definitions
2a80b2d0cd1 : pan/bi: Move bitwise op packing out of bi_pack_fma()
cc0950722c0 : pan/bi: Get rid of bi_emit_ld_uniform()
fd265fa0206 : pan/bi: Lower uniforms to UBO
09da82cbdc3 : pan/bi: Add support for load_ubo
87e2169cb90 : pan/bi: Fix swizzle handling in bi_copy_src()
2522f509a3d : pan/bi: Support centroid and sample interpolations
ca5a00a70ca : pan/bi: Extract LD_VAR sample field from ins->load_vary.interp_mode
1692088d053 : panfrost: Expose GLES3 features on Bifrost when PAN_MESA_DEBUG=deqp
23dbf7964b7 : panfrost: Force late pixel kill when depth/stencil is written from the FS
956228da3a1 : radeon/vcn : Corrected dpb_size calculation for VP9_2
68092df8d88 : intel/nir: Lower 8-bit ops to 16-bit in NIR on Gen11+
b98f0d3d7c3 : intel/nir: Lower 8-bit scan/reduce ops to 16-bit
3ad2d85995e : intel/nir: Refactor lower_bit_size_callback
f95665cfebb : nir/lower_bit_size: Add support for lowering subgroup ops
2c4b47184da : nir/lower_bit_size: Pass a nir_instr to the callback
15c6e05a725 : nir/lower_bit_size: Don't cast comparison results
86ef139bf46 : radv: implement VK_EXT_shader_image_atomic_int64
9f432687726 : ac/nir: implement 64-bit images
5b81e80fb6c : aco: implement 64-bit images
8570de72f51 : amd/common: add PIPE_FORMAT_R64_{UINT,SINT} to GFX10 format table
cff195087f5 : util: add mapping from Vulkan to Gallium R64 integer formats
bcc3d53587a : gallium: Fix NIR validation when lowering polygon stipple
441feda0bb3 : gallium/util: do not pass undefined sample-count
bae54876596 : aco: optimize v_and(a, v_subbrev_co(0, 0, vcc)) -> v_cndmask(0, a, vcc)
2bbe01b186b : spirv: Add support for SPV_EXT_shader_image_atomic_int64
5a3e22018d1 : nir: Allow 64-bit image atomics
79f477c3c60 : compiler/types: Add 64-bit image types
d44c76be85f : util,gallium: Add new 64-bit integer formats
b725fbd1913 : nir: Validate image atomic formats
72f1c9aef5d : nir: Print formats on image intrinsics as text
d22fafa20b7 : spirv: Update headers and metadata from latest Khronos commit
2acdcf0b317 : libgl-gdi: support building without softpipe
d7f7d890f15 : panfrost: Add missing Collabora copyright notices
14bbc24b60c : pan/mdg: Add missing Collabora copyright notices
92374aebe2d : spirv: correct sematic-typo
fc2814417e9 : CI: Disable Panfrost T760
4143572f93e : radeon/vcn: Bitrate not updated when changing framerate
25066eb20a2 : v3dv/device: do nothing when asked physical device pci bus properties
ca1969ca880 : v3dv/util: log debug ignored stype only on debug builds
1fa4a372568 : v3dv/util: remove several logging functions
1675c83a4fc : radv: Fix exporting/importing multisample images.
fb1793bf9c8 : zink: add some spirv builder functions for barriers
95e15f774dc : zink: add a quadop function in spirv_builder
758e932ad27 : zink: use same function for all pipe_context::delete_*_state shader methods
d377d844969 : zink: make physical device functions use a dynamic function pointers.
91f9bc18e0c : radv: Fix budget calculations with large BAR.
9948ead3cd4 : radv: Skip tiny non-visible VRAM heap.
b7793e39ee4 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.2.2
e053a02ee97 : dcs: Add sha256 sums for 20.2.2
5e1f518f30b : docs: add release notes for 20.2.2
39d1576eef0 : st/nine: Remove unnecessary NULL check.
0bc222706d3 : zink: implement ARB_texture_query_lod
bf29daa1b5a : ci/deqp: Switch to a new dEQP runner written in Rust.
fe61230b38f : ci/bare-metal: Reset colors at the end of a line of serial output.
ff6741728de : ci/bare-metal: Apply autopep8 to the bare-metal scripts.
9f1cd99ba12 : turnip: Fix image size for 3D vkGetImageSubresourceLayout.
a0b42da0a2e : spirv: fix GLSLstd450Modf/GLSLstd450Frexp when the destination is vector
81597759bef : zink: For MoltenVk added vkFlushMappedMemoryRanges() to vkMapMemory() to fix empty mapped memory.
f0bbd8fdd08 : zink: have_triangle_fans support.
2aca3749c57 : zink: add support to device info for macro guards and just VkPhysicalDevice*Features with out the have_.
f0a88dbefa6 : nir/lcssa: consider loops with no back-edge invariant
feb9462bb19 : zink: Added inbuilt debug logging from the VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation layer.
10d44fec2dd : zink: fix pNext chain for resource memory allocation
0b53ca0cca9 : zink: return fail if create_instance fails
6a967294487 : docs/features.txt: VK_EXT_separate_stencil_usage not exposed on RADV
6ec7e0d4066 : gallium: document convention for get_handle calls on multi-planar resources
b29fe26d438 : etnaviv: rework ZSA into a derived state
3c7fc95f4fe : etnaviv: expose shader discard usage in etna_shader_variant
bff60d665b8 : etnaviv: update headers from rnndb
83c72cab7a1 : etnaviv: flush depth cache when changing depth config
01e2ded11f7 : etnaviv: emit RA_EARLY_DEPTH on dirty ZSA
d4285805345 : mesa/st: use a lock to protect access to variants when updating them
77d6fda0f50 : nir/algebraic: distribute imul(iadd(a, b), c) when b and c are constants
2fd5079442c : clover: implements clSetContextDestructorCallback
04e1b1757cf : clover: add empty cl 3.0 dispatch entries.
558325c4c50 : clover/spirv: hook up spir-v environment for 3.0
7230f39c1a2 : clover/llvm: add 3.0 versioning.
a52c613ea7d : clover: access 3.0 and deprecated 2.2 API
9790fdf2ceb : vtn/opencl: add ctz support
725df7c15dc : CL: update CL headers to 3.0
041e3147c05 : docs: Add MESA_pack_invert and ANGLE_pack_reverse_row_order
fd104096c61 : mesa: Implement GL_ANGLE_pack_reverse_row_order
4506e4db4d6 : mesa: Enable GL_MESA_pack_invert unconditionally
923577c0662 : v3dv: Remove unsigned comparison to zero.
03683b9b2e6 : nir: Handle ray-tracing intrinsics and storage classes in copy-prop etc.
5a288932797 : spirv,nir: Add ray-tracing intrinsics
21b1b915498 : nir,spirv: Add support for the ShaderCallKHR scope
6b8fd65e840 : spirv: Implement the new ray-tracing storage classes
84a8ca1db88 : nir: Add new variable modes for ray-tracing
aa4ea9c7ea6 : nir: Add intrinsics for object to/from world RT sysvals
07635a3284c : nir/builder: Add a select_from_ssa_def_array helper
46cd91bb45a : spirv,nir: Add support for ray-tracing built-ins
ed907e5d84c : spirv: Add support for OpTypeAccelerationStructureKHR
2df055ab47f : spirv: Pass the deref type to storage_class_to_mode for non-forward pointers
2bef02696d4 : spirv: Add a guard for OpTypeForwardPointer storage classes
aabe37b9694 : spirv: Remove a redundant vtn_fail_if
3bcebe1b271 : spirv: Add Ray Tracing execution models
d8dbdf20de8 : spirv: Add basic plumbing for ray-tracing capabilities
f65182931db : compiler: Add new Vulkan shader stages
1882a02d83b : tu: Make sure spirv_to_nir knows we support imageStorageWithoutFormat.
0b0f152c54e : nir/clip_disable: handle 2x vec4 case
5e43ba39e11 : nir/clip_disable: try for better no-op
1d23a88c6eb : nir/clip_disable: write 0s instead of undefs for disabled clip planes
c84ae1523e0 : iris: Move blit scissoring earlier.
0f96a9ab3b0 : anv: restrict number of subgroups per group
b2c719308c5 : turnip: enable VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier
f624692a57d : turnip: don't always fallback to linear for mutable formats
8c4426f519c : turnip: remove unnecessary/redundant tu_image fields
c64cd6988f1 : turnip: remove useless tu_image asserts
dfaa8b9ae72 : turnip: LAYOUT_PREINITIALIZED is not different for optimal tiling
43c16483e0b : turnip: don't implement CreateImage as two separate functions
1a1099c54f1 : aco: Fix format string used when raising validation errors
61d2badbf47 : nir/deref: Fix a typo
60c5729d166 : ci: Distribute ADMGPU driver to LAVA as a module
bb41acf96af : ci: Update dEQP skips and fails for Bifrost on G52
80cbb324434 : ci: Update kernel for LAVA to 5.10-rc2 plus patches
092186d9857 : util/threaded_context: use driver's buffer alignment for staging transfers
60b9c00afd2 : v3d: Add GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra support
9648bfba564 : v3dv: mark the right bit to swap R/B vertex attributes
1e723745dde : v3d/compiler: extend swapping R/B support to all vertex attributes
44925a8a554 : intel/tools: add missing new lines to few remaining fail_if users
c323d7c2a7f : intel/tools: refactor logging to be easier to follow by static analyzers
f0061277c00 : intel/tools: handle some failures
cd9907e7d39 : anv: remove dead code from anv_create_cmd_buffer
d13b7d65914 : intel/tools: allow --color option to be used without arg
0dad1a7c72a : v3dv: expose more features
0b30336906f : broadcom/compiler: Handle non-SSA destinations for tex instructions
e331fd7fc42 : vc4: use intmax_t for formatted output of timespec members
c8630fd1143 : amd/addrlib: Add missing va_end.
fe52efaa98e : loader: Print dlerror() output in the failure message
5d5f3e3a477 : intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_shared_block_intel
9fe158e1d10 : intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_ssbo_block_intel
d372abe3973 : intel/fs: Add surface OWORD BLOCK opcodes
296137df53a : intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_global_block_intel
d3d2b73fa3c : intel/fs: Add A64 OWORD BLOCK opcodes
eb03f29655c : spirv: Implement SpvCapabilitySubgroupBufferBlockIOINTEL
dd39e311b33 : nir: Add nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_deref_block_intel
b86ce274f9d : spirv: Implement SpvCapabilitySubgroupShuffleINTEL from SPV_INTEL_subgroups
5194cbc7663 : iris: Flush dmabufs during context flushes
c488fb6dfec : iris: Fix fast-clears of swizzled alpha formats
60336cac601 : iris: Fix SINT assert in convert_fast_clear_color
4cb9b5db2ce : iris: Fix fast-clears of swizzled LA formats
382451ff9d7 : iris: fix source/destination layers for 3D blits
61ce544d070 : st/nir: Drop setting interp mode on system values in builtins.
9143c08125a : st/nir: Fix the st->pbo.use_gs case.
f8c1d79f69a : pan/bi: Correctly calculate render target index
9a6dad18d8d : pan/bi: Lower depth/stencil stores
6433fedcf1c : pan/bi: Emit +ZS_EMIT as needed
0c889e76112 : pan/bi: Stub handling for nir_intrinsic_store_combined_output_pan
f67b49d5123 : pan/bi: Factor out bi_emit_blend
928f2bc0d57 : pan/bi: Factor out bi_emit_atest
f14beeb4cee : pan/bi: Infer z/stencil flags from sources passed
2b1db3662f3 : pan/bi: Add +ZS_EMIT instruction to IR
cd66aa712d9 : panfrost: Deduplicate shader properties
4a2ecc72d34 : panfrost: Pass through src_type
42319c56264 : pan/mdg: Move writeout lowering to common panfrost
dfaa4c51fba : pan/mdg: Deduplicate nir_find_variable_with_driver_location
a05921b9f21 : nir: Add SRC_TYPE to store_combined_output_pan
fa869fb9b45 : v3dv: add a v3dv_bo_init helper
456beb40b8f : aco/ra: Fix counting of subdword variables in get_reg_create_vector
786828131a7 : aco: implement 8/16-bit instructions which can be trivially widened
ef95ba8cdd1 : aco: implement some 16-bit arithmetic instead of lowering
8ed7cad75f3 : radv: rework nir_lower_bit_size callback and run DA on GFX8+
b2ce7da1498 : radv: do nir_lower_bit_size after algebraic optimizations
c77114967f8 : radv: move a few passes to after load/store vectorization
475077c790f : nir/lower_bit_size: optimize upcast of b2i8/b2i16
4e5c85526b1 : nir: add shader_info::bit_sizes_used
7d3df69914d : va: support VA_RT_FORMAT_PROTECTED
81be8b3c2f2 : va/picture: make sure destination buffer is protected if needed
70191f38e32 : frontends/va: Added protected playback support for VP9
f20a20b1e3f : radeon/vcn: program drm message buffer
ebbf40fa263 : radeon/vcn: delay dec->ctx and dec->dpb allocation
cf324df6eae : radeon: add si_vid_create_tmz_buffer helper
024be710a72 : radeon/vcn: add defines for drm message buffer
b9753fdc581 : radeon: add decryption params definition header
deb7dc82f62 : frontends/va: handle protected slice data buffer
5f0816eac09 : vl: add flag and definition for protected playback
58e7088628a : nir/find_array_copies: Don't assume all children exist
e1736c7fdb2 : radesonsi: Remove unnecessary shader->selector NULL check.
5fb77a582a8 : lavapipe: request correct sample mask behaviour
47701d47e79 : llvmpipe: respect the sample mask in non-multisample flag
3dc6da1ac1f : gallium: add a non-multisample sample mask out behaviour flag.
4ff4d4e5696 : nir/opt_intrinsic: Optimize bcsel(b, shuffle(x, i), shuffle(x, j))
2f5b56ae237 : nir/opt_intrinsics: Refactor a bit
3b281861c1a : nir/constant_folding: Fold subgroup shuffle intrinsics
e59d6350d1f : nir: Move constant folding of vote to opt_constant_folding
9492ab28640 : nir/constant_folding: Use the standard variable naming convention
9d2ccbfc15c : nir/constant_folding: Use a switch in try_fold_intrinsic
d9c0f3627d7 : nir/opt_intrinsics: Report progress for the gl_SampleMask optimization
b90063201a9 : nir: use nir_alu_src_is_trivial_ssa() in nir_ssa_for_alu_src()
233a820f2c3 : nir: skip bcsel with non-trivial swizzle in opt_simplify_bcsel_of_phi()
1df2fc9f9c8 : nir: add nir_alu_src_is_trivial_ssa()
b9f95280119 : nir/lower_io: Add a new 62bit_generic address format
b84f74f9b7f : nir/lower_io: Support generic pointer access
a451f037ffc : nir/lower_io: Add support for lowering deref_mode_is
57943112d9a : nir/lower_io: Add support for 32/64bit_global for shared
c50332fbc29 : nir/lower_io: Add a mode parameter to addr_format_is_*
7007d06898a : nir/lower_io: Add a mode parameter to build_addr_iadd
ff838abc463 : nir/opt_deref: Add an optimization for deref_mode_is
df51518dc5b : nir/opt_deref: Add a deref mode specialization optimization
a8e53a772f6 : spirv: Add generic pointer support
d6415b5d2b3 : nir: Add support for generic pointers
9d377c01d0f : nir: Make nir_deref_instr::mode a bitfield
7d5f3b5c0e6 : nir/split_*_vars: Prepare for generic pointers
d50a4dbc13c : nir/find_array_copies: Prepare for generic pointers
ced9b6f0d8e : nir: Use nir_deref_mode_may_be in deref optimizations
379d5354804 : nir/vec3_to_vec4: Use nir_deref_must_be
8a2cda1d53f : nir/vars_to_ssa: Use nir_deref_must_be
0f94ff8a6ac : nir: Only force loop unrolling if we know it's a in/out/temp
fff78fc1c58 : nir/phis_to_scalar,gcm: Use nir_deref_mode_may_be
9f3e3dfd2fb : nir/lower_io: Use nir_deref_mode_* helpers
9ae87a6c312 : nir/lower_array_deref_of_vec: Use nir_deref_mode_must_be
3cc58e64706 : nir: Add and use some deref mode helpers
74886cabaa3 : nir/opt_find_array_copies: Allow copies from mem_constant
89abfbeb7ac : nir: Disallow writes to system values and mem_constant
bb5d5029b74 : nir: Use var->data.mode instead of deref->mode in a few cases
5664713d7b9 : nir: Handle incomplete derefs in split_struct_vars
6b72004f12c : nir/phis_to_scalar: Use a deny-list for load_deref modes
3f0a29fffbc : nir/builder: Add a nir_ieq_imm helper
9d3615166ef : lavapipe: don't advertise linear filtering on integer textures.
3d81cf4621e : lavapipe: use clear_buffer callback
c3d8a69c3a6 : llvmpipe: add clear_buffer callback. (v2)
1e3fbee4b0a : lavapipe: stop crashes with 3D z blits
c871ac04a15 : lavapipe: fix 3d compressed texture copies.
42b5cfdbd26 : gallivm/nir: fix vulkan vertex inputs
621c4f816f1 : gallivm/nir: handle dvec3/4 inputs properly.
a5aab63fb10 : lavapipe: fix
6dabb8065ab : lavapipe: constify state pointers into command buffers.
33a2f27ce96 : lavapipe: don't write to pending clear aspects in cmd buffer
ad3849259a8 : gallivm: fix f16 quantize.
7ae81d65a49 : r600: amend space check for chips older than EVERGREEN
902b3182133 : zink: break up dynamic access lowering
e12e67476a5 : zink: add pass for lowering dynamic ubo/ssbo block indexing to constants
71a197943cf : mesa/st: Fix a use-after-free of the NIR shader stage.
6b85a887ff5 : mesa/spirv: Lower variable initializers for global variables
c2cb2dd3bc6 : zink: Added support for MacOS MoltenVK APIs.
a0f889bdadb : zink: Basic framework to check for optional instance layers and instance extensions.
bfa9fd88fc7 : radv,radv/winsys: Move RADV_MAX_IBS_PER_SUBMIT
f6e5baf4afe : docs/features: add some extensions we missed
a2056b025ce : docs/features: VK_KHR_mir_surface is disabled, remove it
3d58ab7576d : docs/features: Minor update extensions support
89c4bba8bce : nir/algebraic: better propagate constants up fadd chains
16c756e55d5 : spirv: reverse order in matrix multiplication
24a18b1a4b9 : nir: scalarize fdot in reverse
6dc6b8ad9f2 : panfrost: Set .array_size on Bifrost
eaf0be88f6c : pan/bi: Don't emit TEXS for array textures
3a86e1e92d9 : pan/bi: Handle 3D/array coordinates
56bda0fb494 : pan/bi: Track tex data register swizzles
1463824319b : panfrost: Add bi_emit_array_index helper
914eebb0bce : panfrost: Drop unused swizzles
b6c71425c26 : panfrost: Advertise Bifrost support
828c7e76267 : panfrost: Disable point sprites on Bifrost
2ed003633cd : pan/bi: Lower +CUBEFACE2
31864017510 : pan/bi: Suppress disassembly for internal shaders
2f00f82469e : pan/bi: Lower cube map coordinates
f76558be656 : pan/bi: Hook up cube instructions packing
0ed8eee7069 : pan/bi: Split special class in two
20cc63815cd : pan/bi: Move special instruction packing to a separate helper
07f1df51aa3 : pan/bi: s/t0/t1/ in bi_disasm_dest_add()
47131919d86 : panfrost: Implement v7 texture payloads
4e0826dcc85 : panfrost: Add array size to XML
557633b142e : panfrost: Suppress Bifrost prefetching
c0b8f7394bc : panfrost: Leave push_constants pointer to NULL if there's no uniform
29fc115d581 : mesa: do not throw _mesa_problem when invalid enum is used
e02e1ccbeed : mesa/st: call memobj_destroy only if there is memory imported
57c152af9ce : aco: select v_mul_{hi}_u32_u24 for 24-bit multiplications
3a72021d7cf : aco: store NIR range analysis data to the isel context
81ff38947a4 : zink: clamped maxPerStageDescriptorUniformBuffers limits to INT_MAX when stored as uint32_t.
ac65d3b6b85 : radv: fix shader caching with NaN fixup workaround
36f62494ec7 : radv: fix shader caching with discard->demote workaround
19f3911cf82 : radv: add some missing radv_{start,stop}_feedback
200bcd7a44d : android: freedreno: Add freedreno_dev_info.[ch] to Makefile.sources
09b2bd1df93 : broadcom/compiler: remove v3d_fs_key depth_enabled field.
21ffacff8c7 : intel/compiler: remove branch weight heuristic
06764e0e5d5 : intel/compiler: use C++ template instead of preprocessor
788f6dc8578 : Revert "gallium/dri: fix dri2_from_planar for multiplanar images"
fe3e571870e : tu: Support rasterizerDiscardEnable and RasterizationStreamSelect
841f7368243 : tu: Support geometryStreams
6b8d30ec1e3 : util/bitset: Add a range iterator helper
563789ce372 : ir3: Support geometry streams
48cfaecd4f3 : freedreno/a6xx: Update SO registers for streams
92022f2846e : zink: add VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_WSI_MEMORY_ALLOCATE_INFO_MESA for WSI allocations
98ebffc9f30 : etnaviv: move etna_destroy_shader(..) to generic location
2dc73d2c7f7 : etnaviv: move etna_dump_shader(..) to generic location
3bef6dfe422 : etnaviv: convert from tgsi semantic/index to varying-slot
edbdd977232 : nir: make tgsi_varying_semantic_to_slot(..) public
4bd18e772a2 : amd/llvm,aco: Replace VLA with alloca
e3515590bfb : zink: require Vulkan timestamp queries for time query caps
b07b943f30c : tgsi: Initialize tgsi_declaration_dimension padding.
7278f900394 : gallium: Remove duplicate resource variable.
78a420ce467 : nir/validate: Explain why we don't use nir_foreach_block
e8a332b972e : zink: always reset query pools on next query begin
60db5af05a7 : zink: always use query->type for starting/stopping xfb queries
e1e3484a10b : zink: rework query overflow handling
7fc806bbbc9 : zink: fixup gs/xfb tracking for primitives generated queries
28ad3c1735a : zink: store batch id onto query object at time of start
b073398be1d : zink: also create an xfb query for every primitives generated query
0b2475f5fd1 : zink: more correctly handle PIPE_QUERY_PRIMITIVES_GENERATED queries
a8785579e00 : zink: deduplicate some query result code
b6a0309f482 : lavapipe: use resource get param.
2dcc9c7f54e : llvmpipe: add resource get param support.
ae17e1fdbcb : gallium: add a layer stride pipe resource parameter.
e9724722a3a : gallium: add a level parameter to resource parameter get
0e3f2e63215 : zink: call the reset callback not only during a status check
efadeb3269b : i965: remove prototypes of not-existing functions
e3f6a9ea36d : intel: remove dead code
b5e2c58ad86 : anv: always annotate memory returned from anv_gem_mmap
990343b70da : turnip: rework android gralloc path so it doesn't call tu_image_create
b2a21febe04 : os: Fix open result check.
1eda8423187 : iris/bufmgr: Handle NULL bufmgr in iris_bufmgr_get_for_fd
eb61f8959e0 : i965/bufmgr: Handle NULL bufmgr in brw_bufmgr_get_for_fd
aa2f6bd4f56 : freedreno: Use freedreno_dev_info
a1d2b215f10 : tu: Use freedreno_dev_info
4a0bdf47e43 : freedreno: Introduce common device info struct
ea81889ea43 : nir/large_constants: only search for constant duplicates
ce5e2e21317 : nir: Stabilize compact_components sort
aaa94d92d52 : docs/features: add Vulkan 1.2
8c4d15d57ee : docs/features: update unpromoted Vulkan extensions
8077f3f4c4a : nir/lower_returns: Append missing phis' sources after "break" insertion
95b9fc41466 : zink: implement pipe_device_reset_callback
7d6609e70d5 : v3dv: fix occlusion query inheritance in secondary command buffers
12f87b6e7c3 : v3dv: add support for timestamp queries
520f3e27b5b : radeonsi: fix RADEON_FLUSH flags conflicts
18b7cafc700 : driconf: add disable_protected_content_check option
9b0ffa9ecde : egl/dri2: implement createImageFromDmaBufs3
d9582ff39e0 : dri: introduce createImageFromDmaBufs3
2aff88a9457 : egl: handle EGL_PROTECTED_CONTENT_EXT for eglImage
52268a3833e : radeonsi: enable PIPE_CAP_DEVICE_PROTECTED_CONTENT
bd182777c8f : egl: implement EGL_EXT_protected_surface support
9698a222a6c : radeonsi: honor PIPE_BIND_PROTECTED
a6535045499 : gallium: introduce PIPE_BIND_PROTECTED
7748e501382 : gallium: add new cap PIPE_CAP_DEVICE_PROTECTED_CONTENT
b54c054a418 : v3dv: expose VK_KHR_maintenance1
53c6dc504b0 : v3dv: implement vkTrimCommandPool
0dedee7636e : v3dv: update assertion to match VK_KHR_maintenance1 semantics
e4988e6affe : v3dv: fix base slice selection for copies involving 3D images
0a9b8077adb : v3dv: add image view debug checks for VK_KHR_maintenance1
03f260cb272 : radv,aco: optimize computing the sample mask for per-sample shading
c63bcda22c8 : radv,aco: adjust the sample mask only if per-sample shading is enabled
ea83fd91242 : glsl: drop NMS OpenGL workarounds
d5dd779c490 : panfrost: Add missing alpha-first special formats
3a67806edcd : panfrost: Fix BGR233 component order
b5bc0935841 : panfrost: Fix RGB5A1 formats
f2af23bd120 : panfrost: Use macro for panfrost_get_default_swizzle
c5d86198a4e : panfrost: Add missing 1/2/4/64-bit formats to XML
d473622fdee : panfrost: Rename VARYING_POS to SNAP4
1b5cac4511f : panfrost: Rename VARYING_DISCARD to CONSTANT
c6bdd976e61 : panfrost: Split out v6/v7 format tables
29bb2812c14 : panfrost: Add v7-specific depth formats
8ca1478b2b3 : panfrost: Add miscellaneous missing Midgard formats
a21d3debc3f : panfrost: Add missing depth/stencil formats
f6fb9ef919f : panfrost: Add v7 special colour formats
cae1be954ca : panfrost: Remove panfrost_is_z24s8_variant
870283bcc4a : panfrost: Remove duplicated format arg for ASTC
44155fa661c : panfrost: Complete format_to_bifrost_blend
e1624b67dc1 : panfrost: Use panfrost_blendable_formats for blending
41f06ac8776 : panfrost: Use panfrost_blendable_formats for SFBD
293198ea04e : panfrost: Use panfrost_blendable_formats for MFBD
d9b16ca4c91 : panfrost: Add a blendable format table
666677d0ef5 : panfrost: Use consistent swizzle names in XML
1e18d9952bb : panfrost: Add MALI_EXTRACT_INDEX helper
1b48b9e6190 : panfrost: Don't double-compose swizzles
a575bb13697 : draw: Remove draw_install_aaline_stage dead code.
0a4c1db926c : gallium/u_threaded: merge consecutive draw calls within batches
d0916ccb109 : gallium/u_threaded: move a structure up to be used later
a44868beda5 : radeonsi: implement multi_draw for compute-based primitive culling
cc24ec8c077 : radeonsi: set NOT_EOP for back-to-back draws on gfx10+
ca40dc01cc8 : radeonsi: add support for multi draws
0ce68852c1a : radeonsi: implement multi_draw but supporting only 1 draw
ae8d89260c6 : radeonsi: don't check info->count == 0
d9c4ca2b7bc : radeonsi don't get count from pipe_draw_info in si_num_prims_for_vertices
7cc939f7dde : radeonsi: add num_draws parameter into si_need_gfx_cs_space
095ee8f867b : winsys/amdgpu: remove incorrect assertion check against max_check_space_size
73f2d3c291f : gallium: add pipe_context::multi_draw
d9c12c60723 : gallium: move pipe_draw_info::start/count to the beginning and pad empty space
8943c80c9b1 : radv: Fix variable name collision.
41be85ad7bc : ci/x86: speed up piglit testing
e54c7f4b1ac : android: aco: add aco_form_hard_clauses.cpp to Makefile.sources
a1d6c03e2f3 : etnaviv: don't import allocated scanout resources via from_handle
3862cec314d : etnaviv: pass correct layout to etna_resource_alloc for scanout resources
ec21148311f : etnaviv: simplify etna_screen_bo_from_handle
94ec412b268 : etnaviv: do proper cpu prep/fini when clearing allocated buffer
181790117bd : etnaviv: cosmetic etna_resource_alloc fixes
98db7c4841c : etnaviv: free tgsi tokens when shader state is deleted
3fd512440bf : etnaviv: tex_desc: fix TS compression enable
cf871e92327 : etnaviv: update headers from rnndb
3ba753d9f58 : etnaviv: blt: properly program surface TS offset for clears
866bb22d6b9 : etnaviv: drm: fix BO refcount race
8b0218beb59 : etnaviv: drop etna_pipe_wait(..)
b7501184b90 : radeonsi: implement inlinable uniforms
6d058ac6c99 : aco: Fix accidental copies, attempt two
b03c86a71f3 : intel/dev: Bump Max EU per subslice/dualsubslice
5957b0c1622 : glthread: pin driver threads to the same L3 as the main thread regularly
d8ea5099658 : util: completely rewrite and do AMD Zen L3 cache pinning correctly
4f2c2307f9e : util: add util_get_current_cpu using sched_getcpu and Windows equivalent
9758b1d416a : util: add util_set_thread_affinity helpers including Windows support
3433d193e7c : st/mesa: remove random L3 pinning heuristic for glthread
96d9f7761d4 : util: consolidate thread_get_time functions
53a15925da5 : util: remove unused util_get_L3_for_pinned_thread
cc161132027 : android: fix libsync dependencies (v2)
a09717c4de0 : glsl: add extra pp tokens workaround and enable for CoR
ce0b72a13a2 : intel/fs: Don't emit_uniformize when getting a constant SSBO index
0fe5490724e : v3d/format: use XYZ1 swizzle for three-component formats
f7d1460418f : gallivm: zero init the temporary register storage.
17613794815 : aco: handle SDWA in the optimizer
ecc5b59a706 : aco: don't allow destination opsel for v_cvt_pknorm
bb890f2e7c1 : aco: fix combine_inverse_comparison()
7e4aa8c8e9b : aco: fix printing of some sdwa sels
70320f41172 : aco: assert a label only uses one of the members in ssa_info's union
3dfbed2a87c : aco: create s_clause on GFX10+
f4c090a3b3c : aco: refactor split_store_data() to always split into evenly sized elements
daec83c7d61 : intel/genxml: don't generate identical code for different branches
e96f33cd300 : intel/tools: fix invalid type in argument to printf
13859c769f0 : gallium/dri: fix dri2_from_planar for multiplanar images
6c118aebb11 : gallium/dri: fix dri2_query_image for multiplanar images
0f3594cd7b0 : gallium/dri: allow create image for formats that only support SV or RT binding
25f984812be : nv50/ir/nir: don't use designated initializers
e07c5467633 : v3dv/format: use XYZ1 swizzle for three-component formats
d8562b742ea : virgl: Correctly align size of blobs
7dc17ae5abc : glsl: Update loop_terminator constructor to accept parameters.
f74ef158798 : aco/ngg: Incorporate GS invocations into workgroup size calculation.
09b9e52c0d8 : aco/ngg: Export a zero-area triangle when primitive count is 0.
73449f9a623 : aco: Add a few assertions about LDS usage.
b6654adc0ea : aco: Make emitting reduction instructions a bit more convenient.
8d6246205ad : aco: Add some validation for PSEUDO_REDUCTION instructions.
260f9c503ad : aco/ngg: Put shader query reduction operand into a VGPR.
9757c3cb6b8 : aco: Assert that workgroup barriers are not used inappropriately.
915f2919f64 : ci/bare-metal: suppress 'No such file or directory'
ecdcf22d5d8 : aco: switch aco_print_asm to a FILE *
a293fad4ef7 : aco: refactor repeated instruction disassembly
ed2449d55be : aco: move individual instruction disassembly to its own helper
7ded846ba92 : docs/features: Update extensions for swr
2088f359ff8 : docs/features: Update extensions for softpipe
483657de323 : aco: use mubuf helper in select_gs_copy_shader
ec7ecfe9cbf : aco: use control flow creation helpers in select_gs_copy_shader
57d977a23fb : aco: round bytes_written to dwords if larger than 4 bytes
41839d38cf3 : aco: default to a definition size of 32
768186e2af3 : docs: s3tc -> S3TC
d30470e999b : docs: clang -> Clang
f3095f9b40c : docs: gcc -> GCC
4aded097346 : docs: fbo -> FBO
e8d0313df54 : docs: hud -> HUD
f408343198a : docs: api -> API
a22cedf4f0f : docs: anistropy -> anisotropy
689145eeb2b : docs: eg. -> e.g.
580b9d11ff2 : docs: ie. -> i.e.
fef8a4befdc : radv: remove call to nir_lower_pack()
212be2a04e4 : radv: lower pack_[64/32]_* via nir_lower_alu_to_scalar()
bd0468ed338 : nir: add options to lower nir_op_pack_[64/32]_* via nir_lower_alu_to_scalar()
121fa017e1d : ac/nir: implement nir_op_[un]pack_64_4x16
543f50789a4 : aco: implement nir_op_unpack_[64/32]_*
79cd22b889b : v3dv: enable alphaToOne feature
eb104e949ee : radv: Do not access set layout during vkCmdBindDescriptorSets.
29999e6b9d7 : radv: Fix 1D compressed mipmaps on GFX9.
06cf838cbdc : intel/mi_builder: Support gen11 command-streamer based register offsets
fdb1997ab5e : Fix VMware capitalization.
0e7d45c89a5 : util: use dllexport for mingw too
e030ab51632 : lavapipe: configure suffix in icd json
3017d884bc0 : gallium: use libpipe_loader_links
0355d10c6bd : wsi: move drm code to wsi_common_drm.c
72ce22f9918 : lavapipe: fix usleep usage in lvp_device
d399c3e861a : intel/dev: Add device info for ADL-S
26e53e3afa7 : aco: ignore the ACO-inserted continue in create_continue_phis()
fa5acbbcdea : CI: remove llvmpipe cl flake test
8d03cfae7c3 : anv: Drop warning about gen12 not being supported
a1885332d76 : panfrost: AFBC compress Z16 depth buffers
388c99b0298 : panfrost: Z16 depth buffer support
4a20ed6b45a : panfrost: Move zs format handling code out of the !afbc case
06d1f7c64b2 : docs: Specify when branch points happen
328a3503875 : vulkan/util,vulkan/wsi,radv: Add typed outarray API
437995bb705 : aco: remove all-undef phi opt
70ff262cda8 : aco: use v_mov_b32_sdwa for some 16-bit constants
b882598ee17 : aco: remove some unused optimizations
d20a752c0de : aco: use Builder::copy more
e54c111c459 : aco: always use p_parallelcopy for pre-RA copies
6db5fbf9f27 : aco: allow literals on sub-dword p_parallelcopy
74e2e9b682a : aco: don't use bld.copy() in handle_operands()
a834d9ef86a : aco: expand vectors passed as copy operands
e092f34dfa3 : aco: copy-propgate through p_create_vector during value numbering
0f31fa1b645 : aco: skip value numbering of copies
72b307a3389 : aco: don't do divergent break+discard
d4503a90205 : aco: update phi_map in add_subdword_operand()
23fb54bf7fa : aco: Clean up some C++ usages
79347f5cd45 : radv: enable VK_AMD_mixed_attachment_samples on GFX6-GFX7
ee1d30ab8a9 : radv: flush CB before and after FMASK_DECOMPRESS or DCC_DECOMPRESS
3fee91d2e7e : docs: add link to extension spec
76f74bd653e : CI: Only run OpenCL tests when we need to
48e83f76653 : radv: do not perform a FMASK expand for non-writeable MSAA images
cb12879401b : aco: fix GFX8 16-bit packing
666817ce846 : v3dv: grow meta descriptor pool dynamically
6b874eb42c8 : ci: Run git_archive job if all_paths matches
e5cd5e9cec9 : pan/mdg: fix LOCAL_STORAGE wls_instances packing
e4b170a7206 : v3dv: enable the logicOp feature
af0435cbfe6 : Revert "radeonsi: use staging buffer uploads for most VRAM buffers"
e29fb8e80f1 : amd/addrlib: Initialize Gfx10Lib members in constructor.
006ce7358c1 : freedreno/gmem: Respect max-height limits too
9f5c8ff0ae8 : freedreno: Rework GMEM limit init
6c6693e043a : pan/bi: Fix ms_idx type to catch missing ms_index source
eaed477652a : pan/bi: Add ult support
f77bbc92364 : pan/bi: Lower {i,u}{min,max} instructions
1c8b8e3c82e : pan/bi: Add support for load_point_coord
55c0dd943e9 : pan/bi: Add support for load_front_face
0a582b53f22 : panfrost: Preload primitive flags when gl_FrontFacing is accessed
b92eadb29cc : ci: Add "check mr" job to needs: of build jobs
27ce5d921ef : aco: remove isel_context::allocated
6f68cacf619 : virgl: Always enable emulated BGRA and swizzling unless specifically told not to
3d9ffdcc729 : nir/lower_memcpy: Don't mask the store
67238f95b52 : freedreno: Disallow tiled if SHARED and not QCOM_COMPRESSED
63bdbfd045d : freedreno: Update import/export traces
5f686c308ab : st/va: fix build with old libva
638ebdea78e : glx: get rid of memory leak
26f58e87a0d : mapi: do not return thread-specific data for wrong thread
61d40ae4d04 : mapi: do not call thread-unsafe dispatch getter
65d6f258c52 : mapi: remove unused function
cf083f1d02b : aco: use do_pack() for self-intersecting operations.
d96f387e7ac : aco: improve code sequences for 16bit packing
40bfb088285 : aco: refactor GFX6_7 subdword copy lowering
06b41ca5899 : iris: add support for fence signal capability
aa1d298b339 : iris: handle PIPE_FD_TYPE_SYNCOBJ type
bddaa9339c7 : ac/nir: remove bindless image atomic format check
2ff97847d19 : docs: document zink's gl > 3.0 requirements
be693beef1e : docs: do not document required minimum
dd0f9410974 : zink: verify geometry shader feature
82512a163ba : gallivm: lower flrp for all sizes.
b8a9bd9b936 : gallivm: get correct min/max behaviour for kernels.
9845c1636cc : gallivm: add support for 8/16-bit mul_hi
4b6d3328432 : gallivm: handle sub-32 bit masked stores.
81d8ca70eb0 : gallivm: add b2i8/b216 support
0f78ca9d546 : gallivm: add 16-bit split/merge support.
4ecdc5ec4e2 : gallivm: fix 64->16 f2f16
842a53913c0 : llvmpipe: fix 8/16 bit global stores
d1ea49d9244 : anv: report latest extension spec versions
303a74c52c0 : android: panfrost: Move nir_undef_to_zero to util
6a189c89f8b : util/xmlconfig: Disable for Windows like Android
fb56fb02a1e : gallivm: add load/store scratch support.
9c1f6ed8044 : frontends/va: Initialize drm modifier on import.
bef6007c3aa : gallium: update abs_delta segementation parameter
9c67f3d723a : frontends/omx/enc: fix omx h264 encoding force-keyframe-period issue.
390887ff586 : mesa: Remove the key parameter from the _mesa_HashDeleteAll callback
cc6dcc6ab4f : mesa: Remove the key parameter from the _mesa_HashWalk callback
ca752b08c90 : i965: Get the gl_perf_query_object Id from the object
f71488d1d10 : mesa: Store the atlas Id in the gl_bitmap_atlas structure
0e17bb509e6 : mesa: Open-code hash walk in _mesa_HashPrint
3c2489d2e45 : amd: print NUM_PKRS with AMD_DEBUG=info on gfx10.3
989cc76f0c9 : amd: replace 0x028848 with the register definition
e72b76b94bd : amd: update gfx10-rsrc.json for gfx10.3
e477255271a : amd: correct typos in gfx10-rsrc.json
19e32793b61 : amd: regenerate gfx103.json from kernel headers
9d3b802c6a9 : scons/windows: Support build with LLVM 11.
f21dd3bc5a0 : scons: gallium/auxiliary: Unconditionally compile NIR regardless of LLVM
3ba786f6243 : spirv: Fix OpCopyMemorySized
a071590b1d1 : frontends/omx/h265: Check the pps set before the scaling data
08762d5171b : frontends/omx/dec: Use the known codec profile when allocating buffers
56f90a6ac19 : pan/bi: Account for bool32 ld_ubo reads
3cdca1514f6 : panfrost: Don't advertise MSAA on Bifrost
f0e65805cb8 : panfrost: Drop PIPE_CAP_GLSL_FEATURE_LEVEL for Bifrost
b9a136cdd1e : panfrost: Implement BGRA textures
048e4315426 : panfrost: Fix component order XML
25b66e61f73 : panfrost: Calculate thread count on Bifrost
fb32406e566 : panfrost: Don't export queries
f4ecc432bf7 : panfrost: Record architecture major version
81b28ebcb5a : pan/bi: Use nir_undef_to_zero
86b2b4eb768 : panfrost: Move nir_undef_to_zero to common util/
f0421099efc : pan/bi: Pipe through tls_size
b43b1535e25 : pan/bi: Implement spilling
e33b2976f3a : pan/bi: Pack LOAD/STORE
74be83d876f : pan/bi: Add bi_foreach_clause_in_block_safe helper
2ff54cacf0e : pan/bi: Factor out singleton construction from scheduler
2d0f46a181b : pan/bi: Implement bi_spill_register
82dbc4ea782 : pan/bi: Add helpers for working with singletons
1db83fc75d9 : pan/bi: Add bi_rewrite_index_src_single helper
9e915fd5f74 : pan/bi: Add bi_fill
486a820bc67 : pan/bi: Add bi_spill helper
171bf199171 : pan/bi: Add spills/fills parameters
7246dd88cda : pan/bi: Implement bi_choose_spill_node
ab9abc9052f : pan/bi: Add no_spill flag to IR
ad8a8499c9b : pan/bi: Stub spilling
8477678cfeb : pan/bi: Fix handling of small constants in bi_lookup_constant
82a62a6f331 : pan/bi: Drop 64-bit constant support
d2bfcba54d8 : pan/mdg: Cleanup mir_rewrite_index_src_single
b19d9c86a87 : panfrost: Drop panfrost_vt_emit_shared_memory
e6152091ca9 : panfrost: Use canonical characterization of tls_size
a33827d3d31 : panfrost: Get rid of the non-native wallpering bits
c89f659f03f : panfrost: Use native wallpapering on Bifrost
edd98aac3f1 : panfrost: Add support for native wallpapering on Bifrost
a677e34e1fc : panfrost: Split panfrost_load_midg()
8892c9cde1b : panfrost: Pass the texture payload through a panfrost_ptr
3f91d819450 : panfrost: Rename gtransfer to transfer
1b3b289c5c1 : panfrost: Rename panfrost_transfer to panfrost_ptr
bf3cd28319c : panfrost: Use real name for attribute's unknown field
6b68c821d11 : panfrost: Build blit shaders on Bifrost too
69c864b0b92 : panfrost: Make {midgard,bifrost}_compile_shader_nir() return a program object
b83c293674c : pan/bi: Add basic support for txf_ms
d33c8afe9b5 : pan/bi: Support the case where TEXC needs 0 or 1 staging reg
4aff27a68a1 : pan/bi: Add support for load_sample_id
e2d61567422 : pan/bi: Print blend descriptor source properly
74c158011d0 : pan/bi: Make sure we don't print special index as a register
a194dcc827e : panfrost: Replace unkown renderer state fields by their real names
7486b5d91ee : panfrost: Add specialized preload descriptors
d769697f35c : panfrost: Add the bifrost tiler internal state field
2f1947b39ca : panfrost: Fix tiler job injection
519643bbe0c : panfrost: Adjust the renderer state definition
f2ae8d116ab : freedreno/a6xx: Implement user clip/cull distances
b4224c39e12 : tu: Implement clip/cull distances
47f825ac636 : ir3: Handle clip+cull distances
9e063b01b77 : ir3: Switch tess lowering to use location
4ca38a19957 : nir/lower_clip_cull: Store array size for FS inputs
cb6ce4a265b : iris: fix the order of src and dst for fence memcpy
d972a6ac4c8 : nir: get rid of OOB dereferences in nir_lower_io_arrays_to_elements
33c9d4bf315 : radv: replace RADV_TRACE_FILE by RADV_DEBUG=hang
9516f9369e4 : radv: re-order GPU hang report dumps by usefulness
719b9b3e27e : radv: dump GPU hang report logs into $HOME/radv_dumps_<pid>
ef6d374307b : radv: dump UMR ring and waves into the hang report
18477241c1d : radv: add radv_dump_cmd() helper
bf66bbda809 : ac: add an option to dump GPU info to a file
5f16c5b6f96 : v3dv: properly describe swap_color_rb
d8cabe0cbe2 : v3dv: compute swap_rb flag after applying all swizzles
40788be1343 : v3d/compiler: fix BGRA vertex attributes for vec2/float size.
c15468d782b : broadcom/cle: fix vec size dump when set to 0
53fc3eb4a22 : glsl: Initialize lower_shared_reference_visitor members.
0eccd15852b : frontends/va: Return P010/P016 as possible surface formats when encoding
b50f40fa5a9 : src/util/disk_cache_os.c: Add missing headers for open/fcntl
ddca93ddf70 : anv: Enable stencil buffer compression on Gen12+
dc22d6b3ab1 : anv: Pass correct stencil aux usage during MSAA resolve
993a2a71224 : anv: Return optimal aux state for stencil buffer compression
815e6c8ef4e : anv: Don't track clear bo for stencil buffer compression
d34ab5071a8 : anv: Get aux usage from plane while clearing stencil buffer
c76ebc0c7a6 : anv: Set stencil_aux_usage flag
be2ca24da55 : anv: Handle compressed stencil buffer transition on Gen12+
c2a41028485 : anv: Return number of layers/levels attached to anv_image
67956689bb8 : nir: Rename replicated-result dot-product instructions
8cee9ce750e : spirv: switch to util_bswap32 to improve portability
7e28fbd8bc5 : ci: Add the new timeout-prone softpipe-gl test to the skips list.
18cef9c5149 : docs: Fix "Hosted by" link and drop duplicate.
1dd6495f78c : docs: Add a link to the linux kernel DRM docs under "Developer Topics"
2f39dac6e89 : docs: Drop extra link to old DRI wiki in the "Help" section.
31e9de9c8ac : loader/dri3: Allocate up to 4 back buffers for page flips
16a7cc4d449 : loader/dri3: Keep current number of back buffers if frame was skipped
60585fc4e34 : loader/dri3: Only allocate additional buffers if needed
ea326912575 : anv: fix source/destination layers for 3D blits
87934f02f9d : blorp: allow blits with floating point source layers
e067078fcd2 : blorp: identify copy kernels in NIR
6694b4276b8 : ac/nir: abort when an unknown intrinsic is reached
fa490cb6ac3 : ac/nir: ignore set_vertex_and_primitive_count intrinsic
b739bb71680 : compile/nir: Correct printing dest_type
4e2fe34aa99 : aco: fix determining if LOD is zero for nir_texop_txf/nir_texop_txs
4735c8a522c : nir/loop_analyze: adjust force unrolling to only include interesting modes
542feb9ab6f : ci: disable check commits job for now
8f9c5964ab3 : v3dv: handle buffer to linear depth/stencil image copies in blit path
61b8a49e86d : v3dv: handle compressed image to buffer copies on the blit path
462429b4b8b : v3dv: fix Z coordinate for 3D blits
a18411d9c60 : v3dv: do not attempt to blit from a linear image source
2118c9b562d : v3dv: fix multi-layered buffer to image copies on the blit path
0a4fc196058 : v3dv: skip unnecessary tile loads when blitting
c83d6ffa322 : gallivm/nir: handle nir_op_flt in lp_build_nir_llvm
91b64da3de5 : driconf: allow higher compat version for Brink
edd0b00c2be : driconf: disable GLX_OML_swap_method by default on Brink
d2cb3f862f2 : driconf: add a way to override indirect-GL extensions
7eedc79658d : driconf: add a way to override GLX extensions
97f6d5e3a99 : glx: let users force-enable/disable indirect GL extensions
e19644967f2 : glx: initial plumbing to let users force-enable/disable extensions
74722c3ab91 : glx: rework __glXCalculateUsableExtensions to be more readable
1331b86299b : glx: stop using hardcoded array sizes for bitfields
af25f47bdce : glx/extensions: split set_glx_extension into find_ and set_
4ba255dfaaf : dri/DRI2ConfigQueryExtension: add support for string options
f9763b20542 : driconf: initialize the option value before using it
0e3a424f002 : driconf: bump the maximum string size from 25 to 1024
81797fc863c : android: util,ac,aco,radv: Cross-platform memstream API
025050bae73 : glsl: Initialize ir_if_to_cond_assign_visitor members in constructor.
8cf00244328 : nir: Use a switch in nir_lower_explicit_io_instr
8033200560f : docs/v3d: Add a little stub of v3d documentation.
97dd039191d : docs/vc4: Add information on the hw documentation available.
c4290a52ddb : docs/vc4: Move my old vc4 wiki's documentation into
4a4b854aa02 : docs/vmware: Move the vmware driver docs into the drivers section.
313f951f1bd : docs: Move the gallium driver documentation to the top level.
9a644d70173 : docs: specify redirects in instead
47f52e83d10 : docs: specify redirects relative to docs-root
7daf953bc0e : docs: verify that targets for relative redirects exist
a85c3189fa7 : docs: create leading directories for redirects
b2c737cf573 : virgl: Fixes portal2 binary name in tweak config
3d51c27de55 : st/mesa: initialize lower alpha func to ALWAYS
33ccf0e9bc5 : nir: drop unused alpha_ref_float
42ee423e3ac : nir: drop support for using load_alpha_ref_float
1404b8b1e5b : vc4: do not report alpha-test as supported
8ad931808e2 : v3d: do not report alpha-test as supported
4c41d1900e5 : ci: Add jobs running ci-fairy checks
7b09d501e45 : ci: Add empty needs: to pages job
9d1d3a89c49 : ci: Move test-docs job to deploy stage
549ae5f8437 : st/mesa: make sure prog->info is up to date for NIR (v2)
1126b5cd2f1 : Revert "st/mesa: don't pass NIR to draw module if IO is lowered"
233520035a0 : nir: consider load_color intrinsics as both inputs and sysval in gathering
c69849ef803 : amd: update addrlib
e6e3d8951ab : glx: Move glXGet{ScreenDriver,DriverConfig} to common code
ce8530d6c92 : glx: Delegate the core of glXGetScreenDriver to the GLX screen vtable
3bb7ebfc750 : glx: move __glXGetUST into the DRI1 code
eb6877d3af3 : radv,aco: fix use of texop_samples_identical in the resolve meta path
eacdad7ea0d : ac/nir: do not sign-extend the result of texop_samples_identical
11d70e7ab96 : docs/features: add v3dv driver
354e375c9cc : frontends/va/postproc: Un-break field flag
fd038132de0 : aco/isel: Miscellaneous cleanups using the new Stage API
34bc9477de1 : aco: Clean up symbol names and comments related to NGG
86c227c10cb : aco: Use strong typing to model SW<->HW stage mappings
fdbc45d1d46 : nir: Only validate in passes that might have changed things.
c54c42321ea : glsl: relax rule on varying matching for shaders older than 4.00
c97e82bab50 : panfrost: Only enable occlusion queries when active
04e955f19bb : panfrost: Precise occlusion query support
584b1070372 : st/mesa: Drop the TGSI paths for drawpixels and use nir-to-tgsi if needed.
57effa342b7 : st/mesa: Drop the TGSI paths for PBOs and use nir-to-tgsi if needed.
da4c4c0e678 : gallium/ntt: Add default compiler options for non-native-NIR drivers.
f5841c343b4 : v3dv: Fix assert using assign instead of compare.
e7ce74497e5 : radv: Advertise VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation.
bf955d5f0a3 : amd/llvm: Add VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation support.
76421667ecf : aco: Add VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation support.
22a6396340c : ci: Enable Werror on meson-arm64-build-test.
b03fdca2e00 : turnip: Add error path handling for descriptor pool init.
d384f3be4c0 : turnip: Handle the error path for tu/drm's vkResetFences().
296468ef1ac : turnip: Handle some error paths in allocating CS space from a command buffer.
9b156ef57bf : freedreno/fdperf: Silence a compiler warning about current counter.
a512e9eecd8 : freedreno/tools: Fix compiler warnings about using sz in the error paths.
91c5bbc128b : freedreno/cffdec: Fix format overflow warning.
e4dba528cad : llvmpipe: enable CL images
cda192dc157 : llvmpipe: fix sampler/image binding for clover.
874371876e2 : nvc0/CL: enable images
ee035c75d42 : nouveau: hide SVM support behing a variable for now as kernel space is broken
1a775b71ca5 : clover/nir: set kernel_image cap
4f24dee22a7 : clover/nir: Add an image lowering pass
5e31fad8c9c : clover/nir: Calculate sizes of images and samplers properly
f6c46e8408b : clover/device: use PIPE_MAX_SHADER_SAMPLER_VIEWS for max_images_read
43a42b6e1d0 : clover: clCreateImage: calculate image row_pitch and slice_pitch when not provided
f2bdb692188 : clover: support custom driver strides
9583ce04db3 : clover: validate image_row_pitch and image_slice_pitch in clEnqueueMapImage
1ff4db19351 : clover: Fix incorrect error check in clGetSupportedImageFormats
3aead7198bc : clover: use pipe_image_view for images instead of set_compute_resources
eb965719abf : compiler/types: Allow images and samplers in get_explicit_type_for_size_align
0021d3ae87a : compiler/types: Assert non-zero alignments in get_explicit_type_for_size_align
ef68f740a67 : nir/lower_io: Assert non-zero power-of-two alignments
589d918a4f9 : spirv: Add 0.5 to integer coordinates for OpImageSampleExplicitLod
2015a109ff2 : anv,iris: Use the data cache for UBO pulls on Gen12+
cdc546ae7fe : iris: Flush caches based on brw_compiler::indirect_ubos_use_sampler
fa483d8cd1b : android: gallium/auxiliary: Deduplicate nir_to_tgsi.c inclusion
0f82c99c4e6 : docs: Document how to build and install Android drivers.
c4f8d421df2 : meson: Don't enable libunwind by in 'auto' mode on Android.
f2a27d72de5 : meson: Don't try to build GLX by default on Android.
e3c330c7b21 : freedreno: Use Android's libsync instead of libdrm's.
81a0f1eca24 : meson: Only require libexpat when a part of the build needs it.
442a7696004 : xxf86vm is not needed for -Dglx-direct=false
d0f8fe59091 : softpipe: Switch to using NIR as the shader format from mesa/st.
6444f5702dc : softpipe: Fix buffer overflows in SSBO atomics.
34cc6a804ec : gallium: Add a nir-to-TGSI pass.
d867e7c9748 : nir: Add an option to not lower source mods for f64/u64/i64.
c730feacc0d : nir: Add a call to get a struct describing SSA liveness per instruction.
a206b581578 : nir: Add a block start/end ip to live instr index metadata.
2f5d18403a4 : nir: Replace nir_ssa_def->live_index with nir_instr->index.
b6cb184e86d : nir: Introduce nir_metadata_instr_index for nir_index_instr() being current.
b05c107d744 : ci: Enable NIR_VALIDATE everywhere.
4ca10307745 : radv: move all NIR pass outside of ACO
9aa89b36fc4 : ac/nir: handle non-const offset with txf/txf_ms
e690a1b78bf : ac/llvm: don't lower bool to int32, switch to native i1 bool
ed0eb511d9c : util: Fix rwlock Windows include for MinGW
afeb0c30226 : genxml: drop gen10
6d32fcaaafb : Revert "radv/aco: disable NGG GS support because it randomly hangs the GPU"
d8435c1628c : aco/ngg: Add assertion to make sure we always know the vertex count.
d9cb9ff4148 : nir: Emit set_vertex_and_primitive_count for inactive streams.
07fae31e8cb : radv: add missing 'discardtodemote' option in the debug list
44081311428 : vulkan/wsi: fix possible random stalls in wsi_display_wait_for_event
85053c016c8 : panfrost: Fix stride for AFBC_FORMAT_MOD_BLOCK_SIZE_32x8.
8dd03a7c125 : anv: Advertise VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation
8251eed83e7 : vulkan: Update XML and headers to 1.2.158
7e55f0e17df : clover/nir: add a constant folding pass before lowering mem const
aca31baafc0 : isl: Enable Tigerlake HDC:L1 caches via MOCS in various cases.
02fe825a613 : isl, anv, iris: Add a centralized helper to select MOCS based on usage
103ad427bc7 : anv: Set only one ISL usage bit (RT/texture) for CopyBuffer sources
4df98c3c0ca : turnip: Only link libdrm in the DRM case, not KGSL.
f63ce9bbe0c : turnip: Don't link the WSI code if we don't have a WSI extension.
8f3313fb479 : turnip: Use Mesa's libsync.h instead of libdrm's libsync.h.
8a72666e91b : turnip: Drop a dead error checking path in device init.
27b88879462 : android: Add pre-4.7 Android kernel compatibility to our libsync header.
e8c89a9bcba : util: Import a copy of drm's libsync.h
ab57df26225 : ci/android: Switch build to using platform SDK version 26.
e92f4ac9f46 : android_stub: Update platform headers to include gralloc1.h.
72799886e7e : radv: report latest extension spec versions
cf17d625165 : meson: Add xcb-fixes to loader when using x11 and dri3. Fixes undefined symbol for xcb_xfixes_create_region in loader_dri3_helper.c
25627ffe656 : mesa: Pass the correct caller string to _mesa_lookup_or_create_texture
9b847d4150f : mesa/st: Silence unused parameter warnings in st_context.c
4cd930565e3 : i965: Silence unused parameter warnings
3c87ac1f608 : isl: Fix the aux-map encoding for D24_UNORM_X8
9a062383e35 : anv: Implement VariableDescriptorCount
215218f32f5 : anv: Add a descriptor_count to descriptor sets
dd1971c9d8f : anv: Bump the number of update-after-bind descriptors to 1M
3c0ba7b1802 : zink: reject resource-imports with modifiers
068b4bf76c0 : doc/features: remove zink entries for GL 3.3 items
af8d488ea5e : util,ac,aco,radv: Cross-platform memstream API
4c2e7b08930 : util,radv,radv/winsys: Cross-platform rwlock API
9d4999e7cf7 : anv: Ignore continue flag in primary cmd buffers
b3529e56b5d : ac/nir: implement missing nir_op_pack_half_2x16_split
57d317865e7 : radeonsi: enable NGG culling by default on Navi1x PRO cards
67a67ea29e7 : radeonsi: enable NGG on Navi14 PRO cards
bc3c74e2a29 : radeonsi: tweak LATE_ALLOC_GS numbers for faster NGG culling
b38b5aabee4 : radeonsi: pack LDS better for NGG culling
80943679889 : radeonsi: write VS/TES system values into LDS after culling
1de0bf0a56d : radeonsi: remove indirection when loading position at the end for NGG culling
823ee12d57e : radeonsi: optimize out LDS bank conflicts in the NGG culling shader
7648060dc03 : radeonsi: enable NGG culling by default on gfx10.3 dGPUs
e7d3f22c6ae : radeonsi: don't disable NGG culling on gfx10.3
6810e6e4d0e : Revert "radeonsi/gfx10: disable vertex grouping"
7d1fb5fffe3 : v3dv: Initialize time before usage by free_stale_bos.
8eb246d7f61 : v3dv: Remove unsigned comparison to zero.
5e27e043227 : intel/isl: Drop redundant unpack of unorm channels
cf11ebfbc22 : st/mesa: Add missing sentinels in format_map[]
0c70268ff73 : zink: mark ARB_sample_shading as supported
bf9a1e0a4be : zink: add a pipe_context::get_sample_position hook
b009bd96859 : zink: add ntv handling for ARB_sample_shading
441b32bf3f4 : zink: add helper for vec-type input variables in ntv
7c5129985bc : zink: implement ARB_draw_indirect
3e3b6e995fa : zink: set 3.3 complete in features.txt
80c66642cc8 : zink: bump GLSL to 3.30
44baddf1fe9 : zink: set 3.2 complete in features.txt
26b076ff66f : zink: GLSL 1.50
b27ec49e022 : zink: mark off GL 3.1 as done in features.txt
815f0c01b0f : zink: bump to glsl 1.40
8028991f361 : zink: enable gs pipe caps
4c734da7def : zink: add gallium handling for geometry shaders
d59e4b8ce64 : zink: round out handling for streamout buffer stride setting during draw
9915c540b26 : zink: remove ADJACENCY prim types from primconvert path
d656c600a39 : zink: add handling for gs in ntv
9671cd92151 : zink: re-transform gl_Position for gs input
ea2279daf1f : zink: add ntv handling for geometry shader variables
423a342ae74 : zink: handle shader io vars more generically for use with gs
182f7f9ae8e : zink: add some spirv_builder functions we'll be using for geometry shaders
5934fc17084 : r600/sfn: Update state docu
9f5e5fb9122 : r600/sfn: Fix the parameter component type
5f661977f8e : r600/sfn: Use register keep-alive also when scanning the shader
9eda7176e31 : r600/sfn: fix remapping of deleted attributes
f79b7fcf7c7 : r600/sfn: use 32 bit bools
92a4d45bee6 : r600/sfn: use cacheless op for coherent image write
02e39b737a7 : r600/sfn: Handle mem barrier and image barrier by using ACK
f664fc1c7b5 : r600/sfn: use shared pointer to GPR for FS sysvalues
876b975becb : r600/sfn: Rework get_temp_register to return a smart pointer to GPRValue
92bc0661f5c : r600/sfn: fix mega fetch count for SSBO/Image atomics result fetch
d79d20d398a : r600/sfn: Fix keepalive patch
86254134b38 : r600/sfn: Fix ssbo resource offset for buffer loads
ed66eafb6d8 : r600/sfn: Don't reuse registers for workgroup ID and local invocation ID
bafb2bb5516 : glsl: Initialize add_uniform_to_shader member var in constructor.
aea74eac3d7 : zink: fix stencil wrapping
b17e264e660 : glsl: Initialize lower_ubo_reference_visitor members in constructor.
e32eadc586a : v3dv: Fix assert using assign instead of compare.
e7e24d5039c : intel/fs: Handle nir_intrinsic_terminate
886d2d1a9ab : spirv: Handle SpvOpTerminateInvocation
4dfd2923079 : spirv: Update headers and metadata from latest Khronos commit
f6d5dd825f3 : nir: Add nir_intrinsic_terminate and nir_intrinsic_terminate_if
fdb65b8b237 : aco: add missing SCC clobber in get_buffer_size
6be2bbec6da : Revert "iris: Use the data cache for indirect UBO pulls"
a5529eb235b : anv: Go back to using the sampler for UBO pulls
d91cb31a2aa : vc4: Enable nir_lower_io for uniforms
3e877ca27df : vc4: Add missing range_base/range at nir_load_ubos in yuv_blit fs.
4cfdd425b65 : vc4: Add missing load_ubo set_align in yuv_blit fs.
f91b2fe384a : nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: add some tests for discard/demote behaviour
f8e971f5114 : nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: don't vectorize stores across demote
19aaafd4a66 : intel: Remove Gen10-specific device entries
b0e3af4fb82 : intel: Remove Gen10-speicific perf support
fc04733f093 : anv: Don't generate Gen10-specific functions
5490f5cbceb : iris: Don't generate Gen10-specific functions
495dc514ac8 : intel/isl: Don't generate Gen10-specific functions
1f00b0f4efa : intel: Remove Gen10-specific cache config code
9c19a3874d8 : i965: Don't build Gen10-specific files and libraries
3220ff70f38 : i965: Remove Gen10-specific state setup and workarounds
262ca98b3a4 : intel/compiler: Remove Gen10-specific code
e22f106e017 : intel: Disable all support for Gen10
112f23fd332 : i965: Rename gen10_emit_isp_disable to gen7_emit_isp_disable
fe261091238 : i965: Make MOCS index tables static const
02a0819dcca : i965: Silence many unused parameter warnings in genX_state_upload.c
5a5f30bf434 : i965: Silence many unused parameter warnings in genX_blorp_exec.c
b9c326bc4dd : intel: Silence many unused parameter warnings in blorp_genX_exec.h
de77fabe132 : i965: Allow viewport array extensions with allow_higher_compat_version
9223842c6b3 : ci: Unskip fragment_ops tests on Bifrost
cdfb1d925f3 : zink: add last few format maps for ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev
8e96b4f430f : zink: add VK_BUFFER_USAGE_INDEX_BUFFER_BIT to vertex buffer creation
c364124440c : zink: handle null attachment for ARB_texture_buffer_object samplers
69dc0f2f749 : zink: assert valid format in zink_create_sampler_view()
00db994d968 : zink: ensure resource tracking for sampler buffers in render batches
63b299d0134 : zink: implement ARB_texture_buffer_object
4c2b02f5994 : zink: increase descriptor pool sizes for other descriptor types we'll be using
4231cc2e99a : glsl: more accurately handle swizzle in 64bit varying split with no left value
d75d12f5073 : aco: don't use v_pack_b32_f16 if 16-bit input denormals are flushed
d4b3e869ee1 : aco: propagate literals into sub-dword pseudo instructions on GFX9+
1a652244e4b : aco: implement 16-bit literals
91d9c55f3a4 : panfrost: Add blend shader support to bifrost
f04e5ef7ff1 : panfrost: Add missing tile-buffer formats to the format enum
685d45ff938 : pan/bi: Special-case load_input for blend shaders
0d40460757b : pan/bi: Reserve r0-r3 in blend shaders
3432d0a3e53 : pan/bi: Special-case BLEND instruction emission for blend shaders
2f3f5da91de : pan/bi: Collect return addresses of blend calls
8da0a1d5fd4 : pan/bi: Add load_output support
c7748968ba0 : panfrost: Flag blend shader function as an entry point
6d3fce56801 : panfrost: Scalarize nir_load_blend_const_color_rgba
8d707cd9183 : panfrost: Add a "Bifrost Internal Blend" descriptor
e6186c20426 : pan/bi: Support indirect jumps
1a1d9cce465 : pan/bi: Add support for load_blend_const_color_{r,g,b,a}_float
16179c89d11 : pan/bi: Rework blend descriptor access handling
6dd2a76126f : pan/bi: Get rid of the regs argument in bi_assign_fau_idx()
f25850bf5f9 : pan/bi: Use canonical name for FAU RAM sources
111cf7f0e82 : pan/bi: Copy blend shader info from compile_inputs
6c61f0b8e5d : panfrost: Extend compile_inputs to pass a blend descriptor
d8326ceafbd : panfrost: Fix fixed-function blend on bifrost
442f48f27b6 : v3d/compiler: implement load interpolated input intrinsics
3ec165bce99 : broadcom/compiler: track partially interpolated fragment inputs
71ed8c5aa69 : iris: Fix doubling of shared local memory (SLM) sizes.
341f5bffb78 : intel/compiler, anv: Delete cs_prog_data->slm_size
e881290979d : broadcom/compiler: use nir io semantics
9b01598fe5a : nir/lower_io_to_scalar: update io semantics on per-component inst
ac5f0ee19ce : broadcom/compiler: support varyings with struct types
ebd5b555c15 : docs/release-calendar: plan 20.3 release
f8117f70519 : intel/fs: Allow constant-propagation into SAMPLEINFO and IMAGE_SIZE
438a409290a : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.10
713b666f290 : docs: add release notes for 20.1.10
0d9216a7cbd : isl: Allow CCS for 8bpp surfaces with 3+ miplevels
f94ba6b6f56 : iris: Add fast-clear restriction for 8bpp surfaces
1affcea37a6 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.2.1
dee2fdb3da9 : docs: add SHA256 sums for 20.2.1
3c89e7b4229 : docs: add release notes for 20.2.1
bb00a6860ee : radv: fix optimizing needed states if some are marked as dynamic
68daac28df1 : docs: Document how to replicate a CI build locally.
0767af3ffec : ci/android: Switch to using the Android NDK.
ad6189920be : symbols-check: Add __cxa_guard_* to the list of approved symbols.
4722491124e : glsl/tests: Make the tests skip on Android binary execution failures.
f51ce21e4e0 : meson: Drop adding -Wl,--gc-sections to project c/cpp arguments.
d5a72319d6b : aco/isel: Remove now unused VS-related code from create_null_export
c22c702f352 : aco/isel: Remove some dead code
bf51b11c04f : aco/isel: Always export position data from VS/NGG
f29c81f863c : aco: use VOP2 for v_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 if possible
7240edec2a6 : aco: use VOP2 version of v_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 on GFX_6_7_10
2f125908b35 : radv,aco: lower_pack_half_2x16
dae1e6f7568 : aco: use v_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 for pack_half_2x16
9185b7c0698 : aco: add validation rules for p_split_vector
aec872cda0b : aco: use p_split_vector for nir_op_unpack_half_*
f503699e106 : nir/opt_algebraic: optimize unpack_half_2x16_split_x(ushr, a, 16)
a38a497b86c : aco: use p_create_vector for nir_op_pack_half_2x16
3c2abd7116b : aco: expand create_vector more carefully w.r.t. subdword operands
d887eb141bd : aco: propagate SGPRs into VOP1 instructions early.
3424e17b9a9 : zink: unify code for emitting named uint-based variable instructions
20d73a9049f : aco: adjust an assertion about the wavesize in emit_gfx10_wave64_bpermute()
112e66fa090 : aco: compute the CS workgroup size from the shader NIR info
e3e8d13ada6 : radv: move compiler statistics to ACO
97afb2a0a93 : aco: remove unused radv_shader.h includes
408195ec530 : aco: remove useless occurences of radv_nir_compiler_options
8a6f60fc6b8 : aco: remove stub lower_wqm() prototype
23e731fcdba : zink: export PIPE_CAP_MAX*_VARYINGS values
d50e8554b99 : zink: add feature-documentation
f85488ab827 : zink: redo slot mapping again for the last time really I mean it
4f144dc92ce : zink: don't leak sampler view textures
270969b55ef : zink: explicitly flag fb attachments as being written to in render passes
8dfb941a4c5 : zink: add more explicit fencing for transfer maps
e3ed624072e : zink: optimize transfer_map for resources with pending reads/writes
c6687eef2dc : zink: add a mechanism to track current resource usage in batches
48b988e35fe : radv: fix ignoring the vertex attribute stride if set as dynamic
28d02b9d3e7 : ac,amd/llvm,radv: Initialize structs with {0}
b84d1a0c42c : radv/aco: disable NGG GS support because it randomly hangs the GPU
21422b1ff20 : nir/opt_uniform_atomics: remove useless returns
77586647880 : radv: Only close local_fd when valid
4ca6faa933a : util: Hide timespec_passed on Windows
1026e2ac0f7 : radv: Increased const usage
1b551857f98 : amd/addrlib: Fix warning list for msvc
5abac85177d : intel/fs: Rework scratch handling on Gen9+
e557af97811 : intel/fs/ra: Use a set to track added spill/fill instructions
f650c4c0c6b : intel/fs/ra: Sanity-check our IP counts
d80d0a6ced9 : intel/fs/ra: Store the last non-spill VGRF node
2af6528c334 : intel/fs/ra: Refactor handling of Gen7 scratch reads
74a1843ca0f : intel/fs/ra: Increment spill_offset as part of the emit_spill loop
06ebf23283e : intel/fs: Add a SCRATCH_HEADER opcode
24b64c8408b : intel/fs: Copy the PTSS from g0 for scratch reads/writes
f103012fad7 : intel/batch_decoder: Don't clame vec4 vs/gs/tcs shaders on Gen11+
e1efc534e6c : v3dv/device: Support loader interface version 3.
866f9493f4f : v3dv: fix buffer copies to compressed images on the blit path
82b9789f173 : v3dv: drop a couple of obsolete comments
ec78ee0342e : v3dv: limit blit framebuffer dimensions to max coordinates
43063d8de8f : v3dv: generate proper UUIDs for device and driver
c7814bcde3e : v3dv: fix blit path for copies from 3D compressed images
24e46f70b9a : v3dv: fixes for barriers in secondary command buffers
376b009104c : v3dv: implement workaround for GFXH-1918
1e81bb05aeb : v3dv: implement workaround for GFXH-1461
6fb45a04ab3 : v3dv: flag tmu_dirty_rcl in primaries when linking secondaries that have it set
30534fcb29c : v3dv: only advertise one memory type
49549f43c7c : v3dv: always program a reasonable internal depth type for copies/clears
1ed8252514e : v3dv/pipeline_cache: extend pipeline cache envvar
93e3b001c65 : v3dv/pipeline_cache: set a max size for the pipeline cache
7eb8eb10f6b : v3d/compiler: allow to batch spills
f7af9eb2118 : v3dv: free noop job if needed when finishing the queue
cec3d5e7660 : v3dv: clean-up after obtaining an XCB connection
deb0dce1ee9 : v3dv: don't leak dumb BO handles allocated for swapchain images
e7ea9180256 : v3dv/meta_copy: fix TFU blitting when using 3D images
db737a082a8 : v3dv: honor VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::depthWriteEnable
966b14adf71 : v3dv: fix sampling from stencil aspect of a combined depth/stencil image
abca6c97a0d : v3dv/formats: properly return unsupported for 1D compressed textures
0df0449b65c : v3dv: signal semaphore/fence if needed after acquiring a swapchain image
e14cdd6eba1 : v3dv: do not expose VK_IMAGE_USAGE_SAMPLED_BIT for swapchains
e6fb805f9a1 : v3dv: fix size computed by vkGetImageSubresourceLayout for 3D images
83336adacad : v3dv: fix offset computed by vkGetImageSubresourceLayout for array images
4cc7d6a85f2 : v3dv: expose DRM modifiers based on supported features
287af8045fb : v3dv/meta_copy: handle mirroring z component bliting 3D images
9518b677f12 : v3dv: fix color clear pipeline destruction for 32-bit architectures
4acf5985a4c : v3dv: hook up robust buffer access
23c727dd673 : v3d/compiler: add a lowering pass for robust buffer access
4401dde0e91 : broadcom/compiler: rename QUNIFORM_GET_BUFFER_SIZE to QUNIFORM_GET_SSBO_SIZE
6f55abcb8b6 : v3dv: handle QUNIFORM_GET_UBO_SIZE
d93d903a377 : v3d/compiler: implement nir_intrinsic_get_ubo_size
f4c754bcd13 : nir: add a nir_get_ubo_size intrinsic
4823313587e : v3dV: move meta init/finish to meta implementation files
db0bb36ace1 : v3dv: don't cache subpass color clear pipelines
07828c0456f : v3dv: fix 3D image blits
0d046516f32 : v3dv: only require texel-size alignment for linear images
57a337f26e0 : v3dv: lower interpolateAt functions in NIR and enable sample rate shading
6004ad9df1d : nir/lower_io: add an option to lower interpolateAt functions
4394efd21ba : v3dv/device: enable largePoints
a0153c92102 : v3dv/device: fix point-related VkPhysicalDeviceLimits
ff02458aa8b : v3d/limits: add line width and point size limits
7620a1b13f3 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: set instance id to 0 at start of tile
fa7fbdb0883 : v3dv/pipeline: set 16bit return_size for shadows always
229cce40562 : v3dv/pipeline: track if texture is shadow
c1bd8e0a1cf : v3dv: Call nir_lower_io for push constants
8f0696781ff : v3dv/pipeline: use derefs for ubo/ssbo
17c5a09c857 : v3dv/device: fix compute_heap_size for the simulator
73b47204aa0 : v3d/simulator: add v3d_simulator_get_mem_size
02b96706119 : broadcom/compiler: allow GLSL_SAMPLER_DIM_BUF on txs emission
e8ceb8f56aa : v3dv/meta: fix hash table insertion
5a59a331e21 : v3dv/pipeline: fix combined_index_map insertions
edec743e8d3 : v3dv/debug: add v3dv_print_v3d_key
ee605bdf3e4 : v3dv/device: warn when the pipeline cache is disabled
54efbe0a036 : v3dv/device: add assert for texture-related limits
29ef4ddcf9b : v3dv: handle multisample rasterization with empty framebuffers
644a15e69e6 : v3dv: implement nir_texop_texture_samples
6ee88f0acde : v3dv: enable sample rate shading if fragment shader reads gl_SampleID
1c4c7d95f71 : broadcom/compiler: track if the fragment shader forces per-sample MSAA
5de282b50a9 : v3dv/descriptor: remove v3dv_descriptor_map_get_image_view
888cefc7976 : v3dv/uniforms: handle texture size for texel buffers
531ea3596da : broadcom/compiler: implement nir_intrinsic_load_sample_pos
b7ca46762f2 : v3dv/formats: fix exposing FEATURE_UNIFORM/STORAGE_TEXEL_BUFFER_BIT
c68ed396b2c : v3dv: handle multisample image clears
4a63b1ae87f : v3dv: handle multisample resolves for formats that don't support TLB resolves
049ea811712 : v3dv: handle multisample resolve of integer formats
a4b68453446 : v3dv: fix blitting of signed integer formats
50351df8285 : nir/glsl: add a glsl_ivec4_type() helper
7bbce22d7be : v3dv: amend tile size tables with smallest tile sizes available
f16da2c8201 : v3dv/device: fix minTexelBufferOffsetAlingment
947fa7033dc : v3dv: add v3dv_limits file
81b713e341a : v3dv/descriptor: support for UNIFORM/STORAGE_TEXEL_BUFFER
14d74c07aa1 : broadcom/compiler: handle gl_SampleMask writes in fragment shaders
3310c1542cc : v3dv: handle multisampled image copies with the blit path
f219795a269 : v3dv: add a blit fallback path for vkCmdResolveImage
6c27dbdbc93 : v3dv: setup texture shader state correctly for multisampled images
006178165c7 : v3dv: handle multisampled image copies in the TLB path
8a1f6717e81 : v3dv: implement vkCmdResolveImage for whole images
b48e01e0cd7 : v3dv: implement subpass multisample rendering and resolve
d953eab5af8 : v3dv: process VkPipelineMultisampleStateCreateInfo properly
d87941cb3ab : v3dv: consider MSAA when computing frame tiling
7c9b40effaa : v3dv/pipeline: handle properly OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY error when allocating p_stage
d64ff265637 : v3dv/pipeline: pre-generate more that one shader variant
a87d2c78062 : v3dv/pipeline: when looking for a variant, check first current variant
62c32d6ca09 : v3dv/pipeline: remove custom variant cache
35381a46963 : v3dv/pipeline_cache: add default pipeline cache
48a64f28c23 : v3dv/pipeline: provide a shader_sha1 to private ShaderModules
cead2a6db6f : v3dv/pipeline_cache: MergePipelineCaches implementation
8e461b8d71a : v3dv/pipeline_cache: support to serialize/deserialize cached NIRs
a00fe4cb0c4 : v3dv/pipeline_cache: cache v3dv_shader_variants
63b6b633e99 : v3dv/pipeline: add basic ref counting support for variants
2326d5bc04f : v3dv/pipeline_cache: cache nir shaders
1d2ae8756f8 : v3dv/pipeline_cache: bare basic support for pipeline cache
fd70e8e0b01 : v3dv/device: proper pipeline cache uuid
8f46750f461 : v3dv/device: get proper device ID under simulator
ffaab5593c0 : v3dv/device: add vendorID/deviceID get helpers
a2723154c50 : v3dv: fix dynamic state after meta operation
33a6fdb53d4 : v3dv: enable fillModeNonSolid
558987a4652 : v3dv: enable shaderClipDistance
47e02a2ef11 : v3dv: add a fast path for vkCmdClearAttachments
c5d07802dce : v3dv: only clear depth/stencil attachments if any aspect needs clearing
c4564f62aa8 : v3dv: emit new shader state if viewport is dirty
e7678f7c7f8 : v3dv: only care about barriers between GPU jobs
08193cc56f7 : v3dv: avoid prime blit path when presenting WSI images
97891898c33 : v3dv: only use per-buffer clear bit for cases were we are already storing
add87786381 : v3dv: ignore stencil load operation if attachment format doesn't have stencil
1e1903fc1bc : v3dv: use a binning sync for CL jobs waiting on a semaphore
0db95de577b : v3dv: improve pipeline barrier handling
adbce7723e3 : v3dv: don't support sRGB buffer formats
d08da4a54aa : v3dv: handle VK_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM vertex attributes
5a2ef59963e : v3d/compiler: support swapping R/B channels in vertex attributes.
a2538b25202 : v3dv: make sure we emit vertex attributes in location order
aebfdfa04c0 : v3dv/device: handle primary nodes for newer kernels
3bd02a729a6 : v3dv: fix color border clamping with specific formats
f156c5dc4d6 : v3dv: fix regressions for cubemap array load/store
9eb1b578eef : v3dv: use swizzle X001 with D/S formats
336d9e187ce : v3dv/image: fix TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE depth for cube arrays
cb1e492ee0b : v3dv: handle unnormalized coordinates in samplers
0385da9e089 : v3dv: fix blit_shader() to honor the region's aspect mask
bf20a5e7b7d : v3dv: fix srcSubresource description for image to buffer blits
6053e85ee45 : v3dv: fix textureSize() for cube arrays
b6c2fde4b9c : v3dv: fix vkCmdCopyBuffer unaligned TLB access
56fcc085fb0 : v3dv: handle draw after barrier
8116d65fbc2 : v3dv: improve handling of too large image sizes
b546155cc34 : v3dv: add workaround for GFXH-1602
f6e7290cbcd : v3dv: fix GFXH-930 workaround
e01d6af98ea : v3dv/device: expose support for image cube array
10b79bf901c : nir: include texture query lod as one of the ops that requires a sampler
b6ccdd59cde : v3dv/uniforms: support for some QUNIFORM_IMAGE_XXX
42b1cacbc64 : v3dv/pipeline: lower_image_deref
407411036c5 : v3dv/descriptors: support for DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_STORAGE_IMAGE
91907560d51 : v3dv: implement support for shader spilling
182e7c2d96a : v3dv: lower frexp
4b869033138 : v3dv: lower unpack_{u,s}norm_2x16
e59e7069283 : v3dv: don't reset descriptor state after a meta operation
4b9e3bbf489 : v3dv: handle empty set layouts
9833a5ae704 : v3dv: initial support for input attachments
19d3639ee7b : v3dv/pipeline: set load_layer_id to zero
6e0cec5a132 : v3dv/pipeline: iterate used textures using the combined index map
b9dd7e30a69 : v3d/tex: avoid to ask back for a sampler state if not needed
0dbf0408634 : v3dv: pipeline initialization fixes for disabled rasterization
d809d9f3f61 : v3dv: don't free BOs from imported memory objects
ddb352b8f96 : v3dv: assert that our framebuffers are single sampled
95caf46602a : v3dv: return a proper error for too large buffer allocations
b356d3de8cf : v3dv: implement indirect compute dispatch
1d6edcc3e82 : v3dv: always emit index buffer state for new jobs
2f1c15116f6 : v3dv: handle unsized arrays in SSBOs
7e990683fde : v3dv: implement compute dispatch
d0b1bb3032d : v3dv: handle separate binding points for compute and graphics
67d5b0c91f8 : v3dv: support compute pipelines
682cfd84d98 : v3dv/bo: add dump stats info
f78c99f357e : v3dv/bo: add a maximum size for the bo_cache and a envvar to configure it
2adea940f1f : v3dv/bo: adding a BO cache
e1a11b81547 : v3dv: always map full BOs
7fb9afcf541 : v3dv: try to use TFU path when creating tiled images from linear buffers
1f8343b8752 : v3dv: add a CPU path for buffer to image copies
1e579956094 : v3dv: add a TFU path for buffer to image copies
e1c8041cde6 : v3dv: try harder to skip emission of redundant state
420d13b3246 : v3dv: actually enable early Z
ca1e29abc45 : v3dv: fix release build warnings
d7278818e35 : v3dv: fix a few cases where we were ignoring suballocated buffers
9bc46136950 : v3dv: regen BO lists for CLs inside cloned jobs
23617021d6d : v3dv/meta-copy: add uintptr_t casting to avoid warning
efb1880b4a9 : v3dv: fix BCL start offset in presence of chained BOs
204c46aa784 : v3dv: warn users that this is not a conformant driver
b2e563151dd : v3dv: add stubs for missing API implementations
9a894849d54 : v3dv/descriptor: use descriptor pool bo for image/samplers
18553b50f94 : v3dv/descriptor: add general bo on descriptor pool
509c8a60c47 : v3dv: don't leak attachment state
3092ddf4d50 : v3dv: support vkCmdClearAttachments in secondary command buffers
ca4b42a51df : v3dv: implement vkCmdWaitEvents for secondary command buffers
6a34ef65655 : v3dv: add basic support for secondary command buffers
fa03471d45e : v3dv: fix bogus command buffer allocation scopes
ce2a7996b25 : v3dv: handle OOM properly during command buffer recording in more places
814dd98df51 : v3dv: ensure BCL space is available before emitting packets
45af2016f3f : v3dv: check that GPU device matches requirements
ca86c7c65a8 : v3dv: assert command buffers are executable when submitting to a queue
8e4cf16da9f : v3dv: remove some unnecessary / unused functions
e048eba81ac : v3dv: drop the extra BO handling from the command buffer
bbdfc5296bb : v3dv: make TLB clearing paths return true/false
a5cede6111a : v3dv: fix vkResetCommandPool
27d360c7026 : v3dv: don't leak BOs from CLs when using BRANCH
e7232252b7b : v3dv/pipeline: support for specialization constants
03f5fae88fc : v3dv/cmd_buffer: move variant checking to CmdDraw
57a254c48de : v3dv: implement events
10dbb1e07da : v3dv: make the driver more robust against OOM
57d0ff8d481 : v3dv: fix depth/stencil clears on hardware
ce681aac70f : v3dv: fix the command buffer private object framework for 32-bit
19576892492 : v3dv: fix dynamic blend constants
98ade03113c : v3dv: implement wide lines
21936e8493a : v3dv: ignore dynamic updates of depth bounds state
9aaf07e5be8 : v3dv: implement depth bias
88a59437d24 : v3dv: drop blit path for depth/stencil formats
5ba9f81c0f8 : v3dv: do not rewrite blit spec for combined depth/stencil in get_blit_pipeline
b0af413edf3 : v3dv: implement partial image to buffer copies
f1b1d5bb8e7 : v3dv: only require 4-byte alignment for linear images
fe0ccdbc830 : v3dv: fix image addressing calculations to account for suballocation
83eb1f254a8 : v3dv/meta-copy: ensure valid height/width with compressed formats
d3c6bd6e7ad : v3dv: always return true from a fallback path if it can handle the case
21633aa1124 : v3dv: implement partial buffer copies to depth/stencil images
df364f9e107 : v3dv: support blitting both depth and stencil aspects at the same time
0a3c7ac9fad : v3dv: implement partial buffer copies to color images
ee4be1ba209 : v3dv: handle copies from/to compressed formats
abea0ec134e : v3dv: limit software integer RT clamp to rgb10a2
3432e51be73 : v3d: fix Tile Rendering Mode Cfg (Color) packet description
e270d2fb14e : v3dv: implement stencil aspect blits for combined depth/stencil format
eac43d06ba8 : v3dv: implement fallback for partial image copies
1b4a9c7d450 : v3dv: properly return OOM error during pipeline creation
2894d6af9f3 : v3dv: handle texture/sampler shader state bo failure with OOM error
05adac2da8a : v3dv: use the private object framework in the meta clear path
f49d9d7c8b1 : v3dv: fix leaks during recording of meta blits
bfadd70d6c2 : v3dv: add framework for private driver objects
e18865b5dd6 : v3dv: support blits with 1D and 3D images
7fecf7ad9e9 : v3dv: remove incorrect assert
8b791a51333 : v3dv: don't support 1D depth/stencil for transfer sources or sampling
94de6a25fbe : v3dv: don't support blitting of combined depth/stencil formats
c441993c9f4 : v3dv: support depth blits
9e304753b6a : v3dv: handle miplevel correctly for blits
05cf7b05948 : v3dv/blit: fix integer blits from larger to lower bit size
63086287e2d : v3dv: don't leak state BO from samplers
71a75a5e785 : v3dv: don't leak the texture shader state BO from image views
a9ce6adf941 : v3dv: don't leak the compiler from the physical device
55729ea7cab : v3dv: don't leak prog_data from shader variants
8e0a3412861 : v3dv: don't leak default pipeline attributes BO
89e426a4fbc : v3dv: don't leak host memory allocated for shader variants
77bccfd828a : v3dv: don't leak NIR code in pipelines
c414a241d0d : v3dv: move early-Z update to pre-draw
ffacf92485e : v3dv: require optimal tiling for features that reqiure sampling
831aa5d4382 : v3dv: implement shader draw fallback for vkCmdBlitImage
5fc55e3a046 : v3dv: save and restore push constant state during meta operations
441d3911b99 : v3dv: save and restore descriptor state during meta operations if needed
689bac310fd : v3dv: meta operations can happen outside a render pass
bd53ee62476 : v3dv: reset subpass index at render pass end
30f1fc25ce5 : v3dv: implement TFU blits
d1b60d2d0c2 : v3dv: add a bunch of API stubs
71ba6a11098 : v3dv: simplify handling of no-op jobs
7ea4601a28a : v3dv: submit a no-op job if a command buffer doesn't have any jobs.
53657b0cb12 : v3dv: implement occlusion queries
8c093246e4c : v3dv: reset all state to dirty when we start a new job for a command buffer
5c826568ab4 : v3dv/format: expose correctly if a texture format is filterable
781dd7ff31a : v3dv: fix subpass merge tests
b94946c23ba : v3dv/uniforms: fill up texture size-related uniforms
9b98d365228 : v3dv/descriptor: handle not having a sampler when combining texture and sampler id
56b611a9cf2 : v3dv: emit instanced draw calls when requested
f41857eb489 : v3d/compiler: implement nir_intrinsic_load_base_instance
ee917d2b78a : v3dv/descriptor_set: combine texture and sampler indices
9d8b1b01c33 : v3dv/descriptor: move descriptor_map_get_sampler, add and use get_image_view
1b80bac236d : v3dv: handle partial clears of just one aspect of combined DS targets
b31ea83b80f : v3dv: simplify partial clearing code
360adff2154 : v3dv: fix incorrect attachment reference
03a150c8ab5 : v3dv: fix incorrect attachment reference
93fd897c28b : v3dv: compute tile granularity for each subpass
f7059e4603b : v3dv: set render area for partial clears to match clear rect
ad64add4f57 : v3dv: create a v3dv_cmd_buffer_subpass_resume helper
debdea6cb5f : v3dv: push/pop more state during meta operations
dedff7446ab : v3dv/descriptor_set: support for immutable samplers
53de8892f47 : v3dv: assert on subpasses that use input or resolve attachments
79b07b85b62 : v3dv: handle stencil load/store operations
7e96f9b2199 : v3dv: restrict render pass clears to the render area
ad0a68df115 : v3dv: use the TLB to clear attachments even if we have an active scissor
4db55731d48 : v3dv: don't always assert that we have an active job
c9b87e9213d : v3dv: fix v3dv_GetRenderAreaGranularity to account for attachment bpp
22d63264491 : v3dv: check the render area against the clip window
e5642a36a01 : v3dv: store the clip window in the command buffer state
d6d8bfbb4a7 : v3dv: implement proper caching for partial clear pipelines
c09c8c0ef35 : v3dv: implement partial depth/stencil attachment clears
7a39e5e9022 : v3dv: implement partial color attachment clears
152a64185b2 : v3dv: improve asserts for VkPipelineColorBlendStateCreateInfo handling
c6dca4c5290 : v3dv: allow to create shader modules from NIR
f47d0829cbe : v3dv/pipeline: fix adding texture/samplers array elements to texture/sampler map
6e39565e596 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: allow return in the middle of variant update if needed
07addb41835 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: update shader variants at CmdBindDescriptorSets/CmdBindPipeline
f76dad8f899 : v3dv/pipeline: add support for shader variants
b6d4148b92f : v3dv/uniforms: filling up QUNIFORM_TMU_CONFIG_P0/P1
272f0d9cfbd : v3dv/descriptor_set: added support for samplers
34910532fd7 : v3dv/pipeline: sampler lowering
522f7110a14 : v3dv/pipeline: unify local allocator name
477b142480d : v3dv/uniforms: cleaning up, moving udpate ubo/ssbo uniforms to a function
f2d16529d13 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: push constants not using descriptor anymore
ca186f72910 : v3dv: fix a1r5g5b5 format
45e86d8a075 : v3dv: don't emit the subpass RCL for jobs that have emitted their own
32d261fad47 : v3dv: fix job subpass index for vkCmdClearAttachments jobs
010589a699d : v3dv: fix clearing of 3D images
3faa7db0533 : v3dv: fix incorrect image slice selection
7de80fad741 : v3dv: use compatible TLB formats if possible during copies and clears
cfc0e15b9bd : v3dv: make sure we only expose transfer features for formats we can use
19841fd5502 : v3dv: check support for transfer usage flags
9e7403d7912 : v3dv: improve assert handling for fallback paths on meta copy/clear operations
d471c47c79b : v3dv: assert on vkCreateComputePipelines
df2bb5b01bf : v3dv: disable depth/stencil testing if we don't have a depth/stencil attachment
e86f381ea1b : v3dv: drop incorrect assertion on number of clear values at render pass begin
a81e63a302b : v3dv: use perp end caps rasterization mode for lines
69ce1f4fd4b : v3dv: only emit config bits and varyings packets if needed
e9030753350 : v3dv/cmd_bufffer: rename and split emit_graphics_pipeline
6bd4e69e9c6 : v3dv: stencil state fixes
c5784fbef4c : v3dv: drop redundant emission of stencil state
7c1910f4533 : v3dv: rewrite dirty state handling
c525849d95a : v3dv: only emit blend state if the pipeline is dirty
1e54b62a619 : v3dv: implement dynamic state for blend constants
4c15131b1d3 : v3dv: always flush draw calls if we are doing sRGB blending
761b0c02f86 : v3dv: add an 'always flush' mode
ebbd3264728 : v3dv: only expose blending on formats that support it
d73bb591131 : v3dv: implement color blending
4c8531a144c : v3dv: fix depth/stencil clear color
03048b26130 : v3dv: fix copies and clears of 3D images
2721c556986 : v3dv: use vk_error() for all queue/submit errors
2fc31a4d28f : v3dv: return OOM error if we fail to import or export sync objects
8ed2e53e0d1 : v3dv: support submits without a command buffer
d9152cb949c : v3dv: only export the last job sync object once
5cfc3b5cc96 : v3dv: handle the case where we fail to allocate a new job gracefully
e5adc33e802 : v3dv: don't leak job allocations
a1337c027cd : v3dv: work around viewport Z scale hardware bug
db629c0f4b0 : v3dv: fix viewport Z
57f5fa08cbb : v3dv: fix scissor outside viewport
5ba6fd3447b : v3dv: fix image tiling configuration
f986a604519 : v3dv: drop assert for map of a mapped buffer
75b1dea4e29 : v3dv: drop incorrect assertion
3e3b8dbfcc9 : v3dv: don't assume that VkPipelineColorBlendStateCreateInfo is provided
2bec99c8a00 : v3dv: lower {i,u}mulExtended
040a3dd739b : v3dv: lower usubborrow and uaddcarry
236e5a7c359 : v3dv: split fragment shader array outputs
51c53969cda : v3dv/device: tweak ssbo/ubo device limits
521f86272bb : v3dv: fix incorrect sizing of the vertex attribute state array
0e5571c704d : v3dv: call nir_lower_io_arrays_to_elements_no_indirects on vertex shaders
1f41a128e03 : v3d/compiler: implement nir_op_fquantize2f16
cb7f1480207 : v3dv/descriptor: take into account pPushConstantRanges
d734dba8a4f : v3dv: implement interpolation qualifiers
02de1d9ab16 : v3dv: add a no-op fragment shader if we don't have one
1811c034db9 : v3dv/pipeline: clean up io lowering
8da4de7c161 : v3dv/pipeline: revamp nir lowering/optimizations passes
518714ae1db : v3dv: drop incorrect assertion
26bfbf29c29 : v3dv: don't reset loader data on command buffers
9b4a1fb9d74 : v3dv: assign driver locations on fragment shader output variables
fadccc1c59b : v3dv: trivial refactors in a few meta copy helpers
313809487cd : v3dv: more frame tiling refactors
2a3fa914d4a : v3dv: rewrite frame tiling setup
44cda4dbfe5 : v3dv: fix subpass tracking in the command buffer state
4a8fdb8ee30 : v3dv: fix framebuffer format when computing fragment shader key
6a909387c2a : v3dv: take memory format from appropriate miplevel for image load/store
5d1089b88df : v3dv/descriptor: support for dynamic ubo/ssbo
404220cc71b : v3dv: fix supertile coverage when render are size is 0.
44370b44e7a : v3dv: implement vkGetRenderAreaGranularity
1af26065561 : v3dv: fix fill buffer with VK_WHOLE_SIZE
d71a5af723a : v3dv: don't support image formats that we can rendet to or texture from
8e163ab2dc7 : v3dv: fix image clearing with VK_REMAINING_*
1ecd188fef0 : v3dv: don't use TLB path for formats that are not supported for rendering
7f3e79ef9f1 : v3dv: don't swap R/B channels for VK_FORMAT_R5B6G5_UNORM_PACK16
aa9ad02e755 : v3dv: implement vkResetCommandPool
c4f745527ec : v3dv: meet requirements for supported format features and properties
e338503c6b1 : v3dv: declare that we support robust buffer access
5dca6dc751e : v3dv: adjust a few limits to comply with CTS minimum requirements
d6afbcb8004 : v3dv: implement host-side event handling functions
aba2a66fb8a : v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}BufferView
43c1fa492ad : v3dv: destroy wsi device during physical device termination
eac594baa55 : v3dv: implement vkQueueWaitIdle
7c4827c1e20 : v3dv: honor swizzle for non-copy operations of color formats
204d06cc267 : v3dv: add assertions for unimplemented fallback paths
79569fb7969 : v3dv: implement vkResetCommandBuffer
ea09600fe6e : v3dv: initialize in_sync_bcl in our submits
83554840a5a : v3dv: add support for primitive restarts on indexed draw calls
914a23a8a0c : v3dv: implement indirect draws
06fa2928b89 : v3dv: add an assert to catch applications trying to clear invalid aspects
9a2d6cca761 : v3dv: vkCmdCopyBufferToImage for depth/stencil formats
f13dd2e6063 : v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyBufferToImage for color formats
e9085e56ed7 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: support for push constants
c8212731e7d : v3d/compiler: handle GL/Vulkan differences in uniform handling
4e2817fd33d : v3dv: implement vkCmdClearDepthStencilImage
11310ee6219 : v3dv: fix buffer automatic stride for image to buffer copies
8da9da87a64 : v3dv: implement vkCmdClearColorImage
1aa5fc04691 : v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyImage
efbf91cb6c6 : v3dv: fix copy size for image to buffer copies
1ee270f8c44 : v3dv: refactor common code in meta copy operations
d39901f416a : v3dv: add a concept of a fake framebuffer for meta-copy operations
7a2544e2d42 : v3dv: move the framebuffer setup code for buffer copy/fill to a helper
5ed78d91fed : v3dv: implement vkCmdFillBuffer
b3f9a3beafc : v3dv: implement vkCmdUpdateBuffer
2f0fbc747c7 : v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyBuffer
18824bf23b7 : v3dv: don't advertise texel buffer support yet.
c7404f4e2d6 : v3dv: Add more supported formats to our format table
83e83257f80 : v3dv: no need to manually add assembly bo to the job
3dff3f3a452 : v3dv: take the number of layers from the framebuffer
0dc4416827e : v3dv: ignore image view aspects for depth/stencil attachments
50652cb919d : v3dv: fix clockwise primitive setting
1c6938484e9 : v3dv: implement indexed draws
f48788896e0 : v3dv: implement vkCmdClearAttachments
255d4245fde : v3dv: add a helper to get the Z/S buffer from an aspect mask
68692297ba6 : v3dv: add a helper to compute the hardware clear color
aa8a61f0aef : v3dv/pipeline: null check for pCreateInfo->pDepthStencilState
34cf4751020 : v3dv/descriptor_set: support for array of ubo/ssbo
9afd24f89a6 : v3dv: initial descriptor set support
7d6fbea536e : v3dv: debug nir shader also after spirv_to_nir
29a7d99c4aa : v3dv: fix the mess with dynamic state handling
134afdfd32c : v3dv: implement dynamic stencil states
d84458b5ded : v3dv: clamp stencil masks and reference value to supported limits
590f29349f3 : v3dv: implement early Z optimization
72040f9182e : v3dv: fix viewport state from pipeline
8d143a02730 : v3dv: support copying depth/stencil aspects to buffer
79b1b684888 : v3dv: fix indentation
b44d4343caf : v3dv/bo: add a bo name
55acd9f1ea4 : v3dv: implement stencil testing
bb6e9d26dcc : v3dv: support depth testing on combined depth/stencil formats
c608e1350be : v3dv: select correct internal type for depth/stencil formats
0e59771339f : v3dv: select the depth/stencil buffer from the attachment aspect mask
df34b8fac64 : v3dv: compute subpass ranges for attachments at render pass creation time
a7a402c8bd2 : v3dv: don't always skip tile buffer stores
4d0e497a3e6 : v3dv: implement support for depth testing
c005a18a566 : v3dv: don't swap RB channels when copying images to buffers
9a72a79d1c2 : v3dv: rename drm device fields so they are more explict
356cf8261e2 : v3dv: allocate winsys BOs properly
1d92c314f85 : v3dv: implement device detection on actual hardware
1ae844c1c89 : v3dv/pipeline: adding some nir-based linking
dc45d57c386 : v3d/cmd_buffer: emit flat_shade/noperspective/centroid flags
6cac991d3f9 : v3dv: stubs for Create/DestroyPipelineCache
6ab4c51d5c6 : v3dv: hook up WSI support
c75846e674e : v3dv: implement DRM modifier setup for WSI
4825a76a226 : v3dv: implement vkGetImageSubresourceLayout
54374f36dfe : v3dv: fix copy image to buffer
beee18103e5 : v3dv: implement VK_KHR_external_memory{_fd,_dma_buf}
0fd434d977a : v3dv: implement VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities
931b247a7cf : v3dv/format: add R32G32B32A32_SFLOAT format
0fd72b6ac48 : v3dv: implement VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
ecd0b1f4b1c : v3dv: include Vulkan version 1.1 as unsupported.
5935ef098d9 : v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties
85f1f0690eb : v3dv: provide default values for input attributes
aad44cc614c : v3dv: vertex input support
8c4fcc2bf72 : v3dv/pipeline: lower fs/vs inputs/outputs
45875065fd9 : v3dv: support queue submissions with multiple command buffers
047ee913e8f : v3dv: implement fences
56b4eac8d66 : v3dv: implement semaphore waits and signals on queue submissions
d24dbd87ad1 : v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}Semaphore
0b08f838174 : v3dv: implement vkDeviceWaitIdle
42791451244 : v3dv: prepack VCM_CACHE_SIZE
5226928557e : v3dv: partial prepack of the gl_shader_state_record
0e49c6237ff : v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit CFG_BITS
b60e5ef50eb : v3dv: handle VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED properly in more places
04e1a6f3598 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: rename render pass RCL emission helpers to be more explicit
a904b6f082f : v3dv: create a helper to start a new frame
d902e687320 : v3dv: rewrite the attachment needs clearing condition
8a5135e6b37 : v3dv: fix tile buffer loading
22e431e6262 : v3dv: merge subpasses into the same job when possible
0b5df86c98f : v3dv: only clear attachments on the first subpass that uses them
22714890773 : v3dv: rewrite attachment state tracking
6379a552a72 : v3dv: add a note on interactions between clearing and scissor
9f3fd1a3ca9 : v3dv: fix clipping against render area
2baeb91ed7a : v3dv: do not automatically emit a binner flush when finishing jobs
7019700c5fd : v3dv: implement vkCmdPipelineBarrier
856d1020370 : v3dv: use the correct miplevel slice for the tile load operation
3da6e6a190c : v3dv: implement vkCmdNextSubpass
1c8226c6820 : v3d/compiler: update uses_vid/uses_iid check
be1531a8b76 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: start jobs with CmdBeginRenderPass
5259175fe86 : v3dv: add the concept of a job
aef5a5cbca7 : v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyImageToBuffer
94b4e1869cd : v3dv: rename and make compute_tile_size_for_framebuffer() public
00cefce3cad : v3dv: split framebuffer internal bpp calculations from tiling calculations
2b02117e643 : v3dv: add v3dv_write_uniforms
a3b440cc2a4 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: cache viewport translate/scale
e252e536e41 : v3dv: clif format dumping support
15fb14ca1e0 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: add shader source bos to cmd_buffer
8431196eb02 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: start to emit draw packets
67aa8029a80 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit shader_state packets
746cfff3a66 : v3dv: flush at the end of each subpass
e163ea1118a : v3dv: emit tile loads
29b6e29378e : v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit Viewport packets
7bfe1db93c3 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit Scissor packets
d479f862842 : v3dv/cmd_buffer: init command buffer dynamic state during pipeline bind
f752cdbab1a : v3dv/pipeline: start to track dynamic state
5285d839745 : v3dv: CmdSetViewport and CmdSetScissor implementation
fca4dcee9f2 : v3dv: initial stub for CmdBindPipeline
60145629a2b : v3dv: initial CreateGraphicsPipeline/DestroyPipeline implementation
6cb24a3b39f : v3dv/format: add v3dv_get_format_swizzle
62ca9974761 : v3d/compiler: num_tex_used on v3d_key
3f00638cff3 : v3dv: setup color clear values at subpass setup time
9e6bf4eebcf : v3dv: be more conservative resetting command buffer state
cdc9660662b : v3dv: implement vkQueueSubmit
570ff24d3fe : v3dv: clear set of BOs in the command buffer on reset
bd3c28bf69e : v3dv: keep track of the numbre of BOs in a command buffer
bb727684e8e : v3dv: create the command buffer BO set before we init CLs
6e4471c14c5 : v3dv: implement vkEndCommandBuffer
e6e80d3f9b2 : v3dv: emit the render command list
61399b21c03 : v3dv: emit scissor to render area and precompute hw color clear values
98697e1fb57 : v3dv: precompute more tiling info at framebuffer creation time
3b8aeb7f506 : v3dv: plug leak when destroying device
e6a7d88b531 : v3dv: make v3dv_layer_offset public
14f72ee4f6b : v3dv: implement vkDestroyImage and vkDestroyImageView
4075f8e2219 : v3dv: revert the decision that the command buffer takes ownership of BOs
ec1d7e453ec : v3dv: add the tile state and alloc BOs to the command buffer BO list
ae235e0f225 : v3dv: store base mip level in the image view
52d9b8c05bc : v3dv: add a few more API stubs
bab28ab1e8b : v3dv: make the command buffer own the command list BOs
0020eb4f900 : v3dv: implement vkCmdBeginRenderPass
51705fc0155 : v3dv: compute tile size for framebuffer
cd24292fcab : v3dv: make v3dv_bo_alloc allocate memory for the bo struct
291cd6e77b0 : v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties
3cf527ab7a5 : v3dv: start handling command buffer status
9bb6d6f1ba9 : v3dv: implement vkBeginCommandBuffer
9ac32610762 : v3dv: add a concept of a command list
dc005f26771 : v3dv: create a v3dv_bo struct and reference it from v3dv_device_memory
d9a7ba317c2 : v3dv: implement vk{Allocate,Free}CommandBuffers
1d8d8c06b8e : v3dv: implement vkCreateCommandPool
e07b657f014 : v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}Framebuffer
c95904f83ed : v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}RenderPass
cdba5361fe8 : v3dv: implement vkCreateRenderPass
582ebb040c1 : v3dv: implement vkBindBufferMemory
5ee155043d6 : v3dv: implement vkGetBufferMemoryRequirements
b478e8c53c2 : v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}Buffer
dee9976200c : v3dv: implement vkCreateImageView
16ec12b7408 : v3dv: implement vkBindImageMemory
e06831454a0 : v3dv: implement vkUnmapMemory
cff9f08d313 : v3dv: implement vkMapMemory
d1d97ea746e : v3dv: implement vkFreeMemory
85632e4685e : v3dv: implement vkAllocateMemory
33bb3956219 : v3dv: initialize mememory heaps in the physical device
4c80097756e : v3dv: implement vkGetImageMemoryRequirements
dc1fbeb0f4e : v3dv: Create/DestroyShaderModule implementation
a201c450007 : v3dv: stubs for graphics pipeline methods
46fa01f4318 : v3dv/debug: add v3dv_debug
ccdc5a7bd4c : v3dv/debug: plug v3d_debug
0fcce6c319f : v3dv: implement vkCreateImage
d5dd157775c : v3dv: add stub for vkDeviceWaitIdle
7a045cf5b37 : v3dv: implement vkEnumerate{Instance,Device}LayerProperties
871ac1ed335 : v3dv: add some basic support for format properties
63e23a9b2a8 : v3dv: add stubs for the format table and vkGetPhysicalDeviceFormatProperties
9cc736f5aa9 : v3dv: add dummy implementations for the packet definition generator
8d9772f6a7e : v3dv: implement vkGetDeviceQueue
41a5719927c : v3dv: implement vkCreateDevice
1c9f9d8fcb2 : v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
37472a6aa3c : v3dv: amend vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties to handle layers
c2dd7bf6343 : v3dv: implement vkEnumerateDeviceExtensionProperties
10e8967b9b4 : v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceFeatures
e75d462950d : v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties
0f0a0145a92 : v3dv: add a comment to clarify how we should implement uuid / deviceID retrieval
9de4ab17c58 : v3dv: retrieve device name from device info
4e88e2d4a9c : v3dv: add support to use v3d simulator
0e0f18ae5e6 : v3dv: Implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties
fc52dc8d7dc : v3dv: pretend to initialize a physical device
36e07a0ab97 : v3dv: memory management stubs
fd81dc64ff6 : v3dv: implement vkEnumeratePhysicalDevices
dbce41f39ba : v3dv: implement vkDestroyInstance
be1575c625a : v3dv: implement vkCreateInstance
20363b0bb95 : v3dv: add support for valgrind macros
2f383f9747d : v3dv: add support for VK_EXT_debug_report
e4af07be760 : gitlab-ci: add broadcom vulkan driver
e5034f0d0d4 : v3dv: add v3d vulkan driver skeleton
bdb1e5aa0ae : glsl: Initialize ir_to_mesa_visitor members in constructor.
6529cbd0bcd : svga: Remove unused printf argument.
12c20cbac0b : util/xmlconfig: Initialize xmlconfig member options in constructor.
77c1b015086 : zink: do not report SSBOs as halfway supported
044d213086b : scons: fix SPIR-V -> NIR build
c122315702a : aco: fix get_ssbo_size with a vgpr resource
a7114f3f46f : nir/opt_uniform_atomics: don't optimize atomics twice
bc436505225 : nir/opt_uniform_atomics: optimize image atomics
bcf7a70008f : aco: use nir_opt_uniform_atomics
f83bc5beb80 : nir: add pass to optimize uniform atomics
37b6b0967ca : nir: allow divergence information to be updated when inserting instruction
e1120f274fd : nir: move divergence analysis options to nir_shader_compiler_options
bb5c0ba0d2e : aco: implement last_invocation
1a912a550f3 : nir: add last_invocation intrinsic
8850a63161a : radv/aco,nir/lower_subgroups: don't lower elect
36da9c4aa2b : aco: implement elect
bf77f539eea : aco: optimize more uniform reductions/scans
c31ababae30 : nir: update ubo locations in nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo
47c358233d4 : glsl: fix up location setting for variables pointing to a UBO's base
ef0babab38d : zink: ARB_uniform_buffer_object is now implemented, so add cap and feature doc
1b6a80a467f : zink: support loading any UBO
67e4bcb7139 : zink: support non-const offsets
47bdda0f3fe : zink: use nir_lower_ubo_vec4 to simplify things a bit
b9ca4923d6c : aco: implement missing nir_op_unpack_half_2x16_split_{x,y}_flush_to_zero
1070bba19e2 : android: fix SPIR-V -> NIR build
86ededf2967 : docs: fix 20.2.0 relnotes
e57cd6dc198 : docs: fix release calendar
b04f57cb3da : docs: fix relnotes index
c02e933de4a : radv: add missing u_atomic.h include
1fb3e1fb708 : radv: Fix mipmap extent adjustment on GFX9+.
85dfe6118a2 : zink: enable VK_EXT_shader_stencil_export
25d13b0ad06 : zink: add VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_cache_control
bab0d8630c2 : zink: support VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state
66fc9f5571c : zink: support VK_EXT_blend_operation_advanced
fa2fd72570c : zink: add VK_EXT_custom_border_color
9c43ccd1c27 : zink: enable VK_KHR_vulkan_memory_model extension
66d7bb0f235 : radv: fix adjusting vertex alpha
207138b927f : docs: Add sh256 sums for 20.2.0
ddad8d9c983 : docs: add release notes for 20.2.0
7d72110a1ce : docs/release-calender: Add 20.2 stable releases
63f61b084a5 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.2
b32a8f83dce : radv: move lower_io_arrays_to_elements before lower_io_to_scalar_early
b0829c6af70 : radv: replace RADV_ALPHA_ADJUST by AC_FETCH_FORMAT
5000c344cc8 : ac/llvm: move AC_FETCH_FORMAT to non-LLVM code
ab067ad6a6a : radeonsi/gfx10: fix stream index for multi-stream overflow query
cf3b638f47b : radv: remove RDR2 discard workaround
037d9fb278c : spirv: replace discard with demote for incorrect HLSL->SPIR-V translations
18f9fc919e1 : spirv: add and use a generator id enum
875ff8414f6 : radv/winsys: Expand scope of allbos lock.
ea778693bf1 : radv: Fix event write cmdbuffer allocation when tracing.
98f538dfca3 : radv: remove one leftover TODO in the shader info pass
cec12d4f985 : radv/llvm: reduce LDS size for tess by using NIR IO assigned locations
47e26bf334a : radv/llvm: reduce the ESGS itemsize by using NIR IO assigned locations
569b8948356 : radv/llvm: switch to NIR IO assigned locations
6387341ccea : ac/nir: pass the variable location to store_tcs_outputs
8f8ee5b95b6 : ac,radv,radeonsi: stop multiplying driver_location by 4
0a90dab6b49 : radv/llvm: stop assigning driver_location in NIR->LLVM
181d5f59b8d : nir: Allow more deref modes in phis
002a23efb42 : android: util: Move to util
7346933fc86 : vc4: enable lower_isign for VC4
b7d16adcbe0 : pan/bi: Range check newc/oldc when rewriting
c9b2dfd5aa6 : pan/bi: Disable mediump output lowering
b11cb416881 : panfrost: Temporarily disable FP16 on Bifrost
0bfc7cbe64c : panfrost: Set "shader modifies coverage?" flag
3f919a7269f : panfrost: Update XML for Bifrost early-z/FPK
8cf798d253c : pan/bi: Implement FETCH
7f5428410f2 : pan/bi: Add bi_emit_lod_cube helper
125d18d915a : pan/bi: Map NIR tex ops to Bifrost ops
f42eb33ad2f : panfrost: Fix faults on block-based formats on Bifrost
53637194b21 : pan/bi: Use new block dimension helper
8bb1d61f276 : panfrost: Add panfrost_block_dim helper
aa6a5d20e6b : pan/bi: Don't terminate helper threads
5fdd0c67f7e : pan/bi: Fix message type printing
3ecffd9e6b6 : panfrost: Set helper_invocation_enable for Bifrost
7fdb090709d : pan/bi: Implement txb
5fa5c01aca6 : panfrost: Add some missing Bifrost texture XML
239e4e87fc8 : panfrost: Fix Bifrost high LOD clamp
3943bcec9c8 : panfrost: Fix Bifrost filter selection
401d594c0af : panfrost: Add missing XML for Bifrost samplers
ea85e3abb99 : pan/bi: Prefer 'texture_index' to 'image_index'
3089501757c : pan/bi: Rewrite to fit dest = src constraint
93840234c59 : pan/bi: Pack TEXC
4836366ede9 : pan/bi: Handle nir_tex_src_lod
f8151312af0 : pan/bi: Add data register passing infrastructure
3bf4e60def9 : pan/bi: Stub out TEXC handling
dcce3feb79e : pan/bi: Add texture operator descriptor
d99df25d5d4 : pan/bi: Pack skip bit for texture operations
39ec3eb6e7d : pan/bi: Encode skip bit into IR
5cf53d121c9 : pan/bi: Streamline TEXC/TEXS naming/selection
6ed1bdfee4b : pan/bi: Use canonical texture op names in IR
93f9052935f : pan/bi: Fix simple txl test
c3796c9f025 : pan/bi: Expose GL 2.1 on Bifrost
a204eac7599 : pan/bi: Handle vector moves
a22779866ac : pan/bi: Pass flow_control through directly
0f181f4eaeb : pan/bi: Use canonical flow control enum
d2328646b22 : pan/bi: Use canonical term dependency
2b9484c2c82 : pan/bi: Use canonical term "message type"
800ee3d3033 : pan/bi: Print message types as strings
77a4e39100a : pan/bi: Add missing message types
d2fac19999b : pan/bi: Expand clause type to 5-bit
785344e6555 : pan/bi: Use canonical name for staging registers
4131bc3b0cb : pan/bi: Use canonical next_clause_prefetch
6c1cabc288e : pan/bi: Canonicalize terminate_discarded_threads
a5975883b94 : pan/bi: Use canonical floating-point modes
c8b9a05f9e7 : pan/bi: Cull unnecessary edges on the CF graph
026a29506e4 : pan/bi: Drop if 0'd combine lowering
405544eae56 : pan/bi: Fix memory corruption in scheduler
7c351a6f5d4 : pan/decode: Ensure mappings are zeroed
3ed7472b2a2 : pan/bi: Add copy for register COMBINEs
556bb178926 : ci: piglit: conditionally build OpenCL tests
d5e5f72e061 : vc4: Enable lower_umax and lower_umin
e7127b3468c : nir/algebraic: optimize iand/ior of (n)eq zero when umax/umin not available
210db65b1a1 : panfrost: Add a debug flag to disable AFBC
205f1d79e24 : radeonsi: disable SDMA on gfx6-7 and gfx10.3 to decrease CPU overhead
7a0162905b1 : radeonsi: update the DMA perf test
4182fbcb609 : winsys/amdgpu: apply the VM alignment optimization to the physical alignment too
99446b8ceef : winsys/amdgpu: rework the VM alignment optimizations
a4e4644eff4 : ac/surface: fix valgrind warnings in DCC retile tile lookups
b0df97b576e : CI: build our own spirv tools
d166188b848 : ci: fix deqp clone + fetch
5de56937a3d : disk_cache: build option for disabled-by-default
8e981453ed6 : radv: use radv_optimize_nir() less in radv_link_shaders()
55254f241fe : radv: move optimizations in shader_compile_to_nir() to after io_to_scalar
5f2671bcc5f : nir: return progress from nir_lower_io_to_scalar_early
fd4d0b447c0 : panfrost: Move the blend shader cache at the context level
a5005c349d0 : panfrost: Get rid of the constant patching done on blend shader binaries
c9739941ba4 : panfrost: Let compile_blend_shader() allocate the blend shader object
dbc33e8854e : panfrost: Don't leak NIR blend shaders
8a5b885c94a : panfrost: Allocate blit_blend with ralloc()
0a74a04ba56 : panfrost: Pass compile arguments through a struct
78ec5225c2a : panfrost: Move the blend constant mask extraction out of make_fixed_blend_mode()
4441e803554 : panfrost: Constify the rt_fmts arg passed to pan_lower_framebuffer()
da132d802b8 : radv: Set fce metadata correctly on DCC initialization.
5ae3656890f : aco/ngg: Calculate workgroup size of NGG shaders.
61280bb4b66 : aco/ngg: Allocate NGG GS space early for const vertex/primitive counts.
e8a0409d01e : aco/ngg: Use more efficient LDS layout to help reduce bank conflicts.
9bf92d43571 : radv/aco: Enable NGG GS by default.
dd73719856c : aco/ngg: Add shader query support to NGG GS.
df62c8fbeac : aco/ngg: Place workgroup barrier outside control flow for NGG GS.
1129575d5ed : aco/ngg: Implement NGG GS output.
62b5012ec35 : aco/ngg: Implement workgroup reduce / exclusive scan for NGG GS.
c29e288fb51 : aco/ngg: Create LDS layout for NGG GS.
2680329fb76 : aco/ngg: Setup NGG GS.
9c3d8404dea : aco/ngg: Allow NGG GS to create VS exports.
b67878f3283 : aco/ngg: Allow NGG GS to load per-vertex GS inputs.
8f25d9f821d : aco/ngg: Allow NGG GS to store ES outputs.
b57b1a06e42 : aco/ngg: Clean up and reorganize NGG VS/TES code.
3645a3106a0 : aco/ngg: Make primitive export packing less prone to error.
0bfe0495c1b : aco/ngg: Refactor ngg_emit_prim_export in preparation for NGG GS.
b08ced08a22 : aco/ngg: Refactor gs_alloc_req in preparation for NGG GS.
ecfabfd6069 : aco: Add wave-specific opcode for s_lshl and s_flbit.
57d8799284f : aco: Optimize thread_id_in_threadgroup when there is just one wave.
5e31fb49a3b : aco: Use thread_id_in_threadgroup helper for ES outputs.
924f816fe17 : aco: Extract thread_id_in_threadgroup to a separate function.
b1964ad4d6c : aco: Extract lanecount_to_mask to a separate function.
0b8e7be0830 : aco: Clarify missing export error message in assembler.
c1d11bb92c9 : aco: Add loop creation helpers.
17ad2ade82f : radv/aco: Use new GS lowering options for ACO with NGG GS.
f11f4a2a4da : nir: Add ability to count primitives per stream.
aac5adc3c2c : nir: Count vertices per stream.
70b94adddb7 : nir: Add ability to overwrite incomplete GS primitives.
c977c369d35 : nir: Add ability to count emitted GS vertices per primitive.
2be99012e95 : nir: Add ability to count emitted GS primitives.
73dd86c4214 : radv,anv: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_FAST when CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW is undefined
fe894dc0b33 : util/os_misc: os_get_available_system_memory() for FreeBSD
9aa5c7ce721 : radv: use the same NIR compiler options for both compiler backends
63049b04446 : radv/llvm: do not lower sub
abce2718d6d : lima/parser: Fix varyings decoding in RSW
6db3df5c2f1 : aco: dump the program if the disassembler failed
a7d3be78ce2 : clover: don't call validate spirv at all if not needed
91ace074d2e : util/disk_cache: remove unused function param
5931d783c8b : swr/rasterizer: Remove BuilderGfxMem member mpTrackMemAccessFuncTy.
4b513136b1b : meson: Use more portable compiler option -std.
3a1f22c38b1 : turnip: Add support for GetSwapchainGrallocUsage2ANDROID().
5a595cd3af1 : turnip: Detect Qualcomm gralloc and its UBWC flag on gralloc surfaces.
9a14e747525 : turnip/kgsl: Add support for importing dma-bufs.
b732e4f2747 : turnip/kgsl: Fix last minute breakage of the build.
290f3fe8972 : Revert "anv: Add driconf option to disable compression for 16bpp format"
cce6fc3b5c7 : anv: Enable multi-layer aux-map init for HIZ+CCS
624a2aad669 : freedreno/ir3: Don't leave holes the UBO upload plan.
ddf468f96f8 : freedreno/ir3: Clean up the UBO upload plan setup.
330c68d3c20 : ci/softpipe: Add another flaky GS test to the skips list.
0b96b7bf10d : util/hash_table: add function for reserving size in a hash table
06a5edf247d : nir/opt_deref: Fix the vector bitcast optimization
54eae335587 : clover: Stop leaking NIR shaders
cc00d57a3c0 : util/xmlconfig: eliminate memory leak
11389849a4e : radv/llvm: remove dead code for 64-bit GS inputs
a41bed243e9 : radv/llvm: do not lower nir_op_fsat
31a0574b968 : ac/nir: implement nir_op_fsat
0747f21bb67 : ci: Disable pm_runtime and max clocks in LAVA jobs
7cae9f0ef13 : ci: Test Panfrost on Khadas VIM3 boards
b74cfa78619 : ci: Update kernel for LAVA
981464356c0 : freedreno/a6xx: Support PIPE_FORMAT_R8_G8B8_420_UNORM for texturing
11563da8fa8 : freedreno/a6xx: Generalize pointers in struct fd6_pipe_sampler_view
826a10255f5 : st/mesa: Add NV12 lowering to PIPE_FORMAT_R8_G8B8_420_UNORM
e23bcb69c35 : util/formats: Add PIPE_FORMAT_R8_G8B8_420_UNORM
3b784370c37 : iris: Use the data cache for indirect UBO pulls
b54d37a8676 : anv: Use the data cache for indirect UBO pulls on Gen8+
89f3d116a8a : anv: Plumb the device into *bits_for_access_flags
3a335606813 : anv: Use format_for_descriptor_type for descriptor buffers
d2185f0c3f0 : anv: Add a device parameter to format_for_descriptor_type
3d22de05ca1 : intel/fs: Add an option to use dataport messages for UBOs
0d462dbee57 : intel/fs: Add an alignment to VARYING_PULL_CONSTANT_LOAD_LOGICAL
459f68af3c9 : i965: Take an isl_format in emit_buffer_surface_state
caea5a6a20f : intel/dev: fix 32bit build issue
dd9c34a907c : intel/nir: Lower load_global_constant in lower_mem_access_bit_sizes
fd04f858b0a : intel/nir: Don't try to emit vector load_scratch instructions
0a172dca264 : ci: enable piglit testing of clover/llvmpipe.
0cb17757ff7 : CI: Don't run pixmark-piano twice on radeonsi
2fa7c790457 : spirv: Move nir_lower_libclc to src/compiler/spirv
43390a546d9 : clover: Use core libclc loader
ef453f54394 : spirv: Add a shared libclc loader
5ffdb1092be : meson: generalize libclc usage
ed7e962b07c : clover/meson: use dep.get_variable instead of deprecated get_pkgconfig_variable
d3dcb1184bf : util/ Add an option for binary files
82bbf4c3f23 : util: Make output char array instead of string
22ffc05266c : util: Move to util
3ff513ee5d9 : glsl/ fix imports
449f1fee9e9 : gallium/pipe: Add a GALLIUM_PIPE_SEARCH_DIR override env var
1d3600c156f : iris: Fill out compute caps and enable clover support
9df9f940f01 : iris: Add support for load_work_dim as a system value
67ee9c5f553 : iris: Handle runtime-specified local memory size
d9adb55a4d8 : iris: Add pipe-loader support
8de380d26a0 : broadcom/compiler: add V3D_DEBUG_RA option
bcb8dd74327 : broadcom/common: increase V3D_MAX_TEXTURE_SAMPLERS, add specific OpenGL limit
5f7810dcb2b : aco/isel: Fix out-of-bounds write in visit_load_input
d38094bb33b : radv: Respect alignment requirements in descriptor set layouts
3b55913f330 : radv: Clean up CreateDescriptorSetLayout
76add3565e2 : radv: Fix unaligned memory access when writing specialization map entries
984dcfc59fa : radv: Avoid calling memcpy with null pointers
0ef2f1d4a00 : nir: Fix unaligned pointer access
6a9dc75cc23 : nir: Fix undefined behavior due to signed integer multiplication overflows
137d7d29fa1 : ci: move to using clang 10 for meson + clover
ae7189df6e8 : st/mesa: pass inlinable uniforms to drivers if they requested it
593517a775a : gallium: add pipe_context::set_inlinable_constants
3f1b35a2f03 : nir: add new helper passes that lower uniforms to literals
10a76824137 : util: add _mesa_set_create_u32_keys where keys are not pointers
7f2ea2a433c : panfrost: Fix fixed-function blend on Mali v6
8389976b7c0 : panfrost: XML-ify the blend descriptors
ca392e8cd77 : panfrost: Rework the render target layout to use overlapping structs
713419eef04 : panfrost: Rework fixed-function blending
f2044044e64 : panfrost: gen_pack: Add a no-direct-packing attribute
4205c95b34c : panfrost: gen_pack: Support overlapping structs
3d09e260fbd : panfrost: gen_pack: Drop support for opaque structs
01121c795bd : panfrost: Drop the with_opaque specifier on midgard blend desc
7bb85eadebf : panfrost: Get rid of the with_opaque qualifier on the renderer state desc
f734e67b93d : panfrost: Adjust the renderer state definition
51331d6d576 : panfrost: Adjust the primitive desc definition
d343f233454 : panfrost: Adjust the draw descriptor definition
1e7d82c8813 : nir/algebraic: always lower idiv to shifts if bitops are allowed
315df8dbb8d : glthread: handle glInterleavedArrays
bd70b61f2f6 : mesa: remove api_loopback to remove call indirections
4bd94bd2270 : mesa: don't use GET_DISPATCH because it doesn't work with glthread
fd3209a974f : clover: move tokenize function to algorithm
ee5b46fcfdb : clover/spirv: support CL_KERNEL_COMPILE_WORK_GROUP_SIZE
2bb2ba7e340 : clover/spirv: parse arg_info
4f998266911 : clover: avoid adding an extra space to compiler options
811b17a207b : clover: implements notification callback on program builds
c04d5e7efa7 : clover: implements clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo CL_KERNEL_COMPILE_WORK_GROUP_SIZE
aadd1340814 : clover: add CL_KERNEL_ATTRIBUTES for clGetKernelInfo
ef0f8ec03bf : clover: bind sampler_t type to module::argument::sampler
9aea6e33740 : clover: implements clGetKernelArgInfo
d7d66e30f22 : clover: implements clEnqueueFillImage
c0f03f6fc03 : clover: implements clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects
4b96eb0cc47 : etnaviv: Make sure to track different pipe_screens for different DRM device descriptions
ac161102f35 : panfrost: Fix a warning
ccb3d7d8bea : panfrost: bifrost: disassemble: Fix decoding of next_regs
19561f31a87 : radv: remove trailing whitespace
8096e0df7a9 : aco: remove trailing whitespace
3c5eb1f7615 : aco: more uses of nir_get_io_offset_src()
1211d05befa : aco: bail out if the NIR IO base offset isn't zero
9d5ec7f6f2c : etnaviv: stop leaking the dummy texure descriptor BO
6a44bda8795 : intel/uuid: use git-sha1/package for the driver UUID
456fa9b8385 : iris: plumb device/driver UUID generators
e9a766a8c02 : intel: split driver/device UUID generators
713386af203 : turnip: Enable support for KHR_incremental_present
8b205402c34 : omx/tizonia: fix build
f5f0c012ad3 : gallium/util: remove empty file u_half.h
71697953ec5 : gallium/util: remove redundant util_float_to_half_rtz
b42c6ff6f61 : util: remove util_float_to_half and util_half_to_float wrappers
24a62dd0fb0 : util: move util_half_to_float code into _mesa_half_to_float_slow
ffcdf76799b : util: implement F16C using inline assembly on x86_64
4c54f059150 : nir/constant_folding: init nir_const_value to zero
335132cd4dd : lavapipe: drop dri,dricommon deps.
9c256892873 : intel: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
e06da554e9e : anv: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
4b9e38ca068 : i965: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
e6d26fbf3db : iris: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
4015e1876a7 : intel: add INTEL_DEBUG expected value in declaration
bcfec61d1ee : anv: Add driconf option to disable compression for 16bpp format
49593205b98 : anv: Factor out dri option initialization code in separate function
7c6f1d3bf99 : clover/nir: extract constant buffer into its own section
adbfff6eae8 : clover: bind constant buffer if one is provided
af85985250a : clover/util: add id_type_equals to support symbols with multiple sections
7fb4ab9ec12 : driconf: Restore the ability to override driconf with the environment.
455bfecdffc : driconf: Make sure that the range check on the defaults actually works.
24b4a63b3d0 : CI: Re-enable Panfrost T7xx CI
3dc00c33f08 : gallium/u_threaded_context: fix use-after-free in transfer_unmap
706fef711ba : gallium/u_threaded_context: always flush asynchronously if requested
28256d3d7b4 : gallium/u_threaded_context: don't call memcpy in tc_set_constant_buffer
ed3c5fe4694 : radeonsi: implement GL_INTEL_blackhole_render
bad7b38aa19 : radeonsi: remove dead variable postponed_kill
d5575ca7a14 : gallium/util: add set_frontend_noop into driver_noop and u_threaded_context
72fa3372cc0 : util/idalloc: resize if ID is too large for reservation
155b1b17921 : st/mesa: enable GL name reuse for queries based on the driconf option
6f7446bda56 : driconf: enable force_glsl_extensions_warn for viewperf
a8b4e690cfc : driconf: force the vendor string to NVIDIA to fix viewperf energy tests
5827fe898e9 : inline print_sync_dispatch
bcd6b0c6855 : mesa: factor out layout parsing for glInterleavedArrays
60825a542de : nir/constant_folding: Fold load_deref of nir_var_mem_constant
481b7538abf : nir: Validate constant initializers
1ada83504fe : nir/constant_folding: Use nir_shader_instruction_pass
9df1ff36781 : nir/constant_folding: Use the builder
3b11b37a1be : radv: remove VkPipelineCacheCreateInfo::flags assert
3f3a5f3489f : iris: Fix a fast-clear skipping optimization
c416adfb2d9 : anv: remove VkPipelineCacheCreateInfo::flags assert
9ad4b8b9243 : intel/dev: add a small non installable tool to print device info
61c095f09a7 : zink: enable pipe caps for ARB_timer_query
bb603352b68 : zink: add pipe_context::get_timestamp hook
b551ee22dfc : zink: handle TIME_ELAPSED queries
7a40b734ee2 : zink: handle timestamp queries
79f35444126 : intel/perf: fix crash when no perf queries are supported
82563b6a9fa : util: drop non-posix header fnmatch
f0707e977b8 : CI: Disable Panfrost T7xx CI
2b977adff80 : xmlconfig: fix scandir_filter
a0c13c9de9a : spirv: Make the clc_shader const
e33f9dbc1af : turnip/kgsl: Add strerror decode in BO init failure.
5d3aeafa772 : turnip: Report device loss through _mesa_loge() instead of fprintf.
50f25da2b54 : turnip: Always enable TU_DEBUG=startup on debug drivers.
a4d9a9d11c3 : turnip: Extend the coverage of TU_DEBUG=startup.
80869f0bc3a : turnip: Mark the vk_errorf helper as bring printflike.
01de452b5d5 : turnip: Use mesa's normal PRINTFLIKE macro instead of our own.
a7bc2f8d1b5 : turnip: Don't expose VK_ANDROID_native_buffer on non-Android.
d82826ad444 : anv: Implement VK_EXT_transform_feedback on Gen7
9831888b682 : android: panfrost: use python3 for generated sources rules
27921171e34 : android: pan/bi: Use new disassembler (v2)
8163c818e32 : turnip: implement timestamp fences/semaphores for kgsl backend
462d62351d2 : broadcom/simulator: update to a newer simulator
e3b814d5e9e : zink: hook up driconf
f984654da8b : ac/nir,radv: fix invalid IR when loading inline uniform blocks
9badadf67eb : radv: remove dead deref code in the shader info pass
bc099b834fd : radv: remove unused gs.writes_memory in the shader info pass
9896337d1b2 : ac,radv,radeonsi: remove unused parameters in the shader ABI IO
b7f99401f4b : radeonsi: remove dead code in TCS/TES/GS since const_index is always 0
e3296e05ae3 : ac/nir: remove dead shader IO code
456f63e0ba1 : ac/nir: remove dead global load/store/atomic derefs code
6b0695c42a2 : radv/llvm: enable lower_unpack_half_2x16
f11d4f31270 : ac/llvm: implement nir_op_unpack_half_2x16_split_{x,y}
cdf6d934987 : radv/llvm: lower VS IO
b3402997a52 : radv/llvm: gather VS input usage mask from load_input
1c4a21328e1 : radv/llvm: lower TCS IO
80cefee0f72 : radv/llvm: gather TCS outputs from the output variables
96152739072 : radv/llvm: lower TES IO
6e339418a72 : radv/llvm: lower GS IO
ed55bc4af2b : radv/llvm: assign driver locations for VS, TCS, TES and GS correctly
1ea48c1f57d : ac/nir: remove dead load/store deref code for temporary variables
7a8f5eab71a : ac/llvm: adjust dmask when image stores are shrinked using the format
961a8d71cdc : vc4: Avoid negative scissor caused by no intersection
9a899e579a6 : v3d: Update the TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE when there’s a new buf for a tex
e2f037e96cb : v3d: Split the creating of TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE into a helper function
d25504dae01 : v3d: Make the function to set tex dirty state for a stage global
ef918f0e335 : turnip: remove pre-emption marker
3b3a3af9c76 : glsl: Initialize ast_node member field location.path in constructor.
81cd4c8f596 : intel/vec4: Remove leftover code from Gen8+ removal.
0a7bd14dbb8 : freedreno: Move rsc NULL check to before rsc dereferences.
1b0fec444fd : iris: Fix the constant data address calculation
23ff2a0e634 : nv50/ir: Initialize Source members.
7e862670efb : radv: Fix asserts using assign instead of compare.
9660427ab7b : lima: Print usage if --help is any of the arguments.
2fb27499378 : android: Disable the user XML config parsing.
7edb2aed551 : util/xmlconfig: Drop use of XML_Char in parsing.
6f3352b6a76 : driconf: Stop quoting true/false in boolean option definitions.
8a05d6ffc65 : driconf: Make the driver's declarations be structs instead of XML.
9fbf206a137 : driconf: Use DRI_CONF_OPT_I for remaining int options
23c3eb1fe16 : driconf: Delete disjoint range support.
4f37161a8f2 : util/xmlconfig: Indent to Mesa style.
91ccbb399f0 : util/xmlconfig: Drop silly open-coded strdup.
df3d3ea33e7 : driconf: Make a DRI_CONF_OPT_S() for string options.
4a573849593 : r200: Reuse DRI_CONF_OPT_F for texture_blend_quality.
c47c08fa72b : driconf: Fix extra quoting on "Jimenez'".
b1e730b3b43 : driconf: Eliminate the DRI_CONF_OPT_BEGIN_B macro.
8427e560672 : intel/fs: Don't use NoDDClk/NoDDClr for split SHUFFLEs
b23541c4d3a : android: util: add log.c to Makefile.sources
f9977f87296 : panfrost: decode: Flag pandecode_log_typed() as PRINTFLIKE
12b00b77c6f : panfrost: decode: Fix decode_bifrost_constant() prototype
7568c97df14 : radv: Use atomics to read query results.
7cc55df938b : pan/bi: Fix assert when writing vertex outputs
447cef4a71d : zink: use sizeof(vec4) multiplier for nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo
1c8e80a07b8 : zink: correctly set up ubo bindings and buffer indices
59027a26828 : zink: don't emit ubos or bindings for ubo variables
d369c00c83c : zink: emit ubo variables sized based on the overall ubo block size
76ac3416755 : zink: always emit descriptor set 0 in ntv
9a8539206f9 : zink: fix shader buffer size caps to use 65536
0e3e3232246 : zink: run nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo conditionally
7767c3dae30 : zink: correctly handle ARB_arrays_of_arrays in ntv for samplers
18fd6274b26 : aco/tests: add disassembler tests to reproduce the add3+clamp crash
01704dd1a41 : aco: apply the clamped integer addition disassembly workaround for v_add3
c9192d1083e : pan/mdg: map uabs_i/usub to i/uabsdiff
cea032a3459 : pan/mdg: remove unused arg from ALU_CHECK_CMP and ALU_CASE_CMP
37c1b9c54b7 : aco: fix get_buffer_resource_flags()
b2e1fc8976d : nir: Add a pass to lower vec3s to vec4s
9190f82d573 : nir/opt_deref: Add an optimization for bitcasts
80e6ac3341c : nir/opt_deref: Add an instruction type switch
769ede2de49 : nir: Add component mask re-interpret helpers
57e7c5f05eb : nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: Use bit sizes when checking mask compatibility
f6667cb0ce8 : nir: Add a memcpy optimization pass
e363da3bdd3 : nir: Handle memcpy in copy_prop_vars and combine_stores
100a5ace636 : nir/find_array_copies: Properly discard copies for casts
1c492995357 : gallium/util: allow scissored blits for stencil-fallback
e7e0468f730 : gallium/util: fix memory-leak
03bea54e029 : meson: fix power8 option
57b4f60add3 : turnip: don't initialize GRAS_LRZ_CNTL/RB_LRZ_CNTL tu6_init_hw()
3c07a149986 : turnip: enable LRZ
1d83f5ae843 : turnip: disable LRZ on vkCmdClearattachments() 3D fallback path
2f79e006640 : turnip: disable LRZ on vkCmdClearAttachments()
27743b029d4 : turnip: emit correct LRZ fast clear setup
0ca87ed5062 : turnip: add support to clear LRZ
0b2cfd0668e : turnip: add LRZ valid tracking for secondary command buffers
517b26bdd10 : turnip: add LRZ tracking to command buffer state
fdad1ca2565 : turnip: disable LRZ depending on fragment changes
d1fa40bdcfc : turnip: disable LRZ writes when blend is enabled
38f008e07bc : turnip: disable LRZ on specific cases
6089b00e893 : turnip: create LRZ buffer
138d2928cd9 : turnip: add environment variable to disable LRZ
e3c7748b2e2 : ci/bare-metal: Move the "POWER_GOOD not seen in time" check to the right time.
98bb74b67df : nir: Fix a misspelling
038fcbcaed3 : glsl: don't duplicate state vars as uniforms in the NIR linker
535fd6d45e6 : freedreno/cffdec: fix decoding of bindless descriptors
a8ac61b0ee2 : intel/fs: NoMask initialize the address register for shuffles
5c2129d4347 : virgl: fix stride + layer_stride inconsistency
87383e3163d : virgl: query blob mem
3b54e5837a1 : virgl: support PIPE_CAP_BUFFER_MAP_PERSISTENT_COHERENT
cd31f46f08a : virgl/drm: add resource create blob function
e01ec6ed2d4 : virgl/drm: query for resource blob and host visible memory region
7b7f2108256 : drm-uapi: virtgpu_drm.h: resource create blob + host visible memory region
c73c0cc3177 : virgl: add flags to (*resource_create) callback
1aac47db69d : Revert F16C series (MR 6774)
4a0164ed85f : android: gallium/virgl: cleanup virgl_driinfo.h gen rules
d7fbf94ae84 : android: gallium/radeonsi: cleanup si_driinfo.h gen rules
a648aea3fdf : android: gallium/iris: cleanup iris_driinfo.h gen rules
cb95065dd12 : nir: Add lowering from regular ALU conversions to the intrinsic
bc7ed03ef8f : clover/nir: Call nir_lower_convert_alu_types
7d97f3dfdc8 : spirv: Implement vload[a]_half[n] and vstore[a]_half[n][_r]
a85afb797e7 : spirv/opencl: Drop dest_type from handle_v_load_store
8610af12b6a : spirv: Handle all OpenCL conversion ops with full rounding
8e8458218c6 : spirv: Add some conversion handling helpers
383ecfbc709 : nir: Add a passes for nir_intrinsic_convert_alu_types
d5cb51e2b91 : nir: Add builder helpers for OpenCL type conversions
588bb6686b3 : nir: Add a conversion and rounding intrinsic
0aa08ae2f67 : nir: Split NIR_INTRINSIC_TYPE into separate src/dest indices
4c70f1ba2fb : gallivm/nir: fix non-32 bit find lsb/msb
e8f1cc41db3 : llvmpipe/cs: add in shader shared size.
35b162eb2c0 : gallivm/nir: make sure to mask global reads.
545d852a7a7 : intel/gen9: Enable MSC RAW Hazard Avoidance
237f4d9d187 : radeonsi: restructure si_pipe_set_constant_buffer
d5cb7bd5274 : radeonsi: call nir_lower_bool_to_int32 last because it breaks nir_opt_if
fd6bbdcf59d : radeonsi: use staging buffer uploads for most VRAM buffers
701f7ae9d25 : radeonsi: move si_set_active_descriptors_for_shader into si_update_common_shader_state
f5912c6d326 : radeonsi: kill disabled clip distances and planes at per-channel granularity
30c3b2c0b60 : radeonsi: simplify NGG culling enablement and add radeonsi_shader_culling option
b02bef01c89 : intel/blorp: Conditionally clear full surface depth and stencil
d5849bc840e : anv: Skip HiZ and CCS ambiguates which preceed fast-clears
e9d5ec342d1 : anv: Use more temp vars in cmd_buffer_begin_subpass
7c92e413afe : anv: Allow HiZ clears for multi-view
03af98abe26 : radeonsi: support for external buffers (ext_external_objects)
df634915944 : radv/aco: lower IO for all stages outside of ACO
2c322514f38 : radv: gather output usage mask from store_output for VS, TES and GS
79368ab302f : ttn: Fix number of components for IF/UIF
b00a023f1e1 : ac/nir: fix nir_intrinsic_shared_atomic_fadd
8227b08c081 : ac/llvm: fix invalid use of unreachable in ac_build_atomic_rmw()
892e74d2f7c : radv: fix gathering writes_memory for global store/atomic operations
e94fd4cc658 : lavapipe: rename vallium to lavapipe
5e8791a0bf0 : radeonsi: Fix dead lock with aux_context_lock in si_screen_clear_buffer.
90e42f87ac5 : add one last 20.1 release to coincide with expected 20.2.1
fe16e409748 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.9
00d87db89b5 : docs: add release notes for 20.1.9
49ec863e830 : freedreno/ir3: Enable the i/o vectorizer on UBOs.
e3f46558051 : nir: Make nir_lower_ubo_vec4() handle non-vec4-aligned loads.
618556a8cbd : nir: Drop the high_offset argument to the load_store_vectorizer filter.
5f757bb95c2 : nir: Make the load_store_vectorizer provide align_mul + align_offset.
9c5a793dc72 : nir/gl_nir_lower_buffers: Set up align_mul/offset on UBOs.
ffbfc1ec0eb : nir/nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo: Set better alignments on our new instructions.
c88c89ff3ea : nir: Print the alignment information on casts.
6c1c5714409 : nir: Document a bit about how align_mul/offset work.
bd60e31c837 : freedreno/ir3: Make sure we run the opt loop after lowering UBOs to vec4.
8dc8922af25 : turnip: implement legacy API functions separately
25ebd7f90f8 : Revert "nir/lower_goto_if: Add a route::outside set"
57c9fc3cbaf : nir/lower_goto_ifs: Always include level dom_frontiers in prev_frontier
7749983658e : nir/lower_goto_ifs: Add asserts for SSA forks
dc010cb74e1 : nir/lower_goto_ifs: Use rzalloc
fa3c38ceb36 : spirv: Only run repair_ssa if structured
719c68016a2 : nir/dominance: Use _mesa_set_clear instead ofhand-rolling it
b6a4172f104 : nir/lower_goto_ifs: Don't destroy SSA form in the process
6f134a622b1 : nir/validate: Improve the validation of blocks
4fb2eddfdf9 : gallium/util: remove empty file u_half.h
7a1deb16f8a : gallium/util: remove redundant util_float_to_half_rtz
2b6a1723437 : util: remove util_float_to_half and util_half_to_float wrappers
5af81393e41 : util: move util_half_to_float code into _mesa_half_to_float_slow
87900afe5bb : util: implement f16c - fast half<->float conversions
7dbb1f74624 : nir/cf: Better handle intra-block splits
5e2e882270c : nir: Disallow goto and goto_if in clone and [de]serialize
9a48ed84ecd : nir/copy_propagate: Copy-prop into jump conditions
7f0cd6f1539 : nir/opt_if: Use early returns in opt_if_merge()
656e428ff4e : nir/opt_if: Remove open-coded nir_ssa_def_rewrite_uses()
c6f871b62e2 : nir/lower_returns: Use nir control flow insertion helpers
f103bded0b5 : ttn: Use nir control flow insertion helpers
f504eb683d8 : radv: Use nir control flow insertion helpers
b2ede6280c0 : intel/nir: Use nir control flow helpers
55e2b3424de : radeonsi: Fix imports with displayable DCC.
636f7702335 : bin/ escape special rST characters
ae7975ecd43 : docs: cpu -> CPU
5fe6124661d : docs: Sandybridge -> Sandy Bridge
302fc318473 : docs: vmware -> VMWare
37bb6ddcc25 : docs: ubuntu -> Ubuntu
0c90662dfba : docs: scons -> SCons
7f4f441465a : docs: quote "git log"
50e26e5376e : docs: git -> Git
24e8e53bac3 : docs: android -> Android
ca613a5a7ef : docs: drm -> DRM
9f59b19ad04 : docs: wayland -> Wayland
8d2090e79d0 : docs: x11 -> X11
0db015294ea : docs: cmake -> CMake
b8b0e5ece02 : docs: gpu -> GPU
12d925dc8d6 : docs: visual studio -> Visual Studio
0e9d87eacc5 : docs: windows -> Windows
0df19e3c6bf : docs: linux -> Linux
557ee09c2ea : docs: microsoft -> Microsoft
d84420f5136 : docs: mingw -> MinGW
a14d64757b3 : docs: ninja -> Ninja
eb1e7e61e52 : docs: chocolatey -> Chocolatey
0732efbda91 : docs: mako -> Mako
fafd1f44257 : docs: bison -> Bison
1e75294e827 : docs: flex -> Flex
d95e2e48a9b : docs: python3 -> Python 3
e198fb64e10 : docs: meson -> Meson
0835ee9e8da : docs: correct reference to
5ed6432eebb : docs: llvm -> LLVM
a1904c96f3b : docs: bpp -> BPP
647a8283674 : docs: webservice -> web service
648cf633437 : docs: existant -> existent
766705d03b9 : docs: softwara -> software
92a594b1540 : spirv: Delete the legacy offset/index UBO/SSBO lowering
1cadbe51413 : vallium: Stop using lower_ubo_ssbo_access_to_offsets
657d49a9ba1 : spirv: Use derefs for push constants
d3fa7451a66 : anv,radv,tu,val: Call nir_lower_io for push constants
ac7537f155b : nir/lower_io: Add support for push constants
7a2b4ce22e4 : nir: Allow creating variables with nir_var_mem_push_const.
b0504ed682f : llvmpipe: use an alternate env var to enable clover.
760ba65733d : gallivm/nir: handle non-32-bit mul high
5d4502c0855 : gallivm/nir: fix up non 32-bit load stores
28911360507 : gallivm: fix 64-bit CL intrinsics.
728061b9689 : turnip: signal fence and semaphore in AcquireNextImage2KHR
e192f8f30a9 : turnip: share code between semaphores/fences + fence import/export
0497c9cb6cc : turnip: remove remaining uses of drmSyncobj helpers
c4d5010c54d : turnip: rework ImportSemaphoreFdKHR
8343c32f5af : turnip: rework GetSemaphoreFdKHR
fb76af24a22 : turnip: semaphores simplification (only syncobj semaphores supported)
1dfb5a93d26 : turnip: set MSM_SUBMIT_SYNCOBJ_RESET for submit pWaitSemaphores
2a3f6e0267f : turnip: always create permanent syncobj for semaphore
dcc278c7227 : turnip: clean up tu_device_memory
d12cdc9374d : gallivm: fix pow(0, y) to be 0
89a1a3e9d60 : r600/sfn: extend life range of all variables by one
02245e38fcf : r600/sfn: Add support for more barrier instructions
48edb98a7ef : r600/sfn: Fix IDX register ID
7683e275619 : r600/sfn: Fix enabling the right interpolator for inerpolate_at_sample
16a3a563212 : freedreno: Don't leak LRZ bo's
7454ae4ea65 : freedreno/registers: Add a couple things used on kernel side
27c8d976577 : freedreno/drm: Also clean ring_cache
98093e2780e : freedreno/a6xx: Small cleanup
5be3cfdc13e : freedreno: Don't leak border_color_buf reference
69a3ef65112 : freedreno/drm: drop bo's dev reference
6a20c630b93 : zink: unify all occurrences of waiting on a fence
e31381ac260 : zink: combine all surface layout-setting for src/dst into util function
24f19f409d3 : radv: Write correct dispatch size for RGP.
1b39d74c682 : ci: Enable remaining (non-rotate) mustpass CTS tests
8abe3bb95a8 : ci: cherry-pick deqp fix for config choosing
aee1c08c065 : ci/deqp-runner: Allow overriding width/height/config
efaea653b57 : intel: Add support for i945g to intel_stub_gpu.
f5901484a77 : Add driver override to envvars.rst
2584d48b2cf : gallium/vl: add chroma_format arg to vl_video_buffer functions
b121b1b8b8f : gallium/vl: do not call transfer_unmap if transfer is NULL
8d2757789a7 : tu: Enable multi-position output
64ad5a1f7b3 : ir3, tu: Link per-view position correctly
6982e8510b5 : ir3, tu: Run optimization loop twice
41a5a218582 : tu: Refactor shader compilation flow
67ac16611bd : tu: Write multiview control registers in binning pass
a3363c348dc : gallium: Make pipe_viewport_state swizzle_x/y/z/w bit-fields 8 bits wide
291cfb1e415 : radv: move lowering of FS outputs outside of ACO
4dae9e53f6a : radv: call nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base for FS outputs
85074ec5f6c : radv/aco: Set I/O variable locations outside ACO.
cd1fab4ed67 : radeonsi: enable support for GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
40c1f9883e5 : mesa,glsl: add support for GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
8930b3bcdd8 : gallium: prepare framework for supporting GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
6d4f33e469b : turnip: initial implementation of VK_KHR_push_descriptor
992d24794da : turnip: delete unused/broken pipeline layout hashing code
560cff81f58 : turnip: remove unused cmd_buffer/device arguments in descriptor sets
d4d5382963f : panfrost: Add support for rbg16 formats
dfc1d54b5b6 : CI: Re-enable Panfrost T7xx
51e2b310397 : nir: Handle per-view io in nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base()
bc8a5c07522 : nir: Add per_view to IO semantics
5a88db682e0 : nir/lower_io_arrays: Fix xfb_offset bug
df955ce6b6a : nir: Count i/o slots correctly for per-view variables
a9b2ac854f5 : anv: Use nir_lower_multiview pass
ffe946d7e82 : nir: Add nir_lower_multiview pass
b4c07a8a87d : gallium/util: allow scaling blits for stencil-fallback
69654f0918f : gallium/util: fix texture-coordinates for stencil-fallback
a21e1e615cd : gallium/util: set right dst-dimensions
778fe02f3b9 : radv/llvm: call nir_lower_io_to_vector with FS to fix array tests
2c08404f388 : docs: add INTEL_SHADER_ASM_READ_PATH description
1a19fae8680 : radeonsi: call nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base only once per shader
a0e35c7562e : nir/lower_io: change nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base to use bitfield modes
7685c37bf47 : st/mesa: use roundf instead of floorf for lod-bias rounding
8f24a14175b : docs: gallium -> Gallium
9d34c99f39a : docs: docker -> Docker
8a5eebd4090 : docs: debian -> Debian
40cb54270cd : docs: flavours -> flavors
915d4e28068 : docs: stabilisation -> stabilization
6ec9a7ec57e : docs: consistantly -> consistently
b1874a26952 : docs: clippping -> clipping
af9b073d5f7 : docs: drop outdated gallium-docs comment
cff7de4bb59 : kmsro: Add mediatek entry point
fefb3e9b700 : panfrost: Add preliminary support for Mali G72
c420db1665b : panfrost: Adjust quirks for bifrost v6
89e3c3a8261 : mesa: bptc fixes for decompress rgba_unorm and rgb_float
1b4d968106d : ac/llvm: fix invalid IR if image stores are shrinked using the format
1588644543d : radv: lower deref operations for global memory for both backends
10b73e2b522 : ac/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_global_atomic_*
82cf6075572 : ac/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_global
f01656c4959 : CI: Temporarily disable Panfrost T7xx
62ba074ff51 : pan/mdg: Fix memory leak on error path.
287ef94e242 : gallium/swr: Remove unreachable code.
70945dd3629 : aco: Initialize mad_info member literal_idx.
93b8cdfe8bf : anv: Check file descriptor before closing.
1d71b1a3112 : intel/vec4: Remove everything related to VS_OPCODE_SET_SIMD4X2_HEADER_GEN9
2a49007411b : intel/vec4: Remove all support for Gen8+ [v2]
60e1d0f0286 : intel/compiler: Remove INTEL_SCALAR_... env variables
d0ce24c8caa : intel/vec4: Remove inline lowering of LRP
86bab92aa4a : intel/compiler: Don't fallback to vec4 when scalar GS compile fails [v2]
92f08860c97 : intel/compiler: Silence unused parameter warning in brw_surface_payload_size
9bcdca2455e : intel/vec4: Silence unused paramter warnings in brw_vec4_generator.cpp
bc32d41a9b6 : r600/sfn: Add support for helper invocations
6aa196b673e : r600/sfn: remove old code to track uniforms as it is no longer needed
31e42fb780f : r600/sfn: replace hand-backed literal check by NIR function
6784cea646b : r600/sfn; go back to not lowering uniforms to UBOs
9a6b11a7330 : r600/sfn: Fix indirect const buffer access
73c5f451916 : r600/sfn: Fix interpolate at sample
a8435f70ed5 : r600/sfn: use fine gradient evaluation for interpolate_at_offset
8540523610e : r600/sfn: save some instructions when doing multisample on sample 0
0c5dfd294aa : r600/sfn: Support group memory barrier
972dd730d92 : r600/sfn: lower to scalar for some optimizations and vectortize later
d55404b39cb : r600/sfn: Handle nir_op_b2b32
b2df9c2f886 : r600/sfn: Fix emitting shared atomics with constant sources
e8c5f8b9d32 : nir/lower_clip: Add i/o semantics for load/store intrinsics.
4ed904989fc : ci/freedreno: Add trace tests for glxgears, 0 A.D., and xonotic.
8538b7d270a : ci/freedreno: Sort the traces in the .yml of expectations
a55dc276a38 : turnip: Replace tu_log*() with mesa_log*()
13ea7db760b : mesa: Promote Intel's simple logging façade for Android to util/
78165ea3e20 : radv: Record cache flushes for RGP.
cc731821527 : radv: Include flushes in the barrier.
eff6710aabb : radv: Fix RGP Asic CU info for GFX10+.
8349b820831 : radv: Use correct alignment for SQTT buffer sizes.
929aac5d350 : radv: Fix emitting SQTT userdata.
b2d042b6210 : zink: remove old extension infrastructure
08d51e92aee : zink: use the new, generated extension infrastructure
79c0023d196 : zink: use the new extension infrastructure in device creation
0ed17a212c7 : zink: hook to build system
f1432fd3e2d : zink: generate extension infrastructure using a python script
39098a2053d : nir/lower_memory_model: do not break with global atomic operations
de1409089c7 : nir/lower_memory_model: return progress when visiting instructions
756441b2979 : pan/mdg: Infer whether to disassemble shaders from info.internal
90eaaada0d1 : panfrost: Mark blit shaders as internal
ee073cb543e : nir/load_store_vectorize: improve vectorization with identical operations
d9c4ec91542 : panfrost: Remove extra printf arguments.
f2b94ae085a : glsl/linker: Add support for XFB varying lowering in geometry shader
5bea0e88ba0 : docs: recognisable -> recognizable
b8f1075c4e7 : docs: url -> URL
7ee8a3a2cbc : docs: gitlab -> GitLab
0894b590a45 : docs: initialisation -> initialization
2dccdb1d4b3 : docs: timeplan -> time plan
9890927a84d : docs: behaviour -> behavior
33180434afc : docs: unecessarily -> unnecessarily
fa834fd3653 : docs: make two acronyms upper-case
58512ce3dcb : docs: frambuffer -> framebuffer
e8c1b789aad : docs: scons -> SCons
3fffa27a3bb : docs: apis -> APIs
255019340c5 : docs: everytime -> every time
e48b77b5b14 : docs: remove webmaster article
d2dfbf0e66b : docs: store prefixes in redirects
12760d0480d : docs: show 'Edit on GitLab'-link
96ac7115dbd : docs: escape backquote character
92831412d95 : lima: set clear depth value to 0x00ffffff as default
9a221095d27 : android: pan/bi: fix typo in bifrost_gen_disasm.c gen rules
2e9599b34d1 : panfrost: Fix bifrost tiler job emission
6abb4cd8b9d : panfrost: Fix bifrost tiler descriptor definition
4017116fa04 : ci: add to the list of skipped tests
a3543adc262 : clover: set LLVM min version to 8.0.1
bf80fb7c309 : clover/nir: Call the memcpy lowering pass
8323c03bbfd : spirv: Add support for OpCopyMemorySized
a3177cca996 : nir: Add a lowering pass to lower memcpy
b2899f72657 : nir: Add a new memcpy intrinsic
8cbb6640f0e : spirv: Use the new types helpers
de295b61da3 : compiler/types: Add glsl_baseN_t_type(bit_size) helpers
4cb6a8d2dee : gallivm: add support for lowered IO in vertex shaders
465460943a2 : meson/anv: Use variable that checks for --build-id
5f1855d896c : vtn/opencl: Switch fma to conditionally use libclc for 32bit floats
8fb25c48a40 : vtn/opencl: Only use libclc ldexp when lower_ldexp is set
09bca4cb957 : vtn/opencl: Switch some nir-sequence ops to use libclc
03fd217d219 : vtn/opencl: Switch division-related ops to use libclc
2624faf1379 : vtn/opencl: Switch exp/pow/log to use libclc
4cc9ad4eeb4 : vtn/opencl: Switch non-native trig to use libclc
6aee49578fb : vtn/opencl: Hook up OpenCL async copy and group wait opcodes via libclc
00261d883dd : vtn/opencl: Rework handle_instr to be able to handle core SPIR-V opcodes via libclc
b08fd45be0c : vtn/opencl: Implement a lot of opcodes via libclc
f33b417652c : clover: handle libclc shader (v3)
14bc2dcaae0 : util: add missing extern C
6436e3ac189 : vtn/opencl: Add infrastructure for calling out to libclc
45d43ad2b8d : clover/nir: add libclc lowering pass
2013903bc24 : vtn/opencl: Rework type handling for CL extension opcodes
938be4d6fab : nir/vtn: Add handling for SPIR-V event variables
c9a6b94f9ea : vtn: add an option to create a nir library from spirv
2826a5a9232 : nir: Add glsl_base_type unsigned -> signed version helper
93db59e0664 : nir: Add an internal flag to shader_info
b4a087ce1b9 : driconf: Use nesting macros for defining options.
e5d2481bfe7 : virgl: Clean up the driconf definition of GLES_SAMPLES_PASSED_VALUE.
1eb79dfaded : util/xmlconfig: Add a unit test of the code.
7f3e881c6cd : blorp: Ensure aligned HIZ_CCS_WT partial clears
7898993bcd5 : meson: add support for loongson's mips/mips64 arch.
b54a0bb5283 : freedreno/layout: add tile_all flag to the layout
0206fb39418 : nir/liveness: Consider if uses in nir_ssa_defs_interfere
dcba32bac08 : turnip: implement VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state
b2fa2d99ae2 : turnip: move A6XX_RB_ALPHA_CONTROL write to init_hw
d1588c78abd : turnip: fix wrong indentation in tu6_draw_common
a18c84ecce3 : nir/instr_set: hash intrinsic sources
b8c31ac06d3 : lima: fix glCopyTexSubImage2D
7b9cf779f27 : kmsro: Extend to include imx-dcss
77486db867b : intel/fs: Disable sample mask predication for scratch stores
cbef2dc7d3c : zink: only set stencil-ref for back if two-sided
4b2525b68df : zink: store base-object of DSA-state
9e94dcca67a : zink: correct typo in stencil-setup
d1d27e9db49 : radeonsi: remove redundant info.uses_fbfetch
7b1e01fec72 : radeonsi: remove redundant variables from struct si_compute
16afaf03555 : radeonsi: assume that constant load_local_group_size has been optimized out
0492adaca73 : radeonsi: run NIR optimizations that glsl_to_nir runs but other places might not
8a1d556c5af : radeonsi: get input/output usage flags from shader_info directly
0280cc75ba4 : radeonsi: get information about FS color outputs from shader_info directly
343e5caa750 : radeonsi: use info.system_values_read
cce3556abdb : radeonsi: call nir_shader_gather_info after lowering and optimizing NIR
8be46d6558e : radeonsi: fix indirect dispatches with variable block sizes
a7e3cc7a0ea : etnaviv: simplify linear stride implementation
f7583bda8f0 : ci: Extend meson-clang coverage by compiling all gallium drivers
1dd4505bc1e : panfrost: gen_pack: Fix gnu-empty-initializer errors
ea77958fea2 : nir: gather information about fbfetch and dual source color
a6abf175ef3 : nir: fix input/output info gathering for lowered IO
ef98c175c01 : nir: gather fs.uses_sample_qualifier from lowered IO
7b108e6ac40 : nir: set system_values_read for all intrinsics
abe9588ff04 : nir: gather tess.tcs_cross_invocation info from lowered IO intrinsics
10be706778b : nir: gather indirect info from lowered IO intrinsics
3173367a478 : spirv: vtn_fail with a nice message on unsupported rounding modes
03e7b75c22c : gallium/dri2: Move image->texture assignment after image NULL check.
4bd0df0e4a8 : r600/sfn: Initialize GPRValue member m_pin_to_channel.
974981c4e6b : gallium/drm: Make the pipe loader handle the driconf merging.
87392385b59 : gallium/drm: Define the DRM entrypoints in drm_helper.h
bc10b4968e8 : gallium/drm: Refactor the stub screen create functions.
9ec28b8d226 : gallium/drm: Deduplicate screen creation for the dynamic (clover) pipe loader.
472a20c5fc0 : radeonsi: Only call nir_lower_var_copies at the end of the opt loop
7971918924d : zink: reorder create_stream_output_target to fix failure case leak
bc5c0433be8 : zink: apply viewport count when creating pipelines
cc939fe9b70 : zink: correctly set up fb-sized scissors for each viewport
8a2ddcb4a94 : zink: set multiviewport cap in ntv when gl_ViewportIndex is a written output
09be30b9e4c : zink: move viewport count to zink_gfx_pipeline_state
818bd610992 : zink: implement ARB_instanced_arrays
00515517016 : zink: verify that src and dst aspects are the same in resource_copy_region hook
6feec2d40e0 : zink: clamp min created fb size to 1x1
9ce1e99913d : zink: use correct layer count when creating framebuffer
e30367a2736 : zink: use correct number of samples on framebuffer in set_framebuffer_state
f6c87216d31 : zink: use correct value for color buffer sample count when creating renderpass
140f53e6464 : Revert "nir: replace lower_ffma and fuse_ffma with has_ffma"
d8cdcd4adf7 : radv: use syncobj for wsi fence
1aa1b9f86ce : radv: fix incorrect ResetFences path for WSI fence
90b98c06493 : amd/tmz: move uses_secure_bos to radeon_winsys
24796899685 : radeonsi/tmz: add workaround for mpv/vaapi subtitles
2c6643546ad : radeonsi/tmz: add a tmz variant for sctx::eop_bug_scratch
133895574c9 : radeonsi: disable primitive discard if tmz is in use
8e2768bbfb1 : radeonsi/tmz: add tmz variant for sctx::tess_rings
2589888ce96 : radeonsi/tmz: add tmz variant of sctx::wait_mem_scratch
de088daccc2 : radeonsi/tmz: fail si_texture_transfer_map if tex is encrypted
55b018b634b : amd/winsys: add RADEON_FLUSH_TOGGLE_SECURE_SUBMISSION
1b0d660cbc7 : radeonsi/tmz: allow secure job if the app made a tmz allocation
f5ec6176774 : ac/gpu_info: add detection of TMZ support
846e3931428 : amd: add AMDGPU_IDS_FLAGS_TMZ definition to amdgpu_drm.h
131412cc4d0 : radeonsi/tmz: allocate depth/stencil buffers as encrypted
0a59d2a3e9e : radeonsi/tmz: add safety assert when tmz is enabled
59b267dea45 : radeonsi/tmz: use secure job if using an encrypted z/s buffer
5bc24fe2833 : radeonsi/tmz: use secure job if framebuffer has dcc
cec0bc73e55 : turnip: rework fences to use syncobjs
c23206757a1 : turnip: require syncobj support
89ffe859a8f : turnip: add a fd field to tu_device
ec4fe92c834 : turnip: delete unused tu_fence_signal function
9e13a16c974 : mesa: handle GL_FRONT after translating to it
005d9d22190 : ci: adjust RadeonSI rules
4c71cda9abc : vulkan/wsi/display: add option for display fence to signal syncobj
32d754825c4 : radeonsi: always inline draw-related functions that have only one use
f24b5894f8c : radeonsi: lift the conditional for skipping si_upload_vertex_buffer_descriptors
0b2f75f9ac2 : radeonsi: add unlikely statements into si_draw_vbo
8ab15c9e33a : radeonsi: move si_upload_vertex_buffer_descriptors into si_state_draw.c
12b1e8a35d2 : radeonsi: reorganize the code around the gfx9 scissor bug
532259b8a3b : radeonsi: don't call emit_cache_flush after uploading bindless descriptors
d647065b069 : radeonsi: move a displaced comment in si_draw_vbo
816a867bbd0 : radeonsi: call si_upload_graphics_shader_descriptors before the big conditional
0051f2cb2a6 : radeonsi: use optimal order of operations when setting up a compute dispatch
e560028c8e7 : panfrost: Remove redundant casts of viewport position
3d0ae7a9dab : panfrost: Handle non-positive viewport positions
2aa48bb5a8d : panfrost: Clamp uniform buffer size
939ddf3f67d : nir: replace lower_ffma and fuse_ffma with has_ffma
f1284505f0f : radeonsi: fuse or lower ffma optimally on all chips
771aad30276 : nir: split lower_ffma into lower_ffma16/32/64
21174dedec4 : nir: split fuse_ffma into fuse_ffma16/32/64
c58b46edf0e : radeonsi: force linear for textures with height=1 (gfx6-8)
5f27777379f : radeonsi: add a tweak for PS wave CU utilization for gfx10.3
b5debe180ef : radeonsi: break a binning batch on a new PS if bins can use multiple state sets
972fb0368cb : radeonsi: move binning parameters into si_screen
8b134fb915d : radeonsi: set KEEP_TOGETHER_ENABLE if needed
28a76161e5d : pan/bi: Remove old register mode definitions
7a0f3b607ed : pan/bi: Use canonical register packing
514da97ccac : pan/bi: Rename port -> slot
c749803dbbe : pan/bi: Decode all 32-bit register modes
bdb33f75297 : pan/bi: Pass 'first' through disassembler
4d3d5a66c92 : pan/bi: Add bifrost_reg_mode enum
b392c079834 : pan/bi: Disassemble PC-relative addresses
08a9e5e3e89 : pan/bi: Decode M values in disasm
9de34e16e0e : pan/bi: Track M values of disassembled constants
43c6623c9eb : pan/bi: Inline dump_instr
5ff3feab88a : pan/bi: Annotate disassemble with format names
ab5cc3e717d : pan/bi: Annotate stop bit (canonically "Z-bit")
24a74b352c8 : radv: add a tweak for PS wave CU utilization for gfx10.3
6865a6a74cf : radv: set KEEP_TOGETHER_ENABLE if necessary on GFX10+
68bb91ee111 : radeonsi: don't use nir_opt_access
87f91e20143 : st/nir: call nir_opt_access before gl_nir_lower_buffers
e893102bcf5 : radv: Add VK_FORMAT_E5B9G9R9_UFLOAT_PACK32 rendering support.
43735c06df4 : radv: Simplify radv_is_hw_resolve_pipeline.
bf0c82b7f8c : radv: Disable NGG on APUs.
12128fb1351 : lima: add natively supported vertex buffer formats
c669db0b503 : radv: advertise VK_KHR_copy_commands2
0401507b77d : radv: add support for CmdResolveImage2KHR()
9a700af65cf : radv: cleanup selecting the hardware resolve path
fe819710adc : radv: add support for CmdCopyImageToBuffer2KHR()
f9915ac465b : radv: add support for CmdCopyImage2KHR()
69dfcfbb24a : radv: add support for CmdCopyBufferToImage2KHR()
22a08da7370 : radv: add support for CmdCopyBuffer2KHR()
eccc73ff780 : radv: add support for CmdBlitImage2KHR()
cc709a07f27 : radv: add VK_KHR_copy_commands2 but leave it disabled
93f158fa2ea : radv: bump the advertised patch version to 145
43c7de6b910 : radv: remove useless assignment of MAX_API_VERSION
e8a40715a8b : gallium/util: add blitter-support for stencil-fallback
2970d388a2a : gallium/util: add shader for stencil-blits
924e27647e4 : nir_lower_system_values: Fix load_global_invocation_id to use base_work_group_id even with no base_global id
ee4cee6dbdf : android: Disable trying to read/write to the disk cache.
25b36d900ac : mesa: Make the android_stub be a set of non-installed shared libraries.
283686ad676 : amd: add VanGogh support
d7495bd123a : amd: add Dimgrey Cavefish support
40a50e93985 : radeonsi: remove KILL_PS_INF_INTERP/CLAMP_DIV_BY_ZERO, use screen::options
98188409d11 : radeonsi: move debug options from si_disk_cache_create to si_get_ir_cache_key
cd12fcff96c : radeonsi: set TRUNC_COORD=0 for Total War: WARHAMMER to fix it
a1f46d7b694 : ci: Use ignore_scheduled_pipelines anchor in .radeonsi-rules
e781cc70255 : tu: Expose shaderStorageImage*WithoutFormat
37054a3ef5d : ir3: Don't use the format to get the image type
6ebc20fd884 : tu: Expose shaderImageGatherExtended
205f4e9a577 : tu: Expose shaderStorageImageExtendedFormats
5d3a72cd617 : r600/sfn: Be a bit more verbose when logging skipped FS outputs
2abb9e5ac09 : r600/sfn: Acquire the number of FS outputs and the write_all info early
c2c5f71e962 : r600/sfn: Take dual source blending output indices into account
44b45a38649 : r600/sfn: Handle number of color outputs taking dual source blending into account
234891cc042 : r600/sfn: Keep info about dual-source blend in FS
0a59530d0db : r600/sfn: Sort the outputs of the FS according to data index
a57f2d0cfab : r600: Add flag for dual-source blending to shader key
1625a9b9ae2 : r600/sfn: remove a useless if-condition
4f4e90bfbb9 : r600/sfn: run late algebraic optimizations
8a9876a29ad : r600/sfn: use cnde instead of cnde_int
952cf95f8b0 : etnaviv: fix comment for source of etna_mesa_debug
9750164c093 : nir: Rename get_buffer_size to get_ssbo_size
f100cf0d30e : aco: stop multiplying driver_location by 4
fd872c3cf77 : aco: remove dead indirect fs input loading
7f51a0c6705 : aco: use nir's constant source helpers more
430cc90071e : aco: use nir_get_io_offset_src() in visit_load_input()
9bba79088da : aco: use io semantics to get an intrinsic's slot
d58a1a87cca : aco: Use NIR IO semantics for tess factor IO locations.
10540c2f6ff : anv: implement VK_KHR_copy_commands2
4c1c546fa34 : vulkan: bump headers/registry to 1.2.154
f2b17dec120 : nir/lower_samplers: Clamp out-of-bounds access to array of samplers
0ba82f78a57 : nir/large_constants: Eliminate out-of-bounds writes to large constants
66669eb5295 : nir/lower_io: Eliminate oob writes and return zero for oob reads
8e1193b8d37 : radeon: rename RADEON_TRANSFER_* -> RADEON_MAP_*
31765340fd6 : gallium: rename transfer flags -> map flags in comments
35860685576 : gallium: rename pipe_transfer_usage -> pipe_map_flags
22253e6b650 : gallium: rename PIPE_TRANSFER_* -> PIPE_MAP_*
44f1b1be7a3 : radeonsi: add 16-bit ALU vectorization
6702e542cf1 : radeonsi: don't scalarize 16-bit vec2 ALU opcodes
e823742e9fd : radeonsi: vectorize IO for better ALU vectorization
98a52fecdaa : radeonsi: implement 16-bit FS color outputs
d3c63d6f606 : radeonsi: set flags for FP16 in shaders
c5277f035ed : radeonsi: don't lower pack for better 16-bit vectorization
581a3516dc1 : ac/nir: implement nir_op_[un]pack_[64/32]_*
3022cf3bac5 : glsl: Initialize ir_constant member const_elements in all constructors.
a5967f308ca : pan/bi: Fix typo.
ade72e677b3 : st/mesa: Deal with empty textures/buffers in semaphore wait/signal.
08add9f61c9 : turnip/kgsl: Associate fences with submits.
e80758405c7 : turnip: Add kgsl backend
cc3bf00cc26 : intel/compiler: fixup Gen12 workaround for array sizes
54b9013e4c8 : wsi/x11: Create a present queue for VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_RELAXED_KHR
26a83bef7b9 : gallium/auxiliary/vl: Include src region in scale_y calculation
9a4daac0bbf : frontends/va: Enabled packed headers for H.264 encoder
7b9414f23f3 : radeon: Pass HEVC encode crop parameters to the encoder
245f619411b : gallium: Parse packed HEVC SPS encode header for crop parameters
0a3f92bcc66 : r600/sfn: Fix typo in comment
07cb38f0d2f : r600/sfn: Fix component count for fdph
eb3199db3e5 : r600/sfn: make number of source components a local variable
d78e7b7aee8 : gallium/auxiliary/vl: Odd Dimensions are failing
05b6612b4ec : radv: do not lower UBO/SSBO access to offsets
3808fa40b4e : radv: add a helper for loading meta descriptors
0836e90418e : ci: Don't create test-docs job if the pages one exists in the pipeline
efec576405d : ci: Prevent pages job from running in pre-merge pipelines
8cb450f769b : ci: Always use CI_PROJECT_NAMESPACE instead of CI_PROJECT_PATH
208876b7092 : ci: Add "is for Marge Bot" YAML anchor
0fcb8b33c57 : ci: Add "is pre-merge pipeline" YAML anchor
b47f1bbff98 : ci: Add "is post-merge pipeline" YAML anchor
22a7c252dc9 : ci: Add "is forked branch" YAML anchor
24f5329e2a5 : ci: Add "is forked branch or pre-merge pipeline" YAML anchor
a33026ee7c7 : ci: Add "is post-merge pipeline, not for Marge Bot" YAML anchor
f79ae945380 : ci: Add "is pre-merge pipeline for Marge Bot" YAML anchor
ac56d669927 : ci: Add "is master branch of main project" YAML anchor
c3ae82be247 : ci: Add "is scheduled pipeline" YAML anchor
2b99e15d0a6 : radv: fix transform feedback crashes if pCounterBufferOffsets is NULL
d2c18b7bf37 : aco: use bit vectors for liveness sets
ec2185c5984 : aco: keep track of temporaries' regclasses in the Program
f007115e3b9 : radeonsi: change vendor name to AMD
b73e165a04c : radeonsi: reduce PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONST_BUFFER_SIZE value
1826367333e : radeonsi: move GL vendor workaround to drirc
fc6df020e3b : gallium: add PIPE_CAP_MAX_TEXTURE_MB
2228835fb55 : radv,aco: fix reading primitive ID in FS after TES
b1c3f63b8da : panfrost: decode: Misc formatting improvements
6b923037726 : panfrost: Avoid copying job descriptors around when we can
d289209ea68 : panfrost: XML-ify the compute job descriptor
54d716a0342 : panfrost: Rename the Blend dither disable flag
89fafe9e926 : panfrost: XML-ify the fragment job descriptor
9121e7daaf7 : panfrost: XML-ify the write value job descriptor
eb923548c51 : panfrost: XML-ify the job header descriptor
5d5f7552a52 : panfrost: XML-ify the multi-target framebuffer descriptors
efce73d99d0 : panfrost: XML-ify the bifrost tiler descriptors
95eb7d9a343 : panfrost: XML-ify the single target framebuffer descriptor
e855698ddd1 : panfrost: XML-ify the midgard tiler descriptor
fb95729b695 : panfrost: Add Tiled linear mode to the Block Format enum
76096c723ae : panfrost: Clarify what TILED mode is
3a06fc3d345 : panfrost: XML-ify the local storage descriptor
706974ce173 : panfrost: decode: Use pan_{unpack,print}() when applicable
aa2670c7fb8 : panfrost: decode: Add a macro to dump unpacked descriptors
670e818f906 : panfrost: decode: Rework the DUMP_{CL,ADDR}() macros
6249ae79d38 : panfrost: decode: Make the indentation consistent with auto-generated print helpers
fd0941c5733 : panfrost: gen_pack: Allow enum/define values expressed in hexadecimal
51d5d44953e : panfrost: gen_pack: Add a log2 modifier
718b521f569 : panfrost: gen_pack: Add an align() modifier
1b27817f175 : panfrost: gen_pack: Allow empty structs
c7a10193d42 : panfrost: gen_pack: Add the aggregate concept
fa7d0974fb9 : panfrost: gen_pack: Move the group get_length() logic to its own method
62c0ef06c83 : panfrost: gen_pack: Add pan_{unpack,print}() helpers
ddd82c3ab8c : panfrost: gen_pack: Fix __gen_unpack_uint()
66f25dd210f : panfrost: gen_pack: Minor formatting improvement
2aa5838730f : Revert "panfrost: Drop implicit blend pooling"
8ae4cec95fa : Revert "radv: emit {CB,DB}_RMI_L2_CACHE_CONTROL at framebuffer time"
0a84c595c21 : Revert "radv: set BIG_PAGE to improve performance on GFX10.3"
d78df70c2a8 : radv,radeonsi: Disable compression on interop depth images
ecc19e9819c : ac/surface: Fix depth import on GFX6-GFX8.
f63ffc18e79 : intel/fs/swsb: SCHEDULING_FENCE only emits SYNC_NOP
e1fc23265f9 : nir: Add a pass for lowering CL-style image ops to texture ops
3fc425b3559 : spirv: Plumb access qualifiers through from image types
1e902102c49 : spirv: Access qualifiers are not a bitfield
afa5c2e9934 : clover: Pull the stride from pipe_transfer for image maps
27516baa2ae : pan/mdg: Use nir_shader_instructions_pass for fdot2 lowering
7a348b43f2a : pan/mdg: Use nir_shader_instructions_pass for nir_lod_errata
6064b8ee143 : pan/mdg: Return a bool from midgard_nir_lod_errata
7acf364131f : panfrost: Set modifier_constant to true for exported resources
95ee0ba41f0 : lima: fix vertex shader uniform buffer size
6a1926035bd : lima: allocate new bo for stream draw
017ca86b223 : radeonsi: Move display dcc dirty tracking to framebuffer emission.
c6c1fa9a263 : radeonsi: Put retile map in separate buffers.
be48cf804b3 : amd/common: Store non-displayable DCC pitch.
4656e682947 : radeonsi: fix user fence GPU address
9aa86eb61aa : glsl_type: Add packed to structure type comparison for hash map
7b4eaac6a9c : radv: fix vertex buffer null descriptors
ec13622ff4b : radv: fix null descriptor for dynamic buffers
090fc593b44 : mesa: fix glUniform* when a struct contains a bindless sampler
77af1ca690f : etnaviv: add disk cache
6a0d7f6316c : etnaviv: shuffle some variant fields
12b8ad8f21f : swr: fix _BitScanForward64 on unix
82c49a66c07 : swr: missing _BitScanForward64 on 32 bits win
5805f5ab016 : glsl: take EXT_gpu_shader4 in to account when adding round
cde5b86a88c : turnip: Release bo_mutex lock before potential error path.
ffbdbd631ad : panfrost: Delete debug allocated syncobj.
fcc506e5206 : radesonsi: Remove unsigned comparison to zero.
1b862716ddf : disk_cache: Fix filename leak on error path.
183ca88a91d : android: pan/bi: Use new packing
792b51713bf : android: pan/bi: Use new disassembler
d74fe471019 : glx: Allow depth-30 pbuffers to work without a depth-30 pixmap format
a163cba1e3a : anv: Fix the target_bo assertion in anv_reloc_list_add
85cc2950a04 : radv: initialize with expanded cmask if the destination layout needs it
6f2b6952bef : nir: remove ubo_r600 instrinsic since ubo_vec4 is used now
18e97817148 : r600/sfn: Use load_ubo_vec4 lowering pass
98eb00face9 : r600: enable lowering uniforms to UBO
4ac4cdb5bfe : aco: fix incorrect assertion in emit_vop3a_instruction()
207219d4356 : turnip: Add support for a615.
45bff4e9890 : util: Makefile.sources: Add disk_cache_os.{c,h}
2aaa1564ad0 : nir/lower_io: don't reduce range if parent length is zero
a51aa6feb4d : pan/bi: Drop *FMIN reference
865e252dd01 : pan/bi: Remove unused packing data structures
ec43629e8c0 : pan/bi: Remove unused prints
2ff53879f21 : pan/bi: Use new packing
3fadd823461 : pan/bi: Move packing helpers to dedicated file
d2158a5b301 : pan/bi: Use src1/dest_invert instead of src_invert[]
08b105d7825 : pan/bi: Use 8-bit shifts
3d63a476f7a : pan/bi: Pass blend descriptor explicitly in IR
67d89568af2 : pan/bi: Track compute_lod in IR
8dd3a81c1d7 : pan/bi: Add format field to IR
6f5b78874ab : pan/bi: Introduce segments into the IR
33710ff8953 : pan/bi: Add dummy carry/borrow argument for iadd/isub
42ec4aa4785 : pan/bi: Use canonical syntax for special constants
5a569d09f42 : pan/bi: Use canonical syntax for registers/uniforms/imms
f8fc21059f3 : pan/bi: Use new disassembler
deab75250c5 : pan/bi: Export dump_src
05041811ce5 : pan/bi: Add bi_disasm_dest_* helpers
944cb8bcba5 : pan/bi: Add disassembly prototypes
82f33155f6d : pan/bi: Add disassembler generator
cf8f79a9fcf : pan/bi: Add packing generator
58da316de7a : pan/bi: Add ISA parser
07a5ec83fb0 : pan/bi: Add XML describing the instruction set
2044b1fba5d : pan/bi: Lower flrp16
b75a92e2010 : anv: assert that the target bo is valid when adding a reloc list
355f241d415 : anv: improve error message when failing to open device path
203b9349216 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.8
fdff24d930d : docs: add release notes for 20.1.8
123bdb61cc0 : gallium+mesa/st: lower uniforms based on compiler flag instead of packed uniforms cap
feb463da637 : llvmpipe: set lower_uniform_to_ubo compiler flag
80cde3ad55c : intel/compiler: Set lower_uniform_to_ubo compiler flag
7ab804dbb46 : freedreno/ir3: set lower_uniforms_to_ubo compiler flag
b155b6869ca : radeonsi: set compiler flag lower_uniforms_to_ubo
2c9fee9b6ad : nir: Add option lower_uniforms_to_ubo
8939c642e06 : gallium/aux: remove unused u_blit.[ch]
9ba2365c6f8 : vc4: remove unused header
9992797e1b1 : v3d: remove unused header
39e7bc23dd0 : r600/sfn: Fix comparison with different signedness
2d6316cca40 : r600/sfn: more fixing of vec4 fetching
f46e04a1c4a : r600/sfn: Fix source swizzle for gradient queries
02581acd07a : r600/sfn: Fix bitfield ops and 2x16 split_y
dfa45e26e21 : r600/sfn: Fix split_alu_modifiers
e85c0bdda55 : r600/sfn: Lower *sign opcodes in nir
c22e0fb02dc : r600/sfn: avoid some copies
f2280e03e21 : r600/sfn: Fix ordering of tex param moves
daaa71924ad : r600/sfn: clone shader before lowering to registers and src/dest modifiers
09558ad84ee : r600/sfn: Fix loading vertex attributes
e46b2ad1270 : r600/sfn: correct ring op patching
688680decce : r600/nir: fetch sources and split uniforms before emittting alu instructions
85f39cab8bd : r600: revert disabling llvm draw
f1730bed8f0 : radeonsi: fix guardband handling for large values
c493bb9a570 : radeonsi: fix quant_mode selection for large negative values
7d853966df4 : radeon/vcn: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
eb60849ea24 : r600/uvd: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
15038fe621a : docs/release-calendar: update 20.2
babe86f6cf4 : docs: add another 20.1.x release to allow for more overlap with 20.2
fd990aa4de3 : docs/download: mention tarball GPG signatures and link to the keys
4790811d780 : Revert "radeonsi: move L2_CACHE_CONTROL registers into si_emit_framebuffer_state"
b23013db0aa : Revert "radeonsi: set BIG_PAGE fields on gfx10.3"
758ab39d25e : radeonsi: clean up ffma handling
57bf4c2028c : nir,radeonsi: move ffma fusing to late optimizations for better codegen
a3512ddfdf7 : st/mesa: don't enable NV_copy_depth_to_color if NIR doesn't support FP64
782016ea42b : libgl-gdi: Fix unused-variable warnings.
bf849b058b1 : spirv: Handle OpTypeOpaque
efff7342204 : turnip: multiViewport and VK_EXT_shader_viewport_index_layer
52534c3a865 : freedreno/ir3: add view_zero to shader key
e732750b160 : freedreno/ir3: allow layer/viewport output for VS/GS/DS
338745c6f4b : frontends/va: Derive image from interlaced buffers in some cases
fcb558321e6 : frontends/va: Derive image from interlaced buffers
8c7ca97d3e3 : frontends/va: Add support for NV12/P010/P016 to vaDeriveImage
7bfaeaa590d : aco: pass -fno-exceptions and -fno-rtti
51a6261d38b : iris: remove additional pipe control done before hiz for older gens
320d80f2cee : intel/genxml: make sure test assert are compiled in
c7719b8cfc4 : nv50/ir: Initialize Converter members.
e607477d7ca : freedreno: Check file descriptor before write.
50f1cd40767 : ac/llvm: Fix nonportable sizeof.
16e788416f0 : android: aco/isel: Move context initialization code to a dedicated file
f3150abe5ef : etnaviv: call nir_opt_shrink_vectors(..) in opt loop
b10f34a7856 : pan/bit: Fix unit tests
c4f518ce6a6 : pan/bit: Set d3d=true for CMP tests
322ddbd5383 : panfrost: Fix nonzero stencil mask on vertex/compute
f3109c45798 : turnip: avoid heap allocations in QueueSubmit when semaphores are used
00914e21799 : nir/algebraic: fold some nested comparisons with ball and bany
8a2a9e9bb88 : glsl: fix per_vertex_accumulator::fields size
26299c87f8c : aco: Add base argument to emit_mbcnt.
f3780e7b8cf : aco: Clean up emit_mbcnt.
efa1c760d15 : aco: Fix emit_boolean_exclusive_scan in wave32 mode.
12567de2be7 : glsl: mark some builtins with correct glsl(es) version check
4868ce1451f : lima: dont split vec3 unaligned load inputs
bea6290ca09 : turnip: device global bo list
20a4235c4c9 : anv, iris: Set MediaSamplerDOPClockGateEnable for gen12+
e3101c96bb6 : anv/image: Disable multi-layer CCS_E on TGL+
656d8edd9e1 : nir/opt_vectorize: don't lose exact and no_*_wrap flags
eceb4fb904b : freedreno: fix fence-fd leak
ef980ac0c1c : radeonsi: fix max syncobj wait timeout
3182209673f : v3d/compiler: fix V3D double-rounding of .8 fixed-point XY coordinates
367ac07efcc : disk_cache: move cache item loading code into disk_cache_load_item() helper
8598dc1a758 : disk_cache: add new OS specific helper disk_cache_evict_item()
7893dc405cd : disk_cache: move get_cache_file() to an OS specific helper
593ef166aed : disk_cache: create new helper for writing cache items to disk
b4a3a80403e : disk_cache: move evict_lru_item() to an OS specific helper
e1236470dc6 : disk_cache: move munmap into an OS specific helper
889356e731e : disk_cache: move index mmap into OS specific helper
62c43391183 : disk_cache: add disk_cache_enabled() helper
4339ecde35c : disk_cache: move cache dir generation into OS specific helper file
65d0fa0852e : nv50/ir: Remove duplicate mask assignment.
a2a330a4eda : nv50/ir: Add fallthrough statement.
50d335804fb : nir/algebraic: add late optimizations that optimize out mediump conversions (v3)
b86305bb573 : nir/algebraic: collapse conversion opcodes (many patterns)
cdd498bbe88 : nir: add new mediump opcodes f2[ui]mp, i2fmp, u2fmp
385b4dbc394 : nir: enforce 32-bit src type requirement for f2fmp and i2imp
3d3df8dbffd : nir: remove redundant opcode u2ump
26fc5e1f4a8 : nir/algebraic: expand existing 32-bit patterns to all bit sizes using loops
3c8934a644b : nir/algebraic: add flrp patterns for 16 and 64 bits
3064feb2350 : pan/mdg: Obey f2fmp size restriction in fuse_io_16
5cd62359586 : blorp: Drop trailing whitespace in blorp_clear.c
1eff389bd3e : blorp: Fix alignment test for HIZ_CCS_WT fast-clears
40f7afc1e97 : nir: fix lower_mediump_outputs to not require variables
c2ae39e0cea : nir: add mediump flag to IO semantics
5e9e4573835 : glx/dri3: Implement GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear
60ebeb4608a : glx: Implement GLX_EXT_swap_control for DRI2 and DRI3
b8239abdf86 : glx: Reject glXSwapIntervalMESA greater than INT_MAX
e648442ceb3 : glx: Collect all the non-applegl extensions in the GetProcAddress table
72a0f7496a7 : glx: Use GLX_FUNCTION2 only for actually aliased function names
77d25627933 : wsi/x11: Hook up VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_RELAXED_KHR
2f62a44df0f : ci: do not build libdrm for vc4, reedreno and etnaviv
52becd39a59 : turnip: rework vertex buffers draw state handling
69e65b9cf08 : intel/tools: fix possible randomly increased verbosity of error2aub
18eb853ac86 : intel/compiler: quiet Coverity warnings
5b6fd2a3140 : intel/tools: handle ftell errors
46a82aa3a60 : intel/tools: fix possible memory leak in the error path
5ea0b6a9c60 : intel/compiler: initialize remaining fields of various classes
40b964dc8f3 : intel/compiler: remove unused fs_validator::param_size
d3cd24999fd : anv: fix minor gen_ioctl(I915_PERF_IOCTL_CONFIG) error handling issue
265a3b9624f : driconf: add option to reuse GL names
a56849ddda6 : mesa: use _mesa_HashFindFreeKeys for GL functions
60ffadcbc07 : mesa: add _mesa_HashFindFreeKeys
fefc6d264a1 : mesa: add GL name reuse support
34852124db9 : mesa: add a isGenName parameter to _mesa_HashInsert
553d3719337 : util/idalloc: add lowest_free_idx to avoid iterating from 0
e808d382995 : util/idalloc: add util_idalloc_reserve
87ef970ee65 : mesa: move u_idalloc from gallium/aux/util to util
911ce374caf : freedreno/a6xx: Fix MSAA clear
6e4d0a48e3d : freedreno: Clear gs/tcs/tes state for clear blits
18f5d362829 : freedreno/a6xx: Fix fd6_draw_vbo() return
46edc08fe5a : freedreno/a6xx: Skip empty tile_setup
74f1c50dc3b : freedreno: Don't bypass fd_draw_vbo() in clear fallback
97e49b223ca : freedreno: Fix rast state for multisample clear
b0722cb6701 : gallivm: disable brilinear for lod bias and explicit lod.
cd4fb5a434c : freedreno/fdl: Add layout test for the Android CTS's MSAA mustpass surface.
14131ed3081 : freedreno/cffdec: Add support for texturator's 2DMS layout setup.
2f39727cc64 : freedreno/cffdec: Fix up texturator parsing scripts for XML changes.
bd647f8eb69 : freedreno: Add another new sysmem flake.
0bc36ef50e4 : spirv: Initialize spirv_test member shader.
2f61d7c22da : svga: Fix unused printf argument.
587969154f2 : freedreno: Fix file descriptor leak.
a4885d26915 : pan/mdg: Fix spilling of non-32-bit types
89401e58672 : nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes
c5dd54e600b : nir/idiv_const: Use the modern nir_src_as_* constant helpers
d86e38af2c6 : nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes
14b60ea302e : iris: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS
dd215c83d04 : iris: Support MC modifier in plane count queries
80a8bb590ad : intel/common: Drop unused gen_aux_map_add_image
82720852bd6 : iris: Support planar resource imports for MC
1ddb1a6cf98 : intel/common: Add get_aux_map_format_bits()
c3c99f45718 : st/mesa: Don't map all P01X DRM formats to P016
9efd71466df : intel/isl: Add YUV format info for the aux-map
1ea3a54366c : intel/isl: Support ISL_AUX_USAGE_MC in surface states
e15543b71ad : intel/isl: Describe I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS
d686835171c : gallium/dri2: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS import
a42bf9a2970 : gallium/dri2: Report I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS num_planes
7ee5da90edc : nir_dominance: Use uint32_t instead of int16_t for dominance counters
03eec294b90 : st/nir: Call st_glsl_to_nir_post_opts before interface unification
cdc025c9ef6 : mesa: Generate more errors from GetSamplerParameter
06c6920a5b1 : mesa: Fix GL_CLAMP handling in glSamplerParameter
0f61f0142ac : ci/bare-metal: Allow wget of the kernel/dtb for kernel development.
b4317fccdd7 : ci/bare-metal: Update the kernel to msm-next-pgtables
802d3611dce : turnip: Fix truncation of iovas to 32 bits in queries.
329c3172877 : turnip: Fix truncation of CS shader iovas to 32 bits.
3b3772d6e69 : freedreno: Make the pack struct have a .qword for wide addresses.
021523d4aea : turnip: Fix a compiler warning in release builds of the query code.
5a95cc04de6 : turnip: remove some unnecessary regs init
3d0ab65b48e : turnip: delete unused "tu_cmd_buffer_upload"
3b144d5fb85 : turnip: fix the type of tu_shader_module code field, delete unused sha1
6f511921696 : turnip: delete unused tu_image fields
bd53a255927 : turnip: delete tu_physical_device path field
e394ff9b5f8 : aco: fix validation of sub-dword parallel-copies
834b449a467 : aco: fix value numbering of reductions
5a8447cbd40 : aco: don't apply constant to SDWA on GFX8
29cb3cba9ff : aco: workaround disassembler bug of v_writelane_b32 with literal
36e58a14cc3 : aco: fix v_writelane_b32 with two sgprs
641d45befb4 : nir/opt_loop_unroll: fix is_access_out_of_bounds with vectors
c0d04cd5bbc : panfrost: AFBC to linear layout conversion
a3431ffb693 : panfrost: Move tiled-linear conversion checking to a new function
c3564532059 : panfrost: Seperate resource setup and bo creation
23ad95227a8 : panfrost: Correctly set modifier_constant
361396c8668 : panfrost: Remove old comment on broken depth reload
5857a015b5e : panfrost: Cleanup panfrost_get_param
811b9cb53fa : docs/features: Add missing Panfrost extensions
cf2eebdf4f1 : radv,gallium: Add driconf option to reduce advertised VRAM size.
cc431f48f90 : iris: Add missing range_base/range to our nir_load_ubos.
4df0eef1889 : llvmpipe: include gallivm perf flags in shader cache.
fefeaeef060 : aco/isel: Compile all helper functions with static linkage
793dc668eac : aco/isel: Move add_startpgm to aco_instruction_selection.cpp
47de5532836 : aco/isel: Move context initialization code to a dedicated file
1eac0b52e3e : aco/isel: Remove unused definitions
150de6358d2 : aco/isel: Consistently use references for input parameters in emit_load
dab0af06164 : aco/isel: Simplify nested branching code
757de68a436 : aco/isel: Turn the function template emit_load into a proper function
3bd7c3c9dbd : intel/nir: Call validate_ssa_dominance at both ends of the NIR compile
7cedc4128a1 : spirv: Run repair_ssa if there are discard instructions
45bcb108413 : nir: Add a dominance validation pass
6cef8040672 : nir/opt_if: fix opt_if_merge when destination branch has a jump
1ed78bd2479 : nir: Use explicit deref information to provide real UBO ranges.
41b5aafef34 : freedreno/ir3: Apply the max upload limit to initial range setup
f74c3b0404c : freedreno/ir3: Use the new NIR UBO ranges in UBO analysis.
f3b33a5a35e : nir: Add a range_base+range to nir_intrinsic_load_ubo().
3a9356831a9 : nir: Update the comment about nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo()'s multiplier.
1388c25ada4 : radeonsi: inline trivial PS functions
9fc96152741 : ac,radeonsi: lower 64-bit IO to 32 bits and remove all dead code
e7d606289c6 : radeonsi: remove swizzle == ~0 dead code in si_llvm_load_input_gs
fc44861517c : radeonsi: eliminate unused shader outputs for separate NGG geometry shaders
5c445be39a1 : radeonsi: set outputs_written_before_ps for geometry shaders too
0b6448bbe79 : aco/isel: refactor emit_vop3a_instruction() to handle 2 operand instructions
5b310562575 : aco/isel: refactor code and remove unnecessary v_mov
28df8ffde7c : swr: Use ElemenCount constructor for LLVM 11
6049dc1a9d5 : aco: improve fsign selection
0e9425a1b74 : aco: fix one-off error in Operand(uint16_t)
f4210df2241 : gitlab-ci: Enable unit test report for arm64_a630_traces
88fc3e24d3c : gitlab-ci: Enable unit test reports for lava traces jobs
7e82e252e0f : gitlab-ci: Enable unit test reports for normal runner traces jobs
d24ffd87061 : tracie: Produce JUnit XML results
dd471928c94 : tracie: Make tests independent of environment
171e94fe629 : mesa/st: enable EXT_color_buffer_half_float when formats supported
8447b0f6518 : mesa: add EXT_color_buffer_half_float plumbing
331e5f105eb : mesa: refactor floating point texture fbo completeness check on gles
bb42deee362 : egl/android: HAVE_DRM_GRALLOC path fixes (v2)
9d02d65f464 : android: freedreno/common: add libmesa_git_sha1 static dependency
cc86a13b36e : android: freedreno: Implement pipe screen's get_device/driver_uuid()
9b3491870fc : radeonsi: Work around Wasteland 2 bug.
e4d75c22beb : nir/opt_shrink_vectors: shrink image stores using the format
bd428162b6d : nir/lower_io: Fix the unknown-array-index case in get_deref_align
11bd64bdecd : ci: Remove any existing results directory before running piglit
013a2b123d7 : spirv2nir: Rework argument handling
a5e427fe644 : spirv: Improve the "Entry point not found" error message
2c94a9788e7 : swr: fix build with mingw
c56fbed99b4 : radeonsi: kill point size VS output if it's not used by the rasterizer
234505162c1 : radeonsi: deduplicate setting key.mono.u.vs_export_prim_id
1dd243d4f50 : radeonsi: use shader_info::cs::local_size_variable to clean up some code
757f790ad84 : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::uses_derivatives
f3f08bca238 : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_selector::max_gs_stream
2b4fa688089 : radeonsi: remove redundant GS variables in si_shader_selector
7960668dc95 : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::writes_memory
83cdffd4358 : radeonsi: rename num_memory_instructions -> num_memory_stores
c8ab5899c1b : radeonsi: reduce type sizes in si_shader_selector
99c4e610840 : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::uses_kill
8df349a31ec : radeonsi: merge uses_persp_opcode_interp_sample/uses_linear_opcode_interp_sample
7b3e24c2d87 : radeonsi: remove unused si_shader_info::uses_(vertexid|basevertex)
f02cd0e0270 : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info:*(clip|cull)* fields
d15a7d16d6a : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::const_buffers_declared
0dabcb9e53f : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::images_declared
c1af2f4bee1 : radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::shader_buffers_declared
cb63e4afc96 : radeonsi: remove info::samplers_declared, image_buffers, msaa_images_declared
cb7bc983ae5 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_COLOR0_WRITES_ALL_CBUFS
89cf8789cd1 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_CS_LOCAL_SIZE
ebe8238f1b6 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_DEPTH_LAYOUT
ce0291df4ac : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_COORD_PIXEL_CENTER
c597e394d45 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_POST_DEPTH_COVERAGE
5aeaf3d7bce : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_EARLY_DEPTH_STENCIL
ba7b87a8a2d : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_CS_*
e627528e279 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_GS_*
a8e70247925 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TES_VERTEX_ORDER_CW
eeea2f52c7d : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TES_SPACING
34b8e60cb86 : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TES_POINT_MODE / TES_PRIM_MODE
af59f06918b : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TCS_VERTICES_OUT
46bb051bc2a : radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_NEXT_SHADER
4c5f5d238b9 : lima/ppir: Skip instruction merge when having more than one successor
927a395f040 : swr: Fix crashes on non-AVX hardware
e5fb9dca2a1 : amd/common: switch to 3-spaces style
82d2d73e03e : amd/llvm: switch to 3-spaces style
afa1fba198f : vulkan/device_select: don't pick a cpu driver as the default
be31398d224 : android: nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info_out serialize and deserialize
d85392952b7 : ci: Run deqp-gles3 and deqp-gles31 on RadeonSI
3d5bed0e883 : radeonsi: fix user fence space when MCBP is enabled
c638301b42b : radeonsi: fix syncobj wait timeout
be2818387dd : android: util: fix missing include path
fb42d73a9d9 : android: amd/registers: switch to new generated register definitions
e8d55e6db36 : ac/llvm: fix b2f for v2f16
d9a77f9ca36 : ac/llvm: add better code for fsign
ca74603b4f6 : ac/llvm: add better code for isign
cecb6d1fbc6 : ac/llvm: remove dead code handling for fmod
44528f51bde : ac/llvm: fix bcsel for v2*16
735c3901e13 : ac/llvm: fix amdgcn.rsq for v2f16
dd8561fda9a : ac/llvm: fix amdgcn.fract for v2f16
ab614abeefb : ac/llvm: fix amdgcn.rcp for v2f16
84500eebd71 : ac/llvm: remove stub prototype for fmed3
f85294207f8 : Revert "ac: generate FMA for inexact instructions for radeonsi"
a407123789e : radeonsi: move nir_shader_compiler_options into si_screen
1476bea7648 : radeonsi: remove redundant no-signed-zero-fp-math LLVM attribute
42420730d1c : egl/x11: Free memory allocated for reply structures on error
4b7f93b4079 : glsl_to_nir: fix crashes with int16 shifts
57fba85da40 : spirv: fix emitting switch cases that directly jump to the merge block
11fbd9806dd : compiler/types: Fix deserializing structs with >= 15 members
50ff8a772ae : freedreno/regs: add 7nm DSI PHY/PLL regs
1d018bc7fde : gallivm: add InstSimplify pass
64b0b7c274c : intel/compiler: fix typo in a comment
95ce619680d : intel/compiler: print dispatch width when shader fails to compile
e5f735a9865 : intel/compiler: move extern C functions out of namespace brw
d4c6e3f196f : intel/compiler: use the same name for nir shaders in brw_compile_* functions
0dda2094066 : intel/compiler: match brw_compile_* declarations with their definitions
a7ece63de99 : nir/algebraic: add 16-bit versions of a few 32-bit patterns
00b28a50b2c : nir/algebraic: trivially enable existing 32-bit patterns for all bit sizes
ac55b1a9a62 : nir: get ffma support from NIR options for nir_lower_flrp
efd439e0d64 : iris: Better determine map_would_stall for Z/S
2c30079628d : iris: Drop a use of the need_resolve boolean
5b82d8ce8bc : iris: Avoid resolving Z/S reads in transfer_map
2982d7c63b6 : iris: Make iris_has_color_unresolved more generic
e7908a95f96 : iris: Fold a condition into no_gpu for consistency
73eb24ab31a : aco: handle unaligned loads on GFX10.3
a083560b09c : nir/load_store_vectorizer: Add unit tests for alignment handling.
c6f72196620 : nir/load_store_vectorizer: Use more imm helpers in the tests.
91a8a07a5f0 : nir/load_store_vectorize: rework alignment calculation
8faf85f6877 : aco: fix byte_align_scalar for 3 dword vectors
663c4d53771 : intel/fs: add hint how to get more info when shader validation fails
ab079260572 : intel: add INTEL_DEBUG=shaders
7acc7ec33b3 : ac/llvm: fix unaligned VS input loads on gfx10.3
aaa492e6c6a : nir: fix const-cast warning on MSVC
0f4d09443eb : meson: drop leftover PTHREAD_SETAFFINITY_IN_NP_HEADER
ebf2576862c : radv,aco: disable opts if VK_PIPELINE_CREATE_DISABLE_OPTIMIZATION_BIT
bb80ed88737 : panfrost: Fix gnu-empty-initializer errors.
3cf6325e724 : iris: Fix aux assertion in resource_get_handle
fd2ee49b216 : ci/bare-metal: Use python for handling fastboot booting and parsing
0453a46f668 : ci/bare-metal: Fix capturing of serial output as job artifacts.
24f5f117197 : ci/bare-metal: Log why our run restarts when it does.
785d3cace47 : ci/bare-metal: Include a timestamp in our serial reads.
ff42b7e8041 : ci/bare-metal: Fix detection of "POWER_GOOD not seen in time" fails
b7787ce18df : ci/bare-metal: Use instead re.match() for our line matching.
93c8777ace8 : amd/common: Fix various non-critical integer overflows
2182bbf84f0 : aco: Fix integer overflows when emitting parallel copies during RA
f18fc34c4d5 : radv: Fix various non-critical integer overflows
a99ae1943d8 : aco: remove omod_success/clamp_success
dc79152be97 : aco: fix mad splitting after applying output modifiers
fdadbdb513e : radv: remove descriptor_indexing fails from expected fails
21fbffc5425 : anv: Set alignments on UBO/SSBO root derefs
c7dec0548af : spirv: Drop the OpenCL type layout code
796d3fe9e0f : clover/nir: Use lower_vars_to_explicit for uniform and global
e1ed5a12c51 : spirv: Stop counting inputs in entry_point_wrapper
8bea5aaa149 : clover: Use args.size() to compute new var locations
9641f483e94 : nir: Allow uniform in nir_lower_vars_to_explicit_types
3719b69dfc4 : nir: Allow var_mem_global in nir_lower_vars_to_explicit_types
3135984ad0b : spirv: Propagate alignments to deref chains via casts
207b462e932 : spirv: Add pointer helper vars to OpCopyMemory
e7fbec0e090 : nir/opt_deref: Remove restrictive alignment information from casts
99bb2a4de66 : nir/opt_deref: Don't remove casts with alignment information
beefd37021e : nir/lower_io: Apply alignments from derefs when available
480329cf8b3 : nir: Add a helper for getting the alignment of a deref
0654a9e8230 : nir: Handle all array stride cases in nir_deref_instr_array_stride
878a8daca6b : nir: Add alignment information to cast derefs
a0b82c24b6d : nir/glsl: Add an explicit_alignment field to glsl_type
ca11b17b7b7 : compiler/types: Make booleans 32-bit for cl_size/align
3be890a3a68 : nir: Expose the packed attribute attached to glsl_type objects
42f97f8ce3a : nir/glsl: Consider block interfaces as structs when it comes to size/align calculation
be68de81abb : glsl: Propagate packed info in get_explicit_type_for_size_align()
d0c2958f882 : spirv: Propagate packed information to glsl_type
938d6ceb830 : spirv: Don't accept CPacked decoration on struct members
bcfeead5f31 : clover: Call nir_lower_mem_constant_vars
9414cbc13c9 : nir: Don't bail too early in lower_mem_constant_vars
a7a0315d7fd : intel/nir: Stop using nir_lower_vars_to_scratch
38a83a30484 : nir/lower_indirect_derefs: Add a threshold
c897cd02785 : intel/compiler: Handle all indirect lowering choices in brw_nir.c
9005c9cae40 : zink: generically handle matrix types
2c5c55e72ac : gallium/util: use uint sampler for stencil-reads
98e866c6695 : radeonsi: optimize out the loop in si_get_ps_input_cntl
6ecb8b68997 : radeonsi: replace TGSI_SEMANTIC with VARYING_SLOT and FRAG_RESULT
a803008c7f1 : radeonsi: replace TGSI_INTERPOLATE with INTERP_MODE
99fe3ef8ba4 : compiler: add INTERP_MODE_COLOR for radeonsi
6925401a387 : radeonsi: remove si_shader_selector::type
23fdb79e92f : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_dump_descriptors)
966307983bd : radeonsi: precompute si_*_descriptors_idx in si_shader_selector
cbfc13b27c4 : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_shader_dump_disassembly)
62aaa0d0b76 : radeonsi: remove unused si_shader_context::type
5151421ad0f : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_get_shader_part)
a90d1df8204 : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_compile_llvm)
3c54d73e4b5 : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (debug flags)
b4b323c81ee : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_shader_context::type)
b1cb72c4490 : radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_shader_selector::type)
14391533f81 : radeonsi: simplify handling color interp modes in si_emit_spi_map
562b8c1a479 : radeonsi: don't execute LDS stores for TCS outputs that are never read
08ee72100fe : radeonsi: don't lower indirect IO in GLSL
f4d0565f526 : radeonsi: remove in/out/uniform variables from NIR after lowering IO
81d106d6eca : radeonsi: lower IO intrinsics - complete rewrite of input/output scanning
408fc4e3ac9 : ac/nir: handle all lowered IO intrinsics
44eaee688b5 : radeonsi: clean up code for loading VS inputs
ed9391df3f6 : radeonsi: get color interpolation info from shader_info
0464ee7f9d9 : radeonsi: don't crash if input_usage_mask is 0 for a VS input
bf23ff83e69 : freedreno: fence_server_sync() fixes
aae1e68637f : freedreno: Fix missing rsc->seqno updates
e953f6c0015 : docs: shift 20.2 rc dates by two weeks to match reality
cdb666bc8fb : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.7
aca2bda967f : docs: add release notes for 20.1.7
bbaa62e4e15 : iris: Re-emit push constants if we have a varying workgroup size
fe18a0fd45c : intel/nir: Lower load_num_work_groups to 32-bit if needed
5799da47c79 : intel/fs: Use a single untyped surface read for load_num_work_groups
8e8701b43a0 : intel/fs: Don't copy-propagate stride=0 sources into ddx/ddy
95415a54c00 : st/mesa: fix lowered IO - don't call st_nir_assign_vs_in_locations twice
8c43edf9f91 : nir: fix a bug in is_dual_slot in nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base
536727c4651 : iris: Patch constant data pointers into shaders
5ee32428373 : anv: Patch constant data pointers into shaders with using softpin
a06955f4ef6 : nir/builder: Add load/store_global helpers
a5acf3d8c31 : anv: Properly cache brw_stage_prog_data::relocs
91becd84ae2 : intel/fs: Add support for a new load_reloc_const intrinsic
8d8a3815ef6 : intel/eu: Add a mechanism for emitting relocatable constant MOVs
272ab2823d1 : intel/eu: Include brw_compiler.h in brw_eu.h
aff078eb5a7 : anv: Stop storing the shader constant data side-band
90b6745bc80 : intel/fs,vec4: Stuff the constant data from NIR in the end of the program
91348d125d9 : intel/eu: Add some new helpers
bc2c5f9a4b6 : iris: Use gen_disassemble
372774367cf : intel/compiler: Get rid of struct gen_disasm
54ba0daa28b : intel/compiler: Get rid of the global compaction table pointers
191f8a4b9fc : spirv: Deal with glslang not setting NonUniform on constructors.
965b8441fe0 : spirv: Deal with glslang bug not setting the decoration for stores.
61b714a42ee : radv: Avoid deadlock on bo_list.
6b75262941b : radv: Fix threading issue with submission refcounts.
e4dadb545fa : intel/tools: Disassemble WAIT's argument as a destination
329dee14555 : gallium/tgsi_exec: Fix up NumOutputs counting
ed745febe1c : gallium/tgsi_exec: Add missing DFLR opcode support.
9121afe8615 : nir/clone: Add a helper for cloning most instruction types
f25e169897e : nir/opt_vectorize: Add a callback for filtering of vectorizing.
479d9c97eb2 : nir: Add simplistic lowering for bany_equal/ball_inequal.
9ed33383a5b : gallium/ureg: Set the next shader stage from the shader info.
500b0735c0c : gallium/tgsi: Add a helper for initializing ureg from a shader_info.
34b3e1f5121 : gallium/tgsi: Add some missing opcodes to tgsi_ureg.
1ca9f22a8bd : gallium/tgsi: Add support for PRIMITIVEID as a system value.
6e7c006062c : gallivm: Report the unsupported intrinsic instead of just assert(0);
615f1c8990d : ci: Do not create manual test-docs job in post-merge pipelines
ed9ac3d60cf : intel/fs,vec4: remove unused assignments
8e8356e3dcc : intel/compiler: mark debug constant as const
c7a9dc76dce : intel/compiler/test: use TEST_DEBUG env var consistently
289cb6b59ae : intel/perf: don't generate logically dead code
0789f4b6d85 : i965: verify format width in blorp_get_client_bo
5e676ac6717 : iris: verify color component width in convert_fast_clear_color
0685815ea62 : iris: handle os_dupfd_cloexec failure
612ef74190c : freedreno/computerator: Use a render node
87fa645b943 : intel/compiler: Fix pointer arithmetic when reading shader assembly
c601e730b29 : mesa/st: Don't set alpha if ALPHA_TEST is lowered
075e40ea983 : turnip: Implement VK_EXT_host_query_reset
b92be738d56 : turnip: Support pipeline statistics query
170da456efe : turnip: Refactor structs of tu_query
03fbff1efcc : intel/assembler: Add labels support
bc4a127d6e1 : intel/disasm: Label support in shader disassembly for UIP/JIP
6cbd4764cd9 : intel/disasm: brw_label and support functions
afa39d07e46 : intel/disasm: Change visibility of has_uip and has_jip
e94c22429b6 : anv: refresh cached current batch bo after emitting some commands
a1c2bd6ce89 : radeonsi: use radeonsi_clamp_div_by_zero for SPECviewperf13, Road Redemption
b8445520cba : radeonsi,driconf: add clamp_div_by_zero option
32f46a55c82 : ac/llvm: add option to clamp division by zero
f8c0e20152b : radeonsi: enable PIPE_CAP_NO_CLIP_ON_COPY_TEX
d94bec5c49d : mesa/st: introduce PIPE_CAP_NO_CLIP_ON_COPY_TEX
54fed1cf95e : gallium/swr: Fix compilation TCS/TES compilation issues
639605e5ba9 : gallium/swr: Fix compilation with LLVM 12
abbfc5b8db7 : spirv: fix retrieving dest type for OpFragmentMaskFetchAMD
4500e6e460d : vulkan: make VK_TIME_DOMAIN_CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW_EXT conditional
7fbeb2623f3 : radv: remove seccomp includes
b30bd6fe5f2 : util/os_misc: os_get_available_system_memory() for OpenBSD
5b1ed09ff02 : anv: use os_get_available_system_memory()
033dcb2978c : util/os_misc: add os_get_available_system_memory()
81b163fb73a : anv: use os_get_total_physical_memory()
0369dd90777 : freedreno/a6xx: Add ARB_depth_clamp and separate clamp support.
5c0d34cee45 : ci: Enable KHR-GL30 CTS testing on freedreno a630.
ef807a52f13 : ci: Use the same VK-GL-CTS tree for GL/GLES as VK.
eb02b311234 : ci: Bump vulkan CTS version to, and keep the GL CTS around.
d7b6d2e792e : panfrost: add support for atomics
8e221f58a66 : panfrost: add atomic ops infrastructure
703b03bd452 : panfrost: add support for src[3] in LOAD_STORE ops
f61190024e3 : panfrost: introduce LDST_ATOMIC property
16664fc6418 : panfrost: add LDST_ADDRESS property to atomic ops
8e8805b212d : panfrost: add atomic_cmpxchg opcode
11012611d7f : panfrost: fix undefined value access on mir_set_intr_mask()
526f3566332 : clover: Use 64-bit offsets for shader_in on 64-bit GPUs
c93ade93fb9 : nir/lower_explicit_io: Assert that compute address sizes match derefs
6678f1e81cc : spirv: Drop the constant_as_global as option
26a4c8f375e : clover/nir: Use nir_var_mem_constant for __constant memory
dfa63f26561 : llvmpipe: Add support for load_global_constant
4087b5343d8 : nouveau/nir: Implement load_global_constant
ff2f44d8658 : intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_load_global_constant
1bdf8506384 : spirv: Use nir_var_mem_constant for UniformConstant data in CL
bb8d8ba9c7f : nir: Allow opt_large_constants to be run with constant_data_size > 0
4360a8a2b3f : nir/lower_io: Add support for nir_var_mem_constant
ef142c68e11 : nir/lower_io: Add a build_addr_for_var helper
965c2688657 : nir/lower_io: Use the variable mode for load_scratch_base_ptr checks
ff124e3fe3e : nir: Add a load_global_constant intrinsic
e4f07f8bdc6 : nir: Add a new nir_var_mem_constant variable mode
b9927c8c8d0 : nir/serialize: fix serialization of system values
5c45eaf9b35 : clover/spirv: fix vec3 alignment
6e52c6dfcc9 : nvc0/cl: hande 64 bit pointers in nvc0_set_global_handle
5eacaa95a78 : spirv: fix 64 bit atomic inc and dec
1c9efcd7a6f : nvc0/ir: fix load propagation for sub 4 byte addressing
036f1c29fc7 : clover/llvm: undefine __IMAGE_SUPPORT__ for devices without image support
7dc39838edb : clover/nir: use offset for temp memory
d7b65cf7d3d : nv50/ir: fix cas lowering for 64 bit
d421af3a993 : clover/nir: Lower function_temp to scratch.
8e259dad4cf : egl/x11: simplify dri2_initialize_x11()
bd385c424bd : egl/wayland: simplify dri2_initialize_wayland()
f7e0cdcf1a5 : egl/surfaceless: simplify dri2_initialize_surfaceless()
83b5c1abc6c : egl/android: simplify dri2_initialize_android()
cccb497d3c3 : intel/fs: Fix MOV_INDIRECT and BROADCAST of Q types on Gen11+
70cbddc4a79 : nir: use enum operator helper for nir_variable_mode and nir_metadata
76a1fb3b42c : util: add helpers to define bitwise operators on enums for C++
24dfd798d62 : nir: use nir_var_all to get rid of casting
15da9836538 : nir: Improve the comment on num_inputs and friends
4d18e71fea9 : nir: Rename num_shared to shared_size
471f260ef36 : spirv: Delete some dead workgroup variable handling code
1459cce7ec7 : spirv: add some tests for volatile/available/visible
fb6b243c113 : spirv: Support big-endian strings
a8d8fbb9ce1 : spirv: implement SpvMemoryAccessVolatileMask
f81e1d2824e : spirv: implement Volatile image operand
2ba3ffa76c6 : spirv: implement Volatile memory semantic
23bfba8663c : spirv: implement MakePointerAvailable/MakePointerVisible for OpCopyMemory
e01d1a9f16d : spirv: add vtn_emit_make_{visible,available}_barrier helpers
b85c38a86f9 : spirv: make OpLoad/OpStore visibility/availablity barriers acquire/release
5b92392c483 : spirv: fix Uniform and Output MemoryAccessMakePointer{Visible,Available}
857b9c50276 : spirv: Add a vtn_get_mem_operands() helper
959539fbbd1 : intel/isl: Drop unnecessary check on 16bpp depth format
829699ba632 : anv: implement shareable timeline semaphores
a965ffad21d : anv: add new gem/drm helpers
a0c07e41e52 : include/drm-uapi: bump headers
a6291b1b117 : freedreno/ir3: rework setup_{input,output} to make struct varyings work
c694af40bf3 : freedreno/ir3: improve handling of aliased inputs
acb6163d5e6 : freedreno/ir3: remove indirect input load
00973542ffe : radv: Allow triggering thread traces by file.
0d862da1706 : radv: Centralize enabling thread trace.
b7a6333ee40 : amd/registers: switch to new generated register definitions
e492a3195c2 : amd/registers: add non-gfx10 register files generated from kernel headers
48a7a24a69f : amd/registers: add a script that generates json from kernel headers
b2f23afe668 : amd/registers: sort registers by offset in json
843b4e631f0 : amd/registers: expose the program as a function
ec5e918ef49 : vulkan/wsi/x11: wait for acquirable images in FIFO mode
d0bc1ad3776 : vulkan/wsi/x11: add sent image counter
68957a82562 : aco: Add README which explains about what ACO is and how it works.
b4d4c548eb5 : aco: Fixup markdown formatting of the README-ISA.
086fafc4e00 : aco: Move README to README-ISA
bc123c396a9 : nir/algebraic: mark some optimizations with fsat(NaN) as inexact
a6c4db9798b : ci: Restrict "success" job to pipelines for MRs
d383133ce1d : docs: Stop claiming to implement OpenVG
0308e639cf7 : ci: Don't exclude "success" job from mesa/mesa pipelines for MRs
f13f32f83f3 : ci: Create test-docs job in mesa/mesa pipelines for MRs
52cac068621 : gallivm: fix build on LLVM 12 due to LLVMAddConstantPropagationPass removal
8b1ab78985b : radv: dump GPU info into the hang report
aa675cdc91f : radv: improve reporting faulty pipelines when a GPU hang is detected
dd1f035f6e7 : radv: force RADV_DEBUG=syncshaders when RADV_TRACE_FILE is used
004119d5b7d : vulkan: Fix memory leaks.
7036b3872f7 : ANDROID: Bring back gbm target, renamed to gbm_mesa
50e14c3d258 : radv/winsys: Fix memory leak.
b778e7bd6c1 : nir/vtn: Convert constant samplers to variables with data
397730edd5b : nir/vtn: Add intrinsics for CL image format/order queries
5ce6821900f : nir/vtn: ImageSizeLod op can be applied to images
701cb9d60c0 : nir/vtn: Handle integer sampling coordinates
a196f05fc22 : nir/vtn: Use return type rather than image type for tex ops
de36b5b805b : nir/vtn: Add support for kernel images to SPIRV-to-NIR.
ce6f66242ad : nir/vtn: Add type constant to image intrinsics
865a2ad0866 : clover/nir/spirv: Use uniform rather than shader_in for kernel inputs
41d0a81c2a3 : pan/mdg: Fix perspective combination
c8ac01af33a : pan/mdg: Fix discard encoding
9efdbb2af47 : anv: fix robust buffer access
73d2c6cdce8 : nir: Switch the indexing of block->live_in/out arrays.
5d2b2b59c45 : nir: Invalidate live SSA def information when making new SSA defs.
d3b652f13d8 : ci: Switch to using gold as the linker.
8c4fb19f096 : pipe-loader: Use real galliumvl if radeonsi is being linked.
221aa00eeb3 : turnip: Make sure we include the build id.
2d1c6070052 : ci: Make a missing device name correctly bail out of
ee288f293b3 : nir: add shared/global atomics to nir_get_io_offset_src()
e281ee04dfe : nir: Look up the shader when printing a single instruction.
a3a8322dcd7 : nir: Fix printing of individual instructions with io semantics.
4c050f222fd : panfrost: enable DrawTransformFeedback*
e8b3bc1d553 : intel/nir: Lower things with > 4 components in lower_mem_access_bit_sizes
55ae7045135 : intel/fs: Add support for vec8 and vec16 ops
b6a013ccab0 : anv: VK_INTEL_performance_query interaction with VK_EXT_private_data
5d52c26e78b : vulkan: Don't pointlessly depend on libxcb-dri2
8239fe5d742 : zink: add note about buffer<->image copy functions not handling multisample
d84a75466c9 : zink: use u_transfer_helper to split/merge interleaved depth/stencil formats
7059708dcdb : broadcom/qpu_instr: wait is not a read or write vpm instruction
efd29d429ea : docs/features: Add missing Panfrost extensions
7dab5749c89 : pan/mdg: Implement texture gathers
661123bb19d : pan/mdg: Add disassembly for shadow gathers
f6e19dd3f45 : pan/mdg: Refactor texture op/mode handling
80ebf110aed : pan/mdg: Implement nir_intrinsic_load_sample_mask_in
41184f89eb9 : pan/mdg: Bounds check swizzle writing globals
2486fe6761d : pan/mdg: Scalarize 64-bit
3e2cb21e53c : pan/mdg: Implement i/umul_high
fd41dece39c : panfrost: Emit texture/sampler points for compute
55765f80b9c : util/u_thread: include pthread_np.h if found
c66c5b38e0a : util: futex fixes for OpenBSD
0398caa97fa : meson: conditionally include -ldl in gbm pkg-config file
c97af23b13c : meson: don't build with USE_ELF_TLS on OpenBSD
9ac16864227 : meson: don't advertise TLS support if glx wasn't build with it
f9a7e6e854d : meson: build with _ISOC11_SOURCE on OpenBSD
6e9c0661f85 : util/anon_file: add OpenBSD shm_mkstemp() path
7eab6845e9d : util: unbreak endian detection on OpenBSD
8301a43f272 : radv: dump shader stats with VK_KHR_pipeline_executable_properties
35a42ff9c59 : vallium: disable VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8.
8f6eb35e097 : gallivm/nir: add some f16 support
b31e8460a6b : gallivm/nir: allow 64-bit arit ops
dc6313b0982 : llvmpipe/fs: multisample depth/stencil bad ir generated
6d60cd44f3f : llvmpipe: add array/3d clearing support
2d6385715da : llvmpipe: blend has effects even if no colorbuffers.
727bb217be6 : gallivm: use common code to select texel type
6596957641f : gallivm/nir: add subpass sampler type support
21324c40366 : gallivm/nir: lower frexp/ldexp
d7aed02bcca : gallivm/nir: fix const compact
96a5ced65f6 : gallivm/nir: add quantize to f16 support
1d4a560ba26 : gallivm/nir: add indirect swizzle output loading support
5177ffed656 : gallivm/nir: lower tg4 offsets.
87a638dc1f6 : gallium/nir/tgsi: fix nir->tgsi info conversion for samplers/image
668e4c23565 : vallium: limit buffer allocations to gallium max.
857008850f3 : vallium: handle 3D image views properly.
99330e50c9e : llvmpipe: add reference counting to fragment shaders.
ac6b8e42ce2 : nir: Take a variable remap parameter in nir_inline_function_impl
b6f31898a24 : nir: Use a switch in nir_inline_function_impl
b7db9ee320f : intel/nir: Clean up lower_alpha_to_coverage a bit
b6fdb1405ee : intel/nir: Rewrite the guts of lower_alpha_to_coverage
72dc06e07e3 : intel/nir: Pass the nir_builder by reference in lower_alpha_to_coverage
373e25e6b53 : ci: Add a release build with -Werror enabled.
60fb460f9d7 : virgl: Fix unused var warnings in release build from assertions.
c24f792c8b4 : lima: Fix uninitialized var warning from using assert() as unreachable().
f6456d74ed0 : lima: Fix unused var/function warnings in release build from assertions.
65f484198a3 : etnaviv: Fix unused var warning in release build from assertions.
ab6a09f25b9 : zink: Fix unused var warnings in release build from assertions.
ca73c3bc596 : nv50: Fix uninitialized var warnings from using assert() as unreachable().
689e36ebfe4 : vc4: Fix unused var warnings in release builds from assertions.
26471264bf7 : nvc0: Fix compiler warning about unused var that gets asserted.
b9972fb6f58 : gallium/tests: Fix compiler warning about unused vars in trivial tests.
4c24c8239a5 : panfrost: Fix remaining release-build warnings.
ecab580d48f : panfrost: Fix OOB array access compiler warning.
ccb5e0b02b2 : drm-shim: Fix unused variable warnings from asserts in release build.
8d1d0c126fd : freedreno/a6xx: move ubwc clear to blitter
8d9ab0a33bb : freedreno/a5xx+a6xx: use sysmem path for nondraw batches
21b90708a4c : freedreno/batch: replace lrz_clear with prologue
28079970f2c : freedreno/batch: split out helper for rb alloc
40eceb55fc0 : ANDROID: Remove conflicting gbm target
9522eb7be14 : panfrost: Store transient BOs in a dynamic array
d87ab72ce95 : panfrost: Avoid accessing pan_pool fields directly
4047c691bff : panfrost: Rename panfrost_create_pool() into panfrost_pool_init()
b8f2d71c404 : CI: Disable Windows again
7fbded8b582 : pan/decode: Drop prefix braces
eb261a80187 : panfrost: Remove mali_vertex_tiler_postfix
760289174b8 : pan/decode: Use unpack for vertex_tiler_postfix_pre
2425bac8fee : pan/decode: Use generation for vertex_tiler_postfix
80049069265 : pan/decode: Fix awkward syntax
c088a3b5542 : pan/decode: Print shader-db even for compute
68552287261 : pan/decode: Drop mali_vertex_tiler_postfix arg
38ae0885654 : pan/decode: Drop scratchpad size dump
c92be29a477 : panfrost: Use nir_builder_init_simple_shader for blits
4467e792c51 : panfrost: Inline bifrost_tiler_only
0c1f44bab74 : panfrost: Drop bifrost_payload_fused
02e768e6a96 : panfrost: XMLify invocations
0225ed4d72c : panfrost: Add invocation XML
b60d567edd6 : panfrost: XMLify primitive information
3bae493d1a1 : panfrost: Drop point sprite from shader key
b17b6cca362 : panfrost: Cleanup point sprite linking
7d328e7ba9b : panfrost: Simplify ZSA bind
90cc8156289 : panfrost: Use pack for draw descriptor
33895ac2c8a : panfrost: Use draw pack for compute jobs
e5c77cbead9 : panfrost: Detangle postfix from varying emits
3a4d9305715 : panfrost: Inline panfrost_vt_set_draw_info
3f61da79c36 : panfrost: Inline panfrost_vt_init
136fd5cd2e8 : panfrost: Don't call panfrost_vt_init for compute
1513392e776 : panfrost: Avoid postfix dep for vertex_data
8b5f9fc08af : panfrost: Remove postfix parameter from UBO upload
1357eec801c : panfrost: Inline vt_update_{rasterizer, occlusion}
b7169367fd6 : panfrost: Separate postfix from emits
59b6e3c98ce : panfrost: Use draw pack for blit
d6a5df0db0b : panfrost: Add XML for mali_vertex_tiler_postfix
e213a864e57 : panfrost: Add padded type for instance fields
45c59db7325 : panfrost: Drop blend indirection
87e35102ddf : panfrost: Emit explicit REPLACE for disabled colour writeout
75a274de061 : panfrost: Add opaque midgard_blend XML
0e13f803afa : CI: Re-enable VS2019 build
a2808108e80 : CI: Windows: Use separate config file for Docker
f4c1c213060 : egl: simplify eglSwapInterval() fallback logic
1d3fb7a7a7d : egl: inline eglSwapInterval() fallback
957bbc6ad90 : anv: simplify push constant emissions
7953402e575 : anv: move push constant allocation tracking into gfx pipeline state
8076c7596db : aco: fix wrong source position for constant with nir_op_cube_face_coord
f4d861696df : radv: set BIG_PAGE to improve performance on GFX10.3
d6bc0f26c91 : radv: emit {CB,DB}_RMI_L2_CACHE_CONTROL at framebuffer time
31f75aaeefe : nir/lower_discard_to_demote: Use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
265dcb38367 : nir/nir_lower_wrmasks: Use the nir_lower_instructions_pass() helper.
c5e64c041fd : nir/lower_io_to_scalar: Convert to use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
dfb84653417 : nir/opt_undef: Convert to use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
e5d4bbd8406 : nir/lower_vec_to_movs: Convert to use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
a62098fff20 : nir: Add a helper for general instruction-modifying passes.
a82f664d0a4 : nir/opt_copy_prop_vars: Quiet valgrind warning about overlapping memcpy.
98222db0da5 : egl: document which driver hooks are only required by extensions
cf663d0d11c : egl: move extension driver functions after core functions
12c941808ff : docs/egl: correct/update DRI2 mention with the shiny new DRI3
ab2e59750f2 : docs/egl: add some more documentation
7897c315d4f : docs/egl: add haiku driver
c84d3049b01 : docs/egl: complete list of dri2 platforms
3909e9d1ac9 : docs/egl: move section around
3704b0250c9 : docs/egl: fix typo
608c87afddd : nir/vtn: SPIR-V bit count opcodes (core and extension) dest size mismatches nir
a54695ddcb2 : nir: Add bit_count to lower_int64 pass
d91f85f16e0 : nir: Remove 32bit restriction for uadd_carry optimization
9232887c699 : nir: Implement mul_high lowering for bit sizes other than 32
ea715741b5b : nir_lower_bit_size: Support lowering ops with differing source/dest sizes
0d595f72b2c : nir: Relax opt_if logic to prevent re-merging 64bit phis for loop headers
43d22c8f201 : nir: Add a lowering pass to split 64bit phis
6b1a56b908e : iris: Drop stale syncobj references in fence_server_sync
e98c7a66347 : iris: Reorder the loops in iris_fence_await() for clarity.
45793c00d29 : ci: Fix up rules for post-merge / main project branch pipelines
502b9daa7aa : aco: add ACO_DEBUG=novn,noopt,nosched for debugging purposes
4d40a719b07 : radv: Fix 3d blits.
003ea78b774 : st/mesa: remove useless code for lowered IO in st_nir_assign_vs_in_locations
86840619758 : ci: Test the KHR-GL* CTS cases with softpipe.
d2cf6a8399e : aco: sink get_alu_src() in bfe lowering
14d748eb28e : aco: fix sgpr ubfe/ibfe if the offset is too large
454bc595d18 : aco: remove 64-bit SGPR ubfe/ibfe
eb3c16e1f8f : aco/tests: add tests for long jumps
192b9f43039 : aco: shorten disassembly for repeated instructions
ae6330d955e : aco/tests: add test for GFX10 0x3f bug
fe2dc41258b : aco: create long jumps
156fd58cdac : aco: reserve 2 sgprs for each branch
e8ac14527a2 : aco: keep loop live-through variables spilled
75d6c30572c : aco: fix spills_entry heuristic for branch blocks in init_live_in_vars()
fc9f502a5bd : aco: fix regclass checks when fixing to vcc/exec with Builder
a537c9e73f8 : aco: don't fix break condition for break+discard to exec
1a5444b9001 : aco: don't consider the first partial spill if it's the wrong type
8f6a900d5e5 : aco: consider branch definitions in spiller
cacb388b3b7 : radv: print a warning when RADV_TRAP_HANDLER is used
60975ebe58d : etnaviv: Add lock around pending_ctx
da660c90bf9 : etnaviv: Remove etna_resource_get_status()
785e2707b0d : etnaviv: Fix disabling early-z rejection on GC7000L (HALTI5)
0d8ae4ac150 : radv: fix setting EXCP_EN for different shader stages
05a03499499 : v3d: set instance id to 0 at start of tile
2e8b6f64dec : v3d/packet: fix typo on Set InstanceID/PrimitiveID packet
15bdbf34c4f : freedreno/a5xx: Don't set the VARYING flag for fragcoord-only programs.
36bd3e98683 : gallium/dri2: Report correct YUYV and UYVY plane count
7323062a872 : ci: Mark the rest of compswap as flaky on freedreno.
27e6117ee9f : nir: Report progress properly in nir_lower_bool_to_*
39d00722b22 : freedreno/a6xx: fix hang with large render target
0f3c12c0ab0 : freedreno: add env var to override tiles-per-pipe
688ca541e7b : freedreno: add env var to override GMEM size
758fdb9f331 : freedreno/gmemtool: add tile_alignw/h and a650
a61890883dd : radeonsi: fix tess levels coming as scalar arrays from SPIR-V
e512f2cef92 : mesa: add NV_copy_depth_to_color support for nir
da9d721323d : nvc0: Add shader disk caching
82dd683a3ce : nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info serialize
3e99af66b4e : nv50/ir: Add prog_info_out print
f20a210dc85 : nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info_out serialize and deserialize
5ecc06ef20e : nv50/ir: Use a bit field in info_out structure
f2924994bd3 : nv50/ir: add nv50_ir_prog_info_out
fa8e6282407 : nv50/ir: remove symbol table support for compute shaders
83139aca59a : radv: Update CTS version.
4e30191c9d3 : radv: Remove conformance warnings with ACO.
2a9ffc24cc7 : nir: Move new edgeflag assert into the io_lowered case
2fcfcca842a : nir: Copy semantics to nir_intrinsic_load_fs_input_interp_deltas
3cda33360e7 : panfrost: Drop mali_shader_meta
3d7ce134167 : pan/decode: Use unpacks for state descriptor
1b377c2e591 : panfrost: Use pack for fragment shaders
c86b51a7fa7 : panfrost: Use opaque pack for vertex shaders
100b15cdc82 : panfrost: Add optional opaque packs to GenXML
a7b2317d0a0 : panfrost: Use pack for Bifrost test state
5b3b2a66979 : panfrost: Use pack for blit shaders
a36ac2b9b05 : panfrost: Inherit default values from structs
754d5438295 : panfrost: XMLify the rest of shader_meta
80f1d611c5d : panfrost: Use preuploaded shader descriptors
1e4c49e0b5d : panfrost: Upload shader descriptors at CSO create
8c14482cdf1 : panfrost: Allocate a state uploader
da677a438f2 : panfrost: Ensure shader-db state is zero-initialized
e0a6af9d7b7 : panfrost: Simplify shaderless packing
55d9c25b5a9 : panfrost: Prepack fragment properties/preload
a29fb64c168 : panfrost: Pack vertex properties when compiling
5393d734a85 : panfrost: Derive UBO count from shader_info
661b46958d7 : panfrost: XMLify beginning of shader descriptor
3bb61e21f8b : panfrost: Derive texture/sampler_count from shader
d353b15beec : panfrost: Quiet pandecode error
a0857e9d9eb : panfrost: Support SHADERLESS mode everywhere
c9858fb941c : panfrost: Identify additional SFBD flags
7a95ed2ecf4 : panfrost: XMLify Bifrost preload
1574866233a : panfrost: Group SFBD code tighter
518537d1c8c : panfrost: Drop redundant NULL check
acf77cbb398 : panfrost: XMLify bifrost1
1b7d4f1940c : panfrost: Remove midgard1 bitfield
0268e8481e3 : panfrost: Simplify bind_blend_state
96a91530368 : panfrost: Fold work_count packing for blend shaders
41aad9aff9d : panfrost: Use pack for shaderless
19ded1e1212 : panfrost: Use packs for fragment properties
d4754128596 : panfrost: Pack compute Midgard properties
87c59514e95 : panfrost: XMLify Midgard properties
68503f3dd5c : panfrost: Group SFBD state together
58ae50f1b18 : panfrost: Clean up blend shader errata handling
8073e27d02b : panfrost: Rename shader emit functions
9a2df304edb : panfrost: Specialize compute vs frag shader init
9f83217bc8c : panfrost: Bake the initial tag into the shader pointer
606f05b9ab3 : panfrost: Clamp shader->uniform_count
e45142113c8 : panfrost: Size UBO#0 accurately
e5689a57135 : panfrost: Combine frag_shader_meta_init functions
bf6d5487870 : panfrost: XMLify blend equation
6beac11868c : panfrost: Honour load_dest/opaque flags
919818a8a00 : panfrost: Simplify make_fixed_blend_mode prototype
94c9f87df1a : panfrost: XMLify blend flags
bbec4ff9464 : panfrost: Separate shader/blend descriptor emits
cfef6de429d : panfrost: Hoist blend finalize calls
6fd62215fab : panfrost: Decode nested structs correctly
aac5a559cc2 : pan/decode: Drop legacy 32-bit job support
bc6d6fd0ed5 : scons: bump c++ standard to 14 to match meson
0fd33207b77 : radv: allocate the TMA BO into 32-bit addr space
d243d21ffc9 : radv: align the TMA BO size to 256
2dbb87282fe : gitlab-ci: Test the traces from bgfx
88b935bb0c0 : mesa: fix formatting of messages printed using _mesa_log
fd10cb8cfcc : anv: fix transform feedback surface size
5e4d69ec786 : st/mesa: Fix EGLImageTargetTexture2D for GL_TEXTURE_2D
855afe01449 : meson: Fix lmsensors warning message.
c6861b9f755 : freedreno: Drop UNIFORM_BUFFER_OFFSET_ALIGNMENT to 32
a79dad950b1 : nir,amd: remove trinary_minmax opcodes
1fa43a4a8ec : freedreno: handle case of shadowing current render target
743ad7bf6b8 : freedreno: add debug helper to dump buffers
6f9bb6c26ac : freedreno/a6xx: refactor debug logging
440aab95c3d : gallium/tgsi: add helper tgsi_get_interp_mode
2519472845a : st/mesa: handle lowered IO in st_nir_assign_vs_in_locations
2424485fb43 : st/mesa: don't generate NIR for ARB_vp/fp if NIR is not preferred
493fdcf4464 : st/mesa: don't pass NIR to draw module if IO is lowered
484a60d5474 : nir: generate lowered IO in nir_lower_passthrough_edgeflags
7980f3e519f : nir: add interpolation qualifiers for color sysvals into shader_info
4d36dceeabc : nir: add shader_info::io_lowered
844167d1009 : nir: properly identify texcoords for lowered IO in nir_lower_drawpixels
2b1ef5df4ea : nir: print IO semantics (v2)
01ab308edc7 : nir: update IO semantics in nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base
17af07024df : nir: gather all IO info from IO intrinsics
502abfce7f5 : nir: save IO semantics in lowered IO intrinsics
ec1fa1d51ff : intel/perf: fix raw query kernel metric selection
f1da3bb3d5e : intel/perf: store query symbol name
a9019d14aed : nir/load_store_vectorizer: Clean up unit test swizzle assertions.
2b252409937 : freedreno/ir3: Replace our custom vec4 UBO intrinsic with the shared lowering.
73616598bd2 : nir: Add a lowering pass for backends wanting load_ubo with vec4 offsets.
d84a16e4817 : nir: Add nir_[iu]shr_imm and nir_udiv_imm helpers and use them.
e78b887f767 : nir: Make the nir_builder *_imm helpers consistently handle bit size.
f820dde201f : aco: Fix convert_to_SDWA when instruction has 3 operands.
0d194a70c64 : aco: Fix unused variable warning by adding ASSERTED.
089bc22de53 : r300: Use util_blend_factor_uses_dest
7a776f43d20 : si: Use util_blend_factor_uses_dest
e0554634592 : gallium: Add util_blend_uses_dest helper
e05930511b7 : gallium: Add util_blend_factor_uses_dest helper
48a910d1f93 : radv: use the trap handler to detect faulty shaders/instructions
8e97a61cfbb : radv: enable the trap handler and configure the shader exceptions
af3230e39e9 : radv: add initial trap handler support with RADV_TRAP_HANDLER=1
8fd2f5c16d9 : radv: add a small interface for creating the trap handler shader
a0814a873d5 : aco: skip unnecessary compiler pass for the trap handler program
9c46e6fca32 : aco: add a helper for building a trap handler shader
a6146aa5980 : aco: validate that SMEM operands can use fixed registers
baa9268eb68 : aco: add TBA/TMA/TTMP0-11 physical registers definitions
7e493e510b7 : amd/registers: add some SQ_WAVE_* register definitions
3aa71a61dde : amd/registers: add missing TBA registers on GFX6-GFX8
5e841e8b4fd : nir: add iabs-lowering code
9e5e3be4122 : egl: drop invalid shebang
32dc71b23ac : clover: Call clang with -O0 for the SPIR-V path
e3e45e2456d : clover/spirv: Don't call llvm::regularizeLlvmForSpirv
c84e2784eb2 : intel/nir: Allow splitting a single load into up to 32 loads
febe7622468 : intel/fs: Fix an assert in load_scratch
63dd1e980c6 : iris: Always re-upload sysvals when we have kernel inputs
b4b39b802bd : iris: Normalize all compute shaders to MESA_SHADER_COMPUTE
d0a8ad77e99 : iris: ref/unref the GLSL type singleton in screen_create/destroy
b9678aa17d3 : iris: Stop advertising clover-only caps
6ec286935ae : iris: Stop advertising PIPE_SHADER_IR_NIR_SERIALIZED
4fd2a452675 : clover/nir: add support for global invocation id offsets
47e52d84ea3 : nir: fix nir_variable_create for kernels
368e9a0b545 : spirv: Use new global invocation offset system value
d3faac7a155 : nir: Add options to nir_lower_compute_system_values to control compute ID base lowering
2e1df6a17ff : nir: Move compute system value lowering to a separate pass
58074143f54 : compiler/nir: make lowering global-id to local-id optional
41e4eb9948d : nir: Add new system values and intrinsics for dealing with CL work offsets
6b1515cb849 : nir: Populate some places where existing system values were missing
2da1178bf3e : ci/bare-metal: Try rebooting chezas again if they get stuck during tftp.
c27075e9e15 : ci/bare-metal: Retry booting chezas instead of failing when !POWER_GOOD
c63648121e1 : ci/bare-metal: Convert the main cros-servo boot code to python
b4374080d7a : ci/bare-metal: Use a new serial buffer tool.
ca7d66e847d : virgl: update protocol headers
42e29feb8bd : virgl: move protocol headers to a common place
a4c708dd24e : util/ralloc: fix ralloc alignment.
fd7e1ed86d8 : svga: fix draw elements with 8-bits indices
f41848a9df3 : winsys/svga: fix display corruption after surface_init
090239ea6b7 : st/mesa: increase size of gl_register_file bitfields
e5899c1e881 : nir: rename nir_op_fne to nir_op_fneu
85b7403909d : bifrost: use nir_intrinsic_has_type
2133e642037 : aco: use nir_intrinsic_has_access
7530f66c162 : nir: add and use nir_intrinsic_has_ helpers
9c1e0d86a81 : aco: fix non-rtz pack_half_2x16
e802bff69ee : glsl: Eliminate out-of-bounds triop_vector_insert
5922d57a184 : glsl: Eliminate assigments to out-of-bounds elements of vector
e93979ba599 : ir_constant: Return zero on out-of-bounds vector accesses
b243a74768e : anv: support fd==-1 in ImportSemaphoreFdKHR
f1531517303 : aco: add ACO_DEBUG=force-waitcnt to emit wait-states
258ef4d4a4b : wgl: Switch to Win10 version defines to enable usage of Win10 WGL callbacks
f811ddf5d1f : radv: ignore BB labels when splitting the disassembly string
89b56f19412 : anv: take depth in to account in anv_GetImageSubresourceLayout
3dd1a81aa0e : iris: Add missing newline to debug log message
fb525ada148 : ci/freedreno: List more common flakes reported recently.
c19b7fc0240 : ci/freedreno: Move our skips lists over to being known-flakes lists.
30da82c74c2 : ci/deqp-runner: Add a post-deqp-run filter list for known flakes.
4bb59fcee9c : ci/deqp-runner: Drop unused "count" variable
32fd2ee0236 : ci/deqp-runner: Drop stale comment from
42d7bbfc228 : nir: Use 'unsigned' instead of enum types in nir_variable::data
1ccd681109e : nir: Add an LOD parameter to image_*_size
a1049025905 : broadcom/compiler: Enable PER_QUAD for UBO and SSBO loads.
c3258f927c4 : broadcom/compiler: Add a constant folding pass after nir_lower_io
bd87cdad181 : broadcom/compiler: support nir_intrinsic_load_sample_id
adda97c98bf : clover/spirv: pass list of supported extensions to the translator
a624faeef98 : clover/nir: Register callback for translation messages (v2)
2402466a08c : clover/llvm: Use the highest supported SPIR-V version (v4)
6ed87594b12 : meson: Raise minimum version for SPIR-V OpenCL deps (v4)
ec6bad140b7 : clover/spirv: Print linked SPIR-V module if asked
a9ca73730e4 : clover/spirv: Remove unused tuple header
e9ddb9b2ae8 : clover/spirv: rework handling of spirv extensions
1cfbc5cff59 : panfrost: Fix alignment on Bifrost
b708a1acb84 : tu: Enable VK_KHR_multiview
c0c7dbd1034 : tu: Implement multiview pipeline state
c884afc6f71 : tu: Add multiview lowering pass
7b53ac1c1f4 : tu: Implement multiview query interactions
ff5f4609804 : tu: Improve timestamp queries
6c446fe650b : tu: Implement multiview clear/resolve interactions
99a87e5e0ec : tu: Parse multiview render pass info
f01a0dc27ad : tu: Translate VkRenderPassMultiviewCreateInfo to VkRenderPassCreateInfo2
5ef960e93cd : ir3: Add support for gl_ViewIndex in VS & FS
4b163ff1eb3 : freedreno/a6xx: Add multiview registers
6a8aaf7c007 : freedreno/a6xx: disable LRZ when color channels are masked
4de027d6bf0 : freedreno/cffdump: add arg to filter by process name
b440c28b78f : nir: Shrink store intrinsic num_components to the size used by the writemask.
5f26c21e624 : nir: Expand opt_undef to handle undef channels in a store intrinsic.
a29b7b6ff5c : nir/opt_undef: Handle a couple more normal store intrinsics.
b3c822a0a86 : radv: Move nir_opt_shrink_vectors() into the opt loop.
94f4ecba8dd : panfrost: Reduce attribute buffer allocations
9a6934d67f4 : panfrost: Don't reserve for NPOT w/o instancing
09ea7c09cc4 : panfrost: Don't overallocate attributes
3df90c7c27e : panfrost: Fix attribute buffer underallocation
373a204bdd7 : panfrost: Pass alignments explicitly
1cb47f8eea0 : panfrost: Free batch->dependencies
680fb05f99d : panfrost: Use memctx for sysvals
8dd38e5a3e6 : pan/mdg: Free previous liveness
62637a913ab : panfrost: Free hash_to_temp map
da6d0e3facf : panfrost: Free NIR of blit shaders
9146f596ed1 : panfrost: Free cloned NIR shader
ba4fc67812c : panfrost: Fix blend leak for render targets 5-8
4ff4b04b50d : panfrost: Keep finalized blend state constant
93200ce4c6f : panfrost: Drop depth-only case in blend finalize
8249e2b9a23 : panfrost: Explicitly handle nr_cbufs=0 case
dc7fbe114ba : panfrost: Drop implicit blend pooling
d8deb1eb6a2 : panfrost: Share tiler_heap across batches/contexts
01d12c353e2 : pan/decode: Don't try to dereference heap mapping
b41692caf42 : panfrost: Avoid minimum stack allocations
17c617cdb7f : panfrost: Introduce invisible pool
40c0d7a13df : panfrost: Pre-allocate memory for pool
3fed1c75ef4 : iris: Fix headerless sampler messages in compute shaders with preemption
58817bda8bc : aco: fix file leak in ra_fail()
74ac8f3f648 : nir/opt_large_constants: Fix a type/deref_type typo
e5bac3c669c : gitlab: ask for more detailed info about GPU
b553c7dd96a : radv: fix null memcpy and zero-sized malloc
b50ae770144 : radv: align pipeline cache entry and header sizes
4f08af6766c : radv: don't pass null to _mesa_sha1_update
30fca3b2e65 : nir: fix memory leak in nir_cf_list_clone
27ec38d7468 : nir: fix potential left shift of a negative value
391eeb74435 : util: add a alignof() macro
721cb6cc079 : gitlab: ask inxi output to be in code blocks
e901b901cb6 : radv,aco: report ACO errors/warnings back via VK_EXT_debug_report
c2b1978aa47 : aco: rework the way various compilation/validation errors are reported
bc723dfda7b : aco: rename DEBUG_VALIDATE to DEBUG_VALIDATE_IR
709dffa8566 : anv: null check for buffer before reading size
8d38b25788c : util: Explicitly call the unpack functions from inside bptc pack/unpack.
edf0aeb3cd2 : util: Expose rgba unpack/fetch functions as external functions as well.
9d503b36ca2 : iris: Drop buffer support in resource_from_handle
c54bb23967b : iris: Add and use iris_resource_configure_main
51e42e21839 : iris: Move size/offset calculations out of configure_aux
8b2fc919598 : iris: Drop old comment on clear color BO allocation
fd3c20674ea : iris: Drop unused resource allocation optimization
2555321a109 : iris: Drop iris_resource_alloc_separate_aux
0dc0a79a581 : egl: drop another indentation level in _eglFindDisplay() by inverting an if
8b2fc1d1b5a : egl: drop an indentation level in _eglFindDisplay() by replacing break/if with a goto
b5d36e9cb6c : gitlab-ci: fix quoting of variables passed down to bare-metal runners
72fac11ca37 : gitlab-ci: fix testing whether a variable with a given name is set or not
64fb3e6def2 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.6
8be321f30ab : docs: add release notes for 20.1.6
bd38ea77e80 : v3d/compiler: add v3dv_prog_data_size helper
a880f97d593 : compiler/types: Allow interfaces in get_explicit_type_for_size_align
df9596353a6 : nir/large_constants: Handle incomplete derefs
9f3c595dfc4 : nir/find_array_copies: Handle cast derefs
a0a0bcfa263 : nir/builder: Add a nir_iand_imm helper
ac95bb45e82 : nir: Initialize nir_ssa_def::live_index
8f7784ee8da : clover/nir: Use the correct address mode for shared
b2226f7a98d : clover/nir: Stop computing the global address format twice
884d2021d9a : clover/nir: Stop setting ubo_addr_format
5ef9c110d5d : nv50/ir/nir: support load_work_dim
080bee33da1 : nvc0: handle nr being 0 in nvc0_set_global_bindings
b283fb335b2 : nv50/ir/nir: fix global_atomic_comp_swap
4403176201f : clover/nir: support int64 atomics if the device supports it
38e904f9293 : nv50/ir/nir: assert on unknown alu ops
ada8c76cca1 : nve4: fix uploading unaligned sized input buffers
918e444f045 : clover/nir: Call vars_to_explicit_types for shared memory
1e7c2d1862e : nir/glsl: Add glsl_get_cl_type_size_align helper
a27823ef2cd : freedreno/ir3: Fix assertion failures dumping CS high full regs.
ce335dcb192 : freedreno/cffdec: When .mergedregs is set, don't count half regs.
803ec06b1b3 : freedreno/ir3: Fix compiler warning from the setjmp fails path.
c1a6e345739 : nir/lower_input_attachments: Support loading layer id via gl_ViewIndex
76f711d09d2 : tu: Use an input for the layer when lowering input attachments
c77716294b7 : radv: Use an input for the layer when lowering input attachments
d243bf10326 : nir/lower_input_attachments: Support loading layer id as an input
e72895767bc : nir/lower_input_attachments: Refactor to use an options struct
340c73d4efd : nir/spirv: Add the option to keep ViewIndex as an input
c1e69570331 : Revert "gitlab-ci: reuse container_post_build when building the test images"
7e3a788bd30 : freedreno/a6xx: fix occlusion query with more than one tile
5550bc04230 : freedreno/a6xx: only generate streamout for draw pass shader
ee7949b0645 : freedreno/registers: SC_WAIT_WC is not a6xx
60dae984568 : nir/opt_remove_phis: optimize out phis with undef
326eb567189 : egl/x11_dri3: implement EGL_KHR_swap_buffers_with_damage
eae181e3eb9 : egl/x11_dri3: enable & require xfixes 2.0
6c9cf84409b : ci: Run deqp-gles2 on RadeonSI
ff3ea3b3bb3 : pan/mdg: Fix auxiliary load/store swizzle packing
529f79d639d : pan/mdg: Fix printing of r26 ld/st sources post-RA
14e774929ec : pan/mdg: Identify barrier out-of-order field
af97331aba5 : pan/mdg: Handle 32-bit offsets from store_shared
06c31031e7e : pan/mdg: Ensure barrier op is set on texture
415eb43fd5f : panfrost: Fix shared memory size computation
39bf1fb3221 : panfrost: Fix WRITES_GLOBAL bit
8626d4cbef0 : android: freedreno: Another build fix
41bb6459d3a : radv: restrict exported symbols with static llvm
a457256e2d6 : freedreno: Destroy syncobj too when destroying fence
b08fcab44d7 : gitlab-ci: reorder container_post_build call for arm64_test image
40ab6d77c06 : gitlab-ci: reuse container_post_build when building the test images
1cf7a3968f3 : panfrost: Hoist assert from bind to create
3b129dd335c : panfrost: Remove useless comment
a2e41590293 : panfrost: Hoist add_fbo_bo call
433fa39c2e6 : panfrost: Drop QUADS primitive convert
4b21c8b15f0 : panfrost: Drop panfrost_invalidate_frame
1362371a96e : panfrost: Drop ZSA null checks in draws
ec35159fba5 : panfrost: Drop rasterizer null checks in draw calls
e46d4fe8bc4 : panfrost: Decontextualize rasterizer
d26f62c6670 : radv: track and report if a logical device is lost
c9c53dade01 : ci: Update kernel used in LAVA to 5.8-based drm-misc
91cd7fe9784 : ci: Fix URL to imagediff page in traces dashboard
922217431c6 : ci: Test Panfrost with more traces
7d5f4d3f709 : ci: Split traces.yml file per driver
eb787773b2d : llvmpipe/nir: lower some more packing at nir level.
95d611e036a : llvmpipe: lower mul 2x32_64
25ba200985d : llvmpipe: lower cs local index from id
3cc5b75577d : gallivm/nir: split tex/sampler indirect offsets
e616223024d : gallivm/nir: fixup compact TCS variable storage.
597d0e9b5fd : gallium/nir/tgsi: add support for compact variables
fe9667e336b : llvmpipe: lower uadd_carry/usub_borrow.
7893dfa247c : gallivm/sample: fix lod query on array textures.
da4f2215aac : gallivm/nir: add imod support
407fa329a4b : gallium/nir/tgsi: reindent some code in the nir->tgsi info (v2)
e137bbb87fa : llvmpipe/cs: update compute counters not fragment shader.
6c7383d315f : vallium: fix input attachment lowering variable shadowing
e0e9712a4d8 : freedreno: support GL_EXT_semaphore
f6187aa1c35 : freedreno: Enable GL_EXT_memory_object and GL_EXT_memory_object_fd
e3c39e50522 : freedreno: Implement pipe screen's get_device/driver_uuid()
6bef126c621 : freedreno: implement pipe screen's resource_from_memobj
03fdf418a58 : freedreno/layout: Move hard-coded minimum width for UBWC to a macro
536ec9d7f5a : freedreno: Refactor fd_resource_create_with_modifiers() into a helper
0eecd3d6846 : freedreno: Implement memory object create/destroy for GL_EXT_memory_object
e48f27ee645 : st: Pass TextureTiling option from texture to memory obj
b479de8537a : spirv: Don't emit RMW for vector indexing in shared or global
f038b3a1361 : radv: Fix handling of attribs 16-31.
0067f899200 : radv: Override the uniform buffer offset alignment for World War Z.
a1d4721e21b : driconf: Support selection by Vulkan applicationName.
f88b9eb9c5f : egl/android: Add support for CrOS buffer info perform op
acb235c0c8a : egl/android: Use droid_create_image_from_prime_fds() in get_back_bo()
cad9d42bb4e : egl/android: Move droid_create_image_from_prime_fds() function up
5c8b67ed0c4 : egl/android: Simplify droid_create_image_from_name() path
d47b6f330cf : egl/android: Drop unused ctx argument
9cc788f0ffc : egl/android: Look up prime fds in droid_create_image_from_prime_fds()
972f36d8fa6 : egl/android: Call createImageFromDmaBufs directly
7c98066e805 : freedreno: Add afuc regression test
d145fcc1c1c : freedreno/afuc: Install asm/disasm
f0b87186df2 : freedreno/afuc: Make 0 a valid number
66dd248593b : freedreno/afuc: Handle xmov modifiers
b2b19234d81 : freedreno/afuc: Add iret
a2c14ac070b : freedreno/afuc: Handle setsecure opcode
0acc394486f : freedreno/afuc: Fix printing preemptleave on a5xx
165009bc702 : spirv: Add support for the CL Round instruction
6d28270968e : meson: Make some warnings handled as errors with MSVC
45f22528792 : meson: Add MSVC narrowing-int-to-char warnings
d8edf8e383d : Revert "CI: Disable Panfrost T720/T760 CI"
e229e79464e : mesa: utils: add "force_gl_vendor" option support
fcc7a1e7b6d : gallium/aux: reorder vertex attributes in triangle fans according to PV
f5cce8929ad : gallium/indices: translate primitive-restart values
21952f1400a : gallium/indices: introduce u_primconvert_config
c2e9cd3f773 : gallium/indices: implement prim-restart for triangle fans
dfc0a629942 : gallium/indices: use prim_restart-helper for polygon
3aa4f64e8d5 : gallium/indices: implement prim-restart for line-loops
ac96225eb0e : gallium/indices: generalize primitive-restart logic
2122b902b80 : gallium/indices: don't expand prim-type for 8-bit indices
0c85d6c523f : gallium/util: factor out primitive-restart rewriting logic
b6ebf6eba95 : spirv: Only require bare types to match when copying variables
16f1d8b3910 : glsl: fix crashes on out of bound matrix access using constant index
7dcb1d272fa : st/mesa: Replace UsesStreams by ActiveStreamMask for GS
ab5a36b342f : meson: fix trivial s/dir/dri/ typo
9ef192c100b : CI: Disable Panfrost T720/T760 CI
5a26015764e : st/wgl: do not reject PFD_SUPPORT_GDI
ac9c94fa14f : CI: Skip another flaky GS test on softpipe
e513d8d8cd1 : CI: Skip flaky CS test on VirGL
3e447c1ad2d : CI: Disable Panfrost T860 and AMD Stoney tests
80163bbec3a : nir/vtn: Support OpOrdered and OpUnordered opcodes
81e6ad82986 : nir/vtn: Handle LessOrGreater deprecated opcode
c349e350340 : nir/vtn: Support SpvOpIsFinite via fisfinite
af59e4c4004 : nir: Add fisfinite op
e6e6f52206e : nir/vtn: Support SpvOpIsNormal via fisnormal
9ebbed6ddcc : nir: Add fisnormal op
199bea0fd80 : nir: Fix i64tof32 lowering
f9e773b9205 : llvmpipe: enable GL 4.5
2e40b2c1550 : llvmpipe/blit: for 32-bit unorm depth blits just copy 32-bit
18e464cfc05 : compiler/nir: Add new flags to lower pack/unpack split instructions
9e9d28007a4 : mesa: Move ATTRIBUTE_NOINLINE for glsl_to_tgsi_visitor::visit_expression for MSVC
c60cea0daa2 : glsl/test: Don't run whitespace tests in parallel
aeba69deaa5 : drisw: Port the MIT-SHM check to XCB
ee905aa3a01 : nir/vtn: CL SPIR-V callers should specify address modes
a097bf160a9 : nir/builder: Make nir_get_ptr_bitsize take a nir_shader
627c8e1640b : nir: Add nir_address_format_32bit_index_offset_pack64
113458d3720 : nir: Add nir_address_format_32bit_offset_as_64bit
a1ed83fddd7 : nir: Optimize mask+downcast to just downcast
fd9b33d5167 : nir: Fix serialize/deserialize of void samplers/images
c17b58a9e60 : glsl: Add 'bare' shadow sampler type
418c4c0d7d4 : compiler/nir: extend lower_fragcoord_wtrans to support VARYING_SLOT_POS
7aaddf1a342 : compiler/nir: rewrite lower_fragcoord_wtrans to use nir_lower_instructions
c9f4b14ac6d : Revert "CI: temp disable t720/t760 jobs."
d79c946fb35 : nv50/ir/nir: rework indirect function_temp handling
fd265bb4f1f : panfrost: Update CI expectations
7a13351234c : panfrost: Drop union mali_attr
4e3fe54e2e0 : panfrost: Drop hand-rolled pandecode for attribute buffers
ec58cda5da0 : panfrost: Use packs for varying buffers
9732b64862f : panfrost: Remove mali_attr_meta
eb2762a837d : pan/bit: Use packs for Bifrost unit tests
7ef205dabd4 : panfrost: Use MALI_ATTRIBUTE_LENGTH
59fa26902d5 : panfrost: Use pack for general varying
6c850637f5a : panfrost: Use pack for XFB varying
40b4ee9426f : panfrost: Factor out general varying case
b805cf9b1f4 : panfrost: Pass varying descriptors by reference
d5a264facfd : panfrost: Reword comment
44397c580cc : panfrost: Use packs for vertex built-ins
e646c861fc6 : panfrost: Use packs for vertex attribute buffers
c9bb5dc911a : panfrost: Inline panfrost_vertex_instanced
e9dc2251220 : panfrost: Hoist instance_shift/instance_odd fetch
27f8b879cce : panfrost: Use packs for attributes
6caf789c07a : panfrost: Move attr_meta emission to the draw routine
8236fa3ff16 : panfrost: Make attribute-buffer map explicit
9cc81ea0c20 : panfrost: Simplify offset fixup proof
4fc90f7c3c5 : panfrost: Use better packs for blits
3e7fd2a0346 : panfrost: Add XML for attribute buffers
76de3e691c6 : panfrost: Merge attribute packing routines
2c8a722b85e : panfrost: XMLify attributes
cdc3276317d : panfrost: XMLify mali_channel
668ec24bfdb : panfrost: Squash 22-bit format field in attr_meta
c5f18ce144f : panfrost: Drop NXR format
e03622e50fc : panfrost: Set STRIDE_4BYTE_ALIGNED_ONLY
350dd2a36dc : pipebuffer: Remove unused buffer event in slab bufmgr
8a012f429de : nir: handle load_input_vertex in nir_get_io_offset_src
83953f9d4d4 : nir: remove nir_strip stub declaration
f3a9781ee19 : compiler: add glsl_print_type
b7c04b1790f : ac/llvm: handle static/shared llvm init separately
916110e17f2 : st/mesa: Enable clip planes lowering for geometry shaders
584f27326c1 : st/mesa: factor ucp-lowering logic into helper
ff4c991fd1c : compiler/glsl: Initialize local variable to zero to fix MSVC RTC error
b38879f8c5f : vallium: initial import of the vulkan frontend
8004fa9c950 : vulkan/wsi: add sw support. (v2)
5a9eba4acd0 : util/format: add some ZS helpers for vallium
3abf548270b : gallivm/nir: add load push constant support
94e4a17f29b : llvmpipe: add support for memory allocation APIs
ecb617a6a75 : gallium: add a resource flag to say no over allocation.
e6c7ca218d7 : gallium: add an interface for memory allocations.
50b039590e1 : radv: Use getter instead of setter to extract value.
09196355b2b : gallium: Use unpack_rgba() instead of fetch_rgba in translate_generic
5b8d67cb64c : util: Move fetch_rgba to a separate function table.
9cc84369b70 : util: Mark the format description getter functions as const.
35b22b5da02 : util: Make all 3 fetch_rgba functions occupy the same function slot.
80babbbf7ea : uitl: Add R1_UNORM to the list of noaccess (no pack/unpack) formats.
6668d7a5f36 : egl: drop unused egldriver.h header
1f01fa11d78 : egl: drop now empty egldriver.c
890d0334c15 : egl: inline _eglInitializeDisplay() into eglInitialize()
0e7ae395e72 : egl: inline _eglGetDriverProc() into eglGetProcAddress()
735b35e34a8 : egl: drop unused ${drv}_driver()
c74628fd1e5 : egl: replace `&_eglDriver`/`NULL` tested against `NULL` with simple `true`/`false`
37be01bff77 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from MesaGLInteropEGL{QueryDeviceInfo,ExportObject}()
5eb5847d487 : egl: replace replace _EGLDriver with _EGLDisplay->Driver in eglapi.c
372c6c42af1 : egl: replace _EGLDriver with _EGLDisplay->Driver in _eglGetSyncAttrib()
b9fb63ab03c : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from _eglSurfaceAttrib()
b981babb937 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver & _EGLDisplay from _eglQueryContext()
3ef8aacb60e : egl: drop unused _EGLDisplay from _eglSetDamageRegionKHRClampRects()
0345a614629 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from _eglGetConfigs()/_eglChooseConfig()/_eglGetConfigAttrib()
67c745644fb : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SetBlobCacheFuncsANDROID()
1bbb0c7689b : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from QueryDmaBuf{Formats,Modifiers}EXT()
a71dcd2dc2a : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from ExportDMABUFImage{,Query}MESA()
429e9369480 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from QueryBufferAge()
155541bc025 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from PostSubBufferNV()
f010568ea25 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from CreateWaylandBufferFromImageWL()
845a37ce355 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Bind,Unbind,Query}WaylandDisplayWL()
9d5162eddf8 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Export}DRMImageMESA()
692b9c6ed0c : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from DupNativeFenceFDANDROID()
f49805c441a : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Destroy,ClientWait,Wait,Signal}SyncKHR()
740ec08f21c : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Destroy}ImageKHR()
a7d15d2ae3a : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from GetProcAddress()
b8d1c4647f2 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver & _EGLDisplay from WaitNative()
4e65469c706 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from WaitClient()
648f603c356 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SetDamageRegion()
d202fd6596c : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from CopyBuffers()
82035b2e3db : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SwapBuffers{,WithDamageEXT,RegionNOK}()
347840cf436 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SwapInterval()
2f4a6ad3b32 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Bind,Release}TexImage()
982ac69e3f8 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from QuerySurface()
1a17f1db555 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from MakeCurrent()
6b4c474ed7d : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from Create{Window,Pixmap,Pbuffer}Surface() & DestroySurface()
f27a32a7927 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Destroy}Context()
435ad514163 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from Terminate()
ad61d4f1461 : egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from Initialize()
e87e68d836e : egl: replace _EGLDriver with _EGLDisplay->Driver in _eglQuerySurface()
f3aa7b2e1b1 : egl: replace _EGLDriver param with _EGLDisplay->Driver in dri{2_x11,3}_create_window_surface()
485f8f89f90 : egl: replace _EGLDriver param with _EGLDisplay->Driver in _eglReleaseDisplayResources()
a76423e481a : spirv/vtn_cfg.c: Include util/debug.h for env_var_as_boolean.
430e3310e2a : llvmpipe: only read 0 for channels being read
f1001a38275 : CI: temp disable t720/t760 jobs.
031f9e17d2c : anv: don't fail userspace relocation with perf queries
dc667b1f192 : nv50/ir/nir: fix smem size
384c4df23da : clover/nir: fix mem_shared by using address_format_32bit_offset
aa8661141a0 : android: util/format: fix generated sources rules
b41e74ae4a7 : spirv: Add a MESA_SPIRV_FORCE_UNSTRUCTURED environment variable
217def3ac67 : spirv: parse unstructured CFG
467b90fcc46 : spirv: extract switch parsing into its own function
96dff31bc8f : spirv: Move the emit a 'return value' store logic into own function
4638de8b1b3 : nir/lower_goto_if: Add some debug prints
d57573dcd4a : nir/lower_goto_if: Add a route::outside set
d2bf850672b : nir/lower_goto_if: Replace a tripple loop with a double loop
b892d473b4e : nir/lower_goto_if: Add a block_for_singular_set helper
193765e26ba : nir/lower_goto_if: Sort blocks in select_fork
0fad20f21b3 : nir/lower_goto_if: Rework some set union logic
d1617985896 : nir/lower_goto_if: Rework handling of skip targets
2455d03c311 : nir/lower_goto_if: Use util/list instead of exec_list
f69d732fcab : nir/lower_goto_if: Clean up ralloc usage
202b4df4aee : nir/lower_goto_if: Document some data structures
b273611bb17 : nir: Add a structurizer
025bdbac3e0 : nir: Add goto_if jump instruction
92db942fc6a : nir: Add and use nir_foreach_block_unstructured helpers
4768ea1a77a : nir: Add a structured flag to nir_shader
19f35735a09 : spirv: rename vtn_emit_cf_list to vtn_emit_cf_list_structured
16f858968f2 : util/set: add _mesa_set_intersects
acf756a64fe : android: panfrost: Redirect cmdstream includes through GenXML (v2)
92f65e28fee : turnip: add missing tu_bo_list_add in CmdWriteTimestamp
ddac5933f8f : turnip: call packing functions directly for pack_gmem_clear_value
201331edbfe : turnip: rework format_to_ifmt
aa5ebf0a6dc : turnip: fix CmdBlitImage with D32_SFLOAT_S8_UINT
f83e89507de : turnip: delete a blit_image TODO that has already been resolved
2ca1ccc18d8 : turnip: remove dead tu_minify/typed_memcpy functions
99372547be9 : android: panfrost/bifrost: add libpanfrost_lib static dependency
bce1a7e97fc : android: panfrost: Redirect cmdstream includes through GenXML
0980d1d5ab0 : radv: Clean up setting the surface flags.
d19bc94e4eb : radv: When importing an image, redo the layout based on the metadata.
a0d67b7a1c3 : anv: add no reloc flags on empty and simple bo paths.
00b9a3443ba : anv: Mark anv_dump_{start,finish} as PUBLIC
f024bc8314c : zink: invalidate pipeline hash on more changes
65d7172d171 : util/macros: Add ATTRIBUTE_NOINLINE definition for MSVC
58af31186a8 : u_debug_stack_test: Fix MSVC compiling by using ATTRIBUTE_NOINLINE
493298528a8 : iris: Make iris_bo_import_dmabuf take a modifier
c111e9099ce : iris: Don't call SET_TILING for dmabuf imports
0c97e601a42 : turnip: implement VK_EXT_custom_border_color
84ed2d0980b : util/format: expose generated format packing functions through a header
a322924d9cf : panfrost: add missing dependency on midgard_pack.h
8557b1a8ebe : panfrost: Fix border colour
8277334f397 : nir/lower_idiv: Port recent LLVM fixes to emit_udiv
d452c04aa19 : aco: do not set valid_mask for POS0 exports on GFX 10.3
0c621dcf0ed : panfrost: XMLify enum mali_format
78445ce6954 : panfrost: XMLify exception access
99d17fb771b : panfrost: XMLify MSAA writeout mode
c9bdba26b0c : panfrost: XMLify Block Format
8c1ac96eb6e : panfrost: Drop unused mali_channel_swizzle
ad0b32cdbd5 : panfrost: XMLify Bifrost textures
f008a6314c6 : panfrost: XMLify Midgard textures
b10c3c869d9 : panfrost: XMLify Bifrost samplers
f74186baa5e : panfrost: XMLify Midgard samplers
c4c8c8e8fbd : panfrost: Don't mask coverage mask to 4-bits
6afd4addefa : panfrost: Simplify depth/stencil/alpha
1675d92d663 : panfrost: Simplify zsa == NULL case
931e7b4c7a1 : panfrost: XMLify stencil test
fa949678c19 : panfrost: XMLify UBOs
7f487e087f9 : panfrost: XMLify viewport
ef20691e3d8 : panfrost: XMLify wrap modes
e9ca3204619 : panfrost: XMLify stencil op
d182a6057fd : panfrost: XMLify mali_func
32dbc80979e : panfrost: XMLify draw_mode
4b7056b8c8a : panfrost: XMLify job_type
d2ddd4d5656 : pan/decode: Add helper to dump GPU structures
88dc4c21e6c : panfrost: Redirect cmdstream includes through GenXML
1ad921956d8 : panfrost: Build midgard_pack.h via meson
75cc5b8c292 : panfrost: Adopt via v3d
9cb3a9e72eb : panfrost: Add stub midgard.xml
33e69203d2a : util: Fix up indentation in the generated format tables code.
9fd0f455af7 : util: Change a codegenned switch statement to a nice little table.
4064a6cd207 : util: Split the pack/unpack functions out of the format desc.
6723addd8a7 : docs: update calendar for 20.2.0-rc2
6de5acdf4fd : docs: update calendar for 20.2.0-rc1
4c84600afaf : radeonsi: fix compute-based culling with VERTEX_COUNTER_GDS_MODE == 1
2b78cb2e003 : radeonsi: disable NGG culling on gfx10.3 because of hangs
61042b1bdb1 : zink: handle more draw modes
ced9e6e3e5c : zink: change pipeline hashes to index based on vk primitive type
2701f887fc3 : anv/nir: Unify inputs_read/outputs_written between geometry stages
2a1217513e1 : panfrost: Implement panfrost_query_dmabuf_modifiers
24c921b1b5c : panfrost: Ensure AFBC slices are aligned
4d0241dfed3 : panfrost: Allocate enough space for tiled formats
8c0cb56fd9e : panfrost: Enable YTR where allowed
d285ea6467d : panfrost: Implement YTR availability check
acb8dcfebdd : panfrost: Choose AFBC when available
c54d45dd90a : panfrost: Import staging routines from freedreno
348d374d013 : panfrost: Respect modifiers in resource management
56f9cc99487 : panfrost: Account for modifiers when creating BO
965537df2af : panfrost: Use modifier instead of layout throughout
6fed69cde2a : panfrost: Introduce create_with_modifier helper
32bd588fede : panfrost: Remove hint-based AFBC heuristic
340017ec476 : panfrost: Set `initialized` more conservatively
22777025d4a : gallium/dri2: Support Arm modifiers
37872edf6fc : zink: print error when getprocaddr fails for extension functions
371f6f42ad4 : radv: Update CI expectations for the recent descriptor indexing regressions.
3d7d76c1525 : iris: Add support for MESA_SHADER_KERNEL in the disk cache
65eeb06a7f7 : iris: Upload kernel inputs with system values
f5e7be386ff : iris: Copy dest size from the original intrinsic in setup_uniforms
43429efc61e : iris/disk_cache: Stop assuming stage == cache_id
6dfe41c54e2 : iris: Add a kernel_input_size field for compiled shaders
e39326e617d : iris: Use blob_write_uint32 for num_system_values
003b04e266a : intel/compiler: Allow MESA_SHADER_KERNEL
e2b6ccbdadd : intel/compiler: Use C99 array initializers for prog_data/key sizes
8e1de8e5ac9 : intel/cs_intrinsics: Handle 64-bit intrinsics
8d62735b470 : iris: Add support for serialized NIR
baa4cf9b8ed : iris: Implement set_global_binding
17280a8ef1a : iris: no-op implement set_compute_resources
ac6e207ee07 : gitlab-ci: test Fossilize with GFX1030
431a3cf239e : radv/winsys: add null winsys entries for Sienna Cichild/Navy Flounder
638a09b827f : radv: fix emitting the border color pointer on the compute queue
96cfc684e63 : util: Fix memory leaks in unit test.
ef66e02a408 : src/mesa: add GL_NV_half_float extension support (v2)
8abf59ff988 : dri_util: Update internal_format to GL_RGB8 for MESA_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM
fdb97d3d291 : aco: execute branch instructions in WQM if necessary
678cb6d248f : nir: nir_range_analysis needs to be updated for vec16
7b4c24eb679 : aco: don't move memory accesses to before control barriers
e4c6204d659 : radv: limit LATE_ALLOC_GS to prevent a GPU hang on GFX10
02562505478 : radv/gfx10: add missing initialization of registers
044b238507b : etnaviv: completely turn off MSAA
5cf7eec6b15 : nir/lower_ssbo: Don't set align_* for atomics
2d010d3dc5f : anv: add a check for depthStencilState before using it
ffc8f2ba4c2 : anv: fix up dynamic clip emission
240c0746d16 : anv: centralize vk to gen arrays
3d6e4a201af : freedreno/decode: try harder to not crash in disasm
cbfce486f2c : freedreno/crashdec: handle section name typos
8d437b21944 : freedreno/ir3: add more disasm stats
7aa74ab7921 : freedreno/ir3: add tracking for # of instructions per category
2cd0c8d8ea1 : gallium/u_transfer_helper: add util functions for doing deinterleaving during map
2368813ce6f : gallium: add pipe_transfer_usage for z/s only mappings
cf52b40fb0b : intel/fs: work around gen12 lower-precision source modifier limitation
ee06e47c5b1 : intel/fs: Assert if lower_source_modifiers converts 32x16 to 32x32 multiplication
166630f7592 : android: pan/bi: Separate disasm/compiler targets
41c9a2e740a : android: pan/mdg: Separate disassembler and compiler targets
b9e58be3479 : android: panfrost: Move pandecode into lib/
de352f58c38 : android: panfrost: Rename encoder/ to lib/
6e705081518 : aco: set constant_data_offset correctly in the case of merged shaders
0f8ef37f653 : radeon/vcn: fix jpeg decode for navi10
e362ccb20c8 : radv: Do not consider layouts fast-clearable on compute queue.
2fa83dc64d7 : radv: Add forcecompress debug flag.
a777b25350c : intel/perf: export performance counters sorted by [group|set] and name
59716e40b0f : intel/perf: split load_oa_metrics
2fbab5a1b39 : intel/perf: fix performance counters availability after glFinish
9fa64803aad : intel/perf: streamline error handling in read_oa_samples_until
03e8b3551cf : intel/perf: fix how pipeline stats are stored
e7e6f709389 : intel/perf: fix calculation of used counter space
6d988ad4a21 : radv: report a better error message when QueueWaitIdle() failed
3691ef55961 : radv: report errors back to the application via VK_EXT_debug_report
cc4b9c2128c : radv: rework the error function helpers a bit
11781c0e49d : radv: report the spirv-nir logs back to the application
ff4f6202be2 : radv: Fix assert that is too strict.
f7e7cf637e1 : radeon/radeon_vce: fix out of target bitrate in CBR mode (H.264)
4975b3ec551 : r600: Enable compute shaders for NIR code path
834a61df4ed : r600/sfn: Force a minimum of 4 GPRs, it seems to fix atomics
3e3068a76a6 : r600/sfn: handle querying SSBO size
ac87cc22053 : r600/sfn: Correct ssbo instruction handling
11a861c78a0 : r600/sfn: correct allocating and emitting of atomics
702619c4126 : r600/sfn: Add a mapping table for atomics
56dedf052f4 : r600/sfn: add r600 specific lowering pass for atomics and use it
df2acf8e26a : r600/sfn: Sort uniforms by binding and offset
a828f6c5139 : r600: Set PIPE_CAP_NIR_ATOMICS_AS_DEREF to true
a03e24aa7fa : gallium + mesa/st: Add PIPE_CAP_NIR_ATOMICS_AS_DEREF and use it
dd003abd2fc : meson: bump required glvnd version
7fbadfc385c : driconf: fix force_gl_vendor description
800816d70be : egl/entrypoint-check: add check that GLVND and plain EGL have the same entrypoints
351d513e30b : egl/entrypoint-check: split sort-check into a function
04bd58ff79e : Correct a typo in threads_win32.h
e3069c42577 : pick-ui: specify git commands in "resolve cherry pick" message
b238d17a02f : zink: Fix 32-bit compilation
08f3dcf2f6e : i965: add support for force_gl_vendor
ab92c117809 : freedreno/ir3: don't install ir3_compiler cmdline tool
3b6e8670f81 : freedreno/registers: add some missing regs to build
1e28745bc0d : meson/freedreno: Fix lua requirement
0cdd411b6d7 : radeonsi: various fixes for gfx10.3
e2e700f6053 : radeonsi: remove the NGG hack decreasing LDS usage to deal with overflows
97456e847e0 : radeonsi: add a common function for getting the size of gs_ngg_scratch
68b3e92fef0 : radeonsi: don't count unusable vertices to the NGG LDS size
64c741ffb7a : radeonsi: fix applying the NGG minimum vertex count requirement
7a468fc0f6a : radeonsi: increase minimum NGG vertex count requirement per workgroup on gfx 10.3
633d2aa9157 : radeonsi: use the same units for esgs_ring_size and ngg_emit_size
b6fb09fd843 : radeonsi: use correct wave size in gfx10_ngg_calculate_subgroup_info
61c671c97e8 : Revert "radeonsi: honor a user-specified pitch on gfx10.3"
15bd3f3712a : ac/gpu_info: set num_tiles_pipes on gfx10+ too
9333a8570d2 : radeonsi: enable ETC2 hw acceleration on Raven2
1185b3f32d9 : zink: pre-hash gfx-pipeline-state
7be12df5e62 : zink: rename zink_gfx_program::stages to 'modules'
6196f2aa937 : zink: always compile shaders in pipeline order
c312299316c : zink: start using per-stage flags for new shaders, refcount shader modules
76d3645dd2e : zink: use ZINK_SHADER_COUNT instead of PIPE_SHADER_TYPES - 1 everywhere
0f059d550bd : zink: split up creating zink_shader objects and VkShaderModule objects
a03d17ede77 : zink: refcount zink_gfx_program objects
8772c693c5a : zink: adjust zink_shader struct to contain full streamout info
e481d3e2ed0 : zink: move shader state methods for pipe_context into zink_program.c
d83be29a533 : intel/dump_gpu: add an option to capture a single frame
a6a5b0e52eb : intel/dump_gpu: fix --platform option
9f0db069d3a : anv: track the current frame and write it into the driver identifier BO
42cb068d9f1 : intel/dump_gpu: only map in GTT buffers not previously mapped
22b512ea5b1 : intel/dump_gpu: add an only-capture option
f0e13827aab : intel/dump_gpu: set default device_override
c4bfa6dfbb1 : intel/dump_gpu: further track mapping of BOs
63c90acc9eb : intel/dump_gpu: only write BOs mapped by the driver
54c68498d4c : zink: set primitive restart cap
5959178381f : zink: use util_draw_vbo_without_prim_restart for unsupported prim modes
f4583b40863 : zink: move 8bit index handling out of u_primconvert path
5edaf081cdb : zink: basic primitive restart support for strip/fan topologies
8531830038d : radv: Add ETC2 support on RAVEN2.
bea8930468e : radv: allow to force-enable LLVM internally for a specific shader stage
e63a7882a0a : etnaviv: call nir_lower_bool_to_bitsize
c5b23196288 : panfrost: Drop compiler cmdstream deps
1d0b3ef051e : panfrost: Treat texture dimension as first-class
5a3088e85f2 : panfrost: Inline max rt into compilers
54f96544ec2 : pan/bi: Drop use of MALI_POSITIVE
c94013c8194 : panfrost: Add panloader/ to .gitignore
52e3a67bb1a : panfrost: Reduce bit dependency to disassembly only
14bb72c68b4 : pan/bi: Separate disasm/compiler targets
b792d613e65 : pan/mdg: Separate disassembler and compiler targets
d62a6e7c5f6 : panfrost: Move pandecode into lib/
1c62b5528ab : panfrost: Rename encoder/ to lib/
956b09653cc : panfrost: Don't export exception_status
4ddc6e543cb : panfrost: Remove panfrost-misc.h
64f3c9da87b : panfrost: Inline panfrost-misc.h into panfrost-job.h
ebf7e87f2cd : pan/decode: Remove shader replacement artefact
e4df95bf9fd : panfrost: Move format stringify to decode.c
b80e753940a : panfrost: Remove blend prettyprinters
b43bcb05a17 : anv: fix incorrect realloc failure handling
21b47cbd996 : aco: fix C++11/C++14 compilation
782ba8d3ae5 : st/mesa: Treat vertex outputs absent in outputMapping as zero in mesa_to_tgsi
a92cfa66b4e : Bump development version and clear new_features
7f06d194fd3 : anv: Advertise shaderIntegerFunctions2
9e397956b09 : panfrost: signal syncobj if nothing is going to be flushed
c6aadbae715 : radv: Don't use both DCC and CMASK for single sample images.
e2c614a415b : appveyor: Use Python3.
0f9fb7ffaae : appveyor: Upgrade pip.
2e665458a90 : util: Fix SCons build.
56ab105182e : freedreno: Add more asserts for DST_OFF/NUM_UNIT in indirect const uploads.
3e970de3603 : freedreno: Increase the NUM_UNIT on compute's consts in indirect dispatch.
f07e25bc6d8 : freedreno/ir3: Clean up instrlen setup.
8f637d66cc1 : freedreno: Split ir3_const's user buffer and indirect upload APIs.
154299934d8 : freedreno: Rename emit_const_bo() to emit_const_ptrs().
51acfe22306 : freedreno/ir3: Simpify the immediates from an array of vec4 to array of dwords.
e873c4da08d : freedreno/ir3: Merge the redundant immediate_idx/immediates_count fields
5e922fbc160 : glsl_to_nir: fix bitfield_extract with 16-bit operands
92f5e94a937 : glsl: improve precision determination for calls
282a1e6288f : glsl: don't lower to mediump for desktop OpenGL
01e00856375 : glsl: don't create conversion opcodes for array types
5020403c703 : glsl: don't lower atomic functions to mediump
93076f60d3a : glsl: don't inline intrinsics for mediump
48a6255186d : glsl: fix constant expression evaluation for 16-bit types
f2d5f4851ab : glsl: lower_precision - fix assertion failure with dereferences of constants
a88fd7bfdc6 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.5
2d3f81f3207 : docs: add release notes for 20.1.5
a4c4e0103a5 : glsl: remove LowerPrecisionTemporaries
c4e0cae90c5 : gallium: replace 16BIT_TEMPS cap with 16BIT_CONSTS
0a763c0c86b : glsl/lower_precision: split out const lowering
4f060549be4 : freedreno/ir3: lower local_index using local_id
e0947903fc7 : freedreno/ir3: ir3_cmdline updates
283ad85944b : radeonsi: call nir_split_array_vars/shrink_vec_array_vars/opt_find_array_copies
47beee2eb3f : radeonsi: reorder NIR optimizations
0294eaed809 : radeonsi: extend workaround for KHR-GL45.texture_view.view_classes on gfx9
caa98246a0e : st/mesa: optimize DEPTH_STENCIL copies using fragment shader
141b295311a : freedreno: allow fence_fd fences to be recycled
07a49bf5976 : radeonsi: disable SDMA on gfx9
879444a957d : ci: Add a build test for the Android platform
db504c464f8 : radv/android: Remove unused variable
a7fe711a30f : vulkan: Allow global symbol HMI for Android
6b3f56f0997 : anv: Add stub for anv_gem_get_tiling() for Android
ff0dbf20961 : anv: Pass device to setup_gralloc0_usage for error reporting
5096ebf9549 : meson: Define ANDROID and ANDROID_API_LEVEL when compiling for Android
e05e60b2301 : turnip: Make tu_android.c compile again
a725899c3f8 : mapi: Mark TLS symbols as optional in glapi-symbols.txt
932f51d5934 : ci: Include enough Android headers to let us compile test EGL
5ae7098ebab : gallium/android: Rewrite backtrace helper for android
d0d14f3f648 : util: Add unit test for stack backtrace caputure
848e7b947d0 : util: Move stack debug functions to src/util
e487043fd09 : gallium: Switch u_debug_stack/symbol.c to util/hash_table.h
e1a58ae7c46 : mapi/test: Change type to unsigned for offset
c8749305f26 : egl/android: Remove unused variable
24b80f8bb9c : amd/llvm: Reorder LLVM headers
1541ef636b2 : ci: Use a rootfs tarball for NFS root, instead of a ramdisk (for LAVA)
8fab7d738e8 : radv: set BYPASS_VTX_RATE_COMBINER_GFX103 on GFX 10.3
05b09d65493 : radv: fix sample shading on GFX 10.3
8b3682310ce : radv: increase minimum NGG vertex count requirement per workgroup on GFX 10.3
22c80798299 : radv: do not honor a user-specified pitch on GFX 10.3
7f25f1f1067 : nir/lower_tex: handle query lod with nir_lower_tex_packing_16 at lower_tex_packing
6e2e77557ee : radv/llvm: enable VK_KHR_memory_model
4f3630b36ab : ac/nir: fix coherent global loads/stores
4640e7da04a : ac/nir: consider an image load/store intrinsic's access
da38e99edad : radv/aco: enable VK_KHR_memory_model
389c95a8890 : spirv: set ACCESS_COHERENT for ssbo/global/image atomic load/store
71572ebb32e : nir/lower_tex: skip lower_tex_packing for the texture samples query
1938e2596f5 : freedreno/computerator: Set SP_MODE_CONTROL to the same value as vulkan/GL
c92ae9d3ef8 : freedreno/a6xx: Document the bit for the magic 32bit-uniforms-as-16b mode.
db25c18f333 : freedreno/ir3: Fix the type of half-float indirect uniform loads.
13b3c401a41 : nir: Print the constant data size associated with a shader.
041bae28c67 : nir: Add a little more docs about NIR's constant_data.
2e833b16bca : nir/lower_amul: Use num_ubos/ssbos instead of recomputing it.
add2b44ab69 : turnip: Only include msm_drm in tu_drm.c
4b9c0cd821a : turnip: Move remaining drm code to tu_drm.c
7dfeae1a457 : turnip: Collapse some tu_drm wrappers
59e5f95bdcc : turnip: Move tu_bo functions to tu_drm.c
270599cc1e7 : turnip: Move device enumeration and feature discovery to tu_drm.c
d33f46e08b7 : anv: fix allocation of custom border color pool
fea3e498c31 : aco: replace MADs in isel with FMA on GFX10.3
41c901b7df9 : aco: disable SMEM stores on GFX10.3
b811b1d083f : aco: update for GFX10.3
07250a92daf : aco: implement subgroup shader_clock on GFX10.3
a5303a3cbea : aco: update vgpr_alloc_granule for GFX10.3
37988b5b8ed : aco: fix max_waves_per_simd on Polaris, VegaM and GFX10.3
c68fba9bba1 : aco: update bug workarounds for GFX10_3
4f1242a4d8c : aco: don't create v_mad_f32 on GFX10.3
5718f7c8a78 : aco: fix waitcnt insertion on GFX10.3
b75427cc31f : panfrost: Implement EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture
2c47993b698 : panfrost: Add MSAA mode selection field
7973b6c1e00 : docs/features: Add GL_EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture
0c569e22d1d : radv: print warnings for famous RADV_PERFTEST options that no longer exist
65d23e7fb1e : radeon/vcn: Corrected vp9 ref associated data incase of target->codec is NULL
b98dd704894 : spirv: Propagate explicit layout only in types that need it
9a9b35a3bb4 : lima: Fix lima_screen_query_dmabuf_modifiers()
ee2c58dde46 : tu: Implement VK_EXT_conditional_rendering
f226b198f5b : tu: Reset has_tess after renderpass
06332ef60e8 : freedreno: Document draw predication packets
9e48e31fa54 : tu: Fix DST_INCOHERENT_FLUSH copy/paste error
95db96d75b4 : turnip: implement VK_EXT_4444_formats
036ff531439 : util/format: translate A4R4G4B4_UNORM and A4B4G4R4_UNORM vulkan formats
35f8f355f31 : turnip: rework extended formats to allow more extended formats
0b2478381f1 : ci: Actually upload trace artifacts to MinIO for baremetal
67b1163f9fb : turnip: add support for D32_SFLOAT_S8_UINT
a133f7d2885 : ci: Remove kernel module build that slipped in
76330374413 : ci: Download traces from MinIO in baremetal runs
d4ca45eca2a : ci: Upload traces' reference and actual images to MinIO
4816f6f8d88 : spirv: Do more complex unwrapping in get_nir_type
140a5492e04 : compiler/types: Add a struct_type_is_packed wrapper
66d8bbd8229 : freedreno: Fix "Offset of packed bitfield changed" warnings:
ba6cdb275c3 : turnip: delete tu_clear_sysmem_attachments_2d
9b6486bd3d9 : turnip: fix sysmem CmdClearAttachments 3D fallback breaking GMEM path flush
611f654fcf7 : nir/deref: Don't try to compare derefs containing casts
ee2f21b10dc : nir: Remove the old nir_opt_shrink_load.
d8c2f896dba : amd: Swap from nir_opt_shrink_load() to nir_opt_shrink_vectors().
023e6669cc1 : i965: Enable vector shrinking in the vec4 backend.
1c9906d5ff2 : nir: Add a pass to cut the trailing ends of vectors.
5afaec37413 : turnip: workaround for a630 d24_unorm_s8_uint fails
6fc52739bb4 : etnaviv: fix nir validation problem
caa107cb8db : freedreno/decode: move dependencies up a level
9c33c538981 : freedreno/registers: install gzip'd register database
62ebd342e67 : freedreno/registers: split header build into subdirs
e59b2412135 : freedreno/registers: add .gitignore
24f55eb6e80 : freedreno/rnn: rework RNN_DEF_PATH construction
bf425b7e513 : freedreno/rnn: also look for .xml.gz
8efdd388e03 : radv: Implement VK_EXT_4444_formats
3c2a1af660f : anv: Implement VK_EXT_4444_formats
b44139ef369 : vulkan: Update Vulkan XML and headers to 1.2.149
070fd2b66f9 : u_prim_restart: add inline function for getting restart index based on index size
1f24c54458c : iris: Zero the add-on clear color BO on import
a9560939e07 : ci: Build-test Panfrost tools
cd1c21f8e5b : zink: implement handling for VK_EXT_calibrated_timestamps
8930b196762 : zink: store valid timestamp bits onto zink_screen
3e6366be685 : zink: handle VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor setup
01d6220cffb : zink: implement VK_EXT_robustness2
b2f475251ed : pan/mdg: Test for SSA before chasing addresses
b4de9e035ac : pan/mdg: Mask spills from texture write
26dd8f80453 : swr: Bump maximum 2D texture size to 16kx16k
99cf9108340 : mesa/st: Actually free the driver part of memory objects on destruction.
63bff6a9f89 : gallivm/nir: Lower uniforms to UBOs in llvm draw if the driver didn't request this already
b54afde3ad6 : android: freedreno: move a2xx disasm out of gallium
ca114e62735 : android: freedreno/common: add support for libfreedreno_common static
f065ec43aba : android: freedreno/ir3: fix include paths
711c30b764e : android: freedreno/registers: fix generated headers rules
32e0f7e0972 : anv: toggle on VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state
b9a05447a19 : anv: dynamic vertex input binding stride and size support
e4590c07500 : anv: depth/stencil dynamic state support
f6fa4a80000 : anv: add support for dynamic primitive topology change
f426663f9c7 : anv: add support for dynamic viewport and scissor with count
9220598b367 : anv: add support for dynamic cull mode and winding order
c34d8ac26e0 : anv: handle dynamic viewport count
11f3fb9a4e2 : anv: consider dynamic state when creating pipeline
65de778e0b5 : anv: add new dynamic states
2260ce6d0c5 : anv: add VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state but leave it disabled
a4181fcd422 : meson: fix `-D xlib-lease=auto` detection
c1476044b55 : egl: consistently use dri2_egl_display() helper macro
27eea627ef2 : freedreno/afuc: Fix PM4 enum parsing
a5daaed587c : freedreno/afuc: Add missing rnn_prepdb()
8d0e5e06266 : freedreno/cffdec: Stop open-coding enum parsing
73241ca53e8 : freedreno/rnn: Make rnn_decode_enum() respect variants
b67695d5973 : egl/haiku: drop overwritten preset of EGL version
9c6fa9421d5 : egl: const _eglDriver
81c0e2ab63d : egl: Allow software rendering for vgem/virtio_gpu in platform_device
eaf27eb512c : intel/tools: Test notification subregisters
ac7ecd205b2 : intel/tools: Simplify notification register handling
63181df09bc : intel/tools: Don't hardcode notification register
90c18ec8db8 : intel/tools: Manually set ARF register file/nr/subnr
af6d6f5c432 : intel/tools: Pass integers, not enums, to stride()
c883c482be2 : intel/compiler: Relax SENDS regioning assertions
363e5ef5a5d : intel/tools: Simplify dstregion
3d9c673c0f7 : intel/tools: Simplify immediate handling
59801f07e70 : intel/tools: Make writemask an integer
e115c499da2 : intel/tools: Make swizzle an integer
3e1602cc4fd : intel/tools: Simplify register type handling
2851c218e28 : intel/tools: Don't allow empty type specifier
6809b934113 : intel/tools: Remove stray newline
fdfbb1ed262 : intel/tools: Fix typos
2dec9092bee : pan/bit: Remove BI_SHIFT stub
aa989aed6d6 : pan/bit: Update f32->f16 convert test
cf8a8b764e5 : ci: Set date in LAVA DUTs from NTP servers
7f40db42a2d : docs: Explain how to set up a personal gitlab runner.
8e626879ddd : freedreno/a6xx: Fix CP_BIN_SIZE_ADDRESS name
6c11a7994dd : i965/i915: Add colorspace support to YUV sampling
d8fdb8dab46 : nir: Add colorspace support to YUV lowering pass
f7f31f02f50 : mesa: utils: fix check of option is not found
f3509c07663 : zink: add extension loading framework for spirv builder
a91011c9eca : pan/mdg: emit REGISTER_UNUSED on unused ALU src2
a2065917cc8 : mapi: Return NULL function pointers for GL_EXT_debug_marker
258165bed4d : egl: drop left-over function prototype
ed3f1e04c7d : egl: rename _eglMatchDriver() to _eglInitializeDisplay()
6d6b82a159c : egl: inline _eglMatchAndInitialize() and refactor _eglMatchDriver()
a77050c0345 : egl: fix _eglMatchDriver() return type
f91851e6159 : egl: drop unnecessary _eglGetDriver()
d24e3ea8cb2 : egl: replace _eglInitDriver() with a simple variable
3d4deb659e1 : pan/mdg: remove ins->br_compact and ins->branch_extended
8150c1d6320 : pan/mdg: defer branch packing
140185eb047 : pan/mdg: refactor emit_alu_bundle
0f0f9ee710f : pan/mdg: remove ins->alu
5299239c2ea : pan/mdg: externalize mir_pack_mod
1a4d165683a : pan/mdg: defer register packing
bea6a652db5 : pan/mdg: eliminate references to ins->load_store.op
92c808cd475 : pan/mdg: eliminate references to ins->texture.op
83592de7ad2 : pan/mdg: apply float outmods to textures
5011373e2b4 : pan/mdg: eliminate references to ins->alu.outmod
f34815c6bef : pan/mdg: fix comment
5f7e0185cd9 : pan/mdg: eliminate references to ins->alu.reg_mode
f4c89bf9bdf : pan/mdg: eliminate references to ins->alu.op
598527f2feb : pan/mdg: prepare effective_writemask()
b1b0ce04b3e : pan/mdg: fix src_type in instructions that need a implicit zero
75b1f3d39df : drm-shim: Return -EINVAL instead of abort()ing on unknown ioctls.
c77a414ec2d : u_prim_restart: handle indirect draws
a58081f97c1 : panfrost: Android build fixes 2020 week 31
75a68eee282 : aco: optimize swizzled SALU 8/16-bit conversions
80c135e6a6a : radv: fix build on Android 7 (v2)
e1b114868a1 : nir: Get rid of __[u]int64_to_fp32() and __fp32_to_[u]int64()
025988f8185 : intel: Set int64_options to ~0 when lowering 64b ops
936c58c8fcc : nir: Extend nir_lower_int64() to support i2f/f2i lowering
bfee35b45cc : nir: Stop passing an options arg to nir_lower_int64()
9e23925991a : freedreno: Initialize lower_int64_options to a proper value
f1f9fdb8a6a : aco: add GFX6/7 subdword lowering tests
000530ea686 : aco/tests: add tests for sub-dword swaps
54394a4d3b1 : ci: enable ACO tests
d488d0fd7ba : aco: add framework for testing isel and integration tests
bb7d7755f56 : aco: add a few tests for the assembler and optimizer
e6366f90943 : aco: add framework for unit testing
dd155aef440 : nir: Allow casts in nir_deref_instr_get[_const]_offset()
6a1382399cb : nir: Use a switch in build_deref_offset()/deref_instr_get_const_offset()
e933ac21cb3 : ci: Generate MinIO credentials within LAVA jobs
cb82274538b : ci/bare-metal: Capture the first devcoredump a job produces.
3120b4dcd30 : ci: Print URL to image diff when a trace replay fails
bea34a08534 : ci: Upload reference images for traces
cb19fe24d36 : intel/vec4: fix out of bounds read
56228b03937 : iris: quiet down static analyzers
c3a251f254e : mesa: quiet down static analyzers
0906d5d504e : mesa: fix out of bounds access in glGetFramebufferParameterivEXT
28f25853658 : util/format: initialize non-important components to 0
f13042ec7ea : util: fix possible buffer overflow in util_get_process_exec_path
59bb0ff945f : glsl: catch out of bounds access in the debug version
eac0ba7fc19 : util: fix possible fd leaks in os_socket_listen_abstract
62bfc700f74 : vulkan/util: add struct vk_pipeline_cache_header
b5558f2d2aa : freedreno/a6xx: fixup draw state earlier
82b419fefde : freedreno/a6xx: don't emit a bogus size for empty cb slots
ba9d502d246 : freedreno/ir3: add missing track_ubo_use()
d0e32e5f810 : egl/dri2: only take a dri2_dpy reference when binding a new context/surfaces
b9391c1d50b : freedreno/decode: cffdec warnings cleanup
20e703b7e62 : freedreno/rnn: headergen2 warnings cleanup
128cbcd3a7b : iris: Delete shader variants when deleting the API-facing shader
9a49d4c2db0 : aco: remove isel for GLSL-style barriers
cc3bc9493cf : radv: use scoped barriers
a8f8c02e7ef : ac/nir: implement scoped_barrier
6b99cf60640 : nir/load_store_vectorize: fix indentation
1a42e7dae94 : nir: Filter modes of scoped memory barrier in nir_opt_load_store_vectorize
5c5555a8627 : nir: Add a find_variable_with_[driver_]location helper
fc1363cc603 : nir/gl_nir_linker: Call add_vars_with_modes once for GL_PROGRAM_INPUT
789ec95dcd1 : nir/split_per_member_structs: Inline split_variables_in_list
d70fff99c5b : nir: Use a single list for all shader variables
473b0fc25dc : gallium/ttn: Use variable create/add helpers
a41a84d3620 : mesa/ptn: Use nir_variable_create
e5536e4a78e : aco: Use nir_foreach_variable_with_modes to walk SSBOs
a61be312e21 : panfrost: Use nir_foreach_variable_with_modes in pan_compile
94f0bae4de7 : panfrost/midgard: Make search_var take a nir_shader and mode
568022be753 : r600/sfn: Use nir_foreach_variable_with_modes in IO vectorization
cc51cec9c08 : r600/sfn/lower_tex: Get rid of the lower_sampler vector
929673077c6 : r600/sfn/lower_tess_io: Rework get_tcs_varying_offset
e4d812db10a : freedreno/ir3_cmdline: Rework i/o variable fixup
ce6e59b3d34 : lima/standalone: Rework i/o variable fixup
52dd84a12ec : freedreno/ir3_lower_tess: Rework var list helpers
77c41ce04bf : nir/gl_nir_linker: Use nir_foreach_variable_with_modes
c256cd900e7 : nir/lower_variable_initializers: Restrict the modes we lower
4d7e064623e : nir/split_per_member_structs: Use nir_variable_with_modes_safe
90cf4709d92 : nir/lower_uniforms_to_ubo: Use nir_foreach_variable_with_modes
d0d5ef61398 : nir/lower_two_sided_color: Use nir_variable_create
bb3994cfe7d : nir/io_to_vector: Use nir_foreach_variable_with_modes
0a77c674423 : nir/lower_io_to_temporaries: Use a separate list for new inputs
cd66005b23c : nir: Use a nir_shader and mode in lower_clip_cull_distance_arrays
d5d15c301e1 : nir/lower_amul: Add a variable mode check
3be0be7d545 : nir: Split nir_index_vars into two functions
86c93038148 : nir/split_vars: Add mode checks to list walks
2f6c263cc37 : st/nir: Rework fixup_varying_slots
4c3a30393d9 : nir/linking: Rework some internal helpers
caab46c1e93 : nir: Take a shader and variable mode in nir_assign_io_var_locations
964c1c4b877 : nir: Take a nir_shader and variable mode in assign_var_locations
6f6f7a34c5b : nir: Add and use a nir_variable_list_for_mode helper
e3e1c50067e : nir: Add a nir_foreach_gl_uniform_variable helper for GL linking
feb32f898c6 : nir: Add a nir_foreach_uniform_variable helper
92dcda5ce91 : nir: Add a nir_foreach_function_temp_variable helper
2956d53400f : nir: Add nir_foreach_shader_in/out_variable helpers
9bf85722220 : nir/dead_variables: Respect the modes passed to remove_dead_vars
5746af44460 : nir: Take a mode in remove_unused_io_vars
fd91744bd42 : docs: change "Fixes:" tag example to match git fixes output
aa89693c027 : freedreno/rnn: add schema validation
3169b8c645e : freedreno/rnn: schema updates for dynamic/irregular offsets
c5379471455 : freedreno/registers/mdp5: fix validation error
0586238036c : freedreno/rnn: fix use-group
14a7ca577f4 : freedreno/rnn: allow name to be optional in arrays
e801069c1e4 : freedreno/rnn: add "addvariant" to schema
b0e3ef5a250 : freedreno/rnn: describe copyright element in schema
09a3a2cfe9c : freedreno/registers/adreno_pm4: fix validation errors
c61ad1f542e : freedreno/registers/a4xx: fix validation error
17997d5c5a3 : freedreno/registers/a2xx: fix validation error
64f1122168f : freedreno/rnn: add variants/varset to domain
7b76e5f3a4d : freedreno/rnn: relax Hexadecimal to HexOrNumber
cb3ed4600e4 : freedreno/rnn: add radix/align
83bc96b555e : freedreno/rnn: add high/low/pos to registers
61ae65a73d4 : freedreno/rnn: add relaxed boolean type
e3958ef83a1 : freedreno/rnn: update schema for 'pos'
dfe9746be0d : freedreno/rnn: rename schema file
5a8d19ca141 : freedreno/rnn: add error helper
3a910839baf : freedreno/rnn: split out helper to find files
751af16e1d4 : freedreno/tools: check rnn parse status
6c8b921572a : ci: Build kernels and rootfs for x86 devices
5d0ba8b1834 : ci: Split building of libdrm to its own script
8a8afcbe403 : ci: Don't ship vk-build-programs after building dEQP
5262cd8be51 : ci: Fix URL for glslang
745540378c0 : ci: Print load stats after running dEQP
735ad2d2111 : ci: Always print status code of HTTP uploads in tracie
903a7d0f878 : freedreno: Add trace for CP_DRAW_INDIRECT_MULTI
85e43052352 : freedreno/cffdec: Handle CP_DRAW_INDIRECT_MULTI like other draws
4b940532fbd : freedreno/rnn: Support stripes in rnndec_decodereg
9a1924d55ad : tu: Dump CP_DRAW_INDIRECT_MULTI draw BO's
c7626ac8ba8 : bifrost: Fix packing of ADD_FEXP2_FAST
a618631f2dd : bifrost: Honor src swizzle in special math ops
a400c2ff226 : prevent multiply defined symbols
b11ebbe2f6a : amd: enable displayable DCC for everything newer than Navi1x
abed921ce71 : amd: add support for Navy Flounder
037b84df11a : amd: rename SIENNA -> SIENNA_CICHLID
ccfe9813fb8 : aco: create acq+rel barriers instead of acq/rel
3d9eb17d5d0 : aco: improve workgroup-scope and lower vmem/smem barriers
3af2b9e3de2 : aco: improve sync_info for TCS output stores
8a16498cc63 : aco: use storage_scratch
46c4b256239 : aco: enable value numbering of s_buffer_load_*
2adb337256f : nir,radv/aco: add and use pass to lower make available/visible barriers
7a614806134 : aco: consider intrinsic access in visit_{load,store}_image
cd392a10d05 : radv/aco,aco: use scoped barriers
d1f992f3c2d : aco: rework barriers and replace can_reorder
1bbb64f300f : aco: add missing add_to_hazard_query
1882b1e5a7d : bifrost: Add support for nir_op_iabs
1cdd161a302 : anv: fix descriptor set free
845a50ee252 : nine: fix incorrect calculation of layer count for 3D textures
d136fa17aca : panfrost: Allow PIPE_TEXTURE_1D_ARRAY textures
884718313c8 : i965: propagate error from gen_perf_begin_query to glBeginPerfQueryINTEL
627c01977c2 : iris: propagate error from gen_perf_begin_query to glBeginPerfQueryINTEL
0f9131d096e : freedreno/rnn: Return success when parsing addvariant
aa6fbdd2488 : freedreno/ci: add a2xx trace to CI job
18bc5a81a76 : freedreno: deduplicate a2xx disasm
f39afda1a7a : freedreno: move a2xx disasm out of gallium
f7bd3456d79 : freedreno: deduplicate a3xx+ disasm
6b379a4cb4b : freedreno: drop shader_t
bb98b71893f : freedreno/ir3: split out regmask
ddcee248adf : freedreno: add CI for envytools tools
b62e4a8e9e3 : freedreno/afuc: warnings cleanup
5125b4bc697 : freedreno/decode: warnings cleanup
cbbaafdf72c : freedreno/rnn: warnings cleanup
536f43cb96b : freedreno: slurp in afuc
1ea4ef0d3be : freedreno: slurp in decode tools
7c0bd8429f3 : freedreno: slurp in rnn
b721d336da9 : freedreno: slurp in rnndb
7de0842d428 : freedreno: make check parent directory
05b27832706 : radv: Fix host->host signalling with legacy timeline semaphores.
9746e84a7e5 : radv: cleanup locking around timeline waiting.
a0a70879c5b : bifrost: Add support for nir_op_imul
718d444e51a : bifrost: Add support for nir_op_uge
946ff9b4396 : bifrost: Add support for nir_op_ishl
539ea087368 : bifrost: Add support for nir_op_inot
12dd5455f43 : spirv: Handle most execution modes earlier
ef781880eb3 : bifrost: Add lowering for b2i32
1a168c90a01 : bifrost: Document d3d/gl comparison control bit
ec37c7126dc : bifrost: Emit "d3d" variant of comparison instructions
0ffefad7916 : bifrost: Lower x->bool conversions to != 0
8e8baecd6aa : tu: Enable resource dynamic indexing
8bc060ab81b : ir3: Fix incorrect src flags for samp_tex
e73a8a2b395 : ir3: Remove redundant samp_tex validation
3adc23f667b : ir3: Validate bindless samp_tex correctly
d542bfc3066 : tu: Fix descriptor update templates with input attachments
9ece61269d6 : turnip: fix SP_HS_UNKNOWN_A831 value for A650
e646e77e185 : turnip: use patchControlPoints for HS_INPUT_SIZE value
da49a453515 : turnip: move WFI out of draw state to fix a650 hangs
e5f4527f20d : freedreno/ir3: fix wrong local_primitive_id_start type
7cb4d4f24ec : vulkan/wsi: Convert usage of -1 to UINT32_MAX.
e1147caecb2 : vulkan/wsi/x11: report device-group present rectangles with prime.
af0bc710159 : radv: call radv_nir_lower_ycbcr_textures after first optimizations
fffc287d447 : radv: link with ld_args_build_id
d1677c8f8cd : v3d/compiler: request fragment shader clip lowering to be vulkan compatible.
71d5c192418 : v3d/compiler: handle compact varyings
17fd191eed5 : nir/lower_clip: make the pass compatible with Vulkan semantics
18fe130ec9e : radv: Fix uninitialized variable in renderpass.
e2e89fb137c : nir/lower_io: assert that offsets are used for shader_in
60915f87c73 : etnaviv: do register setup only once
7ee146aad49 : etnaviv: move shader_count to etna_compiler
5839a7d64a2 : etnaviv: introduce struct etna_compiler
9e596cc2c21 : tu: Enable vertex & fragment stores & atomics
f7f29a04b48 : tu: Detect invalid-for-binning renderpass dependencies
d6d75fcd915 : tu: Fix hangs for DS with no output
7ad962bf89f : tu: Fix empty blit scissor case
63cf8adb124 : spirv: Also copy over binding information for atomic counters
6cbdffd79ce : tu: Implement VK_KHR_draw_indirect_count
52ec35f5a63 : tu: Add missing wfi to tu6_emit_hw()
a0ca688a674 : tu: Integrate WFI/WAIT_FOR_ME/WAIT_MEM_WRITES with cache tracking
cd78a7a5ff5 : freedreno: Add INDIRECT_COUNT CP_DRAW_INDIRECT_MULTI variants
8da31ee15ff : freedreno: Clean up CP_DRAW_MULTI_INDIRECT definition
1747f9fdd07 : turnip: remove extra gmem alignment
8534f49bf93 : etnaviv: explicitly set nir_variable_mode
5b300bec9ad : radv: clean up remaining pipeline init functions
5575ce0a28e : radv: remove useless return value to radv_pipeline_scratch_init()
0721e2d1ab6 : radv: add radv_pipeline_init_shader_stages_state()
f3774ec9ac3 : radv: constify all radv_pipeline_generate_*() helpers
f32cb825159 : radv: assign pipeline gfx fields before PM4 emission
2a5fb87de2e : radv: clean up binning state initialization
08dd70465e6 : radv: clean up adjusting MSAA state if conservative rast is enabled
067b01c5e61 : radv: add radv_pipeline_generate_vgt_gs_out()
749d5134675 : radv: add radv_pipeline_init_input_assembly_state()
e31f8b96764 : radv: clean up tessellation state emission
9b691bfb6cf : radv: remove unnecessary radv_tessellation_state::lds_size
a1b237b9ef6 : radv: set LDS TCS size at shaders creation for GFX9+
cf89bdb9ba9 : radv: align the LDS size in calculate_tess_lds_size()
9c36ebf30e8 : radv: remove one unnecessary param to radv_generate_graphics_pipeline_key()
55f615660cb : radv: remove no-op si_multiwave_lds_size_workaround()
7f794137daa : radv: remove unnecessary radv_tessellation_state::num_patches
83f63ab2c2c : radv: clean up radv_compute_generate_pm4()
8bfd8277ccb : radv: reduce the number of allocated dwords for compute CS
62ec89759ab : radv: clean up PA_SC_CLIPRECT_RULE emission
09c4f76d913 : radv: clean up VGT_SHADER_STAGES_EN emission
62ffa837d34 : radv: emit PA_SC_LINE_CNTL as part of the rasterization state
934d6ac949f : radv: emit more invariant registers as part of the initial gfx state
847e0b83ba6 : radv: remove outdated TODO related to PA_SU_VTX_CNTL.PIX_CENTER
62af9df36c1 : radv: remove set but unused radv_pipeline::vertex_elements
76de1414c1e : radv: remove declared but unused radv_pipeline::is_dual_src
859687313be : bin/khronos-update: add workaround for python bug 9625
aa5c3911d67 : bin/khronos-update: add support for the SPIRV files
ccb91bc68c5 : bin/khronos-update: having a folder in include/ is not a requirement
de5130fea05 : v3d: Retry with the fallback scheduler when RA fails
1c8167da612 : v3d: Changed v3d_compile:failed to an enum
56846a2b682 : nir/schedule: Add an option for a fallback scheduling algorithm
08f1746fad7 : v3d: Mark scheduling dependency for prim id and first output
bafd2591771 : nir/schedule: Add a callback for backend-specific dependencies
260a8f759a7 : nir/schedule: Store a pointer to the options struct in scoreboard
7665398e6c4 : nir/scheduler: Move nir_scheduler to its own header
14a12b771d0 : spirv: Rework our handling of images and samplers
196db51fc27 : anv,turnip,radv,clover,glspirv: Run nir_copy_prop before nir_opt_deref
66c8628b65c : spirv: More heavily use vtn_ssa_value in function parameter handling
32ba23f8977 : spirv: Remove a dead case in function parameter handling
9e3213ad30f : spirv: Add a helper for getting the NIR type of a vtn_type
051f8d3d1cf : spirv: Give atomic counters their own variable mode
8a7932b0953 : spirv: Drop the sampled boolean from vtn_type
d0be2fed4ed : spirv: Add better checks for SSA value types
47ebb50cab3 : spirv: Hand-roll fewer vtn_ssa_value creations
085ade41255 : spirv: Simplify vtn_ssa_value creation
00af1128a9d : spirv/subgroups: Refactor to use vtn_push_ssa
ea246c39507 : spirv/subgroups: Stop incrementing w
c5fcd129ea1 : spirv/glsl450: Use vtn_push_ssa_value
7560ed279fd : spirv/alu: Use vtn_push_ssa_value
dbb4a24413d : spirv: Refactor vtn_push_ssa
8be9f2a4f69 : spirv: Use the new helpers in OpConvertUToPtr/PtrToU
37ab3234805 : spirv: Add a vtn_get_nir_ssa helper
e5b29b9040e : spirv/amd: Use vtn_push_nir_ssa
d8eb6f2499c : spirv: Add a vtn_push_nir_ssa helper
aaf1f342152 : spirv: Rename push_value_pointer to push_pointer
ac1e6d5a468 : spirv: Add a helpers for getting types of values
953b7a36032 : spirv: Use nir_bany/ball for OpAny/All
8dfee57bdc1 : spirv: Clean up OpSignBitSet
62c53ad20b7 : spirv: Fix indentation in vtn_handle_ptr
516fd78d627 : spirv: Drop the void *ptr from vtn_value
af81486a8cd : spirv: Simplify our handling of NonUniform
0d5cd1a5f41 : nir/vtn: Add support for 8 and 16 vector ball/bany
456edf0b302 : nir: Support 8 and 16 component vectors for reduceable intrinsics
d572f4dfd9c : nir: Support algebraic opts on vectors larger than 4
aa581fcc696 : nir: Support vec8/vec16 in nir_lower_bit_size
d35b54c7058 : freedreno: sync registers from envytools
1610c69f34d : tu: Enable VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable
1b3be07b5fa : aco: ensure readfirstlane subdword operands are always dword aligned
4c89bfc4ec0 : aco: prevent infinite recursion in RA for subdword variables
626081fe4bf : aco: don't split store data if it was already split into more elements
bd75e992330 : aco: ensure to not extract more components than have been fetched
6bc5ce7a91d : radv: Add timeline syncobj for timeline semaphores.
55d8022878f : radv: Add winsys functions for timeline syncobj.
66e598d0a6f : radv: Add winsys support for submitting timeline syncobj.
fb6b38d7800 : radv: Add thread for timeline syncobj submission.
fa97061a823 : radv/winsys: Add binary syncobj ABI changes for timeline semaphores.
fb5237910b2 : amd: Add detection of timeline semaphore support.
ce4064fe2fe : nir/ lower_int_to_float: Handle umax and umin
589d8665f01 : ci: Use half as many parallel softpipe / virgl test jobs
d9693c6620d : ci: Do not mark container / pages jobs as interruptible
e74933e8ab3 : ci: Use FDO_CI_CONCURRENT in as well
429ec827d4a : ci: Namespace trace artifacts to the job number
772ed657a27 : nir_ allow nir_lower_clip_halfz to run in tess eval shader
09ecfd95ee1 : nir: allow lower_psiz_mov to run in tessellation stages
fced3c43e7a : Revert "llvmpipe: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS."
be6c53bb9d3 : llvmpipe/ms: fix sign extension bug in rasterizer.
4d73988f6fe : intel/ir/gen12+: Work around FS performance regressions due to SIMD32 discard divergence.
45d159cb410 : glx: Fix build and warnings with -Dglx=dri -Dglx-direct=false
ba22f014f9d : softpipe: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_ANY_REG_AS_ADDRESS;
8e61fd92d4a : softpipe: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD.
259a03b4f0b : softpipe: Add support for reporting shader-db output.
991def0edc8 : softpipe: Convert to comma-separated SOFTPIPE_DEBUG for debug options.
86cfb62b87e : softpipe: Refactor pipe_shader_state setup.
e67da8d25fa : llvmpipe: enable robust buffer access + GL 4.3, GLES 3.2 and robust buffer access behaviour
6d3cefe727f : llvmpipe: add device reset query context hook.
3cb3d17312f : glx/drisw: add robustness support
80f7b58d901 : drisw: add robustness extension support.
12c06a0deb6 : llvmpipe/draw: handle constant buffer limits and robustness (v1.1)
f0c3a258003 : llvmpipe: enable EXT_texture_shadow_lod
c30824adc07 : nir/lower_io: Add support for global scratch addressing
4815ae51d72 : nir/lower_io: Use b2b for shader and function temporaries
3a2975db987 : nir/lower_io: Choose to set access based on intrinsic metadata
c475e29be4f : nir: Allow for system values with variable numbers of destination components
0338db5e6b0 : docs/releasing: improve wording
ae2d0457679 : bin/gen_release_notes: automatically commit release notes
5f649be7b58 : fix relnotes links
6c4ad627230 : update the files in the current worktree, not the one with the script that we run
a28a0898149 : stop using non-existent functions and fix commit message
f5353e01f95 : drop incorrect changes
24e118f6957 : don't generate relnotes twice
04e38eb2e76 : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.4
8a44983c126 : docs: add release notes for 20.1.4
b6b100ccaee : gitlab-ci: Test AMD's Raven with traces
eb7642c53d0 : i915: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
e35d3d26b17 : svga: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
c32f723a1a6 : swr: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS.
39598a16e98 : swr: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
e2ffd2110e9 : virgl: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
e5554e32c0f : softpipe: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS.
855f3ff4187 : softpipe: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
6ec49066498 : llvmpipe: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS.
ae919b2561f : llvmpipe: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
292882f6bc4 : ci: Fix the overwriting of traces.yml for baremetal
262731be430 : ci: Update checksums for freedreno traces.
46646123ab0 : radeon/vcn: increase render_pic_list size
89d2dac5548 : radeonsi: enable preemption if the kernel enabled it
9e2113c6dc1 : radeonsi: set up IBs for preemption
b8892bc8182 : radeonsi: don't restore states at the beginning of IBs if they're shadowed
95c9048591c : radeonsi: add debug code for register shadowing
8af0f91fd37 : radeonsi: add reg shadowing codepaths to GS and tess ring setup
69014d8c94f : radeonsi: implement CP register shadowing
b84dbd29369 : radeonsi: reorder code in update_gs_ring_buffers and init_tess_factor_ring
babd87f2e08 : radeonsi: make cs_preamble_state optional
7a6af4c5edb : winsys/amdgpu: make amdgpu_bo_unmap non-static
5a5467ccc80 : ac: add tables for CP register shadowing
dc3dade4750 : ac: add helper ac_get_register_name
976edae839a : radeonsi: sort registers in si_init_cs_preamble_state according to GPU gen
88fe9dea7a2 : radeonsi: sort registers in si_emit_initial_compute_regs according to GPU gen
1c6eca23fdd : radeonsi/gfx10: set the correct value for OFFCHIP_BUFFERING
d244a25c072 : radeonsi: add missing initialization of registers
fd20e986249 : docs: add some very basic documentation about zink
202592a3989 : radv/winsys: be more robust when a CS failed during recording
f82eb7af877 : radv/winsys: return a Vulkan error code when binding virtual buffers/images
4b58e35a2a8 : radv/winsys: remove useless check when binding virtual buffers/images
f0112fa13cc : radv/winsys: check more allocation failures
7a61e31d7b2 : radv: add missing return values check for some winsys calls
348e8b5618c : nir/tests: Add tests for opt_if_simplification
6f94b3da111 : nir/opt_if: Fix opt_if_simplification when else branch has jump
3f783a3c507 : zink: omit Lod image operand in ntv when not using an image texture dim
0ef5e19874b : zink: add some asserts for building access chains in ntv
2af22051c09 : zink: handle texelFetchOffset with offsets
6587f41e115 : zink: use helper function to handle uvec/bvec types
7015d2c249e : aco: fix scratch loads which cross element_size boundaries
c33e8d7d522 : mesa/program: fix shadow property for samplers
4b04800efae : ci: Disable trace testing on Mali T760
6c1108d25b4 : radv: advertise VK_EXT_shader_atomic_float
b8517e5ef9b : ac/nir: add support for nir_intrinsic_shared_atomic_fadd
7615f2d6900 : aco: add support for nir_intrinsic_shared_atomic_fadd
97482c6f929 : ci: Test with more traces
87e0b2c1c24 : ci: Prefix tracie artifacts with the device name
ed5374ff508 : ci: Use smaller glxgears trace
dfe394bac42 : ci: Upload images of failed replays to MinIO
7dc4fe6fb40 : nvc0: add documentation for nve4+ (Kepler) COPY class
203d565b195 : nvc0: fix macro define for NVE4_COPY()
3a4024e7766 : anv: properly handle fence import of sync_fd = -1
323d5bbfd9a : meson: Add mising git_sha1.h dependency.
12b99d25810 : aco: fix includes in aco_ir.cpp
8fff8afb134 : turnip: disable tiling for NV12/IYUV formats
b559d26c74a : freedreno/ir3: Fix SSBO size for bindless SSBO's
c11c4d8d4c1 : aco: fix copy of uninitialized boolean
40b65a86a45 : radv: fix invalid conversion warnings in vk_format.h
fcd8f691138 : aco: print ACO IR before scheduling instead of after
bf4b377b9b9 : aco: make validate() usable in tests
e75946cfefc : aco: move some setup code into helpers
2907faee7a3 : egl/dri2: try to bind old context if bindContext failed
8b0b6f907d7 : dri2: do not conflate unbind and bindContext() failure
6b12999ef7c : dri2: dri2_make_current() fold multiple if blocks
29c39aeaabc : aco: use nir_addition_might_overflow to combine additions into SMEM
72ac3f60261 : nir: add nir_unsigned_upper_bound and nir_addition_might_overflow
2694a34aa2c : aco: add NUW flag
3a4847179b9 : aco: allow overflow for some SMEM instructions
d169f09e378 : aco: be more careful combining additions that could wrap into loads/stores
4d0e06257a7 : gitlab-ci/traces: updated paths and checksums for POLARIS10 traces
f1e67aa08a1 : gitlab-ci: get the last frame from a gfxr trace using gfxrecon-info
d15e1226cce : gitlab-ci: build gfxreconstruct from the "dev" branch
bb5b136b452 : freedreno: Use common guardband helper
c9c848dedea : tu: Use common guardband helper
19895dde909 : freedreno: Add a helper for computing guardband sizes
86a65977140 : panfrost: Remove unused batch_fence->ctx
f18e5371cf0 : panfrost: Remove unused batch_fence->signaled
64d6f56ad26 : panfrost: Allocate syncobjs in panfrost_flush
85a2216fe4f : panfrost: Skip specifying in_syncs
e5ef5a381e8 : panfrost: Remove wait parameter to flush_all_batches
0c4db886b63 : panfrost: Avoid wait=true flushing all batches
04ea4f1ce47 : aco: implement b2i8/b2i16
3a7cd7bd65d : nv50/ir: initialize persampleInvocation to false
618b3555045 : nv50/ir/tgsi: silence warning about unhandled GS_INPUT_PRIM property
6ced98c94e2 : radv: disable CPU caching for the upload BO to reduce fetch latency
b3eae4e0376 : radv: do not perform read-modify-write with the upload BO
d9072a113b2 : radv: replace discard with demote for Quantic Dream games
51bc11abc20 : aco: always set FI on GFX10
8b3452a5566 : ci: Set XDG_CACHE_HOME to tmpfs for bare-metal runners to avoid NFS.
b2cd6a0b156 : gitlab-ci: Fix needs: of the arm64 LAVA test jobs
a1947f059fc : gitlab-ci: Upload tracie artifacts to MinIO
20507f8b17f : gitlab-ci: Download traces from MinIO
087be7e3220 : gitlab-ci: Replay traces on lava devices
576c53dadf3 : iris: Fix CCS check in iris_texture_subdata().
0868638aed0 : nir/lower_int64: lower 64-bit amul
4d44848c470 : anv: Advertise support for VK_EXT_shader_atomic_float
675d7b19a9a : intel/fs: Use the correct logical op for global float atomics
84086b620ee : spirv: Add support for SPV_EXT_shader_atomic_float
2a568c595be : spirv: Update headers and grammar json
cc03448008b : egl: inline _EGLAPI into _EGLDriver
7b7917a4241 : radeonsi: Inhibit clock-gating for perf counters.
794ba3efd7e : amd/registers: add RLC_PERFMON_CLK_CNTL for pre-GFX10
36e6ac65c51 : anv: Advertise VK_EXT_image_robustness
d973e50f699 : freedreno/ir3: Add missing ld_args_build_id to the ir3_delay unit test.
3688da2192e : radv: advertise VK_EXT_image_robustness
096adbe369a : ci: bare-metal: use nginx to get results from DUT
101400d4495 : mesa: change error code of *TextureSubImage* for incorreect target
af92348b1cd : freedreno/ir3: Fix disasm of register offsets in ldp/stp.
d6d8dc133e0 : freedreno/ir3: Refactor cat6 general dst printing.
62dcf754321 : freedreno/ir3: Add a bunch more tests for cat6 opcodes.
ed3338f581e : freedreno/ir3: Add a note about the instructions in the disasm test.
4ab3a219cc1 : vulkan: Update Vulkan XML and headers to 1.2.148
fd24a959956 : ci: Use FDO_CI_CONCURRENT as our -j flags when present in the runner env.
5f79e4e69af : nir/algebraic: fold some nested bcsel
27244662f25 : nir/algebraic: propagate b2i out of ior/iand
baee5a98122 : nir/algebraic: add distributive rules for ior/iand
70d3efeb88c : nir/algebraic: optimize (a < 0.0) ? -a : a -> fabs(a)
9d22c5ed718 : nir/algebraic: optimize fmul(x, bcsel(c, -1.0, 1.0)) -> bcsel(c, -x, x)
56ec814b567 : nir/algebraic: add some more unop + bcsel optimizations
2fca183910d : nir/algebraic: add optimizations for fsign/isign
8e1b75b3309 : nir/algebraic: optimize iand/ior of (n)eq zero
e4281dbecc6 : nir: also move b2i in case of nir_move_copies
de0ebaf09d4 : nir/algebraic: optimize bcsel(a, 0, 1) to b2i
e764192f401 : pan/mdg: Use the blend RT for blend shader framebuffer fetches
3ec252a3b29 : panfrost: 8x MRT support
978f963ea43 : panfrost: Use more tilebuffer sizes
c1d3d39e971 : panfrost: Fake RGTC support
fac813dc61e : spirv: don't split memory barriers
28c227c7ca3 : radv/winsys: always allow GTT placements on APUs
d1bba2eee79 : radv: disable CPU caching for IBS to reduce fetch latency
d2a3ca289f5 : radeonsi: adjust epitch for PIPE_FORMAT_R8G8_R8B8_UNORM
87ecfdfbf0a : ac/surface: adapt surf_size when modifying surf_pitch
1fa36c1d3d6 : d600/sfn: write stream outputs to correct mem ring
21d296a4817 : r600/sfn: Make the pin_to_channel generic
3ea847e6d1a : r600/sfn: Only use sample mask if the according shader key is set
c91979c6344 : r600: Add shader key item to identify when the sample mask should be used
05df4bfbcab : r600/sfn: Fix default z swizzle for GDS instructions
2779aa360ed : r600/sfn: Fix Ring output swizzle masks
c18b1c6df51 : r600/sfn: Add a forced output swizzle for depth write
d31ef0b7a4b : r600/sfn: correct handling of loading vec4 with fetching constants
aca99e6fc9d : r600/sfn: Add option to get a temp value for a specific channel
258618815b4 : r600/sfn: emit texture instructions in one block
deccf022464 : r600/sfn: Pipe through requesting a register at a given channel
55cc7129918 : r600/sfn: lower rotate ALU ops
4708ccbf918 : ci/llvmpipe: reenable gpu shader5 tests
41c7bb6ec04 : llvmpipe: add framebuffer fetching support (v1.1)
0e0b6d477b9 : llvmpipe/cs: respect render condition
912ad091125 : freedreno/ir3/ra: fix array conflicts for split/merged
b1465c382b5 : freedreno/ir3/ra: assign vreg names to all array elements
6317f7d574a : freedreno/ir3/ra: debug msgs tweak
c2d94aa365d : freedreno/ir3: fix half-reg array stores
5be171b8886 : freedreno/ir3: set array precision on creation
0472ca2aa5c : freedreno/ir3/parser: half-precision relative regs
79b0651c245 : freedreno: whitespace fix
835201dd76f : freedreno: small comment re-word
2b343238a1f : zink: free all ntv allocations after creating shader module
adc4f3896ae : zink: free pipeline cache during program destroy
1ff2d195b04 : zink: destroy descriptor pools on context destroy
7116decfce3 : zink: destroy gfx program when a shader is freed
9e9c8e2f794 : android: panfrost/encoder: add libmesa_nir static dependency
0ef168d5130 : panfrost: Fix calls to panfrost_flush_batches_accessing_bo
858cc13eb28 : panfrost: Make panfrost_bo_wait take a wait_readers bool
5b380483476 : freedreno/ir3: Add unit tests for derivatives disasm.
3d7d5d220b5 : freedreno/ir3: Fix duplicated fine derivatives instructions.
862d85a63ff : amd/addrlib: Clean up unused colorFlags argument
a37aeb128d5 : amd/common: Cache intra-tile addresses for retile map.
f302ef3853b : aco: use s_waitcnt_depctr to mitigate VMEMtoScalarWriteHazard
bcf94bb933e : aco: properly recognize that s_waitcnt mitigates VMEMtoScalarWriteHazard
33f33bb7d69 : meson: Enable GCing of functions and data from compilation units by default.
610af7e1acc : panfrost: Enable FP16 by default
e5169b1ca1a : gitlab-ci: re-enable all a630 jobs
4080f8bf2b0 : freedreno/a2xx: Fix compiler warning in disasm.
cf55abe750f : gitlab-ci: Re-add kernels for bare-metal
2aa507f87a6 : nir: Set the alignment for SSBO lowering
d735f075a6a : intel/perf: Move perf query register programming to static tables.
d4e56930c25 : intel/perf: Fix unused var warning in release builds.
afe07c7fa7c : intel: Fix release-build warnings about sf_entry_size.
086f7609749 : zink: use ralloc for spirv_builder as well
810bf7d32b3 : zink: pass mem_ctx to ralloc_size-call
35beb938fc5 : zink: use ralloc for plain malloc-calls
12b324b30c5 : zink: use ralloc in nir-to-spirv
56d9bcdded8 : radv: enable more float_controls features
23631ddd4db : aco: set tcs_in_out_eq=false if float controls of VS and TCS stages differ
b36950ad2c0 : aco: fix nir_op_f2f16_rtne with non-default rounding modes
d14f4faa137 : aco: flush denormals before fp16 fabs/fneg if needed
305cffa22b3 : aco: use s_round_mode/s_denorm_mode
ca44c009b5e : panfrost: Set depth_enabled when stencil is enabled
2b796c76852 : radv: return better Vulkan error codes when VkQueueSubmit() fails
1829bdd0da7 : radv: improve the error messages when a CS submission failed
93047f68888 : radv: remove one useless goto in radv_queue_submit_deferred()
01147481f90 : panfrost: Report TEXTURE_BUFFER_OBJECTS cap when gl3 flag set
4e986568b8b : nir: Fix lower_two_sided_color when the face is an input
314ba5e1745 : nir: Add a face_sysval argument to nir_lower_two_sided_color
2a6db94b05c : panfrost: Do per-sample shading when outputs are read
c20d166b4ec : pan/mdg: Do per-sample framebuffer loads
25747cea67f : panfrost: Rename lower_store to is_blend in pan_lower_framebuffer
4a8ad1e08f9 : pan/mdg: Don't disassemble blit shaders
3f8656401b6 : gitlab-ci: Only trigger test-docs job automatically for MRs
575ab303a80 : virgl: set PIPE_CAP_BLEND_EQUATION_ADVANCED
a0f42b89a15 : virgl: Encode barrier for blend_equation_advanced
a026364b55e : virgl: Use alpha_src_factor to store blend_equation_advenced value
0ee1a67f3c8 : glsl_to_ir: do lower_blend_equation if PIPE_CAP_FBFETCH
d0df56ccd18 : st: expose KHR_blend_equation_advanced if PIPE_CAP_BLEND_EQUATION_ADVANCED
377731ec1bb : gallium: Add PIPE_CAP_BLEND_EQUATION_ADVANCED
57174c91023 : virgl: Reserved last caps of capability_bits
4f8fc0f0665 : glsl_to_tgsi: Set TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_BLEND_EQUATION_ADVANCED
30f4ccff5bd : mesa: treat Color._AdvancedBlendMode as enum
6ffa0e92549 : mesa: do not use bitfields for advanced-blend state
c36aac542a3 : st/mesa: fix st_CopyPixels without support for stencil exports
e7fd1ce9a24 : nvc0_2d: Document SET_PIXELS_FROM_MEMORY_CORRAL_SIZE from rnndb
bc69e734153 : nv50_2d,nvc0_2d: Document SET_PIXELS_FROM_MEMORY_SAFE_OVERLAP from rnndb
912345840bb : docs/features: Mark trivial missed feature
e0ef5a5cba7 : egl: mark the rest of the callbacks as mandatory or optional
4dc322c4c67 : egl: drop now empty egl_dri2_fallbacks.h
bc38fe8425f : egl: inline fallback for get_sync_values
2e3eb0c90b7 : egl: inline fallback for create_wayland_buffer_from_image
c5fb1fbc9b9 : egl: inline fallback for query_buffer_age
90000b0264d : egl: inline fallback for copy_buffers
2d5f12ae3a6 : egl: inline fallback for post_sub_buffer
1ba5075a7e4 : egl: inline fallback for swap_buffers_region
7d5a13ebf31 : egl: inline fallback for swap_buffers_with_damage
b501ece6f60 : egl: drop unused fallback function
43e2d80849c : egl: inline fallback for create_pbuffer_surface
179e442f7a4 : egl: inline fallback for create_pixmap_surface
81124d845e5 : driconf: allowlist/denylist
01d60d3d754 : pan/decode: Open the dump file later
4dcbad476eb : gitlab-ci: Run all of GLES3 tests for Panfrost
4e8d7ad8b09 : radv: split fence into two parts as enum+union.
56395a8b6d6 : radv: optimize creating signaled syncobj with amdgpu_cs_create_syncobj2()
3b7cd734e8a : radv: fix the error code when allocating a fresh imported syncobj fails
dd795ee1df4 : radv: fix the error code when exporting a semaphore/fence fails
8aa9d0acb8c : radv: fix destroying the syncobj when exporting a fence FD
b5a48a948ac : tu: Enable VK_EXT_shader_stencil_export
aeca92ed798 : ir3: Handle gl_FragStencilRefARB
981608ad04c : freedreno/a6xx: Add stencilref register info
40b99bb79e1 : panfrost: Revert "Disable frame throttling"
19da8121d6a : panfrost: Enable Chromium
96fa8d70bc1 : panfrost: Report CAPs more honestly
afa4b32019a : panfrost: Fix faults with RASTERIZER_DISCARD
6c6a8b2f071 : panfrost: Honour cso->compare_mode
9addb82148c : panfrost: Avoid integer underflow in rt_count_1
77bb19eebd1 : panfrost: Abort on unsupported blit
cce3d925d24 : panfrost: Implement Z32F_S8 blits
6ffebfbff8a : panfrost: Fix sRGB clear colour packing
721b5c6eef6 : panfrost: Set PIPE_CAP_MIXED_COLORBUFFER_FORMATS
a0003c329a0 : panfrost: Overhaul tilebuffer allocations
3d13870ee2c : panfrost: Call util_blitter_save_fragment_constant_buffer_slot
e16f59c3162 : llvmpipe: fix position offset interpolation
87e27543fe9 : llvmpipe: fix stencil only formats.
045711dc1c0 : radeonsi: use PIPE_FORMAT_P010 for 10-bit VP9 decoding
b85ef043245 : aco: add add_interference() helper
2c7554fe012 : aco: use unordered_set for spill id interferences
47d7e1e6628 : aco: rewrite graph coloring in spiller
5a941f4d6dc : aco: fix underestimated pressure in spiller when a phi has a killed def
293f251871b : panfrost: Use Midgard-specific reloads
f611af35948 : st/mesa: use fragment shader to copy stencil buffer
3af0711c402 : mesa/main: use p_atomic_inc_return instead of locking
a0f84396913 : st/mesa: fix corrupted texture levels, when adding more levels than expected
b8c0196116d : gallium/util: do not use _MTX_INITIALIZER_NP on Windows
485ea7d711f : radv/winsys: pass the buffer list via the CS ioctl for less CPU overhead
40bea60dcf9 : radv/winsys: replace alloca() by malloc() everywhere
97f8ec321b7 : v3d/compiler: Lower geometry output store base into offset src
081691b5ae2 : radeonsi: prevent a gfx10_ngg_calculate_subgroup_info failure for TES+NGG GS
5714cd34333 : ci: bump piglit checkout for dsa tests
854dbea5671 : mesa: change dsa texture error codes for GL 4.6
34a03109b8e : panfrost: Extract panfrost_batch_reserve_framebuffer
5d0d8faaa64 : panfrost: Track surfaces drawn per-batch
64734c0947e : panfrost: Set zs_samples as necessary
8225604fd52 : panfrost: Handle per-sample shading
080b751d4ac : panfrost: Add rectangle subtraction algorithm
e061bf004b5 : panfrost: Identify zs_samples field
6088891ef79 : panfrost: Include sample count in payload estimates
5c65a27adc6 : panfrost: Add MALI_PER_SAMPLE bit
adacf1f5117 : panfrost: Expose panfrost_get_blend_shader
528e132d4f7 : panfrost: Force Z/S writeback
da2eed36f3c : pan/mdg: Implement gl_SampleID
b2749c141d5 : pan/mdg: Identify per-sample interpolation mode
59308a3a648 : pan/mdg: Bump compiler RT maximum
29849aca0fe : Android: Fixes for Q and R
2adb13f187f : llvmpipe/format: fix snorm conversion
75e01d01a53 : gallivm/sample: always square rho before fast log2
a9c94861063 : nv50_2d: regenerate envytools-based rnndb headers
0859dcb57c1 : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateInstance() failed
50fdefc025a : radv: destroy the base object if VkAllocateCommandBuffers() failed
e5f2bf36972 : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateFence() failed
d25764d9104 : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateSemaphore() failed
ce7a7aeeccf : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateEvent() failed
8ef52974cdb : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateBuffer() failed
852316494cf : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateImage() failed
2e5968023f7 : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateRenderPass*() failed
0eec81d0192 : radv: destroy the base object if VkCreateQueryPool() failed
25baceafd3d : mesa/st: release debug_output after destroying the context
7f0b6a5df8e : mesa: add bool param to _mesa_free_context_data
e6f7b4312f5 : mesa: rename _mesa_free_errors_data
cbdb87c678c : gitlab-ci: Fix "triggered by Marge for a merge request" rule
559b26b7ee0 : intel/ehl: Add new PCI-IDs
7cb2ace4657 : intel/ehl: Rename gen_device_info struct
13c70931f59 : intel/ehl: Use macro GEN11_LP_FEATURES in device info
e08ec89a195 : intel/ehl: Use GEN11_URB_MIN_MAX_ENTRIES in device info
787c1ed2096 : panfrost: Dual source blend support
334dab05765 : pan/mdg: Skip z/s combining for dual-source writes
85954ecfefd : pan/mdg: Dual source blend input/writeout support
0ff6263534a : pan/mdg: Add a nir pass to reorder store_output intrinsics
58c0e1d0056 : gallium: Dual source support in blend_factor_to_shader
bedd4b44de3 : compiler: Add dual-source factors to blend_factor
7f9039f0a89 : freedreno/ir3: DCE unused arrays
2e4bab84fb6 : freedreno/a6xx: don't enable early-z/lrz if no z-test
37e0e0791f2 : freedreno/ir3/ra: be better at failing
afadaaef399 : freedreno/a6xx: bail instead of crash for compile fails
b3ca55f5aaa : freedreno/ir3: make compile fails more visible
788792fc466 : freedreno/ir3: add missing VS driver params
5e9cd64f70a : zink: enable tgsi texcoord pipe cap
05362b075fd : nouveau: expose HMM
08ceba943d2 : nouveau: enable HMM
1f37662c093 : ci: bump libdrm to 2.4.102
96606552da1 : ci: need to install wget in order to download libdrm
0e90b3d0c4e : nir: Support load/store of temps as scratch in nir_lower_explicit_io
99aaf0ec181 : nir: When nir_lower_vars_to_explicit_types is run on temps, update scratch_size
bf138c1fd43 : nir_lower_io: Add addr_format_is_offset helper
d00487dd426 : freedreno/regs: update a6xx PC regs
2e32a20f7c7 : freedreno/regs: update a6xx VPC regs
e883aa25852 : freedreno/regs: update a6xx RB regs
a5c668518ad : freedreno/regs: update a6xx GRAS registers
be33d5859ea : gitlab-ci: re-enable arm64_a630_vk
f37f1a1a645 : turnip: remove use of tu_cs_entry for draw states
7f24a69acee : turnip: fix inconsistencies with tu6_load_state_size
bf997ca3065 : turnip: emit compute pipeline directly in CmdBindPipeline
dce6cb11961 : turnip: use DIRTY SDS bit to avoid making copies of pipeline load state ib
2e488305d65 : zink: try to handle multisampled null buffers
1ee598cfed3 : zink: handle empty attachments
6493d29f211 : pan/mdg: Fix non-debug compiliation
89caa485f15 : Revert
460300ed592 : nouveau: expose HMM
f67cd0bbd97 : nouveau: enable HMM
6f4a6ed0e0b : ci: bump libdrm to 2.4.102
e1e7584bde7 : zink: block resolve blits for depth/stencil buffers
582669f07e7 : zink: block vkCmdBlitImage usage for multi sampled blits
ab78831baa6 : zink: try copy_region hook for blits where we can't do a regular blit or resolve
34fe561895b : mesa/main: use call_once instead of open-coding
0a4aa612ba2 : mesa/main: factor out one-time-init into a helper
38e3cbb6391 : gv100/ir: set ftz bit on floating point operations
f95637f01a7 : meson: fix android vulkan build
3ed104b2aa1 : gitlab-ci: Drop dependencies:
aa2457fc130 : gitlab-ci: Remove indirect dependencies from needs:
bf1376aba0e : tu: Don't invalidate irrelevant state when changing pipeline
a16136796ff : freedreno/a6xx: Add some documentation for shared consts
e1fa740c4c1 : freedreno/a6xx: Rename and document HLSQ_UPDATE_CNTL
dad042b15a9 : clover: implements clEnqueueFillBuffer
fea109d40ff : clover: add more cl_mem_object_type to pipe_texture_target mapping
ac642d8e6d4 : radv: add the custom border color BO to the list of buffers
684cfca7489 : freedreno/registers: Rename SP_2D_SRC_FORMAT
d5c82c3c5f2 : freedreno/a6xx: Split clear and blit texture into different functions
f383b2c18ac : freedreno/a6xx: Don't take pipe_blit_info in emit_blit_dst
3158b8ba0ab : freedreno/a6xx: Program RB_UNKNOWN_8C01 in setup helper
3ee89e6d03b : freedreno/a6xx: Move CP_SET_MARKER to setup helper
3961fb7e28b : freedreno/a6xx: Move REG_A6XX_SP_2D_SRC_FORMAT programming to helper
03ad130bc9c : freedreno/a6xx: Program A6XX_SP_2D_SRC_FORMAT_COLOR_FORMAT based on dst format
5c3c0c5c7b4 : freedreno/a6xx: Make blit_control helper a little more helpful
77d4aa76876 : freedreno/a6xx: Enable FMT6_10_10_10_2_UNORM blitting
1a58596258b : freedreno/a6xx: Separate stencil sysmem clear fix
ab61393bc75 : freedreno/a6xx: Don't emit src state when clearing
416513d915b : freedreno/a6xx: Consolidate computing blit_cntl
b36c675858f : freedreno/a6xx: Program SP_2D_SRC_FORMAT outside blit loop
556cd8f3e18 : freedreno/a6xx: Set src and dst rects outside blit loop
25bfc3b0494 : freedreno/a6xx: Don't set unknown bit when tiling differs
def7e7426de : freedreno/a6xx: Split out src and dst setup helpers for blit
bf0cf4c181f : freedreno/a6xx: Move fd6_ifmt into fd6_blitter.c
094b68fa728 : freedreno/a6xx: Don't blit with R2D_RAW
53e36cf062f : turnip: drop GS clear path
a1a80c38ea2 : turnip: clean up primitive output state
7748afbb1ed : freedreno/regs: update primitive output related registers
5c1afd1ce43 : freedreno/ir3: Fix uninit var warning.
afb3f21c9f1 : freedreno/ir3_cmdline: Fix an uninit var warning.
d941c6b74fe : turnip: implement VK_EXT_private_data
5d3fdbc52bf : turnip: Use the common base object type and struct.
cd85315dcb0 : tu: Fix wrong copies of sampler descriptor.
3a153137f4c : vulkan: Adds helpers for vk_object (de)alloation and (de)initialization.
f076c36367f : gitlab-ci: reduce a630 runner load
b7b72681bdb : meson/intel: add missing dep on git_sha1.h
d4f4546ada7 : zink: use type of src[0] for ntv store and load ops
359c9384837 : zink: add lengthy comment and remove assert from discard_if ntv pass
97ec109d8fa : zink: handle ntv case of nested loop instructions more permissively
e40a77ea5d0 : zink: use right vulkan type for GL_PRIMITIVES_GENERATED queries
b9b943793b0 : zink: only reset query pool on query end if current batch isn't in renderpass
2c02ca21842 : zink: properly handle query pool overflows
510631ad76b : zink: only stall during query destroy for xfb queries
27defcd20ed : zink: use #define for number of queries per-pool
3eea7fc88bb : zink: rework query handling
2096903a05b : panfrost: Fix outmods on int to float conversions
be8a8edb1e4 : docs/submittingpatches: add more than one `Cc: mesa-stable` example to the examples list
da23a31726f : docs/features: Update ASTC entries for Panfrost
f34b8d3609d : panfrost: Map PIPE_{DXT, RGTC, BPTC} to MALI_BCn
6da405ca777 : panfrost: Filter compressed texture formats
407a052ced4 : panfrost: Pipe in compressed texture feature mask
d5a9cd1b7dd : panfrost: Add format codes for new compressed textures
64608b4bcf8 : panfrost: Compact unused BO flag bits
c6ebff3ecdd : panfrost: Remove panfrost_bo_access type
62ec4e02f6b : panfrost: Remove PAN_BO_DONT_REUSE
d6e3808e7e7 : panfrost: Remove PAN_BO_COHERENT_LOCAL
baa1a8fbbad : panfrost: Merge PAN_BO_IMPORTED/PAN_BO_EXPORTED
0aa6de967b9 : panfrost: Index BOs from the BO map sparse array
169dbb5b08a : panfrost: Add a sparse array to map GEM handles to BOs
37d89e0f936 : panfrost: Fix write to free'd memory
20dd37024b0 : panfrost: Fix fence leak
15a17fddad6 : aco: add 32-bit integer addition to can_swap_operands
ec9920e72b0 : radv: use lower_shuffle_to_swizzle_amd
7ba645d5cb3 : nir/lower_subgroups: add lower_shuffle_to_swizzle_amd
9c317cb2787 : nir/lower_subgroups: pass options struct to lower_shuffle
a6a731bea5e : aco: implement <32-bit masked_swizzle_amd
d377fbf95d0 : aco: optimize some masked swizzles to DPP
09f48de582e : aco: read 0 from inactive lanes when using dpp
c417172751c : panfrost: Enable framebuffer fetch
317be5a16df : panfrost: Extend fetched framebuffer results
d94584c5a66 : panfrost: Always use SOFTWARE for pure formats
b9869e0e5e6 : panfrost: Generate shader variants on framebuffer bind
a3952e927ed : panfrost: Use f2fmp for framebuffer lowering conversions
d16d1367341 : panfrost: Stop keying on rt format when using native loads
391ad72812f : panfrost: Implement texture_barrier
2fbe7ca9d9c : pan/mdg: Use a 32-bit ld_color_buffer op when needed
18059f48f84 : pan/mdg: Set the z/s store intrinsic base correctly
7781d2c2ead : pan/mdg: Support MRT in output load lowering
2fa60b70e08 : pan/mdg: Handle non-blend framebuffer lowering
ed4d2739fe0 : pan/mdg: Emit a tilebuffer wait loop when needed
1e1eee992e8 : pan/mdg: Do the pan_lower_framebuffer pass later
e603248e075 : panfrost: Add a bitset of render targets read by shaders
75018f64956 : panfrost: Add rt formats to shader state
f2eced96602 : pan/mdg: Use the writeout tag for tilebuffer wait loops
61dfc3c693d : pan/mdg: Handle tilebuffer wait loops
b29027f9dc7 : panfrost: Clamp pure int pixels
4141d26ee16 : panfrost: Fix MALI_READS_TILEBUFFER
2e3a589e6c8 : nir: Add a base value to load_raw_output_pan
69ef1808374 : glx: drop always-true #ifdef
39006590517 : egl/wayland: add missing newline between functions
ae5ac4cbb6a : egl: Build surfaceless platform on Android
00ca9b81426 : radv: advertise VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state
b2622843003 : radv: add support for dynamic vertex input binding stride
9cc99baa4ad : radv: add support for dynamic depth/stencil states
e8a69b782dc : radv: add support for dynamic and scissor count
d6c1e5051eb : radv: add support for dynamic primitive topology
52bf1035a6e : radv: add support for dynamic cull mode and front face
77499414d74 : radv: declare new extended dynamic states
2693770806e : radv: add VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state but leave it disabled
ac575f4215d : radv: rework dynamic viewports/scissors support
7324977e420 : radv: remove the secure compile support feature
59b4c623c93 : nouveau: avoid LTO ODR warning (v2)
ac002b15d3a : nvc0: set sampler index mode to independently on gv100 compute
55776a0ae06 : radv: return VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST if wait-for-idle failed or expired
351b5137d71 : spirv: Allow block-decorated struct types for constants
81773b4b441 : spirv: Skip phis in unreachable blocks in the second phi pass
e086f64d393 : nvc0: set local mem size for compute on gv100
248fbe15675 : freedreno: fix layout pitchalign field not being set for imported buffers
b8df1c43d24 : nir: allow nir_lower_clip_halfz to run in geometry shaders
3fe87a58369 : nir: allow nir_lower_point_size_mov to run in geometry shader
36abb0c6918 : intel/compiler: don't propagate cmp to add if add is saturated
19ca34ed270 : aco: don't create phis with undef operands in the boolean phi pass
9a089baff1a : aco: optimize boolean phis with uniform selections
f622e80494f : aco: create better code for boolean phis with constant operands
47b0653d5dc : aco: rework boolean phi pass
05e23cb23dd : llvmpipe/cs: fix image/sampler binding for compute
54232bee06a : llvmpipe: flush resources on sampler view binding
7582f4a49cd : llvmpipe: denote NEW fs when images change.
033e933348c : nv50/ir/tgsi: move call to tgsi_scan_shader inside Source constructor
c905e485936 : bin/ drop new_features.txt when we release XX.Y.0
7f61f4180b6 : introduce `` script to help devs figure this out
40a6de176d0 : anv: fix uninitialized variable access
e3ddba73241 : iris: fix fallback to swrast driver
e00adef34a5 : egl: automatically compile the `drm` platform when available
60ad006b27e : meson: move xlib-lease block further down
448eb19158f : vulkan: automatically compile the `display` platform when available
a38e21d6683 : egl: always compile surfaceless
e66e0c0c2d0 : u_prim_restart: handle user buffers in util_translate_prim_restart_ib()
66ed9792edb : nv50: Clear nv50_ir_prog_info of dead and codegen specific variables
50d20dc055d : ac/llvm: export ac_init_llvm_once in targets
8da237428c1 : bin/ add --ignore-symbol argument
51bdaf0b601 : st/mesa: set compressed_data to NULL when freed
ca51f75f9d3 : aco: fix more validation errors from vgpr spill/restore code
1af1eb9f7bd : gitlab-ci: Enable -Werror in `meson-gallium` job
81317e2c144 : lima: add missing break
38218ab7e20 : lima: add missing fallthrough comments
745aeba6236 : etnaviv: add missing fallthrough comments
44b1f9c6ffe : iris: Add missing break in switch in modifier_is_supported
ffb6eb6d5df : freedreno/ir3: run nir_opt_loop_unroll in optimization loop
9c23afebbe4 : freedreno/ir3: fix setup_input for sparse vertex inputs
8dfa072ed82 : intel/compiler/fs: Still attempt simd32 when INTEL_DEBUG=no16 is used
1a4a2f563b0 : intel/compiler/cs: Allow simd32 in some more cases with no8 and/or no16
9418c8ec8dd : gitlab-ci: Don't rebuild kernels and rootfs if they have been already built in mainline
1a3eb43d5b8 : gitlab-ci: do not run full CI on scheduled pipelines
1639d3c2cdf : gitlab-ci: update ci-fairy minio to latest upstream
b3fdd773854 : panfrost: Report blend shader work count
5247d673022 : panfrost: Move panfrost_translate_texture_type
816af26f027 : panfrost: Handle PIPE_FORMAT_S8_UINT
4c891488342 : panfrost: Handle PIPE_FORMAT_X24S8_UINT
1fdeef5e4a1 : panfrost: Move scoreboarding routines to common
7ec6ee40578 : panfrost: Drop batch from scoreboard routines
fa722887da1 : panfrost: Pass polygon_list to tiler init function
31197c2c1bc : panfrost: Factor out scoreboarding state
c8d848b2782 : panfrost: Move pool routines to common code
1d88f078201 : panfrost: Drop Gallium-local pan_bo_create wrapper
ed1910dc68e : panfrost: Move debug flags into the device
8958fbd29e2 : panfrost: Expose pool-based allocation API
34e0954f1d2 : panfrost: Track the device through the pool
6ef7c05746f : panfrost: Allocate pool BOs against the pool
8882d6aad63 : panfrost: Introduce pan_pool struct
5d1bff290af : docs/features: Track Panfrost
9497a1fbe72 : docs: fix a bunch of typos
49d35f3d882 : glsl: declare gl_Layer/gl_ViewportIndex/gl_ViewportMask as vs builtins
26b75daef57 : turnip: fix active_desc_sets not being set for compute pipeline
ee99a7a1cfb : docs: add some missing stuff to sourcetree.rst
27b09d293ba : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.3
6b4aee78aed : docs: add release notes for 20.1.3
1e3aeda5281 : glsl: only allow 32 bits atomic operations on images
233af4a412d : glsl: don't expose imageAtomicIncWrap for signed image
438392243fb : ac/llvm: remove the -1 hack from ac_atomic_inc_wrap
0c8873d85db : glsl: reject size1x8 for image variable with floating-point data types
315ac941071 : gitlab-ci: Remove left-behind rules:
40526451ca5 : radv: compute prim_vertex_count at draw time
972081c6887 : radv: adjust IA_MULTI_VGT_PARAM.PARTIAL_VS_WAVE at draw time
5f1b0f4b48a : radv: adjust IA_MULTI_VGT_PARAM.WD_SWITCH_ON_EOP at draw time
9f561feecc7 : radv: store the primitive topology hardware value in the pipeline
6f734324a5e : radv: implement missing VK_ACCESS_MEMORY_{READ,WRITE}_BIT
02a57896f66 : nv50/ir: fix memset on non trivial types warning
cd67e2c280a : nine: remove unused var
8f6d66d5094 : zink: fix missing fallthrough comment
20dff7dc6b0 : v3d: remove redefine of VG(x)
03a5b3f6d5a : freedreno: fix missing fallthrough comments
40e00c800cf : amd/llvm: Mark pointer function arguments as 32-byte aligned.
d2bd77eae48 : glsl: don't validate array types in ir_dereference_variable
9ad19fff3eb : radv: use bitshifts for debug enum values
979e7e36807 : freedreno/layout: layout simplifications and pitch from level 0 pitch
4b290b759a8 : freedreno: add a fd_resource_pitch helper
344e764b012 : freedreno/a2xx: fix compressed textures
3021cb32158 : docs: Document how to interact with docker containers.
21e6d67a2e2 : docs: Relax the expectations of HW CI farms.
27c9272c3d7 : docs: Move the gitlab-ci docs to RST.
a2ca7e09fe6 : docs: Move the conformance and the CI docs to a top level Testing section.
9af82b50264 : docs: Move the current CI .rst doc to docs/ci/ and link to it from .gitlab-ci.
29cba3b6954 : nir/validate: Don't abort() until after the shader has printed
55cf97f56ed : Revert "ac/surface: require that gfx8 doesn't have DCC in order to be displayable"
0ca7bd73c6f : zink: translate gl_FragColor to gl_FragData before ntv to fix multi-rt output
1fd35630259 : nir: add lowering pass for fragcolor -> fragdata
44da0f067ca : zink: expose depth-clip if supported
ffb8020f6e7 : radv: Use correct semaphore handle type for Android import.
84ed2793ebd : radv: set depth/stencil enable values correctly for the meta clear path
fcac0b4fc9d : freedreno/regs: document CS shared storage size bit
deefebc55be : v3d/compiler: Fix sorting the gs and fs inputs
3cb2438284f : panfrost: add some missing fallthrough comments to bi_pack.c
2286c9ac21c : panfrost: hide more unused code in bi_lower_combine.c
f35283d32e3 : panfrost: add some missing fallthrough comments
7ccf2580638 : nouveau/nvc0: silence maybe-uninitialized warning
6bec54dd3e3 : iris: silence maybe-uninitialized for stc_dst_aux_usage variable
01c04a42a60 : iris: fix maybe-uninitialized warning for initial_state variable
bba766d85db : radeonsi: fix SI_NUM_ATOMS
4686a956212 : r600/radeonsi: silence zero-length-bounds gcc warnings
f472c984430 : freedreno/ir3: add support for a650 tess shared storage
75b59bb1d65 : gallium: add PIPE_SHADER_CAP_GLSL_16BIT_TEMPS for LowerPrecisionTemporaries
6aea39641a6 : glsl: lower mediump temporaries to 16 bits except structures (v2)
7f00d4dac81 : glsl: Handle 16-bit types in loop analysis
63ab8d41d1a : glsl: add capability to lower mediump array types
38cadd8b462 : glsl: lower builtins to mediump that always return mediump or lowp
8fcf8e7fd40 : glsl: lower builtins to mediump that ignore precision of certain parameters
3781697c23f : glsl: don't lower builtins to mediump that don't allow it
69f7a3dac69 : glsl: don't lower precision of textureSize
977b84652a1 : glsl: flatten a tautological conditional in lower_precision
9fccae80bef : glsl: cleanups in lower_precision
8a93d2f128b : glsl: remove the return type from lower_precision
161105d7321 : glsl: convert reusable lower_precision util code into helper functions
8d62969cfe8 : glsl: validate more stuff
8773d58b056 : glsl: run validate_ir_tree if GLSL_VALIDATE=1 regardless of the build config
82caff5bc36 : glsl: fix evaluating float16 constant expression matrices
50c27a0a170 : glsl: fix the type of ir_constant_data::u16
3e47cb185e3 : glsl: print constant initializers
42be975aa29 : glsl: print precision qualifiers in IR dumps
a038863ba07 : glsl: make print_type non-static for debugging
1d5e1882f66 : anv: Handle clamping of inverted depth ranges
3bb3e8940c9 : llvmpipe: add ARB_post_depth_coverage support.
b8fcb621340 : ci/virgl: update results after streams fixes.
d146d7bb97d : draw/gs: use mask to limit vertex emission.
72ed9e7046d : draw: free vertex info from geometry streams.
b4802d6ea13 : draw: use common exit path in pipeline finish.
3e455d6ad31 : draw/gs: reverse the polarity of the invocation/prims execution
1c9bf586e7b : draw: account primitive lengths for all streams.
09da72a7408 : gallivm/nir: end primitive for all streams.
690238ff564 : gallivm/nir: don't access stream var outside bounds
21b903dd7d9 : gallivm/gs_iface: pass stream into end primitive interface.
87a388fb29c : draw/gs: only allocate memory for streams needed.
903b5814b5c : gallivm/draw/gs: pass vertex stream count into shader build
99ae39f76c9 : draw/gs: fix up current verts in output fetching.
7d82bb0e41d : draw: emit so primitives before ending empty pipeline.
59c8fff7e47 : gallivm/nir: call end prim at end on all GS streams.
b921d17aa69 : broadcom/qpu: set VC5_QPU_RADDR_A out of the switch at _pack_branch
ec4d3def165 : aco: use VOP2 version of v_mbcnt_hi_u32_b32 on GFX6/7
b7418270c34 : util: Share a single function pointer for the 4-byte rgba unpack function.
a8e7004dc55 : util: Remove the stub pack/unpack functions for YUV formats.
abd9aa2c772 : llvmpipe: Generalize "could llvmpipe fetch this format" check in unit testing.
2da4badfe34 : util: Use designated initializers to clean up the format tables' pack/unpack.
e7010eeff03 : util: Merge util_format_read_4* functions.
2f4d557a561 : util: Merge util_format_write_4* functions.
c3d05003896 : svga: Reuse util_format_unpack_rgba().
725b27135bd : gallium/util: Move the Z/S handling to the outside of get_tile().
a2b74a5d8a1 : gallium/util: Clean up the Z/S tile write path.
019a0309073 : gallium/util: Fix location of the comment about S8_UINT handling.
377026e3ada : etnaviv: Use the util_pack_color_union() helper.
32bf7229e51 : util: Remove unused util_format_planar_is_supported().
f6f1f8e3f6d : softpipe: Clean up softpipe's SSBO load/store interpreting instructions.
18cb8f23222 : util: Mark util_format_description() as a const function.
9300a14ffba : nir: refactor nir_can_move_instr
09d0e06c5c8 : nir: also move vecN in case of nir_move_copies
14c554a391e : turnip: use global bo for clear blit shaders
10020b8d175 : aco: remove superflous (bool & exec) if the result comes from VOPC
e4654a35b00 : radv: enable zerovram for Quantic Dream games
dcd171f5e9b : gitlab-ci: More stable URL for kernel and ramdisk artifacts, for LAVA
bf3d4b1adde : gitlab-ci: Build kernel drivers for a few ethernet USB dongles
bbf2db20fef : nv50/ir/nir: fix cache mode conversion
31e344799a7 : gv100/ir: fix coherent and volatile memory access
a43eb650de4 : gv100/ir: implement sample shading
5786c63be30 : nv50/ir/nir: fix interpolation on explicit operations
77844690be7 : iris: Fix fast-clearing of depth via glClearTex(Sub)Image
026615c0f9e : docs: fixup envvar output
c8537744bba : docs: use svg for graphviz output
892fdde23f4 : docs: move gallium specific docs into gallium folder
64a4ba9e1ce : docs: add an extension to generate redirects
ce5a3524faa : docs: clean up gallium index-file
2f813981878 : merge gallium docs into main docs
cb11900cb6d : ci: add graphviz to the .docs-base template
6ff66942d26 : freedreno: Sync registers with envytools
c1ba7612fb0 : freedreno: Include adreno_pm4.xml.h before adreno_a6xx.xml.h
53e204dc26e : gallium/swr: Fix compilation warnings
846f4f95dd8 : freedreno/a6xx: Force gl_Layer to 0 when necessary
f69c3849b8c : tu: Force gl_Layer to 0 when necessary
4f91345f492 : ir3: Add layer_zero variant bit
ef67218325f : pan/decode: Make mapped memory read-only while decoding
cb5edcd2154 : panfrost: Expose MSAA 4x
a5c4fe2c78d : panfrost: Save sample_mask before blitting
bb577051dd5 : panfrost: Enable MSAA if we render to such a surface
3b7aeb2448a : panfrost: Set depth/stencil_layer_stride accordingly
5e38d956ab0 : panfrost: Identify depth/stencil layer strides
490fbce239e : panfrost: Implement alpha-to-coverage
f23cdd4f72d : panfrost: Pass sample_mask to the hardware
3e251328fad : panfrost: Identify coverage_mask
546a600ba55 : panfrost: Don't advertise MSAA 2x
211cc2550c8 : panfrost: Set layer_stride for multisampled rendering
937d3687ac7 : panfrost: Include pointer for each sample
41c06deb630 : panfrost: Index texture by sample
95afda39a66 : panfrost: Allocate space for multisampling
37204588dab : panfrost: Identify layer_stride
0b5bc6ed674 : panfrost: Set depth to sample_count for MSAA 2D
af6fc41d2c1 : pan/mdg: Use _VTX tag for texelFetch in frag shaders
63a8722c6aa : pan/mdg: Handle nir_texop_txf_ms
6d9f9512208 : pan/mdg: Handle nir_tex_src_ms_index
a2748d4796e : pan/mdg: Handle GLSL_SAMPLER_DIM_MS
d624118cc9e : pan/mdg: Allow ignoring move mode
af8fcfe6202 : pan/decode: Identify layered MSAA flag
eba9bcd3c98 : pan/decode: Fix MSAA texture decoding
797fa87ec98 : pan/mdg: Fix indirect UBO swizzles
658b59df82b : pan/mdg: Respect type/mask in mir_lower_special_reads
836d41d7726 : ir3: use empirical size for params as used by the shader
f6aa0719cfa : bifrost: Set RTZ rounding mode for f2i conversion
7682c887b32 : tu: Enable KHR_variable_pointers
9aec89ead34 : tu: Rewrite variable lowering
edc8119da4e : anv: garbage collect timeline semaphore when querying value
137d8f98897 : v3d: Enable perpendicular line caps when line smoothing
ee4d51f8b2d : v3d: Add a lowering pass for line smoothing
207da33a86d : v3d: Handle the line width intrinsics
121b82f6387 : nir: Add intrinsics for the line width
2c4616368b9 : v3d: Implement the line coord intrinsic
14dd65bb5bf : compiler: Add a system value for the line coord
3144bc1d336 : intel/perf: move query_mask and location out of gen_perf_query_counter
9f19662550a : iris: remove iris_monitor_config
bffee01bd9e : a4xx: hook up centroid ij coords
a6ed1d7fa5e : nir: Add docs to nir_lower[_explicit]_io
0bc5a829dd6 : nir: Remove shared support from lower_io
be96b069ad4 : nir: Assert that nir_lower_io is only called with allowed modes
b019b22c7ae : panfrost: Only call nir_lower_io on shader_in/out
23b7094829d : v3d: Only call nir_lower_io on shader_in/out
96d99f2eccb : vc4: Only call nir_lower_io on shader_in/out
786325fdb02 : nouveau: Only call nir_lower_io on shader_in/out
4f521e596a3 : lima: Only call nir_lower_io on shader_in/out
36a90468486 : freedreno: Only call nir_lower_io on shader_in/out
fc944428bfb : ir3: mark ucp_enables as allowed values on all keys
01a1926fb9d : etnaviv: replace prims-emitted query
42c814158b5 : a4xx: add polygon offset clamp, fix units
00f9d4b1fdb : a4xx: add noperspective interpolation support
12e18d9e7ad : nir: add vec2_index_32bit_offset address format
7ab73160032 : nir: Refactor load/store intrinsic helper
6d8e2cec819 : freedreno/regs: document SS6_UBO state src
0a7b1f91670 : freedreno/fdperf: prefer render node
385d036f583 : freedreno/fdperf: better compatible string matching
9c34a3322d8 : freedreno/fdperf: fix print of base address
85761e23ea6 : wsi/x11: Log swapchain status changes
b0bbb62325b : vulkan/wsi: Don't consider VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR to be an error condition
c5d8961b0b0 : Revert "radv: add support for MRTs compaction to avoid holes"
ad913a18b14 : radv: Always enable PERFECT_ZPASS_COUNTS.
ad151499583 : radv: Set handle types in Android semaphore/fence import.
7b21ce401f7 : radv: disable FMASK compression when drawing with GENERAL layout
8453d2941a7 : Revert "nir: Support sysval tess levels in SPIR-V to NIR"
2044bdac4fb : Revert "nir: Add an option for lowering TessLevelInner/Outer to vecs"
b76c6dcbc55 : freedreno/ir3: fix/rework tess levels
3c5512ce509 : freedreno/layout: fix explicit layout offset not added to slice offset
01986eaf05c : amd/addrlib: fix another C++ one definition rule violation
00d3b13837c : iris: return max counter value for AMD_performance_monitor
2f4a112ec4a : st/mesa: fix reporting of float perf counters max value
2550531dd6b : llvmpipe: enable GL 4.2
28ebc8a2125 : llvmpipe: bump to GL support to GL 4.1
df6682d7823 : llvmpipe: bump texture/scene limits to enable GL 4.1
0ca266025ab : mesa/version: only enable GL4.1 with correct limits.
1a83279da57 : turnip: enable 420_UNORM formats
7af2a0b9bcd : turnip: support multi-image layouts
37cd3c256a2 : turnip: clear_blit: pass aspect mask to setup function
ef11d5fc8bb : st/mesa: allow R8 to not be exposed as renderable by driver
9e2afe4f05a : mesa/glformats: make _mesa_gles_error_check_format_and_type() more consistent
a573c8cd47c : drirc: Add picom to adaptive_sync exclusion list
19f3c79c7ed : turnip: fix tess param bo size calculation
395511d1691 : nir: Add nir_lower_clip_disable.c to SCons build.
a1b89dbc8f4 : gitlab-ci: Enable -Werror in `meson-classic` job
ec8fdf8579d : nouveau: fix pointer-sign warning
b9e163fa67e : util: Avoid strict aliasing bugs in xxhash.
29ce8060eb0 : draw/clip: fix viewport index for geometry shaders
3366171d0ac : draw/clip: cleanup viewport index handling code.
0e7b7c30870 : turnip: vsc improvements
4ac851ea253 : turnip: rework render_tiles loop
8898ebce1a1 : turnip: make tiling config part of framebuffer state
31392f83711 : Revert "loader/dri3: Check for window destruction in dri3_wait_for_event_locked"
02d0b2d5604 : meson: Add versioning for xvmc tracker
a79ca675f3d : st/program: use nir_lower_clip_disable instead of nir_lower_clip_vs conditionally
fb2fe802f63 : nir: add lowering pass for clip plane enabling
f8946bd705c : v3d/tex: handle correctly coordinates for cube/cubearrays images
0b6e03b8481 : CI: reduce bandwidth for git pull
9190cc9b151 : tu,radv: fix potentially wrong offset of flexible array.
e2209e869a5 : meson: turn on Wimplicit-fallthrough project wide
26aa02b5ab9 : nv30: add missing fallthrough comment
651441c16fd : mesa: update fallthrough comment so gcc can see it
9549443a8f0 : svga: add missing fallthrough comments
7579414db24 : r300: add and fix up fallthrough comments
dfb9be6994f : mesa: fix unintended fallthrough in glIsEnabled()
8b90310b401 : mesa: add missing fallthrough comment to teximage.c
d88447d5ce4 : mesa/vbo: add some missing fallthrough comments
cb8cd644113 : spirv: add missing fallthrough comments
580fe899581 : radeon: add missing fallthrough comments
f692131641f : glsl: move fallthrough comment to where gcc can see it
bf3fc3cf3d5 : glx: add missing fallthrough comment
cb5fafd6178 : radeonsi: add missing fallthrough comment
5c4d9816acf : mesa: add fallthrough comments to COPY_SZ_4V()
dbf016e2597 : nir: fix implicit fallthrough warnings
31dcc173b15 : mesa: add fallthrough comments to get.c
f9310992704 : mesa: add fallthrough comments to glformats.c
040b07c7fee : mesa: fix fallthrough in glformats
8591adea38b : nir/algebraic: Don't distrubte absolute-value into dot-products
99afaa1d548 : ci: Disable pixmark-piano trace on a630 due to GPU hangs.
7b0a4f977b9 : pan/mdg: Schedule based on liveness
a6f0d7f003b : pan/mdg: Vectorize vlut operations
c957249df9d : pan/mdg: Skip r1.w write where possible
de41c4c103d : pan/mdg: Prioritize non-moves on VADD/VLUT
01e965d3122 : pan/mdg: Allow Z/S writes to use any 2nd stage unit
8ac2c080452 : pan/mdg: Defer smul, vlut until after writeout moves
2904acd9383 : pan/mdg: Schedule writeout to VLUT
14415d581a9 : pan/mdg: Remove bundle interference code
5a43f7fcce8 : pan/mdg: Don't assign destination in writeout block to r1
d838cb96a57 : pan/mdg: Defer nir_fuse_io_16 until after opts
78df3b03757 : panfrost: Specify stack_shift on SFBD
64cdc1311b9 : etnaviv: move ra into own file
027e9e8da37 : etnaviv: move nir compiler related stuff into .c file
f1df033fccd : etnaviv: move functions that generate asm to own file
79427a01909 : etnaviv: drop emit macro
624b8b4a928 : etnaviv: merge struct etna_compile and etna_state
0f025e8b810 : etnaviv: move liveness related stuff into own file
9ae96d32dd8 : etnaviv: make more use of compile_error(..)
96670c81502 : etnaviv: drop OPT_V define
1636e14cfd4 : etnaviv: move etna_lower_alu(..) to etnaviv_nir.c
7460d4863df : etnaviv: get rid of etna_compile dependency
12b15cbcbfa : etnaviv: move etna_lower_io(..) to etnaviv_nir.c
ea17cbf16fa : etnaviv: convert enums
34f776386ca : etnaviv: delete not used struct
3cdc0d50981 : ci: Move deploy stage between container & build stages
fc41ec16c8b : ci: Use "when: always" for pages job
ab9ecb607b8 : radv,vulkan: add a new x11 wsi drirc workaround for DOOM Eternal
311b9f25834 : Revert "vulkan/wsi/x11: Ensure we create at least minImageCount images."
11a6a96f8a5 : radv: fix wide lines with multisample enabled
efec833a188 : CI: Disable Windows build due to unstable infrastructure
f2f57ef9f78 : zink: implement Vk_EXT_index_type_uint8
53372175c9b : radv: fix wide points and lines
8b8ffb12b40 : docs: update llvmpipe GL 4.0 status
af7a7f6ce7b : ci: fixup tests after all indirect images fixes.
0ecae0ac0b5 : llvmpipe: handle indirect images properly
b7b22b735d1 : draw/sample: add support for indirect images
e6f7fe33244 : gallivm/nir: add support for indirect image loading
bc1ac7dc3f3 : gallivm/img: refactor out the texel return type (v2)
6e25a5a3756 : gallivm/nir: refactor image operations for indirect support.
3ca3b07fc1b : gallivm/nir: support passing image index into image code.
f75c1e83e2e : llvmpipe: pass number of images into image soa create
8a4ef09e7e0 : draw: pass number of images to image soa create
ee10f24a311 : llvmpipe: enable ARB_gpu_shader5
8807bdb1b76 : gallivm/sample: handle size unit offset
d243655d340 : llvmpipe/draw: wire up indirect offset
3b973eab73f : gallivm/sample: pass indirect offset into texture/image units
e168d148d76 : gallivm/nir: handle non-uniform texture offsets
9172e405ef6 : gallivm/nir: add texture unit indexing
52a050ea0ae : llvmpipe: add support for indirect texture access.
6dc904f6000 : draw: add support for indirect texture access
28f906ad913 : gallivm: add indirect texture switch statement builder.
8b15a08ebde : gallivm/sample: change texture function generator api
30c5cbbcd20 : llvmpipe: pass number of samplers into llvm sampler code.
6528a24cc52 : draw: pass nr_samplers into llvm sample state creation.
d55aa78615f : nir: add missing break to nir_opt_access()
b8409a6af77 : egl: move fallthrough comment so gcc can see it
0d5427fa44a : iris: add missing fallthrough comment
1a8f9180503 : intel/compiler: add and fix up fallthrough comments for gcc warnings
512db7ec78a : anv: update fallthrough comment so gcc sees it
06dc2f3f475 : gallivm: add missing break
2ed35c71020 : llvmpipe: add missing fallthrough comments
de4004f8ba7 : i965: add and fix fallthrough comments
8da810a7fbc : intel/compiler: Don't emit no-op cr0 changes
fe14dc98bfe : intel/compiler: Add assert that set bits are within mask
29e2a3b8f5e : gallium,util: undef ALIGN on FreeBSD to prevent name clash
f678811b567 : i965: Explicitly cast value to uint64_t
565a80450d2 : iris: Explicitly cast value to uint64_t
708db983dd0 : meson: Do not enable USE_ELF_TLS for FreeBSD
6cba468b5e7 : gitlab-ci: Do not create the "success" job when the test-docs job exists
8e2cb8ef276 : gitlab-ci: Extend .ci-run-policy template for docs jobs
1c612e8c094 : gitlab-ci: Use rules: instead of except:/only: for test-docs job
196ac4c6f3f : ci: move test-docs to container stage
28ca70b6b64 : ci: move deploy-stage later in the pipeline
8774707b1e3 : ci: test docs for non-master builds
24fe9f43e56 : ci: only build docs if any docs changed
d1ca80235de : ci: only build docs in the upstream-repo
9bebbf58678 : freedreno/ir3: add support for INTERP_MODE_NOPERSPECTIVE
0f5c9f97131 : turnip: set missing bary sysvals
2453f2bdb73 : freedreno/a6xx: set missing bary sysvals
dadfb4ec587 : freedreno/a5xx: set missing bary sysvals
33457fc705d : freedreno/ir3: add generic get_barycentric()
75fef41f16c : freedreno/a4xx: fake LINEAR_PIXEL varying support for u_blitter
0d419c76bb0 : freedreno/a3xx: support LINEAR_PIXEL/PERSP_CENTROID/LINEAR_CENTROID sysvals
2e9ded21d14 : freedreno/registers: update varying-related registers
549b4a3dd4a : gitlab-ci: Automatically run pipelines for Marge Bot pre-merge only
8456ff75b39 : v3d/compiler: fix image size for 1D arrays
5f1a16d06d8 : st/mesa: do not clear NewDriverState for inactive states
7940b47de64 : gallium/docs: remove unused imgmath extension
27dcdbcc96c : gallium/docs: remove non-existent static dir
1d7bb2dde0d : gallium/docs: prefix exts dir with underscore
47d3b80428c : gallium/docs: use none for highlight_language
686f6c72068 : gallium/docs: remove reference to non-existent label
686cf8eaada : gallium/docs: fixup formatting of numbered lists
7f5061c0b78 : gallium/docs: update to recent sphinx
2bf2e6c83d2 : draw/llvm: fix big-endian mask adjusting
0e6dfd11f22 : mesa/get: fix enum16 big-endian getting.
b743c9bf2d5 : llvmpipe: fix occlusion queries on big-endian.
3aeb61da49c : gallivm/nir: fix big-endian 64-bit splitting/merging.
92866052769 : glsl: fix constant packing for 64-bit big endian.
2cd466bf340 : docs: add a page explaining the GitLab CI and the Intel CI
fde25a6ed94 : mesa/swrast: use logf2 instead of util_fast_log2
2e5b2145068 : anv: disable i915_perf warning on non-Linux
5a27efdf0e3 : meson: Revert commit overriding C++ standard with gnu++11 on ppc64el
cd7acd09b9f : clover: Fix types collision between c++ and altivec
54d7907c276 : nir: Propagate *2*16 conversions into vectors
3e3958c44f7 : panfrost: Do fine-grained flushing for occlusion query results
b1d309eaa39 : freedreno/a4xx: fix *_NONE enum conversion
fa673920483 : CI: Re-enable Panfrost T860 jobs
50d75536009 : radeonsi: add a debug option to enable NGG culling for tessellation
b0c77a5f1d4 : radeonsi: don't try to enable NGG culling for GS
90cf741d316 : radeonsi: always use Wave64 for HS/GS/VS shader stages (except GS fast launch)
9049e39804c : radeonsi: always use Wave32 for GS fast launch, because Wave64 hangs
8fff9beb44b : radeonsi: fix NGG culling for Wave64
2866a6f78d2 : ac/gpu_info: fix num_physical_sgprs_per_simd for gfx10
1401fc055c5 : radeonsi: don't flush in fence_server_sync
34db50558d9 : CI: Temporarily disable Panfrost T860 jobs
bb703d42479 : CI: Re-enable the Windows VS2019 build job
e3e1e9f82ca : CI: Correct build-directory path on Windows, and keep it
ee056dfef6e : CI: Try shared libraries on Windows
97b4b1254ec : CI: Enable assertions on Windows
5a05f9714bb : radeonsi: bump SI_NUM_SHADER_BUFFERS to 32
7e8cfc0add8 : glsl: remove stale FIXME
64a2500a697 : st/glsl_to_nir: disable st_nir_lower_builtin() when packing supported
4cca5137aed : glsl: define gl_LightSource members in ARB_vertex_program order
5ddab654d93 : mesa: add _mesa_program_state_value_size() helper
0e7b1a6b1a5 : mesa: remove _mesa prefix from static function
849227d70f3 : zink: set lower_uadd_carry in nir options
d7d76878298 : loader/dri3: Check for window destruction in dri3_wait_for_event_locked
7c226116c6c : loader/dri3: Use dri3_wait_for_event_locked in loader_dri3_wait_for_msc
ee77951714f : loader/dri3: Add dri3_wait_for_event_locked full_sequence out parameter
08c39a8a293 : v3d: Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized compiler warning in the v33 code.
f55a308c75d : v3d: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD.
a60e8dfdc5d : vc4: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD.
64cb81a3a4a : gallium/util: Add a helper function for point sprite handling.
622c548967a : turnip: enable depthBiasClamp
0ed100ea498 : turnip: enable largePoints
cb10edd5446 : freedreno/regs: add extra bits for UBWC array pitch
c425ca5566a : frontends/va: Handle dynamic resolution/SVC for VP9
653dff949e9 : v3d/compiler: fix spill offset
7a5e6fd25f2 : radv: add support for MRTs compaction to avoid holes
4e0dcbb8808 : radv: use SPI_SHADER_ZERO for non-written color attachments
18b42eebd59 : radv: rework 8/16-bit color attachment formats detection
76ee45d3a88 : radv: adjust CB_SHADER_MASK for dual-source blending in the shader info pass
26a48d8d352 : radv: enable VK_AMD_shader_ballot on GFX6-7 with both compiler backends
cff418cc4ca : nir: Add new rules to optimize NOOP pack/unpack pairs
237d7284180 : gallivm/nir: fix const loading on big endian systems
7d31bc9a34c : freedreno/ir3: fix resinfo wrmask
b1c16e52514 : docs: use ref-links for internal references
5ee55b206af : docs: fix internal references
1d250bf2916 : docs: restore accidentally dropped labels
05e61a91573 : docs: remove non-existent reference
3b74e6fa280 : meson: Do not require shader cache for radv.
c0c03f4772f : rbug: Fix rbug_delete_vs_state lock acquisition.
583d7d3d8d0 : v3d: moving v3d simulator to src/broadcom
4fccbd0ea60 : turnip: Put VK_KHR_external_fence_fd stubs back
39f06e28485 : iris: Implement pipe->texture_subdata directly
34630fe081b : turnip: Properly return VK_DEVICE_LOST on queuesubmit failures.
487576e3cfd : turnip: Fix error handling of DRM_MSM_GEM_INFO ioctls.
e67c2e1c96c : turnip: Do better TU_DEBUG=startup logging of drmGetDevices2() failure.
aba8c579a97 : turnip: semaphore support.
6283da34a91 : ci/baremetal: Bump the kernel to a recent drm-msm-fixes for msm semaphores.
5c0f82b0d72 : aco: fix partial copies on GFX6/7
66482303f6d : mapi: x86: Fix dynamic entries in x86 tsd stubs.
63805ccd3f0 : ci/bare-metal: Fail early when we get stuck powering on a cheza.
189a0fecf54 : freedreno/ir3: move nir finalization to after cache miss
f97acb4bb4b : freedreno/ir3: disk-cache support
6aadb00e60f : freedreno/ir3: build binning variant at same time as draw variant
83b97bf161f : freedreno/a6xx+ir3: stop generating pointless binning shaders
fdbe1ffaf74 : freedreno/ir3: shuffle some variant fields
c0f22c3d940 : freedreno/ir3: add ir3_compiler_destroy()
f1ab57359c7 : freedreno/ir3: move finalize_nir to pscreen hook
d3ae5593783 : freedreno/ir3: add ir3_finalize_nir()
e35b8971a74 : zink: use OpFUnordNotEqual for nir_op_fne
765de33d3ce : zink: set lower_mul_high and lower_rotate in ntv compiler options
49c13fccf75 : zink: handle isign alu in ntv
21fe5b0ffdf : zink: handle ixor in ntv
651d093298d : zink: lower byte/word extract ops in nir
90d34558488 : zink: add bitfield_reverse handling to ntv
957d8e26582 : zink: add ult handling for ntv
2159aa0c49e : zink: handle signed and unsigned min/max ops in ntv
f13d79f519d : radv: remove the load/store workaround for Monster Hunter World with LLVM
a30ad8cb238 : radv: remove the shader ballot workaround for Youngblood with LLVM
099916384a4 : docs: update favicon
2fbc12a0ac0 : turnip: fix huge scissor min/max case
6b886fbc0b2 : panfrost: Add PAN_MESA_DEBUG=gl3 flag
1288613f1c7 : freedreno/a6xx: use firstIndex field
ba5e1c5310f : tu: Pass firstIndex directly to CP_DRAW_INDX_OFFSET
259d07a2ff8 : freedreno/registers: Label firstIndex field in CP_DRAW_INDX_OFFSET
a32fb2f9d03 : freedreno: On a5xx+ INDX_SIZE is MAX_INDICES
1dd24bf27b2 : freedreno: Share constlen between different stages properly
d9dd989d2a5 : freedreno: Refactor ir3_cache shader compilation
8ad65609da3 : tu: Share constlen between different stages properly
48b1602b506 : ir3: Add ir3_trim_constlen()
9edff0cfd4f : ir3: Support variants with different constlen's
4554b946c38 : ir3: Include ir3_compiler from ir3_shader
2841bb1fac8 : ir3, freedreno: Round up constlen earlier
4845f184d76 : v3d/compiler: don't rewrite unused temporaries to point to NOP register
3b1c511b099 : v3d: Use stvpmd for non-uniform offsets in GS
dab8a9169c1 : v3d: Add missing macro for stvpmd instruction
71794567f96 : radeonsi: remove tabs
0cdec11d953 : radeonsi: clear per-context buffers at the end of si_create_context
da78d50bc87 : radeonsi: make si_pm4_cmd_begin/end static and simplify all usages
7b2a0f880b5 : radeonsi: disallow adding BOs into si_pm4_state except 1 shader BO per state
3b1e42d2c22 : radeonsi: make wait_mem_scratch unmappable
428360662f3 : radeonsi: don't add the tess ring buffers into the cs_preamble state
1c1d34a67ac : radeonsi: rename init_config states to cs_preamble states
bbc0a2d51db : radeonsi: don't add the border color buffer into the init_config state
c7680625c36 : ac,winsys/amdgpu: align IBs the same as the kernel
556f4458fe9 : amd: add proper definitions for NOP packets
276e6d7bbce : gitlab-ci: attach the Fossilize log file as artifact on failure
4954df417c7 : gitlab-ci: append Fossilize stdout/stderr to a file to reduce spam
b24b415013e : gitlab-ci: set the number of Fossilize threads to 4
be5d06106ff : panfrost: Only copy resources when they are in a pending batch
66df2ffa36a : anv: Align "used" attribute to 64 bits.
293221dddae : iris: Align last_seqnos to 64 bits.
2fd746e98e7 : ci: Remove a stray "always" on the freedreno traces job.
50e20cb0361 : freedreno/a6xx: Add support for polygon fill mode (as long as front==back).
72c0522db28 : turnip: Add support for polygon fill modes.
daee177ca02 : freedreno/a6xx: Define the register fields for polygon fill mode.
b88c46fa11a : ci: Add a freedreno a630 tracie run.
b5f727afeb3 : ci/tracie: Fix apitrace dump using "less" which isn't in the ARM rootfs.
9f1412cf3eb : ci/tracie: Print the path if the trace isn't found.
7406d627c88 : ci: Include trace replay support in ARM rootfses.
acf9d8b75d9 : ci/bare-metal: Don't include dev packages in arm*test.
9079b53987e : ci/bare-metal: Skip setting of unset variables at startup.
21b2dac7930 : ci: Move ARM rootfses to stable
a04672a1052 : ci: Don't call renderdoc's ReplayController.Shutdown()
62de79ac449 : turnip: implement VK_KHR_shader_draw_parameters
16a9e233da9 : freedreno/ir3: add support for load_draw_id
01799b3448c : freedreno/registers: add CP_DRAW_INDIRECT_MULTI
7e98f2534c3 : gitlab-ci: add a list of expected failures for RADV/ACO on NAVI14
63e1e7209c2 : radv: enable ACO by default
db0afb38007 : radv: change use_aco -> use_llvm
b78f64507e9 : radv: introduce RADV_DEBUG=llvm option
37e7a5e746d : zink: unify code for setting resource barriers
a102896cff2 : radv: lower 64-bit dfloor on GFX6 for fixing precision issues
c84f11e7b67 : radv: lower 64-bit drcp/dsqrt/drsq for fixing precision issues
82b46667836 : iris: Honor scanout requirement from DRI
ec7b55f4cc5 : vulkan/overlay: fix crash on destroying NULL swapchain
8c962f5f61f : gitlab-ci: add parallel-rdp fossils
6da06479878 : freedreno/ir3/ra: fix pre-color edge case
c5b990f435e : turnip: disable early_z for VK_FORMAT_S8_UINT
04148f44111 : turnip: fix update_stencil_mask
9c0ae5704d6 : turnip: fix empty scissor case
7c008c293d7 : freedreno: handle batch flush in resource tracking
16b4da3ba31 : freedreno: split out batch clear tracking helper
ad136945e6d : freedreno: split out batch draw tracking helper
d74554b1674 : freedreno: make foreach_bit() declare it's cursor
1fd2bc10dc7 : turnip: implement VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor
8018b4b7071 : docs: fix 20.1.2 relnotes
804c6ee0dfd : docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.2
e94f81e9df8 : docs: Add release notes for 20.1.2
3065c4bf925 : freedreno/ir3: switch PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD
e6d650353a0 : freedreno: convert builtin blit VS prog to ureg builder
b5574c51654 : freedreno/a3xx: use point-coord helper
ba6e1514f59 : freedreno/a4xx: use point-coord helper
3e8c6312c70 : freedreno/a5xx: use point-coord helper
a474d48e176 : freedreno/a6xx: use point-coord helper
68d6aa3dd02 : freedreno/a6xx: de-duplicate vinterp/vpsrepl state building
022c363cfbb : freedreno/ir3: add helper to determine point-coord inputs
64c2a10707f : turnip: move some logic out of create_render_pass_common
c9c76f68320 : turnip: use RenderPassCreateInfo for render_pass_add_implicit_deps
e4099201bcd : turnip: replace a memset(0) with zalloc in CreateRenderPass
70046145d19 : turnip: translate CreateRenderPass to CreateRenderPass2
01e2893cba4 : turnip: implement depthBounds
a9d866910c5 : freedreno/registers: a6xx depth bounds test registers
4fc0499049f : aco: remove outdated assert in handle_operands()
7cad27831d2 : aco: ignore blocked registers when checking edges in get_reg_impl()
91a82d00696 : radv: fix checking the return value of cs_finalize()
86df5283a32 : gitlab-ci: update the list of expected failures for Pitcairn
aa35670fd09 : radv: Make radv_alloc_shader_memory static.
64a92ef7a26 : radv/winsys: Distinguish device/host memory errors.
a5cb88eea45 : radv: Handle mmap failures.
04765e6a9a4 : radv/winsys: Deal with realloc failures in BO lists.
519ddfd3126 : aco: improve vectorization of 8/16-bit loads/stores
ddffcf36277 : aco: fix when sub-dword create_vector operand cannot be placed perfectly
91fd53884dc : aco: don't allow partial copies on GFX6/7
76b5d72921c : aco: align swap operations to 4 bytes on GFX6/7
91d7e401763 : aco: don't create byte-aligned short loads
c3259b6e6a2 : aco: add missing bld.scc() in byte_align_scalar()
a0f6ca4393d : aco: don't store byte-aligned short stores
a18da83d184 : aco: fix copy+paste error in split_buffer_store
841fdfcd453 : radv/aco,aco: allow SMEM SSBO loads on GFX6/7
35b5e1fc7c5 : aco: allow SMEM for some sub-dword accesses
c702f8ed157 : aco: only use SMEM if we can prove it's safe
0cfee26bee3 : radv: fix image variable types in meta shaders
c344c083fc7 : spirv: set variables to restrict by default
1be67d610f4 : android: freedreno/ir3: simplify generated sources rules
41683157e77 : android: freedreno/ir3: add missing generated sources and rules
b41828c3375 : android: freedreno: add fd5_layout.c to Makefile.sources
5f97dfc4c84 : vulkan/wsi/x11: Ensure we create at least minImageCount images.
7b3976d3f86 : zink: clamp VkImageCreateInfo.arrayLayers to 1 for image resource creation
994224bc293 : gitlab-ci: update the list of expected CTS failures for RADV/ACO
6a5fb31fefb : nir: Fix divergence analysis for tessellation input/outputs
8278a46b26a : intel: Disable loading drivers on DG1 devices for now
32455b657f6 : CI: Disable Panfrost Mali-T820, Lima Mali-400 and Lima Mali-450 jobs
7f48c6b6a28 : iris/compute: Split out iris_load_indirect_location
6557c8294da : iris: Split walker and state update into iris_upload_gpgpu_walker
ecf3335eef8 : anv/cmd_buffer: Split GPGPU_WALKER out to emit_gpgpu_walker
759b7f83dd7 : anv/pipeline: Split VFE/INTERFACE_DESCRIPTOR out to emit_media_cs_state
a5918ac63e8 : turnip: use pipeline cs for shader programs instead of separate bo
a58de1b8d3a : turnip: fix ts_cs_memory typo
bf92f041fe5 : freedreno: Handle DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID in shared code
561aaeeb48e : intel/eu: Add the RNDU opcode
e0ab48e3ea0 : intel/eu: Set the right subnr for ALIGN16 destinations
8a0d772dca3 : intel/eu: Add a brw_urb_dest_msg_type helper
2c762955d41 : intel/eu: Add a brw_urb_desc helper
ecda98fbb2d : intel/compiler: Expose brw_texture_offset to C
479797e1304 : intel/fs: Move more prog_data setup into populate_wm_prog_data
fc519cad57b : intel/fs: Break wm_prog_data setup into a helper
2687ec5ee68 : intel/fs: Expose a couple of NIR lowering helpers
bfc1fd22cdf : iris: Delete useless #define
ba15bb383f0 : nir: only uniforms with dynamically_uniform offset are dynamically_uniform
2a61a8d95a8 : bin/symbols-check: explain C++ symbols workaround
20e12d9ef4e : turnip: implement CmdDrawIndirectByteCountEXT
6cf87d777a2 : turnip: enable VK_EXT_index_type_uint8
52da27aedee : turnip: refactor CmdDraw* functions (and a few fixes)
98b0d900474 : turnip: rework streamout state and add missing counter buffer read/writes
99eecd3775d : docs: add planning for 20.2
3f04914713b : docs: add some padding to the release calendar
ade7c3338ae : ci: remove some freedreno a6xx skips
012b7aab260 : driconf: add workarounds for SPECviewperf13
ca719c6e303 : glsl,driconf: add allow_glsl_120_subset_in_110 for SPECviewperf13
f8e8701cf1b : radeonsi: replace ctx->screen with sscreen in si_flush_gfx_cs
470b319813b : radeonsi: don't wait for idle at the end of gfx IBs
57606c2ab5c : gitlab-ci: stop testing RADV with LLVM
0aca04afa58 : aco: fix printing ASM on GFX6-7 again
e0518800a12 : gitlab-ci: Update CTS runner
287bf5f2088 : gitlab-ci: Test virgl with Khronos' OpenGL CTS
2102d5eda52 : gitlab-ci: Add manual tests for Virgl using GLES on the host
4417e924bf7 : gitlab-ci: Run more dEQP tests for virgl
a2d7f4fe5a5 : glthread: handle ARB_vertex_attrib_binding
66c2c9c6a95 : glthread: rename non_vbo_attrib_mask -> user_buffer_mask, attribs -> buffers
2bf425431d8 : glapi: fix incorrect param names in ARB_vertex_attrib_binding functions
2b8b62c55bb : ac/nir: fix 64-bit division for GL CTS
3fec2f67c3d : radeonsi: compact MRTs to save PS export memory space
6ac99b9f39d : anv: Bump the advertised patch version to 145
a9ee1b9cf95 : vulkan: Update Vulkan XML and headers to 1.2.145
677c1bd0559 : docs: cat maintainer keys to a single file
b4335aaf0ed : docs: drop deleted file from extra sphinx files
c72832e83c6 : anv: Make use of devinfo has_aux_map field
8c36936832b : iris: Make use of devinfo has_aux_map field
4be31ebb615 : gitlab-ci: drop gettext from the build images
04e8eaf4e82 : util: rename xmlpool.h to driconf.h
2ef983dca61 : driconf: drop now unused translation facility
b1f647a3b4c : driconf: drop 9% swedish translation
0a19565592a : driconf: drop 8% dutch translation
56d76859fa5 : driconf: drop 6% french translation
a029eafba36 : driconf: drop 26% spanish translation
29ee6f6c6a1 : driconf: drop 15% german translation
ae7759eb210 : driconf: drop 28% catalan translation
6e24047573f : zink: use correct define value for reserved slot count in ntv
c323e0ddf3d : intel/dev: Add device info for DG1
37a724e4ae0 : anv/dg1: Don't use SET_TILING kernel uapi.
e6588354360 : iris/bufmgr: Do not use map_gtt or use set/get_tiling on DG1
762e601f776 : intel/devinfo: Add function to check for DRM_I915_GEM_GET_TILING.
86617c08cc9 : intel/l3: Return the URB size from devinfo for DG1
793b4092416 : intel/isl: Update mocs for DG1
3daa8667512 : intel/l3: Add DG1 L3 configuration
633dec7163e : anv: Set L3 full way allocation at context init if L3 cfg is NULL
e2e0521ecbb : iris/l3: Enable L3 full way allocation when L3 config is NULL
6054b24f584 : intel/l3: Allow platforms to have no l3 configurations
49fe43e15fd : intel/l3: Don't rely on cfg entry URB size being 0 as a sentinal
f1fba99695f : intel/devinfo: Add is_dg1 to device info
64ccb740281 : turnip: Enable tessellationShader physical device feature
497671be35f : ir3: Unconditionally enable MERGEDREGS on a6xx
7a836ec6319 : turnip: Force sysmem for tessellation
2718353b381 : turnip: Support tess for draws
08aaa3d4c46 : turnip: Emit HS/DS user consts as draw states
8cb226b2588 : turnip: Update VFD_CONTROL with tess system values
f08a80dcd49 : turnip: Allocate tess BOs as a function of draw size
eefdca2e2f5 : turnip: Parse tess state and support PATCH primtype
ff16e72545b : turnip: Offset by component when lowering gl_TessLevel*
b09e690f3b7 : turnip: Lower shaders for tessellation
d2df0761200 : nir: Add an option for lowering TessLevelInner/Outer to vecs
d2d4677b56e : nir: Support sysval tess levels in SPIR-V to NIR
ffc4d82438d : v3d: Disable PIPE_CAP_PRIMITIVE_RESTART
1fc346d2bec : mesa: Add PrimitiveRestartFixedIndex to gl_constants
bb5fc90135f : gallium: Add pipe cap for primitive restart with fixed index
bcf6a9ec635 : nv50/ir/ra: fix memory corruption when spilling
b8c77d4765d : nv50/ir/ra: convert some for loops to Range-based for loops
361fb38662f : panfrost: Copy resources when mapping to avoid waiting for readers
65b3b08aaf4 : panfrost: Update sampler views when the texture bo changes
96300120609 : panfrost: RGBA4 and RGB5_A1 framebuffer support
b96d4449f44 : pan/mdg: Fix max_comp calculation for constant printing
5b351c801e0 : pan/decode: Add missing wrap modes
e219f045923 : pan/decode: Fix helper invocations when tracing
97318994bcc : r600/sfn: Don't set num_components on TESS sysvalue intrinsics
43c23ba9bff : r600/sfn: Add support for shared atomics
033968a94ea : r600/sfn: Add lowering pass for shared IO
14591a45b73 : nv50/ir/nir: rework CFG handling
8af22703e90 : nv50/ir/nir: rework input output handling
c31d711913e : nv50/ir/nir: handle clip vertex for tess eval shaders
636cf22a1f4 : nv50/ir/nir: don't emit a restart with set a stream_id
cc71fccb754 : nvc0: enable spirv caps with nir
e476629853b : nv50/ir/nir: fix nv_viewport_array2
984e930b2fc : nv50/ir/nir: fix ext_demote_to_helper_invocation
b78c3375904 : nv50/ir/print: add missing VIEWPORT_MASK handling
aecca24d03a : nv50/ir/nir: add workaround for double vertex attribs
83d2a73b73a : aco: improve validation checks for readlane/writelane
f03a5f6cac9 : radv/aco: implement logic64 instead of lowering
9a389322c44 : nir: slight correction to cube_face_coord constant folding
c95d258d1bc : aco: fix printing ASM on GFX6-7 if clrxdisasm is not found
053df9bd8f2 : v3d: Let scheduler know GS doesn’t have shared I/O memory
ed29b576cbc : nir/scheduler: Add an option to specify what stages share memory for I/O
28e3209985f : nir/schedule: Store a pointer to the scoreboard in nir_deps_state
0a18c935e15 : v3d: Remove unused member of v3d_compile
df8dc30cea7 : nir/scheduler: Handle nir_intrinsic_load_per_vertex_input
281f777433f : gv100/ir: fix OP_TXG for shadow textures
42b9aa5f5c7 : gv100/ir: fix shift lowering
a5445010e46 : gv100/ir: fix atom cas
eb6c546493b : freedreno/a4xx: simplify setup_slices
6c92a4004cc : freedreno/a4xx: restore pitch to bytes change to layout code
2cc51b0dfff : vulkan/wsi: Really terminate DRM lease in wsi_release_display().
82815bc9803 : freedreno/ir3: split ubo analysis/lowering passes
e0f93f68986 : freedreno/ir3: splitup get_existing_range()
f2226acd744 : freedreno/ir3: split out ubo info from range
0c32403c733 : turnip: remove unnecessary OVERFLOW_FLAG_REG check
df2e54f7d4c : freedreno/a6xx: remove unnecessary OVERFLOW_FLAG_REG check
ffecaedf697 : freedreno/a6xx: VSC "STRM_ARRAY_PITCH" is "STRM_LIMIT"
c977567db65 : radv: enable radv_no_dynamic_bounds for more Path of Exile executables
08f64f91d12 : gallium/util: add missing include
2d6059d8877 : gallium/util: limit STACK_LEN on Windows
e6fa8ed9685 : graw/gdi: do not depend on UNICODE macro
eda68414205 : gallium/os: call "ANSI" version of GetCommandLine
04f77595f0b : intel/compiler: Always apply sample mask on Vulkan.
19b2ac2bb9e : radv: enable radv_no_dynamic_bounds for Path of Exile
f4a643f65e3 : radv: add new drirc option radv_no_dynamic_bounds
3915b56e39c : iris: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2305ab69382 : iris: Refactor modifier_is_supported for gen12
c19492bcdb9 : iris: Handle importing aux-enabled surfaces on TGL
4ed6e43988e : gallium/dri2: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
b25fedeff99 : isl/drm: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
9dea3e1b477 : iris: Use ISL_AUX_USAGE_GEN12_CCS_E on gen12
230952c2101 : iris: Don't support sRGB + Y_TILED_CCS on gen9
db5d98cde82 : intel: Add ISL_AUX_USAGE_GEN12_CCS_E
d9f7fce83c1 : ci: Enable NIR validation on a630 GLES2 and VK tests.
6ee80d8e0cf : ci: Bump vulkan CTS to
f8961ea0865 : iris: Disable sRGB fast-clears for non-0/1 values
48a3f4c44b6 : iris: Avoid fast-clear with incompatible view
fbbf79377bc : iris: Remove the CCS_D fallback
e533232d8c8 : iris: Drop can_fast_clear_color's format parameter
7b7d28ed6de : docs: move "stable" tag explanation next to `Fixes:`
a096d410941 : docs: move `Fixes:` tag explanation to its own section
7488d491072 : docs: make it clear that the tags needs to be in the commit message
731465192a9 : docs: reword a sentence a bit
5d27d5eb614 : docs: add some formatting to the "backport merge request" option
0e4eb7b86d9 : docs: prefer `Fixes:` over `Cc: mesa-stable`
8fd98931235 : docs: drop `git sendemail` instructions
a29a1588b1c : docs: reword "sending a patch revision" to "updating a merge request"
fdebba27709 : docs: stop considering `Cc: mesa-stable` as an email address
b1a98a1107a : freedreno/a6xx: Set index buffer size to bo size
2580e4f9210 : freedreno/a6xx: Don't write REG_A6XX_RB_SRGB_CNTL in restore
77c50891b65 : anv: Use resolve_device_entrypoint for dispatch init
e94a122642f : docs: suggest alternative installation methods for meson
cca9aa4dfd5 : turnip: Fill out VkPhysicalDeviceSubgroupProperties
292ade3c9d2 : zink: use int assignment for vk int type
8f11cc4cad7 : freedreno/ir3: move output_loc to variant
640ff0e847f : freedreno/ir3: move const_state back to variant
00926954c30 : freedreno/ir3: un-embed const_state
ab74b792d4b : freedreno/ir3: move num_reserved_user_consts out of const_state
74140c2e859 : freedreno/ir3: convert over to ralloc
6039d083f78 : freedreno/ir3: pass variant to ir3_create()
65660622a1f : ir3: Split out variant-specific lowering and optimizations
f4654c458f8 : freedreno/ir3: constify shader key
91ed8b7fe37 : freedreno/ir3: drop shader->num_ubos
70fbd48b3a8 : freedreno/ir3: move ubo_state into const_state
a8b995c055f : freedreno/a6xx: defer userconst cmdstream size calculation
bd55533f5b0 : freedreno/ir3: add accessor for const_state
1e8808a4a0f : freedreno/ir3: refactor out helper to compile shader from asm
b6db703e0f0 : st/mesa: make texture views inherit compressed_data storage
993c64e6fe7 : ac/llvm: load 1 byte at a time if unaligned on gfx10
bddfbfcb561 : r600/sfn: Handle memory_barrier
34e15cd610c : r600/sfn: Take SSBO buffer ID offset into account
5aef9ea2a3c : r600/sfn: Add support for reading cube image array dim.
e458683a525 : r600/sfn: Add support for image_size
249dbcb769b : r600/sfn: Add imageio support
b303540c48c : r600/sfn: lower image derefs
2ac5cce1a13 : radv: require LLVM 11+ for GFX 10.3 if not using ACO
dc698fb5dc3 : radv: add support for Sienna Cichlid
8c144482ea1 : aco: replace == GFX10 with >= GFX10 where it's needed
3c28438094b : radv: replace == GFX10 with >= GFX10 where it's needed
1f871062764 : intel/tools: Add assembler tests for the cr0 register
e573f21edd3 : intel/tools: Disallow control subregisters > 3
cc6fc963f02 : intel/tools: Require explicit regions/types for special regs
9feb6302f93 : intel/tools: Drop srctype from ipreg
27557e71102 : intel/tools: Remove unnecessary reg number checking
f8110226baa : turnip: move enum translation functions to a common header
f7cc7079b0d : aco: use the same regclass as the definition for undef phi operands
897a47d8477 : aco: fix edge check with sub-dword temporaries
747e808697c : mesa/main: fix inverted condition
4bc5110eea2 : nv50/ir/nir: remove image uniform hack
c0bbca5c230 : nv50/ir/nir: handle image atomic inc and dec
3af27bb7de6 : nv50/ir/nir: move away from image_deref intrinsics
feb83f2f822 : nir/lower_images: handle dec and inc
43faa9ebb1c : nir/lower_images: fix for array of arrays
e35e0307cb6 : st/mesa: lower images when needed
365d0aa6c54 : aco: shrink mad_info
917260710f6 : aco: make ssa_info::label 64-bit
47ca84a96d7 : aco: shrink ssa_info
19983d3d4aa : radeon/vcn: bump vcn3.0 encode major version to 1
2be131f538c : radeon/vcn/enc: Re-write PPS encoding for HEVC
9d5d4f9eaac : radeon/vcn: add vcn 3.0 encode support
946c5c6b753 : radeon/vcn/dec: add db_aligned_height to message buffer
384195b041d : radeon/vcn: add Sienna to use internal register offset
909037b557c : radeon/vcn: reset the decode flags from message buffer
3817fa7a4d1 : aco: fix WQM handling in nested loops
8ce8895b69a : st/mesa: account for "loose", per-mipmap level textures in CopyImageSubData
9760a7ed913 : virgl: apply bgra dest swizzle and add Portal 2
c95b250a4c2 : turnip: set the API version
fa149b996d1 : radv: only requires LLVM 9 for GFX10 if not using ACO
4cf4fe9d821 : Revert "CI: Disable Panfrost Mali-T820 jobs"
4793c2bcb95 : Revert "CI: Disable Lima jobs due to lab unhealthiness"
70cc80805ce : radv: compute CB_SHADER_MASK from the fragment shader outputs
b848d88059b : radv: make sure to set CB_SHADER_MASK correctly for internal CB operations
270eeb41052 : docs/features: remove driver-list for forward-compatible context
eab3cabb9de : docs/features: update ARB_texture_buffer_object line
2a6a21ceb31 : docs/features: mark GL3 as complete for zink
c4aa64b4c34 : radv: lower discards to demote to workaround a RDR2 game bug
34499de5b37 : glsl_to_nir: fix vote_any/vote_all
c9976f5e4ab : glsl_to_nir: fix shader_clock
8505e6757b2 : glsl_to_nir: fix is_helper_invocation
f94ba1555d4 : spirv: drop some dead code
f43a2cd1d96 : spirv: atomic_counter_read_deref is not vectorized
0a84d22bf2b : turnip: fix renderpass gmem configs when there are too many attachments
b6b98e95106 : turnip: fix a sample shading case
ff2efd095e5 : turnip: fix a crash when rasterizerDiscardEnable is set
31a66cbe5d9 : docs: remind release maintainers to sign the tarballs and publish their key
c75e46f6d60 : docs: publish our release maintainers' keys
1d54fb5b2b5 : freedreno/ir3: update obsolete comment
5baf430261d : freedreno/computerator: MERGEDREGS update
0e0d4daa5b1 : turnip: set .MERGEDREGS based on variant
c6632c087d3 : freedreno/a6xx: set .MERGEREGS based on variant
1cc4cf141a8 : freedreno/ir3: make mergedregs a property of the variant
c052087038c : freedreno/ir3: re-work assembler API
ffe62e1b6c5 : freedreno/ir3: pass variant to postsched
38df3f899da : freedreno/ir3: decouple regset from gpu gen
47decc88c2b : freedreno/ir3: move mergedreg state out of reg
46cdcf590b8 : freedreno/ir3: convert regmask_t to struct
d53dc6c3768 : freedreno/fdl6: rework layout code a bit (reduce linear align to 64 bytes)
3a9ab3b6e96 : freedreno/a6xx: FETCHSIZE is PITCHALIGN
6269405a2ba : virgl: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
526910e8faa : svga: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
9ca2a4e6fc9 : freedreno: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec