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Understanding Android Device Management Complexities

With the proliferation of mobile devices in enterprises (including Android), MDM (Mobile Device Management) platforms became widely used to secure enterprise data and infrastructure and authenticate access to enterprise resources securely. MDM slowly evolved to UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) to manage all enterprise endpoints such…

4 Key Features Redefining The Kiosk Experience For Your Customers

Wherever you go today, a favorite coffee place, fast-food chain, even checking in at the airport, the chances are that you’ll interact with digital kiosks at least once. More than ever customers are appreciating the ease of using self-service features. Research indicates 60 percent of…

Get your fleet of devices to listen to you on the fly using Esper. Here’s how!

Today’s mobile device management (MDM) platforms, as you know, severely limit their ability to build and test applications — especially for Android devices. The problem lies with limitations to the functionality exposed through the GUI of the vendor’s dashboard or console, that prevents developers from…

What is Device Management?

With rapid development in mobile and cloud technology and the boost of Internet services in various businesses, smartphones and tablets provide the flexibility for employees to perform their work anywhere. But this comes with considerable risk of data security and privacy issues. Enterprises have started…

How to Use Esper APIs to Automate Your Device Deployment

In today’s API economy, everything is about getting to market faster and gaining the first-movers advantage. Multiple updates and code releases daily, put pressure on brands and products to deliver value at the speed-of-the market. So, when your code release is behind schedule, no one…

What Are Dedicated Devices and Why Do They Matter?

“The goal of the machine is to create a setting where the users can get into a state of deep human flourishing—creating work that’s at the absolute extent of their personal abilities”

The Esper APIs – Turn App and Device Management into Code

Any enterprise managing a device fleet would know the challenges of juggling all the balls – security, budgeting, development, data loss, user experience, and more.

Why Esper?

Corporate-owned dedicated devices with touchscreens are becoming more ubiquitous than ever. They are used by enterprises to interact directly with customers and workforces. They are networked and deployed across a variety of spaces, channels, and verticals. Common examples include point-of-sale systems, restaurant ordering devices, logistics…