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About the Android Bytes podcast

Android Bytes (powered by is the podcast that dives deep into the engineering and business decisions behind the world’s most popular OS.

Android powers over 3 billion devices worldwide and is the platform of choice for over a thousand companies. You’ll find Android on smartphones, tablets, watches, TV, cars, kiosks, and so much more. How does Google architect Android to run on so many form factors, and how do companies fork AOSP to make it run on even more devices? These are the kinds of questions the Android Bytes podcast considers each episode.

Join cohosts Mishaal Rahman and David Ruddock, two journalists with extensive knowledge covering the Android OS platform and ecosystem, as they speak to system architects, kernel engineers, app developers, and other distinguished experts in the Android space.

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Ready to listen? You can listen to the Android Bytes podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, or RSS. Follow Android Bytes on Twitter for updates on the podcast.

Our music is “19” by HOME and is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

About the hosts

David is the Editor in Chief of Esper and cohosts Android Bytes. He spent over 10 years as the Editor in Chief of Android Police, where he reviewed more phones than he’d care to admit, broke dozens of exclusive mobile industry stories (and also, phones), and ran one of the web’s most vibrant Android communities.
Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Mishaal is the Senior Technical Editor at Esper and a cohost of Android Bytes. While Editor in Chief at XDA-Developers, Mishaal was at the forefront of Android tech journalism, breaking story after story on new OS features and platform changes.
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Episode archive

Episode #TitleTopic(s)Guest(s)Publish date
30What is a passkey and why should you care?Passkeys, FIDO Alliance, WebAuthn, FIDO2 credentialChristiaan Brand, Product Manager on Identity and Security at Google

Tim Cappalli, Identity Standards Architect at Microsoft
29The hidden challenges in porting AOSPDevice bring-up, Project Treble, Android on x86, Generic Kernel Image, AOSPJon West, Senior Android Framework Software Developer Engineer at Esper

Nikhil Punathil, Innovation Labs Lead Engineer/Manager at Esper
28The hidden costs of building an Android phoneFCC certification, IP ratings, pre-production, VoLTE, carriersJason Keats, CEO of OSOM Privacy

Gary Anderson, CPO of OSOM Privacy
27The mystery of Google Play Services: Android’s black boxGoogle Play Services, microGMarvin Wißfeld, developer of microG10/04/2022
26How Play Protect secures GMS Android from harmful appsGoogle Play Protect, App Defense Alliance, Potentially Harmful Application, Mobile Bundled ApplicationBrian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer at NowSecure09/08/2022
25The rise of Android gaming phonesAndroid gaming, game development, cooling, ROG Phone, Android Game Mode, Android Game DashboardChih-hao Kung, Global Technical PR Director for ASUS08/30/2022
24How to distribute apps on Android without Google PlayGMS, Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Accrescent, APK, APK Signature Scheme, Android App BundleLogan Magee, developer of Accrescent08/01/2022
23How Scoped Storage changed Android file accessInternal storage, external storage, FUSE, SDCardFS, Scoped Storage, Storage Access Framework, MediaStoreRaymond Lai, developer on Team Amaze07/25/2022
22How Android updates have gotten easier (but are still hard)BSP, Generic Kernel Image, Project Treble, Google Requirements Freeze, Solana Saga, Solana Mobile StackJason Keats, CEO of OSOM Privacy

Gary Anderson, CPO of OSOM Privacy
21The OSOM effort behind building an Android phoneOSOM, Solana Saga, CDD, MADA, xTS, 3PLJason Keats, CEO of OSOM Privacy

Gary Anderson, CPO of OSOM Privacy
20A snapshot of Android’s camera problemCamera2 API, CameraX API, Camera HAL 3Mohit Shetty, developer of Secure Camera07/05/2022
19The curious case of the removable eSIMSIM cards, eSIM, UICC, OMAPIChristos Omiridis, Executive Partner at TelcoVillage06/21/2022
18How Android could replace your driver’s licenseDigital identity, mobile driver’s licenses, Identity CredentialDavid Kelts, director of product development at GET Group NA05/23/2022
17Why Android app development is easier (and harder) in 2022Android app development, Jetpack, AndroidX, Jetpack Compose, Google Play, GMSLaurence Dawson, developer of Sync for Reddit05/09/2022
16How to optimize Android for low RAM hardwareRAM, virtual memory, Project Svelte, Android Go EditionNolen Johnson, security consultant at DirectDefense & developer at LineageOS

Sean Hoyt, developer on OpenWatch and LineageOS
15How Wear OS brings Android to your wristWear OS, Android Wear, AOSPSean Hoyt, developer on OpenWatch

Greg Viczian, developer of Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher
14How does Esper build on Android with Foundation?AOSP, Android Enterprise, MDM, GMSVarun Chitre, engineering manager at Esper04/18/2022
13How to make Android (AOSP) without GoogleCalyxOS, AOSP, GMSChirayu Desai, lead developer at CalyxOS04/11/2022
12Android Auto deep dive: Wireless, reverse engineering, and moreAndroid Auto, Android AutomotiveEmil-Borconi Szedressy, co-creator of AAWireless and developer of Headunit Reloaded04/04/2022
11The secret world of Android SafetyNetSafetyNet Attestation, bootloader, rooting, MagiskDanny Lin, developer of Universal SafetyNet Fix

Sergio Castell, mobile security analyst at Riscure
10Is it too late for Android on the desktop?Desktop mode, DisplayPort, multitasking, docking, taskbarJuan Carlos Bagnell, content creator at SomeGadgetGuy

Braden Farmer, developer of Taskbar
9Building a more secure OS based on AndroidGrapheneOS, bootloader, Verified Boot, GMS, AOSP, securityGabe, security researcher at GrapheneOS03/14/2022
8The past, present, and future of Android tabletsTablets, Android 12L, and Android 13JR Raphael, journalist at Android Intelligence03/11/2022
7Will Google’s latest attempt at fixing Android updates work?Google Requirements Freeze, Project TrebleRashed Abdel-Tawab, product manager at CIS Mobile & director at LineageOS03/01/2022
6The hidden world of Android permissionsAndroid’s permissions model, GMS, securityJoão Dias, developer of Tasker

Ilya, developer on OpenGApps
5Android 13: First look and reactionsAndroid 13João Dias, developer of Tasker02/15/2022
4How Android “listens” to you with ultra low power sensorsContext Hub Runtime Environment (CHRE), nanoappsKieron Quinn, developer of Tap, Tap02/10/2022
3The Android launcher is much more powerful than you thinkLauncher3Kevin Barry, developer of Nova Launcher02/04/2022
2The Android 13 Teaser EpisodeAndroid 1301/26/2022
1Android on TVs without Android TVAndroid TV, Google TVNolen Johnson, security consultant at DirectDefense &  developer at LineageOS

Janko Roettgers, journalist at Protocol
BonusYour next car could run AndroidAndroid AutomotiveAl Sutton, CTO at Snapp Automotive

Juhani Lehtimäki, CEO at Snapp Automotive