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Building Pipelines on the Esper Console

Esper pipeline

Chances are, you have a rapidly iterating application, and it’s updated frequently as your team builds new features for your customers. To scale constant, agile innovation, ​​you need a defined static method for rolling out new application versions to your large and potentially varied device fleet. 

With Esper Pipelines, you can easily configure your device fleet workflow. You can configure your deployment flow once. Then, each time you can define a job that’s specific for each app update. This DevOps process enables the completion of actions (such as sending updates and security patches) by providing a way to automate them. 

Using CI/CD Pipelines, you will define the stages through which the actions must be completed and the events that trigger each of those stages. For example, Pipelines can push application updates to the targeted devices after first testing with a small set of devices, reducing the potential for failure.

Advantages of Building Pipelines on the Esper Console

You can find the documentation on Pipeline here. Watch out for the following blog on the execution of Pipelines via API. In the meantime, please reach out to the Esper team if you have any questions.