So, here’s the thing: Esper cares about Android. Not just our version of Android, but the ecosystem at large. What happens to Android also affects us, and oftentimes nuances in the operating system mean changes on our end, too. And that’s why today, I’m excited to announce a new venue to personally share those Android insights with you every week: The Android Edge newsletter.

I’m Cam, and those who have been around the Android scene may remember me from my time at Android Police many years ago, or perhaps more recently from my time at How-to Geek, and then later as Editor in Chief of Review Geek. Coming back to a focus on Android feels like coming home to me, and I’m absolutely stoked to be able to put this newsletter together every week.

This is a newsletter for Android professionals, enthusiasts, developers, and anyone else who cares about Android as a larger technology and platform. It’s our way of giving something back to the Android community by collecting the biggest, best, and most important stories of the week all in one place.

This is about a lot more than just re-sharing, though, so we’ll offer our expert takes on stories, too. Mishaal Rahman, who needs no introduction but you probably know of as the former Editor-in-Chief of XDA Developers, also has an exclusive column called “Android Dessert Bites” that you’ll only get in The Android Edge newsletter. Here, Mishaal will offer his unique and incredibly insightful perspectives on the week’s most important technical stories for developers, engineers, and power users. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from Android Dessert Bites:

  • Android Dessert Bites #1: Android 12’s broken API (that Google told no one about), crashing games because of Material You, and “phantom process” restrictions might break things for power users.
  • Android Dessert Bites #2: How to track screen-on time metrics in Android 12, picking your own Material You color scheme, and Android TV tweaks for a cleaner home screen.
  • Android Dessert Bites #3: The long road to 64-bit-only Android (and how next-gen processors are going to help).

Alight, that’s all you get. To see more Android Dessert Bites, you’ll need to subscribe! (There’s a box to the left if you don’t want to click the link.)

Note: The original name of The Android Edge newsletter was “Android at Work,” which is why you’ll see that name referenced in the first two Android Dessert Bites columns.

You can also expect other exclusive content, and we’ll continue to add more as time goes on. Think giveaways, podcast clips, interviews, and more. 

Cool. But why a newsletter?

That’s a great question. Newsletters are such a fantastic way to offer something unique to readers who care about the same things we do. It also allows us to share thoughts, insights, and unique perspectives on all the Android news that you already care about and shine some light on why things may be more important (or less!) than you might realize.

It’s about doing our part to take care of the Android community, and allowing you to be a part of what we’re building. That’s what Android is about, after all.

I don’t want a ton of emails — how often are you sending this thing?

We’re definitely not going to spam you with a bunch of emails you didn’t ask for. The Android Edge will be released weekly — every Friday at 5:00 AM PST/8:00 AM EST, you’ll get the latest issue directly in your inbox. Read it with breakfast. Or before breakfast. Or with dinner if you work the graveyard shift. Or with dinner even if you don’t work the graveyard shift. That’s the best thing about newsletters, really — you can read them whenever you want.

But here’s our promise to you: we’ll never sell your email address. Your privacy is important to us, and this newsletter is for the community; not our way of collecting email addresses to use as collateral. You won’t get anything else from us, either. Ever.

How do I sign up?

So, you’re in? Nice. If you’re on desktop, hit the box to the left and drop in your email address. On mobile, head over to The Android Edge landing page. From there, we’ll do the rest. We hope you enjoy and find value in this newsletter. Our virtual door is always open to feedback and suggestions, too. If you want to chat about it, hit us up at