Devin Miller is the co-founder and CEO of SecureSave, an employer-matched emergency savings account that enables employees to feel more financially secure. A veteran start-up executive, Devin joins the show to discuss his latest company SecureSave and how it’s changing what financial security looks like. He explains the best ways to enable your innovations from devices to agile processes like DevOps to focused product development. He shares his personal framework for fostering innovation, and how falling in love with the problem and turning creativity into a muscle have contributed to his repeated success. This episode is full of memorable sports analogies, insights into the high-stakes world of FinTech, and steal-worthy advice.

  • 0:59– What SecureSave does and what makes it unique
  • 7:38– What drives adoption for SecureSave
  • 10:15– Devin’s entrepreneurial framework
  • 16:32– FinTech trends
  • 23:52– Best practices for software development

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