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About the There’s a Device for That podcast

Discover the unprecedented device-based solutions changing the world around us.

There’s A Device For That! showcases the unprecedented device-based solutions changing the world around us and bringing to life experiences we once didn’t think possible. In each episode, our host, Sudhir Reddy, chats with an industry leader driving cutting-edge technology, such as line-busting devices, AI-enabled doorbells, and next-generation connectivity solutions, to explore what kind of impact they’re making and what’s in store for the future. Join us to uncover the progressive ideas transforming our daily lives, from how we work to how we play to how we connect.

There’s A Device For That! is brought to you by Esper, the industry’s first DevOps platform for device fleets.

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About the host

Sudhir Reddy

Sudhir is the Senior VP of Engineering at Esper and the main host of our show. He’s a hands-on technologist who has built and scaled global engineering teams for leading enterprises worldwide. He prides himself on being an empathic leader who passionately cares about customer success, product quality, and engineering excellence. With over 26 years of experience, Sudhir brings a unique blend of business acumen, product innovation, and DevOps insights to the show.

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Episode archive

Episode #TitleGuestsPublish date
19Enhancing UX with evidence-based, user-centric designByron Baker, Blink UX5/30/2023
18Error-proof age verification in less than a secondRon Tobb, Minor Decliner5/9/2023
17Unlock human behavior with smart flooringJoe Scanlin, Scanalytics5/2/2023
16The best video invention since DVDsJoe Saavedra, Infinite Objects4/25/2023
15Why your kid’s new best friend should be a robotPhil Duffy, Embodied4/18/2023
14Modernizing the convenience store experienceTom Falzani, Lula Convenience4/11/2023
13Revolutionizing fleet safety with driver-centric technologyRashid Galadanci, Driver Technologies4/4/2023
12Leveling the playing field for independent pizzerias Robin Mast, Slice3/28/2023
11Cultivating senior wellness with remote client monitoringDan Brown, CareMate3/21/2023
10Cultivating operational excellence in RestaurantsCarl Osbourn, Delivering the Digital Restaurant (author); Brian Reece and Steve Crowley, Service Physics9/20/2022
09The secret to enterprise fleet transformationYadhu Gopalan, Esper9/6/2022
08Recalibrating the fitness experienceVishal Chandapetta, Portl Fitness8/30/2022
07Keep the music playingKelsey Tempel, SONOS8/23/2022
06A Fitbit for your drivingRashid Galadanci, Driver Technologies7/26/2022
05An eSIM platform to rule them allRobby Hamblet, Teal Communications7/12/2022
04Started from a family deli, now we’re hereArpan Desai, Ordermark7/5/2022
03If it doesn’t work for Susie, it doesn’t workRay Riley, Progress Retail6/28/2022
02Solve the leading cause of employee stressDevin Miller, SecureSave6/21/2022
01Inviting devices to the DevOps partyAndy Vitus, Scale VP6/14/2022