android-12.0.0_r1 to android-12.1.0_r1 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

94e2fc9465 : Allow PROT_EXEC on the zygote mappings when falling back to ashmem
c95b630423 : Change order of creation of JIT mappings.
2174ba31df : Better isolate standalone ART gtests on device.
c57043bb4b : Revert "Add standalone ART gtests to `TEST_MAPPING` group `presubmit`."
1eb37aaa03 : Revert "Add standalone ART gtests to `TEST_MAPPING` group `mainline-presubmit`."
7425a437de : Always check for an exception after a class lookup.
8b27ea0005 : Update .oat version after disabling partial LSE.
86be262a3d : Temporarily disable partial LSE.
020c79e5f2 : Update .oat version after disabling partial LSE.
a5f978ceb3 : Temporarily disable partial LSE.
9c70cdb384 : Partial LSE: handle all kinds of infinite loops.
4667b35dbf : vdex: add checks in the event of file corruption.
b2e6ae0e8b : Add a lock contention palette hook.
0cbb59743f : Allow visibility on libdexfile for all libdexfile_support users.
8992f92aab : Replace weak-ref access disable checkpoint with STW pause
d4da905ba1 : Do not acquire runtime_shutdown_lock_ in Abort()
1363c1bf72 : Improve suspension timeout diagnostic and fix race
d971d7e576 : Fix missing MsToNs in profile saver.
fe2bf98275 : Fix
8bc28c2d00 : sigchain: print ucontext in fatal error log
1aad2846e1 : Revert "Make ClassLinker::DumpForSigQuit exclude gc"
883e103f04 : Revert "Make ClassLinker::DumpForSigQuit exclude gc"
7ad05b4fd5 : Add `Sdk31ModuleController` support to more ART run-tests.
0d1c54de4f : Add `Sdk31ModuleController` support to ART run-tests and gtests.
56c3360200 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Initial layout of ART Service files"
64566ceb6b : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Initial commit of the test code for ART Service"
7e09760733 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Add the artd binary to the ART APEX"
622afc2e57 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Revert change to target name"
37eea8c707 : Revert "Remove obsolete TestApiEnforcementPolicy."
4db6d2d908 : Revert "Remove obsolete TestApiEnforcementPolicy."
35786c435a : Fix moving GC bugs introduced in latest nterp change.
da2b15e0d0 : Revert "Refactor code in mterp and nterp to handle all cases of missing class."
fa3923d432 : Revert "Improve invokeinterface for nterp."
6a5fdbd2a7 : Revert "Improve mirror::String implementation."
f25ba86da8 : Revert "Improve libcore_util_CharsetUtils performance."

+- Project: platform/bionic

1ec094683 : Regression test for scudo crash in resizeTaggedChunk.
ddff5095d : Revert "Soft-enable MAC address restrictions with allowlist."

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

1b3dcb85 : Suppression of socket connect from minadbd (CL 2/2)
273fcaba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
b5588357 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
8ad8fdd9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
3ae846f0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
f72ec50b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
be104c16 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
07d67c1e : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
85d7266a : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
4541d3c7 : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
855803fd : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
187a6ec5 : Do not write past end of inotify event structure.
76eeeea9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
2a849830 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
42bb37b4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
51a86406 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
24f04c87 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
37b9409b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
a35e25c4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
6402ec57 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE

+- Project: platform/build

43eddfd0c9 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.012 [core/]
d43ab16bfa : Version bump to SP2A.220305.011 [core/]
bbf902dd76 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.010 [core/]
a1bb55d285 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.009 [core/]
e9c2a744ec : Version bump to SP2A.220305.008 [core/]
c889a3e348 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.007 [core/]
3af749508e : Version bump to SP2A.220305.006 [core/]
15195de714 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.005 [core/]
f075c0caa0 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.004 [core/]
15a5d7e90d : Version bump to SP2A.220305.003 [core/]
8fce641d2b : Version bump to SP2A.220305.002 [core/]
bc61779918 : Version bump to SP2A.220305.001 [core/]
219905477d : Version bump to SP2A.220117.002 [core/]
4169443230 : Version bump to SP2A.220113.002 [core/]
16caffd2e7 : Update Security String to 2022-03-05
dbca77790b : Update security string to 2022-02-01
1babda1463 : Update Security String to 2022-02-05
ba161e167c : Version bump to SP2A.211216.002 [core/]
fdbbcabca3 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2022-02-05
9e4ca8f63a : Version bump to SP2A.211209.002 [core/]
435f1cf390 : Version bump to SP2A.211208.002 [core/]
932c1eb44e : Version bump to SP2A.211206.002 [core/]
6e4c4dadb1 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2022-01-01
bef0d6d710 : Use prebuilts of the ART Module by default in SC branches.
702b8fdfe0 : sign_target_files_apks: adding --allow_gsi_debug_sepolicy
6e701a2cac : Stop building boot-(debug|with-debug-ramdisk)-*.img for GSI/GKI
8d2495319b : Refactor build logic of boot-debug & vendor_boot-debug
00fc943377 : Skip building boot-(test-harness|debug).img if not needed
ea4df1b901 : Update Security String to 2022-01-05
af5392280c : Update Security String to 2022-01-01
9e20227ea5 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2022-01-05
227d6711b1 : Version bump to SP2A.211122.002 [core/]
09a8ffe8ad : Version bump to SP2A.211119.002 [core/]
db0d3115ad : Version bump to SP2A.211118.003 [core/]
9f7a1aab56 : Version bump to SP2A.211118.002 [core/]
c401c44c38 : Version bump to SP2A.211117.003 [core/]
35aff849a6 : Version bump to SP2A.211117.002 [core/]
32d117dd52 : S V2 is now REL
5be855c250 : Revert platform version to 12
6eea9cc948 : Version bump to SP2A.211112.002 [core/]
c22937991f : Version bump to SP2A.211109.002 [core/]
24d3b88704 : S V2 is now 32
0765f765c5 : Version bump to SP2A.211102.003 [core/]
4010daa4bc : Version bump to SP2A.211102.002 [core/]
7984c154fb : Version bump to SP2A.211101.002 [core/]
51fb042cc2 : Use findstring to check MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE
3dd45cab17 : Merge "Allow compatibility suite also build a test list" am: 7fe5450be2 am: 30e367dbb4 am: 4d15c8b486
81f061b577 : Version bump to SP2A.211027.002 [core/]
e1c1354828 : Version bump to SP2A.211026.002 [core/]
7cec1d3e70 : DO NOT MERGE Disable the delete_all_keys feature for GSI
d6eb31d697 : Version bump to SP2A.211021.002 [core/]
636af52b42 : Version bump to SP2A.211020.002 [core/]
70713a7540 : Version bump to SP2A.211015.002 [core/]
16eff988ab : [DO NOT MERGE] Update SPL to 2021-12-05
9cba3016fe : Update SPL to 2021-12-05
3838a433ee : Version bump to SP2A.211011.002 [core/]
ec6022f2e5 : Update SPL to 2021-12-01
9f8c7a26cf : Version bump to SP2A.211005.002 [core/]
bf1f624889 : Version bump to SP2A.211001.002 [core/]
177cbf600d : Update and for SC QPR1
6487d1dfd7 : Update and for SC V2
64044dda3e : Version bump to SP2A.210924.002 [core/]
1509179e5b : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2021-11-05
bdb63576ff : Update Security String to 2021-11-01
0449bb97fa : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2021-11-05
ef1bcc1f9a : Revert "Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Set BUILD_ID=SC""
876a3c8934 : Roll-forward the VNDK snapshot list of GSI
f3055ad6a6 : Revert "Change function to check MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE"
32c048c379 : Change function to check MODULE_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE
e619b6d3ed : Version bump to SP1A.210812.015 [core/]
9187ecf7bd : Version bump to SP1A.210812.014 [core/]
3aa50b02bc : Revert "Update Security String to 2021-10-06"
1f04c4d3e7 : Revert "Update Security String to 2021-10-06"
757dc6997a : Update Security String to 2021-10-06
61275cd338 : Update Security String to 2021-10-06
1d75e88a96 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.011 [core/]
5d9a35d9dd : Version bump to SP1A.210812.010 [core/]
e4d924a377 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.009 [core/]
f442ccc133 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.008 [core/]
30191d9e87 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.007 [core/]
81699d0670 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.006 [core/]
e7a10a29da : Update Security String to 2021-10-05
eeed54febf : Version bump to SP1A.210812.004 [core/]
f54f3e8118 : Update Security String to 2021-10-01
6ccb50dd3a : Update Security String to 2021-10-01
91cbb67645 : Update Security String to 2021-10-05
22aa944637 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.003 [core/]
46800cac23 : Version bump to SP1A.210812.002 [core/]
bf70d0ba2a : Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Set BUILD_ID=SC"
ef0a516cc5 : Report Performance Test Metrics as JSON File
4e076edf51 : Version bump to SP2A.210805.002 [core/]
3ca7ebb490 : Version bump to SP1A.210805.002 [core/]
b3c7b25df4 : Remove S codename from sc-v2-dev
2a69b486cf : Update codename for sc-v2-dev to Sv2
74106be1d0 : Version bump to SP2A.210729.003 [core/]
fb3490f992 : Version bump to SP1A.210729.003 [core/]
01a5400d5e : Version bump to SP2A.210729.002 [core/]
8cb3aab588 : Version bump to SP1A.210729.002 [core/]
e7f2588ea1 : Version bump to SP2A.210723.002 [core/]
9def752d4a : Version bump to SP1A.210723.002 [core/]
1ab243f956 : Version bump to SP2A.210720.002 [core/]
a48fd8a874 : Version bump to SP1A.210720.002 [core/]
1de66c6746 : Version bump to SP2A.210719.002 [core/]
f6fe9850af : Version bump to SP1A.210719.002 [core/]
90957a21ae : Version bump to SP2A.210715.002 [core/]
e2f6abb61b : Version bump to SP1A.210715.002 [core/]
6537088637 : Version bump to SP2A.210712.002 [core/]
1ea46a571b : Version bump to SP1A.210712.002 [core/]
c982ce9c84 : Version bump to SP1A.210709.002 [core/]
b09f028e66 : Version bump to SP2A.210708.002 [core/]
ac054bc16d : Version bump to SP1A.210708.002 [core/]
6cb3b0cd7f : Version bump to SP1A.210702.002 [core/]
5dd384e874 : Version bump to SP2A.210701.002 [core/]
2a31d835b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210701.002 [core/]
68bd2bac16 : Version bump to SP2A.210630.003 [core/]
13264c4256 : Version bump to SP1A.210630.003 [core/]
678396c2ef : Version bump to SP2A.210630.002 [core/]
b3dc1854e4 : Version bump to SP1A.210630.002 [core/]
50005b411d : Version bump to SP2A.210628.002 [core/]
308b21f3f6 : Version bump to SP1A.210628.002 [core/]
6a9d9cbb1b : Version bump to SP1A.210624.002 [core/]
532284d92a : Version bump to SP2A.210624.002 [core/]
a49c42e1f1 : Version bump to SP2A.210622.002 [core/]
b09c61b85b : Version bump to SP1A.210622.002 [core/]
eee4bddad6 : Version bump to SP2A.210618.002 [core/]
996046d7f3 : Version bump to SP1A.210618.002 [core/]
259bc0bfa1 : Version bump to SP2A.210617.002 [core/]
59a9b55fa3 : Version bump to SP1A.210617.002 [core/]
d772582506 : Version bump to SP2A.210616.003 [core/]
00fe79ca8a : Version bump to SP1A.210616.003 [core/]
49cc59ce4b : Version bump to SP2A.210616.002 [core/]
e9f600b87c : Version bump to SP1A.210616.002 [core/]
fd4e64aee7 : Version bump to SP2A.210615.002 [core/]
3b85b84cfa : Version bump to SP1A.210615.002 [core/]
fb1ae6bb8e : Version bump to SP2A.210609.002 [core/]
fb3b0030fb : Version bump to SP1A.210609.002 [core/]
d23725bf22 : Version bump to SP2A.210607.002 [core/]
1e8ba2c27c : Version bump to SP1A.210607.002 [core/]
35fe99eea9 : Version bump to SP2A.210604.002 [core/]
e23b840f56 : Version bump to SP1A.210604.002 [core/]
4c8a9ad156 : Version bump to SP1A.210603.003 [core/]
cace713923 : Version bump to SP2A.210603.002 [core/]
11ef5e4f1b : Version bump to SP1A.210603.002 [core/]
e52d80bed7 : Version bump to SP2A.210602.003 [core/]
5efc593f08 : Version bump to SP1A.210602.003 [core/]
cd87435876 : Version bump to SP1A.210602.002 [core/]
46766cd127 : Version bump to SP2A.210602.002 [core/]
9d54e02b3d : Version bump to SP2A.210601.002 [core/]
b7292aa3b7 : Version bump to SP1A.210601.002 [core/]
65b9345128 : Version bump to SP1A.210527.004 [core/]
5e0bf6d81e : Version bump to SP2A.210527.002 [core/]
b776a6e4be : Version bump to SP1A.210527.003 [core/]
24900b96f7 : Version bump to SP1A.210527.002 [core/]
e1fc512bf2 : Version bump to SP2A.210526.002 [core/]
f7353997c9 : Version bump to SP1A.210526.002 [core/]
6d5366b58e : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Revert "Add the service-art JAR to the System Server classpath."
3151dc4a69 : Version bump to SP2A.210521.002 [core/]
feb8d97850 : Version bump to SP1A.210521.002 [core/]
17109c93d0 : Version bump to SP2A.210520.002 [core/]
7db20bc3da : Version bump to SP1A.210520.002 [core/]
16e5c68e66 : Version bump to SP2A.210519.002 [core/]
bea8a9ac9f : Version bump to SP1A.210519.002 [core/]
5c87bc7d7e : Version bump to SP1A.210518.002 [core/]
3a8423c47a : Version bump to SP2A.210518.002 [core/]
8210ce5fad : Version bump to SP2A.210517.002 [core/]
5241b2d1d4 : Version bump to SP1A.210517.002 [core/]
0cb602b4be : Version bump to SP1A.210513.004 [core/]
31b6ef70ed : Version bump to SP2A.210513.004 [core/]
7a95db61db : Version bump to SP1A.210513.003 [core/]
970614e6e7 : Version bump to SP2A.210513.003 [core/]
1e663a85a1 : Version bump to SP1A.210513.002 [core/]
646d0ae75b : Version bump to SP2A.210513.002 [core/]
88a9b0f695 : Version bump to SP2A.210512.002 [core/]
fdcb16fa5e : Version bump to SP1A.210512.002 [core/]
363d65a0df : Version bump to SP2A.210506.004 [core/]
945f7a0f06 : Version bump to SP1A.210506.004 [core/]
b1022f8f19 : Version bump to SP2A.210506.003 [core/]
151ddc3b21 : Version bump to SP1A.210506.003 [core/]
a1be760b1b : Version bump to SP1A.210506.002 [core/]
59d8ccfe24 : Version bump to SP2A.210506.002 [core/]
38526ca07a : Version bump to SP2A.210505.003 [core/]
b8bff4fe05 : Version bump to SP1A.210505.003 [core/]
4e6c9169be : Version bump to SP2A.210505.002 [core/]
110f227d23 : Version bump to SP1A.210505.002 [core/]
a2827718b3 : Version bump to SP2A.210504.002 [core/]
521f99e2b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210504.002 [core/]
d59153c2f1 : Version bump to SP1A.210503.002 [core/]
57db31e916 : Version bump to SP2A.210503.002 [core/]
372b8b634c : Version bump to SP2A.210430.002 [core/]
8d8bdd9526 : Version bump to SP1A.210430.002 [core/]
e6d711a219 : Version bump to SP2A.210429.005 [core/]
e211f2ead6 : Version bump to SP1A.210429.005 [core/]
041e3fc76f : Version bump to SP2A.210429.004 [core/]
ab7bcba14b : Version bump to SP1A.210429.004 [core/]
144934c153 : Version bump to SP2A.210429.003 [core/]
80df2197da : Version bump to SP1A.210429.003 [core/]
8dd8127a5f : Version bump to SP2A.210429.002 [core/]
a84694abfc : Version bump to SP1A.210429.002 [core/]
3bf9cda87a : Version bump to SP1A.210428.002 [core/]
50d56f3341 : Version bump to SP2A.210428.002 [core/]
03cc7d70e3 : Version bump to SP2A.210426.002 [core/]
e9f0aacad9 : Version bump to SP1A.210426.002 [core/]
67c3f38d3d : Version bump to SP1A.210422.002 [core/]
c5b64e2322 : Version bump to SP2A.210422.002 [core/]
22e7a4b5bf : Version bump to SP2A.210421.002 [core/]
46430dc196 : Version bump to SP1A.210421.002 [core/]
428b9e32fb : Version bump to SP2A.210420.002 [core/]
605d363214 : Version bump to SP1A.210420.002 [core/]
b755c6a074 : Version bump to SP2A.210419.002 [core/]
6fbdfd2782 : Version bump to SP1A.210419.002 [core/]
9119f628ae : Version bump to SP2A.210416.003 [core/]
60ab01e19d : Version bump to SP1A.210416.003 [core/]
77bcff4344 : Version bump to SP1A.210416.002 [core/]
72fdf7cb54 : Version bump to SP2A.210416.002 [core/]
081eb50f52 : Version bump to SP1A.210415.003 [core/]
f3dc7c754d : Version bump to SP2A.210415.003 [core/]
7e2361941f : Version bump to SP2A.210415.002 [core/]
dfe50c239a : Version bump to SP1A.210415.002 [core/]
92e1f6dc22 : Version bump to SP2A.210414.002 [core/]
172bb63f81 : Version bump to SP1A.210414.002 [core/]
4b56d26f7a : Version bump to SP2A.210412.002 [core/]
1b234b3ac1 : Version bump to SP1A.210412.002 [core/]
d06992dc2f : Version bump to SP2A.210409.003 [core/]
4db5ca1f5d : Version bump to SP1A.210409.003 [core/]
4c5c8b341b : Version bump to SP2A.210409.002 [core/]
82c8cabbe9 : Version bump to SP1A.210409.002 [core/]
8c89fb111a : Version bump to SP2A.210408.004 [core/]
c30f56814f : Version bump to SP1A.210408.004 [core/]
6751b8b3cf : Version bump to SP1A.210408.003 [core/]
894c34b487 : Version bump to SP2A.210408.003 [core/]
ab72ae3095 : Version bump to SP1A.210408.002 [core/]
8c7bd90934 : Version bump to SP2A.210408.002 [core/]
f307b2171e : Version bump to SP2A.210407.003 [core/]
fca51480dd : Version bump to SP1A.210407.003 [core/]
aed0b6a861 : Version bump to SP2A.210407.002 [core/]
aba676e052 : Version bump to SP1A.210407.002 [core/]
56d5a548d0 : Version bump to SP2A.210406.003 [core/]
f6b14c296b : Version bump to SP1A.210406.003 [core/]
1f8e093e6f : Version bump to SP2A.210406.002 [core/]
e96fc76662 : Version bump to SP1A.210406.002 [core/]
0141d7fd8a : Version bump to SP1A.210405.002 [core/]
74dae68668 : Version bump to SP2A.210405.002 [core/]
18a1e9c464 : Version bump to SP1A.210401.003 [core/]
29bb761c1b : Version bump to SP2A.210401.003 [core/]
2114d512fc : Version bump to SP1A.210401.002 [core/]
f1a77b212a : Version bump to SP2A.210401.002 [core/]
dcb979aeb9 : Version bump to SP2A.210331.003 [core/]
faa44bd1cd : Version bump to SP1A.210331.003 [core/]
ffb57a3010 : Version bump to SP2A.210331.002 [core/]
86b538ac18 : Version bump to SP1A.210331.002 [core/]
3451c1498f : Version bump to SP1A.210330.003 [core/]
5d15e910d1 : Version bump to SP2A.210330.003 [core/]
60813c5b5d : Version bump to SP2A.210330.002 [core/]
745790ba36 : Version bump to SP1A.210330.002 [core/]
06c5cc1faf : Version bump to SP1A.210325.002 [core/]
0237d0190e : Version bump to SP1A.210324.004 [core/]
bd6f6cbf6d : Version bump to SP2A.210324.003 [core/]
3935057a50 : Version bump to SP1A.210324.003 [core/]
c708f705ae : Version bump to SP1A.210324.002 [core/]
15835f467d : Version bump to SP2A.210324.002 [core/]
742f0b7470 : Version bump to SP2A.210322.003 [core/]
23499e203c : Version bump to SP1A.210322.003 [core/]
3b62746fcb : Version bump to SP1A.210322.002 [core/]
1dbc46bf70 : Version bump to SP2A.210322.002 [core/]
22ebe483e7 : Version bump to SP1A.210319.002 [core/]
6847560880 : Version bump to SP2A.210319.002 [core/]
0b904829c9 : Version bump to SP1A.210318.003 [core/]
6752e10b8e : Version bump to SP2A.210318.003 [core/]
36d59b45f4 : Version bump to SP1A.210317.002 [core/]
651c3b42a3 : Version bump to SP2A.210317.002 [core/]
a1d3b98b19 : Version bump to SP2A.210316.002 [core/]
e7c67b7da5 : Version bump to SP1A.210316.002 [core/]
32b5dfdcfd : Version bump to SP2A.210315.003 [core/]
692e4d8769 : Version bump to SP1A.210315.003 [core/]
537554ff56 : Version bump to SP2A.210315.002 [core/]
ef451e8102 : Version bump to SP1A.210315.002 [core/]
29e222a2ed : Version bump to SP2A.210309.002 [core/]
4fb27f07eb : Version bump to SP1A.210309.002 [core/]
96ff5b9e04 : Version bump to SP1A.210308.002 [core/]
8e298bfe2c : Version bump to SP2A.210308.002 [core/]
50e3dfcea7 : Version bump to SP1A.210301.002 [core/]
43c4ba34c6 : Version bump to SP2A.210301.002 [core/]
dd3091b467 : Version bump to SP2A.210226.002 [core/]
439c35bc90 : Version bump to SP1A.210226.002 [core/]
7660797722 : Version bump to SP1A.210224.003 [core/]
329d1e7f0f : Version bump to SP2A.210224.002 [core/]
789ff35f0c : Version bump to SP1A.210224.002 [core/]
c03d1bcbc0 : Version bump to SP2A.210223.003 [core/]
3a2ed66f0b : Version bump to SP1A.210223.003 [core/]
fc47c3160a : Version bump to SP2A.210223.002 [core/]
7756af8413 : Version bump to SP1A.210223.002 [core/]
d412917760 : Version bump to SP2A.210219.004 [core/]
9dfca53077 : Version bump to SP1A.210219.003 [core/]
7993f0a2eb : Version bump to SP2A.210219.003 [core/]
981d306239 : Version bump to SP2A.210219.002 [core/]
dbb2ae2d90 : Version bump to SP1A.210219.002 [core/]
b5a3b6167f : Version bump to SP1A.210218.002 [core/]
58367c6ee5 : Version bump to SP2A.210218.002 [core/]
11d01b49b2 : Version bump to SP1A.210216.003 [core/]
bdac9c1489 : Version bump to SP1A.210216.002 [core/]
465200bc11 : Version bump to SP2A.210212.002 [core/]
7d8229a12b : Version bump to SP1A.210212.002 [core/]
a7bd5812bc : Version bump to SP1A.210211.002 [core/]
d30f4441a9 : Version bump to SP1A.210208.002 [core/]
73007e0ebd : Version bump to SP2A.210208.002 [core/]
dd63f4b0b4 : Version bump to SP2A.210205.003 [core/]
ce42553835 : Version bump to SP1A.210205.003 [core/]
02ffe3e858 : Version bump to SP2A.210205.002 [core/]
e3a04b9fd1 : Version bump to SP1A.210205.002 [core/]
3527d15b94 : Version bump to SP1A.210204.002 [core/]
37ffaf8c90 : Version bump to SP2A.210204.002 [core/]
4e84e980a3 : Version bump to SP2A.210203.002 [core/]
d91ce79dd4 : Version bump to SP1A.210203.002 [core/]
4f85109c65 : Version bump to SP2A.210202.003 [core/]
1a69106aac : Version bump to SP1A.210202.003 [core/]
6645560ad7 : Version bump to SP2A.210202.002 [core/]
9d1f5c8c2e : Version bump to SP1A.210202.002 [core/]
371af6df9f : Version bump to SP2A.210201.002 [core/]
bedf883815 : Version bump to SP1A.210201.002 [core/]
8cd54b4898 : Version bump to SP1A.210129.003 [core/]
3a9a2e3556 : Version bump to SP2A.210129.003 [core/]
88351cd511 : Version bump to SP2A.210129.002 [core/]
a54ba5127e : Version bump to SP1A.210129.002 [core/]
5332eb8f3b : Version bump to SP1A.210128.002 [core/]
e42bbc85ab : Version bump to SP1A.210125.003 [core/]
7eb578c6e7 : Version bump to SP1A.210125.002 [core/]
da4887cfa5 : Version bump to SP1A.210122.003 [core/]
964b7ef8dd : Version bump to SP1A.210122.002 [core/]
affa5b0348 : Version bump to SP1A.210121.002 [core/]
95514f20b0 : Version bump to SP1A.210120.003 [core/]
f0c3a3bd9c : Version bump to SP1A.210120.002 [core/]
3ace59cb91 : Version bump to SP1A.210119.002 [core/]
021e6b1004 : Version bump to SP1A.210117.004 [core/]
77af13b956 : Version bump to SP1A.210117.003 [core/]
4198466882 : Version bump to SP1A.210115.003 [core/]
80c83b3b7c : Version bump to SP1A.210115.002 [core/]
f2cad789ca : Version bump to SP1A.210113.003 [core/]
c0f6908ad6 : Version bump to SP1A.210113.002 [core/]
5ddbc173d6 : Version bump to SP1A.210112.002 [core/]
790926fe61 : Version bump to SP1A.210111.002 [core/]
33807b886a : Version bump to SP1A.210108.003 [core/]
60cdd2e9e9 : Version bump to SP1A.210108.002 [core/]
d0d12fbd03 : Version bump to SP1A.210107.002 [core/]
c6285250e5 : Version bump to SP1A.210106.002 [core/]
4eff0210eb : Version bump to SP1A.201229.003 [core/]
806002a2f3 : Version bump to SP1A.201229.002 [core/]
94ea1f1c01 : Version bump to SP1A.201228.002 [core/]
366b7d1626 : Version bump to SP1A.201224.002 [core/]
52c564c2c0 : Version bump to SP1A.201221.002 [core/]
f9a4f9b174 : Version bump to SP1A.201218.002 [core/]
18df4cc1d3 : Version bump to SP1A.201217.002 [core/]
d50be39a1b : Version bump to SP1A.201216.004 [core/]
a369a7d0ad : Version bump to SP1A.201216.003 [core/]
532d2d82c5 : Revert "Add stable aidl memtrack hal to vndk list"
db2982eaab : Version bump to SP1A.201214.003 [core/]
11c8151e60 : Version bump to SP1A.201214.002 [core/]
f947b85090 : Version bump to SP1A.201209.002 [core/]
6f5ec49c87 : Version bump to SP1A.201208.002 [core/]
06b3e84891 : Version bump to SP1A.201204.002 [core/]
636da472a5 : Version bump to SP1A.201130.002 [core/]
7a089a93ce : Version bump to SP1A.201120.002 [core/]
c6f9bb1289 : Version bump to SP1A.201118.002 [core/]
944d232279 : Version bump to SP1A.201117.002 [core/]
e41773cfd5 : Version bump to SP1A.201112.003 [core/]
464012df7c : Version bump to SP1A.201112.002 [core/]
915601fcc3 : Version bump to SP1A.201111.002 [core/]
720b383ded : Version bump to SP1A.201110.002 [core/]
e37c4626cf : Version bump to SP1A.201109.002 [core/]
37e13f4697 : Version bump to SP1A.201105.002 [core/]
854ccc05e5 : Version bump to SP1A.201104.002 [core/]
89bba4b503 : Version bump to SP1A.201103.002 [core/]
e8cbadab84 : Version bump to SP1A.201030.002 [core/]
35c4aed6ae : Version bump to SP1A.201029.002 [core/]
8334dff322 : Version bump to SP1A.201023.002 [core/]
6bde1cfcdf : Version bump to SP1A.201022.002 [core/]
eb31875b9a : Version bump to SP1A.201021.002 [core/]
56dd8372db : Version bump to SP1A.201020.003 [core/]
f908824c21 : Version bump to SP1A.201020.002 [core/]
27c59f9d32 : Version bump to SP1A.201019.002 [core/]
e8011a4f45 : Version bump to SP1A.201016.002 [core/]
ae5a93184e : Version bump to SP1A.201012.002 [core/]
5a9b5b12dc : Version bump to SP1A.201009.002 [core/]
aa0f7c10c6 : Version bump to SP1A.201008.002 [core/]
b98d591fea : Version bump to SP1A.201007.002 [core/]
307240dfee : Version bump to SP1A.201005.003 [core/]
ff6fa5ec12 : Version bump to SP1A.201005.002 [core/]
c4c7c31b3b : Version bump to SP1A.200930.002 [core/]
b014114ace : Version bump to SP1A.200928.002 [core/]
85fa34982f : Version bump to SP1A.200922.002 [core/]
938073ed6c : Version bump to SP1A.200921.002 [core/]
cc4139cf9c : Version bump to SP1A.200917.004 [core/]
0f625078e1 : Version bump to SP1A.200917.003 [core/]
ddb76bc70b : Version bump to SP1A.200917.002 [core/]
fcb94679bd : Version bump to SP1A.200916.002 [core/]
ff72798b26 : Version bump to SP1A.200915.002 [core/]
c55fb75e47 : Version bump to SP1A.200914.002 [core/]
f12b9bed9b : Version bump to SP1A.200903.002 [core/]
cdf23d2bca : Version bump to SP1A.200902.002 [core/]
15910c3241 : Version bump to SP1A.200828.002 [core/]
ec8e3864e8 : Version bump to SP1A.200826.002 [core/]
d9cef5da7b : Version bump to SP1A.200820.002 [core/]
8c7a0ef351 : Version bump to SP1A.200819.002 [core/]
438db819e6 : Version bump to SP1A.200818.002 [core/]
70b04b4a9b : Version bump to SP1A.200817.002 [core/]
b6d3f9b14b : Version bump to SP1A.200811.002 [core/]
90a05f7e0e : Version bump to SP1A.200807.003 [core/]
1e25114fc6 : Version bump to SP1A.200807.002 [core/]
8210b91cf6 : Version bump to SP1A.200804.002 [core/]
2d0b052a65 : Version bump to SP1A.200728.002 [core/]
4de1bf806c : Version bump to SP1A.200629.002 [core/]
23bff63a0b : Version bump to SP1A.200608.003 [core/]
2382a3e4b1 : Version bump to SP1A.200608.002 [core/]
59d6fa2f74 : Version bump to SP1A.200603.002 [core/]
2c381c6bba : Version bump to SP1A.200601.002 [core/]
1eae8824ec : Version bump to SP1A.200429.002 [core/]
a523e41688 : Version bump to SP1A.200423.002 [core/]
2b6710f05c : Revert "Master is now S"
eeda728024 : Version bump to SP1A.200420.003 [core/]
fdc5ca424e : Version bump to SP1A.200420.002 [core/]
1982ca83c5 : Version bump to SP1A.200415.002 [core/]

+- Project: platform/build/soong

b18a037fc : Revert "Time out and dump stacks from R8 processes after 30 minutes"
08dd45a3b : S V2 is now 32
b7de10739 : rust: Remove libtest from stdlibs list
9db406c81 : Up per-product memory usage to 30 GB
b9b436fe1 : Added src and exclude_src to debuggable builds
bee627190 : Add {.aar} support for android_library
008c2aa12 : Revert "Revert "Load env variables before c.config()""
4e2977ee8 : Merge "Check UseRBE is set before replacing any template with the RE version." am: 3e0b9c031c
4e88859af : Revert "Load env variables before c.config()"
830152c3c : Add exclude_runtime_libs to more targets.
062b01150 : Load env variables before c.config()
4669614b9 : Update error message for new policy.
907bbdfc9 : Add FAILED: prefix to RBE Fatal error message"
03a9c2c44 : Revert "Add ArcSettings and SettingsGoogle to the legacy allowlist"
f6bd0a77e : Revert "Add android.hardware.memtrack-unstable-ndk_platform"
c32cbcb24 : Revert "Re-land "Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other""

+- Project: platform/cts

98faa39a6ce : [DO NOT MERGE] Temporarily exclude KeyManagementTest on work profile and secondary user.
63e872e1824 : [DO NOT MERGE]Add testNoRemotelyAccessibleListeningUdpPorts to known-failures
1d769b75700 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add KeyManagementTests to known failures until mainline can be updated.
5d437794979 : Use shell stdin to install packages pre-S instead of writing files.
0e7969252a4 : Allow bypassing fixed check for system components and platform-signed persistent privileged apps.
dc5757767d9 : Fix testWifiConfigLockdown on certain devices
b62969df26f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Reduce flakiness of IME multi-display tests
13016e250e2 : [DO NOT MERGE] Rework AccessibilityEventTest to use UIAutomation instead of sleeping.
6b5245eb131 : CtsDevicePolicyManagerTestCases testUnlockWorkProfile_deviceWidePassword failed
6e7cda1187e : Add cts test for detect/permit unbuffered IO.
31df16fae22 : Add DynamicConfig support for CtsHiddenApiBlocklistApiTestCases
c4c48544204 : Add DynamicConfig support to CtsSystemApiSignatureTestCases
20dfe922675 : Revert "Skip testNONEwithECDSATruncatesInputToFieldSize for P521"
2eb3ee274d2 : mediapc: Lower minimum RAM checked to 5 * 1024 MB
e4fd83b35b9 : Remove invalid test
e52ee3856e7 : Add a window title for the focused window to support multitasking cases
db429de7a06 : [cts] only enable incremental loading progress tests on V2
a45ce08a7dc : [cts] fix loading progress callback test for Auto
5ba6a19e7eb : Webkit CTS: Don't block the main thread in RenderProcessClientTest
c8875a11c97 : GtsStagedInstallHostTestCases: fix INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK
2e10444f745 : SpatializerTest: moar listener tests
3e8020a4352 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS Verifier version to 9.0_r20
34dfeea8105 : Exclude testNoRemotelyAccessibleListeningUdpPorts
ec3624a0388 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/209607944
b8740011a11 : Remove AudioLoopbackLatency test for Auto.
3c476fbc700 : Fix for testPublishWithImsAssociatedUri to use TEL URI
3a7f9169595 : CTS SystemPalette: don't test hue against tone <=10
3275e1e5606 : CTS SystemPalette: extend delta hue tolerance to 15
99368328048 : Ensure only aggregate policy is available to non admin
a720f39661c : Revert "Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Edit tests to assert either old or new behavior""
7f49bd563bf : Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Edit tests to assert either old or new behavior"
9923718165a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CtsMediaTestCases: Grant QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission
8e6ee12a805 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Edit tests to assert either old or new behavior
c69b0eafbf2 : Enable device baseline settings in CTS
5ce835aba1e : CtsVideoTestCases: Update zip to
7af655261d0 : Update section tags and value keys to match json/protobuff parsing in Google3
9bbcf332be0 : Make ReportLog json output file sections compatible with protobuff.
182003dc6ba : Rename AudioLoopbackBaseActivity to AudioLoopbackLatencyActivity.
5e3a4af9dd0 : Cts fail cause by Setting config_disable_all_allmessages true
1a7379b9df0 : Because the B1 string of button1 conflicts with the project name of our project.
426ed9d97ec : AlertWindowsAppOpsTests only remove window when attached
35e357b4ecd : DO NOT MERGE Add SidecarTest fail to CTS Known Failures List
b22971efef0 : [DO NOT MERGE] Relax test criteria for CtsSensorRatePermissionTestCases
7b38491065d : Add platform-test-annotations to HarrierTest
eca345f2b3e : Fixed android.appsecurity.cts.StorageHostTest
27887a50ff1 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE [cts] remove maxTargeSdk related Readable tests in S
9eabfec7293 : Add CTS coverage for destination file checks for downloads
4186e7f8129 : Add CTS coverage for destination file checks for downloads
b1156b66612 : Add ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES permission
14b36edead7 : [Provider Model] CTS failure, sync the res name and check touch screen in the test case
e778ed0cd48 : DO NOT MERGE: Add CtsDeviceInfo.apk as part of GAS CATBox (gcatbox)
ac92afe727a : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix tests as Trusted Hotword requirement is removed
109af229266 : DO NOT MERGE Fix headset detection logic in AnalogHeadsetAudioActivity.
b0b52bfc265 : STS fix cve bug id annotation
57454fede10 : media: HDR to SDR tests to handle empty HDR10+ metadata
6cee54a2545 : Exclude Notification Privacy Test on auto
af6235fba52 : Merge "Added check for lock screen support" from android11-tests-dev am: c5416f2824
a3e20d7cf95 : [UX Review] Copy subdirs in ReportLogFiles
d2699ae3f15 : Wait until IME has active input connection with focused View.
71250cde885 : Add active test to ForegroundModeTest
76c0e14f58d : Add active test to ForegroundModeTest
fb8ad4c0e7f : Add active test to ForegroundModeTest
2bbe7debfb2 : Improved CtsAdminTestCases when running on headless system user mode.
597ecdd25f7 : Merge "Sleep until the wifi initialization is complete." am: d2b4794fa6 am: e7c0ee2cf8 am: ab2a8d1be2 am: 21c0a70a4f
39141a26b54 : DpmWrapper changes to fix DeviceOwner GTS on automotive.
1d718874350 : Test that system role doesn't override user revoked permission.
97522c47cd9 : wifi: Skip Soft AP test case on virtual devices
8179a0bc5db : Fix gauge atoms backfill and testAudioState
ae34caddb23 : CtsVerifier fixes for automotive.
5ec08b8aef4 : Fix for uirendering.cts.testclasses.WideColorGamutTests#testCanvasDrawColorLong
7308484bf25 : Revert "Use targetSdkVersion instead of targetSandboxVersion"
ddb19703f60 : Fix CTS-V ReportLog exporting
b96548ce085 : Release stretch overscroll when new items are added.
52e1582c3ca : Fix a CTS-V crash issue that happens when running CameraITS test
6e82295224a : Exclude wifi system api changes between R and S
b0c5005db36 : [DO NOT MERGE] Remove use of set-letterbox-style ADB command which isn't needed
2c4885ab8fa : Add ALLOW_SLIPPERY_TOUCHES permission
32612feb6e6 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/179687208
80d62af5ba8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/179687208
6af9120e07a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/179687208
602960ea24d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/179687208
3b36796dc6a : DO NOT MERGE: Allowlist intents in GMSCore
7e8389c1ed1 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/195630721
6d7547e530b : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
38be54c5ca6 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
3b8fc97b560 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
43a8cbfbeae : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
52509e15e80 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
8d1dfdd4c6e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
13b2cfc8332 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
e16189ac787 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
133e5412383 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150160279
2684a5db83a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150160041
f48ca171309 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150159906
7928320d7be : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/150159669
212000f321f : Remove “PERMISSION_POLICY_AUTO_GRANT” after test
5bbe2f843cc : DO NOT MERGE: Whitelist intents in GMSCore
c6a8df8de8b : CtsScopedStorageDeviceOnlyTest: Ensure public volume is visible
f054e4f5371 : Bring sc-v2-dev to parity with android12-tests-dev
52ac0783438 : Relax animation cts test timing
f93a4d5dff9 : DO NOT MERGE Add security test for AndroidFuture.readThrowable().
378070101d1 : Fix for failing CtsBiometricsTestCases for older devices
f54131f306d : Update cts and cts verifier version to 12.1_r1.
b753ede9a0a : Cherry pick "Unregister listener of radio state changed in testRebootRadio"
d1e2013f598 : CTS test to cover Bitmaps surviving copying
e700814baaa : Remove the icon differentiation which was not a supported feature.
238402df972 : Fix drag gesture perceived as long press
8e0f7fae5e0 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]Update test case to apply relinquishTaskIdentity since in the same app.
cb918756fb3 : RootlessGpuDebug: Change Activity to Service
4081e6c4c09 : Improve FrameMetricsListenerTest consistency
531f4c33e4a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix CVE-2021-1906
85bf8c303e2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix CVE-2021-1906
7536a666829 : scene3/test_lens_movement_reporting fd offset using START_FRAME
85cb31c007d : Use the same activity for compat change tests
0759f4a0c98 : [cts/SettingsProvider] Readable tests for ContentResolver query/call
43d32be4b70 : Ensure we don't accidentally select camera app in UI tests
9a66a9079de : Fixes DeviceAdminWithEnterprisePoliciesBlockedTest
3b6376b2633 : Remove @FlakyTest from CompatChangeTests.
95ac94ece13 : Add expiration test
5038068e6d5 : CtsSystemApiAnnotationTestCases: Allow expected failures to be ignored
aeb423814a6 : Signature tests: catch and log NoClassDefFoundError
a5b934ebb8b : Make a11y multi gesture test touch slop aware
332694ba0df : Fix ALWAYS_SANDBOX tests, so they fail when not set
4e9a8484c7f : Fix issue when switching to profile.
0b69ae05731 : Media tests should targetsdk=31 instead of 29
a16c13e7769 : mediav2 CTS: Release codec resource after test
3273d507734 : Update CTS Extensions Version...
10805dfa983 : Add Finish Sequences to Split Activity Launch Tests
858df4f328f : Adds testFinishPrimary and testFinishSecondary
d5b8112c549 : Introduce Activity Embedding Base Test Class
4dc03741cac : Update tests to use 4 digit pin
54c24e7f93c : Add test cases for Visible Activity Callback function
34da798b0d9 : Add CTS tests for AppCompatStateChanged atom.
0268c1a9039 : Fix testTraverseAllWindows with waterfull cutout
9b0b1807c88 : Fixes COMMAND_SET_MAXIMUM_PASSWORD_ATTEMPTS for automotive
47b9d5ff369 : Fix CTS-V ReportLog exporting
64a91a1ead1 : Revert "Remove @FlakyTest from CompatChangeTests."
300e5dafb78 : ITS: test_post_raw_sensitivity_boost change to rel_tol
1edc89ff6ab : Merge "MediaCodec: avoid double lock gralloc buffer" am: 762f74e018 am: f6f0bdd100 am: 99b5b46eba am: ce30f8308f BUG:201620357
985e831dbfa : Re-adds WifiConfigLockdownTest.testDeviceOwnerCanRemoveConfig.
c1ff9d01fcd : CtsVerifier / Camera FOV test: Remove the fixed screen orientation property.
3e66edc9856 : CtsVerifier / Camera FOV test: Apply a rotation to the photo bitmap when necessary.
8cbd07de3a3 : CtsVerifier / Camera FOV test: Fix warnings from
2bda6bbf99e : CtsVerifier / Camera video test: Remove the fixed screen orientation property.
f4050fcda19 : CtsVerifier / Camera video test: Scale the video preview when rotation is 90 or 270.
5338ef2902a : CtsVerifier / Camera video test: Fix unused import warnings from
55b6eba7316 : CtsVerifier / Camera format test: Remove the fixed screen orientation property.
57ce7414d2b : CtsVerifier / Camera format test: Apply a rotation to the format view when necessary.
e3741d53f7e : Fix the bug that the mode button and the result are not consistent.
216bc599026 : Add CTS coverage for destination file checks for downloads
48e9c44bb1d : Add CTS coverage for destination file checks for downloads
8e631687e2f : Add CTS coverage for destination file checks for downloads
3fe97654b19 : Remove split-screen test
3483c8403cd : CtsVerifier: fixes Utils.showBugreportNotification()
d2e7665f586 : Remove dialer holder after test for device whithout a default dialer.
175a1324c90 : CtsVerifier / Camera format test: Fix warnings from
f45369f7365 : Removing TrustedVoice tests since trustlet_voiceunlock was removed from GMSCore a few months ago.
db0e9045d79 : Fix AccessibilityWindowQueryTest failure
19e702e9d30 : Use targetSdkVersion instead of targetSandboxVersion
3676719f024 : Wait to tap ImeActivity until the activity is showing in display
ad2f067775c : Fixed WiFi config lockdown instructions for automotive.
ca09f2ce391 : Add USB CDD annotation to CTS tests
d04d8f6d6d7 : Upgrade CtsSplitApp SDK to current for SplitTests
599a1cde93e : Add RunNotOnSecondaryUser annotation.
f5122494918 : Revert "Create EventlibService."
d6b759c3e22 : Annotate accessibility related test modules for foldable device testing
c86f802028e : Fix CtsSettingsHostTestCases
447dc4ef68e : Add tests for monitoring behavior
15358ddab12 : Add test for BAL with VirtualDisplay
19b5e88bc64 : Fix remaining issues with CtsDevicePolicyTestCases on S_V2.
21822c8b922 : [Large screen] Add tests for ACTION_SETTINGS_EMBED_DEEP_LINK_ACTIVITY
39ad4d20876 : Camera: Wait for UI focus during GL legacy testing
f5268e57f73 : CTS: Inject input events with no sync mode in AnrTests
fc314976912 : Skip attestation test for first_api_level <=26
1e03fb0f157 : Remove @FlakyTest from CompatChangeTests.
42d62291568 : Merge "Fix testFullDisk test case in split view settings" am: 54a2a9fc0e am: eb3f5bd90b am: 140a63ae47
64ce2b280ad : Revert "Remove @FlakyTest from CompatChangeTests."
c0b7f31c51f : Add the test case for the inconsolusive result of the contact capability request
b8522b21c72 : Add tests for getSimApplicationState
0ccbb3decc9 : Make ApexTest::isGSI() return true on automotive
a781dba2395 : Add SlowApiTest annotation to keychain.choosePrivateKeyAlias tests
81dbfe087c8 : Disable quick pick-up gesture doze rule
60bee35ba59 : AudioTrackTest: test Builder error handling
87da8004d98 : AudioFormatTest: test Builder error handling
5f7ed38cab6 : Use proper contains/doesNotContain logic for car
da5fe5e989a : use text to find views on watch
ae237429df7 : Skip multipackage collection tests if there isn't another package to check
051deeb5976 : Add NET_CAPABILITY_INTERNET NetworkCapability for VcnManagerTest
b75ef6f7bea : Check if the display is organized only for the trusted displays.
b13d2581d86 : AudioAttributesTest: test Builder error handling
3403444d411 : Fixed DeviceOwnerRequestingBugreportTestActivity creation.
3221ca68b00 : Remove TaskFragmentAppearedInfo
464ec7e0f18 : Launch test activity in fullscreen in WindowInsetsControllerTests
08cdd2b7193 : Exclude testPerformanceOfHardwareVideoEncoders from CTS-on-GSI
f3e966bb3a4 : Add test case for auto pip on launching another activity
1956daab0ec : Uses the test Home for time-tracking api tests in ActivityManagerTest.
ff1359a98d7 : Add CannotSetPolicyTests which don't involve a DPC.
df6a042c8fd : Automatically generate Delegate test runs for policies which declare them.
ea4179653f3 : Add @EnsureHasDelegate
d68a19a553d : Migrate more ApplicationRestrictions tests.
fa1c02c0ded : Iterate on hue precision in SystemPaletteTest
3ca5b3ac579 : Add basic support for instant apps.
4776b874937 : Update transcoding ownership
ae04850261e : Move adjacent tasks forward together to ensure occluding state
ac24f5c05b8 : Fixed some managed device info tests for automotive.
8e117b2caf4 : Remove NIGHT_MODE CtsVerifier test.
686de75da9e : Ignore immersive modes mic indicator cts tests for aaos
213cdcbfddf : Disabled USB file transfer test for automotive.
2de5b96041a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]Revert CTS Test for b/179839665
04a41aa295b : Add test case for FLAG_ACTIVITY_TASK_ON_HOME with lock-task mode.
303193bbfcc : ITS: enable manual sensor_fusion
5b1407fc2a8 : Change platform version and release to 12.
b5bcc27d11a : Bump CTS and CTS Verifier to 12L_R1
23f4e7467f3 : Move assets to the correct directories.
5221f10c5da : Re-add missing hasFeature change that was lost during statsdatom CTS test split
d938b5d9b63 : Fix CTS: getActiveSubscriptionInfoList and getSubscriptionsInGroup no permission
d0aec43d3ce : Remove device MultiLog
3253cf43a25 : Revert "Remove device MultiLog"
d78d5123a60 : Fixed permission on setStopBgUsersOnSwitch().
f022d58b69d : Update CTS tests to verify that unknown change IDs are skipped
facb2fc4760 : Migrated DelegationTest to Bedstead.
e8b41de5f37 : testAnrIsNotShown: try for 10 seconds and add an early exit
79e0f181ae9 : CTS test for Android Security b/77822336
f517c71d6ac : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/77822336
ce4bfa0fe96 : STS fix for CVE-2021-0490
4d259867053 : Merge "Create change to revert aosp/1719073" into android11-tests-dev am: 920c59ca5a
5dbb1145f77 : Merge "Fix Cipher Test is failing between Peeking display and Keyguard windows" into android11-tests-dev am: 41c4a29a76
de0dd386fa0 : Disable battery saver test on WearOS
7faffef7d9a : Fix the porting mistake for avoiding the activity relaunch
7bc6d8204cc : Fixed commands that disable status bar and keyguard.
91707b57bf1 : In car, finish the overlaying activity after a timeout.
e5948fcb7be : Exclude CtsTransitionTestCases from cts-on-gsi test plan
72eaadfd5ac : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0490
1fdf94511f8 : CTS test for Android Security b/189942532
5e07573231a : CTS test for Android Security b/194300867
48bb36ada84 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/194300867
3022d913ee4 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/189942532
9bcb97f01be : Skip disallow install unknown sources test for AAOS in CtsVerifier
9cc5b0c4fb5 : Add OVERRIDE_MIN_ASPECT_RATIO_PORTRAIT_ONLY to allow list.
1774061a2d6 : Remove FlakyTest tag for a fixed WebViewClientTest
93c0427f66b : Create EventlibService.
777fc4ca9fc : Add serialVersionUID to the query classes contained in event classes.
2ce6844e229 : Make testAddingImmersiveWindow robust when remote inset controller is used.
96e4d0f1358 : Add a CTS test for TaskInfo#isVisible via ActivityManager#getRunningTasks
c8584ad02f6 : Merge "[RESTRICT AUTOMEGE]Adapt StorageTest for Wear" into android11-tests-dev
d160a1dff1c : Fixed CtsVerifier so DISABLE_USER_SWITCH is set on DO, not PO.
ee09c6d7374 : ITS: force-stop for Samsung tablets
b358b0d945d : Fix for testFullDisk test
6e2d74c0c92 : Fix RecognitionServiceMicIndicatorTest for mic privacy panel in cars
b858732d7fe : Migrate testManagedProvisioningPreInstalled
edec52eab45 : Add test for view recycling with changing viewId
59ee64e88ac : Keystore CTS: Test replacement of existing secret key is a no-op.
0307237abef : Adding test of applying TaskFragment ops in lock-task mode
ea08f9d21ab : Renamed setStopBackgroundUsersOnSwitch to setStopUserOnSwitch()
2b7d01ad6d6 : DO NOT MERGE: Bump CTS Verifier version to 9.0_r19
758c62c5920 : Update parceling and unparceling testing for RemoteCollectionItems
0dca5e67bf6 : Ignore multi-user reboot CTS test
5c54215e7b6 : Annotate MediaParser device tests with no_foldable_states
e8cb5fd5920 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0921
032bc411cf5 : [DO NOT MERGE] Verify package name and UID for trusted app check
689ef14f760 : ApkVerityTestApp: Check FS_VERITY_FL if kernel doesn't support STATX_ATTR_VERITY
e76a6bfadad : Changed instructions on how to set up DO for headless system user mode.
9877a122d69 : Update CTS CarWatchdogHostTest to verify recurring I/O overuse kill.
fde305d0409 : Verify app links user selection preservation on update
d1f8f78df19 : remove Disallow uninstall apps and Disallow controlling apps for Watch
aa4c7e17c5f : remove DeviceAdminUninstallTestActivity for Watch
97f1e988c09 : Revert "Add test checking view recycling is always tested"
ea92cb9bead : Modify test case for setTurnScreenOn can only used to wakeup device.
a69cb38fc60 : Eliminate Extra Callback from...
86319d5a501 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Updated relevant OWNERS files to point to canonical list.
ffc03ba51a3 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0921
52bb1bc3eaf : CTS test for Android Security b/183944574
71fadb8b28e : ITS: test_ev_compensation_advanced loosen TOL near sat.
4e2768d88a7 : CTS test for Android Security b/183944574
937bce3c1ce : Revert "STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0921"
204b0feac39 : S V2 is now 32
4f09fe42e3d : Add bugId annotations for security tests
a26ca7509eb : Introducing support for CHECK_TTS_DATA and ACTION_GET_SAMPLE_TEXT intents.
c584d3d5f1b : DisplayTests: scale by 0.9 for resolution override
0b68e70b5b9 : Fix CaCertManagementTest.
f2523278407 : Modify manifest to handle display config changes on sleep
4d3ee1d05a8 : Modify manifest to handle display config changes on sleep
c916bf28f4b : Fixes test fail cause by unexpected events
bca8662186e : Fixed DevicePolicyManagerTest for automotive.
bd9db83afd0 : Fixed testPermissionPrompts for automotive
53e60cd0536 : Add test for FLAG_SLIPPERY
6cd0c7fb511 : Update API check in SECURITY_MODEL_COMPATIBLE tests
05be28539d4 : Improvements for Managed Users test on headless system user mode:
a7550740706 : Add test for FLAG_SLIPPERY
a6f4954131e : Added tests for password-related APIs not supported by automotive.
28b4734d3c9 : ITS: test_ev_compensation_basic loosen RTOL at high EV comp values
7c101de68f3 : Migrate more KeyManagementTests.
37526abb850 : [resolved conflict] Merge "resolve merge conflicts of 84f6714e1c380227daee57e6c0832a7c9d7c170e to android11-tests-dev" into android11-tests-dev am: 148de3e480
5dd890399e5 : Enable installKeyPair_withoutAutomatedAccess_aliasIsNotGranted
f8ddcfd6b5f : Add TestAppInstance.keyChain()
760afcef9ba : Add .context().getContentResolver()
4571a1c74ad : Adds tests for disabling OVERRIDE_MIN_ASPECT_RATIO_PORTRAIT_ONLY change ID
146825e2b9a : Fix CompanionDeviceManagerTest
b65ef073db6 : Fix InlineLoginActivityTest#testScrollSuggestionView
19c212f3e07 : Fix the two test cases testForbidCapabilitiesRequest and testRequestCapabilitiesFromCacheWithPresenceMechanism in RcsUceAdapter
5cd9973c63a : ITS: don't apply CCM to RAW test patterns
6828a676b3d : Added tests to check PO and affiliated user on bugreport tests.
b196c2f73bb : Ensure the data is reset between lookups
d591a0c029b : Ensure TelecomManagerTest holds SHELL perm identity for test
f51b53eb1ef : Add ActivityEmbeddingLaunchTests#testSecondaryActivityLaunchAbove
4051b50c17a : Add ActivityEmbeddingLaunchTests#testAlwaysExpand
bf73bf04b92 : Add ActivityEmbeddingLaunchTests#testSplitWithTopmostActivity
01f84f01ee1 : Update testPrimaryActivityLaunchToSide to ensure...
3de21b017a5 : Add .context() to TestAppInstance
efa04c02f21 : Rename TestAppInstanceReference to TestAppInstance.
91b8ffcf848 : Generate full Activity class instead of hardcoding.
8c965496c30 : Add serialVersionUID to serializable classes.
13b20788e01 : Skip border check in testSetGeometry_dstBounds{On,Off}Screen
cef889f97d0 : Don't capture border for SurfaceControlTest
1808d92f6fe : Invoke TelephonyManager#testSetForbiddenPlmns() API with shell permission
8860a9f0e33 : Fixes test fail cause by unexpected events
eaeb0f2249c : Fix HotwordDetectionServiceBasicTest fail
92183c1e8d5 : Ignore ApplicationInfoTest#testIsProduct
c69a89ff0cb : Changed Nene to use new APIs to not stop bg users on switch.
c0844042dd5 : Reorder option tag to have the plan name correctly show for cts-validation test plan
334534ce595 : Use Integer Property Animator for AttachedSurfaceControlTest
f24caac7e52 : Wait for change on LocationManager's broadcast
1bec9173606 : Fix DisplayTest.testModeSwitchOnPrimaryDisplay
699ddcefc81 : Adding test for adjacent translucent TaskFragments
1e0fa288940 : Adding test for adjacent TaskFragments
bbaf85ff681 : Launch test activity on virtual dipslay in fullscreen
ca5318fad43 : Verify create TaskFragment with non-resizeable
f7bbcd8b823 : Add test checking view recycling is always tested
756f818bd21 : Launch a nosensor activity before querying the orientation
718c93c0732 : Update CTS JNI tests for public libraries in APEXes.
76022863256 : Minor improvements on PolicySerializationTestActivity:
143bdad42c1 : Fix duplicate carrier config broadcast issue
8f0bbcbc961 : Adds foldable annotations to tests
a8812316bb7 : Update OWNERS since the old owners has left Android.
38bbdee252d : Allow remote exceptions to work without specifying a brand or sha256.
21b43957df2 : fix app abnormal crash cause testManagedProfile fail.
870284d5316 : android.view.inputmethod.cts. FocusHandlingTest#testOnStartInputCalledOnceIme -fail
1ea1f42c62f : Remove device MultiLog
cd6ec58be69 : Remove device MultiLog
ef8f63750d5 : Enables 'Disable status bar' for automotive
be75e1ddd34 : Removed Managed Users -> Test Disable Keyguard for automotive.
3343203f320 : Improved logging on CtsVerifier.
8e2cbd6f495 : Camera: Fix a wrong "condition" statement
8d7df4a04a5 : Add support for querying Intent Filters in TestApp
35559269a86 : fix testUrlBarChangeCancelSessionWhenServiceReturnsNullResponse
b7cd58adcdc : Test the new uses of RemoteViews.canRecycleView
a62bf73ff6b : Increase timeout for test
661ad9505fe : WindowInputTests: assert in the test thread
2d786df3131 : Label the car service module as not_instant_app, so it doesn't run in instsant mode
4f524a527c1 : Add CTS test to verify location accuracy feature by targetSDK
0d7a0198023 : Re-enabled location tests for automotive.
b3ce27a572b : Revert CTS test for Android Security b/144285084
7dff6683338 : Fix failures due to config_guestUserAutoCreated
12eecdf80ba : Add CAR_MONITOR_CLUSTER_NAVIGATION_STATE to automotive_android_manifest.
cc6a12b194f : Fix the API level check for incfsv2 verification
0968e0287e3 : Add native bridge controller to to CtsViewReceiveContentTestCases
6bf13f4f820 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0928
ea9829a16b4 : Update split screen check on tablet devices.
4ff50ba3bd0 : Add ActivityEmbeddingLaunchTests#testPrimaryActivityLaunchToSideClearTop
97af763ca71 : ITS: fix mismatch from internal/master
804b30bc44e : Camera: Skip testCameraOrientationAlignedWithDevice in foldable mode
f03c8b44161 : Fix android.permission2.cts.PermissionPolicyTest in Automotive.
cf124536c22 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
9fa22627687 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/172655291
79137162539 : Camera: Fix race between ImageVerifierListener and ImageReader
ab174af9d05 : ITS: check colors in RAW if supported, else black if YUV
a41beff281e : Remove ListeningPortsTest from known-failures list
917a325cf88 : Camera: Fix buffer underflow in ImageReaderTest
89a6837fb6a : Camera: Add camera id for CamcorderProfile check
0b26c65c3e2 : Camera: Check CamcorderProfile for 1080P video support
af27b2c72a7 : Don't run legacy transition tests when shell transitions enabled
8773423b2a0 : Camera: Abort failing native capture session
ba9cff80810 : Convert TestActivityWithId Id Field from Long to String
3372b0f474c : Use pointer source in ViewTest#testAccessPointerIcon
966f8171b9b : Migrate PermissionGrantTest.
2412d99bff0 : Add Nene.Notifications()
4a3ee4070aa : Add test case for showWhenLocked on embedded activities
a9ffe30f5c6 : Add support for AccountManager to TestApp.
379e9dfd740 : Set 10 minute timeout for CtsDevicePolicyTestCases
462d6473c0c : Fix merge issue in CompatChangeTests
dd6334cfd96 : Removed invalid .gitignore
f870417da4a : AudioTrackTest: Add downmix audio test
54a54b1cbcd : Exclude CtsTelephonySdk28TestCases from cts-on-gsi
e8497b5507f : Add Notification Privacy Tests to CTS Verifier
ccef6fe0e48 : Add RequireLowRamDevice and RequireNotLowRamDevice.
a759bc13d7f : [cts/pm] fix extract native lib tests for forced abi
c4580ea5681 : Null check when no permissions are requested.
a29fefe06bc : Remove use of "su" from Nene.
c0c8b9f5f99 : Fix a CtsVerifier crash issue
33afc2b3dd8 : Integrate Watchdog disabling/enabling for the CTS
44462c8f523 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0962
84ab05f64b3 : Activity Embedding Tests (1/n)
80f12160132 : Make sure default push_messaging_over_quota_behavior is TEMPORARY_ALLOW_LIST_TYPE_FOREGROUND_SERVICE_NOT_ALLOWED.
fa8688207c6 : Camera: Relax camera launch requirement for MPC12
1037d0c4ff9 : Remove ADB from user resolving on S+.
a4304edb446 : Use the min aspect ratio from ActivityRecordProto in CompatChangeTests
acb468aaf21 : Increase retry time to 10
16e418ec1f1 : Adding tests to ensure findViewById is DFS.
62ecd8b3707 : Exclude testGetMultipathPreference on No Wi-Fi devices
81294ccf5a3 : Camera: Add support for new data types for newly added metadata
0f59b768b4f : Exclude test for vendor API level < 31
94452c592e5 : ITS: check zoom ratio max, not zoom max
8319eba2b0b : Add Notification Privacy Tests to CTS Verifier
009fb7c93a9 : Add Notification Privacy Tests to CTS Verifier
13e7691421c : Add Notification Privacy Tests to CTS Verifier
3b9dd4d33ec : Fix some devives run test_tonemap_sequency fail
0c1f59e34ad : Fix ResetPasswordWithTokenTest test
8851d65f165 : Add NeneInternal target for TestApp/etc. - add QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES to main Nene Target.
39643976ff8 : Update testForbidCapabilitiesRequest test case
f0dea9a299f : Reland "Fix DebugClassKillSwitchTest to handle missing classes."
f52c4a63e76 : Fix test when the type of the field cannot be resolved.
54962f445d0 : [Provider Model] Sync the res name in the test case
5cfe7a21db3 : Freeze AIDL API for SC-V2
10b073876f0 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0481
a9649b731bc : Includes CtsAttentionServiceDeviceTestCases in CTS automation tests for foldables
92fd66eb0ea : Includes CtsRotationResolverServiceDeviceTestCases in CTS automation tests for foldables
48fa660385d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: wifi: adapt to multi-type config conversion
8d069aa89db : Add restrictions to run CtsFileSystemTestCases
866061af303 : Skip APEX tests when running with the native bridge.
c08d0b1fc1d : Add Retry and use for testapps.
2799df1d548 : Add types supported by Bundles to BundleKeyQuery.
0ce03f4220e : Wait for all non-home activities to be destroyed
37b93d5440d : Call Dialog#dismiss() in runOnMainSync().
51ae83236d7 : [CTSVerifier] Add new activities to the manifest
72c866ccb43 : CTS test for Android Security b/136175447
7a7ad3eb1e3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112550251
fba92f45590 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/144285084
8ac5c1aca2f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/144285084
d440722d190 : CTS test for Android Security b/144285084
5c9dc5938c0 : Add foldable annotation for running cts
55c64118725 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/79218474
895edb2a1c2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/79218474
fd118bf2fc5 : CTS test for Android Security b/197336441
529531153b7 : CTS test for Android Security b/195630721
506d8492756 : Initialize class fields in @Before method.
5638ec2eadd : Add support for querying services in TestApps
fac17bac136 : Test that min aspect ratio overrides aren't applied for non portrait only activities
cff6b482add : ITS: check error in mm correctly
5c3ede8306b : Allow querying collections without query objects.
e7b9af80848 : Weight annotations to create a run order.
360a2754ef3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Remove AsbSecurityTest from
efc362d70b6 : CtsMediaV2TestCases: Update the zip to
9f31a02884c : Use build version release property based on API level
19c00fc8e80 : ITS: allow to find chart on all phones.
75a0c52f026 : Avoid stopping power supply to SIM if no hot swap supported
ca52aec5d18 : Fix the symlink test in AbiTest.
05861628902 : Synchronize screen turning on and unfold overlay
3f6848afd3d : Fix Bedstead when running on P and Q.
ba041431281 : Disables some tests in android.appsecurity.cts.SplitTests with native bridge.
8b17d5dbc16 : Set foldable annotation for telephony CTS
6891a89454e : Update CTS to use the New Window Extensions Interface
828758bcd15 : ITS: blur images for variance measurements
92f84ef5872 : Support freeform windowing mode in AspectRatioTests
20f2da13fce : AudioTrackTest: getMinBufferSize invalid arguments should return ERROR_BAD_VALUE
fb1c251956a : [cts] fix CtsExtractNativeLibsHostTestCases on S emulators
7c1cf9bf60f : Fix Bedstead when running on R.
179f479ef54 : Re-enable KeyManagementTest.
4a5478f1b12 : Re-enable tests disabled for Automotive.
8746cf43fc1 : Refactor packages access to remove ADB + caching.
04bcf06f7c7 : Add asynchronous wait time for adjustVolume().
d8c72027aac : Tracking changes to always sending Game content type to the HAL
6e171409bab : Refine MultiDisplaySystemDecorationTests
c0e29e9e9b2 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0490
3b724c5c6b3 : Fail tests which leave unfinished transitions behind
493aaa7ab7c : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Re-enable cross-user test case."
dce9826c863 : Camera: Update the device state to camera orientation map name
590c1f3eff9 : ITS: eliminate spurious 'circlish' rectangle in test_zoom
d855679a347 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0921
ee74d4af641 : Added CarWatchdog's CTS hostside test with shareUserId app
b4795eea7e0 : Fix issues with ASurfaceControlTest
4b0d49afe4d : SpatializerTest: verify state when feature unsupported
0bbabf02cde : Fix for #testAppInfo_RemovePermissionsAndFreeUpSpaceToggleExists
3e65a2a9f8c : DecoderTest: Adds a new mode for which codecs must support profiles.
3525a7cccdf : ITS: fix for numpy 1.20.1+ version
e5bba006ab0 : Annotate NNAPI test modules for foldable device testing
05f4acd9705 : Annotate thermal CTS tests for CDD 7.3.6
3843a30a5bd : Fix CTS test for 32-bit userspace devices
41c4e8d7654 : Disables testDdmsWaitsForHandshake with native bridge.
1e338922abc : media: fix EncodeVirtualDisplayWithCompositionTestImpl timeouts
445a77d4046 : Make sure default push_messaging_over_quota_behavior is TEMPORARY_ALLOW_LIST_TYPE_FOREGROUND_SERVICE_NOT_ALLOWED.
49ab5637319 : Add test case testOverlappedTempAllowList.
821046717aa : Improve CtsVerifier to use current user DPM for setting device policy
020133cd491 : Add test to verify call startTranslation after pauseTranslation
c906bad7e18 : Add note explaining that cell broadcast action is optional.
540c699d631 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112160868
0cb2be91fc0 : CTS test for Android Security b/112160868
f2a2bf01d33 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120506143
a9461750138 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120506143
8b3f52fe396 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0921
d592c946dfe : Disabled some test for automotive.
b21699e4135 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/181346550
d812ac70d19 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120428041
467ad3f5238 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/181346550
b661ff00e9f : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120428041
5de5a83e00f : Fixed PrivacyDeviceOwnerTest for automotive.
4501d44663c : Set source crop for split screen and freeform tasks
76f8c4d9779 : Rename shouldUseDefaultDisplayStateChangeTransition attribute
b226863eb2d : Modify test case for setTurnScreenOn can only used to wakeup device.
93f5cdb7558 : Verifies the activity is paused after auto pip
e4267cdf84c : Fixed CtsAdminTestCases for headless system user mode.
08eb283ba38 : Camera: Verify device state orientation maps
19e427b4de2 : Refactor TransitionSelectionTests of freeform activities
081dcfb14f6 : Decouple Launcher from InputConnectionEndToEndTest (2nd try)
8fca083cca6 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/119120561
610e83c5bd7 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
6895fc76b05 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added a missing assert in runPocAssertExitStatusNotVulnerable
b8d472890b3 : CTS test for Android Security b/119120561
2ea4de1fd20 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
0bfb4070804 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added a missing assert in runPocAssertExitStatusNotVulnerable
d055fc7960f : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120499324
4ceda4f723a : Added a missing assert in runPocAssertExitStatusNotVulnerable
3c5dedd78cf : CTS test for Android Security b/191444150
d73f2feb518 : Ensure /proc/net/ can be pulled for ListeningPortsTest
bcafea0a025 : Rename getSurfaceTransformHint API
18120aa20e1 : End block suppression when sending emergency SMS in the tests
3eb230d05e2 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0921
edcda6289d7 : Add LauncherApp support in TestApp
914ecfcdc30 : cts-on-gsi-exclude: Exclude UWB tests for Android S GSI image
c8b9904bd7d : Reset scroll deadzone for TV and Watch
91b6c6ead23 : Migrate CameraPolicyTest to bedstead infra
a0f9db2b581 : Improve scalability of Settings deep link API
04862bbd819 : Don't run ClasspathDeviceInfo on pre-R devices.
a9ec5bc30bd : Wait for LATCH_MMTEL_CAP_SET countdown at testCarrierImsServiceBindMmTelFeature, testCarrierImsServiceBindMmTelNoEmergency, testCarrierImsServiceBindMmTelEmergencyEnabled, and testCarrierImsServiceBindRcsChangeToMmtel
9d312821911 : Check if ANGLE is installed before running tests
a3df8266f75 : Use handler and unregister properties after test
45a39006b5e : Enable some CTSVerifier tests that work now
720457d8b2b : Fix CtsAngleDeveloperOptionHostTest due to ANGLE updates
72ebd316fd5 : Rename test file for consistency
833b4ff0ff6 : DO NOT MERGE Fix hotword mic indicator test for AAOS
557e165f213 : Fixed device owner setup on headless system user.
24c4f71b8ba : Add CTS tests checking that <Set Menu Language> is ignored
030c93d2519 : Add CddTest annotation for DisplayTest#testRestrictedFramebufferSize
fb218a175ac : Move shared library code from EDI
aebb17a3e08 : Parallelize processing of jar files for ClasspathDeviceInfo.
1a68231aa3f : Update volume test for TV device DO NOT MERGE
d40061f3502 : Fix the test case "testHotwordDetectionService_concurrentCapture"
bb8c976c87b : Fix flaky FGS/notification test
5dae09ba8c3 : [DO NOT MERGE] Revert "PackageManager flags should not exist when sensors are empty"
52eba17253c : Fixed DisableContextTest#testContextOff for automotive.
70238d56e82 : Reset default voice subId as well
16e61bf7c3c : Add test for removeActiveAdmin
8520de97028 : Update test for RcsVolteSingleRegistrationCapable
1db5d3b31f2 : Add test for getKeyguardDisabledFeatures
ba3984a3052 : Rename shouldUseDefaultDeviceStateChangeTransition attribute
0ceeed0e4ea : Wake up device before sending back event
a80dca0e4a7 : Removed ParcelablePrivateKey.
f56719bdb87 : Ignore tests if feature is not supported
5f2208c1ad1 : PackageManager flags should not exist when sensors are empty
afc34dfce09 : Update testSimpleBiometricAuth for CONVENIENCE
8319ccd981c : PackageManager flags should not exist when sensors are empty
05ea26462da : Fixes for CONVENIENCE sensors
7b0ffbb02ee : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0921
ed83dc751f8 : Exclude Doze setting check for Android Auto devices
f766babd96c : Add Extra Business Logic support
734609c23fc : Fixes for CONVENIENCE sensors
8b89eff4d7e : Ensure Collapsing Toolbar without scroll is collapsed
60329127df4 : Remove Test case for NotificationListenerVerifierActivity
73a91b7e5ae : Use handler and unregister properties after test
c378d702963 : Add test for getCameraDisabled
68279c1c66b : Fix CtsDevicePolicyTestCases for Auto.
1390ca540e3 : Fix Bedstead infra tests for Auto
0f97a121f1f : Account for compat scaling in NoticationTemplateTest-s
0c1b4e93cf8 : Explicitly launch activities in fullscreen windowing mode
56b78a9066d : Camera: Update camera launch test for performance class 11
8e2174c080a : mediav2 CTS: Mark mSawInputEOS on signalling EOS
2aebaba6f03 : Revert "Account for compat scaling in NoticationTemplateTest-s"
f3430c08ad9 : Skip test for specific flag combination if APEX modules are updated
0227e8fb39c : Fix CTS' ColorUtils's XYZ to Color
06a952a180e : Make TestApis static.
65d6bc41b19 : Fix InputMethodServiceLifecycleTest on 4K TVs
11fd0b46941 : Update CTS test with logic to remove other owned overrides
23b768d1fcb : Convert BaseType into String.
5d076f70f38 : Fix testNonFullscreenActivityPermitted CTS test
3d2cafad1a8 : DO NOT MERGE: Update TapJacking test for Automotive support
278102751c5 : Wait until subscriptions update
76eef00e590 : Marked some sensor-related tests as flaky.
b623dedd363 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Disable the tests failing due to the accessibility issue.
ccb28cdc688 : Update STS Tests for Android Security BUG 183613671 and BUG 183963253.
4f05480a207 : Exempt from file-based encryption if device encryption is managed by host system
ad39bfdf832 : Fix array out of bounds access in FileObserverTest
1c51f472e45 : Ignore DynamicSystemClientTest if DSU service is not installed
2e0095e6ce9 : CTS: check that just-attached views can request the IME via WindowInsetsController
3cc3a78db07 : Change the hanlding of the denial of screen sharing
9128d6a4a19 : Update test for RcsVolteSingleRegistrationCapable
1768aa6d371 : Fixed EphemeralTest#testStartForegroundService for automotive.
949c7321641 : Add test to ensure overlays aren't on top of sensor use dialog
080a125ff7f : Set bottom frequency in AudioFrequencyVoiceRecognitionActivity to 30Hz.
da23ff289fd : Move update3aregion, validate3aRegion and some StaticMetadata utils to CtsCameraUtils lib.
70649d9494a : Rename shouldUseDefaultUnfoldTransition attribute and update docs
29c72d7929a : Account for compat scaling in NoticationTemplateTest-s
9ca1808d3c1 : Correct the lifecycle order of onActivityResult
3ec7f777f5c : Ignore the test case
d317aca568f : Camera: Fix row copy for P010 format
0e6160aa916 : Opt-out telecom CTS tests from foldable devices
71593ca9622 : Clarify and simplify AnalogHeadset CTSV test
f4a889210bc : Call createAppSpecificSmsTokenWithPackageInfo once
007e42b5368 : AAudio attributes test: spatialization API
384e7c11119 : Immersive audio API tests
4e8f73078ec : Reset default voice sub at the end of test.
18d8f34e3a5 : STS Test for Android Security BUG 183613671.
684153281ad : Add Cts for reliable Visible Activity Lookup feature
daeb4998b2a : Revert "Updated CTS test for Android Security b/74122779"
f1c5f58b51e : ITS: Handle non 4:3 ARs in
51f66d3fc82 : Switch elevation from dp to px in shadow test
adf83ab0bb8 : Annotate UsesNativeLibraryTestCase
d1737d20012 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix tests as Trusted Hotword requirement is removed
6ef7d03c91f : Exclude testDangerousPermissionState and testDangerousPermissionStateSample
582c411dbb0 : Adding tests to verify activity behind single TaskFragment
e9ff293875b : Camera: Fix first_api_level check
96f17361d02 : DO NOT MERGE: Update TapJacking test for Automotive support
6fdcfb0ec49 : Updated Content Capture tests for new window bounds events and window token in context.
a1576e8a003 : Fail assumption in AudioRecordSharedAudioTest if device lacks Mic
f3c332dfb75 : Fail assumption in AudioRecordSharedAudioTest if device lacks Mic
42f022ea4ed : Add info text to Input Cold Start Test
baf4fbc58ec : STS add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for Dynamic STS
31eaf11e5e1 : Use PointerCaptureRequest in CTS hostsidetest
5e14761d28d : Change SurfaceView size to save comparison time
b003794023c : Remove QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES from Nene.
ec7cbad1e29 : Exempt from metadata encryption check if device encryption is managed by host system
3367cde6f3f : Collector implementation to extract sha256_file.
69bb4ee4c5d : Fix flaky VoiceInteractionRoleTest and fail on low ram devices.
59611138aa9 : Adding test of cross app activity embedding
b9e644ae82d : Fixed MixedProfileOwnerTest.testDelegation() for automotive.
7c20672199f : Fix SensorPrivacyCameraTest button Id
c6c460c7f5d : Move bedstead tests back into postsubmit until failures are fixed.
a78fd6a4fed : Remove .get() and .next() from eventlib + move state to client.
9bf2f6a87f5 : Add should use default unfold transition attribute to wallpaper
efb866daf8d : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Do not use @Ignore on JUnit3 code
ab8613dd508 : Skip KeyEvent input tests for keys which are handled globally.
24cd5c0bb9b : WindowInsetsAnimationTests#testAnimationCallbacks_overlapping assumes a status bar
94acdf23836 : media: fix audio case for MediaCodecTest#testVendorParameters
479233a12c6 : Check if ANGLE is installed before running tests
8980644eb05 : Keep host and device test commands in order
4d37a21d635 : make sure to allow not supported in testNrDualConnectivity
28c2878ddcd : Allow setNrDualConnectivity to be reported as not available
8fe2c06bec8 : Fix broken CtsVerifierReportLog handling.
eebfe24a172 : Add CtsVerifier "Managed User" test for automotive.
f6292da87d4 : Improve CtsVerifier app for affiliated user on AAOS
753b2176dcf : Fix some CtsVerifierTest's PolicyTransparencyTest for AAOS
c65d61ac186 : Fix CTS-V ReportLog exporting
c42024e83b1 : Update section tags and value keys to match json/protobuff parsing in Google3
9448de39ff0 : Make ReportLog json output file sections compatible with protobuff.
0844074b16f : Rename AudioLoopbackBaseActivity to AudioLoopbackLatencyActivity.
c159e941794 : Add CTS tests for getSurfaceTransformHint API
8f9f988abd9 : Removed tap to tone test for automative use case
bfc29adefdf : DisplayTest: expect up to 4 switches in testSwitchToModeId
88f6c86118c : Removed tap to tone test for automative use case
3895594f49d : CTS test for Android Security b/190286685
126da15fe7d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/190286685
7aa4a09fa48 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/190286685
ffc6f44d208 : Fixed test-with-very-long-name-that-doesnt-fit-summary for automotive
8e45aa72083 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to cts
18293fdf905 : Update CTS test to test behavior only on the created user
e78df1ceadc : Make AppOpsTest use user-specific shell UID
e92df19e10f : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Disable unfinished tunnel mode tests
9d1204bccf2 : Migrate CustomDeviceOwnerTest#testCannotSetDeviceOwnerWhenAccountPresent
f1fcd36ba55 : Fix race condition in BleClientTestBaseActivity
bb8c191c90f : Finish activity on top by CLEAR_TOP vs. sending broadcast
051ce582fc7 : make sure to allow not supported in testNrDualConnectivity
92688fcfc9e : Fix testOneDatasetAndSave flaky problem.
73d809c6800 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/129068792
39c5e357317 : Added a method to escape regex special characters
a851a6a056f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/129068792
9d946274f38 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added a method to escape regex special characters
de4b8f2a529 : CTS test for Android Security b/183518078
bf2fcaa8f92 : CTS test for Android Security b/177454230
131ed82e11c : CTS test for Android Security b/184046948
c74d3ee5270 : CTS test for Android Security b/191055353
518aee7af11 : DO NOT MERGE Fix hotword mic indicator test for AAOS
d64a7ce2d2b : CTS test for Android Security b/193444889
42eb5ae9b6d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/193444889
ee3da8ec9b0 : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/120497583
7abaa22e882 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/182584940
559e728eceb : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/182584940
97893f2d887 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated the CTS test for Android Security b/112891564
7c74c746ffa : Remove AnimationFrameStats CTS tests
2b467dcee89 : [cts] Fix ResourcesHardeningTest for secondary users
d51333d7f13 : Add AppModeFull for ShellPermissionTest
ad6d66c2f6c : Remove userspace reboot CTS tests
d46f994c7f2 : cts(uwb): Don't run uwb tests for instant apps
0348c22d049 : Annotate various test modules for foldable device testing
4a9da8bf56e : Remove assertion expecting admin details
726468dd77b : Add CTS Tests for Freeform window transitions.
673c6fa84e2 : Fix issue with incoming call audio on verifier test.
b8422223e6f : Updated the CTS test for Android Security b/112891564
9e3b228d5f8 : CTS test for Android Security b/190188264
c587b6f1358 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/190188264
24d7dc2ce2c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated the CTS test for Android Security b/112891564
f280bb0d2d8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated the CTS test for Android Security b/112891564
9369eb7fa1a : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/74122779
42e27bb0299 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/74122779
9d1a22116b0 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/74122779
40a7deaa1c8 : Fix hotword mic indicator test for AAOS
389fffa820d : Add CtsVerifier "Managed User" test for automotive.
d1900eca479 : Assert the minAspectRatio using greatherThan instead of equality
2a1d3b7a51e : FIX the delay between starting service and obtaining process information to ensure case passed for low-performance machine testing.
98cd83471eb : Verify lifecycle for embedded Task in TaskFragment
63f6b09480a : CTS: testSave should disable all other networks
0160cb45e4c : Allow running tests on foldable devices
f39ecd5e6e5 : Fix CTS for updated Wear custom resolver UI
e61e07e55b7 : Remove ineligible CTS test that doens't have CDD
9330b18ec65 : Camera: Tag 'testExtensionAvailability' as non-instant test case
5c28d5e8459 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0481
7ff448dc860 : Removing fullscreen launch for translucent split
7c4785e5c15 : Fix for android.sensorprivacy.cts.SensorPrivacyCameraTest
6847340af2c : Skip testRequestNotifications for TV
8afc9e21141 : ITS: snap to Sony's final test_aspect_ratio_and_crop CL
08db0b4d60b : Fixed DisableContextTest#testContextOff for automotive.
676376ec1fd : CameraITS: Assert checks only for primary.
4c6ad73b6f6 : Add "no_foldable_states" annotation to the CtsAccountsHostTestCases.
7d9597d7562 : Skip BasicPipTests#openPip_afterScreenSaver on S
a4f32aa8d2e : Don't verify decoder output timestamps for interlaced encodings.
93327c6cb11 : Remove requirement that ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH resolves across user.
a79625947ca : Fixing the low quality test of CtsAccessibilityTestCase failed.
1c4ad8d1b73 : Verify display ID instead for WindowContext#getDisplay
2ec9dc6bdbf : Skip some tests if ethernet is connected.
1e2dee58903 : testInputChannelLimits() confuses "isVideo" and "!isAudio"
2a92aea23ef : Fix the ActivityManagerTest#testTrimMemActivityFg on low mem pressure
a061f4c9231 : Fixed testLocationPermissionGrantNotifies for automotive.
c07e9224b76 : Improve CtsVerifier app for affiliated user on AAOS
a4a9a4fbee5 : Do not run the tests on foldable device
cd2d196403f : Add new owner for CtsAccountManagerTestCases module
030b15f8d78 : Disable FontManagerTest#fontManager_getFontConfig_checkAlias
13313b80f0e : Do not test the intertnet panel
8c82ac03375 : [CtsVerifier] Separate the test results of the subscribe for specified peer and accept any.
de0b2839052 : Add accessibility tests for drag and drop
2888063cb00 : Move cts-camera-hal test plan
36bae28a2bc : Removed .gitignore
737aca82453 : ITS: update undistort to improve handling with large distortion
a1796f802e1 : CTS test to verify fix for aggressive SkImageFilter caching
131a19f0583 : Annotate CtsAssistTestCases for foldable device testing
39a93cd2de0 : Re-set profile owner and wait for success
2b1ebdf1d32 : Migrate testDisallowSharingIntoProfileFromPersonal
aa7bfd4ea9f : Migrate account management tests
0e6657c160e : Remove CTS tests in DeviceOwnerTest now that secondary users can start activities in Bedstead
88c6d400448 : Migrate the rest of ResetPasswordTokenTest
cd15e19d00f : Migrate KeyManagementTest remaining tests
d1ef05a951d : Migrate EnrollmentSpecificIdTest to new infra
3723875ef9a : Add CaCertManagementTest
ea09ee3d7cb : Test migration for setScreenCaptureDisabled
9616e202ebe : Migrate createAndManageUser and introduce global settings
793fbc1b82b : Migrate data sharing into profile test.
ffe9ec16a7a : Require managed_users feature only for work profiles
991969b9875 : Remove UserControlDisabledPackages CTS tests that throw a SecurityException
f210afcca0e : Add metric log verification CTS test for UserControlDisabledPackages DPM API
756cf630ae1 : Migrate ResetPasswordTokenTest.resetPasswordWithToken
c3ac3461de4 : Migrate DevicePolicyManager#setDefaultSmsApplication CTS tests
ec745eb5090 : Migrate KeyManagementTest installAndRemoveValidRsaKeyPair
12c19111463 : Add tests for CrossProfileApps#canRequestInteractAcrossProfiles
93930d66996 : Add "no_foldable_states" annotation to the CtsAccountManagerTestCases.
180707b4f5e : Fix hibernation CTS tests on ATV
52489f4c8f2 : Skip proximity related LocationManagerTests on secondary users.
4ee9b4d0c82 : Adding assumeTrue() to setUp() instead of setUpClass() function
6633c04f9b7 : Fixed EphemeralTest#testStartForegroundService for automotive.
283530493e5 : Update owners file
8ba052a237a : Fix failing MediaSessionManagerTest due to storage permission issue
a3278228b1c : Allow setNrDualConnectivity to be reported as not available
f14ccd3becb : Properly tear down streams in OutColdStart and InColdStart tests.
5bb32e1caed : AudioTrackTest: Fix testImmersiveChannelIndex
0ccd24a342b : AudioTrackTest: Fix testImmersiveChannelIndex
9983b9e01c5 : Use GL_ALPHA for GLES2 compat in ByteBufferTest
d70b45670b0 : Only test FRP policy when supported.
5c95c7e19b6 : Check for AVIF support in ThumbnailUtilsTest
c52332283cd : ITS: use angle and 90+angle in
86ee2c8f44a : Allow user of getParentInstance on TestApp.
c92b4d0479b : Add voice/telecom flags to CtsVerifierInCallUi
035197b2ae0 : Ignore IgnoreBatteryOptimizationsTest on TVs
aa37315acf5 : Add test case for relinquishTaskIdentity
3fa1e14db31 : Add .events() to TestApp to access all test app events.
9cba295b075 : Add new interface for metrics queries.
ec8fa8596fa : Add .events() for asserting on events.
e4569978b91 : Increase logcat buffer to prevent overwriting during test.
5580226ee02 : Allow CANNOT_ATTEST_IDS if devicePropertiesAttestation is requested for "_TooLargeChallenge" tests
33469843f8b : apply @RequiresDevice down to tests instead of to class of SecondaryLockscreenTest
f69babb2b15 : CTS hostside test wait 10 secs before watchdog kills app
cecd653a187 : NativeMediaMetricsTestCases not foldable sensitive
ffc07322d66 : Disable screen capture policy test on foldables
5bd649a84e1 : Fix EnrollmentSpecificIdTest
60bec7f994b : Add support for PackageManager to TestApp.
4c0687ea689 : Verify Activity lifecycle in TaskFragment
75a42a40d37 : Finish activity on top by CLEAR_TOP vs. sending broadcast
5962bfdb3cd : Fix more flaky tests caused by top resumed state
b395153ab94 : Annotate location test modules for foldable devices
ffa171332b5 : apply @RequiresDevice down to tests instead of to class of SecondaryLockscreenTest
55bbd70a424 : Clean up ownership in cts
10a362817b0 : Add AppModeFull to dEQP level tests
366a6c55cd7 : Skip instant app mode for CtsAccountsHostTestCases
0567ce3b32b : Skip verifying top resumed state for some tests
fbc29e86142 : Annotate CtsAppWidgetTestCases to run on foldable
35b2d67f1cc : Opt out admin/ enterprise tests from additional foldable testing.
492f49b4687 : Use PointerCaptureRequest in CTS hostsidetest
2a5c34b2ea8 : Don't test DocumentsUI with UiAutomator on TVs.
2dc7263f651 : Fill in missing DeviceAdminReceiver events in EventLib.
4016f26b947 : Fix the flakiness of testNativeCrash
45986714d3e : Support multi-window scenarios in ScreenshotTest
572aef10bef : Skip test cases for devices that do not support rotation
000bfd02671 : Fix PermissionPolicyTest
e25ff516e5c : Fix test directions.
ff53b0fca2b : Camera: Fix characteristic key check
d6a4291fd8d : Add cts-camera-hal test plan
2fdb6dc04f0 : Fix CtsAngleDeveloperOptionHostTest due to ANGLE updates
d8199268f54 : Skip the avif tests when AV1 decoder is not supported
c11f09521a5 : tests: opt ART tests out of foldables
49570b9a2ed : tools: opt ART tests out of foldables
ccbaa83d441 : hostsidetests: opt ART tests out of foldables
85532b2fc05 : mediapc: Fix initializationError on devices without h/w codecs
a715ae95100 : Annotate CtsPackageWatchdogTestCases for foldable testing
f0254bc6165 : Fix test directions.
0bf07eb32a3 : Annotate CtsUsageStatsTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
2897705a4ae : Annotate CtsAppUsageHostTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
05592e0972a : More-centerize the quad color checks
6bc6bbfaaf0 : Camera ITS: Fix scene1_1/test_crop_regions.
4f9a7ef311f : Fix secondary user problem for ShellPermissionTest
e718e100c61 : Fix UiAutomation tests in 720x1280 resolution
071b362a652 : Fix emulator S-CTS test failure.
1677415a796 : STS add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for Dynamic STS
0c1a7bf0cde : should get top-app tunings for filesystem performance test
8762e1d79dd : Some Bluetooth LE Secure Client tests failed before and including Android10
39f4c77e1d8 : Fix tests in MultiWindowTests not getting multi window mode update
f942d9b3c1f : Fix external camera sensor privacy tests
75c4e5939ee : Require managed_users feature only for work profiles
88798ff4679 : Opt-out time-related CTS tests from running in various foldable states
3f9b255f3de : Remove check for messages coming from same logical address as DUT
27219fd835c : Add no_foldable_states to AppSearch cts tests.
a09105d5586 : Configure CtsShortcutHostTestCases
60b8481ac18 : Fix emulator S-CTS test failure.
a9a43b9577e : Opting in for new tests
ffb539bd9c8 : Do not require the hiddenapi-test-flags argument
94f5857c8e2 : Fix signature test issue caused by
6ba692681a9 : Skip battery-related assertions on batteryless devices
ed95e2f29ce : Annotate CtsHiddenApiBlocklistApi28TestCases for foldables.
3eb8195e43d : Annotate CTS config for foldable device testing
5f316e862f7 : Add Insets/SysUI/WM relative topic folks in CtsSystemUiTestCases
509d40191eb : [DO NOT MERGE] Opt-out of foldable configuration runs.
61d882c1542 : Opting in for new tests
19d4840ea70 : Exclude Doze setting check for Android Auto devices
5e2c06db01b : KeyguardTransitionTests: fix testUnlock
dc80daf825f : Configure CtsSliceTestCases
52dc591d900 : mediapc: Remove VP8 concurrency tests
6fdbd48c510 : Configure CtsShortcutManagerTest
6caee655994 : mediapc: Remove VP8 concurrency tests
a56685ab101 : Re-enable cross-user test case.
25018c78e03 : Removing outdated STS code owners and adding one that was missing
54a8889a618 : Removing outdated STS code owners and adding one that was missing
b97be56f472 : Opting in for new tests
ac36f2e89bb : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix CtsSyncAccountAccessOtherCertTestCases failure.
49fbf1c5951 : Skip tests if no camera is available.
76afb95c772 : Annotate CtsSecureElementAccessControlTestCases3 for foldables
418b12a7070 : Annotate CtsSecureElementAccessControlTestCases2 for foldables
9aaa9b3b313 : Annotate CtsSecureElementAccessControlTestCases1 for foldables
56ab83c78d1 : Annotate CtsOmapiTestCases for foldables
7bfa60e1b4d : Annotate CtsNdefTestCases for foldables
990ee21abe1 : Annotate CtsNfcTestCases for foldables
41b7ebfb5b0 : DO NOT MERGE Add tests for the application's load label api
1288666765c : [CTS] Test case can't get android's resources
fba300ab019 : Annotate CtsSimPhonebookProviderTestCases for foldables
cd4d3529100 : CtsSimpleperfTestCases: add no_foldable_states parameter.
c0d21c5e6c2 : [cts] ignore metrics test that doesn't support secondary user
528e8a5b521 : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="no_foldable_states" /> to the CtsNativeHardwareTestCases
53e7e53b81b : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="all_foldable_states" /> to the CtsFrameRateOverrideTestCases
e2db66250bf : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="all_foldable_states" /> to the CtsColorModeTestCases
aa3dfbf1fc4 : Add CTS covering component usage content providers
c207f4d1e44 : Add CTS covering component usage broadcast receivers
53c69e2a473 : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="all_foldable_states" /> to the CtsGraphicsTestCases
cca28fc0d8a : Disable PermissionHistoryTest on Auto
21bdd34fe44 : Annotate Cts test case for foldable device testing
e6ec13b6622 : transcoding: Add capability check for transcoder tests
35daabe6ea5 : Fix flaky tests in ActivityTransitionTests
60a6a6b2533 : Annotate test module CtsHdmiCecHostTestCases test module for foldable device testing
9c5e475cf71 : Remove AudioTrackSurroundTest.testIEC61937_Errors.
c9822948a8b : mediav2 CTS: Updated testAdaptiveBitRate
36161fa685a : Annotate blobstore related test modules for foldable device testing.
77e1e97f710 : transcoding: Fix width and height in VideoFormatResolver format
33566e0d0b4 : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="no_foldable_states" /> to the CtsOpenGlPerf2TestCases
e5e44cf1fb4 : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="no_foldable_states" /> to the CtsOpenGlPerfTestCases
cb96345d89e : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="no_foldable_states" /> to the CtsOpenGLTestCases
5e2e3280587 : Add <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="parameter" value="no_foldable_states" /> to the CtsGpuToolsHostTestCases
d12d2b6fd96 : Giving new STS lead code owners for test management purposes.
2d2306814dc : Improved logging on CtsPackageUninstallTestCases:UninstallTest#testUninstall
b85a67689ad : Giving new STS lead code owners for test management purposes.
9bc875c265d : transcoding: Fix the cts failure on older device with ACodec.
5d5041ce5a4 : Opt out enterprise tests from additional foldable testing.
50fba760ac4 : Restore permission policy after test
b3a2a57991f : Annotate CtsAppCompatHostTestCases for foldables.
629d42c7520 : Annotate CtsHiddenApiKillswitchSdkListTestCases for foldables.
259986f1e9f : Annotate CtsHiddenApiBlocklistCurrentApiTestCases for foldables.
7bf0d9a0091 : Annotate CtsHiddenApiBlocklistTestApiTestCases for foldables.
2ca33e37952 : Annotate CtsHiddenApiBlocklistDebugClassTestCases for foldables.
03027813063 : Annotate CtsHiddenApiBlocklistApi27TestCases for foldables.
3754f93e412 : Annotate CtsHostsideHiddenapiTests for foldables.
1b5c946fc85 : Annotate CtsStrictJavaPackagesTestCases for foldables.
cae02c9234a : Annotate CtsHiddenApiKillswitchWildcardTestCases for foldables.
406c1dbb7bd : Annotate CtsHiddenApiKillswitchDebugClassTestCases for foldables.
33209b9062c : Annotate CtsIcu4cTestCases for foldables
5f054797004 : Check test assumption before starting test activity
a40b52aa02d : Disable CTS test for file path support for uris
2f85a1247c5 : Prevent the test from starting while screen freezes.
295ac52f8c7 : CtsVideoTestCases: oprate: Relax pass criteria further for older devices
1d0721b2689 : CtsVideo: Limit encoder performance tests to half of max dimensions
f79d80384a7 : Skip testNONEwithECDSATruncatesInputToFieldSize for P521
213f1adc9f8 : Annotate CtsCalendarcommon2TestCases test module for foldable device testing.
f4e0ac0d0c6 : Annotate CtsCalendarProviderTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
fca06f0505f : Annotate CtsContactsProviderWipe test module for foldable device testing.
20e66e769ac : Annotate CtsContactsProviderTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
a8ca8923ae3 : Annotate CtsSyncContentHostTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
084a4d8df47 : Annotate CtsSyncManagerTestsCases test module for foldable device testing.
e4ed28117cd : Annotate CtsSyncAccountAccessOtherCertTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
33735d4cbe5 : Annotate CtsAppExitTestCases test module for foldable device testing
d5255c466bc : Add a delay before turning the screen off
770fbc5f0aa : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to cts
4d14066b0e7 : Annotate CtsLibcoreWycheproofBCTestCases for foldables
690a0b8bfff : Annotate CtsLibcoreApiEvolutionTestCases for foldables
4e3fb769f0a : Annotate CtsSaxTestCases for foldables
732e48a9858 : Annotate CtsIcuTestCases for foldables
e60240d2b72 : Annotate CtsLibcoreFileIOTestCases for foldables
7346922334c : Annotate CtsLibcoreJsr166TestCases for foldables
d9849a61eba : Annotate CtsApacheHttpTestCases for foldables
c72a4ca799a : Annotate CtsSystemApiAnnotationTestCases for foldables
adb58f0aaf5 : Annotate CtsMimeMapTestCases for foldables
8f9d1e40cc2 : Annotate CtsApacheHttpLegacyUsesLibraryApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
7fd7cdfd789 : Annotate CtsApacheHttpLegacyCurrentApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
03beef9fcb7 : Annotate CtsAndroidTestBaseCurrentApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
46217da1314 : Annotate CtsAndroidTestMockCurrentApiSignatureTestCasesfor foldables
0acaea7c7cd : Annotate CtsApacheHttpLegacy27ApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
3abe121afb2 : Annotate CtsAndroidTestBase28ApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
55164aca901 : Annotate CtsAndroidTestRunnerCurrentApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
da02aacc06c : Annotate CtsSystemApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
8a182bcc6aa : STS test fix for CVE-2021-0686
fc4580677ba : Annotate CtsCurrentApiSignatureTestCases for foldables
b57f1274cad : Annotate CtsLibcoreLegacy22TestCases for foldables
1b8628f750c : Annotate CtsLibcoreOjTestCases for foldables
0bf66b8cf6a : Annotate CtsLibcoreTestCases for foldables
5d39eece835 : Revert "Add test cases for background startForeground() improvement."
95724eb206d : Annotate CtsLibcoreOkHttpTestCases for foldables
d99ecf5430b : Annotate CtsLibcoreWycheproofConscryptTestCases for foldables
a74a57f14ff : Camera: Add FullApiMode annotation for ZoomCaptureTest
4ae72eb122f : Annotate CtsHostTzDataTests for foldable device testing
dcb848baccb : Annotate CtsSharedLibsApiSignatureTestCases for foldable device
c555a3582d5 : CtsVideoTestCases: oprate: Relax pass criteria further for older devices
0769032950f : CtsVideoTestCases: oprate: Relax pass criteria further for older devices
987471e1e00 : CtsVideo: Limit encoder performance tests to half of max dimensions
842d4b6fa04 : CtsVideo: Limit encoder performance tests to half of max dimensions
66e99c100c4 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2020-29661
5a72138ebfc : Adjust testMutate to not rely on undefined behavior
4c531befdad : Adjust testMutate to not rely on undefined behavior
9857a227276 : Update check for isFullVolumeDevice
6c8738f9876 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2020-29661
140d5760c57 : Annotate CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases for foldable device testing
055c7b03e72 : Annotate CtsTranslationTestCases for foldable device testing
4eb5f4ef2cb : Annotate CtsTextClassifierTestCases for foldable device testing
979d5f90b66 : fix statsd tests hasFeature detection
3d771ebb638 : Skip testNONEwithECDSATruncatesInputToFieldSize for P521
694cb44b73b : jvmti: broaden OWNERS file
a906badd04a : jvtmi: Tests do not depend on foldable state
293f4a1d2f2 : Annotate MediaParser host tests with no_foldable_states
86f7af5fa03 : Attempt to reduce flakiness of AppConfigurationTests
519a0408b61 : Annotate test module CtsRollbackManagerHostTestCases test module for foldable device testing.
87bc87d76cf : [RESTRICT_AUTOMERGE]Workaround for testIncorrectContextUse_ConfigContext
d0a0419a381 : Fix KeyguardTests flaky on verify dismiss callback.
6bdff3461bf : Fix WindowProviderService test on instant mode
c4525bf1a99 : CtsApexTestCases doesn't need to run for all foldable states
9a4180c5dc5 : Verify there is no additional NavBar window added
f796aa6fea5 : MediaExtractorTest: remove MediaCodec blocking call to avoid deadlock
a493d0e691e : Fixed EphemeralTest#testStartForegroundService for automotive.
ba244d1d56d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Add Extra Business Logic support
105febd6f9f : transcoding: Add capability check for transcoder tests
bdae5120943 : transcoding: Fix width and height in VideoFormatResolver format
1ac06aad84b : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0636
3a296455f42 : transcoding: Fix the cts failure on older device with ACodec.
bf71518c3b2 : Make LockTaskUtilityActivityIfAllowed direct boot aware
df26e86186b : Change SplashscreenTests for freeform first devices
a2b20a0f7af : Fix CtsTvTestCases caused by permissions
6c94cf974f0 : Add APIs for permission, appop, and delegate controlled enterprise policies.
57c6a2b3049 : Add @CanSetPolicyTest.
e76df5e5e0e : Disable battery saver tests on TV
d35609d8b15 : Update the test for for hanlding security exception
4138b4cd22d : Fix flakiness of testDisplayChanged
9e851231fcd : STS update @AsbSecurityTest
649850d17f2 : Fix testCameraTimelineWithMultipleApps
a69bf15ae16 : Moving tests to CTS.
aa25edd95b6 : Don't allow use of Nene permissions without shell on in-development versions.
2d4f5d1f0aa : Add "mts" to target used in tests
c0954b3327d : Camera: Add preview delay for YUV single capture
06079c9e7dd : Better error messages when permissions can't be granted or dropped.
dacbb0085c9 : Allow injecting minimum version from configuration.
07f30635887 : Test app compat overrides added/removed following package update
7f8226147d4 : FIX the delay between starting service and obtaining process information to ensure case passed for low-performance machine testing.
2c60476480f : Add back CtsBionicTestCases to cts-on-gsi
d3ad64b23cd : Increase tolerance for screenshot color verification in BlurTests
ba5634a0770 : Add Extra Business Logic support
3d62ec9a3d2 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0705
25390d26367 : Camera: Test digital zoom in repeating request case
6c1316019d9 : [DO NOT MERGE] StagefrightTest: call codec.stop() before codec.release()
a7b11b12005 : Add CTS tests for SizeCompatRestartButtonEventReported
5f29edef316 : Temporarily Revert "Add Extra Business Logic support"
51c02afbfa6 : Add tests for the application's load label api
18ae8679908 : Camera: Use non-null video recording paths
98b7349db0a : Adds CTS tests for top level activities able to request device state changes
0bb8203caf1 : Fix permission check for devices that do not have ImsService by default
0ec1c4b6d8a : Fix a race for auto-rejected calls in Telecom and CTS service disconnect
f3533f0931a : Revert "Exclude testInstallV4UpdateAfterRotation"
79228e861e0 : CTS - reorder racy network scorer test
61ed18c1139 : Decrease minimum value require for SIM phonebook names
8e7d486cd55 : Temporarily Revert "Add Extra Business Logic support"
e4671df0acb : Revert "Revert "Merge "Add Extra Business Logic support" into rvc-dev am: 92b10790f5 am: a730cad03d""
72efa583fd7 : skip seccomp test on media.codec on 64bit only devices
0fd9e85da10 : Make LockTaskUtilityActivityIfAllowed direct boot aware
a33202591b2 : Make module id configurable in strings.
d2f07648d11 : Disable PermissionHistoryTest on TV
f2bbc36145a : Verify starting Activity in created embedded Task
373d48660af : MultiDisplayPolicyTests: fix testPreQTopProcessResumedActivity
c2255c2e951 : Revert "Merge "Add Extra Business Logic support" into rvc-dev am: 92b10790f5 am: a730cad03d"
4d419ffb0ec : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/180643802
85d3774275d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/180643802
a63aa950747 : MultiDisplayPolicyTests: fix testPreQTopProcessResumedActivity
adf01071177 : Ignore late-breaking behavior change.
4a752fbbb0d : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix tests as Trusted Hotword requirement is removed
c8beee534fe : ITS: new scene2_d/scene2_e images from LMS studios
cb9210447d2 : Add Extra Business Logic support
a38c1b470a7 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/182584940
c9062e9a1df : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/182584940
49714aca592 : CTS test for Android Security b/182584940
c55b24bd2e5 : CTS test for Android Security b/179839665
e0dc18e4746 : Remove non-emptyness assertion for insets
26ddce4bedf : Synchronise the permission list.
46ef068d62d : Fix testAppCrashOccurredNative
73d51e3f5c7 : Fix the flakiness of testNativeCrash
ae047d805a0 : Use wide gamut color mode for blur test activities
334ecb29ca8 : Permission tests: Press back only when necessary
cb13558a13e : Use DeviceOwnerTargetPreparer to set device owner
82e274ef742 : Fix timebase for KeyEvents in LongPressBackTest
37d51a6c0d8 : Skip tests that unplug the battery on batteryless devices
5ddd260c73e : Fix CdmTest for devices w/o relevant feature
cf99bde7f7c : Preserve certain "Nearby devices" implicit grants.
41bb6f54ea3 : Camera: Check high resolutions for stream configuration map
5377e04d1ce : Ignore late-breaking behavior change.
2b9a88d3279 : Flush BatteryStats handlers during testPluggedStateChangeAtom
70c900fea51 : ITS: new scene2_d/scene2_e images from LMS studios
48ce4d71dec : Copy SDK 30 theme host test assets to SDK 31
0e7698181de : ITS: new scene2_d/scene2_e images from LMS studios
f7af5281506 : Replace getMaxWindowMetrics with getCurrent
05e2f8f4298 : Revert "Exclude testInstallV4UpdateAfterRotation"
a005a4e3598 : Only run v4 tests if incremental is enabled on a device
58c939d84be : Fix the problem of excessive sensitivity error
b68a484e6fa : Test migration for short and long support messages
5bae28253b4 : Fix flakiness of testDisplayChanged
867e29257f3 : Update input location calculation to adapt freeform window
83306ce0282 : Add --user flag while running resolve-activity command
1ea7a0a4500 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix tests as Trusted Hotword requirement is removed
e69bbf74d5d : Make WindowUntrustedTouchTest resilient to rotation changes
237ccbc42a3 : Ensure test activity is focused when tapped the display
334eea15d88 : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2020-29368
8090bd6925d : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2020-29368
c37e9da0570 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2020-29368
0659dfc6ad7 : Fix flaky test cases in Activity Manager tests
9c3a5acc6a5 : extend timeout in waiting for radio button to be checked
910121e82f5 : Disable battery saver tests on TV
ac9b355e866 : CTS test for Android Security b/116722267
7bcf618293c : CTS test for Android Security b/114223584
17985ce0047 : CTS test for Android Security b/116791157
2a1da0966f9 : CTS test for Android Security b/114238578
308b29323fd : CTS test for Android Security b/179386960
31bd449b41a : CTS test for Android Security b/181346550
69c4593bc89 : Add @Postsubmit to tests which were automatically removed from presubmit due to flakes.
c08a337238a : Add --user flag while running resolve-activity command
bfe9e002ff9 : Disable CTS test for file path support for uris
bf1cdea3f5d : Fix CdmTest for devices w/o relevant feature
b9fad0895aa : Add "mts" to target used in tests
a64d39359ba : Avoid intermediate rotation change from WindowTest
8f577be5f00 : Camera: Fix 'isColorCorrectionSupported' typo
bdb3f05ec87 : ExtendedCameraCharacteristsTest: Add tests for ultra high resolution sensor characteristics
120a3c504b1 : Rename -> MediaTranscodingManager
c2f07c7bc47 : STS refactor @SecurityTest
662e34cdeae : Only run v4 tests if incremental is enabled on a device
50dfab6a126 : STS refactor @SecurityTest
58d2c9acf65 : media: EncodeVirtualDisplayTest relax required color accuracy
1c04a363c59 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] STS Test for Android Security BUG 183963253.
4fb83d25c38 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0635
5675d5b40e6 : Allow multiple different flag sets for @EnterprisePolicy - and automatically generate states rather than manually listing.
0a236dfc93b : Verify TaskFragmentOrganizer basic operations
ed29b433f67 : STS Test for Android Security BUG 183963253.
3564f4c1040 : Use DeviceOwnerTargetPreparer to set device owner
62eda7938a4 : [DO NOT MERGE] WifiManagerTest: wait 15 seonds for a Wifi scan.
e273483dc64 : Add a regression test for Bug 195385541
3bfd8856d7b : Launch WindowInsetsControllerTests activities in fullscreen
90d8751403d : Fix signature test issue caused by
c64d1aa8017 : Fixed ProfileOwnerTest tests for automotive:
dca31d73273 : Flush BatteryStats handlers during testPluggedStateChangeAtom
ac4d9d4e6a8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/116722267
051718ab981 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114223584
8a688dab0ed : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/116791157
a1e6f9dea69 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114238578
3b1004ecb23 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/179386960
75716451a1d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/116722267
7635ce8bd03 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114223584
4fcb3f4aca0 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/116791157
7198f9458b1 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/114238578
3b95b7e7838 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/179386960
3bff08ec1e3 : CTS test for Android Security b/162383705
d61015c79d3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/181346550
63dc22c1229 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/181346550
1d75dac8983 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/174661955
6bbdc428622 : CTS test for Android Security b/174661955
e6b4ac4b617 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/124462242
4a46cf845b3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147310271
c995e6c20ee : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Add checks for supported NFC devices
9b17a48919e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/124462242
b92e089e171 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147310271
bd1c59be39d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Add checks for supported NFC devices
d3bb5ddf7c8 : Rename -> MediaTranscodingManager
2f15e975daa : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/124462242
dc5fc6baacb : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147310271
4a3706b358a : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Add checks for supported NFC devices
9cc41145fb0 : Fix collection assertions in carrierapi test.
05a081cb390 : CTS test for Android Security b/124462242
c2a2543b23f : Updated CTS test for Android Security b/147310271
0252f509aec : Add checks for supported NFC devices
b97c9fc834c : Update Test to backfill Event/Gauge metric data
2622427fe6b : Fixed DeviceOwnerTest#testBluetoothRestriction for automotive
fd1d2886ee3 : Update testNrStateRedacted to Build ServiceState
c4f9d0f6928 : [CTS] Skip the test appropriately
3dd52c91546 : Skip CtsPrintTestCases[instant] for the rewrite to accommodate landscape mode
1b27828490a : Set ApplicationRestrictions tests to enforce on background users.
5eb768c49bb : Change Enterprise Policy configuration to use flags.
ce089a32293 : Add @IncludeRunOnBackgroundDeviceOwnerUser.
fd67e5e9847 : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0635
89fcef3d307 : [Provider Model] Test the internet dialog from Settings
d1c5669efaa : update CVE-2017-0479 poc
385e3d99645 : Launch WindowUntrustedTouchTest in immersive mode
eb0a09329da : Add Extra Business Logic support
384c32a7c1a : STS test for Android Security CVE-2021-0635
052a539f5dc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/169255797
75bcb5eca36 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/169255797
af5030eef6f : CTS test for Android Security b/169255797
bf144a88b65 : Fix collection assertions in carrierapi test.
0f5226c2e0f : Fix SECURITY_MODEL_COMPATIBLE tests
9f72da474f3 : Allow negative value for CorrelationVector#samplingStartM
de44724c377 : Add test to verify shared signers in lineage retain capabilities
05045ed680e : Skip CtsPrintTestCases[instant] for the rewrite to accommodate landscape mode
096679ebd01 : Remove CTS test enforcing secure enterprise configs
3a91a1ab96a : ExtendedCameraCharacteristsTest: Add tests for ultra high resolution sensor characteristics
770694597fa : Fixed ClearDeviceOwnerTest for automotive.
2c69657e6f5 : Show a message when the test peripheral config is invalid.
e2dd9d95b57 : Rename -> MediaTranscodingManager
1fade24eed9 : DO NOT MERGE: Update & revert CTS for permission dialogs on Automotive
6f0d681613d : STS test fix for Android Security CVE-2021-0339
2eee1e31160 : Verify apps cannot receive ACTION_SNOOZE_WARNING broadcast.
0887a20341b : Test power component UI behavior per power policy
709c8df1618 : Fix minor wrong assumption and bug in BlurTests
338aee1210e : Fix ActivityLifecycleTopResumedStateTests
54fa77395c7 : media: EncodeVirtualDisplayTest relax required color accuracy
02bb69bfadb : Fix flaky InlineSimpleSaveActivityTest#testAutofill_oneDatasetAndSave
3538b7b836b : Re-added testAdminActionBookkeeping for automotive.
8ca82313e5f : skip seccomp test on media.codec on 64bit only devices
ede7af5ba91 : Camera: Fix 'isColorCorrectionSupported' typo
7001a869cc4 : Merge "Display rotation animations on watches" am: 09ab2e706f
2d7479c88fd : Fix WindowInsetsAnimationTests for PC CF
267ceebef4b : Added CTS test for 3P IGNITION_STATE property.
2267ec72c0f : Allow negative value for CorrelationVector#samplingStartM
04059e6a6d4 : [CTS] Replace the deprecate libs
dfdffc33f9e : Added CTS tests for 3P display units properties.
990d76af281 : Replace RemoteDPC with a TestApp wrapper.
e4c054816a6 : Use AutoAnnotation to create annotation interfaces.
0cfcd98f061 : Created CTS test to verify property access with just permission CAR_ENERGY_PORTS granted.
2eca861ed70 : Remove CTS test on bad enterprise config
3326cb684aa : Fixed permission tests for automotive.
776f786edda : Fix some CtsVerifierTest's PolicyTransparencyTest for AAOS
7ed6a02b781 : Created CTS test to verify property access with just permission CAR_POWERTRAIN granted.
bdc8fff73ba : Created CTS test to verify property access with just permission CAR_EXTERIOR_ENVIRONMENT granted.
3e459df0fe1 : Fix timebase for KeyEvents in LongPressBackTest
1b39ee8fdde : Fix testNoConfigurationChangedWhenSwitchBetween
c42c5957f5f : Support for multiple TaskDisplayAreas in ToastTest
79b4a6ccc40 : Add onMultiWindowModeChanged() for large screen device check config.
0f66062850c : Added callback verification for continuous properties.
5ddf8918eb7 : Added AreaIdsVerifier and verified DRIVER_INFO_SEAT AreaIds.
de41150d70b : Added CTS test for 3P property, PERF_VEHICLE_SPEED_DISPLAY.
ed815a4670a : Reduce wait time for profiling trace file
4dcc5715737 : Created CTS test to verify property access with just permission READ_CAR_DISPLAY_UNITS granted.
c10605c0484 : Allow filtering for activities.
03723427c93 : Add additional elements which can be queried in test apps.
6483197fa1f : Reduce wait time for profiling trace file
ae4b2b8434a : Added CTS tests for 3P accessible ELECTRONIC_TOLL_COLLECTION_CARD_* properties.
d5e1d493bd9 : Updated gear CTS verification to make sure gears are in VehicleGear list.
7c42d225c14 : Fix for INFO_DRIVER_SEAT area type failure.
ea31b85765f : Added callback verification to the VehiclePropertyVerifier for STATIC and ONCHANGE properties.
d0451cd2664 : Added CTS tests for 3P properties requiring PERMISSION_POWERTRAIN.
7a719d08738 : Copy the S assets for Sv2
2ed8387a7e7 : Removed temporary getApplicationRestrictions() API.
2dbc0652a49 : Re-enable tests for secondary user cases.
f8079393fc9 : Improved logging on permission tests.
f85ebdd358e : Temporarily disabled testPermissionGrant for automotive.
210e1b9efa1 : Added CTS test for 3P accessible ENV_OUTSIDE_TEMPERATURE.
fa11122a44c : Unregister TaskOrganizer if needed
44023f25dc3 : Remove @FlakyTest from CompatChangeTests.
9351a1e6e9a : Rename MMAP aaudio stream test as low latency.
ee52c33cb26 : Created CTS test to verify property access with just permission CAR_SPEED granted.
1d151392eb5 : Select event counter based on the maxSampleRate
a5ddab4675e : Fix PermissionHistoryTest on R platform.
34e5ecdf44e : Add camera rotate&crop compat changes to override allow list
34dcfa3e841 : revert 14387672, modify Logging test to be async
66c170a63d8 : Increase displayed precision for floats in array
6ed1114cdf2 : Replace fixed package names now that they can filter correctly.
16ea08bd52c : Fix StorageManagerTest#testCallback
a057e03904c : Use task center when tapping app in TopResumedTests
dbb25666bc6 : Add basic indexing of testapps.
5a6e4c508cb : Modify testShowInputMethodPicker
05d56b7ebee : Verify there is no additional NavBar window added
d2c983a1cd0 : Fix DisplayHashManagerTest failure on ARC++
e305672d690 : Run activity in fullscreen, fix appLaunchIsLogged
8a4c8938d08 : Fix Config Matches ActivityInMultiWindow PC CF
dd282fc5c04 : Add AppModeFull to dEQP level tests
540c9934f92 : Add RemoteDPC test App.
a385f973591 : Wait for test activity to be destroyed
48b72235266 : Add |role to UPDATE_APP_OPS_STATS test
a6a972ff618 : Move cts tests for PermissionDetailsFragment
7430833914b : Compute Aspect Ratio from App Bounds in CompatChangeTests
06a84310f16 : Migrate ManagedProfileRingtoneTest.
ddc6ded6937 : Modify expectations after TRIGGER_SHELL_PROFCOLLECT_UPLOAD permission
de944308373 : Fix CTS CtsMediaTestCases failed
fa446772f8d : Fixed car audio master mute test
68d34754ab6 : WifiManagerTest: wait 15 seonds for a Wifi scan.
7cb4726503b : Write CTS test for DeviceStateChanged metric
ecdcae0af1c : Added CTS tests for 3P accessible INFO_* properties.
9ed23b903bd : Fix MediaParserHostSideTest.testLogSessionId
2490f7e7d64 : Set launch root for split app orientation request test
f9bbafe2506 : Add GIVE_SYSTEM_AUDIO_MODE_STATUS to list of allowed start-up messages
854ea3bbfde : Fix cectVerifyStartupMessages_Cec14b to pass on TV.
4ea2961cc8b : Revert "Disable USB device test as it makes a wrong assumption"
5e2decae931 : Fix KeyguardTests flaky on verify dismiss callback.
a0da725bc51 : Created CTS test to verify property access with just permission CAR_ENERGY granted.
b529f472da0 : Fix bugs in SimPhonebookContract_SimRecordsMultiSimTest
ee396f0e0d9 : Refine split screen app orientation request tests
1c963a8d773 : Fix AppConfigTest-Config update resized from dock
edc5bfa1522 : Fix DialogFrameTests on PC CF
b41a32b24dc : Fix flaky test of StorageAugmenter.
8157c4c0c7f : Fix SECURITY_MODEL_COMPATIBLE tests
85ba0a08332 : Verify TaskFragmentOrganizer policy
42ca4d0a218 : Created VehiclePropertyVerifier to help verify Vehicle Properties.
feecafefbdb : Improve AugmentedLoginActivityTest execution time.
a310ce12781 : Launch DragDropTest in fullscreen
ff113ad5500 : Use stack center when tapping Anr dialog
9a653c0c8b9 : Cleaned up Intellij problems and formatting issues in CarPropertyManagerTest.
da74881fc39 : Create replacement for @AfterClass and @BeforeClass
8d03b755363 : Fix setProfileOwner_componentNameNotInstalled_throwsException
9ed46ab29f5 : Revert "Revert "Add test for setting channel mask.""
8bb0951a54b : Revert "Add test for setting channel mask."
04977422549 : Revert "Enable testTapjackGrantDialog_partialOverlay on automotive"
91a99963c72 : Add cts tests for PermissionDetailsFragment
c486a727b67 : Created CTS tests to verify property access with no property permissions and with just permission CAR_INFO granted.
8bd56ed5adf : Propogate changes for setSensorPrivacy API change.
e0287e5e05b : Add 3 second delay in between SensorPrivacy tests
5e37ea3556e : Re-add op finish tests
c3bcae10b2a : Add System Services to test apps.
76a34768e0a : Move directories around for testapp to match other bedstead components.
afe74c13b64 : Add RemoteFrameworkClasses.
2719274e386 : Enable presubmit on all tests except for StartProfilesTest (known flaky).
9554ee532e5 : Add test for setting channel mask.
79fa181d839 : Skip locked screen sensor privacy test for instant apps
19a08bdf3d4 : Add test to ensure hotword doesn't show indicator for TV/Auto
c32c4d55cb0 : Modify attribution tests for new trusted chaining logic
0fddc5e003c : Remove test case for stoppd user.
6d54a5d453f : Enable testTapjackGrantDialog_partialOverlay on automotive
1fb5df26b21 : Optimize AttributionSource tokens - cts
00c0bb8bb95 : Add CTS tests for AppCompatOverridesServide.
3029b2cf226 : Verify WindowProviderService behaviors
6d40ae237b8 : Increase timeout again for running location access check job.
25268846562 : Mark recognition sources as trusted in AppOpTrackingTest
26bfa52f371 : Disable ensurePhoneCallOpsRestricted for non-telephony devices
3bbfafc9001 : Directly start camera in CameraMicIndicatorsPermissionTest
855c79d2fd7 : Fix testGivenBluetoothIsDeniedWhenScanIsAttemptedThenThenGetEmptyScanResult
e0b3e75843c : Launch CloseOnOutsideTests with ActivityScenarioRule
aafa1be668b : Fix flakiness in LocationAccessCheckTest.
1f0a59bcff4 : MediaExtractorTest: verify valid and invalid log session ids
3ed77a4f67e : Add CTS tests for rebootless APEX updates
3250d772c7e : Drop prebuilt files to android source tree.
a1a7970ef66 : Launch WindowUntrustedTouchTest in fullscreen to pass on ARC++
45e5a06cc24 : Enable testTapjackGrantDialog_partialOverlay on automotive
39ad07642a0 : Disabled testLocationPermissionGrantNotifies() on automotive.
bbbe3b101ee : Changed annotation on testApplicationRestrictions.
cb83add917a : Improved assertion message on permission tests.
a559d3fd021 : Fix testSuspendPackage for AAOS
5e047deba82 : Disabled testSetKeyguardDisabledFeatures tests for headless system user DO.
2b03faf4ac0 : DO NOT MERGE: Skip Keyguard Test for Automotive without secure lock screen
db8c12d422e : Add CREATE_USERS permissions when calling setDeviceOwner.
c2a5a95b808 : Increase timeout in LocationAccessCheckTest.
a2ff6d4e702 : Fixed testAlwaysOnVpnPackageXXX tests for headless system user mode.
30381cd9aaa : Initial port of ApplicationRestrictionsTest to new infra.
1c141f0ace9 : Fix broken PointerIconTest#testTabWidget
b1c85d0a650 : Remove Cronet cts tests
c3a2feab090 : Revert "Temporarily removed @TemporaryIgnoreOnHeadlessSystemUserMode."
ef4962b11a2 : Skip lockscreen toggle tests if device doesn't support
7b49e27c8e6 : Backports to fix CTS tests on non-debug devices
53dd2f62bb3 : Drop prebuilt files to android source tree.
1d4279a5d52 : Correctly set min SDK version for AutoRevokeSApp.
9039ec86fca : AudioFormat: add tests for new channel masks
93215f4f899 : Add tests for lastUpdateMillis field
0dbdc1e7e7f : Handle case when the role package is missing from the device.
708aaa98028 : Don't wait for onConfigurationChanged
fe8051cf132 : Verify display ID instead for WindowContext#getDisplay
f69cb853882 : Remove Cronet cts tests
bb0a20b49dd : Update test for new display orientation parameter
56d51e5dc29 : Add CarWatchdog CTS host-side test for I/O overuse usecases.
e929430195e : Revert "Add tests for the api Context#checkUriPermission"
92fdae384a8 : Revert "Add tests for the api Context#checkUriPermission"
e076a146b17 : Add per display brightness configuration tests
62d0ca2b7de : Revert "Add tests for the api Context#checkUriPermission"
5f6c317ae06 : Revert "Add tests for the api Context#checkUriPermission"
f989a05a94f : VelocityTrackerTest: Use pointer source for MotionEvent
f28253aeed6 : Replace display orientation in PinnedStackTests
fe67031c0e7 : Updated test since TouchOcclusionMode was moved.
3964095f24c : Introduce CTS verifying policies around intelligence permissions.
1273c6a3af1 : Verify call WM before WindowProviderService#onCreate
5132776064f : Update WindowManagerState for TaskFragments
e22e86b62cd : Verify onConfigurationChanged behavior for IME
46d4255b981 : Verify WindowProviderservice#onConfigurationChanged
d3420a571f0 : Verify isUiContext in InputMethodServiceTest
c938e4e2bae : Revert "platform/cts - S is now 31"
023803da89b : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to cts
d1cce47035b : MotionEvents' offsets should only be applied to pointer sources
bffac46c8bc : Add Bounds Check to Fixed Orientation CTS Test
508fa7b6eec : [DO NOT MERGE] Remove Client Suggestions tests
df86d7e1515 : Revert "Verify behavior when FGS uses existing notification"
9a333ea719b : Revert "Verify behavior when FGS uses existing notification"
55896f3dea2 : Tests for requestDisallowInterceptTouchEvents
3c8dff224f3 : Tests for requestDisallowInterceptTouchEvents
6a3acd60cc4 : Exclude slices-disabled devices from SlicesProviderTest
4367b6dff17 : Revert "Stop using ATM#setTaskWindowingMode in CTS"
99b23cbee4e : Revert "Stop using ATM#setTaskWindowingMode in CTS"
e6176654d0c : Revert "Update tests to reflect the new behavior for setGeometry"
36a2cb95029 : Revert "Update tests to reflect the new behavior for setGeometry"
35af9b882cb : Revert "Update tests to reflect the new behavior for setGeometry"
9c285354a4b : Revert "Update tests to reflect the new behavior for setGeometry"
99af44b7c6e : Add test for canRecycle from new view.
1ee60bed54e : Add test for canRecycle from new view.
0c6462667fe : Attempt to fix flaky wifi cts tests
f76892d8277 : Revert "[cts] tests for settings readable fields"
cc2f1e67a6d : Revert recent SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW changes
8bf6b9afcef : Revert "Updates CTS tests for MAC address restrictions."
da9df9f9ec0 : Test that WindowContext is able to bind service
4dc5b0fa72d : Revert "Test that presentation not dismiss after display resize"
5671bd99654 : Revert "Test that presentation not dismiss after display resize"
fd99899ead7 : Revert "Add dedicated host side tests for permissions and appops"
17d2cb00518 : Revert "Test package/permission cache invalidation when INTERACT..."
9555cc587db : Revert "Add dedicated host side tests for permissions and appops"
6275fb036a6 : Revert "Test package/permission cache invalidation when INTERACT..."
de3069f71a1 : Revert "Add dedicated host side tests for permissions and appops"
7b17756797e : Revert "Master is now S"

+- Project: platform/development

e0caa3b4a : Using IME context to inflate layout from S_V2
84637a483 : [DO NOT MERGE] SDK has been finalized for sc-v2-dev. API level is now 32. So remoing rc suffix from Build tools version number. And resetting the SDK to r1 of the API level which is now API 32
aa83a1a8c : S V2 is now 32
3b426b047 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update API 32 release config and emulator files for SC-V2 Beta 1
5284e5a48 : Edit SF and WM config from winscope.
7085983d9 : Enable "auto rotate" for resizable AVD
3907154c2 : [DO NOT MERGE] Sync flicker from master to sc-v2
325b0476f : [DO NOT MERGE] Sync flicker from master to sc-v2
ba5a679a0 : Refix "emulator: disable setting NR as network type"
f38a7d0de : <RESTRICT AUTOMERGE>Update release config and emulator files for Android S(API 31) Beta5
fe83c41c1 : emulator: disable setting NR as network type
3dd429221 : Update API 32 release config and emulator files
f230a13f3 : [DO NOT MERGE] Full - Compatibilize winscope with master
b8e901f89 : Backwards compat for TaskFragment + overlap fix
92d1bda2a : Update Winscope for TaskFragment

+- Project: device/amlogic/yukawa

cb09fb5 : yukawa: Enable HAL access to usb devices
996ec2d : yukawa: fstab: remove */block/mmcblk2 entry
6f8514f : yukawa: fstab: re-indent file

+- Project: device/common

2573c7c : Update fastboot version checking to 3103 to support P21

+- Project: device/generic/car

2b13810 : [Bug Fix] Turn on Wi-Fi after boot for aosp_car targets
126d41c : Unset PRODUCT_INSTALL_DEBUG_POLICY_TO_SYSTEM_EXT for gsi_car_${arch}.mk
0e21646 : Move config_allowed_optional_car_features to emulator/cluster/*overlay.
7f74712 : Exclude btusb seplicies in gsi targets
61af165 : Add BT passthrough support
92b5953 : Add CarService resource overlay
dd6c59a : Overlay config_systemAutomotiveCluster for cluster_osdouble.
4ca4eae : Enlengthen VHAL health check interval in AA emulator
bac78eb : Fix "artifact path requirement" build errors for CarManagedProvisioning
ed48aa9 : Removed power policy from audio control service.
a661980 : Added vendor_required_apps_managed_user.xml
e210821 : Added separated audio effects manifest file
43881e0 : Add failing items to fix broken build. This happened after we moved ScriptExecutor to a separate package.
4f2cff5 : Removed
92f4855 : Configure boot animation for car_ui_portrait emu
bc79df4 : Remove old RRO
87e0052 : Add vehicle_binding_util targets to the allow list to fix build breaks
46dc48c : Update ManagedProvisioning app in package allowlist
b487a3d : Use CarUiPortraitSystemUI in car_portrait_ui emu
f9087f8 : Set up RROs for car_ui_portrait emu
13a054a : Include static RRO for car_ui_portrait emu
a2c5d2c : Split AOSP and GAS emulators
3114f8d : Fix a build break.
aca513d : Adds adasLocationTestApp to requirement allowed list.

+- Project: device/generic/common

fa8bd0f : Add a copy of debug policy to GSI system image

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

3128dbfb : Set ro.cpuvulkan.version property
fef8b98f : Add sdk_car_portrait_x86_64
dbc222d7 : Use emulator_car_x86_64 in sdk_car target
c7a97710 : goldfish: include NOTICE.txt in image zip
b23abd10 : goldfish: fix selinux lable for disks
698e0814 : [Wifi] Completely retire Wifi solution with hostapd running inside the guest.
5d794c9a : Add config overlay config_autoTimeSourcesPriority to sync guest time
669f877f : Fix a typo in `adjust_channels` arguments
088089bd : Upgrade to hwcomposer 2.4
61f50a36 : Remove hwcomposer manifest snippet to avoid conflict
42d64733 : Let shell read qemu.sf.lcd_density property.
87352a79 : goldfish: fix vp8 codecs xml typo
26fe466f : goldfish: remove non-standard performance point for vp8
af9da5dd : goldfish: set property files for aosp images
b016ae46 : Add feature to allow multiple display configs
b306dfc3 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
9475c798 : Bundle display settings for app compat in the emulator build.
db46836b : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
5150e4c4 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
509735a9 : goldfish: remove 4k data point for hardware vp8 decoder
8894756d : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
5d1bacf7 : Do not override wallpaper picker package
5cff8a9d : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
71efabc1 : Upgrade opengles deqp level to 2021
4bfc2d55 : Revert "Revert "Upgrade deqp level to 2021-03-01""
3c761ccd : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
5d7a73ba : Revert "Add to makefile."
42cf4bf4 : Include both sidecar and extensions for window manager
4a1d28e9 : Add options to disable tinyalsa
94303c74 : goldfish: label virtio block devices for ARM64
f6616608 : Fix a typo
16cd1945 : Move audio.effects into a separate manifest
c081f67f : (reland) Update the audio HAL to @7
444f8de8 : Replace windows sidecar with windows extensions
60801615 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
8af98538 : Ignore hinge sensor status when not activated
072b50c8 : Remove support:
064e6c94 : Add feature DeviceStateOnBoot
3aa94311 : Bump emulator version to 7637665
87fe142a : goldfish: pack emulator-info.txt into data/misc/emulator/version.txt
9b03aa41 : Read device state config xml from bootconfig on boot
7bc863b7 : Restricting ethernet network by default
a3586391 : goldfish: update video codecs performance data xml
de9ffea4 : Add to makefile.
7e8e1e22 : goldfish: verity_update_state in early init
dca5ca53 : goldfish: fix authenticator id
f7c41d50 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
61c7212c : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
7cb7c322 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
1f1385db : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish
76b43093 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/generic/goldfish

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish-opengl

9877e18b : Fix DPI handling after hwcomposer 2.4 update
64a179f2 : Fix DisplayFinder for secondary Goldfish displays
c68e8cf2 : Implement HWComposer 2.4
c369561a : Remove setVsyncPeriod()
caf8387c : Writes power mode changed messages to kernel log for Cuttlefish.
111f051e : Use vintf fragment for ranchu hwcomposer
565a5f19 : Resizable emulator: fix a typo
78541a74 : Support multiple display configs for default display, DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
45d6384a : Revert "Support multiple display configs for default display" DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
6c204727 : Support multiple display configs for default display
9adef1b7 : vulkan: feature flag for async QSRI (guest)
3406fbec : hwcomposer.ranchu: Maintain its own copy of drmhwcgralloc.h
a5758ea0 : Clean up HostComposer::presentDisplay
3c2d9d15 : Support multi-display on Cuttlefish w/ Gfxstream (Attempt #2)
75b8841e : hwc2: do not create EGL sync object at all for virtio-gpu
fc481ff5 : Enable night display and color inversion on Cuttlefish
9ef858e4 : Disable timeline semaphores for now on Android
6b747dc9 : Use dedicated allocs for buffer device address capture/replay
8f2895b8 : Allow all displays to present in GuestComposer

+- Project: device/generic/vulkan-cereal

8af90219 : Handle VIRGL_FORMAT_R10G10B10A2_UNORM
fe16e926 : Add waitSync to ColorBuffer readixels[YUV]() methods
a2d5be3e : Call eglReleaseThread() in ~RenderThread()
83b470ae : Work around some arrays being mistakenly enabled

+- Project: device/google/atv

53243e1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
dd751f4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
8b9560e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
47a7f2c : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
7d00020 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
fe2d748 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
5ec20df : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
7dda139 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE

+- Project: device/google/barbet

1e274c1 : Update Barbet SVN to 18
28971fc : Remove redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
9f9271b : Revert "pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone"
4fb84e9 : Update Barbet SVN to 17
be89c1d : Update Barbet SVN to 16
9850b1c : Add telephony permission xml files
c2a2a1b : Update Barbet SVN to 15
49895bb : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
90d5075 : Update Barbet SVN to 14 Bug: 202436544
36d0039 : Update B9 SVN to 13
e26fca6 : pregrant COARSE_LOCATION to cbrsnetworkmonitor
711beac : Update Barbet SVN to 12
71df771 : pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone
ebf811c : audio: initial speaker-safe and a2dp interface
9c1f296 : Update Barbet SVN to 10
a56a9a4 : Update barbet config so it doesn't use binned brightness for prox
b618112 : Update Barbet SVN to 9
d028b40 : Update Barbet SVN to 9
3f7086b : audio: update acdb table
1bebe31 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update SVN to 6 for Oct SMR
c96bfb4 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update SVN to 5 for Oct SMR
f06bb23 : Add the customized max cached processes number for B9
7c7b94b : Enable VABC on a per-device basis.

+- Project: device/google/bramble

42fa755 : Remove redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
b86e0b0 : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
3ec7728 : Update bramble config so it doesn't use binned brightness for prox
245a621 : Add the customized max cached processes number for B5
c3fa375 : Enable VABC on a per-device basis.

+- Project: device/google/contexthub

61b46549 : [DO NOT MERGE] ImuCal G3 Code Sync
577dd446 : [DO NOT MERGE] Support ImuCal hinge-angle integration
6acf8258 : [DO NOT MERGE] ImuCal refactored open-source code.

+- Project: device/google/coral

6384e991 : Update Coral SVN to 55
61dc80e3 : Remove redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
4f8e7adf : Revert "pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone"
6856ab99 : Update Coral SVN to 54
19dd280a : Update Coral SVN to 53
a5a2715b : Update Coral SVN to 52
a4f3fca7 : Update Coral SVN to 51 Bug: 202436544
432880c5 : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
3cabd4d3 : Update Coral SVN to 50 Bug: 202436544
a053c399 : Upgrade uceservice 2.3
7df1ab98 : Add vendor.qti.ims.factory@1.0::IImsFactory/default api
28b91d5a : Mark vendor blobs with check_elf_files: false.
8588a793 : Update Coral SVN to 49
868e994d : Pixelstats: change data type of reset count path
ab60f6cd : Update Coral SVN to 48
f56f4384 : pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone
f482e84e : Use vintf for confirmation UI
e671810b : Update Coral SVN to 46
e9472d0c : Customize Coral/Flame status bar system icons padding
bb3377cb : Update Coral SVN to 45
ba30700a : Update Coral SVN to 45
41241edf : Update Coral SVN to 42
b293de69 : Add the customized max cached processes number for C2/F2
d453db3a : device: coral: update new snd_device backend id for haptics cases
d744f72a : device: coral: update new snd_device backend id for haptics cases
1e5a887f : Revert "Modify IKeymasterDevice/default to version 4.1"
f3dd4e05 : Revert "Modify IKeymasterDevice/default to version 4.1"
86730267 : Revert "Allow setting charge start and stop levels when in Test Harness Mode"
98bb8803 : Revert "Allow setting charge start and stop levels when in Test Harness Mode"
07f26515 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporarily turn on Skia-RenderEngine for Pixel 4."""
388d0384 : Revert "Temporarily turn on Skia-RenderEngine for Pixel 4."

+- Project: device/google/coral-sepolicy

eb73aed : modem_diagnostics: add rules for getting battery info
6c7791d : sepolicy changes for imsfactory hal
415e06d : Allow boot color propagation
47cafab : logger_app/dumpstate: add rules for pilot

+- Project: device/google/cuttlefish

690160217 : Add window extensions to AOSP cuttlefish foldable target.
2a17615e7 : Enabling BT Text messages for the AAOS VM device trout
9cfe0c52e : Add new sphal file context for minigbm library
7a3699b0b : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE : Remove usage of Cuttlefish Radio HAL for Trout
2e001ffc7 : Update webUI to eliminate `touch-action` issues on mobile
e9c8a0176 : Populate UNIQUE_ID values
d2df4d945 : Allow to specify out-of-tree kernel location
710842eef : cuttlefish/sepolicy: Label common sysfs wakeup dirs
1b13dc88e : Revert "Revert^4 "Restrict input streams to 48KHz only in audio HAL""
1897de8a8 : Use virtio-snd instead of AC97
ab686d8a5 : Remove pci=noacpi from kernel command line
55cffda78 : Send info reply and command status in same packet
98380903d : Add jacks support for VioS server
31eb357aa : Actually make the chmaps info available to VioS clients
eb13a6254 : Add channel map support to VioS sound server
4babf195b : Support using a ca certificate in webrtc_operator
c4c57eaea : Configure the correct sound formats
70d64ab4c : Clean up automotive manifest file
3730c7e63 : Update aosp_cf_x86_64_foldable to use multidisplay.
b79acc6d8 : Move display details from the modal to above each display.
ce99395c6 : Allow removing rild from cuttlefish auto configurations
2679f870e : Allow --gpu_mode=auto to select Gfxstream w/ multi-display
ce3b08167 : Adds a display layout config file for foldable multidisplay.
d3956de21 : Upgrade to hwcomposer 2.4
e72ea2cee : Update WebRTC to hide/show displays on power mode changes.
b059e1419 : Remove hwcomposer manifest snippet to avoid conflict
bee0cd7e0 : Make dpi and refresh rate configurable per display
91b0c1965 : DO NOT MERGE Switch arm64 to an uncompressed kernel
99aee47ae : DO NOT MERGE Build fix for new kernel locations
94b29a57c : Copy assemble_cvd.log into launcher.log
18e400bd1 : Add a verbosity flag to launch_cvd
31e83887d : Delete common/libs/fs/tee.{h,cpp}.
9e473de7c : Create a log_tee command to wrap crosvm logs.
c7aeb5936 : Switch to the new tee logger.
6c4d9b471 : Allow rotation of fixed-orientation activities on the inner screen.
58563913f : A new tee logger implementation that works with the Android logger
35aefbc4e : Delete glog/logging.h.
5f8a6ab14 : Remove dependencies on cuttlefish_glog.
d38761a2f : glog/logging.h -> android-base/logging.h
5104223c9 : Use h4_packetizer_lib instead of src directly
88499a0a3 : remove libbt-rootcanal dep in bt_vhci_forwarder
7397375ec : Change the bt_vhci_forwarder for taking virtio_console_dev from property instead of hardcoding
902213460 : Add CarEvsService's overlay resources
a82031651 : [Radio] Add Stub implementation for RIL_REQUEST_START_KEEPALIVE and RIL_REQUEST_STOP_KEEPALIVE
2523092d3 : Move vsoc_x86/auto configs to shared/auto.
ff0c80c13 : (reland) Upgrade audio and audio.effect HALs
fb0658b21 : Use goldfish's audio HAL
9c7f00a4a : Enable ethernet by default, remove flag
5dde57876 : Remove support:
dc3989962 : Move FRP setting to phone
199971e5f : radio: send unsol network scan result
1cee5f1e1 : Allow boot color propagation
7e46d7032 : Revert^2 "Enable deleteAllKeys from vold"
88e369272 : Revert "Enable deleteAllKeys from vold"
02b1c8b01 : Fix build error for target gull on sc-v2
2e8e6b813 : Fix filename comparison in FindFetcherConfig
dae9f0b66 : WebRTC camera and vsock camera HAL
e50ea15b6 : Update ManagedProvisioning app in package allowlist
33a87a86d : Process touch events from multiple screens
054da2f5b : Update Cuttlefish Wayland server's xdg shell impl
230c197bb : Add virtio gpu metadata interface to wayland server
49aa7de09 : Update ScreenConnector interface to set callback once
e7c624fe0 : Make gpu_mode=auto select SwiftShader if multi-display
6b4ec22ef : Support configuring multiple displays on command line
db07d0a58 : Update WebRTC server to support multiple displays
c99d7ad11 : Use correct display label in WebRTC UI for multi-display
ca5b330a4 : Update WebRTC UI to support multiple displays
5fefb5f9e : Revert "Revert "Added audio to auto cf emulator""
b286a74fa : Add radio HAL selinux denial to bug_map
a856034fa : Revert "Add stable aidl memtrack HAL to product packages"

+- Project: device/google/gs-common

edbdff9 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/google/gs101

dab6b3b : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
6762474 : dumpstate: Add tmu register dump
8fdd6e6 : powerhint.json: move display wake node earlier
f357b89 : powerhint.json: move display wake hint earlier
2b741a5 : gs101: set readahead_size_kb=128 to vendor, product and system_ext
954576c : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
5759adf : Revert "gps: enable GNSS PPS feature"
600f2b5 : DO NOT MERGE Remove unintended face config
9aa3a7e : DO NOT MERGE Remove unintended face config
57dd93f : Add the rest of the AACR fields
35230cc : Remove redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
f8454ce : init: adjust boost value
2cf22ea : Remove bg group usage
fb6a6e6 : Ensure aacr_state is writable for google battery
ab270a8 : Revert "pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone"
09409af : gps: enable GNSS PPS feature
187392e : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
70ee94b : [DO NOT MERGE] Update PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL for gs101 devices
2ea166b : init.gs101.rc: add persist data for ACA
c8e6a6f : Fix typo in SE_STATE_REQUEST intent action
d8ce158 : gps: Update EnableOnChipStopNotification
50f80d1 : gs101: declare IDisplay to V4
26f9f02 : init: change owners of sysfs nodes min_vrefresh and idle_delay_ms
f924811 : Camera: Add CAMERA_LAUNCH_EXTENDED mode
e6bb2ca : Remove cdma feature because not all gs101 based devices support it
b35bb78 : gps: Correct ESW crash dump path
48b3e5d : usb: Add dm condition in NCM
e5036ff : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
eaaf191 : Revert "Revert "powerhint: thermal: Support powerhint to change tmu control-temp""
3cf3ce9 : bcl: Increase SMPL_WARN to 3.1V
9873780 : Modify gnss to support new projects
5bcfdac : gs101: set swiotlb as noforce
1be9cf8 : Add Lyric camera IQ tuning configuration.
87c9123 : dumpstate: dump touch HDM debug information
0b13fa4 : Add GPU Power-on hint for LAUNCH
0a838b3 : bcl: disable SOFT_OCP_WARN HW divider
aad20a2 : Enable VABC OTA
4e79160 : uwb: remove device name from gs101
57e119f : Add GPU Power-on hint for LAUNCH
28f628e : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
0aa99d3 : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
1b06962 : Configure dex2oat group settings
a25b4d6 : pixelstats: Filter "PRODUCT_TYPE" uevent for reporting VID/PID
a7f4ef0 : Add SE State Changed Intents in EuiccSupportPixel
193c85c : move uwb feature to system_ext
09f583f : gs101: recovery: add wait for dwc3 device to probe
a3c7bc3 : init.gs101.rc: adjust ratio_ceil
414066f : Use sysbg group for system background jobs
01459ce : fingerprint: Enable HIDL fingerprint status flag
7d0d263 : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
e2da019 : Revert "powerhint: thermal: Support powerhint to change tmu control-temp"
a89970d : Remove DISABLE_TA_BOOST completely
8f4c51d : fingerprint: Add suez config
b5f6616 : Revert "Add support One-handed mode in B3"
f8a26c3 : Configure channel 149 & 36 as p2p preferred channels.
ab3747f : Relax background restriction to 16.67%
6896836 : dumpstate: dump AoC memory votes stats
902e84e : Boost SF higher for app launch
093068d : powerhint: use DISPLAY_IDLE signal to control TA boost
0372678 : camera: disable saliency and segmentation for factory build
be546e6 : init.rc: Enable SOFT_OCP for TPU/CPU/GPU
950d14c : gs101: move zram to pixel common mm folder
96a90bd : Revert^2 "gs101: re-enable prebuilt boot.img/boot-user.img usage"
3221acb : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
d037bee : Revert "gs101: re-enable prebuilt boot.img/boot-user.img usage"
6a1ecb3 : Add support One-handed mode in B3
50f56ac : gs101: re-enable prebuilt boot.img/boot-user.img usage
668587b : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
41e8d74 : gps: Update SecondaryConfigPath
50be6f6 : Update CPU throttle frequencies.
ba462d1 : ueventd.gs101.rc: Add raw HID devices.
bec20a5 : dumpstate: dump battery maxfg monitor log
bd41d50 : gps: Reduce gps log in bugreport
131cf4b : powerhint: fine tune non-ADPF boost
2f52513 : pregrant COARSE_LOCATION to cbrsnetworkmonitor
695ef05 : pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone
b29cde0 : uwb: update country conf file
c459ef5 : uwb: add uwb country conf script
18bb972 : Adjust Doze default value to accomodate HBM.
aa0a8e1 : dumpstate: Dump TCPC registers and attributes
8108f9d : gps: Rename secondary config
51b245f : Adds an overlay for radio power off delay due to IMS deregistration
fb0dd13 : [DO NOT MERGE] gps: update gps driver
9633294 : gps: Enable power save mode
a575391 : gps: Configuration split
dd652a2 : Pixelstats: add more UFS error count paths
c7c9de6 : [DO NOT MERGE][FactoryOta Unbundling]Specify the path to FactoryOtaPrebuilt
8fc873c : init.rc: change the ownership of gc segment info sysfs nodes
5d14337 : WifiCoex: Add default channel 11 for band 40
eb221fd : Remove UDFPS HIDL from
200ab12 : Enable both AIDL and HIDL UDFPS HALs
1dfbc24 : dumpstate: dump battery maxfg monitor log
bd92067 : Include the Soong namespace of the UDFPS HAL
a555dec : device: gs101: add speaker health stats
58180f0 : gs101: add haptics actuator model config
aac9a16 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/google/gs101
8792fe5 : uwb: enable low power
299ca16 : gs101: clean up kernel variables
2b86da4 : dumpstate: move the dump registers from regmap to each driver
16e8a27 : gps: update gps driver
6908766 : gs101: separate WirelessCharger from device_framework_matrix_product
0385e70 : Remove project info from
f739cf6 : Generate a separate fstab file for FIPS mode
c798852 : usb: fix the naming for uwb mode
d85344a : Bug: 192233033 Signed-off-by: Victor Liu <> Change-Id: I3db1a5b6860956290e46909c0900442947da4125
a63bb9d : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/google/gs101
ffb00df : fingerprint: Add performance configuration
fbcb7ad : usb: create new functions for uwb
45b4d2d : uwb: add uwb diag modules into the dlkm blocklist
09ea2fd : gps: update gps driver
ccbd2c7 : Revert "gs101: use prebuilt GKI boot.img for production builds"
95f4b9c : bootctrl: enforce synchronous write operation
b296e9a : Enable the Connectivity helper Settings UI
41fcd9e : gs101: use CPU4 in charger mode
ad0409f : Revert " Freeze vendor security patch 2021-09-0x"
957e03a : Remove NFC/SE settings from common gs101
72cccf1 : firmware: mfc: update release MFC F/W(21/08/13)
6d42117 : Freeze vendor security patch 2021-09-07
1fd62f3 : bcl: Put OCP_WARN level back to original level
44b49fd : Freeze vendor security patch 2021-09-06
e5cada8 : Revert "gps: update gps driver am: 69fc814a6d am: 01a6494248"
cbb6ccd : remove camera prefer idle for streaming low
80db063 : Revert^2 "Enable deleteAllKeys from vold"
e4f95df : gps: update gps driver
4547480 : display: make set_idle_timer_ms optional
1971cba : Re-Enable UWB Feature
dc854af : Revert "Enable deleteAllKeys from vold"
ee3e6da : Add CAMERA_CPU_THROTTLE as power hint.
6c444ee : Enable deleteAllKeys from vold
ed31b73 : powerstats: correct TPU DVFS
7290750 : Start storageproxyd early
f290849 : Set /dev/sg1 permissions in ueventd.rc
2ca88b8 : Update ro.soc.model to Tensor
f89fbc8 : Freeze vendor security patch 2021-09-05
ff8a3c6 : bcl: lower ocp_warn for tpu and gpu
cc9cd89 : thermal: provide permission for user space request TPU throttling
8d90260 : dumpstate: move the dump registers from regmap to each driver
7742985 : Revert "Revert "firmware: mfc: update release MFC F/W(21/08/03)""
777118c : mfc_fw: Update to use unsigned FW binary
bb82be6 : bfq: set slice_idle to 0
1858f3c : dumpstate: dump recent AP wakeups from AoC DRAM exception
25b2c66 : gps: update gps driver
204765d : gps: Remove GpsCarrierType from XML
25eb91f : Revert "firmware: mfc: update release MFC F/W(21/08/03)"
e5938b1 : firmware: mfc: update release MFC F/W(21/08/03)
2107135 : bcl: Enable Instruction print in bugreport
fe6dbce : Attach more CPA traces to bug reports.
3097b78 : Change prebuild path to gs101
ebec3cf : gps: Remove Google SUPL certs from gps.cer and enable Android platform root cert mechanism
d3e2787 : dumpstate: support CM2 data dump for touch.
4f62d6b : Support height/width swap
d2e0f9f : Publish performance points for 720p video
75619b9 : Create one-shot clear for Trickle-Defend
433a256 : bcl: enable batoilo thermal zone
81122b4 : Updating the default layouts for factory image
d79a115 : gs101: Start bootanimation explicitly.
7e2a8f3 : camera: re-enable ebuf for factory build
fbf3ed5 : Revert "Disable TTY as it is not supported on these devices."
864a08d : init.gs101.rc: Reduce the queue depth for /dev/sda
e00e552 : dumpstate: dump state2power table
e05964f : gs101: Disable system group boost in off charger mode
20c4f40 : Set owner for mfg_data partiton.
a7c0b48 : gs101: recovery: Set maxpower to allow charging from SDP port
e1039ea : Add AoC wakeup stats to dump state
c0f6127 : gs101: increase swap size
b089995 : add permission for pca charge_stats access
099ff51 : Include memtrack in product packages
fbb1a57 : Move CDMA feature XML inclusion to device specific mk files
2bb5a79 : thermal: Update usb_pwr_therm2 emul_temp control
853246a : gs101: Add a new profile for camera power tuning
be6acfd : Update late duration
9e5b9c5 : move permission for WirelessCharger HAL to init
373005f : Overlay the config_network_selection_list_aggregation_enabled
f3b644d : Camera: create three new groups for camera threads
9a20a9f : gs101: tune vendor_sched parameters for boot time
fd9a189 : Add CAMERA_SHOT power hint.
c90e372 : gs101: declare IDisplay to V3
4b4ee6e : gs101: Change uclamp max setting for bg group
a0b391d : Pixel 2021: enable vbmeta_vendor
09719be : gs101: usb: Report USB port overheat event
1ef99f7 : gps: remove psds address from xml
dea270f : gps: update gps driver
d183e54 : gps: remove lhd traffic logs
99e8538 : pixelstats: enable mitigation stats for gs101
645bea6 : gs101: use prebuilt GKI boot.img for production builds
f5ec0f6 : gps: prevent lhd hold wakelock
6125b2d : firmware: mfc: update release signed MFC F/W(21/07/20)
d0a506b : thermal: Enable thermalHAL in off charging mode
4ee5627 : dumpstate: force touch active by using bugreport specific flag
b653411 : ADPF: taskprofile for uclamp fork reset group
cf33914 : thermal: change permission for usbc related thermal sysfs
0facd01 : SF: set debug.sf.layer_caching_active_layer_timeout_ms to 1000
402d351 : gps: Enable OnChipStopNotification
a766595 : mfc_fw: update release signed MFC F/W(21/06/29)
f08feb8 : gs101: device: Set default modem logging property
5a65e08 : Revert "Use CPU 4-7 when CAMERA_LAUNCH"
64ac5ce : mfc_fw: Update to use release signed FW binary
870465e : Add cpm/pca9468 logbuffer directories so that bugreports can take a snapshot
aeae45a : powerstats: add GPU-DVFS
b14db4c : powerstats: correct frequency unit
5e7d13a : Move WvInstallKeybox to factory build only
2ae16c6 : fp_test: add command binary for fp test
d1e1242 : fpc1540: Update fpc extension hal to 35
036f0d0 : fpc1540: Create a folder for sw35 configuration
c443492 : fpc1540: Create a folder for sw33 configuration
f45c7d1 : Turn off secure adb for factory builds
04cd342 : firmware: update MFC F/W(21/06/29)
78c5e4b : add "vq-minimum-quality" for video codec
2fadf61 : add "can-swap-width-height" for video codec
47a5233 : Pregrant camera permission to Pixel Camera Services
13ac3f1 : WiFi: Enable 6GHz band support
484fc1d : gs101:device: Update modem SSR property
a806657 : [Settings] Overlay Settings' default config
7e78793 : Upgrade Target FCM version from 5 to 6
43cb993 : enable tetheroffload service 1.1 from Android S
88fb584 : odpm: Create powerstats vendor data folder on init
bdc2208 : gps: update gps driver
3dd2b97 : Tuning down_rate_limit and down_rate_limit_scale_pow to improve power consumption
c3af02a : Disable USB contaminant detection when the disable flag is true
c9a9bc5 : gps: Add R1 GlobalSign Root certificate
ec8345f : Fix the right uclamp.min for SF render engine
091b1e1 : Revert "gs101: use prebuilt GKI boot.img for production builds"
3039326 : Boost SF when interaction hint is active.
d1a9bed : config.xml: pin SurfaceFlinger
7eec55a : gs101: use prebuilt GKI boot.img for production builds
f557579 : Add "" feature
365fcfd : Disable TTY as it is not supported on these devices.
113bb90 : Add DC Charging/Temp defend clear to server configurable parameters; ensure sysfs node is writable
baa3bf3 : Set boot security patch level for gs101
e90e9f5 : thermal: Update neutral_therm trip point
7983b02 : init: update sysfs early_wake attribute
3b0aae5 : gs101: Fine tune media_codecs_performance_c2.xml
41e6e14 : Move launcher prop from vendor to system
ffa2b4b : Attach the latest .cpa file collected due to a high drop rate to bugreports.
65e028b : Attach the latest .cpa file to bugreports.
d5fa4a5 : usb: Rename the config to "charger" in charger mode
5edd757 : Adding a power hint for face unlock.
d5d1799 : Disable UWB Feature
74b7a2a : Remove gralloc3 support for gs101.
86a339d : dumpstate: add pca9468 logbuffer
757500e : mali: disable backend thread affinity.
31270ed : Use CPU 4-7 when CAMERA_LAUNCH
a24469c : tune usb irq (dwc3) based on usb function
ed651c8 : Move init.gs101.usb.rc under hw/
8ef3f6c : Modify GCA_CAMERA_SHOT power hints for better performance.
676f941 : update performance-point at media_codecs_aosp_c2.xml
9ab67ae : boost INT clock when CAMERA_BACKEND_BOOST
cf18666 : ufs: set clkgate_enable when in offmode charging
69e6504 : init: allow hwcomposer to write early wake up node
8e099ae : dumpstate: dump DPU IDMA error count
b68ce6e : gs101: declare IDisplay to V2
00ab8fd : RELAND firmware: update MFC F/W(21/06/14)
f9ef83b : Added edgetpu_config_chip soong config variable to
15d8348 : add gs101-specific recovery library
5f6d691 : Disable blurs during app launch
701ce13 : remove memtrack example
249aa26 : Enable Early Camping Feature
1c54b52 : gs101: add compatibility path for TPU
1f19855 : Revert "firmware: update MFC F/W(21/06/14)"
432f3bc : Revert "add gs101-specific recovery library"
7af5298 : add gs101-specific recovery library
36d5427 : firmware: update MFC F/W(21/06/14)
258dbfa : Only stop modem logging when it is always-on logging
4e3b80d : gps: update gps driver
ab64b15 : Add CAMERA_BACKEND_BOOST powerhint configuration to increase backend ISP clock when camera lauch and secure camera is not used
f222773 : PixelStat: Suez: Porting wireless charging
22484eb : usb: Enable midi function in charger mode
4ff1973 : Add vendor proc dump
977c44c : audio: add AOSP build flag
1fce97c : audio: add the files for low latency
2261184 : Remove wait_for_keymaster and all references
4b2b930 : modularize dmd
d901ee0 : Set 120Hz frame rate multiple threshold for gs101.
0979e06 : dumpstate: Sync features from P20
d19326a : gps: update gps driver
c7884a1 : modularize pktrouter
48a283b : dumpstate: dump cma information into bugreport
c6a7602 : "Erase Downloaded sims" Checkbox is not visible
4c97453 : thermal: move gs101 thermal permission commands to device folder
8101fbc : Pixestat: add battery info
294e58b : init.hardware.rc: add permission for battery eeprom
fe798d9 : Use modprobe --all to load all modules in modules.load
71bf42f : add ro.vendor.gpu.dataspace
5de199e : modulize
2b65b15 : wifi: update interface combination.
b9d3e85 : dumpstate: remove wifi fw symbol table
807e460 : fp_test: add command binary for fp test
e0ccd8f : support both rndis and ncm, but not rndis + ncm
00d6403 : [Gs101] Update pregrant permissions for Restore APK
d3f341b : Add cl_dsp, input-cs40l26-i2c to kernel module blocklist file
ebf4d99 : Revert^2 "Activate KeyMint"
42c5499 : Use 6GB dalvik-heap config for WHI series phones
fb95660 : Revert "Activate KeyMint"
e1b88a2 : Activate KeyMint
4b56665 : create audio folder to store calibration data
b7b25bb : Upgrade PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to 31 (Android S)
8cd2800 : Add ML_ACC powerhint to gs101
f0280a9 : adpf: move the vendor.powerhal.adpf.rate to raviole
31d5416 : add permission for wireless charge_stats access
eaf8562 : Add pktgen.ko to kernel module blocklist file
eb215e3 : Add permission for WirelessCharger HAL
24b12e2 : Add a kernel module blocklist file
56978d9 : organize confirmationui settings
3ce37fb : gs101: Modify nnapi uclamp settings
70e1cd7 : usb: set sys.usb.mtp.batchcancel to true
6e44d2e : dumpstate: dump logbuffer tcpm logs in bugreport
a1a0bdb : Remove interaction boost completely
e8b2e18 : Increase maxFrameBufferAcquiredBuffers to 3
6a6d8f8 : Read vendor_boot.modules.load and vendor_dlkm.modules.load
9404fbc : Donot dump debugfs information in user build.
9e92582 : Fix app launch boost override by ADPF
2bfa6d3 : Enable compressed snapshots/VABc.
a8fdc57 : Add a build time constant to disable VABC
dc2c524 : Remove duplicate mk inherit
579543d : cts: VerifiedBootTest#testVerifiedBootSupport
3e058b1 : remove vcd from user ROM
3bbde56 : gps: update gps driver
0c6ba84 : WiFi: Modify OWNERS files
2fee52b : Relax SurfaceFlinger cpuset and adding uclamp.min for RenderEngine
e81847c : ueventd.gs101.rc add /dev/trusty-log0
fbbe7e3 : dumpstate: dump trusty log
c1cf9f8 : powerstats: Fill in P21 TPU power profile number
ca8a4cc : dumpstate: show touch HDM debug info
283a690 : Revert "usb: set sys.usb.mtp.batchcancel to true"
739399a : usb: set sys.usb.mtp.batchcancel to true
69c1952 : dumpstate: add touch #19 data type
ca32dea : Report Verified Boot support
0671df0 : Remove the attribute set from init.rc for debugfs
16934c3 : ADPF: add ADPF_DISABLE_TA_BOOST for powerhint
4b696fa : Enable ADPF hint
0947a2b : [gs101] Swap Pixelmigrate for Restore APK in default-permissions
c739bbe : device-common: include Pixel common MM mk file
c255722 : enable zram writeback job scheduling
27528a5 : Add GCA_CAMERA_SHOT power hint.
eba0f4f : Adaptive Suspend: configure first param set
71391a0 : Add power hint for fingerprint
c87b3df : Remove little core hard freq boost for the INTERACTION
e209e8f : Enable SF main thread boost with uclamp.min=30
dc29ed3 : init.gs101.rc: adjust memlat settings
2abc122 : camera power hint: add prefer high cap and prefer idle = 0 to top app
2599bb6 : firmware: update MFC F/W(21/05/31)
acfa6b8 : Remove clock boost configuration for MIF,TNR,CAMINT when CAMERA_LAUNCH in powerhint.json
0964f14 : gs101: Use findstring to filter factory build target
cdc350b : reorganize trusty_metricsd settings
7e19526 : gs101: Refine vendor_sched parameters
a169c37 : organize EdgeTPU modules and sepolicy
8513574 : powerhint: thermal: Support powerhint to change tmu control-temp
a5afec5 : camera: disable partial result by default for factory build
0970675 : Use powerhint to increase mem, intcam, tnr clock when camera lunch to improve camera start performace
e89080c : modulize hal_neuralnetwork_armnn
c37a73b : gs101: migrate to bootimg header v4 (second attempt)
d8f101a : Enable blurs
8821821 : Revert "Set audio.camerasound.force for JP devices"
4e9ad88 : audio: upgrade audio.usb.default from v1 to v2
cc1a0db : init: set LHBM node permission before start hwcompower
fa935b0 : remove obsolete module
206366e : config: Override disable firmware roaming via HAL API
0fc8c4d : remove dead code - property:sys.usb.configfs is never 1
06c8aad : Revert "Camera: Enable LTM for factory builds"
d07bdce : gps: update gps driver
2148f02 : dumpstate: stop modem always-on logging only
6181c3e : Remove mid/big core min boost for touch boost
a902992 : Correct the file permission for usb data on/off
49c8f94 : Enable PRODUCT_SET_DEBUGFS_RESTRICTIONS on userdebug builds
aa42034 : do not mount the debugfs on userdebug builds
0111d39 : Target arm v8.2a and A55 for GS101
638ed8c : camera power hint: add extreme and low power hint
a9a6612 : Move input surface to CCodec
f41184f : bcl: disable.bcl property to disable clk div
0843fe0 : gs101: dumpstate: Dump function without debugfs
d890890 : gps: Add MCU crash dump in bugreport
a05a8c3 : powerstats: Remove Wifi and BT placeholder consumers
0daa5cc : Add Adaptive Charging AC pause buffer control
f87f8ed : disable DebugFS restrictions in factory builds
7a7f31c : Set audio.camerasound.force for JP devices
4de0690 : udfps: Add goodix HIDL extension manifest for userdebug build
dada829 : health: fix soc path so enable proper throttling
1f59720 : thermal: add soc to thermal HAL monitoring
c0f5a7b : gs101: dumpstate: Dump vendor group value
f706b02 : Move AoC debug utilities to PRODUCT_PACKAGES_DEBUG
630f471 : powerstats: Add CAM, INTCAM, and TNR devfreq stats
4a629f3 : gps: Add Rakuten cert
8918188 : Modify attributes path for USB data on/off
a661b17 : gs101: Set top-app prefer_high_cap for GCA
8b9b90e : Disable Early Cmaping feature
b115af5 : dumpstate: dump panel extra info
5bc5698 : gps: update gnss RF path loss and remove log for user build
1c01fa3 : gps: update gps driver
8080cd8 : Remove the RenderScript HAL from the vendor manifest
382667f : Change TA default boost to 1
06861b9 : Update GCH configuration for gs101.
387995b : Revert "gs101: usb: add state of usb extcon to monitorffs"
be4b7b6 : gs101: use 64-bit dex2oat
9cd8c6e : init.gs101.rc: Change owner/group of SJTAG files
daa6fa6 : gs101: Modify system and system-background gropus
e16045f : Add rebalance_interrupts
56aa41b : Collect and clean up gpu-related settings
5686503 : fpc: Refine fpc HIDL & AIDL build mechanism
303cb01 : Enable Bluetooth Ccc Timesnyc feature for gs101
d4768da : Temporarily revoke location pre-grant to SCONE
5618aa1 : camera power hint: add mid cap based on current constraint
103f3ca : Revert "Update GCH configuration for gs101."
9cf36fc : bcl: Updated BCL metrics per sysfs change.
50437f6 : dumpstate: dump wireless fw version
c5761ab : Remove sysprop assignment left over from a WIP change
7bb4e1f : camera power hint: add prefer high cap in all modes
c36b562 : Enable prefer_idle for nnapi vendor group
3cbaa92 : GPU nnhal: update service name.
f2a5afd : Revert "Update power hint for camera workload"
dc87308 : Enable adaptive playback feature for AV1
4d054df : Split UDFPS makefiles into common, factory, and shipping
a1f2ab7 : Add Device ID attestation support gs101
f2db0e3 : camera power hint: raise CPU clock more conservatively at STREAM_HIGH mode
f989b01 : Temporary disable eSE2 terminal
a23bc41 : gs101: remove fingerprint HIDL HAL config
6e46cb4 : Update GCH configuration for gs101.
6917051 : Renamed edgetpu_service to edgetpu_app_service.
80c8b07 : Enable Battery Defender on gs101
d7e3a56 : Increase earlySf duration to accomodate animation cases
b555d6c : device: google: gs101: IAudioMetricExt hidl manifest settings
f56e018 : Upgrade GPU NNhal to 1.3 revision.
122923f : Dump tcpm for the new path
4747f7c : Raviole: use hybrid prox sensor on keyguard
336e603 : Enable SurfaceFlinger Cache by default
f25a39d : Change VSYNC duration
7325f58 : Add debug property for sensor on userdebug/eng build.
9021729 : device-common: set testing_battery_profile default 2
3f13d8a : powerhint: Use 'hint' node for GPU
8a52881 : dumpstate: add camera hal graph state dump
c1db6b7 : gs101: preopt SystemUI
736b673 : display: update vendor color file
c9f1408 : gs101: enable page_pinner
637041f : init.gs101.rc: dump page_pinner information into bugreport
4c188d1 : Revert "gs101: display: update 90hz denylist"
9715ce3 : Update manifest_64.xml to match manifest.xml
d766be0 : Update the manifest to switch the TPU NNAPI hal to use AIDL.
90496be : gs101: add trusty_metricsd
b442e78 : Fix permission for vendor_group migration
2b65d2e : dumpstate: modify the method for dump touch information
777a57c : powerhint: Support early wake up DPU via DISPLAY_UPDATE_IMMINENT
3fd056f : Modify file path for i2c devices
af45f3e : Update sensor HAL to 2.1.
3d2139f : Update gs101 GCH configuration.
7d7d96f : Change SF duration to be less than one vsync period
db9dc27 : Add mapping between boosted modes
e31ba16 : gs101: Align max uclamp value for background cgroup with vendor_group
b88bba7 : Camera: Enable LTM for factory builds
7d81ea9 : Update power hint for camera workload
cd64c6b : gs101: Set max uclamp value for background group
7a6fa6c : Enable Early Camping
6d4c63e : P21: enable throttle background group at 5%
be26bc0 : Add AoC specific logs to dumpstate
185653e : vendor_hook: separate uclamp configuration
7aafb36 : Dump GSC info
79e81ad : Add the Product Framework Compatibility Matrix (Level 5)
ec0510b : Upgrade the Target FCM version to 5 (Android Rvc)
c2e1e46 : bthal: Bluetooth owns its logbuffer device nodes
a2ab8d7 : Build flag renaming
298eb28 : audio: set to false
3da54c3 : Update Lyric configuration for gs101.
07bf326 : Cap VideoEncoderCap maxFrameRate to 30
2e4d1c7 : audio: add bluenote module
900316d : Revert "gs101: add trusty_metricsd"
b2e8b6e : display: rename adaptive color file name
a6889fd : Revert "Update power hint for camera workload"
32d3cde : gs101: add trusty_metricsd
e895392 : Update power hint for camera workload
82acc06 : gs101: Change uclamp min value for camera
43206ce : Sensor: Support hifi sensor.
d351a65 : gs101: add audio uevent to report mic status for pixelstats
df79b08 : Adjust little core rate limit
f2457f2 : remove redundant setting
5bc5907 : haptic: add haptic ampilifer codec
0f8dbe4 : Add Google Dialer and Enable PARIS in PDK ROM
2832991 : Wifi: Added supplicant HAL interface declarations 1.3 and 1.4
3d015b0 : Revert "Wifi: Move supplicant service init to wpa_supplicant"
3f04ce3 : Revert "Enable blurs"
24815da : Add TPU metrics logger library to the
b39a771 : Revert "Trusty metrics reporter service"
c0dc597 : Trusty metrics reporter service
3a3512c : init.gs101.rc: add memlat settings
5f5a621 : Remove android.hardware.drm@1.0 HAL services
e3718f2 : audio: remove from
e9f27f4 : gs101: dumpstate: Dump s2d.lst to dumpstate_board.txt
331796e : BatteryDefender: Explicitly set wireless path to reduce errors logs
934721c : Disable ADPF hint
74a463e : Revert "Revert "Revert "Enable SurfaceFlinger Cache by default"""
2f8fde9 : Downgrade the PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL from 31 to 30
69bc91e : Replace the HIDL with AIDL for "android.hardware.memtrack"
ad5196c : Update dumpstate HAL to V1.1
c1c9613 : init.gs101.rc: change TRICKLE/TEMP/DWELL permission to system
c20a7c9 : dumpstate: dump TRICKLE/TEMP/DWELL setting into bugreport
24b9d29 : dumpstate: Add USF registry dump.
bbcaf45 : init.insmod.gs101.cfg: Migrate from insmod to modprobe
395ae04 : Added EdgeTPU vendor service into P21.
7880126 : Wifi: Move supplicant service init to wpa_supplicant
d7678e1 : gps: update gps driver
725f060 : Dump tcpdump into bugreport
8201411 : Allow setting charge start and stop levels when in Test Harness Mode
5888eed : Find modules in different directories
51d3d2e : Remove unnecessary GPU clock access permissions
2b6d710 : Remove Gnss Outage System Apk
3f60654 : Revert "gs101: don't load uwb module at boot"
730c567 : use debug.stagefright.ccodec_delayed_params
b764d48 : Switch back to generic contexthub HAL
254e03a : do not mount the debugfs on user builds
0278f84 : init.insmod.gs101.cfg: Remove non-existent modules
52cc3f2 : Enable blurs
7311968 : init: grant read permission of always-on log for others
eee30bd : Revert "Revert "Enable SurfaceFlinger Cache by default""
13c4abd : Enable Gralloc ion sync
513c4af : powerstats: Add TPU EnergyConsumer power attribution
41522d0 : Enable Shannon IMS and QNS log to debug level
eaabbac : Enable Tips icon on P21/P22 devices
ba22a10 : device: uwb make
f2023ff : Temporarily disable the debugfs restriction on Android S
1d6c433 : gs101: add audio suez devices
9b811a5 : gs101: import audio_amcs_ext library
335ea27 : gps: update gps driver
6a3dcb9 : Align video codec max resolution capabilities with block size
9e87918 : Update clearkey plugin to drm HAL v1.4
c5b4164 : shipping level 31, and keep target-level as-is
89f31f3 : gs101: Change uclamp min value for camera
8ac9fa6 : Add a boost to NNAPI DarwiNN HAL for better perf&power
f65dc07 : Move radioext service declaration to VINTF fragment
72ef08c : gs101: usb: add state of usb extcon to monitorffs
3af08d4 : gs101: udfps: enable biometric_suez_support
35d3105 : Add BatteryStatsViewer to GS101-based userdebug and eng builds
311c43f : powerhint: update default value for target_load
c932836 : enable modem always on logging by default
1e3469f : Add connectivity overlay to gs101
820d0ed : Enable Incremental on new pixel devices.
b293830 : Move radioext service declaration to VINTF fragment
891c1fd : gs101: Remove sensor HAL 1.0 config
e171ad0 : powerstats: Move NFC stats to device specific
9821197 : gs101: remove
a45f915 : Add the DarwiNN NNAPI AIDL service to the
d91dde1 : pixelstats: start service on boot completed
9e468ac : init.gs101.rc: add adaptive charge node permission
32b504d : gs101: restore ITouchContextService to the device manifest
30ddea9 : Add restorecon for new label (persist_ss_file)
59fed5e : remove displaycolor_service from user build
8ed616d : Remove location access
c143d37 : fpc1540: Configure fingerprint as SW33
eba0830 : BoardConfig: filter cl40l26 probe during the first stage init
fbd55ff : Update to use secure share memory
2207cb4 : gs101: don't load uwb module at boot
3323441 : Boosting application launch time using uclamp boost and increasing memory bandwidth
51c9d02 : Revert "Enable SurfaceFlinger Cache by default"
dbd4616 : remove hostapd_cli from user build
d4cff50 : dumpstate: Fix path to acpm_stats
a6926e9 : Fix ODPM dynamic rail config via file by allowing writes to enabled_rails
230a835 : Set SOC manufacturer and chipset properties
7f6e0ee : battery: disable wireless for pts battery test
80f0a6d : install vulkan.gs101 unconditionally
ccd0440 : Publish performance points for AV1 codec
fc630f2 : Configure permission for AOC reset sysfs node.
6899dcc : powerstats: Add INT state residency stats
e5a49a9 : remove factory files from user ROM
41a0f99 : ueventd.rc: set system ownership for direct charging
3cc9371 : powerstats: Add GPS state residency
5b50e73 : audio: switch audio HAL to V7
59291d3 : Add default lookup table for wifi coex
2219a99 : powerstats: Add PD on stats
d9e7656 : powerstats: Correct DVFS operating points
3d46be2 : dumpstate: update dump eeprom path
a27563b : update media_codecs_aosp_c2.xml
546f53c : Implement triggers on the power.battery_input.suspended property
a245dd7 : Dumpstate: f2fs: remove verbose segment_info
4e22787 : gs101: use
589e1d8 : wifi - Give execute permission to data/vendor/wifi for pixelLogger
4bcdbf3 : Include pixel logger in common
6d8d406 : make permissive setting compatible to boot image version
3c84c46 : Enable adpf on P21 device
a281288 : Enable TEXT_HANDLE_MOVE
df9dc5c : Explicitly set log_buf_len
cfb1e3f : powerhint: Add Display refresh rate hint, DISPLAY_IDLE and DISPLAY_UPDATE_IMMINENT
cfaf39f : Enable SurfaceFlinger Cache by default
d8b25b9 : add media.c2.dmabuf.padding
0ecbb8a : dumpstate: add P7 dual battery fuel gauge path
fa30b5b : init.gs101.rc: set system ownership for P7 maxfg
9a80547 : gs101: recovery: Set sys.usb.controller for UDC configuration
e8d7fb7 : gs101: Change LogFailures to string
3bc5977 : gs101: set readahead_size_kb=128 to system and data
1868e41 : audio: set the permission for dma heap
9db455e : powerstats: Fill in P21 GPU power profile number
e36b41e : Update CbrsNetworkMonitor package name.
188be4a : gps: remove lhd log in on-chip PVT mode
7dd7ceb : Have a consistent permission configuration with other devices
2762231 : Add the aoc persist folder
a0342c4 : Enable wakeup packet mask and marker config
2968f7e : Remove odex/oat files from pinner list.
3ddb599 : powerstats: Add device specific display states
561ff7a : remove obsolete mobicore operations
59ca6ae : Change all three default haptic levels to high
ae9494e : restore boot image version 3
c008f44 : use vintf_fragments instead of adding it to device-specific manifests
3c71249 : Move power stats service to device specific folders
1a1a12c : remove obsolete system property operations
0054830 : Remove unused persist.demo.hdmirotationlock from
2aaf591 : Decouple auto-suspend and interactive from display on/off
aeaf942 : Set uclamp nodes to root
eed3cc2 : display: update adaptive color data
8da4ee4 : gs101: add twoshay's ITouchContextService to manifest
88313cf : gs101: usb: remove flag "OLDER_GADGET"
f2eb39f : init: restorecon efs partitions before chown
e98d76c : Enable both AIDL and HIDL UDFPS HALs
b360446 : Add pregrant permissions for Voice Access Approved android bug: b/182307492
2b88831 : gs101: display: update 90hz denylist
f3714e7 : touch: enable basic features
a051935 : powerstats: Add placeholder energy consumer for bt and wifi
2c8bc95 : gps: update gps driver
52dc796 : Removed public.libraries-google.txt from
b8a16df : Add pinner configs for P21
199194e : factory: Set UDFPS default calibration to LHBM
4c46bf6 : dumpstate: check the correct bus force active command path
ab130ce : Enable Gralloc 4
2bd569d : Stats: removed extra dependencies after transition to AIDL version
1349e3e : Remove Wifi link layer radio stats aggregation enable flag
0b9827e : Enable skia reduceOpsTaskSplitting
ea12333 : Enable EXPENSIVE_RENDERING power hint
3623b57 : BoardConfig: enable cma_sysfs
f696927 : Correct the voice packs path of Text-To-Speech.
49354a1 : Apply accessibility color features in native mode
9c4dcc1 : gs101: display: update adaptive calibration file
ec08927 : Enable Gnss Pixel Monitor For Device
f236f66 : pixelstats: add readproc to access process
8d18593 : Disable GCH lazy HAL.
b80f23d : adjust parameter for factory SELinux setting
48e389c : Turn on SELinux
e966b2a : init.rc: change the ownership of compression sysfs nodes
080d173 : init: Remove duplicated folders creation
9963cf0 : BoardConfig: move androidboot.console to cmdline
33a1ce7 : Add UeventListener to pixelstats in gs101
d95bbb9 : init: set dimming_on node permission before start hwcompower
777c58e : Align modem's DAC setting with other AB partitions
435f68e : allow modem image to do OTA
9ef069c : gs101: migrate to bootimg v4
5ad06a0 : Move config_biometric_sensors to device/google
6290346 : audio: add /dev/acd-audio_dcdoff_ref for audio effect visualizer
e9170d4 : Revert^2 "Include the Soong namespace of the UDFPS HAL"
71020ad : gs101: exclude
548f6b8 : Revert "Include the Soong namespace of the UDFPS HAL"
4ff7071 : Include the Soong namespace of the UDFPS HAL
f4320dd : WiFi: Remove PixelWifiOverlayGs101
96268d3 : camera power hint: tune the streaming standard.
7f8e41b : Enable default wifi coex algorithm
6b4c8b4 : powerstats: Use unique_ptr
921b5c3 : Set short suspend threshold to 5 seconds
d88b6b9 : wifi: enable SAE H2E support
5d13529 : BoardConfig: enable dump migration failure
2d8da5b : powerhint: Add FIXED_PERFORMANCE hints
a27080d : gs101: Enable MBB support
815ce12 : Remove unused rmnet and data properties for fixing avc denial error
10e6ca8 : powerstats: Add Ufs stats
fba9701 : Revert "Decouple auto-suspend and interactive from display on/off"
935a1dd : Revert "Switch back from DMABUF to ION/BLOB allocator"
b6b9bda : gs101: set touch_offload device file permission
4dae775 : Enable battery percentage config for O6/R4
b6ac2a4 : init.gs101.rc: add chmod 0771 to camera calibration folder
f4a74c2 : camera power hint: add streaming high hint.
834dca4 : bcl: aggregated event count
a76d104 : Include the Pixel common board configuration
ebe9c5f : On Pixel 21 enable minimum confirmation duration for sending network score to connectivity service
23ac737 : gs101: support touch sensitivity mode switching
977ea34 : Adjust BOARD_GOOGLE_DYNAMIC_PARTITIONS_SIZE to 8527020032
fc05a5f : Add vendor_dlkm partition (2nd attempt)
5b7f645 : Add variables in google3a_config for camera tuning
e852f75 : init.gs101.rc: set system ownership for eeprom
361d28d : dumpstate: Update eeprom dump path
cb62396 : bootctrl: Add support for A/B data in devinfo
fcddc38 : gs101: exclude telephony if BOARD_WITHOUT_RADIO is true
b5b92ea : Revert "Revert "Enable chained vbmeta for boot""
8069d38 : Decouple auto-suspend and interactive from display on/off
f35c9cb : Switch back from DMABUF to ION/BLOB allocator
ce5bdb9 : Remove vendor partition definitions
f02d082 : bfq: turn off slice_idle during booting
30a9866 : Set selinux label for modem partition mount
8f28e8f : Sysfs node permission for modem
7e76a03 : Revert "Add variables in google3a_config for camera tuning"
a8ae217 : Move wireless charger HAL to 1.3
b197596 : gps: update gps driver
a99bd1e : Don't create /data/camera on init.
e879e1d : gs101: add edgetpu firmware package
a871c2e : fstab: enable checkpoint_merge for f2fs
faae2ec : WiFi: Enable radio stats aggregation
ef7df93 : Remove libnfc-nci from common part
4b7a3c8 : Add variables in google3a_config for camera tuning
31ab19d : init: Remove unused log path
0e0ad43 : [Slider] Add pre-grant permission for mvs
815b951 : Revert "Add vendor_dlkm partition"
e951022 : Remove extra copy of fstab.gs101
da983cb : powerstats: Add core stats
1adeec6 : Add vendor_dlkm partition
82a0c52 : powerstats: acpm_stats driver has moved
0d6392e : Remove power stats HAL 1.0 service
194edaf : powerstats: Add NFC, PCIE, WIFI stats
5b34563 : Revert^2 "powerstats: Add PixelStateResidencyDataProvider"
05a7963 : Revert "powerstats: Add PixelStateResidencyDataProvider"
2b75765 : bootctrl: run clang-format
c27e9e5 : gs101: use wrapped keys for storage encryption
9c9f563 : powerstats: Add PixelStateResidencyDataProvider
3c5da8c : gs101: build vendor_ramdisk.img
93b740b : gs101: remove unused fstabs for eMMC storage
3014832 : gs101: remove unneeded crypto properties
de4b2af : Move udfps-specific config to device config.xml
eb39490 : gs101: Use FUSE passthrough by default
91262dd : pixelstats: add ufs host reset count
21f5312 : [P21]Phase in FactoryOta
175299a : dumpstate: dump more touch information
728cda9 : display: set atc node permission
75657e2 : Make Psds server configurable from carrier config
b14c4e1 : camera: add more camera permissions
c2b5ca9 : Move slider into gs101 and <device>
0ef3a89 : Revert "Add owners file"
a03b8e0 : Add owners file
9235f93 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/google/gs101-sepolicy

ca06222 : thermal: Label tmu register dump sysfs
8337626 : [DO NOT MERGE] Allow media codec to access power HAL
734d79b : selinux: Allow sensor HAL to access the display service HAL
bef2d73 : Label min_vrefresh and idle_delay_ms as sysfs_display
a506ed1 : Allow suspend_control to access xHCI wakeup node
e6fb904 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Allow suspend_control to access xHCI wakeup node
63d04e1 : gs101:ssr_detector: Allow access to aoc properties in user builds
a8e7450 : Allow uwb_vendor_app to get SE properties
3d46305 : Using dontaudit to fix the avc on boot test
f94633e : Label GPU power_policy sysfs node
a7aa468 : Label GPU power_policy sysfs node
0d48ab4 : Move twoshay definitions to hardware/google/pixel-sepolicy/input.
27a4afc : audio: add permission to request health/sensor data
936079a : Allow modem app to read the battery info
24693cd : [Display] Add SELinux policy for hal_graphics_composer_default
4d6a702 : gps: add sepolicy to allow gps access pps gpio
d60ebc5 : Allow the sensor HAL to access raw HID devices.
2a4bce5 : power_hal: add bcl file permission
e42a4ed : Allow the sensor HAL to access dynamic sensor properties.
b92bc5f : sepolicy: gs101: allow dumpstate to access AoC stats
c8651e5 : sepolicy: add rule for new debug file node
aef1a20 : Revert "Allow the sensor HAL to access dynamic sensor properties."
fba4a09 : Allow the sensor HAL to access dynamic sensor properties.
cb6a843 : Allow euiccpixel_app to get dck_prop
17e5180 : sepolicy: add rule for new debug file node
29aa981 : uwb: permissions for factory uwb calibration file
c092258 : Allow twoshay to access fwk_stats_service and system_server
37b5741 : Add the 'bdev_type' attribute to all block device types
6e887cf : Allow boot color propagation
6224fa9 : gs101-sepolicy: Remove private/mediaprovider_app.te
6b30dbc : gs101: Allow camera HAL to access interrupt handles
2ef3dab : gs101-sepolicy: Use untrusted_app_all for vendor_sched denials
39b5815 : allow uwb hal sys_nice access
0c429ef : uwb: allow uwb to access the radio service
57d81aa : sepolicy: gs101: allow dumpstate to access AoC stats
0d7ab6e : Add sepolicy to allow camera HAL to read display backlight
ad42045 : Allow sensor HAL to read AoC dumpstate.
718a856 : Allow init to set Camera properties.
ee4e7f4 : Revert the unnecessary sepolicy rules for hal_neuralnetworks_darwinn.
7de8a5d : gs101: Remove vendor_sched
a1aab56 : [DO NOT MERGE] sepolicy: Add "dontaudit" for twoshay dac_override.
0474bcf : Add vendor SELinux denial to allowlist
30bd5e8 : Allow hal_dumpstate_default to access vendor_camera_debug_prop
5374497 : Add AoC wakeup stats to dump state
d6c1a50 : sepolicy: gs101: allows pixelstat to access pca file nodes
0f98208 : Add SE policies for memtrack HAL
0bd50d1 : Allow USF sensor HAL to read camera persist files.
561ce13 : gs101: Allow camera hal to create file in persist camera folder
1ebd847 : Update Usb hal permissions to allow pushing overheat suez events
b47cdf2 : Allow to set vendor_rild_prop for oemrilservice_app
d12714c : Add vbmeta_vendor_[ab] to file_contexts
411aa59 : Update avc error on ROM 7566803
0612b5a : ims: allow finding mediametrics_service for vendor_ims_app
f0589d1 : Allow suspend_control to access the AOC wakeup node
d9309ef : Update avc error on ROM 7562467
022b617 : Add cpm/pca9468 logbuffer directories so that bugreports can take a snapshot
e763f3c : Allow HAL to access sysfs.
4055c31 : sepolicy: gs101: support tetheroffload hal version 1.y
5c009fb : Add wakelock access for storageproxyd
d8d8580 : sepolicy allow fingerprint hal to read mfg_data
3050ed8 : Set sepolicy for shell script of disabling contaminant detection
06ea8d9 : Update avc error on ROM 7550575
c7342a7 : odpm: Rename the odpm_config sepolicies to be more consistent
c60e44c : Add create perm for tee
04d9f1a : Revert "Update avc error on ROM 7526917"
9d7e88c : suppress error for ag/15263334
2046513 : Add DC Charging to server configurable parameters; ensure the sysfs node is writable
a06677c : Update avc error on ROM 7539530
1237058 : init: change overlayfs_file rule to dontaudit
da1f469 : Revert "Update avc error on ROM 7522385"
20dd1ef : [3A Coordinator] Enable to property_set for log.tag. prefix
99e75b6 : [RCS] Update sepolicy for RCS
a5c9028 : Add sepolicy rules for fingerprint hal
714075e : add sepolicy for
a2d9731 : Update avc error on ROM 7527858
81a8e5b : Update avc error on ROM 7526917
d328008 : Fix overlayfs avc denied
46dfc78 : Update avc error on ROM 7522385
3aa97b5 : Add system file of INT clock to sysfs_fabric group
1e748ab : Fix AAudio avc denied
755c601 : Update avc error on ROM 7515047
eee0987 : Allowed HWC HAL access TUI status node
56beb62 : Fix hal_uwb_default dumpstate SELinux errors
1a2d199 : remove obsolete errors
6d6a7c9 : Allow Power Stats HAL to access EdgeTPU sysfs files.
14fcd5f : allow recovery and fastboot to access secure elment
cb3ca1e : Remove dontaudit form tracking_denials for maxfg and regmap
4aa936d : pixelstats: add bcl directory permission
fd47b11 : Revert "allow recovery and fastboot to access secure elment"
2354e3a : Fix denial when flashing vendor_boot in fastbootd.
93944a8 : Fix avc denied for getprop ""
f9501fc : Avoid VTS testDataTypeViolators failure
4b6bc8c : ssr_detector_app: Add additional vendor dir and crgroup allow for debug
4ea317b : gs101-sepolicy: allow rlsservice to read display status files
9ac870a : allow recovery and fastboot to access secure elment
7ea8162 : Update avc error on ROM 7492139
e31c884 : Update avc error on ROM 7490489
2460cdc : raviole: transition SystemUI to use HWC for LHBM
8b32670 : modularize dmd
e44e432 : Move the type definition of properties from product to vendor
7f9abee : sepolicy: gs101: allow dump cma statistics
5aaa0f6 : gs101-sepolicy: add oemrilservice_app.te
a23d1bb : Allow fingerprint hal to read sysfs_chosen
433aeb2 : Sepolicy: Pixel stats wireless charger sepolicy
0b21a2d : Pixelstat: battery history access premission
a70819d : modularize pktrouter
a926055 : vendor_init/dumpstate: Grant to access logger prop
cebbf14 : Add support for non-su hal_uwb
d74e989 : modulize
419019a : Allow camera hal to access devfreq query
c598db1 : Move the genfs_contexts of sched nodes from vendor to product
51c891f : Update time sync seinfo to not use platform signature
2794370 : sepolicy: gs101: allows pixelstat to access wlc file nodes
7e23244 : Fix access permissions for sysfs_aoc_reset
6bf4661 : Allow camera HAL to set properties
d77bc5a : organize confirmationui settings
eb3881d : Add file context for /dev/logbuffer_tcpm
c53c03b : Add new sepolicy to allow Power Hint
14786d9 : Allow rlsservice/camera HAL to read /apex/apex-info-list.xml
643e5a7 : Allowed EdgeTPU compilation services (tflite and nnapi) to access overcommit_memory info.
3031b07 : Allow hal_dumpstate to collect AoC statistics
dc0cdc3 : Use label persist_ss_file
673b8f1 : Update avc error on ROM 7457955
81aaf6c : Add sepolicy for hwcomposer to access lhbm sysfs
02ada4f : vendor_telephony_app.te: add selinuxfs:file
90ae782 : Move oriole bug map to whitechapel folder
5bb07db : add se-policy to /dev/trusty-log0 so it can be accessed by dumpstate hal
5492a92 : Allow telephony to access the file descriptor of the priv_apps tcp_socket
ad47112 : gs101-sepolicy: Fix avc denial for permissioncontroller_app
d0bb828 : remove vcd from user ROM
8c97989 : [BugFix] SEPolicy for logging to stats service
d00aafa : remove obsolete entries
2537335 : Sepolicy: Remove permission for fuel gauge
7db400b : Add sepolicy to let fingerprint access power service
985aa69 : qllow priv-app to access Pixel power HAL extension.
d27e574 : Update avc error on ROM 7444346
797b646 : gs101-sepolicy: Fix avc denial for sysfs_vendor_sched
ef113ab : update wakeup node
8947d2d : reorganize trusty_metricsd settings
6ce3aa9 : Update avc error on ROM 7440434
e7ed46c : organize EdgeTPU modules and sepolicy
a457b1d : gs101-sepolicy: Fix tracking_denials of sysfs_vendor_sched
1eb6bfc : Hardwareinfo: battery info porting
bb8b462 : Update avc error on ROM 7432667
b22c6cd : R4/raven: correctly label wpan0 device as networking
02f93b6 : modulize hal_neuralnetwork_armnn
c8b02fc : Remove obsolete context
d45ada4 : Add sysfs_camera label for powerhint flow to access intcam & tnr clock
1064df0 : sepolicy: gs101: display: fix dumpstate of displaycolor
7865bf8 : cbd: Fix avc error
724ea61 : Remove unnecessary rules for vendor rcs app
77432c5 : whitechapel: make vframe-secure a system heap
729e890 : allow hal_usb_impl configfs:dir { create rmdir };
3d127f9 : [RCS] Add sepolicy for RCS as non-system app
a4dbe2e : gs101-sepolicy: Fix avc denials for sysfs_vendor_sched
9d5830a : pixelstats: fix permission errors
7ea6a44 : pixel-selinux: Add mlstrustedobject for SJTAG
9e8bd69 : gs101-sepolicy: Refine policy for sysfs_vendor_sched
9f8d552 : pixel-selinux: add SJTAG policies
2dbe515 : remove sysfs_type from vendor_page_pinner_debugfs
6026cf5 : Grant powerhal access to thermal_link_device and sysfs_thermal
b078284 : Revert "pixel-selinux: add SJTAG policies"
144b6b0 : hal_health_default: updated sepolicy
e952c41 : Add CccDkTimeSyncService
073a0f5 : Update avc error on ROM 7395282
c5fdb59 : Add sepolicy for Trusty keymint
b8aebc8 : storage: update sepolicy for hardwareinfoservice
6884943 : Allow mediacodec to access the vframe-secure DMA-BUF heap
a97bfcc : sepolicy: gs101: add permission for the hardware info dsp part number
5aeb1b9 : gs101-sepolicy: Allow dumping vendor groups values
168a6b0 : genfs_contexts: fix path for cs40l25a i2c devices
560d12c : dumpstate: add sepolicy for hal_dumpstate to access sysfs_display
ba92629 : Update avc error on ROM 7380236
8fd76ce : pixel-selinux: add SJTAG policies
f7a9784 : power: mod sysfs_bcl path
53aff19 : Transition to using instead of bug: b/182303547
d733108 : DO NOT MERGE. Revert Exo selinux policies for S
b486dde : logger_app: Fix avc error
494ac0c : Add sepolicy for aocdump to access wlan_logs folder
970f15b : Fix file_contexts path for trusty_metricsd
3be06b2 : logger_app: Fix avc errors
9de2688 : sepolicy: gs101: add IAudioMetricExt settings
b9e4f7a : Add permission to access audiometricext hal for grilservice_app
e8ee41f : Renamed edgetpu_service to edgetpu_app_service.
a8ceb3a : Grant dumpstate hal read permission of camera hal dump files
304a32c : sepolicy: gs101: allow duump page_pinner
828114d : genfs_contexts: Specify correct GPU clock hint node
bfbf29c : Allows the edgetpu_logging service to write to the edgetpu sysfs.
82408c9 : sepolicy: update gpu nnhal file
53c9a79 : Update avc error on ROM 7358093
989855d : Add the TPU AIDL NNAPI HAL to the sepolicy.
30b9f8f : rfsd: fix permission error
705ecbe : genfs_contexts: fix path for st21nfc i2c devices
fd2a6b9 : genfs_contexts: fix path for s2mpg1X i2c devices
194fef8 : genfs_contexts: fix path for cs40l25a i2c devices
3868f8a : genfs_contexts: fix path for max77759tcpc i2c devices
b08c98c : genfs_contexts: fix path for p9412 i2c devices
a1bf959 : DO NOT MERGE. Revert Exo selinux policies for S
4b59c5b : Add selinux permissions for NFC/eSIM firmware upgrade and recovery
cb3f59b : bthal: allow bthal to access bluetooth kernel driver logbuffer_btlpm and logbuffer_btuart device node
03f4884 : com.qorvo.uwb: signed with dedicated key and running as android.uid.uwb uid
1d0e810 : Grant vendor_sched sysfs nodes access
73b65a0 : Revert "Grant vendor_sched sysfs nodes access"
00e1b9a : Add sepolicy for the UDFPS antispoof property
70551d2 : Let debugfs be accessed only for non-user builds
9e6528d : Label debugfs files correctly
ab6df9c : Add SELinux policy for allowing dumping GSC info
8735111 : Allowed PowerHAL service access Display node
99853e4 : Update avc error on ROM 7349999
60e0a18 : correctly label networking gadgets
638778c : Grant vendor_sched sysfs nodes access
bc525e1 : pixel-selinux: add SJTAG policies
1124aea : Add policy for memlat governor needs create/delete perf events
6297e8a : Sniffer Logger: Add dontaudit getattr for sysfs_wifi
59161a5 : vibrator: Remove temporary method
72e6339 : iwlan: update sepolicy for qualifiednetworksservice
8e3aaa3 : Remove dumpstate AVC denials dontaudit for twoshay
0e68aed : Allow dumpstate to access twoshay
15c0468 : Add high_capacity_start_cpu to u:object_r:sysfs_vendor_sched:s0
a27f8c4 : Allow radioext to communicate with bt hal
43735f0 : sepolicy: gs101: allow audio hal to use wakelock
6a9a85c : Fix avc denied for shannon-ims
ab97657 : logger_app: Fix avc errors
2c1ecf3 : sepolicy: gs101: Fix hal_health_default avc denials
1dac39e : trusty: sepolicy for metrics reporter
9eeae92 : [SEPolicy] Allow EdgeTPU related service to log to stats service
b844190 : Added the SELinux rule for the EdgeTPU vendor service.
ea5b597 : sepolicy: Update dumpstate HAL to V1.1
f5b4709 : add sepolicy for dump TRICKLE/TEMP/DWELL defend config
34278f0 : Add sepolicy for dumpstate to access logs of tcpdump_logger
69c8212 : wlc fwupdate implementation
2fb432f : Remove /vendor/lib/modules from file_contexts
db03875 : sepolicy: gs101: allow usf_reg_edit to run
a3c0b2b : Revert "remove wildcard on kernel modules"
4099f60 : Add sepolicy for tcpdump_logger to access wlan_logs folder
722b181 : update error on ROM 7331131
4510c55 : set sepolicy for testing_battery_profile
5823815 : Update avc error on ROM 7330059
1711a2d : Provide fastbootd permissions to invoke the set_active command
963848f : sepolicy:gs101: allow init-insmod-sh to access sysfs_leds nodes
bb7ae85 : change to
836f25d : Update gs101 sepolicy for contexthub HAL
b6f2b0b : Remove platform certification from imsservice
3f91d64 : Add sepolicy for sensor HAL to read lhbm
2d2adb3 : Fix android.hardware.drm@1.4-service.clearkey label
66634d4 : sepolicy: gs101: allows pixelstat to access audio metrics nodes
09d5fc6 : Grant powerhal access to sysfs_devfreq_dir
3fefc8a : Add sepolicy for sensor HAL accessing AOC sysfs node.
920b0e1 : Add sepolicy for wlan logger and sniffer logger
72ca817 : update wakeup node
b3dfc87 : logger_app: Grant access to control usb debug port
e03291c : Add gs101 specific sysfs_devfreq_cur entries
22f18ad : move vendor_executes_system_violators to userdebug
de973d7 : Mark GS101 camera HAL as using Binder.
4605f4b : uwb: allow uwb service to access nfc service
09e529d : Add sepolicy for fpc AIDL HAL
d17f3ba : gs101: Remove kernel.te after UWB fixes
89e016d : Update avc error on ROM 7302474
5293925 : Allow access to NFC power stats
97b2c46 : fingerprint: fps hal can connect Stats service
90ead0f : Update tracking error for Silent Logging tool
f5bb17a : Allowed EdgeTPU service to generate Perfetto trace.
0e9abb4 : sepolicy: add cs40l26 haptics modules
93b498e : remove obsolete entry
4233336 : Grant sepolicy for Bluetooth Ccc Timesync feature
a2f8a45 : suppress logs created by userdebug-only features
f527748 : Fix selinux for RPMB daemon
3e82470 : Grant Fabric node access for memory min frequency setting
1b17b0f : dumpstate/incident: Fix avc errors
8b9e2b3 : allow RilConfigService to call oemrilhook api
99988c4 : remove obsolete domains
59a1c3f : update error on ROM 7293525
75a9ea1 : sepolicy: fix fingerprint sepolicy
3c692b9 : Create vendor_logger_prop
0790114 : Add sepolicy rules when PowerAnomalyDataDetection service enabled
4585613 : Update sepolicy for the egetpu_logging service to access the sysfs.
55bd059 : Add sepolicy for sensor HAL accessing AOC reset sysfs node.
a0a4a7f : Allow ssr_detector to read aoc version property
da8122c : ssr_detector: provide wlan firmware version
66fd237 : thermal: add sepolicy rule to access ODPM sysfs
01a33d0 : Formatting file_contexts
9d20b97 : remove video_system_heap
86582e6 : display: remove dontaudit for hal_memtrack_default
a0a8cb2 : Stats: removed obsolete IStats HIDL sepolicies
dde4b6b : Allow power stats HAL to read gnss stats
a791d93 : Allow power stats HAL read uwb power_stats sysfs node
204dc05 : Fix avc denied for Silent Logging
f4589fe : usb: Add sepolicy for extcon access
f23a442 : Add more modem properties
8119d48 : Uwb: Create a new Uwb system service
72f80a3 : wirelesscharger-adapter: updated sepolicy
acf6b1f : Add sepolicy for SystemUIGoogle to write to lhbm
cbc7709 : hal_dumpstate_default: Fix avc error
e541cce : change assigned bug
c14f02d : Allow fingerprint hal to access dmabuf_system_heap_device
7e071d6 : dump hal_graphics_composer
7e60d3a : allow init to set readahead_size
06cc3ee : update error on ROM 7278058
7c8d4d8 : Fix Android GPU Inspector (AGI) support
cd12670 : Allow to dump pps-dc
2c1b29b : logger_app: Grant to access new logger properties
1082e88 : Add policy for USF low latency transport gralloc usage.
b4bab83 : Fix avc denied in MMAP audio exclusive mode
b94e758 : Fix avc denied for maxfg_base/flip and wireless dump
b370d9d : Remove sepolicy of Wirecutter
06b410d : Fix avc denied for Silent Logging
6dd6d98 : cbd: Grant to access slog file
17f08b3 : gs101: fix grilservice context
5feb916 : init: allow to set tcpdump property
d59ea41 : gs101-sepolicy: Allow platform_app to call uwb
b9e10fe : Create sepolicy for the fingerprint GHBM sysprop
1d379df : Give hal_dumpstate_default read access to slog files
3d4d915 : Fix SELinux errors with aocd
1c64cd8 : allow camera to connect stats service
b2fb9cd : Add TCP dump permissions.
82d7164 : Fix selinux permissions errors for UwbService
c0b806f : [Bug] Change the sepolicy name for exo_camera_injection
7376656 : logger_app: Remove Pixelize rule
d57865e : update label missing vibrator sys nodes for dual part
7e8fca8 : whitechapel: add permission for pixellogger set audio property
a346a7f : remove wildcard on kernel modules
dcd4293 : Allow EdgeTPU NNAPI HAL to access socket files for IPC.
59ba0f9 : grant debugfs access to insmod under userdebug
8066a9f : Fix modem logging configuration.
0582588 : Move vendor_kernel_modules to public.
1a25f34 : audio: add support for aocdump to aceess audio state
fc69c66 : update error on ROM 7260355
91c7813 : remove obsolete mobicore operations
60872ac : camera: allow the camera hal to set fatp prop
a4b2534 : Add selinux permissions for NFC/eSIM fw upgrade
72011a8 : gs101-sepolicy: Allow rlsservice to access range sensor
852d1dc : Grant GPU and Fabric node access
ceafb82 : exo: updated sepolicy
8a1f0be : Mark as same-process HAL.
e277259 : e2fs: Fix avc errors
98c223e : Add new ITouchContextService interface to twoshay
765e8e2 : gs101-sepolicy: Allow binder call rlsservice from camera
f27370d : Allowed EdgeTPU service to read system properties related to vendor.
f96f0c7 : remove obsolete entries
5602dfd : SELinux error coming from mediacodec when using GCA and secure playback
52a7768 : Fix SELinux error from vendor_init
022de77 : Allow radio vendor apps to modify slog props.
ac3d49d : Revert "Allow Exoplayer access to the vstream-secure heap for secure playback"
f01cb38 : Fix MMAP audio avc denied
fc7c2e2 : remove obsolete entries
7c92613 : Allow Exoplayer access to the vstream-secure heap for secure playback
1db99c7 : allow vendor_init to set logpersist
44799a2 : Add sepolicy for CBRS setup app.
98d8904 : update error on ROM
880dd70 : Fix cuttlefish test fail due to sepolicy of Wirecutter
4f5d604 : sepolicy: allow hwservice to see armnn nnhal.
ef8172c : Allow mediacodec to access the vstream-secure DMA-BUF heap
6932235 : Allow camera HAL access radioext service
755a1de : Allowed EdgeTPU service and the EdgeTPU NNAPI hal to read /proc/version.
de30c53 : gs101-sepolicy: add sscoredump
b07d84f : Fix SELinux denials for AIDL interface
5f6e263 : Grant permission for more camera device nodes
93bf9b6 : Labelled EdgeTPU service libraries as SP-HAL.
dffdeca : Improve camera HAL SELinux policy.
181f1d3 : vendor_init: allow set_prop for vendor_ro_config_default_prop
a91ba31 : vendor_init: allow set_prop for vendor_ssrdump_prop
ffd2cf4 : Allow radioext to access bluetooth coex hal.
005faff : genfs_contexts: add sscoredump per-subsystem policies
68569d8 : update error on ROM 7242124
522c283 : Allowed Camera hal to create debug files
c9f580b : Fix netutils_wrapper avc denied
6862b8e : vendor: remove sscoredump policies
eda148c : SELinux: Grant camera HAL TEE access
9c8327d : hal_neuralnetworks_armnn: allow GPU access
3316a71 : Fix VT issue avc denied
dbef5fe : Fix pktrouter avc denied
986fe49 : Fix vendor.pktrouter avc denied
3233492 : Add sepolicy for Goodix AIDL HAL
9778af3 : Fix avc denied for vendor_ims_app
d135bde : Fix selinux errors for rild
8b3601f : Fix hangup Volte call fail
d3579bb : Allow init to set RIL properties.
9818e25 : Revert "Add lazy service binary to hal_camera_default domain."
c6eca53 : Add sepolicy for the wifi firmware config OTA feature
7e469b9 : Mark as same-process HAL.
5b5a004 : allow bootctl to access devinfo
3a27f85 : mds: Update radio_vendor_data_file permission
692faee : fix reset problem caused by ims
14d068b : vendor_init: Update tracking denials
6efd563 : Remove tracking_denials/bootanim.te
d28724f : update error on ROM 7230950
77f6de6 : work around for uwb
a0c5ec2 : Add se-policy for new GRIL service and RadioExt hal APIs
fb862c0 : Allow Exoplayer access to the vstream-secure heap for secure playback
97bfa35 : Revert "Add se-policy for new GRIL service and RadioExt hal APIs"
4211025 : Fix denials for ril_config_service_app
6516f36 : Add se-policy for new GRIL service and RadioExt hal APIs
b4fbecb : modem_svc_sit: Fix avc errors
01376cb : update error on ROM 7228492
fd45b5e : permission required for adb sideload to work
7314a7b : permissions required for OTA
d02e73b : Add lazy service binary to hal_camera_default domain.
f05cdba : allow bootctl to read devinfo
38e55f2 : update error on ROM 7225160
a334f07 : Add uhid access for exo
b640326 : Add the sepolicy for UWB hal
ac6b127 : remove workaround as vendor_init is ready
09996bc : Add sepolicy rules for fingerprint hal
8d2feed : label missing vibrator sys nodes
9c3d77d : power: Add policy to access sysfs_bcl
857ea2e : update error on ROM 7219510
fa11af6 : audio: add /dev/acd-audio_dcdoff_ref for audio effect visualizer
10fda56 : Allow fingerprint hal to access fingerprint device
2797490 : Update vendor_modem_prop and add rules for mds
c36661e : remove obsolete entries
15a0c61 : update error on ROM 7216638
beb4f82 : sepolicy: fix usb hal selinux permission
adeaaea : Add "" library duplicate to be used for external launch.
86aa156 : Allowed Camera hal to access EdgeTPU service for on-device compilation.
185dbee : Fix selinux error for vendor_init
ebeae6a : label uwb service to prevent reset after unplugging USB
a570dc6 : Add a label for Pixel DMA-BUF heap tracepoints
2dc4d2d : genfs_contexts: add sepolicy for dumping eeprom data
7405211 : label missing power sys nodes
78047fa : sensors: Add sensor related rule to chre.
7c0fd2a : update error on ROM 7213588
ed8fdc9 : Fix sepolicies for hal_power_stats_default
46fedc2 : Add Sepolicy rule for connectivity monitor app
031fe80 : display: add sepolicy for hal_graphics_composer
b70e0be : MDS: Fix avc errors
a1f92cd : Give power stats HAL permission to read ufs stats
abfa935 : Clean up the obsoleted dontaudit rules
0218941 : allow df to collect partition info
cf96663 : label power.stats-vendor properly
45e3314 : Allow bluetooth hal to get boot status
36e82d4 : update error on ROM 7207833
fdeedcb : allow init to mount modem_img
9e582d4 : Fix cuttlefish test fail due to sepolicy of Exo
526da2f : update error on ROM 7202683
f98706e : Add sepolicy for BigOcean device
b52121a : Add sepolicy for MFC device
2ed30c2 : Stats: new sepolicy for the AIDL service
bfa18a7 : whitechapel: Correct acpm_stats path
82376e2 : Mark lib_aion_buffer and related library as same_process_hal_file
ebd2a24 : Add atc sysfs permission for composer service
78cd6eb : Add selinux policies for mounted modem parition
5019452 : HardwareInfo: Add sepolicy for display
cc8429c : Move wireless charger HAL to 1.3
8cac554 : gs101-sepolicy: Add twoshay permissions
6247ff6 : cbd: Fix avc errors
7edb7e3 : vendor_init: Update tracking denials
4dd3e1e : Add touch procfs and sysfs sepolicy
47bf48c : Fix avc denied in OMA DM
522a8ae : hal_health_default: Fix avc denials
58b3344 : label kernel modules and grant bt permission
487f66f : update error on ROM 7196668
ce711fd : Fix avc denied issue when accessing to IStats service
a3678d9 : hal_power_stats_default: Fix avc denials
43fb32d : dumpstate: allow dumpstate to access displaycolor
df06cd7 : remove obsolete entries and put crucial domains to permissive
019eec3 : Remove dma_buf_heap tracking_denials
7d77820 : Add missing permission to dmabuf_video_system_heap
47abac4 : update error on ROM 7193586
d18a92b : Allowed the EdgeTPU service to access Package Manager binder service.
73ce343 : Wifi: Add sepolicy files for wifi_ext service
94095e1 : sepolicy: add sensor related rules for AIDL APIs
5c76e0c : trusty_apploader: Fix avc errors
5e63caa : Fix selinux error for vendor_telephony_app
6bfbfc3 : Allow vendor_init to set USB properties
0427548 : sepolicy: add usf folder to BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIRS.
4d87bc0 : cbd: Fix avc errors
fc5a6a8 : update error on ROM 7191013
5009efa : Move slider-sepolicy into gs101-sepolicy
ed6fcdb : Add owners file
28ea155 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/google/raviole

08655b8 : Update SVN to 22 for Oriole-Raven for Mar QPR 2022
836db90 : Update SVN to 21 for O6R4 Feb MPR 2022
aa73129 : Add PWLE notification vibration patterns for P21 devices
973e42a : thermal: adjust Raven USB-C UI warning threshold
d0104cf : audio: syncing the USB config for mfg
b26e78c : thermal: adjust Raven USB-C throttling threshold
f757d48 : Revert "Move dck.eligible_wcc back to 3 for R4"
1ee32ca : DO NOT MERGE Remove unintended faceauth configs
2a05c53 : display: enable hbm sv dimming [ DO NOT MERGE ]
57b0e19 : DO NOT MERGE Remove unintended faceauth configs
dd623c5 : Update SVN to 20 for O6R4 Jan respin
b90720c : [DO NOT MERGE] Update PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL for gs101 devices
b43a678 : Update SVN to 19 for O6R4 Feb MPR 2022
e698ad5 : Update SVN to 18 for O6R4 Feb MPR 2022
c4f2e1f : Update SVN to 17 for O6R4 Feb MPR 2022
1c099b5 : Update SVN to 16 for O6R4 Jan MPR 2022
6970a1c : Update SVN to 15 for O6R4 Jan MPR 2022
6c4358f : Update SVN to 14 for O6R4 Jan MPR 2022
43e244d : Revert "Add CDMA feature XML inclusion to device mk files for oriole & raven"
1c954f3 : Add CDMA feature XML inclusion to device mk files for oriole & raven
5e1a885 : Update SVN to 13 for O6R4 December QPR 2021
f963111 : Update SVN to 12 for O6R4 December QPR 2021
586a87e : Update SVN to 11 for O6R4 December QPR 2021
43ce3a4 : Update SVN to 10 for O6R4 December QPR 2021
00d1ed2 : Update SVN for O6R4 December 2021 (EMEA/AU)
ba2a4ec : bcl: Enable limitation on VDROOPX and BATOILO
61d459a : Revert "Revert "thermal: update TPU SKIN policy""
51e7f7f : Revert "Revert "Update: audio tuning table"" [DO NOT MERGE]
3d9d289 : nfc: enable nfc debugging for usedebug builds
fa1f509 : Revert "Update: audio tuning table"
7b87bd2 : audio: add support for aec recording path
59a71ba : Support Oriole for automotive builds
3d30571 : Support automotive builds.
4bfaa9f : Update: audio tuning table
c636f58 : uwb: update AoA capabilities
65b7d3d : Configure Lyric camera IQ tuning for O6/R4.
9fbe2c8 : uwb: update ccc calibration value
e303cad : audio: waves: add test file for unit test
5533a4a : uwb: update hal offset timer
49d231b : uwb: remove device name from gs101
2bc9d4d : [DO NOT MERGE] Jump SVN to 7 for VZW EMR
1845dfd : [DO NOT MERGE] Jump SVN to 6 for Non-VZW EMR
07322db : audio: change format of deep-buffer to float
b7cc9ee : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
1f2dc18 : Jump SVN to 8 for O6R4 Dec QPR1
09abab8 : Jump SVN to 5 for VZW SU0
4d3426f : Add two permission files
2c35c05 : audio: add support for aec recording path [DO NOT MERGE]
0bc1dc0 : audio: waves: support custom action identification
c434ec8 : thermal: Update thermal config
65bb51f : audio: Update tuning table for removing the risk of blocking rear microphone in 3rd party recorder use case
941224c : thermal: update thermal config
8852d7b : audio: update O6/R4 Aaram volume curve
0800e89 : audio config: fix minimum alarm volume
e0f6a5c : zram: add zram size property
b571f48 : audio: update speaker protection bin
8bd51be : [AOD] R4O6 Modify AOD brightness setting
da5a026 : [AOD] R4O6 Modify AOD brightness setting
e084e23 : Zram: set zram size
035d7b4 : display: Update O6R4 refresh rate limitations
dffd748 : Revert "thermal: update TPU SKIN policy"
2402dec : display: Update O6R4 refresh rate limitations
ec055fe : audio: Update tunings for SA-lite optimization and enhance audio zoom performance
221c80b : Jump SVN to 4 for SU0
d465c7f : Jump SVN to 3 for VZW Regression
a8c236c : audio: changet the period size of VoIP Record
411cd28 : audio: deep buffer to floating point pcm data [DO NOT MERGE]
568ea8e : thermal: update TPU SKIN policy
110e5b2 : thermal: Update thermal config for charging
9b6c2f0 : Update SVN to 2
80e3da7 : Remove doze_brightness_uses_prox config
4a41faa : thermal: Update thermal config for charging
be2bde4 : audio_usb: Enable ASRC in USB voice call path
63d0be6 : haptics: add raviole actuator model
e60ba10 : Adjust PID loop parameters to relax GPU throttling for MODERATE
b058000 : raviole: clean up kernel variables
7ebc080 : audio: update music playback volume curve
6f51c2a : raviole: enable WirelessCharger
528d915 : Update regulation e-label for Oriole
85d8c0b : raviole: Add GOODIX_CONFIG_BUILD_VERSION to device mk
fcef52d : Bluetooth: Raven BT SAR tables for US and ROW for FRC
1e8d0d7 : Bluetooth: Oriole BT SAR tables for US for FRC
b82bc02 : audio: update Media Record Tuning Files
254cdef : audio: update FM tables (20210729_v540)
f21fa1b : audio: update tuning tables (20210826)
adcaf47 : Move dck.eligible_wcc back to 3 for R4
675c8f7 : Allow NFC polling disable by system apps
40b3941 : init.raviole.rc: remove world writable on
e540f7b : Bluetooth: Raven BT SAR tables for JP (mmwave) and ROW
7a754f9 : Update regulation e-label for Oriole
c1583a9 : Update regulation e-label for Raven
9b61605 : Adjust 0.5dp padding for KeyguardStatusBarView
bedf39f : init.raviole.rc: chmod for
b256283 : Move NFC/eSE settings
0e8a67f : oriole: enable media performance class 12
d337a06 : bcl: Put OCP_WARN back to original level
b03fc73 : Add config for brightness sensor using prox
b7b48bb : thermal: optimize CPU thermal throttling
09c3fd3 : audio: update audio_policy_volumes.xml
a768e6f : raven: enable media performance class 12
a7db095 : Don't have an alpha-in fade for the auth ripple
7a92166 : thermal: optimize CPU/GPU throttling
2d18527 : display: disable hbm dimming
7494ecc : display: override Oriole set_idle_timer_ms
f1820db : powerstats: correct display odpm rail name
4a6d0b7 : bcl: change tpu_cooling state from 3 to 2 ocp_tpu
157a9cb : Update MIC e-label for JP SKU of Raven
8fadec7 : bcl: lower ocp_warn for tpu and gpu
f7e42d6 : bcl: Update soft_ocp cooling device
3f4c116 : thermal: add TPU throttling for SKIN thermal optimization
773ca4e : thermal: Update thermal table
6f960da : thermal: Update thermal table
73e2784 : Fix system icons container x-axis shift between Keyguard/Home StatusBar
c2e4789 : power_profile: add bluetooth power data
7ca7fc2 : audio: dynamic/runtime audio capture switch
cfaa317 : audio: Add command to set PCM steam wait time for voice and audio.
faf942f : Update lock icon padding
3b05ee5 : audio: update Media Record Tuning Files
f4cd136 : audio: adjust the latency for bluetooth output
454ac5e : audio: update FM table (20210805_v540)
8968475 : thermal: Update thermal table
6918ecc : Bluetooth: Oriole BT SAR tables for RoW and JP(sub 6)
2e843ca : thermal: Update thermal table
eab6d24 : thermal: Update thermal table
3976daf : Bluetooth: Oriole BT SAR tables for EU sub6 and mmwave
97d7a59 : Bluetooth: Raven BT SAR tables for EU sub6 and mmwave
e5402a7 : Fix KeyguardStatusBar height not align StatusBar
57fc706 : Change vendor key to PRODUCT_VENDOR_PROPERTIES
090b93c : bcl: enable batoilo thermal zone
4ac85f0 : Unregister for prox when display isn't OFF/DOZE
ce87e29 : raven: add blocking zone for low light
755a088 : audio: add Built-In Back Mic device
073ec26 : audio: update speaker protection bins
225b713 : audio: refine the period size for raw playback
80f37d8 : audio: update FM table (20210729_v540)
6bcf472 : thermal: Update cpu pid control loop parameters
8340b00 : Revert "raviole: allow UDFPS to read mfg_data blk device"
b043fc0 : Update MIC e-label for JP SKU of Oriole
d92243b : Bluetooth: Raven BT SAR tables for US sub6 and mmwave
2c99b67 : power_profile: add battery capacity
a73cca8 : bcl: Lower VDROOP2 threshold
e241d59 : Bluetooth: BT SAR tables for US sub6 and mmwave
9609aa6 : audio: update fm tables (20210722_v540)
a6263cc : display: enable hbm dimming
912f6ac : audio: update speaker protection bin
338b7bc : audio: update Waves O6 tuning (20210723)
843ed6b : Add the customized max cached processes number for O6/R4
3a1f1e3 : audio: update audio capture tuning
55e6b8e : display: update golden profiles
1b6d959 : thermal: Enable usb port overheat protection
6acf60f : thermal: Update gpu pid control loop parameters
3c11dab : audio: update camcorder tuning 20210716
6b68ff7 : Update latest MIPI CoEX config files
58bd1ba : Add distortion output gain for Pixel 6.
b40e355 : raviole: allow UDFPS to read mfg_data blk device
96b58c1 : audio_usb: Updating mixer_paths.xml to use V2 command to send config to AoC to support USB behind HUB.
895e3d3 : audio_usb: Add unsupported pcm format for USB accessory on Raviole.
34a8963 : Bluetooth: Add sar_test in userdebug build
ec0d436 : thermal: Update thermal table
eff4e0d : audio: adjust the latency for USB Headphone
78fd497 : thermal: Update thermal table
1c4b605 : audio: waves: update O6/R4 MPS (20210713)
f8a04fb : audio: add BT path back to the haptic output
1a261f8 : thermal: Update thermal table
3d09e38 : display: update O6 display color data
d2db8a5 : audio: apply RAW path for raw playback
f7427b0 : thermal: Remove PPVAR_VSYS_PWR_DISP power rail
63defab : audio: update Camcorder tuning
6def5fe : USB Audio: Add USB HiFi routing
09e81d3 : audio: update FM table (20210708_v540)
fef56f3 : thermal: thermal table update
59a3061 : Enable camera exif model/make reporting
ed682fc : By default, set raven face-auth to non-bypass
a9519d2 : Remove parenthesis from PRODUCT_MODEL which breaks some User-Agent parsing
84fd199 : Adjust status bar rounded corner and display cutout region
b0c9a1a : Set config_suspendWhenScreenOffDueToProximity true
3dbd953 : Set vibrator ramp down duration
a17c45a : Adjust status bar rounded corner and display cutout region
7d716fe : audio: waves: update R4 tuning table (20210701)
8af3cb5 : Update NFC Settings
ab92016 : Bluetooth: Enable AAC VBR by default
ea3372d : Update ro.gms.dck.eligible_wcc Property for R4.
5f50ac9 : display: update device color data
876864e : raven: control panel_idle via kernel idle property
0d48152 : audio: adjust the latency for output and input
55f8b7c : Update the latest voice packs of Text-To-Speech and configs for Oriole and Raven.
12a5e8f : audio: update audio table
fbdf38a : audio: update FM tuning tables (20210624_v540)
0baeebd : Update ./DevInfo/Mod model name
a8f6e24 : Remove access to the LHBM node from SystemUI
bf198b7 : thermal: optimize trigger sensor settings
dab5283 : auto-brightness: Change light debounce for R4/O6
be01211 : thermal: update thermal table
9dd59a9 : [Display] Re-mapping the Default Brightness
aaf6f63 : display: add O6 golden calibration profile
354c1e7 : Set audio haptic channel amplitude limit
12f1ede : audio: add echo reference input
fb03700 : audio: add echo reference input
8ae9e16 : FBF:mixer_table: mic soft gain config for O6/R4/W3/Slider
7700cf0 : adpf: set adpf.rate to device max refresh rate
de356bd : raven, oriole: overlay UDFPS illumination transition time
d138225 : audio: update R4 camcorder tuning 06/17
22a0ab1 : audio: update speaker protection bins
f4c78e5 : Remove two APKs from vendor blobs list
e537b06 : audio: update Raven/Oriole mixer path to V2.2
00eb5c2 : audio: add dynamics_processing to audio_effects.xml
317f221 : Remove the attribute set from init.rc for debugfs
f9d90fe : audio: update audio capture tuning
604aa67 : thermal: add soc to thermal HAL monitoring
f3caaf7 : Update gps currents based on the measurement.
c4a2ca6 : oriole: update blocking zones
eee11ae : audio: update FM table (20210610)
2216296 : audio: fix xml tag name
10328be : audio: fm: update tuning table (20210608)
0a57e6a : thermal: Support thermal-hal to sent powerhint
9894ef8 : camera hfr: add 720 high speed profile
f3cb3c1 : Set audio.camerasound.force for JP devices
2797625 : audio: update O6 Waves preset (20210603)
8132cc2 : audio: upgrade audio.usb.default from v1 to v2
05395df : Build Oriole default CMF color wallpaper
5fdaa96 : Revert "audio: update waves preset tables (20210603)"
2981a45 : audio: enable stereo AAC encoder
79a3b70 : thermal: Update thermal config
9d6c2d9 : Fixing Cellular-Emergency Hysteresis
6facc05 : USB Audio: Enable HIFI on the audio HAL part on Raviole.
964bf23 : Enable One handed mode feature for Oriole and Raven
b1fa4b7 : thermal: update number of State2Power for thermal-hal
c7dfda1 : audio: update waves preset tables (20210603)
18a9190 : [MFG_API] [audio] USB headset loopback functions don't work on ROM SD1A.210602.005
21159fd : Move fp app-loading to same stage as storageproxyd
428dbc7 : oriole: update thresholds for 90hz
8baf515 : audio: update FM tuning table (20210531)
156e8f1 : thermal: add soc to thermal HAL monitoring
d8ab4eb : thermal: update threshold level for OCP
6e4640b : raviole: add PRODUCT_SOONG_NAMESPACES for trusty
fb5e389 : Build Raven default CMF color wallpaper
3b1f8ef : Add initial MIC e-label for JP SKU of Raven
cfd3523 : audio: update speaker protection bins
08b011f : audio: update speaker protection bins
ca6b352 : Add DCK eligibility property
a327e42 : Change system property of Raven to add 11 dp side padding for keyboard
b3ab5ce : media_profiles_raven.xml: Fix typo about front camera 1080p bitrate
af48a48 : Update NFC Settings
d9ff8cb : [Display] Modify the AOD Brightness
b1ce532 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/google/raviole
3375ea9 : USB Audio: Enable HIFI Playback on the audio HAL part on Raviole.
dc760c4 : thermal: Update raviole thermal config
866b981 : Change Timesync nodes owner to be Bluetooth
1d54825 : raven: include factory/shipping UDFPS based on target
99725eb : oriole: include factory/shipping UDFPS based on target
399d2cc : slider, whitefin: add fingerprint HIDL HAL config
0a6e699 : Revert "Remove audio-coupled-haptics support"
bbc1857 : audio: route haptic EP to haptic backend
6653988 : Disable ASP only on PROTO1.0 devices
572019b : audio: update camcorder tuning
9aa69ff : powerstats: Modify file path for nfc devices
4af08f1 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/google/raviole
106bc09 : Exclude as package from camera cutout protection
c003dbb : Add scripts for generating raven/oriole vendor blobs
74dfc0c : Add property for UDFPS antispoof
30e3d9a : Cap VideoEncoderCap maxFrameRate to 30
4101e82 : audio: separate the spatial audio and WNR block
7870ae2 : audio: update camcorder tuning for refactor
ccd6d2b : Adjust R4 rounded corner & punch hole anti-aliasing
8275661 : display: add device specific adaptive calibration file
b794f75 : audio: waves: support handset device
cdeb65a : audio: remove bt path for raw and mmap playback
c35126b : audio: update Raven/Oriole mixer path to V2.0
9c06c83 : audio: add to support low-latency-record(fast intput)
8cebbe5 : audio: update FM tuning (20210506)
68270de : Add BT SAR Tx Power Cap table to P21 devices
4791bda : power_profile.xml: Fix typo "volatage"
80c7d2e : audio: add to support mmap record
7cc6cca : raviole: fix $(ro.hardware) not works in "on property:"
a10a9d8 : audio: replace audio_pre_process with offload_effect and remove audio_pre_process
fd3f417 : Remove audio-coupled-haptics support
c6f7d94 : slider: Enable 60fps for Raven front camera
334022f : raviole: centralize common part of init.<DEVICE>.rc into init.raviole.rc
5ed1fe3 : audio: add bt-mic for audio capture
296196c : init.insmod.*.cfg: Migrate from insmod to modprobe
2433315 : Add initial MIC e-label for JP SKU of Oriole
a0503c4 : waves: O6/R4: update preset file. (20210504)
ca7a633 : Add Modem Thermistors
7c81054 : audio: add bt-mic for audio capture
9cf71a9 : Raven: Enable smooth display with 120Hz
1c49162 : Add hide cutout overlays to raven & oriole
4460dac : audio: bypass aoc post processing on speaker for factory audio test
29c600e : device: google: load audio_ext module to support audio suez
8e79346 : Don't use binned brightness for prox
47166c6 : audio: update audio platform table
65afc07 : powerstats: Add NFC stats
0bc47d6 : Revert "device: don't build uwb"
eab9095 : audio: remove unsupported TinyALSA controls
60d11bc : thermal: update raviole thermal table
e34a7c4 : audio: update Fortemedia table 20210419_v538
49181e2 : oriole: enable peak refresh rate (90hz)
fd95a68 : Initial the modem svn
e488597 : Add preferred MIPI freqs for rear wide camera
88ff6ea : audio: update speaker firmware and tuning
72ae111 : Update recommended bitrate for each EncoderProfile from P20
cb7d8dd : raven: Launch twoshay during boot
6e0bb1c : battery: raviole: disable wireless for pts battery test
d356ec5 : Update the latest voice packs of Text-To-Speech and configs for Oriole and Raven.
f4852af : audio: update camcorder tuning 20210407
71b5c99 : raven: use GHBM for PROTO1.0 devices
8e2b195 : oriole: use GHBM for PROTO1.0 devices
eeaf5ea : powerstats: Add Uwb stats
2a6d256 : audio: switch Audio HAL to V7
aad4426 : audio: update speaker tuning information
5faf342 : audio: add initial values of controls
e9fbea2 : audio: initialize mixer_control Incall Sink Mute and Incall Mic Mute
a65c38d : Delete non-whitespace character
7357dbc : device: don't build uwb
1f4bfe4 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to device/google/raviole
bb7f00f : Enable require device unlock for NFC
e684191 : audio: update Fortemedia table 20210406_V538
e04673c : powerstats: Add device specific display states
5692663 : audio: update speaker firmware and tuning
0a5b5bb : factory: rename vendor property with a prefix
c798cb3 : Add power stats service for specific device
9420469 : Add physical button locations for raviole
207603f : Add scripts for generating raven/oriole factory images
d84ad0d : Update Oriole screen decorations
038dc02 : Add SystemUI config.xml
3755b08 : audio: add VoIP RX/TX
56f0aac : audio: waves: support 64-bit algfx lib
5e7f6f6 : Correct the voice packs path of Text-To-Speech.
b8c5db3 : Keep slider/whitefin under Permissive mode
3f82214 : Add MMS UA, UAProf for O6/R4
7ecf224 : Add Oriole front cam display mipi table.
3f8dc9a : Update wifi currents based on the measurement.
4c4329c : Update wifi currents based on the measurement.
1dbbc0a : thermal: cellular mitigation on critical battery
cd5aaf7 : add AAC to A2DP offload support format
094c57c : audio: add to support raw and mmap
3538187 : audio: update camcorder tuning
3a300b3 : audio: add "LVM Enable" and "Decoder Reference Enable"
a38369e : audio: update Fortemedia tables 20210323_V537
42ba614 : audio:waves: update tuning table (0322)
85646ce : display: enable lbe supported property
f4f957a : o6r4: include
9a9d024 : raven: enable frame rate override feature
369d53c : raven: grant write access to the LHBM node
c069551 : oriole: grant write access to the LHBM node
36dd88a : Include LUT binary files
3d84c1a : audio: gain modify on handset-mic
04cf15d : slider/whitefin/oriole/raven: remove redundant brightness config
2fe803e : oriole: Launch twoshay during boot
b71cbee : Update the adaptive brightness table for oriole/raven
f3d8bf6 : slider/whitefin/oriole/raven: add device-vendor make file
bff2bff : [MFG_API] [audio] update mixer table for usb headset gain
8a702b1 : audio: add mixer_path for call screen mode 4 and hearing aid
c2e4a48 : Revert "raviole: remove redundant includes"
98d9dd1 : raven: run trusty_apploader from system shell for faceauth
42c682f : raviole: remove redundant includes
a473cc6 : audio: update Waves tuning for O6
7c202b2 : raviole: support touch sensitivity mode switching
22181bf : Fix the high speed mode profile
b765c3f : audio: Add PDM mic enabling flexibility
e37fc7d : thermal: remove vdroop1/2 for canopy compatibility
1fb8cfc : audio: factory: remove temporal solution of gain control
0a7ce9c : audio: add incall playback and capture to policy config and mixer path
d48ff14 : Update nfc configurations
60a6c99 : Change system property of Oriole to place keyboard 10 dp higher
f6f9798 : Update display mipi path to new path name.
e29895f : Add AOSP support for Raven and Oriole.
59938fc : Set nfcc_always_on_allowed
a6dca6e : raven: load the on boot
c761b41 : thermal: enable monitor mode on vdroop
d2ddf01 : Add quickpickup sensor to config.xml
0ccb1ab : trusty_apploader: Fix avc errors
00ba8df : support music_break model for whi product
f8beeb1 : audio: enable AAC codec for compress-offload
cd374d8 : Move slider into gs101 and <device>
2cadf5e : Revert "Add owners file"
a9e2c16 : Add owners file
7cda38d : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/google/redbull

e0a1ed5 : Update Redbull SVN to 44
3a8dfc9 : Add new feature AACR fields
0b305c1 : Revert "pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone"
036bf3c : Update Redbull SVN to 43
c76a3b2 : Update Redbull SVN to 42
b69bee0 : Update Redbull SVN to 41
051ab4c : Update Redbull SVN to 40 Bug: 202436544
f88d4a8 : Update Redbull SVN to 39 Bug: 202436544
f476233 : Update Redbull SVN to 38
f33d830 : pregrant COARSE_LOCATION to cbrsnetworkmonitor
311ef82 : Pixelstats: change data type of reset count path
d9ae107 : Update Redbull SVN to 37
58839d6 : pregrant coarse and background location permission to scone
c230c9e : Update Redbull SVN to 35
503dd40 : Remove ConfirmationUI HAL from manifest
099d7a7 : media: advertise as 30
a6786de : Update Redbull SVN to 34
ed26fe2 : Update Redbull SVN to 34
4bbf855 : Update Redbull SVN to 31
3b7a6db : [do not merge] Remove dupcate setting
a038f9f : Revert "fstab: enable checkpoint_merge"
b3de4bb : Revert "fstab: enable checkpoint_merge"
64fb715 : Enable VABC on a per-device basis.
9840370 : Revert "Enable chained vbmeta for boot"

+- Project: device/google/redbull-sepolicy

313f352 : modem_diagnostics: add rules for getting battery info
ae4e930 : Move twoshay definitions to hardware/google/pixel-sepolicy/input.
d7090ea : [Display] Add SELinux policy for hal_qspmhal of hbmsvmanager
6a51d77 : Allow twoshay to access fwk_stats_service and system_server
e80553c : Allow boot color propagation
b0e4d6e : logger_app/dumpstate: add rules for pilot
ba52fe8 : Revert "Allow init boot_block_device:lnk_file relabelto."
900cc5b : Revert "Add comments for init boot_block_device relabelto"

+- Project: device/google/redfin

1e2a1e4 : Remove redundant device property setting for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
3ec6c7a : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
61c6e46 : Directly register for prox as the secondary sensor
0e88f70 : audio: update audio volume curve table
62e5386 : Add the customized max cached processes number for R3
dc066bd : Enable VABC on a per-device basis.

+- Project: device/google/sunfish

8d6260d0 : Update Sunfish SVN to 40
33247d5c : Add new feature AACR fields
54c03725 : Remove redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
9ac8e647 : Update Sunfish SVN to 39
1fa1d854 : Update Sunfish SVN to 38
d35acd0d : Update Sunfish SVN to 37
db62db0c : Update Sunfish SVN to 36 Bug: 202436544
f3b6babd : Update Sunfish SVN to 35 Bug: 202436544
72b774f4 : Upgrade uceservice 2.3
a146281b : Add vendor.qti.ims.factory@1.0::IImsFactory/default api
50b19914 : Update Sunfish SVN to 34
6c312b53 : Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
a8864d7b : Pixelstats: change data type of reset count path
67509297 : Update Sunfish SVN to 33
2bf0162e : Use vintf for confirmation UI
4e47f508 : Update Sunfish SVN to 31
1ad4bbc8 : Update Sunfish SVN to 30
da6a90f1 : Update Sunfish SVN to 30
14f23ed5 : Update Sunfish SVN to 27
c465bb40 : Add the customized max cached processes number for S5
e205a873 : Revert "Modify IKeymasterDevice/default to version 4.1"
e281fa54 : Revert "Modify IKeymasterDevice/default to version 4.1"

+- Project: device/google/sunfish-sepolicy

225e205 : sepolicy changes for imsfactory hal
3f2219c : Allow boot color propagation
c4d853b : logger_app/dumpstate: add rules for pilot

+- Project: device/google/trout

38636b9 : Select kernel 5.10 for trout
469d1a0 : Fixing BT Media Metadata issue in trout
bfd42ce : Only include trout-kernel from the source tree when present
3ed7e64 : Enabling MAP profile back in Trout
82fa735 : Update mk file for 5.10 kernel
d153172 : Place first stage fstab under /first_stage_ramdisk subdir
1b93989 : Fix the permission and property issues in EVS
7ebdbe6 : Turn off rild in trout
71f9f67 : Revert "Merge Android 12 am: d715f253e3"
ca969dd : Add support for hypervisor version property to Dumpstate HAL
ef5f8e1 : Disabling BT MAP Profile due to missing Radio HAL in Trout
719293c : Adding Bluetooth configuration to enable BT audio in trout
7eeb2bc : meta-google: Update default revision for agl-services
5d9bbaf : Revert "product_files: Adjust 'userdata' and 'misc' partition."
b0229ac : adding vport_trigger to trout to set the vendor.ser-bt-uart property correctly to the right BT virtio-console port
0e33c98 : Fix device/google/trout for compiling against musl
80cd4ae : Upgrade the audio effect version
9697cee : Remove ankitarora@ from trout owners file
9a52552 : Delete the legacy 2.0 audiocontrol XML file
b2ec30c : Use the emulator's audio policy configuration
9828d1c : Use Car Emulator's Audio HAL
e4095af : Wake all condition variables after ext_pcm mixer consumes the buffers
a8cd49b : Adding inotify watch every time before polling
d8e433d : Fill the audio vbuffer to prevent underrun
65ff78b : Set proper SELinux label for AudioControl HAL binary
89dacd8 : Update the meta-google layer for sc-v2
9832682 : Fix discrepancy between pa/ and ag/ rvc-dev
7c8d3ae : Store sensor ueventd rules in ODM partition on trout
5405536 : Systemd service file for the vhal server
c077e9f : Cmake rules for building VHAL server code for AGL
13280db : Fix the build for VHAL client and server
dd7f011 : Change the CID of the VHAL server in the config file
5548fa0 : Move the virtualized vehicle hal code into the trout tree

+- Project: device/google_car

e697068 : Add Oriole_car target
0efde87 : Add car target for Raven device
3738ea4 : Remove ICanController from manifest
e42782d : Added vendor_required_apps_managed_user.xml

+- Project: platform/external/ComputeLibrary

c267b34d8 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/ComputeLibrary
c2a1825c5 : ComputeLibrary: fix incorrect format specifier
c05589415 : regenerate scons
039139c8c : Switch to the integrated assembler.
ce6c75215 : add missing owners file for ComputeLibrary.
2ac942a01 : ComputeLibrary: move common src to arm arch src
49b8f9080 : arm_compute v20.11
23ebc73a5 : ComputeLib: use fno-addrsig
b65c5eff4 : ComputeLibrary: regenerate kernels
9c07d4616 : Add include guards to half.h header
a96db2f06 : clframework: suppress warnings pending fix
e8521c234 : scripts: -fno-addrsig for include android 11
eb0170eb9 : Use scons to generate prebuilds
18b685f5d : arm_compute v20.08
15cb0bc3d : arm_compute v20.02.1
32626aca9 : Initial empty repository
6a7771e46 : arm_compute v20.05
575c81f38 : arm_compute v20.02.1
36ccc9015 : arm_compute v20.02
7f09cf7df : arm_compute v19.11.1
0e205f7e1 : arm_compute v19.11
975dfe175 : arm_compute v19.08
4ba87dbdc : arm_compute v19.05
29f6788ce : Update
514be65ad : arm_compute v19.02
3d2d44ef5 : Update
5f8ed6b53 : Fix README Link
b9abeae08 : arm_compute v18.11
52ba29e93 : arm_compute v18.08
e2542c9f3 : Fix build (#454)
b3a371bc4 : arm_compute v18.05
67c8c9152 : bugfix: CLDeconvolutionLayer::validate fails if bias==NULL (#439)
02c62c803 : Added link to ArmNN
6cd8accb9 : Correct the use of OpenMP private (#400)
bc0bbac58 : Fix race condition on info.thread_id in OpenMP scheduler (#399)
3dd034f23 : Bugfix: fixing trivial typo in enum value definition for A53. (#394)
c3f34a43f : arm_compute v18.03
06ea048f0 : arm_compute v18.02
292227986 : Bugfix for NumPyBinLoader with SubTensor output. (#345)
adb2f5382 : Bugfix: must zero all values in all slices (#343)
9168acc32 : fix warning hit with Android clang version 5.0.300080 (#348)
f45d5a9be : arm_compute v18.01
6943bb00e : Merge pull request #325 from lukeiwanski/feature/no_exceptions
8140e1e15 : arm_compute v17.12
8a3da6f91 : Update AlexNet example with accessors
869d424d6 : Update 00_introduction.dox
f054c210e : fix comment
bf8b01dfb : arm_compute v17.10
8938bd3f4 : arm_compute v17.09
8d418ab9d : Fix Yocto cross-compiles
db0e610fa : Added data folder (For the tests)
9c0697722 : Restored accidentally deleted LICENSE file
cd25703c8 : Added reference to Caffe on Compute Library project
dbdab85d6 : arm_compute v17.06
d619a8ae4 : Add a build parameter controlling whether or not to build the example programs, default to off
46d5927c3 : arm_compute v17.05
c772c0b2e : Updated README with links to the v17.04 binaries and documentation
a43763802 : arm_compute v17.04
9b90c9f33 : add license info to README
e5a267b4c : fix a bug of checking dimensions in NEGEMMTranspose1xWKernel.cpp
b3640817e : Include <cerrno>
fb8bb48db : Added link to the binary builds in the README
871448ee8 : arm_compute v17.03.1
e8f6d10ad : Initial commit

+- Project: platform/external/TestParameterInjector

912440c : Add support for custom test annotations and test sorting. am: f48709d253 am: 1bd71e2521 am: e1a7bbf4c1 am: 75c56b9a9e am: 1d2a7b8c03
b51cebd : Import TestParameterInjector.
d515d44 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/external/android-nn-driver

07ee999 : GPU nnhal: update service name.
dde81d2 : Revert "IVGCVSW-5090 Add android-nn-driver Support for Logical operators"
787dadd : hal 1.3: update rc file to start correctly
16a7e63 : Remove autodetection of platform version
9911cb3 : android-nn-driver: add service to nnapi-hal cgroup
4f9d971 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/android-nn-driver
e8d0a30 : nnhal: build 1.2 nnhal
58f93d3 : armnn: add GpuAcc flag
f46dd32 : add missing owners file for android-nn-driver.
efd0f26 : Add NNAPI's "LegacyHalUtils.h" to Utils.hpp
12069cf : android-nn-driver: assume NEON not present.
b0fe015 : android-nn-driver: assume OpenCL not present.
bf03443 : nn-hal: update NeuralNetworks paths
7bd7600 : driver: update setRunTimePoolInfosFromMemoryPools
c0945c7 : android-nn-driver:: frameworks namespace modification
e6d328f : android-nn-driver: make linking adaptations for 1.3
cf64210 : android-nn-driver: update rpath
23e678a : android-nn-driver: specify ns to avoid collisions
bbcff19 : android-nn-driver: size access API accommodation
8d148de : android-nn-driver: add linkage detection for OCL
17c424b : android-nn-driver: update formatters for compiling
1312959 : IVGCVSW-5347 Update Android-NN driver and
bc93b85 : IVGCVSW-5347 Update Readme for 20.11
30c34ae : android-nn-driver: adapt to S namespacing
2099015 : nnapi: adapt how buffer size is accessed
5821aa2 : ConvertMaximum. Fix wrong function name in log
39214c8 : Added file
0629eb8 : IVGCVSW-5090 Add android-nn-driver Support for Logical operators
d7fdbe2 : IVGCVSW-5267 Remove use of boost::array from unit tests.
2408c59 : IVGCVSW-5267 Remove boost from core android-nn-driver
4e22f60 : IVGCVSW-5267 Remove boost from core android-nn-driver
f67a080 : armnn: update linkage to intree driver
2edb208 : temporarily rename 1.2 target
e286ca5 : path modifications for intree build
c79d934 : nndriver: Update makefile for R and S
1866182 : PreparedModel: correct logv format specifier.
a2cb548 : ConversionUtils: suppress unused-* warnings.
03993ba : PreparedModel: use flush instead of update
7f492ac : IVGCVSW-5353 - Fix skipped concat VTS tests
c24bb03 : IVGCVSW-5445 Fix for Android-NN-Driver cmd line parameters
6df71fd : IVGCVSW-5335 Documentation for fast_math
8fe50c6 : IVGCVSW-5359 Fix Transpose Conv2d Dynamic tests
b033117 : IVGCVSW-5357 Fix skipping Dynamic Grouped Conv2d tests
9bf0d32 : IVGCVSW-5278 Fixing an error in the definition of fp16-enabled parameter.
0cc6178 : IVGCVSW-5278 Switch Android-nn-driver/DriverOptions.cpp over to cxxopts
08d9a1c : IVGCVSW-5298 Remove boost::format from Android-nn-driver
4918446 : IVGCVSW-5356 Fix skipping VTS DynamicOutputShape FullyConnected
cb31b3b : IVGCVSW-4566 Add support for EXP operator
7ed56dd : MLCE-233 Added ability to enable fast_math through the NNAPI driver
9b088d9 : IVGCVSW-5304 Remove boost::numeric_cast from Android-nn-driver
fcf2a15 : IVGCVSW-5245 Support Fused Activations for Dynamic Tensors
6e4081f : IVGCVSW-5270 Update ConvertConcatenation function to use ShapeInferenceMethod
34db187 : IVGCVSW-5274 'Update ConvertQuantizedLstm function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'
baa1f9f : IVGCVSW-5271 'Update ConvertQuantized16BitLstm function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'
dbda4b7 : IVGCVSW-5272 'Update ConvertLstm function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'
346e811 : IVGCVSW-5276 'Update ConvertSqueeze function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'
8260956 : IVGCVSW-4917 Adding Unit test to Android-nn-driver for Hal1.3 Qos
5ccbdf1 : Remove mention of lack of support for HAL1.3 in GpuAcc
77229c6 : android-nn-driver: modify init.rc files
dd8270c : android-nn-driver: disable unused warnings
36a647a : android-nn-driver: Depend on libGLES_mali
686fd0e : Minor update to docs/
d7377bb : Update Integrator guide in android nn driver
fdeaaa1 : Subject: [PATCH] android-nn-driver: Strip boost from Android.bp
b218ebe : Update FAQ in android-nn-driver
7cc2bc5 : IVGCVSW-4809 Update Nnapisupport.txt
291a16b : IVGCVSW-5220 Set all operations to unsupported after encountering an unsupported operation with with dynamic inputs
81f27fd : IVGCVSW-5224 Fix for UnknownDimensionsTest in CpuRef and GpuAcc
9a04441 : IVGCVSW-5220 Fix UnknownCombinationsTest/UnknownDimensionsTest
1910a18 : IVGCVSW-5182 Bug fix for Comparison layer introduced by dynamic tensors
4bd9a74 : IVGCVSW-5182 Update Convert functions to use ShapeInferenceMethod. 1/2.
a4983ce : IVGCVSW-4931 Update NN Driver to support dynamic tensors
bf866e2 : IVGCVSW-3568 Eliminate rank and axis restriction in Softmax.
9208d55 : Initial empty repository
f057e6f : IVGCVSW-4709 Re-enable Android-NN Resize Parameters
cbc20d3 : IVGCVSW-4891 CTS Q 1.2 CpuRef LargeGraph_TENSOR_FLOAT16_Rank2/20 failure. * Fp16 precision issue
896572b : IVGCVSW-5105 Fix CTS R 1.3 all backends Graph INT32 RANK1 ArgMinMax
8f3d33e : IVGCVSW-4988 Add handling output shape parameter to TransposeConvolution2d
fc884b4 : Add support for Rank and scalar tensors
00b586b : IVGCVSW-4920 Invalid Negative Stride fix
5d4873f : IVGCVSW-4903 Gather support for axis != 0
2e32961 : IVGCVSW-4623 Add android-nn-driver Support for FILL
0cc2b31 : IVGCVSW-4912 Enable CL in for Android R
594b283 : IVGCVSW-4836 Build EthosNRef on Android and run VTS and CTS test suites on it
57aebf6 : IVGCVSW-4850 Create QLSTM unit test in android-nn-driver
157f8f4 : IVGCVSW-4871 Update file to build with platform version 11
cad4e91 : IVGCVSW-4780 Add QoS to AndroidNNDriver
24a9c58 : IVGCVSW-4888 Rename of Resize parameter
f931af9 : IVGCVSW-3847 Add Support for GATHER
e75d09e : IVGCVSW-4787 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 20.05
e4c7d6f : Minor updates to FAQ in the android-nn-driver/docs
6a903a7 : IVGCVSW-4850 Create QLSTM unit test in android-nn-driver
a0301f1 : Updating boost download URL in the
352d508 : IVGCVSW-4792 Update android-nn-driver README and IntegratorGuide
24af8b2 : IVGCVSW-4453 Add Support for ANEURALNETWORKS_QLSTM to HAL 1.3 Driver
c60d0fd : IVGCVSW-IVGCVSW-4772 Fixes for android-nn-driver unit tests on Android R
813f230 : IVGCVSW-4453 Add Support for ANEURALNETWORKS_QLSTM to HAL 1.3 Driver
abc95d0 : IVGCVSW-4837 Add driver service name command line option
be6b3c2 : IVGCVSW-4531 StridedSlice Failures on HAL Drivers
8a510e8 : IVGCVSW-4673 Change ArmNN driver service name to arm-armnn
b248ec1 : IVGCVSW-4771 Add support for Boolean and QAsymmS8 in dump files
d463687 : IVGCVSW-4692 HAL 1.3 VTS/NNT, Unit test Failures
949a69e : IVGCVSW-4677 Refactor Timepoint duplication
d7be72e : IVGCVSW-4677 Fix FencedComputeTest Hal 1.3
51e0b13 : IVGCVSW-4675 Fix VTS 1.3 GeneratedTest.Test/armnn_resize*
7b9ce8d : IVGCVSW-4679 Fix VTS DeadlineTest failures 1.3 CpuAcc CpuRef
5c8b8b1 : MLCE-186 Adding Android Q VTS and CTS failures to FAQ
2eaa119 : IVGCVSW-4672 Fix VTS 1.2/1.3 GetCapabilities test
ef8a393 : IVGCVSW-4641 Investigate Hal 1.3 VTS Failures
185f588 : IVGCVSW-4378 Fix transpose outputInfo for skipped Concat VTS in CL and Neon
4d07e5e : IVGCVSW-4485 Remove Boost assert
dbae247 : Fixed missed change to libOpenCL exclusion flow
7c395b2 : Add flow to exclude libOpenCL when building AndroidnNN
871fe6d : IVGCVSW-4641 Investigate Hal 1.3 VTS Failures
1153d1e : IVGCVSW-4441 Add Support for ANEURALNETWORKS_ELU to HAL 1.3 Driver
352d838 : IVGCVSW-4640 Fix HAL 1.3 build issues from update of AOSP master
51ba2c6 : IVGCVSW-4407 HAL 1.3 Operators Support
a984702 : Downloading boost from sourceforge instead of boostorg
42477c1 : IVGCVSW-4447 Add Hal 1_3 Support
cae7e92 : IVGCVSW-3813 Add Unary Elementwise Operation 'NEG' support to the android-nn-driver
793a70c : IVGCVSW-4565 TENSOR_BOOL8 data type not supported in AndroidNN Driver
4de83c5 : Less code duplication in HAL 1.2
0b7a419 : IVGCVSW-4482 Remove boost::ignore_unused
9ada14e : MLCE-149 Build problems
ec1e5b8 : IVGCVSW-4473 Android R pre Hal 1_3 build changes
4a95658 : IVGCVSW-4375 Add driver support for Transpose
43a430d : IVGCVSW-4525 Adding TPIP comments to source
3a3ce56 : Update file
f74a310 : IVGCVSW-4471 ValidationTestIntrospection.DeviceGetType fails in Q NN tests
eec836e : IVGCVSW-4375 Fixed driver crashes
5ca1abf : IVGCVSW-4432 Update Readme for 20.02
f0458f4 : IVGCVSW-4430 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 20.02
0e41513 : Partial Revert "IVGCVSW-4130 Remove clframework from android-nn-driver build."
7bdaac5 : IVGCVSW-3987 Add armnn::Exception warning and std::exception error
826dd41 : IVGCVSW-4130 Remove clframework from android-nn-driver build.
4a0431a : IVGCVSW-4388 Update ACL pin
26123db : MLCE-153 Padding calculation for TransposeConv ignores stride
370b9b7 : IVGCVSW-4360 Update ACL pin * Update Android.bp file with new created files.
6fd4ceb : IVGCVSW-4301 Correctly validate reshape for broadcastable inputs
aed08ac : IVGCVSW-4262 Add Calls to IsReshapeSupported and IsPermuteSupported
829ad30 : IVGCVSW-4270 Change .dot file name to start with netId
1bde8e3 : IVGCVSW-4260 Fix Transpose CpuRef VTS failures
f2e175c : IVGCVSW-4266 Dump float16 input/output tensors
d00ad91 : IVGCVSW-4370 Remove use of deprecated per-axis type
00a963b : IVGCVSW-3813 Add Unary Elementwise Operation support to the android-nn-driver
1a38cda : Rename quantized data types
7b8d2e6 : IVGCVSW-4315 Fix Fully Connected infer output shape bug
7100649 : IVGCVSW-4192 Add DEQUANTIZE to the android-nn-driver
d410b60 : IVGCVSW-4181 Add RESIZE_NEAREST_NEIGHBOUR to the android_nn_driver
972603f : MLCE-133: Driver infers scratchBuffer shape.
624fe9f : IVGCVSW-4211 Rename QuantisedSymm8 to QSymmS8
0182fd3 : IVGCVSW-4225 Reject dynamic tensors to TRANSPOSE
4f4ea04 : IVGCVSW-4041 Adding Instance Normalization issue to FAQ
b29d55a : MLCE-149 Failure to build armnn 19.08 obtained from github
bf19d2a : IVGCVSW-4209 Remove the Half.hpp header usage from the driver
b9cb844 : Catch std::exception instead of armnn::Exception
00d6ed1 : IVGCVSW-4209 Create a public API for the ArmNN Utils
c4aacb3 : MLCE-115 Remove redundant support checking for Permute
e9eeb20 : IVGCVSW-4204 Review NNAPISupport.txt for 19.11
493e9b7 : MLCE-144 Fix 2d pooling convert function
aa5df2d : Refactor DequantizeIfRequired()
1d59555 : Add FAQ for android-nn-driver, refactor README
98c0f66 : IVGCVSW-4151 HAL 1_2 Dequantize FP32 Per Channel Tests on CpuAcc Failing
19fa0cc : IVGCVSW-3697 Add Support for ANEURALNETWORKS_ARG[MAX|MIN] to HAL 1.2 Driver
0e2e31b : MLCE-144 Cts NNAPI test cases failed
d081194 : IVGCVSW-4137 Failing LSTM android-nn-driver Unit Tests in HAL 1.2
9acf579 : IVGCVSW-4056 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.11
65a1b1d : IVGCVSW-4139 Fix regression in ConvertDequantize()
444268f : IVGCVSW-4082 Document support of per-axis quantisation
87cb761 : IVGCVSW-4115 Fix for armnn-driver-tests Capabilities failure
62c4d71 : IVGCVSW-4051 Update ACL pin to 94e0cf960ea6116eb57fa88d9b951f859b52c602
02dce09 : IVGCVSW-4079 Modify the channel dimension accordingly with the weights permutation
f76a876 : IVGCVSW-4069 Add ProfilingGuid to Network
d5e9465 : IVGCVSW-3987 Fix for potential unique_ptr.release() bug
60a346b : IVGCVSW-4104 Support per-axis quantization for GROUPED_CONV2D
4bc42cb : IVGCVSW-4104 Skip per-axis quantization VTS/NeruralNetworks tests for GROUPED_CONV2D
fb45e2f : MLCE-133 Fixed ASR hero use-case
9f0693b : IVGCVSW-3841 Add support for per-axis quantization
3b95960 : MLCE-143 Fix for reference implementation for service stopping when running CTS.
3e0982b : IVGCVSW-3805 Add Comparison support to the android-nn-driver
7d2ccfd : Improve logging in hal_1_2::HalPolicy::ConvertResize()
4d05ae7 : Github #275 Improved getting ArmNN's version at compile time
ffdae27 : Move version definition to its own file
75e6779 : IVGCVSW-3894 Add support for LOG_SOFTMAX to the HAL 1.2 driver
ad75453 : IVGCVSW-3891 Remove FLOAT16 from the list of supported types for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
a2a7380 : IVGCVSW-3891 Add support for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION to the HAL1.2 Android driver
8f6429d : IVGCVSW-3818 Support Group convolution from Android
572fdd4 : IVGCVSW-3889 Add ACL source files required for ClInstanceNormalizationWorkload
1a78e45 : IVGCVSW-3947 Update ACL pin to 79f88e6d825402388bb79fc123ee2dfe01985bda
8edb16d : IVGCVSW-3737 Add support for converting DEPTH_TO_SPACE
09a4225 : IVGCVSW-3873 Update ACL pin
85f9654 : IVGCVSW-3663 Add EXPAND_DIMS to the android-nn-driver
a234ab1 : IVGCVSW-3873 Update ACL pin
a97efbb : IVGCVSW-3833 Add RSQRT to list of supported operators in NnapiSupport.txt
fa6544e : IVGCVSW-3832 Implement ConvertRsqt() method in 1.2/HalPolicy.cpp
407718f : IVGCVSW-3746 Add Android NN Driver support for ABS
701d9a0 : IVGCVSW-3660 Add SQRT to the android-nn-driver
d1b016e : IVGCVSW-3686 Update ACL pin
a3b10a8 : IVGCVSW-3507 Remove unsupported operation sections
2917b49 : IVGCVSW-3656 Undo wrong rename of the backend control macros
a3d7fad : IVGCVSW-3613 Add Quantized LSTM test to Android NN Driver
976ad3e : IVGCVSW-3613 Refactoring Android NN driver for QuantisedLstm test
1ba9989 : IVGCVSW-3512 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.08
5eb5f1f : IVGCVSW-3656 Make the reference backend optional
64b19b5 : IVGCVSW-3618 Fix VTS/Neural Netwok Test Failures
999e209 : IVGCVSW-3643 Fix Ref Normalization failures
4627280 : IVGCVSW-3633 Refactor HalPolicy to fully support V1.2 models
3e3003e : IVGCVSW-3619 Fix GpuAcc NN Test Failures
d80ed2f : IVGCVSW-3595 Implement the LoadDynamicBackends function in the Runtime class
28e3d9f : IVGCVSW-3540 Fixed PReLU Being Skipped
52dc527 : IVGCVSW-3614 Limit support of Softmax to 2D with axis 1 in HAL 1.2
7efb46d : IVGCVSW-3340 Add support for Quantized_LSTM to HAL1.2 Driver
a304780 : IVGCVSW-3340 Add Neon and Cl LSTMLayerQuantized to Android.bp
c8bdb39 : IVGCVSW-3604 Fix TransposeConv2d padding calculation
f094dba : IVGCVSW-3577 Update ACL pin to include NEON convolution output multiplier fix
a0baa17 : Fix explanatory comment around SanitizeBiasQuantizationScale()
b880520 : IVGCVSW-3601 Fix skipped VTS Concatenate Tests
d74c505 : IVGCVSW-3586 Fix Skipped Space_To_Batch Hal 1.2 VTS Failures
8b99168 : IVGCVSW-3166 Rename ConvertTransposeConvolution2d() to ConvertTransposeConv2d()
0e4e439 : IVGCVSW-3583 Correct data layout index for ConvertBatchToSpaceNd
23b87b3 : IVGCVSW-3583 Fix Skipped Batch_To_Space Hal 1.2 Tests
a4a629a : IVGCVSW-3594 Add LSTM Dynamic output tensors check
613b49c : IVGCVSW-3166 Add support for TransposeConv2D to 1.2 HalPolicy
5a476a8 : IVGCVSW-3592 Add Support for Quantize to HAL 1.2 Driver
0a87936 : IVGCVSW-3591 Fixed unexpectedly skipped SUB tests
a5e2a45 : IVGCVSW-3593 Remove HAL1.2-specific code from HAL1.0 ConvertConv2d() and ConvertDepthwiseConv2d()
e5604e6 : IVGCVSW-3540 Fixed PReLU Being Skipped
b2397fd : IVGCVSW-3398 Add LSTM normalization parameters to HAL 1.2
a3609cc : IVGCVSW-3578 Report dynamic output unsupported for further operations in hal_1_0::HalPolicy
15d63e2 : IVGCVSW-3582 Fix Skipped Pooling Hal 1.2 Tests
b7421e5 : IVGCVSW-3578 Do not attempt to infer dynamic output shapes
000117b : IVGCVSW-3572 Fix tests failing due to usupported input tensor
3892a36 : IVGCVSW-3538 Fix Android driver getCapabilities_1_2() test
4b86213 : IVGCVSW-3529 Fix UnknownCombinationsTest for Android Q NeuralNetworks 1.0 & 1.1
ad1ab53 : IVGCVSW-3569 Fix conversion of HAL1.2 SpaceToDepth
6111316 : IVGCVSW-3530 Fix DynamicOutput Tests for Android Q NeuralNetworks 1.0 & 1.1
c921f6b : Fix verbose logging in ConvertPad
3c67394 : IVGCVSW-3521 CpuAcc V1.2 pad Failures
29404fb : IVGCVSW-3567 Add more verbose logging to conversion methods
df655ee : IVGCVSW-3496 Fix VTS NeuralnetworksHidlTest.GetCapabilitiesTest
2050c23 : IVGCVSW-3530 Fix DynamicOutput Tests for Android Q NeuralNetworks 1.0 & 1.1
573a8fa : IVGCVSW-3553 Fix failing zero_sized tests
074c25a : IVGCVSW-3140 Fix Hal 1.1 Softmax failures on Android Q
65c42dc : IVGCVSW-3463 Fix Hal 1.2 Dynamic Output Shape VTS test failures
9843c01 : IVGCVSW-3497 Fix bug in setting target height in ConvertResize for OperandType::FLOAT32
1cb29aa : IVGCVSW-3305 Support Minimum in HAL1.2 Driver
92ec725 : IVGCVSW-3498 Fix Vts 1.2 fully_connected dynamic output tests
be5d356 : IVGCVSW-3522 Support dynamic output shape in hal_1_2::HalPolicy::ConvertResize
9fd3739 : IVGCVSW-3455 Support dynamic output shape in hal_1_2::HalPolicy::ConvertDepthwiseConv2d
2b17312 : IVGCVSW-3452 Support dynamic output shape in hal_1_2::HalPolicy::ConvertConv2d
d759323 : IVGCVSW-3306 Fix build errors in 1.2/HalPolicy.cpp
d30093c : IVGCVSW-3477 Refactor android-nn-driver to use armnn ILayerSupported
95b1ef6 : IVGCVSW-3306 Add Maximum support in HAL 1.2 driver
2b6e275 : IVGCVSW-3513 Update CL pin that fixes impl_base.hpp not found issue
95fc0dd : IVGCVSW-3454 Fix VTS segfaults
86b36d4 : IVGCVSW-3454 Fix VTS convolution test failures where output shape is incorrect
5e9521c : IVGCVSW-3458 Fix VTS sub dynamic_output_shape test failures
6bda94a : IVGCVSW-3460 Fix VTS l2_normalization dynamic_output_shape test failures
aeae973 : Update ACL pin to d473386e4d5e0edcf55e13a2bf3c422a23fac0de
e1d60bb : IVGCVSW-3454 Fix VTS conv2d dilation test failures
c16c9c1 : IVGCVSW-3461 Add support for dynamic output shape in ConvertDequantize
9adbb35 : IVGCVSW-3459 Add support for dynamic output shape in ConvertSoftmax
310d8ff : IVGCVSW-3457 Fix VTS pad dynamic_output_shape test failures
366e0a6 : IVGCVSW-3482 Report operations with dynamic output size as unsupported
f03fcf0 : IVGCVSW-3456 Add support for dynamic output shape in ConvertPrelu
177fa0b : IVGCVSW-3396 Support joined lstm parameters
4438151 : IVGCVSW-3351 Run VTS tests
a6bc52f : IVGCVSW-3197 Support SPACE_TO_DEPTH on Android
cb8ac84 : IVGCVSW-3301 Support PAD_V2 in HAL1.2 driver
f4a7c7d : IVGCVSW-3401 Update ACL pin to latest master
0bd89a8 : IVGCVSW-3370 Add broadcasting support to PReLU to properly run the Android VTS/NN tests
fb2fa29 : IVGCVSW-3402 Support HAL 1.2 version of ResizeBilinear
7a6d11b : IVGCVSW-3295 Support ResizeNearestNeighbour in HAL1.2 driver
17ffff3 : IVGCVSW-3369 Add conversion method to HAL1.2 Policy for PReLU activation
535607d : Fix bug in hal_1_0::HalPolicy::ConvertResizeBilinear
a5daf86 : IVGCVSW-3382 Deprecate ResizeBilinear and use Resize with Bilinear method
d7c8eb9 : IVGCVSW-3282 Update getCapabilities_1_2
3bb28a1 : Update the CL pin to the latest master
326a000 : IVGCVSW-3310 Update scripts to download q-fsk version
44bcc02 : IVGCVSW-3136 Run VTS tests with 1.2 Driver
b23732b : Update documentation with dilated CONV_2D and DEPTHWISE_CONV_2D
56df76c : IVGCVSW-3189 NNAPI Documentation Update
24e699d : IVGCVSW-3279 Fix conversion methods for for HAL1.2 CONV2D and DEPTHWISE_CONV2D operators
a5f9e76 : IVGCVSW-2779 Fix Android Q build
44cfd84 : IVGCVSW-3283 Add test for converting CONV2D and DEPTHWISE_CONV2D operators with dilation params
cd700e4 : IVGCVSW-3280 Refactor conversion methods to depend only on HalPolicy
e205318 : IVGCVSW-3265 Add support for optional Convolution2d dilation parameters
07c7c9a : IVGCVSW-3272 Add support for optional DepthwiseConvolution2d dilation parameters
b5fdf38 : IVGCVSW-3181 Add HAL 1.2 support to android-nn-driver
b92f890 : Correct NnapiSupport.txt wrt QSYMM16
dc16982 : Update the CL pin to the latest master
d5bfae1 : IVGCVSW-3146 Update to NNapiSupport.txt to indicate support for Dequantize, added Dequantize to vector of equivalent 1.0 ops in 1.1/HalPolicy.cpp
acf479a : IVGCVSW-3146 Update Android NN Driver to support Dequantize
7b1e41f : IVGCVSW-3119 Rename Merger to Concat
9972b40 : IVGCVSW-3093 Update NNAPISupport.txt to reflect Depthwise_Conv2d and Conv_2d changes to support Qsymm16
dc8cf9f : IVGCVSW-3138 Update in android-nn-driver
edc5ffa : IVGCVSW-3116 Fix failing NN Driver Tests on Android Q
c6494cc : IVGCVSW-3093 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.05
d6539c5 : IVGCVSW-2911 Add Android Q support to android-nn-driver infrastructure
ef08a11 : IVGCVSW-3127 Add Documentation for NN-Driver Android Q
52aa935 : IVGCVSW-3125 Deprecate CreateMergerDescriptorForConcatenation function
fa944c3 : IVGCVSW-3089 Update Compute Library to Android.bp
ba01f37 : Use the new deprecation API
073d7a3 : IVGCVSW-3076 Add ConcatLayer methods to public API
a3e23ca : Fix incorrect docs on API support level
2fc21f7 : IVGCVSW-3064 Implementing our own version of the compliantWithV1_0(operation) and convertToV1_0(operation) functions
e6e54a8 : IVGCVSW-2911 Android Q compatibility code updates
5e90935 : IVGCVSW-2773 Update the documentation
9e80cd2 : IVGCVSW-2911 More Q compatiblity
912b362 : IVGCVSW-2911 Work towards compatibility with Q
856d1c9 : IVGCVSW-3014 Check supported backends from runtime divice spec
689c6ee : IVGCVSW-2773 Integrate new CL tuner into ArmNN
7f00441 : IVGCVSW-2773 Update clframework pin: modified the Android.bp file
e9aa469 : MLCE-117 Handle more cases for implicit flattening of Fully Connected input
f61c270 : MLCE-117 Add a unit test for implicit flatten of FC layer input
5404c01 : IVGCVSW-2886 Add logging for driver backends
0e7ab54 : IVGCVSW-2947 Remove boost dependency from include/TypesUtils.hpp
b290d58 : IVGCVSW-2912 Move clframework pin to a4bba9c594c4022c9f85192bb8fd3593ad1a8d3c
d5fd976 : IVGCVSW-2886 Support multiple backends in Android driver
16196e2 : MLCE-110 Propagate error from armnn EnqueueWorkload
a6542c5 : IVGCVSW-2832 (Part 2) update clframework pin to b4a44ff3aa98d2b51f1621a7525db3f81108a1bd
6fad9b7 : IVGCVSW-2832 Update CL pin to e214fcfcc61904e042b271bdbea90d1d96833ca8
f29a2c5 : MLCE-91 LSTM doesn't support optional input
7bac1d7 : IVGCVSW-2775 Adding extra step to the AndroidNN driver README for Android P
ecd7ca6 : MLCE-91: Fix for LSTM not supporting optional input
843b61a : MLCE-87 Fix ConvertFullyConnected not supported
216ce86 : IVGCVSW-2658 Fixes for latest Compute Library
01c9151 : IVGCVSW-2603 The macros ARMCOMPUTECL_ENABLED and ARMCOMPUTENEON_ENABLED no longer work
2036f85 : IVGCVSW-2575 Update CL pin to latest master
6975d54 : IVGCVSW-2443 Update Android.bp to include CLComparison functions
be9e677 : MLCE-84: Fix Android-nn-driver build wrt master compute library
79c4872 : IVGCVSW-2394 Update Android Hal Policy for ResizeBilinear IsLayerSupported * IsResizeBilinearSupported function requires outputInfo as well.
15fb933 : IVGCVSW-2545 Fix android-nn-driver build wrt master Compute Library
074f1ec : MLCE-86 Fixing up the problem with the invalid padding clause
265d1ad : IVGCVSW-2454 Merge together the pluggable backends work (was in a separate branch) and master
2c444fc : IVGCVSW-2421 Remove the template-based version of armnnUtils::Permute in favor of a type-indepent implementation that takes void-pointers
361ccc8 : MLCE-77 Depthwise Convolution with depth multiplier > 1 doesn't work
c194447 : MLCE-82 Add Compute Library NEON mean to Android.bp
82fbeb3 : IVGCVSW-2166 Update NnapiSupport.txt for the new AndroidNN 1.1 operations.
8bef7b3 : IVGCVSW-1202 SPACE_TO_BATCH_ND integrate Arm Compute CL
a960bc9 : Update Android.bp file for latest CL pin
d58725e : Updated the Android.bp file to build the latest CL master
f176d5a : IVGCVSW-2127- Update HAL Policy for merger * Remove permutation when concat axis is inner most * Add additional parameter to IsMergerSupported as changed in armnn
c743412 : IVGCVSW-2092 Port LSTMCell::Eval to ArmNN
da7184d : IVGCVSW-2080 Fix documentation in NnapiSupport.txt (Remove unsupported)
758eee8 : IVGCVSW-2088 Add a converter method for STRIDED_SLICE to the V1.1 section of the ModelToINetworkConverter
d04c043 : IVGCVSW-2080 Fix documentation in NnapiSupport.txt
2cd99b9 : IVGCVSW-2099 Add batch_to_space_nd Conversion Method for HAL V1.1
52e14ca : IVGCVSW-2097: Document support for BatchToSpaceNd
39fc547 : IVGCVSW-1981: Edit HAL Policy for NHWC Pooling2D
46e9d1e : Added new ACL file to Android.bp needed to build the driver against the latest CL master (0cf77981fadb883b97efec112e115450873e64c3)
3219deb : IVGCVSW-2096 Document support for SPACE_TO_BATCH_ND
81a6834 : IVGCVSW-2094 Add converter method for SPACE_TO_BATCH_ND to V1.1 section of the HalPolicy
fb60a56 : IVGCVSW-1972 - Update HAL Policy Convolution2d to use NHWC data layout
214301c : Added missing file in to build the NN Driver with the latest CL pin
6bf1cf0 : IVGCVSW-2084: Edit HAL Policy NHWC DepthwiseConvolution
81afa30 : IVGCVSW-1986 Modify HAL Policy for Resize Bilinear
fecc779 : IVGCVSW-1065 Allow MODEL_OUTPUT as input to another layer
8d50f8f : IVGCVSW-2051 Added unit tests in the Android NN Driver for the new Mean layer
50db26c : IVGCVSW-2062: Add unit test for TRANSPOSE
ae622b7 : IVGCVSW-2049 Create the CL Mean Float workload
dadab6d : IVGCVSW-2049 Create the CL Mean Float workload
2fb804a : IVGCVSW-2065 - Modify HAL Policy for Normalization to use NHWC data layout
fe46315 : IVGCVSW-2020: Add converter method for TRANSPOSE to the V1.1 section of HalPolicy * Updating SQUEEZE with comments from TRANSPOSE
5e0ed9f : IVGCVSW-1875 Proper support for NHWC L2Normalization
beb3e1f : IVGCVSW-1998 : fix for missing initialization in the driver
a893efa : IVGCVSW-2007: Fix SQUEEZE error in vts tests
c965f3c : IVGCVSW-1998 : preparation for ArmNN separate backends
3d1059c : IVGCVSW-1930: Simplifying the driver conversion function for Pooling2d, removing the conversion to splitter layer if pool is 1x1.
b847148 : IVGCVSW-1961: Add converter method for SQUEEZE to V1.1 section of HalPolicy
07dedda : IVGCVSW-1929: Optimize function signature change
5602b19 : IVGCVSW-1964: Replace optional biases with home-grown Optional
62a4a9f : IVGCVSW-1886 - adding converter method for Pad
378333d : IVGCVSW-949 Update docs wrt recent Uint8 support
58f7109 : IVGCVSW-1863 Support NHWC for L2Normalization
96bedf0 : IVGCVSW-1201 - Connect input and output tensor to Mean layer
7a1518e : IVGCVSW-1924: advancing clframework pointer
3c05256 : IVGCVSW-1814 - Add ConvertMean functionality to HalPolicy
38e1294 : IVGCVSW-1805: model converter functions for the Android 1.1 SUB operator
d11c523 : Removed no longer used source file
8b287c2 : IVGCVSW-1806 More Android NN Driver refactoring
7760582 : IVGCVSW-1713 Create a minimum unit test to compare the results before and after passing the FP16 flag in the Android-nn-driver
b0717b5 : IVGCVSW-1806: Refactor Android-NN-Driver ModelToINetworkConverter
93e4898 : IVGCVSW-1807: change license text in file headers
fbda5c5 : IVGCVSW-1807 : make readme sound better
b552db8 : IVGCVSW-1807 : add license section to the Readme file
79250ab : IVGCVSW-1806 Restored the fp16 flag left behind during the previous refactoring
e48bdff : IVGCVSW-1806 Refactored Android-NN-Driver, added common "getCapabilities", "getSupportedOperations" and "prepareModel" implementations
a15dc11 : IVGCVSW-1799: Add converter method for DIV to ModelToINetworkConverter
bc5f784 : IVGCVSW-1770: Refactor ModelToINetworkConverter to allow conversion of HAL1.1 operators
69558df : Fix for building the NN Driver correctly without having to set ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES to true on Android versions that don't provide all the HAL versions supported by the NN Driver
3b0a2da : IVGCVSW-1324: Added boost::optional convolution biases to ModelToINetworkConverter
b1dc0c5 : IVGCVSW-1513 Changed when the profiling info is saved to file in the Android NN Driver
18c9af7 : IVGCVSW-1513 - added utility method to android-nn-driver to print JSON profiling output to a file
205bb99 : Release 18.08.01
92fea3f : Update
ce3e84a : Release 18.08
deb3bdb : Release 18.05.02
49b9e10 : Release 18.05
28adb40 : Add updated ClTuner documentation to
7666005 : Release 18.03
5307bc1 : Release 18.02

+- Project: platform/external/angle

eb8ffe2ff : JsonSerializer: Allow adding values to root node.
2795866ce : Fix ConvertUnsupportedConstructorsToFunctionCalls
0e021199a : Gold Tests: Append "show all results" to triage links.
ac453e29b : Roll SwiftShader from 35209220317c to 446e61c24b37 (1 revision)
958dce524 : Move IntermRebuild.h/cpp to tree_util
1d4fd4add : Roll Chromium from 5d40b790bf31 to 6aa22be0c26f (470 revisions)
10d6e9b0b : Suppress dEQP GLES3 failures on Mac Intel UHD 630
0a592aa43 : Vulkan: Add warning when a fallback texture format is used.
1a3b17dac : Capture/Replay: Fix GN build when JSON not available.
13e9817b7 : Translator: Fix assert in ScalarizeVecAndMatConstructorArgs
ac78d7231 : Capture/Replay Tests: Allow 3 concurrent ninja processes.
44ab7a14c : Capture/Replay: Mark one test as flaky.
a5bbfe2af : Add standalone experimental Mac Intel and AMD bots
f8ad5bbb9 : Don't advertize GL_APPLE_clip_distance on direct metal
1a6fd9d05 : Capture/Replay: Remove debug logging
c12d2f378 : Capture/Replay: Remove unused function in header.
3dded466d : Tests: Add Blockman Go trace.
af4bb9fb4 : Roll SwiftShader from 83556eae921f to 35209220317c (1 revision)
befc99a83 : Roll Chromium from 3ce06be375f3 to 5d40b790bf31 (538 revisions)
856a0e034 : Vulkan: Make vk::Format from struct to class
a33d902bc : Add Entry points for GL_EXT_EGL_image_storage
8ea87a676 : Vulkan: Avoid texture format fallback when possible
fa9f4cf36 : Fix AST validation error with gl_FragCoord
851ecf494 : GL: Temporarily disable MSRTT on Android.
c9acd7992 : Only rewrite constructors for scalars/vectors/matrices
46555145d : d3d11: Allow binding R/RG texture to EGLImage
e1bc8de3e : Change links from 'master' to 'main' branch.
5726158f0 : Trace Tests: Fix test data path.
f1cbaac7c : Capture/Replay: Disable world_of_kings for Win+Intel
2f3e4db83 : Capture/Replay: Serialize trace metadata to a JSON file.
8b2fd983e : Translator: Fix validation failure in RemoveDynamicIndexing
9874be311 : Trace Tests: Load trace list from JSON file.
a931b5fc4 : Add note that OWNERS should only be updated upstream
5519d3184 : Vulkan: Enable VVL on macOS
5e2d0c2f0 : Roll SwiftShader from aed9a7633481 to 83556eae921f (1 revision)
2efa84781 : Roll Chromium from e1a053dddd92 to 3ce06be375f3 (419 revisions)
5a7b8c612 : Vulkan: Removed size check when handling mismatched vertex attributes
48da7e7e7 : Add a gn arg to enable collecting Vulkan system info on Linux
0bb3fcbb0 : Translator: Fix precision of gl_PointSize on ES3+
d6afeaddc : Vulkan: Make descriptor set bindings consistent across shader stages
c5d111286 : Vulkan: Skip but keep incompatible updates.
ad09f98c0 : Vulkan: Simplify TextureVk::initImage() call.
41afdd3e0 : Add note that should only be updated upstream
fefdf81e0 : Remove Vulkan System info collection on Linux.
c5a389763 : Capture/Replay: Add expression trigger validation calls.
e22afce9e : Vulkan: Drop requirement for inheritedQueries
eb6a3b514 : Roll Chromium from 00f987fef929 to e1a053dddd92 (210 revisions)
ae555e855 : Translator: Fix uninitialized TStructure::mAtGlobalScope
569cbbc69 : Roll SwiftShader from bac3c5559b2b to aed9a7633481 (1 revision)
a1525a1c5 : Roll Chromium from 6261dad8e8ea to 00f987fef929 (158 revisions)
6370dec2b : Fix doc to refer to a standalone Mac bot
81af4bc6b : Roll Chromium from 8ef1e4544ed5 to 6261dad8e8ea (60 revisions)
178b8481d : Revert "Skip validation of stderr in TestSuiteTest.RunFlakyTests"
3ae1f3360 : WebGL: Make unsuccessful links fail subsequent draw calls.
e22267e7a : Roll Chromium from f60c2130504a to 8ef1e4544ed5 (272 revisions)
ab187c35b : Handle comparing arrays of scalars/vectors/matrices
b0dfd268e : Capture/Replay: Handle Gen/Delete ProgramPipelines
066edc2b4 : Capture/Replay: Handle glGetFragDataLocation
349d555db : Capture/Replay: handle glGetBooleani_v
584a10cc9 : Capture/Replay: Use flat map for uniform locations.
ec8418dac : Capture/Replay: Use plain arrays for resource maps.
b6e99bb38 : Rename and expand shader variable init feature.
9c05f55aa : Capture/Replay: Add replay state validation.
6fae709db : Roll SwiftShader from c82c59307208 to bac3c5559b2b (1 revision)
ab51a497c : Roll vulkan-deps from 4862c4c6196b to b1e5bf7dd9c3 (1 revision)
4747b3253 : Roll Chromium from b5237d627f0d to f60c2130504a (425 revisions)
603b6ef42 : Roll vulkan-deps from 84f860ef94ee to 4862c4c6196b (10 revisions)
2a7855d21 : Revert "Vulkan: Suppress layered FB validation error."
1f2c7879c : Add other ANGLE-for-Android members to
8bb3c8276 : Fix Multithreaded eglDestroyContext()/eglTerminate()
904010676 : Android: Remove premake/LICENSE.txt from Android.bp
3271dea16 : FrameCapture: Check EXT before limiting tex buffer
5015bf857 : GetTexImage: Fix image initialization
797ebdde9 : Vulkan: Suppress VUID-vkCmdDraw-blendEnable
de09f8db3 : Revert "GL: Update StateManagerGL binding funcs to use ANGLE_GL_TRY"
50391b813 : Vulkan: Change TextureVk's vk::FormatID usage to angle::FormatID
08b42714f : RendererVk: Skip VK_KHR_image_format_list on SwiftShader.
794b13ce9 : D3D11: Fix overflow in GenerateInitialTextureData.
6977fa6f8 : Vulkan: Store actualFormatID (not intendedFormat) in RenderPassDesc
550bf6ce2 : Vulkan: Keep track of data format for staged updates for ImageHelper
58ec0fbfd : Vulkan: Remove the forceCPUPathForCubeMapCopy workaround
ea609fba5 : Capture/Replay: Change workdir for debug runs and annotation
fefbc3fb7 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Re-fix precision of constructors
3f4fc14fe : Capture/Replay: Update expectation for fixed test
0852ca367 : Roll SwiftShader from b75ca3758a80 to c82c59307208 (2 revisions)
f36084727 : Roll Chromium from a5102f13fe96 to b5237d627f0d (446 revisions)
e02753fc4 : Convert constructors to function calls where needed.
606de9b70 : Capture/Replay: Handle glInvalidateSubFramebuffer
12beec302 : Roll vulkan-deps from d54279d797f8 to 84f860ef94ee (1 revision)
df9575766 : Avoid redundant blend state dirty bit setting
9d0e28517 : Fix SeparateDeclarations vs struct specifiers
fa53afa4e : Capture/Replay: Add uniforms to program serialization.
b8c50f393 : Support syncing traces to experimental CIPD prefix.
f015ae81e : Implement onLabelUpdate method.
a544ab096 : Style cleanups in JsonSerializer.
047e9833a : Traces: Move skia gold Python scripts.
58f8c824d : Capture/Replay: Update expectation bugs, remove passing test
3f6c0cf90 : Roll vulkan-deps from 562b4d73eae2 to d54279d797f8 (4 revisions)
fbc9d893f : Roll SwiftShader from a6ca3d4c0ccd to b75ca3758a80 (3 revisions)
8bb1df7d1 : Capture/Replay: Clean up tests that pass and add new failures
f8d51d183 : Roll Chromium from abe7c480d95d to a5102f13fe96 (417 revisions)
8ce42fd3a : Vulkan: Remove mFormat from ImageHelper
11fd7a140 : Vulkan: Pass actualFormatID directly into ImageHelper::initExternal
f3aea7447 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix precision of constructors
6eeab192d : Vulkan: Don't defer clear for read render target
fbdd0516e : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix precision of imageLoad
108460732 : Allow image uniforms to be used in separable programs
af57475ee : Improve Error Messaging
4b5a774e8 : GL: Update StateManagerGL binding funcs to use ANGLE_GL_TRY
3e9fda985 : Roll vulkan-deps from 4c030a49cdb9 to 562b4d73eae2 (11 revisions)
a8f1a916a : GetTexImage: Remove syncState calls & add early error exit.
959b80b4c : Roll Chromium from ca199aff3bc7 to abe7c480d95d (1237 revisions)
5090cb22e : Tests: Add Words With Friends 2 trace
275178011 : Capture/Replay: Set texture buffer offset alignment
3a9df22fc : Tests: Add World of Kings trace
0d5b59708 : Split OWNERS by domain
ef96bde8b : Vulkan: Fix VVL error regarding geometryStreams
ab1a5dbeb : Vulkan: Use angle::Format for ImageViewHelper class
5dd1c0421 : Roll third_party/vulkan_memory_allocator
e98539f03 : Vulkan: Add ImageHelper::getIntendedFormatID()
ec50e22b0 : Capture/Replay: Show some expectation when skipped tests are run
a29b07d87 : InitializeVariables: Init shader IO block outputs.
4811896c4 : Roll vulkan-deps from 3e5496ec4fdf to 4c030a49cdb9 (6 revisions)
bc89eda7b : Capture/Replay: honor base level when serializing textures
58bb11ca6 : Capture/Replay: Multi-Context Support
4c56534f3 : Include globals when defering global initializers
82423ad13 : Cleanup ValidateES2TexImageParametersBase; update tests
c90a6dcac : Deduplicate autoroller docs.
9a3f60f22 : Capture/Replay: Allow serializing cube map array data.
d72cad5e3 : Capture/Replay: Serialize buffer texture buffer IDs.
9c2716458 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix gl_PerVertex without clip/cull support
77151a6c8 : Cleanup ValidateES2CopyTexImageParameters; add test
caef7c536 : infra: Disable perf tests on Win/Intel.
edc8e8526 : Capture/Replay: Skip one additional ES3 test.
25d61ae5a : Roll SwiftShader from 518056981519 to a6ca3d4c0ccd (2 revisions)
8d45b13fd : Roll vulkan-deps from 5e51e6f8ccd4 to 3e5496ec4fdf (6 revisions)
f162e4bc3 : SRGBFramebufferTest: Add test that used to fail on Vulkan.
41f7dedd6 : Reland "VulkanExternalHelper: Use VK_KHR_image_format_list extension."
b3d062da2 : Capture/Replay: Handle glCopyTexture3DANGLE
78e0ae81d : Capture/Replay: Add specific bug IDs for crashing tests
58930a73c : Translator: Facilitate integration in FireFox; Part 2
5f092f8b5 : FrameCapture: Support glProgramBinary
cf24931ab : Vulkan: Add ImageHelper::getActualFormat()
9f59cac0a : FrameCapture: Move MEC of program binaries to a helper
5e1bd5242 : Perf Tests: Fix histogram units.
936fd6cfb : Add documentation for autorollers.
5441c5198 : GN: Fix duplicate include of VersionGLSL.h
f3bccd9d0 : Revert "GL: Update StateManagerGL binding funcs to use ANGLE_GL_TRY"
24a1650a2 : Vulkan: set TextureVk::mImageUsageFlags for extern mem backed texture
a5e95c07a : Adjust TexStorage2DEXT validation; update tests
dd5994dff : Capture/Replay Tests: Fix Renderbuffer readback.
f7b2ab5cc : Perf tests: Add 3 new skips after updating perf run times.
dc304c705 : Roll SwiftShader from e32890c54793 to 518056981519 (5 revisions)
766e603f6 : Roll vulkan-deps from 1262ad6fdd3f to 5e51e6f8ccd4 (19 revisions)
c2ea35c45 : Roll Chromium from f03e89d82d9f to ca199aff3bc7 (410 revisions)
c61fd9190 : Fix array texture readback with GetTexImage.
39e585804 : Move some end2end suppressions to expectations file
8d7f4cc98 : GL: Update StateManagerGL binding funcs to use ANGLE_GL_TRY
0394fc62a : Vulkan: Fix transform feedback pause on UtilsVk clear
1be6d1d4d : Capture/Replay: Sync textures before serialization.
f9d261f57 : Translator: Don't promote precision from initializer
1fc754b02 : GetTexImage: Read back depth from combined depth/stencil.
0d80bc8c4 : Suppress EGLBlobCacheTest.FragmentOutputLocationKey on Metal
bd5ac5df2 : Suppress MultithreadingTest.MultiContextClear on Linux+Nvidia
6290a86b2 : Capture/Replay Tests: Add lock around ninja calls.
1b2febb9b : Trace Tests: Refactor calibration logic.
c4d4bd369 : Capture/Replay: Add ES3_Vulkan_SwiftShader expectations
47279c726 : Adjust compressed texture validation; add test
aad1bd683 : remove swarming_client
1bc22a79a : Roll SwiftShader from 6aad52e1aef6 to e32890c54793 (1 revision)
28453e119 : Roll Chromium from 2136fe7a73f0 to f03e89d82d9f (870 revisions)
72ecb3711 : Capture/Replay: further rework of replay script:
96a48a30f : FrameCapture: Only finish contexts that have been current
257ef4e28 : FrameCapture: Add more helpful texture errors
3408ea3ea : Translator: Fix precision of gl_FragCoord on ES3+
03fdde066 : FrameCapture: Adjust CopyImageSubData target
800e82c65 : Translator: Validate precisions
d240f1040 : Perf Tests: Update histogram units.
a08b667d3 : Translator: Stabilize autogenerated builtin function parameters
411137bf2 : Emit INFINITY for infinite constants
023867c8f : Tests: Add Wordscapes trace
460618ad0 : Refactor EGLMultiThreadSteps.h -> MultiThreadSteps.h
5df7c7da7 : Add Cody, Charlie, and Ian to OWNERS
0e06d2f3f : Tests: Add Scrabble Go trace
637e543ff : Capture/Replay: beautify the result output
a141cb524 : Test vector and matrix scalarization does not affect output
13e521241 : ANGLEPerfTest: Fix a couple comment typos.
259ae49ca : Capture/Replay: Isolate trace export definitions.
8933a6e3e : Capture/Replay: Update expectation bug number
14656a5de : Skip all dEQP-EGL.functional.resize.surface_size on Linux/NV.
27b6a4227 : Roll SwiftShader from 9eb5acaba94c to 6aad52e1aef6 (5 revisions)
49a1d9ff5 : Roll vulkan-deps from 1dec6c3c106b to 1262ad6fdd3f (7 revisions)
210773db1 : Translator: Be more explicit about precisions
b9709a46b : Roll Chromium from 873a11ee2df8 to 2136fe7a73f0 (293 revisions)
8c05fd4fe : Add ASTC & PVRTC to GLenumToString
2f45d93d5 : Capture/Replay: Init shader outputs during self-tests.
b196eec01 : translator: Fix InitializeVariables with gl_ClipDistance.
e30dd478f : infra: Update Milo perf short names.
6a956ef90 : infra: Update angle_mb_config.pyl with new perf names.
ba6b8287d : Roll Chromium from 40a15381a86b to 873a11ee2df8 (930 revisions)
6c1ad60bd : infra: Make perf builders GPU-config-specific.
d2d1f41fd : Add EGL extension to create window with a swap interval set.
f65d6acc9 : Test Runner: Determine slow tests from test expectations.
0adaabfc4 : Ensure RGB10A2 format properly uses 4 pixel bytes.
fc09350ab : GL: Update VertexArrayGL to use ANGLE_GL_TRY.
f6b8db1d7 : Capture/Replay: Don't access OOB in TexImage2D.
e2485d60f : Capture/Replay: Add the layer to the texture data label string
c72e92645 : Roll vulkan-deps from 4a1a688a34d6 to 1dec6c3c106b (3 revisions)
54e311162 : Add delimeter to attribute search
6a8abffcb : Turn off ProgramBinaryES3Test direct-to-Metal tests
762db3c09 : Capture/Replay: Improvements to testing script.
b2cb9e500 : Capture/Replay: Fix extra frame captured with trigger.
588897992 : Roll SwiftShader from 803ceb58c92c to 9eb5acaba94c (4 revisions)
49af677ae : Capture/Replay: Update serialization logic.
f219db482 : Roll vulkan-deps from 370f9682fb33 to 4a1a688a34d6 (6 revisions)
8ffb4602b : Turn on the first few direct-to-Metal tests by default.
5ca0953de : Use the correct attribute locations in Metal
eb458fbe5 : GL: Add emulateImmutableCompressedTexture3D workaround
02005fdc8 : Fix Texture2DTest.TextureSize.
b2238a3c1 : Capture/Replay: MEC consistency improvements.
839d5318f : Capture/Replay: Changes to MEC first frame capture.
2967166e5 : Reland "Properly report xcb_connect failures in DisplayVkXcb"
f2c968874 : Capture/Replay: Pop only after using values it in endGroup
56a4dce62 : Roll Chromium from df8e98bc8f6e to 40a15381a86b (437 revisions)
ffb974d65 : Roll vulkan-deps from 59563d9384fb to 370f9682fb33 (10 revisions)
ad286e711 : Capture/Replay: Clean up ResourceTracker access.
9872e5af3 : Vulkan: Suppress layered FB validation error.
e3f2acb97 : Trace Tests: Skip sakura school sim on Win/Intel.
7e040640e : libANGLE: Minor cleanups.
cc52e7cde : Prevent separable programs from relying on attached shaders
d55d57ac5 : GN: Disable unreachable code warnings in GLES 1 tests.
63bb0e536 : Add depth fix to convert from GL to Metal
162847ca3 : infra: Increase sharding in CI angle_perftests.
17d41054a : Skip a flaky test on SwANGLE.
864b0204b : Roll Chromium from aeae79104c34 to df8e98bc8f6e (460 revisions)
98e2410d3 : dEQP: Remove Pixel 2/XL test expectations.
ae1882b97 : Roll SwiftShader from 526b987888fb to 803ceb58c92c (2 revisions)
680ce669e : Roll vulkan-deps from 510c98092bc0 to 59563d9384fb (18 revisions)
7007e472f : Manually roll android bundle tool.
130a8b636 : Perf Runner: Properly merge histograms.
0be285c6e : Vulkan: Flush read RT if color attachment is the read buffer
4aedb71f4 : Capture/Replay: Force count and length in CaptureShaderSource
a835912f8 : Texture: Mark initialized after syncState.
1b9d95fcc : Roll vulkan-deps from 4d36e22f8cc6 to 510c98092bc0 (6 revisions)
55e217717 : Roll Chromium from 30bbd66599a2 to aeae79104c34 (422 revisions)
d20afde45 : Vulkan: Retain precision of uniform variables
1fb846cbe : Validate texStorage dimensions with compressed formats
d8cb99676 : In WebGL, constrain base level of compressed textures.
728baa508 : Revert "Skip UpdateRenderTargetCacheOnDestroyTexStorage on Metal"
bf4eb2636 : Skip UpdateRenderTargetCacheOnDestroyTexStorage on Metal
26cf48c15 : Roll VK-GL-CTS from bf3d63599bad to 7103920041db (7 revisions)
6c32e8d9d : Roll vulkan-deps from 20a966e2b2fd to 4d36e22f8cc6 (6 revisions)
fe6804e82 : Roll SwiftShader from b2af6a85583d to 526b987888fb (1 revision)
1698ba2b9 : Roll Chromium from 5a1d66a9d8fb to 30bbd66599a2 (82 revisions)
201960e4a : Roll Chromium from 00e190ef4059 to 5a1d66a9d8fb (406 revisions)
2ae998ac1 : Enable ResultDB on standalone Try builders
e6d9ef98d : Enable ResultDB adapter for standalone bots
fa74421d4 : Capture/Replay: Add LoadEGL()
62cac8b55 : Capture/Replay: Add EGL support to
ce6b0cd7f : Roll vulkan-deps from 95cbcd95b33b to 20a966e2b2fd (8 revisions)
ac2d14341 : Enable resultdb for ANGLE standalone builders
bfad749c8 : Roll Chromium from 176cfbd86223 to 00e190ef4059 (514 revisions)
ff64d2c7e : Choose direct-to-Metal translator through a feature.
331be08ff : Tests: Add Sonic The Hedgehog trace.
d3031c654 : Capture/Replay: Update expectations with bug IDs
29270a636 : Roll vulkan-deps from 902c4504128f to 95cbcd95b33b (8 revisions)
887259177 : Roll Chromium from 6db26672c5bd to 176cfbd86223 (476 revisions)
392ba63fc : Suppress 2 dEQP GLES3 tests on Win SwANGLE
6136620b7 : Reland "EGL: GLES: Implement GL_EXT_protected_textures"
0bd5cac20 : Allow BufferSubData with persistently mapped buffers
8f2141939 : Revert "Properly report xcb_connect failures in DisplayVkXcb"
0b651e425 : Vulkan/D3D11/Metal: Expose GL_NV_framebuffer_blit
81bee2e7f : Properly report xcb_connect failures in DisplayVkXcb
97c21277d : FrameCapture: Don't capture default drawbuffers state.
856228b0b : D3D9: Expose EXT_sRGB and EXT_texture_compression_s3tc_srgb
595ce2b8e : FrameCapture: Use OES suffixes for framebuffer functions on ES1.
d25c9d7f5 : Add perf tests runner script.
4eac0bf1a : Roll vulkan-deps from 8e25231b71ac to 902c4504128f (7 revisions)
17d4ff96c : Roll Chromium from bfd7c5a55cd0 to 6db26672c5bd (464 revisions)
1d49cb662 : Roll vulkan-deps from ad1ae9d489da to 8e25231b71ac (9 revisions)
b1b760e74 : Ignore VUID-vkCmdClearAttachments-baseArrayLayer-00018
23a50a7ca : Serialization: Fix groups & ensure compile resolution.
06b19ed81 : Framecapture: Update file naming
4686da27b : Add GetImage test with RGB.
0e88f2402 : EGLWindow: Add option to force robust init.
7ed0729dc : EGLWindow: Add option to enable capture limits.
fd4590a63 : Roll Chromium from 29702b8b93b0 to bfd7c5a55cd0 (62 revisions)
6c4154876 : Capture/Replay: Add option to override test disabling
af35fd22d : Capture/Replay: rework test runner to use expectations
7f38e2892 : Roll Chromium from 54236e566eab to 29702b8b93b0 (355 revisions)
1654537d4 : Fix default and driver uniforms' binding indices.
e70a1444a : Vulkan: Fix draw FBO1 followed by resolve FBO2
c664601d1 : Allow drawing if a fragment shader isn't present
cf090996c : Vulkan: Call onFramebufferChange from a single place
d191bc32a : Reintroduce TType::isRank0.
934ffac6a : Vulkan: Propagate BufferData changes to shader storage buffer binding
63248e7fd : Translator: Fix dead-code-elimination corner case
07c21bccd : Add run-time switch for direct-to-Metal compiler.
0cd997792 : Translator: Propagate precision to children nodes
c6f5b67ea : Give auto-roller ownership over ANGLE.
8387f10fe : D3D9: Mark destination images dirty after CPU-copy path
16a61bbbd : D3D: Fix not notifying RenderTarget release in TextureD3D
c5fa9a44b : Vulkan: Add test for BufferData change is propagated to SSBO properly
e28fb127b : Vulkan: Propagate BufferData changes to atomic counter binding
9acae0d58 : Roll Chromium from 3d40e0a2ae46 to 54236e566eab (96 revisions)
52aae056c : Vulkan: Test for buffer storage propagate to AtomicCounter properly
4a841e6af : PerfTests: Replay EGL color spaces.
89dbbb2ac : Skip validation of stderr in TestSuiteTest.RunFlakyTests
6520b6c38 : Roll SwiftShader from e4b7794ddbee to b2af6a85583d (3 revisions)
12ddb0072 : Roll vulkan-deps from 5a3686a46647 to ad1ae9d489da (5 revisions)
25d603052 : Roll Chromium from 4867b99b3f43 to 3d40e0a2ae46 (416 revisions)
9b646c132 : Tests: Add Final Fantasy trace
ab19e742f : Match DebugAnnotator::{begin|end}Event() calls
2e8a2d3c2 : Translator: Helpers to derive precision
3fd572c40 : FrameCapture: Fix setCaptureActive() and MEC timing
061188a7e : Translator: General clean up
f9c287f0d : Capture/Replay: Fix reset for immutable textures
6fe918814 : Translator: Simplify RecordConstantPrecision
9926ed76e : Roll VK-GL-CTS from 0eb84cfc3d3f to bf3d63599bad (5 revisions)
798c52001 : Translator: Make precise-ness a property of AST nodes
39c7f0772 : Roll vulkan-deps from 2395f179eff3 to 5a3686a46647 (30 revisions)
7754534c3 : Roll SwiftShader from d4483095765e to e4b7794ddbee (2 revisions)
324887054 : Roll Chromium from 9177048d3b1a to 4867b99b3f43 (252 revisions)
9da4e52b5 : Tests: Add PUBG Mobile battle royale trace
14802390b : Roll Chromium from 0b6b7ef9940d to 9177048d3b1a (237 revisions)
e41565490 : Roll googletest
1ce783972 : Remove support for WEBGL_debug_shader_precision
7c072f7ed : Tests: Add PUBG Mobile skydive trace
884b86748 : Roll Chromium from b3e57670ca16 to 0b6b7ef9940d (588 revisions)
091fb9b97 : Reland "Reland "GL: Fix GPU detection""
09d5047b4 : GL: Remove the rewriteVectorScalarArithmetic workaround
10d50f649 : Revert "Reland "GL: Fix GPU detection""
215d00b13 : D3D11: Add validation for storages size in updateBufferStorage
217acac2b : Vulkan: Add support for EXT_primitive_bounding_box
cb0b4b7e9 : Perf Bots: Upload proper build URL.
db599f658 : Roll SwiftShader from dcfc0a6e2d84 to d4483095765e (2 revisions)
35bdaf8dc : Capture/Replay: Minor cleanups.
5bbaa2c58 : Capture/Replay: Track arrayed uniform locations
8ca013e1f : Roll Chromium from c96bed01e3be to b3e57670ca16 (245 revisions)
f99426400 : Translator: Fix fuzzer crashing on assertion
a8f9b79a1 : Reland "GL: Fix GPU detection"
a65b40560 : Reland "Translator: Clean up type cloning"
c5c8a25a8 : Revert "Translator: Clean up type cloning"
1f0e2916e : Revert "GL: Fix GPU detection"
e990fd0f0 : Roll SwiftShader from 44660405ea6c to dcfc0a6e2d84 (6 revisions)
747d5323f : gen_restricted_traces: Add kReplayDrawSurfaceColorSpace.
ac5bcdb3c : Vulkan: Use custom volk init function.
262dc97c4 : FrameCapture: Capture the EGL color space.
85e490535 : Roll Chromium from 7ad7eb435b84 to c96bed01e3be (1394 revisions)
30dea869a : GL: Fix GPU detection
f016c4352 : Translator: Clean up type cloning
61517a160 : Remove extra angle:: uses from ANGLEPestTest.cpp.
fc6ce9ba1 : Fix unreachable case in test instantiate.
26329cb93 : Test Runner: Allow listing tests on Android.
0ce5f85f1 : Capture/Replay Tests: Skip crashing test.
aca9f2e28 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix constructors with uniform parameters
3a6a0e910 : Remove ASSERT in computeRowPitch about row length.
a16cb097c : Roll vulkan-deps from eca94bf2bef7 to 2395f179eff3 (1 revision)
d4d6c23c7 : Fix a recently-introduced case of -Wunreachable-code-aggressive.
a37973019 : Roll vulkan-deps from 55a0cb8b66ac to eca94bf2bef7 (22 revisions)
ae8ef0397 : Translator: Correctly respect precision of gl_FragColor/Data
246e95a53 : Disable Precise unittests without SPIR-V gen enabled
8fb5c2f2d : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix OpImage* on multisampled images
ebe943e2f : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix gl_Clip/CullDistance
a83c9108c : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix nested ternary operators
2b23aae4c : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support vec(..., mat)
f549594f4 : Roll VK-GL-CTS from 571256871c2e to 0eb84cfc3d3f (25 revisions)
aec5e65cb : Get direct-to-Metal backend to run angle_end2end_tests.
22ae4ce0e : Revert "Disable RunAppAsync and RunAppAsyncRedirectStderrToStdout"
96ccf3f43 : Translator: Consolidate EvqFragDepth and EvqFragDepthEXT
014460d8a : Rename WebSwapLayerCGL to WebSwapCGLLayer
cad2bcb82 : packed_egl_enums: Add ColorSpace.
3036e0903 : Vulkan: Direct SPIR-V Gen: Support the precise keyword
8f77e0bc6 : Define angle::HashSet potentially using abseil
71fb0352c : Roll vulkan-deps from ecc420b25566 to 55a0cb8b66ac (8 revisions)
b7eec5c63 : Roll SwiftShader from b8bcc42a41e5 to 44660405ea6c (1 revision)
e74638fed : Disable Metal shader cache again in angle_end2end_tests.
ae24c9d38 : Remove space from internal debug name strings.
b8e8c8229 : Suppress Mac 11.4 failures
8593e0a24 : TestSuite tests: Don't validate stderr until fixed
b751b1859 : infra: Enable gles3.2 deqp tests with direct SPIR-V generation
630077c5f : infra: Enable gles3.1 deqp tests with direct SPIR-V generation
f4f866ce2 : Disable RunAppAsync and RunAppAsyncRedirectStderrToStdout
111c9a157 : Roll vulkan-deps from 42c7e9bc00c2 to ecc420b25566 (2 revisions)
c72bb3616 : Roll SwiftShader from 915947134128 to b8bcc42a41e5 (2 revisions)
48a618894 : Roll Chromium from f18a56e21b43 to 7ad7eb435b84 (470 revisions)
7c6da4935 : Translator: Make sure built-in variables are consistent
0d06c3cf9 : Fix some instances of -Wunused-but-set-variable.
c8c9e15b5 : Translator: Fix sizing of tessellation shader arrays
bd19620fc : Revert "VulkanExternalHelper: Use VK_KHR_image_format_list extension."
1dd33c052 : Roll vulkan-deps from d85297cbd31b to 42c7e9bc00c2 (37 revisions)
5bda5f91e : Fix some instances of -Wunreachable-code-aggressive.
4222d5e5a : VulkanExternalHelper: Use VK_KHR_image_format_list extension.
ef406f1b4 : FrameCapture: Capture GLES1 matrix stack.
edb4a7a8d : GLES1State: Add getMatrixStack function.
9b95caf46 : Roll Chromium from 779c0d440060 to f18a56e21b43 (464 revisions)
b8d6f8aa9 : Translator: Facilitate integration in FireFox
dbe986d71 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fixes to tessellation shader support
acfd63a4c : Translator: Remove GLSL rules from the ESSL-only symbol table
63fa70809 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix bugs with ES3.1 texture* builtins
4ff80bb5f : infra: Enable gles3 deqp tests with direct SPIR-V generation
715bab1f1 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fixes to geometry shader support
ff7eafb56 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix .length() vs ssbo arrays
b19fbbdab : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support multiview
3bd2273b4 : Capture/Replay: Only perform call updates on valid calls.
2ce818178 : Roll Chromium from 172cae01c41b to 779c0d440060 (322 revisions)
d67cab228 : Capture/Replay: Handle missing context serialization
a5b7655cb : Vulkan: Unsupress fixed test
939ea5f41 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fixes to tessellation builtins
9416e84e1 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Add missing DepthReplacing execution mode
de8dc2c93 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support OES_sample_variables
8bf2e5ec1 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix switch with default at the end
82d7d888f : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix bugs with texture* builtins
31bc92264 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix unpack* built-ins
24610ba60 : Suppress failing SPIR-V gen tests
6b5cec154 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fixes to scalar->vector promotion
d0c03ff49 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix lvalues passed to in/inout parameters
cc69d861a : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix textureProj's coordinate adjustment
9d23ae62c : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix conditionals with pruned blocks
ad8c32578 : Vulkan: Fix bresenham line emulation in shaders with return
1f72aa14a : Roll Chromium from 208fab302a17 to 172cae01c41b (609 revisions)
02c5cdbdb : infra: Enable gles2 deqp tests with direct SPIR-V generation
fbffcf7bb : dEQP: Suppress two tests with undefined behaviour.
8f6f52b56 : GL: Temporarily disable sync control on all GPUs on Linux
348eaf152 : Add dcheck_always_on = false
f18bb9c0e : Roll Chromium DEPS manually.
626287991 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support dEQP
729cbcf17 : Make Display and X11 available in the same build
91b35c909 : infra: Add perf results processing script.
2c60b88a0 : Make the trybot exclusion filter a proper regex.
646c02b9e : Update angle_assert_always_on condition.
aed52e670 : Set dcheck_always_on on every ANGLE builder.
9f7a86a80 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix bugs with matrix ops
951b04bb3 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support scalar constructors
45d4641a4 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support tessellation shaders
7f199d751 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support geometry shaders
05716b9f3 : Cleanup license_text to remove missing license files
2ec44d079 : List all license files in Android.bp
27ccdc850 : Add Chromium perf result processing script.
20ae10c2d : Enable SwANGLE on all ozone platforms.
b5630d5c6 : Capture/Replay: Add textures to resource tracking
c408926fc : Revert "EGL: GLES: Implement GL_EXT_protected_textures"
c5f83c34f : Revert "Vulkan: Suppress VVL errors triggered by external formats"
03cf78880 : Test Runner: Remove extra quotes from histograms.
8ddd1807e : Roll vulkan-deps from 436e27578f75 to d85297cbd31b (10 revisions)
e759ff888 : Roll Chromium from f8ef6fcfb849 to 208fab302a17 (1307 revisions)
0e1c90cf4 : Translator: Validate function parameter qualifiers
6e2614533 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Fix I/O block arrays
d6a7b0172 : Roll vulkan-deps from a42815069bad to 436e27578f75 (16 revisions)
8a737c5d4 : Capture/Replay: Update unpack state in Shared MEC
f8d277e45 : Document the need for is_component_build = false
1a4ac82a0 : Vulkan: Disable border color on SwiftShader.
b129170fb : Roll SwiftShader from 7a7993b54e62 to 915947134128 (1 revision)
f9dbd4efb : Vulkan: Add Validation checks in FramebufferTextureEXT
e9decf0c6 : Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Support framebuffer fetch
a3df80ea7 : Translator: Validate AST consistency w.r.t function calls
05eb0a329 : Translator: Allow subpassLoad in AST in ESSL
6210a9b34 : EGL: GLES: Implement GL_EXT_protected_textures

+- Project: platform/external/armnn

c768eebe : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/armnn
16d64615 : add missing owners file for armnn.
fc55a19c : IVGCVSW-5348 Update Doxygen Docu
3bfadb0c : IVGCVSW-5457 Add How-To documentation for the TfLite Delegate
dea8fb6b : IVGCVSW-5481 'Add ClCompileContext to ClWorkloadFactory'
f4f150c3 : Doc update TfLiteDelegate: FullyConnected does not support fused activation
c2560010 : armnn: place flag around building armnn tests
a6587ec9 : Revert "IVGCVSW-5348 Update Doxygen Docu"
7435eccd : IVGCVSW-5348 Update Doxygen Docu
7f6c6677 : Fix reshape delegate intermittent error
885cf8ce : Removing labels and replacing with links to model+labels
c6ac856b : IVGCVSW-5347 Update Readme for 20.11
999d136c : IVGCVSW-5574 Change directory for tensorflow libs for the delegate
060bad50 : IVGCVSW-5569 Fix Unittest failure while building using EthosNAcc backend
1672542b : IVGCVSW-5538 Fix delegate DepthwiseConv2d, DIV, Reshape
56870183 : IVGCVSW-5559 Add int8_t to tflite delegate on ExecuteNetwork
55518ca7 : IVGCVSW-5544 Fix FullyConnected Delegate tests
63e75dce : IVGCVSW-5549 Failing Transpose Conv2d Uint8 test
eb61612b : IVGCVSW-5550 Fix failing delegate Conv2d tests for CpuAcc/GpuAcc
f9a2a1e8 : IVGCVSW-5564 Disable INT16 delegate quant tests on ACL
e03d9c2e : IVGCVSW-5567 armnn_delegate Reshape operator fails
187b3a73 : IVGCVSW-5548 Fix delegate ElementwiseUnary tests for CpuAcc/GpuAcc
58f8ecdb : IVGCVSW-5093 Remove redundant LogicalUnary functions
fe73b041 : IVGCVSW-5545 Fix delegate Comparison failures on CpuAcc/GpuAcc
be25d94a : IVGCVSW-5563 Fix Crash on model with Fullyconnected Sigmoid Activation
fe3ec944 : IVGCVSW-5092 Add CL Logical workload
b8307527 : Update ACL pin to branches/arm_compute_20_11
177df1e4 : IVGCVSW-5093 Add NEON Logical workload
0c95f4cd : Fix logical vts skip
1670b0c0 : IVGCVSW-5397 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the redefine operators
23969e8b : IVGCVSW-5558 'Output all zeroes using EthosNAcc backend when falling back to CpuRef'
3812fbc7 : IVGCVSW-5543 Fix delegate Pooling2d failures on CpuAcc/GpuAcc
06d2d1b2 : IVGCVSW-5547 Fix Delegate Softmax failures on CpuAcc/GpuAcc
15f7faef : IVGCVSW-5377 'Add ArmNN TfLite delegate to ExecuteNetwork'
5d03e31a : IVGCVSW-5377 Add ArmNN TfLite delegate to ExecuteNetwork
a40b434e : Update ACL pin to 04a0706dddc6ca24cb80e3e0789c6b0f54c48b28
7a0efa51 : IVGCVSW-5535 Extend dump file with info about fused layers
a8578103 : IVGCVSW-5395 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Softmax operators
0cf84423 : IVGCVSW-5382 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Activation operators
05e9fd2f : IVGCVSW-5539 'Elementwise layers with const tensors are not connecting up'
1ac690a1 : MLCE-278-IVGCVSW-5530 FusedActivation issues
91c41714 : IVGCVSW-5486 TfLiteDelegate: Implement Concat and Mean operators
145c88f8 : MLECO-1253 Adding ASR sample application using the PyArmNN api
aa41d5d2 : IVGCVSW-5530 'Cannot run SSD Mobilenet f16/uint8 on CpuRef via ExecuteNetwork'
7c0e3fd7 : IVGCVSW-5385 Use specific data-type instead of auto (Transpose TfLiteDelegate)
cb8e3509 : IVGCVSW-5465 ExecuteNetworkTestsDynamicBackends Bug Fix
b968a4fd : IVGCVSW-5463 Change cmake version for delegate to 3.7
4a3d5059 : Added file
42bd4f17 : IVGCVSW-5311 Debian Packaging - Host packages in public PPA
9d07e009 : MLCE-278 issue with signed-int8 quantized model
c1734380 : Update ACL pin to 17b7102b30e0159263d06d3a0816cd2998a13456
6f9f9902 : IVGCVSW-5508 Activate compiler warnings in ArmNN TfLite Delegate
72a7cf21 : Update ACL pin to 61ffda4839d6fe8cc165faae0ec7c9be1d528194
f89964ec : IVGCVSW-5385 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Transpose operator
32ca144f : IVGCVSW-5338 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Convolution operators
33d2c785 : IVGCVSW-5189 Fix error running EfficientNet-Lite on GpuAcc
0d4ed395 : IVGCVSW-5328-5329 Fuse Activation Cleanup
e688d611 : Wrap FindBoost in if(BUILD_UNIT_TESTS) so that it can be excluded entirely
9234e5fa : IVGCVSW-5346 Update Major, Minor release versions
07810fc2 : IVGCVSW-5328-5329 Fuse Activation
8502adea : IVGCVSW-5495 Fix validation for per-channel quant
30dfc543 : Update ACL pin to d7341fb9e3b24b904edf7ac9d83e1e063bc77765
e339bf68 : IVGCVSW-5396 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Resize operators
eca97819 : Update ACL pin to 5f2fb59054aee2ec190d72accdb45f852caf4b87
4189cc5c : IVGCVSW-5504 'TfLiteDelegate: Introduce FP16 and BackendOptions'
8081536d : IVGCVSW-5387 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Pooling operators
3dda41da : IVGCVSW-5507 ExecuteNetwork fix
cb4ddef6 : Update ACL pin to 087ee3d521c1137b0bc611579eb1b94cc7813fb2
6e36a64e : IVGCVSW-5389 'TfLiteDelegate: Implement the FullyConnected operator'
50c87d39 : IVGCVSW-5387 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Pooling operators
0d35a93d : IVGCVSW-5398 TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Quantization operators
8b9858d8 : IVGCVSW-5380 'TfLiteDelegate: Implement the Comparison operators'
21a94ff6 : IVGCVSW-5379 'TfLiteDelegate: Implement the ElementWiseBinary operators'
057ac601 : Update ACL pin to 2cb05d9ee91880179ad2537cbf66229c7c2a2356
aba90cd6 : IVGCVSW-5091 Add Logical ops frontend and ref impl
c9bc80e1 : IVGCVSW-5462 Link fmt statically
7b237856 : Update ACL pin to bef7fa27b0d231a8649952f60808132d109b6345
df04d23a : IVGCVSW-5327 Add to Layer a binary blob to host the activation layer info
90231b8c : IVGCVSW-5315 Create FuseBatchNorm class
82490eee : COMPMID-3639: (3RDPARTY_UPDATE) Move CL kernels to src
85523c49 : Remove URL_HASH check for x264 lib
5c5a3ea7 : Update ACL pin to 770dfeb04b6fd89afde2005bd46caa6ff0858f3e
1f00312b : Update ACL pin to ca6068594bcabcc392f30c8ff3188b03f4a35407
6fff4f4c : IVGCVSW-5476 Fix Fuse_batchNorm_into_Conv2D_Float32_Test
1973b09c : Print out more information about the graph
265e53e6 : IVGCVSW-5322 Fix segfault between Neon and Cl layers
25d80eed : IVGCVSW-5265 Removing more Boost references from test executables.
9b01ed26 : IVGCVSW-5267 Remove boost from core android-nn-driver
74a2e496 : IVGCVSW-5266 Remove Boost from standalone dynamic backend
5ea9f31a : IVGCVSW-5468 Rewrite QuantizationDataSet.cpp to avoid use of CsvReader
67e95f2a : IVGCVSW-5379 'TfLiteDelegate: Implement the ElementWiseBinary operators'
3902f953 : IVGCVSW-5267 Remove boost from core android-nn-driver
9a5ce4ab : IVGCVSW-5265 Remove boost from core ArmNN CMake
06e0300c : IVGCVSW-5314 Create OptimizeForExclusiveConnection
34515a18 : Update ACL pin to 5a4284dc7d98a382d0fa492b64fabe430d5afdc6
46330a3c : IVGCVSW-4995 Update BuildGuideAndroidNDK and BuildGuideCrossCompilation md files in ArmNN
f80c9ba4 : Update ACL to 19a41bad7fbbc18fc9032753b234b1f7c632b2d5
1be893f5 : Move PyArmNN unit test resources for IDeserializer to external storage
3e54d031 : IVGCVSW-5433 Remove boost::transform_iterator and make_transform_iterator
aaa54ae7 : Bugfix: Don't try to link pipeCommon if it's not being built
0103e769 : Fix BackendHint missing when cloning a layer
0534e036 : IVGCVSW-5378 'TfLiteDelegate: Implement the ElementWiseUnary operators '
bf18a266 : Bugfix: Allow use of dynamic backendId in execute network
62483bee : IVGCVSW-5366 'Add a do nothing SubGraph class' IVGCVSW-5373 'Implement the ABS operator in the Delegate'
3d1323ff : Update ACL pin to 9ae06d4986bc3055f7786c1097b465bd321cf8eb
e5181532 : IVGCVSW-5077 Ensure ArmNN builds successfully with latest protobuf
0f74e923 : Update ACL pin to b333758b5e2b00ba7b36cc02c169605f55fb0251
db6e8a99 : GitHub#465 Fix NonMaxSuppression
5f960d92 : Add IDeserializer support in pyarmnn
45274909 : IVGCVSW-5284 Refactor ExecuteNetwork
3c24f43f : IVGCVSW-5365 'Create the TfLite Delegate subdirectory in ArmNN'
bec32f79 : armnn: update linkage to intree driver
418c7dd8 : Bugfix: fix typo in Pyarmnn README example code
fbba3643 : IVGCVSW-5435 Add FloatingPointComparison to remove boost::math::fpc uses
f88e3cc9 : IVGCVSW-5406 Update with details of third party tools.
c89829f1 : IVGCVSW-5280 Switch tests/InferenceTest and derived tests over to cxxopts
f9f33a04 : IVGCVSW-5335 Added Documentation for fast_math
c456c31a : IVGCVSW-5434 Remove boost/preprocessor.hpp
f290d88d : IVGCVSW-4489 Remove remaining occurrence of boost::format
55c87b7c : Bugfix: Correctly parse the armnn_includes by separating with space
fc6ab476 : IVGCVSW-5335 Documentation for fast_math
fbab30b6 : Load dynamic backends for YoloV3
7a1966cb : IVGCVSW-5287 Switch tests/MultipleNetworksCifar10 over to cxxopts
41ff7f8d : IVGCVSW-5279 Switch armnnQuantizer over to cxxopts
cd2c5f5d : IVGCVSW-5291 Fix for Yolov3 producing 0s on Neon
d63e86c0 : IVGCVSW-5173 'Upgrade from v1.15 of tensorflow to v2.3'
0029cd64 : IVGCVSW-5282 Switch tests/TfLiteMobilenetQuantized-Armnn over to cxxopts
3a40ea5e : IVGCVSW-5363 Add Unmap layer and Unmap workload
e7ba17ec : IVGCVSW-5286 Switch tests/ModelAccuracyTool-Armnn over to cxxopts
3255d77f : Remove Resize from list of layers that need padding in Neon
2b428034 : IVGCVSW-5405 Remove boost::make_iterator_range and boost::to_upper_copy
68db06f4 : IVGCVSW-5362 Add Map layer and Map workload
84dc8430 : IVGCVSW-4488 Update cxxopts to version 3.0
b524ca03 : IVGCVSW-5213 Switch armnnConverter over to cxxopts
9e51cdef : IVGCVSW-5173 'Upgrade from v1.15 of tensorflow to v2.3'
ad959481 : IVGCVSW-5407 Failing Unittest
ef05cdb3 : Update ACL pin to fc2f6d0427e1d886fcccc68867d1af1ccd96608b
6c3dee49 : PyArmNN Updates
5b5c222f : IVGCVSW-5297 Remove boost::format from rest of ArmNN.
24ac8594 : IVGCVSW-5334 Remove remaining boost::numeric_cast from armnn
0c8cb872 : Update ACL pin to b84f9d34dbb857ad6113c0c89ad109498fa75fe5
890bf652 : IVGCVSW-4997 'Superfluous memcopy workloads'
01e8b074 : IVGCVSW-5306 Add floating point type checks to NumericCast.hpp
47fce874 : IVGCVSW-5294 Remove boost::format armnn backends
58dec6ba : IVGCVSW-5296 Remove boost::format armnn parsers
620e0732 : IVGCVSW-5281 Switch tests/ImageCSVFileGenerator over to cxxopts
1a758d06 : Update ACL pin to de2e747de0a63933d0cfcb75739d9460ea7c2ff5
bf88b6f6 : IVGCVSW-5285 Switch tests/ImageTensorGenerator over to cxxopts
f7017cb5 : IVGCVSW-5283 Switch tests/profiling/gatordmock over to cxxopts
b17220d7 : Include layer GUID in SerializeToDot output
a2a512c6 : COMPMID-3784 Fix 1 CTS MUL INT32 failure due to using SATURATE
ea8ce704 : IVGCVSW-5325 Fix non-channel per axis quantization
6d9f5c57 : IVGCVSW-4519 Remove Boost Variant and apply_visitor variant
156113ce : IVGCVSW-5295 Remove boost::format from armnn profiling
3a613cc9 : Refactored Optimize(...) function to throw exceptions instead of returning null
ae55dc7b : Update ACL pin to d6d1b3682a2cdd54bae5498635b108a4b19a045a
f3475971 : Quantization copy constructor
22a4e153 : IVGCVSW-4519 Remove Boost Variant and apply_visitor variant
ba3ef18c : IVGCVSW-5295 Change fmt to be a header-only interface library
64f78751 : Update ACL pin to d175ecea20f5c9e3bff07f7c5d3e4bb5519f7cb9
371b70e3 : IVGCVSW-5301 Remove all boost::numeric_cast from armnn/src/profiling
1f0e2f9d : IVGCVSW-5326 PyArmnn has hard dependencies on all parsers when using cmake
b9dcfe63 : IVGCVSW-5325 Speed up the reference backend
be727bec : IVGCVSW-4973 Enable QLstm projection unit tests on CL
f3c2718f : Update ACL pin to 840a72cc745c60eccbd26fe192b035ec68b2ee41
d4619e28 : Add int32 and int64 ArgMax op support
02036e99 : Update ACL pint to 1643a45557fde79ee209f55c507860307ffe627c
283a8b4a : IVGCVSW-5318 'Create a Neon/CL Workload Unit Test fast_math option enabled'
a2364ed6 : Update ACL pin to 34654b2d8dcaf268a9d1bf9e0cdb5ba548ced2b7
30bef317 : Added Security Issues section
0663d66c : IVGCVSW-5303 Remove some boost::numeric_cast from rest of ArmNN
171214c8 : IVGCVSW-5300 Remove some boost::numeric_cast from armnn/backends
a25886e0 : IVGCVSW-5317 'Add enable_fast_math Option to ExecuteNetwork'
6f8699ac : Update ACL pin to 16cf3c2318978580006633ea4d5eccdd8ba1194a
16f82f98 : IVGCVSW-5305 AddBroadcastReshapeLayer as optimizer
919c14ef : MLECO-929 Add Object Detection sample application using the public ArmNN C++ API
589e3e81 : IVGCVSW-5302 Remove some boost::numeric_cast from parsers
04a72970 : IVGCVSW-5157 'Pipe ModelOption through Network::LoadNetwork() to Workload factory'
80c6b146 : IVGCVSW-5299 Remove some boost::numeric_cast from armnn/tests
77062ca6 : Update ACL pin to 5489394cdfe10afb469171cf521f26f923eeb2e2
c9a82a24 : IVGCVSW-5245 Add Quantization operator=() function
045f6be9 : IVGCVSW-5156 Introduce ModelOptions to OptimizedNetwork
08f4016b : IVGCVSW-5293 Remove boost::format from armnn/tests
1f3b49be : IVGCVSW-5197 Add support for 2nd input to ExpandDims of TfParser
54940191 : fix cxxopts and ghc cross compilation issue
2280bb55 : Update ACL pin to 57f30a9309ff2e5e3b32731a785bf38b01d1fd69
bbf71a64 : IVGCVSW-5244 Load-scope dynamic tensor TfLite tests
ebc07165 : Update ACL pin to e8f05da5fb919aa209e1bf0e5c70dd15fff84b7f
e3866760 : Update ACL pin to ec4dee8c68a3d0f6d63db184bfb2f4589429778e
9e9c7f50 : IVGCVSW-5261 Fix undefined reference to GetIdStatic()
f737c678 : MLECO-1226: update pyarmnn profiling helper utility
ec36d3ee : IVGCVSW-5256 Use CreateTensorHandle() function from TensorHandleFactory in the tests for layers Q,R & T
33a626f1 : IVGCVSW-5231 Remove CreateTensorHandle in the test where there is NO_DEPRECATE_WARN
826a5435 : IVGCVSW-5253 Use CreateTensorHandle() function from TensorHandleFactory in the tests for layers M-P
c43de6a6 : IVGCVSW-5252 Use CreateTensorHandle() function from TensorHandleFactory in the tests for layers between G-L
f500d6c2 : IVGCVSW-5249 Use CreateTensorHandle from ITensorHandleFactory in the test for all layers between C-D
7faf9a88 : IVGCVSW-5250 Remove CreateTensorHandle in the test for layers between E-F
5e719844 : IVGCVSW-5257 'Remove CreateTensorHandle in the test for layers beginning with S'
89de3b43 : IVGCVSW-4979 'Remove CreateTensorHandle using WorkloadFactory in workload tests'
56785c75 : IVGCVSW-5257 'Remove CreateTensorHandle in the test for layers beginning with S'
714fe5bb : IVGCVSW-5257 'Remove CreateTensorHandle in the test for layers beginning with S'
eac4adb5 : Export Armnn cmake
43528ac4 : IVGCVSW-5251 'Remove CreateTensorHandle for ArgMinMaxTestImpl'
8702007e : IVGCVSW-5250 Remove CreateTensorHandle in the test for layers between E-F
1b68e521 : armnn: remove a relative path include.
d9542d71 : armnn: add suppressions for boost errors
ab3bd4d4 : IVGCVSW-5109 'Add SupportsInPlaceComputation to TensorHandleFactories'
2b1c155d : Update Doxygen Project Version
87c76d90 : armnn: add suppression loop warning.
f73f989e : armnn: specify c++ and android version in makefile
e3bed2e7 : armnn: Fix compiler warnings
4a7fb1e0 : armnn: depend on libGLES_mali
433a5956 : MLECO-955: Added python object detection example for PyArmNN
fc5d5c21 : Minor html changes to to make it look better
ea063dfe : IVGCVSW-5200 Add import enabled optimizer options to PyArmNN
0fe7376f : Bugfix: Allow permutation of QuantizationDim
09daef8e : Update to provide resources to PyArmNN examples manually
c84e45d9 : IVGCVSW-5208 Wrap SampleDynamicBackend in own namespace
a2493a04 : IVGCVSW-5012 Add importEnabled option for OptimizerOptions
37c8197c : Update ACL pin to their 20.08 release branch
74af0938 : IVGCVSW-5159 Add Accuracy Check for YoloV3 Big App
c83eb252 : IVGCVSW-5014 Deprecate CreateTensorHandle from WorkloadFactory
e2a3b3f1 : IVGCVSW-5230 Add ARMNN_NO_DEPRECATE_WARN to TimerTests
cf2d9135 : IVGCVSW-5229 Add ARMNN_NO_DEPRECATE_WARN_BEGIN to Memory tests
cb2cdcd0 : Update padding required layers
ef6f3009 : IVGCVSW-5114 Enable memory import in TfLiteYoloV3Big App
35c31c04 : Fix Windows build
ec01fb79 : IVGCVSW-5214 Add ARMNN_NO_DEPRECATE_WARN to Concat and Splitter Layers
841aca15 : IVGCVSW-5200 Update pyarmnn
313c99f9 : IVGCVSW-4813 Update semantic versioning of ArmNN to 22.0.0 for 20.08 release
3674f145 : IVGCVSW-5107 Allow Split to use subtensor on x and y
c53ceec5 : IVGCVSW-5221 Fix dynamic backend build failure
fbf0e5bd : IVGCVSW-5217 Add ARMNN_NO_DEPRECATE_WARN to layer tests
b74f36a5 : IVGCVSW-5215 Add ARMNN_NO_DEPRECATE_WARN to OutputHandler
b8d771ac : IVGCVSW-5012 Enable zero copy for Neon
9e132f57 : IVGCVSW-5216 Remove CreateTensorHandle from Transpose
4840cfbe : IVGCVSW-5181 Update FAQ to highlight Caffe problems on Ubuntu 20.04.
623069d5 : IVGCVSW-5218 Remove CreateTensorHandle from DetectionPostProcess and Prelu
438de1be : Fix linker err missing boost filesystem library
d858eff5 : Fix linker err missing boost filesystem library
558aeed4 : Update ACL pin to 547b2e7aa07db4dd41f99e492c40710f2548c6ba
4320c924 : Revert "IVGCVSW-5209 Fix for SqueezeNet failing after change in Softmax"
194b8ed3 : Update ACL pin to 27423f0c3f005155637ef7f1eb8fd31a06a9f205
fc8978fc : IVGCVSW-4979 Add GetTensorHandleFactory to WorkloadFactoryHelper(Ref/Ne/Cl)
fde170cc : IVGCVSW-5209 Fix for SqueezeNet failing after change in Softmax
ca44ffc4 : IVGCVSW-5207 Add to PadLayer the functions to validate and infer shapes
4d682747 : Update ACL pin to 315a20eea78a1861a55ba9fa25e244b702384f01
0739fee8 : IVGCVSW-5203 Fix Dynamic Sample Backend build
137813f2 : Update ACL pin to 996c777eea8acb8ce816552e77050dbf388f62be
2044235d : IVGCVSW-5181 Updating to flatbuffers 1.12.0
9cf7f88f : Update ACL pin to 4aed4aafa2ddb0b6f4b76aef5008c8bb45599ea4
76615a5e : IVGCVSW-5108 Allow Concat to use subtensor on x and y
e8816726 : IVGCVSW-5013 Add TensorHandleFactory to Sample Dynamic Tensor
895e1189 : IVGCVSW-5170 Do not resend timeline data if TimelineReporting is already enabled
8bb7f9a2 : Update ACL pin to b972ae62dd877eb53e6ad56ee124cfbc89441e2d
a4d2ce13 : IVGCVSW-5187, Github#432 Fix common/include/Packet.hpp not found in DynamicBackendSample
b648e29c : Updated ACL pin to 0499dff9293a86d3d53f72fed0a38b2823563674
f9d48d2d : Update ACL pin to ac4c03042d7a3020f87cea641e69aa38a684ddd7
f2225ca0 : Update ACL pin to 3b64e3e78c166773fea680afb4829d886e90552d
4b10fef6 : IVGCVSW-4712 Fill layer datatype adjustments * Input layer to be int32 instead of same type as output * Enable float16 end to end tests * Neon and Cl layer support check for backend
e8ac1330 : IVGCVSW-5174 Fix i386 Floor and AbsTest
9a2d1d00 : Update ACL to a179798501af2b3939f9282b2f03ef4f98471d81
2e3f4d23 : IVGCVSW-4713 Add EndToEnd test for RANK
ef2838bb : IVGCVSW-5171 Change library name to allow adbPush
49895f47 : IVGCVSW-5085 Updates to CL and NEON TensorHandleFactory
7ac3ca67 : IVGCVSW-5167 Use a generic axis in CL/Neon LogSoftmax and Softmax workload
bbfe603e : IVGCVSW-5166 Pull out the common and server side code into standalone libraries
a9c2ce12 : IVGCVSW-4980 Introduce InferAndValidate option to ExecuteNetwork for parsers
57512af8 : Update ACL pin 42e57362933b7fa04f9a86297fa75ed38c5e3c97
d109a4d0 : IVGCVSW-4932 Introduce ShapeInferenceMethod to TfLite Parser
2f746b3f : Github#433 Add HardSwish support to TfLiteParser
8d23636d : IVGCVSW-4973 Enable QLstm projection unit tests on NEON *Cosmetic changes on NeonQLstmWorkload
4408850b : IVGCVSW-4712 Add EndToEnd test for FILL
c135179c : IVGCVSW-5079 Fix for Timeline decoder segfaults when given bad data
1a26896f : IVGCVSW-5011 Implement GetCapabilities in NeonTensorHandleFactory
11c4efc9 : Update ACL pin to ad7515d231acb075a9585e52f257373b1a1b5d1f
f24effa4 : IVGCVSW-5155 Update Arm NN API to allow for call to shape inference
8398edcf : IVGCVSW-3896 Add CL LOG_SOFTMAX Workload
2ebe095e : Update ACL pin to 318c9f40770b2d1c06f8c0fe3f7929812503733e
69e653f9 : IVGCVSW-3897 Add NEON LOG_SOFTMAX Workload
686f45c6 : IVGCVSW-4889/IVGCVSW-4890 CL/Neon UnitTests for align_corners & half_pixels
d6568772 : IVGCVSW-5010 Add GetCapabilities to ITensorHandleFactory
5b4d0d50 : IVGCVSW-5118 Fix incorrect scoped profiling
05c342a1 : IVGCVSW-5165 add the fmt library to third-party folder
4fe928fc : Initial empty repository
552ee4db : Update ACL pin to aa95ddc2abb7cef0b2edd03f7c4c9d9c6b9d7cf4
2adf5f07 : IVGCVSW-5078 Fix segmentation fault on Yolo v3 big app
82262f58 : IVGCVSW-5104 Fix OS-X GetCurrentThreadId build error
aa41f363 : Add FAQ entries about IVGCVSW-4861 and GitHub #402
5097b945 : IVGCVSW-5080 Fixing OOB unit test failures in GatordMockTests.
f7713212 : IVGCVSW-5101 Add a SOL/EOL and a process ID label to Network
6da6a45d : Make it build on MACOSX
bac9b35d : IVGCVSW-4847, Github #393 Fix TfLite reshape operator
171ca7c6 : Fixing compile error on Ubuntu 16.04
83d08a95 : IVGCVSW-5076 Correct Profiling Stream Metadata packet revision table
549cb7ad : IVGCVSW-5078 Fix segmentation fault on Yolo V3 Big App
87d0bda9 : IVGCVSW-4929 Implement ShapeInferenceMethod in all Layers
c9f74d77 : Remove unnecessary header file
3d5672ff : Github #388 Remove TfLite Concat quant validation
1fdeb99c : IVGCVSW-5095 Make timeline report the Linux Thread ID not the pthread ID
86953ed3 : Update ACL pin to 6b6a16faa9375365d444b2a3998381b22cd6cd5b
aa93d980 : IVGCVSW-4487 Remove boot/dll.hpp from dynamic backends test.
05102395 : GitHub #388 Add matching quant checks in TfLite parser
9b14bfc3 : IVGCVSW-5005 Fix Deprecated Functions in CL/NEON Resize Workload
e4112637 : IVGCVSW-5087 NNT zero sized failing after TensorShape refactor
aaf9a8fa : Remove new occurence of boost::polymorphic_downcast
2605b236 : IVGCVSW-4624 Add a RANK Reference Implementation
c5789ca2 : GitHub #418 AddBroadcastReshapeLayer can cause inputs to be connected incorrectly
f78c767d : IVGCVSW-4770 Fix segmentation fault in FileOnlyProfilingDecoratorTests
06deacd5 : IVGCVSW-4919 Strided Slice 0 Dimension Tensor Fix
b7c1831f : IVGCVSW-4920 Invalid Negative Stride fix
0ad3ef15 : IVGCVSW-4988 Add handling output shape parameter to TransposeConvolution2d
11f6ace7 : IVGCVSW-5020 Refactor TensorShape to host dynamic tensors and scalar values
1f249445 : Refactor: Remove need of OutgoingCaptureFile in JSONTimelineDecoder
52664733 : IVGCVSW-4903 Connect axis parameter in Gather from android to ACL.
cbd2c230 : IVGCVSW-5007 Implement an Int32 reference Elementwise workload
532a29d1 : IVGCVSW-4487 Remove boost::filesystem
3b90af6b : IVGCVSW-5036 Do not allocate memory when import is enabled
c0761e9a : IVGCVSW-5021 Fix failure in SplitV
c9631100 : IVGCVSW-4171 Makes DumpOutgoingValidFileEndToEnd test work reliably
e7cc7c32 : IVGCVSW-4910 Productise YoloV3 Big App
aa2eb74f : IVGCVSW-5049 Terminate Timeline Packet Processing on Error
8cfcbb22 : IVGCVSW-4919 Mean VTS/NNT Failures
cdc0149f : IVGCVSW-4928 Introduce "ShapeInferenceMethod" Option.
1db8b822 : Update comment message on DynamicSample example
fd55dc9a : IVGCVSW-4982 Fix failure in GatordMockTests
a08d29b8 : Minor improvement of inference profiling
d5ba9aad : IVGCVSW-4770 Fix Segmentation fault while building ArmNN
66aecb0b : IVGCVSW-4621 Add CL FILL Workload
307fd34b : IVGCVSW-4487 Adds ghc::filesystem to third-party
a792a05b : IVGCVSW-4622 Add NEON FILL Workload
4c10dfc2 : Fix deserializer output binding tensorshape logic
8b23635b : IVGCVSW-4924 Fix edge case for transposeConv2d shape inference
0204f09c : IVGCVSW-5022 Fix master intermittent failure by providing surge buffer capacity
1f45dc3e : Remove per-channel quantization support in ref fully connected
ab219756 : IVGCVSW-4707 - Add AlignCorners and HalfPixelCenters to Resize
7e989834 : IVGCVSW-4488 Adding cxxopts to third-party
2b6a6a4f : IVGCVSW-4909 Add Quantizer Support for FILL operator
300ad569 : IVGCVSW-4908 Add Serializer/Deserializer Support for FILL operator
6398a98a : IVGCVSW-4900 Update Timeline Directory Message with new fields
96becb7e : Revert "IVGCVSW-3726 Upload ArmNN Doxygen files"
f060b2e5 : MLCE-189 Adding more checks around dynamic backend directory paths.
a1ba6771 : Update ACL pin to 980a9168b81d778f4902973b4920b54c103907e0
f4bfa6ae : IVGCVSW-4620 Add Fill Reference Implementation
d0aa456d : Cleaning up unit test GetProfilingGuidGenerator.
ec6c6809 : IVGCVSW-4906 Add front-end support for FILL operator
6350d272 : IVGCVSW-4968 Fix exception handling in TfLiteParser.
b22a75e2 : IVGCVSW-4860 Add tests to verify QLstm projection
041b3c0d : IVGCVSW-4904 Refactor CpuRef PAD Workload
fa0d838f : IVGCVSW-4923 Fix SampleDynamicBackendTests.
1c6e9763 : IVGCVSW-4774 Fix resize descriptor member name change for Pyarmnn
0dbe00a9 : IVGCVSW-4915 Improving messages around SAMPLE_DYNAMIC_BACKEND_ENABLED
9b65a15b : Update Acl pin to c26179810823bb36375111f4a5485a6475fc97c5
749294b2 : remove BOM from files
86704734 : IVGCVSW-4190 Add SplitV to Tflite Parser
bc873d2d : Tidy up uses of Windows.h by adding WindowsWrapper.hpp
bb46dde8 : Fix a few build warnings:
8acafd13 : IVGCVSW-4774 Add encoding flag for reading version
9ad2e5ba : IVGCVSW-3844 Add CL GATHER Workload
4a0c9b99 : IVGCVSW-4888 Update Resize Front end for new parameters
f540eb81 : IVGCVSW-3846 Add NEON GATHER Workload
3940d8bf : IVGCVSW-3847 Correction of 9349246cfce1cc3192aea8fb3a830506cf794abd
9349246c : IVGCVSW-3847 Support INT32 in Gather operator
c92156b2 : IVGCVSW-4801: Updating Doxygen project version for 20.05 release.
1892d210 : IVGCVSW-4735 Add label GUID to timeline eventClass message
83fcf988 : Add NEG support to TFLite parser
9fabf433 : IVGCVSW-4200 Add CL EXP Workload IVGCVSW-4203 Add Neon EXP Workload
855a47b1 : Catch exceptions by const reference
12239e72 : IVGCVSW-4187 Add LEAKY_RELU to TFLite parser
0729b2fe : Update ArmNN README with doxygen information
146981b6 : Remove Resize layer mentioned twice in the
01d02814 : IVGCVSW-4595 Change FileOnlyProfilingConnection to all packet processor model
42b3d7da : Add DIV support to TFLite parser
ecb6b8e2 : IVGCVSW-4863 ADD,SUB,DIV,MUL,MAXIMUM and MINIMUM int32 VTS test skipped in CpuRef
e300b366 : IVGCVSW-4604 ARGMINMAX float16 VTS test skipped in CpuRef
6fa8ce65 : IVGCVSW-4611 PRELU float16 VTS test skipped in CpuRef
92037af8 : IVGCVSW-4792 Update armnn readme and support files
eb1f9cfa : IVGCVSW-4186 Add EXP unit tests for TfLiteParser
badcc3f5 : Fix some musl libc issues in armnn
0a336dce : IVGCVSW-4734 Add an Attribute label guid to the relationship message to reduce traffic
6feca6cc : IVGCVSW-4852 Add In File Copyright Notice Section to
bdba2725 : Github #111 Added Dockerfile to build ArmNN under an x86_64 system to target an Arm64 system.
0e6e876b : Github #111 Added Docker file to build an Android NDK container to build ARMNN.
d36c5288 : Bugfix: Profiling use of substr() incorrectly parses semantic versioning
753560b5 : IVGCVSW-4792 Update armnn readme and support files
2624dd71 : Find default build location for Compute Library binaries.
d6f06496 : IVGCVSW-4453 QLSTM Support
a7227ac8 : Adding more performance metrics
985ef1f2 : Fix some build errors spotted on Windows:
b5ab1bc8 : Cleanup pyarmnn .gitignore
59e057fb : Integration of PyArmNN into CMake
0800bf54 : IVGCVSW-4452 Add QLstm EndToEndTest
b357e328 : Few minor updates to file
2323af45 : IVGCVSW-4450 Add CL Enhanced Quantized LSTM Workload
cc34093a : IVGCVSW-4451 Add QLstm NEON workload
36eed465 : Updating ACL pin to their 20.05 release branch
fe3d4ed7 : IVGCVSW-4795 Change armnn/Version.hpp to Semantic versioning format
3e6676da : IVGCVSW-4669 Set destination tensorInfo in MoveAllConnections()
c4532d10 : Update ACL pin to aba2f912a21487776e540724cf354a6cd8d89829
45a73626 : IVGCVSW-4834 Add calls to increment REGISTERED_BACKENDS and UNREGISTERED_BACKENDS
b98032f6 : Fix some Windows build errors:
ed324051 : IVGCVSW-4449 Add missing QLstm nullptr checks
63b234c6 : Remove parsing of EthosN profiling data, too specific for pyarmnn
56b465d8 : IVGCVSW-4831 Fix Packet header includes in backends
6a388ed7 : Update ACL pin 3155f77d23eb332974a6b9cb5d37a1329b8493a6
6be1e9be : IVGCVSW-4835 Change CounterSet and Device name offsets sizes to bytes
45544477 : Update ACL pin 090502887d87f52d28e98e90c0e17c582b9e63d6
a4f45cf0 : MLCE-193 README and FAQ updates.
4201adfe : Update ACL pin to f401c74a963a1ce2e188cd20269650063c1d483c
8d33318a : IVGCVSW-4777 Add QLstm serialization support
5061601f : IVGCVSW-4825 Set default value for --file-format argument in ExecuteNetwork
b205a336 : IVGCVSW-4828 Call m_CounterDirectory.IsCounterRegistered in ProfilingService::IsCounterRegistered
efc5da41 : Update ACL pin to 4efe5dc9b39a87eface43e7468e08279976ae9ef
c1f6b09c : IVGCVSW-4753 Refactor CL Softmax workload generalizing for different datatype
0c32ccfc : IVGCVSW-4737 Add check for CpuRef back-end before using it in tests
f3fcf325 : IVGCVSW-4794 Change ArmNN counters to report delta values
94c97881 : IVGCVSW-4776 Warn when MIN_STATIC_GUID is returned from GenerateStaticId multiple times.
479aef88 : MLCE-193 Add to ArmNN GitHub.
5bb3d8a1 : IVGCVSW-4775 Centralizing definition of ThreadIdSize to fix MLCE-189
0c8cb99d : IVGCVSW-4731 Move Packet.hpp to profiling/common/include
d6cb30e7 : Add test app to drive YoloV3 split model
1e9892e0 : Update ACL pin to 6f8b17dedb7b53b550e6210fd1c78c3a3e086271
d77fa1fb : Update ACL pin to 2886c757389c0ccca20a8689daf8180a730ecbc9
78229c4e : IVGCVSW-4794 Fix ArmNN Counters incorrectly set to delta
e09fc820 : IVGCVSW-4730 Remove the duplication of PIPE_MAGIC in the code base
ec99f290 : Update ACL pin to 2cfd3f754ec707c25f129c0026686035a0dcfc54
f9abb5fc : Update ACL pin to 77b8859688c333bca35ebc8ca4d0b2652f480c4a
5e123f8e : Move PyArmNN test resources to external storage
b6390dd5 : MLECO-763: fixes to PyArmNN failing unit tests
81770986 : Changing print statement to logging
884746d2 : Update ACL pin to 6f7585b21a13f4792ef1a55ac943997491ba8aec
4f1f899d : IVGCVSW-4449 Add QLstm ref implementation
56e1a5f6 : Update ACL pin to 359c48eaf251cbb84b523e5a67a099c739482e6c
d44815fc : Update the CounterDirectory Packet offsets to be relative to the start of the table containing that offset
b56cede2 : Update ACL pin to 8bb8de3772b37efb84959390582823488ab1b9e2
985fecfc : IVGCVSW-4760 Change the offsets in the counter directory body_header to be from the start of the packet body
be88a575 : IVGCVSW-4753 Fix CpuAcc Hal 1.3 Softmax Failures
9937f935 : IVGCVSW-4732 Move NetworkSockets class needs to profiling/common
be7e35c5 : IVGCVSW-4749 Fix CpuAcc Hal 1.3 FullyConnected Failures
366d7230 : IVGCVSW-4686 Fix NNT GeneratedTests.Tests
ce691bbd : Update ACL pin to 06cf9339ed4b86d559c837dcb7c1c273ae6a35eb
f017699d : IVGCVSW-4186 Parse TfLite Exp and Split_V operators
c77874a4 : IVGCVSW-4203 Add Exp support to Neon backend
d0fedaee : PyArmNN example scripts
89870464 : IVGCVSW-4544 Update guide
7b127bf4 : Update ACL pin to 55c0c0c9559c08baed7f1c783404b83dff8c8e89
2ed809cb : IVGCVSW-4594 Refactor the GatordMockService and GatordMockMain to extract a BasePipeServer
4e755a50 : IVGCVSW-4595 Add IFileOnlyPacketHandlers to file only profiling connection
303980c5 : IVGCVSW-4668 Add TENSOR_QUANT8_ASYMM_SIGNED data type support to CpuRef operators
49c52a1e : IVGCVSW-4728 Attempt to fix test failures
0886ac4c : MLCE-190: Neon and CL Constant Workloads do not support newer DataTypes
d7fcafaa : IVGCVSW-4722 Add missing m_TimelineEnabled bool to ConnectionAcknowledgedCommandHandler
8e84398b : MLECO-763: profiling helper updates for EthosN profiling
ae42f01c : Added new DataTypes to Serializer
ec52c3a0 : IVGCVSW-4686 Fix NNT GeneratedTests Abs_int32
5302f5ef : Update ACL pin to 2b84be544e4a27f7e8e80827e9c85c8f0d58b4ce
c1798780 : IVGCVSW-4721 Make build of depend only on BUILD_TIMELINE_DECODER
b23b9991 : IVGCVSW-4496 Updated ONNX documentation
796f8acf : Update ACL pin to b70770ee65ccce71a74e73df55fcaeac3cb9d0d7
ed27ee7e : IVGCVSW-4496 Add Flatten support to ONNX parser
f7b9d29c : IVGCVSW-4708 Add command to send activate/deactivate timeline packets to garodmock CommandFileParser
a0de0568 : IVGCVSW-4719 Remove possible zeros from SendStreamMetaDataPacket offsets
6544f402 : IVGCVSW-4718 Fix failing Execute Network Tests
60bf0ae9 : IVGCVSW-4675 Fixes for VTS 1.3 GeneratedTest.Test/armnn_resize*
e886b518 : Use X macro for the enum class LayerType
a8837bfc : IVGCVSW-4513 Remove boost/algorithm/string *
9b89e0a5 : Update ACL pin to d1d7722cfc5ee130115d8d195068a98b16102a21
11fce497 : Update ACL pin to b7f4a95c4bf27b4507e5b3b9278c249b1feefe36
a3a3d3ba : IVGCVSW-4704 Update links to how to guides in our
38939ffb : IVGCVSW-4701 Make the GUIDGenerator thread safe
d9ba1a79 : IVGCVSW-4699 Force timestamps to always be in nanoseconds
7b2cafe4 : IVGCVSW-4696 Update BuildGuideCrossCompilation guide
59da369d : MLECO-712 Enable creation of runtime with external profiling support
3c9e0456 : IVGCVSW-4483 Removes boost::polymorphic_pointer_downcast
76bc728b : IVGCVSW-4483 Introduce PolymorphicPointerDowncast
dc0c6ed9 : Add PyArmNN to work with ArmNN API of 20.02 * Add Swig rules for generating python wrapper * Add documentation * Add tests and testing data
fe5a24be : IVGCVSW-4666 Call EnableProfiling when state switches to active
bb446e57 : IVGCVSW-4483 Remove boost::polymorphic_downcast
e5d0b93b : IVGCVSW-4641 Investigate Hal 1.3 VTS Failures
99b57c97 : Update ACL pin to 8abbabd6ad946441c8ef1a03896fa98f7801af1f
627cbb48 : IVGCVSW-4661 Add include Assert to GatordMockService.cpp
4e70a0a0 : Update ACL pin to 4df2cf3177129d10500d30056bf8404418f703d6
ac2770a4 : IVGCVSW-4485 Remove Boost assert
7ee5d2c3 : IVGCVSW-3753 Add Clip support to the onnx parser
fb03ead0 : Github #367 Updated aarch64-linux-gnu tool chains export method.
c7e3972c : Add flow to exclude libOpenCL when building AndroidnNN
c26400eb : IVGCVSW-4514 Remove lexical_cast.hpp
33ed221e : IVGCVSW-4455 Add an Activate and Deactivate control packet to the protocol
0fe279bb : Update ACL pin to cbd8144cf623b7d6f691ba7d3a30ae933e87efd8
e8cddebd : IVGCVSW-4643 Add Convolution2D tests with Bfloat16 input and Float32 output
db73c98f : IVGCVSW-4641 Investigate Hal 1.3 VTS Failures
0de47120 : MLECO-756 First cut of adding JSONTimelineDecoder and tests
7a7ca576 : IVGCVSW-4531 Tweak to an existing fix for failing NNT tests on Android R HAL 1.1/1.2 to account for negative slices
5c6275a6 : Update ACL pin to afc630fee1c019bfbc191c37d9d7fdf805b0b1d7
a56d1daa : Update ACL pin to 5219ed8a3c56db22867cc0c49db93951a7acb36d
250d3927 : IVGCVSW-4633 Add conversion of BF16 support to Neon
e2062cdf : IVGCVSW-4590 Fix Lstm layers CellToInputWeights
cedd34fa : IVGCVSW-4603 Support comparison operators in Neon
69d70c73 : Update ACL pin to 9f2403ff462c3725a03df68484dc43df6f011ab0
2b030d9e : IVGCVSW-4603 Support comparison operators in CL
1161ab7a : Update ACL pin to 4b869532f8b2aa7f02aa55c4f4813e994ea2df68
1a84fe3b : IVGCVSW-4555 ArmnnConverter (Serializer) does not support per-axis quantization params
57ef0088 : IVGCVSW-4597 Modify BF16 optimizer to Convert only inputs and weights of Convolution2d and FullyConnected layers
9272f8b9 : Update ACL pin to 1b14c75c0d591c4abe4d2d41b7e4e165fbf58382
c0f0af39 : IVGCVSW-4599 ArmNN Compile Error when compiled against gcc 9
a10e2a26 : IVGCVSW-4526 Fix UnitTest errors when running on raspberry pi
af1c63b9 : IVGCVSW-4589 Add timeline tests to Mock Gatord end to end test
a5a35917 : Update ACL pin to 51a9558d484e812707a776efceef18b93698cec9
d8cc8116 : IVGCVSW-4521 Add bf16-turbo-mode option to ExecuteNetwork
b6a402f4 : IVGCVSW-4596 Fix BufferManager's packet order
ac472106 : IVGCVSW-3813 Add Unary Elementwise Operation 'NEG' support to the android-nn-driver
957b844f : Update ACL pin to 689c968239180eda4263e34c3d450093d4a0450d
7c9d27ae : Update ACL pin to 6cd1c9bc312b65137da52a973489ba6a0f0180e3
bc7ffb5e : IVGCVSW-4520 Implement BFloat16 Optimizer
cf2ad554 : IVGCVSW-4589 Add call to SendWellKnownLabelsAndEventClasses
586a9aac : IVGCVSW-4549 Add front end for new QLSTM layer
c94d3f71 : IVGCVSW-4588 Remove short form of option file-format
0a35667e : IVGCVSW-4587 ArmNN failing to build in the Internal OOB
ea41b577 : IVGCVSW-4582 Undefined reference to GetProfilingService causes failure in the Backends CI job
b60dd243 : IVGCVSW-4565 TENSOR_BOOL8 data type not supported in AndroidNN Driver
a0687eef : MLECO-755: ArmNN: Add file format external profiling option
ea54a01f : IVGCVSW-4516 Add ConvertFp32ToBf16Layer and Ref workload support
25334cf3 : IVGCVSW-4553 Fix Wrapper Object Use after free in UnitTests.hpp
d15ee15e : IVGCVSW-4552 Fix Wrapper Object Use after free in ProfilerTests
a83af7b3 : IVGCVSW-4446 Add HardSwish EndToEnd tests
bca73e1c : IVGCVSW-4444 Adding Elu end to end test
3184c907 : IVGCVSW-4463 Change ProfilingService to a member of runtime from a singleton
e6a2ccd0 : IVGCVSW-4161 Provide for per model call back registration
eba482e6 : Update ACL pin to fd7780d910f3bc4c85bc95b57ea3dd4375d95d41
7ddbbae7 : IVGCVSW-4515 Add ConvertBf16ToFp32Layer and Ref workload support
f4a953f7 : IVGCVSW-4545 Relax check on ParseReshape
5c391dcd : MLCE-161: Added support for NormalizationLayer in ArmnnQuantizer.
fdad393d : Update ACL pin 0ec53a0e54ae0be0ed9c4e4c14a5fd10ed5f48a8 (COMPMID-3238)
0a99a146 : IVGCVSW-4531 Fix for failing strided slice NNT/VTS tests on Android R
de36e4a9 : IVGCVSW-3726 Upload ArmNN Doxygen files
78b26f02 : Update ACL pin to 470bc1eea65560d13001e60a7f7b22b12ec89bbc(COMPMID-3069)
403a185d : IVGCVSW-4512 Add BFloat16 Debug Workload
44179c37 : IVGCVSW-4511 Add BFloat16 to RefLayerSupport and unit tests
e9b5d298 : GatordMock: Fixing errors in parsing command file.
c9e52794 : IVGCVSW-4545 Fix segfault parsing reshape layer
431852c9 : Update ACL pin to 6800117df3be825f0ec5c6cc71c4377322f51b99
2bbfaa78 : IVGCVSW-3726 Doxygen touch-up
5238aff2 : IVGCVSW-4542 Refactor TimelineDecoder parsing of TimelinePackets
f3a43238 : IVGCVSW-3726 - Doxygen Beautification
c2522c47 : Update ACL pin to 1c2ff950071c5b4fd6e83487083d23c96637545f
e9e6818e : IVGCVSW-4517 Modify BFloat16 to conformant to the coding standards
ddb1d06d : MLCE-159 Add QAsymmS8 to ArmnnQuantizer
6445cfff : Github #326 Allow linking against shared Compute Library
8eb25606 : IVGCVSW-4482 Remove boost::ignore_unused
8832522f : IVGCVSW-4517 Implement BFloat16 Encoder and Decoder
97da5e2e : IVGCVSW-4541 Modify Timeline Packet construction
53d092d3 : IVGCVSW-4486 Introduce numeric_cast implementation
1ced464a : MLCE-160 Error loading quantized model containing BatchNorm Layer
6f86b699 : IVGCVSW-4540 Fix master build failure to link UnitTests on Android
4d4e0e25 : IVGCVSW-4483 Introduce polymorphic_downcast implementation
e6644849 : IVGCVSW-4517 Add BFloat16 class and unit tests
e32c8440 : IVGCVSW-4539 Add missing Activation Unit Test to CL and Neon *Square, Tanh, SoftReLu, LeakyReLu, Abs, ReLU
dcfc6361 : IVGCVSW-4485 Introduce ARMNN_ASSERT(_MSG) macros
9f8cad27 : IVGCVSW-4482 Introduce IgnoreUnused implementation
e8502484 : Update Acl Pin adb3291dda4e56de1af10e783b787445d6587a38
bdeabf8a : IVGCVSW-4213 Enable split along any dimension
8a2b4685 : IVGCVSW-4160 Make the ARM Developer Studio code a self contained build entity
a97a0be5 : IVGCVSW-4163 Enhance the error handling in the ReadPacket function
c3bf6efb : IVGCVSW-4508 Add BFloat16 data type
490b7bec : IVGCVSW-4375 Add support for Transpose to optimizations
4a9e24bf : IVGCVSW-4314 Per-layer backend hint API
9077473e : IVGCVSW-4532 Update Acl Pin to fec13b8e20dc9d71d729f750633fa52c3a8a0036
3463eaa6 : IVGCVSW-4426 Add missing Neon tests for quantized types
08759e26 : IVGCVSW-4375 Add parser support for Transpose
b015e5db : Modifying the IBackendProfilingContext interface to return a bool on EnableProfiling and adding error checking to the Runtime Invocation
03fbeaf5 : IVGCVSW-4440 : Add HARD_SWISH Support to Activation in CpuRef
c9ea45ad : IVGCVSW-4375 Add support for Transpose
510f6183 : IVGCVSW-4164 Change the callbacks to a C++ pure virtual interface
4c998993 : IVGCVSW-4454 Remove the CounterSet and Device fields from Category
3b3c3819 : IVGCVSW-4439: Adding Elu support to Activation
dd3f71b6 : COMPMID-3060: Add TF Parser support for Transpose
cf34f510 : IVGCVSW-4368 Update and files with latest unit tests
b1ec67f5 : IVGCVSW-4475 Update
d9fb6e2b : IVGCVSW-4456 Disable NEON PostDetectionProcess
337c17f9 : IVGCVSW-4307 Onnx Segfault Bug
d149ad03 : IVGCVSW-4475 Update
c7983813 : IVGCVSW-4432 Update Readme for 20.02
99bf80d3 : IVGCVSW-4456 Fix MobileNet SSD perf regression
50311ba9 : COMPMID-3062: Add ExecuteNetwork option to explicitly dequantize output
67e6c54b : IVGCVSW-4472 Yolo v3 ExecuteNetwork failing
48d70935 : IVGCVSW-2232 Pack/Stack operator support in Tensorflow Parser
98d39da8 : IVGCVSW-4433 Update version number to 20.02
5e90aab1 : COMPMID-3059: Add TF parser support for StridedSlice
0c2eeac6 : IVGCVSW-4436 Add ExecuteNetwork test for mobilenet_v2_int8
4c3c1f48 : IVGCVSW-4403 Add standalone backend build steps to BuildGuideAndroidNDK
fcb802bf : IVGCVSW-4340 Backend profiling: Add tests for Timeline functions
cab588ac : IVGCVSW-4320 Implement the bulk reporting of counter values from backends
c5a68011 : Update ACL pin to 20.02 release branch
64063552 : IVGCVSW-4320 Implement ReportCounters in BackendProfiling
a856501a : IVGCVSW-4420 Failing Unit Test Cl: Quantize layer
032bc74c : IVGCVSW-4338 Implement the Activation of Counters in backends
c1536d69 : IVGCVSW-4400 Backend Counter Registry Functionality
abfa9021 : IVGCVSW-4403 Add standalone backend build steps to BuildGuideCrossCompilation
5c510f86 : Fix legacy ClTuner API
9a87e45d : IVGCVSW-4403 Update readme for sample standalone dynamic backend and remove standalone dynamic reference backend
13757bd8 : Silence clang-8 warnings wrt explicit defaulting of implicitly deleted operator
071877ec : Updating armnn-arm_compute to arm_compute_library.
7a16dcfe : IVGCVSW-4424 Set minimum timeout for SendThread in WaitingForAck state
3896b47a : IVGCVSW-4328 BufferManager running out of buffers crashes application
03181ff7 : IVGCVSW-4409 Fix TfLiteParser to handle all datatypes correctly
9b3e7389 : Clean up header inclusion in CL workloads.
416b41da : Suppress warnings from OpenCL include folder.
a3fb2b96 : IVGCVSW-4400 Adding invocation of the back to Profiling Service initialisation
2dcd3fef : IVGCVSW-4319 Implement Counter Status Querying
1398b75f : IVGCVSW-4402 Modify the signature of CreateBackendProfilingContext as the signature in IBackendInternal is changed to remove const
9add1200 : IVGCVSW-4386 Add ArmNN reference support for QAsymmS8
13b59a4f : IVGCVSW-4402 add boost and armnn path to sample dynamic backend
2e27e9d0 : IVGCVSW-4418 disable unused variable and parameter warning for Caffe protobuf cc
820eb141 : MLCE-139: add capability to align corners for bilinear resize
7e75281e : Update ACL pin to c971cf1034a61875c8e8c87d48634cbfac3865fd
1aff393b : IVGCVSW-4317 Implement the Profiling Context Initialisation
34460574 : Update ACL pin to 4bce11548268b9a10b0f06eff3cff9ae06d5b9dd
9c30896a : IVGCVSW-4404 Add libraries to sample dynamic backend for android
ef7e6b64 : IVGCVSW-4389 Enable ClTuner in ClContextControl
5e98b012 : Clean up header usage a bit in NEON backend
aa920c56 : Build graph->inputIds/outputIds with layerBindingId instead of layerIndex
9a61fa6b : Github #273 Handle failure to initialise BackendContext in Runtime
3d8bc97f : IVGCVSW-4390 Refactor QUANTIZE to make use of Decoder/Encoder types
5a05963a : IVGCVSW-4365 Update ACL pin to 5c829cab49b0dcffd893065af05f0bf028e7a548 * Fix CTS for ArgMinMax
867eba59 : IVGCVSW-4399 Create Sample Dynamic backend
9d0ff748 : IVGCVSW-4334 Wire Signed Quantized 8 bit type into ACL
9789702c : IVGCVSW-4393 Register backend counters
8e0c7a66 : IVGCVSW-4394 Add CounterIdMap to Profiling Service
5e51cd80 : IVGCVSW-4390 Refactor QUANTIZE to make use of Decoder/Encoder types
c809a29e : IVGCVSW-4388 Update ACL pin to 6a342648ae50beb8457871862f14fc9baef6b74f
681338fd : IVGCVSW-4196 Add condition to check to add common source for Android to dynamic reference CMakeLists
158997ae : IVGCVSW-4171 Temporarily disable DumpOutgoingValidFileEndToEnd unit test
de80307c : IVGCVSW-4391 Add Global/Backend Counter ID map
9308f603 : IVGCVSW-4322 Remove deprecated AbsLayer and RsqrtLayer and add source for all environment to dynamic reference backend CMakeLists
412424c7 : IVGCVSW-4149 Enable quantisation multiplier > 1 in all convolutions
e49755b9 : IVGCVSW-4316 First draft of IBackendProfiling and IBackendProfilingContext
1426a3f5 : IVGCVSW-4152 Remove check for QAsymm8 in ArgMinMax CL layer support
5204aa8f : IVGCVSW-4306 Verify the tflite Yolo v3
d305e1a2 : IVGCVSW-4335 Add support for per-channel QSymm8 to TfLite parser
b0efc60f : IVGCVSW-4360 Update ACL pin to 19bd412fd044197726dbd8c756dbd74a9e33fd2b
33d58272 : IVGCVSW-4369 Add default offset and scale to IsLayerSupportedTestImpl
5ccb33da : IVGCVSW-4316 Promote ISendTimelinePacket and IProfilingGuidGenerator
03b6b410 : IVGCVSW-4313 Add Android case to dynamic reference CMakeLists
56858029 : IVGCVSW-4380 Add NEON backend support for BatchToSpaceNd
a023c40a : IVGCVSW-4262 Use ACL Permute and Reshape Validate function in Neon and CL
a0d18969 : Updates to Filesystem.cpp/hpp and NetworkSockets.cpp/hpp to fix failing master
e61f0712 : MLCE-156: Add Division workload in CpuAcc
0be3a885 : IVGCVSW-4374 Add NEON backend support for SpaceToBatchNd
a91479cd : Add ARMNN_DLLEXPORT macro to import/export static data symbols on Windows
d466a54e : IVGCVSW-4370 Deprecate DataType::QuantizedSymm8PerAxis
4a3c6109 : IVGCVSW-4259 Add frontend and reference workload for UnaryOperationLayer
190a39a4 : IVGCVSW-4268 Print all Descriptors on dot graph
5277ad5a : Add check to NetworkSockets.cpp to fix failing Android build
bdee4267 : Add thin abstraction layer for processes and filesystem
25b7436b : Add thin abstraction layer for network sockets
41e92b08 : IVGCVSW-4364 Only apply deprecated attribute where available
e9d4220f : IVGCVSW-4239 Remove dynamic link to
dcf041cf : IVGCVSW-4331 Calling RemoveDebugLayers can break connections
246bd463 : Remove inclusion of ArmNN.hpp where it is unnecessary.
39ef3e59 : Remove use of ArmNN.hpp where it is unnecessary.
ff130e28 : Remove use of ArmNN.hpp from other public headers
5537747c : IVGCVSW-4106 Network not failing when Inference time is greater than threshold time
d2d917d1 : Add Signed32 to debug layer
93b622f9 : Github #320 Add logging and error checking to SimpleSample
f48afc6c : Remove Logging.hpp from ArmNN.hpp
d3a07830 : Remove use of boost from Logging.hpp
c3da2680 : Support different flatbuffer libs for debug and release
5edefa05 : Fix typo in name of GatordMock executable :O
66dedc70 : IVGCVSW-4193 Add QUANTIZE to the TfLite parser
09ad6f90 : IVGCVSW-4229 Fix Intermittent failures in ExternalProfiling
f90c56d7 : Rename quantized data types to remove ambiguity for signed/unsigned payloads
842e0dbd : Update commented clframework revision to match SHA of actual pinned ref
4b96a274 : Fix issues due to #include Windows.h
122f3251 : Fix build error on gcc 7+ for implicit switch statement fallthroughs
ba25aeec : IVGCVSW-4246 Enable -Wextra by default
baa177f0 : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build of parsers with -Wextra
f143fba6 : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build of profiling with -Wextra Pt2
d9d61f5a : IVGCVSW-4195 Fix MultipleNetworksCifar10 test to load dynamic backend before checking if requested backends are valid
901ea11e : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build of backends with -Wextra
b4f312ce : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build of ArmNN API with -Wextra
1dd75b3c : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build profiling with -Wextra
859f9ced : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build of Visitors with -Wextra
94a88d2b : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build Layers with -Wextra
ff3c426f : Replace Schema.s with generated .cpp file
fc6bf05e : Some build fixes for MSVC
9be61282 : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build optimizations with -Wextra
eb1fce0f : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build end-to-end tests with -Wextra
12575ec6 : Fix compilation error when building for Linux (non Android)
f2fa5103 : IVGCVSW-4214 Add README for standalone dynamic backend developer guide
e56fb45b : IVGCVSW-4295 Disable mixed precision in ClPooling2dWorkload
f8ac829a : IVGCVSW-4237 Solve build dependencies to allow isolated build on sbuild
93cbbcc7 : IVGCVSW-4302 Depthwise CTS. Fix ReorderWeightChannelsForAcl.
c374ff06 : IVGCVSW-4246 Clean build of LayerTests with -Wextra
7f834729 : IVGCVSW-4293 Fix multiple Concat issues.
df2a9b9a : IVGCVSW-4261 Add backward compatibility to the Backend API
e394bd99 : IVGCVSW-4178 Add code to increment the 3 ArmNN counters
60a20fb6 : IVGCVSW-4212 Example of standalone dynamic reference backend
ed66d14e : IVGCVSW-4191 Add DEQUANTIZE to the TfLite Parser
836b27bd : IVGCVSW-4157 Pass custom options directly to backends
fd271065 : IVGCVSW-4211 Add Signed 8 bit Quantisation support into the Reference backend
6a5e5e8b : IVGCVSW-4227 Add CpuAcc backend support for DetectionPostProcess
e5b8eb9f : IVGCVSW-4210 Create a public API for the common backend files
3e2969d7 : IVGCVSW-4228 Fix SendThreadSendStreamMetadataPacket
78f24e16 : Bugfix: Fix include directives for Gatord
fbc6e4b5 : NNXSW-1896 Add missing layer types to InternalTypes.cpp.
9af1dcde : MLCE-133 Fix dangling calls to Manage()
9934e4e0 : Add asserts to check memcpy addresses
fa9a5b75 : Add noexcept to std::hash specialisation for BackendId
08446976 : Replace boost logging with simple logger
a3b31f01 : IVGCVSW-4179 Add RESIZE_NEAREST_NEIGHBOUR to the TfLite parser
fc365623 : IVGCVSW-4223 Change PeriodicCounterCapture Packet Family to 3
6198fe0f : IVGCVSW-4016 Add the Inference timeline trace and unit tests
109c05bc : IVGCVSW-4118 Change the SendCounterPacket send thread to use do while
73ae7fa2 : IVGCVSW-4221 Fix SendCounterPacket hanging for indefinite time
811ca556 : IVGCVSW-4171 Fix intermittent failure on FileOnlyProfilingDecoratorTests
167c0829 : IVGCVSW-4206 Correctly pass execute network parameter.
132563c7 : IVGCVSW-4206 Optionally parse unsupported ops in ExecuteNetwork
aa68e01f : IVGCVSW-4015 Add input and output workload to post-optimisation structure
88d5f9f1 : MLCE-143 Fixed driver crash during CTS tests
df31cfe2 : IVGCVSW-4070 Implement "send post-optimized network structure"
a68d8530 : IVGCVSW-3860 Per-channel QSymm8 support of DepthwiseConvolution2d in Cl *Add the call to ReorderWeightChannelsForAcl for QuantizedSymm8PerAxis weights
2ba48d25 : IVGCVSW-4118 Fix long unit test execution
e011d20f : IVGCVSW-4209 Create a public API for the ArmNN Utils
2e259276 : Github #306 Treat data_format attribute as optional in TfParser::ParseFusedBatchNorm()
2445744f : IVGCVSW-3864 Add support for per-channel QSymm8 DepthwiseConvolution2d to Neon backend
1571700b : Make the profiling GUID test independent from random events
76c50d81 : Remove const type qualifiers with no effect
9820d304 : MLCE-115 Remove redundant error checking in CL backend
6d3d2055 : Github #274 Use non-deprecated path to boost header
dd6804bd : IVGCVSW-4170 Also convert constants to FP16 when model converted
710f664e : IVGCVSW-4148 Extend reporting of quant multiplier > 1 as unsupported on ACL to per-axis case
899f64f7 : IVGCVSW-3859 Per-channel QSymm8 support of Convolution2d in Cl
e9323ec3 : Add IsQuantizeType(DataType) for use in validation functions
94c4fef7 : IVGCVSW-3728 Add CL workload for Slice
21fc28bb : IVGCVSW-3866 Add support for per-channel QSymm8 Convolution2d to Neon backend
9b6d4246 : IVGCVSW-4174 Update adb version in the
e131a0b1 : IVGCVSW-4158 FP16 Mobilenet V1 and V2 30% regression on ArmNN on Mate20
3a93dfa9 : Github #251 Surround local structs with anonymous namespace
b86a3824 : IVGCVSW-4148 Report quant multiplier > 1 as unsupported for ACL
4cace320 : IVGCVSW-4124 Replacing the "sleep_for" loop from FileOnlyProfilingConnection
cf7c1c69 : IVGCVSW-4151 HAL 1_2 Dequantize FP32 Per Channel Tests on CpuAcc Failing
234d525a : IVGCVSW-4070 Add CreatedNamedTypeEntity and CreateNamedTypedChildEntity functions with Guid
434de54b : Revert "Only enable mixed precision FP16 pooling for Android Q"
ba424d2a : IVGCVSW-1530 Add TfLite slice parser and fix transpose perm vector creation
52ec3463 : IVGCVSW-3697 Add check for ArgMinMax QAsymm8 to ClLayerSupport
47e863dc : IVGCVSW-4077 Fix issue when NEON import disabled
85ad78c1 : IVGCVSW-4068 Add Guid to Workload
036f02d8 : IVGCVSW-3729 Added neon slice workload and supporting neon layer tests
49d0f120 : MLCE-144 Cts NNAPI test cases failed
f83b114d : IVGCVSW-4116 Update ACL pin to the 19.11 release branch
b0dc6016 : IVGCVSW-4062 Update Readme for 19.11
dbdd1b43 : IVGCVSW-3980 Implementation of Guid generator
aad2fe41 : Fix quantizer crash by zero tensor
d9d6371d : IVGCVSW-4117 Update version number to 19.11
caf2bdd3 : Fix possible crash in case of zero dimension tensor in the ONNX parser
17d8d85e : IVGCVSW-3486 Add clipping parameter validation in LstmQueueDescriptor
0270524f : IVGCVSW-4129 Fix thread starvation due to low capture periods
9723d024 : IVGCVSW-4074 Send Timeline message in RequestCounterDirectoryCommandHandler
87972be8 : IVGCVSW-4119 Fix FP16 to FP32 fallback mechanism in optimizer to work with Dequantize
5716de25 : IVGCVSW-4140 Report per-axis quantization as unsupported for DepthwiseConvolution on ACL backends
cdfb9417 : IVGCVSW-4073 Send stream info in the ConnectionAcknowledgedCommandHandler
34a407d4 : IVGCVSW-4072 Add stream header to Timeline Message Directory packet
30db8ad8 : NNXSW-1853 Change SubgraphViewSelector algorithm
721b82f2 : Print CMake messages on stdout rather than stderr
db1a2834 : Add FP16 support to DebugWorkload
60538ada : Only enable mixed precision FP16 pooling for Android Q
f4c502f5 : Fix redundancy in call to configure() in ACL DepthwiseConvolution workloads
93138959 : Add SpaceToDepth to GetLayerTypeAsCString()
e3803eae : CL & Neon workload factories inherit from WorkloadFactoryBase
199c98ea : Fix link error due to pthread being linked in the wrong order
270233fc : Fix a few compile errors:
b5b3b352 : IVGCVSW-3697 Add utility function to get ArgMinMaxFunction as string
68a4dbce : IVGCVSW-4053 Enable ArgMinMax EndToEndTest for NEON/CL
1939df53 : IVGCVSW-4128 Add Signed32 to supported input types for Ref ArgMinMax
2dc0572f : IVGCVSW-3695 Add CL ArgMinMax workload
663c1849 : IVGCVSW-4051 Update ACL pin to 94e0cf960ea6116eb57fa88d9b951f859b52c602
d8df0260 : IVGCVSW-4079 Add support of per-axis quantization to DepthwiseConvolution2d
99d9d4a7 : IVGCVSW-4069 Add ProfilingGuid to Network
94d3b931 : IVGCVSW-3839 Add support of per-axis quantization to reference TransposeConvolution2d
62cdb08e : IVGCVSW-4064 ArmNN Master fails due to an error in RefArgMaxAxis2Uint8Test
07f25e00 : IVGCVSW-4104 Report Conv2d per-axis quantization unsupported on ACL backends
3fec1ea7 : IVGCVSW-4067 Change LayerGuid to use ProfilingGuid
ffab16f9 : IVGCVSW-4077 Disable NEON memory import
55e488a5 : Add profiling includes to
130ec60e : IVGCVSW-4108 Fixed invalid data type exception
70f609bc : MLCE-144 Fix cts MAX_POOL_2D_V1_0 tests
8bf442e9 : IVGCVSW-4107 Fix bug in ProfilingConnectionDumpToFileDecoratorTests
c4946c7a : IVGCVSW-4102 Move ProfilingGuid to public interface
e63a026b : IVGCVSW-3951 Create the timeline decoder
362e0321 : Escape angle brackets in dot file labels
5dc816e7 : IVGCVSW-4065 Add a RecordEvent function
5edc8816 : IVGCVSW-3837 Add support for per-axis quantization to reference Convolution2d workload
ec33a91e : IVGCVSW-4038 Convert Strided_Slice Shrink_Axis_Mask Parameter to ACL format
3201eea0 : IVGCVSW-3444 File Only Profiling Connection
fe2e2cbb : GitHub #294 Add sample serialized graph
23214438 : Rename Optimize's errMessages to messages
378bbfc0 : IVGCVSW-4065 Use platform-specific thread id size in Timeline packets
2ffcc417 : IVGCVSW-4065 Refactor the IPacketBuffer smart pointers
b67f9579 : IVGCVSW-3836 Add support for Int32 per-axis scales
13b653fd : IVGCVSW-3843 Add support of per-axis quantization to BuildArmComputeTensorInfo
5236e1d6 : IVGCVSW-3835 Create Encoder and Decoder for QSymm8PerAxis
f7107932 : Add fp16 support for dequantize
7ff9a609 : Make onnx parser to support TanH / Sigmoid / LeakyRelu layers
fcf6fd56 : Fix crash issue
d94efa8a : Match shape in between initializer and tensor
584a2b83 : Better error reporting for unconnected layers
fe414cfa : IVGCVSW-4050 Add backward compatibility deserialization test for ResizeBilinear
d1f57736 : IVGCVSW-3698 Add EndToEnd Layer test for ArgMinMax
3f4d7104 : Increase tolerance for bias scale quantization calculation for ResNet50v2
9a5f9f2c : GitHub #292 Build the ML-examples using only ArmNN's public frontend API
3c9b2700 : Fix bug in deserializitaion of ResizeLayer
7be12b8b : IVGCVSW-4049 Fix potential threading issue with the SendCounterPacket thread
b4e6720e : Github #277 Add option to use shared boost libraries
27dbd346 : Github #220 Mention deprecated Caffe features in the Caffe parser README
c601aa62 : GitHub #292 Move BackendRegistry.hpp to the public API
d9053071 : IVGCVSW-3842 Add per-axis quantization support to ValidateBiasTensorQuantization()
9be49163 : IVGCVSW-4039 AndroidQ (HAL 1.2) driver support for Fp16
94a30884 : IVGCVSW-4037 Add a CreateNamedTypedChildEntity method
d034e087 : IVGCVSW-4036 Add CreateNamedTypedEntity function
c0a87c14 : IVGCVSW-3831 Add support of per-axis quantization to TensorInfo
c0401998 : IVGCVSW-4035 Add a CreateTypedLabel function
4d527750 : Add GetResizeMethodAsCString() function to TypesUtils.hpp
b3670b10 : Refactor Resize layer tests
102cdbd7 : IVGCVSW-4033 Provide a utility method to send the 'well known' labels and event classes
ab845756 : IVGCVSW-4031 Provide well known profiling GUIDs
d6f26fc0 : Fix ExecuteNetwork no longer printing out the inference results, breaking some of the nightly builds
49e7d1b0 : Fix names of quantized types in GetDataTypeName()
86324fc4 : Refine SerializeDeserializeQuantizedLstm for the validation of NELSTMLayerQuantized in ACL
c34e53b4 : Bug fix on serialization of tensor with qsymm16 type
830101c2 : IVGCVSW-4022 Create a DeclareLabel utility function
48623a0f : IVGCVSW-4018 Move QuantizeHelper.hpp to armnnUtils
c82c8732 : IVGCVSW-4008 Add profiling mode to ExecuteNetwork
1f826967 : IVGCVSW-4032 Update with the TF commit ID that has tf_proto_file.txt
57d10b7f : IVGCVSW-3962 Return 0 for Neon GetExportFlags()
8b20065e : IVGCVSW-4028 Add TimelinePacketWriterFactory to ProfilingService
00f3aaf2 : IVGCVSW-4027 Add the IProfilingGuidGenerator interface
c975f929 : IVGCVSW-4007 Add StandInLayer for unsupported operations in TfLiteParser
7bbdf9db : IVGCVSW-3950 Create SendTimelinePacket interface and class
a8769821 : IVGCVSW-4011 Add Unit tests for StandInLayer
6e0d962f : Refactor backward compatibility deserialization tests
85121a23 : IVGCVSW-4010 Add serialization support for StandInLayer
c95b8381 : IVGCVSW-4013 Test that the quantizer fails gracefully
d80cc0c9 : Fix build failures on RPi 4B
0898b338 : IVGCVSW-4021 Fixing failure in the ExecuteNetworkDynamicBackends test
e6ed0ee9 : IVGCVSW-3995 Add Quantizer support for ComparisonLayer
15effd88 : IVGCVSW-3980 Add ProfilingGuid and ProfilingGuidGenerator API
6d2e6594 : IVGCVSW-4020 Add backward compatibility deserialization test for Equal and Greater
b10e0818 : Fix for bug where ProfilingConnectionDumpToFactory is not used in profiling service
98d6b3d7 : IVGCVSW-3669 Fix TfLiteParser to set Splitter layer outputs' quantization params
e606b7cd : IVGCVSW-4009 Enable IsLayerSupported tests again
2c52646b : Fix Unpack in TfLiteParser missing quantization parameters
15db745d : IVGCVSW-3989 Create the Counter Directory Decoder
422f2fb6 : IVGCVSW-3996 Add deserialization test for ComparisonLayer
3bc00ec1 : IVGCVSW-3999 Add unit tests for new comparison operations
7be81f66 : Github #275 Generate versionned libraries
b99ef39c : IVGCVSW-4009 Get string name for StandInLayer type
013c390c : IVGCVSW-4009 StandInLayer frontend API
e80ebd10 : IVGCVSW-3992 Add serialization support for ComparisonLayer
77bfb5e3 : IVGCVSW-3993 Add frontend and reference workload for ComparisonLayer
5884708e : IVGCVSW-3721 Add support for startup sequence (Mock Gatord service).
bccc3450 : Github #275 Generate versionned libraries
ed25e0e8 : IVGCVSW-4005 Add PacketFamilyId to version resolver
397043fa : IVGCVSW-4002 Add FamilyId to CommandHandlerKey
9ea7700b : IVGCVSW-3409 Create the ProfilingService class
b682d840 : IVGCVSW-3721 Add support for startup sequence (Mock Gatord service).
5ae78299 : Move version definition to its own file
6598427f : IVGCVSW-3400 Fixed include directives for Gatord builds
7e5eec7d : IVGCVSW-3930 Create the Timeline Relationship Binary Packet
8844c2f3 : IVGCVSW-3931 Create the Timeline Event Binary Packet
b884ea44 : Refactor ProfilingUtils
92fa15b8 : IVGCVSW-3929 Create the Timeline Event Class Binary Packet
6fe5247f : IVGCVSW-3991 Make Descriptor objects comparable and refactor LayerVisitor tests
20bea007 : IVGCVSW-3895 Add EndToEndLayerTest for the Reference Implementation of LOG_SOFTMAX
8d9590e5 : IVGCVSW-3939 Code refactoring and minor fixes
672d06ea : IVGCVSW-3948 Add Startup method to Profiling
062e0e95 : IVGCVSW-3892 Add EndToEnd Layer test for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
c949ab54 : IVGCVSW-3977 Add deserialization test for LOG_SOFTMAX
e662a940 : IVGCVSW-3975 Add reference workload for LOG_SOFTMAX
f4d59a67 : IVGCVSW-3984 Fix CheckPeriodicCounterCaptureThread
91e1de78 : IVGCVSW-3976 Add Quantizer support for LOG_SOFTMAX
994b5349 : IVGCVSW-3971 Implement the Per-Job Counter Selection command handler
53e46991 : IVGCVSW-3972 Implement the Disconnect functionality
26257850 : IVGCVSW-3974 Add serialization support for LOG_SOFTMAX
c626345d : IVGCVSW-3551 Fix CounterCaptureHandlingTest
e848538e : IVGCVSW-3964 Implement the Periodic Counter Selection command handler
f982deae : IVGCVSW-3973 Add frontend for LOG_SOFTMAX
a21620d3 : IVGCVSW-3721 Add support for startup sequence (Mock Gatord service).
67ef2a52 : IVGCVSW-3964 Change the type held by the Packet class to unsigned char
8efc500a : IVGCVSW-3963 Implement the Request Counter Directory Handler
a3600ba7 : IVGCVSW-3967 Avg_Pooling2d Fails on CL NHWC FP16
c8724c7b : IVGCVSW-3944 Add ArgMinMax output shape validation
92bbcaed : IVGCVSW-3943 Add deserialization test for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
d0613b56 : IVGCVSW-3937 Improve the Connection Acknowledged Handler
09ca49cd : IVGCVSW-3888 Add INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION Reference implementation
8168f407 : IVGCVSW-3889 Add CL workload for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
784db773 : IVGCVSW-3926 Create the Timeline Message Directory Package
1555cbd1 : IVGCVSW-3669 Fix bug parsing multiple InputShapes in ExecuteNetwork
54fb957c : IVGCVSW-3937 Add the necessary components to the ProfilingService class to process a connection to an external profiling service (e.g. gatord)
c4728ad3 : IVGCVSW-3948 Add Profiling config to Runtime constructor
5d737fb3 : IVGCVSW-3937 Update the Send thread to send out the Metadata packet
c2728f95 : IVGCVSW-3937 Refactor and improve the CommandHandleRegistry class
e61ffd00 : IVGCVSW-3937 Make dynamic use the of the profiling connection in the SendCounterPacket class
f21f606a : IVGCVSW-3928 Add the Timeline Entity Binary Packet
e0e6efc1 : IVGCVSW-3937 Refactor and improve the PeriodicCounterCapture class
8a837179 : IVGCVSW-3937 Rename CommandThread to CommandHandler
88813936 : IVGCVSW-3937 Refactor the command thread
a84edee4 : IVGCVSW-3937 Initial ServiceProfiling refactoring
d66d68b1 : IVGCVSW-3935 Add Quantizer support for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
e11ff89e : IVGCVSW-3949 Fix signed/unsigned comparison bug
4951b8c6 : IVGCVSW-3948 Adds External Profiling cmdline to ExecuteNetwork
c6e5a6e9 : IVGCVSW-3925 Add Backward compatibility for ITensorHandle CreateTensorHandle functions
0ec068f2 : IVGCVSW-3904 Add more unit tests for send thread with BufferManager
6b0f3c6d : Changed the encoding of the Readme file to Unix
f75786c1 : IVGCVSW-3947 Update ACL pin to 79f88e6d825402388bb79fc123ee2dfe01985bda
0aed4f98 : IVGCVSW-3927 Create the Timeline Label Binary Packet
781ced9d : IVGCVSW-3934 Add serialization support for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
ce5045a0 : IVGCVSW-3932 Add frontend for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION
d47a064a : IVGCVSW-3696 Add NEON ArgMinMax workload and tests
61d6f730 : IVGCVSW-3440 Fix intermittently failing send thread test
342a8ba0 : Throw by value, catch by const reference. Even anonymously.
83450fa5 : IVGCVSW-3941 Fix bug around file opening in RecordByRecordCaffeParser
f97f6da8 : IVGCVSW-3738 Add end-to-end layer test for DepthToSpace
680f9911 : IVGCVSW-3882 Update ACL pin
86bc3d8f : Update field name of serialized format not to make problem with js
7db85b25 : IVGCVSW-3922 Fix Arm NN build issue - memory access violation
99836d35 : IVGCVSW-3734 Enable FLoat16 unit tests for DepthToSpace on NEON
b280196e : IVGCVSW-3732 Add CL workload for DepthToSpace
2f00b742 : IVGCVSW-3734 Add NEON workload for DepthToSpace
7be47efa : IVGCVSW-3903 Create Counter Stream Buffer
aab82c5e : IVGCVSW-3920 Fix build regression due to implicit conversion in ProfilingConnectionDumpToFileDecorator
85d9260b : IVGCVSW-3909 Fix Transpose perm vector not parsed by Tflite parser
dfa1477f : IVGCVSW-3442 Add ProfilingConnectionDumpToFileDecorator
3a7d3a70 : NNXSW-1826 Add an optimization step which combines Permute and BatchToSpace into DepthToSpace
83239f99 : IVGCVSW-3689 Support Import of Output Tensors for the Neon Backend
bd9e2c54 : IVGCVSW-3557 Return IProfilingConnection from ProfilingConnectionFactory
404b2756 : IVGCVSW-3902 Create IReadOnlyPacketBuffer, IPacketBuffer and IBufferManager interfaces
e4ffe399 : Add Input and Output to list of serializable layers
9926e589 : IVGCVSW-3908 Fix DepthToSpace reference unit test failures on Android Q
24e8f920 : IVGCVSW-3905 Create a first implementation of the send thread
f6e534a8 : IVGCVSW-3411 Add the Counter Values array and accessor methods
95e73d77 : NNXSW-1826 Move tests for Optimization classes to separate files
4833cea9 : IVGCVSW-3439 Create the Command Thread
11b2eca4 : IVGCVSW-3900 Add deserialization test for DepthToSpace
73f66421 : IVGCVSW-3885 Add reference workload for DepthToSpace
1d18e6f7 : NNXSW-1826 OptimizeConsecutiveReshapes: remove unnecessary call to MoveAllConnections
f74ff2ff : IVGCVSW-3691 Fix the Counter Directory Packet data length
3fb7e105 : IVGCVSW-3623 Implement NeonTensorHandle::Import
93667b1d : Replace uses of non-standard C++:
ce2d9d13 : IVGCVSW-3413 Add the Counters Metadata
48033690 : IVGCVSW-3437 Add Request Counter Directory Command Handler
a96479a4 : IVGCVSW-3887 Add Quantizer support for DepthToSpace
fcb8ef6b : IVGCVSW-3433 Create the Periodic Counter Capture Thread
da9d2d34 : IVGCVSW-3886 Add serialization support for DepthToSpace
8a1b2184 : Fix some minor issues around SpaceToDepth
dd6247f5 : IVGCVSW-3883 Add frontend for DepthToSpace layer
a2f4b4be : IVGCVSW-3880 Add deserialization test for SLICE
b5f01b2e : IVGCVSW-3430 Connection Acknowledged Command Handler Implementation
2fda80b2 : IVGCVSW-3880 Add serialization support for SLICE
75ae2b02 : Fix illegal use of anonymous stack veriable in Deserializer
dd32c524 : IVGCVSW-3727 Add LayerType::Slice to GetLayerTypeAsCString()
68c2c903 : IVGCVSW-3723 Adding reference workload support for ArgMinMax
95cf225f : Github #257 Fix failing unit test "DynamicBackendTests/OpenCloseHandle"
e1c2d023 : IVGCVSW-3725 Adding quantization support for ArgMinMax
42f9d9e8 : IVGCVSW-3691 Implement SendCounterPacket.SendCounterDirectoryPacket() function
8355ec98 : IVGCVSW-3432 Fix a multithread store conflict
0bd586ce : CONSERV-3867 Fix typos in the Dynamic Backends readme file
bab9dc64 : IVGCVSW-3881 Add Quantizer support for SLICE
657ab2d5 : IVGCVSW-3691 Add extra unit tests to complete coverage for the CounterDirectory class
92b9f870 : IVGCVSW-3878 Add reference workload for SLICE
44a0142b : IVGCVSW-3879 Fix output shape inference formula for TransposeConvolution2d
6db5f20a : IVGCVSW-3691 Rework the CounterDirectory class to take into consideration the connections between components
10e0786f : IVGCVSW-3877 Reduce code duplication in TestNameOnlyLayerVisitor
636ab40d : IVGCVSW-3875 Add frontend for SLICE layer
4dc64a69 : IVGCVSW-3694 Add ArgMinMax implementation for Ref
a0c7871c : IVGCVSW-3826: Implement IProfiling functions
027e8b05 : Fix typo int comment surrounding constructor in ResizeLayer.hpp
4f1e8e47 : IVGCVSW-3687 Add INetworkProperties to LoadNetwork
0718ee9f : IVGCVSW-3868 Add support of Int32 to Reshape layer
d9f7c8ba : IVGCVSW-3858 Fix RefTensorHandleTests on Raspberry Pi
46d1c62a : Split out basic CaptureData unit tests from Holder tests
46ff1cac : IVGCVSW-3854 Fix QuantizedLstmEndToEndTest on Raspberry Pi
6095ba5f : IVGCVSW-3660 Add SQRT unit tests for Neon and CL backends
019c4b1c : In CopyTensorContentsGeneric coalesce inner dimensions where possible
efdbca6b : Rename variables in CopyTensorContents to assume NHWC
5bf1d321 : IVGCVSW-3872 Add Missing packet to SendMetaDataPacket
3b2eb6fc : IVGCVSW-3873 Update ACL pin
1b941728 : IVGCVSW-3436 Create the Periodic Counter Selection Command Handler
9bff1445 : IVGCVSW-3857 Add Reference FP16 workload support to remaining layers
1e0466c4 : Add "explicit" qualifier to Optional -> bool conversion method
9bab4968 : IVGCVSW-3580: Extend the IProfilingConnection to connect to a Socket
0280785b : IVGCVSW-3663 Add utility function to expand tensor dimension
b0b802f9 : IVGCVSW-3856 Add Dependency breaking interface
39f44af5 : Fix CL workload creation methods not using MakeWorkload
c81a3009 : IVGCVSW-3820 Remove backendsCommon/WorkloadDataFwd.hpp
b6482f3a : IVGCVSW-3659 Add Float16 CLLayerTests for Abs
252df3a8 : IVGCVSW-3845 Add Reference FP16 support for required layers
0cfcf235 : IVGCVSW-3724 Adding serialization support for ArgMinMax
4cd29a04 : IVGCVSW-3712 Add Transpose into TfLite Parser
501a9762 : IVGCVSW-3722 Add ArgMinMax to GetLayerAsCString InternalTypes
1a763dd3 : IVGCVSW-3829 Add CL workload for RSQRT
0dd3b43e : IVGCVSW-3830 Add NEON workload for RSQRT
4ffcc8fb : IVGCVSW-3739 Add serialization support for Abs
82046944 : IVGCVSW-3823 Add CL workload support for ABS
e69c399d : IVGCVSW-3824 Implement Float 16 Encoder and Decoder
914e4db5 : IVGCVSW-3822 Add NEON workload support for ABS
ab173e9b : IVGCVSW-3691 Add utility function to generate valid UIDs for profiling objects
149528e8 : IVGCVSW-3691 Basic refactoring in view of upcoming work in the profiler
a85e215d : IVGCVSW-3720 Start a UDS server that accepts connections.
8fccd86b : IVGCVSW-3743 Add end-to-end test for ABS on CpuRef
8d001d40 : IVGCVSW-3722 Add function to specify min or max in ArgMinMaxDescriptor
bd707161 : IVGCVSW-3432 Create CaptureData Holder
2e7c8855 : IVGCVSW-3400 Add missing virtual destructors
47d0fe98 : IVGCVSW-3690 Implement SendCounterPacket.SendStreamMetaDataPacket() function
9e0deb76 : IVGCVSW-3742 Add Quantizer support for ABS
366023fc : IVGCVSW-3719 Create test program executable.
07882f17 : IVGCVSW-3816 Make compute option required in ExecuteNetwork
9199e588 : IVGCVSW-3740 Add Reference Workload support for ABS
ee391d59 : IVGCVSW-3722 Add front end support for ArgMinMax
02356de9 : IVGCVSW-3674 Create basic ProfileService class
0696569f : IVGCVSW-3432 Create CaptureData Holder
868eb14c : IVGCVSW-3739 Add Arm NN front end support for Abs Layer
3a161988 : IVGCVSW-3692 Implement SendPeriodicCounterCapturePacket() function
68f78d8e : IVGCVSW-3432 Create CaptureData Holder
23ae2eae : IVGCVBENCH-1337 Added additional layer parameters to dot file and -v option
9bb51d7c : IVGCVSW-3686 Update ACL pin
3ecc5104 : IVGCVSW-3431 Create Profiling Service State Machine
7388217c : IVGCVSW-3693 Implement SendCounterPacket.SendPeriodicCounterSelectionPacket() function
af5c46bd : IVGCVSW-3434 Create the SendCounterPacket interface
77086280 : IVGCVSW-2945 ExecuteNetwork should have an option to save the output to a file
56e26ba6 : Updated to list the layer support alphabetically
00d306e4 : IVGCVSW-3381 Break up LayerTests.hpp into more manageable files
08b51868 : Add a check for the number of output types to ExecuteNetwork
edd6fdce : IVGCVSW-3656 Fix wrong rename of the reference backend control macro
f88663c1 : IVGCVSW-3656 Build the reference backend by default
54658b9c : IVGCVSW-3675 Add ExecuteNetwork option to print intermediate layers
e89ebad9 : IVGCVSW-2325 Reduce duplication in LayerTests by reusing the ElementwiseTestHelper
a6539ed2 : IVGCVSW-3277 Fix RequiresCopy in case a tensor handle factory is not available
cddc9069 : IVGCVSW-3507 Removed partially supported networks
f2b8dcef : IVGCVSW-3656 Make the reference backend build optional
146b2e15 : IVGCVSW-3605 Add direct compatibility between Cl and Neon backends
665a964a : IVGCVSW-3575 Fix DepthwiseConvolution VTS Test Failures
dcaa6109 : IVGCVSW-3175 Add Regression Tests for Zero Copy
1a0f691a : IVGCVSW-3441 Create IProfilingConnection and ProfilingConnectionFactory
4e5fc1fb : IVGCVSW-3410 Create Counter Directory metadata classes
00dda4a6 : IVGCVSW-3547 Use ExecuteNetwork to run a dynamic backend end to end test
e898db9a : IVGCVSW-3427 Create PacketVersionResolver class
91e1d89a : Fix Windows build:
1cd451cd : IVGCVSW-3670 Fix Vts Tests after adding Ref Import functionality
e67edb23 : IVGCVSW-3656 Make the reference backend optional
c33882d1 : IVGCVSW-3668 Fix Android issue running Ref Import tests
11cf1e22 : IVGCVSW-3634 Segmentation fault running UnitTests on Android
ceda7853 : IVGCVSW-3671 Fix validation error msg WorkloadData.cpp
d6507c99 : IVGCVSW-3564 Add optional InputLayerBindingID argument to ImageCSVFileGenerator
a42d1b9e : IVGCVSW-3507 Fix error in list of tested networks for Tf and TfLite parsers
187fac00 : IVGCVSW-3507 Revise and update readmes for 19.08
ccb25ea4 : IVGCVSW-3650 Fix Transpose Convolution inputs in TfLite parser
7599aa47 : IVGCVSW-3661 Add multi-channel TransposeConvolution2d unit tests to NEON backend
675fa4f1 : IVGCVSW-3642 Fixed VTS Test Failures
581742d8 : IVGCVSW-3163 Support Neon TransposeConv2d
bfeb2711 : IVGCVSW-3606 Support memory import for Reference backend
aec942c3 : IVGCVSW-3640 Add multi-channel TransposeConvolution2d unit tests to CL backend
74bf7da7 : IVGCVSW-3650 Add TfLite Parser support for Transpose Convolution layer
27bd9239 : IVGCVSW-3506 Update version number for 19.08
e9f0f0fd : IVGCVSW-3617 Add CL TensorHandleFactory
89533909 : IVGCVSW-3545 Update the device specs with the dynamic backend ids
f800de21 : IVGCVSW-3653 Fix memory initialization bug in TransposeConvolution2dTestImpl
d88e47c3 : IVGCVSW-3429 Add a utility Version class
94d7915b : IVGCVSW-3550 Create Command Handler Registry
8ab53f05 : IVGCVSW-3625 Updated ACL pin to the 19.08 release branch
c3c5fc25 : IVGCVSW-3620 Fix Hal 1.2 Softmax test failures on GpuAcc and CpuAcc
dba634fd : IVGCVSW-3639 Add 5d tensor support
11f99b4e : IVGCVSW-3425 Create the Command Handler Functor base class
bc62605b : IVGCVSW-3415 Create the Packet Class
4e3e818e : IVGCVSW-3622 Add Neon TensorHandleFactory
4992c344 : IVGCVSW-3633 Fixed possible driver crash
97520101 : IVGCVSW-3636 Fix Graph and WorkloaData to support backend Import functionality
4f77ac26 : MLCE-126 Delete unused Protobuf header import
0558ca4b : IVGCVSW-3610 Remove unused leftover variable from TransposeConvolution2dImpl
bb590b42 : IVGCVSW-3474 Refactor Lstm and QuantizedLstm Param Getters
d65cb800 : IVGCVSW-3546 Extend the backend docs
1f7db45b : IVGCVSW-3416 Create Command Handler Key class
566e4adc : IVGCVSW-3635 Remove temporary check from RefLayerSupport::IsTransposeConvolution2dSupported()
d8edabb8 : IVGCVSW-3616 Add multi-channel unit test for TransposeConvolution2d
a24d9c79 : IVGCVSW-3615 Update Transpose Convolution algorithm
68db21f6 : IVGCVSW-3620 Fix VTS CpuRef failures
11bd2613 : IVGCVSW-3607 Add CreateWorkloadFactory with TensorHandleFactoryRegistry in IBackendInternal
f97a5de0 : IVGCVSW-3541 Treat an empty list of backend paths as a special case
4e73b429 : IVGCVSW-3546 Create a reference dynamic backend to use for testing and as an example in the docs
1fa19197 : IVGCVSW-3598 Add Neon backend support for Strided_Slice
b3fc252b : IVGCVSW-3474 Add end to end tests for Quantized_LSTM
6b4dfc2d : IVGCVSW-3603 *Json printer prints full profiling hierarchy
3d8a9eda : IVGCVSW-3597 Add complete test suite for the dynamic backends
0c2b2897 : IVGCVSW-3596 Register the dynamic backends in the BackendRegistry
e54aa06e : IVGCVSW-3595 Implement the LoadDynamicBackends function in the Runtime class
5488cfaa : IVGCVSW-3608 Fix Neon depthwise convolution 5x5 failure
3c4eb352 : IVGCVSW-3614 Remove limitation of axis=1 support for Softmax in Cl and Neon
c2291fce : GitHub #240 Fix bias shape in CreatePreCompiledWorkloadTest()
ff9cb791 : IVGCVSW-3600 Update the docs with the naming convention for dynamic backend files
0493a7b2 : IVGCVSW-3612 Update the docs to include description of dynamic backend loading paths
4a539fcd : IVGCVSW-3599 Create the GetSharedObjects method in DynamicBackendUtils
e7d44989 : IVGCVSW-3541 Get the paths where to load the dynamic backends from
4fc3c48c : IVGCVSW-3341 Add Neon backend support for Quantized_LSTM (16bit cell state)
f0a0a9ec : IVGCVSW-3541 Change the makefiles to generate the necessary test files for dynamic backends
f674aa0f : IVGCVSW-3277 Mem export/import suppor for Tensors
737d9ff5 : IVGCVSW-3342 Add CL backend support for Quantized_LSTM (16bit cell state)
651aafec : IVGCVSW-3611 Report TransposeConvolution2d as unsupported on CpuRef when channel multiplier != 1
198ee400 : IVGCVSW-3609 Fix decoding and encoding of INT32 tensors
d0dc770a : IVGCVSW-3561 Fix the linker issues of the test shared objects in the Android builds
ae7b832a : IVGCVSW-3604 Fix channel shape calculation in TransposeConvolution2dLayer::InferOutputShapes
87f65eab : IVGCVSW-3539 Add Neon support and tests for Stack
9c3cae86 : IVGCVSW-3470 Add Quantized_LSTM tests
61c6da2f : IVGCVSW-3577 Update ACL pin to include NEON convolution output multiplier fix
1da02363 : IVGCVSW-3571 Fix VTS Test Skips
d5166106 : IVGCVSW-3539 Add CL support and tests for Stack
2208b604 : IVGCVSW-3571 Add Gpu backend to CI tests for Android Q
a77d80e7 : IVGCVSW-3561 Use absolute path of unit tests
0cf01dce : IVGCVSW-3581 Fix AddCopyLayers and associated tests
bc2e2107 : IVGCVSW-3561 Test the DynamicBackend class
986c1864 : IVGCVSW-3555 Add unit tests for the dynamic backend utility functions
1a81630b : IVGCVSW-3592 Add Support for Quantize to HAL 1.2 Driver
5b01a899 : IVGCVSW-3471 Add Serialization support for Quantized_LSTM
61e71aa3 : IVGCVSW-3574 Update the docs with the backend versioning info
2e7f6ad7 : IVGCVSW-3556 Create the DynamicBackend class
b38ed40d : MLCE-130: Enabled optimized path for DepthwiseConv 5x5
3b938354 : IVGCVSW-3554 Update workloads to pass Softmax Axis Parameter to Backends
82b15eda : IVGCVSW-3537 Add support for L2 Normalization with < 4 dimensional tensors
99107924 : IVGCVSW-3368 Add Neon and CL unit tests for depth multiplier = 64
e30c16e7 : IVGCVSW-3566 Fix LSTM with normalization and Cifg WorkloadFactory
23700bb4 : Fix ModelAccuracyTool and ImageTensorGenerator's command line option typo
ac60d284 : IVGCVSW-3543 Implement the backend versioning algorithm
b19d2e9c : IVGCVSW-3555 Fix string formatting in DynamicBackendUtils
0a08ec6e : IVGCVSW-3521 CpuAcc V1.2 pad Failures
d73cecba : IVGCVSW-3563 + IVGCVSW-3555 Create new utility functions for dynamic backends
ee18dc8d : IVGCVSW-3469 Add front end for Quantized LSTM layer
7b184520 : IVGCVSW-3476 Add InferOutputShapes unit tests for convolution workloads
9e10c2b9 : Fix various uses of non-standard C++:
b0f1dd71 : Add DLL copy commands for armnnTfLiteParser.dll
65c32264 : NNXSW-1697 Remove use of SubgraphView that may become invalid.
588973fa : Fix and clean up ImageTensorGenerator
f8c62970 : IVGCVSW-3526 Add layer norm support for lstm serialization
07f2121f : IVGCVSW-3536 Add Axis parameter to reference Softmax implementation
6f3785d4 : IVGCVSW-3548 Use BuildArmComputePadStrideInfo() in CL and NEON convolution workloads
aab709b3 : Github #229 Remove unused include
d6a9dee3 : IVGCVSW-3368 Add reference support for depthwise multiplier > 3
28c94573 : IVGCVSW-3383 - Add TfLite Parser support for L2 Normalization layer
84062b74 : IVGCVSW-3311 Refactor Validate() methods in WorkloadData.cpp
1c8adac9 : IVGCVSW-3481 Add End to End test for Prelu in the Neon backend
2ec73ac8 : IVGCVSW-3480 Add End to End test for Prelu in the CL backend
747f586b : IVGCVSW-3479 Add End to End test for Prelu
598950d6 : IVGCVSW-3453 Fix VTS quant_output_multiplier_gt_1 test failures
37e68686 : IVGCVSW-3297 Add Neon backend support for ResizeNearestNeighbour
bcca1f4a : IVGCVSW-3423 Add TfLite parser support for Stack (Pack) layer
81e601c5 : IVGCVSW-3419 Add reference workload support for the new Stack layer
01bfd178 : Remove unnecessary include from ClResizeWorkload.cpp
90bb7ab2 : MLCE-103 Clean up ModelAccuracyTool and ImageTensorGenerator
f54c9462 : IVGCVSW-3478 Refactor armnn to make new Lstm parameters available in android-nn-driver through ILayerSupport.h
b5433ee3 : IVGCVSW-3420 Add Serialization support for the new Stack layer
15a9a8f8 : IVGCVSW-3513 Update CL pin that fixes impl_base.hpp not found issue
b6a9eccc : IVGCVSW-3519 Refactor TransposeConvolution2dWorkload for CL backed
97fb2deb : Github #226 Use correct paths returned by FindBoost.cmake
0bf6b232 : IVGCVSW-3495 Refactor names of convolution2d unit tests
898a324d : MLCE-103 Add necessary enhancements to ModelAccuracyTool
454d1f5d : IVGCVSW-3421 Add Quantizer support for the new Stack layer
d907f4bc : Github #227 Remove unnecessary includes
cc0cefb6 : IVGCVSW-3296 Add CL backend support for ResizeNearestNeighbour
59c6670c : IVGCVSW-3300 Add Neon backend support for dilated Convolution2d
974e5b60 : Update ACL pin to d473386e4d5e0edcf55e13a2bf3c422a23fac0de
05bfbd34 : IVGCVSW-3454 Fix VTS dilated conv2d test failures
4b961d36 : IVGCVSW-3298 Add CL backend support for dilated Convolution2d
5f9f2e3c : IVGCVSW-3492 - Fix for Array must be initialized error
2b7519dc : IVGCVSW-3468 Add Unit test for Conv2D that combines strides, dilation and padding
2b8c1da5 : IVGCVSW-3418 Add Arm NN front end support for the new Stack layer
ad5293a8 : IVGCVSW-3337 Add Neon backend support for LSTM layer normalisation
8b797a84 : IVGCVSW-3465 Add Customizable padding QSymm16 Unit Test to Neon
ab801628 : IVGCVSW-3467 Add CL Backend support for Pad_v2 with Unit Test
a2ec9092 : IVGCVSW-3338 Add CL backend support for LSTM normalization
c0ed7baa : MLCE-103 Remove hardcoded output shape in ModelAccuracyTool
2979457c : IVGCVSW-3355 Add NeonSpaceToDepthWorkload
39f4639a : MLCE-103 Use ImageTensorGenerator in ModelAccuracyTool
d01a83c8 : IVGCVSW-3397 Join lstm parameter infos in a struct for isLstmSupported
e6eaf661 : IVGCVSW-3399 Add support of QuantisedSymm16 to Pad
60597845 : IVGCVSW-3391 Add SpaceToDepth CreateWorkload and EndToEnd tests
a5b5bbf7 : IVGCVSW-3435 Add Neon Backend support for Pad_v2 with Unit Test
86bb4e1d : IVGCVSW-3399 Add support of QuantisedSymm16 to Permute and unit tests
ec8e198a : IVGCVSW-3393 Fix Ref Unit test for customizable padding value Add Neon missing Unit Test for Uint8.
47cfee93 : IVGCVSW-3399 Add support of QuantisedSymm16 to Debug and unit tests, refactor to be done
d2aa85ee : IVGCVSW-3353 Add CL support and tests for SpaceToDepth
f356905c : Fix member name in PadDescriptor
33fa0a66 : IVGCVSW-3401 Update ACL pin to latest master
9b461486 : IVGCVSW-3294 Add Neon backend support for PReLU
91e4c6d4 : IVGCVSW-3293 Add CL backend support for PReLU
328d92b8 : Fix the warning message reporting when sub-graphs fail to get optimized
7c1603a4 : IVGCVSW-3307 Add RefMemoryManager
f9ac3fd5 : IVGCVSW-3399 Add QSymm16 IsLayerSupportedTest to reference backend
6133cc31 : IVGCVSW-3277 Remove dead code
4686af03 : IVGCVSW-3307 TransposeConvolution: Don't call Map() before Execute()
da1fb9b0 : IVGCVSW-3161 Bug Fix in Nearest Neighbor implementation; consider 4 neighbors instead of 2.
169d2f12 : IVGCVSW-3382 Deprecate ResizeBilinear and use Resize with Bilinear method
38e05bd2 : IVGCVSW-3236 Extend Ref LSTM with layer normalization support
d0c0cc3e : IVGCVSW-3369 Add IsPreluSupported to default layer support
c394a6d1 : IVGCVSW-3307 Don't assume TensorInfo::Map() can be called before Execute()
4cefc413 : IVGCVSW-3307 Introduce RefTensorHandle
fe15eff9 : IVGCVSW-3361 Add end-to-end tests for Resize on CpuRef
b17406df : IVGCVSW-3366 Add Quantizer support for ResizeLayer
970f43b0 : IVGCVSW-3365 Add reference workload support for ResizeLayer
6fb339a7 : IVGCVSW-3364 Add serialization support for Resize layer
a9075df5 : IVGCVSW-3363 Add frontend support for Resize Layer
7a3e2fea : IVGCVSW-3162 Support CL workload for TransposeConv2D
93820381 : Remove unnecessary include from RefLayerTests.cpp
98180eff : IVGCVSW-3324 Add end-to-end tests for TransposeConvolution2d on CpuRef
735a450d : IVGCVSW-3320 Add reference workload support for TransposeConvolution2dLayer
05bf054f : IVGCVSW-3287 Add L2Normalization epsilon CL workload support
610256fd : IVGCVSW-3193 Allow ExecuteNetwork to have qasymm8 input type and add option to quantize float inputs to qasymm8
b2b5a26e : Update the CL pin to the latest master
5191033c : IVGCVSW-3197 Support SPACE_TO_DEPTH on Android
e24e3cd9 : IVGCVSW-3347 Add EndToEnd test for BatchToSpaceNd
d0dfe178 : IVGCVSW-3249 Extend the BatchToSpace workload to support QSymm16
96a709d8 : IVGCVSW-3310 Update scripts to download q-fsk version
e30054f5 : Don't override compiler options specified on command line
e0dbedfa : IVGCVSW-3250 Extend the Gather workload for QSymm16 support
e440329a : MLCE-103 Fix out-of-bound bug in ModelAccuracyChecker
57f13d59 : IVGCVSW-3334 Refactor BatchToSpace tests to be generic
34757810 : IVGCVSW-3235 Add scalar to use as padding value in Reference Pad
84da38b0 : IVGCVSW-3277 Refactor TensorHandle factory API
9515c7ec : IVGCVSW-3263 - Add End to End tests for SpaceToDepth on Ref
965c7c63 : IVGCVSW-3343 Add backward compatibility deserialisation test for pad value
bf0e7226 : IVGCVSW-3267 Add more code coverage to the PReLU layer
6858d3fb : IVGCVSW-3247: Refactor reference Gather workload
389aa70c : IVGCVSW-3322 Add Quantizer support for TransposeConvolution2DLayer
5e1b0cf8 : IVGCVSW-3330 Parse dilation parameters for DepthwiseConvolution2d in Deserializer
cb549301 : IVGCVSW-3321 Add serialization support for TransposeConvolution2dLayer
0dcffec8 : IVGCVSW-3291 Add L2Normalization epsilon value to serialization
639fb043 : IVGCVSW-3319 Add frontend support for TransposeConvolution2d Layer
713e95c8 : IVGCVSW-3193 Update bounding box value of MobileNet SSD after refactor Convolution2d and DepthwiseConvolution2d to use Encoders and Decoders
65263959 : IVGCVSW-3212 Refactor RefBatchNormalizationWorkload
47ea3c0e : IVGCVSW-3248 Refactor reference BatchToSpace workload
51982472 : IVGCVSW-3269 Add Serialization support for the new Prelu Activation layer
a4812b6c : IVGCVSW-3270 Add Quantizer support for the new Prelu Activation layer
20b1f883 : IVGCVSW-3271 Add unit test for dilated DepthwiseConvolution2d
a57eccbe : IVGCVSW-3231 Add reference workload support for SpaceToDepth
ab9e5256 : IVGCVSW-3268 Add Reference workload support for the new Prelu Activation layer
bee4bc94 : IVGCVSW-3299 Add Uint8 Support to Model Accuracy Checker
0c64f461 : IVGCVSW-3288 Add L2Normalization epsilon Neon workload support
0244cd0f : IVGCVSW-3234 Ensure that Quantizer allows different quantization scales on inputs and output of Concat layer
71c80b1d : IVGCVSW-3234 Add unit test for Concat with different quantization params
edeeb168 : IVGCVSW-3264 Add Unit Test for Dilated Convolution2d to armnn
0e406eed : IVGCVSW-3267 Add Arm NN front end support for the new Prelu Activation layer
e52211e1 : IVGCVSW-3286 Add epsilon Reference workload support
0b679f03 : IVGCVSW-2779 Fix Android Q build
3cb85f32 : IVGCVSW-3219: Add QSymm16 support to the ResizeBilinear Reference workload
a7240e7f : IVGCVSW-3273 ArmnnQuantizer: UnimplementedException thrown for: VisitNormalizationLayer
b80775f7 : IVGCVSW-3222 Extend Mean ref workload to support QSymm16
4d1ff588 : IVGCVSW-3221 Refactor Mean ref workload and tests
aece4edd : IVGCVSW-3285 Remove out of date check from RefLayerSupport::IsDilatedDepthwiseConvolutionSupported
719d2a94 : IVGCVSW-3218 Refactor the Reference Workloads for the ResizeBilinear layer
c81855f6 : IVGCVSW-3278 Cl and Neon TensorHandles inherit from common base interface
db48288f : MLCE-121 Github: Build error on GCC 9
24d7321a : IVGCVSW-3225 Add QSymm16 support for Rsqrt workload
c6138d8a : IVGCVSW-3275 Add Uint8 support for L2Normalization
d73d14fd : IVGCVSW-3229 Refactor L2Normalization workload to support multiple data types
0421e7f2 : IVGCVSW-3224 Add Uint8 support for Rsqrt
c4223d13 : IVGCVSW-3217 Refactor the Layer tests for ResizeBilinear to make them generic
1ea3fcff : IVGCVSW-3261 Add Quantizer support for SpaceToDepth layer
aa06714b : IVGCVSW-3260 Add serialization support for SpaceToDepth
7f6db40e : IVGCVSW-3010: Unit Test for Activation Workload for Float32 and Uint8
972af156 : IVGCVSW-3258 Add front end support for new SpaceToDepth layer
e9e1878c : IVGCVSW-3253 Refactor MonotonicClockRaw in WallClockTimer
68947187 : Github #208 Search for flatc on standard paths
e315c8fa : libarmnnQuantizer has references to libarmnn, so use libarmnn for link
edf52308 : IVGCVSW-3228 Fix bias quantization to be INT32 not QAsymm8
49ab7ada : Github #140 Use snprintf instead of strncpy
a37e1bd2 : IVGCVSW-3237 Add type check to RefLayerSupport::IsDetectionPostProcessSupported
f2aaab3a : IVGCVSW-3223 Fix ref convolution performance regression
99a66314 : IVGCVSW-3211 Refactor reference Rsqrt workload
0434df60 : IVGCVSW-3143 Extend the Pooling 2d workload to support QSymm16
6aeb771e : IVGCVSW-3227 Extend the reference normalization workload to support QSymm16
2fc70c5f : IVGCVSW-3226 Refactor the reference normalization workload
a3b20473 : IVGCVSW-3142 Refactor reference Pooling2d workload
6331f91a : IVGCVSW-2971 Support QSymm16 for DetectionPostProcess workloads
18f2d1cc : IVGCVSW-3223 Use GetIndex from DataLayoutIndexed.cpp in ConvImpl.cpp
ba257e3a : IVGCVSW-3212 Refactor the Reference BatchNormalization workloads
93f84a97 : IVGCVSW-3216 Make Rsqrt f32 layers test generic
ee423cee : IVGCVSW-3142 Refactor DataLayoutIndexed and TensorBufferArrayView for convenience
286080f0 : Do not rebuild the serializer/deserializer code if not necessary
f5507134 : IVGCVSW-3213 Extend the Reference BatchNormalization workload to support the new QSymm16 type
3122bd57 : IVGCVSW-3212 Refactor the Reference BatchNormalization workloads to handle Float32 and QAsymm8 types
550fe36f : Update the CL pin to the latest master
b6441e46 : Add support for all data type for input and output layers
33732f64 : IVGCVSW-3215 Add CreateWorkload test for Rsqrt Fp32
b40d7105 : IVGCVSW-3179 Extend floor workload to support QSymm16
a7b7928b : MLCE-124 Fix install target wrt serializer and tflite parser
8c7324dd : IVGCVSW-3148 Add end to end test for Dequantize layer to Ref, Cl, Neon
60f54887 : IVGCVSW-3182 Updated Validation files
83735b17 : IVGCVSW-3177 Refactor Floor reference workload
983daec9 : IVGCVSW-3147 Add CL Dequantization workload
120522ae : IVGCVSW-3195 Extend reference SpaceToBatch workload to support QSymm16
cd5571c6 : IVGCVSW-3165 Added accidentally removed CreateFakeQuantization Function
42666a17 : IVGCVSW-3171 Extend the Strided Slice Ref workload to support the QSymm16
e851b3da : IVGCVSW-3170 Refactor the Strided Slice Ref workload for Float32 and QAsymm8 types
01961a7d : IVGCVSW-3148 Add Neon backend support for Dequantize
20ec2497 : IVGCVSW-3186 Add ClQuantizeWorkload
fabc289e : IVGCVSW-3185 Add NeonQuantizeWorkload
22f0f2bc : IVGCVSW-3194 Refactor SpaceToBatchNd workload
25339c31 : IVGCVSW-3159 Support QSymm16 for Splitter workloads
edb8b2ec : IVGCVSW-3182 Corrected expected model predictions
d7f29089 : fix reference IsConvolution2dSupported error messages
0f072ab1 : IVGCVSW-2771 Add more end to end tests for splitter on Cl, Neon, Ref to cover different number of dimensions and split axis
e0200da9 : MLCE-119: Allow deph multipliers 2 and 3
248683fe : IVGCVSW-3173 Extend reference softmax workload to support qsymm16
aa949514 : Don't add redundant copies
8ed4b8c3 : IVGCVSW-3172 Add QSymm16 support for reshape workload
a70fe604 : IVGCVSW-2992 Document Concat layer rename
f341d7f5 : IVGCVSW-2745 Unit test error running ArmNN on Raspberry Pi
a121de3e : IVGCVSW-3168 Refactor reference softmax workload into a single workload
e242f2dc : IVGCVSW-3119 Rename MergerLayer to ConcatLayer
2f2778f3 : IVGCVSW-3145 Refactor Reference Reshape workloads
0be43386 : IVGCVSW-2771 Add end to end tests for splitter on Cl, Neon, Ref
41f00f1e : IVGCVSW-3033 Unit test using a MockBackend to validate Optimizer
46c09d00 : IVGCVSW-2970 Support QSymm16 for FullyConnected workloads
af8b72d3 : IVGCVSW-3129 Image pre-processing fix for TFLite
43aec588 : IVGCVSW-3134 Refactor FullyConnected workloads into single workload
7f2c35a8 : IVGCVSW-3033 Adding MockLayerSupport to MockBackend
c1001c6f : Make the script for getting the compute library more robust
74135831 : IVGCVSW-2771 Fix SubTensor error in vgg16 ExecuteNetwork CL
2f80f6e3 : IVGCVSW-3026 Extend RefConvolution2dWorkload to support QSymm16
88d44b89 : IVGCVSW-3074 Extend the DepthwiseConvolution2d workload to support QSymm16
e3a4245b : IVGCVSW-3082 Fix layer execution order after a subgraph substitution
15eb5832 : IVGCVSW-2771 Fix SubTensor error in vgg16 ExecuteNetwork NEON
495852f2 : IVGCVSW-3073 Refactor reference DepthwiseConvolution2d workloads
9b398329 : IVGCVSW-3025: Refactor reference Convolution2d workload
31b2e134 : Silence gcc 8 warning wrt catch by value
c3ba50e5 : IVGCVSW-3132 Reintroduce SubGraph definition, but deprecated
38a92584 : IVGCVSW-2758 Instructions for cross-compiling ArmNN for arm64 should install cross-compiling toolchain earlier
d00883b2 : IVGCVSW-3116 Fix failing NN Driver Tests on Android Q
e0ca861a : IVGCVSW-3081 Quantizer min>=max error & missing layers
ed735043 : IVGCVSW-3088 Update the backends README file
05349c5e : IVGCVSW-3015 Fix duplicate input/output slots in sub-graph
1b3eb7e5 : IVGCVSW-3123 Remove duplicate step from CrossCompilation guide
005288d3 : IVGCVSW-3033 New unit tests to ensure the Optimizer can handle multiple Graph objects
997dd8c4 : IVGCVSW-3088 Update Readme for 19.05
825af454 : IVGCVSW-3125 Deprecate CreateMergerDescriptorForConcatenation function
f02e6cd7 : IVGCVSW-3030 Add unit testing for the Optimization API
4ed6c83a : IVGCVSW-3124 Rename workloadFactory CreateMerger to CreateConcat
ac73760a : IVGCVSW-3060 Classification tests display output value as raw float
58ef2c6f : IVGCVSW-2967 Support QSymm16 for Constant workloads
39d487d3 : IVGCVSW-3117 Rename NeonMergerWorkload to NeonConcatWorkload
69059413 : IVGCVSW-3117 Rename ClMergerWorkload to ClConcatWorkload
4ed34edd : IVGCVSW-3117 Rename RefMergerWorkload to RefConcatWorkload
b6e17568 : IVGCVSW-3036 Change Armnn Quantizer to specify Armnn format
88054f85 : IVGCVSW-3030 Add a mock backend for unit testing
af000a90 : IVGCVSW-2964 Fix issue with Deserializer creating ciruclar graph
cbb66aa4 : IVGCVSW-2972 Support QSymm16 for Merger
60281579 : IVGCVSW-3089 Change clframework version to 19.05 Release branch
758fe129 : IVGCVSW-3087 Changing version to 19.05
bab2626e : IVGCVSW-2911 Add Android Q support to android-nn-driver infrastructure
da47048a : IVGCVSW-3001 Dequantize the output prior to printing
fc598e15 : Use the new deprecation API
906f9463 : IVGCVSW-3076 Add ConcatLayer methods to public API
30562020 : IVGCVSW-3069 Add documentation for ModelAccuracyTool-Armnn
eac246dd : MLCE-101 Add default dilation depthwise convolution implementation to LayerSupportBase
22972f04 : MLCE-101 Add dilation support for DepthWiseConv workload
acad04e3 : MLCE-101 Add dilation parameter to serializer
49cb7d05 : MLCE-101 Add dilation support to reference backend
f0bd6838 : MLCE-101: Adding dilation support in conv and dconv
3f9119a1 : IVGCVSW-3035 Correct gamma variable name
290eb93a : IVGCVSW-3058 Segmentation fault running Resnetv2.50 tfite int8 model
b9971c9e : IVGCVSW-3013 Add unit tests for QSymm16 LSTM
0e26cb57 : IVGCVSW-3070 Add Documentation for ImageTensorGenerator & ImageCSVFileGenerator
cd05f3e6 : IVGCVSW-2834 Fix Input TensorInfo in Quantization DataSet
bdf2aab8 : IVGCVSW-3034 Adding a unit test to check substituteSubGraph now works when substituting layers from another Graph
5696bff2 : IVGCVSW-3063 Modify Quantizer tool to take command line input for preserving input/output types
5200afa2 : IVGCVSW-3034 Updates to SubstituteSubGraph and ReplaceSubgraphConnections to support Graphs instead of SubGraphViews
afe78896 : IVGCVSW-2990 Add deprecation helpers
8492433d : IVGCVSW-3030 Refactor code and fix OptimizeSubgraphView
f3d10211 : IVGCVSW-3030 Added move operators to the Graph class
724e4801 : IVGCVSW-3061 Modify NetworkQuantizer to support option to preserve input/output types
5fa83938 : IVGCVSW-3072 Add MergerLayer Deserialise Backcompat test
77ba3df6 : IVGCVSW-3030 Make the OptimizationViews class move-assignable
a563b924 : IVGCVSW-2900 Adding the missing option to build the Accuracy Tool to the GlobalConfig.cmake
8106b7cc : IVGCVSW-3031 Reparent layer to new graph
f92dfced : IVGCVSW-2833 Add Dynamic Quantization
a4247d5a : IVGCVSW-2900 Adding the Accuracy Checker Tool and tests
c2fe5fb3 : IVGCVSW-3031 Finer grained backend optimization API
59f32f96 : IVGCVSW-3067 Fix issue with QuantizerVisior not setting TensorShape correctly
eb2b329b : IVGCVSW-2997 Refactor reference LSTM workload
5cf4d1c2 : IVGCVSW-2989 Generate subgraphs without cyclic dependencies
2fd6100c : IVGCVSW-3038 Move MakeInputTensors to armnnUtils
0eea37c0 : IVGCVSW-3030 Update the backend code to create also a list of non-optimized SubgraphViews
87106761 : IVGCVSW-3014 Add GetSupportedBackends to IDeviceSpec
602af090 : IVGCVSW-3029 Remove any AddLayer capabilities from SubgraphView
59e15b00 : IVGCVSW-2834 Add dynamic quantization via datasets
8b194fbe : IVGCVSW-3003 Fix the bug in setting the same tuningLevel in the constructor
b4d7eaef : IVGCVSW-3039 Unify BindingPointInfo declarations
93e2e405 : IVGCVSW-2941 THIRD_PARTY_INCLUDE_DIRS is not set in armnn/tests/CMakeLists.txt for external builds
49937f3d : IVGCVSW-2773 Integrate new CL tuner into ArmNN
d78b891d : IVGCVSW-3021 Add end-to-end flow control integration test
386681af : IVGCVSW-2993: Investigate TfLite Parser test output shape validation
ff05cc50 : IVGCVSW-2405 Rename SubGraph to SubgraphView
6870b989 : IVGCVSW-2948 Add DeepSpeech v1 support to
18515e2e : IVGCVSW-2983 activation layers support for QSymm16 !armnn:1023
e05e38e7 : Fixing a broken link to
dc2f7f4b : IVGCVSW-2843 Support QSymm16 via Command-line quantizer tool
ae2c5f03 : IVGCVSW-2982 Refactor reference Activation workload
bb73e576 : IVGCVSW-2773 Update clframework pin for the jenkins timing tests
13a9fa67 : IVGCVSW-2396 Go back to using offset memory manager
501f4d4e : IVGCVSW-2996 Add Reshape layer to ParseFullyConnected in TfLite parser when input is > 2D to flatten the input to 2D [batch_size, input_size]
c01b3914 : IVGCVSW-3007 ArmnnConverter: Fix bug with optional --input-tensor-shape argument
b8554702 : IVGCVSW-2657: Fix to force correct quantisation parameters for QASYMM8 Softmax Signed-off-by: David Monahan <>
04a8b05b : IVGCVSW-3005 Correct the order of inputs and outputs of deepspeech v1
3dcc1c68 : MLCE-111: ONNX parser raw data bug
d49b70fc : IVGCVSW-2993: Investigate TfLite Parser test output shape validation
672de578 : IVGCVSW-2994 Add Reshape layer to ParseUnpack in TfLite parser to remove the unpacked dimension of each output from Splitter and correct ReshapeFixtureWithReshapeDimsFlatten test output shape
4a956117 : Remove incorrect documentation line
a820e025 : IVGCVSW-2657: New Mobilenet Timings test which includes quantisation and softmax Signed-off-by: David Monahan <>
dc279792 : IVGCVSW-2657: Model update to fix failing timings test: TfLiteVGG16Quantized Signed-off-by: David Monahan <>
4de9f67c : IVGCVSW-2918 Implement ExecutionFrame.
8271f814 : IVGCVSW-2899 Create a tool to preprocess the images, generating the RAW tensor data from the image files
861985ff : IVGCVSW-2925: Combine Pad with Convolution2d in the Optimizer
17660e68 : IVGCVSW-2987 Modify ParseSplit in TfLite parser
7997a352 : IVGCVSW-2980 Build ArmNN with the latest version of the driver stack library
c2ebc63b : IVGCVSW-2855 Update Command Line Processing of commonOptions
4818d465 : IVGCVSW-2849 Add TfLite Parser support for Rank-0 operands and unit tests
0790dcea : IVGCVSW-2957 MergerLayer subtensor optimization now backend agnostic
b98bbcfa : IVGCVSW-2425 Add unit test for Logistic (Sigmoid) in NEON
e571d33a : IVGCVSW-2855 Create TfLite reference test for DeepSpeechV1
aab6aff4 : IVGCVSW-2959: Update TfLiteResNetV2-50-Quantized-Armnn test
507f39d2 : MLCE-103: MDK changes for running multiple inferences qasymm8
472d4e03 : IVGCVSW-2965: Add ResnetV2 50 Timings job in CI
3e68b979 : IVGCVSW-2928 Fix issue with GPU profiling
200e3803 : IVGCVSW-2848 - Add TfLite Parser support for Unpack layer
b1390fce : IVGCVSW-2959 Update TfLiteResNetV2-50-Quantized-Armnn test
2b03d64d : IVGCVSW-2955 Update the Quantizer Tool to take an additional parameter for the user to specify a CSV file
7b4886fa : IVGCVSW-2543 Add timing for ExecuteNetwork inference
774f6f1d : IVGCVSW-2912 Change -p exit code to 0
7c23b33e : IVGCVSW-2873 Update documentation for Serializer/Deserializer
d4f0fead : IVGCVSW-2947 Remove boost dependency from include/TypesUtils.hpp
f30f7d32 : IVGCVSW-2946 RefElementwiseWorkload configures prior to first execute
82fbe7c0 : IVGCVSW-2912 Make sole source for clframework pin
2999a02f : IVGCVSW-2862 Extend the Elementwise Workload to support QSymm16 Data Type IVGCVSW-2863 Unit test per Elementwise operator with QSymm16 Data Type * Added QSymm16 support for Elementwise Operators * Added QSymm16 unit tests for Elementwise Operators
99851764 : IVGCVSW-2845: Add TfLite Parser support for TanH activation layer
2e6dc3a1 : IVGCVSW-2861 Refactor the Reference Elementwise workload * Refactor Reference Comparison workload * Removed templating based on the DataType * Implemented BaseIterator to do decode/encode
0324f48e : IVGCVSW-2844: Add TfLite Parser support for Split layer
1b63d6c1 : IVGCVSW-2927 Fix Streamline annotations
eff363d5 : IVGCVSW-2914 Add Switch Layer and no-op factory method
1f886308 : IVGCVSW-2915 Add Merge Layer and no-op factory method
647aab36 : IVGCVSW-2926 Add test for ResNetV2 50 quantized tflite model
bb190a63 : IVGCVSW-2539 Improve ExecuteNetwork error logging
2fcce08c : IVGCVSW-2802 Ability to run FP16 turbo mode through ExecuteNetwork
afa4e3a4 : IVGCVSW-2875 Enable QuantisedSymm16 support for ref Dequantize workload
a0beb3b8 : IVGCVSW-2872 Unit tests for Quantize layer and reference workload
2ab0bfa3 : IVGCVSW-2832 (Part 2) update clframework pin to b4a44ff3aa98d2b51f1621a7525db3f81108a1bd
5f400d6d : IVGCVSW-2871 Ref QuantizeLayer workload
8a54ac09 : IVGCVSW-2875 Reference implementation and unit tests for Dequantize
317cae52 : IVGCVSW-2866 Implement RegisterDebugCallback for RefDebugWorkload
83add216 : MLCE-101 Deeplab v3+ (Add Tf Lite Parser Dilation Check)
10e6be47 : IVGCVSW-2885 fix ArmnnConverter help text
e4294fd7 : IVGCVSW-2874 Add DequantizeLayer and no-op factory method
61f54634 : IVGCVSW-2880 Refactor order of methods
8b6df4da : IVGCVSW-2827: adding Validation file for TfLiteInceptionV4Quantized
87acb273 : IVGCVSW-2870 Serialize quantize layer
a9cca6aa : IVGCVSW-2870 Support QuantizeLayer on frontend
045ea78a : IVGCVSW-2884:Add Validation.txt for TfliteInceptionV3
5eb30d9f : IVGCVSW-2817 Inherit SerializerVisitor from the ILayerVisitor interface class
964e955d : IVGCVSW-2881 Remove DebugDescriptor
44db7c36 : IVGCVSW-2832 Update CL pin to 2761c2f0b60175469e959982a25ff0abdca6c9ce
313e1c88 : IVGCVSW-2882 Fix include order in armnn public headers
47bfac4c : IVGCVSW-2865 add missing include of functional
9fc8c0f0 : Use unique names for temporary files
ef38d5d0 : IVGCVSW-2861 Refactor the Reference Elementwise workloads * Refactored Elementwise Workload into the single workload. * Execute() function will react based on the DataType.
6e948201 : IVGCVSW-2865 Extend IRuntime to add a new method RegisterDebugCallback(...)
2a304ede : IVGCVSW-2859 Add unit tests for QSymm16 quantization
11af375a : IVGCVSW-2694: serialize/deserialize LSTM
db059fd5 : IVGCVSW-2850 Fix Circular Dependency Issue * Create the SerilizationID for fb base layer before creating inputs and connections.
7ac07f35 : IVGCVSW-2858 Add support for QSymm16 quantization
2a434a8a : IVGCVSW-2814 AllTypesAreEqualImpl handles odd num params correctly.
50db4e83 : IVGCVSW-2814 Extensive ref IsSupported for Activation & Addition
03acd687 : IVGCVSW-2788 Modify Serializer test to use introspection API
cd5ac230 : IVGCVSW-2839 Add QuantisedSymm16 support to the ArmNN frontend
2a326b5b : MLCE-105 Fix use of std::unique_lock in LoadedNetwork
3e14a9d2 : IVGCVSW-2686 Add Serializer and Deserializer for DetectionPostProcess
65d30965 : IVGCVSW-2354 Caffe SqueezeNet through armnn Cl and Neon
222c753b : IVGCVSW-2429 Add Detection PostProcess Parser to TensorFlow Lite Parser
232cfc2a : IVGCVSW-2574 Create a converter application for all the supported ArmNN Networks
db7c3912 : IVGCVSW-2735 Failure to find flatbuffers is not a fatal build error
18ce3387 : IVGCVSW-2709 Serialize / de-serialize the Splitter layer
1b4d7b1e : IVGCVSW-2800 Update CL pin to latest master
b99480bc : IVGCVSW-2792 Update Neon Mul/Sub workload for latest CL master
a6d45c77 : IVGCVSW-2769 Don't process node if already visited
495701f0 : IVGCVSW-2693 Serialize/de-serialize L2Normalization
ac25a1be : IVGCVSW-2697 Add Serialize/Deserialize for the Merger Layer
d469faf8 : IVGCVSW-2783 Fix Deserializer connections for layer with multiple outputs
ac97c8cd : IVGCVSW-2696 Serialize / de-serialize the Mean layer
c192f35e : IVGCVSW-2689 Fix Floor Deserilizer discarding layer name
f81edaac : IVGCVSW-2691 Add Serialize/Deseralize Gather layer
5c7ab055 : IVGCVSW-2681 Fix layer name in BatchNormalization deserialization
a1ed73a7 : IVGCVSW-2691 Add Serialize/Deseralize Gather layer
b348521a : IVGCVSW-2710 Add Serializer and Deserializer for StridedSlice
da1f9755 : IVGCVSW-2711 Add Serializer and Deserializer for Subtraction
6522cdcd : IVGCVSW-2705 Add Serializer and Deserializer for ResizeBilinear
79ffdf57 : IVGCVSW-2692 Add Serializer and Deserializer for Greater
8e7fa232 : IVGCVSW-2681 Serialize/de-serialize the BatchNormalization layer
dd2ba7eb : IVGCVSW-2689 Serialize / de-serialize the Floor layer
8b42a380 : IVGCVSW-2706 Serialize / de-serialize the Rsqrt layer
ebb0f9c1 : IVGCVSW-2701 Add Serializer and Deserializer for Pad
57728788 : IVGCVSW-2700 Serialize/de-serialize the Normalization layer
377351e5 : IVGCVSW-2695 Serialize / deserialize the Maximum layer
235cea59 : IVGCVSW-2688 Add Serializer and Deserializer for Equal
0fe3245e : IVGCVSW-2698 Serialize / deserialize the Minimum layer
9066d3c4 : IVGCVSW-2765 Modify ParserFlatBuffersSerilizeFixture to accept different output type
3ee1422c : IVGCVSW-2763 Fix bug in BatchToSpaceNdLayer::InferOutputShapes
8d69bbc6 : IVGCVSW-2766 Modify CheckDeserializedNetworkAgainstOriginal to work with multiple inputs and outputs
5888589e : IVGCVSW-2687 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Division
315258e6 : IVGCVSW-2598 Update attribute to use num_split
6b4ed983 : IVGCVSW-2682 Add Serializer and Deserializer for BatchToSpaceNd
ad402709 : IVGCVSW-2752 Make biases optional in INetwork
b56292c0 : IVGCVSW-2759 Add MakeOptional to enable in-place optional object construction
91c0eff2 : IVGCVSW-2598 Fix for constant axis issue for Tensorflow Parser
dbfb8549 : IVGCVSW-2764 Strengthen test for thread-safety in Profiler
b2845655 : IVGCVSW-2632 Fix RefMerger from QAsymm8 types with different quantization parameters
7733c57b : IVGCVSW-2560 Add support of SSD MobileNet to
4628d054 : IVGCVSW-2560 Verify Inference test for TensorFlow Lite MobileNet SSD
45286997 : IVGCVSW-2708 Add Serializer and Deserializer SpaceToBatchNd
07d58c77 : IVGCVSW-2429 Add Detection PostProcess Parser to TensorFlow Lite Parser
76277881 : IVGCVSW-2683 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Constant
b3d481a2 : IVGCVSW-2629 Adding support for uint8 in ExecuteNetwork to fix issues with output tensor being all zero
17fa2b42 : IVGCVSW-2756 Fix bug in ClSpaceToBatchNdWorkload
757b0d9a : IVGCVSW-2525 *Update TfLite supported operator list
633f8590 : IVGCVSW-2751 When layers are Deserialized the layer name is lost
268509ac : Rename ArmNN schema file to ArmnnSchema.fbs
a1ecc49d : IVGCVSW-2762 Fix missing layer name and output slot index in DebugLayer output
451d95bf : Add strided-slice parser to tf-lite
f11bab5c : IVGCVSW-2757 Add check for wrong number of components supplied to const tensor
8f6d7a71 : Add minimum parser to tf-lite
b8d805ea : Add maximum parser to tf-lite
0d0a78eb : IVGCVSW-2721 Quantize and Dequantize aren't quite right
d1ae3a63 : IVGCVSW-2735 Fail build if TfLite parser or armnnSerializer can't be built
baded14f : Add space-to-batch-nd parser to tf-lite
db947e26 : Add batch-to-space-nd parser to tf-lite
3f58ddb3 : Add resize-bilinear parser to tf-lite
bbeae26a : Add sub parser to tf-lite
17cf71f7 : IVGCVSW-2589 Fix for checking out CL release branch
b9705bf2 : IVGCVSW-2739 Updating the and files to add references and links to the new website (the home for the machine learning platform
06e25c41 : IVGCVSW-2749 Throw exception in TensorShape when requested index >= number of dimensions
8ddae33a : IVGSVSW-2736 Fix dangling reference to temporary storage
c64ea9fd : IVGCVSW-2588 Update README files for 19.02
b5b9bdf1 : IVGCVSW-2424 Add LOGISTIC Operator Support (CL)
e74e5541 : IVGCVSW-2748 Fix bug causing std::bad_alloc in MakeTensor()
dbe94290 : IVGCVSW-2589 Update CL pin to the 19.02 release
6cde7ed0 : IVGCVSW-2635 Update
bdc99726 : COMPMID-2007 Changing NDK version to 17b in the Build ArmNN with the Android NDK guide. This is required by the Arm Compute Library for some of the v8 NEON intrinsics
1b3e2ead : IVGCVSW-2429 Add Detection PostProcess Parser to TensorFlow Lite Parser
19f74b44 : IVGCVSW-2643 Add Activation to and
dbb0c0ca : IVGCVSW-2639 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Fully Connected
53247828 : IVGCVSW-2613 Support static quantization of BatchToSpace
23e1de6a : Fix typos in IVGCVSW-2645 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Pooling2d
3091b068 : IVGCVSW-2610 Add Quantization Tool Executable
30b00204 : IVGCVSW-2702 Add Serializer and Deserializer for Permute
af484013 : IVGCVSW-2643 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Activation
0028d1b0 : IVGSVSW-2736 Rename DeserializeParser => Deserializer & fix namespaces
be25fc18 : IVGCVSW-2636 Update serializer and deserializer README with new layers
c04125f6 : IVGCVSW-2685 Serialize / de-serialize the DepthwiseConvolution2d layer
9ffd2fe2 : IVGCVSW-2583 Update verison number for 19.02
c8bab1bf : IVGCVSW-2436 Modify MobileNet SSD inference test
fab64f09 : IVGCVSW-2730 Fix bug in TfParser setting incorrect output shape for Addition Layer
30211047 : IVGCVSW-2725 Fix issue with ExecuteNetwork and Guid's
a0766c3d : IVGCVSW-2646 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Conv2D
2b183fb3 : IVGCVSW-2736 Deserialize using istream instead of filename
263829c2 : IVGCVSW-2642 Add Reshape to Serializer and Deserializer
4fbae335 : IVGCVSW-2662 Implement conversion tool to serialize ArmNN networks
3166c3ed : IVGCVSW-2645 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Pooling2d
a6b504a8 : IVGCVSW-2619 Support static quantization of StridedSlice
fc413c0c : IVGCVSW-2644 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Softmax
2ee88dfe : IVGCVSW-2626 Add Quantization of ResizeBilinear Layer
aa80d8a9 : IVGCVSW-2618 Support static quantization of Splitter
8675b68e : IVGCVSW-2616: static quantization of reshape
e870bef8 : IVGCVSW-2621 Add static quantization of Merger
43e7864c : IVGCVSW-2724 Fix bug in DeserializeParser
cb8a3219 : IVGCVSW-2642 Fix Guid issue in Serialize Parser
3fcef20f : IVGCVSW-2642 Fix layerBindingId issue
5b2159e4 : IVGCVSW-2620 Support static quantization of Constant
ec333914 : IVGCVSW-2726 Code cleanup
e5abbde5 : IVGCVSW-2658 Integrate Compute Library 6eb90d7
d8f5fc2d : IVGCVSW-2615 Support static quantization of Pooling2d
7b53b691 : IVGCVSW-2714 Fix armv7 build
ac9cadc6 : IVGCVSW-2662 Create ISerializer class and refactor Serializer
fa6e9e00 : IVGCVSW-2617 Add static quantization of SpaceToBatch
5f450279 : IVGCVSW-2640 Add Serializer & Deserializer for Mul * Updated Serializer schema for Multiplication support * Added support for Multiplication to Serializer and Deserializer
fb1437e8 : IVGCVSW-2614 Support static quantization of Permute
8a4ca10c : IVGCVSW-2607 Refactor range tracking into own class
64e4ccb4 : IVGCVSW-2663 Enable ExecuteNetwork to load ArmNN files
42495156 : IVGCVSW-2623 Support static quantization of DepthwiseConv2d
8c1701a2 : IVGCVSW-2531 Serialize a simple ArmNN Network
a40521a7 : IVGCVSW-2625 Support static quantization of softmax
0085978a : IVGCVSW-2676 Make biases optional in ILayerVisitor for Convolution2D, DepthwiseConvolution2D and FullyConnected
3dad5acc : IVGCVSW-2622 Add static quantization of 2DConvolution
e604cde1 : IVGCVSW-2624 Support static quantization of FullyConnected
43a799ca : IVGCVSW-2581 Create Deserializer
c602f29d : IVGCVSW-2529 DeepSpeech v1 test
9c5d33a2 : IVGCVSW-2672 Code cleanup after changes
a8d572dc : IVGCVSW-2607 Implement Input range override mechanism
e0a4ad8a : IVGCVSW-2557 Add layer tests for Ref Detection PostProcess
0c702a1c : Github #123 Catch exceptions by reference
6d302bfb : IVGCVSW-2559 End to end tests for Detection PostProcess
61980d47 : Added TfLiteParser test for MnasNet
a00a4ec0 : IVGCVSW-2553 Change BOOST_TEST to BOOST_CHECK_MESSAGE in CheckConstTensorPtrs
92e754f0 : IVGCVSW-2608: support static quantization of Activation
aebf2e78 : IVGCVSW-2553 Add Unit Test for ConstTensor layer visitors
857aa454 : IVGCVSW-2609 Quantize BatchNormalizationLayer
49dbe0e9 : IVGCVSW-2581 Update Schema.fbs to refer to vector of tables
ccbde0e9 : Added TfLiteParser test for InceptionV4Quantized
8f29338c : Added TfLiteParser test for ResNetV2
7205fed8 : IVGCVSW-2654 Test quantization of addition, input and output
949f1255 : IVGCVSW-2580 Integrate serialization schema code generation to build process
27d83072 : IVGCVSW-2606 Produce quantized InputNetwork from simple FP32 InputNetwork
f08876fc : IVGCVSW-2551 Add Descriptor and name only unit tests for Visitor
bc67cef3 : IVGCVSW-2557 Ref Workload Implementation for Detection PostProcess
c981df3b : Added TfLiteParser test for InceptionV3Quantized
06304114 : Added TfLiteParser test for MobilenetV2Quantized
531ef94a : IVGCVSW-2552 Add unit tests for the input and output layers for Visitor
dc1c082f : IVGCVSW-2280 Add unit tests for RESIZE_BILINEAR NEON operator
d95e906f : IVGCVSW-2603 The macros ARMCOMPUTECL_ENABLED and ARMCOMPUTENEON_ENABLED no longer work
339bcae7 : IVGCVSW-2604 Fix bug that made it impossible to execute inference tests on certain backends
0c051f9b : IVGCVSW-2471 Code cleanup where necessary
4a55201f : MLCE-90 Fixing issues with NEON pad tests
93f5f97e : IVGCVSW-2601 Fix for ExecuteNetwork output data printing bug
9b93747c : IVGCVSW-2564 Fix output buffer initialization bug in ExecuteNetwork
b5f7df52 : IVGCVSW-2522 Add DCO requirement to Contributor Guide
969eea33 : IVGCVSW-2579 Create Flatbuffers schema for simple Armnn network
adddddb6 : IVGCVSW-2458 Refactor the Optimize function (Network.cpp) so that subgraphs are optimized by the backends
d089b74b : IVGCVSW-2437 Inference test for TensorFlow Lite MobileNet SSD
7cf0eaa2 : IVGCVSW-2564 Add support for multiple input and output bindings in InferenceModel
28d3d63c : IVGCVSW-2549 Add name only layer unit tests for Visitor
3d7efe9a : Added ConstantLayer support to TfLiteParser
d161ba0b : IVGCVSW-2569 Add implementation of ConstTensor Accept functions
c6a41ffa : IVGCVSW-2443 Add Cl support for Greater operator
eed85925 : IVGCVSW-2447 Add Greater Workload to Neon
cd7544e4 : IVGCVSW-2548 Add member function to check layer pointer not null
a8a840b3 : IVGCVSW-2575 Update CL pin to latest master
1306b194 : IVGCVSW-2548 Add the TestLayerVisitor class
a0d56c77 : IVGCVSW-2556 Add Layer implementation for Detection PostProcess
12055747 : MLCE-84 Add Neon Pad support and unit tests
e9e7bfd0 : IVGCVSW-2547 Add Accept function to IConnectableLayer
5e9d2980 : IVGCVSW-2563 Fix bug in TfLiteParser::ParseConcatenation
6e2f6067 : Github issue #127 - Use https to check out ComputeLibrary
1fcb4ffd : IVGCVSW-2503 Fix end to end test support for Boolean output type
19bd47dc : IVGCVSW-2554 Update NEON scheduler to output workload names rather than unknown
94dd5d87 : IVGCVSW-2555 Add no-op implementation for Detection PostProcess
2b4d88e3 : IVGCVSW-2503 Refactor RefElementwiseWorkload around Equal and Greater
94412aff : IVGCVSW-2512 Add Gather operator parser to TfParser
5f4e41ff : IVGCVSW-2546 Add ILayerVisitor to the public API
c42c3841 : IVGCVSW-2430 Add logistic parser to tf-lite
db2b160b : IVGCVSW-2511 Add end to end Gather layer test
c625f000 : IVGCVSW-1048 RESIZE_BILINEAR NEON operator
70672f6c : IVGCVSW-2534 Fix bug TfLiteParser::ParseReshape()
6392a770 : IVGCVSW-2545 Update CL pin to latest master
3d6898cc : IVGCVSW-2455 Move the extra backend code to a new git repo
8c76cc1a : IVGCVSW-2467 Update Boolean type support
4057d913 : IVGCVSW-2515 Fix compilation when TfParser is disabled
4951d84b : IVGCVSW-2510 Ref workload implementation for Gather operator * add implemenentation for GatherQueueDescriptor validate function * add FirstInputTypedWorkload to allow type check on the first input tensor only * add ref workload implemenentation for float and uint8 * add Gather layer support in Ref * unit tests
0edd4673 : Fix compilation wrt IVGCVSW-2467
9c761a63 : Added AddBroadcastReshapeLayer method to TfLiteParser
33f8e3b6 : IVGCVSW-2509 Add GatherLayer implementation * implementation of ValidateTensorShapesFromInputs * unit tests
649dd951 : IVGCVSW-2467 Remove GetDataType<T> function
382e21ce : IVGCVSW-2535 Fix crash in ExecuteNetwork when no compute device is specified
6c2355b1 : Added ParsePad method to TfLiteParser
2235ceea : Added ParseMean method to TfLiteParser
f803f78f : Added ParseMul method to TfLiteParser
d4ac6a41 : Added ParseAdd method to TfLiteParser
b89b05f0 : IVGCVSW-2508 Add no-op factory implementations and layer for Gather operator * Added GatherQueueDescriptor to WorkloadData * Added CreateGather function in WorkloadFactory.hpp * Added stub implementation of the CreateGreater function in workload factories * Added GatherLayer stub implementation * Added AddGatherLayer to Network * Added IsGatherSupported to LayerSupportBase
6c8e8e75 : Github issue #120 - Embed TfLite schema
e5caff10 : IVGCVSW-1656 Add Mean support to Tf Parser
49124024 : IVGCVSW-2454 Merge together the pluggable backends work (was in a separate branch) and master
d0a1608e : MLCE-86 Reversing the pad list in the ClPadValidate function similarly to whats done in the constructor.
51dd62f5 : IVGCVSW-1656 Add Mean support to Tf Parser
992d6dc5 : IVGCVSW-2454 Refactor ArmNN to support pluggable backends from a separate code base
1f0ff352 : MLCE-82 Add IsLayerSupported tests for MEAN
60f90640 : IVGCVSW-2466 Update compute library pin
7a8892fe : IVGCVSW-2345 Add Rsqrt support in Tensorflow Parser
9292aa3c : IVGCVSW-2438 Add Minimum operator support (CL) * Added CL unit tests
54b21699 : IVGCVSW-2441 Add Minimum operator support (NEON)
d80a7126 : Refactor: Don't include all ComputeLibrary function definitions everywhere.
a1d3c6a4 : IVGCVSW-2371 Add Rsqrt Ref implementation
d5b9e649 : IVGCVSW-2421 Remove the template-based version of armnnUtils::Permute in favor of a type-indepent implementation that takes void-pointers
2ad6cb48 : IVGCVSW-2384 Add Split parser function to Tensor flow parser
747ef82c : MLCE-77 Depthwise Convolution with depth multiplier > 1 doesn't work
76089272 : IVGCVSW-2383: code cleanup, remove unnecessary isSupported implementations, default cases are handled by DefaultLayerSupport
f9426b33 : IVGCVSW-2370 Code clean up after Equal operator implementation where necessary
c79fa1b5 : IVGCVSW-2205 Reversed workaround for COMPMID-1813
7332ed8c : IVGCVSW-2308 Add Conv2d tests where stride > 1
fd899966 : MLCE-82 Add Neon Mean support and unit tests
6f37f83a : IVGCVSW-2353 Ignore control inputs in TensorFlow parser
c48ac8c8 : MLCE-80 Remove strong typing from NeonBatchNormalization
fbdad03c : IVGCVSW-2375 Add ParseAddN function to TfParser
d5918017 : Update to latest compute library
bf86d51e : IVGCVSW-2389 WorkloadUtils: Add profiling to tensor mapping.
9c78f949 : Update
35052ae3 : IVGCVSW-59 Add documentation to the public API
a06bf31a : IVGCVSW-2380 Add Greater operator to TfParser
f446432f : IVGCVSW-2164 Added ACL implementation of SpaceToBatchNd operation to ArmNN
2262bbd7 : IVGCVSW-2401 & IVGCVSW-2402 Add end-to-end test for Greater/Equal Operator
4e6597a2 : IVGCVSW-2212 Add Neon support for Maximum operator
a959ee5f : IVGCVSW-2211 Maximum operator support (CL)
84c70e65 : IVGCVSW-2367 Add Equal Operator to TfParser
4fa09163 : Update CL pin to the latest master
878f0231 : IVGCVSW-2379 Add Greater Ref workload implementation
30cdfcac : IVGCVSW-2365 Add Reference Equal Workload Implementation
d74dc91a : IVGCVSW-2131 Implementation of StridedSlice operation * Added ACl Implementation to ArmNN * Added helper function for setting CL Strided Slice arguments
2099595b : IVGCVSW-2398 Add no-op factory implementations for all backends for the Equal operation
6c46dd3e : IVGCVSW-2399 Margin of error too severe for ValidateBiasTensorQuantisation
71972a85 : IVGCVSW-2395 TfLiteParse::ParseReshape doesn't support reshape input
69352c15 : Update the CL pin to the latest master
42bad951 : IVGCVSW-2386 Work around Compute Library Arm v7 issue
59a950ce : IVGCVSW-2377 Add no-op factory implementations for all backends for the Greater operation
20e984f4 : IVGCVSW-2348 Support boolean data type
482ca850 : IVGCVSW-2363 Remove swizzling option from GetConstTensor in TfParser.cpp
738c2e6a : IVGCVSW-1434 Add debug mode to Optimizer * Modified optimizer to support debug mode via DebugLayer
44a7167e : Fix the ONNX parser tests issues due to a change in the latest ONNx master
6a669d75 : IVGCVSW-2266 Remove the input swizzling from ParseDepthwiseConv2D
e355dc25 : Fix the ONNX parser build
f8d63016 : IVGCVSW-2346 Fix test wrt NEFillBorderKernel index
cf22ca9d : IVGCVSW-2354 Remove dimension validation from softmax
955258dd : MLCE-79 NEON QASYMM8 Addition Support
679efdae : IVGCVSW-2346 Fix test wrt NEFillBorderKernel
f9afc791 : IVGCVSW-2268 Remove the input swizzling from ParseConcat
ba563c6d : IVGCVSW-836 Remove 2D validation in Softmax
cfdcadf9 : IVGCVSW-2316 Add reference implementation and unit tests for Debug
23be07e8 : IVGCVSW-2333 Add ParseSub method to TfParser
8a121500 : IVGCVSW-2275 Remove swizzling from ParseResizeBilinear
f005e313 : IVGCVSW-2277 Remove the input swizzling from ParsePooling2d
ba8815f4 : Removed square kernel in range validation in CaffeParser as validation assumptions should not be made and should be handled by the backend
d7cceeb9 : IVGCVSW-2193 ExpandDims operation implementation
ac5aa1fa : IVGCVSW-2315 Add descriptor for Debug
8174f362 : IVGCVSW-2276: Remove the input swizzling in ParseLrn
075c7504 : IVGCVSW-2267 Remove the input swizzling from ParseFusedBatchNorm
4631582a : IVGCVSW-2264 Remove input swizzling from ParseConv2D in the TF parser
c2130a07 : IVGCVSW-2193 ExpandDims operation implementation
f6ba747c : IVGCVSW-2296 Add ParsePad method to TfParser
21350157 : IVGCVSW-2264 Move DataLayoutIndexed to armnnUtils
24df8227 : IVGCVSW-2251 Add support for Minimum operator in TfParser
20e58806 : IVGCVSW-2247 Adding a min Elementwise Workload and tests
975c09aa : IVGCVSW-2256 Add parser function in TensorFlow Parser (Maximum)
a9a1cf11 : IVGCVSW-2315 Add DebugLayer and no-op factory method
de705584 : IVGCVSW-2255 Add unit test for maximum reference workload * Enable Maximum workload
a1b463f3 : IVGCVSW-2118 L2Normalization ACL function used for Neon
6460c274 : IVGCVSW-2312 Update CL pin to include their L2Normalization Neon changes
2df12b3a : IVGCVSW-2254 Add Reference workload for Maximum
90539697 : IVGCVSW-2245 Add Minimum Layer and no-op Factory implementation
d57415d9 : IVGCVSW-2202 Refactoring Arithmetic* names to Elementwise* names for workloads and workload functions
5a4304a0 : IVGCVSW-2253 Add maximum layer and corresponding no-op factory implementation
831faedd : IVGCVSW-1199: BATCH_TO_SPACE_ND integrate Arm Compute CL
7e7261ed : IVGCVSW-2205 Fixed a bug in DepthWiseConv workload where NCHW layout was assumed
1216b585 : IVGCVSW-2087 Reference implementation and unit tests for StridedSlice
144c01b5 : Fix documentation for depthwise convolution
0214d7e7 : Fix compile errors on Windows
e02d6015 : IVGCVSW-2199 Call Resize only if H and/or W changes
4b19381b : IVGCVSW-2141 Documentation update * Removed the usage of g++-5 as we can build it using later versions
0e76ed0a : IVGCVSW-2183 Documentation update
69362cc4 : Refactor JSON printer test implementation
5fdfe823 : Refactor inlined utility functions in NetworkUtils
574bf0a7 : IVGCVSW-2135: Update Readme to include links to new ONNX and TensorFlow Lite guides
a0d2844d : IVGCVSW-2086 Update StridedSliceLayer and StridedSliceDescriptor
3d93bc47 : IVGCVSW-1837: Enable broadcast tests for SUB CL/NEON Workload
b3d2fbe5 : Remove leftover header from backendsCommon test
e859b062 : Updated the CL pin to take in the fix for CLBatchToSpace
b9546cf1 : IVGCVSW-2173 - Add end to end layer test implementation and example usage * Add CommonTestUtils * Add end to end layer test implementation * Add example usage for Merger layer on Ref, Cl, Neon
97f71306 : IVGCVSW-2179 : ArmNN Contirbutor Guide
8910528b : IVGCVSW-1199 Disable auto-flattening of Compute Library tensors
07fefa5d : IVGCVSW-2117 - Documentation update
a52809cc : Minor improvements and changes in backends/
d41b2593 : IVGCVSW-2144: Adding TensorUtils class
63b08829 : IVGCVSW-2175 - Add support for uint8 Concatenation on CL
b5f5aafa : MLCE-64: Updating for Ubuntu 18.04
e950db63 : IVGCVSW-2043 Merger using ACL for innermost concat axis
dea72860 : IVGCVSW-2115: Fix for unset USERNAME
8800c007 : IVGCVSW-2169 Remove DataLayoutIndexed from public API
5cdda351 : IVGCVSW-2105 - Unit tests for merger * Add LayerTests * Add WorkloadTests
de8b7b3c : IVGCVSW-2168: Remove DataLayout from Layer
8599a415 : IVGCVSW-2043 - Merger using ACL for innermost concat axis * Add ClMergerWorkload and NeonMergerWorkload to call ACL for innermost concat axis * Modify layer support to call ClMergerWorkloadValidate and NeonMergerWorkloadValidate when concat axis is inner most * Add m_ConcatAxis to MergerDescriptor * Modify MergerQueueDescriptor::Validate to check sub tensor only when using subtensor
1d67a690 : IVGCVSW-2167: Run parser unit tests on the reference backend only
347dfcf1 : Fix for Github issue #103
22fbc9ef : Changed the mode of to executable
c0b0a21a : IVGCVSW-2115: Updated
34d6dd77 : IVGCVSW-2115: Script to clone/fetch correct clframework
fca75c39 : IVGCVSW-2155 - Always call NEConvolutionLayer in NeonConvolution2dWorkload * Remove check for preferDirectConvolution * Remove IsNeonDirectConvolutionPreferred * Remove unused tests and functions
81f2232a : IVGCVSW-2017: CLWorkload to use L2Normalization
48a4ae82 : IVGCVSW-2158 wrong protobuf version
5c3e923b : IVGCVSW-2162: Remove conditional compilation directives from ArmComputeUtils
d46e647b : IVGCVSW-2157: Remove conditional compilation directives from ClBackendContext
a65b7aea : IVGCVSW-2092 Port LSTMCell::Eval to ArmNN
74ba3dc7 : IVGCVSW-2156: Remove conditional compilation directives from ClContextControl
310c2091 : IVGCVSW-2134: Updating version number to 18.11
9326aabf : Adedd load/unload warm-up before the memory lek test to put the runtime into a stable test (memory-wise) This prevents false-positives when running the tests on Master
430b5d82 : IVGCVSW-2086: Add StridedSlice layer & corresponding no-op factory implementations
5caf907e : IVGCVSW-2136: Remove memory management methods from workload factories
dd9d8ca9 : IVGCVSW-2064 + IVGCVSW-2066 + IVGCVSW-2125 + IVGCVSW-2128 backend docs update
f8254d19 : Fixed minor typos in
c25411cd : IVGCVSW-2152: Convert TfLiteParser to NHWC
07bb5216 : IVGCVSW-2125 : Consolidate backend registries into one
262553e0 : IVGCVSW-2054: Fixing issue with InferOutputShape implementation in BatchToSpaceNdLayer. * added Unit test
3aab7c30 : IVGCVSW-2017: Refactored L2Normalisation Tests
56055193 : IVGCVSW-2066: Add IMemoryManager and integrate into the backends framework
95807cef : Tidying up multiple issues
111b5d94 : IVGCVSW-2125 : Consolidate backend registries into one
4e1e136c : IVGCVSW-2054: BATCH_TO_SPACE_ND Reference implementation and Unit tests.
f97debb9 : IVGCVSW-2082 - add SimpleConvolution2dAsymmetricPaddingNhwc to CL test after ACL fix the convolution issue.
263e3498 : IVGCVSW-2125 : backends now can return optimizations
3ea76d5f : IVGCVSW-2095 Add reference implementation and unit tests for SpaceToBatchNd
1b61be51 : IVGCVSW-2056+IVGCVSW-2064 : move ClContextControl to the ClBackend
60578950 : IVGCVSW-1709: Clean up memory manager bodge
db49a888 : IVGCVSW-2037 : Documenting pluggable backends
09e2f27a : IVGCVSW-1949 : Refactor ITensorHandle and move backend specifics to their place
9efb57d6 : Revert "IVGCVSW-2056 + IVGCVSW-2064 : move ClContextControl to the ClBackend"
9c6f3afd : IVGCVSW-2113: Update ClDepthWiseConvolutionWOrkload to suit NCHW/NHWC DataLayout (3*3 Optimization)
c9cc8045 : IVGCVSW-1946: Remove armnn/src from the include paths
207ef9a6 : IVGCVSW-2093 Add SpaceToBatchNd layer and corresponding no-op factory implementations
6b965823 : IVGCVSW-2103: Add 2-Channel unit tests ResizeBilinear
b9c8963c : IVGCVSW-2074: Updated the DepthwiseConvolution2dDepthMul1 for NHWC
7af00da9 : IVGCVSW-2074: Updated CompareDepthwiseConvolution2dTest for NHWC
1b417c49 : IVGCVSW-1970 TfLite VGG16: Use same number of iterations as other tests
45a9b775 : IVGCVSW-2102: Fix Pooling2D CpuRef indexing bug
d84216a0 : IVGCVSW-2074: Updated the DepthwiseConvolution2dTest for NHWC
db6a7fa7 : IVGCVSW-1970 TfLite VGG16: Correct number of iterations
41d3fa64 : IVGCVSW-1970 TfLite VGG16: Add Validation.txt for continuous integration
0022a465 : MLCE-67 Fix for Github issue 91
4322d36a : IVGCVSW-2029 Tweak results handling for batch size 2 test
382a91d5 : IVGCVSW-2074: Updated DepthwiseConvolution2dAsymmetricTest for NHWC
19483db9 : Fixed Android32 build error blocking master
067112fa : Fixed backend id argument parsing in ExecuteNetwork
7af7688a : IVGCVSW-2083 - Add DataLayout parameter to calculate the expected output shape in ValidateTensorShapesFromInputs * Convolution2dLayer * DepthwiseConvolution2dLayer * Pooling2dLayer * ResizeBilinearLayer * Unittests for ValidateTensorShapesFromInputs
f98d21a2 : IVGCVSW-1896 : SubGraph selector
5f70318b : IVGCVSW-2069 - Implement NHWC Convolution2D for CpuRef * Calculate index for NHWC to compute Convolution * add more unit test for NHWC
29fe58b6 : IVGCVSW-2081: Move generic backend tests to the backend related CMake files
d8eee597 : IVGCVSW-2029 Fix fully connected layer support in TfLite Parser and implement test for TfLite VGG16 quantized
d4dfa684 : IVGCVSW-2056 + IVGCVSW-2064 : move ClContextControl to the ClBackend
0a088a61 : IVGCVSW-2074: SimpleConvolution2dTestImpl updated for NHWC
77cec7f2 : IVGCVSW-2051 Fixed the dynamic allocation of the dimSizes array in MeanLayer
54e95723 : IVGCVSW-2057: Remove ARMCOMPUTE(CL/NEON)_ENABLED and ARMCOMPUTENEON_ENABLED from src/armnnTfliteParser/test/ParserFlatBufferFixture.hpp
9c5db11c : IVGCVSW-2058: Remove ARMCOMPUTE(CL/NEON)_ENABLED and ARMCOMPUTENEON_ENABLED from src/armnnUtils/ParserPrototxtFixture.hpp
71007e4e : IVGCVSW-2059: Remove CL-specific code from Profiler
28dcab6c : IVGCVSW-2049 + IVGCVSW-2051 Create the CL Mean Float workload and add the unit tests
70104000 : IVGCVSW-2073: Move remaining backend-specific tests from armnn to backends
53e9947b : IVGCVSW-1007 Support Inception-V3 and V4 in CaffeParser
79141b96 : IVGCVSW-2071 : remove GetCompute() from the WorkloadFactory interface
29c75de8 : IVGCVSW-2067 : dynamically create workload factories based on the backends in the network
5cc8e56b : IVGCVSW-2053: Validate BackendId parameters for the InferenceTest (EndToEnd tests) / ExecuteNetwork
8853c1f6 : IVGCVSW-2026 + IVGCVSW-2027 Add FullyConnected Support to TfLiteParser
03614f69 : IVGCVSW-1823 *Free working mem only when network changes
c26ba759 : IVGCVSW-2060: Separate and move backend specific unit tests from the src/armnn/test folder to the backends
56106610 : IVGCVSW-2063 Documentation for new operations in TfLite Parser * Updated TfLite Parser read me file for new operations added
056be3cb : IVGCVSW-1991 : refactor m_SupportedComputes in DeviceSpecs
a8e06ed5 : IVGCVSW-1955: Unify backend exceptions (wrap cl::Error)
f0b4845c : IVGCVSW-2019 : replace Compute enum in the backend preferences list
7bc8c9fc : IVGCVSW-2061: Add ARMNN_SCOPED_PROFILING_EVENT_CL inside ClLstmFloatWorkload::Execute()
69482271 : IVGCVSW-2024: Support NHWC for Pooling2D CpuRef
dd6aceaa : IVGCVSW-2013 Add a UInt8 Reference Implementation for the PAD Operator
d134093a : IVGCVSW-2023 CL and Neon implementation of BatchNorm with NHWC
33f0ae0d : IVGCVSW-2019 : replace Compute enum in the Layer object
ceae3aa1 : IVGCVSW-2005: Pull in backend specific unit tests into similarly as backend sources
b66504b6 : IVGCVSW-2030 and IVGCVSW-2031 Add MaxPooling support and unit test to TfLite Parser
3dc4303c : IVGCVSW-2040 Add unit tests for the newly implemented NHWC support in ref BatchNormalization
a160b245 : IVGCVSW-2033 Add unit tests for the newly implemented NHWC support in ref Normalization
e4dfd6ea : IVGCVSW-1865 - Support NHWC for Convolution2D (CpuRef)
3e9e1154 : IVGCVSW-2037 : separate registry for layer support intrefaces
8e6f92d2 : IVGCVSW-2032 + IVGCVSW-2033 Add NHWC implementation to the reference Normalization workload
8eb675eb : IVGCVSW-2038 + IVGCVSW-2039 + IVGCVSW-2040 Add NHWC support to the Float32 and UInt8 BatchNormalization workloads
dd94aff7 : IVGCVSW-2012: Remove check for DataType::QuantisedAsymm8 in NeonLayerSupport
ada9cb29 : Added missing pragma directive to TensorBufferArrayView.hpp
7714088e : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonDepthwiseConvolutionWorkload
974b65fe : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonConvolution2dWorkload
39fedf04 : IVGCVSW-2022 : fix for backend cmake files to respect BUILD_UNIT_TESTS variable
430c6d6e : Fixed unsigned to signed conversion warning
b63973ee : IVGCVSW-2018 Support NHWC in the current ref implementation
177d8d26 : IVGCVSW-1951 Update NeonWorkloadUtils
97a06fd5 : IVGCVSW-2018 Support NHWC in the current ref implementation
e6488719 : IVGCVSW-1998 : indicate deprecated functions and types in the public API
fbebcbdb : Restored test that was commented out when working on LSTM
fc824317 : IVGCVSW-2003: Get rid of IsLayerSupportedNeon functions in favor of ILayerSupport interface
bcf9f166 : IVGCVSW-2002: Get rid of IsLayerSupportedCl functions in favor of ILayerSupport interface
7420e55a : IVGCVSW-1885 add RefPadWorkload implementation and associated unit tests
b5acbb77 : IVGCVSW-2004: Get rid of IsLayerSupportedRef functions in favor of ILayerSupport interface
3cc9a626 : IVGCVSW-1998 : replace Compute enum in LayerSupport free functions
233b3d68 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonConstantWorkload
f9aeef0e : IVGCVSW-2006: Move ACL memory manager source code under aclCommon
3b278e92 : IVGCVSW-1938: Move backend-specific source files to the corresponding backend
d3360cd4 : IVGCVSW-1998: fix missing file from common.cmake
47c1ddb7 : MLCE-51 MaxPool + Add Unit test
1d32006e : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonPermuteWorkload
5d2e700a : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonPooling2dWorkload
14766d76 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonSplitterWorkload
cce11fc8 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonReshapeWorkload
cec6b655 : IVGCVSW-1922 Unit test for DepthwiseConvolution with NHWC
f3eb46d2 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonMergerWorkload
d4b70599 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from NeonActivationWorkload
a76698c3 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClReshapeWorkload
ac9e096a : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClPooling2dWorkload
02f8bc10 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClMergerWorkload
e06757e6 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClActivationWorkload
59540821 : IVGCVSW-1978: Support NHWC for ResizeBilinear CpuRef
a0944791 : IVGCVSW-1996: Implement CreateWorkloadFactory() across all internal backends
55b1cda7 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClConstantWorkload
f1153cd8 : IVGCVSW-1969 : remove boost::optional compatibility from ArmNN Optional
4423ac7f : IVGCVSW-2000: (Fix) Backend-specific unit tests not being executed
b6cce4f9 : IVGCVSW-1914 Investigate CONV_2D failure on FP16 on Android * Round to nearest instead of round to intermediate (default) * Compute Library also round to nearest
157d94fc : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClPermuteWorkload
4e00a3d6 : IVGCVSW-1951 remove type templating from ClPadWorkload
2400b6dd : IVGCVSW-1967 Fix L2Norm NHWC unit test
9df2d951 : IVGCVSW-1952 : add BackendId class to prepare for the replacement of Compute enum
6b779f0e : IVGCVSW-1989 : implement backend creation and registry for Ref,Cl and Neon
32cbb0c7 : IVGCVSW-1987 : registry for backend creation functions (factories)
43095f31 : IVGCVSW-1988: Refactor backend-specific unit tests
3b72db05 : Fix for Github issue #78
cd066ca5 : IVGCVSW-1951-Remove type templating from ClAdditionWorkload
6b0b53d3 : IVGCVSW-1929: Fix for this defect (QASYM8 no scale)
0d9d4193 : IVGCVSW-1974 - Update CreateWorkload test CL and Neon
b48e6867 : IVGCVSW-1982 - add create workload test for 2D Pooling (NHWC data layout)
043d0d0e : IVGCVSW-1860 Support NHWC for Pooling2D
7c22c704 : IVGCVSW-1964: Cl implementation for the ILayerSupport interface
7ff76c5b : IVGCVSW-1965: Neon implementation for the ILayerSupport interface
085f0a42 : IVGCVSW-1985: Replace std::string* reasonIfNotSupported with Optional<std::string&> in IsLayerSupported implementations
537a0b67 : IVGCVSW-1983: Order the IsLayerSupported functions alphabetically in ILayerSupport
1c7c81bd : IVGCVSW-1966: Ref implementation for the ILayerSupport interface
d8777391 : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClDepthwiseConvolutionWorkload
cde00f55 : IVGCVSW-1975 : total removal of boost::optional from the public interface
d6c10ed4 : IVGCVSW-1973: Replace char* reasonIfNotSupported with Optional<std::string&> in ILayerSupport
152fb1cf : IVGCVSW-1975 : Remove boost::optional from the public interface IVGCVSW-1964 : Optional to support passing references
074f371b : IVGCVSW-1932: Add Unit tests for NHWC ResizeBilinear
5eec11db : IVGCVSW-1964 : replace optional biases with home-grown Optional
d806792f : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClConvolution2dWorkload
661dfa73 : IVGCVSW-1886 - forward layer support for pad Ref returning false for now until implementation complete in 1885
d59116ec : IVGCVSW-1889 - Unit test Convolution2d with NHWC
de9011bc : IVGCVSW-1622 LSTM Neon support
4424b0a1 : IVGCVSW-1963: Add implementation classes for Cl, Neon and Ref backends
e97c6e0b : IVGCVSW-1642 : adding IBackendInternal interface
539b44db : IVGCVSW-1863 Unit tests for NHWC L2Normalization
084523a4 : IVGCVSW-1957: Improve warning message in Network::Optimize()
dcb751f3 : IVGCVSW-1642 : introducing the IBackend interface
3041e303 : IVGCVSW-1931: Refactor ClResizeBilinearFloatWorkload
55a97bc2 : IVGCVSW-1920 Unittests for NHWC Normalization Workloads and Layer
ee9e7665 : IVGCVSW-1931: Add data layout param for ResizeBilinear
616e7757 : IVGCVSW-1913: Fix for ValidationTest.concat_float_3_relaxed
29cadb3f : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClSplitterWorkload
857f3cb5 : IVGCVSW-1935 : inline code documentation for pluggable backends
57dca8e1 : IVGCVSW-1823 Fix uninitialised member
092b304b : IVGCVSW-1951 Remove type templating from ClSubtractionWorkload
479045bd : IVGCVSW-1787 Add Support for Concatenation on TfLite parser * Concatenation Parser function added to the TfLite Parser
e4ba53a8 : IVGCVSW-1824 Fix slow profiling of neon. (~50% reduced end-to-end time)
fcb382af : IVGCVSW-1900 Removed unused file src/backends/ClWorkloads.hpp
e2ec330b : IVGCVSW-1207 - Remove typing from ClMultiplicationWorkload
b30c5334 : IVGCVSW-1906 : make Android make and CMake files more similar
ac42efd9 : IVGCVSW-1900 : CL backend folder structure
bcd3c85b : IVGCVSW-1863 Support NHWC for L2Normalization
e1fa50c7 : IVGCVSW-1882: Added ClPadWorkload
1e4c31da : IVGCVSW-1812 Adding Ref implementation and tests of MeanWorkloads
33cea4db : IVGCVSW-1919 - data layout parameter for Normalization
0dbe0ee2 : IVGCVSW-1899 : Neon backend folder structure
b4540bef : IVGCVSW-1898 : Ref backend folder structure
2d9dd36f : IVGCVSW-1821 - taking out scale factor again as it's polluting the WallClockTimer interface
69851b52 : IVGCVSW-1821 - update NEON workload utils to use timers in correct order, updated units used in NeonTimer
e448be3a : IVGCVSW-1927 Add Neon 8-bit FullyConnected support
9fc824a5 : IVGCVSW-1924: Fixing clframework version update compile err
a05c2106 : IVGCVSW-1910 Add data layout parameter for DepthwiseConvolution
711fa31d : IVGCVSW-1921: move common Acl code to a separate folder
5662c206 : IVGCVSW-1881 Add PadLayer to ArmNN
351d13d0 : IVGCVSW-1888 Plumb data layout parameter for Convolution2D
2ca46966 : IVGCVSW-1897 : Android support for pluggable backends
ca6616cb : IVGCVSW-949 Further simplify InitializeArmComputeClTensorData
785df505 : IVGCVSW-949 Simplify use of IntialiseArmComputeClTensorData
10b4dfd8 : IVGCVSW-1897 : build infrastructure for the src/backends folder
a3f16562 : IVGCVSW-949 Remove unnecessary includes
14e4669b : IVGCVSW-949 Refactor - clean up includes of ClWorkloadUtils.hpp
ab8cdc13 : IVGCVSW-949 Add 8-bit fully connected support
ca225f0a : IVGCVSW-1822: Fix CaffeYolo-Armnn error reporting
b94967ba : IVGCVSW-1650 Add Support for Reshape layer on TF Lite parser * Added Reshape operator support for the TfLite Parser.
b9bf9467 : IVGCVSW-1843: Edit comment to ref correct function
2c9322a2 : IVGCVSW-1880: Add no-op factory implementations of CreatePad
0cff1636 : IVGCVSW-1883 Add support for different memory layouts
58f3919f : IVGCVSW-1651 Add Support for Relu on TF Lite parser * Added Relu and Relu6 Support for the TfLite Parser.
0af44601 : Fix for Github issue #63
0359aa4b : IVGCVSW-1802 : fix typo
e82ef3f5 : Updated the inception_v3 model taken from official Tf
bc392450 : IVGCVSW-1802 : Neon Sub Workload
32b9046e : IVGCVSW-1813 - Add MeanLayer * add MeanLayer functionalities * modify MeanQueueDescriptor to use parameter * add IsMeanSupported placeholder for all backends
5cd01f35 : IVGCVSW-1832: add missing DIV quantized, broadcasting tests
279f8721 : IVGCVSW-1843 : remove duplicate code for Ref Arithmetic workloads
0a710c4c : IVGCVSW-1843 : refactor ClAdditionWorkload and ClSubtractionWorkload
1952622c : IVGCVSW-1804 : add subtraction layer to the public interface
c3b012e5 : Added and modified the vanilla tensorflow values for inception and mobilenet
591cdb7a : IVGCVSW-1843 : replacing trivial arithmetic helpers
549ae37b : IVGCVSW-1733 - set enableGpuProfiling in CreationOptions for Runtime if -e flag is set, false by default, use this globally same as concurrent flag, removed -e option from RunCsvTest options, this is passed in from main
eb06191b : IVGCVSW-1831 - Add dimension check to MeanQueueDescriptor::Validate to check if the output dimension is correct from a given input and options.
4a8692cf : IVGCVSW-1801 : Cl implementation for SUB
a6bf9121 : IVGCVSW-1810 - Add no-op factory implementations of the CreateMean for all backend factories
3b10515d : IVGCVSW-1520 Re-enable quantised add
57f1e207 : IVGCVSW-1808 : Updated the network used from Official Tf(
f195f03e : IVGCVSW-1803 : add Ref Subtraction layer
c2044fe9 : IVGCVSW-1804 : Add Subtraction layer types and placeholders
2b7a1581 : MLCE-52 Where has PROFILING gone?
ecb56cd7 : IVGCVSW-1807 : change license text in file headers
3aae3c6f : IVGCVSW-1807 : add license section to the Readme file
033626d1 : IVGCVSW-1783 refactor add/mul/div layers
9e53a35b : IVGCVSW-1784: Rename float32 workloads for ACL
5540d2f3 : IVGCVSW-1521: Updating TensorFlow to contain realdiv operator
bbd4061d : IVGCVSW-1779: Updating TF Parser to include the RealDiv operator
8c5e3dc9 : IVGCVSW-1786 - Division by zero
e7a86a4a : IVGCVSW-1200 Division layer
a6824106 : IVGCVSW-1324: Make biases truly optional for Conv2d and DepthwiseConvolution
c577f2c6 : Release 18.08
4c7098bf : Release 18.05.02
dccfe8ee : Release 18.05.01
3537c2ca : Release 18.05
bceff2fb : Release 18.03
4fcda010 : Release 18.02

+- Project: platform/external/cldr

630b768e : Update Android CLDR tzdata from 2021a to 2021a3. [R]

+- Project: platform/external/connectedappssdk

7a49de3 : Properly handle Errors in IPCs.
1ea704c : Make Connected Apps SDK use only a single broadcast receiver.
2c54663 : Fix bug when throwing a runtime exception in a method which declares an exception.
b2c23c6 : Add support for primitive arrays and CharSequence.

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

d53d0806 : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix Conscrypt CTS for sc-v2-dev.
66d4477b : [Cherry Pick of aosp/1778966] Re-land "Merge Conscrypt upstream master."
42004f0a : [Cherry pick of aosp/1776170] Extra JNI null checks and error fixes.

+- Project: platform/external/crosvm

be1275c1d : Allow sched_yield in all devices' seccomp policy
acc126dd7 : Upgrade to newest vmm_vhost.
7376c0b77 : Generate top-level Android.bp with cargo2android.
6cc3ad26e : Remove external/crosvm/.gitmodules and submodule directories
22da49c83 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/crosvm
9256c3fe8 : UPSTREAM: Drain the read buffer of DevFuseReader
23cecdfc3 : UPSTREAM: fuse: Implement Reader and Writer for mutable references
1b227bb04 : [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to external/crosvm
c32d1ae94 : Generate Android.bp files for common crates.
218c8f313 : devices: pci: mmap non-MSIX areas in MSIX-mappable BAR regions
9d614079d : devices: pci: fix num_pba_entries in
01527e39b : devices: vfio: add support for VFIO_REGION_INFO_CAP_MSIX_MAPPABLE
06392aabd : Migrate to gdbstub 0.5.0.
c48e78344 : crosvm: arm64: Populate restricted DMA node based on 'swiotlb=' option
6ce3da3b4 : vhost_user_devices: Remove unused error enum values
47fdc8e5a : gpu: Remove unused parameter
84b097884 : rutabaga_gfx: Handle rutabaga gfx update
3001c2fc7 : integration_test: Do not throw away stdout/stderr.
ca0aed3da : hypervisor: kvm: replace mem::transmute with safe loops
a6aeccc67 : devices: usb: log unknown control transfer types
231a54f36 : rutabaga_gfx: cross_domain: an idea whose time has come
5590a24b1 : cros_async: Add a deadline to BlockingPool::shutdown
5a223d1f2 : devices:pci: Correct pci bridge config register writable bits
12274bf28 : devices:pci: Add pci capability writable bits
2ac78b9ea : Add "make_rt" command.