android-12.0.0_r29 to android-12.0.0_r32 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/build

9831de4909 : Version bump to SQ1D.220205.004 [core/]

+- Project: device/google/raviole

f1197cb : Update SVN to 21 for O6R4 Feb MPR 2022

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

19453f2d5a : SimpleDecodingSource:Prevent OOB write in heap mem

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

68461fe73475 : Update deletion conditions for a package's UsageStats.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

85b74b7e07 : avoid extra release of unowned objects in Parcel error path

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

ee2a3365eb : filter deviceIdentifiers for subscriptionInfo if callers without perm

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Dialer

893c48a3e : Add FLAG_IMMUTABLE to PendingIntent in LegacyModeSmsHandler.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

82799339e6 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix make Bluetooth discoverable without additional permission