android-10.0.0_r1 to android-11.0.0_r1 AOSP changelog

This only lists changes submitted to the Android Open Source Project and does not include any changes in any proprietary components from Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script originally written by Jean-Baptiste Queru and further refined by Al Sutton, Novoda, and Michael Bestas.

Please do not copy this changelog without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

a3b75aea04 : Invoke futex wait with correct value
337cf0aa8a : Revert "Additional checks in GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}"
04a1720b84 : Handle the situation we could not load the class.
c502f7edeb : Workaround for b/160292234.
a497c3a427 : Avoid eating SEGVs when performing on-demand dequicken
0e9a51005b : Fix typo in the boot generation script
924d34288a : Update boot image profile generation scripts
3f3138eb42 : Support multiple boot image profile aggregations in profman
3034c709c6 : Add support for preloaded classes blacklist in profman
aa71ecffe5 : separate madvise calling from critical section
ebbeb08a21 : Prevent DCHECK failure for failure_reason_ being non empty
90d1b88b33 : Add a new class status for verified with access checks.
7375e5db00 : Remove unused bits for object ids.
192125e650 : perfetto_hprof: be smarter about splitting packets
42131731f8 : Preserve JNI bindings across structural redefinition
9db35462c6 : Update built-in updatable BCP packages for statsd.
396e61cc00 : HWASan fixes for ART tests (part 2)
fc91e3fea7 : Intern class IDs. This way they compress better.
d0bfc488a4 : Wifi: Remove unused permitted_package
ce68e3fbf8 : Call SetRuntimeDeleted() unconditionally
be68175956 : Only put resolved classes inside the dex cache.
1c10199162 : Revert^2 "Throw ClassFormatError for unsupported default methods."
f43e0e145c : dex2oat: Add missing updatable package for framework-wifi
c35b3ec142 : Fix deadlock from dl_iterate_phdr() callback.
6adc3288fb : Revert "Throw ClassFormatError for unsupported default methods."
1226b98ab6 : Fix indentation.
9151c6d55b : Preload perfetto_hprof library in Zygote.
0fb9ae803c : Throw ClassFormatError for unsupported default methods.
d21ecf6803 : Put dex2oat32 and dex2oat64 in the ART apex.
39bb1646aa : By default, don't use a bitness suffix for ART.
0e4ad9e2d9 : Fix logic to find dex2oat.
af22c5bd4a : Revert "Use 32 or 64 bit dex2oat explicitly depending on HOST_PREFER_32_BIT."
097d93bed9 : Revert "Only append suffixes to dex2oat(d) on host."
6ed4a76d35 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Revert "Put dex2oat32 and dex2oat64 in the ART apex."
7ddc7c3f1b : Add more flexibility to the boot image profiles creation
fb1ecf9303 : HWASan fixes for ART tests
09e3f1323f : Disable some ART run-tests that are failing on Android Q.
72391bf981 : perfetto_hprof: do not wait for listener
b738a874b1 : perfetto_hprof: add flag to enable.
1caf37f788 : Generate boot image profile from profman
2ccecf5f2b : Disable hwasan for BitMemoryRegion::LoadBits
2fc9680341 : Fix issue where linux_bionic cannot find build number
2230ce27f9 : Enable annotation parsing in profman
3c8d5004c2 : Add logic to flatten profile info
b33586a72f : Handle the case a boot classpath class fails to verify.
52af1f5020 : Don't run pre-verification if the thread cannot load classes.
4ada811dc1 : Fix unintended sign-extension.
0f152391c0 : Set apex_available property
4b62522c9d : dex2oat: Fix vdex file invalidation.
f27d50cbfc : Move the logging line interleave lock from libbase to ART
f1162ab7b6 : Add exemption list for hiddenapi warnings.
44f91d5a93 : Use runtime_libs for the libdexfile_external dependency from libdexfile_support.
3e1a2659be : Remove unnecessary vendor/recovery available from dexfile
9389c54713 : Put dex2oat32 and dex2oat64 in the ART apex.
271b53e7d9 : Remove unnecessary droiddoc args
eae3081529 : Faster dex file verification.
11f12be508 : Don't call exit() while threads may be running
86ac525b1f : Search only the current class loader when checking for duplicates
ae9a3d57cd : Only allow extra_guardrails for domains that can connect to heapprofd.
b3ff3683f4 : Remove platform availability from internal libs that make up libdexfile_support_static.
0bd94e59a2 : Fix deadlock bug in test 2005
39a2b107c5 : Log an error when an app loads duplicate dex files
235b475a64 : Remove dependency on protobuf.
405b0970a2 : Run Java verification of mainline modules at boot time.
fe331bae86 : Fix dex2oat failure when --zip-fd actually points to raw dexfile.
7c02a9d372 : Change default heap-target-utilization to 0.75
3266f66308 : Read /proc/self/smaps in perfetto_hprof.
d0638fad2d : Additional checks in GetDirectBuffer{Address,Capacity}
9be9d32da3 : Add libcore-crypto-tests to art module test exports
1777d41b48 : Fix string deduplication for multi-image extensions.
1b32e8b832 : dex2oat: add --updatable-bcp-packages-file argument.
adbe2b10d3 : Avoid creating preresolved strings array for dex files that have no strings
00a4492987 : Deduplicate interned image strings.
314faec6bd : Fix race condition in GetPreResolvedStrings
da4fb26918 : Fix thread shutdown race in adbconnection
3ca922bf59 : dex2oat: Fix repeatedly preparing dex files for oat file
0201d451e4 : Consider thumb bit when repacking and compressing JIT mini-debug-info.
59056b13d9 : Address late comments on go/aog/1269207
8117cf0913 : Fix incorrect interface-override linking
847cd92d63 : Revert^2 "Don't include static or private methods with proxy construction."
1ade9f4749 : ART: Update list of reserved boot class path packages.
4f66ef8998 : Remove access to internal dex libs for
c0f7221845 : Get rid of obsolete Make variable TARGET_CORE_JARS.
4b7a6bf88a : Get jar / apk / dexfile location for classes.
cbef1731dc : Skip reading VNDK libs for product if not available
cc2b3d6333 : Add new dex file support constructor.
54f6fc7e60 : Suppress ThreadLocal hash override warning.
12d694282f : Fix relation between debuggable / JIT zygote.
a2a5b04fa5 : ART: Ensure dex caches keep classloader live
1b536ca76e : [art] Remove boot complete marker
8947d2a0fe : Fix compiling boot image extension with assume-verified.
0b9b72e09d : Add more logging to Thread::SetState
01c66ba5ea : Do not preload dex caches for assume-verified.
92053840f1 : Avoid dex2dex initialization if not compiling.
4f2bee1a0c : Don't run structural dex file verification in ClassLoaderContext.
ba85d5d7e6 : Add MOVE_EXCEPTION to compat throw
764f5e372b : Set the identity hash code seed before creating Runtime.
5edcca18fb : Reland "art: Add FileDescriptor fields to native Core Platform API"
3734c2822f : Revert "ART: Conditionally remove loaded-oat-count check"
d91f60a66a : Revert "ART: Forbid the zygote to load code outside of system"
66b6398274 : Adjust JitCodeCache::TransitionToDebuggable.
8441b6eaf9 : don't include liblog to APEXes
2587fb5cc2 : Reland^3 "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location."
1dde478f5d : HStringBuilderAppend cannot be null.
3ee2f0b31d : Make signal_dumper a dynamic library
6d8b44930f : Jit-zygote compiled code isn't debuggable
e6ab871ecc : Clear PreCompiled when we transition to debuggable after zygote fork
878f7961df : Print oat file location for invalid class status
1ad56980d2 : Revert "art: Add FileDescriptor fields to native Core Platform API"
f4081bb6c6 : Add more information in the trace when JIT compiling.
509e943e81 : Allow ThreadLocal object allocation during AOT.
334e2f16ca : art: Add FileDescriptor fields to native Core Platform API
bbb405b093 : chroot-test: Clean up linkerconfig's dependencies
1a8df199ee : Use {llndk,vndksp}.libraries.txt from VNDK APEX
d1cda88b4c : Add the compiler filter to InMemoryDexClassLoader backed by oat files.
d7bc961bae : Add the File[] class to the primary boot image.
bd53ee4c39 : dex2oat: add --cpu-set command-line option
37e63383ce : Fix boot image size check.
18051ef049 : Manually add private fields to the Core Platform API
8f0eb966a2 : Remove support code for native Core Platform API checks
4a69fda806 : art: Extend sun.misc.Unsafe presence in the Core Platform API
72c426dcd0 : DO NOT MERGE: Remove public lib of Cronet apex mainline
94d9d941d6 : Revert "Revert "If generating an image, run initialization and other optimizations.""
bbe85152e5 : Gate access to targetsdk-max-p,q on compat framework
ce7a1a2ea4 : Fix race between dex-file registration and class-loader deletion
e3de71cbb2 : Copy ubsan runtime prebuilt when building tests.
8e2c036791 : [adbwifi] Add adbd apex exported libs to system namespace.
1868de9c95 : Refactor inliner
5b76889345 : Make `libart(d)-disassembler` a requirement of `libart(d)-compiler`.
3cd802e4b8 : Better handle symlinks in flattened APEXes in ``.
7fd13c925f : Don't check the Host ART APEX when `HOST_PREFER_32_BIT` is `true`.
eb4f08c577 : Use a different VNDK namespace for product apps
272b36d1b5 : Rename APEX Namespace
2ad7c98dda : Revert "Always put the framework profile in the boot image location."
4d125afe9c : JIT mini-debug-info: Insert application entries at the head.
5aa42926cf : Fix iteration in RemoveNativeDebugInfoForJit
ef46e101be : Do not verify dex files for --compiler-filter=assume-verified.
e78b50eb15 : Reuse factory methods for art extensions of cc module types
b0ec679b1a : Fix mini-debug-info generation for JIT tests
be0d3cff84 : Remove remaining MIPS support.
5945de03b6 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Add consistency CHECKs around ArtMethod fields."""
761ee21756 : Revert "Remove non-required build targets from"
0007e7305b : Remove non-required build targets from
fa458ac21a : Allow late lookup for @CriticalNative methods.
99d91d18f9 : Avoid implementation-defined behavior
5265419a52 : Always put the framework profile in the boot image location.
58cc76d210 : Fix braino in Jit::PostZygoteFork.
641f155fa4 : Blacklist 096-array-copy-concurrent-gc on debuggable & gcstress & debug & host.
f497663553 : Deprecate sys.linker.use_generated_config
a871d84c08 : Document symbols setup w.r.t. the Runtime APEX in `tools/`.
f994025d8e : Revert "Revert "Add consistency CHECKs around ArtMethod fields.""
2925311f95 : Prevent entering IMT conflict trampoline with j.l.Object methods.
f8f51c9697 : Only append suffixes to dex2oat(d) on host.
303d8c2849 : Remove MIPS support from dexfuzz.
517e5cd243 : Filter image classes in RecordImageClassesVisitor.
5257503fa5 : Add libstats_jni to linkerconfig/namespace
0a5cad39cd : Revert "Revert "Make class loader context fail for unknown class loaders""
8aa6a82003 : Use 32 or 64 bit dex2oat explicitly depending on HOST_PREFER_32_BIT.
e9818ddd70 : Revert "Make class loader context fail for unknown class loaders"
1d852c36ad : Ensure `adbd` has root permissions before pushing files to ART's chroot dir.
250a6e70fd : Revert "Temporarily disable AddMoreDexFileThanLimitBoot."
67e4a4db30 : ART: ARM64: Improve FP IsInfinity intrinsic.
41b605c5ad : Remove MIPS support from runtime/.
30b38f8d01 : Remove MIPS mterp.
013e208bdd : Make AdbConnectionState statically
e1a445158f : Compile host dex2oat for 64 bit even when HOST_PREFER_32_BIT is set.
71dfc9cfcf : Reland: Make dex2oat(d) visible for use as implicit dexpreopt tool deps.
c1375633bc : One more missing Result::ok() in native_loader_test.cpp
8ee6d8fa70 : Add script to compile Java Language to odex files
09bc077001 : Temporarily disable AddMoreDexFileThanLimitBoot.
2c8123c148 : Remove MIPS support from JNI/trampoline compiler.
c3f2fe95ef : Use `eval` instead of re-executing `bash` in `tools/`.
54f4fbd1a6 : Remove MIPS support from Optimizing.
2d3de3a400 : Make class loader context fail for unknown class loaders
c55032774c : Use stack for first scope in VariableSizedHandleScope
e0ac2f3672 : Show linker configuration files generated in the ART chroot environment.
8bc5991a44 : Remove MIPS support from dex2oat.
f0e99bd50f : Remove old "platform" namespace name in a few remaining places.
b584ea49a2 : Relax the check for dexpreopt files in the ART apex.
2d348670be : Generate linker config after apex activation
6e043bbc1d : Rewrite GenericJNI frame setup.
ac5ae3cf5d : Convert native_loader_test.cpp to Result::ok()
af32242959 : Do not check for collision if we only extracted the apk
e6e634e98e : Remove test 1944
5e251ead21 : Change j.l.r.Field to use ArtField index instead of dexFileIndex
8206ae8461 : Revert "Fix Core Platform API JNI check"
98cf82f227 : Use apex name for apex linker namespace
089c1357c6 : Use product vndk version for product apps
860ab3748c : Add bootclasspath elements to bootclasspath when dexing tests
18dc023800 : Remove obsolete CHECKs for image dex file location.
8c8f148bdd : Add blueprint modules to generate jar files for gtests.
5c33d35bf3 : Reinstate exception check in GenericJni stubs.
b5a78564d6 : No longer adjust the linker configuration file in ART chroot environments.
15ff34d6e8 : Generate a linker configuration file for chroot-based ART testing.
f0eaada436 : Revert "[art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default i..."
f7e99d5ba0 : Revert "[art] Fix, re-enable and expand 596-app-images"
439c752186 : Revert "[art] Expand test coverage of secondary app images"
630966bd41 : Revert "Blacklist test failing on debuggable."
4b7183e61b : Blacklist test failing on debuggable.
c2c5b06499 : Rename "platform" to "system" namespace in the ART linker config.
b68b7cb9f1 : One more missing Result::ok() call in art/libnativeloader
c9fa770b6e : Introduce VMRuntime.isValidClassLoaderContext
a7d98b9560 : Add java_system_modules to ART SDK
b682ea4d1f : Introduce BaseDexClassLoader.computeClassLoaderContextsNative
77aa680705 : [art] Expand test coverage of secondary app images
7c918ee21f : [art] Fix, re-enable and expand 596-app-images
73b6aa9fd1 : [art] Enable compilation of secondary dexes by default in tests
4cbb51a0c0 : Fix ART code around JIT zygote.
5d24c3d431 : Reorder and label code sections in `tools/`.
4bd5895145 : Convert art/ to Result::ok()
22be065940 : Include type in field names.
8c41a0b9bc : Handle interpreter / access-checks mode in the runtime.
99c19ca707 : Update platform namespace name
cf0c6ef642 : Device gtests: Use instead of
7c2f69e42e : apex_available becomes more correct
7eca3779b7 : Reduce 2030-long-running-child heap requirements
006822820e : Revert "Disable 2030-long-running-child on gcstress"
fea435cb04 : Remove extra using statements
6dc0a434b8 : Update libnativeloader dependency on libnativehelper
c20ab9a81a : Use valid pointer for app_main_namespace_
9987b74e5a : Fix memfd_create_compat() F_DUPFD call.
f6afcc9bd7 : Update boot image extension compilation args.
8adb3258b9 : Move code from quick_entry_points_arm64.S to asm_support_arm64.S
871ce22a54 : Disable 2030-long-running-child on gcstress
a24189de28 : apex_available becomes more correct
dc77ca3d54 : Wait sooner for non-daemon threads
948f062455 : jni: Fix templates for clang-r377782 update.
51ad7fe2ec : Code cleanup around exception handling and stack walking.
89b85ebb4a : dex2oat: default to speed-profile if we have a profile.
198cf41c90 : Use mv instead of cp for activating apexes.
05fe07c9a1 : Add warning comments on format
2ad3f8ebf8 : Do suspend check and hotness increment in entry of Nterp.
8feb7eb993 : Adjust CHECK on instrumentation stack.
002eac6f81 : Only flush visualizer output at the end of the compilation.
75bca74ab4 : Remove legacy buildbot scripts
6c56db31b8 : Fix Core Platform API JNI check
f9dfd77182 : Update VMRuntime.isBootClassPathOnDisk()...
c70b84e768 : Revert "Disable bitstring tests."
066dd906fc : Revert "Disable BitStructs::NestedFieldAssignment."
20d57d121a : fix leaky file descriptors
dd14a3d77a : Update old comment in bit_struct_detail.h .
7e1603ea60 : Blacklist test failing on non-Android platforms and Android < R.
ecd9502601 : [jitzygote] Don't spawn a thread in child zygotes.
e6f21c4597 : [art] Remove boot complete marker
f69c189716 : Remove build target `test-art-target-sync`.
c0e0e5e633 : Compile boot image extensions in memory.
e4207a7bf5 : Use consistent storage type in bit structs.
299141a330 : Fix undefined behavior in BitStruct.
e91e795a77 : Replace instrumention id with stack pointers.
aa6f6f1c86 : Revert "Add temporary logging to MemMap::swap"
78815ee2ca : Cleanup endian_utils.h
f85a4d0890 : Experiment with large boot profile size
30a11eb467 : [checker]: Dump the CFG when we fail.
1c5b1ea14b : Unify naming of buildbot commands
516745bd33 : Reland "Set SA_SIGINFO. Rename thread to include perfetto."
fc58809f7b : Remove old JDWP implementation from ART
d00f129f1b : Clean up some linker config inconsistencies.
e8a83afa22 : Revert^2 "Avoid libtistress static link to art"
d2ac307e50 : Disable Dex2oatSwapUseTest.CheckSwapUsage for x86_64
aea71ae52a : Add temporary logging to MemMap::swap
a8fe58f051 : Revert "Set SA_SIGINFO. Rename thread to include perfetto."
bd396c001f : Move jdwp connection abstraction from ART apex to adbd apex.
3f0dca119d : Ensure IsStructurallyRedefinable takes into account subtypes
f365affd27 : Remove isDebuggerActive native implementation.
d71f1dc15e : Enable support of VecLoad/VecStore in LSE
c124d1dd97 : Fix name-based detection of JIT-zygote boot image extension.
caafd621eb : Implement GetVRegLong for nterp.
6d41e57461 : Do not create zombie processes in perfetto_hprof.
a2a1b55064 : Revert "Avoid libtistress static link to art"
775f6817d7 : JIT debugger_interface: add simpleperf presumit check.
5c7f367987 : Make test 1983 more consistent
7e2c963b57 : Update interpreter entrypoints in an image to nterp when supported.
73ffa57c7f : Set SA_SIGINFO. Rename thread to include perfetto.
d8309caffb : Avoid libtistress static link to art
92231c5fd2 : Revert "Make dex2oat(d) visible for use as implicit dexpreopt to..."
4d7e1a8251 : nterp: Don't compile baseline if a process cannot allocate profiling infos.
c1cd1330c6 : Fix braino in arm64 codegen.
08a1d1ba90 : Make dex2oat(d) visible for use as implicit dexpreopt tool deps.
f0e90bacbf : Revert^2 "Enable JIT dual data mapping."
13fcc3e2ba : Remove some dead code from OatFile.
469016b2ba : Don't pattern-init an unused variable that overallocates the stack
b78f919c65 : Remove unused UnsupportedAppUsage annotations.
233572b2c4 : Remove error logs from test.
0331a0f9db : Do not emit color codes when running with no terminal
e110dbe962 : Handle error logs now being printed in a new format.
e0c6d43927 : Revert "Fix stack-walking race"
721e402837 : Fix stack-walking race
df7e5b836e : Revert "Blacklist 137-cfi on target 32."
2f78a9cbfa : Revert^2 "Improve stack unwinding during gcstress tests."
2c5b48da62 : Disable bitstring tests.
8404f348c9 : Disable BitStructs::NestedFieldAssignment.
e8bd0a90be : Correctly initialize monitors for 32-bit
2f544c2b7a : Add /system/lib to the permitted paths for ns of APEXes
abafbe759a : nativebridge: Add PreZygoteFork callback
7ec3e60dd6 : nativebridge: Support app-zygote
87f3630bef : runtime: Initialize native bridge in app-zygote
75408ad56b : Make art_verifier host only
ff5ce16585 : Sleep longer in shutdown with asan
f6c69e53da : Fix race resulting in UAF in class-define-pausing
ed1cecd996 : Clean up dead code & outdated comment in app image validation
6ef7713cf5 : Remove dead code related to profile collection.
21c5b6a410 : Revert "Disable run-test 135-MirandaDispatch with ASan and interp-ac on 32-bit host."
a9ff45b9f6 : Remove TODO from ART
6a67bea220 : Update InstructionBuilder's IsInBootImage for boot image extension.
4d7b689fe6 : Fix Transaction constraint validation...
87712da946 : Revert^2 "Generate mini-debug-info when running tests."
0c42b60d2f : Revert^2 "Generate mini-debug-info when running JIT tests."
51e957ce2c : Blacklist 137-cfi on target 32.
691f1a4978 : Add initial sdk/module_exports for art
4f915d2a09 : Make --create-runner check the output when not --dev
daca30367a : Make print status on single line.
7d511d94cd : [art] Factor out encoding ClassLoaderContext components
15669a69f1 : jdwp: switch to libbase's ReceiveFileDescriptors.
6442eaf8b2 : Harden hidden api checks.
e30457c0b5 : Add getNativeTid function
87a7213422 : Simplify name verification in ClassLoaderContext.
a72256b2b9 : Remove app image dex file and class loader checks
1c3c106fc8 : jni: Do not create a managed frame for @CriticalNative.
0330e38bba : Fix for new boot image locations
72325b603f : Add test for local-refs being updated by structural-redef
4f9d62b549 : Utilize partially used TLABs
b885d8b631 : Surround MR uses with #if defined read barrier.
f676eb4085 : Exclude 64-bit libperfetto_hprof library from golem tarball
2ba6ff2593 : Fix String.init tests with baseline JIT.
46d7b24ddb : Add atrace event for perfetto_hprof init.
fe0ce64326 : Add structural redef tests to CTS
e8e544dc89 : Revert "Work around a art test script bug mixing up bootclasspaths."
628f48871a : Remove the LogId parameter from libbase's LogMessage
9406c43b2d : Revert "Harden hidden api checks."
08d064fb6d : Exclude libperfetto_hprof library from golem tarball
3bf5163427 : Harden hidden api checks.
135b5c8fe6 : Address checker tests around inline cache and the baseline compiler.
786e1fe445 : invoke-super can also have implicit null checks.
c4bf6679e1 : Use ResetTlab instead of setting to null
4681f20340 : Don't run AllTraces in test 911 on CTS
baf938f331 : Add even more sanity checks to and skips
63a57935e2 : nterp: Re-order where stack alignment happens in an nterp frame.
ca145948bf : Disable 708-jit-cache-churn for all gcstress modes
6ac057f2ce : Use boot image extension in the JIT-zygote experiment.
262871557c : Remove incorrect const qualification on ArrayIter::operator++.
a599252cf8 : Replaced the hard coded art test names with the auto-generated ones
c4f6cf3652 : nterp: fix braino in NTERP_TRAMPOLINE macro.
a63b419a3a : Disable 708-jit-cache-churn for gcstress + jit-on-first-use
cdf2d7e5fa : nterp: Change the jump destination when there is no parameter.
f1ede367e6 : Use HashSet for test 2005
3f4041b420 : Add more logging around array sanity checks
8e7ab70070 : Remove extra shift in --create-runner handler in run-test
a3f8129f53 : Make StartDebugger the last thing in InitNonZygoteOrPostFork again
4d804b8eb8 : Improve somewhat
b86e9b0b63 : Close fd if polling thread is disabled
81ba7db6eb : Revert^2 "Use framework boot image extension."
e89ffaba24 : Additional work on packaging the go/lem tarball
163652e59b : Fix redefinition causing corrupt j.l.r.Field objects
14d1307c1b : Disable test cases `AssemblerMIPS{32r6,64}Test.Toolchain` in ART gtest.
a18f5aeaec : Fix StringBuilder append assumptions.
7ee34a1eeb : Add OptimizingUnitTestHelper::GraphChecker methods
7b0df59ff2 : Include jacoco in the ART boot image if EMMA_INSTRUMENT_FRAMEWORK=true.
2f4942879d : Revert^2 "Remove finalizable restriction on structural redefinition"
0b1afb7c63 : Revert "Remove finalizable restriction on structural redefinition"
93be70effb : Revert^2 "Make tests 1995, 2001, & 2005 less likely to OOME."
55d6fa4c35 : Remove finalizable restriction on structural redefinition
65c18a21e7 : Revert^4 "Add spin loop to mutex, overhaul monitor"
c4d13ae39e : Revise generation of go/lem benchmarking tarball
01a09bfd38 : Revert "Make tests 1995, 2001, & 2005 less likely to OOME."
3cf233bf7e : Remove superfluous(?) DCHECK.
3369591b99 : Remove DEX2OAT_DEPENDENCY which is the same as DEX2OAT.
455bb38713 : Make tests 1995, 2001, & 2005 less likely to OOME.
467defb051 : [art] Format runtime/Android.bp
3db26d596b : Make product libs available to unbundled product apks.
3a6ef94d9e : Disable jitzygote polling thread
0010172c7f : Add extra detail to class status CHECK
3a809c8e29 : Temporarily fix libjavacrypto deps for ART buildbots
ead89ef627 : Revert^3 "Add spin loop to mutex, overhaul monitor""
8d94dddfd6 : Improve run-test tooling support
65a01a7a75 : Simplify access_flags_ updates
3d52abe40e : Revert^2 "Add spin loop to mutex, overhaul monitor"
eac38a141a : Refactor more
2aa5a78482 : Add comment explaining global
340fb0b494 : Workaround for building gtest dependencies.
6079d65f09 : Fix buildbot build script.
dd3b7aa306 : Clean up art's Soong go files
eeae32ba02 : Revert "Add consistency CHECKs around ArtMethod fields."
066dd90293 : Revert submission 1194828-revert-1191937-art_apex_available-DWXQGTKMAR
fb53708751 : Remove class-hierarchy restriction from structural redefinition
80599a28d1 : Revert submission 1191937-art_apex_available
1e88f980a8 : Use apex_available property
c9af14e93f : Add comment & refactor check for Obsolete class in FindFieldFromCode
80777ed308 : Revert^2 "Make sure all runtime threads are in the System thread group."
c4cc618ad8 : Handle nterp in IsForcedInterpreterNeededForUpcallImpl.
d7651b1076 : Fix StackVisitor::GetVReg for Nterp.
7ba68ffa03 : Fix ABA bug with PreObjectAlloc event being missed
7a6b966d34 : Fix reversed compare_exchange check.
96cbde8221 : Fix alignment bug in PreObjectAlloc
219420ea34 : Run-test: Support using --gdb and --gdbserver with --chroot
acd7060266 : Update target footprint on process state switch
60d9775f9a : Prevent methods beint tested from being inline.
145f3c4aa4 : [art] Yama LSM isn't mandatory
bd0ac86f68 : Ensure Nterp is also supported in CanRuntimeUseNterp.
00391824f4 : Add an implementation of Nterp for x64.
001e5b33ba : Remove illegal PreObjectAlloc call
5c0177215e : Add public lib of Cronet apex mainline
c99a2310f9 : Add timestamp to perfetto_hprof output
796aa2cfcd : [baseline] Check that the profiling info is not null.
57cacb720e : Refactor OSR related code to prepare for "true" OSR.
013d1ee96b : Introduce the notion of an nterp frame.
9ca8b2bf46 : Revert "Make sure all runtime threads are in the System thread group."
d03f8e63e6 : Add a String.init range call.
0e01c8d3f3 : Make sure all runtime threads are in the System thread group.
daad67f72f : Fix typo FieldNameAndSignature vs MethodNameAndSignature.
0cc40277ff : Read system_ext partition for partner defined public libraries.
085f7408de : Re-arrange code to avoid recursive locking of the JIT lock.
0d38e8587c : Keep the debug_frame for some arm32 art libs.
a697b47770 : Revert^2 "Remove unused emulator variable"
0bbe28c165 : Revert^2 "Add jvm mode to"
656dc824ed : Revert^2 "Enable to test specific packages"
af6a15cebd : Revert^2 "Add usage to"
14f30025ca : Add --dry-run flag to
6b98a403ee : Update linker config location
b2e6d0fc6f : Fix incorrect DCHECK
4847a07138 : Fix issue with observing invalid thread state.
92e99406d1 : Add test 2000 to redefine-stress skips
819b3626ad : Use correct pointer size for stack unwinding.
b89a92e6fe : Generalize fugu failure handling in
52506e2a29 : Add ImprovedOptimizingUnitTest::CreateParameters for subclasses
90ceea36a9 : Disable memfd_create tests on ART test devices.
3ea6627a74 : Merge the single-image test to TestExtension.
589bf90181 : Fix clean-oat-host.
fab7208934 : Pipe disabled compat changes to runtime through zygote.
524d779558 : Pipe disabled compat changes to runtime through zygote.
270db1ce48 : Revert^4 "Allow structural redefinition on non-final classes."
42b9c19772 : Revert "Use framework boot image extension."
e02ebc05f4 : Revert "Add usage to"
2a05a9bcd2 : Revert "Enable to test specific packages"
58a7d6c890 : Revert "Add jvm mode to"
be416b3155 : Revert "Remove unused emulator variable"
a2ba808180 : Revert "Fix missing expectations in"
4a0ef9f92e : Fix missing expectations in
d0036ac18e : Single-image boot image extensions.
69944683c3 : Follow-up for "Use provided dex filenames in oat file."
abd8f05251 : Proactively dequicken on debuggable switch.
3bdb97798d : Document no-strip flag
4f50139fcb : Remove unused emulator variable
938ead3945 : Add jvm mode to
9a1e6aa3db : Enable to test specific packages
06e9083619 : Add usage to
0fce03f02c : Add scoped trace to VisitDexCacheArrays
542e393976 : Do not strip art libs when building for linux-bionic
46845f6337 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Remove reference to d8-compat-dx""""
1707bae46a : Support new UnsupportedAppUsage in class2greylist.
0e33d0e159 : Disable memfd_create tests on ART host tests.
9bab2374d3 : Fix overrun bug in MapBootImageMethods
4ca2f4894c : Enable JNI ID auto swap on debuggable
dd09f7114c : Fix oatdump for boot image extensions.
9561faf10d : Revert "Revert "Revert "Remove reference to d8-compat-dx"""
b0a9747b36 : Fix go/lem breakages on baseline configs
64a5d1ae32 : Revert "Revert "Remove reference to d8-compat-dx""
b7bf843b04 : Use provided dex filenames in oat file.
726e2dd6db : Read thread-local mark-stack inside critical section
e3f775bace : Address comments from aog/1180224.
621738039b : Bind-mount individual flattened APEXes
43f2f75df0 : Revert^4 "Implement Dot Product Vectorization for x86"
9317031cd0 : Move thread-local mark-stack revocation outside SOA
a0b4631f73 : Revert submission
13e951d2bf : Fix mallinfo result interpretation
1caa1270a5 : Revert "Remove reference to d8-compat-dx"
a142f712df : Add missing Barriers in ReplaceReferences
9b5271e53a : Get the baseline information from the graph.
a00b54b74b : Helpers and refactorings to prepare for interpreter optimizations (x64)
e571a283b7 : Ignore bad profiles when --force-merge is specified
1755ad0062 : Remove reference to d8-compat-dx
a27a718991 : Add ForkJoinPool* threads to 911 Ignored regex
6c030d4174 : Pass a large code cache for test 638-checker-inline-cache-intrinsic.
4f2e0889d1 : ARM64: Move from FPRegister to VRegister based API (continued (2)).
a59af8aeaa : JIT baseline: trigger optimized compilation on hotness threshold.
5c8cc64b5f : Use framework boot image extension.
c8315d9134 : Move libartpalette-system to system/libartpalette
664999a12d : Revert "Revert^2 "Allow structural redefinition on non-final classes.""
bc19b7559e : Revert^2 "Make opaque-jni-ids:swapable more efficient"
0a19e212e5 : Add null check in AppendToBootClassPath
42c52f53b3 : Revert "Make opaque-jni-ids:swapable more efficient"
f1b809ce61 : Revert^2 "Allow structural redefinition on non-final classes."
20b7a9b8ae : Fix Missing ReflectiveHandleScope in Class_newInstance
c6ca117090 : Assert mutator doesn't get mark-stack assigned once destroyed
be52a17c0f : Extend 952-invoke-custom to test invoke-custom/range
26dbdcf691 : Make fieldcount agent handle duplicates
4e7dd70e3e : Make opaque-jni-ids:swapable more efficient
08d0984bfe : Allow late lookup for @FastNative methods.
2d8b7f4ef7 : Blacklist failing test.
de3e51d655 : If a collection is in progress, we need to mark new code.
20036d80f2 : JIT baseline: don't update inline caches for intrinsics.
36ec598a4d : Simplify name verification in ClassLoaderContext.
457e9fa383 : ARM64: FP16 greater/less/greaterEquals/lessEquals intrinsics for ARMv8
17a39babb7 : JIT baseline: Don't update the inline cache for an intrinsic.
49af4cae56 : Fix oat version error message formatting.
e2a3aa9886 : Baseline JIT: update inline caches in compiled code.
a2c4d61e48 : Allow test 178 to pass for --no-image.
7dac864d7e : Clean up JNI dlsym lookup trampoline.
047081a150 : Revert "Revert^2 "Revoke CC's thread-local mark stack in ~Thread""
f585c1e4f8 : Protect/Unprotect regions (region space) only in debug build
f92f6f12f3 : Skip 909 & 126 with zipapex
0aa02069a2 : Add resetJitCounters
88b1c83080 : Revert "Allow structural redefinition on non-final classes."
8e895008a3 : Revert "Revert^2 "Implement Dot Product Vectorization for x86""
7c9cfe8b3f : Honor the --baseline flag for the JIT.
d3ed4ada0d : Handle Special case div and rem by 2 in art interpreter
c47040d31c : Allow structural redefinition on non-final classes.
dc540dfffb : Add ScopedAllowThreadSuspension
882d414359 : Use nativePostForkSystemServer for system server profiling
da3653f142 : Fix reinterpret cast in ImmuneSpaceCaptureRefsVisitor
0712f2969c : Use nativePostForkSystemServer for system server profiling
0ac78cf94f : Fix vtable relocation for boot image extension.
80f1c2850a : Add to more places required for Golem.
7ed2d385b5 : Fix boot image extension class exclusion.
aedc9bc5eb : Ensure we can always enter OSR code
3c036885d2 : Make file_contexts as "android:path" property
cb177da21e : Convert 'thread to mark-stack map empty' assertion into a CHECK
78a44b9863 : Update Buildbot and Golem setups for
a8f39186b2 : Clean up some image tests.
e61f16af39 : Add missing WriteBarrier on VisitReflectiveTargets
55d9aaad5d : Assert no-thread-mark-stack mapping after switching to shared mode
505e56bb55 : Temporary hack: Force the use of `signal_dumper` as timeout handler on host.
3e9d7ae3c2 : Don't use addr2line for dex and jar files.
c526e42d60 : Use full profile in Dex2OatImageTest#TestExtension.
a879bdf5e9 : Revert^2 "Fix CompilerDriver's handling of boot image extension."
142816a6ac : ARM64: Pass simd half floating point feature to VIXL macroassembler.
986914bfd6 : Revert^4 "Initial support for adding virtuals with structural redefinition"
5697faba0e : ART: suppress control characters in scripts without a tty
feba2643d0 : Make HashSet behave like std::unordered_set...
26f6330d72 : Partial loop unrolling during auto-vectorization for x86_64 architectures.
a6d7f50d36 : Refactor into a new shared library.
d56f7d1086 : Revert "Add spin loop to mutex, overhaul monitor"
9965feffb2 : Revert "Temporary hack: Also print extra backtraces on test timeouts on host."
ffc791c748 : dex2oat: add --cpu-set command-line option
2f8c1ac61b : Revert^3 "Initial support for adding virtuals with structural redefinition"
96d8585ebb : Revert "Fix CompilerDriver's handling of boot image extension."
8ba9738d55 : Revert^2 "Initial support for adding virtuals with structural redefinition"
0d508a0110 : Add spin loop to mutex, overhaul monitor
25d536e67f : Temporary hack: Also print extra backtraces on test timeouts on host.
fcd5a282ce : check for tty
63786f6b20 : Bump profile version
96491e9db2 : Fix CompilerDriver's handling of boot image extension.
d0e354e54d : Revert "Initial support for adding virtuals with structural redefinition"
c0200a984c : Improve profile merging error logging
283bb322de : Initial support for adding virtuals with structural redefinition
2c5dfe16ab : Use packed fields for HeapGraph.
a9bbc08daa : Implement STL iterators on ObjectArray and add helpers
56f1332113 : Fix pruning invoke environment for StringBuilder append pattern.
3e20d0a774 : Reduce boot profile data usage
8cdcd4fab6 : Increase the maximum allowed dex files for boot image profiles
4813618470 : Add missing bug number to TODO in `build/apex/`.
889b72d80e : Load classes for boot image extension.
afaa457b6f : Migrate to apex_manifest.pb
1592cfc31c : Add mark-stack related assertions in marking phase
d830263af8 : Fix image checksum verification.
52f8e5c2d3 : ARM64: Move from FPRegister to VRegister based API (continued).
2221bafe9a : Add ForkJoinPool* threads to 911 Ignored regex
b801210385 : Revert^2 "Correctly quote -Xbootclasspath argument in run-test-jar"
94fd9eaee7 : Use a different name for shared classloader namespace, to help debugging.
149cddaa22 : Check stored references in transactional interpreter.
fdbe207596 : Better handle the Host APEX case in `build/apex/`.
af9ab6de38 : art: extend the supported cpu_variant list for arm64
688ff644f0 : Update 913-heaps expectation for change in D8 register assignments.
df66de0b5e : Update expectations around APEX manifests in ``.
a8a17a4b92 : Revert "Correctly quote -Xbootclasspath argument in run-test-jar"
682715ee14 : Set system server package name to "android" when profiling
be08b201e2 : Fix libnativeloader_test to work on 64 bit architectures.
48297337eb : Avoid "using namespace" that's blocked by cpplint.
ad88cbe5ac : Handle profile annotation during profman-merge
0f6bde0ee4 : Adjust profile version when the boot image profiling is switched on
83aacb23d8 : Print profile version when dumping the info
0e82e0f089 : Add more options for boot profile aggregation
cb809bb89e : Correctly quote -Xbootclasspath argument in run-test-jar
681692b629 : ARM64: FP16.rint() intrinsic for ARMv8
665aac4678 : ARM64: FP16.ceil() intrinsic for ARMv8
b9f02c2f86 : ARM64: FP16.floor() intrinsic for ARMv8
f1b18facd1 : Use explicit list of mirrored class when checking CanRedefine
2462789806 : Ensure structural redefinition can shadow functions/fields
28b6efed2c : Don't visit invalid Dex-cache slots
2764f61586 : MethodHandles: fix missing nominal type return value conversion
1c5949ee99 : libicu_jni needs to be initialized before libopenjdk{d}
7a20cbdd42 : Revert^4 "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
2022debc5f : Blacklist tests that require getrandom.
ef3baf689b : Refactor script, add new options
92eec3a902 : Add boot image checksums to image header.
4f7c0cc6b2 : Disable zygote-jit-deopt under gcstress while investigating timeouts.
64bac15658 : Restructure 580-fp16 tests into functions
62f62f38f4 : Disable -Wthread-safety-negative
0d81f5bb4e : art: fix -Wc99-designator
d3d00c06a4 : Refactor oat.h.
0f7c792f12 : Revert^3 "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
267366ca19 : Only allow access to @TestApi signatures in instrumented processes.
fa2b2d3525 : Revert^2 "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
2191069047 : Revert^4 "Boot image extension."
add69acb7d : Revert^2 "Revoke CC's thread-local mark stack in ~Thread"
dd49278c4a : Add size weighting to the script
f5c5eb30fc : Revert^3 "Boot image extension."
acdb9a350f : Plumb @TestApi enforcement policy to runtime.
4c6d765dae : Make GetBytesAllocatedEver() monotonic
93e5ae9069 : Revert "Revoke thread-local mark stack for CC in ~Thread"
c7c711bb73 : Remove visibility exceptions for view_compiler
129d61b4c4 : Revoke thread-local mark stack for CC in ~Thread
0d7232c1b3 : libadbconnection_server: remove dynamic dependencies.
77e6187a84 : Include libadbconnection_server in the art apex.
3314457ac7 : Remove unused MethodInspectionCallback declaration
215cf3fd27 : Remove deprecated ART apex hooks.
beb66b38dc : Fix boot image extension relocation.
a48f0bbb29 : Add class name to all graph traces
ccc75191d4 : Avoid making oat files executable for system server profiling
5fd05e5cfd : Include interfaces in IterateOverInstancesOfClass
7c64e7f744 : Change agent text encoding
57fbf3eb34 : Update 1948-obsolete-const-method-handle for Java 11 toolchain
02820f4247 : Revert^2 "Boot image extension."
962a110efb : Restructure the contents of art/test/Android.bp.
831f20f06f : Don't use F_SEAL_FUTURE_WRITE for boot image methods.
382df393c6 : Add consistency CHECKs around ArtMethod fields.
9f459c4ef6 : Revert "Boot image extension."
9e709debac : Add max stack depth to agent
ad6f4ce148 : Disable loading boot image extensions for tests.
4f6ebe89af : Boot image extension.
3155aa4e61 : Add DCHECK that Allocation PreFenceVisitors do not suspend
b525c0a07a : Add BootImageProfileTest to TEST_MAPPING
014c16c3e1 : Revert "Enable JIT dual data mapping."
201ffea4a9 : Add tests for GreylistMaxQ.
7d48dcd51d : ARM64: Move from FPRegister to VRegister based API
f05f04b429 : Make ArtMethod methods const or requiring the mutator lock.
5859799ce6 : Updating the CMake generator.
8e23d38035 : [jitzygote] Suspend all threads when remapping boot image methods.
4b79501395 : Remove unused art::mirror::MethodHandle::GetTargetClass
8852e5309a : [jitzygote] Remap boot boot image methods in zygote when single-threaded.
7cf5607f47 : Revert^2 "Implement Dot Product Vectorization for x86"
d55b844e39 : Add more standard structural redefinition entrypoints
bff79014ad : Updating the CMake generator.
436c6f5fae : Oat file checksums for boot image extensions.
0c63f76d90 : Revert "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
bd30285e43 : Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex.
ab7bea2abd : Add allocation sampling jvmti agent
e3884e3575 : [jitzygote] Map the boot image fd after the contents have been written.
45217376b5 : Fix intersecting live ranges created by instruction scheduler
8b236fac81 : Remove visibility to ART internals for //cts/tests/tests/appop.
17fc3f780a : Additional tests for constructor methodhandles
c2d0c9627b : Perform reverify with shared mutator-lock.
2778e55055 : Remove visibility to ART internals for //cts/tests/tests/appop.
de74fedc73 : Adjust Checker assertion in 1004-checker-volatile-ref-load for heap poisoning.
5e0ac154f1 : Fix null checks on volatile reference field loads on ARM64.
0c262edd22 : Remove legacy flavor option support from ``.
7e43882939 : Add comments about why we have copied methods.
7f958e3654 : Revert^2 "ARM64: toHalf() intrinsic for ARMv8"
dbd6a14125 : Relax options checking for Host APEX in `build/apex/`.
af3ed62955 : Simplifications to
faeaeaf068 : Print mark stack address in ~Thread()
409736f166 : Do backtrace collection while holding lock
1b13d28d5d : Improve diagnostic messages for reading image header.
f1ddc20f37 : Move image_write_read_test helper function to .cc file.
dee09f90d1 : Add the compiler filter to InMemoryDexClassLoader backed by oat files.
c3c7eb082b : Remove obsolete patchoat-related code from dexopt_test.
4e6abea8f7 : Create type lookup tables early.
67bf99b8a5 : Revert "ARM64: toHalf() intrinsic for ARMv8"
2cc0c0f4b6 : ARM64: toHalf() intrinsic for ARMv8
b8c884e5f2 : Revert "Implement Dot Product Vectorization for x86"
4b7caeee57 : Implement Dot Product Vectorization for x86
3981da539b : ART: Remove known failure for 137-cfi test on fugu.
b1eebde946 : Revert^2 "Class redefinition sometimes needs to update verification"
e14177d988 : Disable JNI native whitelist check
2a21cc6849 : Use ART defaults for libnative{bridge,loader} tests too.
2cf00ede14 : Revert "Class redefinition sometimes needs to update verification"
776d001573 : [art] fix -Wreorder-init-list for jvmtiEventCallbacks
a7239b55d3 : [art] fix most -Wreorder-init-list
3bb009ac14 : Use art_defaults in libnative*, for consistency.
e41eec3b19 : Fix deadlock in ThreadList::RunCheckpoint().
98e97c6953 : [art] fix -Wimplicit-int-float-conversion
47c4ccdee1 : Temporary hack: Tweak extra process info on test timeout.
35cffd6e9b : Remove visibility to ART internals for a test that doesn't need it.
93815555c4 : Remove simpleperf visibility to ART internals.
289e712465 : pooled_mark_stacks: Add extra logging
ad390fab9e : Use GC exclusion for NotifyStartupCompleted
76a37458ee : Temporary hack: Print extra process info on test timeout.
db55a1121b : Class redefinition sometimes needs to update verification
697fe5cc6c : JIT mini-debug-info: Append packed entries towards end.
5115a4dffb : Clean up initialization checks for entrypoints.
c3448885eb : Revert "Fix native crash due to missing"
15ffafd026 : Remove useless return-value from RetransformClassesDirect
44465f79eb : Add checks for pooled_mark_stacks in CC GC
2bd8bfd716 : Temporary hack: Print extra backtraces on test timeout.
4d319c7a2a : perfetto_hprof: match iterator API change
706e778ef7 : [art] fix -Wimplicit-int-float-conversion
77c90365f8 : Fix setting/getting the native priority of a thread.
352482c000 : Disable timeouts in run-test-jar
4639235690 : Emit roots into perfetto profile.
31b3ffa32d : Remove temporary CPPLINT.cfg files
cce414f8b4 : Delay entrypoint update until visibly initialized.
0866ea41c2 : Revert^2 "Refactor oat file writing."
765b87dee2 : Revert^2 "zygote: use libcutils to allocate JIT memory"
63f712f54a : Switch interpreter: Split the method in ASAN to avoid huge frames
50c812abbe : Revert "Refactor oat file writing."
af47ca01e9 : Revert "zygote: use libcutils to allocate JIT memory"
65ae669694 : Add jni libicu_jni library into ART APEX
27e5f3bc36 : Add more failing tests to libcore_no_getrandom_failures.txt
ee61519ae6 : zygote: use libcutils to allocate JIT memory
0a51605ddd : Revert "Make compiler/optimizing/ symbols hidden."
e2727154f2 : Make compiler/optimizing/ symbols hidden.
c78860b91a : Remove temporary soong visibility workarounds
b9a8541380 : Revert "Generate mini-debug-info when running tests."
0b4479830e : Revert "Generate mini-debug-info when running JIT tests."
47d2947967 : Revert "Improve stack unwinding during gcstress tests."
08dcf15d1a : Revert "gcstress: Limit the number of unwinds."
d015ea7a15 : Fix native crash due to missing
c3590fe6b4 : Cosmetic changes in test/ and test/
aaac8d26d1 : ART: add devices option to test/knownfailures.json
52c7e98efe : gcstress: Limit the number of unwinds.
4346499223 : libnativeloader: add a clarifying comment to Android.bp
0d192d2c08 : Refactor oat file writing.
9b16e344b2 : Move libnative{bridge,loader} to art/
e828ea0553 : Make bitmap constants more explicit.
adb66f9674 : Revert^2 "JIT: Separate code allocation and initialization."
ff258063f2 : jitzygote: only copy contents if they differ.
98416bf065 : Fix uses of MaybeRecordImplicitNullCheck without special scopes
63b0c26aae : Revert "JIT: Separate code allocation and initialization."
e1b36f09cb : JIT: Separate code allocation and initialization.
4490112178 : Add a function that fails softly if libdexfile(d) cannot be loaded.
5ee206f3ee : Make LinkMethods setup the entrypoint like image_writer.
caf8f4c5aa : Fix dependencies of profile_boot_info_test.
2bb44fe818 : ARM64: Change code emitted by ClinitCheck.
59770df741 : Correct skips and name typo
172ad03d12 : Reduce the heap size to 16MiB for two tests.
2bdda93716 : gcstress: increase libcore timeout.
3732beb8c1 : Refactor Transform/redefine entrypoints
39c399a9e8 : Report any non-app signatures.
9bee62aa8c : JIT mini-debug-info: Compression micro-optimization.
444e998f59 : JIT mini-debug-info: Generate the debug info sooner.
44ab2cd97c : Stop script if any command fails
6a40fe46a0 : Add a link from runtime ns to the neuralnetworks ns
fff1bd03c6 : Rename the runtime linker namespace following ART/Runtime APEX split.
55eccdf61f : Revert^4 "Walk internal ArtField/ArtMethod pointers"
49df715faf : Handle MethodHandle call to non-default interface methods
97421fd3f7 : Add temporary time logging
6c6369e6c1 : Complete a comment about `TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX` and the ART APEX in
bd5fb28413 : Document `OVERRIDE_TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX` in ART documentation.
1cef6b2a25 : Add and use a read-barrier free NeedInitializationCheck method.
c34eab4516 : Revert "Revert^2 "Walk internal ArtField/ArtMethod pointers""
623d4f1ba4 : Share boot image methods memory in JIT zygote.
94af5824ac : JIT mini-debug-info: Add back timestamps.
ea2a3d9493 : Revert^2 "Walk internal ArtField/ArtMethod pointers"
7fca6ef7b9 : Add test skips for
7021c13e48 : Increase gcstress timeout
e456b6ff08 : testrunner: Add missing import
31e284b995 : Make ART chroot setup & sync scripts a bit more robust.
712fa800b2 : Revert "Walk internal ArtField/ArtMethod pointers"
f70dfec27c : Attach the running bitness to the boot image profile
8307206011 : Follow change to ART_TEST_LIST_*
c84fc3a742 : Walk internal ArtField/ArtMethod pointers
8679fd5e93 : Remove perfetto_src_tracing_ipc.
8cd5c4c33f : Provide more info when get_ld_guest_system_config_file_path fails.
34848e75fb : Remove `-j` option from build commands in `test/`.
4d6f24d50a : Always include `libart(d)-disassembler` in debug-able ART APEXes.
3b1d8e335b : Use BufferExhaustedPolicy::kStall in perfetto_hprof.
f9ba5210f5 : testrunner: Kill whole process group on timeout.
40510ab49d : Adjust Checker assertion in 1004-checker-volatile-ref-load for heap poisoning.
00b8d451a1 : Remove the leading '/' in jit zygote memfd/ashmem names.
f383ed8b60 : Hide static from cc_library_shared and vice versa
43fd2936af : Update to run more of the test suite
a85580ad9b : Remove aggegation counter handling from profman
f3a1a29d08 : Annotate boot profiles with the origin package names
6a98c95feb : Introduce the ability to annotate profile samples
86bf2fe254 : Remove too agressive DCHECK.
d5fe17eac9 : Fix incorrect narrowing type cast
bd5690db11 : Make warn about deprecation
627d8d3d53 : Move bionic ("runtime") apex definition out of art/.
4090657e44 : Deoptimize boot image when profiling boot class path
19cb8e2bcc : Lower the check to class is initialized.
30677103d4 : Raise timeout for method tracing to 30 mins.
de05550bf3 : Use ClassStatus::kVisiblyInitialized in reflection.
988c391167 : Fix null checks on volatile reference field loads on ARM64.
4bbc62ba98 : Only write to data-sources targeting the process.
fd64e56b9f : Move to bionic platform include.
46123bc825 : Prune class2greylisttest out of general-tests.
7e97cf1015 : Add 10 minutes for gcstress timeout.
bf0e3d21b5 : ART chroot: Handle new linker logic for ld config file.
cb497cf426 : Raise timeout when method tracing is enabled.
82e61e9d1f : Revert switch to bc to do fractional calculation.
44f406c789 : Raise the timeout for 670-bitstring-type-check.
e1b11c801d : Move to bionic platform include.
c18eba327c : Consolidate updating of reflective Field/Method references
371390f775 : Call NativeDebugInfoPostFork in the child post-fork.
954b3adf6b : Removed an used method from profile compilation info
b55ef65e55 : Improve VLOG_STREAM
b096c918a5 : Correctly perform read-barriers on cross-thread reg access
193efa4541 : Disable leak detection locally.
07019298f7 : Add method flag bits for 32/64 bit execution in the profile
621afb4507 : Avoid linking libdexfile_support into static executables.
4815e7209e : Propagate timeout to run-test-jar.
f84ef3192b : Implement << operator for ProfileCompilationInfo::DexRefence
d0d215acfc : Fix documentation and some style issues in the profile
4f9c6cf8e3 : Remove an unused profile method
4ad9521434 : Make explicit which methods retrieve info about *hot* methods
45cdd05e32 : Clean up profile AddClass APIs
1061c7d2bf : Clean up profile AddMethod APIs
8b959958d1 : Restructure the profile compilation info tests
7acb8464b0 : Allow excluding API list values via command line arguments.
5a0b672656 : Boot image: only use the resolution stub when there is AOT code.
a6c9b78a3f : Consolidate profile methods
38cf1105e3 : Process method flags uniformly in the profile
e58624f221 : Various renames following the name change from "Runtime APEX" to "ART APEX".
48349ad388 : AVX support for bitwise instructions (Xor, Or, And, Andn)
1ba7fec112 : unset ART_TEST_ANDROID_I18N_ROOT before starting chroot test
d3ee98a38f : Restrict visibility of a static library module.
53d220e4ab : ART: Improve VisitStringGetCharsNoCheck intrinsic for compressed strings, using SIMD
d7ea0437a8 : Generalize ART APEX flavor handling in ``.
4ba700af65 : Clean up the use of profile_key / dex_locations
1550a669ad : JIT mini-debug-info: Add support for zygote shared memory
357d4db493 : Improve stack unwinding during gcstress tests.
b0ce4d2e5e : Change some LOG(DEBUG) to VLOG(plugin)
6df588bdd8 : Generate mini-debug-info when running JIT tests.
b4abe0a193 : Limit visibility of ART libraries, binaries, and headers.
f3e6c5eada : Revert "Include in the "runtime" linker namespace."
8df75ed1f9 : Do not propagate option `--get-random` to Vogar in ``.
bac1a8058e : Revert "ART: Check dex file constraint A1"
b45fc222fa : Enable plugin VLOG with SetVerboseFlag(JVMTI_VERBOSE_OTHER)
07710c5222 : Reland "Java Heap Profiler for Perfetto." again
fb11957a86 : Fixed issue in structural redefinition around class init
c2c5948696 : Skip tests 1975 & 1976 on redefine-stress
e5abfbdd4f : Check revoked_mark_stacks empty in FinishPhase()
d6e2c388d0 : Add Vogar expectations file for tests failing because of missing getrandom().
799759097d : Fix access to symbols of the Testing ART APEX on the ART Buildbot.
4ac0e1571e : Revert "Revert "Basic structural redefinition support""
5a2301d897 : Revert "Basic structural redefinition support"
4eb6eb40e8 : [optimizing] Improve constant folding on logical and
c971eafeff : Basic structural redefinition support
1ba7e8c10a : Fix uses of DW_CFA_restore_state in assembly code.
849439ac18 : Refactor the management of profile keys
973f8c4815 : Create boot image profiles with the appropriate version
8d8a98c8cd : Add a new boot image profile format
01fc470f59 : Fix test 1974
7539b40730 : Fix test 1974 expected output
f4666af9f4 : Revert^2 "Fix profile saver hotness for AOT code"
8e2c78d6df : Generate mini-debug-info when running tests.
3f43b9314d : libartbase: Check kernel support for membarrier(2)
5012df2a3f : Do not initialize VeriClass java objects unless precise mode is enabled.
a49b04f66e : Revert "ART: Detect target run-test timeout and print a message"
70f2314b46 : Fix ODR issue with dex2oat and libcrypto
284b1b01cf : Revert "Reland "Java Heap Profiler for Perfetto.""
4fa78a0356 : Revert^2 "Additional sanity checking for JIT thresholds"
38a281806b : ART: Add exit-code option to signal_dumper
2704d0ac01 : ART: Detect target run-test timeout and print a message
5aae3dbb09 : ART: Switch to executable test in run-test
5d775eb9bd : ART: Fix signal_dumper detection in run-test
29bfb0c871 : ART: Add env variable to increase run-test timeouts
6ad30a246b : ART: Make run-test timeout dependent on sanitization
87beba3079 : Fix some typos in ART.
9e3954db9a : Bump stack overflow gap for hwasan.
40fb15bcc5 : Fix MethodHandle::GetTargetClass bug
60931d9f0a : ART: Simplify and tighten run-test timeouts
f0c94806a9 : Remove support for aggregation counters from device ART profiles
d6fa4f24ea : Add some helper functions/constructors to ArraySlice
4fb71cc45b : Fix mention of `art_apex_test_host` in ART never-allow rules.
52b4dc9048 : Fix comments in `test/etc/run-test-jar`.
5a446bd6c7 : Reland "Java Heap Profiler for Perfetto."
f923b09ee8 : Revert "Additional sanity checking for JIT thresholds"
5a3e9fb418 : Additional sanity checking for JIT thresholds
2ea4ec09b7 : ART: Add signal_dumper as target run-test dependency
816a5528f2 : ART: Add signal_dumper to testing APEX
a61380851f : ART: Check for signal_dumper on-device for run-test
975d70b52f : ART: Add timeout to run-test invocation on-device
ba23956b9f : ART: Add logcat output to signal_dumper
c200355657 : ART: Enable signal_dumper for device
7551254b51 : ART: Run bpfmt over signal_dumper's Android.bp
3b08bcce2d : Fixup inconsistency due to change in Plugin loading requirements.
0054aa59c5 : Have JavaFrameRootInfo give more info about provenance of root.
4945b29e6e : hiddenapi: add 'test-api' flag into dex files.
2afa19db9e : Fix oatdump usage message
1092bf3003 : Avoid creating runtime thread pool for system server
5c93af3cc8 : Loosen verifier around interface-invoke-super
8f70b9672c : Revert "Java Heap Profiler for Perfetto."
7f8678ec4d : Revert^2 "Prevent overflow for AOT hotness counters"
84e5bb990d : Rename some build variables and targets for the ART APEX.
acb12378f9 : Fix unhandled allocation failure
adf49d4bb3 : Java Heap Profiler for Perfetto.
7ed5e6002f : Export headers from libdexfile_external
bf7ce2508c : Enabled AVX2 and FMA compiler Flags for libart module.
ec2db5f88b : Temporary workaround to avoid test failures when TARGET_2ND_ARCH is arm.
c3eccffca2 : Remove no longer required special case for ndk_translation proxy libs.
30c009406f : Handle image map names that end with ]
8ea9b3711a : Use j.l.ThreadGroup class directly for GetThreadGroupInfo
9d4fb714d8 : Fix invalid inverted boolean check.
221dfa6288 : Explicitly disable cpp-define-generator for Darwin.
3e29e19c9a : Switch to report times with monotonic clock
da144b68f4 : Address syntax warnings in
358b49d212 : Remove duplicate known failure.
ee3ed38304 : Add more pertinent directories to the cleanspec after the APEX split.
188f21e72d : Include in the "runtime" linker namespace.
d6be5da752 : Update references to the ART APEX for tests.
ad909af6c4 : Update references to the ART APEX.
6da456969b : Replace package variant specific APK keys with a single one.
fb3a94be51 : Split Bionic and ART/libcore into separate APEXes.
ccb0b5fffa : jitzyogte: madvise away dex files after compilation.
b3b803b69d : Enable JIT dual data mapping.
87fb032ee1 : Fix JIT data dual mapping for apps.
a86a5d162e : Prevent attempts to run impossible configurations.
bf8a5d8f4b : Add --all-<type> options to testrunner
ab5f4c17a8 : Allow space characters in SimpleName for DEX format 040.
c94b44dac8 : Revert "Extend ART/Runtime APEX checker build rules to flattened APEXes."
54f145b902 : Revert "Extend ART/Runtime APEX checker build rules to flattened APEXes."
7ab07777b0 : Revert "Prevent overflow for AOT hotness counters"
1544457994 : Use "items" instead of "iteritems".
775d38d849 : Revert "Fix profile saver hotness for AOT code"
86459c058c : ART: Change Python code in run-test
79e6eb8b79 : Prevent overflow for AOT hotness counters
bae88c0759 : Supported AVX/AVX2 in art-interpreter
4e8e0a5a2a : Fix vpython embedded specification's bookends in
0414e244c8 : Extend ART/Runtime APEX checker build rules to flattened APEXes.
03f8fdebc1 : Extend ART/Runtime APEX checker build rules to flattened APEXes.
8feeef6bf1 : Add required vpython version tag to
4cb48c1bd3 : Fix profile saver hotness for AOT code
49484076e8 : ART: Add testrunner diagnostics for b/140161314
e09b87eb8d : JIT mini-debug-info: Support JIT data dual mapping.
c88c1d0fbb : Fully remove DumpKernelStack.
4ec4d48940 : ART: Verifier cleanup
7263abc75f : ART: Remove .vpython file
6d0e3de6d7 : Typo fix in test/
85059deed7 : Remove multilib suffixes from libraries
efd55b5b58 : Don't complain if we can't read /proc/self/task/pid/stack.
1ec82e562a : ART: Properly kill timed-out test
52699518fa : ART: Take actual time on timeout in testrunner
b3c8ab303e : Include in the "runtime" linker namespace.
9ac8e4327b : JIT mini-debug-info: Allocate entries in the JIT data space.
df36a712ad : Update references to the ART APEX for tests.
637e58c9b4 : Update references to the ART APEX.
19acb10bd8 : Replace package variant specific APK keys with a single one.
ca42aca5e2 : Split Bionic and ART/libcore into separate APEXes.
29e740fe64 : Convert the `` script to Python 2.
e5a9ba3b4c : Reenable LUCI notifications on the ART Buildbot AOSP builders.
323e8c616e : Fix out-of-bounds read in ApiList::Dump.
82e347bd4e : Increase kNotifyNativeInterval on host
05b0086ea3 : Add support for running specific tests to
6e163a8325 : Add chain-agents agent
4c1b84a1ba : Add NDK static ti-fast target
c617561051 : ART: Add support for SVE feature for ARM64.
e9455f61f7 : Clear the boot task at fork.
8fc2f95291 : JIT mini-debug-info: Remove global maps.
9ce340f829 : ARM64: toFloat() intrinsics with ARMv8 FP16.
d4fc62c663 : Factor common parts in ART/Runtime APEX checker build rules.
ac8f936996 : JIT code cache: Don't set footprint limit for data portion.
ea5b4297d7 : Include evacuated bytes in heap size trace
7ab5c00680 : ART buildbots: Stop blacklisting SystemTest#testArrayCopyConcurrentModification
f5e26f8f83 : Support array classes in profiles.
be53085e18 : ARM64: Improve BoundsCheck for constant inputs.
72d7e94d70 : Add obsolete object event
f1bb75abb3 : Add some more documentation on ART run-tests and gtests.
a67daeba97 : Fix race between post fork initialization and JIT.
d5a9587acd : Update the entrypoint with the code entrypoint, not the code pointer.
bac080b0be : Loop vectorizer should not remove instructions that can throw
44b977d9e2 : Print more JIT memory use stats.
759845ff57 : Separate ICU4J from core-libart
77251f9713 : Fix uses of APEX providers' field `_folder_cache`.
a6f3583a02 : Couple of small improvements in jitzygote config.
e47933ab30 : Replace more occurrences of `make` with `m` in ART.
411a6de639 : Use m instead of make.
d5ec2a1321 : Make the $/# in front of constants optional
fa59588533 : Fix setting/getting the native priority of a thread.
918e9af6a7 : Add assembly support for -fsanitize=hwaddress tagged globals.
c94b44cee8 : Update ahat version number to 1.7
2d79a6275a : Remove dead code in build/codegen.go.
bfcea3dca8 : Jit-zygote: Postpone pre-compilation until boot is completed.
6461124331 : Remove icu .dat file from Runtime module
3cb59a4e22 : Don't require --debugfs and --tmpdir when --flattened is used.
b41869adc0 : Fix linker error in JitCompilerInterface
f56393cc93 : Switch-interpreter: Inline field getters and setters.
084fc289b4 : Conditionally include MIPS32/MIPS64 and x86/x86-64 disassembler definitions.
7cfc8f5b2a : Don't compile OSR methods that have phi equivalents at loop entry.
70b93ffca2 : Use ART gtests from the Testing Runtime APEX in ART device testing.
635967b5d1 : Remove message ART creates for "throw null".
8d5a215a7e : Build and install the Testing Runtime APEX in ART device testing.
118ce36aa0 : Filter duplicate sources in ART's codegen customizer.
46b5353fa5 : Simplify JIT compiler interface usage from the runtime.
baa81b5f25 : Use ClassStatus::kVisiblyInitialized in interpreter.
38a062eb73 : Weaken 2 DCHECK()s in reflection.
e80ecf31e0 : Rewrite the check in OatFile::Setup().
d4d6fb50b5 : Set relative path to ART tests back to `art/$ISA` instead of `test/$ISA`.
f0b1de829b : Introduce Make variables for the various Runtime APEX names.
6a0b657a18 : ART: ARM64: Optimize frame size for SIMD graphs.
61f0716300 : Introduce a Testing Runtime APEX (test) module including ART gtests.
81448a21dd : Fix 638-checker-inline-cache-intrinsic
5d93b8848c : ART: Improve the timings for 597-deopt-busy-loop.
0599cffb60 : Do not hold lock when making class visibly initialized.
7c502740ba : Fix Heap::UnBindBitmaps for spaces without bitmaps
c14ec8facf : Add resize arrays JVMTI extension
147a911636 : ART: Remove FailOrAbort for unnecessary cases
b90cad5807 : ART: Move find-locks code up in the callchain
d1abab7110 : ART: Check dex file constraint A1
0134a28ec4 : ART: Verifier cleanup
86bf068459 : ART: Verifier cleanup
422a9ebc5b : Do not hold lock when making class visibly initialized.
9f18fbc433 : Make classes visibly initialized faster.
6f38201339 : Refactor space bitmap to be a value object
2b9c8c94fc : No longer call `make` directly in build/apex/
8e1106587f : Use ClassStatus::kVisiblyInitialized for allocations.
5a11036542 : Remove obsolete `doThrow` pattern from some tests.
5443493f2b : Reduce array size in test 597-deopt-busy-loop/SimdLoop.
2182147af6 : Call Jit::MaybeCompileMethod less frequently.
e65ade7058 : ART: Disable vectorization for debuggable graphs.
9df37b9f0f : ART: ARM64: Fix saved fpu stack offsets for SIMD.
92fc2c0241 : Update
9527e3de28 : Add list extensions agent
a5c01d708e : Fix incorrect DCHECK for oatdump
44ca0754b3 : Compiler changes for boot image extension.
f3677471a5 : Add ability to switch to index ids late.
f1468b53d0 : ART: Verifier cleanup
fef91cc973 : ART: Verifier cleanup
e0bbab9fe1 : ART: Verifier cleanup
52c468a765 : Refactor mark-bit set logic in PreZygoteFork()
c0b30c9cd2 : Implement boot image extension relocation.
672c08092a : Update Transaction for boot image extension.
e91d787c2d : Support option to show file sizes in Runtime APEX test scripts' list output.
88e556964a : Add an option to show file sizes in Runtime APEX test scripts' tree output.
f47c95b9e6 : luci: Add master-art manifest as a tracking project
0f8950af0a : Pick up the boot profile in zygote and system server.
1fc4d42d99 : Check whether method is zygote-compiled less frequently.
450b27a534 : Add some documentation for ART chroot-based device testing.
bf12191214 : Implement ClassStatus::kVisiblyInitialized.
7834241974 : Remove GC type restrictions on --force-determinism.
9e0099f1c7 : Drop Core Platform API checks when JNI table updated
01ecfa1c31 : Refactor Core Plaform API checking
2be4306b76 : ART: Use initial-exec TLS mode for Thread TLS
8237200442 : ART: Use thread_local on the host for ART Thread*
a47a6e8940 : ART: Extend bionic TLS use to host bionic
a0fc13a97a : Add support for a profile listing methods in compilation order.
92db59bdb2 : Revert "Workaround bogus Thread Safety Analysis warning"
1b0fcf495e : ART: Fix ScopedThreadStateChange assert
1cbac5c38c : Try to avoid expensive stack walk in QuickDeliverException
af8647023e : ART: Correctly exclude super-init times in classlinker
7ee607e39c : ART: Fix Runtime::GetStat
dd20d0006f : Support flattened APEXes in Runtime APEX unit testing.
70e2a7694b : Initialize array classes in pre-fence visitor.
da40acad87 : Typo fix.
a83a88996c : ART: Switch verifier kThrow fatal to default-on
ae95ce3c6e : ART: Do not handle RETURN monitor-stack issue as throwing
f2dcba05ca : Fix statistics reporting in JIT.
27351be1c1 : Switch-interpreter: Add flatten attribute to handlers.
cffa254b3b : Add fast path for exception vreg copying.
9a8634a7bc : Prevent redundant field load elimination in 593-checker-long-2-float-regression
6e4deeaf45 : sigchain: dlsym from instead of RTLD_NEXT.
34ac9f74e8 : Use bionic_private_headers instead of bionic/libc/private
eafeeb2813 : Replace use of include_dirs with header_libs on asm_defines.s
de0ccffc5e : Fix a braino in GetSavedEntryPointOfPreCompiledCode.
4345aacf58 : Cleanup some usages of include_dirs
6b689ceb63 : Fix handling for invalid or missing app images
d84794d235 : ART: Add option to behave fatally on unmarked kThrow
16a08f6d70 : ART: Factor out runtime-exception saved_line fallback
22940241f9 : Disable test 660 for debuggable
0c2c222733 : Revert^2 "Support clinit for app image during compilation"
1a225a76ee : ARM/ARM64: Improve frame entry/exit codegen.
323844002e : jitzygote: Handle case of methods having the resolution stub.
297a0533d2 : Stronger alignment check in ArtField::SetOffset().
74f89afefe : Remove Export_static_lib_headers from codegen
1533243120 : Remove use of external/vixl/src in include_dirs
b08d5db0be : Move location of where we clear thread pool tasks post fork.
2a290e14fd : Cleanup and simplify ImageWriter::GetQuickCode.
b45a435e25 : Add AVX support for packed mul/div instructions.
5132e0d143 : Add option for controling app image class initialization
b94cc1129a : Revert "Disable dexdiag_test on fugu."
b3b2db7ede : ART: Use a scoped disable-moving-gc helper in reg_type_test
b5204f4216 : ART: Add interface class join heuristic
4bd5234a05 : ART: Scope runnable part of JitCompileTask
431a7e5871 : ART: Fix some thread-annotalysis issues in ProfileSaver
8787cf8760 : Set Mark-bit for large Zygote objects
db26569b5e : ART: Remove old workaround
8b770c42bf : Switch-interpreter: Fix large performance regression in preamble.
5071531ceb : Remove use of deprecated apache-harmony-jdwp-tests-host target
5bef022af2 : [RUNTIME] Ignore signal registration for debugging
2d06e029b1 : Clean up linker patches in codegens.
7cde45800e : Further clean up boot image address checks.
6b63d8832a : Add helper script to dex2oat a JAR/APK
c658278be7 : ART: Introduce CompatThrow
bfa8b1ea0f : Skip reading usage stats for map data.
ac2260acf7 : [RUNTIME] Ignore signal registration for debugging
0b07c693eb : [RUNTIME] Ignore signal registration for debugging
bc919af448 : ART: Disallow unresolved return types after Q
d78122b424 : ART: Do not access-check type on instanceof peephole
d70a97c6d4 : ART: Monitor-stack merging should not be handled as throwing
2808be84a8 : ART: Introduce stackmap with no DexRegInfo.
460f054803 : ARM: Remove unnecessary kCoreAlwaysSpillRegister.
dcd7b5188e : Revert "Add scripts to mount/unmount the Runtime APEX under ART's chroot dir."
7409b9fb67 : ART: Collect test times in testrunner
ef1178a092 : Prefix localhost with http:// in terminal output from server startup.
4146e06484 : ART: Prepare to remove VERIFY_ERROR_UNRESOLVED_CATCH
50037df217 : Install for use by make rules
bb5b4f35e7 : Revert "Disable opaque JNI Ids for now."
4a30f89d65 : Revert "ART: Remove VERIFY_ERROR_UNRESOLVED_CATCH"
11410de860 : ART: Refactor run-test run_args
8d6651d8cc : Disable jit_memory_region_test tests on buggy kernels.
6623594e6c : Set image base address after the boot image.
2cd9437e70 : Remove `ANDROID_TZDATA_ROOT` overriding logic on device in `art` script.
56cb3ceba9 : ART: Slightly simplify/modernize
60415ae617 : ART: Move DexFileVerifier class to cc file
07a560d98c : ART: Encapsulate init-optimization fields
e32d24c75b : Store zygote compiled code in a shared map.
d17eac6b03 : Fix for 689-zygote-jit-deopt on kernels before 3.11rc2
e81f10a3f6 : Revert "Remove ShadowFrame::dex_pc_ (but keep dex_pc_ptr_)"
9690542a9e : No longer use TZ Data artifacts under `/system/etc/tzdata_module`.
ab682a78d9 : Blind fix for fixing 689-zygote-jit-deopt on host bionic.
e6cb9710af : Remove ImageWriter::IsInBootOatFile().
d5fd5c3bbb : Make .bss stores atomic release operations.
1a6f9fcce1 : ART: Dump more env vars in run-test-jar
0c89d57305 : Prevent art module types being used outside art
5e33ccdace : Don't force-allocate a profiling info when we cannot.
4b3946a555 : Remove small and tiny method options
50bc8fb89c : Remove ShadowFrame::dex_pc_ (but keep dex_pc_ptr_)
8c344524e5 : Add 689-zygote-jit-deopt as knownfailure while investigating.
1aff1efe67 : Clean up retrieving boot image address range.
c1b34d49a0 : Disable JNI native whitelist check
f5e3c66d63 : ART: Use bitset in dex file verifier
4d6ca2e01e : Deterministic VerifierDeps::Dump().
af213ccb19 : Fix ClearEntryPointsInZygoteExecSpace.
0cc6a825b1 : Set `ANDROID_TZDATA_ROOT` to the TZ Data APEX in `tools/`.
4d71e55eb7 : Remove ShadowFrame::HasReferenceArray()
e2d24beb1a : Simplify ImageWriter::IsInBootImage.
714fad6575 : Delete tasks when deleting a thread pool.
21c489870a : Add Runner for field-count agent
b06e0ad6e5 : Add `` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
2f1e8f8495 : Use flattened Time Zone Data APEX contents in ART chroot-based device testing.
674040421e : Disable dexdiag_test on fugu.
e1070377d8 : Clean up collecting app image string references.
05b41c40c6 : Prepare for sharing JIT code after fork.
3a614eaa58 : Add more tests around JitMemoryRegion.
1be9c72dd4 : Disable opaque JNI Ids for now.
3768276ab9 : Allow explicit blacklisting with maxTargetSdk=0.
0d4567f267 : Stack maps: Refactor constructors.
cc08c50948 : ART: Restyle VerifyError
b839fbb52a : ART: Allow arbitrary "expression" in
2ad19bc61d : ART: Refactor
d3b06ebccb : ART: Run autopep8 on
43884b23d6 : ART: Coalesce verifier flags into bit struct
f68b698e47 : Remove dex2oat image-classes support
00b831e12c : adbconnection: add libadbconnection_server.
f8a33063e9 : Add libfieldcount jvmti agent
79d6c800cd : Revert^2 "Support using opaque JNI ids"
01fbfbebce : Avoid useless EncodeArtMethod followed by DecodeArtMethod
88f3fd910c : jitzygote: madvise DONTFORK on writable shared region.
64f1f1f2d6 : Do not copy finalizer references to app image.
ad82a81f6c : Add `libcore.xml` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
025bba4bea : Stack maps: Micro-optimize LoadBits
91d772f9a7 : Move libartimagevalues from frameworks/native
ac933eddea : Create a dual view for zygote data cache.
a48c3dfceb : Revert "Revert "Make the JIT zygote memory shared.""
1459929a7e : ART: Change unordered_set to HashSet
eaa84415d3 : Clean up bin offset assignment in ImageWriter.
719de43158 : Enable gofmt preupload check
e764f38a4b : Remove unnecessary cache alignment fixes
f90c406cfb : Require publicAlternatives for APIs on max-sdk-q
673bd509ae : Tests for Load Hoist Store Sink
ee1f126431 : Fix search for implicit null check.
da5e041d8c : Add `libcore.libcore.timezone` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
31c3daa15d : GC-independent image layout.
b476a29a2c : Revert "Support using opaque JNI ids"
3b2905366c : Revert "Make sure to delete jni_id_manager_ on shutdown."
814a80f77a : Initialize MemMap before parsing the profile
d5d645ffec : Make sure to delete jni_id_manager_ on shutdown.
2fef66b294 : Revert "Make the JIT zygote memory shared."
21d5994583 : Support using opaque JNI ids
5dfbe7ae9e : ART: Refactor ClassJoin code
591b1d2629 : ART: Ensure SlowDebug is enabled in all gtests
5254d6f23d : ART: Use memoization for type id table check
c4a546c9a8 : ART: Cache type index validity
7107e8c397 : Fix after output layout changes.
03625446dd : Add a stress test for notifyStartupCompleted
9b41e9514d : Add `libcore.libcore.internal` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
aeb0223f14 : Retry cache flushes on ARMv7 devices
05f87217dd : Make the JIT zygote memory shared.
8d335b61d6 : Switch-interpreter: Refactor exception handling.
41249cd548 : Tests for Invariant Loops
5be5260cfe : Add 122-npe to knownfailures on debuggable jit-on-first-use
1e52a07b4d : Correct Indicies -> Indices
e0ce8bf743 : Add `` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
04968fafac : Tests for Inlining Optimization
7d94aa16f9 : Set `ANDROID_RUNTIME_ROOT` in `tools/`.
145a18a377 : Stack walk: Cache CodeInfo and StackMap for current PC.
89867bf127 : Refactor `native_shared_libs` in ``.
f284a2d185 : Add InvocationTargetException to Wellknownclasses
00a37fff76 : Move code writing to data portion of the JIT cache in JitMemoryRegion.
6c0c7c8226 : Stack maps: Micro-optimize ReadInterleavedVarints
9e18907c67 : Add `` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
6dd6212f74 : Add more tools to the Debug and Host Runtime APEXes.
72f6774bf6 : Use flattened Runtime APEX contents in ART chroot-based device testing.
2c029f35ee : Consolidate SAD tests.
fd4a79c566 : GetCanonicalMethod should handle miranda methods.
d2f8ce109d : Add `` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
e8ad48f7ec : Consolidate SIMD SAD tests.
d935af9786 : Consolidate SIMD hadd tests.
6390c90291 : Consolidate SIMD tests.
64b56033c5 : Abort transaction before finalizable allocation...
f5a07ae078 : Delete global ref created for the JitProfileTask.
a61dbc078a : Remove useless ScopedCodeCacheWrite calls.
9d3b5ec3bf : Refactor 904 for safety
34f3179392 : Limit test 1941 to 100000 iterations
9b7f8b5e6d : ART: Dump class initialization stats durig SIGQUIT
9c87c02437 : ART: Reset stats after fork
c0ce3d520e : Add `libcore.sun.*` tests to the ART Libcore test suite.
0f9823e03a : Prepare target testing device setup for the move to the Runtime APEX.
6c4ec5c155 : Revert^2 "Stack maps: Interleave consecutive varints."
349845ae9c : Move JIT code allocation to JitMemoryRegion.
1b2a49b7ab : Revert "Stack maps: Interleave consecutive varints."
a2b34561a7 : Stack maps: Interleave consecutive varints.
34087c1047 : Document all logging tags.
f8528fae3c : Remove unnecessary files from target test env
1cf31fe277 : Use builtin bpfmt preupload check
1dd670c0fa : Add errno message in RemapAtEnd error.
4cd5411c1e : Test for loop optimization
b11d521ed0 : ART: Preallocate offset map
521ff98809 : For 32-bit ARM devices align method headers and code to 64-byte boundaries.
3149252c4b : Fix memory leak in JIT cache
9c54e18028 : Simplify JIT memory region creation.
697c47a7ff : Stack maps: Handle special cases using flags.
8ac3dc5ec3 : Replace no_framework_libs: true with sdk_version: "core_platform"
2411f49e8e : Add helpers to allocate JIT memory in zygote.
77f84fcc25 : Handle cleared preresolved strings
d91f84166a : ART: Log approximate arena usage for slow verifier runs
90b3457f9c : Handle `--android-tzdata-root` in `test/run-test`.
024d69fb99 : Use cleared JNI weak sentinel from boot image.
43ae4acf21 : Yield during test 1941 tight loop
5212552b43 : ART: Use signal_dumper in run-test by default
8b1ac802f5 : ART: Make signal_dumper static
c5c5186959 : Avoid decoding jobject under a kGenericBottomLock
8764860dcd : ART: Flag Runtime::Abort to the UnexpectedSignal handler
3e2446bbe9 : ART: Correctly handle an abort from an unattached thread
1adb04fd1a : Avoid coercing to key type in SafeMap
9ccea1da79 : Fix UnsupportedAppUsage property serialization
c56a23e120 : Switch-interpreter: Make the instruction field constant.
4444f1b38a : Add option to identify primary zygote.
44b9b5876f : Remove unnecessary files from the runtime module
2da955f823 : Revert "Ignore failures on O devices in JDWP tests."
9bac568d16 : Revert "Ignore failures on O devices in some network-related libcore tests."
1217f268cd : Revert "Start netd before running tests on Buildbot devices."
ec232913bf : Use public unwindstack function.
82a88f49b8 : Use conservative permissions when creating files in ART am: d224e964bd
8e05f09ca7 : Do not force-intern Strings in images.
23df24822e : Sweep malloc spaces before clearing from space
0df2aba868 : ART: Use SIGTERM for timeout dumping
148c1609b1 : ART: Rename timeout_dumper to signal_dumper
298dc0f047 : ART: Add configurable signal to timeout_dumper
a0666a9d6e : Disable
d09504f585 : Check and expand GC mark stack
380f0d8db5 : ART: Conditionally install Dbg class callbacks
3fae12960c : Move IntrusiveForwardList<> to libartbase.
b7c640d364 : JVMTI Force early return
3ffb5b1576 : Handle allocation failure in AddPreResolvedStringsArray
63ab3e1fb6 : ART: Add art_verifierd
741a0707d4 : Fix two bugs in jitzygote configuration.
f1bd5f3dc7 : Revert "Tweak check script in case logs interleave with Java prints."
90ffe12e1b : Add sim of time zone data module files for target
7f7539b8ed : Pass the memory region to allocate into to the compiler / allocation.
93adcb53c7 : ART: Remove some compile-time info points
01f2e3a488 : Tweak check script in case logs interleave with Java prints.
8867f3b017 : Switch-interpreter: Add new 'next' instruction field.
d3b6664f45 : Fix imgdiag crashing for ASLR images
09744acaab : Refactor `List.print_list` and `Tree.print_tree` in ``.
8c7308778f : Fix the output of's `--list` option.
c9ea3d185d : Update TODOs for ICU library links.
0a7d0b10d2 : ART: Mark unreachable catch handler code in verifier
6087bc210f : ART: Handle unresolved catch handler types differently in the verifier
9a45d01b40 : Fix dex2oatd module definition.
1e4ed979e5 : Add CtsJdwpTestCases as ART presubmit.
2a905b2b50 : Move memory related regions of the JIT cache in its own class.
29bb803f2d : Don't use prejit for jit-at-first-use.
d2f13ba715 : Remove requirement of a ProfilingInfo for jitted code.
e7d7e9dd01 : Revert "Remove skipped blocks reuse mechanism"
e1de95c992 : Document ART's `--verbose-methods` compiler option in dex2oat's usage.
81d15be769 : Add AVX support for packed add/sub instructions on x86
5fd673488c : Remove main console in luci.
1332c26c69 : Switch-interpreter: Reduce copy-pasted code in array handling.
ee12e3abd3 : Switch-interpreter: Reduce amount of copy-pasted code.
05e4b0263f : Add libfieldnull static target.
df1ab205c7 : ART: Avoid shared cache lines for JIT code allocations
743600d5ae : ARM/ARM64: Clean up artFindNativeMethod().
bd613eced1 : Switch-interpreter: Add boolean return value to opcodes.
6baf64482a : Switch-interpreter: Add GetVReg/SetVReg forwarding helpers.
1cfbd2946c : Add validation for publicAlternatives
eb104c8f28 : Fix wrong assumption on boolean type.
dddb6dea94 : ART: Remove superfluous logging
54a6d4c123 : Fix missing return when trying to skip threads dump when mutator lock is exclusively held
7d42cdd505 : ART: Allow thread suspend lock to be held when dumping a thread
ba26b51e2e : ART: Skip all-threads dump on abort if locks are held
e8e2d00ec0 : Add runtimeISA logging when no original dex files
dbb57f3f8e : Remove skipped blocks reuse mechanism
f98a38740b : Make test 1946 faster
3068d582ef : Clean up creating handles from `this`.
991cd5cc16 : Add default template args to Heap::Alloc*Object*().
78da5e255d : Eliminate dead LoadClass when pruning ClinitCheck.
49af704f0f : Ensure non-standard returns release monitors
bee28948fd : FdFile needs close even without any valid FD
616f400313 : Move libsigchain out of static/shared properties
10f5f86b31 : Blacklist libcore gcstress test that times out.
d6f579c1a9 : Switch-interpreter: Use more helpers for opcode arguments.
27085041af : Don't use apexd when TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX == true
442f0f129e : Don't use apexd when TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX == true
cc3a12158e : ART: Fix exception stash in stack dump
e42a4b95ee : Optimize stack maps: add fast path for no inline info.
67ba872df7 : Optimize stack map decoding.
436f6c1e53 : Switch-interpreter: Add helpers to get opcode arguments.
9a292a1d28 : Convert most of tools/dexfuzz/ to .bp
af52cbeb9b : Use TargetSdkLevel in CalculateVerificationInfo
8e6bf106a5 : Convert tools/ to .bp
eea55ece00 : Convert tools/class2greylist/test/ to .bp
abedfca1db : Partially ObjPtr<>-ify HandleScope.
5bf2dbdcee : Use conservative permissions when creating files in ART
2fb74d3087 : Fix location of guest libraries on translated archs
f667508a21 : ARM/ARM64: Use trampolines for slow-path entrypoint calls.
8fa839cfe6 : Revert^2 "Improve ArraySet codegen."
3cddf4538a : Make sure a out/build_number.txt file is present with linux-bionic
e2ddce3dec : Revert^2 "Add verifier fallback for JVMTI Get/SetLocalVariable"
6045bc202f : Fix incorrect register-number range check.
99cbfb55fc : Revert "Add verifier fallback for JVMTI Get/SetLocalVariable"
098e7a6758 : Try to make test 1963 pass on fugu
e48fd0b478 : Add verifier fallback for JVMTI Get/SetLocalVariable
abdb4592fa : Use string length from DEX instead of recomputing
639e73b5ad : Revert^2 "Add AddToDexClassloader JVMTI extension functions"
f03b151a9b : Allow linking to and from executable in /data
4a17f8af13 : Add extra systrace for app startup
799e536da9 : Revert "Add AddToDexClassloader JVMTI extension functions"
c5265d93c8 : ART: Use libcore's bp preupload check script
0dc93b1ba9 : ART: Run bpfmt over ART's blueprint files
9b81ac36e1 : Add default argument kIsInstrumented=true.
92ed90ca38 : Add AddToDexClassloader JVMTI extension functions
82cc9601d6 : Make output of generate_operator_out reproducible
27a47a3c10 : ART: Forward-declare ClassIterator and Signature in dex_file.h (iwyu)
957c538a4d : ART: Refactor SchedulingGraph for consistency and clarity
552a134155 : ART: Optimize StringBuilder append pattern.
0dda8c8493 : Revert "Improve ArraySet codegen."
0ece864910 : Improve ArraySet codegen.
3a8ab36cdf : ART: Remove time_utils dependency in thread_list.h
19f5416eb8 : ART: Remove runtime.h file_utils.h (iwyu)
43e72433fd : ART: Remove file_utils' ReadFileToString
391be3ab96 : ART: Forward-declare AllocatorType (iwyu)
0c2313c2d1 : ART: Forward-declare SuspendReason in thread.h
b79674cf70 : ART: Forward-declare Signature in art_method.h (iwyu)
230beda818 : Add thread state descriptive comment
2388ae520a : ART: Place conditionally needed include in #ifdef
2f7a55c037 : ART: Forward-declare DexInstructionIterator (iwyu)
3ba32d966c : ART: Remove assert include (iwyu)
baa99adfc7 : Optimize RegionSpace::ClearFromSpace()
b5649f9b2b : Allow stripped-down OatDexFile in system server.
e00e20103f : oatdump: Fix oat code retrieval.
3f795d2ab3 : Fix image_space_test on Q+ target.
a253c2d27b : Bytes_moved accounting fix and accounting cleanup
092f799333 : Delete DexpreoptGlobalConfig entry after deleting the file it points to
88cfa338da : Clear exception before calling ValidateSuperClassDescriptors
e302088f50 : Call ReferenceQueue add outside of active GC block
23ca8fbcb2 : Centralize all the jvmti common test classes
d4f8afb4d8 : Revert "Add binary search table for .debug_frame"
354ddc52e3 : Revert "Blacklist test while failing."
30d3ee8932 : luci: Add libcore as a tracking project.
d456117108 : ART: Mark StringBuilder.append()s as intrinsics.
ba25318266 : Fix for both 32- and 64-bit tests.
f41232eecb : Incorporate additional feedback to native JNI checks
077872d543 : Allow APEX binaries to access fields and methods via JNI
2180d8e8d8 : Clean up ArtField/ArtMethod relocation for app image.
9ac09eeb8b : jitzygote: compile system server methods at boot.
eab0248f87 : Clean up after obsolete methods update fix.
5515310c7e : Try harder to support gtests with non-standard build config
cbe6d4aa61 : Fix double loading check for Darwin
6a3c67e534 : Fix double loading check for Darwin
efdd1b0c81 : ART: Add throughput to verifier duration message
d6d878ef7f : Use DEX2OATBOOTCLASSPATH to generate boot image
d3374a048d : Move stack logging entirely into palette library
4060786d8f : Revert^2 "Correctly handle thread deopt with thread-specific JVMTI events"
3ff45bf767 : ART: Small iwyu
342b69492c : Fix JVMTI GetStackTrace bug
b34981b0b7 : ART: Fix hidden hard fail in instance field verification
b9f1d3e5f1 : Do not fail if the tombstoned output fd is a socket or pipe.
56dad98252 : Revert "Add test 980 to knownfailures for no-image + jit"
1b3561a157 : x86: Add assembler tests and clean up style.
439d126919 : Add StackVisitor::SetVRegReference().
19711d479c : ObjPtr<>-ify instrumentation.
8311489bca : ObjPtr<>-ify debugger/jdwp.
d76e1238fd : veridex: Add cmd line flag to filter app classes by name
1fe5839d10 : ObjPtr<>-ify ClassTable.
c6934e36d3 : Avoid some read barriers in ClassTable.
552ba72fce : ART: Add LUCI notifier email template
9f3c002fdd : Actually put the 37h in seconds numbers.
9da3d42526 : Make the two timeouts at most 47.
1a20eca7b5 : Increase expiration timeout for luci.
70d91fe71d : ART: Disable check for Mac
055cf9a459 : Create symlink as a side effect
4f743c0106 : Blacklist test while failing.
1389dd450e : Track libziparchive API change.
b2a8964f42 : Revert "Correctly handle thread deopt with thread-specific JVMTI events"
c8c7e0659a : Correctly handle thread deopt with thread-specific JVMTI events
765b2a0457 : Add -verbose:interpreter
0235336779 : Check for null before using AddLocalReference in ti_method
164f133d98 : Free classes after objects for memory tool
52fc7ab4d5 : Fix mac build: Enable libdexfile_external (attempt 2)
917cfdb915 : Fix build rules.
0d54cfb1a6 : jitzygote: Special case system server to keep the JIT queue at fork.
fe613a7f8d : ART: Small iwyu
b0625e0bcb : ART: Address b/120022597
b74f307cda : ART: IWYU for HiddenApi domain
1db789ea17 : ART: Small iwyu
0e5dc3438d : Only write stacks traces to tombstoned
35051d4caf : Define SimplyNoted in smali to retain build annotations.
8ba0888551 : Reland: Make default namespace an "alias" for runtime rather than the other way around.
9dc44d959b : Explicitly compile debug versions of libdexfile_external.
f1890fd473 : Go to native for image decompression thread pool wait
d801a7bb4d : Have the ART Buildbot and Golem generate timezones files in /system/etc/tz.
356864a74f : Add libdexfiled_external to the debug Runtime APEX.
ae09081da9 : Remove the dual debug/ndebug run on 018-stack-overflow.
6ae463f33c : hiddenapi, class2greylist: Add support for greylist-max-q
d112012197 : Fix mac build: Enable libdexfile_external
68fa4ca313 : Add debug version of
c5e3a52473 : Make compiling an apex image explicit.
498019ab91 : Update ahat_api.txt
256c94b568 : Update induction ranges in superblock cloner.
7711c35fa6 : Fix debug/release dependencies on libartbase
3923987073 : Add more logging to 137-cfi
916b426a96 : Revert "Make default namespace an "alias" for runtime rather than the other way"
db6932d721 : Disable 570-checker-osr-locals for trace tests.
36ec6c7314 : Fix DWARF line-number generation for JITed methods.
c36a8ccf44 : Handle empty uncompressed and aligned dex file in an archive.
5fe1b23d54 : Make default namespace an "alias" for runtime rather than the other way around.
2792de4c2c : Enable notifications for android builders.
956f9fadb3 : Save floating point registers in art_quick_osr_stub
b4e65074f1 : Refactor test 1953, 1954, 1955, & 1956 somewhat
240cb2aa3c : FileUtils: Do not expect Android root without an ending slash
2cc9d34355 : Fix wrong assumption in RemoveInstructionsAsUsersFromDeadBlocks.
c45b5897e6 : jitzygote: JIT native methods on first use.
2cd21b2034 : ART: Make bad_mutexes abort message legible
7c5acbb122 : ART: Fix some types
51c655847f : Add cfi instructions.
81dc7ab1df : Speed up and slightly simplify Mutex
fe9181db92 : hiddenapi: Error message when superclass not found
605a5fe916 : jitzygote: Fix DCHECKs
20d1c942c0 : Patch supports Intel(R) AVX/AVX2 MOV Instruction
d32f8aadd3 : Don't use framework libs for ahat-test-dump
069cafce8b : Convert more of ahat to Android.bp
96b3baab90 : ART: Validate boot image system oat files conditionally
3db3d37dcd : Invert IsUsingDefaultBootImageLocation to IsUsingApexBootImageLocation.
467b692bfa : Use single contention counter for rw mutexes
1973687350 : Clarify histogram logic.
f339cca574 : Revert "jitzygote: Also Pre-JIT native methods."
dd16edbd72 : Revert "jitzygote: Fix pre-JIT of native methods."
fe0e00a4d6 : Pre-resolve dex cache strings before collecting string offsets
a3d186e5c3 : Remove unused art/tools/amm
a4cdd36ba3 : Prevent concurrent GC stack-walks during deoptimization
4160c12d4e : Update TODO for the lib/arm(64) subdirectories.
bfcca58145 : ART: Add verifier-debug log for exception handler
99db7bb218 : ART: Templatize internal method verifier class
fc25ae90c7 : ART: Refactor verifier
d09c0593fb : ART: Do not expose arena allocator from MethodVerifier
51de69ecd2 : ART: Clean up MethodVerifier
bb2467b398 : Make kHugeNativeAllocs configurable
7c887c57b1 : ART: Under verifier-debug, amend the hard-fail message
a65859d5a1 : Add mean GC throughput as per CPU time to perfdump
87658f3e88 : Revert^2 "Optimize FindClass ClassNotFoundException case"
d5d807bc2d : ART: Restrict dex cache location check
520a43637b : Use static linking for dexdump on host builds
063c9851f8 : Revert "Use static linking for dexdump on host builds"
b08fc20853 : Revert "Use static linking for dexdump on host builds"
501c3b073e : Revert^2 "Fix correctness for fast path class loading"
ed42f62df5 : Use static linking for dexdump on host builds
909436eefd : Use static linking for dexdump on host builds
a6c7b888ba : Use static linking for dexdump on host builds
8812459ad6 : ahat: getImmediateDominator should not return the SuperRoot.
2e2f9e8c69 : Revert "Fix correctness for fast path class loading"
d399f579cf : Revert "Optimize FindClass ClassNotFoundException case"
9634705832 : Optimize FindClass ClassNotFoundException case
b086f5284a : ahat: Fix broken style sheet.
40b1ba4543 : Optimize FindClass ClassNotFoundException case
d94c87d52e : jitzygote: Fix pre-JIT of native methods.
4d8d83f968 : Add a tool
ef04ac6c05 : Fix correctness for fast path class loading
ca19f9a854 : Fix correctness for fast path class loading
1eb5d8770a : Prefix entrypoints with 0xFF so we can do extra checks.
9b70ee0fdb : Clean up error messages in the previous CL.
a54e0cc54a : Add more entrypoint checks in oatdump.
dbf5525cdb : Reduce luci timeout to 41.
2ad6cceed5 : ART: Make LogVerifyInfo newlines consistent
b29ecc1a44 : Build dexdump on mac.
2e2c45efd6 : Plumb tombstoned connections through PALette.
a3b31ba6ee : Fix ProfilingInfo race.
b10f02828b : Special case one class in jit zygote.
3b19de27a4 : Fix oatdump_test build dependencies.
5a0622ae24 : jitzygote: Also Pre-JIT native methods.
8d83419b14 : Reduce the timeout, 48 is outside of luci range.
7989ac9ef0 : Save the JIT compiled code when the class isn't initialized yet.
6dfdfef85b : Set core platform API policy from command line flag
a4469ef9e8 : Describe the reason for the allow_all_shared_libs to the platform namespace better.
dd8e222922 : Use art::GetAndroidRoot instead of ANDROID_HOST_OUT in art::CommonArtTestImpl.
fb6a5c00ef : Add and use art::GetAndroidRuntimeBinDir.
f160394fda : Rewrite backtrace-helper to use Unwinder directly.
50eec3d36d : Adjust the dladdr-based introspection logic used in art::GetAndroidRootSafe.
fbbda47e03 : Incorporate additional feedback to native JNI checks
dc2fbb6d98 : jitzygote: create a type lookup table at runtime for bootclasspath dex files.
307b2846c6 : Move on-load class modification log to VLOG(class_linker)
dc1dffc575 : Fix metrics in GC performance dump
d03e8dd6c8 : Fix longstanding JIT bug in interaction with class initialization.
408f7d0db6 : Add libc_malloc_debug and _hooks to the runtime APEX
c63d56637c : Update intrinsic Unsafe.getLong() after moving to core platform API
0039bc5537 : Do not change hidden API ArtMethod/ArtField access flags on AOT
31cc2795f7 : Fix hidden API DCHECK in ArtMethod::SetIntrinsic
2df4bfb2ab : Do not check if known locations exist on host for hidden API
3e8aae0377 : Fix dex location of boot oat files during preopt
4059487005 : Fix CHECK for homogenous space compaction
e7a33545a6 : Handle methods being present in multiple threads correctly
66834468e9 : Revert^2 "Perform SetEvent under the user_code_suspend_count_lock_"
11d5a2507a : Override Object#hashCode and add missing switch type.
586e37bbfb : ART: Add jars to boot integrity
b52df537b8 : Revert^2 "Remove support for moving GC collector transitions"
2d79011ec1 : Add notifications for luci failures.
2e3cb5486f : Refactor art::GetAndroidDataSafe and art::GetAndroidData.
1ed4515fac : Fix flaky 137-cfi test.
82c6b94abd : Revert "Remove support for moving GC collector transitions"
51d5a30592 : Use unique mutex to synchronize runtime_callbacks
ecd21be250 : Fix tracing shutdown
fc8e7598fe : art: remove unnecessary references to external/zlib.
8f88207206 : Revert "Remove support for moving GC collector transitions"
679dec1c8a : Revert^2 "Use RAII for preventing user-code suspensions"
66a655029c : Remove support for moving GC collector transitions
caf4b5ae52 : Update luci timeouts in extreme gcstress cases.
89cbeb65ed : Fix AssertNonMovableStringClass().
80e9f700c2 : Allow APEX binaries to access fields and methods via JNI
93aa8b035f : Fix include order
f75dce49eb : Revert^2 "Delete GSS"
a8d23cb7fe : Use CommonArtTest for dexlayout, dexdiag
1ea8a62e32 : Add art::GetAndroidRuntimeRootSafe and art::GetAndroidRuntimeRoot.
eaa4831142 : Revert "Perform SetEvent under the user_code_suspend_count_lock_"
c723b81ea2 : Revert "Use RAII for preventing user-code suspensions"
d271809c58 : Don't JIT compile eagerly methods that have the resolution stub.
9ff900dbb1 : Replace more literal strings with constants in libartbase/base/
163c8aba76 : Use concurrent.futures.ThreadExecutor for testrunner threads
76b9c695a7 : Split JIT mini-debug-info packing and compression to two phases.
e18588381b : Revert "Delete GSS"
926c5f0365 : Update TODO for libcutils dependency.
268aa30ddc : Add dependency on libdl_android
1397ea10a8 : Delete GSS
3b23f75680 : Use the right directory for the csv file.
715e567044 : Revert "Add libc_malloc_debug and _hooks to the runtime APEX"
77f17668f9 : Move dexdiag out of the release APEX, to avoid dependencies on lib{proc,mem}info there.
f6aeaaf62f : Add libc_malloc_debug and _hooks to the runtime APEX
3483d0a9dd : Fix mterp assembly to use uxtw instead of lsl where needed.
9c8f34448e : Use RAII for preventing user-code suspensions
3fa8b6db7b : Perform SetEvent under the user_code_suspend_count_lock_
4f215d1b1c : Rename dexdump2 to dexdump
774232ae5a : Add another missing entrypoint check for stack walk.
383f114f8d : Fix ILL_ILLOPC issue-id 129895920 on 32bit armv7 device
6d4280c350 : Update LUCI console to removed Buildbot host builders
31bbc868ac : Workaround for "required" dependencies not being followed in APEXes.
389dfa86f7 : Revert "Snap for 5187456 from 784f7d1c0b9c82e8711c7f09eb639c9ec7ad86f1 to qt-release"
8316209424 : Revert "Merge changes from topic "dexfile-hooks" am: 5ce7e0d115 am: 67ee139226"
97e8d17192 : Revert^3 "ART: Dual mapping of JIT code pages"
67dbe40424 : Revert "Update hidden API lists for intrinsics"
b62ce4b64f : ART: Correctly compare in UTF-16 space

+- Project: platform/bionic

4bdd7ed4c : Resolve interface flags using SIOCGIFFLAGS ioctl
4785c1354 : Don't test pw_shell for old vendor images
c8c3bc58a : Move set_cached_pid() to __clone_for_fork()
8b26ca416 : Remove WEAK_FOR_NATIVE_BRIDGE for fork
018f4a131 : Narrow native bridge to clone_for_fork
c3b3e869c : Use PROT_NONE on the unused parts of CFI shadow.
91740684c : Handle the alternate signal stack correctly in android_unsafe_frame_pointer_chase.
eb6c7abdf : Copy translateSystemPathToApexPath to linker_translate_path.cpp
ccf160244 : Allow native_bridge linker to use different APEX from native one
2082446f8 : Ignore SCUDO_OPTIONS across a security boundary.
73ca781f4 : Fix deadlock/timeout in thread unwinding.
ce8467773 : Speed up seccomp with priority list.
01e19d2be : Set min_sdk_version for mainline dependencies
7501c6de1 : fdtrack: don't do anything while vforked.
1bf410b5f : fdsan: don't do anything when vforked.
537835143 : Track whether a thread is currently vforked.
b47eeab23 : Add goldfish-opengl to use bionic_libc_platform_headers
40a86559c : Fix argument order in api level test
073fdd907 : Fix foritfy test for clang update.
c984b2c5d : fdtrack: add wrapper for socketpair.
bc79638e7 : fdtrack: add wrapper for eventfd.
143e2ae80 : fdtrack: add wrappers for epoll_create, epoll_create1.
9c3b21135 : fdtrack: add wrappers for pipe, pipe2.
7ac2e9476 : fdtrack: add tests for individual wrappers.
ffbb51fef : fdtrack: don't destroy traces.
693a7214d : Set apex_available property
95cebe5b1 : Block all signals in ScopedSignalBlocker.
76eb84a4f : __loader_cfi_fail: acquire g_dl_mutex
771da6f50 : android_get_exported_namespace: acquire g_dl_mutex
a3b70fac9 : Fix possible issue with cfi_basic test.
8dceacc29 : Set the top bit for tagged pointers.
719506252 : libc_header is available to any apex but only visible to certain places
494501040 : Set apex_available property
8481da400 : Set apex_available property
17f43b4c9 : libfdtrack: When dump fdsan fd owner, happen NE
d807cf36d : icmp6.h - add captive portal and pref64 nd opts
75e79c92d : libc: Add stubs.versions=R
5e0d80b3e : dynamic libc: ignore ART profiling signal by default.
a08c97bee : Fix bugprone-macro-parentheses warnings
72a3f36f9 : [GWP-ASan] Add gwp_asan_unittest to bionic presubmit.
4b8a17dc2 : [GWP-ASan] Allow libc header access from GWP-ASan.
515a0e2ef : Revert "Statically link libdl.a to linker"
516a0ef97 : [GWP-ASan] Intercept calloc() again.
809da1f4e : Add explicit state for heapprofd hooking.
ec829ed4e : Statically link libdl.a to linker
f4e3d42f2 : Delete definitions of __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0.
58cbfd9e7 : Rewrite __cxa_atexit / __cxa_finalize
7128923e5 : Add 29 to stubs.versions of libc/libdl/libm
1082315dd : Update the scudo wrapper for bionic changes.
8768694da : [GWP-ASan] [heapprofd] Fix infinite recursion between malloc-racing threads.
f27fa1d20 : [GWP-ASan] Don't intercept calloc.
e5cf4b242 : Cleans up logging and comments in ifaddrs.
1f85474ee : [GWP-ASan] [heapprofd] Nullptr deref in dispatch.
f6edd9130 : Override SIGSYS during profiling signal handler
2891f3e0e : Add a libc wrapper for statx(2).
545477ba2 : Try to resolve interface names before removing nameless interfaces.
a5d8b1b00 : Add a std::map, std::unordered_map benchmark.
45819dde1 : Allow android_mallopt(M_SET_HEAP_TAGGING_LEVEL) to control scudo heap tagging.
bf40eac2e : Remove ld.config.txt from bionic APEX
8116b70fe : Rename APEX Namespace
4c9293f29 : [GWP-ASan] Export GWP-ASan regions to libdebuggerd.
4b11192d8 : benchmarks: add 16 and 32 bytes to common sizes
4d62ffc5b : [GWP-ASan] Remove log line from init.
36359f47a : Remove unused declarations.
c8cef93f2 : Allow nested usage of ScopedDisableMTE.
0083b0fcb : [GWP-ASan] Enable GWP-ASan w/ process sampling ~1%.
c03856c58 : [GWP-ASan] [heapprofd] Use ephemeral dispatch table when death prof.
1878690fd : Deprecate sys.linker.use_generated_config property
56a9fda61 : Remove dead code.
5ac438e5d : Clean up mips references in the headers.
14798930e : Remove unused mips/mips64 code from the linker.
2b499046f : Clean up syscall stub/seccomp filter generation.
d02e7b131 : fortify: simplify strlen for LLVM's new optimization
3e928edc7 : Remove XOM properties.
6a65ccdf5 : Remove mips test workarounds.
cce88c0a0 : Update malloc_info test for scudo.
57e6b8612 : Adjust the documentation of `get_ld_config_file_apex_path`.
242387d0c : [GWP-ASan] [malloc-tests] Scan GWP-ASan regions in maps.
3083cc947 : [malloc dispatch] Install dispatch over the top of GWP-ASan.
bba80dcd8 : [GWP-ASan] Fix non-reentrant libc_globals init behaviour.
062eba2dd : Enable scudo for non-svelte configs.
44c01c77d : Clean up the math headers.
f3968e89c : [GWP-ASan] Integrate GWP-ASan into bionc's malloc() (using hooks).
f9930b765 : Update a few comments.
d32ca14ea : Update to v5.5 kernel headers.
ad5f772db : bionic: Check /sys/kernel/tracing for tracefs
d55689bb9 : Use "" for its link namespace
892d0286c : [Elf TLS] [GWP-ASan] Update ELF TLS test.
ef80d68eb : Update to v5.5 kernel headers.
9c381b046 : docs/ link to github.
bf03c01b3 : Remove bionic's internal ctype-like inlines.
026d3a8fa : <ctype.h>: inline the ASCII functions.
2f7876596 : fortify: remove 'optimizations' for functions that LLVM knows about
c2faf235c : Stop generating unused headers.
ad8f02d78 : fdtrack: add a test.
22fa3dde0 : Ignore symbols of imported libs' dependencies
5f45c18a7 : Add an android_unsafe_frame_pointer_chase function.
fb58744f6 : Use generated linker config for APEX binaries
428a07bcb : Add an android_unsafe_frame_pointer_chase function.
e503383c9 : Comment two linker namespace functions
272458ee9 : Rename dlsym_handle_lookup:6 to dlsym_handle_lookup_impl
57c2caec3 : fdtrack: print fdsan owner tag.
1a6164db9 : fdtrack: make actually async safe.
936a7eb02 : Move fdtrack APIs to LLNDK.
5f1165c66 : versioner: don't require mips headers.
6f08866e3 : fdtrack: print fdsan owner tag.
50955c461 : fdtrack: make actually async safe.
759625072 : Move fdtrack APIs to LLNDK.
97271920b : Add a tool to track down fd leaks.
3288c2e25 : Fix the libc/include .clang-format.
6f1fd6881 : Add some MTE-related helpers.
1cc755c8c : Fully disable clang format where needed.
09e77f35a : _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 support for fcntl.
89379355c : Add a couple of new benchmarks.
fdaf82f96 : Link .clang-format file to system/core one.
201dcf491 : Add a disabled test to verify alloc after fork.
6dd1f587c : Test all four supported relocation encodings.
b7eccd4b1 : Add a tool to track down fd leaks.
b070cabea : elf.h: move all the Android extensions together.
4df29ed9b : Update to remove direct include of jemalloc_new.
b874c339c : Use platform signal name.
6663f5525 : Modernize SHT_RELR support.
7d66bf9d9 : Fix new clang compiler warning
484b0cd5d : Fix includes for MTE builds.
3b21ada5f : Add tagged pointers to bionic.
75064c177 : Initialize __progname correctly.
d3df35e02 : Soft-enables MAC address restrictions.
d54ad07f5 : Extends ifaddrs for cases where the client cannot send RTM_GETLINK requests.
00a131f38 : Update for change MapInfo constructor.
22fb267ad : Reimplement realpath.
b5a7741bb : Mention why we don't have pthread_cancel().
928c2492a : Remove an unused code path
8bff8bb62 : Update the copyright notice
5a39cee1c : Make ramdisk_available.
a8c454245 : There are no typewriters in 2020.
ce4c42e09 : Revert "Add tagged pointers to bionic."
9981a1dac : Revert "Enable the scudo native allocator."
2185a1231 : Add a for async_safe
91e3bd1f3 : Document the changed fdsan default from Q to R.
4bcfe3c33 : Convert more bionic tests to Android.bp
f82e39f1d : Add a liblog dependency
4f140695d : Restore handling of R_GENERIC_NONE relocations
43d5f9d4d : Add tagged pointers to bionic.
e95316330 : platform profiler signal: add traced_perf codepath
175c8867b : allow for heapprofd's signal to be multiplexed
f32494c98 : Add new malloc align tests.
b19895841 : Enable the scudo native allocator.
e986722e6 : libc: Add pidfd_open to common seccomp allowed list
06f39d36a : stack_protector_DeathTest: work w/ local reorder
41f19708c : Add a linker relocation benchmark
129f7a1d8 : Neon-optimized version of the GNU symbol calculation
339ecef22 : Optimize GNU hash linking for large inputs
866387dc3 : Revert "Move pipe, open, and getdents from the APP to COMMON seccomp whitelist."
6a363f7f4 : Let libmemunreachable use bionic_libc_platform_headers.
f2b1e0360 : Export the unwinder implementation from libc.
f39b0856f : Consistent <termios.h> behavior on all API levels.
1e110fb71 : Add an android_mallopt for controlling the heap tagging level.
2f95d19a6 : Add liblog as a dependency where libbase is used.
4540db6fa : Track library name change.
5dc31300f : Explicitly test printf %s with nullptr.
580d17d2a : Add /system_ext/bin to shell search path
551565e87 : Create linker_log[_va_list] functions
0e12ccedd : Validate defined versions in prelink_image
51d158f38 : Fix a few incorrect types in SYSCALLS.TXT.
ae320cde0 : Prelink each library only once
5074e7d28 : Move sigrtmin.h into platform headers.
4956c372c : Move bionic_macros.h from private to platform.
e2871bd0d : Do not add duplicate soinfos to g_default_namespace
5a750f3cf : versioner: Add __VERSIONER_FORTIFY_INLINE
c88331b06 : versioner: Add versioner_fortify_inline annotation
d7d9ebca3 : versioner: Only enable annotation while running versioner
a6bf7f2ee : versioner: Add a built-in macro for conditional compilation
d98dac41d : versioner: Fix fortified sendto
aaffa3c6d : versioner: Update to match annotations
95c6cd753 : Stop using the __ANDROID_API_x__ constants.
fa8774462 : Make the linker NOTICE file match the linker source.
0442b9f0c : Run memunreachable_unit_test on bionic changes.
5105ece81 : Revert "Enable the scudo native allocator."
6ffbe9785 : Enable the scudo native allocator.
69537f1e2 : Add scsi directory
ad865d7b3 : Fix dlext.ns_anonymous test for native bridge
4d9264c59 : Fix signal.sigwait64_SIGRTMIN test
19f95dd87 : Do not DL_WARN when failed to find generated linker config
e1fd409fc : Add support for scudo svelte.
ff43ec014 : Prefer arch-specific linker config when available
b29173cd6 : Increase sleep time in sigwait64_SIGRTMIN test
edbc9e207 : Make android_mallopt weak for native bridge
afe7e5300 : Clone with --depth 1 in --download-kernel.
86a8f3f32 : Update documentation around kernel header imports.
e5e7395c9 : Update bionic to use the MTE API proposed on LKML.
ef04c80bf : Enable linker configuration from generator by default
b030de25b : Use the canonical form of the APL2 boilerplate.
cdb52fc14 : Make private/bionic_page.h available as platform/bionic/page.h.
9584fa46e : Update to android-mainline kernel headers v5.4.
570de3337 : Stop linking ndk_cruft*.cpp into libc.a.
bd1c63065 : Fix sys_ptrace_test feature check on arm64
0f67214c5 : dl_test: update error message
55f9a24ac : dl_test: use GTEST_SKIP() in a few places
5a3c92005 : Add mallopt M_PURGE benchmark.
1da9f9646 : versioner: Migrate to clang-r370808
1a2460d19 : Move linker config under /linkerconfig
4d4087dc9 : Replace LIB_PATH macro with kLibPath
d83a48eea : Replace LIB_PATH macro with kLibPath
595c38184 : Fix linker path for emulated architecture
c6b38aefa : Sync with upstream OpenBSD strstr().
3274cc469 : Reland "Add libdl_android to the Runtime (aka Bionic) APEX".
9a4b68e20 : Take a bunch of trivial patches from upstream OpenBSD.
1fb79443d : Issue a prctl to let the kernel accept tagged pointers in syscall arguments.
8a0cdb15a : fortify: allow diagnostics without run-time checks (attempt #2)
73166c8bf : Stop exporting certain deprecated unwinder symbols from and
e4619f771 : Add automatic running of tests on bionic changes.
db602e8a4 : sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX): go back to imitating the kernel.
c11e39bcf : Call __libc_init_malloc from scudo.
1d2aadc03 : Init fork handler after __libc_init_malloc.
75edf16f4 : Update the native allocator document.
ae57a6b64 : Remove unused code.
a4fe44e33 : Rename # vndk tag to # llndk
502dc0b9c : Update docs/ function counts for recent releases.
b061e7774 : Link libgcc_stripped into and with --whole-archive on ARM.
b481a2e74 : Revert "Revert "Make system property reads wait-free""
de39d9242 : Revert "Make system property reads wait-free"
2e50fa7cf : Optimized L2 Cache value for Intel(R) Core Architectures.
0cf90556d : Make system property reads wait-free
97c43095b : bionic: libc: remove -Wimplicit-fallthrough
f38e8ca14 : Stop using `__out` as a name.
6f517cd7a : Rename iterate to malloc_iterate internally.
c74666eb3 : Revert submission of topic 'libdl_android-in-apex'
2a83cb735 : Revert "fortify: allow diagnostics without run-time checks"
f359548bf : Revert "fortify: allow diagnostics without run-time checks"
f7db8507e : Restore _FORTIFY_SOURCE in versioner.
ff88fb0d3 : Fix allocations escaping malloc debug.
3e2cd44aa : Rename # vndk tag to # llndk
aa5f33ec6 : Use ifuncs in the linker
a3b0eab32 : Add libdl_android to the Runtime APEX.
94a8e859e : linker: avoid -O0 memset while clearing temp_tcb
162695766 : linker: add more context to link failure error.
249757bae : Use ifuncs in the linker
80e40f01c : Refactor linker/Android.bp for native-bridge
f294d87de : Refactor linker/Android.bp for native-bridge
4aef93acf : android_getaddrinfo_proxy: fix memory leak on failure.
fd7216cc1 : Check that __system_property_set() doesn't leak FDs
ef18d440d : clang-format: Add IncludeBlocks: Preserve
772bcbb0c : Use ifuncs in the linker
89b09198b : Close descriptor in ScopeFd destructor
5adf402ee : Refactor linker/Android.bp for native-bridge
a468123fa : search.h: add doc comments.
b361e68d3 : Header improvements.
d7e11b885 : fortify: allow diagnostics without run-time checks
e99912f2e : Define ANDROID_EXPERIMENTAL_MTE if the product variable experimental_mte is enabled.
6cb70ad77 : Add the ScopedFd that we've never quite gotten around to.
36a56440e : Pass -ffreestanding when compiling ifunc resolvers.
ffded1934 : qsort.c: take an upstream FreeBSD change.
5c5152bff : Clean up some obsolete OpenBSD portability cruft.
5828ad7df : Clean up some obsolete NetBSD portability cruft.
c996c73f7 : Clean up some obsolete FreeBSD portability cruft.
900d07d6a : Add arm64 string.h function implementations for use with hardware supporting MTE.
89c4e4a43 : Take a couple of wcs MTE patches from upstream FreeBSD.
5b4b58aad : Take a getopt_long() patch from upstream FreeBSD.
d310125a6 : Take a quick_exit() patch from upstream FreeBSD.
09bde95f3 : Revert "Load /dev/linker/ld.config.txt by default"
ca3f8e490 : sleep/usleep: switch to trivial implementations.
e949195f6 : Adopt GNU calling convention for ifunc resolvers.
ccea6934f : Take a bunch of trivial SPDX changes from upstream FreeBSD.
09283992c : Add linker config variable: VNDK_APEX_VER
78cd28348 : linker: remove COUNT_PAGES
6e36dd2c1 : Limit threads in pthread_leak#detach for low power devices.
51863b367 : Add section about libmemunreachable tests.
ff49a3c03 : libm: sync with upstream FreeBSD.
61a97e950 : Load /dev/linker/ld.config.txt by default
ee0ce440f : Add bionic-stress-tests.
495863f92 : linker: stop relocating R_ARM_REL32
308af5761 : Factor out R_GENERIC_COPY
e0a53e2de : Factor out R_GENERIC_ABSOLUTE
9ef61a287 : Remove broken arm64 PREL/ABS relocations
2f5fc3372 : Updated memory_replay description.
69735c3f2 : Revert "Change linker config variable: VNDK_VER"
a365ac10a : Revert "Change linker config variable: VNDK_VER"
2c809c4f9 : Cleanup linker unwinder integration
c4e727bff : Add dladdr benchmark.
d9a411527 : Cleanup linker unwinder integration
e2892cade : Cleanup linker unwinder integration
80e9f65c0 : Remove __ANDROID_NDK__ from bionic, and document our #defines.
22a6a058c : Move dl_unwind_find_exidx from libdl.a to libc.a
e30a7f5d1 : Change linker config variable: VNDK_VER
89b658c26 : Only get stats for relevant maps.
85169658e : Add support for scudo.
2584b8846 : Remove unused -D from libm build.
9823c926b : Restore __ANDROID_NDK__.
a4959aa6f : Reimplement the <ctype.h> is* functions.
23e6f0a90 : libc: remove now-unused FORTIFY functions
3aedee982 : fortify: remove last uses of __bos_trivially_not*
fd1ff4b2c : fortify(string): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
9349b9e51 : fortify(fcntl): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
b92d1c3a2 : Block signals in pthread_create.
f302cfb26 : libc_malloc_[debug|hooks] are not available for platform
e87e0dcba : Restrict the availability of the bionic libs
0e14c5a86 : <unistd.h> __INTRODUCED_IN cleaup.
da8d30f35 : fortify(unistd): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
c6bec07fb : Inline soinfo::get_tls
f106a391d : Remove __INTRODUCED_IN for obsolete API levels.
b8a95e218 : Update to kernel headers v5.3.2.
d181585dd : Block signals in pthread_create.
cfac8d007 : <sys/select.h>: add docs, and a warning against using select().
88b2f0d8f : Add support for scudo.
e55e5eef8 : Make it easy to switch between scudo and jemalloc.
ccff1b19e : Make it easy to switch between scudo and jemalloc.
470d10cf0 : Move bionic ("runtime") apex definition into bionic/.
113d6fa14 : fortify(stdio): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
db8760752 : fortify(poll): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
bc37c5a8c : fortify(strings): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
d0a0f7285 : fortify(socket/stat): emit diagnostics regardless of API level
1c8a2a99a : Optimize tolower(3)/toupper(3) from <ctype.h>.
c5d3a4348 : Make tls related header files platform accessible.
0e670e26a : ASCII fastpath for towupper and towlower.
9ff7d0964 : Add trivial <ctype.h> benchmarks.
2c236bc50 : Revert "Revert "Add benchmarks that run simple programs""
44631c919 : Make tls related header files platform accessible.
7eb851c7d : Disable sanitization of crt objects.
e86e505b8 : Fix to actually use the input argument provided in bionic/libc/Android.bp.
3bf27c86d : Revert "Add benchmarks that run simple programs"
96705e371 : benchmarks: remove more boilerplate.
bab9cfd99 : Add trivial towlower/towupper benchmarks.
8a18af52d : Make more pthread functions weak for native bridge
aa85ac2b0 : Add benchmarks that run simple programs
b2a1c11c7 : Remove libvorbisdec from greylist.
3cfb89d45 : run-on-host fixes
a9dfe1c35 : Revert "Temporarily disable some clock_getres tests."
8eba2a59a : Temporarily disable some clock_getres tests.
103b998a5 : Stop executing if skip occurs.
89b952844 : Use generated linker config by default
8a4414ef9 : fortify: remove `pragma diagnostic error` from tests
5bd4f335a : Remove bionicbb.
ae03b1292 : Remove global seccomp list.
3984a9974 : libm: track arm-optimized-routines changes.
a4c7876c0 : ifuncs: start sharing.
36926f4ca : fortify: account for new clang diagnostics
2b0638ef2 : Make bionic_malloc.h a platform header.
8f582ef2f : Make bionic_malloc.h a platform header.
9fe3826be : Add more linker debug log.
85be9725c : crtbegin: replace TPREL with R_*_NONE relocs
e892fd6b1 : Update to kernel headers v5.2.11.
2c4cb0d76 : Add EFD_SEMAPHORE flag for eventfd.
b33952c77 : versioner: Fix bzero/bcopy fortify
261bd745e : Support statvfs on API levels before 19.
235aad198 : versioner: Fix C11 threads.h
6d5277dba : Update references to the new APEX.
2cc76462e : Test for ns_parserr() and got a heap-buffer-overflow
9db3486a1 : Add arm32 case to BIONIC_STOP_UNWIND to correctly stop unwinders
8fd8b9997 : versioner: Add R to codename map
c071fe408 : versioner: Update clang prebuilts to clang-r365631
ef14a89f7 : libm: remove unused x86/x86_64 assembler.
f1fde773e : Move __dso_handle to RELRO
5d1d907ba : Revert "linker: cleanup (removing unused VNDK_VER)"
8ea85afde : Use ReadMapFileAsyncSafe in malloc_iterate tests.
a2e83ab34 : Add additional dl_phdr_info fields
bdb8f28fc : Update references to the new APEX.
39699ea09 : linker: cleanup (removing unused VNDK_VER)
6a5101372 : Reland "fdsan: make fatal by default."
f69d852f2 : Automatically include <android/ndk-version.h> from every header.
e39a51bfd : Fix segment gap test
191ecdc49 : Fix a few bionic test failures caused by hwasan global instrumentation.
8f3f191bf : Link our two main developer-facing docs together.
aa22c0cb0 : Update location of trace files.
1bf62b24a : linker: Set VMA name for bss sections
32b5f4e16 : stdatomic_test: always use bits/stdatomic.h
253ef12f5 : leak_test: use tgkill to check if threads are alive.
a960142fe : Fix timespec.h documentation
76351e3e3 : Revert "fdsan: make fatal by default."
a51bded57 : Fix OOB read in fortify str[np]cpy implementations found by hwasan.
25bedfd3d : Don't create anonymous namespace
05197f7d0 : Change all references to PSS to RSS.
66b5e3ca1 : fdsan: make fatal by default.
08baac348 : Remove now unneeded #undef in __cxa_guard.cpp
bd6ccf91f : Fix some typos in the linker configuration file format documentation.
35e3b4b01 : Use generated linker config
6533208aa : linker: Add library load and unload hooks for HWASan.
3230b6851 : Document the "one big library" trick.
3d24d2b08 : Add memfd_create(2) and mlock2(2).
cd70aa47d : linker: Remove setting _USING_LIBCXX
f0d9271fe : Update docs for clockwait/clocklock functions
fa59a10bc : Update to kernel headers v5.2.6.
bf67ea542 : Adapt tests due to the new Clang fortify-source warning
9a5bdd6d4 : Update seccomp whitelist.
05b675e8b : Add renameat2.
ee7bc3002 : seccomp: add the "64-bit time for 32-bit processes" system calls.
30feb645f : Enable traditional TLS accesses on arm64
6d601458d : Renumber arm64 TLS to match GNU values
49c733cc4 : Fix clang header dependency for versioner
03ff4365e : Use the new sort_bss_symbols_by_size option for libc
521ad0727 : linker: Speed up relocation with an 1-entry symbol cache
542db792d : Fix linker compilation when STATS is set
4ea19214a : Link libc++demangle.
b45595914 : Name stack+tls VMAs with PR_SET_VMA_ANON_NAME
7b50f7d51 : Add missing nothrow attribute
6883b0807 : Reserve signal for java heap dumps.
03cef383b : Name stack+tls VMAs with PR_SET_VMA_ANON_NAME
750faa515 : Name stack+tls VMAs with PR_SET_VMA_ANON_NAME
9782b8707 : Move to the libc++ demangler.
76e2b15ad : Change stdatomic.h check from defined(_USING_LIBCXX) to __has_include(<atomic>)
6b5cb034e : Add bionic_libc_private_headers for use by art
40f69aefb : Update notice
800c1a970 : Fix pthread_cond_clockwait() when cond is initialized with CLOCK_MONOTONIC
45f0a3b64 : Clear pointer tags as required for HWASAN for globals.
4ed2f475d : Add avx2 version of wmemset in binoic
8947972af : SSE4.1 is part of the Android x86/x86-64 ABI.
69010802d : Implement new clock wait functions
33e079900 : Explicitly add open/stat64 to the seccomp common whitelist.
e1d121bef : Avoid calling snprintf in bionic_trace_begin.
777b34dcc : Load /etc/{passwd,group} from all partitions
29fbf6fdd : Remove unused dependency to libandoridicu
3d0bafb94 : Do not check tcache clear when doing a purge.
165a8c665 : Stop using grep -P.
aeddbcfb2 : Update to kernel headers v5.2.
dc25f6c71 : Use an APEX's linker configuration for any executable under its `bin` directory.
4316d43f4 : Add doc describing native allocator.
2671de289 : Fix usage of () and [].
3a1936c62 : ldd: slightly improve error message.
5ae162845 : The time#clock test has been a bit flaky.
261b7f486 : fortify: replace bzero/bcmp defines
804cebe1c : Run pvalloc/valloc tests in unsupported envs.
5c6a3f9fb : libnetd_client: support hooking sendto/sendmsg/sendmmsg too.
50080a29f : Remove the ___ hack.
d5ab0a570 : Change pvalloc call to valloc in test.
323431bc2 : Fix overflow check in malloc_limit
7ac0023c2 : Remove reference to obsolete script.
849c0b9f5 : fortify: add __mempcpy_chk
26d25a22e : fortify: add even more warnings
2356c93d3 : fortify: add bit checking for open(at)?64 functions
74519e7aa : fortify: fix overflow checks in unistd
8c0ec114c : fortify: fix up a few diagnostics; add __wur to realpath
77f99aaf5 : fortify: add diagnostics for str* functions
06bb4ce8d : fortify: fix tests on x86_64
9a2741010 : fortify: import tests from Chrome OS
41636ca1a : Remove bionic refs to runtime module tz files
738a6c92e : <arpa/nameser.h>: fix INTRODUCED_IN API level.
d13cb58b3 : Add bootstrap directory to bootstrap linker's search path.
cf9ed12d1 : Use PT_INTERP as the linker's l_name path
8e4b6b695 : [PATCH] Document the LD_PRELOAD workaround.
3ec16be2b : linker: Speed up find_loaded_library_by_inode()
1b61d78fc : Build 32-bit ARM assembler with -mno-restrict-it.
cd3155dd1 : Clean up no_libgcc
dfde0eeee : Change SANITIZE_TARGET refs from 'coverage' to 'fuzzer'.
6b116d1bb : Make 'app' users/groups more accurate
9fc9509b5 : Log when trying to profile non profilable app.
2f1bdef5f : Change SANITIZE_TARGET refs from 'coverage' to 'fuzzer'.
c03d5964d : fortify: s/([gl])eq/\1e/g
d9865e773 : fortify: more use of __builtin_constant_p
a1a09b211 : fortify: use __builtin_constant_p for more short-circuits
cc9b100e9 : Overalign the TLS segment using crtbegin
5da5dd521 : fortify: Migrate trivial cases to dynamic check macros
ff7179350 : fortify: inline #defined strings
5273dc588 : fortify: use a macro in diagnose_if
b66a78b2a : linker namespace name is duped when the namespace is created
17e7c7526 : Disable native_coverage for scudo-related libraries
127a70658 : Move off the Next ZipString overload.
705de3c63 : Disable malloc debug when asan enabled.
24f97eb27 : Update to kernel headers to v5.1.3.
035988ffb : Temporarily disable unwind through signal test.
0c0f6fb29 : Keep .debug_frame on arm 32.
b9667b51a : Export some symbols for vendor libmemunreachable
341b61e69 : Don't resolve already resolved paths when parsing ld.config.txt
ea11be0cc : Add bootstrap directory to bootstrap linker's search path.
d8bef6715 : Staticlly allocate string buffers for realpath_fd()
bff53b261 : libc: import ARM strcmp from newlib
d424fafbc : Temporarily disable unwind through signal test.
c57c5bdb7 : pwd/grp: fix pwd _r reentrancy, new tests, clean up
340331552 : Annotate no_return and returns_twice functions.
be6c64114 : bionic_tests_zipalign: don't explicitly specify no prefix/suffix.
a33923362 : Limit threads in pthread_leak#detach for low power devices.
90f96b9f4 : linker: support ldd(1)-like behavior via --list.
23c056dbc : Add removed platform functions used by apps.
d269fcc93 : Avoid using malloc debug code after exit.
31c7309dc : Add SEEK_DATA and SEEK_HOLE constants.
7ac2afbde : Exclude libgcc_stripped wherever libgcc is excluded
7f0488082 : Enable native_bridge_support
db48e0c82 : tests: use clang's -verify instead of FileCheck
c485cdb02 : Revert fwalk/sfp locking to fix concurrent reads
b51bb5047 : Track libziparchive API change.
f6d221eee : Match maximum command line size for startup tracing.
db9706afc : Fix malloc_info missing large allocs.
0f710fd59 : Make purging clear the current thread cache too.
4fa9b8cd2 : malloc.h: explicitly suggest malloc_info() instead of mallinfo().
afe30a528 : Remove dependency on unused libutils
4da99ffe5 : Fix running tests/benchmarks on the host.
560de5f5c : Don't honor LIBC_HOOKS_ENABLE across a security boundary
99cec1892 : Don't honor LD_CONFIG_FILE across security transitions
c5d8c6c6e : __cxa_finalize: skip fflush call on dlclose
b368a0b2e : Allow device launched before Q to use legacy OEM AID value
c7b81108b : Make pthread_get/setschedparam weak for native bridge
a7db90f32 : Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic
5fb07634c : Refactor some pieces of grp_pwd.cpp
420671135 : threads.h: Add C11 thread support.
d655bc6df : Update doc comment about running the benchmarks.
b410d0e69 : Implement __gnu_[u]ldivmod_helper methods in libc
927fe9969 : Reland ifuncs for strcmp and strlen.
fb9ce2882 : Document __register_atfork.
915c5fb9f : libdl.a: make dlerror() always report an error.
390be5006 : Workaround ASan not knowing about reallocarray.
aca110173 : Comment about lock destruction and unlocking
4b6c0f5dc : PIMutexUnlock: load owner_tid in non-common case
584bc626b : Move libdl and linker to static NOTICE files.
30659fd24 : Move all leak info functions to android_mallopt.
3aadc5e80 : Move all leak info functions to android_mallopt.
07c5587e5 : paths.h: /sbin and /system/sbin no longer exist.
7b9db347a : Fix linker compilation with timing enabled
7d8c4602f : Remove dead script.
782c48588 : Generate assembler system call stubs via genrule.
8189e77bb : Remove gMallocLeakZygoteChild.
d67b03734 : libc: generate syscall stubs in one big file...
5225b342f : Remove gMallocLeakZygoteChild.
d12d6f67b : clean_header: Run outside of $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP
6d6b4cedd : clean_header: Fix error handling for no-such-file case
c4c2e24d5 : <bits/glibc-syscalls.h>: only regenerate when we have new uapi headers.
adcb515bf : Move kernel README files to Markdown.
5d1037494 : Only write main library's RELRO by default.
6b6a6c840 : Remove seccomp upload hook.
556965072 : Don't load libc_malloc_* libs from runtime ns for libc_scudo
3ff116a68 : Load libc_malloc_* libraries from the runtime APEX
7ec2c8a9b : Add malloc benchmarks.
6c6e60137 : Exempt-From-Owner-Approval: Revert "Load libc_malloc_* libraries from the runtime APEX"
aea5c3442 : Load libc_malloc_* libraries from the runtime APEX
e4d620bc8 : Fix dlsym and dladdr for TLS symbols
8c1a14d4f : Workaround potential access to unmapped stack
db6edcca3 : Fix BionicAllocator comment
ce584e4fc : Fix CtsJniTestCases
8868d9e90 : Move platform-private symbols out of
4b8b84937 : Fix formatting
e712cd185 : Fix Bionic dlfcn.dladdr_libc test case for 64bit binary translations
a5c083813 : Revert "Allow dlopen("/system/lib/<soname>") for pre-Q"
5b0f552fe : No ifunc for strcmp and strlen
f9b02ad37 : Merge "Revert "Arm32 dynamic function dispatch"" am: 7562ef394d am: 740d9b50ea am: d978da5ba0
5355bf0cb : Revert "bionic: Allocate a shadow call stack for each thread."
d5b48544e : Revert system seccomp filter changes
64d03a287 : Add an end-to-end property benchmark.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

fd33b499 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
4473e168 : Track rename of adbd_system_binaries.
4d0df88d : Add EthernetDevice to manage ethernet connection.
dff80042 : Add add_slot_suffix function.
bc7e1db2 : Add slot suffix to DAP ops
2a4afd29 : Detect non-A/B vs. A/B packages correctly.
94abf26b : Rename external storage properties.
22beef1b : minadbd: statically link libadbd.
c054f231 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5bb443aa : Add libavb as a dependency
e8ca1b86 : Consolidate the wait in recovery's reboot
b37d7943 : Add more mounting options to updater mount function.
2f6ed052 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cbb0b54b : New priority scripts + critical updates to fonts.
9c8d0f61 : Move libboot_control to boot_control 1.1
f5fab111 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cd8faf7e : Force off-device package installation with FUSE
daaacea9 : Revert "Force package installation with FUSE unless the package stores on device"
a8d36e1e : recovery: add a way to enable metadata_csum for ext4
c7647926 : rm libbinderthreadstate
3147b682 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
13b09969 : Show warning message if sideload failed or is interrupted.
2b9be1f4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c9163fda : Prompt for confirmation before reboot if installation fails.
969787cf : Remove fsck_unshare_blocks.
f25b9777 : Set Casefold and PrjQuotas in Factory Reset
cd46c1a8 : Mark libedify library as recovery_available.
5e6c4e9a : Force package installation with FUSE unless the package stores on device
ba27adbb : Force package installation with FUSE unless the package stores on device
23f15ec2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
eb27bfe1 : Retire the Tron metrics reporting for non-A/B update
5a678416 : Convert update_host_simulator to Android.bp
ee3dd45c : edify: update for bison 3.5
12952cdd : Fix ioctl FIONREAD call parameters to use int instead of size_t
7851fab9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cf58738b : Add elsk@ to OWNERS
c77bb701 : Delete VINTF compatibility check during OTA.
8f2f0d09 : Link libvndksupport dynamically instead of statically.
ea2b683f : Do not execute linkerconfig from recovery
a9665ced : Mount snapshotted /system in Virtual A/B devices
cc7b7eb7 : minui: add ARGB_8888 format
3a88a174 : Generate linker config from recovery init
e0134fc7 : updater_sample: add internet access permission
94a83be4 : Revert "Add mechanism for device-specific loop images"
fd6a2c22 : Add mechanism for device-specific loop images
682d2a5d : bootloader_message: Add a magic header to the Virtual A/B message block.
88bf6d20 : Clear the warm_reset flag after boot is successful
28064ccf : Move misc_writer to hardare/google/pixel
df35405a : Fixed typo during stopping fastboot
3d57c844 : Consolidate the vendor space misc usage for Pixels
89d2d050 : Force merges to complete before wiping data or metadata.
cf8427af : bootloader_message: Add helpers for handling IBootControl MergeStatus.
24dd3146 : Move init and ueventd scripts from / to /system/etc
bcd3f354 : Move init and ueventd scripts from / to /system/etc
0a19ef8c : Stop setting usb config from recovery init script
4ff4cbdd : bootloader_message: Carve out space reserved for system.
7d5c3419 : Start adbd in user mode if bootloader is unlocked
a91e456f : Use adbd_system_binaries to track adbd's dependencies.
1b03fc54 : bootable: leak less memory
58a27693 : Force package installation with FUSE unless the package stores on device
1cb510d9 : [bootable][recovery] fix -Wreorder-init-list
7d47aebd : Update OWNERS.
97692467 : Run BORINGSSL_self_test() in updater_main
b548bea7 : minadbd: Return battery level via getprop.
341644d6 : Moving recovery resources from /system to /vendor
640175e9 : recovery_utils: Use libvoid_headers.
832c9cd2 : Refactor battery info querying functions into librecovery_utils.
e3f09a72 : otautil: Factor out the utils that're private to recovery.
f6ed376b : otautil: Drop a few unneeded includes.
d628cfc1 : Move mounts.cpp from libotautil into libupdater.
331e5c4c : otautil: roots.cpp no longer needs 'mounts.h'.
0cc2c5b4 : minadbd: Update
3305d48b : minadbd: Export minadbd/types.h to libinstall.
ff9b62b7 : Remove libhidltransport deps
92214bae : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0e643e4d : Use libcrypto_static instead of libcrypto
5234ad46 : applypatch: Add backup_source parameter to PatchPartition.
71c35b9f : applypatch: Use static libs for libbrotli and libbz.
dfb053e8 : tests: recovery_unit_test requires root.
ff185865 : recovery: Don't report unrecognized option in recovery_main.
189d424c : Link libcrypto dynamically for recovery unit tests.
95656827 : Update the instruction for building recovery image on Pixels.
d8151940 : Set LOCAL_INJECT_BSSL_HASH for updater
e4f1a781 : Remove reference to libhwbinder_noltopgo.
46f38e46 : Add IBootControl 1.1 support to libboot_control.
b18f153b : Improve error messaging when bootcontrol HAL fails to load.
643ddd99 : boot_control: Don't allow current_slot_ to be -1.
f771484f : Make libboot_control vendor available.
8108e251 : Refactor boot_control into a separate library.
b63a2215 : Remove common.h
a7952ac1 : minui: Support input device hotplug in recovery mode.
3cbd7ae6 : updater: Fix build for new CreateLogicalPartition signature.
e94b64ae : bootloader_message: Remove global std::string
60b242cf : Simulator: add the argument to keep the updated images
e5032219 : Create a new function to return the help message for menu
164c60a4 : Clean up some global variables in common.h
7efd2333 : Add command line parser for simulator
dd0158ac : minadbd sends heartbeat to rescue service for getprop command.
b42281a4 : Drop the device specific support for update host simulator
0bbb2ed5 : minadbd sends heartbeat to rescue service for getprop command.
45c40ec8 : Remove libimgpatch
b8a959b0 : Add a new key_pressed_mutex
ea3c4a49 : Change the symlink to system_ext
e5218615 : Create a fallback to install from fuse if mmap fails
1df3ce7e : recovery_ui: Remove RecoveryUI::last_key.
2223e6a9 : minadbd sends heartbeat to rescue service for getprop command.
290322b0 : minadbd: delete unnecessary fdevent.h include.
1cf8eb75 : Add a GetMappedPackageLength to Updater
42d7779c : Build libimgdiff as a host only library
7ba8f185 : Rename product_services to system_ext
c3a161e2 : Add unit tests for simulator
09a8f76a : Implement ShowMenu for StubRecoveryUI
fa8e02af : recovery_ui: Remove redundant menu creation.
32148d9a : Fix build for API change to DestroyLogicalPartition().
d118833f : Implement updater runtime for dynamic partitions
061267ee : updater_sample: Build SystemUpdaterSample as non-privileged app by default.
f6158eb9 : Support starting fuse from a block map
980f92ec : InstallPackage now takes a package as parameter
39ac1c01 : Use the new ziparchive Next std::string_view overload.
852d9fec : Avoid key_queue_mutex deadlock in waitkey()
e3cc180d : minadbd: `adb rescue getprop` returns newline-terminated result.
57a27890 : minadbd: `adb rescue getprop` returns newline-terminated result.
5359d777 : minadbd: Support `adb rescue getprop`.
7a31ab67 : minadbd: More allowed properties.
d8db81a0 : minadbd: Support `adb rescue getprop`.
3b9ef341 : minadbd: More allowed properties.
eb586b7b : Use icu4j instead of its deprecated legacy alias icu4j-host
74b0f7cc : Implement the TargetFile and BuildInfo
76e165d1 : Disable building simulator for mac
c1a5e26f : Implement an update simulator to verify BB OTA packages on host
488cc05c : recovery: report compliant reboot reason (Part Deux)
88d8001e : Move off the Next ZipString overload.
27556d08 : Some clean ups to the updater
feefbf2f : Revert "recovery: report compliant reboot reason"
1536db88 : Add UpdaterRuntime class
7ae01698 : Add misc_writer.
6f4e4db4 : recovery: report compliant reboot reason
f90d9a10 : roots: Remove get_system_root and logical_partitions_mapped.
84efc1ba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3fda5d65 : Skip hashtree computation during block image verify
58d59129 : Add Updater class and remove UpdaterInfo
143a03fa : Track libziparchive API change.
a86dddbf : Track libziparchive API change.
fb68d38f : Disable libbootloader_message for darwin
93838f6e : ConsumePrefix is now in libbase.
d83070dd : libbootloader_message: host_supported.
c784ce50 : libbootloader_message: write recovery to any device
311e6ca7 : Implement FuseBlockDataProvider
adc99efd : install: Install functions return InstallResult.
36c7276c : install: Return bool for a few check functions.
4a01f36d : tests: Merge recovery_component_test into recovery_unit_test.
782dcc19 : Consolidate the codes that handle reboot/shutdown.
7f19d100 : Add install/wipe_device.cpp.
fedeef6f : Support wipe command in rescue mode
83186ddd : Add recovery_host_test to TEST_MAPPING.
d9cb014d : Parse BCB command to enter rescue mode.
a14e8601 : Add TEST_MAPPING.
10f441a9 : minadbd: Support `adb reboot` under sideload/rescue modes.
9c04eb46 : Add test for minadbd
34723087 : matches_locale no longer accept empty locales in the png file
9d05c8a3 : Fall back to en-US if localized bitmap is missing for a locale
ed717ca1 : minadbd: Support rescue install and getprop commands.
c6dc325e : Allow entering rescue mode via recovery UI.
2239b9e4 : Move load & restore logs to logging.cpp
2be9737c : Remove the FD parameter from FuseDataProvider ctor.
316e9717 : Move wipe cache|data to libinstall
29077dc2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
79c5fb32 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
34690ced : Add socket communication between recovery and minadbd
0deed338 : Build libinstall as a static library.
5954a237 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cecad743 : libotautil exports libfstab header.

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

2a2c58e : Support checking syntax of generated Blueprint files
63085f9 : Always emit rules for tests and add phony to run them
244033b : Run LoadHooks before registering module
6c6c103 : Actually write an empty ninja file with --empty-ninja-file
72bab17 : WalkDeps - only record module visited when it has been recursed into
b77556b : Allow missing variants when allowMissingDependencies=true
9342b43 : bpmodify: fix os.Exit() shouldn't shadow panic()
e5a91f5 : bpmodify: respect exitCode
3edfbc2 : Set bpmodify usage function
de4d9f9 : Fix bug in buildPropertyMap in previous commit.
ab0a83f : Fix missing dependencies from mutators
29fdcad : Implement list of maps
59a3a23 : In kzip files, compilation unit paths should be relative to top.
fc6efcb : Fix PropertyNameForField for X86.
3bbbdf3 : Support unpacking capitalized property names
2ce594e : Make ninjaString an interface
5d57b2d : Make proptools functions consistently take *struct types
6898d26 : Add isStruct and isStructPtr helpers
77418b7 : Fix null pointer dereference printing an expression.
571f77a : Remove blueprint:"filter(*)" tag support
b89d91c : Make FilterPropertyStructSharded smarter
67d0cbe : Fix missing glob filelists when sandboxed
1cda3fd : Fix primary builder reruns caused by globs
d7a5f95 : Add mappings for Go extractor.
c03a50c : Add EarlyModuleContext.BlueprintsFile
2f95ec7 : Fix reading absolute paths through OsFs
c5fa50e : Allow primary builder to change working directory
f27c5e4 : Move unpackProperties to proptools and export it
9672d86 : Add scoped module factories
da70fd0 : Move LoadHooks from Soong to Blueprint
8cde425 : Add Context.SetFs
10f27f8 : Slice properties can be replaced
f7beb89 : Add support for module variant aliases
9403b5a : Delay allocating variationMaps until populating them
d03b59d : Use module groups more widely
16fec72 : Move outputs of bootstrap modules in main stage to separate directory
1907836 : Add proptools.FilterPropertyStruct
6af7284 : Make CreateModule return the newly created module
66c0b13 : Add proptools.Int and proptools.IntDefault
df4ed95 : Don't ignore local variations when creating reverse dep
811381a : Added VisitDirectDeps* methods to SingletonContext.
a2bc585 : Fix compiling binaries with go 1.13
5dd43cf : Fix checkCalledFromInit
ba1ea75 : Add SetDefaultDependencyVariation
1e2e56d : Add SetDefaultDependencyVariation
0e112a8 : Revert "Put the primary builder into the console pool"
c067251 : Fix/improve comments on prepending/appending props
d8367ff : Add MutatorName to mutator contexts
4764fa7 : Make off-the-shelf order funcs public.
19ff727 : Optimize ninjaString.ValueWithEscaper
4f6631f : Remove go 1.9 testing
8ea996f : Put the primary builder into the console pool
bd0f6c3 : Skip mutated struct properties in bpdoc.
c708e1c : Avoid exiting with errors in bpglob
e52c33c : Correctly report errors in bpfmt
322cc01 : Report creating modules in errors on created modules
7bcc256 : Move module and singleton godoc from the implementation to the interface
99bdb2a : Consolidate mutator contexts
818af3b : Fix panic message in SingletonContext.VisitAllModules
a26ae89 : Simplify pathtools.Match
a4cc683 : Add more pathtools.Match test cases
4d77220 : Fix Ninja build system site link

+- Project: platform/build

9d2242d67e : Version bump to RP1A.200720.009 [core/]
f11d850948 : Version bump to RP1A.200720.008 [core/]
8df5e45b5e : Version bump to RP1A.200720.007 [core/]
f949014226 : Version bump to RP1A.200720.006 [core/]
f75077b5fd : Combine HOST/TARGET in Test Suite NOTICE.
53755cfbc9 : Add support for combining the notices from 2 roots.
931962dbbd : Build NOTICE txt file into TestSuite zip package.
fd90e527aa : Version bump to RP1A.200720.004 [core/]
934a8cb879 : Remove a couple of LMK properties from GSI image
259b9f1c0d : Version bump to RP1A.200720.002 [core/]
8d2183f461 : Install symbols for JNI libraries
1db45ef2a2 : Dist lint reports for apps
fb27b477d8 : Use apksigner in check_target_files_signatures
b751b77548 : Update Security String to 2020-09-05
5da1de831a : Use unzip -DD
37294c85d9 : Version bump to RP1A.200706.002 [core/]
e6c24147f0 : Remove vendor/... path checks DO NOT MERGE
6924eb7d40 : Fix up _CheckSecondTokenNotSlotSuffixed function.
29714ecda6 : Add LOCAL_APKCERTS_FILE support.
b6ff8225b1 : Rename Native_coverage to GcovCoverage in Soong
14323e5cf0 : Introduce product variables to select Java code coverage paths in Make.
bdb1b4c79a : Rename native code coverage paths product variables in Make.
dbf5613ee2 : Version bump to RP1A.200629.002 [core/]
dca1803d95 : Update Security String to 2020-09-01
8c2d9096e3 : Rename the boot image for avb validation
077891d190 : Mark android_app_set modules PRESIGNED.
e6369cec6b : Add lz4 to otatools
74c7561dcc : Use inclusive language in build/make part 2
74d50ccb69 : Switch to using llvm-strip for modules
15f9085595 : GSI: install flattened cts shim
77107a17e5 : iorap: Turn off pinner by default for large memory devices.
ced4dd2d99 : Do not include CellBroadcastLegacy for Go devices
01f3649bf4 : Version bump to RP1A.200618.002 [core/]
9917520fc2 : notice files in system_other becomes included in system's one
25db69a401 : Remove ANGLE from
92d41de8f2 : Fail check-boot-jars if boot jar contains 0 .class files
a6da7bc44a : enable LZ4 ramdisks for aosp_arm64
03a29a6974 : Skip mount /oem on GSI
a240995069 : Version bump to RP1A.200617.002 [core/]
9c4a0ea67f : add 4.19 kernel to aosp_arm64
0e6edeb17e : Version bump to RP1A.200616.002 [core/]
f829b2bc9f : Identity: Add credstore
1908f97319 : Include image descriptor of only the first boot image in vbmeta
17f6ed8b04 : Fix the read on a closed zipfile
a1383d8f9d : Use inclusive language in build/make
3cd4a076ba : Add out/soong/late-${TARGET_PRODUCT}.mk
458af2daa1 : Fix dependencies on INSTALLED_RECOVERYIMAGE_TARGET
ffe967022f : Version bump to RP1A.200611.002 [core/]
e56f07725b : Add test config template for sh_test.
d30b751838 : Add LZ4 support to the release tools
91afa94150 : optimizations
74a1a483fc : More performance improvements
e88ef9299a : Rewrite test data logic to make it faster
d4b7f4de4b : Update Security String to 2020-08-05
5988b142c6 : Version bump to RP1A.200609.002 [core/]
a4d5641a34 : Update Security String to 2020-08-01
74800141bf : iorap: Move the pinner property to product/build.prop
76e974567c : Rename adbd_system_binaries to adbd_system_api.
b586dba65a : Use APK CtsShim prebuilts for flattened apex.
e6c415b3b6 : Version bump to RP1A.200608.002 [core/]
d03ec51f38 : fix spurious / on toplevel kernel module installations
7859593560 : Add tradefed-test-framework to the suites exported jar
eedc5962ba : Version bump to RP1A.200605.002 [core/]
fc59c286ec : Version bump to RP1A.200604.002 [core/]
bb726614db : Strip debug symbols from modules (fixup)
b27213cb03 : Version bump to RP1A.200603.002 [core/]
f6ce461f1f : refactor kernel module build, add version support
7576d5e131 : move BOARD_RECOVERY_KERNEL_MODULES_LOAD default
2319129a88 : move module list creation outside conditionals
708435b557 : fix reference to BOARD_ODM_MODULES_LOAD
eefa8e954e : Implement android_app_set module.
eaef43b9b9 : Version bump to RP1A.200602.003 [core/]
31cf1ae4ac : Version bump to RP1A.200602.002 [core/]
97b54096ca : Version bump to RP1A.200601.002 [core/]
9600ace371 : Add build support for LZ4 ramdisks
1325034c81 : Add apksigner to
ef60ddcf6a : iorap: Add a config mk for large memory device.
96c88287a7 : Fix _ImportParser() error if property is imported from oem partition.
48d159fa7c : Add an option to input the boot variables for OTA package generation
835aac5cf6 : Reland "Calculate the runtime fingerprint prefixes from build prop"
726d20a68f : Reland "Add a wrapper class PartitionBuildProp""
9dfa9ec4ae : support data migration by default
d702af1ef1 : depmod: pair in a modules.load.recovery on BOARD_VENDOR_RAMDISK_RECOVERY_KERNEL_MODULES_LOAD
43872f0eb7 : Strip debug symbols from modules
4975a9334f : Allow more than one '=' in avb_extra_custom_image_extra_args.
509cd70f42 : Generate product build props always
d9edddd64d : Add options to sign the prebuilt custom images.
b3a5402d3f : respects hash algorithm
ac416384c5 : Version bump to RP1A.200520.002 [core/]
5761b525de : Do not fail if unzip found no files to extract
32be864b0e : Disable sdcardfs from
53226684b9 : support different boot partition sizes in aosp_arm64
e55f62c971 : Fix the syntax in
a1082fb046 : Revert "Add vts related artifacts to vts-core package"
55e3def712 : Version bump to RP1A.200519.002 [core/]
5f2e395212 : Use NetworkStack on system image
1dbb0c3d1e : Introduce build variable `OVERRIDE_TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX`.
2463751a49 : Version bump to RP1A.200518.002 [core/]
a911c7ced7 : Update Identity Credential AIDL and Keymaster AIDL to V2 in VNDK list
88936626cf : Update auto-gen test config template with PARAMETERIZED_STRINGS placeholder
902a6e18e0 : Update Security String to 2020-07-05
620437b2bf : Exclude vendor_boot in secondary payload
60d03bd7db : Implement android_app_set module.
c04a6ad780 : Version bump to RP1A.200515.002 [core/]
41c3ad1f8b : Don't check link type of Soong app JNI libraries
95de4601b9 : Import the d/g/goldfish soong namespace for libwifi-hal-emu
4a475b4740 : Update Security String to 2020-07-01
de9dc88b59 : Move BOARD_EXT4_SHARE_DUP_BLOCKS to
d55fbd365a : Enables signing for generic boot images
c618c8c0c8 : Version bump to RP1A.200514.002 [core/]
fef3d6847a : Version bump to RP1A.200513.002 [core/]
fce63a8e02 : Version bump to RP1A.200512.002 [core/]
972a64ec8d : releasetools: Add signapk as required modules
df530916a5 : Version bump to RP1A.200508.002 [core/]
4f0fc4f6e4 : Version bump to RP1A.200507.002 [core/]
ae6e0d5d28 : Use add_slot_suffix function in edify script
7169f754cc : Support forcefully generating non-AB packages.
c85cd10008 : Add boringssl_self_test to base PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
e4d5d568a3 : releasetools: Fallback to "mkbootimg_args" if "recovery_mkbootimg_args" not found.
d70896c24a : Build for Go variant
f25327b4bd : Install .idsig files to test suite dirs.
7d40b59c4d : Reland "mark platform un-availability""
b99d94f9b2 : Remove service-jobscheduler and service-blobstore from SERVICECLASSPATH
127eae76bc : rename libvixl to
06ca5472be : Version bump to RP1A.200504.003 [core/]
3435403284 : Skip _oem_props if oem_dicts is None.
7a3c61259e : Split MediaProvider into its own target.
c3b0b52e58 : Updating platform SDK version for R
db64e3d528 : Incorrect file names in apkcerts.txt for Make modules
4d6f4f6c9e : emulator: enable vendor boot image
f58fd52b14 : Stem names are used in apkcerts.txt
dd33d75d39 : releasetools: correct allowed property sources for incremental OTAs
c8ba8c1b48 : Move PRODUCT_ENFORCE_RRO_EXEMPTED_TARGETS to each devices(aosp targets)
8795394f25 : Touch same_vndk_variant.timestamp
8ea29213e2 : Adjust partition size checks for recovery resources
826cdc6624 : Version bump to RP1A.200428.002 [core/]
62b9892916 : Exempt RRO from the restriction on API level
e1cee9a8df : Clean up static_whitelist_patterns
17c7264f44 : Don't install test suite files from uninstallable modules
dc7bc5d8bf : Use sdk variant of Soong modules when LOCAL_SDK_VERSION is set
737711d9dc : [VTS] copy ltp and kselftest to testcase folder
125b6d6eea : enable BOARD_EXT4_SHARE_DUP_BLOCKS for generic_arm64
7f4ca3ac04 : releasetools: Add missing log format specifier
d59f93d7d1 : Version bump to RP1A.200427.002 [core/]
3c21474100 : Add PRODUCT_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS_EXTRA interface
034cd871ae : Extend static_whitelist_patterns
8424f2e56c : Allow passing in codename_to_api_level_map to sign_apex.
5d979e29cf : Remove phony target vts-core
0dfcc2454e : Version bump to RP1A.200424.002 [core/]
5018a5dd40 : Version bump to RP1A.200423.002 [core/]
8b9280c6a9 : Version bump to RP1A.200422.002 [core/]
4b6b2003a9 : generate multiple boot.img files in aosp_arm64
4bfa078008 : create emulator_arm64 device for sdk_phone_arm64 to use
f83e3c3c3f : support multiple boot.img files in release tools
8f670ebae7 : multi boot.img support cleanups
389cd00ca0 : Export llvm-profdata for Clang coverage builds.
7e9e366791 : Version bump to RP1A.200421.002 [core/]
f17840d885 : Add fsverity release cert
8f915b297a : Version bump to RP1A.200420.002 [core/]
a92ecd46cd : Make RRO packages for system_ext
9c07cec6a8 : Remove _API_FILE variables
dde942ca88 : Copy shared libraries used by tests in
2b908e3a82 : Version bump to RP1A.200416.002 [core/]
364844c369 : remove dependency on ip6tables
7b9fef4a75 : Rename ro.emulated_storage properties.
5afd62fb91 : Move ro.emulated_storage properties to PRODUCT_PROPERTY_OVERRIDES.
cc39735e55 : Allow empty RHS values for inputs of collapse-pairs
08169dcffc : Version bump to RP1A.200415.002 [core/]
5e7b3f429d : Include shared host liraries in test suite zip
759d0c8cb2 : Enable non-v3 recovery image with v3 boot image
dec8b7b686 : Version bump to RP1A.200414.002 [core/]
d908a2cec4 : Version bump to RP1A.200413.003 [core/]
d7e724c0c7 : Version bump to RP1A.200413.002 [core/]
a52a320ffd : Update Security String to 2020-06-05 Bug: 153882927
388e683934 : Update Security String to 2020-06-01 Bug: 153882927
086c5238ad : libselinux is LLNDK, not VNDK-core
1d3015f439 : Version bump to RP1A.200410.002 [core/]
9f82e321b5 : Version bump to RP1A.200409.002 [core/]
aeca4e212e : Move build number file to out/soong
ed514ef8b3 : Version bump to RP1A.200408.002 [core/]
433ab54fef : Pass /system/etc/updatable-bcp-packages.txt to dex2oat.
ff8a41c476 : Rename vts-core to vts
e2348338e4 : Add signing certificate lineage file support.
96c9e6ed00 : Make the `partition=` tag optional.
b4ef8e92aa : Cleanup VTS-Core and VTS10 related artifacts
6e038c3183 : fix boot-test-harness.img build
39ab00b6fe : support multiple kernels, boot.img output
32fae3d33b : Add platform-wide sampling PGO option
b57ff59635 : Version bump to RP1A.200402.004 [core/]
f0d0887a76 : Version bump to RP1A.200402.003 [core/]
8f5da2af6e : Version bump to RP1A.200402.002 [core/]
8676f639f3 : Build merged apexkeys.txt/apkcerts.txt by partition.
28e7f8cfbc : Update configuration for RemoteExecution actions
53944e1f83 : Version bump to RP1A.200401.002 [core/]
8e12e1be21 : Make init.userspace_reboot.is_supported a rw property
7dbf7dcb7b : Add api xml files for new api surfaces
60e8ff4d0d : Merge "Rename VTS to VTS10" am: 916be61b91 am: ed51dee98e am: 474ebdd3e9 am: 371d7b5194
f181e05287 : Version bump to RP1A.200331.002 [core/]
0922d2963a : Version bump to RP1A.200330.002 [core/]
d71e6ef694 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: rvc-dev is BUILD_ID=RVC
7c1432ce8a : Install JNI coverage outputs from Soong-built apps
a2eb46197c : Version bump to RP1A.200326.002 [core/]
db651d5913 : Update dex2oat filter
2025bae10e : Add PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS_EXTRA interface
0d40e21e8d : Continue to pass in --signing_helper for avbtool.
ce42b253b7 : [signapk] new flag to request v4 signing
a28c52661b : Build the payload image only during apk-in-apex signing
d4e1856626 : Add ANGLE.apk to the base system.
c282ece044 : Get rid of obsolete Make variable TARGET_CORE_JARS.
de2cd1f08c : Revert "Add biometrics.face@1.1 to gsi"
cd170ba95e : Version bump to RP1A.200324.002 [core/]
ddbba1f711 : Version bump to RP1A.200323.003 [core/]
7a1823a5f3 : Remove unnecessary dependency.
fa756a8b1f : Rename wifi-service to service-wifi
6e80a0804c : Version bump to RP1A.200323.002 [core/]
27d40c0cb1 : Add system_ext_manifest.xml
129b8f292b : Move telephony framework sources as part of non-update framework.
d201f5f3fc : Version bump to RP1A.200320.002 [core/]
a9055ca0f7 : Version bump to RP1A.200319.002 [core/]
e0c2dde572 : initial GKI boot.img support
174b5be0bb : Also check empty SKU if SKUS are not defined
db088602f5 : Put before services on the system server classpath.
776c7293fa : Update Security String to 2020-05-05
21ceb57057 : Vendor SKU manifests: define env variables properly
f903d2f2e1 : Version bump to RP1A.200318.003 [core/]
bceac191b1 : Version bump to RP1A.200318.002 [core/]
6a19b06296 : Add an RBE setup script that developers can source to run RBE builds
fd4b7e9f68 : Version bump to RP1A.200317.002 [core/]
db9b1bd6fd : Update Security String to 2020-05-01
28747ad282 : Version bump to RP1A.200316.002 [core/]
1c146a617d : Rename DEVICE_MANIFEST_<sku>_FILE to FILES
922c38fb6e : Proper checks for vendor and ODM SKUs
0c3bfe6622 : Version bump to RP1A.200313.002 [core/]
3e75aec327 : ota_tool: fix incremental ota error
edaccebad3 : Version bump to RP1A.200312.002 [core/]
0fc9938755 : Version bump to RP1A.200311.002 [core/]
c1e370e619 : Version bump to RP1A.200310.002 [core/]
202d4c8db4 : Build DEVICE manifests and fragments for each SKU
ab5acefb6d : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Uses a per-partition fingerprint for building images and avb_salt.
b444070c9c : Version bump to RP1A.200309.002 [core/]
f5e53004cd : Remove vnd*.libraries.txt from /system/etc
79bf9640f4 : system_server_current is accepted
6e7f415b3b : Version bump to RP1A.200306.003 [core/]
fff701fa72 : Version bump to RP1A.200306.002 [core/]
255a545b53 : Version bump to RP1A.200305.002 [core/]
011255996c : Don't touch .installable_files for non-FULL_BUILD
b89a556910 : Version bump to RP1A.200304.002 [core/]
1043514d10 : Version bump to RP1A.200303.002 [core/]
8640960329 : DO NOT MERGE: Delete from base_system.
a7276405c9 : Support removing AVB public keys
f77e364de0 : Fix signing on some GSI targets
d20531a537 : remove NativeAdbDataLoader from system image
91803a57ab : Version bump to RP1A.200227.002 [core/]
e86d1bccc0 : Preserve the monotonic property when subtracting 0 block
655771a257 : Version bump to RP1A.200226.002 [core/]
75c5773187 : DO NOT MERGE: Remove AppSearch from Android R.
57da278319 : Version bump to RP1A.200225.003 [core/]
c0d18940c1 : Version bump to RP1A.200225.002 [core/]
0b136b4d5e : Version bump to RP1A.200224.002 [core/]
6f28c8bfa3 : Version bump to RP1A.200221.003 [core/]
d68f2b0dc0 : Version bump to RP1A.200221.002 [core/]
ab9c7e6d04 : Exclude holes from the block map.
0ea8dc1cb4 : [SV HIDL] Update VNDK library list
5e0ff33d0f : do not clear output kernel module directory
af116f56bd : Package wifi.rc separately into the build
781145ee4c : Load ike in system server classpath instead of bootclasspath
26490fb2b4 : Remove statsd binary from
c4bdff5f7e : Mark the current BUILD_* warnings as errors by default
e0c0b13db8 : Remove OsuLogin app from system image
5e06288e7c : Add vts related artifacts to vts-core package
344a55858a : Version bump to RP1A.200219.002 [core/]
c6f308b8e4 : Adding new GSI public keys
0aed272b24 : Add a module for VNDK library lists
3c739746b3 : Adding new GSI public keys
796fbcbefa : Revert "Set up IRadioConfig 1.3"
4e143cdc85 : Change vts-core package to generic *ts package rule
8468b0f094 : Version bump to RP1A.200218.002 [core/]
8b2e7c9c51 : Make oemaids_headers available to vendor.
6a68367e6e : Adding vendor_boot-debug.img
f00a0dbffc : Add a new make target called `haiku-line-coverage`
5b2fdff970 : Version bump to RP1A.200214.002 [core/]
2bf4726f18 : Shipping >= API Level 30: no vndservicemanager.
d81f4b3461 : Support empty jacoco-report-classes.jar
1173332eb2 : Load ike in system server classpath instead of bootclasspath
3cd1ebeaee : Remove execute-only support.
c3427499ca : Modify D8 template to not have inputs under the output directory.
0f69a15517 : Version bump to RP1A.200212.002 [core/]
361ca8fd81 : Port IdentityCredential HAL to AIDL.
02a9a2f8ee : Version bump to RP1A.200211.002 [core/]
25648e60b2 : Reland: Rework platform version to hide codenames.
d451ad7167 : Update Security String to 2020-04-05 Bug:149240442
32aef2f12b : Version bump to RP1A.200210.002 [core/]
f9edfe3714 : Update Security String to 2020-04-01 Bug:149240442
03f4ed3415 : Do not assign 'false' to PRODUCT_ENFORCE_PRODUCT_PARTITION_INTERFACE
c0a8c63935 : build_image: check value of "ext4_share_dup_blocks"
89418f058e : core/Makefile: pass value of PRODUCT_USE_DYNAMIC_PARTITION_SIZE
02df14a67a : Remove UseApexImage and GenerateApexImage.
566927c7b4 : Version bump to RP1A.200207.003 [core/]
ecfbe37c7c : Version bump to RP1A.200207.002 [core/]
7ea8a3d9fa : Use ART image for make-based preopt.
30bbf37de2 : Support dexpreopt against the primary boot image.
46cc81b0c9 : Version bump to RP1A.200206.003 [core/]
d8ffc1d61a : Update VNDK library list adding Lights AIDL HAL
cc2ff6f732 : Add newly created Sensors HAL 2.1 to VNDK list
62f5a4711e : Extend add_soong_config_var to support variable list
80d723e7ff : Remove building WAPPushManager same as Q
9bd832a012 : Remove the key parameter when verifying avb images in validate_target_files
c9f7482e89 : Remove building WAPPushManager same as Q
8a73c7ff6f : rm libbinderthreadstate
761d3d3a3f : Revert "Create telephony apex."
14a6101f53 : Move packages from * to *
a862dc40ec : Version bump to RP1A.200206.002 [core/]
dba4b00232 : Add functions for easier vendor var definitions.
d463007dfc : Add exec_strategy as CLI flags to all rewrapper commands
0023fa857c : Add basic support
82c0e3e268 : Move packages from * to *
da6948f25f : Add newly created Contexthub HAL 1.1 to VNDK list
ed74896600 : More Java/Kotlin warning patterns
aa8d72c93f : Add ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH for SANITIZE_HOST=address builds.
c2286015af : Add libbufferqueueconverter to VNDK
3ed9021f87 : Modify build to put dumpcoverage agent into /system/lib
a21e8527a5 : Add libprofile-extras to all link steps when NATIVE_COVERAGE is enabled.
71640a3296 : Package coverage files as a zip.
194ed8e88d : build: Add vendor.prop and odm.prop capability
0943329baf : Version bump to RP1A.200131.003 [core/]
a7f5f3fcbb : Add new Java/Kotlin/Make warning patterns
c3627b55dd : Add support for LINE_COVERAGE (2/2)
c925f7b949 : Version bump to RP1A.200131.002 [core/]
0e38d64e49 : Add quote to the signing arguments when passing to apexer
cea6ad1fb0 : Pass signing_args to apexer to repack apex
277972a503 : Default package-modules to strict module checks
6a8234bf43 : Add mke2fs.conf to otatools
9ba0f7de8c : Move VAB properties to vendor.
18548cccc8 : Don't inherit from
4c3a01f105 : Mark BUILD_HOST_EXECUTABLE as deprecated
e6e2c77254 : Version bump to RP1A.200129.002 [core/]
83bd55c1db : Assets should be optional in apex repacking
b09530bd65 : Add new C++ and Java warning patterns
074fef98d4 : Move font xml files to "standard" directory
0f38beca94 : Don't inherit from
3ec918d342 : Remove unused no_vendor_variant_vndk_check target
a25d76f2c8 : Add explicitly merge_zips to otatools package
b773265783 : Version bump to RP1A.200128.002 [core/]
24c77395be : Enforce LOCAL_CERTIFICATE is set in
6a9ff71894 : Add a missing ',' in the VNDK variant identicalness check
61a792f323 : Make the error more instructive on missing android_jar_path
a9cc25d785 : Add RBE support for Javac, R8, and D8 if respective env vars are set.
66d21d4a30 : Mark (BUILD_|LOCAL_)COPY_HEADERS as [more] deprecated
3e87e83557 : Give strip depfile a unique name, properly include it
cde5b32221 : MediaTranscoding: Disable the transcoding service for Android R.
6cc2c81f4d : Add build properties to enable casefold and prj_quota
88a759d651 : Resign apks contained in apex
43e74295e0 : Fix building docs as part of checkbuild
eb8a0a0036 : Add apexer and dependencies to otatools
ace89548f7 : Add version 2.1 of camera server interface
5e57a778cd : Disallow VINTF metadata for PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
e8484f2160 : Remove keymaster libraries from VNDK
8d29737259 : Add BOARD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT to readonly list.
74daa974bb : Rename NativeCoverage to Native_coverage
084c6ef6fa : Deprecate BUILD_HOST_SHARED_LIBRARY
01d91b7b65 : Remove keymaster libraries from VNDK
9a190e25d0 : Export BOARD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT to soong.
04d4c08929 : Add e2fsck_ramdisk for VAB devices
f0cec69de9 : Implement BOARD_VNDK_VERSION
c465e20400 : Implement vendor snapshot
28adc1ddc9 : libprotobuf-cpp-lite is removed from VNDK.
d918cadcc0 : libprotobuf-cpp-lite is removed from VNDK.
cb9426dfae : Add biometrics.fingerprint@2.2 to gsi
0096fece8b : Update VNDK library list for IDumpstateDevice 1.1.
75e1e1374c : Version bump to RP1A.200122.002 [core/]
4ba41ba399 : Adding IAudioControl v2.0
382d51575d : Update VNDK library list adding Lights AIDL HAL
835751e995 : Move cacerts_wfa from system to Wifi APEX
c6cd7f43d1 : Update VNDK library list for IDumpstateDevice 1.1.
1677505a8f : Add biometrics.face@1.1 to gsi
2bfe0a1a25 : Restore "Linktype check for native:product"
0457d2f719 : Revert "product: Remove wifi-service off SystemServerClassPath"
af9b0701e3 : Do not check VINTF if no files
f8b6d6b2f9 : Add
87889b0d4d : libprotobuf-cpp-lite is removed from VNDK.
283dc8ced5 : Add Legacy GSI R
dd5401713c : Revert "Linktype check for native:product"
4e7e76fe5a : Linktype check for native:product
90c3aca9bf : Don't check VNDK variants when asan is used
c6cb1c3815 : Track addition of internal classes derived from OpenJDK 9+181.
d0ca631432 : Move ExtServices in apex.
7ce531de8e : Allow codename.fingerprint format for minSdkVersion
8da1b9add3 : libprotobuf-cpp-full is removed from VNDK.
bfa41eef33 : product: Remove wifi-service off SystemServerClassPath
09c11073ac : Add strict module check to
62de555119 : Compare existing ABI dump list with LSDUMP_PATHS
b319487f06 : move telephony-framework from framework.jar
463a093e5c : Allow adding framework and service java code into permission APEX.
4873e65c8d : Always check VNDK variant identicalness
15e6042b29 : Do not remove RRO resources
18c9405106 : Update current.txt with measurement_corrections 1.1
2bfffb9f48 : Document the m4 prebuilts
975474a5b8 : Remove BUILT_VENDOR_MANIFEST variable.
605ea043c8 : Reland "Improve BUILT_ASSEMBLED_*_MANIFEST checks"
bcd46bc540 : Reland "Add check-vintf-all target."
51be69f063 : device_(manifest|matrix).xml -> vendor_*
5392cdbeb1 : Call a writer to dump html; new warning patterns.
152a783e2b : Revert "Add check-vintf-all target."
d00ebcd740 : Revert "Improve BUILT_ASSEMBLED_*_MANIFEST checks"
dcc85ca5dd : Add Identity Credential 1.0
b42a2ccfac : Add incident-helper-cmd build target
8724ff72ef : Clean up cpp warning patterns
63011c86e1 : Update VNDK library list
b6a7819be6 : Make allmod() and pathmod() py3 compatible
8bdfe365d6 : Improve BUILT_ASSEMBLED_*_MANIFEST checks
af482ea053 : Disallow unnamed package on the bootclasspath.
66c7af81f3 : Define PRODUCT_PRODUCT_VNDK_VERSION automatically
949205a661 : Use new Severity class and update *_warn_patterns
20c6e7dbe1 : Update Security String to 2020-03-05 Bug:147450082
6231592500 : Add stable aidl power HAL
850f8b5d77 : Add check-vintf-all target.
436b42a079 : Update Security String to 2020-03-01 Bug:147450082
86cdf9c2f4 : Update make build system for dynamic unwinder.
bd98b55100 : Use boot image extension in the JIT-zygote experiment.
ee75813162 : Correctly gather boot jars from APEXes
5cf4150850 : Version bump to RP1A.200109.003 [core/]
15fd20f873 : Remove PermissionController from base_system after moving into APEX.
49e38ac6ee : Version bump to RP1A.200109.002 [core/]
38dc09d39a : Use our prebuilt M4 for flex and bison
300158adc2 : Remove service-statsd off SystemServerClassPath
08a2677fe7 : Revert "unbreak sdk_phone_x86 boot"
da427de124 : Rebuild the vendor install-recovery if necessary.
ea711c2418 : Update references to sdkext
37e998ac31 : Update references to sdkext
bee946e8eb : jacoco-report-classes-all.jar includes jar from other partitions
1e5581749d : Remove generation of the dexpreopt tool paths from make.
bb0ec8c508 : Correctly gather boot jars from APEXes
e89d75ce08 : Version bump to RP1A.200107.002 [core/]
388a71f092 : Remove DEX2OAT_DEPENDENCY which is the same as DEX2OAT.
f09e7f762f : Version bump to RP1A.200106.002 [core/]
7e2ec0e5af : delinated with ticks in error
af96f5ff4e : vibrator: use package as name
fd457e713d : *common: use package as name
a31e24a799 : vibrator: use package as name
458c3511a0 : rebootescrow: use package as name
a9f7746f29 : Add new compiler warning patterns
b195e7ab04 : Use symlinks in the build graph for jni libs
d1c9bfe87a : Respect JIT-zygote config when generating boot image location.
30652b3380 : Add unpack_bootimg to otatools to modify boot.img
dec6e8e056 : Export list of "installable" files to soong_ui
23abbfeb4b : Revert "Add libdepthphoto to mainline_system"
552b3f96b2 : Add libfdtrack to base_system.
34ea73940e : Go one directory up looking for releasetools path
8e28a17bfe : Add Soong android_app and android_test modules to javac-check
4a5ff18a01 : Clean up TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX lines in mainline products
aeda4b267b : Revert "Add boringssl_self_test to PRODUCT_PACKAGES"
13cb165b91 : Stop removing valid copy headers
4c443e1d4e : Revert submission 1182953-1576003954286-8455af5a
9ae31126ea : Revert submission 1182953-1576003954286-8455af5a
04e5a40f2c : Define ro.product.vndk.version
7e9b5c4204 : Handle virtual A/B defines during dynamic_partitions_info merge.
5a8feb5422 : Only dist recovery_ramdisk if BOARD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT
4d6017d519 : Dist ramdisk-recovery.img and misc_info.txt
70c96c7f11 : unbreak sdk_phone_x86 boot
22195346dd : apex-libs-absence checks are removed
cc1e4cfb6e : Move group_system_ext and passwd_system_ext to
be77c453a7 : Remove bionic libs from APEX_MODULE_LIBS check
391249ed45 : Version bump to RP1A.191220.002 [core/]
63d6d96653 : Do not build ld.config.txt
be2aed5529 : Use apex_available property
a4226d1942 : Use apex_available property
fd70a07462 : Move inside APEX boundary.
611f63e8d3 : Version bump to RP1A.191219.002 [core/]
9cbb624abd : Add system_ext to VINTF search paths.
2870d1e3c1 : Add /system/vendor/odm for VINTF search path
3c1f8dfd94 : preinstalled-packages-platform for profiles
ca722e3e38 : Update VNDK library list for occupant awareness.
ac4a35f017 : Add boringssl_self_test to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
f8b8c647e4 : Revert submission 1194828-revert-1191937-art_apex_available-DWXQGTKMAR
54aec677da : Revert submission 1194828-revert-1191937-art_apex_available-DWXQGTKMAR
92e1a0bea0 : Revert submission 1191937-art_apex_available
9bc1c0032c : Revert submission 1191937-art_apex_available
f17d8d3928 : Version bump to RP1A.191218.002 [core/]
385aac1cca : Version bump to QQ1A.200205.002 [core/]
1d0f32f6a6 : Add and include it in
bf4be9b5b8 : [Tether16] Build Tethering package
8c3ae62e12 : [Tether16] Build Tethering package
0cf00dc5ca : Update Security String to 2020-02-05 bug:146378789 (cherry picked from commit 9b687f04caa32b6794867f2568e02968c318d482)
7cb22b07d8 : Update Security String to 2020-02-01 bug:146378789 (cherry picked from commit 82e8e7939098ead0754dcfacab42d0452d6559d9)
9b687f04ca : Update Security String to 2020-02-05 bug:146378789
ebf5d56a48 : [incremental] add adb data loader into system image
888d143e4c : Split into multiple files
78f86aa083 : Remove Soong intermdiates after moving image mutator
1727d54a2f : Set SPL to 2020-01-05
64e7944ca9 : Version bump to QQ1A.200105.003 [core/]
559ab613ae : Remove Soong intermdiates after moving image mutator
a8bae14fce : Add framework-appsearch apex on the classpath.
d5ed6019c9 : Move CtsShim and CtsPrivShim APKs out of system.
bb688a9fa9 : Raise an error when partition setting is wrong
439b829b42 : Find the jar libraries in APEX from the correct path
0d7bd6be90 : Use apex_available property
3e41a7f856 : Move CtsShim and CtsPrivShim APKs out of system.
7f00905643 : Add android.hardware.secure_element@1.2
2cf6c27240 : Do not include linkerconfig for recovery
82e8e79390 : Update Security String to 2020-02-01 bug:146378789
c01ce1c493 : Version bump to RP1A.191216.002 [core/]
117b52f74e : releasetools: Pass --virtual-ab to lpmake.
42ae1c8c8f : Add to the system partition absence check.
9882f6f7be : build: make: use -Wl,-z,separate-code w/ -Wl,--execute-only
785ab51913 : Support Resume on Reboot
37b5bf8aea : build: enable Perfetto by default
723ff8274d : Add APEX and to base_system.
37a037e05e : Verify updatable jars are in PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS
3bbbe2d5b9 : Revert "Revert "Remove ro.apex.updatable=false in GSI""
851f144d90 : Adding
96504cfeb5 : Remove media command
96949d3904 : Define PRODUCT_SYSTEM_* props for mainline_system
d118131588 : Add vintf-common
66ce55d90d : Remove Soong intermediates after renaming core variant
79a0caff35 : Write list of copy headers
2a40672597 : Initialize common_proguard_flags for each module
81be9fe8db : Add framework-statsd.jar to jars list
5290364e9b : Add AFTL relevant options to OPTIONS in
b6d5b76624 : Move framework-wifi into the Wifi APEX
e9403e4e79 : Move service-statsd to updatable system server jar
3fd2c56e85 : Add framework-wifi to bootclasspath
dfc0f94a15 : Camera: add camera device @ 3.6
99f5e40137 : Enable for mainline_system
01c6f6f215 : Adding
7df7b8601b : Add SoundTrigger@2.3 to gsi
f0fdf80540 : Add CLANG_COVERAGE build flag to soong config.
0ec64ac0aa : releasetools: Generalize base_fs_file handling.
c9ea2ffc78 : Remove Soong intermediates after renaming core variant
c7f63dfeda : Revert "Remove ro.apex.updatable=false in GSI"
756ba7dc52 : Add statsd apex to base_system
75f604f581 : Make AOSP master use AOSP.MASTER as BUILD_ID.
ed9d7bf9e1 : Change all cf_common paths to cuttlefish paths
7a597f572b : Change all cf_common paths to cuttlefish paths
982e608085 : sign_target_apks: Add networkstack to default key_map
6a4eaa57b9 : Adding missing dependencies for vbmetaimage-nodeps
743c9c3b6b : Move to using full java-lib-files from stubs.
6dba98f0f4 : Version bump to RP1A.191209.002 [core/]
13bc18a3ec : Add telephony-common, ims-common to telephony apex.
1429291d9f : Enable prebuilt ELF check for all targets
ef88d9cd99 : Make qt-qpr1-dev-plus-aosp use AOSP.MASTER as BUILD_ID.
d7c866cd45 : Add linkerconfig to recovery
a428b092e6 : Fix comment to reflect that the value passed to head is actually the size
032de6765b : Use bash instead of sh in self extracting archive
8c7ca1bc05 : Create telephony apex.
8f9b3c196c : Include all system images in
0cb422f0e7 : Improve checks for include dirs outside the source tree
b18979aa20 : Exclude dirs from binder interface whitelisting
5a4593c9d7 : Structure MediaProvider as an APEX.
bb131ec4ff : MediaTranscodingService: Bring up the services.
abdea2183d : Add art dexpreopt to archive
88adfc6349 : Mark BOARD_HAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES as obsolete.
3269f25476 : build_image: Do not use base_fs file for system_other.
ac936fd573 : Fix syntax error for SignApexFile
e373b78fb1 : VDK: add
c982aecdb1 : Add sdkext module
3ad6f5ebbf : Add boot image locations to the module dexpreopt config.
71a6eb25eb : Version bump to RP1A.191202.002 [core/]
ec5ca71550 : Add permission APEX to base_system.
c0f413f0ad : Don't generate recovery patch for A/B systems.
0d51f2fe2f : Add rust_device_test_config_template.xml
07f622b078 : logtags: Support # line comments.
ef83b80ec3 : [Tether08] build InProcessTethering package
1542743b88 : [Tether08] build InProcessTethering package
626f6371dc : Align formatting for updatable boot jar variable
d24bc21f06 : Remove ro.apex.updatable=false in GSI
fe15dd1eb7 : Move extra VNDKs to /system_ext
213a7d86d5 : Revert^2 "Do not dexpreopt system server jars from updatable modules."
f38d3ccf47 : Remove passing -forceprocessing flag to R8
8c8c2b96f2 : rename 'make fuzz' to 'make haiku'
55417148f9 : Removes custom prefix/suffix from MergeDynamicPartitionInfoDicts.
09e29a37cc : Version bump to RP1A.191125.002 [core/]
8086a123c3 : Switch to wifi mainline apex
fa7cf280ca : Revert "Do not dexpreopt system server jars from updatable modules."
2cea7f9417 : Switch back to wifi-service.jar
c9a657c907 : Clean include directory paths
3c4aa69885 : gsi current.txt: add
86167418b7 : Set up IRadioConfig 1.3
cf6352bdec : Version bump to QQ1A.200105.002 [core/]
3fb6a949a6 : Do not dexpreopt system server jars from updatable modules.
bafb1d7289 : Add vts-core-tradefed.jar to
be7f79e75f : Revert "Add TeleServiceLib along with TeleService to PRODUCT_PACKAGES."
d6e239fc35 : Support system_server jars from apexes
49afe97130 : Add TeleServiceLib along with TeleService to PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
e31d2d6ef5 : Version bump to RP1A.191121.002 [core/]
615385ee8b : releasetools: should handle new contents of dynamic_partitions_info.txt
a2b816616c : Update references to service jars
8ac6463155 : Add ike.jar to bootclasspath to expose IKE API
8bc6908feb : Copy additional test apk outputs to suite dirs.
5bc08b7bdd : Add APEX to base makefile
92420db7dd : releasetools: fix avbtool arguments.
e58ffe4681 : Inherit base files for aosp targets
8e2b776def : Add Keymaster 4.1
810a0ba56f : add BOARD_*_KERNEL_MODULE_ARCHIVE support
db38b8ae62 : Add mainline_system_x86_64 product
86c9d855b3 : vintf vibrator vndk
777d38b5a6 : bluetooth: V1.1
05f2c27dec : Add a new system service for app search management.
15ca2ffbb2 : Reland "Add libdl_android as a bootstrap library".
7772f4d6c2 : gralloc: add to VNDK-SP
7aa3039ef9 : Allow files generated by droidstubs to be copied in the SDK
b459e1656c : base_system: remove mediadrmserver
caf803dfb9 : graphics/common: stable AIDL support
c5c354cf8d : Version bump to QQ1A.200105.001 [core/]
f932fede5f : Version bump to RP1A.191114.004 [core/]
00e71cf672 : Version bump to RP1A.191114.003 [core/]
ef17769720 : Set NATIVE_TESTS executable like EXECUTABLES
e2037fd2df : Version bump to QQ1A.200101.002 [core/]
91238cce14 : Allow f2fs sparse mode to be disabled
12489ad00b : Set SPL to 2020-01-05
b893bbf0ae : Remove legacy idmap binary
5385a7af68 : Set SPL to 2020-01-01
f43fa9dd99 : releasetools: should unpack */build.prop
52da1247a4 : cleanup apex for Go devices
6a5c783490 : Revert "Rework platform version to hide codenames."
a83159723b : Revert "Rework platform version to hide codenames."
e8d7dc64b6 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.011 [core/]
43abe9590f : Add rust_host_test_config_template.xml
07e7d6b643 : Set SPL to 2020-01-01
8dd20bb69b : switch to updatable cellbroadcast apk
8d17b05fe0 : Add /persist symlink to mainline_arm64
1e6a35c090 : Fix comment issue
a94d4e76a0 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.010 [core/]
13a8f98de1 : Add GNSS HAL v2.1 to vndk
0d1f54e2e1 : Forbid -Weverything
337d4acdf6 : Rework platform version to hide codenames.
23dcf76a36 : Set pools manually for rules that can run in RBE or goma
002c77903c : Create a cellbroadcast apex
73096796e7 : Add RENDERSCRIPT_BITCODE to misc_prebuilt_internal whitelist.
874d35bc29 : Add Multidisplay App and so to whitelist
855bf6a85b : [generate-self-extracting-archive] Cleanup and improve error handling
3f2850e51a : Add RENDERSCRIPT_BITCODE to misc prebuilt whitelist.
e613260151 : Version bump to RP1A.191111.002 [core/]
d6e2bb6f8b : Revert "Revert "Use NetworkStackNext as preinstalled network stack""
ea5e5e5102 : Remove vibrator@1.4 from VNDK
9601e6e0f8 : Add "with-license" rule to generate public AOSP phone image.
2e92cfb701 : Check property type in host_init_verifier
a60d3c0dc1 : Revert "Use NetworkStackNext as preinstalled network stack"
3adbcb31ea : Make backend for shared library fuzzing.
d5598a5a69 : Version bump to RP1A.191107.002 [core/]
0ee9b3edc9 : Introduce audio V6 HAL
907e6cf541 : Fix comment on iorapd
171185df51 : Move init and ueventd scripts from / to /system/etc
89eea96fe1 : Move init and ueventd scripts from / to /system/etc
bd72ff7711 : Revert submission of topic 'libdl_android-in-apex'
97dc04f02a : Set up IRadioConfig 1.3
8e7af6c9ce : Add media.c2@1.1
3d86a2cf4c : Enable cas@1.2
d0e1aa4a83 : update build file to include cas@1.2
7c7dfcdf54 : Enable overrides for ETC modules
88ff58f8a7 : Add libdl_android as a bootstrap library.
7452979a9e : Enforce hidden apis usage in product(make)
7b7af54259 : Use NetworkStackNext as preinstalled network stack
309109351e : Move check partition size logs to a file
96527f375f : Fix Virtual A/B size checks
382309520d : Add CellBroadcastServiceModule to mk
7aecc39136 : Create * for system_ext packages
fe07343fed : Support Factory OTA for Virtual A/B devices
18cf9eda28 : Version bump to RP1A.191104.002 [core/]
e12c862013 : Avoid path conflicts for the notice files
09e57929f1 : Re-enable link type checking
cb8e2755ff : dynamic_partitions_info.txt: use dump-dynamic-partitions-info
60bfcc4fac : Skip checking vendor partition size on AOSP targets
784db1a741 : Add support for $(TARGET_EXPERIMENTAL_MTE) in product configs.
665ebbe471 : Fix turbine classpath arguments in Make
f0add55066 : Use system modules for turbine in Make
3a7c2ef7cc : Reland "Move partition size checks to python script"
5877cec1fa : Disable dexpreopt on targets that do not include default ART config.
9b09078b82 : Version bump to RP1A.191031.003 [core/]
911d5e061c : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.009 [core/]
0141e45b96 : Revert "Move partition size checks to python script"
670e6d74aa : Bump PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to 29 for CSI
e575157366 : Remove the cert for GooglePermissionController
3fa302e04f : Delete AOSP/Email app.
a4906cd306 : Move partition size checks to python script
b353eda0c0 : Implement APEX JAR (Java library) absence checks for Core Libraries.
6276066a02 : Bump PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to 29 for CSI
8c1290cbd5 : Bump PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to 29 for CSI
2ccc153d42 : Bump PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL to 29 for CSI
3b96f5ef90 : Version bump to RP1A.191031.002 [core/]
037b3e081c : Use MakeVar from soong instead of hardcoding
18171876bd : Version bump to RP1A.191030.003 [core/]
0bc382e4a7 : Add aapt2 to
67074fec61 : Update the docs for 'mm[m][a]'
c7c4a766f0 : Reland "Remove Core Library JARs from `/system/framework`."
cca8cdb993 : Ensure current product use PRODUCT_* vars directly
831472dee1 : Update finding go files
b86e5a9718 : Version bump to RP1A.191030.002 [core/]
24876a7dc2 : Add a new system service for blob store management.
51edc9cb55 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.008 [core/]
fe67f14906 : Remove module `jacocoagent` from `TARGET_CORE_JARS`.
407ed319ab : CleanSpec for VNDK APEX
7e7b19f0ff : Version bump to RP1A.191029.002 [core/]
60c493f9c7 : CleanSpec for symlinks to VNKD APEX
93bdc3e734 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "install VNDK APEX instead of VNDK libs""""
33175af3f3 : Add keys for GooglePermissionController
d0512cf386 : emulator: remove vintf and some whitelists
7c39368927 : Revert "Remove Core Library JARs from `/system/framework`."
44d357e1ff : Replace framework.jar with framework-minus-apex.jar
c0b883fe77 : Add zygote init script to
ec8769762f : Revert "Revert "Revert "install VNDK APEX instead of VNDK libs"""
4d2511e0d0 : emulator: remove vintf and some whitelists
e2578f3add : Version bump to RP1A.191028.003 [core/]
29f9c930cb : Version bump to RP1A.191028.002 [core/]
e12c3bb24f : Adding IRadio1.5 definition.
085578c148 : Bump SPL to 2019-12-05
6a88bd49bc : Remove support for EXPERIMENTAL_JAVA_LANGUAGE_LEVEL_9.
5eac77c735 : Build rules use private vars
69b3f82249 : Revert "Define ro.sanitize.<name> properties in SANITIZE_TARGET builds."
219d4ac2b2 : Replace framework.jar with framework-minus-apex.jar
acf8b0ff00 : Stop linking libdl.a into static bins
db44a09ea1 : Version bump to RP1A.191024.002 [core/]
a62ba02133 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.007 [core/]
edfd1ae712 : Define ro.sanitize.<name> properties in SANITIZE_TARGET builds.
a0158d8327 : Use soong-generated vndk.libraries.txt
a8f9f117cf : Include system_other.img in super.img by default
3d5eba2be4 : Revert "VNDK library list uses installed name"
4b7f73c0da : Build the adbd apex.
56db7393ce : Use adbd_system_binaries to track adbd's dependencies.
65c91ff15a : Fix and generate vndk snapshot entirely in Soong
96cf12cf1a : Version bump to RP1A.191022.002 [core/]
3ec9ff6b72 : Remove Core Library JARs from `/system/framework`.
3595e31105 : update build file to include cas@1.2
d4f09f7752 : Remove Core Library JARs from `/system/framework`.
2ca0e49f61 : Remove support for stripping dex.
ad5ab25f1c : switch to updatable cellbroadcast apk
97d398f2de : Generalize vts config module for other Suites
6851a27604 : Revert "Revert "install VNDK APEX instead of VNDK libs""
be92d8e7c2 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.006 [core/]
e24d17af95 : Add a common wrapper file for vts/csuite_config module
289b002427 : Delete VINTF files from target files package.
25126f6277 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.005 [core/]
4fc7e410fc : Add libaudiohal to mainline system image
69140f3eff : Add libaudiohal to mainline system image
881724824d : Revert "install VNDK APEX instead of VNDK libs"
5d60c8ac5d : Revert "Do not initialize BUILD_BROKEN_TREBLE_SYSPROP_NEVERALLOW"
ba36f4c139 : Revert "Set BUILD_BROKEN_TREBLE_SYSPROP_NEVERALLOW on sdk and full"
9895d52e54 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.004 [core/]
74e377afba : Introduce audio V6 HAL
376c613085 : Revert "install VNDK APEX instead of VNDK libs"
d589da9d58 : Version bump to RP1A.191016.003 [core/]
2df23d7f41 : Stop creating update_engine_payload_key
bbdb6cbb69 : host_init_verifier: no HIDL_INTERFACE_HIERARCHY
d67cdd3bd2 : Add NeuralNetworks HAL v1.3
b455f58059 : Enable Java language level 9 by default.
37a2a40c61 : Version bump to RP1A.191016.002 [core/]
0cd5f3d393 : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.003 [core/]
a1d351819e : Version bump to RP1A.191015.002 [core/]
a0171af06f : Allow files generated by droidstubs to be copied in the SDK
9856889381 : Set BUILD_BROKEN_TREBLE_SYSPROP_NEVERALLOW on sdk and full
610b16324e : Version bump to QQ1A.191205.002 [core/]
3612c88ed7 : releasetools: Fix an issue in common.GetAvbPartitionArg.
8c8e302de9 : Add CellBroadcastServiceModule to mk
eaf2b7e582 : CleanSpec for system_other
47c35cf786 : USB: VNDK: Add USB Gadget V1.1 hal interface
ae5229792f : Bump SPL to 2019-12-05
b2945148d4 : Bump SPL to 2019-12-05
172c8e6de0 : install VNDK APEX instead of VNDK libs
349153db03 : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.011 [core/]
21e6deb647 : Call delta_generator to get the signature size
eb3ade924b : Define ro.sanitize.<name> properties in SANITIZE_TARGET builds.
da2153126c : Switch back to InProcessWifiStack
2c379aa2da : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.010 [core/]
afd92a8689 : releasetools: Set the search path based on the current executable.
d272f0ed6f : Add libicu_jni into ART APEX
e4f453394b : Add NeuralNetworks HAL v1.3
54902e406d : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.009 [core/]
0150bdbb1b : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.008 [core/]
af11c50e67 : Revert "-D__ANDROID_NDK__ for SDK builds."
00caec196a : Revert "Merge "Revert "Add NeuralNetworks HAL v1.3"" am: f5f487be03 am: 176c4afae7 am: a163c720ed"
5f96f5ce35 : Move remount to PRODUCT_PACKAGES_DEBUG.
bf086436b0 : Remove stray ZIPALIGN_PAGE_ALIGN_FLAGS
bf4fd54cee : mainline_system: libhwbinder/libhidltransport
1aeef725a7 : AVB: decouple vbmeta.img from recovery.img for non-A/B devices
f1cec4b4a4 : Revert "Add NeuralNetworks HAL v1.3"
8fe862116a : Enable Java language level 9 by default (3rd attempt).
19b02fe8e5 : Include per-partition fingerprint as AVB prop.
339ef4cf3f : Fix odm output directory for devices w/o vendor partition
0af9e63972 : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.007 [core/]
71193bf2bb : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.006 [core/]
3dbd647da5 : mainline_system: libhwbinder/libhidltransport
b808592783 : VNDK library list uses installed name
a0e253ef0e : Add Vibrator HAL 1.4
ffaed0c70c : Version bump to RP1A.191008.003 [core/]
cbd6d498d2 : Remove the workaround that forces rebuilding recovery patch.
673b4238a5 : Version bump to RP1A.191008.002 [core/]
bace8c091c : Add NeuralNetworks HAL v1.3
5c40c7166f : Adding boot-test-harness.img
3ed35d3d25 : releasetools: Fix the support for getting reproducible images.
31e2a59f0e : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.005 [core/]
1c320f8573 : releasetools: Move BuildInfo into common.
e114804150 : releasetools: Move MockScriptWriter into test_utils.
b9e8d8cac8 : Add IBootControl HAL 1.1.
5154d3f4d7 : VNDK-core += health@2.1
fe1523d068 : Add IBootControl HAL 1.1.
60f5d67677 : releasetools: Update OWNERS.
6127d1bccd : Revert "Enable Java language level 9 by default (2nd attempt)."
a9e53b9281 : Enable Java language level 9 by default (2nd attempt).
73dc6c9aba : Fix diff
985ed05cf4 : Disable vendor path check for mainline variants
66bd7385d2 : Check if installable before installing unstripped
3c5a18fc16 : Document SYSTEM_OTHER_ODEX_FILTER matching
2c5def62dc : Disable vendor path check for mainline variants
b6eeae7289 : Unconditionally install shim apex on system partition
615b65d097 : releasetools: Fix releasetools_py3_test.
a264feffe8 : releasetools: Update tests to match SparseImage change.
8b4ee34aa4 : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.004 [core/]
e9b513a35a : Clean up mainline whitelist in
24e6bcd0b6 : Remove healthd from
765668fff7 : releasetools: Update the handling of recovery fstab.
8b674819ac : Add x86 / x86_arm mainline_system product
af68e408ec : Add App Compatibility Test Suite (C-Suite) to build
b3a503df7f : Introduce build variable `OVERRIDE_TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX`.
b8205595c0 : Re-submit "Make mainline device use apex"
22632cc82c : releasetools: Support verifying files with non-monotonic ranges.
b033731fb2 : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.003 [core/]
e868aec14b : Moving recovery resources from /system to /vendor
84783a776e : Use -nostdlib++ instead of -nodefaultlibs
91763e93e6 : Fix lunch choices w/zsh
8db2605038 : CleanSpec for new system_other layout
b8eab12e50 : Revert "Enable Java language level 9 by default."
ffebeff06e : Revert "[MultiDisplay] remove"
ce000fdc4d : Fix zsh compatibility issue in build/
8fc2de61a5 : Version bump to RP1A.191003.002 [core/]
f054fbb2ed : Version bump to QQ1A.191003.002 [core/]
d461b7102b : Adding IRadio1.5 definition.
7302f32bff : Version bump to QQ1A.191002.002 [core/]
e4a7ad4e30 : Version bump to RP1A.191002.003 [core/]
787ac2ed38 : Remove ro.bionic.ld.warning.
34cf406df5 : Version bump to RP1A.191002.002 [core/]
b45c5afe5b : Revert "Disable camera pinning and enable iorapd prefetching by default."
848e642096 : Enable Java language level 9 by default.
33b088d67f : Enforce /system module RRO for mainline products
a835f38f0b : Enforce the consistency between AB_OTA_UPDATER and AB_OTA_PARTITIONS.
274ecd4c31 : wifi_stack: Move to network_stack process
6e2b1f84fd : Remove codec libs from
fd558c4f1d : Version bump to RP1A.191001.002 [core/]
4693fd1d05 : Change RRO enforcement logic
b58789b5b1 : Enable mainline checking for mainline_system_arm64
6e0cde8c98 : Remove libhidltransport/libhwbinder from VNDK.
2e5e04ce13 : Version bump to RP1A.190930.002 [core/]
572ce182ef : [MultiDisplay] remove
e28c732521 : Install BoringSSL self test binaries to vendor image.
d004692025 : Generation of C Flags Artifacts
07365dfb08 : recovery: install system_ext file_contexts and property_contexts
452ff03fb9 : Add statsd-service to system server jars
ceefc44008 : Add phony rule for 'fuzz' in Make context, not soong.
115d1f58d7 : Update SANITIZE_HOST documentation.
e1b1086ef3 : add vendor_boot image support
7b04103fb9 : Add library list for VNDK using core variant
9ae52cd94c : Version bump to QQ1A.190926.004 [core/]
72a1367d5b : Add virtual_ab to dynamic_partitions_info.txt
fde53f4e3e : Add NeuralNetworks HAL v1.3
83980501d9 : Fix severity of analyzer warnings; add new warnings.
7738c2bab2 : Version bump to QQ1A.190926.003 [core/]
e3ab8eab25 : Install BoringSSL self test binaries to vendor image.
6675f3bb82 : Version bump to QQ1A.190926.002 [core/]
a2c1d2b4d0 : Remove libhidltransport/libhwbinder from VNDK.
790020437d : Factor out common code in Java warn patterns.
dabb8684f6 : Remove libvorbisdec, which is not used in /system, from
f251232bb1 : cleanup: remove unused variable
8f0a62ab3f : Detect leaks on host by default.
5effee40f5 : Version bump to RP1A.190924.002 [core/]
55f2896442 : Remove ashmemd and related artifacts
98cb2b3878 : Revert "remove telephony-common from boot class"
d591a5e012 : Add new compiler warning patterns
f5db8985f5 : Guess source tree root from common file prefix.
ee07ef0019 : Improve error message for artifacts outside requirement
a27d15a3f1 : Add snapshotctl to base system
c3a7595347 : Add snapshotctl to base system
cb8337ddcb : Gather lunch choices before printing prompt
5c36806fbf : Add generic_x86_64_arm64 board
f0776a40d0 : Remove cache parition on emulator
ebbcc1bb78 : Replace use of conscrypt-nojarjar with conscrypt-unbundled
a1187072c5 : Handle rustc warning messages.
3b5bdbb68d : Update OWNERS for with pscovanner & lubomir Bug: 141272605
73aa913b77 : Update SPL to 2019-11-05
53cedb0653 : Fix to avoid breaking aosp_x86 build
8dc45c2cc4 : Version bump to RP1A.190919.002 [core/]
2a88075617 : Always check ELF files for `check-elf-files`
fd59e543e8 : Move sysprop to
1b4eaef865 : Phase out Legacy GSI and
48a0af51f2 : Phase out Legacy GSI and
b6ddb932ca : fs_config: Fix generation for devices without vendor partition
5417105d0f : fs_config: Fix cases without vendor/oem partition
448004af9d : Don't generate hashtree when signing bundled APEXes.
796ff4ffb5 : Create a vts-core suite harness package
89b18c02ae : Update SPL to 2019-11-01
5980f173c4 : Removing IVrComposerClient 1.0 from vndk.
7da9d7cb25 : Version bump to QQ1A.190919.002 [core/]
6cbaf66026 : Remove android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.X dependencies.
fd6d9022fe : Add backend for LOCAL_FUZZ_DATA for cc_fuzz corpus/dict.
f846914c9f : Don't package mke2fs.conf in
b848ce5cd9 : Version bump to QQ1A.190918.002 [core/]
74eb74b146 : Creates from target files zip, not dir.
aa4d4da9df : Version bump to RP1A.190918.002 [core/]
180275bcd5 : releasetools: Remove more images out of secondary payload.
02b50d12be : Remove TARGET_TRANSLATE_2ND_ARCH
3e759462d9 : releasetools: Remove more images out of secondary payload.
18ef515e58 : Revise aosp_x86_arm to inherit from mainline_system directly
c99819311c : Also install verity_key to ramdisk for non-system-as-root target.
c4011cd719 : releasetools: Sanity check the build fingerprint.
8b72776511 : extract-kernel: Fix indexing
a37e189ec4 : Version bump to QP1A.191005.007 [core/]
5ae5da1345 : Remove protobuf vendorcompat from
4c0545898e : Version bump to QQ1A.190912.004 [core/]
07fd7d27ba : Version bump to RP1A.190912.003 [core/]
5ea6971a1d : Revert "Build: Fix test data no present in test suite zip files."
71289eee5b : Add libneuralnetworks_packageinfo to dependencies.
9b29b0cfcb : Add CLI for Directly Invoking IDL APIs
37e237aa71 : Add check-elf-files as a checkbuild prerequisite
028a161162 : Remove vendor & product in secondary payload
e635ed974b : Version bump to RP1A.190912.002 [core/]
648017c2b8 : Remove macOS special cases pertaining to date(1).
5ccbecfaf8 : Version bump to QQ1A.190912.003 [core/]
beaee6c8bf : Version bump to QQ1A.190912.002 [core/]
820f20e990 : Delete AOSP/Email app.
57f1d98a67 : Moving "persist.traced.enable" to /product/build.prop
1874093916 : Version bump to RP1A.190911.002 [core/]
1c8080098a : Remove vendor & product in secondary payload
235cad61ec : Wifi: Build vndk Uprev Wifi HAL 1.4
675b92638d : prepare cellbroadcastreceiver to be a mainline module
0c748d85aa : Version bump to QQ1A.190911.002 [core/]
675d31a323 : Version bump to RP1A.190910.002 [core/]
531085c9b2 : Version bump to QQ1A.190910.002 [core/]
06533fef4a : Moving GSI-specific properties to /system_ext
5dcbe701cf : fs_config: Fix generation for devices without vendor partition
517c6eae39 : Version bump to QQ1A.190909.002 [core/]
a3c987d7f3 : Skip *.libraries.txt when skipping current vndk
a3daf2e27c : emulator: convert sdk_phone_x86 and 64 to CSI
6c5e504c26 : Add back the llvm-ar P flag
05f73f0b19 : Update generic_x86_arm for native bridge support
5602110d73 : Remove unused $MD5SUM.
114e8dfa3e : Dist proguard dictionaries for platform builds
70bfe07e6c : Support injecting boringssl hash in Make
69b07f33eb : Version bump to QQ1A.190905.004 [core/]
7a9acce4ec : Keep proguard fields for lite runtime
4c71549763 : Install vendorcompat verison of protobuf
521d4454fa : Make javanano a plugin
80c808fcaf : VNDK -= libhwbinder_noltopgo
a8b53c37c4 : Version bump to QQ1A.190905.003 [core/]
0408a6e182 : Set TARGET_VNDK_USE_CORE_VARIANT for Go devices
2e51a1553f : Switch to toybox stat on macOS too.
ac3c65b7bb : Reland: Moving GSI-specific files to system_ext
6f2f169b6b : Version bump to QQ1A.190905.002 [core/]
cba65a9c92 : Revert "Moving GSI-specific files to system_ext"
8deb83c401 : Version bump to QQ1A.190904.003 [core/]
71729a9632 : Version bump to RP1A.190904.003 [core/]
53553011d0 : Keep proguard fields for lite runtime
7d7cf050a9 : Install vendorcompat verison of protobuf
588ce8e36b : Make javanano a plugin
09298552e2 : releasetools: add dep to checkvintf
f14ec6bfc3 : Moving emulator-specific properties to /system_ext
8ef0ffe7e8 : Moving GSI-specific files to system_ext
0a26ebefc1 : Version bump to RP1A.190904.002 [core/]
36795a904f : Version bump to QQ1A.190904.002 [core/]
195de31de7 : remove telephony-common from boot class
7c519defbd : Delete cts_instant tasks: not needed anymore
3bef810080 : Version bump to QD1A.190821.011 [core/]
11eadcc4ed : goldfish: support system_ext
c78edbc2b4 : Version bump to RP1A.190903.002 [core/]
12c66f4dc3 : Version bump to QQ1A.190903.002 [core/]
19a962b25e : Add Vibrator HAL 1.4
b2283d6b91 : Version bump to RP1A.190902.002 [core/]
5861b330f9 : Version bump to QQ1A.190902.002 [core/]
6e3da0803c : Version bump to QP1A.191005.006 [core/]
4bd902f37c : Version bump to QP1A.191005.005 [core/]
ea608704d9 : Version bump to QD1A.190821.010 [core/]
948b259b52 : Partially Revert "Check VINTF compatibility at OTA generation time."
29017d92ee : Version bump to QQ1A.190829.002 [core/]
fae0b46720 : Version bump to RP1A.190829.002 [core/]
1ebd568850 : Add new ART APEX.
b324175118 : Update dexpreopt for the ART APEX name change.
3021218d2a : Remove extra brackets in vndk_packages collecting phase
1b07983c6d : Add a new flag "--disable_fec_computation" for OTA generation
57f8ed6b5e : releasetools: img_from_target_files uses zip2zip.
17c00283c0 : Version bump to QD1A.190821.009 [core/]
9276cf0226 : Check VINTF compatibility at OTA generation time.
ccb86fe7d4 : releasetools: add tests for check_target_files_vintf
e3ba82cff2 : Add a script to check VINTF compat of target files package.
ade0d3f4a2 : merge_target_files: Checks VINTF metadata of resulting target files
bfe4a1c096 : Add platform hidl interfaces to mainline_system
abe5c770e9 : Version bump to QP1A.191005.004 [core/]
e8de0931a1 : Add PWD to environment variable whitelist for RBE builds.
7ee673a2db : Add boot@1.1 to VNDK
d62e7123d8 : Make support for rust modules from Soong.
46a88893b1 : More optimizations
2abf159f9b : Improve performance (don't filter ALL_MODULES)
9de012ebde : Skip much of
fbb6dd3a7d : Version bump to QD1A.190821.008 [core/]
ac63a9d728 : releasetools: Clean up
eadc5544ea : Version bump to QQ1A.190826.002 [core/]
d8582f7f3d : Version bump to QD1A.190821.007 [core/]
00d4b4bcc4 : Instrumentation test doesn't support extra config
ffd23394de : Disable camera pinning and enable iorapd prefetching by default.
25478181b9 : Consider search_path to locate avb_*_key_path files
39b8f9fc7d : DO NOT MERGE - Add a guard against deleting AVB_PUBKey.
15881282d7 : Add a guard against deleting AVB_PUBKey.
7aa4e8614a : Revamp nopreload configuration
67188129be : Version bump to RP1A.190822.003 [core/]
6f8fda4937 : Revamp nopreload configuration
33ae255a68 : Version bump to QD1A.190821.006 [core/]
e928b387b0 : Version bump to QP1A.191005.003 [core/]
0f54563b4a : Version bump to QD1A.190821.005 [core/]
6013f18c00 : Don't install libpixelflinger
4584d721a7 : Don't install libGLES_android
ab23894a4a : Tuner Hal 1.0 to build Add Tuner Hal 1.0 entry to configure file for building Test: Manual bug: 135709729
41862d9ba4 : Add iperf3 to debug packages
eb19a50606 : Version bump to RP1A.190822.002 [core/]
97e220b4b3 : Version bump to QQ1A.190822.002 [core/]
a8368efe51 : macOS calls itself Darwin.
6215e436f3 : Fix host-init-verifier regression
410faef3f5 : Version bump to QD1A.190821.004 [core/]
52cc60ca15 : Include misc_info.txt for super.img in dist
ff9a3dc605 : Migrate ringtone picking out of MediaProvider.
f17cddfa5b : Add "owngrep" shell utility.
d7994816c1 : Remove package-stats.txt
bbddfcf7ba : Only include the "tools" and "testcases" subdirectories in
0593c63aca : Add package whitelist for user types
9f8d4eba01 : Add group_system_ext and passwd_system_ext
e9aa4104b8 : Update dexpreopt for the ART APEX name change.
4cb8061dee : Add new ART APEX.
9478f66632 : Turn on BOARD_USES_METADATA_PARTITION in mainline
5f7c08fbb3 : Remove stale artifact whitelist entries
6a5e9a21ef : SYSTEM_EXT supports executables
f67dd8059d : Generate block based OTA for product partitions
5b4e9aa959 : Version bump to QD1A.190820.001 [core/]
7acb41d787 : Remove stale artifact whitelist entries
612a4ac2f7 : prepare cellbroadcastreceiver to be a mainline module
05f553aa5d : Fix boot failure on Q devices with GSI on master
24dfd9aac7 : Version bump to QD1A.190816.002 [core/]
07997f1bb4 : Stop packing system/update_engine/scripts.
c2a5e48d82 : Cleanup aosp_product whitelist
3250cbd459 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security Strings to 2019-10-01
2601387d19 : Version bump to QP1A.191005.002 [core/]
f8d5a613e8 : Update Security Strings to 2019-10-05
b88c9853aa : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security Strings to 2019-09-01
84633edb22 : Update Security Strings to 2019-10-05
c1966a8bdd : Makefile uses add_img_to_target_files module.
1cf8bf0c14 : Makefile uses add_img_to_target_files module.
e7b71a18a4 : VTS: Add vts-core to the dependency of tests
f31b1706bd : Version bump to QP1A.190711.020 [core/]
869febddb9 : Make javamicro a plugin
6733381fce : Avoid adding VINTF manifest fragment more than once.
d892b63a1d : Link libc++demangle with libc++ for the device.
804ca70cb7 : product: Mainline wifi module
7672ab85d9 : Rename Soong variable `FlattenApex` as `Flatten_apex`.
bc3600c030 : Use --add_missing in
4e14323a31 : Add PRODUCT_BUILD_VBMETA_IMAGE to control vbmeta generation
e5839f912b : Add labels to rewrapper cc compile action. Prevent ccwrapper from being used in links.
da9274f81c : Version bump to QD1A.190812.001 [core/]
ea60c16e08 : DO NOT MERGE - temporarily disable vendor file check for mainline
13dfd4aa3e : Revert "releasetools: Add a hard-coded codename-API mapping."
82df41f3db : Migrate MTP components into new project.
829abaefee : Add dependencies for files in LOCAL_PROGUARD_FLAGS
f272adb168 : Use more variables from Soong
a7a0ed63e7 : Version bump to RP1A.190808.002 [core/]
8da52d4b9d : Move TOP/TOPDIR to build/make/common/
316f77ba3c : Include headers and props to VNDK snapshot
3c7b2a658c : releasetools: Add more module building rules.
7d37b40c6e : Add virtual A/B product.
b5570cf17b : Revert "Add product and system_ext partition for emulator"
f0c4aa204c : releasetools: Fix the target files diffing.
401a84071b : -D__ANDROID_NDK__ for SDK builds.
65d3bc3f08 : Remove setting _USING_LIBCXX
496748378d : releasetools: ota_from_target_files uses target_files_diff.
5ca32dfec5 : Fix typo in error message in tools/fs_config/
c41a28cb1c : DO NOT MERGE - temporarily disable vendor file check for mainline
87d0f2703f : Add a product build var for mainline module certs
e11a46000c : Move make_recovery_path and sparse_img to modules.
abb806b3f0 : releasetools: merge_target_files sets verbose in main.
b6056d6856 : Add new core-icu4j after separating icu4j from core-libart
540f3f4b99 : Include vndk 29 in GSI
8a0ca3b503 : Tuner Hal 1.0 to build Add Tuner Hal 1.0 entry to configure file for building Test: Manual bug: 135709729
c4dba1d56e : Filter out VENDOR_PYTHONPATH from PYTHONPATH in aosp.
9ae6495d91 : Support `m dist updatepackage`
005305adf8 : releasetools: Build build_super_image as a lib.
8821d64481 : Build and use ota_from_target_files as a module.
5cbf33afe9 : Add tags to lsdump_paths.txt
2aac9c9d6d : releasetools: Drop the support for creating image archive from dir.
14621ee155 : Version bump to QQ1A.190731.002 [core/]
718faed3dc : releasetools: Don't write outputs if not in verbose mode.
276f06275b : Adds support for optionally generating vbmeta.img in merge_builds.
dc6e39523b : Change SYSTEMSERVERCLASSPATH order
072f43b553 : Version bump to QD1A.190801.004 [core/]
5f620b6f61 : Add CAN bus HAL to VNDK.
4f1aa4d3c7 : Version bump to QD1A.190801.003 [core/]
4ed9c2c064 : Version bump to QD1A.190801.002 [core/]
18ffd5891e : Remove import_includes/export_includes
b5acaf6b38 : Version bump to RP1A.190801.002 [core/]
7d223c6ddd : releasetools: Add FORCE_RUN_RELEASETOOLS.
a239c67ed3 : Add missing aapt2 dep in appcompat-files
bcd7741e81 : Handle zygote_32_64 in
0df0f6bbf1 : Remove [jni_]link_type files
5c3fc2a792 : Remove support for ONE_SHOT_MAKEFILE
95b0913070 : Add Mainline Test Suite (MTS).
6aea25d1aa : Add "arm64-v8a-hwasan" to the supported ABI list in SANITIZE_TARGET=hwaddress builds.
4b253a2a3e : Version bump to QD1A.190731.002 [core/]
ef7e3f2623 : Add product and system_ext partition for emulator
bf2af95f73 : Explicitly add lld's relr relocation flags for Android Pie and above
3d51ac07ef : VTS: Create vts-core suite and packaging rules
ff3d62d31d : Add product and system_ext partition for emulator
e5d4a9e7ff : Clean-up CL for CL985267.
9002fc0c0d : Version bump to RP1A.190730.002 [core/]
a133a497c2 : Remove libcameraservice and libcamera_client from base_system
0548439172 : Remove PRODUCT_IOT.
3a8cc17654 : Add misc_info.txt needed to build super.img
893948955d : Stop supporting wrapping the build with `make`
df238b4e41 : Select all .pem and .avbpubkey in otatools
28843c3e32 : Add product and system_ext partition for emulator
8a5d597bbf : Remove the PRODUCT-* goal
1c790ca655 : Add build script to create a self extracting archive with a click through license
bfc51efa97 : Adds new merge builds script for use in merging two non-dist builds.
28fbe7f9e9 : Add native bridge abis to corresponding abilists
30ccde1b81 : Version bump to QD1A.190729.002 [core/]
0480850f0b : releasetools: Move recovery-two-step.img to OTA/.
976b1e2df9 : Remove libcameraservice and libcamera_client from base_system
aa54e5b41e : Remove libcameraservice and libcamera_client from base_system
81441f2c5d : Version bump to QD1A.190725.003 [core/]
46d95f752b : Add APEX module to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
1ba59f54b5 : Version bump to QD1A.190725.002 [core/]
01ab167a20 : Remove the APP-* goal
e3606ae651 : Specify the API level via the triple instead of __ANDROID_API__.
aad39b3281 : Include extra licenses in vendor image NOTICE file
bf4b266986 : VNDK-core: Add
78bd62f43c : Add jobscheduler-service.jar to system server class path
07d9e826ca : Revert "Add jobscheduler-service.jar to system server class path"
bb73388acf : releasetools: Fix the use of StringIO.
d4d736a4de : Add jobscheduler-service.jar to system server class path
6cf1b11ead : Generate /etc/{passwd,group} for all partitions
049d535910 : Add libraries txt file to build target
07ece13f06 : Ensure no redundant ABI reference dumps
ef85b4c4d4 : Add libbinder_ndk to ll-ndk.
fb303a5903 : Generate /etc/{passwd,group} for all partitions
34f1c35a60 : Remove libhidlcache
b994524ea6 : Inject boot patch level into boot-debug.img
0fbfb4bd57 : fix: set built_module in
8a54ec8482 : Generate /etc/{passwd,group} for all partitions
0f12536e6b : Switch to aapt2 for getting minSdkVersion
a0530aa94d : Cleanup ASan build implementation.
f67c72b34d : Move to APEX
2e6e73bb01 : Remove unused BoardConfig variables.
6de3bce9d8 : Version bump to QD1A.190718.002 [core/]
301c6f471b : Removed an obsolete TODO.
15d9655906 : Create ODM partition NOTICE file
4cc9df660b : Clean up
2bbb07c53c : Build build_image and build_super_image as modules.
c9de6f9de7 : Renderscript: change extension .rs to .rscript
f9b4f4b3e4 : Renderscript: change extension .rs to .rscript
e4751308bc : Update gsi VNDK with composer 2.4
e1e4808d57 : Writes misc_info.txt in o/t/p without requiring 'm dist'.
c44aa3be41 : Renderscript: change extension .rs to .rscript
36d86c1670 : Remove perfprofd reference.
ec8b8dfa3e : Add RBE mk file to support bootstrapping RBE and setting relevant environment variables.
9e09d47df8 : Include tools/files for GSI artifacts
91b78978fd : Don't escape BuildNumberFromFile
1886f53103 : Make the error messages from the two APEX_MODULE_LIBS checks easier to tell apart.
b3e9fc2219 : Add default LMK properties to GSI
8426a19969 : envsetup: avoid adding "::" (the cwd) to the PATH
41976c725c : Factor out the image classes to break circular dependency
40ee758541 : gralloc: add IAllocator/IMapper 4.0 to gsi
8d5459fc6d : Update auto-gen test config template with EXTRA_CONFIGS placeholder
480864f1b0 : Renderscript: change extension .rs to .rscript
e984ebbb57 : Strip my_shared_libraries to remove space char
a45d6f5ee9 : Move out of ifdef
6a698214e4 : Version bump to RP1A.190711.002 [core/]
fb2449f7b7 : Add NativeBridgeRelativePath config variables
3422309d6d : releasetools: Ignore nonexistent APEX overrides.
440c99f1f2 : Stop building unnecessary tarballs.
0f7bb1b84b : install modules.softdep from depmod output
5d0f18e8f8 : Version bump to QD1A.190711.003 [core/]
ac6e24e5b1 : Update Security String to 2019-09-05 Bug: 137199979
4364982766 : Update Security String to 2019-09-01 Bug: 137199979
b369c7226a : releasetools: Ignore nonexistent APEX overrides.
c319fdb65a : Remove direct dependency on art/tools/veridex/
2f7e11ef27 : logging: set stdout and stderr to None in some cases
3888428f29 : releasetools: Replace iteritems with items.
4f30ed4265 : Version bump to QD1A.190711.002 [core/]
a72b08f5a4 : Version bump to QD1A.190710.002 [core/]
d2a6aa8525 : Whitelist dexpreopt files for SdkSetup
bfdf765f97 : Changes host_init_verifier to use hidl interface inheritance hierarchy.
f722f36079 : Revert "this is the subject"
baa9f50cb2 : Implement range-based pin list
5d323c1714 : Catch unicode decode errors search for kernel ver
df09892cdb : Revise GSI targets to inherit from mainline_system directly
6151e3f1ea : Rename product_services to system_ext
ca82fc90f7 : Additionally run releasetools_test with Python 3.
96a3386b23 : Catch unicode decode errors search for kernel ver
dbc22f4f15 : Revert "Do not allow building product_services image"
2ad4b82d45 : releasetools: Make merge_target_files and its test Python 3 compatible.
b8f898ef88 : Add libprofile-extras to all link steps when NATIVE_COVERAGE is enabled.
7cbeda728d : Split merge_target_files function
068d101077 : Build: Fix test data no present in test suite zip files.
abdd855676 : vndk: update package list for android.hardware.wifi.supplicant@1.3
1f9b8f0cc6 : Move definition of create-vendor-odm-symlink within BUILDING_VENDOR_IMAGE
f6039eb340 : Version bump to QD1A.190703.002 [core/]
7d5dbf2be0 : Revert "Make mainline device use apex"
09dcc68663 : is not inherited from
06429d7048 : Change the condition for building super_empty.img.
9eecd288bc : Version bump to QD1A.190701.006 [core/]
94c7f2d823 : Version bump to QD1A.190701.005 [core/]
30738573cc : Version bump to QD1A.190701.004 [core/]
511fe626a8 : Version bump to QQ1A.190701.003 [core/]
b75373f640 : Version bump to QD1A.190701.003 [core/]
932f481c7b : Version bump to QQ1A.190701.002 [core/]
ef212270fe : Allows skipping building the super images for partial builds.
7fe2257f98 : Version bump to QD1A.190701.002 [core/]
48a2feb670 : Change the condition for building super_empty.img.
8b3edf7eb9 : Version bump to QD1A.190628.002 [core/]
fc41016343 : Version bump to QD1A.190627.002 [core/]
ce664b0a37 : Uses the KNOWN_HIDL_INTERFACES file in host_init_verifier.
a67e12d66f : releasetools: Clean up
7185f8cc2d : Modify build to put dumpcoverage agent into /system/lib
f0bc919754 : Switch host_init_verifier to getopt()
a370545a2c : releasetools: Make additional modules Python 3 compatible.
ca019895ef : Add Linkerconfig to base system target
1ac886e181 : releasetools: Prefer the avbtool specified in target_files.
c9c1b864ba : releasetools: Add sanity test for sign_apex.
474e4d04a3 : copy kernel modules to ramdisk, add modules.load[.recovery]
a5828f21f8 : Revert "Revert "Remove option to create boot image based on preloaded classes""
4e5591ffb9 : Add update_host_simulator to otatools
c4f11be520 : Move board config variable from mainline_system
7139459ac7 : Revert "Remove option to create boot image based on preloaded classes"
fd81f696ed : Remove lmk.log_stats sysprop from mainline_system
59cf0c59de : releasetools: Clean up additional modules for Python 3 compatibility.
ebe7c9c92f : Create common.LoadDictionaryFromFile
633009b659 : Remove option to create boot image based on preloaded classes
528fdc021f : Fix non-existing modules check
c931547560 : Stop passing `--block` and MKBOOTIMG to ota_from_target_files.
b88f792d25 : Install shared library dependencies for 64-bit windows
86b529a23e : releasetools: Make apex_utils Python 3 compatible.
b82ef911f9 : Don't use tar's -p with -rf, where it makes no sense.
9e893c3cfd : releasetools: Make verity_utils Python 3 compatible.
da30cfae96 : releasetools: Make common Python 3 compatible.
eec4a7cba4 : Add lpunpack to otatools for rebuilding super.img
dba635a3b7 : Clean up the dependencies for user image creation.
9018ea49d8 : Fix pylint warnings and now prefer python3
cf821fc963 : Fix an issue in setting up PATH.
fd5fa34775 : Don't pass --legacy by default to aapt2 compile
18f28c7781 : Allow passing --legacy in LOCAL_AAPT_FLAGS
689e68ca9e : Version bump to QD1A.190620.003 [core/]
338c1b7e90 : releasetools: Remove some legacy paths for prop rewrites.
28ca3589b2 : Version bump to QD1A.190620.002 [core/]
9550ce161f : Disable apex update for GSI
fa7204b0e1 : Revert "Revert "Deprecate bash m* commands and use the soong's modules-in* build commands instead.""
c4dae4d7ab : Revert "Deprecate bash m* commands and use the soong's modules-in* build commands instead."
d8df3e0c16 : EVS VNDK list update
b813120af1 : releasetools: Make blockimgdiff Python 3 compatible.
79a0e2af16 : Version bump to RP1A.190620.002 [core/]
51b789e422 : Create individual build artifact for test suite build output
e0d8c9a1b0 : Version bump to PQ3B.190801.002 [core/]
ce72964fa1 : Add Mainline Test Suite (MTS) to build.
610b6302cf : Deprecate bash m* commands and use the soong's modules-in* build commands instead.
9b4c27b5ea : Version bump to QD1A.190619.002 [core/]
d660c8d8f3 : releasetools: Make rangelib Python 3 compatibile.
c1a1ec30df : releasetools: Make common.ZipWriteStr Python 3 compatible.
f1113e97ae : releasetools: Update partitions in deterministic order.
e08363da37 : Re-submit "Make mainline device use apex"
79e0d25c33 : Enforce property split in GSI
fae280264e : Disable apex update for GSI
cb4c357661 : Use dexpreopt image deps from Soong
70b934ee64 : Depend on all the files from system modules
01585fc876 : Add more OWNERS
de18e892d3 : Update fs_config documentation
ee2dcac47a : Remove experimental pass manager for fuzzer builds.
a3ff1155e5 : Revert "Update Security String from 08-05 to 2019-08-01 Bug:126590667"
e47ce869a5 : Revert "Update Security String from 08-05 to 2019-08-01 Bug:126590667"
e6f57e05ec : Fixes a typo in a comment.
645bc41ecb : Fail build when sum of sizes of logical partitions exceeds OEM-set limit
31a87e887f : Version bump to QD1A.190613.005 [core/]
0bf940cace : Allows skipping building the super images for partial builds.
22f69e1094 : Start the deprecation of BUILD_HOST_STATIC_LIBRARY
219b6294dc : Fail build when sum of sizes of logical partitions exceeds OEM-set limit
85df02ea37 : Version bump to QD1A.190613.004 [core/]
4c55da09db : Update auto-gen test config template with EXTRA_CONFIGS placeholder
379f7f0ef6 : AIDEGen: Collect the classes.jar of the prebuilt modules into module-info.json
5a9d590db6 : Version bump to QD1A.190613.003 [core/]
b8a3a8f5a8 : Version bump to QD1A.190613.002 [core/]
c624484135 : Print a warning when sum of sizes of logical partitions an OEM-set limit
c47dd05e16 : runtime_libart: Re-enable iorapd by default.
111a94b7c9 : Version bump to QQ1A.190613.002 [core/]
b5514d4865 : Version bump to QD1A.190612.004 [core/]
d4e38ca427 : Version bump to QD1A.190612.003 [core/]
017d54c8fb : Version bump to QQ1A.190612.003 [core/]
6b72c73a50 : Fix dependency on BOARD_AVB_SYSTEM_KEY_PATH
f14179b3ff : Fix some java library dependencies
b441630067 : Depend on NDK libraries
bbe4e11a76 : Call clean-path in more places
0706faa2ac : Add missing dependecy on SOONG_ZIP
c5b7c4fbef : Add dependencies on the toolchain (clang, etc)
b10f7384ae : Update Security String from 08-05 to 2019-08-01 Bug:126590667
4a078bcf42 : Update Security String to 2019-08-05 Bug:126590667 (cherry picked from commit a3e1c57a95d895fff372054205914bc322b025a1)
a638788c1a : Tune JVM, print full diagnostics on crash.
47284a1a02 : Version bump to QD1A.190611.002 [core/]
c84e4cb917 : Add missing dependencies to python scripts
84c6c1cfe4 : Convert java proto generation to use srcjars
cd951b2bdb : releasetools: No-op change to use common.AVB_VBMETA_PARTITIONS.
e91ab2397f : Package coverage files as a zip.
1cb902e510 : Revert "Make mainline device use apex"
001150ed06 : Remove a host simulation of the runtime module
66baeb523d : Add a host simulation of the tzdata module
7d679bb26a : Make mainline device use apex
9f25d3d0bb : Version bump to QD1A.190606.007 [core/]
eab4f0e2e9 : Add a logging statement after soong ZIP runs in the step.
5b1eed6fbe : emulator: add option to disable avb
6fab18a7eb : Print a warning when sum of sizes of logical partitions an OEM-set limit
335031c79d : Version bump to QD1A.190606.006 [core/]
8236702567 : Add a host simulation of the tzdata module
5284b77e6f : Make mainline device use apex
75cba2ac01 : Version bump to QQ1A.190606.002 [core/]
ad87627496 : Version bump to QD1A.190606.005 [core/]
6e26b40465 : Version bump to QD1A.190606.004 [core/]
e3ba480a54 : Version bump to QD1A.190606.003 [core/]
4f60e366db : Make kernel modules into normal installed files
f271d1b3d7 : Version bump to QD1A.190606.002 [core/]
d5d70ea555 : Renames system to framework and other to vendor.
43ee355406 : Fix typo causing ALL_DEPS.$(module).ALL_DEPS to be incomplete.
7a8690455f : Revert "Revert "Revert "Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes."""
4e5e42b749 : Add misc_info.txt to rebuild super.img
4978fa99d1 : Rebuild recovery-from-boot patch when calling add_img_to_target_files.
d1980fa4e3 : Add ashmemd_hidl_client to product packages.
bdb099200c : Version bump to QD1A.190604.002 [core/]
08c190fc89 : releasetools: Allow verifying chained vbmeta partitions.
cd301f6722 : Change OUT_DIR to PRODUCT_OUT
814b14b3f7 : releasetools: Allow verifying chained vbmeta partitions.
9e401dfcd8 : releasetools: Add a hard-coded codename-API mapping.
1e3ad0eb5d : Revert "Revert "Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes.""
b56b25157c : core/main: Strip bitness before existence check
790db2fc79 : Reland "Add 29.0 to PLATFORM_SEPOLICY_COMPAT_VERSIONS"
edf124780f : Adds validation check that certain partitions come from a single build.
4416b009e1 : Ignore testcases' NOTICE files
047dd653ce : Version bump to QD1A.190530.008 [core/]
c59e59b8a3 : Version bump to QD1A.190530.007 [core/]
64a095a168 : Version bump to QD1A.190530.006 [core/]
ea672d3ffe : Version bump to QD1A.190530.005 [core/]
f4cc8e11b7 : Version bump to QQ1A.190530.004 [core/]
41965d4b5c : Version bump to PQ3B.190705.003 [core/]
23a44f1b05 : Fix dump-vars output to handle quotes.
6c77a6baa6 : Revert "Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes."
da68ac05ce : Version bump to QQ1A.190530.003 [core/]
8b64a6048d : Version bump to QD1A.190530.004 [core/]
27739a61d4 : Version bump to QD1A.190530.003 [core/]
ff37e043f2 : Add Multidisplay App and so to whitelist
36c1f678a3 : fix: wrong dependency from ETC to
061303c923 : Version bump to QQ1A.190530.002 [core/]
bef712b4e9 : Version bump to QD1A.190530.002 [core/]
fef7f43401 : Remove obsolete Support Library guidance from
09fd82ea89 : Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes.
605f713de7 : Version bump to QD1A.190529.002 [core/]
4d5c1d84c0 : Version bump to QQ1A.190529.002 [core/]
8453f02c65 : fs_config: Fix cases without vendor/oem partition
8030ae0c9c : Ashmem VNDK library list update
1800c7abf5 : Deprecate inherit-package.
6cbe894cc2 : Version bump to PQ3B.190705.002 [core/]
02ae68ea63 : Revert "Add 29.0 to PLATFORM_SEPOLICY_COMPAT_VERSIONS"
961f1ca425 : Version bump to QQ1A.190528.002 [core/]
85ceb9e4ec : Version bump to QD1A.190528.002 [core/]
288bedfc8f : Convert more uses of $(ACP) to `cp`
18c1e61faf : Remove more tab characters from commands
c3cdac6662 : soong_config: Include BOARD_VENDOR_SEPOLICY_DIRS
4091a00e39 : this is the subject
ada3a8d5e8 : AIDEGen: Add the java sources of host java library modules into module-info.json.
56199af6c2 : Move out of dexpreopt
539543990e : Don't add dependency on missing optional shared libraries
753d1ad14e : Mark more BUILD_* as obsolete
b2a549bb85 : Add to missing uses-library list
9737324260 : Version bump to QD1A.190523.004 [core/]
bacc040da0 : Install radio image as part of droidcore
9340a673cd : make: Add support to skip current VNDK install
92cbc0cb7c : Version bump to PQ3A.190705.003 [core/]
6a51abd0fb : Version bump to QD1A.190523.003 [core/]
e3e877522f : Version bump to QD1A.190523.002 [core/]
72c626f017 : Adds image-specific selinux_fc props to allow different file_contexts.
c193ae4c04 : Fix typo in APEX_LIBS_ABSENCE_CHECK_EXCLUDE
72b65abd41 : Remove completely
dfd00b1ba1 : Add LLVM binutils prebuilds in PATH
2748c61659 : Remove unused (and currently broken) `samplecode` target.
517c116765 : Version bump to QQ1A.190522.003 [core/]
b173f14b1a : Version bump to QD1A.190522.004 [core/]
2a2cea9d41 : Version bump to QQ1A.190522.002 [core/]
5f23fee45f : Add AOSP WallpaperPicker to GSI
71a4d5cdd5 : Moving /odm/build.prop to /odm/etc/buid.prop
59eaef078d : Allow for the DTB image to be built by the Android build system.
94eafe3f7c : Version bump to RP1A.190521.002 [core/]
e83e745301 : Version bump to QD1A.190522.002 [core/]
ff03abaad3 : Version bump to QQ1A.190521.002 [core/]
6c62884000 : Moving /odm/build.prop to /odm/etc/buid.prop
07050936a3 : Update Security String to 2019-07-05 Bug:132634503 (cherry picked from commit 0718f458a1861cb70b1ab0aafa70d794c72c9f14)
ee8f4a0ada : Fix fuzzer builds.
7d9889a972 : Version bump to QD1A.190520.002 [core/]
10aa92aef1 : Version bump to QQ1A.190520.002 [core/]
fabf50a577 : Add merging of apexkeys and apkcerts metadata
58090478d7 : Avoid targeting Java 9 for targets with SDK version up to 29.
5fd45bbeb0 : is not inherited from
84e55b6517 : Version bump to QD1A.190519.001 [core/]
ab83244472 : Bypass LOCAL_*_REQUIRED_MODULES checks for ONE_SHOT_MAKEFILE
606c9f4d0d : Move check-all-partition-sizes to a non-phony rule
2d0e9a27b4 : Version bump to PQ3A.190705.002 [core/]
ab435e39a5 : AIDEGen: Collect the srcjar path of modules into module-info.json
9d608dc541 : Allow overriding PRODUCT_EXTRA_VNDK_VERSIONS
6ea18292dc : Add more colors to generated product graphs
9b54801b58 : Appending per-partition os_version into AVB props
5bd96526b4 : Remove soft omx libs from package
753c431ce4 : Update Security String to 2019-07-01 Bug:132634503 (cherry picked from commit 95bee0f53ed9f82c4e1ca27a5004eb1e917fa65c)
4c42d17465 : Revert "Remove USE_XML_AUDIO_POLICY_CONF build flag"
21437e6584 : Update Security String to 2019-07-05 Bug:132634503 (cherry picked from commit 0718f458a1861cb70b1ab0aafa70d794c72c9f14)
ff29b0fa3e : Add libc_malloc_{debug,hooks}.so to the absence check.
269dd013a5 : Move default setting of a product variable
10e02dcd43 : Generate VNDK snapshot with Soong except configs
9367a27584 : Update Security String to 2019-07-01 Bug:132634503 (cherry picked from commit 95bee0f53ed9f82c4e1ca27a5004eb1e917fa65c)
79c61ba50e : Remove USE_XML_AUDIO_POLICY_CONF build flag
e7354ba447 : Add that signs a given APEX file.
879b007555 : Make PRODUCT_CHARACTERISTICS a single-valued variable
6d25fc6657 : Make implicit 32-bit apps on 64-bit target an error
efcfd909bb : Version bump to PQ3B.190605.006 [core/]
cff10cf1ce : Removing QP1A entries for qt-dev-plus-aosp
1dac1d4164 : releasetools: Unzip all files when generating image archive.
02169b55af : Version bump to PQ3A.190605.004 [core/]
0ad2ef677d : Whitelist javax.annotation.processing for inclusion in core-oj.
51ba1df2f0 : Use a copy of dexpreopt.config
ec99530de3 : Whitelist javax.annotation.processing for inclusion in core-oj.
a19987d3c2 : Filter out .native_bridge static libs from NOTICE files
02426e6118 : Ensure TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX == true when ro.apex.updatable is not set
e115e3cf07 : Extend library absence check to Bionic libs and all ART debug libs.
714bd12861 : Fixes typo when calling process_dynamic_partitions_info_txt.
13ebc021ec : releasetools: Update the comments regarding selinux_fc.
eb22c940ac : Move BUILD_[HOST_]SHARED_TEST_LIBRARY to obsolete list
fd84a92b82 : Deprecate next set of make module types
1fd498d748 : Move ro.boot.dynamic_partitions to vendor/build.prop
e9723507a1 : Add PRODUCT_EXTRA_VNDK_VERSIONS product variables
c317dafff1 : Revert "Don't inherit updatable_apex from mainline_system"
ff2a3f0af8 : Unset AB_OTA_UPDATER from BoardConfigMainlineCommon.
a61cde0747 : Begins merging META/dynamic_partitions_info.txt.
8d34244739 : Use --ignore_missing_files when creating
5055dae50c : Remove libc_malloc_{debug,hooks} from the system image.
96daeebd0e : Compute the needed shared libs for otatools.
d14c2f88df : Use the installed vboot_signer.
736b223d5f : Use file_contexts.bin from other build to regenerate images.
d6085d6834 : releasetools: Support replacing the signing keys for chained vbmeta.
c1c4c0bbf0 : Mark many single value variables as such
d26c647f74 : Add support for single-value product variables
1d642bc382 : Remove unused shared libs from otatools.
9492ee3d1b : emulator: support dynamic partitions
892d0fe1dd : Update hmm text for mgrep.
26b0a26e3e : Using a test key to sign boot-debug.img if needed
9af722d59e : Don't inherit updatable_apex from mainline_system
234f4b418f : Ensure that 'release-keys' are set on properties
3e63052e2b : Enable native_bridge
b0382f0319 : Add the library absence check as a kati stage check.
92dc13f536 : Version bump to PQ3B.190605.005 [core/]
eb3829d301 : Version bump to PQ3B.190605.004 [core/]
f222dfbb0c : Provide android_app_certificate module that always points to AOSP certificate.
d5ab10eed4 : Update the references to verity tools.
64eaddf6c8 : BUILD_(HOST|TARGET)_TEST_CONFIG errors by default
a3deb4f04b : emulator: support dynamic partitions
bf77eecd3d : allow actually 140MB vendor partition space
ee30c73c63 : Add libs that have been resolved to the library absence check.
cf860f2ab2 : Version bump to PQ3A.190605.003 [core/]
77a4aa0c06 : releasetools: Skip on empty care_map.
0db6e92129 : Don't sign auto-generated RROs with platform cert
f299889513 : Remove unneeded bootimage properties
91f53fddc7 : Remove reverse-list from java static libraries.
7e6397c2d5 : Fix mainline_mixed build
60bb358221 : Ignore vndk-* subdirectories in the library absence check.
f9dd05f1bf : Remove libjavacrypto from system image.
540d91ae3f : Fix missing import.
51d375610c : ota_from_target_files: include metadata when odm / product is changed.
51e87262c2 : Add product manifest.
8bdfb990ea : releasetools: GetCareMap supports non-sparse image.
f454c3a0b4 : releasetools: Accept PRESIGNED keys in apexkeys.txt.
9662cfb234 : Sort content of merged target files package.
f98fa1094e : releasetools: PRESIGNED APEX container entails PRESIGNED payload.
b8a2f9df51 : Adds support to create img from target files directory instead of zip.
1578e23991 : Fix build error for no-ramdisk targets
c3e8cc9bd1 : Fix aosp_arm64 build error when `make ramdisk_debug`
691335af21 : Support LOCAL_SOONG_PROGUARD_DICT in
aebe1e9fe9 : Clean up LOCAL_DONT_DELETE_JAR_META_INF
2e2a7682ba : Removing --flag 2 when building GSI vbmeta.img
78369ebbc1 : Avoid signing debuggable boot-debug.img
67932ab694 : Write to /vendor/build.prop.
cd0e477d8f : Build contexts files with Soong
dca3186b84 : Skip unneeded notice files for ETC modules.
765d2aed94 : Remove unsupported option from R8 flags
0013f55ef4 : Adding boot-debug.img and ramdisk-debug.img
8966070431 : Revert "Adding adb_debug.prop"
3c6fde2d90 : Disable non-AOSP nnapi extensions on product partition in GSI
0733fbeaf8 : Move into a module.
6f34013ba6 : Build otacerts as a module.
7e9f49c73c : Move default native.bridge property to system set
25a6937d34 : Fix typo of PRODUCT_BUILD_ODM_IMAGE
4986e81160 : Build otacerts as a module.
407ca587be : Obsolete BUILD_BROKEN_PHONY_TARGETS
45a40da0d5 : Add support for TARGET_SCREEN_DENSITY
6bfdcda0e6 : Add the entire boot image to
ef66a8b7da : Disable iorapd by default
1bd2a1d946 : Adds --output-img flag to enable building the IMG package.
d60401a59b : Allow codename.fingerprint format for targetSdkVersion
50bf3127d9 : Use framework.aidl built by Soong
85f2b4a680 : Don't set LOCAL_SDK_RES_VERSION to current if LOCAL_SDK_VERSION is core_current
7f25f2aed9 : TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN is a list, not a single path
43d98dc805 : Master is now designated for R. Update MAX_PLATFORM_VERSION, etc.
3dfae3f149 : Add the entire boot image to
695849ec88 : Add infrastructure for deprecating module types
e6210f6eb2 : Remove AAPT1 support
e5b134aa02 : Runs python formatter and linter over merge_target_files.
6350d446cd : Revert "Revert "Revert "Add the entire boot image to"""
0a40c727ed : Remove AAPT1 support
bed1918841 : Mark BUILD_* as readonly
8ddbe53d1f : Revert "Revert "Add the entire boot image to""
3b64ce1437 : Adds --output-ota flag to enable building the OTA package.
f031825560 : Adds --output-super-empty flag to enable building super_empty.img.
fdb38817ea : Adds output-dir and output-item-list for copying only certain files.
78d61e203a : Update Security String to 2019-06-05
5645a3a9a0 : Add
3ced66d639 : Version bump to PQ3B.190605.002
d52fd9b016 : Optimize build for PRODUCT_BUILD_SYSTEM_IMAGE := false case.
91b67be5cd : Version bump to PQ3A.190605.002
a0d89b994f : Always use aapt2 for prebuilt appcompat
59736b363a : Version bump to PQ3B.190605.001
5c5d59ba8f : Exclude lib/arm(64) from the library absence check.
72a0a1e90f : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.015
4d5f5ff943 : Revert "Add the entire boot image to"
27ea4bbdae : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.013
14b9abe3b3 : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.012
e75840fe4d : Add default proguard flags from guava
ce4fc1a01c : Update Security String to 2019-06-05 Bug:129374896 Merged-In: 2c26c3d4c0314f8a3f905e5a7081556f7b4b353a (cherry picked from commit 3ae4e858b7c169b19a4994dd6b124a68fa234ff0)
c0ed5e7c56 : Add the entire boot image to
6a7fa40184 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2019-06-01 Bug:129374896 (cherry picked from commit 2db03695f4fccc312947155ae724f48885e472c5)
779ce03bf4 : Version bump to RP1A.190415.002
f5b3fc854f : Enable core platform API warnings on non-user builds
69909c96ba : releasetools: Enable a few tests in OtaFromTargetFilesTest.
50b6fc601d : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.011
4ccaae495b : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.010
55988c4677 : FileImage: make thread-safe
306dbcc49b : Build: Include lock-inversion agent in debug builds
82490d3de1 : relesetools: Enable releasetools_test in presubmit.
30e31142ce : relesetools: Support running all the unittests with atest.
c164b8ef13 : Remove libicu*.so from /system
190daf9cd3 : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.008
6f964f579d : Add libdrm to mainline_system
90bfda1cc4 : Change emulator system image to unsparse format
b4917146aa : Add default proguard flags from guava
8a66a71b06 : Allow generating OTA package from non-sparse images.
4a7f6daa85 : docker: update sha256sum for repo version 1.25
d32e6d1314 : Convert oemaids_headers / passwd / group to Soong
9be20c7650 : Allow building generic OTA packages.
8e96a794ac : Split ALL_MODULES.*.REQUIRED and friends between target/host
b2de7d97de : releasetools: Remove the name restriction in common.GetSparseImage.
a30a28ffa0 : qt-dev-plus-aosp designated for R. Update MAX_PLATFORM_VERSION, etc.
da108d0517 : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.007
c65ebaf611 : Move board-info props to vendor/build.prop
6fafcf78db : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.006
0ab1be6fe2 : Stop using build/target -> build/make/target symlink
376cc7c452 : Pass the correct signature size to payload generator
6f3eaeb84d : Fix DataImage.ReadRangeSet()
0604ae4881 : Q Branch prefix is QP1A
8c3dce0c56 : Reland "Only assert-max-image-size for static partitions."
9f4db7673b : Version bump to PQ3A.190505.002
6e099095d1 : Revert "Only assert-max-image-size for static partitions."
e64f2a16ad : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.005
6cbc3899b3 : Specify default image block size of 512KB by default
15794ca03c : Move bootimage props to vendor/build.prop
5a5debe908 : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.003
e559f0700e : Version bump to PQ3B.190408.002
fad04b7591 : Remove android.test.base from bootclasspath
66bd1852f1 : Enable JIT Zygote experiment in mainline boardconfig
7e8ca9a174 : Move the profile rule out of
09e5d9b2ba : Remove our clang-tidy wrapper
67e4336912 : Only assert-max-image-size for static partitions.
7ad83b634e : --get_partition_size return size of partition
bd4301e190 : Revert "Fix dynamic partition size check for devices with recovery"
916ae60146 : allow actually 140MB vendor partition space
0639b7de03 : Pass DEXPREOPT_USE_APEX_IMAGE to soong.
91aa9414c0 : Move device-specific vars from mainline common
cb35bd9e51 : Build non-sparse super image if necessary.
438175e7de : supernod: make intermediates directory.
976c3c3651 : Remove dalvik/dexdump and rename dexdump2
7005d4f4cc : Remove 'column' from modules target
eadd1bdb8e : Don't feed framework.jar to proguard for vendor apks
74a36536c3 : Indent the install_jni_libs makefiles
e257b26059 : Export more config values to Soong
5bed413d06 : media: remove soft OMX components from VNDK
4609a369d4 : media: move to
fff56b21c5 : Version bump to PQ3B.190402.002
841ab06af1 : Skip checking ELF files for uninstallable soong modules
72f2d9b30f : Version bump to PQ3B.190401.002
51649760d4 : Version bump to PQ3B.190326.005
863823a734 : Version bump to PQ3B.190326.004
5df60cb93f : Version bump to PQ3B.190326.003
b966217474 : Version bump to PQ3B.190326.002
f22997ead4 : refactoring.
74889a1681 : Support PRESIGNED in
5cc0abb02f : releasetools: Update the comment on common.AVB_PARTITIONS.
16206a6876 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Platform Security string to 2019-05-05 for Pi-dev Bug:128322951 (cherry picked from commit 7d44fc8d59547bc583bad61fe2cae9fa14d31baf)
cd380a8122 : [DO NOT MERGE] Update Security String to 2019-05-01 in pi-dev Bug: 128322951 (cherry picked from commit 1159bb8b17df6caf1ce075d120c811b17eb73554)
2fbceeaaf7 : Version bump to PQ3B.190225.001
406a81d940 : Version bump to PQ3A.190220.002
4e41f65503 : Update Security String to 2019-04-05 Bug: 124119313 (cherry picked from commit 0b5a344dc3b1f13b69983a711467dbe94251011a)
cbe4d3231a : Version bump to PQ2A.190405.002
9886f404c2 : Version bump to PQ2A.190405.001
af2091dc1b : Version bump to PQ2A.190401.002
d3ffeda728 : Version bump to PQ2A.190401.001
a9da159ce1 : Update Security String to 2019-04-01 Bug: 124119313 (cherry picked from commit f9835d9f4d39c78ddf35899b058498f1908e906e)
50ee91f6c1 : Version bump to PQ3A.190122.001

+- Project: platform/build/soong

d771592f8 : apex_set is force disabled when necessary
b32b71222 : Pass unstripped JNI libraries to Make
1d11c871a : Build a zip of transitive lint reports for apps
70f590946 : Add DepSets
2b9c5f0c9 : Support lint on unbundled builds
774a75802 : Use unzip -DD
7e2b36c7d : Set LOCAL_APKCERTS_FILE for apk_set modules in apexes
03f3a9c14 : Use a default exclude filter for JaCoCo in Soong.
63d687989 : Add soong cc and java deps to general-tests dist
abe1a1aa3 : Add sandbox property to the javadoc rule.
72cabc625 : Make native_coverage clause work with ClangCoverage
583691a06 : Introduce product variables to select Java code coverage paths in Soong.
0c9a2d076 : Rename native code coverage paths product variables in Soong.
b1c574fd1 : [HWASan] Disable GlobalISel/FastISel w/ HWASan.
8bec026e3 : Output apkcerts file for android_app_set.
1ee62c03b : Propagate owner property for apex modules
296371622 : DO NOT MERGE apex: install flattened from apex_set
f99b355c0 : Include shared lib in vendor snapshot if isVndkExt
c4422106a : Apply hiddenapi encoding to java_sdk_library .impl
1429cdcf8 : Add exclude_shared_libs, expand exclude_static_libs to cover static_libs
91edfc29c : Set root dir in lint project.xml
bca902882 : Set ANDROID_SDK_HOME when running lint
433ea2321 : Change how override_modules work with prebuilts.
3c904e8b7 : Stem name should be fixed the same was as masterFile
49d3a523b : Instrument the java_sdk_library implementation library
9ee66da85 : Fix check-boot-jars when a boot jar is provided by prebuilt
faa5399b3 : apex: make allowed_files prop overridable
205a50405 : Support adding extra lint checks
aaf58061a : Allow kotlin modules to skip packaging the kotlin stdlib
3791b45f6 : Fix annotation processors in kotlin modules that generate resources
86672f6f4 : Fix build breakages when WITHOUT_CHECK_API=true
1e28e3c61 : Add support for running Android lint on java and android modules.
1c14b4ecf : Consolidate adding common java properties
115e7e77d : Enforce permitted_packages for Q+ and R+ modules
ac5e79f90 : Don't remove entries for overriddable modules
97c74da17 : VNDK listing contains device modules only
cea768007 : Exclude kernel_headers from vendor snapshot
8d6286bef : apex_sets is added to apexkeys.txt
854c14f33 : Installed APKs should not have `prebuilt_` prefix
f642a31ab : Let APEX build against preferred java_sdk_library_import
287638be7 : Fix using generated test configs for sh_test, python_test and rust_test modules
a44a6b27f : Use inclusive language in Android.bp files
871b80fb7 : Add DistForGoal to MakeVarsContext
95f7b34e8 : Use inclusive language in build/soong
9855207d0 : Define Soong phony rules in Make
5a3458ddc : Remove paths from cc.TestConfig
f5f663b0c : Remove most paths from java.TestConfig
f77c720b0 : Allow tests to bypass PathForSource existence checks
0fd3329a3 : Add eakammer and patricearruda to OWNERS
d17bc6142 : Implement test config auto-gen for sh_test.
e50fe61ac : Make override modules compatible with prebuilts.
7f2006c09 : Turn on metalava sandbox warning in all droiddoc metalava invocations.
8e9b63b6f : Add support for Metalava implicit dependencies for remote execution.
46bad760e : Add sourcepath to inputs of remoteable metalava action.
26d6b7834 : Update LLVM toolchain to r383902b.
1fb3cd849 : Add support for the remote execution of metalava actions.
e26a63e2f : Fix type assertion error regarding dex_import
829b7135f : Use Targets[Android] instead of DeviceArch funcs.
78f654c6c : Make it possible to specify separate rules for native_bridge case
5a757b1eb : java_sdk_library: Add system-server scope
afd3d11a7 : dex_import that isn't available for platform isn't installed
c4f0ff1d6 : Cherrypick aosp/1318079 and aosp/1324841
9791efa3e : Include car project in grey list removed apis
b17873515 : Copy removed.txt file to the snapshot correctly
2cd081cf0 : dex_import can be added to apex
8383972ec : Revert "Always run package check"
9c49b285f : Add apex_set module.
853902317 : Implement android_app_set module
97d511a16 : Implement extract_apks
470b4cf82 : Do not disable llndk libraries
af578ffac : Create only one vendor variant depending on path
fccad6b09 : Soong package structure refactoring
502679e06 : Implement cc_object vendor snapshot
4d8d8fec4 : Refine logic choosing vendor snapshot modules
aa7359ab0 : Always run package check
c05da0a90 : Add support for remote-execution / caching of jar/zip actions
15e9d0dbf : Add support for remote-execution / caching of signapk actions
d8c395511 : Add support for remote-execution / caching of turbine actions
cbe50c707 : Use Stem where output file name is expected in APEX
402ace6c2 : Notice file embededd in APEX is deterministic
104d9eb54 : Better handling of low memory situations
67f3dbca2 : Capture libeigen's header correctly
a105cf99d : Collect permitted packages from java_sdk_library instances
c55242703 : Ensure package check is run for java_library in APEX
a84756c82 : java_sdk_library: Propagate shared_library to snapshot
27fc414b8 : Add default_to_stubs option to java_sdk_library
ed50ca8dd : apex respects stem of java_library modules
9d2c0f7af : Use sdkSpec to compare sdk_versions of APK/JNI
af7f91fc9 : Reland "enforce sdk_version for JNI libs for updatable APKs"
519705371 : pom2bp: add apex_available/min_sdk_version
0feed89b7 : Make android_app_import multi targets arch module.
9d582cc98 : java_sdk_library: Create separate impl library
2ce1e81b3 : java_sdk_library: Add annotations_enabled property
2b4b7bbe8 : Generate combined deps-info for all updatable modules.
93a06c10e : Remove ApexBundleDepsInfo.MinSdkVersion()
c0eb0b1ae : Add "updatable" property to ApexModule interface.
174b26e7d : Switch droiddoc to use SdkHeaderJars()
bf19a9796 : java_sdk_library: Expose implementation within APEX
2e7ed65fc : java_sdk_library: Only expose impl jars when they are built
00b206ee2 : java_sdk_library: Simplify SdkLibrary.sdkJars
ac80afa64 : Refactor RBE support for Javac/R8/D8 to use the remoteexec package.
0bd88d0b4 : Correct link type for module stubs
ac103461a : Improve the structure of the link check method
c9cc20cbe : Revert "Default annotations_enabled to true for sdk_library"
d11e78e64 : Retry: "java_sdk_library: Control shared library use"
64e619975 : Retry: "Improve tracking of exported sdk libraries"
a3fb67dd9 : Retry: "java_sdk_library: Do not expose stubs implementation jar"
46fdda872 : Retry: "java_sdk_library: Access outputs using tags"
533f9c78c : Retry: "java_sdk_library: Improve consistency with ..._import"
5ae30792b : Retry: "java_sdk_library: Add redirection to module-lib stubs"
4762436a8 : Retry: "java_sdk_library: Extract common stubs redirect code"
be6e2b6a1 : Remove apex_available whitelist for the ART APEX
8b3991903 : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "DO NOT MERGE: Remove AppSearch from Android R."
1834358aa : Revert "java_sdk_library: Extract common stubs redirect code"
b71d7f8aa : Revert "java_sdk_library: Add redirection to module-lib stubs"
2ee93a5de : Revert "java_sdk_library: Improve consistency with ..._import"
58e4165b6 : Revert "java_sdk_library: Access outputs using tags"
43e173498 : Revert "java_sdk_library: Do not expose stubs implementation jar"
ed0314270 : Revert "Improve tracking of exported sdk libraries"
31525dab9 : Revert "java_sdk_library: Control shared library use"
7e20ddae4 : Add preprocessed property for android_test_import
98c71228f : Allow the user to explicitly set the java Uncompress_dex property.
e6428b489 : java_sdk_library: Control shared library use
442a47552 : Improve tracking of exported sdk libraries
5b429197d : java_sdk_library: Do not expose stubs implementation jar
f7a466042 : java_sdk_library: Access outputs using tags
dce3fe78f : java_sdk_library: Improve consistency with ..._import
fe82172af : java_sdk_library: Add redirection to module-lib stubs
f97ca37fc : java_sdk_library: Extract common stubs redirect code
cf4dd4c1d : Build java_sdk_library stubs with language level 8
a9a3173ee : Default annotations_enabled to true for sdk_library
c5e13279a : Don't require merge_annotations_dir for annotations_enabled
11c2093ea : apex: Make android_library support APEX variants
06fcac6f2 : Handle universal APK case in extract_apks
5f6771e16 : Always set targetSdkLevel to DefaultAppTargetSdk
7fe241f62 : Add signing lineage for runtime_resource_overlay
31b84c83b : Add --no-force-assign-all for java_sdk_library
74cc81c39 : Revert "Generate the ART boot image for host as well (used by ART tests)."
35a91836e : Add support for remotely executing header-abi-dumper actions.
e920d2d0c : Generate the ART boot image for host as well (used by ART tests).
2bc57f6af : Add signing linage support for android_app_import
c8f2f186d : Extract common behavior between Module and Import
c5d954a48 : java_sdk_library: Remove unnecessary qualification of fields
ba6062502 : Add test_mainline_modules to the auto-gen test config(AndroidJUnitTest only).
db4ce6e80 : Remove apex_available whitelist for the extservices APEX
f8e08b20d : java_sdk_library: Propagate naming_scheme to snapshot
d41712d36 : Remove unnecessary copying of common properties
57029c07b : Include runtime-module-sdk in the SDK build.
36469f712 : Add conscrypt-module-host-exports to the list.
f39ef8aa1 : Reduce the number of Soong invocations, and various other minor script fixes.
7356fffd6 : Add linux_bionic cross compilation for mainline SDKs.
164451c1f : Support secondary arch for host module exports.
270916d8f : Add a build script to compile modules and SDKs in AOSP.
adb189529 : Fix special case when appending a visibility rule to //visibility:private.
f8533bc63 : Add explicit visibility on the self package in EffectiveVisibilityRules.
68e9d96d6 : Don't print :__pkg__ for package rules, since that's the default.
18a289560 : Fix API lint copy command
8cf307e75 : Add apex_set module.
4de27a575 : Implement android_app_set module
bbf0579ac : Implement extract_apks
eb03296b5 : Don't use SDK variant for vendor JNI libraries
f299cbefc : Replace javaLibrary with java.Dependency,android.Module
db22475ec : Use system modules for prebuilt SDKs >=30
459c6b25e : Add implicit outputs to link actions Bug: b/154733231
0f27063a9 : Correct module_lib scope name
dd89a2810 : java_sdk_library_import: Propagate prefer to child modules
30ed3d4ce : Use StopServicesSetup to stop/start framework.
080f5ee6f : java_sdk_library: Add sdk_version for API scopes
1f4ad0e44 : Remove unused Module.visibility() method
31c43e7fb : Add //visibility:override to allow control over inheritance
def8a89a2 : java_sdk_library: Add framework-modules naming scheme
1c094a01c : java_sdk_library: Remove some almost single use constants
1a724e666 : java_sdk_library: Delegate component module to naming scheme
b74ee3e72 : java_sdk_library: Extract child module naming to common struct
a377e4c85 : java_sdk_library: Allow separate api/stubs source modules
153501f66 : java_sdk_library: Preserve sdk_version: "none" in snapshot
cd9b6971c : Allow sdk_version: "none" to be used in prebuilts/
8986cc947 : Enable api_lint in java_sdk_library
66467b44b : Default to zero-initialization instead of pattern.
ece64f6de : Defer \n quoting generatedContents until creating the ninja rule
2968a58a9 : Add test_mainline_modules to the auto-gen test config(GTest only).
5fb8213db : java_sdk_library: Path extraction from deps depend on tag
991f26269 : Expand SystemApi annotation for generating system api
d9b503aa8 : Introduce app -deps-info.
bf735aa74 : Switch java_sdk_library_import to use SetDefaultableHook()
344c4eeda : java_sdk_library: Specify visibility of stubs modules
129171b6d : Retry: Fix snapshot of a host/device cc_library with stubs
4d125bd8a : Retry: Adds support for 'ignored-on-host'
08385bf9a : Retry: Detect invalid arch specific properties in snapshot
1dd9c446b : Add error checking and tests for jni_uses_sdk_apis and jni_uses_platform_apis
9cd4f811d : Add lineage file to deps for signapk.
6d7f0a719 : java_sdk_library: Add support for module_lib API surface
3a254985a : java_sdk_library: Control API surfaces generated
75dcc8039 : Export API files as part of the java_sdk_library
f488ef2a3 : Export stub sources as part of the java_sdk_library
b850a9dea : Merge the "big 3" metalava invocations into one
70dd74dde : Add signing certificate lineage support to soong
2aaef53b6 : Switch java_sdk_library to use SetDefaultableHook()
1c58f5795 : Allow extractCommonProperties to return an error
d7acc7b73 : Remove reference to obsolete BuildSnapshot()
9ec2a79ab : Correct order of parameters to AssertDeepEquals
f30c453df : Skip dexpreopting android_test_import modules
51a2bee30 : java_sdk_library: Define relationship between api scopes
1b115d32b : Add hook to be called after defaults have been applied
eedf3f1f4 : Move prebuilts mutators after defaults have been applied
8de6aa426 : Encapsulate getter into an extractorProperty structure
f3644f12d : Encapsulate properties to be optimized in a container
76583a443 : Add jni_uses_sdk_apis
a689ffe20 : Make android_app_import multi targets arch module.
388d39ba9 : Introduce min_sdk_version to deps info.
a43e13e5d : Simplify package by using LoadHook instead of mutators
2df45faa7 : Improve error messages when output file is invalid
6615b3081 : Document preArch mutators
bb0e839da : Do not propagate dynamic dependencies for stub libs.
13b8b6ac7 : Do not propagate the stub symbol file to prebuilts.
cd497b050 : Propagate stubs to the SDK for libraries that have them.
8c0db6380 : Don't run new test on Darwin that lacks snapshot support.
bddfbc463 : Propagate empty vs unspecified system_shared_libs correctly.
fcb99e07f : Add SDK member support for cc_object.
39978527c : Add cc_prebuilt_object.
255a570e6 : Remove networkstack-aidl-interfaces-unstable-java from the whitelist
5e7c32d6c : Introduce flat deps info list.
334b51730 : Export depsInfo into android package.
b33d21bda : Report visibility errors in both check and gather phases
abc9a647a : Reduce duplication in visibility property management
e714565ce : Treat lint warnings as errors
2eedf623f : Ensure APEX's Java deps use stable SDKs.
7b6af23db : Don't tell make about modules in other namespaces
ec83fd064 : Updating platform SDK version for R
5ff28e50b : Disable "check last" for test api
2547d40a3 : Switch to clang-r383902 (11.0.1).
0fd1de5f0 : Make prebuilt_sdk support module-lib and system-server
34ced82d2 : Fix soong crashing when there's no baseline file
da3642541 : java_sdk_library: Correct stubs source generation classpath
608bcf73e : Fix definition of android_stubs_current in sdk tests
1014de795 : Disable cert-dcl51-cpp and -cert-dcl37-c.
465da2f84 : Disable bugprone-reserved-identifier
101a7622f : Fix dex2oat symlink now that we generate dex2oat32/dex2oat64.
b830796ca : soong: Add support for override_runtime_resource_overlay
e366fffa5 : Remove obsolete var apiFileMakeVariableSuffix
f0d01b7c9 : Add test_for property
5088a2cbd : Set apex_available property
de962bd0a : Fix host path for dexpreopted system server modules defined in Make.
6a9ddc37a : mark platform un-availability
01fd7ccbc : Add sdk mutator for native modules
1c93c299f : Require apps built against the SDK to use JNI built against the NDK
98410fd9d : Allow building unsigned APEXs payload for testing.
b52c8eafa : Don't use metalava for "check-current"
79c4fcce3 : Fix RuleBuilder remoteable actions running in the local pool.
119621071 : Do not allow updatable apps without min_sdk_version.
6bfc04369 : apex: file_contexts for override_apex flattened
ced674e0e : enforce updatable apexes to set min_sdk_version
8c3b03504 : Remove libopus from apex_available whitelist
cf75798d8 : Revert "Apex: add NeverAllowRule for updatable"
062ed7eaa : Add defaults support to runtime_resource_overlay.
bfc6ac009 : Add overrides to runtime_resource_overlay
7b3a70ccb : Add sdk_version property to cc_genrule
d99540b25 : Repeat kapt processor argument for multiple processors
ba11812b1 : cc: add min_sdk_version prop
65cd0f0ca : apex: respect filename property for apk-in-apex
40b286cee : apex: Don't run apex mutators if disabled
917f1ca52 : apex uses sonivox without jet
1154b69f4 : Allow remote execution of link actions.
0ee713aa0 : Remove unused arguments in droiddoc
f6155721e : Extract createJavaImportForStubs()
618716208 : Support java_sdk_library as member of sdk
6a2bd115c : Generate struct with field for each api scope
455b0bf92 : Allow droidstubs to not generate any stubs
f8b9e51f3 : Remove conscrypt.module.intra.core.api.stubs from apex white list
3766cb7b6 : Ignore PrebuiltDepTag when processing APEX contents
b20ad0a7d : Stop requiring apex_available on java_library members of sdks
f020796ca : Add dependency tags to apex available errors
03e7d0ca9 : Extract DepIsInSameApex and RequiredSdks interfaces
3c7c34769 : Parameterize scopes with additional droidstubs args
cbcfcaa11 : Replace references to droiddoc with droidstubs
133608f60 : Allow walkPayloadDeps visitor to control walk flow
ebb7af696 : Add apex_available to sysprop_library
868ecfde7 : Improve missing apex_available message
de7464cdd : Split TestApexAvailable into separate tests
88bc97a66 : Use reflect.Zero(type) to get value to clear field
2b5887a8f : Sdk snapshot set compile_multilib per OsType
93520edca : Remove old SdkMemberType API for creating snapshot modules
c9103930a : Improve consistency of handling java snapshot properties
17ab883cb : Make new module creation API more flexible
5e2e0fd19 : Add abstraction for tracking compile multilib usages
6cb8f172b : Add support for using cc_library in sdk/module_exports
57ee1774c : Extract the osTypeSpecificInfo code from module creation loop
4a4b2d0b1 : Extract archTypeSpecificInfo code from module creation loop
6562ce145 : Clean up the main module creation loop
b8a89a467 : Add support for cc_prebuilt_library
406ea1c39 : Refactor prebuilt to use srcs supplier function
35dbafcf5 : Output properties before sets in snapshot module
2bdbe83ec : Remove SdkMemberType.FinalizeModule
81535b497 : Follow up a review comment that was missed
206433a1f : Copy shared_libs and system_shared_libs to module snapshot
49096815f : Support extracting common values from embedded structures
89937326a : Refactor common value extraction
404db3f4e : Copy white listed apex available settings into snapshot
f51768abc : Disable installation for sdk snapshot versioned prebuilts
37a9aa24c : Remove special handling of test_ apexes
c23d9f652 : Remove special handling of
acdd30834 : Allow sdk members to vary by os type
9b358d7a5 : Add support for multiple os types
8fa6acf00 : Copy sdk_version to cc library snapshots
d76209b69 : Refactor java_library/java_test snapshot processing
33cedcc42 : Refactor snapshot module creation
22595f937 : Enable androidmk processing in sdk testing
a40f0b5db : Add a nice install paths for module SDKs and exports.
3a6c09514 : Copy apex_available properties to snapshot modules
28d70c74d : Improve documentation of CompileMultiTargets and related properties
45e9dbd97 : Only check copy rules into the snapshot directory
2b9e3d39d : Simplify java library sdk member code
b0cbec3ad : Add CommonOS variant for sdk
290334dd7 : Fix bug in error reporting when adding duplicate properties
bdd47a863 : Avoid invoking sdk member to add empty list of dependencies
c2e320650 : Add windows to the list of available OS's in sdk tests
132e66f1b : Add support for cc_library_headers in sdk/module_exports
5b47358cc : Prune any empty property sets from the modules before transforming
ce5881f0a : Simplify cc library sdk snapshot handling of include dirs/headers
28246ac9e : Add support for transforming a property set after its contents
853b8dbe0 : Add cc_prebuilt_library_headers
598e1e025 : Fix issues with bp transformation
246ac3092 : Separate cc_library_headers to its own file and add tests
ac897cfdf : Allow compile_multilib to be specified on module exports
eb59165de : Add C++ Host support on sysprop_library
6f641c1ca : Only package gcno files for gcov coverage builds.
91ec49450 : Make sure car-lib system APIs are not changing unintentionally
a479d943d : Remove Android compat annotations on jarjar transform.
8691f3f75 : Apply EnforceRROExemptedTargets in Soong
d5e0ea25d : Don't run apex_available check for coverage builds
d182e5512 : Remove some apex_available whitelist for the adbd APEX
24eec07f4 : Make ndk_prebuilt_* be available to any apex
2416c2903 : Remove some apex_available whitelist
336f63cfb : Remove _API_FILE variables
57a45f130 : Switch to clang-r377782d (10.0.6).
b39ea9b61 : Allow defining neverallow in packages other than android.
e5ac15a1b : Check updatable APKs compile against managed SDKs.
cac82fe51 : Don't check elf properties of python prebuilts
2a6e9d0b0 : Fix missing NOTICE targets for static libs that aren't available to platform.
84026389e : apex: remove compat symlinks to vndk apex
be024ad67 : Don't allow a lib having stubs to become a member of VNDK
227d5675c : Make the names of 'soong_config_module_type_import' modules unique.
ca095d786 : Add libs properties to runtime_resource_overlay.
fec6c2373 : Expand neverallow for sdk_version: none
dd7531160 : Pass -Brepro ldflag to Windows builds
c40b5193f : Skip version mutator for host/ramdisk/recovery
47f6315f0 : Create prebuilt api modules in load hook not mutator
ec8d490d5 : soong config: add value_variable substitution
85c151c3f : Create a framework.aidl for non-updatable platform
82f316b8d : Add support for order-only dependencies to RuleBuilder
c372774b1 : Add an order-only dependency on the build number file
b4d816e0c : Relax boot image check to allow platform Jacoco variant in a coverage build.
cc21bba96 : Forbid generating boot image files for jars in updatable modules.
e62e594a2 : Collect JNI coverage data only for first target.
e17caa63a : Apex: add NeverAllowRule for updatable
0f2c0ad8c : Support arch variant for data attribute
2bce0e800 : Clean APEX whitelist
4f5edfc43 : Use 0777 instead of FileInfo() for dirs.
1934adc07 : soong_config: bool_variables shortcut
e6a9e64f7 : Add platform-wide sampling PGO option
b92ae27ca : Add file with updatable BCP packages to /system/etc/
163bda65f : Distinguish boot images by target rather than arch
2071132e9 : Fix long mac test times; only initialize host settings once
1c610cfed : Include partition tag in apexkeys.txt.
29e91d212 : Apex: support codenames for min_sdk_version
1a9a9127b : Merge "Rename VTS to VTS10" am: 7182c45fe7 am: 4058983c0c am: 8989420fee am: 2d2a3643f5
a5cb6fe9b : Remove neverallow rules for framework-mediaprovider
a8ec55990 : Use modular removed-dex.txt files for greylisting.
6bb8810c8 : Convert sdk_library to use androidmk Dist
1e65f94a4 : Add a Tag field to dist to dist a tagged output
6d5d8a6d6 : Simplify message around nsjail error
65d8a6262 : Build VNDK APEX for VNDK-Lite
37ca4a1e0 : Add code coverage support to android_app JNI libs.
706d5f673 : Always keep rsp files
d41fc1895 : Fix the logic for selecting ABI dump paths
740666068 : Enforce apex.min_sdk_version for bundled builds
688de9af5 : [soong] new field in Android.bp to request APK signing V4
c3e9263d7 : Pass min_sdk_version to cc __ANDROID_SDK_VERSION__
67a96cd7c : Enforce min_sdk_version of apex(use_vendor:true)
89124ba39 : cc: fix a utility to make C macro name
f798c3ec3 : Don't append build directory to the output path twice.
37a1e4c19 : Default droiddoc to disting the api txt if there is one
9790f1058 : Fix null pointer dereference in Soong on dexpreopt arc-services.
8a950790e : Merge CSV files generated by UnsupportedAppUsageProcessor.
690c8b8b5 : Switch from clang-r377782b to clang-r377782c.
a4a83b0ef : Simplify the construction of class loader contexts for system server jars.
2d732e007 : Do not include any documentation when building stubs
67b141d45 : Fix forwarding a vararg parameter
92326a9fa : Cleanup vendor_boot artifacts in PRODUCT_OUT on installclean
bbd78556d : Make system_server stubs consistent with other stubs
162e844c4 : track static deps when gatherint notices for apex
7e5576a7b : Remove libselinux from the apex_available whitelist
cb6aa122d : Allow for overriding container packagename for an Apex.
61c4154ca : Add __ANDROID_SDK_VERSION__=<ver> macro
68e511e4f : Make __ANDROID_APEX_<NAME>__ macro optional
23b0adf4c : apex: Deprecate legacy_android10_support prop
8d8906c64 : apex: fix a test util (ensureExactContents)
7ac1fa782 : Fix vndk snapshot suffix on Makefile
9d790c78d : Disable CFI only on incompatible variants.
159aebf63 : Add version suffix for stub modules'
fadd6358c : Fix UBSanitized host binaries missing runtime.
0c4e01642 : apex: choose stub according to min_sdk_version
9f14b9b5d : Runtime deps to a stubs lib crosses APEX boundary
4fd35a2a1 : Set '--force-determinism' option for boot image compilation.
b8fa86ad6 : Fix apex_available
7bd9444b0 : Apex_available check failure reveals dependency
828e1575e : Stop using the host python3
dc7319df2 : Convert cc to AndroidMkEntries
7365eaafd : Add min_sdk_version property to apexes
ac775b2a0 : Capture snapshot headers in parallel
98df0d1c6 : Enable vndk-ext for product variants
c352e3e87 : Add -z separate-code to default ARM64 device flags
934c4f2ac : Always use "${codename}.${sha}" if UNBUNDLED_BUILD_TARGET_SDK_WITH_API_FINGERPRINT=true
a519c54dd : PRODUCT_MANIFEST_PACKAGE_NAME_OVERRIDES is applicable to override_apex
18423788c : Pass apex_build_info to bundle file
af8998cba : bundle config contains (path,manifest) pairs of embedded APKs
d93e1b1e6 : bundle config for apexes are auto-generated
cd33fa266 : Only dist apex sizes for checkbuild
9b96418df : No symlink for host APEXes
650417966 : apex: do not follow jni_libs from android_app
c9c711672 : DO NOT MERGE: Remove AppSearch from Android R.
288266042 : Expect added members for instrumented modules
81aaa0c1b : Reland "Turn on the instrumentation by default for the java code in APEXes"
996c18c78 : Update ike.jar's name in code coverage configuration
004d71715 : Allow for setting a logging_parent for an Apex.
f5a6628b2 : Use header jar without jarjar for sharded classpath
ed5c14632 : Add static_libs field to target.vendor
5efd1985d : Ensure consistent handling of generated headers/dirs
583bf7ebf : Do not add dependencies from disabled sdk variants to its members
9ac32c767 : Allow Linux hosts to use ubsan runtime sanitizers.
3be82c00f : Create manifest_utils library target.
0f8c5b4ac : Add minijail to whitelist.go
db10c13bd : For Q APEXes default target_sdk_version and min_sdk_version to 29
44885e29d : Simplify visibility rules that include //visibility:public
5f78d55a0 : Enable bitwise-conditional-parentheses warning
7fa7646ad : Add tests for py(2|3)-cmd
ee87c60fc : Add jni_uses_platform_api property to android_app
f9aabd719 : Make apex use cc.GatherRequiredDepsForTests
f28329de7 : Move NDK test modules into cc/testing.go
de21a358c : Enable bitwise-conditional-parentheses warning
c087be1e8 : Automate dependency on inputs of genrule module type.
83a2d967d : Allow java_system_modules_import to replace java_system_modules
79fac05b4 : Use flag names with
9d677206d : have a per-module switch to turn the symlinking optimizaiton off
ed2641f46 : Fix header deps of sysprop_library
7667b6292 : Revert "Another round of no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist cleanup"
5f64aeccd : Fix .vendor suffix for snapshots
e383388f9 : Permissions XML file for java_sdk_library is mutated for APEX
79f6f7533 : bpf progs depend on system/core/libcutils/include
15631dce8 : Enable tautological-bitwise-compare warning
5b16dfb39 : Allow for setting a logging_parent for an Android App.
25ce04bd3 : Add support for cc_binary in module_exports
2976bfd56 : Do not add ccWrapper to ccNoDeps rule
974b0e80c : Add CCACHE_DIR to allowed environment variables
287a13fc7 : Switch from clang-r377782 to clang-r377782b
c3b1a166d : Fix build error on vendor_snapshot_static
47cbfcdd3 : Add system server jars expressed in make in the system server classpath.
2b96bf544 : Do not hide VNDK prebuilts from make
c021ea0b3 : Revert "Turn on the instrumentation by default for the java code in APEXes"
3aff5787e : Simple refactoring of prefix related functions.
45709ee8f : Enable tautological-bitwise-compare warning
b13a9487a : Add apex name to description
77def8732 : Another round of no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist cleanup
0e5bb2786 : Enable bool-operation warning
e29c21e83 : Allow using test_config_template for CTS tests.
dc4f986b2 : Statically link the unwinder into binaries packaged into an unbundled APEX with legacy_android10_support: true.
46459b08b : Remove empty directories when removing previously installed files
7622713c8 : Bump the macOS version to 10.10.
403c9d3e7 : Allow vts config to be packaged in other test suites
33b6654ee : Turn on the instrumentation by default for the java code in APEXes
f0ae6ccaa : Remove liblog from whitelist
8107b8518 : Remove execute-only support.
6d415273c : Do all dexpreoptDisabled checks before registering a dex2oat host dep.
8d80ceeb1 : Pass dexpreopt config structs by reference.
d90676fdd : Reland: Get the dex2oat host tool path from module dependency on the binary module.
40f9f3c06 : Reland: Move the Once cache for dexpreopt.GlobalConfig into the dexpreopt package.
75a48d8ae : Reland: Separate dexpreopt.GlobalSoongConfig to allow independent caching of it.
f3ff010bd : Use precise class loader context for system server jars.
632dbb3dc : Bump our macOS target version to 10.9.
9401b187f : Update apex.go to remove libutils
807d49bc4 : Disable PGO profile use in Clang-based coverage builds
9d9555e34 : Switch from clang-r370808b to clang-r377782
9a1e14ef6 : Update the doc about apex_available
b71fe84c6 : Port IdentityCredential HAL to AIDL.
54d9bb70d : Improve documentation of the enabled property
f760cae41 : apexDepsMutator is a top-down mutator
6b21c7d2a : Automatically set compile_dex:true and hostdex:true for APEX variants
ab872e029 : Update apex dependency even for test and non-installable APEXes
9e37faa3a : Revert "Allow Linux hosts to use ubsan runtime sanitizers."
aae9bd11c : sdk_version: "system_server_current"
91b883d54 : java_sdk_library - replace .docs suffix with .stubs.source
51ce4f6f2 : neverallow: update for different HIDL build.
31af2678f : m <module_name> builds <module_name>.<apex_name>
fce0b4209 : Document apex and apex_test
0bdcb2797 : java_sdk_library_import - Allow it to replace java_sdk_library
26bf49b0b : Fix sdk aidl include for droiddoc
ab8da5dd5 : java_sdk_library - pass patch_module through to stubs library
bd63a108a : <apexname>-installed-file.txt shows symlinks
14850a513 : rm libbinderthreadstate
73d5983af : Remove UseApexImage and GenerateApexImage.
7291095d8 : Differentiate between exported and internal sdk members
7b81f5e9d : Add java_system_modules to sdk/module_exports
f4ae4f139 : Add support for transitive sdk members
6aa660218 : Pass library kind when linking native libraries.
40139d642 : Support dexpreopt against the primary boot image.
678c881a4 : <apex_name>-deps-info correctly tracks dependencies
201cedd60 : add walkPayloadDeps
a59480199 : Don't use apexName where apexBundleName is expected
876180cf3 : Add android.hardware.light-ndk_platform to vndkMustUseVendorVariantList
2b10ba0ee : Add product_variables.native_coverage.src
eabaedd52 : Fix product variables in defaults modules
6961a491a : Fix product variable zero value check
f68bfe892 : Reland "Use module name as the suffix for apex variant"
be95e6b24 : Don't use apexName where apexBundleName is expected
3beeb1ebb : Add test for capitalized Soong config variable
39e545cc0 : Add dependency on Soong config module definition file
78792dcf4 : More cleanup of no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist
d648c43fe : Fix lib name resolution if extension is substring.
eec88e1de : Add vendor snapshot modules
8471cdace : Implement vendor snapshot
2d35abc2f : Revert "Use module name as the suffix for apex variant"
e74ac73bc : java_sdk_library - Allow it to be replaced by prebuilt
dbc5000c5 : Allow Linux hosts to use ubsan runtime sanitizers.
faa2d5f0e : Do not add bootstrap libs as providing from apex
26fb6bdba : Fix the incorrect merge conflict resolution
d7536ba58 : shared_lib dependency from a static lib crosses the APEX boundary
0f80c1848 : apex_available tracks static dependencies
3b1789695 : Revert "Use apex_available for PermissionController."
db334861b : Use module name as the suffix for apex variant
931b676a6 : shared_lib dependency from a static lib crosses the APEX boundary
fa89944c7 : apex_available tracks static dependencies
f36dceef4 : More cleanup of no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist
6e12625c0 : Add support for compat config in APEX.
50061511d : java_sdk_library - Use prebuilt/prefer for unbundled app builds
c93258bfe : Minor cleanup in soong_config_modules documentation.
74fc190d9 : Dedup adding of arch/common properties to cc library snapshot
0b78766fb : Support missing a shared library variant.
abd49ab4d : Build rules for compat config docs generation.
a2db18fb1 : java_sdk_library use prebuilt jars for numeric sdk_version
c2cf2c5db : Wrap getenv when linking a coverage-enabled binary
2363a2b16 : Refactor libprofile-extras to be added as a whole static library
baa54c6ed : Package coverage files as a zip.
56d4490d5 : java_sdk_library_import - expose system and test stubs
fcfd79166 : Remove legacy properties from java_sdk_library_import
2b2df22ca : Switch to r370808b.
db03c22e5 : Add support for LINE_COVERAGE (1/2)
1a5812a26 : Disable no-vendor-variant VNDK for CFI modules
78ec5d8d6 : Export the cert path for runtime_resource_overlay.
37c5cda47 : Fix writing module_bp_cc_deps.json
50146e9c8 : sdk_version: "module_current" is supported
726d23c26 : Improve java_sdk_library handling of test_current
b6ec66a17 : Add -fprofile-sample-accurate flag for sampling PGO
9dd454b3a : Script to set up android build directory
6bba64420 : Update NDK ABIs config away from armv5.
0e1d5d8ab : Default to pattern initialization for uninitialized variables (try 2).
d1b3a92f0 : Parameterize java_sdk_library by api scope
61a1b988f : Add -fdebug-info-for-profiling flag to emit more debug info for sampling pgo
f8539922d : Make sdkMemberDependencyTag usable outside sdk package
5b511a200 : Allow an arbitrary tag to be associated with a bp property
e6c0d845f : Rewrite code for creating versioned modules as a transformation
b4d9c1f0e : Add support for transforming a module
d63c9a7fc : Allocate OutputPath.String in PathForOutput
18eeffa4c : build: soong: windres: use clang to preprocess
025d98162 : Don't check library variant identicalness for VNDK extensions
c5960d61c : Always use RELR for Rust.
81e43c599 : Fix rebuilding with whitelisted_files
797e1959e : Add AUTO_UNINITIALIZE as another option for trivial initialization.
503c1d06e : Set LOCAL_CERTIFICATE for flattened apex APKs
da909feb9 : Use relocation-packer style relocation packing between 23 and 28.
43e789d66 : Follow input changes to proptools.CloneEmptyProperties
c71193ae5 : Add whole_static_libs to non-svelte configs.
0f095e1e6 : Add additional variables to ninja variable whitelist
8ea054a81 : Add support for experimentally enabling RBE support on specific rules.
19972c793 : License info for APEXes are correctly gathered
b0a2d37dc : Fix --boot-image argument in dex2oat command for boot image extension.
7aa3f7669 : Remove unnecessary symlink for non-flattend APEXes
d9a121ba2 : Add native_coverage to product variables
e4b5342d4 : Revert "Separate dexpreopt.GlobalSoongConfig to allow independen..."
453bf0985 : Revert "Move the Once cache for dexpreopt.GlobalConfig into the ..."
7b2e6f3ed : Revert "Get the dex2oat host tool path from module dependency on..."
f491dde8e : Store uncompressed and aligned DEX files for java libs in APEXes.
6a927c4e6 : Abstract sdk_version string using sdkSpec type
9d34f3581 : Simplify vendor conditionals
f62013736 : Revert "Revert "Allow codename.fingerprint format for minSdkVersion""
335d59638 : Get the dex2oat host tool path from module dependency on the binary module.
dae8a8042 : Move the Once cache for dexpreopt.GlobalConfig into the dexpreopt package.
be9d0d21d : Separate dexpreopt.GlobalSoongConfig to allow independent caching of it.
8b8bec3b3 : Create a highmem pool and put metalava into it
f0f747c94 : Do not remove RRO resources
9befb0c32 : Add runtime_resource_overlay.
75de26105 : Fix symlinks to system libs for flattened apex
1415cb839 : Add android.hardware.light-ndk_platform to vndkMustUseVendorVariantList
a57af4adc : Revert "Revert "apex_vndk uses vendor variants only""
5df3b11f7 : Revert "apex_vndk uses vendor variants only"
559ad01db : apex_vndk uses vendor variants only
b1d8c99e1 : Pass desired size proptools.FilterPropertyStructSharded
b4fecbfef : Do a better job removing tags from arch structs
cf4832c8b : Add target.ramdisk
82db735fb : Ramdisk modules install to correct location
1b3348d50 : Add ramdisk image.
50b366584 : libatomic / libgcc_stripped: ramdisk_available
f77ee745d : Export KYTHE_KZIP_ENCODING.
6fecbee4d : Revert "Default to pattern initialization for uninitialized variables."
6172491b9 : If input zip file cannot opened, print its name.
7eebb4f4e : For JIT-zygote config, add "apex" boot image files to the ART apex.
3cc2dfaf9 : bpfix: remove hidl_interface types
34b24aa82 : Reland "Clean up no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist"
6362acd36 : Updates to perf debugging docs
987ebebfb : Revert "Clean up no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist"
cbbd13f9b : Split the runtime arch property structs into 3
29f557635 : Remove unused java_sdk_library_import properties
882e59d45 : Clean up no-vendor-variant VNDK whitelist
230e241f5 : Revert "Allow codename.fingerprint format for minSdkVersion"
710ec3aef : Add FinalDeps mutator phase, where CreateVariations is disallowed.
d7a1dee1c : Python3 on device links against liblog
b01dd4426 : Use merge_csv python_binary.
cc72e981c : Use deep copy when copying bpPropertySets
014a85712 : Allow codename.fingerprint format for minSdkVersion
7cd10e390 : Reland "use symlink for bundled APEX"
85ec2f860 : [apex] remove module
a95249564 : Use apex_available for PermissionController.
ff9f7fb26 : Add OWNERS for cc/config/vndk.go
3998234d8 : Overwrite test-file-name in test config.
06ca82d6f : Clarify a bit more what apex_available means.
91133e6e4 : Add framework-sdkextensions to jars to instrument
9492b09da : Add framework-sdkextensions to jars to instrument
d2451683d : Do not create ABI dumps for NDK stub libraries
92474e5b8 : Add "-no-warn-sample-unuse=true" to work around AutoFDO issue
74cda72f5 : Add total build time to metrics
6431ca7a3 : Add rules to handle asset resources.
facb360e4 : Build kzip for Go files in build/blueprint directory.
40efa1cd3 : Fix dependencies through symlinks
2ee697944 : Dedup cc binary build components registration
eec79ebe0 : Default apex_available to //apex_available:platform
f17f2481e : Whitelist jacocoagent for
5053c293a : Default apex_available to //apex_available:platform
6c2d4f91f : Save compilation units in protobuf format.
fae236f4e : Default to pattern initialization for uninitialized variables.
46c46ccaf : rust: Do not pass -C prefer-dynamic for cdylib
22cef966e : rust: Include Soong module name as metadata
7c5bd835d : Keep signatures of presigned prebuilt test apps.
fe1492223 : Exclude sdkMemberVersionedDepTag from visibility enforcement
78ac5b962 : Exclude source->prebuilt deps from visibility enforcement
a7b9f4258 : Add basic test for java_system_modules
c132742c9 : Dedup package build components registration
a80ef8465 : Support registering hard coded pre arch mutators
90169baf0 : Added java_system_modules_import
cded5ecfc : Document java_system_modules
8c38ecba0 : vndkMustUseVendorVariant += libstagefright_bufferpool@2.0
adba3c0a0 : AIDEGen:fix module_bp_cc_deps.json content error.
6c0161888 : power: add stable aidl to VndkMustUseVendorVariantList
e35469044 : Include the hashtree in Q-launched modules.
83dc74b77 : Reland^2 "m <apex_name>-deps-info prints the internal/external deps of the APEX"
7cb4d378e : Revert "Reland "m <apex_name>-deps-info prints the internal/external deps of the APEX"""
c52395135 : Allow sdk and core modules to use sysprop_library
3a1602e7f : List of installed files for each APEX is dist'ed
31c65d4fe : Revert "use symlink for bundled APEX"
0abc1b484 : Prevent overridden APEX from being installed even when flattened
988414c2c : Sandbox soong_build by changing to root directory
b64dd002b : Rename
e5ba28648 : build: Link the unwinder dynamically into platform and vendor binaries.
47e4f9e1e : Revert "Sandbox soong_build by changing to root directory"
57547452c : Use boot image extension in the JIT-zygote experiment.
3d2b6b452 : Make android_test_helper_app support apex_available
05c25ccb4 : Sandbox soong_build by changing to root directory
e7d7b6d92 : Remove libterm from implicit crates
ade12e744 : Add FLAG_compare to whitelisted environment variables
dbdf8f9c2 : Don't dexpreopt APEX variant modules
38dfa0fa1 : Do not add jacocoagent to framework libraries in static coverage builds.
956305c61 : Reland "m <apex_name>-deps-info prints the internal/external deps of the APEX""
fe9a43002 : A test cc module is installable even if it's not available for platform
4513f703f : Revert "m <apex_name>-deps-info prints the internal/external deps of the APEX"
5a4ccd181 : Revert^2 "Use boot image extension for framework libraries."
653c78a90 : Define a make variable for merged compat config.
618922e51 : jacoco correctly gathers info from APK-in-APEX
07c885690 : Delay invalid sdk_version error for AllowMissingDependencies
002ab687a : Add compat symlinks for prebuilt_apex
c52aaf11d : Move generation of the dexpreopt tool paths into Soong.
58ab941c6 : use symlink for bundled APEX
2468d015f : Pass auto_gen_config setting in Android.bp to makefile
5af27903b : vndkMustUseVendorVariantList += android.hardware.automotive.occupant_awareness
9dbe4035e : vibrator: use package as name
8aca9025f : vibrator: use package as name
de0bac5e1 : rebootescrow: use package as name
5cacfe1e2 : Allow EMMA_INSTRUMENT_FRAMEWORK during ninja
31a738bda : Use blueprint's load hooks
c34d2329b : Use blueprint.EarlyModuleContext
445618893 : Include jacoco in the ART boot image if EMMA_INSTRUMENT_FRAMEWORK=true.
3391a1e85 : Respect JIT-zygote config when generating boot image location.
a465e435c : Verify APIs are compatible with last released api by default
7afd1077b : APEX carries required properties of its dependencies
6a8cf5fab : *RequiredModuleNames functions are available via Module interface
7da042912 : Likely fix SANITIZE_HOST=address builds
1184b647d : Add EarlyModuleContext for LoadHookContext
68534a29d : Don't print critical path parallelism ratio if elapsed time is 0.
1e775d761 : Remove files that should no longer be installed
260db53da : Limit environment during ninja
e33363598 : Add option to limit environment variables given to ninja
87f790c50 : Delete arch hooks
2fbf47f0c : Remove unused system_modules
0b9932164 : Support sampling PGO profiles
bd73c4d06 : Update rustc version to 1.40.0
b4b44c0be : Whitelist system/apex/shim/build to use test_only_no_hashtree property
0f4ae078b : Add --include_build_info flag to apexer invocation.
17c42bd10 : Use absolute path for output.
367ab91d6 : java_sdk_library: Ensure that stubs library is not installed
43db9bee5 : java_sdk_library: Allow creation of impl shared library to be disabled
749f98fb6 : java_sdk_library: Allow api dir to be specified
7a586d3a5 : java_sdk_library: Remove requirement for api_packages to be specified
12ceb4699 : java_sdk_library: support system_modules properly
37e0b77e3 : java_sdk_library: Avoid generating system and test .txt files
c4cea76c0 : java_sdk_library: Rename createDocs to createStubsSources
03fbd786b : java_sdk_library: Remove unused stubsLibraryDependencyTag
114ff53f5 : m <apex_name>-deps-info prints the internal/external deps of the APEX
e60291829 : Restrict SdkMemberTypes that can be used with sdk/sdk_snapshot
1b82e6a10 : Add support for java_test in sdk
235ffffbd : java_sdk_library: construct droidstubs args as []string
8150da6e9 : Added module_exports/_snapshot as alias for sdk/_snapshot
e1aa8ea34 : Detach VNDK using core library list from VNDK APEX
5a5cce695 : AIDEGen: collect cc_srcs and cc related flags in module_bp_cc_deps.json
1bdbdec5a : Take into account RAM usage for multiproduct_kati
2bb82d001 : Add TotalRAM detection
3ff169968 : Create APEX variation only when needed
624058e6a : Dedup generating xml file for java_sdk_library
4791cb507 : Move compat symlinks from makefile to soong
ca54088aa : Run extractor for Go files in build/soong directory
5a80d9f35 : apex: drop `java_import` support
d061df9ef : android_*_stubs_current modules are moved to frameworks/base
12cc12676 : android_*_stubs_current modules are moved to frameworks/base
6f3937cb2 : Add support for java_test_helper_app.
686dd0c3a : Switch to toybox gzip.
a0843f6a6 : Differentiate between cc library and binary
8b81e98da : Revert submission 9940985-qpr1-dev merge
6c26dc739 : Dedup cc library module type registration
4d0c19c27 : Singleton build rule for merged compat config.
c1ecc43ae : Add script for building all target arch's needed in AML (Android Mainline) prebuilts.
5f7f7e8a3 : Create product variant for product partition
9b478b083 : Generate .srcjar for prebuilt_stubs_sources
7abcf8ead : Make apex.overrides overridable by override_apex.
96279252d : Generate Compdb file in the output directory
67e2fce59 : Revert submission 9919844-manual r1 merge
58f26aba4 : Support java_sdk_library as java_libs of apex
3380531d8 : Rollback to the legacy way of computing boot image locations.
38338a951 : Move inside APEX boundary.
3eb9dfe13 : Remove unused testWritablePath and associated methods
036e7001a : Dedup cc build components registration
075c41783 : Improve cc tests by adding fuzzer mutators
d686791c1 : Improve cc tests by adding sanitizer mutators
0c4979bbd : Dedup prebuilt mutator registration
77980a8bb : Dedup registration for cc default test config
2ccaffd1d : Extend RegistrationContext to support pre/post deps mutators
59986b23c : Dedup cc prebuilts module type registration
43dc1cc2b : Dedup system modules and sdk library module type registration
0a2868309 : Detect registration of duplicate module/singleton types
b0f850784 : Dedup java genrule module type registration
a48f758d8 : Dedup prebuilt apis module type/mutator registration
884363e78 : Dedup droiddoc module type registration
5e7080569 : Add helper functions for getting output files from modules
7c7c11445 : Make sh_binary a HostToolProvider
54191fae4 : Revert "Consistently use either "boot" or "apex" boot image as the default."
f9b1da0fc : Dedup registration code for module types and singletons
0dd06f6ff : Update build rule for updated script.
231d056d5 : Add updatable_media_stub to framework
4ed468c1a : Revert submission 1194828-revert-1191937-art_apex_available-DWXQGTKMAR
4752219db : Revert submission 1191937-art_apex_available
ac1e986c5 : Create public stub for platform's sysprop_library
bfe4b1862 : vndkMustUseVendorVariantList += vintf-rebootescrow
3478a0d8a : Adding capability to granular disable of fuzzer
83bead469 : Don't create native bridge variants of vendor modules
5c3869a7d : Remove apex_pubkey from the bundle module
2471c086a : Merge multiple compat_config.xml's.
98be1bb00 : Move filesystem into Config
48b3b3c71 : Consistently use either "boot" or "apex" boot image as the default.
4c258d282 : Add updatable_media_stub to framework
c5aedc4c4 : Switch to toybox realpath.
ad84f975d : Reland "Also package recursive jni_libs deps of android_apps as well as direct deps." with bug fix.
2973c1106 : Revert "Also package recursive jni_libs deps of android_apps as well as direct deps."
13b0d51ff : Enable covergae for ike.jar which will be in mainline module IPsec(IKE)
fb0c16e95 : Move imageMutator before archMutator
4ba82c948 : DO NOT MERGE: Add tradefed_java_library_host
f192d5538 : Declare manifest as input to test config fixer.
9c8f68758 : Move imageMutator before archMutator
27151d93b : Override package name for VNDK APEX
a92fbb3b7 : Revert "Avoid duplicated classes for boot dex jars"
f121a657c : Fix apex to override certificate
671f1ce75 : Fix apex to follow deps of modules with stubs.
6f907ad3d : Also package recursive jni_libs deps of android_apps as well as direct deps.
dcee1e5c5 : soong: use -Wl,-z,separate-code w/ -Wl,--execute-only
0ed1b1b16 : Override package name for VNDK APEX
f21c797f3 : Support apps attribute in apex_defaults
f56f74be4 : Fix duplicate sentence in visibility documentation
479321dc3 : java libs that isn't installable is gracefully rejected
b02bb40f3 : hostdex:true modules are available for platform
2812df4ed : Avoid duplicated classes for boot dex jars
505221f6e : ignore apex_available for host variants
1833ceff0 : fix: LOCAL_PATH for modules included in APEX is wrong
7113d2077 : Use empty string for core image variant
7842826f4 : Remove obsolete copy headers
853f5c9ed : DO NOT MERGE: Add tradefed_java_library_host
9a4a7bab4 : Install rust tests under nativetest(64)
cba45b289 : DO NOT MERGE: Add tradefed_java_library_host
7d114b28e : Use empty string for core image variant
eb2074436 : Revert "Revert "soong: upgrade Android platform to clang-r370808""
255f18e58 : Decouple addition of new sdk member types from sdk code
2f6bc09fe : Separate sdk membership support out of cc/library.go
57b9e1da7 : Improve handling of generated include dirs
a7cd8c834 : Generalize common property extraction
1f202e9bb : Add x86 device output for Rust
d32925432 : Switch the mac back to toybox xargs.
214bf3731 : Add "legacy_android10_support" to "apex"
9ab556fd8 : Added support for using static libraries in sdk snapshot
c62a5107f : Discard duplicate operations to copy files to snapshot
ac6e608da : Dedup prebuilt cc library creation
fa02872b2 : Sort sdkProperties by package and then name
3fae7662e : Revert "Use boot image extension for framework libraries."
55bd98b2d : AndroidMk for the hostdex library has separate AndroidMkEntries
0b0e1b980 : AndroidMkEntries() returns multiple AndroidMkEntries structs
ce482dce0 : Exclude META-INF/ from repackaged source jar in snapshot
e2d33d52e : Switch to our hermetic bc.
734b4cb62 : Add $ORIGIN to fuzzer-coverage sanitized .so's.
c72b5dd10 : Add property to apex soong modules to generate an APEX without hashtree
1382ab6d3 : Add coverage flags for Clang coverage builds.
a711e551c : Revert "soong: upgrade Android platform to clang-r370808"
7260d066e : Move/dedupe some host path functions in package_ctx.go.
d42609e15 : Expand namespaces explanation.
862eb4648 : Revert "soong: upgrade Android platform to clang-r370808"
593b3c9fb : Ensure prebuilt modules have same visibility as source modules
9d8d609fc : Pass SdkMember to AddPrebuiltModule instead of the name
b90e491e2 : Expose some factories for aidl_test.go
d110f878a : Fix generated headers of snapshot
53ae33413 : add apex_pubkey and apex_manifest.pb to the bundle module
438f8347e : Switch to clang-r353983c1.
ae6c5207c : Move ImageMutator after archMutator
4735766ef : Cleanup java.DefaultsFactory()
a0dbf43a8 : Support header and implementation jars in sdk
d835daaad : Separate out module type specific test config
e403e9e8d : Link type checking for java_library
d57bd3c84 : Revert "Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other"
163664a54 : Pass correct --image argument to oatdump.
a6e737b07 : Organize sdk member properties
a80fdec00 : Extract the cc and java sdk related tests out into their own file
c3c5d5e35 : Improve testing of sdk snapshot generation
82d90438b : Separate sdk testing infrastructure from sdk tests
138795772 : Parameterize the sdk member processing
375058f67 : Use static build rules in snapshot generation
9609ad9c2 : Add sharding support to multiproduct_kati
3ab2c3e68 : Install flattened/unflattend apexes for GSI
ad172d88b : cc_fuzz: add "data" field
e5cd4e10a : Optionally overwrite package value in test config.
d0be2109c : Add CUJ tests
6a9bf214f : Fix cc_fuzz ignoring soong namespaces.
b326ac2b6 : Fix: vendor and odm are restricted to use public platform properties
317645e84 : Overridden APEX doesn't contribute to the file contexts
31bf00dac : Export art dexpreopt image zip file
d094d4006 : Exclude dirs from binder interface whitelisting
2cdbdf109 : Enable -Wpragma-pack warnings as errors.
e274fc989 : Run ABI checks for shared libs exported by APEX
46fc58ee8 : Disable TestHostSnapshot test for non-linux build
67d425878 : Test par file argument handling
1753e58df : Remove implicit outputs for the flattened APEX Make module
0d7dff48f : Add system_ext_specific
4d2eeed0d : Use boot image extension for framework libraries.
ede57ae81 : Generate tradefed config for rust device tests.
ccc26ef31 : soong: Align update boot jar variable with system_server jar
e44358fa8 : Add support for host sdk
b645ec8e3 : Add model to represent generated snapshot .bp file
3814f4df2 : apex_available is defaultable
f653b05d5 : Refactor the routine for creating apexFile
01178ed7d : Remove unused methods from sdk/sdk_test.go
66905ed6c : Simplify sdk_snapshot module member list generation
7264c6989 : Remove unused frozenVersions() method
f2cb7e959 : Revert^2 "Do not dexpreopt system server jars from updatable modules."
8e505e3f0 : Remove passing -forceprocessing flag to R8
91df2084a : Fix: install flattened apex on system_ext
ff27ce4cc : Fix errorProtoLog error messages
28f527c3d : Write BUILD_DATETIME_FILE after SetupOutDir
32a137754 : Switch to clang-r353983d
b1a881352 : Dedup code for generating prebuilt_stubs_sources in snapshot
ac37c503e : Check the contents of an SDK snapshot's generated Android.bp
9cf4669bc : Add exported_plugins to java.Library.
4f49e3590 : soong: upgrade Android platform to clang-r370808
53f1a190f : Clean vts-core in host/out to ensure old package to be removed.
9010250a1 : Generate unversioned cc_prebuilt_library_shared
50e790074 : Dedup code for generating java_import in snapshot
01f6b0a65 : Revert "Do not dexpreopt system server jars from updatable modules."
e7b5b7201 : vndkMustUseVendorVariantList += vintf-vibrator
49531ab73 : Document the ":module{.tag}" syntax in a more visible place.
4b49b768a : Make TestContext.RegisterModuleType take an android.ModuleFactory
61c325ebc : Do not dexpreopt system server jars from updatable modules.
1670ca0d8 : Fix Make modules name conflict for override_apex
64bee4dec : Add -instcombine-lower-dbg-declare to hwasan flags.
915471830 : Adds droidstubs support to sdk module
9b51a4078 : soong: Support system_server jars from apexes
504b46160 : Simplify building an SDK snapshot from the command line
97c1f3406 : Fix a typo in a comment in `android/module.go`.
c49971469 : Fix incorrect install path for priv-app prebuilt
d9c1c8fbc : Shard gensrcs modules into multiple commands
a95304ec1 : Move sharding functions for reuse
db14db3a0 : Rewrite depfile from sbox to stay reproducible
0ce5d05f7 : Support RuleBuilder.Sbox to wrap commands in sbox
88f2b1ce5 : Change stdlib linkage for C libraries.
2b26297dc : Allow cc.LinkabeInterfaces to request "" variants.
dc809f9bc : Make fuzz rules reproducible
326a9417c : Fix test app and helper installation dirs.
54aca7b3f : Make 'file_contexts' prop as `android:"path"`
ce6aadc41 : apex uses the first arch variant of prebuilt_etc modules
48d75efa6 : symbols in stub library isn't affected by -fvisibility=hidden
7228ecd5e : Move cc.imageMutator into the android package
31b095d07 : Add rust default compilation flags.
c5b4f9910 : Pass hiddenapi-greylist-max-q.txt to greylist generator.
384642657 : Pass hiddenapi-greylist-max-q.txt to greylist generator.
43b92e0d0 : Make CreateVariations return []android.Module
203489b32 : Reland "Recognize libdl_android as a Bionic library".
5d790c3dd : Add override_apex module type
6ac3cac7d : sh_binary prefer 32bit when TARGET_PREFER_32_BIT
1c504d9c7 : Remove BASH_ENV from the build environment
0b09ad7f3 : Update droidstubs build target
09d77522f : split apex.go
2322c4dc9 : Add more suggestions on converting Makefile conditionals
26dedd36e : Add override_android_test.
15f369e1c : Set rust_test modules as NATIVE_TESTS
9f88ce26a : Add AliasVariation to BottomUpMutatorContext.
3efacee1f : Switch to our own zipinfo(1).
a308ea159 : apexDepsMutator is now bottom-up mutator
41805bedb : Add TestProperties, gen test config, fix names
1f7f54f44 : Add $$ORIGIN/lib to rpath for fuzz targets.
f50bddb79 : Prebuilt shared libraries should be collected for fuzz targets.
b2da7555e : Create .gitignore and add /.idea there.
0e0cf1dca : Refactor sdk update mechanism
2edbe8e6e : Package fuzz targets into zipfiles, then coalesce.
8a34287fa : Add new module types to the rust whitelist.
e0833b1f5 : Allow cc modules to pull in rust includes.
b0a012cfe : Override apexes with LOCAL_OVERRIDES_MODULES
d95aa2d45 : Change the partition of outputfile
51feafad5 : Enable x86_64 device support
99020b04f : Build Rust Device Sysroots in Soong
8ba50f953 : Install AndroidApp only when needed
52cd06fc7 : Reland: JNI lib is always embedded for APKs in APEX
e3c22f7a3 : Revert submission
8ac05575a : Fix some typos in Soong.
18020eabc : make ApexProperties defaultable
92d6bc189 : Rename # vndk tag to # llndk
39ef52f1d : Forbid -Weverything
13ed3f5e3 : 'm fuzz' shared lib package should be per-fuzzer.
43240b119 : Remove unused "product_services_specific" prop
9016b9129 : Set default pool when RBE or goma is enabled
ce23942f3 : Move partner androidmk and bpfix files to match their package path
e94272d0b : Silence trailing "1 warning" message from javac when warning is silenced
950e0baf2 : Expand ClangExtraExternalCflags to non-Google vendor projects
0553ba356 : Sort fuzz target dependencies to avoid rebuilds.
a7a3d64a3 : Remove the EXPERIMENTAL_USE_OPENJDK11_TOOLCHAIN option.
d237ad6d7 : JNI lib is always embedded for APKs in APEX
28df257fe : Rearrange import order
23d988d54 : Remove -Wno-thread-safety-negative
4e31fb87a : soong: move -Wimplicit-fallthrough from cflags to cxxflags
e1ee1a129 : Soong frontend for shared library fuzzing.
de534414b : Revert^4 "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
a2affbbb0 : Add a new option OVERRIDE_JLINK_VERSION_NUMBER.
13a9dd604 : Remove unnecessary constraint on previous_api
8be103b04 : APEX now correctly tracks jni_lib dependencies
01a3ee287 : apex_manifest in protobuf binary format
6d88dbad0 : Reorder local and global flags
4af21ed26 : Split local and global cflags
74cd286e4 : Instrument framework-minus-apex for coverage.
5a49881ee : Install signed split apks.
31f36fbbd : Revert submission of topic 'libdl_android-in-apex'
bf0e47648 : Revert^3 "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
66b3e9964 : Revert^2 "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
39edb6c6c : VNDK APEX contains related *.libraries.txt files
2216fb1f5 : Make vndk*.libraries.txt as soong modules
232e785b9 : SDK snapshot is dist'ed
c2557d1d5 : Fix turbine classpath arguments
c228a7046 : Silence dep-ann warnings
c0647eb9e : bpfix: remove empty HIDL libs
6341f01ed : Update paths for libnative{bridge,loader}
2cc570dc6 : Enforce hidden apis usage in product(soong)
100f3fd11 : sdk modules are by default compile_multilib: "both"
9a9d0361b : Call shouldEmbedJnis only when needed.
3d7b69a65 : Rename # vndk tag to # llndk
33ca8080e : Fix Soong CMakeLists.txt generator
f4ed8df84 : Recognize libdl_android as a Bionic library.
dd0418a4d : Run non-RBE supported actions in the local pool when USE_RBE is set.
b2df9f88e : Soong Rust source clean up.
abbcddaaf : Switch to an OpenJDK 11 toolchain by default.
8d4d7bee6 : Add python3 embedded launcher support
09950a4f4 : Make the changes to emitXrefRule matching those in aosp/1145829
8177ad293 : Add GlobWithDeps to MakeVarsContext
3b8f1cda4 : API Lint: Archive lint errors
ad8b18b87 : Enforce correct rust library file names.
242ef0c4d : Fix and generate vndk snapshot entirely in Soong
04bbf98e0 : -l option soong_zip can accept a file having space separated list
c66baf70f : Add support for $(TARGET_EXPERIMENTAL_MTE) in product configs.
acb33e0b6 : Disable dexpreopt on targets that do not include default ART config.
4fd368316 : Switch to an OpenJDK 11 toolchain by default.
75b83b0a8 : Link type will be check in android_library also
bc093672e : Fix vendor variants generation of vndk
a463f720a : delete redundant code
0302a84dd : Soong generates vndk-related .libraries.txt files
dc782449b : apex: Restrict usage of "use_vendor"
abb644389 : Create variants for each image type
0b2387551 : stem property of java modules are propagated to Make
9495b76fb : Remove api_srcs property from java_sdk_library
db97af4a4 : change output file extension (config.txt -> config.json)
24babe3a6 : Revert "Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex."
a5f22ed6b : Add rust_test and rust_test_host.
b01c114d2 : Do not install VNDK lib in favor of VNDK APEX
d5bd5773e : Use unstripped binaries in fuzz target packaging.
87a7f3064 : Fix apex_vndk with TARGET_VNDK_USE_CORE_VARIANT
8aee204cb : Do not follow deps for apex_vndk
6b8459be4 : apex: __ANDROID_APEX__ defined with no value
8cc19911b : smart_status: move channel write outside lock to avoid deadlock
6cef481ee : Use java language 1.9 for sdk_version: "current"
6d8d8c6a9 : Remove special case for sdk_version: "none"
bf3119ee3 : Use system modules for turbine
52767be33 : Add support for Rust C libraries.
73c54ee7f : native shared libs in an SDK can be snapshotted
f979ee387 : add additional fields to cc_fuzz build types
541056c3f : Add dont_merge_manifests attribute to android_test
1e7438524 : Make javaVersion an enum
74362a4d5 : Move TestConfig sdk versions forward
617b1451b : Split java 8 and 9 classpaths in TestClasspath
183a3218e : Add a common interface for cc linkable libraries.
cde2a037f : Add support for including app prebuilts in APEX.
e423582f0 : Sort the file with image content.
d5df94938 : Package dexpreopt artifacts for libcore jars in the ART apex.
6db2f177d : Partial reverts of vndk-apex
0f97adae5 : Default to compiling lite protos
3eff7cb3b : Rust owners, fix syntax error and more specific
c74d723c0 : Allow rust code in external/rust.
ac38d7e52 : Add support to extend commands bpfix and androidmk
a1c9e9da5 : Remove support for EXPERIMENTAL_JAVA_LANGUAGE_LEVEL_9.
b49fe1bde : Stop linking libdl.a into static bins
097087be5 : Soong generates libraries.txt files for vndk
3c57dfcc4 : add stem property to java modules
4c4c02400 : add stem property to java modules
7495504db : Change exportedDirs and exportedSystemDirs from []string to android.Paths
c49c393f7 : Repack libgcc.a to only include required objects
72bd2f8f1 : add symlink for compatibility (vndk apex)
18263381e : Deduplicate config generation for boot images.
89dad60ed : Add support for 10.15 SDK
4c2b942e9 : fix: Override vndk-ext lib name with original lib
1c2ff8622 : Add Rust darwin host support.
bdf5d7170 : Refactor and strengthen sdk_test.go.
f0f2e2cf7 : Add tradefed_java_library_host
c03181935 : Create C-Suite config module
7798857a0 : Revert "Revert "Add __ANDROID_APEX_<NAME>__ for apex variants""
31c470b5d : Revert "Revert "Supports VNDK APEX with different versions""
c1bf72420 : Remove support for stripping dex.
0f59903d0 : Update droidstubs build target
ab65ba948 : Handle partial link of a single object with a linker script.
77b58bbff : Implement csuite_config module
8a2bc0b9f : Re-plumb fuzz corpora.
40597659e : Revert "Supports VNDK APEX with different versions"
f131c58e5 : Revert "Add __ANDROID_APEX_<NAME>__ for apex variants"
f7487318a : Support privleged app in APEX
2c0a180be : Extend ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES coverage
a7bc8ad0b : Prohibit dependencies outside of uses_sdks
12f629b26 : Revert "Add __ANDROID_APEX_<NAME>__ for apex variants"
48dd4b5ea : Revert "Supports VNDK APEX with different versions"
a195f9147 : Split out osMutator from archMutator
158eeb770 : Add arch mutator test
3a7a31b0c : Add SingletonContext::VisitDirectDepths[If] to Android proxy.
0f7d2ef3a : Add method to determine variations from a Target
777976641 : Add android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.3
1b3370f5d : Enable Java language level 9 by default.
049ae6ae3 : Revert "Create libgcc_stripped with llvm-objcopy"
105cab2b5 : Pass -static-libgcc to Windows link commands
9b409bcd1 : Create scripts to update and freeze a module SDK
a90ca0078 : add [static|shared].apex_available to cc_library
302f964aa : Do not link statically on device.
d29e551ef : Add __ANDROID_APEX_<NAME>__ for apex variants
394951da7 : Supports VNDK APEX with different versions
25e7cf095 : Revert "Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other"
cab4a2c84 : API Lint: Apply Javadoc.args when invoking api lint
f32e655fb : API Lint: Apply Javadoc.args when invoking api lint
242faad11 : AIDEGen: Remove the duplicate *.srcjar from srcs
5188e2390 : Add go directive to indicate go version number.
f383f7cfc : Correctly install APK-in-APEX
e25c644f1 : Add system_modules to droidstubs
236d7a7ab : Add android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.3
a11242da4 : Revert "-D__ANDROID_NDK__ for SDK builds."
5b00c21d5 : Revert "Merge "Revert "Add android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.3"" am: eccca6c246 am: b393327ccb am: 99f0abb4d9"
b8e593d60 : Workaround unexported sancov symbols. Fix multiple sanitizer RT deps.
d84ed5275 : Revert "Add android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.3"
075eedc38 : droidstubs: Add API lint via metalava
cb7042ec1 : Enable Java language level 9 by default (3rd attempt).
7a78a92f7 : Fix flattened apex install dir
27cc0a8f3 : Go back to the native mac xargs for now.
641575ad4 : Fuzz corpus entries should not go in a subdirectory.
1f52e93db : Add experimental option to use OpenJDK 11 toolchain.
df7dc82a0 : Remove the moduleName parameter to jarsToSystemModules.
5145c2c11 : Add $PRODUCT_OUT/test_harness_ramdisk to installclean
3cf57d72c : Add android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.3
583a226c0 : Don't check apex_available for host
4b5438a9e : Make apex_available respect AllowMissingDependencies
b6699a141 : Restore previous behavior of `get_build_var TMPDIR`
ce3c3f8c8 : Revert "Enable Java language level 9 by default (2nd attempt)."
3c50d29cf : Enable Java language level 9 by default (2nd attempt).
6a34131da : Add symlinks to sh_binary in soong
c080617c8 : Shard aidl compiles into srcjars
9516a6c3f : Shard java proto files into groups of 100
5274d581e : Support deps files with no output
4e2456bc0 : Fix dumpvars $PATH / $TMPDIR
f7a17daef : Use -nostdlib++ instead of -nodefaultlibs
70dda7e3d : Separate InstallPath from OutputPath
ff6c33d88 : Replace RelPathString() with ToMakePath()
90ba5f4e9 : Add InstallInRoot to allow modules to install into root partition
961a30c71 : Fix defaults of BaseCompilerProperties
12b8d427c : Move odexes of non-system apps into system_other
43ab0bc24 : Add partition subdirs to system_other
1e2fecab5 : Revert "Enable Java language level 9 by default."
c7e6caad5 : Fix corpus name.
4ec91dd47 : Beef up system_other odex tests
71c4f5cc7 : Enable Java language level 9 by default.
7916bfc3c : Remove no_apex in favor or apex_available
127b40b31 : Add apex_available to control the availablity of a module to APEXes
90eee02a9 : Rename vndk apex according to vndk version
d0ce0fbfd : Remove -Wno-c++98-compat-extra-semi warning flag
2e2dbc250 : Use localPool consistently for UseGoma() == true
724286c95 : Pass --remap-path-prefix to Rust builds.
5c4be82ce : Use SHA-256 for hashing BoringSSL crypto module.
4ebd06aa5 : Change RRO enforcement logic
885f1c697 : Emit linked file and dep-info in one call to rustc
a0a5e1914 : Move fuzz phony to be make-defined, and add to dist.
4d3366663 : Creation of C Flags Build Variables
06bf3bcd7 : apex: libbinder whitelist -=
1a527688d : Shard gensrcs modules into multiple commands
0a2f719bc : Move sharding functions for reuse
7dd4ae2fb : Fix split apk paths.
0949f3165 : Fix android_test install path.
efdd7aca7 : Deny rust warnings by default.
651436460 : Pass filename mappings to C++ and Java extractors.
9a1e8bdd0 : Migrate java/androidmk.go to new system #2
2e3e5e3e7 : Remove unused core-system-modules
18c46807c : Filter product variable property structs
7444910e9 : Move arch properties to proptools.FilterPropertyStruct
e003c4abd : Make CreateModule return the newly created module
114d966c2 : Name the resulting file $BUILD_NUMBER.kzip, drop revision.txt
6ffaaa830 : Allow test to specify whether or not to auto-generate test config
1c648b893 : Allow sanitize attribute on cc_objects and propagate sanitize attributes into them.
84dfc3d33 : Make CreateModule take an android.ModuleFactory
d15aa1f12 : respect "apex_name:" for "apex" module
598898444 : Remove libneuralnetworks from libbinder whitelist.
76b155448 : Remove libneuralnetworks from libbinder whitelist.
cc372c5b1 : fix: "no_apex" can be put in defaults
d3254b489 : Add 'make fuzz' build rule.
10b743509 : Performs same checks as aidl_interface.go before stripping leading "I".
b9040d6b7 : Add Soong test for device proc-macro deps.
e1bb5d092 : Hide static from cc_library_shared and vice versa
b4e7d974a : Revert "remove telephony-common from boot class path"
a1e178f39 : Build output directory should be an absolute path.
e91823e6e : Add ARM32 device Rust toolchain.
f1c8433b4 : Add AArch64 device Rust toolchain.
5ca5ef678 : Fix proc_macro dependency handling.
69ee7b096 : Generate revision.txt file containing unique ID.
1f6faeb50 : Use ctx.Fatalln instead of log.Fatalln for absolute path errors
c0b9f6b9d : Force dumpvars into dumb terminal mode and move log files
75b901182 : Rust config whitelist: Add chh@ to OWNERS
988f53cf5 : Move sysprop gen code to sysprop module
e8fb72468 : Add isFlattenedVariant function
d1063c158 : Introduce module type 'sdk'
011aaa46c : Remove -Wno-format-pedantic cflag
f0b987ecb : status table: don't write newlines in non-scrolling terminals
bf8f57e2f : status table: ANSI code rows and columns are 1-based
f9cf9acd7 : Add BUILD_BROKEN_PREBUILT_ELF_FILES to dumpvars.go
6c691644f : soong: -Werror=fortify-source
6d9e71285 : Amend list of required Rust stdlib libraries.
afeea436e : Switch genrule-phony to ninja phony rule
68289b0ef : Add custom SystemModules to bootclasspath to reduce duplication
3b19f5d71 : Remove old-style support for translated second architectures
724ab5d5f : Fix missing deps found through RBE
411c584cb : Fix documentation of field `soong.apex.apexBundleProperties.Apex_name`.
0d7111ec0 : Add option test_min_api_level and test_min_sdk_version for auto-generated test config
4e4ab8a14 : Add corpus and dictionary properties to cc_fuzz.
402be41aa : Revert "Remove old-style support for translated second architectures"
e169ad70a : Add OWNERS for Rust whitelist.
e323f3cca : Fix robolectric tests with sdk_version and prebuilt dependencies
fe6330c7d : Remove old-style support for translated second architectures
64c439538 : Add version to vendor variants
c6ddccfa8 : Add filter_packages property to droiddoc
bc0f26028 : Revert "Revert "Force gtest to use adb unroot if required_root is false or not set""
24d49119d : Switch to clang-r365631b
72f1f3ec2 : Fix the construction of ziptype APEX
eb63f7672 : Move to use llvm-nm instead of GNU nm
1a5eeb3e3 : Revert "Force gtest to use adb unroot if required_root is false or not set"
70e0a07b9 : Check Rust dep is a Module before checking target.
ab5e51420 : Remove use_gnu_strip option
26bce340e : Track switch to toybox date for macOS.
5f69b9a06 : Disable coverage for native-bridge modules
b2cb324ce : Force gtest to use adb unroot if required_root is false or not set
2af7d882e : Add missing cortex-a76 arm configuration
b00c1fb22 : Add NOTICE file path to apex bundle base rule.
875694437 : Revert "Revert "Add NOTICE file path to apex bundle base rule.""
b5f6dc47e : Fix lint error in format string
e5f9ee56b : Add `$ANDROID_HOST_OUT/apex` to the file set removed by target `installclean`.
4c0471387 : Fix the construction of host APEX (`.zipapex`) packages.
279de572d : Treat libclang_rt.hwasan-* the same way as the other Bionic bootstrap libs.
e9b5572cb : Create flattened variants for soong apex module
fd89882a3 : Make additional manifests transitive
0342c5826 : apex: Install nativeTest with
b0c127cfd : Migrate java/androidmk.go to new system #1
022a73b9a : Move splitFileExt to the android package.
344d5439c : Add "apex_vndk" module type
43f697ec2 : Update to Rust 1.37.0
751569192 : Remove '-Wno-return-std-move-in-c++11' flag
7f438b1df : Do not dedupe libprotobuf-cpp variants
e106d8fd8 : Fix argument to llvm-strip
1282f42ed : Skip creating vendor variants for native_bridge modules
c9fa4a324 : Remove coverage variants of vndk_prebuilt_shared
7390ea3d7 : Skip native_bridge modules when listing VNDK libs
349cd474e : CreateModule also inherits variableProperties.
de25291b6 : Disable unsupported Rust targets.
ee96a7956 : Add back the llvm-ar P flag
34b49d140 : Use toybox md5sum instead of md5 on macOS.
6ac046000 : Make javanano a plugin
0fd6a41a6 : Add suffix and target.vendor.suffix to shared libraries
8029d6a30 : Revert "Add NOTICE file path to apex bundle base rule."
3b706fde7 : Shard kythe invocations when javac is sharded
d7227f99e : Support boringssl hash injection on binaries and make it transitive
4de896e1e : Add i386 host fuzzing support w/ cc_fuzz.
ef19e01f9 : Switch to toybox stat on macOS too.
105e16658 : Add NOTICE file path to apex bundle base rule.
3ada0befe : Add suffix and target.vendor.suffix to shared libraries
b5290d49e : Make javanano a plugin
1acf6f9f6 : Use PathForModuleOutput instead of PathForPhony
d63ea0a98 : Bring back env flag to skip checkapi
e1f05aaf4 : Support including apk inside an apex
66f60ec11 : remove telephony-common from boot class path
c0083614f : Do not run Soong tests for Rust on non-Linux hosts.
a0119f875 : Create libgcc_stripped with llvm-objcopy
115445b5d : Allow per test rules in neverallow_test.go
91e381933 : Support multiple expected errors in neverallow_test.go
5d5ae761c : apex.go: Add support for diffing content of APEX with whitelist file
8ca12bd83 : Re-enable tautological-unsigned-enum-zero-compare
cc4b0ad70 : Update dexpreopt for the ART APEX name change.
c89b6f198 : Rewrite depfile from sbox to stay reproducible
4e8b48a05 : Normalize and validate the java_version property.
87901b055 : Move platform compat config to their own directory.
01d5401dc : Remove srcs_lib and srcs_lib_whitelist_pkgs
0650aca86 : Remove the automatic dependency to framework-res.apk for R/Manifest
4c61d9745 : Prepare to be able to put framework-res in srcs
b5ddfa921 : Remove srcs_lib and srcs_lib_whitelist_pkgs
289206594 : Remove the automatic dependency to framework-res.apk for R/Manifest
b7c639e0b : Prepare to be able to put framework-res in srcs
20ccd2125 : Add option disable_framework for auto-generated test config
b28eb5fdc : Implement android_test_import
ffee33470 : Add Rust support to Soong.
e0dc8dfd2 : AndroidMkEntries minor refactoring.
b9b3e7909 : Disable FORTIFY for fuzzer builds.
a034b8398 : Automatically enable abi checker for the stub libs
30a3c7fac : Re-enable tautological-unsigned-zero-compare
e65ed7cd6 : Remove hashtree from builtin APEXes
fa21cba64 : Remove srcs_lib and srcs_lib_whitelist_pkgs
8cc55bdff : Remove the automatic dependency to framework-res.apk for R/Manifest
94f37f33e : Prepare to be able to put framework-res in srcs
5cb822b2c : Switch to toybox find for darwin and linux.
98ab31176 : Save deps when asflags contains -xassembler-with-cpp
5d980c878 : Disallow __DATE__/__TIME__ on host builds
f1ff226cd : Switch most of the darwin tools to toybox.
935639d70 : Add an output file type for flattened APEXes.
2879d41a9 : Allow modules to be enabled/disabled depending on whether APEXes are flattened.
c722aab3c : Add an output file type for flattened APEXes.
e39715dbf : Allow modules to be enabled/disabled depending on whether APEXes are flattened.
2db7f46d0 : Add no_apex check for static library
1c3108d62 : apex: libbinder whitelist -=
0aabb11dd : Add $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT/apex to installclean.
556a37585 : We have md5sum/sha1sum/sha256sum/sha512sum on Darwin now too.
d48f3c388 : soong: Add tests for depending on disabled module
1112c4c0d : Remove srcs_lib_whitelist_dirs
6d3550cbe : Remove srcs_lib_whitelist_dirs
961d4fdd5 : Add default_dev_cert to android_app_import
d0bd16d9d : [cc_fuzz] Statically link libcxx.
f4b5a5ba0 : Add android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.3
4288274f1 : Implement sysprop_library API stability check
803e161ac : Introduce inject_bssl_hash library property.
99f2fc27e : BoringSSL FIPS build - introduce extraLibFlags and use for STL libs.
74c9bbacb : Allow linker scripts when building objects.
fcf55bf65 : Allow .o files as srcs.
4f7dd9b4d : Add no_apex property
f79334d95 : Remove srcs_lib_whitelist_dirs
5fbe62a78 : Droiddoc can accept logtags as input sources
d90d7413b : Droiddoc can accept logtags as input sources
da069087b : Revert "Re-enable ASAN globals instrumentation for devices."
70c1ff8da : Always set ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH appropriately
20233a43d : Disable new pass manager for ASAN build
556ec7ce5 : Update dexpreopt for the ART APEX name change.
2f791a246 : Implement sysprop_library API stability check
d734c790c : Droiddoc can accept logtags as input sources
9c80baecc : apex: add llndk libs as requireNativeLibs
356dac4a1 : Elaborate comment on paltform_apis
d5bd6d367 : Fix sanitizer dep
1ce9ac675 : Add arch variant support to android_app_import.
b13f9c520 : Handle the case when OUT_DIR is not set.
49932f3e6 : Build native coverage variant of APEXes when needed
d255c7bc2 : Switch to clang-r365631
6f205093a : Make javamicro a plugin
cb86c3c53 : The script to generate input for the cross-referencing pipeline.
4937c4a8b : API: Add baseline file for API check
14f75a952 : API: Add baseline file for API check
a38632134 : Rename Soong variable `FlattenApex` as `Flatten_apex`.
b5432b7a3 : Add 'Additional_manifest' property to merge other manifests
9e6c24285 : java_import can be included in apex
ee9a98d88 : Build native coverage variant of APEXes when needed
ddf504cae : Expose all deps on genrules
e68e5548e : Add output tag to droiddoc
e4802329e : Add -Wl,--exclude-libs=libclang_rt.builtins to ldflags
6b4419ccc : Include dependencies for clang-tidy and header-abi-dumper
b5af6204d : Support multiple expected errors in neverallow_test.go
d36395593 : Soong: Add test for apex
bdf9514e4 : Use prebuilts for more tools in unbundled builds
12263e4e0 : Add -Wl,--exclude-libs=libclang_rt.builtins to ldflags
07b5b4cdb : Add new core-icu4j after separating icu4j from core-libart
8e47e8bc4 : Support multiple expected errors in neverallow_test.go
ae55303f3 : Include headers and props to VNDK snapshot
093f0eb13 : Implement sysprop_library API stability check
520d9aab6 : Remove setting _USING_LIBCXX
c32472969 : -D__ANDROID_NDK__ for SDK builds.
4bd790afa : Add dependency to framework-res to "framework-minus-apex" instead ...
d00025420 : Add -Wl,--exclude-libs=libclang_rt.builtins to ldflags
1d1119f4b : Fix sanitizer dep
07149d36a : Add TEST_MAPPING for build/soong/apex
534896472 : Add tags to the list of lsdump paths
1459a9259 : Allow reading zipfile list from a file.
db25ac07a : Create a module that extracts and installs compat_config.
2d975b197 : Add an output file tag for proguard dictionaries
607d8587e : Add InstallBypassMake
8baf29fb1 : Document wokaround for yama ptrace restrictions
f1c9bbee8 : Support restrictions based on a module's OsClass
3578188fa : Support restrictions based on a module's dependencies
af17d74a1 : Skip ABI checks for APEX variants of opt-in libraries
e7efbc8c7 : Add cc_*.target.recovery.static_libs
1bc40c56b : Build module from source branch instead of using prebuilds when coverage is enabled.
34b493fec : Disable LTO when building with fuzzer support.
10c9f83f2 : Build module from source branch instead of using prebuilds when coverage is enabled.
d06ecc8af : Fix recovery-variant VNDK libs miss-installed to recovery img
04329f131 : Add jsonmodify tool
e16330393 : Put dependency in apex_manifest.json
1f3a23995 : Reland "Remove product_is_iot."
5089c11b1 : Revert "Remove product_is_iot."
ce41e943b : Remove support for ONE_SHOT_MAKEFILE
96cf4d464 : Materialize the copy commands of an APEX rule as a Ninja response file.
4644b22b7 : Fix some typos in error messages in apex/apex.go.
12f23e088 : Automatically inherit common properties.
1eee154c3 : Default to the status table output
14fa562fb : Remove product_is_iot.
03b68ddd1 : Delete prebuilt APEXes when installing source-built APEXes
a2a8ecb33 : Remove reference to PRODUCT-*
6cd1be899 : Add sort_bss_symbols_by_size property for shared libs
f89cd0949 : Handle `test_per_src` modules as indirect dependencies in APEXes.
538c0d0c2 : Add a rule about platform_apis
54fd80726 : Specify boot image format to be lz4hc
2a4549ec9 : Support source code cross-referencing for C++ and Java
aef0d6e7f : Add neuralnetworks to ndkPrebuiltSharedLibs
7f7766d5e : Revert "Revert "Split Java libraries per apex""
b0e6143b9 : Specify the API level via the triple instead of __ANDROID_API__.
c6360837b : Deprecate ONE_SHOT_MAKEFILE
036cacee5 : Fixed minor typo
5213e2b43 : Correct tags on StaticSharedLibraryProperties.Cflags
95d53b584 : Add defaults_visibility support
63c6e183d : Refactor visibility to support visibility on defaults modules
e62432fee : Add DefaultsModule interface
7df7fb0df : Improve documentation of defaults mechanism
f0f7ca833 : Revert "Split Java libraries per apex"
e710242b5 : Add support for generating boot profiles.
71123ec1b : Disable linux_bionic fuzzers
2da19cbc2 : Link libc++demangle with libc++ for the device.
61afb56e8 : Add dist_dir to goma trigger
dfe75b389 : Fix some typos in Soong.
2ee8b33ed : Switch to prebuilt bzip2.
aa53324ac : Split Java libraries per apex
817850063 : Allow other module types in androidx
e6fc50723 : Do not install LLNDK libs moved APEX on /system
c811170ab : Revert "Revert "Prevent runtime module paths being used in include_dirs""
a0171822b : fix: prebuilt_etc_xml
ff3d72f0b : Revert "Prevent runtime module paths being used in include_dirs"
a5e67791f : Revert "Prevent runtime module paths being used in include_dirs am: 2ac2befc9a am: 31d0688df9 am: 4d1663e8a3"
c80b5fa0c : Fix: symlink bin/arm directory is not handled correctly
55a18ba71 : Remove asanLibs.
2ac2befc9 : Prevent runtime module paths being used in include_dirs
73bf054a5 : Abstract property value matching logic behind an interface
93e678341 : Use double dashes before llvm-strip arguments
bd7c2f9a1 : Allow other module types in androidx
9b5fde9ca : Handle `test_per_src` test variations as dependencies of APEX modules.
f2fad9715 : Create an extra variation in `test_per_src` mutator collecting all outputs.
2907459e4 : filegroup.path is used to specify the include path for aidl files
19a7f251d : aidl include paths are exported to droiddoc
eec9b286b : Disable cc_fuzz darwin host modules
d64b325d5 : Fix date on mac builds
daa4c6798 : Convert javadoc modules to android.RuleBuilder
ab05443ff : Convert droiddoc modules to android.RuleBuilder
b77043e20 : Add a systemModules utility type
33961b54e : Convert droidstubs to android.RuleBuilder
a9e121587 : soong-ui: Redirect mmm to mmma.
2274102f3 : soong-ui: Redirect mm to mma.
a37832a3c : Add header_libs to cc_object
8b2bd1542 : Renderscript: rename .rs extension to .rscript
34cbba6e1 : Add liblog as shared dependency for isolated tests.
a50b16974 : Renderscript: rename .rs extension to .rscript
8aae22e34 : Add filename property to android_app_import
d61262716 : Renderscript: rename .rs extension to .rscript
bbf2567cc : Add USE_RBE support to soong.
f9a0443a9 : Java test code clean-up
22f7d18a5 : Add overrides property to prebuilt_apex
ca8992ea0 : fix: APEX prebuilts are disabled in platform build
da9a46379 : Add the cc_fuzz target.
895e224d8 : fix: APEX prebuilts are disabled in platform build
84d8385ae : Use LLD for partialLd.
19bd53e39 : soong_ui: Do not clean the OutDir path multiple times.
0dcf27f63 : soong_ui: Construct the proper MODULES-IN-<dir name> for m* build commands.
e5cae33f5 : Allow jar wrapper to take quoted arguments
0cb0d7b1c : Add rspfile support to RuleBuilder
156381578 : Prepare droiddoc for using RuleBuilder
5822b552e : Manually escape BuildNumberFromFile
5cfc70d1f : Remove use of deprecated ExtractSourcesDeps
527f3e551 : Dedup path properties across property structs
41ce1c0d8 : Renderscript: rename .rs extension to .rscript
8d6dde883 : Make relative path for native_bridge binaries configurable
825c8143f : Fix a bug in generateNoticeRule.
40c0afeb7 : Support require_root in auto-gen test configs
12df5fb47 : soong: Fix AndroidMk with *Required properties
53554e255 : Fix the unbundled mainline module build
716828ab4 : Revert "Don't build hiddenapi flags or encode dex for unbundled builds"
e3ef3c8f0 : Fix the unbundled mainline module build
09cb629c1 : Revert "Don't build hiddenapi flags or encode dex for unbundled builds"
50b81e532 : Don't use APEX prebuilts when asan is on
b22dcfe05 : Stop defining unused USE_SSSE3.
a6d1d373a : Reland "Switch to toybox tar."
66c8b446a : Add support for AUTO_*_INITIALIZE to build/soong.
cba311bcf : Re-enable ASAN globals instrumentation for devices.
2647ced06 : Fix android.Expand and ninja escaping
9450d0b22 : soong_ui: Do not find a build file if targets are specified.
ee94d6ab1 : Add RuleBuilder helper functions for built and prebuilt tools
a3002fc7a : Add documentation to droiddoc.go module types
4f158eed0 : Add java_sdk_library summary to soong docs.
2cb528834 : Don't use prebuilt_apex when TARGET_FLATTEN_APEX is set to true
3b98a509f : Don't use APEX prebuilts when asan is on
0dd3ab538 : system-clang-format: Add Standard: Cpp11
acbf6c76c : Use ctx.Target().NativeBridge to detect if the arch is translated or not
3e18b1944 : Improve android_app_import.dpi_variants handling.
ee5c60384 : Tune invocations and print full diagnostics on crash for d8 and r8.
c5a34551e : Switch to toybox egrep(1) and grep(1).
5c998b9ff : Add "provide_cpp_shared_libs/uses" props to "apex"
d5f6c8261 : Rename product_services to system_ext
cfec40c41 : Move RuleBuilder on top of strings.Builder
61a83681c : Add sh_test_host.
987727985 : Dist NOTICE outputs for app targets.
630846d24 : Add support for tests in APEX test modules.
0ce291ebe : [trivial] Remove dead code
aa812d122 : Allow debugging with SOONG_DELVE=<listen addr>
7b97ecd1f : Print ninja stdout live during the build
9a36223d5 : Add a String() method to android.Module
100bbdc8f : Wrap getenv when linking a coverage-enabled binary
82fe59b65 : Refactor libprofile-extras to be added as a whole static library
cb55e089f : Add MutatorName to mutator contexts
fa07821d8 : Remove ioutil.TempDir from each android/soong/android test
baba9a9be : soong_ui: Build under a path that contains a symbolic link.
9d42425f2 : Perform TERM check for file writers only
730f2a57e : Allow neverallow rules to be defined by custom bootstrap_go_packages
aebc02ab2 : Allow neverallow rules to be defined by custom bootstrap_go_packages
b1cacba02 : Allow neverallow rules to be defined by custom bootstrap_go_packages
18af09084 : Allow neverallow rules to be defined by custom bootstrap_go_packages
6bd33c13b : Enforce hidden api usage in vendor (soong)
d34ab7c6b : Treat .cxx files as c++
b07358144 : Improve dumb terminal detection
e484f47a6 : Inherit default_visibility from parent package
e2453c705 : Allow default visibility to be set per package
7e84969f9 : Disabled avx avx2 avx512 compiler flags by default. Library components can enable the flags based on performance impact
6adeee113 : Revert "Revert "Remove option to create boot image based on preloaded classes""
7b6245388 : Compute critical path when ninja finishes
d3f688b52 : Revert "Remove option to create boot image based on preloaded classes"
7aae6e779 : core_current does not include framework libraries
735d03c65 : Remove unused condition in decodeSdkDep(...)
c4a6aa83e : Use prebuilt m4 for bison too
4a0473175 : Remove option to create boot image based on preloaded classes
53a87f523 : Uncompress dex in unbundled privileged apps
c1001ec0c : Create test build dir only once for apex_test.
f6a95467e : Generate ABI dumps for libraries without source
14f5ff62c : Embed NOTICE output as an APEX asset.
5b425e2e2 : Optionally embed NOTICE files in apks.
afeb6cb81 : Revert "Switch to toybox tar."
297cebad2 : Soong: Add build_error proto raw file to $(OUT_DIR).
5137de0bd : Color long running durations when using action table output
5c2f963a1 : Remove the no_framework_libs property
4215cfd8f : Don't pass --legacy by default to aapt2 compile
a0ba2f585 : Allow passing --legacy in aaptflags
3928206ec : Soong: Add BUILD_MODULES build action in soong_ui.
2f5a484ee : Fix data races in finder_test.go
0b90833ea : Optimize sanitizerRuntimeDepsMutator
643614de2 : Make apexMutator parallel
fe310be72 : Fix typo in java system modules makevars
e671f5a39 : Allow gzcat as an alias for gzip's -dc mode.
b01a74fbe : Disallow system m4
c69d715d7 : Use prebuilt m4 instead of system m4
8985d527a : OverridableModuleBase shouldn't embed ModuleBase.
9cb51dbc0 : Support moving sources in srcjars in soong_zip
db4c2f115 : Soong: Use ctx.Writer in flag usage for dumpVar and dumpVars in soong_ui.
0f41678d0 : Expand the dexpreopt image dependencies to entire image
ff60a73d8 : Depend on all the files from system modules
b7b2282fd : soong_ui: Add --build-mode flag in soong_ui
3b584b786 : Switch to toybox tar.
06adae4c8 : Add more OWNERS
5d7409ba0 : Remove SOONG_FRAMEWORK_SRCS
74384758a : Remove experimental pass manager for fuzzer builds.
0e868d039 : Revert "Revert "Switch to toybox timeout.""
50c217c74 : Add sdk_version:"core_platform" to replace no_framework_libs:true
301ba5288 : Remove unused jars/sdk_version properties from java_system_modules
a3d0986cf : Remove the no_standard_libs property
1c69e8303 : Disable new LLVM pass manager for HWASan.
36a39c985 : Switch to clang-r353983d
0cc5b2151 : Soong: Fix the package name in metrics.proto file
9a642dcde : Support sharding robolectric tests
cd84b4e36 : Give Blueprint modules access to all namespaces
37ee3b8f4 : Support require_root in auto-gen test configs
3a25405ac : Remove redundant -fexperimental-new-pass-manager
d2d117716 : Support sharding robolectric tests
1384822a6 : soong_ui: Add build actions commands in soong_ui.
3dac80e51 : Support an action table that shows longest running actions
4355ee64a : Use SIGWINCH to update terminal size
52d398a84 : Add sdk_version:"none" to replace no_standard_libs:true
4bc5e802d : Revert "Use SIGWINCH to update terminal size"
250e6198d : Make sdkDep/decodeSdkDep the source of truth about the sdk
1b033f5c4 : Add hiddenapi_flags module type
1cfbdbe1b : Add another jar used by kotlinc
b085b9b90 : Actually depend on the headers from renderscript
dd651faac : Fix a few missing dependencies in APEX building
49036be40 : Use SIGWINCH to update terminal size
00bdfd847 : Make status line bold
e0df1a36b : Move all output through StatusOutput
097ed2a37 : Remove terminal.Writer
ce525350f : Move smart and dumb terminals into separate implementations
dde49cb68 : Add tests for status output
823532df3 : Move darwin to llvm-ar
02b2d4d6b : Fix typos in a comment.
3245b2cb8 : Don't add dependencies on uses-library modules in unbundled builds
4b69c497d : Add implicit outputs to ErrorRule rules
b815ada8c : Never allow java_library_host with no_standard_libs: true
baccf7e12 : Allow java_test.go tests to use any Android.bp file
fad798007 : Add test for no_framework_libs:true
b826a2f26 : Remove unnecessary use of sdk_version: "core_current"
b6c6bdd1c : Add tests for core library neverallow rules
fc752ca1a : Let genrule be mutatable by the apex mutator
c743414d4 : Package coverage files as a zip.
26c6d9e9f : Tune JVM, print full diagnostics on crash.
bc31b9190 : Switch to toybox date.
5cefbd289 : sysprop_library: Rename system scope to public
6937844c2 : Separate exported includes out of flags
939408aa2 : Add dependency to version script when linking stub libraries
dc35e2112 : Consolidate *MutatorContext and ModuleContext into BaseModuleContext
0e99175bb : Add test for missing defaults modules with AllowMissingDependencies
b88b3c5e7 : Capture missing dependency error rules
2ffb9a8d7 : Share buildDir for android/soong/android tests
6c4f21f3a : Reimplement AddMissingDependencies
59037628f : Add GenerateAndroidBuildActions to DefaultsModuleBase
75a50a2c1 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Enable lld for windows""""
380c69aab : Revert "Consolidate *MutatorContext and ModuleContext into BaseModuleContext"
da63a4933 : Fix sysprop_library build err when using filegroup
9efb8c773 : Have `symlink_preferred_arch: true` honor the `stem` property.
2b1ea2edb : Don't specify -encoding twice in Jdiff javadoc invocations.
1a365c6a7 : Clean up sortedKeys function
50e91c1a7 : Revert "Switch to toybox timeout."
7e0a2cb59 : Consolidate *MutatorContext and ModuleContext into BaseModuleContext
c1bfeed81 : Switch to toybox sed (again).
b20200b3f : Revert "Revert "Revert "Enable lld for windows"""
e9f471635 : Switch to toybox timeout.
0ea8ba82f : Consolidate baseContext, BaseContext, and BaseModuleContext
4157e8842 : Rename ModuleBase receivers
25de6c30d : Remove repetition in android package names
4eb6be32f : Disable the system-modules plugin for jlink invocations.
1945a4b47 : Convert cc aidl to rule builder
ba88c4127 : Use correct system_modules with core.current.stubs
e16292761 : Teach soong not to duplicate the HWASAN runtime into each APEX.
c077eefc1 : system-clang-format: Add IncludeBlocks: Preserve
d9bf9be00 : Allow arch-specific `symlink_preferred_arch` properties.
f5b635d51 : Remove extra word in's comment.
e88eaa7db : Revert "Revert "Revert "Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes."""
1ef3bb5d5 : Soong: Add mk2bp conversion for prebuilt_firmare.
710756a6f : android_app stl property bug fix
375ca3c68 : Add .jar tag to java modules
41955e889 : Support tagged module references
e7fe9913d : Clean up no_libgcc
4c2c46f0a : Fix nondeterminstic iteration of vndk modules map
cefa94bd2 : Fix data race and ordering consistency in apex modules
057a8b111 : Soong: Define a new Soong module named prebuilt_firmware.
c27ab6678 : Touch up manifest if there's no source code.
b4be09285 : Revert "Revert "Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes.""
f979d7342 : Omit .gnu_debuglink sections in object files
d71dc6b5e : Revert "Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes."
8eaeb0987 : Add data property to sh_test.
2f9a7c8ab : Make test_options.timeout an int64
bfeade642 : Fix fuzzer builds [#2].
50ddcc4b6 : Port uses-shared library verification and dexpreopting to Soong
9d6df2246 : Print full diagnostics file when Java process crashes.
304cfec77 : Refactor .aar resource compilation
c03249833 : Revert "Port uses-shared library verification and dexpreopting to Soong"
5a6ea6cf3 : Fix fuzzer builds [#2].
9c74a1ee8 : Don't build hiddenapi flags or encode dex for unbundled builds
667ffa192 : Support defaults properties in java_system_module
b66d7b1c2 : Port uses-shared library verification and dexpreopting to Soong
38b968555 : Move out of dexpreopt
e4a0584f6 : Document escaping
18c82ffea : AIDEGen: Collect the srcjar into out/soong/module_bp_java_deps.json
de730781d : Make soong lock file sync time configurable..
7211910fd : Add manifest_check tool
4af387c20 : Move manifest_fixer to a python_binary_host module
226b20dc1 : Allow //visibility:public to override other visibility rules.
5446e8865 : Add <uses-library> tags for SDK libraries to AndroidManifest.xml
ebd757d60 : Document how properties work in defaults modules.
0d11feb42 : Convert LOCAL_COMPATIBILITY_SUPPORT_FILES to data: attribute in androidmk
51ea18a43 : Skip native_bridge modules when installing vndk snapshot
db41747c8 : Fix override for native_bridge modules
4320449c9 : Apply native_bridge suffix to all cc_modules
2fc3248b6 : Enable the experimental LLVM new pass manager
380029182 : soong: fix wrong link type for VNDKs
badf8d691 : Cut darwinStripPool from 10 to 5
628db6faa : Native bridge modules are not translated second archs
49a25cbc7 : Restore the test for bionic being in an APEX.
8edeb6372 : Add some more visibility test cases.
76106d977 : exports LOCAL_SOONG_VNDK_VERSION for VNDK libs
9c6401410 : Avoid targeting Java 9 for targets with SDK version up to 29.
b43fe7a83 : Add an option to preserve symbols and debug_frame.
ee3ea31a2 : Limit calls to on darwin
3478bb2a7 : Teach soong not to duplicate the HWASAN runtime into each APEX.
815daf95b : Add bpf_test.go to build and fix tests
0d99f7cd8 : Don't create a second host arch for tests on darwin
9a94287fc : Move CreateTestContext to cc/testing.go
33b2fb733 : Support using cc_prebuilt_library_shared with cc_library
bc625cd94 : Add stl property to android_app.
d1f45c896 : Soong: Add mk2bp conversion for prebuilt_font.
a24af3ba2 : Turn off dex actions for sourceless modules.
61583eb72 : Soong: Add support on installing fonts in /fonts system image.
e07b0b60e : androidmk conversion logic for android_app_import
b639a6adb : Fix override_android_app dependency issues.
0b03d9701 : Add kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 when using Kotlin
80a87b330 : Add No_dist property
1f086e2f0 : Generate VNDK snapshot with Soong except configs
d2e5361c9 : manifest_fixer argument should be --use-embedded-dex rather than --use-embedded-dex=true
d3d3ad168 : Revert "Add bpf_test.go to build and fix the tests"
192e3aa6a : Add bpf_test.go to build and fix the tests
66bdb695a : Prevent hangs in OncePer when the callback panics
e4948c79d : Fix
707d788ea : Fixes typos in device_host_converter.go comments.
77311df78 : Soong: Add mk2bp conversion for prebuilt_usr_share.
2d00f0dca : Write dexpreopt.config again during the build
cbff326fe : Make core-generated-annotation-stubs link as core stubs.
ea1bdb002 : Uncompress dex file in imported apk when needed.
18e0d5e0f : Go back to the host sed until we have a faster prebuilt.
753d4a69d : Remove libc_scudo library when building asan.
4528becc4 : Make core-generated-annotation-stubs link as core stubs.
03dc3f63f : Enable native bridge support by default for certain ndk modules
d61df5041 : Make device_kernel_headers available to recovery and vendor
9516ee955 : Attach global variables to Context
c11e0c5a3 : Fix dangling rules on aosp_cf_x86_phone
6c6e6cd64 : Don't hide *.kotlin_module in turbine dependencies
b500ce53e : Add aaudio, amidi, camera2ndk and nativewindow NDK libraries.
a5e5abc44 : Implement DPI variants in android_app_import.
3ec27ec6c : Support android_robolectric_test with merged binary resources
3d8792f7d : Exclude libgcc_stripped wherever libgcc is excluded
0c4ce2161 : Track sources for srcjars across modules
988708ce7 : Allow module types to generate resources
a5c2542f6 : Soong: Refactor the soong_ui arguments processing to be more like bazel.
0e55ba6db : Mark libgcc_stripped native_bridge_supported
acf18d7c6 : uncompressedDex option for android_app_import.
806fd94be : Support install-clean and data-clean
1f33e4097 : Add native_bridge target to Android.bp
0ef081672 : Support robolectric_test
25f35fa65 : Remove unnecessary core library neverallow rules
6ad772597 : Fix use_embedded_native_libs handling for android_test
3a653f419 : Allow the host expr.
ccbb39365 : Add android_app_import.
ff5a17787 : Remove unnecessary core library neverallow rules
8e8c01c38 : Remove unnecessary core library neverallow rules
6b3a0ddf0 : xz: force use of the prebuilt.
3f7ddbba9 : Enable app image startup cache for preopted apps
3d87302a6 : Revert "bzip2/xz: use the prebuilts."
acee27cd7 : Strip libgcc to only keep fallback symbols
5b6061d6a : Add ART folks to owner of dexpreopt related file.
feef2ef4d : Pass other boot classpath locations to the apex image.
e114b3f0a : bzip2/xz: use the prebuilts.
497d4c24b : Remove from known_nondeterminism.whitelist
08a409df2 : Reverse merge order of resources and implementation
4d27704da : Prebuilt APEXes are recoreded in apexkeys.txt
8c8563746 : Soong: Add synopsis to ndk_prebuilt_* modules.
cb5142c2d : Soong: Add synopsis to kernel_headers module under cc package.
41eabe63e : Support opt-in ABI checks
de4e4e6a6 : Tag dex_preopt.profile as a path
2e61fa6e1 : Add visibility support
aa1c6f1f5 : Pass --remove-tools-declarations to manifest merger
90c25c689 : Don't use merged manifest for android_library modules
7f87f4fde : Support target.hostdex.required
9a4abed70 : Make java_test_helper_library installable
e8a7dc987 : Export proguard_dictionary for java_library modules
28c3eb682 : Export java_host_for_device and java_device_for_host modules to Make
e77218f56 : Soong: Refactor the soong_ui arguments processing to be more like bazel.
0866b003b : Build contexts files with Soong
9c6241f76 : Fix tests with cc_binary_host on mac
9aa3ab1f3 : New AndroidMk authoring system based on entry map.
52c90d868 : pom2bp: Implement -static-deps to match pom2mk
7fdab6eee : Add -jetifier to pom2mk and pom2bp
7f276c6b7 : Fix soong_zip --help
09ecee768 : Switch to clang-r353983c
d4671111e : Ensure that PathsForModuleSrc works with prebuilts
71b519d6c : Set default target SDK version for APEX
f2976304f : Fix: PathsForModuleSrc does not work for a replaced dependency
109328714 : Allow codename.fingerprint format for targetSdkVersion
3047fa23d : Build framework.aidl in Soong
60405e50f : Get default sdk_test.go values from config
901ea31b7 : Get default sdk_test.go values from config
54879d193 : TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN is a list, not a single path
2057f8216 : Fix handling optimize.enabled from java_defaults
368e55671 : Dump make deprecation status to logs
79c7c26d8 : Add support for prebuilt java_sdk_library modules
5e676fe9f : Fix: HideFromMake is not registered to llndk_* module types
6d8c0a50b : Revert "Revert "Enable lld for windows""
f8b860a0f : Use LoadHook to create modules in java_sdk_library
babaf07b1 : Rename -extra-deps to --extra-static-libs and add --extra-libs
97add5035 : Allow guava to use java_host_for_device
5f867c058 : Embed CSS entries in soong_build.html.
4e0aa23dd : Convert yacc to a single RuleBuilder rule
633c50229 : Support RuleBuilder.Sbox to wrap commands in sbox
91268c668 : Make makevars deterministic
f80716702 : Make apex_key HostAndDeviceDefault
c3a1e2206 : Do not re-export _Unwind_XXX symbols.
b5191a573 : Allow guava to use java_host_for_device
df8eebeca : Zip boot image
62f1f9488 : Add --llndk for NDK libs as well
71c746071 : Expose TargetFSConfigGen to DeviceConfig from Make
0adfee5a2 : Fix relative path of bpf modules
1aa7f26a2 : pom2bp: add jar deps to -nodeps modules
412160e1c : Stop using build/target -> build/make/target symlink
c4bd8f828 : Include proper deps for signapk
6ea42118f : Soong: Add synopsis to ndk_* modules.
aad19605c : Add extra used dependencies
b6d171bb7 : Update default soong config
09364fd95 : Fix python proto srczip argument order
06758a7e1 : Use the full dexpreopt boot classpath when preopting with other images.
c2dbadc36 : Add toybox seq.
0975ee0de : Check package restrictions for Java libs.
5e5b2c7f1 : Add robolectric-shadows to
ba71a3fb1 : Fix missing genrule srcs and tools with ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true
89ecd590e : Make prebuilt_apex be usable via :modulename syntax
7a41ebdf5 : Add filename property to prebuilt_apex
e95e0c9c2 : Update libstagefright_omx_soft name in vndk.go
dd53e8be1 : Add installable property for prebuilt_apex
9223a6262 : Handle LOCAL_JAVA_RESOURCE_FILES variable
1fe881203 : Blacklist more libraries from no-vendor-variant VNDK
c4624c018 : Remove our clang-tidy wrapper
b6d230515 : Implement `host_required` and `target_required` properties.
25c0e0352 : Use the apex image when the device config asks for it.
092c9da92 : Export more config variables
cc0ce80ed : Fix package path of android/soong/android pctx
ea3fcdffc : Soong: Add synopsis to several modules under the cc package.
ad0315089 : Soong: Add synopsis to vndk_prebuilt_shared module under cc package.
db1cb10a5 : Blacklist more libraries from no-vendor-variant VNDK

+- Project: platform/cts

7dd1feaea79 : [CTS] GetEnterpriseConfig should return null when unset
efc133da460 : DialogFrameTests: Fetch insets from UI thread.
640d347b31c : Make sure storages ready before testing AdoptableHostTest
3569fd173ad : Adds tests for uri grant-based visibility
94f77086590 : Skip WindowInsetsAnimationTest when navbar isnt supported.
cf017de286b : Assert no-write access for Android/<data|obb> directories
a81b6c5a0a6 : Fix CTS test failure for WifiConnectedNetworkScorer in DBS mode
9b09926aff9 : Skip getCellLocation if we don't have telephony
e160f5b8896 : Camera: Fix wrong test case enumeration for physical cameras
b21f5630533 : Assert that legacy alter table behaviour is the default.
e0327ac4fe1 : CTS test for Android Security b/111603051
9694eae503e : CTS test for Android Security b/79662501
492976724b6 : CTS test for Android Security b/36554207
8f8ff2d6218 : CTS test for Android Security b/36554209
4f55ad4b7a2 : CTS test for Android Security b/62800140
d2646dec917 : CTS test for Android Security b/112005441
8d884f480ff : Fix path issues in omxUtils.h
718d8ca454d : Add a test to verify keyboard hiddn when IME focused dialog dismissed
1920cfa000d : Force the app idle state again after whitelisting it.
d86b80fc72c : Revert "Revert "Fix and promote WindowInsetsAnimImeTest""
1babdf10270 : Revert "Fix and promote WindowInsetsAnimImeTest"
f39f47e966d : Auto-configure wifi on virtual devices
4a79ea4c83e : Camera: Fix InputEvent dispatching timeout
208d59c3fc2 : replace fake TIS session ID with null (default value) because tuner resource manager is checking whether the TIS session Id is valid
cfc08f02232 : EncoderProfileLevelTest: Change HEVC encoder level 3 tests
3669eaa7e30 : Fix and promote WindowInsetsAnimImeTest
6b28619428c : Ensure PublicVolumeTest recieves a proper volume name
9a31819d57f : Add ARC++ checking to Feature.Util
c65e856cb84 : "Allow" button search should be case insensitive
34d52affd06 : CtsWifiTestCases: don't disable location upon test completion
821b9d2d5d3 : CameraITS: Fix the physical camera id parsing
f440a29be1e : Revert "Test for composer and other tags in mp4"
c9133da9fcb : Camera: Use separate result listener when releasing shared outputs
989d039b388 : Fix OutgoingCallTest#testExtraPhoneAccountHandleAvailable failure.
d97124a0fd9 : Make Context tests compatible on Q
40f88c95a16 : Fix WindowInputTests#testInjectFromThread failure
ef8698376ac : Fix ActivityManagerAppExitInfoTest#testSecondaryUser failure
b17c5c20f18 : drop ShellPermission after use it
1ae2cf94e54 : AudioTrackOffloadTest: increase playback time
b817f2adde5 : IdentityCredential: Add new test to ensure that ACP ids can start at non-zero.
a0119463123 : Don't run testRequestLatestEntitlementResult if not supported
b8d153c795d : CameraITS: refine OpenCV version support
7a1c3a7472b : Remove some TV special cases in permission3 cts
1df61b2dee4 : Update tests to allow for implicit activity starts
56df7deae0b : Statically link the perfetto config
eaa08da51af : Update isBrowserPresent to understand stubs
8e01ce7da08 : AudioManagerTest should pass if app is bypassing DND
87b2260431d : Ensure battery saving modes are disabled.
410958f5a07 : Fix the URL in CTS test for Instant App Notification URL.
3ed79ab2de6 : Refine FocusHandlingTest and InputMethodServiceDeviceTest
582c26bb3ce : Toggle MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE from the host
6ba29438d92 : cts: Fix incorrect assert check on API:toWifiConfiguration
bab8aede753 : Allow empty kernel wakelock names
995733cc1dd : Ignore non-matching callbacks to fix flakiness
31e49de0ba8 : Add CtsNetTestCasesLatestSdk to mainline-presubmit
6e9a69fc522 : Increase a timeout that's too short
d8ee58216a8 : AudioManagerTest: skip testVolume for TV
e0e681e569c : Update tests for API quota changes.
d7bd996c0fc : Fix testRestart
86ac2aa705b : Tests that queries for browser only show browsers
6eff24c0a88 : Clear documentsUI last accessed storage for definite results
5a3593cae42 : Add dikshag@ and zemiao@ as owners for DocumentsTest
d3e32a31439 : Add test cases for window input with overlap window
0a19a329a30 : CTS: regression test for applying DisplayCutout insets
cab98dd64e0 : Fix AutoRevokeTest flakiness
3e3643e9102 : Don't assume failure return code from commit to be '1'.
f7898a64351 : Test for composer and other tags in mp4
b735ca3e602 : Fix up Telecom CTS for presubmit
3bc4098e48b : Fix CtsOsTestCases to run on user builds.
a05f10390ff : Add some logs to help debug test failures.
fb3ba3422b8 : Include blob_store service dump in the test logs upon failures.
fe7e5b6462a : [CTS] Verify target Passoint config installed by test
66fd0cf19d9 : Revert "Fix the URL in CTS test for Instant App Notification URL."
190c04a94c6 : Revert "Add test cases for window input with overlap window"
21146ee216b : Fix testMultipleActivations
889a4e9c209 : Adjust timings in NetworkScanApiTest
06db97fe83c : Fix CtsTaggingHostTestCases testCompatFeatureEnabled issue
ac9d6a206b7 : Fix testReviewPermissionWhenServiceIsBound for certain devices
a47afb000ac : CameraITS: Update physical camera summary file name tokenizer
20ec595e8ac : Add IRNSS to svid range check
429cdf10211 : DO NOT MERGE Remove failing tests
d4164c55752 : Swap initActivity and assumeTrue lines
0a4d328d677 : Add assumeTrue to test using navigation bars
b06aa5d5a60 : DO NOT MERGE access() tests for top-level non-default directories
58d3079104a : Add android.intent.action.PACKAGE_UNSUSPENDED_MANUALLY for Digital Wellbeing
048ac8dd839 : Revert^2 "Add test for permission checks for setattr."
0d3ba722f41 : Use main looper for onFrameRenderListener in Media codec CTS
77928c03441 : Fix remaining failures in WindowInsetsAnimationControllerTests
4e73fa8d72a : Add test cases for window input with overlap window
83bef3906bb : Fix CTS-on-GSI: testProcessStatePssValue failures
cc974db1b0a : Let testB141603906 run over ADB-over-network
810a3a9ff01 : Skip dialog tapjacking test for floating windows
66f564deb23 : Allow instant apps to see activity for UndefinedGroupPermissionTest
ff63058131b : [CTS] callback result should be NO_OPPORTUNISTIC_SUB_AVAILABLE on R.
1ef9a451772 : Revert "Revert "Verify IMS to get display and WM""
987fb890f56 : Add system_ext to the usermode helper allowlist
bbb378473d7 : Clear calls when InCallService unbinds
e6a6ac6c156 : Fix flake in BackgroundCallAudioTest
8231e474d1e : Collect permission type field
6bfc07d56d2 : Adds installSource test to AppEnumerationTests
8e77c177ba0 : Toggle MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE from the host
88309e7e5e0 : Fix autofill failures on auto related to position.
fd069513059 : Revert "Add test for permission checks for setattr."
fb339e3e412 : DeviceInfo: Collect hidden physical camera characteristics
ad0c08f199b : cts: fix running AnomalyTestCase#testPerfetto multiple times b2b
65eca05dd99 : Check navigation mode before running PreferredActivitiesTestCases
4cf2187103f : Add limits on BlobHandle label and lease expiry strings.
9a5912e2db4 : Camera: Restrict external camera connectivity test
6a40c03cba0 : test Opus/G711 Channel/Rate only >= Android 11
feb5361d376 : Disable low latency tests on Q
1327d484ac9 : Add support for split APKs (1/n)
4941c01900b : Add SDMMAGPIE (SM7150) SoC to hardware mitigation list
f2e81f467ba : Adding debuggable attribute to the debug apk.
6821fbe308d : [DO NOT MERGE] TouchExplorerTest: remove test for long clicking using accessibility actions.
d287ffa4e5c : Fix test logic to allow trivial "pass" for devices without MIDI support.
75a449737cd : Add package name to handle root intent. FilesByGoogle was recently shipped with handling the same intent. In the tests we would explicitly wants DocumentsUI to handle the intent
772bec2d5e8 : CherryPick: uninstall TestApps after Testcase execution commpleted
a721e9d477c : Fix failing testDeviceOwnerWithInfo test
5d59adc1bf5 : Fix testIsolatedToHostUidMapping CTS failure
3da0b416042 : HDMICEC: Correct Mute Key Press
adea7727c9a : HDMICEC: Turn System Audio Mode On in SAM Tests
5c66289b6bf : Increase ConnDiagsTest timeout for end-to-end test.
33ff9c7fcff : Fix testIsChangeDisabledUid
563279a2822 : Add assumption check to skip inline autofill tests on automotive
bcfaf9a17a4 : EncoderProfileTest: Fix aac input configuration
ea219a6f5e3 : [CTS] Fix Compressed Native Lib test
cd3e68b1c15 : Add test for hold/unhold works after screening
f44f2285d03 : Pass in callsite of SurfaceControl constructor explicitely (3/3)
526d2170363 : Update PermissionGroupChange for automotive
99bb5326742 : The low-end machine has poor performance, cause some cts with high performance requirements fail
40d44b83052 : Ensure expired leases are ignored and deleted.
3802508e845 : Skip some CtsContentTestCases for non-handheld devices
6ffdd159850 : Wait for activity in test app to finish before force stop.
fb250e73524 : Fix for testInputUnbindsOnImeStoppedInstant
4230ceaccf2 : media: exclude MediaCodecBlockModelTest from MTS
a1d406ee329 : Fix the URL in CTS test for Instant App Notification URL.
28c6e7605a2 : Revert "Verify IMS to get display and WM"
0bcc3fafaac : Make sure restricted bucket is enabled for tests.
85b2ba9b8d6 : [CTS] remove product behavior verify
2452bc1c47b : Fix Vulkan dEQP level test
3ce526c7b53 : Add USAC seek test
22da6468b9c : Resume-on-Reboot: normalize screen state
ecac7b6a819 : CTS test for Android Security CVE-2020-0069
6b9696e41f4 : Increase timeout for CtsDynamicMimeHostTestCases
d659a9861db : Skip Notification and Recents test for TV
308de32566c : Identity: Update for changes to ISO 18013-5.
bd1f1a2cdb8 : Revert "Make sure that the LockTaskUtilityActivityIfWhitelisted was started."
d6c54fdd462 : [QuietModeTest] Correct the package and build-package names.
80f8b290897 : modify test due to behavior change
024b06d744d : Enhance CTS-Verifier to detect and record whether the test item is automated.
658e1402638 : Fix testNightModeAutoNotPersistedCarMode
e9766c71129 : Skip flaky CTS tests for presubmit
5810762ed75 : p2p: handle disconnection connection event properly
7c8222392db : Add a limit on no. of active sessions, committed/leased blobs.
be58e473434 : Record that CTS-V queries OpenCV Manager
8d79db68966 : Update CTS for permission dialogs on Automotive
91f9dee1cbe : Revert "Removed flaky test from pre-submit"
bf8bb38506f : Spawn isolated processes for the lmkd kill test
58eb6685c79 : Remove some flaky WindowInsetsAnimationControllerTests from presubmit
3e5d54e2380 : Adding MANAGE_COMPANION_DEVICES to permissions to skip on older versions of the code.
c5c2885373a : STS test for Android Security CVE-2020-0106
85422ebfac9 : Add tests for renaming from SHELL
d50582e5f49 : Fixed some flakiness for auto by setting TestActivity to behave similar to in portrait mode.
e3f000d37bf : Skip testManagedProfileSupported on low_ram devices
f2123c9cb9d : Scroll before asserting for NoOpAutofillService
fd06674a160 : Verify IMS to get display and WM
a46878acfe9 : cts: make the softap info check is optional
adc7752e856 : CTS WifiManagerTest#testGetCountryCode: check FEATURE_TELEPHONY before calling TelephonyManager APIs
c70e08689dd : camera cts: Allow mandatory depth streams to be tested.
e9d2af28546 : update testGetMaxSupportedInstances logic
eb43d504575 : Add CTS for zero insets IME animation
ce9cd0d5946 : AdbHostTest: don't run against TCP devices.
712825ba98a : Update MockIme to not clear suggestions when onStartInput is called
178c58eb214 : Adding MANAGE_COMPANION_DEVICES to permissions to skip on older versions of the code.
bc26186c03b : Ignore OneTimePermissionTest on Automotive
9447ffc1adf : Move two DocumentsTest form factor checks to host
7036e5bac8d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE:] STS test for Android Security CVE-2020-0106
1d0f591f0d8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated memutils files
068329fcec8 : Fix typo in permission name.
3983b703d60 : [DO NOT MERGE]Bring back tests for double tap and double tap and hold that trigger touch events.
fe6c502fab7 : Remove angle tests from MTS.
66da812f2be : CTS test for Android Security b/111603051
f8ff00185d1 : CTS test for Android Security b/79662501
bb3fd251634 : CTS test for Android Security b/36554207
3115615266e : CTS test for Android Security b/36554209
f8e42e8c516 : CTS test for Android Security b/62800140
ec748b9b3ed : CTS test for Android Security b/112005441
8cfee3fc8fc : Add CTS tests for --no-isolated-storage instrumentation flag
12b5f991542 : Add BlobStoreManager negative tests.
b247239cffd : Remove dumpsys incidentd tests
887fac2204a : Fix testConfigTtl CTS case
85e0dd9edb7 : Change ModifyInstallerPackageTest to check failure
672ee7d8956 : Add RVC mainline modules
d327eef4309 : Use MockIme in IME-related insets tests
f8f31af8a4e : Adjust the condition for car mode support
d990931b81d : Call super.onCreate in AutoClosingActivity
5ac0171f917 : Fix ConnDiags Test for invoke-after-validate and unregister CBs.
8b364fa1f9e : Disable TvMicrophoneCaptureIndicatorTest
7e7e77f4586 : Fix MediaCodecCapabilitiesTest fail on low ram device
7c76b5b4e76 : Fix "Backup deactivate failed" error
b8c2f87127a : Add tests for unsupported MIME type usage
037cc38f9ad : Remove db rows after unlinking the file from ROOT_UID
b3846696c06 : Remove fixed-rotation-transform setting
13d752abdd4 : Add net-utils-framework-common to cts-net
d721cb98436 : Correct the blobstore Session.openWrite() API usage in tests.
67d907e12c0 : CTS test ConnectivityDiagnostics via CarrierPrivilegesTracker.
26db6369009 : Workaround for PipMenuActivity not getting resumed changed immediately
09cc29f33ef : Fixing test flackiness.
d68b498c8a8 : System routes are not automatically exposed
3cd8ed7003e : Improve the reliability of the SimpleSaveActivityTest
76bf9aa0d75 : Deflake AutoRevokeTest: wait after open settings
58f6623a061 : Fix MockIme height in WindowInsetsAnimImeTest
9bf3b22cd53 : AutoRevokeTest: Launch specific intent to Settings
1d93776b325 : Add ATV GSI to fix ApexTest
b09703b7973 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated memutils files
947e98b6c8c : Updated memutils files
fadf88db914 : Camera: Fix insensitive language in comments and names
772de88b016 : Deflake ChoreographerNativeTest#testRefreshRateCallbackMixedWithFrameCallbacks
07328404320 : Delay deleting the blob after the last lease is released.
b4d5d519869 : Improved TestSystemIntents to show all missing intents in case of failure.
2809bd00cd8 : Avoid PixelCopy timeout on some devices
88ba1f86a5a : Expand tests to verify startActivities().
a03db6ba87e : Destroy surface after collected test result for testReparentOff
12415cebc8c : Deflake PinnedStackTests#testPinnedStackWithDockedStack
5da97d044e6 : Remove assumption about 'external' volume
aba7075fea7 : Remove NativeEncoderTest
5e0d9acfab5 : Fixing test_attributes_aaudio_system_usages_rejected
8cb413f7ae6 : Change ModifyInstallerPackageTest to check failure
1d4cf131b5e : Create file as calling package before copying the file
ed072af6e7e : Fix AssistantStackTests for when assistant is AOT
f5394613984 : Prevent developer provided strings from being uploaded through statsd - test change
156cd739ba6 : Add step for wait for broadcast idle at CtsDevicePolicyManagerTestCases test
15efba9e937 : Save AsyncOps for later forwarding instead of SyncOps: test chance
982ecb93369 : MediaRouter: Defer releasing routing controller when transfer
baf8a07bba3 : Verify we can stage a multi-package immediately after abandonment
4051af2647d : Remove setattr permission test for external files path.
dc6415098a5 : Handle non scrollable UIs
b950e42579e : Update signed-CtsOmapiTestCases.apk
1438fa5170c : Change ModifyInstallerPackageTest to check failure
770c4cd6c87 : Add testcase for adding permission in UNDEFINED group
2cc1f5a73f8 : Rename securitybulletin filegroups
bc9208945d2 : Temporary disable flaky test.
9f4903eab0d : Adds check/exception handling for logging stats to external storage in Cts Sensor Tests
95af062e6ff : Camera: Adjust test for relaxed physical stream cropping behavior
ea636eca0cd : Updated makefiles
ca9bcebb2d7 : Use getRealMetrics for screen configuration tests
8b1b0968401 : Add permission to access MediaCas with metrics collection on
1ad81f27312 : Added support to detect memory leaks and uninitialized memory
7d52946bb23 : Update Sharesheet CTS ECT test to check for low-ram
cea8b19c53e : Separate ModifyInstallerPackageTest cross package installer takeover test
a8976370a45 : Skip HDR thumbnail tests on pre-R builds
b86b6d6fc99 : media: rewind ByteBuffer when saving CSD buffers
cdd387a4c7f : Test instant app's access to external storage
1e64f027fb7 : Make sure that the LockTaskUtilityActivityIfWhitelisted was started.
6a080c9c175 : Fix the cts-on-gsi#testLockTaskAfterReboot&&testLockTaskAfterReboot_tryOpeningSettings
bd6ac252660 : Separate ModifyInstallerPackageTest cross package installer takeover test
ee7ccc8a461 : Add additional tests for ISO location redaction
b461df77cf8 : Split location redaction test
761d30432b4 : Dedup some test code into ProviderTestUtils
d404d135878 : ITS: update multi_camera_alignment to handle pixel size
8e3204087fc : ITS: test using largest JPEG image as ground truth for sub-cameras
977b84bf3d1 : WindowInsetsAnimationTests: Remove @FlakyTest after test was fixed
78dc06a4a68 : Increase polling timeout to 20 seconds.
e24c1fe2e1d : Retry executeShellCommand on InterruptedIOException
e223f360ecc : [CTS] Wait connection stable then start RTT
121897bb71b : Fix path issue for omxutils header b/159228018
fb41ae43ea9 : Only run ConnectivityDiagnosticsManagerTest as AppModeFull.
b6110173802 : Update DnsPacket package name
bd7eec6a99b : Camera CTS: Modify testMultiCameraRelease to follow concurrent camera recommendations.
a93a0fb9321 : Use activity context to get display in CtsPreferenceTestCases
1b432c423c3 : Exclude tests that are applicable AAOS from CtsVerifier app.
11c2daabc95 : [ACTS] relax accuracy requirement for RTT results
621ba5905e3 : Add back tests for older android versions
6f0e34f10c5 : Add test for ActionBar.get/setElevation().
1927e8a02dc : Add the file name to assertion messages.
9ea246964e8 : Updated testAnimationCallbacks_withLegacyFlags to wait for animation end before verification.
8dcb84a6125 : Set automotive device env before running JobThrottlingTest
2c8e7af95da : Revert "Removed failing tests from pre-submit"
af00d166a1e : Add Car permissions into CTS
e19ec596cdb : Make sure AutofillCallback work for inline case.
394b30f93cb : Read property ro.config.low.ram failed in CtsOmapiTestCases instant mode
dfa1f765ba3 : Attempt to reduce test flakiness.
60539e117bb : TouchExplorerTest: Check only event types rather than locations when testing drag.
ad966227051 : Add more blobstore related tests.
1472522019a : Add a back arrow in test activitiy.All test activity will have an option to back to upper level. Bug:152685192 Test: manual test on Emulator
0217fa75bbb : Update test to be compatible with multiuser
863c65632ab : Keep IME hidden so it doesn't auto trigger for automotive display size
640cd5c4f88 : Added INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS to CtsDeviceConfigTestCases.
5bde13cca35 : Fix the inline autofill CTS test for switch input method
683fdcbcd1d : Revert "Fixed CtsPermissionTestCases for devices that don't support wallpaper."
dda202c3a40 : AAC decoder: test KEY_AAC_MAX_OUTPUT_CHANNEL_COUNT for downmix
6d2ffafc88f : Update CtsPreferenceTestCases to prevent test app will fail when navigation bar is in bottom of screen in landscape mode
66d1611502f : Fix SplashscreenTests#testSplashscreenContent in the multi display env.
85727bc6040 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Adding MANAGE_COMPANION_DEVICES to permissions to skip on older versions of the code.
3772a38d705 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Prevent accessing companion records from arbitrary uids
58ee0a61a94 : Add test for permission checks for setattr.
44ca1c8c938 : Inset the parent frame with the system insets
f2c95d94a7d : Do not allow automatic resize for PresentationTest.testPresentationDismissAfterResizeDisplay - Resizing from onSurfaceChanged happening quickly fails the test. - Only resize with resizeDisplay() call.
9ba7fd65128 : Add test for file ownership updates.
1f7a9428ee7 : ExternalStorageTest: Use a larger timestamp.
ee57a7fedf9 : Toggle wifi when running CaptivePortalTest
4500527e955 : AAC decoder: tests exercise codec output format
bd2b15d80bb : Fix flaky test AccessibilityWindowQueryTest#testWindowDockAndUndock_dividerWindowAppearsAndDisappears
01bdd96500b : Update CarAppFocusManagerTest following API behavior change
2eae14c1b3b : Verify owner of IKEv2 VPNs
346e79a0750 : Update CrossProfileHostTest to work for auto
01e90f913b1 : Updated TestActivity to not show IME when starting.
7dfc0b265ae : Assign mSwipeTimeMillis a value that is proportional to mSwipeDistance.
3c63539059a : Removed flaky test from pre-submit
4abe10a2677 : Revert "Removed failing tests from pre-submit"
47fd05ae250 : Removed failing tests from pre-submit
8136e52ddae : Fix TelephonyManagerTest
c0ce6574df7 : Separate ModifyInstallerPackageTest cross package installer takeover test
ea861a65fb1 : Add ADD_TRUSTED_DISPLAY to raw manifest
760c2c351c2 : Don't test for AppCache callbacks.
62bfa06e4a2 : Create service for LocationAccessCheckTest
fbc0195dad8 : Gate DirectBootHostTest on FEATURE_SECURE_LOCK_SCREEN
d048bd7e81c : Removed failing tests from pre-submit
752fd18a10d : Add tests for external storage related permissions for wallpaper apis
60f2b09c9d2 : Don't wait forever to receive the intent from TestApp
cab38c7feee : Fix CtsTetheringTest on devices without permanent softAp interfaces.
844fdfa85a3 : Bump CtsNetTestCasesLatestSdk to target SDK 30.
87f55953bd7 : Do not create another pinned task while entering PIP in the test
d765f7da5c3 : Add additional tests for pending files from FUSE
258dcb31ac4 : Fix CTS AccessibilityTextActionTest#testExtraRendering_textViewShouldProvideExtraDataTextSizeWhenRequested
0e89756ca48 : setupNewPublicVolume shouldn't run as PublicVolumeTest
ee5dd770dd2 : Apply new flag changes on testFlag
dfb303eb9ab : Excludes camera feature tests for automotive
9c5ebdff16b : Clear data from failed commits and recommits properly.
5bc72e46ed5 : Fix racing condition in testGetHistoricalAggregationOverAttributions with eventually clause.
27d0466c3f1 : Enforce WiFi Disabled During Telephony CTS
c2b183456f8 : Fixups for SignalStrengthTest
797e77c57b7 : [CTS] Relax RTT test requirement
31250c90064 : Improve stability in the ImsService CTS tests
d07ae24de21 : CTS tests for BlobStore Atoms
92ebbb08e59 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: re-add filepusher for CVE-2017-13179
8f2c02d31cc : Rework CtsGpuProfilingDataTest
a637a1a479f : Downgrade window jetpack tests
cbaa5d63e12 : Send MANAGED_PROFILE_* broadcasts to apps with MODIFY_QUIET_MODE.
e68e584c675 : Remove statsd disabled check
74fa8c17d66 : Revert "Rework CtsGpuProfilingDataTest"
49fb64a3744 : Add QUERY_ALL so AutoRevoke can query permissions
932a0c300a4 : Always set secure FRP setting on user 0
42087ad34fe : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Removed duplicate permission declaration.
21a038fce60 : ITS: update tools/DngNoiseModel.pdf documentation
edfe5f4c2dc : Rework CtsGpuProfilingDataTest
620ec9543fc : Verify canRead() is false for /storage/emulated
3702df3f8ae : IME: Fix broken tests on devices with hardware keyboards
e467b66c122 : Move Inet[4]AddressUtils to libs/net
23c1fb1e15f : CtsVerifier(wifi): Mark the test suggestion unmetered
c93c541c8db : GnssStats atom entity name change
d17afb148c0 : Attempt to de-flake testScheduledJobState
7300db4ce84 : Attempt to de-flake testProcessMemorySnapshot
e4fe2e19ad8 : FrameRateCtsActivity: increase frame rate switch grace period
f34400194c0 : Fix the range of LTE RSSNR in CTS
0111cc8afa1 : Exclude TV device as a target of Screen Lock test in CTS Verifier
44cb8c32fa4 : AdbHostTest: don't run against emulators.
fab72ac6e9f : Update testPermissionControllerDomain
b4462bcadeb : Wifi CTS: Add coverage for WifiNl80211Manager#testSetOnServiceDeadCallback
9b682f45d4b : Attempt to de-flake testAppStartOccurred
48bc939771c : Don't test for AppCache callbacks.
cc40b36d281 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Adding MANAGE_COMPANION_DEVICES to permissions to skip on older versions of the code.
2b01cd578c7 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Prevent accessing companion records from arbitrary uids
cd61cd9ad0e : Fix WindowFocusTests#testKeyReceiving test.
675394d418a : cts: statsd: distinguish between file not found and tracing disabled
312bd754ed9 : CtsVerifier: Clarify language for CA cert install test
0f507d4fda1 : Update test instructions for Device Owner Test / Disallow remove user.
740c55eeef5 : Added tests for I83ffd660bc3d6843901e838a53eacec6883fef52
7406584ab93 : Fix ConfigChangeTest flakey
e9b8f381b48 : Fix MultinetworkApiTest fail problem in instant mode
35a449b72bb : CodecTestBase: add support to read dimensions from crop rectangle
0462d16bd12 : Skip bubbles tests for ADT
a61ef6eb45d : Dismiss system dialogs after swipe down action
d9b5a12ebfc : Revise PlatformCompat related CorruptApkTests tests
31341058675 : [Signature CTS] Make sure to test enum fields
da8d73c4cb6 : Run setSecureFrp only on user 0
93d82cd81db : Attempt to de-flake testSyncState.
8410154d318 : Verify get ViewConfiguration from InputMethodService
0291ac12536 : Add shell permission
028ae1537a5 : Skip R test on Q
c9e9a2b27d1 : Fix tests that failed on devices without IPsec tunnel feature
c8e955d7cf2 : Refactor CTSVerifier Loopback tests to use the common, Oboe-based, measurement.
5ae3b35ec83 : Disable tests in mediav2 extractor and muxer
12f553fba21 : Remove unused/unneeded code from AudioFrequency CTS-Verifier tests.
7352b57d0a2 : Refactoring audio loopback tests.
447d9b0fdbc : Fix presentation test
b305b705adb : Skip dataset setting if the feature is disabled
19a33028bba : Remove debug code before beta release.
276f0b0bb5f : Attempt to de-flake testPowerUse
1b7833564f7 : Refactoring Audio Frequency tests.
60014eff01f : Enable test that lists Android/<data|obb> path
bf3877d17e5 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix TV bug in location CTS
c3932d3606c : Identity: update CTS tests for signingKey parameter move.
059ad253f26 : Skip direct boot test if FBE emulation or screenlock is not supported
2624f77bea9 : Exclude data usage atoms generated by background traffic
96ff5633ee3 : Fix CTS for Iaf8054bf56bdc3bb1f71a1ee543ebb261fd58fbd
a80ae16d6f0 : Failure reason is not persisted on metadata for non-checkpoint device
1c6e6ab3afc : Fix errors in AccessibilityGestureDispatchTest
d37d0c70762 : Change excepted result on R for testUpdateAvailableNetworksWithCarrierPrivilege.
6b30ce4d1df : Reset vpn provision status
db7a85b4389 : Resume-on-Reboot: make locking screen more robust
5f9e13a600c : AAC decoder: do not test R features on Q
f002cb1b1a9 : Fixed WallpaperManagerTest.tearDown().
53defe5ce9f : Fix testGetConfigByComponentForSubId
170fea27cc7 : Module level locksettings should be kept.
9ff66d23064 : ColorAspects Cts test: Incorrectly updating offset value
dbc7aededaa : Fixed TextClassifierServiceSwapTest so it checks if the service is available.
7d5fbef813a : Make sure SimpleSmsApp is build as part of test suites
a09d8c8a3a3 : Camera: fix eviction expectation for audio restriction test
4f5d2dd21c5 : AdbHostTest: only require on devices launching with R.
41033a65d49 : Gate CompanionDeviceManagerTest behind an assumeTrue
68bef61e26b : Tests that provider access grants visibility to caller
8b7ac9701ee : Disable GNSS tests on non-GNSS devices
a81cbfb1e2e : Fix compat changes for PackageSetInstallerTests
e77af164aa7 : Fix HistoricalApposTest#testRebootHistory()
895fe631f3f : Fix timing issues with SearchView CTS tests
edf2f719dc3 : Test that CR#delete doesn't throw exception for already unlinked file
41628d14cc2 : Camera: Use non-null video recording paths
90bfb2af379 : Fixed AppOpsLoggingTest to check if wallpaper is supported.
0cee395e0c8 : CtsVerifier(wifi): Fix the instructions for test
efaa9542109 : Cherry-pick: 'Fix test case testLockTask_exitIfNoLongerWhitelisted'
5c3afa5def8 : cts: Add Bengal target to whitelist in the CTS test case
21c655eb1ff : Make MediaParserTest#testTsBigBuckBunny shorter
673e710944c : Assume we have certain types of insets before testing them
8af253c8437 : Enlarge the onAvailable callback timeout to 30 seconds
79482795544 : RVC - CTS: android.provider.cts.SettingsPanelTest ~ 3 failures
f8e8b8d7134 : Enable and fix disableCollectedAndNoteSyncOpAndCheckLog test
78931aba690 : AF: Test that filtering still works after selecting a suggestion.
5df2fe92c5f : AF: Reduce redundancy in filtering tests.
f060a2c759d : Use noteProxyOp() in noteSelfAndTrustedAccessAndCheckOpEntries().
1c66e962f36 : CTS: Update App Focus Test
2fdc87d2b17 : Merge "Fix an issue when more than one gatt app is on the same ACL" am: 0546c9c1cd am: 6fa3aba341 am: 4f88209556 am: 7a8d8ecde0 am: bc4de43bb7
bb858336ce7 : Fix testLaunchAliasActivity in Android Auto.
60a88793f37 : Fixes MatchFlagTests for non-browser devices
a31cfcb5cd9 : Remove the report view icon Bug:157195530 Test: manual test on Emulator
0db4fa000fa : Check for Cellular before testing Logical Channel APIs.
b895fc801ab : Fix AudiblyAlertedTest in CtsVerifier
8533fd00430 : testInstallCaCertLogged failed during cts test
4fea0efe816 : Correctly offset app op history on reboot - CTS
e407310326d : Add redacted regexes to business logic
3966e1407a1 : Fix SipMangerTest failure.
3045df602f0 : Reland "Refine FocusHandlingTest"
cb6e556acbe : Add @LargetTest annotation to tests that reboot the device
42ec8265c0d : Use correct "unset duration" constant
7c8d9774798 : Add module_control to AndroidTest.xml
5fdff1d8088 : Secondary mounted public volumes are write-accessible for legacy apps
4d0af728ac4 : Add test for verifying IS_PENDING is set for files created via filePath
2242c74aa31 : Fix cts fail for InlineLoginActivityTest
25dd4df76a0 : Add CtsNetTestCasesLatestSdk to postsubmit
a3f0b4edf38 : Skipping test for no rotation support
5fb02c0eccc : Fix CEC CTS test Code Style
684ca629e0b : Fix flaky DisableAutofillTest#testDisableAppThenWaitToReenableIt
20baef4acfa : Bug fixed for CTS failures on CtsAppSecurityHostTestCases
c2fb116cde7 : Revert "Add redacted regexes to business logic"
1b054724ad3 : Made HIDE_NON_SYSTEM_OVERLAY_WINDOWS permission available to pre-installed apps
59965ea356e : Added WRITE_EMBEDDED_PERMISSION to Manifest
ae1d8a9fcb1 : Wifi CTS: increase connection timeout to reduce flake
c176e82ea28 : ITS: update tools/ with improvements
b43e22e06fd : Add redacted regexes to business logic
a083c53406e : Apply AppModeFull so that the runtime permission can be granted
0dc752f8691 : Add the primary owner explicitly.
aebd69814cf : Ensure tests work with restrited bucket toggling.
c2dbe596c26 : CTS appop atoms: don't use shell
dd0b8d9065e : Add CTS test for Xbox controller
03299227e0c : Wait for the surface is gone when checking the invisibility of the activity.
7e1964e475c : Remove test for deprecated auto revoke manifest API
8a010331757 : Add isolated process and app zygote test for app data isolation
56783fa8f92 : Fix testEditTextPositionAndPersistWhenAboveImeWindowShown flaky
d75afc78cbe : Fix for the test failure due to killing AccessLocationOnCommand service during CtsPermissionTestCases test
d29da99a5c3 : Fix bug component ID for CtsDynamicMimeHostTestCases
2f2231dc24a : Location-based Geomagnetic Field Measurement Thresholds
e5480fea823 : Avoid updating apex on device that does not support it
97b41f68580 : Fix SplitScreenTests#testNoUserLeaveHintOnMultiWindowModeChanged flaky
cba9e93df93 : Consider the fact that configstore is deprecated
698b3053e4f : Check for telephony feature for testPersonalAppsSuspensionSms
14512709eb8 : Change the waiting time in testProcessMemoryState
957c8e3207b : fingerprint: Fix BuildFingerprint
a3fa315f8d6 : MediaCodecBlockModelTest: set color format at video encoding
fa0868f8e3a : Fix the subject check of Batch attestation
ea0e77402e3 : Fix CtsNetUtils connectTo/disconnectFromWifi
6f7c3656028 : Fix IllegalArgumentException: Unknown URL issue
52bc49788d9 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Adding MANAGE_COMPANION_DEVICES to permissions to skip on older versions of the code.
acd10b237c5 : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Prevent accessing companion records from arbitrary uids
eae329732ab : Add Sdk30ModuleController for tests in mts-permission.
5b6c48760a7 : Store ETWS primary information in the database
e196cfd8b90 : Add comment to adb OS descriptor test.
57585412c76 : Exclude cts settings panel tests for automotive
e1860691593 : Revert "Add POC test from b/137282168 to CTS."
f038756c7b9 : Add redacted regexes to business logic
6e7ac228e2c : Disable some CTS tests using split-screen from non-supporting devices
eff95d49687 : WifiNetworkSpecifierTest: Convert to junit4
a4d3f10a746 : Fix installation of MediaParser tests on Q devices
6a47f08442e : Explicitly remove a temporary probe directory
d3707061e26 : fix sometimes file creation fails due to slow permission update
86d0877be72 : Fix textView id for NonExportedActivity
2862781c466 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: STS: Set testPocCVE_2017_0540 to high-memory
def036606cb : Verify that fixed rotation adjusts display info of application
996fd0e9436 : Correct CrossProfile broadcast tests.
6626a540df0 : Added tests for case-insensitivity special casing
16a1d099f10 : Allow managed profiles without lockscreen
7a840dbb1e4 : Remove dependency on kotlin-reflect
93b705da53d : Skip Ikev2VpnTest on Q
e8ded0ea97f : Increase max number of passive locations in GnssLocationUpdateIntervalTest
4c4c38a02b4 : Camera ITS: Fix its execution failed
d5b4c34f5d3 : Camera: update FOV check for aspect ratio and crop test
f0db1a8bbf0 : Don't run R-specific tests on Q
f1892600656 : Don't use metalava in Signature (device side) CTS
605cacf8384 : Grant Read Phone State permission for CTS app
e6b3d3fea46 : STS: run pacrunner correctly
7e22dff7402 : Add extra checking to poc pushed to the device
8577029a176 : STS: Refactor runPoc* methods to propery overload each other
4dc55668662 : Sets next button text in UI thread on Sensors CTS verifier
9f68e6fd79a : Avoid NPE on devices without hifi/VR-hiperf/sensors
db3a9b40fa2 : Fix HistoricalAppopsTest.
24203d59af0 : Let DisplayCutoutTests handle orientation change without relaunch
b22fe70e593 : Check for telephony feature for testDefaultSmsApplication
e96b043590f : Make CtsStrictJavaPackagesTestCases pass on Q
f425b0f955b : Fix switch input method cts fail for WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission denial
521c0521621 : Skip insets animation tests if insets do not exist
691efa7c390 : Exclude MediaRouter2 related tests from MTS
328490b5448 : Fix TetheringManagerTest failure when using entitlement required SIM
0933eb90f0c : Add flag to manifest of test apks that allows everyone to query them
800752f5357 : [CTS]Add interval between aware attach and request NDP
55876424770 : Prevents NPE from double remove in TestTaskOrganizer
1b6f3ff4b24 : Add android.intent.action.LOAD_DATA for Google Play
1308c53792e : Update test to only work with sMutableColumns.
67e4e63add1 : TouchExplorerTest: get bounds of view rather than from DisplayMetrics
6c588d6812e : STS: Refactor runPoc* methods to propery overload each other
837a6ca9c3a : STS: Improve robustness of containsDriver()
b98608b9e48 : Revert "Add top level OWNERS for cts/ project"
a7e2994244c : Remove stopship for permissioncontroller pkg name
c1e56c9b793 : CTS Tagging - Uninstall run in teardown.
67ea5f5204a : SurfaceControlViewHostTests: Fix race in resize test
040db664784 : Wait for device_config command to run.
74589689418 : External storage directory can have additional operations in FileObserverTest.
338f8b1a93d : Add file path tests for Android/media
a85d593b08a : New CTS test for BytesTransferByTagAndMetered atom
438a0828758 : Add test to verify get display from display context derived context
27379136469 : AAC decoder: test internal decoder clipping
cb89003429e : AAC decoder: test album mode
0f43365df67 : AAC decoder: test expert / anchor / program loudness selection
17190aaec55 : AAC decoder: test returned output loudness
29dd07d2828 : MediaCodec CTS: Add Mpeg2 interlaced clip to test list
f8fead45180 : Add cts test to verify content descriptions in spans in setText() remain the same after parceling.
7e2f881bb74 : AAC decoder: test USAC decoding with loudness normalization off
0a28b7db401 : AAC decoder: test boost/attenuation w/ DRC effect in USAC decoding
d7d6f908064 : AAC decoder: test DRC configuration after decoder initialization
da08a3e90af : Test Legacy Storage on public volumes
5424d0b4682 : Add manjaepark@ to security test OWNERS files
3e5ca45e043 : New CTS test for ringing + active call use case
11e60536fe5 : Add testLowPowerModeGnssLocation and GnssMeasurementRegistrationTest to location_privileged CTS
0f77cc37c08 : CodecEncoder: Add tests for validating Color Aspects
6aaa3443af7 : Update MockIme to clear the inline suggestion onStartInput
d4b6e883490 : Added more CTS tests for Content Capture Data Share API
6e0254906b8 : Allow ManagedUsers on low_ram devices
c20af566d1c : [cts] skip Incremental native lib tests on unsupported devices
dce245575e9 : Introduce a CTS app to test Permissions (READ_PHONE_STATE) precisely
dcab6497efa : AF Inline: Test that all chips come back after clearing the filled text.
b2227543fcd : Clean up Logical Channel use for CarrierApiTest.
ef53aa2e8f1 : [CTS] Add more retry for scan
0c0a7cc22ce : AF: Run all dropdown filtering tests for inline too.
f5da7010043 : Skip CarModePrioritized tests if UI mode is locked
443f5d46511 : Add IPv6 testing for IKEv2 VPN tests
c6fdba89213 : Add Ikev2VpnTests including IKE negotiation.
3a373c423de : Add basic tests for IKEv2/IPsec VPNs
27693944325 : Extract IPsec and test network utility methods
301bcd28703 : Disable hidden api checks for Telecom tests
6b543674eb0 : Test Data Stall with unknown detection type.
50b4f02d84d : Add CTS testing for ConnectivityDiagnostics Data Stall callback.
a80ca3066fd : Add CTS tests for ConnectivityDiagnostics callbacks.
0c8121f9459 : Add end to end key rotation update CTS test
e188c328d79 : Catch AssertionError in testFactoryResetProtectionPolicy
a696d1f4536 : Add test cases for delayed reponse
a177dcc1551 : Test Scoped Storage on public volumes
91b4671463e : Camera: fix camera intent test
1bc1e2b6675 : pf_access tests for app data directories
7e79eddbed7 : Skip R-and-later test on Q
5edc70e26bf : File managers do not have access to app's external files dir
10594085504 : MediaCodecTest: don't run R-specific tests on Q
f4e86d5ac85 : Add test to check read/write access in an app's external files dir
b5fb0aebd19 : Re-add test case for verifying no file path access for legacy apps.
b2588ebdecb : cts: perf_event_open: require LSM hooks on devices launching with R+
b83836e38b7 : Add CTS tests for scrolling the inline suggestions
2e94b5aebb8 : Re-add testExternalStorageGifts as no gifts
2ddf2a06cae : Remove any existing users in test setup
60cc4ff610a : Add CtsVerifier tests for NFC transaction event
623325fc51a : Add test for inline autofill on webview
0b1ab38ee01 : keystore: Wait for unlock operation to complete.
59a1e4dc742 : Correct PkgInstall test app mk copyright from Google to AOSP
6f938b3309f : Add CTS for HdmiSwitchClient.getPortInfo
22bf1023f4b : Verify switch to autofillable Activity and no response doesn’t show previous suggestion.
de9b99c0875 : Add a test to verify switch Activity does not show the previous suggestion.
d443d1f744a : Add CTS test for the capport API
30125e7e891 : Fix testNotificationReportedFlake
c4f05a46e38 : Added CTS to enforce IWLAN mode
1397012f25f : Support getStorageVolume() for synthetic volumes.
4a240de6c23 : CTS coverage for using Uri based icons in shortcuts
ebac46f5965 : Add test for tapjacking permission grant dialog
5ea01d15298 : Disable the immersize mode cling
4d9f8cc2228 : Allow MediaCasTest to run on Q successfully
a8085e21ec8 : add SoundTrigger system API CTS test coverage
20cf37ddf59 : Modify instructions for CTS-V prox batching test
0f5ac240980 : Remove tests in BatteryStatsValidationTest
4078887c739 : media: better detect when performance numbers are not relevant
187176506a0 : Wifi CTS: call WifiManager#reconnect() before asserting that Wifi is connected
0c32007bc99 : ConnectedNetworkScorerTest: force reconnect before finishing
1f3f3563e06 : Add top level OWNERS for cts/ project
8ca948b01e8 : Only run tests appropriate for the API level
f0e82ed4485 : CtsVerifier(wifi): Allow user to specify ssid + passphrase
5197494f6bf : Remove randomized Wifi MAC address test from CTS
c19747c1996 : Fixing expected values to match new behavior
38cffdbf528 : Test IKE Session setup in IPv6 network
1d564719ec6 : Test handling authentication failure
18811cf25fd : Test remotely initiated rekey
037d2241691 : Test IKE Session setup with EAP-MSCHAPv2
d592520b81d : Test IKE Session setup with digital-signature-based Auth
12fa2f27b31 : Move common logic in testing and verification to IkeSessionTestBase
51ff70508d7 : Verify creation and deletion of IpSecTransform pair
5c38454fde1 : CtsVerifier test for media controls in QS
5e8bc36357a : Check last modified timestamp has been written on lower FS.
c26c79dd8e4 : Remove check for prox sensor feature in batching CTS-V test
e058d13421e : Use prebuilts and release signature for ApkVerityInstallTest
6d89cf48163 : Add End-To-End test for verifying EditText not covered by IME
f9f8d5a7e56 : Add IME insets visibitility End-to-End test
9effb8f16ca : Add CTS test for IntentForwarderActivity starting share sheet in other tab
1cb565a04cc : Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS permission
adfc5914b67 : Verify VPN disclosure message via CTS verifier
8dd947e2e37 : CTS: Verify legacy flags enable insets animation listeners
f9458db1960 : Migrate pending and trashed filepath tests to CTS
6d7cb2cc73c : Refactor ScopedStorageTest to run on any volume
d02edccca48 : Persist blobstore session creation time.
2cb23eedf80 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/109891727"
6466f5e3eb7 : [SM16.1] Add CTS for data usage metrics per subscription
a98c2776b03 : [SM14.1] Add cts for DataUsageBytesTransfer
91ef66a12b1 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/37239013"
2dfcba1e4d4 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/127702368"
5d583f0760f : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112005441"
a8aba945440 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/62133227"
4af7f62c031 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/24346430"
8794f4f5f99 : Add tests for the switch input method with inline suggestion
dc6005c9bf2 : Fix testTetheringUpstream flaky
259e9fb05dc : AudioManager.testVolume: don't assume index 1 is always valid
dd66be45732 : Add sensor support checks for composite sensors
53f94070f82 : Add CDD annotations for sensor support checks
03d8be54d01 : Fix sensor support assertion for (game) rotation vector
9d340a75d60 : Add team members to incident test owners
c95bc69d986 : Fix ValueMetric CTS Test
253bc52555e : Add min event check in CTS verifier tests
28be08077e5 : Add InstantAppRequestInfo and InstantAppResolutionCallback tests
5b848876e88 : Camera: Consider Hal buffer management when testing native callbacks
d90acd39973 : HeifWriterTest: use output file on pre-R builds
d1271b8dc67 : Camera: Handle a failing offline switch in two recent tests
3b1b2ec5e46 : Fix GraphicsStatsValidationTest
4375ac7428c : Sidecar CTS test unlock screen before test
3a48b9d6f72 : Camera: make scale and crop test aspect ratio agnostic
6d2e23b6406 : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: skip R tests on Q
705ce40460e : test verifying legacy contentprovider
0734cfbaf14 : Don't specify wakeup sensor value for hinge angle test
4b3e11dc030 : [CTS] Test for Merkle tree bit flipped case
170a29e669b : Don't allow expired blobs to be accessed.
4ece1c39b85 : Tuner CTS: DvrPlayback.attachFilter
d279ef85653 : CTS tests for intent resolver other tab selected in cross-profile
6f230c15810 : Fix broken lock task tests
6cd0469a196 : Switching to relative rank comparison to reduce flake risk
71682ce1f55 : Always wait for session end in PrinterDiscoverySessionLifecycleTest
719344baf09 : Fix bug in testSetCrossProfilePackages cts test
9df518cf926 : Updated ScanningSettingsTest to ignore automotive, as automotive does not support scanning.
b37eb5bfbf5 : Exempt Android TV from lockscreen check
d426f75153d : WindowInsetsAnimationTests: Attach editor
bb1d85cde3f : Allow multiple managed profiles on Android TV
d3ae48a10f8 : Fix failing testSetCrossProfilePackages cts test
98fb26a2672 : Add logs to NetworkCallbackTest to diagnose issues
3ef31b7cc83 : Strip quotes in CONFIG_STATIC_USERMODEHELPER_PATH
b78a1eb7b8e : Per-profile user restrictions in org-owned managed profile CTS tests
1c4985b6cb6 : Fix CTS flaky TextClassifierServiceSwapTest.
2716fc4f27b : [cts] test extractNativeLibs for Incremental installs
950ad9a62b3 : Tuner CTS: DvrPlayback
be1b9b9a33c : Apply MainlineTestModuleController to cts tests
f7a694d0558 : Use updated inline suggestion support lib API
66cc313a750 : Implement test of CDD USB device notifications requirements.
022fe2a4112 : Tuner CTS: Tuner, DemuxCapabilities, Lnb, etc.
53a55f18bbc : CTS coverage for ShortcutManager#removeLongLivedShortcuts()
2e59a5e9b0f : Tuner CTS: TimeFilter
d040d293b7c : Adding CTS test for the new keyguard secondary lockscreen DPM API.
b8a7daa4c98 : WifiNetworkSpecifierTest#tearDown: re-enable and connect
357de3e63d3 : Apply MainlineTestModuleController to IKE CTS
0b46baa4324 : Cleanup of IkeSessionPskTest
e2c4e6af12b : Exit test if device does not support IPsec tunnel
470e9d0ab66 : ConnectedNetworkscorerTest: Clear external scorer at start of test
5acd3195383 : CTS coverage for different types of adaptive bitmap in
cfff8202b2d : Update a couple of blobstore params to be configurable.
d914bfad738 : Camera: Consider minFrameDuration for testPreparePerformance
af2e9b6da16 : CTS coverage for ShortcutManager#pushDynamicShortcut()
026e7b3dab6 : Enable dropbox tag data_app_anr before testAnr
a4426fe9cb7 : Insets: verify that restarting input does not affect transitions
f6b74a68966 : MediaMuxer: skip R tests on Q
389c3f0d1d8 : Insets: Verify that onAnimationEnd is called
58987c524ac : CTS coverage for ShortcutManager#getShortcuts()
54f99159ae8 : Update AnrTests to use new public apis
e332a211c0b : Fix broken EuiccManager supported country tests
eed80dd9940 : Don't CTS mandate ACTION_WEBVIEW_SETTINGS
0de8bdfa5b8 : [cts] v4 sig tests for upgrdes and sig errors
1c382c52992 : Disable testActivityBlockedWhenForegroundActivityRestartsItself
e77f817ad9d : Revert "Revert"
062d58da549 : Don't enforce loggignOnly changes to exist
c3762a3d51c : Refine DecorInsetTests
09e40c936f1 : Migrate Scoped Storage tests to CTS
851c42a286e : Skip NetworkStatsBinderTest on Q
79596e40387 : Add the readability for gesture navigation mode 2
85be141e0f5 : Deflaky test for DnsResolverTest
3a189813c1e : Verifies the shim apk package name for all shim apexes
65247be393f : Move the inline request checker to AugmentedHelper
8698c348073 : Add CTS to prevent remote object is passed by inline suggestion APIs
45f9d50325a : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/36389123"
0360f0ef24b : Skip testTemporarilyNotMeteredCapability on Q
93fce3d3e52 : Use Q permission on Q for startCaptivePortalApp
38eb4f4c71b : Fix and deflake ConnectivityManagerTest
edfb7cdee22 : Retry clicking on settings link
1c29de8e691 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/71375536"
9c92fa8c060 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS for Android Security b/71375536"
57b26abd634 : Only allow provisioning flow to be disabled if Android TV device
c0b119a52cb : update test vectors for media cts v2 tests
5093eeb3b7c : Revert "Skip testEcAttestation and testRsaAttestation if device has no lock screen"
c209b9fcb30 : Add WRITE_SETTINGS permission for ManagedProfileRingtoneTest
b951822b495 : Add a cts test for PermissionMonitor security problem
6b7e99dc96c : Tuner CTS: DVR settings and recorder
a84016c209a : Fix testAppOps breakage caused by changes to collection of PROXIED operations instead of proxy operations.
4a31c323814 : Verify sharedUid behavior when one app of multiple denies capability
12bc25b52bb : Add cts test for extra location controller APIs.
428eb9091c1 : CTS WifiManagerTest: correct assertEquals param order
b775c3f41ea : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS in infeasible for bugs 62133227, 24346430 and 35430570.
ff921555f11 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
ddb6b7a4d85 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/32096780
1af313e4fb8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/34749571
01a8d476446 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/68300072
1acb7062706 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/66969193
de96bcdef9b : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/37761553
9cdd277a6cd : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/24346430
62b9a524083 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/62133227
da5a568b0c1 : Retry opening AppInfo page
3185e67ce0f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/36576151
7bd0e73faf7 : Handle live-cycle of RequestPermissionsActivity
5eddb57ef06 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/65540999
9792cedf6bc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/127702368
43f59d66b25 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/36389123
d9b8926f704 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/37239013
90f000a04b8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS for Android Security b/71375536
970a048bada : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/38328132
48b407a1743 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/64550583
998c06dabf0 : Add CTS for requestCellInfoUpdate
7bba58a0908 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added support to detect memory leaks and uninitialized memory
64a5be6660f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/36389123
6c39ecf25fb : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112005441
b571c49e8af : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/127702368
60bd05232f4 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/37239013
404bb9be852 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Rename securitybulletin filegroups
63dce8b88b4 : Explicilty click away old-targetSDK-warning
2288e789b45 : Revert "Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE""
dde90f4f910 : Revert "Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE""
1eec157e03e : Wait for last orientation after expanding pip
37ead8e78d1 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated makefiles
5cc3f0109ba : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added support to detect memory leaks and uninitialized memory
f77cfb93755 : Remove TelephonyHostTest#testWithChangeDisabled
eeeab7ce94e : Add installation tests for APKs of all different signature algorithm when using v4 along with v3 or v2.
ccf89e65941 : Test untested ResourcesLoader APIs
9624fd8e162 : Make NDK test work on Android 10
e90a068d6f7 : Verify that new apex wins during same grade install
7e3da2411ac : WifiManagerTest: Allow shell to hold usability stats permission
e9a7e471cf2 : Add tests for top-fullscreen-app window that hides status bar
0a6164af0d8 : Add CTS for System UI flags that can control window layout
1f6c84eb542 : Add CTS tests for InlineContentView
9780db52625 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS in infeasible for bugs 62133227, 24346430 and 35430570.
145259cbe8f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
e6476ccb109 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/17769851
3188b090adb : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/32096780
1a4e2ca0cc5 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/68300072
39609e068cf : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/36389123
ed9e4891871 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/36576151
a6dd317fe9c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/65540999
ace87aa67b2 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/127702368
12906bf238e : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/34749571
6c54419ee59 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/66969193
314cd8dcb63 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/37239013
95c9b636f97 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/37761553
41e260e2b6d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/71375536
d431e34e550 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/38328132
72e07bbd839 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/64550583
548fa098d74 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added support to detect memory leaks and uninitialized memory
51396141da9 : Create NetworkAgent CTS for NET_CAP_TEMP_NOT_METERED
17dcd60237f : [CTS] Add interval between tests for session close
ffe924846aa : WifiNetworkSpecifierTest: Add scan retry
55a66ede381 : WifiNetworkSpecifierTest: Fix flakiness
7f719876c52 : Add cts for TEMPORARILY_NOT_METERED
f44117f90b6 : Add CTS for background location access in Telephony
ff5514e4d7a : CtsNativeHardwareTestCases: Add GPU_SAMPLED_IMAGE usage flag for YUV textures.
9bb07b81028 : Add test for INSTALL_PACKAGES when adding installer package
c15caa972e7 : Removes tests that rely on compat toggle
344788e9773 : WifiManagerTest: Increase connection timeouts
f5357b5cfea : Combine AnrMonitor and ActivityManagerAppExitInfoTest.Monitor
053be6cf9a7 : Fix general test flakiness.
40e181547ac : Add @RequiresDevice to UserspaceRebootHostTest
20582d2a5d5 : Add instruction to grant MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for enterprise-installed apps test.
99d6c8263d4 : Fix for flaky test.
adfa2cadab8 : Re-enable ExternalStorageHostTest#testCantAccessOtherObbDirs
9fd0770d0af : Test CA certificates cannot be installed via intent
bc3959f5c3a : Remove extra ThrowingRunnable in SystemUtil
95df233e839 : Increase timeout for finding notification
adf8347d801 : setAutoTimeRequired disabled on managed profile
c2c79a55685 : ScanResultTest#testScanResultMatchesWifiInfo: ensure wifi is connected
70f67d15c9f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/32096780
2dee343b5b1 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/66969193
3d358d246c3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/37761553
006d89e3ecc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Updated CTS test for Android Security b/65540999
e0feef315df : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/127702368
301c01d34be : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/36389123
41a88849d48 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/37239013
ef999a7e7cd : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Added support to detect memory leaks and uninitialized memory
6600da32750 : Improve robustness of thumbnail color checks.
efc504bd7c6 : Added CTS test for launching attribution PendingIntent on long pressing inline suggestions.
83b5b18d74a : Make auto-revoke waitForIdle less flaky
696c449c4ec : [CTS incremental] pm tests for invalid size and incomplete data
be952dec67c : DisplayCutoutTests skips unsupported orientation tests.
dd0fcaf9e46 : Followup fix for testNdkInfo w/o F16 HARDWARE support
713544bef22 : Test that R devices have metadata encryption
e316f488bb0 : Cts coverage for LauncherApps.ShortcutQuery#setLocusIds()
9af2f2c036b : Test preventing DPCs from requesting INTERACT_ACROSS_PROFILES
87a84342727 : ITS: add slope > 0 check on test_linearity
eea94eedcc8 : Fix tests for secondary storage devices.
bc9425e420a : Apply MainlineTestModuleController to tethering cts tests
8015ab87fda : cts(wifi): More tests for location sensitive wifi APIs
c99f543cdd2 : cts(wifi): Add tests for location sensitive wifi APIs
f49dc8bc94b : uninstall Test App
ecc4d63dc9c : Camera: Test physical camera timestamp synchronization
4d6b7ec66f1 : Keystore: Test preserve interrupted state.
a11d3289565 : Correct tests for manifest broadcast emitter when the managed profile is turned on/off.
c97fe0145d1 : Drop prebuilt files to android source tree.
aced7c4ba7e : Skip SetMeteredDataDisabledPackages test for device without WiFi
ecfd5e8e054 : Fix CtsNetTestCasesLatestSdk fail on Q platform
1a4439de68b : Fix failure of AccessibilityGestureDispatchTest
42358434d97 : Fix for enqueueEOS from timing out
33ed07d9021 : Adding tests for getters and setters
0d42e7610c7 : Revert "Fix flaky test for DnsResolverTest"
00f603a588d : Update CTS to increase shortcut limit to 15
a1a716c2eb6 : Don't run noteInBackgroundWithAttributionAndCheckOpEntries for instant apps
967e1042409 : Fix testNdkInfo w/o F16 HARDWARE support
d1e825ccd1d : MediaMuxerTest:Throw exception on missing CSD.
f72b94a5c9a : AdbHostTest: explicitly set ANDROID_SERIAL.
3b2e906129f : Revert "Revert "Do not use UI thread for heavy computations""
cd9fc320f20 : Added CTS to test no filtering for augmented service.
67cba903587 : Tag CtsStatsdHostTestCases as sim card required
4ff704e73bc : media: using ro.product.system_ext.* for RVC
04745e831c9 : Fix flaky test for DnsResolverTest
a9a1b464403 : Prevent default printer selection race
4e831c8c7d2 : CTS: Added test to Validate no-show frame clips
06328e1bf30 : Scroll more carefully in CtsSyncAccountAccessOtherCertTestCases
8235dbcdb94 : Add StateTracker CTS test without bluetooth
4484a425bf9 : Mark test as flaky.
befbc8862b6 : Add QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES to test for MATCH_UNINSTALLED
8b8f2e6ec84 : CTSVerifier: Add foreground camera attribute to ITS
1ee9f3ce95c : Tuner CTS: FilterEvent
fbea259b752 : Add custom queries action to test manifest
e921151a1d5 : CTS: Refactoring CL
7062073e175 : Tuner CTS: more frontend tests -> 95%
e1442313b13 : Updates MediaStoreUiTest to see target package
07ef44d871d : Skip notification bubbles for automotive
0752dbbc1da : Support devices that have no app-info
4b94f275301 : CTS test for SmsMessage.createFromNativeSmsSubmitPdu
ef2fa2f2c03 : Test isUserAGoat
499ac39fa14 : Ensure airplane mode is off.
95a4845ce63 : Add CTS test for telephony SIM/RAF atoms.
5de30d92d13 : Tests that explicit package starts require visibility
99a1e243fcd : CtsVerifier: Write CA cert using MediaStore
c26323f67d2 : Fix remaining flakiness in the test.
e084b9eeec0 : Sanity check for min, maxAvg, max luminance.
49ca7a1dcf5 : Add CTS test for UserManager @SystemApis
7b28081258c : Add CTS test for killing the app if cross profile appop is revoked
57ccfc8626c : Add external storage (/sdcard/) test for FileOberver
c6815adcbe8 : Address aosp/1272946 leftover comment
b7b7c0df957 : Enlarge the tolerance time of testAppSummary
5ec081cd441 : Update tests to not use untrusted virtual display
20fe5ec73ed : CTS test for SmsMessage.getSubmitPduEncodedMessage
99b49289ac5 : Force Stop test package to ensure next step cleanly runs
402f9aed16d : Add test cases to cover all public/system APIs in NetworkRegistrationInfo
548cb5b7c2f : Add a CTS for TvInputManager.acquireTvInputHardware
3898939bc71 : Adding UiModeManager Custom Tests
840f7646693 : Tests that mimegroups are treated as wildcard
8b17a3d6f15 : Tests that port is ignored when matching wildcards
b109fa921ed : Add test to FactoryResetProtectionPolicyTest
9bcffcec92c : Add SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission to
ab70b44b5f9 : Fixes possible NPE when settings are missing
95b77c5363a : Update accessibility shortcut tests
5405980076b : Modify InputMethodStartInputLifecycleTest
a58b43ce318 : Update corrupted_b146895998.apex
2fab80ad035 : Fix ActivityManagerAppExitInfoTest#testAnr Failure
346a5cb89de : Grant android.permission.MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
7e33982d99d : DO NOT MERGE: Fix testFormatSameDayTime test for 2020a update [O]
f56b2eaff15 : Enable MainlineTestModuleController for CtsLegacyNotification29TestCases
1171407af51 : Test should gracefully return when there's only one active profile.
ff81a885cda : Use new inline suggestion support lib API in CTS tests
cddaddfd5eb : Initial set of signature verification failure tests.
13139200317 : MediaCodecBlockModelTest: add encrypted content test
f90a6cde971 : Fix crash in --instant
d837b3fc6ad : Add CTS cases to cover CellInfo#sanitizeLocationInfo
e9e1674fe0b : Add cts test for appusage in statsd
3761bb4dafa : Add CTS case to cover NetworkRegistrationInfo.Builder#setRegisteredPlmn
d5e123a61ea : Update handling of cold start audio latency
bedc5f32b2d : Update CTS to reflect changes in Pip configuration order
b4ee37b44e9 : Fork out IME specific WinInsetsAnimTests w/ MockIme
f79b2571f67 : Don't run car mode tests on TVs.
212c55daf7d : Add more volume state checking in AdoptableHostTest
22ace0a4898 : Revert "Add a test for Tab key on a multiline textfield."
633d5958280 : Fix android version check in MediaParser tests
02ab60baa45 : Ensure system UI flags can be applied again after cleared
3fcf008fd78 : Add the new test for getRollbackDataPolicy
9f3e2bf1b06 : Use EndToEndImeTestBase in MockIme-based tests
3bcdf317cc0 : Add test for OpEntry.getLastAccessBackgroundTime().
1d6ddc80d34 : Add REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES to CtsSecurityTestCases
527034deb15 : Add a test for DNG fix
d7740964fef : Mark Test as Flaky
2c84eb773f1 : Apply MainlineTestModuleController to cts tests
a23e34bde96 : Make sure screen stays on for tests.
ee143f82fe3 : ITS: check tonemap & LSC in auto_per_frame_control
6b336469218 : Add CTS tests for system actions API
f5f86d52212 : Add santoscordon to OWNERS
2114d12004b : Add MediaProjectionTest.
de863245d2e : Fix cts fail for PartitionedActivityTest
f17b7724dde : Fix flaky cts tests
beb49990df5 : Revert "Set set-force-adoptable to run AdoptableHostTest correctly"
d0750e92602 : CTS test to ensure SMS app doesn't get suspended.
4d3bb1ebba1 : Move testInvariantInCanBeSatisfiedBy to be its own test
3ea48efde0e : Check if user turns on/off touch sound setting
cdf0ddf0434 : Add test for fixed rotation adjustment
6899931335b : MediaRouter2: Fix getRoutes() returning an empty list
f41b3fe504c : [SM15.2] Remove loop when generating traffic over data connection
4d9d8e0793f : Use local defined NetworkSpecifier to verify test
7b59590ab89 : Fix SplitPermissionsSystemTest
a2c207c17f1 : SurfaceControlViewHostTests: Explicitly wait for draw
686f2a1606e : Factor out utilities to enable/disable BT adapter
a812c6a4dc4 : MuxerTest: Restrict stts tolerance to video tracks
b59cdf50958 : Use static libc++ for STL
9d473e2b75f : Test for auto revoke installer APIs
2fb5b154a34 : Clean up test method signatures
fc1e839d563 : Assert hinge angle sensor outputs >=2 values
f6e7ccbc898 : Revert "Do not use UI thread for heavy computations"
2fe28103b05 : Add tests to verify mkdir issue on direct boot apps
c89ed95219a : Verify the package name of shim packages
1aecd2cb09d : Reintroduce resume app-switches and remove timing on test
7802d57dafb : Add mHasTouchScreen to tests that only work on phones
51fbae5689d : Telephony CTS: Avoid assume() in @BeforeClass.
4760848d412 : Wait for idle to resolve flaky tests.
526a64d077b : Add test case to verify getWindowLayoutInfo not return incorrect value
4cac7b3d9cf : Add more tests for corner cases in role.
49ea5596d48 : Add CTS tests for eSIM supported country list
82e9c522104 : Call super.tearDown() as well
11f49d2ec8c : Create utility methods to enable and disable the bluetooth adapter for cts tests.
13ef431bb4d : Apply MainlineTestModuleController to cts tests
c85af098def : Apply MainlineTestModuleController to cts tests
d0d9f7e9467 : Fix bubble CTS flakiness
5075ff4ab5d : [CtsVerifier] Add delay before close socket
e95e64864c5 : Add CTS test for EuiccManager#eraseSubscriptions(int, PendingIntent)
11fed5ac0f9 : CTS: Added support for VP9 for non-Display frame
67298ed6c3c : Fix lint warnings in CtsInputMethodTestCases
b55b9115cf8 : [Verifier] Add Display.getHdrCapabilities() test for TV Panels
747f391f231 : Ensure night mode is off when running test.
b01d5f4938e : Fix DreamManager test
dbab0bd80d5 : Add Prebuilt signed apk for OMAPI test
026d49da6a9 : Fix flaky StorageHostTest.
c50c4e55a99 : Set sdk_version for JNI libraries used by CtsMediaTestCases
166cb721441 : Refine NetworkCallbackTest
55de8831492 : Add more role manager tests.
75c3a2fc8e2 : Fix InputConnectionBlockingMethodTest flakiness
11d02c8d75d : Update targetSdk R test apps for PkgSigVerify to use SDK version 30
843b3482cc6 : Refactor testDisableKeyguard_thenSettingCredential_reenablesKeyguard test to check Device secured/locked status after setting credentials instead of checking for the visibility of Keyguard.
932308ac1f1 : Add CTS test for TelephonyManager#getSimCardState
55707383715 : SurfaceControlViewHostTests: Detect HW Acceleration support.
4b1d8a73333 : Add tests for the new flow for requesting bg location
2c7ed0d9db1 : Force reconnect in connectToWifi
4cfa9e0ffd5 : Add CTS test for TelephonyManager#getSimApplicationState
4767075fa9d : camera cts: Add checks for FEATURE_CAMERA_CONCURRENT.
3db3caca436 : Add tests for out of band crypto
66d1c6e01c0 : Mark testPinnedStackWithDockedStack as Flaky
5e4741fd553 : Modify the way to assume navigation mode in CTS.
1b2afa142e9 : Increase the wait time for LMK trigger
ff8fa6c4695 : Revert
ef500397351 : Add LTE and NR band ID during testing getBands()
e4c3d228f0d : Adopt shell permission when launching activites
2fc0559fba0 : Add OWNERS for BAL tests
ce82bb862f5 : Fix flakiness in MeteredDataRestrictionTest
2611366cb11 : [Verifier] Replace abstract methods with contructor params
09bff236b71 : [Verifier] Add Display.getSupportedModes() test for TV Panels
1802dfa0317 : Expect active display mode to be 50Hz or 60Hz
17bd267dbe7 : Wait for home visible before resuming app switches
aeade3218c7 : Remove screenshot assertion from LoginActivityTest#testDatasetPickerPosition
0bd69026934 : Verify that failure reason for staged install is persisted
6b92f40e3a8 : Adapt requirement number to match CDD.
f86e3a94e96 : Tag CtsTetheringTest for sim card required
62741c57f4b : Set LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS:= tests for CtsCorruptApkTests_Unaligned
eb1fd0d48cb : Add CTS test for new BatteryStatsManager and CellularBatteryStats API
ed00535489d : Update signed-CtsSecureElementAccessControlTestCases*.apk
615706db2ed : Merge "cts: OpenGlEsVersionTest - do not require non mandatory extensions" am: 98778d6fbd am: 38df6e1ecb am: 833334517b am: bceab443a5 am: 8b7fe666bd cts: OpenGlEsVersionTest - do not require non mandatory extensions
ee7d64bf53b : Add test for getDeclaredSharedLibraries().
e448d269572 : Fix ActivityManagerAppExitInfoTest#testAnr Failure
d62a5a757d8 : Add CTS test for StateTracker annotations
e8618a65832 : Test EGL 1.5 attribute EGL_CONTEXT_OPENGL_DEBUG
fd75864da27 : Remove NetStatsIncidentTest#testSanityCheck
02a66d3355f : Remove BatteryStatsValidationTest#testGpsUpdates
89c1adff9f3 : Revert "Refine FocusHandlingTest"
b66c9c7a773 : Remove IncrementalTestAppRule.
37eaf038e2d : Merge "Fixes YUV Hardwarebuffer tests to not use renderbuffers." am: 64ef0867df
d23ca45a46f : Fix installTime not being taken into account sometimes
84b48f605fd : Add OWNERS for CTSVerifier tv/display/
460dbd8fec9 : Add native mkdir to check app visibility in cts
11e98aee936 : Fix WindowInsetsControllerTests#testWindowInsetsController_availableAfterAddView
6f4b37f5b87 : Fixes that the mockime keeps stopping
3ec683534da : Fix MediaStore_Images_MediaTest#testInsertImageWithImagePath
563dc74407a : Restrict creation of secondary users CTS tests
ffcbb40e20c : Add test for dream service with rotation change
4e3505f0b0a : Improve reliability of AdoptableHostTest.
7d4649cad38 : Add to AndroidManifest.xml
9ce15673d98 : Fix flaky LoginWithCustomHighlightActivityTest#testAutofillCustomHighlight_multipleFields_hasHighlight
c71fe712c51 : Adding UiModeManager Custom Tests
3bb71051487 : Attempt to fix flaky: LayoutTests#testLayoutAfterRemovingFocus
4a0826f00fa : Suppress race in PrintDocumentAdapterContractTest
4e5b16a5806 : Add CTS test parts about SubscriptionManager#getActiveSubscriptionIdList
8bb2b8c52f5 : Fixed CtsIntentSignatureTestCases to list packages for current user.
d9b36a8b93f : Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE"
85ea1f636b7 : Revert "RESTRICT AUTOMERGE"
8b329a90700 : Add more time to wait for Aware state change
a0ef7bfcf83 : Add carwatchdog dumpsys --filter_packages option when starting custom I/O collection.
0a54be6a96d : Remove FlakyTest annotation in ActivityLifecycleSplitScreenTests
46ebcabd07e : Disable TelephonyProviderHostTest for some devices
24c871a8fa8 : [cts] incremental feature test for R launched devices
398bca0643a : Add getApkContentsSigners tests to APK signing tests
eac50233033 : Change compressed ARSC tests to target v30
4cdd239cb53 : Add filegroups for securitybulletin memutils and omxutils
89e2b78c45c : Add tests for AugmentedAutofillService.requestAutofill()
917af422798 : Make toast on translucent activity test work on instant mode
52660c7a676 : Add cts tests for BrightnessConfiguration.
db2a44e0d6c : Controls CTS - Add coverage for remaining API
db259d9aa5e : Add tests for system UI visibility callback
91fe83e0822 : Add CTS tests for get/setPremiumSmsConsent
3314f4239a7 : Add CTS for TvInputService.onCreateSession/onCreateRecordingSession
52c63b27bda : CTS test for SmsMessage.getSmsPdu().
770c76c663c : Fixed the MockIme to not set the size for inline suggestion view
51f0f6feaa1 : Test update and replace
1654c32722b : Test upsert
0b5b435147d : Camera: Fix session state logic for testReprocessAbort
a13f02e6269 : Handle heartbeats in ShellSubscriber CTS tests
a32668b414b : Add cts test for TextLinks#apply.
e814635ce46 : Test that idle apps get network when device charges.
ad8583d4124 : InattentiveSleepTests: Account for the change in WMS proto format
be15b0a92ef : WindowManagerUtil for hostside tests
dc4794d7aae : Fixing NotificationAssistantServiceTest errors.
badda6e0de1 : Test update and replace
dd050c3d1b9 : Add CTS test to verify app derived display context orientation.
1b6570d31bf : Add CTS test for setOpportunisticNetworkState
9e4cbadc707 : Add CTS to verify IME visible after lockscreen
840171df1c6 : Adding CTS methods to AudioManager tests.
867d4bf63b4 : Add test for force relayout behavior
e4ddfe261ad : To query the current version to instead of the fixed value
783b507913d : Update prebuilt CTS shim pkgs with the ones built on server
51de0f1649d : Prevent updating apex on devices that do not support apex update
f072b54c8cd : Test upsert
4c5e7cfdb74 : Change RuntimeMessageCollection test timeout to 5 seconds and attempts to 12, Test runtime is capped at 60 seconds by test environment, so 20 attempts 15 seconds each doesn't make sense.
f9f74f9e2ec : Adds CTS test for AccessibilityEvent constructors
f38732f213d : Add instruction to clear restriction after test
2e61c93ad41 : Enable suspend dialog tests on secondary users
654ec129f26 : No synchronization in TvMicrophoneCaptureIndicatorTest
03aab8251f3 : Copy OMAPI test apks to dist directory for signing
185345194db : [SM17.1] Remove testing ratType field for testMobileBytesTransfer
8638460ef6a : Bump CTS Verifier to 11_R1
fbd4287cca0 : Updating platform SDK version for R
bfe030830a8 : Do not crash AudioRecorderServices in onStartCommand()
0b2734779a7 : Update equals in muxer, extractor validation tests
5e555c5d647 : update mandatory requirements list of Media Codec Tests
b105afdadf6 : CodecTest: Add native decoder surface test
fb1bed65bdb : CodecTest: Add SDK decoder surface tests
116f67795be : CodecTest: Add NDK encoder surface tests
d55e6211713 : AudioMetadataTest: Test Format Keys
6b3ecfc5b8f : Do not use UI thread for heavy computations
d8bd96e1a14 : Narrow concession for nested transactions.
e5a396ce501 : Moved CarUserManager API tests from CTS to AndroidCarApiTest.
d431d16f6d9 : Add CTS test for ContentProvider#checkUriPermission.
b46b97a4e7a : Tuner CTS: FrontendStatus
21b7060dda5 : Rename BaseInstallMultiple#addApk to addFile
759504324de : Revert "Have Accessibility CTS Tests run in presubmit."
79875e7e1e5 : Add CTS test for isRtpInactivityDetected() isIncomingSilenceDetectedAtCallSetup() isOutgoingSilenceDetectedAtCallSetup() Test: make Bug: b/155120471
376c5652b60 : TouchExplorerTest: check only the up and down events when testing drag.
1d5ca58d35c : CTS: fsv_sig install tests
c9655bdaa87 : Initial CL for testing IkeSession creation
e4e2d91aecb : Revert "Revert "Fix CTS-on-GSI : CtsAppExitTestCases""
d0b5bada3d0 : Add log to capture the output from carwatchdog
ce692b5310e : Test Paint#setShadowLayer
f418c57b9ef : Fix test
b037bdde60b : Update CtsVerifier 'Confirm work lock test'
f01507a67ca : Verify that we can stage the same package immediately after abandoning it
61474248e44 : Add BAL test for grace period
a4829a853a8 : Account for the change in WMS proto format
9230ff0b7df : Specify FGS type for audio recording services
176d8450b14 : Test for read logs using atrace.
b2e6f9808c2 : Use for IME tests
7794a5d14a3 : Add a regression test for show/hide keyboard on floating IME
83f90c4476a : Fix error message in RestrictBackgroundNetworkTest
57c051ef678 : Add test for getConfigByComponentForSubId
4e2bc7aca3b : Add CTS tests to verify the API for creating App Integrity Formulas and Rules.
5794e172abb : Move automotive requirement to RequiredFeatureRule
388e9df02b7 : Add missing bug component to OWNERS file.
32f86cad2e2 : [cts/stasd/installerV2] update test to add size logging
64d5a6f35c9 : Support scoped storage
26c8b50670c : [CTS][RTT] Add interval between two ranging requests
0a9c5be66cf : Turn screen on prior to running tests that require notification panel to be open
67df00ed84f : Add error margin for max range verification
ed0d7d4b7b0 : Add more test cases for Car
6b8425b62e0 : Add missing coverage for CarAppFocusManager
35e225e62ac : Revert "Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120789744" am: 037e8a0a8b am: f089172457"
8b7baecbb98 : Have Accessibility CTS Tests run in presubmit.
9a614038d3f : Test for default DataLoaderService implementation.
8007a312637 : Only assert positive resolution for public sensors
ba733f73aec : Test for removeFile.
d7c0bb05cc4 : SurfaceControlViewHostTests: Use public API setView
cbfde53b556 : Installer API v2 tests: DataLoaderParams.
ae1b7e57f27 : Address AutoRevokeTest flakiness
037e8a0a8bd : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120789744"
3dad6467ba8 : Add a CTS test for carwatchdog daemon's I/O perf collector module.
83a9e73d434 : Camera ITS: Fix test_multi_camera failed
2dbe70e7ff7 : Tuner CTS: FrontendInfo and FrontendCapabilities
e7c301dc805 : Add obb to the external testcases
6d13804ca3c : Add CTS test for BugreportManager and BugreportParams
9fa5f235137 : Add test for checking for duplicate java classes
7f654acb136 : Refine the string for sound effect
33fcd66b2cd : Remove redundant assets after ExoPlayer update
50e24a579d2 : Update CTS tests
04885d3290b : Force reconnect in connectToWifi
aa627dfa26f : Add a test to check getUidStats binder call
b75604a5b96 : Add test for augmented FillRequest#getInlineSuggestionsRequest
490714eea8d : Tests to verify recent bug fixes:
79802b3168c : Update simulate display usages in CTS
2beb11d9f33 : Add CTS for CellIdentity.asCellLocation
9bae4259737 : Add WM Sidecar verification to CTS
1593c66162f : Add CTS coverage for telephony classes
4a5cbec71ec : CTS compressed/unaligned resources.arsc
c5f0902971a : Maximum cold start audio latency depends on pro audio
ab5f49d6382 : Revert "Fix CTS-on-GSI : CtsAppExitTestCases"
01549c20fa5 : [cts/stasd/installerV2] update test for optional package name
f391ef1187c : CtsNdkBinderTestCases: allow adding nullable
08992b71643 : Call Future.get() inside runWithShellPermissionIdentity().
2c16a4ea2bc : Basic testing for PermissionControllerManager#countPermissionApps
c98f5d224bb : CTS test for Android Security b/112159345
8fdfdcfa9d4 : Use a new auto revoke device config
6312b567a9d : DO NOT MERGE Add ability to indicate support for USB Host Mode Audio
4a2b7c15bf1 : Revert "Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Revert "Sonivox: add CTS test."""
52983e2746e : Revert "Revert "Revert "Sonivox: add CTS test."""
1967764d012 : [CTS incremental] Add assumption to check if adb incremental is supported
7be3f643152 : Adds back cts test for BluetoothAdapter#setName with fixes
2594d20a189 : Make sure volume is really unmounted after unmount command
f29dc95107f : ITS: test_multi_camera_alignment find 2 best cameras
15e15847346 : Add test for slow activity to turn on screen
3a7d59c4124 : Add CTS tests for HidlMemory
6f12232f8f1 : WindowInsetsController: Verify controller is available after addView
d330c1e13a8 : Update CtsVerifier 'Organization Info'
b34dba57998 : Add CTS test for new TelephonyManager API isTetheringApnRequired.
55bced4e1b5 : Add a regression test on WebView
de603d6439c : Add CTS test for new TelephonyManager API.
c2eb53ddc80 : Fix typos in method names
284d7276607 : Add WindowInsetsPolicyTest#testImmersiveFullscreenHidesSystemBars.
b43c9fa7dc1 : Fix UidAtomTests error
e0ad9669700 : Add RoleControllerManagerTest.
62a8e44f437 : Disable network test in instant mode
5fd4c3bb263 : Expand AutoRevokeTest whitelisting coverage
5d0e3c39357 : ctsgraphicsgpuprofilinginit is used in CTS so it needs to be packaged
a2e577aa547 : Use POWER_MENU_LOCKED_SHOW_CONTENT in wallet
67eb33e591b : CDD 5.4.1 requires 48000 Hz capture
0f476399181 : Fix CTS-on-GSI : CtsAppExitTestCases
ee50353ed4f : Tuner CTS: Filter configurations
73e166f700b : Change notification string in test
46beac49c29 : Fix CTS
43bfe95b87c : CTS tests update upon windowing mode callback change
c312e890112 : Remove dependency on AsyncTask from MockIme
df040cd1e19 : Remove magic number 0x0102000b from MockIme
5bceddf6e35 : Move MockIme#sSuggestionView to MockIme.KeyboardLayoutView
ee6387ed572 : Updated WindowOrganizer test to use updated API
2e8cd154e0d : Use non task organized split screen for drag/drop test
dfcb30e7831 : Fix typo in CDD annotation
9d83bb18bd4 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/34749571"
eec014a580a : Disable inset tests for insets which are not present
90e0a8b80ac : Add dream tests to check timely dream finish
7e2f6dfab7a : Wait for MediaProvider idle before checking quota.
6ec7cc6e22e : ITS: update scene3.pdf to be same dims as rest
2d528ca00b1 : Add a CTS test for the MS OS descriptors.
fee4b8b59c7 : Add tests with unsigned packages.
ce21db26cfa : Verify that Uri without scheme throws proper Exception
22953f35def : CTS tests for rewriting Icons in TCMS.
9af1e25cf3d : Update prebuilt CTS shim pkgs with the ones built on server
1159a7afeb0 : Verify staged install fails when apk-in-apex fails to install
cb6e29df0bd : Fix failure of AccesibilityGestureDetectorTest
230b5f64c37 : Add test for internet availability on portals
067743535b5 : Add methods to MockIme.Tracer for autofill callback
4d64d330aee : Fix CTS test case failure
a3f0f608ceb : Make MockIme.Tracer methods package-private
33e78921909 : Made PackageWatchdog and LegacyNotification29 cts as part of mts.
efa29e5ad84 : testForegroundServiceAccessAppOp also tests rejected AppOps
c61ec781749 : Fix cts fail for android.autofillservice.cts.augmented
5e332cefbee : Add CTS for TelecomManager#CreateLaunchEmergencyDialerIntent
3d3dfaa3b1b : Tuner CTS: Filter settings
2daa78c6936 : Revert "Revert "Modify CTS to assert fail on flush for background apps""
55f2eb58ac1 : Add coverage for APIs
9a0480a8b23 : Set jni_uses_platform_apis for CtsOsTestCases and CtsThermalTestCases
ea37560e733 : Don't run FileIntegrityManagerTest as instant app
613609187fa : Update BootStatsHostTest for changed statsd dump
53f67ad1c93 : Identity Credential: Add CTS test to verify ACP id restriction.
48ef1ed3d3b : Add reason why userspace reboot shutdown sequence failed
5aa49c157e2 : Address timing issues in ConnectivityConstraintTest
f25006e0e0b : Add/update CTS tests
246ef8eeb9b : [cts/appsecurity] skip v4 signature test for non-incremental devices
ccec396580d : Add CTS test for getSupportedSystemUsages
6aeb0c330e0 : Fix inconsistent MIME type mapping.
14b434be65f : Tuner CTS: frontend settings
d9d8037f087 : Add test for IkeIdentification
6dd604e61bb : Update prebuilt CTS shim pkgs with the ones built on server
7eebeb06328 : Exercise both Conscrypt implementations of SSLSocket.
c7e94f55f84 : Fix ProcStatsValidationTests test
238ca1ffaa2 : Change owners of rollback host test.
9b04cfac831 : Add DownloadManagerInstallerTest.
9d7561f299e : Move post-submit CTS tests to pre-submit
89e4eabf504 : Test configuring digital-signature-based auth
d53641246cb : Test building IkeSessionParams with EAP
15df6723bf9 : Add initial CTS test for IkeSessionParams
42f5d822bdc : Make a copy of TunUtils and PacketUtils
c3689faf467 : Refine FocusHandlingTest
daedc014d72 : Add tests for PermissionControllerManager.revokePermission
51d629daf1c : Refactor PermissionControllerTest
cb82c4fd4b9 : Ensure we can reboot immediately after abandoning staged sessions
82661c79364 : CTS test attempting to install a corrupted apex
b55bc771fa5 : Add cts verifier for safe insets of display cutout
f28e8ffddd6 : Add CTS tests for APIs added in R
a29d3ed9a07 : Use current user instead of SYSTEM.
82b9ca05afa : Add CTS for EapSessionConfig
778e62e9d85 : Create base class that sets up test network
2d7863995cb : Add CTS test for new R API.
d417b113bcd : Fill in missing telephony/sms CTS tests.
86ede7eab8b : Disable broken test to fix presubmit
34946a73b1e : CtsBionicAppTestCases: fix test expectation.
371aac4a156 : Updates MatchFlagTests to account for changed logic
48683a6be38 : Add an end-to-end regression test for Bug 152876819
b8e75fd76ad : Add tests for LOCKED_BOOT_COMPLETED
4afe557c4ec : CTS tests for newly added methods.
4fa510198ad : Fix RollbackManagerHostTest.
298616275d0 : Add the new test case of StagedInstallTest
e97ec2b1088 : Add testTetheringUpstream cts test
2dbd6e63e34 : Test legacy tether/untether API and onError callback
8852f980a33 : Update prebuilt CTS shim pkgs with the ones built on server
afb91ec37dd : Allow tests to abandon staged session without waiting for it to be ready
05c9dc2d20d : Fix cts fail for testAutofillCustomHighligth_multipleFields_hasHighligth
92d36da7f3f : Add testcases for external data storage
c8ae80e1839 : Fix test failure in testProcessStateByPulling
2c971136604 : Add CTS test for cursor drag in EditText
df8866bee0f : USB: Add CTS test for UsbManager APIs
c8b567e24ab : Remove FlakyTest annotation in ActivityLifecycleTopResumedStateTests
b3a24d84c9d : Add missing Conference CTS test coverage.
a59a424c3b9 : Add CTS tests for missing API calls
f1c92344051 : Fix syntax in permission OWNERS file
d22adfff11b : Adds AccessibilityNodeInfo_CollectionItemInfoTest CTS
825072fb09c : media: add more exception tests for MediaCodec using block model
841d1b21589 : Implement auto revoke user whitelist intent handler
0288d050ba7 : Add a test for __progname in an app context.
d49b8c038a8 : Re-add AppModeFull annotation.
7c5aa8a0de0 : Add CTS for CellIdentityLte#sanitizeLocationInfo
973fe18659c : Add tests for periodic jobs.
679fae2f7a5 : Snooze API tests for notification listeners and assistants.
4125e92ce8e : Tests provider matching action
915b5f62571 : Add minimum resolution assertion for some sensors
f82222eabe0 : Fix leaky UsageStatsTests
246d9c21a48 : Revert "Fix SerialAccess test"
da4d90f4622 : Revert "Remove failing runtime permission grant"
27716465ec4 : Basic test for auto revoke notification
e10f491163c : Setup min_sdk_version, sdk_version and target_sdk_version for test apps
85e10b72109 : Update projection test to be more stable.
326037ec65f : Bypass system gallery existence test for some devices
3932868028e : Test enable tethering permission and stopAllTethering
a8930efc2e3 : Push WindowContextTests to presubmit
ed82740d665 : Add test for finish SHOW_WHEN_LOCKED activity.
7cbaeec56e2 : Adds AccessibilityNodeInfo_CollectionInfoTest test case
e833937fde3 : MediaRouter2: Release controller when transfer result arrives
ca67e0f6af8 : Add TetheringCommonTests to CtsTetheringTest
7ee2957c0e7 : GestureUtils: Add missing Override annotations.
19ddfd00918 : TouchExplorerTest: improve error reporting when matching motion events.
7299e11c49f : Fix userspace reboot CTS tests
7dae8e15150 : Update logic for checking NetworkSpecifier
a70a2fa3024 : Add CtsFrameTracerDataSourceTest to GpuProfiling tests
4cf1aead44c : Declare MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for test apps.
5be62d86575 : Add tests for TvTrackInfo spoken subtitles
d4bf1a523aa : Do not inherit all permissions from shell
82ee76ef763 : Added testcase to EditTextTest
9120d9ec4c1 : Add test case for KEYCODE_NUMPAD_ENTER
9a1dba98e8d : Add TestCase to AbsListViewTest, NumberPickerTest and DatePickerTest
8b5485d0623 : Add tests for ApplicationInfo.publicSourceDir of APEX packages
224c72212a4 : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Revert "CTS Tests for sonivox bugs b/68664359 and b/110435401""
287d416bfad : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Revert "Sonivox: add CTS test.""
32a40c61dc2 : Add CTS tests for non-StateTracker annotations
97a3b94655d : Add dariofreni/ioffe for cts shim packages
c0040804980 : Revert "CTS test for Android Security b/112662184"
9a92284a4f9 : Add accessibility event test to ToastTest
d324c8e4fd5 : Fix failed test case when test on TV
ece8c4bedc2 : Prevent the test from being run on Cuttlefish
c84fab2ca2b : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Relaxed constraints of scrollTextIntoView in BasePermissionsTest.
a3224f7f026 : Fix cts
e88c92ead11 : Don't crash if cancelled
0c42412fe9a : Update prebuilt CTS shim pkgs with the ones built on server
85b5246de15 : Verify that blobstore quota limits are enforced.
7162d7929ef : Check if factory reset protection policy is supported
62e0e6e645a : Check target transport type for meterness change
2ac473182ec : Adds CTS test for AccessibilityNodeInfo constructors
68f1830f852 : Camera: Check consistency of isSessionConfigurationSupported call
0df04534b11 : Revert "Revert "CTS Tests for sonivox bugs b/68664359 and b/110435401""
2e16d222957 : Revert "Revert "Sonivox: add CTS test.""
98e73484504 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Add missing @Test annotations for JUnit4 tests.
2778a5c4258 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Add missing @Test annotations for JUnit4 tests."
c0f3534fe7c : MediaCodecBlockModelTest: test video encoding with HardwareBuffer
2672ba78351 : Assert vertical translation
023b8a37169 : Update CTS test files
1a0737a6dcd : Add more tests for coverage
29cbec46061 : DO NOT MERGE: Update CTS test for permission dialog in Automotive
bd679fdac9e : Add test for TS with DTS audio
fedc5301bc3 : Add constant bitrate seek flag to ADTS tests
4caec94fb46 : Add CTS tests for LimitExceededException.
072c43fb437 : Fix .bp files that aren't creating proper artifacts
bc335448e01 : Workaround -no-isolated-storage not working
3f140e8024b : Revert "Add CTS test for BluetoothAdapter#setName by combining it with the existing test for BluetoothAdapter#getName"
a8de1d9ddba : Yet more bad-state hardening
3b17163aaca : Add test for TS without access unit delimiters
56f63418549 : Increase timeout value for cts-instant test case
d56cb4c1a76 : Add previous user check in testLifecycleListener
ae621cb53ea : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Add missing @Test annotations for JUnit4 tests.
2bc343b61ee : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Add missing @Test annotations for JUnit4 tests.
a8cfc497ec8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Add missing @Test annotations for JUnit4 tests.
1c5950a84a8 : Revert "Revert "Add CTS tests for direct channel UID idle""
9c1b3a30f89 : Bubbles CTS to test excluding a channel when app has "all"
2d86b85d14c : CTS: Add WindowInsetsAnimationSynchronicityTests
e7ecdaa25cd : Modify CTS to enforce sensor resolution population
12000a6185a : Fix test initialization errors on Q
86f97af41c9 : Prepare dir structure for multi-arch prebuilts.
9807c14050d : Add missing CTS tests
3f2ff3575b1 : Add Legacy GSI to fix ApexTest for CTS on GSI
0a6ea438ad9 : Remove upper bound check of getTotal* APIs in TrafficStatsTest
b58ec1c04ea : Revert "[RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112662184"
ce4e307f253 : Use task organizer API for split-screen tests
e99d436b1f6 : Tuner CTS: test scan callback part1
d37aa7cf01b : Update network object when wifi meterness is changed
d5d0bf41631 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/79662501
dad42359ca3 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/111603051
327095b6dde : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/62800140
1d2cb52cbf7 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/120789744
56cdc06ec70 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/65540999
bb3f53ecbf8 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/32096780
8dae69e4f9f : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/112159345
c8836757505 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/37761553
9c2d1386561 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/34749571
e4c4fe5b78d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/36554207
29f3a8e2fbc : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/109891727
6697ed3dd4d : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/36554209
d8475d603aa : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/30033990
8e18925dc0c : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/62948670
df1e106d5a9 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/69065651
5cf6c249a3e : Fix call redirection CTS failure.
c986b060895 : Add CTS coverage for new BiometricPrompt getters
1a6f6218085 : Revert "CTS test for Android Security CVE-2018-9525"
7e4566b705e : Add tests to increase ID3 parser coverage
122359327d0 : Use RequiredServiceRule for TvTrackInfoTest
9a4ade52b1e : Create CtsGpuProfilingDataTest
e10ed2679e5 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Revert "CTS test for Android Security CVE-2018-9525"
9d27cfe3472 : Update PermissionPolicyTest with new level of READ_PHONE_STATE
c72ee1f5538 : Add positive test case setDefaultSmsApplication
fa6c5d1a9dc : Skip AnrTests on systems which don't support system error dialogs.
b55d643c90b : Ensure all steps of clean up processes run regardless of exceptions
5d931f8693d : Fix ExternalStorageHostTest#testMultiUserStorageIsolated
648df83c23a : Add WindowContextPolicyTests
b11b96ad7e9 : Skip new UrlQuerySanitizer tests on Q
56d05c37762 : Add device configuration reporting to EDI
fe4c88178f1 : Update OWNER for CtsDevicePolicyManagerTestCases
adc455d7c16 : Test activity visibility behind translucent in split-screen
a0607d8cc64 : Allow to set custom permissions via permission-util-lib
d5a903869cc : Add ID3 and H265 tests.
f2a1f467404 : Adjust collectAsyncStackTrace test expectation to allow for recently booted device to pass.
63fb22c71ca : Remove CTS telephony test cases from MTS from rvc-dev and downstream
40f3e564564 : Provide AudioTrackSurroundTest#testPlayIEC61937_* with valid data
ccd5604fd81 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]: Convert to Android.bp for CVE-2018-9536
cb7066ef202 : Convert to Android.bp for CVE-2018-9536
454b64e8f66 : ITS: add skip condition to test_jpeg_quality
e75a6745dbb : RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Prevent accessing companion records from arbitrary uids
b769111e6e2 : Fix cts test for testProcStatsPkgProcStats
a8bd3127167 : media: test OutputFrame.getFormat/getChangedKeys
203b3c7cfc1 : Move DhcpInfoTest to FrameworksNetCommonTests
344dfcfa8a4 : Add test for NetworkRequest#getRequestorUid()
56e5717dd85 : Add tests for NetworkRequest API
04df96cc0b8 : Add CTS tests for BIND_CROSS_PROFILE_SERVICE metric
0aa51fceeec : Revert "Add CTS coverage for new BiometricPrompt getters"
5737bcf35a7 : Convert DRM init data to exoplayer version
6ef6fe39a9b : Add more tests to CtsTetheringTest
5cf53132a61 : Add EntitlementResult CTS tests
79996c13dcc : Correctly support timeout in InputMethodVisibilityVerifier
24f437f5e41 : Let test IME behave the same even w/ hard keyboard
dcca7cc4245 : Add test for WIC#show(ime) from Activity#onCreate
1a5fe152f78 : Camera: Don't include slow resolutions in 'MaxSizes'
ef71530a83c : Use unbias expected time for testVariableSpeedPlayback.
8ba0814364c : Add test catching auto revoke debug flag
f5c67a88155 : Controls CTS - All public controls apis
9e2b08c2eef : Add CTS coverage for new BiometricPrompt getters
a47182231d7 : WebView: relax assertion in WebViewClientTest
b7c9acf11a1 : WifiManagerTest: Re-enable testFactoryReset
566890da00b : Create TestNetworkUtils for IKE and IPsec CTS
1eaa383ddb0 : Check for managed_users feature
8b686de6209 : CTS: add tests for dispatchWindowInsetsAnimation...()
15cd226a400 : Skip CtsTelephonyTestCases if FEATURE_TELEPHONY is missing
198213b3921 : update cts verifier test instructions.
987baf5850b : Add ShellSubscriber CTS test
45c0c357893 : Unwaive PinnedStackTests#testNonTappablePipActivity on TV
88a67bd9581 : WebView: relax assertion in WebViewClientTest
3771697ddde : Make shortcut in CTS sharing shortcut
bfad0db4d44 : Add test for NetworkRequest#canBeSatisfiedBy
111a85dae2d : Add TetheringEventCallback CTS test
3521a8b9913 : Set default payment service when this cts test setup
efd31b6c4db : DO NOT MERGE Remove references of telephony-stubs.
4a2bdc59fb5 : [CTS incremental] Log adb incremental install output
55274f76fdb : cts test for hiding augmented inline suggestion if field value is changed to not empty
0b877954743 : Skip tests using LockScreenSession when lock screen is not supported
5db0d78758c : DO NOT MERGE Fix up AppOpsLoggingTest
2c5ca35f00c : Test setting config requests for TunnelModeChildSessionParams
a082fc11df0 : Test setting proposal, TS and lifetime for ChildSessionParams
449a3cf9f30 : Fix broken test about SysUI flags
344a40ea652 : Increase time-based key duration to 3s
1bb09abc196 : ITS: test_zoom fix drawMarker not supported in cv2 2.4.*
3b6e50f9362 : Resolve test timeouts by fixing the ordering of setCleartextTrafficPermitted()
437d102a098 : media: test QueueRequest.set*Parameter()
35ee8cb8b11 : Update CTS Verifier for bubbles -- be a conversation
b92c8b4ee62 : Camera CTS: Fix cts testMandatoryOutputCombinations failed
aa1ede8be86 : Add CTS for building IKE and Child SaProposal
f4e41a7c8fe : Add IME visibility tests in WIC
e7d2c1a0869 : Disable car mode for battery saver tests.
181318d75ad : Allow anon RSS and swap to be 0
eae95961354 : Move synchronization on BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast to test app
e787b68e5a5 : Add an end-to-end regression test for Bug 152698568
d7cb3554211 : Add a way to test user-perceivable IME visibility of MockIme
a1cbb698cc9 : Add a test for verifying Animation duration scale
33aca7e8190 : Add test for InlineSuggestionsRequest.Builder.setInlinePresentationSpecs
f88ebbf7b71 : CTS test for SettingsSnapshot statsd atom.
2cb3b6a23ea : Address comments from aosp/1284557
db71d7428ec : Test Signal thresholds
966307dbe6e : Test sendNetworkScore
e4d2c7b4330 : Test sendCaps and sendProps
5c76695c890 : Test validation status
54f50c74b52 : Test accept unvalidated
5bf3e3a2fac : Test onStartSocketKeepalive
1d8b4cdca3d : Increase test independence
148eef77292 : MediaCodec Test: Add Media Codec NDK Unit test
1766f56e4dd : CTS Tests for MediaCodec native
8653d15b96d : CodecTest: Add SDK encoder surface tests
f24225f72ea : MediaCodec Test: Add Media Codec SDK Unit test
e2ac2807528 : MediaCodec CTS: Code refactoring
f0c3d53fd4a : CodecEncoderTest: add tests for force keyframe, dynamic bitrate change
4325ae3036f : Verify that WiFi is both enabled and connected to an access point
a47c340d2e9 : Use our own runOnMainSync in testTapThenSetQuery()
b29e608ebc8 : Call IMM#showSoftInput on the UI thread in CTS
75c628df4ad : Generate mobile data traffic in AtomTests instead of StatsdCtsFgActivity
f2289bed0f3 : Fix FlakyTest annotations added for SplitPermissionTest flakiness.
ea2f8e837df : Remove FlakyTest annotations from RoleManagerTest
1057974f899 : Remove RegistrationManager references to ImsRcsManager
7f40ee4d7d3 : Add sdk_version for undefined _Unwind_RaiseException
726c28b7c4a : Have RequiredXxxRule's report ASSUMPTION_FAILED
e5e177d5859 : [Cts-Verifier]Add delay before release network
1a1067f0dad : Ensure location is enabled before getting SSID.
727661d483b : CTS: add FileIntegrityManagerTest
a83c38db2cd : Don't use trampoline to launch test activity
43f1e8d190e : Add logging to telecom CTS verifier tests.
35b59a4edc2 : Test that car mode prevents idle.
6184e23ad97 : [cts/statsd] skip installerV2 metrics test if feature is not present
1e6e8fd7fd6 : Add a test for grayscale color spaces
a157dc2cee9 : Revert "Modify CTS to assert fail on flush for background apps"
91918926e8a : Revert "Add CTS tests for direct channel UID idle"
717d88aff0f : Re-add test that SurfaceControlViewHost views are Hardware-Accelerated""
7307eb8734a : Tag CtsStatsdEmptyApp as an MTS artifact
a394a44591e : Placeholder AC4 test to increase coverage
937834e3ebc : Don't hardwire package installer name.
d8f589bb92a : Fix testPackageInstallUserRestrictions
39bcb6e3710 : DisplayCutoutTests: Add landscape cases
10a06502a92 : Add TetherableInterfaceRegexps CTS tests
c21b2596fa5 : Remove COMP mode tests from CtsVerifier.
1a07a0226b9 : Update ExoPlayer version
6e73266501a : Retry until rollbacks are gone
1f09c86ef32 : Add <queries> to AndroidManifest
98891a5dc6f : Add test for augmented autofill client state in the event history
d59a5e2925c : Test onBandwidthUpdateRequested
e9a39509845 : Add tethering CTS owners.
8db0bec2c5f : DO NOT MERGE: Add battery check before using
33beb4e9eb0 : Handle null a11y node info
de1d18256f6 : Add CTS test for call redirection post-dial digit handling.
d4e66fc63f8 : Update assertion in testUserspaceRebootWatchdogTriggers
abb6c004072 : [CTS incremental] Genrule to include test app dependencies in build
f9b3403ae46 : Force BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast to all PermissionController receivers after reset
e651c9b3c7d : Fix testMediaCodecActivity
0a9c9fd9d18 : Failure connection test case should be setMetered false
e0ef18f7382 : Revert "Move RCS Intent check to GTS testing"
79789979d66 : Do not verify the result for IRadio < 1.3 for test
430832dbab0 : Remove TODOs from auto revoke test
095810cca36 : WifiManagerTest: Handle new metered change behavior
417103d7c71 : [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] CTS test for Android Security b/140322595
a80db88c50b : FileBasedEncryptionPolicyTest: avoid failing on old devices
62f2240fafe : Mark some aidl_interface modules as unstable
198c3995056 : Do not run CtsNfcTestCases instant mode